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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Differential device
Molded body for improving cultivation conditions for plants
Method for manufacturing feed pellets and a plant for use in the implementation of the method
Food supplement and use thereof for elevating levels of essential fatty acids in livestock and products therefrom
Vertical rotisserie basting oven
Method and plant for solvent-free microwave extraction of natural products
Animal protein-containing food products having improved moisture retention and method of preparing
Dual breast pad and bib apparatus
Training shoe, in particular ski-shoe
Optical source and sensor for detecting living tissue within an animal nail
Domestic refrigerator with improved thermal insulation
Furniture piece
Method and apparatus for object viewing, observation, inspection, identification, and verification
Microscope stand having balancing device
Skewer holder
Apparatus for cooking eggs without shells
Push broom which is convertible to a handheld whisk broom
Device and method for holding a blood vessel
Joint spacer with compartment for orthobiologic material
Method and system for heating solid tissue
Electric operation apparatus
Method and device for performing cooling or cryo-therapies, for, e.g., angioplasty with reduced restenosis or pulmonary vein cell necrosis to inhibit atrial fibrillation employing tissue protection
Image observation apparatus and system
Biopsy/access tool with integrated biopsy device and access cannula and use thereof
Method and device for setting the focal spot position of an X-ray tube by regulation
Ultrasonic wave generating/transmitting apparatus
Method for treating ischemia
Wound care suspension system
Skin friendly active substance patch for transdermal administration of hyperemic active substances
Coil reinforced multilayered inner tubular member for a balloon catheter
Stiffenable capsule clamping ring
Artificial intervertebral disc device
Device for pivotably connecting parts of an orthopaedic device
Brace with integrated lumbar support system
Servo-controlled impacting device for orthopedic implants
Cooling/heating system
Contact lens applicator and cartridge used in connection therewith
Baby safe feeder with integrally fitted food container
Identification of TRP-2 as a human tumor antigen recognized by cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Methods for treating inflammation with 2F1 antibody
Packaged diapers assembly
Systems and methods for disinfection
High frequency oscillator ventilator
Stent delivery apparatus and method
Device for loading radioactive seeds
Device and a method for determining blood recirculation in a vascular access
Methods and apparatus for light therapy
Beam anchor
Mouthpiece, nasal seal, head appliance, apparatus, and methods of treating sleep apnea
Adjustable weight exercise device
Exercise assistance device
Golf ball having thin intermediate layer and methods of manufacture
Ball projector for surface projectile game
System and method for playing a bonus game
Method of switching background images in accordance with movement of characters, storage medium for storing programs, and video game device
Clapping apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Automated processing of a biological component
Distributing or collecting device
Systems for column-based separations, methods of forming packed columns, and methods of purifying sample components
Purification of ammonia by distillation
Filter structure for a vehicle air conditioner
Filter element, air cleaner, and methods
Dense, layered membranes for hydrogen separation
Optical isomer separation method
Apparatus for producing high molecular weight liquid hydrocarbons from methane and/or natural gas
Grinding element and grinder stone
Polarity reversing circuit for electrostatic precipitator system
Multiple processing chamber set and use thereof
Stencil and apparatus for supporting and tensioning the stencil
Composition for providing an abrasion resistant coating on a substrate with a matched refractive index and controlled tintability
Bill handling machine
Methods and systems for processing a bevel edge of a substrate using a dynamic liquid meniscus
Apparatus and method for substrate preparation implementing a surface tension reducing process
Aggressive pipeline pig
Rotary die blade member bending method, and rotary die blade member binding device
Apparatus and method for folding a sheet material
Process for manufacturing miniature ball bearings
Casting mold and method for manufacturing the same
Electromagnetic continuous casting apparatus for materials possessing high melting temperature and low electric conductance
Dowel jig
Arbor apparatus for rotary tools
Method of drawing a pattern on a base material by scanning a beam
Method and apparatus for improving an integrated circuit device
Electrochemical cell current collector having openings of progressively larger sizes converging at a tab
Fine tilting adjustment mechanism for grinding machine
Boron-containing polishing system and method
Polishing jig for rolling mill backup roll bearing
Abrasive material
Support system for power tong assembly
Device for numerically displaying torque of torque wrench having a preset maximum torque
Fastener driving tools
Vacuum flow suction cup assembly
High pressure seed potato cutter
Molding resin composition and method of molding
Gemstone and corresponding method of cutting
Production of pneumatic tires
Machine for processing synthetic materials
Method for treating fibrous web materials
Bale unloading arrangement of a large round baler
Belt calender
Portable trash compactor
Culinary press
Process for producing hinge-lid boxes
Decorative sheet for in-mold decorating injection molding, decorative molding and in-mold decorating injection molding method
Rigid multilayer material for thermal insulation
Process for the preparation of metal-containing nanostructured films
Closed reinforcement fiber package, as well as chain packing consisting of such closed packages
Electroluminescent phosphor with plural moisture resistant coatings thereon
Pigmented alkoxyzirconium sol
Nanostructure based microfluidic pumping apparatus, method and printing device including same
Thermal printer
Method of ejecting liquid from a micro-electromechanical device
Keyboard with improved function and editing sections
Paper binder
High-integrity interlocking nut and washer system
System for monitoring a vehicle with pneumatic tires, signal analysis method, and vehicle tire
Air conditioning duct arrangement for vehicle
Pivoting convertible roof for a motor vehicle
Power output apparatus and hybrid vehicle with power output apparatus mounted thereon
Output power split hybrid electric drive system
Recliner for vehicle foldable seat
Tailgate position indicator
Automotive vehicle polymeric running board
Diagonal parking brake activation for vehicles with plural axles
Combination tandem axle wheel chock and trailer tongue stand
Instrument panel with integrated HVAC and electronic systems
Tricycle and guide handle
U-type handbrake assembly structure
Mast extender for a sailboat
Stackable buoy with rope nesting grooves
Mast device for a submarine
Dual water injector for primary and idle relief exhaust passages
Cross section for a supersonic airplane
Spontaneous full fuel tank indicator
Apparatus and method for stuffing a folder
Self-opening cap mechanism
Vial closure with indicator
Packaging for support pillows
Consumer goods retail sale display package
Smoking article package
Robotic rack loading apparatus and method
Conveyor system
Lamination apparatus
Motorcycle stand
Lifting jack accessory
Chemistry; Metallurgy
CO-free hydrogen from decomposition of methane
Method for treating waste-activated sludge using elecroporation
Method for the treatment of water by ballasted flocculation and gravity separation with variable function modes
Method of preventing schileren formation in a glass melt with same
Method of forming glass-ceramic parts and/or glass parts
Glassy chiral-nematic liquid crystals and optical devices containing same
Electro-rheological composition
Use of glycosides extracted from hop plant parts to flavor malt beverages
Intein mediated peptide ligation
Expansin polynucleotides, related polypeptides and methods of use
Recombinant DNA, plasmid, transformed microorganism and vaccine protein for prevention and therapy of urinary tract infection
Regenerating method of immobilized enzyme
Pharmacophore recombination for the identification of small molecule drug lead compounds
Kits employing generalized target-binding e-tag probes
Nucleic acid sequence identification
Cloning of a gene mutation for parkinson's disease
Method and apparatus for low-temperature annealing of metallization microstructures in the production of a microelectronic device
Apparatus and method for forming deposited film
Method for etching at least one ion track to a pore in a membrane and electrolyte cell for preparing the membrane
Textiles; Paper
Introducing/removing device of the end in an open-end spinning rotor
Tire for a vehicle wheel including at least one breaker layer
Appliance control system with hyperspin mode
Arrangement for measuring properties of a moving paper web
Fixed Constructions
Device for producing tactile-detectable warning surfaces and method for employing same
Transit boarding platform panel
Landscape/erosion control product
Construction machine
Retention and removal of debris and pollutants from surface water runoff
Self-adhering walkway pads for roofing membranes and method for the application thereof to roofs
Restraint system and lockable fastener
Portable casement window securing device
Backdoor system of vehicle having pressure sensor for detecting object pinched by backdoor
Tray for ladder bracket
Bearing seal
Sealed multilateral junction system
Latch profile installation in existing casing
Compositions and methods for weighting a breaker coating for uniform distribution in a particulate pack
Method and apparatus for orienting perforating devices and confirming their orientation
Environmentally benign viscous well treating fluids and methods
Downhole measurement apparatus and technique
Method and apparatus for determining the temperature of subterranean wells using fiber optic cable
Methods and systems for optical endpoint detection of a sliding sleeve valve
Apparatus for ground support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cambered vane for use in turbochargers
Gas turbine bucket tip cap
Method for operating a steam power plant and steam power plant for carrying out said method
Control apparatus for variable valve actuation system
Valve system for internal combustion engine
Oil filtering device in a crankcase recess
Controller of cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Modular engine family
Concentric fixed dilution and variable bypass air injection for a combustor
Primary fuel nozzle having dual fuel capability
Gas turbine control system
Determining manifold pressure based on engine torque control
Thermally insulated cylinder liner
Multi-layered cylinder head seal
Preassembly tool
Compression ignition engines
Supplemental fuel injector trigger circuit
Electronic control unit for two-cycle internal combustion engine with exhaust control valve
Method and apparatus for controlling an internal combustion engine using combustion chamber pressure sensing
Bumpless crankshift position sensing
Well pumping unit driven by linear motor
Replaceable insert for centrifugal blower flow control
Hydrodynamic bearing for a spindle motor
High pressure barrier to oil loss by diffusion
Lock structure and method for using thereof
Spring system for bicycles
Method to improve adhesion between pre-cured elastomer and metal surface
Shock absorber cylinder head scraper
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Hybrid transmission
Clutch system for a transmission
Hydraulic continuously variable transmission
Axle module with axle shaft electronic management
Method of using a motion sensor with a bicycle sprocket assembly
Shoe with inflatable bladder and secure deflation valve
Valve apparatus
Adjustable valve for variable flows and a method for reducing flow through a valve
Flexible hose
Instantaneous and constant fluid delivery system
Duct separation restraint apparatus and method
Bladder system for conduit expansion
Two-way backlight assembly and two-way liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Chamber support for pyrolytic waste treatment system
Supply air terminal device
Dual economizer heat exchangers for heat pump
Apparatus for controlling outdoor unit's louver blades and its method
Superconducting magnet apparatus and maintenance method of refrigerator for the same
Stirling cycle engine or heat pump with improved heat exchanger
Piping structure of air conditioner
Cooling apparatus and plasma processing apparatus having cooling apparatus
Process for cooling a product in a heat exchanger employing microchannels
Animal byproduct conversion system and method
Fluid connectors for heat exchangers
Multifunctional breaching apparatus
Tungsten-containing firearm slug
Measuring and tool setting device for use on woodworking machines
Strain sensor patterned on MEMS flex arms
Electronic level gauge
Pyrometer for measuring the temperature of a gas component within a furnance
Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus
Particle measurement configuration and semiconductor wafer processing device with such a configuration
Friction testing device
Electropipettor and compensation means for electrophoretic bias
Load beam apparatus operative to prevent improper operation due to off axis loads
Pharmacogenetic methods for use in the treatment of nervous system diseases
Urinary trypsin inhibitor assay containing a chelating agent
Glucose transporter/sensor protein and uses thereof
Sample collection and processing device
MEM structure having reduced spring stiction
Automotive rear view mirror
Front light having a plurality of prism-shaped lenses
Method of manufacturing substrate for liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device using same
Image input apparatus using projected light
Method and system for calibrating projectors to arbitrarily shaped surfaces with discrete optical sensors mounted at the surfaces
Illumination system and projection system adopting the same
Assembly for projecting an image onto a projection surface
Light source device and projector
Patterning method using a photomask
Photomask and method for producing the same
Multiple alternating phase shift technology for amplifying resolution
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
Color toner, electrostatic latent image developer, image forming method, and image producing device
Adjustable universal operating lever extension
Detachable protected point of sale card
Noncontact type IC card and system thereof
Automated method of and system for identifying and measuring packages transported through a laser scanning tunnel
Dual mode data imaging product
Lighting apparatus for mounting on hat brim
Currency validator
Automated banking machine key loading system and method
Lenticular label manufacture
PTC composition and PTC device comprising the same
Process for fabricating circuit assemblies using electrodepositable dielectric coating compositions
Method and apparatus for filling interlayer vias on ferroelectric polymer substrates
Method for fabricating a tapered optical coupling into a slab waveguide
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having first and second insulating films
System and method of pattern recognition and metrology structure for an X-initiative layout design
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a device having a moveable structure
Surface treatment and protection method for cadmium zinc telluride crystals
Method to control spacer width
Method of depositing dielectric films
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and method for fabricating the same
Method to increase coupling ratio of source to floating gate in split-gate flash
Laser thermal annealing methods for flash memory devices
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Material for contact etch layer to enhance device performance
Method for producing a ferroelectric capacitor that includes etching with hardmasks
Two step trench definition procedure for formation of a dual damascene opening in a stack of insulator layers
Semiconductor device with tapered contact hole and wire groove
Optical device and method of manufacturing the same, optical module, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Capacitance probe for thin dielectric film characterization
Semiconductor device formed on insulating layer and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing semi conductor device
Method for fabricating n-type carbon nanotube device
Semiconductor structure with increased breakdown voltage and method for producing the semiconductor structure
Process for forming an integral gasket on a bipolar plate for a PEM fuel cell
Zinc/air cell assembly
Separator for fuel cell and method for producing the same
Connector with inner and outer housings
Reusable power cord retaining device
Anti-warpage means for socket connector
Multi-function electrical connector
Casing for a modular socket
Utility connection station
Coaxial plug-and-socket connection
Replaceable device for an electronic monitoring system, especially a video monitoring system
Electric power connector and electric power connector assembly
Connecting cable
Method for manufacturing electrical connectors for enhancing coplanarity
Conductor board and method for producing a conductor board
Method for reducing arcing for motor armature with distributed windings
Method of assembling a disk drive by electrically grounding a disk drive cover
Electroluminescent devices comprising diketopyrrolopyrroles
Electrical junction box having an inspection section of a slit width of a tuning fork-like terminal
Expired Patents Due To Time
Quick-release lock assembly with compression/expansion capability
Locking mechanism for portable valuables
Adjustable cable loop locking system for securing a pair of spacially separated articles together
Anti-theft device for aircraft
Locking device for portable computers
Lock for electronic equipment
Lock including means for sensing position of bolt and for indicating whether or not bolt is extended from lock case
Process and apparatus for determination of the quality of a crimped connection
Method for roll forming steel pipes, and equipment for same
Method for spin forming a tube
Acutuator assembly debris reduction
Method for manufacturing thin cold rolled inner shield steel sheet with superior magnetic field shielding property
Device and method for forming, in particular cold-forming, workpieces
Method and device for producing stamped parts
Rivet setting tool with rotation reversal device
Pneumatic shear for forming structural louvers
Back gauge device
Recoverable and reusable cold forging dies
Main-shaft malfunction-state detector in an air bearing type machine tool
Ultrasonic transmitter particularly for an air bubble detector
Stack gas emissions monitoring system
Method of detecting smell of a vapor and producing a unique visual representation thereof
Uncoated microcantilevers as chemical sensors
Accelerometer sensor for detecting knocks and method for making same
Permeameter with wide measurement range
Leakage inspection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for the sonic measurement of sludge and clarity conditions during the treatment on waste water
Apparatus and method for monitoring engine conditions, using magnetostrictive sensors
Method and apparatus for combustion quality diagnosis and control utilizing synthetic measures of combustion quality
Securing means for a device for detecting the pressure and temperature in the intake tube of an internal combustion engine
Method for estimating a tire wear life
Apparatus and method to obtain representative samples of oil well production
Level sensor and washer unit
Glass interlaced fuel system low current rheostat
Flow velocity measuring unit
System and process for optimizing gravity gradiometer measurements
Measuring receptacle having angled lines
Impact test apparatus
Capacitance-type pressure sensor unit
High output capacitative gas/liquid detector
Fluid flowmeter and method of assembly
Flow sensing assembly and method
Hydration insuring system comprising liquid-flow meter
Apparatus for measuring the flatness of a strip in movement
Buffer system for a wafer handling system
Hot bottle inspection apparatus and method
Piezo-transducer and cabling configuration
Flexible link variable stroke apparatus
Shiftable clamping-type locking mechanism
Control system for a power shuttle gearbox
Variable gear assembly and method
SCARA robot
Brake device for simultaneously actuating two brake mechanisms
Pedal assembly with adjustable pad
Vibration isolated shift lever
Grip for a bicycle shift control device
Self-compensating dynamic balancer
Variable stiffness positioning link for a gearbox
Adaptive filter with sweep filter analyzer for a vortex flowmeter
Duplex drill pipe wrench apparatus and method for top drilling rig drilling operations
Spring chuck
Self-adjusting pliers
Anti-slide covers for toggle operated pliers
Screw aligning and guiding device having arrangement which facilitates loading and unloading of screw strip
Knuckle hub fixture assembly and method of using
Process for manufacturing slot-shaped openings on hollow sections and apparatus for implementing same
Tiltable infeed and outfeed saw table
Rotary label die cutter
Ground cover cutter
Rapid breakdown excision tool (RaBET)
Aircraft store adaptor
Self sustained detonation apparatus
High pressure, high temperature window assembly and method of making the same
Cam-controlled firing system for a large-caliber weapon
Rapid fire mechanism for firearms
Vacuum type brake booster for vehicle
Vacuum brake booster
Positive displacement rotary machine
Variable-displacement inclined plate compressor
Thin-walled brake diaphragm
Reciprocating fluid pumps with chromium nitride coated components in contact with non-metallic packing and gasket materials for increased seal life
Packings on pump rod
Automatic throat packing torque clip
Wobble piston and seal assembly for oil free compressor
Kettle and filter attachment for a kettle
Cooking apparatus with grease removal system
Bakery pan with controlled volume for food products
Portable broiling device
Reinforced cooking pan
Cooking apparatus
Home yogurt/cheese making machine
Multi-functional food processor
Process of calendering
Wood sheet heat treatment method and plant
Loading and offloading systems for printing machine
Golf ball marking device
Skipping printer driving method
Stencil printer having printing drum and retainer roller
Cylinder throwing-off/throwing-on controller for a multicolor lithographic rotary press
Ink duct pivotable between two positions
Flexographic printing plate having improved solids rendition
Method and apparatus for ink feed control
Drawing apparatus and drawing method
Electromagnetic sea mine detonation system
Cartridge for hunting or the like
Base bleed unit
Projectile with an air pressure wave generator and chemical agent/marker
Rail-guided transport system with transport vehicles
Propulsion plate connector system for a pneumatically propelled vehicle
Railway vehicle bogie made of composite material and process for manufacturing such a bogie
Increased capacity railway car
Process and apparatus for treating process streams from a system for separating consituents from contaminated material
Volatile materials treatment system
Method of cooling a grate for a furnace and grate for a furnace
Use of oil water emulsion as a reburn fuel
Method for treating waste material containing hydrocarbons
Planter apparatus and method
Furrow opening disc apparatus
Tufting machine yarn feed pattern control
Headgear frame
Needle plate for a two needle interlock sewing machine
Apparatus for detecting thread breakage in sewing machine
Apparatus for high-speed lacing of an article
Speed sensor for personal watercraft
Small waterplane area multihull (SWAMH) vessel with submerged turbine drive
Method and device for counteracting of heeling of a vessel
Water craft with adjustable fin
Flotation system and method for off-shore platform and the like
Watercraft cover
Emergency vehicle extendable safety barrier
Electrolier flag
Nozzle-injector for arc plasma deposition apparatus
Enhanced plasma mode and computer system for plasma immersion ion implantation
Implement for automatically milking animals
Device and method for milking animals
Bale feeder
Helical perch bird feeder
Ergonomic handle for grooming brush
Automatic horse walker
Harness for domestic animals
Animal chute
Technique for cooling furnace walls in a multi-component working fluid power generation system
Cooling system for an automotive engine
Control system for minimizing electricity consumption in a cooling system of an internal combustion engine
Cooling system for engine with supercharger
Engine water pump structure
Double throw engine
Two-cycle engine exhaust port regulator
Drive unit
Control device for internal combustion engine
Method of checking the operability of the variable valve control in an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device for use in an internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Variable phase coupling
V-shaped internal combustion engine
Covering structure for covering timing mechanism and timing mechanism chamber structure inside cover comprised in covering structure for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with wedge-shaped cylinder head and integral intake manifold and rocker cover therefor
Roller follower assembly for an internal combustion engine
Cylinder head assembly of an internal combustion engine
Resonator type silencer for automotive engine
Lubricating system in a 4-cycle engine
Lubricating apparatus for four-cycle engines
Electronically controlled continuous lubricating oil replacement system
Lubricating system in a 4-cycle engine
Drive arrangement for a two-cycle engine
Fuel shutoff system
Automobile anti-theft device
Directed jet spark plug
Combustion engine
Actuating system for a direct injection internal combustion engine, especially in a vehicle
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Electro-thermal pulsed fuel injector and system
Engine cylinder head
Engine compression brake system
Method for determining the running smoothness of an otto spark ignition engine
Hydraulically actuated electronic fuel injection system
High-pressure fuel pump
Common rail and method of manufacturing the same
Fuel supply for direct injected engine
Engine working according to the method of pulsating combustion
Fuel injection device
System for controlling a fuel injector
Multi-function fuel pump module
Method and apparatus for blocking fluid and fuel vapors
Evaporated fuel treatment device
Fuel preheater for a piston internal combustion engine with heat vaporization of the fuel
Method and a device for supplying fuel to an internal combustion engine
Device for exhaust recycling for an internal combustion engine and method of making same
Fluid-operated valve assembly
Crankcase ventilation in an internal combustion engine
System and method for providing multicharge ignition
Ignition coil for use in internal combustion engine
Rapid feed paintball loader
Gas holding chamber for air-powered paintball guns
Bolt for a paint ball gun
Bowstring draw mechanism
Disengageable nock for arrows
Portable platform for cooking surface
Wood and multi-fuel burning stove
Motorized insulated damper assembly for furnace systems
Oven vent tube
Inspiratory duration in CPAP or assisted respiration treatment
Device and method for determining gas volume and volumetric changes in a ventilator
Nasal filtration system
Electret fibers and filter webs having a low level of extractable hydrocarbons
Method for making thin walled, closed-ended, tubular articles of thermoplastic elastomer
Surgical drape with a sealable pouch
Device for protecting the face of a wearer
Percutaneous artery to artery bypass using heart tissue as a portion of a bypass conduit
Methods for treating cancer using allogeneic lymphocytes without graft vs host disease activity
Apparatus and method for making and inspecting multi-component wrapped article
Cradle cap kit
Ponytail hair styling method
Fingernail stenciling system
Flat toothpick and kit
Method and apparatus for flushing contaminants from oil in an oil cooler
Interior tank car cleaning apparatus
Linkage assembly for cleaning tankcars
Robot end-effector cleaner and dryer
Umbrella opening device for vehicle
Tent frame
Hybrid solids conveying system
Hose clamp tool and method for clamping hoses of multiple size
Rotary valve apparatus and associated methods
Earthquake actuated automatic gas shutoff valve
Liquid filter with integral pressure regulator
In-line valve
Battery water supply system for a battery-powered utility vehicle
Valve assembly for preventing liquid ingestion and methods
Magnetic screening of an acturator for electromagnetically controlling a valve
Valve lock and adapter
In-line diversion valve with flow-through capability
Fluid pressure reduction disks with taper nut retention device
Microfluidic circuit designs for performing fluidic manipulations that reduce the number of pumping sources and fluid reservoirs
Safety gas valve arrangement for a cooking hob
Electric power supply apparatus for solenoid valve manifold
Volume adjustable faucet
Fluid-impermeable composite hose
Hose for refrigerant for an electrically driven compressor
Submarine pipeline for transporting petroleum products
Flat turbulator for a tube and method of making same
Sharpening device for the cutting knife of a face-to-face weaving machine
Voltage delivery and movable loom operating devices
Holder apparatus for weft thread in a series shed weaving machine
Weaving heddle having end eyes formed by pressing
Weaving reed dent spacing arrangements
Pintle seamed press felt
Method for filling an electrical device for medium and high voltage applications
Apparatus and process for forming novel spiral compositions
Inflatable package cushioning and method of using same
Apparatus and method for dispensing of powders
Single-chamber filling system
Valveless fuel tank assembly
Method and system for filling a straw with a liquid
Fraud detection through vapor recovery analysis
Engine air purge apparatus and method
Portioning of flowable products
Method and apparatus for servicing engine cooling systems
Device for working of tree trunks
Feed wheel
Method and apparatus for handling logs to be debarked
Run-flat tire system for motorcycles
Pneumatic radial tire including beveled acute angle corner portions
Tire having a groove wall lining for reducing formation of anomalies causing subjective user dissatisfaction
Pneumatic tire having sidewall portions
Laminator assembly having an endless belt
Seam welder
Feeder for outserts and other articles
Unitary cassette assembly with integral package tray
Replacement window with shutter
Cord control device for a venetian blind to control raising and lowering of the slats
Door Leaf
Device for and method of draping curtains
Large structural, thin-wall castings made of metals subject to hot tearing, and their fabrication
Caster including a gas delivery means to resist backflowing and freezing of molten metal to the tip of a nozzle and an associated method
Hybrid cooling system for electronics module
Modular coolant manifold for use with power electronics devices having integrated coolers
Double heat exchanger for vehicle air conditioner
Air conditioning apparatus as well as components thereof
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle with thermoelectric dehumidifier in a double layer system
Temperature selectable water supply device
Low profile heat exchange system and method with reduced water consumption
Tight sands gas well production enhancement system
Separable connector for coil tubing deployed systems
Lock mechanism for use with a downhole device
High load, thin slip system
Pressure activated bendable tool
Hydraulically releasable coupling
Method of distinguishing between installing different sucker rods
Three component separation in an oil well
Methods of preventing the production of sand with well fluids
Removal of lining from tubing
Using of stokes law cement slurries for improved well cementation
Spherical stemming plug and method of use
Methods and viscosified compositions for treating wells
Pipeline treatment composites
System, vessel, seabed installation and method for producing oil or gas
Snubbing unit tong apparatus
Disposable adhesive protective garment on strip and method of making same
Strait jacket
Shirt cuff and fastener
Expandable shirt collar
Golf gloves
Firefighter's glove holder
Compound protective helmet
Fiber glass particle resistant body garment
Portable urinal for tree stand or other elevated platform
Automatic quantitative regulator for dissolvent in water tank
Sanitary toilet seat
Toilet accessory
Water closet pan with arm rests
Toilet bowl with improved access opening
Automatic flusher with bi-modal sensitivity pattern
Urine collection kit
Cabinet water saver
Portable toilet unit
Completely automatic waterless closet
SPA cover kit
Hair washing apparatus and a neck receiving member used therefor
Bathtub walk through insert
Bathtub tray with drain
Tub-stool combination
Bowed front bathroom vanity system
Faucet splash guard and storage unit
Shower drain tool and method for installing and removing a shower drain
Folding vehicle bed assembly
Mat for clothing change and carry
Mobile stretcher with lateral recumbant mechanism
Examination table with sliding back section
Hospital bed and mattress having a retracting foot section
Inflatable pillow
Articles with gripping surfaces
Air-over-foam mattress
Air massager cushioning device
Mattress tub
Opener and stopper for crimped and threaded bottle caps
Apparatus and method for rolling clothes in an automatic washer
Foot support system and use in shoe lasts
Passenger boarding bridge for narrow body aircraft
Segmented brush assembly for power driven pool cleaner
Apparatus for cleaning a computer mouse device
Twist-type mop
Self-wringing ratchet mop
Fabric wet mop
Wiper arm having a curved wiper arm body
Apparatus for cleaning floors
Vacuum cleaner and suction nozzle body therefor
Hub and wheel assembly with automatic moving direction adjustment mechanism
Adjustable hinge
Mechanism for automatic closing of box cover and guillotine protection
Tube density separator and method
Plant for processing fibers
Method and device for fibre production
Expandable pintle wires
Fastening device for safety belt
Packaged item location, identification and control device and method
Drip tray clamps for transformer fuse holders
Laces that thread easily and form a non-slip knot
Apparatus for expanding a metal sheet
Method for setting stones in the surface of a jewel produced by electroforming
Retaining ring installation apparatus
Self-contained and self-propelled machine for heat fusing polyolefin pipes
Self-contained and self-propelled machine for heat fusing polyolefin pipes
Mount assembly system
Method of repairing cracks
Method and apparatus for examining position of board-support pin, and method and apparatus for positioning board-support pin
Automated fuel tank assembly system & method
Complaint joint for interfacing dissimilar metals in X-ray tubes
Method for sliding a seal with a lip onto a shaft, method for uncurling the lip, and apparatus for sliding the seal thereonto
Method for manufacturing insert-resin-molded product
Dispensable non-adhesive desiccated matrix system for insulating glass units
Automatic cutting and crimping apparatus
Wire termination tool having an improved impact shaft
Automated assembly device for assembly of components of a disc drive
Alignment of sliders in head gimbal assemblies
Method for manufacturing thin-film magnetic head
Lumber tagger
Torque-turn system for a three-element sucker rod joint
Link bending machine
Method for removing microelectronic circuits from substrates and tool used in removal
Apparatus for inserting terminal with wire and driving a wire sweeping arm
Assembling a stacked die package
Flip chip mounting method and apparatus therefor
Process for manufacturing a printed wiring board
Method of forming a roller assembly
Method for making self-gripping air turning vanes
Production of a caribbean steel pan
Method of shaping profiled frame members, and method of manufacturing frames
Bearing assembly for bicycle parts
Method and apparatus for pulling bushings and bearings
Electric shaver
Safety razors
Plaster cutting device
Knife with pivotally mounted blade
Adjustable handle for scissors or the like
Reciprocating saw
Building line layout device
Non-contact system for detecting an angle of rotation
Three-dimensional robotic scribing system
Omnidirectional angle indicator
Thin board holding device and method of and apparatus for measuring thickness of thin board
Tape measuring device
Tape measure system with primary and secondary locking assemblies
Semiconductor device manufacturing system
Protective cover for hairdryer
Method of applying indicia to a fast-dissolving dosage form
Basket and method of use
Apparatus and method for drying and storing laboratory containers
Gaseous fluidization aids
Shoe sole with reinforced support structure
Ice-skating boot with optimized upper shape
Footwear with detachable spat
Post operative shoe system
Rotary drive contained within hollow rotating drum
Apparatus for positionally retaining flexible material
Reversible ironing board cover
Display apparatus
Rotatable label system on a drinking vessel and method for constructing same
Hydraulically operated decorative bird sculpture
Panel with light permeable images
Display apparatus
Variable character display system
Safety identification assembly and method
Apparatus for supporting indicia with a rail
Pole system for displaying picture frames
Picture frame
Pistol with trigger locking mechanism
Quick-release gun lock
Receiver for firearm
Magazine grip
Remote controlled animated decoy
Fly pattern, fabrication method and use thereof
Soft bait fish lure
Reusable, odorless rodent trap
Automatic plant selector
Culture medium for Sparassis crispa and methods of producing the same
Method and system for simulating the solar cycle
Methods for classifying plants for evaluation and breeding programs by use of remote sensing and image analysis technology
Safety crossing gate
Reciprocating barrier assembly
Support arm
Foot-level aisle closure panel for telescoping seating system with intermediate step
Coping assembly for building roof
Adjustable diagonal strut
Foundation insulation covering
Silo structure of vehicle parking system
Tapered ridge vent for the peak or ridge of a framed roof structure
Flashing arrangement for windows, in particular roof windows
Decorative trim assemblies
Self-aligning drywall corner bead
Rain water diverter system for deck structures
Floor material and flooring using the floor material
Design element for building structures
Retrofit blast protection for walls and window frames of a structure
Brick tie, in moulded plastic
Roof cover element
Thick-appearing shingle and method and apparatus for making same
Architectural bearing wall construction incorporating courses of fiberboard planks or the like
Insulated wall and components therefor
Isosceles joist
Frame-connecting members and manufacturing method therefor
Construction chair with plastic base
Pultruded fiberglass reinforced shear panel
Method and apparatus for structural conversion of poultry houses
Adjustable molded inner door panel
Evacuated glazing containing a thermally insulating vacuum
Sealing device for medication packing machine
Apparatus for charging canisters with a high pressure gas
Drug bag strip winding and bundling machine
Method for forming a cover about a flower pot
Slide-zipper assembly, method of attaching slide-zipper assembly to thermoplastic film, and method of making slide-zippered packages
Process for manufacturing blister packs
Packaging machine with rotary top sealer
Apparatus for wrapping drinking straws
Forming, filling and sealing machine for standing pouch
Method and apparatus for determining an area of harvested crop
Lawn mower adjustment mechanism
Narrow row cotton harvester
Windrow merger
Single frame pull rake
False twist device
Arrangement for non-contact revolution counting of an open-end spinning rotor
Jewelry link assembly
Self fixturing combustor dome assembly
Method of operation of a gas turbine engine and a gas turbine engine
Pressurized fluidized-bed combined cycle power generation system
Gas turbine combined cycle
Propulsion system
Direct fired compressor and method of producing compressed air
Simplified high-efficiency propulsion system
Vectoring ring support and actuation mechanism for axisymmetric vectoring nozzle with a universal joint
Gas generator module
Fuel combustion control system for engine
Engine control device
Exhaust gas recirculation mechanism for engine and method for controlling exhaust gas recirculation valve
Assembly, method, and motor vehicle for cleaning ambient air in the vicinity of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for treating exhaust gas from vehicles
Device for controlling the rise of the catalyst temperature in an internal combustion engine
Exhaust emission control system of internal combustion engine
Hydraulic drive system and directional control valve apparatus in hydraulic machine
Axle driving apparatus
Quick connect coupling for a hydraulic control system
Direct acting rotary actuator for a turbocharger variable nozzle turbine
Geothermal power plant and condenser therefor
Process components, containers, and pipes suitable for containing and transporting cryogenic temperature fluids
Air conditioner and heat pump with dehumidification
Air conditioning systems
Microprocessor control for a heat pump water heater
Machinery cooling system
Heat transfer column for geothermal heat pumps
Cooling fan with spray function
Refrigeration system
Apparatus and cooling system
Automotive air conditioner having condenser and evaporator provided within air duct
Dry ice cooler
Gas absorption cooling system
Air conditioner
Liquid oxygen production
Production of ethylene using high temperature demethanization
Cryogenic reflux condenser system for producing oxygen-enriched air
Method for operating a cryogenic rectification column
Jewelry ring with security aspect
Synchronization of individual section machine operation to gob feed in a glassware forming system
Forehearth feeder tube clamp down system
Mould with pivoting drawer
Method for the manufacture of designed knitwear on circular stocking knitting and knitting machines
Manufacture of roller-blinds
Textiles; Paper
Knit article having ravel-resistant edge portion and composite yarn for making ravel-resistant knit article
Warp knitting machine with thread sheet turning arrangement
Dry cleaning process and system using jet agitation
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