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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X8K864
Hybrid artichoke variety NUN 4021 AR
Early-maturing transgenic plants
Potentiation of cancer chemotherapy by 7-(2, 5-dihydro-4-imidazo [1, 2-a] pyridine-3-yl-2,5-dioxo-1H-pyrrol-3-yl)-9-fluoro-1,2,3,4 tetrahydro -2-(1-piperidinyl-carbonyl)-pyrrolo [3,2,1-jk] [1,4] benzodiazepine
Methods and compositions for inhibition of multi-drug resistance by hyaluronan oligomers
Agents and method for treating inflammation-related conditions and diseases
pH modified insect repellent/insecticide soap composed of plant essential oils
Insect diet formulations and methods for rearing insects
Isoamyl acetate for weight management
Backless, strapless bra and attachable breast form enhancement system
Apparatus for creating acoustically beneficial conditions for audio and voice recording
Bottom-mounted slide and manufacturing method thereof
Assembly apparatus for modular components especially for upholstered furniture
Collapsible scoop and scraper
Holding device for holding the bottom of a bucket while mixing materials within the bucket
Attachment part for a cabinet, in particular an electrical switchgear cabinet for an electrical service distribution panel and an electrical switchgear cabinet
Wall mounting bath accessory assembly
Tissue fastening devices and related insertion tools and methods
Device with deflectable distal end and related methods of use
Apparatus for adult circumcision
Method and apparatus for quasi-fractional intense pulse light resurfacing
X-ray CT apparatus and tomography method
Ultrasonic diagnostic device
Method and system for non-invasive intracranial pressure monitoring
Ultrasonic probe and method for manufacturing ultrasonic probe
Bone-adaptive surface structure
Balloon fold design for deployment of bifurcated stent petal architecture
Methods for making a supported graft
Apparatus and method for tibial fixation of soft tissue
Accommodating intraocular lens
Multi-function bedside care and therapy system
N1-2-thiophene-2-ylethyl-N2-substituted biguanide derivate, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing the same as active ingredients
3-pyridine carboxylic acid hydrazides
5,6-bicyclic heteroaryl-containing urea compounds as kinase inhibitors
Substituted phenoxypropylcycloamine derivatives as histamine-3 (H.sub.3) receptor ligands
Drug carrier
Method of producing protein-carbohydrate vaccines reduced in free carbohydrate
Methods and compositions for treating cancer metastasis
Polymeric devices for controlled release of active agents
Farnesoid-X-receptor antagonist as a vaccine adjuvant
Compositions comprising TNF-specific antibodies for oral delivery
Methods of using capped mesoporous silicates
Nanoparticles for imaging and treating chlamydial infection
Reflected acoustic wave modulation
Connection device for medical use
Applying torque to paramagnetic structures in bodies using dual magnetic fields
Benzoxazepines as inhibitors of PI3K/mTOR and methods of their use and manufacture
Supine cycling exercise machine with a user repositionable crankarm and method of use
Vertical swim trainer
Resonant gaming chip identification system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filtration method with self-cleaning filter assembly
Composite membrane with coating comprising polyalkylene oxide and imidazol compounds
Apparatus and process for the separation of process condensate in steam reforming
Electric heating type catalyst and a method for manufacturing the same
Zeolite membrane and methods of making the same
Electroless plating in microchannels
Catalysts for ring-closing metathesis
Device for conversion of biomass to biofuel
Microarray reaction device and method of using the same
Paper shredder cutting blade set
Gyratory crusher having a seal arrangement
Dust seal for gyratory crusher
Method for concentrating magnetically separated components from ore suspensions and for removing said components from a magnetic separator at a low loss rate
Method and device for the metered removal of a fine to coarse-grained solid matter or solid matter mixture from a storage container
Method and system for improving performance and preventing corrosion in multi-module cleaning chamber
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Production of a creped material for connections and transitions on buildings
Carousel for flexible product
Clamping mechanism for slotting cutter
Process for producing substrate provided with metal pattern and substrate provided with metal laminate
Laying apparatus, contact-making apparatus, movement system, laying and contact-making unit, production system, method for production and a transponder unit
Method for polishing a semiconductor wafer
Laser alignment apparatus for rotary spindles
Method and apparatus for grinding a workpiece surface of rotation
Wafer pads for fixed-spindle floating-platen lapping
Fixed-spindle floating-platen workpiece loader apparatus
Device for adjusting the height of an assembly without the use of tools
End clamp and method of use there for
Nail positioning member of nail slot of nail gun
Molded article transfer device
Stretch sheet and process of producing the same
Process of using sodium silicate to create fire retardant products
Method for forming transparent conductive layer pattern
Flexible implement handle grip and method of making same
System and method for removing the outer layer of a layered article
Coated valve retainer
Positive-working lithographic printing plate precursors
Ink cartridge and an imaging apparatus
Printer for groups of products supported on a table structure
Method of forming micro pattern of semiconductor device
Wheel rim with a brake rotor
Joint and/or bearing assembly having an elastic intermediate layer
Cover features for vehicle-mounted devices
Hydraulic hybrid vehicle method of safe operation
System configured to control and power a vehicle or vessel
Light-weight live-floor module for trailers
Key slot device for in-vehicle auxiliary key
System and method for securing a load onto a trailer
Low profile dolly
Vehicle body structure
Apparatus and method for extracting vibration data from a moving drive chain
Modular flight vehicle with wings
Apparatus and method for rapidly adjustable liquid blending ratio
Tray flip unloader
Zipper tape and packaging bag with zipper tape
Screw cap and a sport closure cap with integral inner seal opening means
Sheet and folding method for self-latching clamshell folded box
Pivotal product packaging
Storage tank for fluids
Device for presenting a product to a manipulator as well as system and method for automated loading of a carrier
Revolution transport system for manufacturing and assembly lines
Feeding control mechanism of packaging machine
Product dispensing system
Flexible conduit storage device
Bridge crane or gantry crane comprising a cable length-adjusting element fastened to the load accepting means
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of fabricating CIS or CIGS thin film
Method for separating radioactive copper using chelating-ion exchange resin
Method for removing impurities from water and a device for carrying out said method
Sewage treatment apparatus and sewage reuse system
Ferrite composition and electronic component
Process for manufacturing cement clinker in a plant, and cement clinker manufacturing plant as such
Process for the production of bio-naphtha from complex mixtures of natural occurring fats and oils
Method of producing iodizing agent, and method of producing aromatic iodine compound
Process for producing ethanol using a crude vinyl acetate feed
Method for purifying glycerin and products obtained therefrom
Process for hydrogenating highly unsaturated hydrocarbons and catalyst therefor
Aryl (1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl) compound, and process for production thereof
Imidazole derivatives useful for the treatment of arthritis
Substituted piperazinyl-pyrrolidine compounds useful as chemokine receptor antagonists
Process for making a solid-state form of AMG 706
Compounds having phenanthroline structure
2-oxo-1,2-dihydropyridin-4-ylboronic acid derivatives
Bis(perfluoroalkyl)phosphinous acids and derivatives and use thereof
Method for separation of double-stranded and single-stranded nucleic acids from the same sample
Methods and compositions of DNA ligands for arthropod-borne pathogen detection and prophylaxis or therapy
Inhibition of tumor metastasis by anti neuropilin 2 antibodies
Radically coupled PTFE polymer compounds and method for the production thereof
Optical semiconductor sealing material
Weather-resistant polyurethane casting compounds, a process for preparation thereof and use thereof
Adherence substance, pressure sensitive adhesive sheet and its use
Process for producing thermoplastic molding compositions based on styrene copolymers and polyamide with improved toughness
Method of foaming polyolefin using acrylated epoxidized fatty acid and foam produced therefrom
Structures incorporating polymer-inorganic particle blends
Method of making an elastic film, in particular for a hygienic article
Crosslinkable vinyl ester copolymers and their use as low-profile additives
Toluene and styrene derived telomer distributions and brominated flame retardants produced therefrom
Azaphthalocyanines and their use in printing
Surface-treatment agent, method for producing coated steel sheet using the surface-treatment agent, and coated steel sheet
Stabilization of silsesquioxane resins
Two component etching
Surfactant package and water in hydrocarbon emulsion using same
Lubricating oil for refrigerator and hydraulic fluid composition for refrigerator using the same
Loop reactor for making biodiesel fuel
Hydrophobic silicas as squeakiness enhancers in cleansing compositions
Process for inhibiting dyed hair fibers from losing their color during shampooing
Genetically engineered yeast for the production of biofuels
Methods for producing polypeptides in enzyme-deficient mutants of Fusarium venenatum
Plant seed active transcriptional control sequences
Compositions and methods for generating an immune response utilizing alphavirus-based vector systems
Soybean variety XB74D11
Enzymes involved in triterpene synthesis
Compositions and methods for increasing production of recombinant gamma-carboxylated proteins
Processes for the digestion of colanic acid
Biodiesel production method
Microbial reductive dehalogenation of vinyl chloride
Molecular scaffolds for HIV-1 immunogens
Lightweight and excellent ductile bead wire, method for producing the same and lightweight tire
Process kit shield for plasma enhanced processing chamber
High temperature, high pressure electrolyser with allothermal functioning and high production capacity
Pot tending machine for working on electrolysis cells for the production of aluminum by igneous electrolysis
System and process for high-density, low-energy plasma enhanced vapor phase epitaxy
Textiles; Paper
Continuous digester with a bottom scraper equipped with draining apertures
Fixed Constructions
Extendo bucket attachment
Foldable hoistway work deck
Multistage door lock
Method and apparatus for cleaning a drill string
Chemical diversion technique
Mechanical sliding sleeve
Method and system for increasing production of a reservoir using lateral wells
Plastic cable bolt button
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Flat gasket
Motion energy collection device
Cylinder dividing mechanism of a pneumatic tool
Multi-element blade with aerodynamic profiles
Variable partial wind wall
Teeter-restraint device for wind turbines
Control valve for a variable displacement pump
Arrangement comprising a shaft seal
Flow restrictor and method for reducing resistance of a flow
Rolling bearing
Hybrid hydro (air) static multi-recess journal bearing
Rolling bearing
Electromagnetically actuatable valve
Pressure regulator
Pipeline and method for producing the same
Workpiece support assembly
Holding device for an electronic device
Quick connector
Vacuum insulation units comprising getter materials
Vehicle seat
Lighting apparatus and method
Laser light source
Electric storage water heater with double cathodic protection
Chisel ice drill
Ceramic ferrules and ceramic ferrule array including same for tube pitch variability tolerant process heat boiler system
Self-loading holster for semi-automatic or automatic pistols
Methods and devices for quantitative analysis of X-ray images
Thermal detector, thermal detection device, electronic instrument, and thermal detector manufacturing method
Infrared ray detector
IR camera system and method
Thermal detector, thermal detection device, electronic instrument, and thermal detector manufacturing method
Optical sensing in an adverse environment
Corrosive environment sensor and method for measuring corrosive environment
Oxygen permeability measuring apparatus and method, and defect inspection apparatus and method
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 125P5C8 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Switchable affinity binders
Method and device for monitoring a frequency signal
Frequency synthesizer
Monitoring power usage
Method and apparatus for implementing control of multiple physically dual homed devices
Method for reporting a transmission channel quality
Apparatus and method for adaptive TSP setting to minimize duplicate packet transmissions
Method for generating graphene structures
Methods and apparatus for patternizing device responses
Network analyzer with an n-port network having at least two ports for measuring the wave parameters of a measurement object
Radiation detection apparatus, manufacturing method thereof, and radiation detection system
Method of and apparatus for analysis of the composition of a sample by electron spin resonance (ESR) spectrometry employing carrier suppression
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus
System and method for adjusting a beam expander in an imaging system
Projection apparatus
Polarizing fiber, polarizer, polarizing plate, laminated optical film, and image display
Light emitting device
Transparent product that gives image only at one side
Optical device
Image pickup apparatus improved in space efficiency for optical system element
Member with a cleaning surface and a method of removing contamination
Image forming apparatus including an image area glossiness control feature
Fixation device and image formation apparatus
Toner for developing latent electrostatic image, method for manufacturing the same, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Method of forming holograms in polymer composites with confined crystallization
System and method for generating abritrary voltage waveforms
Multi-positionable portable computer
Method of securing network access radio systems
Method and system for establishing network connections
Link adaptation for retransmission error-control technique transmissions
Bus terminator/monitor/bridge systems and methods
Document processing apparatus and control method thereof
Differential resource applications in virtual worlds based on payment and account options
Designing and operating of semiconductor integrated circuit by taking into account process variation
Probabilistic noise analysis
Accelerated scrolling
Device for controlling home automation equipment of a building
Reconfiguration of virtual keyboard
Joystick apparatus
Spheroidal pivot for an electronic device
Touch screen controller
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and recording medium
System and method for tracking feature usage in a document processing environment
Intelligent reuse of local variables during bytecode compilation
Method and system for determining total code execution time in a data processor
Interaction with nested and non-nested streams
Information processing apparatus, processing method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium
Image reading apparatus, image reading method, and image reading program
Secure system for creating and validating personal identification cards with operator discretion
Apparatus and method for using machine-readable codes
Data obfuscation of text data using entity detection and replacement
Arborization reconstruction
Noninvasive assessment of keratinocytes
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Encoding apparatus and encoding method
Image decoding apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium
Field programmable gate array apparatus, method, and computer program
Variable rendering of virtual universe avatars
Subpixel-based image down-sampling
Event warning system and method thereof
Wireless code game enuresis alarm for the treatment of enuresis
System and method for enhancing prayer and healing rituals
Backlight assembly and display device including the same
Motion adaptive black data insertion
Stroke based input system for character input
Terminal device, display method, and application computer program product
Display device
Image display device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for quickly adjusting the waveform brightness of digital three-dimensional oscilloscope
Interactive electronic apparel incorporating a keyboard image
Measuring variations in head-disk clearance in a hard disk drive
Disk drive tuning speed control loop for a spindle motor
Optical disc apparatus and optical power control method
Resistance change memory including a resistive element
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device which transfers a plurality of voltages to memory cells and method of writing the same
Power-up signal generation circuit
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device with delay circuit and sense amplifier circuit
Semiconductor device
Memory system, memory controller, and synchronizing apparatus
Compositions including controlled segregated phase domain structure with segregated phase domain array
Accordion-style grommet with shape-influencing stiffeners
Mold for making products with co-molded inserts
Bracket and shell assembly housing a push button switch
Protection element
Key and keyboard using same
Intumescent swell devices
Amalgam temperature maintaining device for dimmable fluorescent lamps
Compact HID lamp with multiple protective envelopes
Plasma light source
Array of alpha particle sensors
Masking pastes and processes for manufacturing a partially transparent thin-film photovoltaic panel
Method of manufacturing solar cell
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Buried oxidation for enhanced mobility
Process of manufacturing crystalline silicon solar cell
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having expanded critical dimension by performining surface treatment
Temporary wafer bonding method for semiconductor processing
Radiographic image detector, method of producing the same, and protective member
Structure and method of fabricating a transistor having a trench gate
High performance multi-finger strained silicon germanium channel PFET and method of fabrication
Two-step silicide formation
Non-relaxed embedded stressors with solid source extension regions in CMOS devices
Epitaxial substrate and method for manufacturing epitaxial substrate
Method of forming an interconnect on a semiconductor substrate
Nitride based semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same and bonding substrate
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulant and semiconductor device using the same
Semiconductor device including first semiconductor chip including first pads connected to first terminals, and second semiconductor chip including second pads connected to second terminals
Image sensor, method and design structure including non-planar reflector
Organic light emitting diode display
Electronic field effect devices and methods for their manufacture
Non-volatile memory device and method for fabricating the same
Acoustic semiconductor device
Multi-stack semiconductor device
Solar cell using low iron high transmission glass and corresponding method
Solid-state imaging device and method for manufacturing same
Photovoltaic assemblies incorporating an optical element having internal inclusions configured for maximum conversion efficiency
Semiconductor light emitting device and light emitting module
Gas diffusion element, method of manufacturing the same, and device using the same
Fuel cell stack start method preventing cathode deterioration
Chassis-excited antenna apparatus and methods
Antenna device
Dual circularly polarized antenna
Behind-the-ear wireless device
Antenna base
Connector with fluid discharge hole in housing and fluid drainage path in seal
Connector having guide member supported by plug and jack when they are connected, and connector connecting method
Network adapter having a network plug on one side of a circuit board and a set of terminals on another side of the circuit board
Magnet coil arrangement and collection of magnet coil arrangements
Electrical cord with replaceable plugs
Dual conductor cable connector
Coaxial connector
Frequency tunable terahertz transceivers and method of manufacturing dual wavelength laser
Compact and efficient visible laser source with high speed modulation
Arrangement of a stepping switch on a control transformer
Enhanced portable battery powered electrical appliance
Charger and portable device having the same
Uninterruptible power supply and method of energy saving thereof
Magnetic component part for a rotor assembly
Fuel pump
Vehicle drive motor
DC-DC converter
Power converting apparatus with an output voltage that is the sum of voltages generated by individual inverters
Elastomeric bridge bearings having a piezoelectric device
Single power supply dual converter open-winding machine drive
Electrical machine safety system
Clock generators, clock generating methods, and mobile communication device using the clock generator
Oscillator circuit with a fast transient
Electronic volume circuit
Telephone keypad with multidirectional keys
Key input device
Partial-parallel implementation of LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) decoders
Clocking Chien searching at different frequency than other Reed-Solomon (RS) ECC decoding functions
LDPC concatenation rules for IEEE 802.11n systems
Apparatus and methods of rate control for a sample rate converter
Signal processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, signal processing method, data display method, and program
Data-processing module and method thereof
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using filtered prediction block
Image interpolation with halo reduction
Apparatus and method for detecting optical signals
Method and apparatus of paging an idle mode station in multi-hop relay communication system
Method for transmitting acknowledgement/non-acknowledgement in wireless communication system employing relay station
Method of mapping transport sequences to component carriers in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for creating data path for broadcasting service in cellular network
Method and apparatus for counting multimedia broadcast and multicast services
System and method for combined MAC level message with CQI channel control message for channel feedback report
Method and apparatus for determining a precoding vector for precoding data to be transmitted to a wireless device in a wireless communication system
Passive optical network
Hybrid coordination function (HCF) access through tiered contention and overlapped wireless cell mitigation
DSL terminal-exchange device connecting system and method
Demapping device and method for modified dual carrier modulation system
Method of providing radio access technology information of a device management client
Flow state aware management of QoS with a distributed classifier
Apparatus, system and method for reliable, fast, and scalable multicast message delivery in service overlay networks
Structure of efficient signaling header in broadband wireless access system
Transmission apparatus, transmission method, and program
Methods and systems to store state used to forward multicast traffic
Method and apparatus for allocating resource in wireless network using directional antenna
Course searching method and node device
Bit reduction in a transmitter
Lane-to-lane skew reduction in multi-channel, high-speed, transceiver circuitry
Apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture to predict vectored digital subscriber line (DSL) performance gains
Method and apparatus for providing reliable path for direct inward dial calls
Participant alerts during multi-person teleconferences
Methods and systems for providing telecommunications services
Interactive dialing system
Mobile communications device enclosure
Document retrieving/printing system, digital multi-function machine, document retrieving/printing method, and program
Printing relief plate producing apparatus, system, method, and recording medium
Laser print apparatus with dual halftones
Liquid crystal lenses having attenuated switching noise
Image-pickup system and method of controlling same
Image signal processor and method thereof
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and camera module
Image processing apparatus and method
Imaging apparatus, control method of imaging apparatus, and computer program
Method and system for obtaining a point spread function using motion information
Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
Transmission apparatus, method, and program
Image processing device, image processing method, and solid-state image pickup device
Image processing apparatus and method, and program
Information processing device, information processing method, and information processing program
Apparatus, method and program enabling improvement of encoding efficiency in encoding images
Systems for reducing adverse effects of deep fades in DTV signals designed for mobile reception
Video transcoding using a proxy device
Transparent body inspecting device
Vehicle periphery monitoring apparatus
Method of and apparatus for processing images using saturation functions
Coded signal reproduction apparatus
Microphone unit
Uplink transmission in carrier aggregation environment
Method of coordinating precoding matrixes in a wireless communication system
Method of reliable handover signaling procedure in a broadband wireless access system
Logical interface establishing method, radio base station, and communication management apparatus
Data transmission apparatus and method in wireless communication system
Service models for roaming mobile device
System and method for providing a stable and tamper proof communication between a vehicle, a vehicle related unit, and a remote system
Electrically-heated wearable blanket with auto shut-off switch
Insulator for electric heater and heat assembly with the same in washing machine
Biolux lighting apparatus
X-ray imaging apparatus
Electronic assembly
Method of fabricating a cooled electronic system
Heat dissipation module for electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
MRI magnets
Lung coil for imaging hyper-polarized gas in an MRI scanner
Method for radial profiling of resistivity at multiple depths of investigation
Method of compensating laterlog measurements for perturbation of survey voltage by cable armor voltage
Process and apparatus for recognizing ignition failures in an internal-combustion engine having two spark plugs per cylinder
Apparatus for diagnosing electric power source while power is supplied to load device from the power source
Method and circuitry for measuring loop resistance
Impulse voltage generator circuit
Internal unbalance detection in capacitors
Surface probe for determining physical properties of a semiconductor device
Evaluation apparatus and fabrication system for semiconductor
Connector contact fingers for testing integrated circuit packages
Test area with automatic positioning of a microprobe and a method of producing such a test area
Method for testing semiconductor device and semiconductor device with transistor circuit for marking
Apparatus for electrically testing bare printed circuits
Probe unit
Method and apparatus for determining the robustness and incident angle sensitivity of memory cells to alpha-particle/cosmic ray induced soft errors
Testability circuit for cascode circuits used for high voltage interface
Bus driver having noise removing circuit
FPGA integrated circuit having embedded SRAM memory blocks with registered address and data input sections
Hybrid product term and look-up table-based programmable logic device with improved speed and area efficiency
Integrated circuit that includes a field-programmable gate array and a hard gate array having the same underlying structure
High speed interface apparatus
High performance CML to CMOS converter
Data transfer device with a post charge logic
Low power line switching circuit, device and method
Input circuit
Signal transmission system
Asynchronous sensing differential logic (ASDL) circuit
Timed bistable circuit for high frequency applications
Method and circuit for driving power transistors in a half bridge configuration allowing for excessive negative swing of the output node and integrated circuit incorporating the circuit
Output buffer circuit with preset function
Frequency doubling circuits, method, and systems including quadrature phase generators
Pulse generating apparatus
Circuit for generating a power-up configuration pulse
Activation signal generating circuit
CMOS comparator with hysteresis
Adjustable feedback for CMOS latches
System for Distributing Clocks
Semiconductor integrated circuit incorporating therein clock supply circuit
Baseline wander compensation circuit and method
Multiple differential pair transistor architecture having transconductance proportional to bias current for any transistor technology
Low voltage double balanced mixer
Power control circuit for a line driver
Logic circuit
Multiplexer with short propagation delay and low power consumption
Low voltage high speed multiplexer and latch
Programmable load circuit for use in automatic test equipment
Duplex board system with a glitch cancellation circuit
Low powder CMOS circuit
Low voltage, high-current electronic load
Circuit and method for intelligently regulating a supply voltage
Modulation scheme for filterless switching amplifiers
Amplifier circuit with a switch bypass
Pre-amplifier circuit
Impedance altering apparatus
Comb linear amplifier combiner (CLAC)
Predistortion compensation for a power amplifier
Active distortion signal generating circuit for a line-distortion type power amplifier
RF power amplifier having improved power supply for RF drive circuits
Signal amplifying circuit for magnetoresistive element
Variable gain amplifier with improved linearity
Stability and enhanced gain of amplifiers using inductive coupling
Microprocessor controlled frequency lock loop for use with an external periodic signal
Switching a clocked device from an initial frequency to a target frequency
Clock and data recovery PLL based on parallel architecture
Lock detector for phase locked loops
Phase-locked loop having temperature-compensated bandwidth control
Ring oscillator having an externally adjustable variable frequency
Method and apparatus for digitally controlling the capacitance of an integrated circuit device using mos-field effect transistors
Integration method and integration circuit offering improved signal-to-noise ratio, and voltage-controlled oscillator and frequency-voltage converter employing integration circuit
Wideband modulated fractional-N frequency synthesizer
FM modulator
Impedance matching device
Coaxial waveguide feed with reduced outer diameter
Microstrip broadband balun with four ground plates
Filtering device with metal cavity provided with dielectric inserts
Active tunable inductor
Integrated resonance circuit consisting of a parallel connection of a microstrip line and a capacitor
Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, communication device, and method of producing dielectric resonator
Electromechanical relay and method of matching the impedance of the relay with the impedance of a signal source
Fast acting high force trip actuator
Circuit breaker accessory gap control mechanism
Ionized gas deflector for a molded case circuit breaker
Solenoid valve
Electromagnetic relay, joining structure for hinge spring and yoke in the electromagnetic relay, and flux penetration preventing structure
Corrosion-resistant permanent magnet and method for manufacturing the same
Ignition coil apparatus for an internal combustion engine and production method thereof
Waterproof current transformer
Coil device
High voltage transformer
High power planar transformer
Non-venting cutout mounted fuse
System to minimize the temperature coefficient of resistance of passive resistors in an integrated circuit process flow
Metal oxide varistor module
Electrical device
Semiconductor composite sensor
Remote control device and method for electronic price label systems
Electronic horn and method for mimicking a multi-frequency tone
Vibration apparatus capable of generating and externally transmitting a sound wave of audible frequency and transmitting a vibration for notification
Method for initializing an anti-theft system for a motor vehicle
System and method for automatic information exchange between vehicles involved in a collision
Vehicle safety sensor
Variable speed warning device
Dynamic traffic light
Method and apparatus for tracking and locating a moveable article
Electronic message delivery system utilizable in the monitoring of remote equipment and method of same
Action control process of security alarm system
Object detector and object detector system
Method of manufacturing and testing an electronic device, and an electronic device
Battery-free circuit device for RF identifying tag
Condition detecting system and method
Method and apparatus for helping to assure the washing of hands
Method and system for manual entry of data into integrated electronic database for livestock data collection
Infant and parent matching and security system and method of matching infant and parent
Warning system for excessive apparent temperature conditions
Method and apparatus detecting a failed thyristor
Safety belt load sensor
Analog rotary position sensor
Receiver having capability of selective storage of received message
Communications network for identifying the location of articles relative to a floor plan
Infrared communication control apparatus and method
Process and guidance system for ensuring reliable guidance of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for transbody transmission of power and information
Data decoding system and method, transfer device and method, and receiving device and method
Data communication arrangement having variable length coding and method therefor
Semiconductor integrated circuit for performing data transfer
Test circuit and method for measuring switching point voltages and integral non-linearity (INL) of analog to digital converters
Using single lookup table to correct differential non-linearity errors in an array of A/D converters
Noise shaping dynamic element mismatch in analog to digital converters
Efficient error correction in pipelined analog-to-digital converters
System using spread spectrum modulation for locating underground objects
Collision avoidance system for use in aircraft
Surface-based passive millimeter-wave landing aid
Adaptive dwell timing for radar tracking
Method and apparatus for improving the surveillance coverage and target identification in a radar based surveillance system
Quiet radar method and apparatus
Compact monopulse source for a focal feed reflector antenna
Method for software scan conversion of target identification data in a general purpose computer
Coherent radar detection using non-coherent architecture
Process and apparatus for target or position reconnaissance
Differential global positioning system using almanac data for a fast time to first fix
Automatic moving vehicle alert
Mobile station location determination in a radio communication system
Call maintainance during position location
Apparatus and method for determining pitch and azimuth from satellite signals
Spaceborne global positioning system for spacecraft
Left-hand circular polarized antenna for use with GPS systems
Method and apparatus for optimizing storage of compressed images in memory
Driving apparatus of plasma display panel
Grayscale voltage generating circuit
Method and apparatus for controlling switching timing of power recovery circuit in AC type plasma display panel system
Editing method in a multimedia synchronous training system
Simultaneous storage and network transmission of multimedia data with video host that requests stored data according to response time from a server
Computer programmable remote control
Named bookmark sets
Apparatus for constructing and operating interactive software
Method and apparatus for graphically representing information stored in electronic media
Method for parallel selection of URL's
Display template setting method in a multimedia synchronous training system
Method and system for displaying icons representing information items stored in a database
Method for communicating between programming language controlled frames and CGI/HTML controlled frames within the same browser window
Method and apparatus for interacting and selecting information on a video device
System and method for navigating in multiple windows
Display apparatus
Image format conversion with transparency color adjustment
Analytic motion blur coverage in the generation of computer graphics imagery
Patch-flatness test unit for high order rational surface patch rendering systems
Incrementally calculated cut-plane region for viewing a portion of a volume data set in real-time
Apparatus for outputting an image in which data of points on texture pattern are mapped to data of dots on display plane
Graphic preparing device
System and method for data visualization
Planar flow display method
Method and apparatus for visualizing locality within an address space
Image processor and image processing method
Method for enabling and configuring and AGP chipset cache using a registry
System and method for performing an intra-add operation
Multi-gradation recording method
Image forming method
Ink ribbon assembly, and thermal transfer printer using the same
Method for producing lenticular images
Printing system and method for improving print quality of laser thermal printers
Optical scanning apparatus and devices including an optical scanning apparatus
Image exposure apparatus
Recording apparatus
Video data distributing device by video on demand
Video conference control apparatus, video conference control method, and video conference control system
Video telephone headset
Surgical devices incorporating reduced area imaging devices
System for monitoring a continuous manufacturing process
Computerized component variable interference filter imaging spectrometer system method and apparatus
Secure, vehicle mounted, surveillance system
Television apparatus with supplementary kinescope blanking and spot burn protection circuitry
Camera and equipment therefor
Image pickup apparatus with image shake correction and resolving power change
Image processing apparatus
Method for detecting camera-motion induced scene changes
Apparatus and method for removing blank areas from real-time stabilized images by inserting background information
Apparatus for reading signals out of solid-state image sensing device
Solid-state imaging device operable in wide dynamic range
Solid state imager with inorganic lens array
Method for performing plural matrix multiplication operations using a shared look-up table
Video signal converter and television signal processing apparatus
Transparent embedment of data in a video signal
Circuit for the treatment of synchronization signals
User interface for television
Color video apparatus for displaying hue control states on screen
Device for correcting the color of a television signal according to NTSC standard
Decimation of baseband DTV signal prior to channel equalization in digital television signal receivers
Video intermediate-frequency signal processing device capable of receiving FM broadcasts
Remote control apparatus for digital cable television system and method thereof
Display system for viewing images on the front and back surfaces of a screen
Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Visual displays
Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display elements using the composition
Fresnel lens and liquid crystal display device
Reflective type liquid crystal display with scattering polarizer
Method of and apparatuses for reducing infrared loading on display devices
Alignment device for an IC-mounted structure
Liquid crystal display device and method of making the same
Liquid crystal display device including spacers located in positions indicative of rubbing/orientation direction
Apparatus for manufacturing a plurality of liquid crystal panels using press and pressurized regions
Liquid crystal display and method of driving liquid crystal display
Selecting analog or digital motion picture sound tracks
Matte process for composite photography
Double-sided exposure system
Apparatus and method for improving print quality of high speed package printer
Projection exposure method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for exposing substrates
Stage unit, drive table, and scanning exposure apparatus using the same
Illuminance distribution measuring method, exposing method and device manufacturing method
Process and apparatus for photomechanical production of structured surfaces, especially for irradiation of offset press plates
Method of aligning images to be scanned and a scanning apparatus for such alignment
Optical pulse reflectometer
Boresight alignment method
Method and apparatus for inspecting glass containers for checks
Vessel for imaging fluorescent particles
Integrated optical luminescence sensor
Imaging and analyzing parameters of small moving objects such as cells
Automatic dilution system for high-resolution particle size analysis
In-line all-fiber polarimeter
Electronic component mounting apparatus
Method of checking for the presence of connection balls
Method and apparatus for aligning and connecting semiconductor components to substrates
Optical method for the characterization of the electrical properties of semiconductors and insulating films
Sensor apparatus with polarization maintaining fibers
Low drift depolarizer for fiber optic gyroscope having legs wound in a winding pattern
Method and structure for incorporating fiber optic acoustic sensors in a seismic array
Photolithographic position measuring laser interferometer with relitively moving measuring intereometer
Peripheral device control system
Device for high speed two beam printing with parallel processing of image data including density conversion and enhancement
Method of regulating a web tension
Print data control method
Binary printer with halftone printing temperature correction
Method and apparatus to compress multi-spectral images to a single color image for display
Electronic mail converting apparatus for facsimile
Color transforming method
Laboratory system, method of controlling operation thereof, playback apparatus and method, film image management method, image data copying system and method of copying image data
Method and apparatus for controlling image data transfer in a photographic film scanner
Holographic projection system
Method of producing a holographic projection screen for displaying a three-dimensional color images
Multi-channel wave division multiplexer system
Optical switching device having recirculating structure and optical switching method therefor
Bi-directional wavelength switching device and wavelength demultiplexing/multiplexing device
Optical wavelength multiplex transmission system using repeaters
Remote sensor with waveguide optics telemetry
Optical communication network unit comprising an optical signal converting apparatus and/or an optical signal receiving apparatus
Clipping distortion controlling circuits
Remote monitoring of an optical transmission system using line monitoring signals
Optical reading apparatus having optical scanner for scanning information on objects
Optical scanning technique
Optical device for scanning a beam in two axes that are substantially perpendicular to each other
Light-scanning device
Optical scanning device
Modulator manufacturing process and device
Display device with transflective electrode
Thin film ferroelectric light modulators
Variable transmittance electrochromic devices
Electrochromic device comprising tandem layers of cathodic/anodic materials
Angle modulator
Modulator for optical printing
Magnetic unlatching and addressing of a gyricon display
Lithium tantalate single-crystal and photo-functional device
Two-way optical amplifier module
Method and system for controlling optical amplification in wavelength division multiplex optical transmission
Optical amplifier
Optical amplifier evaluating method and optical amplifier evaluating apparatus
Reflector with directional control of visible and infra-red radiation
Microscope illumination optical system and microscope having the same
Stereoscopic microscope
3D-display including cylindrical lenses and binary coded micro-fields
Compact polarization insensitive circulators with simplified structure and low polarization mode dispersion
Zoom lens system
Objective lens driving system in a optical pick-up and method of modulating the resonance frequency of its lens holder
Head-mounted carrier for positioning opto-electronic devices in front of the user's eyes
Optical apparatus having temperature compensating function
Beam shaping optical system
Quickly written servo-patterns for magnetic media including depositing after writing
Recording equalizer and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus performing write timing compensation
Magnetic recording and reproducing method and apparatus employing a magnetically continuous magnetic film
Data storage apparatus having an impact detecting mechanism
Stable unlatch control of hard disk drive
Cassette holder moving mechanisms
Snubber for a disc drive
Magnetic disk drive having means for reducing disk deformation
Radially-loaded, snap-fit disc mounting system for a disc drive
Pseudo contact negative pressure air bearing slider with divided negative pressure pockets
Slider and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic head having horizontal pole pieces
Magnetic tape apparatus having a multi-function motor which drives a helical scanning drum cleaning assembly
Mechanically actuated tape head cleaner having debris removal vacuum
Disk cartridges
Shutter mechanism for disk cartridge
Device for shifting direction modes of tape player
Magnetic head having pole tips extending above and off a transverse width of an isolated mesa
Magnetic head supporting mechanism
Slider having air bearing surface which includes pads for disk storage system
Damping material for a head suspension of a magnetic head
Magnetic head device
Method and apparatus for loading a magnetic head onto a magnetic disk
Arm assembly for a disk drive device and a method for fabricating the same
Hard disk drive with magnetoresistive head and perpendicular media
Combination ground fault circuit interrupter/surge suppressor
Load center monitor for electrical power lines
Circuit and method for protecting input/output stage of a low voltage integrated circuit device from a failure of the internal power supply or in the power-up sequencing of power supplies
Pulse-width modulator current limiter
Contactless safety switch
Device and method for driving at least one capacitive actuator
Spark proof booster cable system
Self-healing capacitor
Micromachined variable capacitor
Flexible thin film capacitor having an adhesive film
Power capacitor
Capacitor including barium strontium titanate film
Multi-capacitor device
Sealing an ultracapacitor
Sealed ultracapacitor
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with connector block and sealed feedthroughs
Solid electrolytic capacitor and production method of the same
Capacitor pellet and lead assembly
Portable computer with removable keyboard
Portable information apparatus having a display unit comprising a housing and a display contained in the housing
Operator workstation
Thermally efficient portable computer incorporating deploying CPU module
Zero force heat sink
Electrical circuit board heat dissipation system
Electronics package on a plate, and a method of making such a package
Heat sink
Apparatus for dissipating heat from a circuit board having a multilevel surface
Adapter kit to allow extended width wedgelock for use in a circuit card module
Enhanced heat-dissipating printed circuit board package
Built-in inspection template for a printed circuit
Nanolaminated thin film circuitry materials
Method and apparatus for improving efficiency in a switching regulator at light loads
Uninterruptible duplexed power supply system
Device of adjustment of the charge current of a storage capacitor
Single-phase rectifier
Active rectifier
Integrated dual voltage sourced inverter
Packaging of a DC-to-DC converter
Electronic half bridge module
Modular voltage adapter and method for using same
Semiconductor memory device and defect remedying method thereof
Semiconductor device including a repetitive pattern
Semiconductor memory device having a shielding line
Semiconductor integrated circuit
High-density non-volatile memory devices incorporating sandwich coordination compounds
Low power SRAM memory cell having a single bit line
Integrated circuit charge coupling circuit
Data reading path management architecture for a memory device, particularly for non-volatile memories
Nonvolatile memory
Voltage protection of write protect cams
Preventing data corruption in a memory device using a modified memory cell conditioning methodology
Nonvolatile memory cell and method for programming and/or verifying the same
High-density nor-type flash memory device and a program method thereof
EEPROM and method for triggering the EEPROM
Method for operating flash memory
Flash memory using micro vacuum tube technology
Method for recording a binary word by means of electrically erasable and programmable type memory cells
Multi-bit match detection circuit
Charge pump circuit and a step-up circuit provided with same
Distributed voltage charge circuits to reduce sensing time in a memory device
Dynamic memory array having write data applied to selected bit line sense amplifiers before sensing to write associated selected memory cells
Semiconductor memory device
Synchronous dynamic random access memory device
Method to verify the integrity of the decoding circuits of a memory
Semiconductor memory device input circuit
Methods of identifying defects in an array of memory cells and related integrated circuitry
Test method for contacts in SRAM storage circuits
Semiconductor memory device
Duplicate bitline self-time technique for reliable memory operation
Semiconductor memory
Dynamic register with low clock rate testing capability
Semiconductor memory device with less power consumption
Semiconductor memory device with multiple sub-arrays of different sizes
Dual port memory operation method with synchronized read and write pointers
Memory system having flexible bus structure and method
Static RAM having word line driving circuitry shared by all the memory cells provided therein
Asynchronous semiconductor memory device with a control circuit that controls the latch timing of an input signal
Semiconductor device including clock generation circuit capable of generating internal clock stably
Semiconductor device and timing control circuit
Address transition detector in semiconductor memories
Device for measuring the velocity of a variety of objects
Method and apparatus for plural document detection
Ultrasound transmitting circuit and ultrasound transmitting system having a plurality of ultrasound transmitting circuits
Three-dimensional radar apparatus and method for displaying three-dimensional radar image
Low power GPS receiver system and method of using same
Watch dog timer system
Assistive breathing device
Magneto-optical disc apparatus with means to change the angle and distance between a magnetic field generating source and a magneto-optical disc
Magneto-optical recording medium by magnetic field modulation with the use of smaller magnetic fields
Control system for compact disc phonograph
Disk changer apparatus for multiple closely held disks
Objective lens driving device and optical disk unit
Information recording apparatus and method
Data recording medium and recording/reproducing apparatus for providing optimum position of mark start and end parts
Spindle motor control system for a disk player
Method and apparatus for reading data
Optical disk drive recording/reproduction apparatus and method for producing modified address data
Apparatus for exposing optical disc master plate and method of exposing the same
Disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and disc loading apparatus
Optical data storage by selective localized alteration of a format hologram
Modified light-receiving element in an optical pickup for reading optical discs
Optical pickup apparatus and optical recording medium drive employing the same including a first photo receiving element for detecting the state of light beam and a second photo receiving element for reproducing information
Optical switch with coarse and fine deflectors
Optical information detection apparatus
High NA solid catadioptric focusing device having a flat kinoform phase profile
Optical pickup for optical disk and light source for optical pickup
Apparatus for reproducing information recorded on optical disc
Disc changer apparatus with vibration free turntable
Apparatus for suppressing warping optical disk and optical disk apparatus
Hybrid optical disc construction
Laminated optical disc and turntable for the laminated optical disc
Automated selection of a protocol by a communicating entity to match the protocol of a communications network
Method and apparatus for a fault tolerant software transparent and high data integrity extension to a backplane bus or interconnect
Arrangement and method relating to packet flow control
Method and device for multi-class ATM connection admission control
ATM switch congestion control method of connection setup requests and priority control method for receiving connection requests
Apparatus for and method of allocating a shared resource among multiple ports
Data distribution method and data distribution apparatus
Multiplexing transmitter
Subscriber control module having a test apparatus for asynchronous transfer mode
Parameter reconfiguration of connected calls
Method for managing status and dual information of clock distributor
Method and apparatus for gap count determination
Filtering method to allow FDD and TDD operation in PCS transreceivers
Communication system with fast control traffic
Capacity management method for a code division multiple access (CDM) communication system
Method to sustain TCP connection
Digital control channels having logical channels for multiple access radiocommunication
Remotely accessible key telephone system
Method and apparatus for selectively presenting media-options to clients of a multimedia call center
Single-type fabric card networks and method of implementing same
Reconfiguring a multiplexer
Method for using the departure queue memory bandwidth to support additional cell arrivals in an ATM switch
Combined unicast and multicast scheduling
Multiple parallel packet routing lookup
Fast scaleable methods and devices for layer four switching
Multiple network address resolution
Cell bandwidth control apparatus
Multiprocessor ATM exchange
Method of source routing in an asynchronous transfer mode network when a node is in an overload state
Arrangement for minimizing cell-delay variations in a communications system that supports multiple constant-bit-rate connections
Method and system for generating data packets on a heterogeneous network
Method and system for providing security to asynchronous transfer mode emulated local-area networks
Method and apparatus for synchronizing information browsing among multiple systems
Method, system and apparatus for telecommunications control
Network routing switch with non-blocking arbitration system
Telecommunication apparatus and method for forwarding packets using separate collision domains
Multiple access communication system and method for multiple access communication
Apparatus and method for accessing memory in a TDM network
Method of transmitting control data or source data in a format not dependent on a format used for the common transmission of control data and source data
Apparatus and method for interpretation and translation of serial digital audio transmission formats
Dynamic control system for bandwidth restriction value of non-real time communications
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of transmission bandwidth resources and for transmission of multiple audio signals with a video signal
Method and apparatus for transmitting data while using both an ATM broadband channel and a narrow-band channel
Methods, systems and computer program products for message processing in lost data circumstances in wireless communications
Subscriber line multiplexer
Methods of generating a data stream, methods of validating an integrated circuit, and methods of communicating a data stream
Methods and computer executable instructions for improving communications in a packet switching network
Robbed bit signal detection and compensation
Method for coding and multiplexing multimedia data, apparatus for coding and multiplexing multimedia data, record media containing program for coding and multiplexing multimedia data
Switchable laser using a faraday rotator
Control method and apparatus for stabilizing optical wavelength
Shock wave dissipating laser chamber
Optical module
Projector light source utilizing a solid state green light source
Performance control system and method for gas discharge lasers
Hybrid solid state laser system using a neodymium-based master oscillator and an ytterbium-based power amplifier
External cavity micro laser apparatus
Smart laser with automated beam quality control
Reusable lance with consumable refractory tip
Spread spectrum communication system
Method and apparatus for creating non-interfering signals using non-orthogonal techniques
Communication apparatus
Initial acquisition circuit
Demodulation and correlation for spread spectrum communications
MIL-STD-1553 buffer/driver
Startup protocol for high throughput communications systems
Supplemental power for battery operated modems
Constant envelope modulation for splitterless DSL transmission
Apparatus for modulation and demodulating digital data
Adaptive pre-emphasis technique
Method and apparatus for pulse position modulation
Assign of pels of a macroblock for compression encoding to a memory sequence in one of banks of DRAM
Rate control and bit allocation for low bit rate video communication applications
Variable bit-rate encoder
Color image encoding apparatus and color image decoding apparatus
Video encoder and decoder using motion-based segmentation and merging
Image decoding apparatus
Motion vector search methods, motion vector search apparatus, and storage media storing a motion vector search program
Selective by-pass of analog mode in communication between digital devices
Chaotic dynamics based apparatus and method for tracking through dropouts in symbolic dynamics digital communication signals
Method and apparatus for conveying data between communication devices
Digital modulated signal receiver
Method and apparatus for transmitting communication signals using transmission space diversity and frequency diversity
Channel estimation performed at varying time intervals
Fast response automatic gain control
Communication apparatus
Symbol-quality evaluation in a digital communications receiver
Method and apparatus for generating a programmable synchronization signal for a data communication system
Shared path phase detector having phase indicator
Data separation circuit and method
Fuel element closure method
Helical scanning type X-ray CT apparatus with movable gantry
X-ray mask provided with an alignment mark and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Simplified conditions and configurations for phase-contrast imaging with hard x-rays
System for X-ray irradiation of blood
X-ray tube replacement management system
Modular X-ray radiator system
Device for remotely testing a twisted pair transmission line
Impedance blocking filter circuit
Emergency call system
Internet-based telephone call manager
Method of performing automatic sales transactions in an advertiser-sponsored telephony system
5 volts single power supply ADSL analog front end design
Call charge transferring method in PBX system
Method and apparatus for electronic mail notification
Fraud prevention in a telecommunications network
Switching system service controller operating in a closed loop with call processor using subscriber-specific scheduling memories
Pre-scheduled callback service
Virtual terminal control device for switching system
Control of telemetry interface gateway for a voice call
Telephone apparatus and method adapted for use by impaired individuals
Subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC) simulator
Full-duplex speakerphone circuit including a control interface
Line powered modem
Telephone with automatic pause responsive, noise reduction muting and method
Hanging latch hook mechanism for telephones
Elliptic curve transformation device, utilization device and utilization system
Reprogrammable subscriber terminal
Method of elliptic curve cryptographic key exchange using reduced base tau expansion in non-adjacent form
Apparatus and methods for managing key material in heterogeneous cryptographic assets
Digital signature protocol
Wireless speaker system
Articulation assembly for intracanal hearing devices
Sound reproduction device
Method and apparatus for multi-bit zoned data hiding in printed images
Method for non-invasive and safe testing of telecommunication and broadcast towers or other airwave or cable transmitting and receiving devices
Method for identifying marking stripes of road lanes
Pulse domain neuromorphic integrated circuit for computing motion
Pulse domain neuromorphic integrated circuit for computing motion
Non-minutiae automatic fingerprint identification system and methods
Method for recognizing multiple irradiation fields in digital radiography
Creating an image of an object with an optical microscope
Image reading device
Image processing method and apparatus therefor
Method for dynamic reconstruction of handwritten data
Method and apparatus for transforming sensor signals into graphical images
Handwritten keyboardless entry computer system
Character recognition apparatus, method and computer readable memory
Method and apparatus for recognizing a character
Image processing apparatus, method and computer-executable program product for converting the format of data for specific image data
Systems and methods for digital image compression
Method and apparatus for visually optimized rate control
Method and module system for high speed processing of item images
Method and apparatus for imaging processing
Highly miniaturized, folded reflection optical isolator
Method and device for time domain demultiplexing of serial fiber Bragg grating sensor arrays
Integrated optical filter
Thermal optical switches for light
Optical cross point switch using deformable micromirror
High power fiber gain media system achieved through power scaling via multiplexing
Light signal transmission system and light signal transmission method
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer using resonant grating filters
Optical interleaver
Integrated opto-mechanical apparatus
Channel power equalizer for a wavelength division multiplexed system
Stand-off matched index optical waveguide interface
Method of manufacturing color filter and device of manufacturing the same
Add/drop filters and multiplexers fabricated from cladding mode couplers and fiber bragg gratings
Electro-optical device, notably for optical distribution
Coupling optical fibre to waveguide
Optical cable
Positive dispersion low dispersion slope fiber
Temperature stable integrated optical device
Holder for single head fiber optic connectors
Method and apparatus for processing video signal and storage medium
Video tape or cassette recorder
Controlling record/playback devices with a computer
Program recording apparatus and method
Method of protection of data reproduction, and reproduction apparatus providing protection of data reproduction
Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Electronic still camera
Steam iron station
Medical unit water line sterilization system
Supplementary optical system for a camera
Driving mechanism of lens barrier and zoom lens for camera
Multiple exposure camera
Compound image formation
Image forming device with communication to supplementary toner container
Image forming apparatus with discharging exposure after shutdown
Image forming apparatus utilizing a two-component developing apparatus with automatic toner replenishment and developer replacement
Apparatus for controlling the toner density in an electrophotographic machine
Weighted noise reducing device for photosensitive drum of an image forming apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus that prevent toner leakage
Image forming apparatus with integrally holding image unit
Image forming apparatus with different inertial conditions among image supports
Charging member for holding electrically conductive particles in cells
Imaging apparatuses and processes thereof containing a marking material with a charge acceptance additive of an aluminum complex
Developing unit having elastic blade
Ceramic donor roll with shaft
Formation method, image formation system, and intermediate transfer body having a photoconductive resistivity change layer
Image transferring method and image forming apparatus for transferring toner image from image carrier to recording medium either via or carried on intermediate image transfer belt
Color image forming apparatus spacially separating toner image heat-fusion from toner image transfer to a recording medium
Method and apparatus for cleaning an image transfer member
Reduced hot offset in color electrophotographic imaging
Oil metering supply apparatus and method for applying an evenly distributed release oil onto a fuser roller
Fixing apparatus
Printer with two printing units
Learning system and method based on review
Wireless Transceiver System For Digital Music
Methods and apparatus for controlling earth-station transmitted power in a VSAT network
Ordering message signals for transmission over a telecommunications channel
Method and apparatus for facilitating a retransmission of missed messages in a wireless messaging system
Method and apparatus for signalling interference protection in a channel reuse radio network
Reverse power control device and method for reducing interference between terminals
Push-to-talk interface circuit for a radio communication system
Housing assembly for a selective call receiver
Mobile telephone apparatus with tunable filter tuned to the transmit band
Measurement techniques for diversity and inter-frequency mobile assisted handoff (MAHO)
Merged variable gain mixers
Radio receiver for selective calling
Mobile wireless terminal and power controlling method
Method in mobile telephone systems in which a subscriber identity module (SIM) is allocated at least two identities which are selectively activated by the user
Mobile telecommunication station
Disabling of echo cancelers after call startup
Method and apparatus providing residential base carrier inactivation after line failure or line in use
Methods for inhibiting and allowing alarm handling in a digital cellular system
System and method of providing group wireless extension phone service in a radio telecommunications network
Spacecraft cellular communication system in which the return control receive slot duration is a function of antenna beam direction
Method of using routing area(RA) update request messages in encrypted and unencrypted forms
Method and arrangement for a handover between base station controllers
Mobile telephone with handoff between microcell and macrocell based on past moving speed
Method for handover in multicellular environment
Method and apparatus for updating network routing using integrated internet/two-way paging
Radio signal source identification system
Cellular communication system and re-use pattern therefor
Automated tool method for frequency plan revision within a cellular telephone system
Method and apparatus for collector arrays of directional antennas co-located with zone managers in wireless communications systems
Method and system for increasing frequency assignment in a mobil telecommunication system
Methods and apparatus for controlling allocation of traffic channels in macrocell/microcell telecommunications networks
Restricted mobility area
Method for positioning gsm mobile station
Method for determining if the location of a wireless communication device is within a specified area
Method and apparatus for communication within a vehicle dispatch system
Radio communication system
Cellular communication system
Generic handset programming and configuration
Method and system for controlling remote multipoint stations
Wireless telephone that rapidly reacquires a timing reference from a wireless network after a sleep mode
Method and apparatus for controlling the power radiated by a wireless terminal in a telecommunications system based on a variable step size
Antenna device for mobile radio telephone devices
Human Necessities
Tactile mouse device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid crystal display device
Parking aid
Telescopic objective lens system
Soft focus lens systems
Phase annulus to carry out a positive phase contrast
Rod lenses
Optical waveguide display with voltage-modulated controlled movable actuators which cause light leakage in waveguide at each display element to provide gradation in a display image
Optical beam-shaping system
Projection type display apparatus
MWIR polarizing beamsplitter cube and method of making the same
Laser optical apparatus
Diffractive optical element including a diffractive grating pattern
Dynamic holographic video with haptic interaction
Method and apparatus for displaying a rotating meter icon on a portable intelligent communications device
Wire/wireless keyboard for use in a computer system and a method of operating the same
Method and software for enabling use of transcription system as a mouse
Pressure sensitive electronic device
Graphical user interface touch screen with an auto zoom feature
Apparatus and method for controlling sub monitors in video communication system
Interaction support system and method
Method for reducing pulsing on liquid crystal displays
Technique for controlling screen size of monitor adapted to GUI environment
Timing generator for driving LCDs
Display apparatus and driving method therefor
Method and apparatus for eliminating crosstalk in active matrix liquid crystal displays
Liquid crystal display device
Capacitive grounding system for VHF and UHF antennas
Windowpane antenna apparatus for vehicles
Bracket mount for precise antenna adjustment
High-efficient compact antenna means for a personal telephone with a small receiving depth
Retractable antenna unit for a mobile phone
Polarized planar log periodic antenna
High efficiency dual polarized horn antenna
Dual-window high-power conical horn antenna
Cover for camouflaging military facilities
Antenna with continuous reflector for multiple reception of satelite beams
Multiband ring focus antenna employing shaped-geometry main reflector and diverse-geometry shaped subreflector-feeds
Compact side-fed dual reflector antenna system for providing adjacent, high gain antenna beams
Crossed-drooping bent dipole antenna
Antenna system for radio direction-finding
Scanning antenna including a dielectric waveguide and a rotatable cylinder coupled thereto
Antenna device and portable radio using the same
Dual LNB/antenna multi-switch with DC path for the terrestrial television antenna port
Radio antenna device
Multi-band cellular basestation antenna
Microstrip patch antenna
Dual-notch loaded microstrip antenna
Antenna for radio transmitter and receiver
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