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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Herbicide tolerant Brassica juncea and method of production
Inbred corn line A60059
Soybean variety 94M41
Blood flow improvers and thrombosis preventives or remedies
Absorbent article having a fever indicator
Tubulin binding agents and corresponding prodrug constructs
Taxol enhancer compounds
Peptide deformylase activated prodrugs
Pharmaceutical materials and methods for their preparation and use
Inclusion complex of Rifampicin, an anti-tubercular drug, with .beta.-cyclodextrin or 2-hydroxypropyl .beta.-cyclodextrin and a process thereof
Human antithrombin variants
Targeted delivery of bioaffecting compounds for the treatment of cancer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst composition for production of a polyurethane resin, and method for producing a polyurethane resin
Heater inspection apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus having heater inspection apparatus mounted thereon
Laser beam machine and laser beam machining method
Basalt containing fabric
Image forming apparatus
Nano-structure based system and method for charging a photoconductive surface
Collision preventing apparatus for a vehicle
Seat belt status monitoring system
Electric brake system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Construction material and method
Seed treatment and method of treating seed
Cationic liposomes for gene transfer
Process for preparing tert-butanol from isobutene-containing hydrocarbon mixtures
Ortho ester-based surfactant, its preparation and use
Process for purifying fluoroxy compounds
Process for the preparation of threo-methylphenidate hydrochloride
Enantioselective hydrogenation of intermediates in the synthesis of tipranavir
Substituted (1,3-bis(cyclohexylmethyl)-1,2,3,6-tetrahydro-2,6-dioxo-9h-purin-8-YI)phe- nyl derivatives, their preparation and their use in the treatment of inflammatory conditions and immune disorders
Crystalline tricyclic triazolobenzazepine derivative
Tumor associated nucleic acids and uses therefor
Thioredoxin H homologs
Abundant extracellular products and methods for their production and use
Method for the inhibition of function of STAT transcription factors
Biomolecule and/or cellular arrays on metal surfaces
Compositions and methods for therapeutic use
Conjugates comprising two active agents
Non-natural C-linked carbo-.beta.-peptides with robust secondary structures
Acetoacetylated polyvinyl polymers and curable coating compositions made therefrom
Selective isomerization and linear dimerization of olefins using cobalt catalysts
Water-soluble polymer complexes
Pigmented inkjet ink
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Tire with tread of natural rubber-rich rubber composition
Flame retardant thermoset resins and methods of making the same
Process aid for melt processable polymers
Cyanoadhesive composition for toy articles
Flame-retardant polycarbonate resin composition and formed article
Ink for ink jet printing process and printed matter obtained using the same
Modification of plant fibers
Nucleic acids encoding a chimeric glycosyltransferase
Fixed Constructions
Downhole electrical submersible power generator
Subterranean formation treating fluid and methods of fracturing subterranean formations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power control interface between a wind farm and a power transmission system
Method and device for controlling the heating of glow plugs in a diesel engine
Dryer lid/robot collision prevention system
Projectile steering by plasma discharge
Semiconductor processing apparatus having lift and tilt mechanism
Spatially-heterodyned holography
Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system
Detection system including avalanche photodiode for use in harsh environments
System for measuring of both circular and linear birefringence
Measuring head for in line determination of the size of moving particles in transparent media
Instrument for measuring lifetime of fluorescene
Electronic safety system for the avoidance of an overspeed condition in the event of a shaft failure
Optical sensor and method for measuring concentration of a chemical constituent using its intrinsic optical absorbance
Film thickness measuring apparatus and a method for measuring a thickness of a film
Apparatus and method for measuring EMI level of electronic device
Reference voltage diagnostic suitable for use in an automobile controller and method therefor
Capacity enhancement for multi-code CDMA with integrated services through quality of service and admission control
Method and an apparatus for testing transmitter and receiver
Optically stimulated luminescence radiation dosimetry method to determine integrated doses and dose rates and a method to extend the upper limit of measureable absorbed radiation doses during irradiation
X-ray imaging device
Solid-state radiation detector using a single crystal of compound semiconductor InSb
Local coil unit for a magnetic resonance apparatus
Cryogenically cooled phased array RF receiver coil for magnetic resonance imaging
Synthetic images for a magnetic resonance imaging scanner using linear combinations of source images
Marine oil and gas exploration system using telluric currents as a natural electromagnatic energy source
Variable focal length lens, photographing lens unit, camera, and portable information terminal device
Setting module for the illumination of an optical instrument
Mirror device, optical switch, thin film elastic structure, and thin elastic structure producing method
Method of producing a package from a sheet having lenticular lens in pre-selected areas
Polarization conversion system
Method of producing optical element by patterning liquid crystal films
Double-side liquid crystal display device and information appliance
Autostereoscopic display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Projection display apparatus with quarter phase difference plate and phase compensation element
Transflective liquid crystal display
Display device
Hybrid digital photofinishing system
Servo control device
Switching power supply control circuit and switching power supply using same
Voltage regulator using two operational amplifiers in current consumption
Modulated power supply
Modular power supply system including a power status signal generator to perform fast sag detection to input peak voltage
Structure for mounting flat display module and method thereof
Method and apparatus for implementing anti-counterfeiting measures in personal computer-based digital color printers
Printing control method, apparatus and storage medium therefor, and printing system
Linear low noise transconductance cell
Selective document scanning method and apparatus
Split screen GPS and electronic tachograph
Method and system for tessellating a polygon
Method and apparatus for constructing a convex polygon that encloses a set of points in a region
Security system of construction machine
Combination radio frequency identification transponder (RFID tag) and magnetic electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag
System and apparatus for determining abnormalities in daily activity patterns
Light guidance system for guiding an aircraft service vehicle to a parking position adjacent to an aircraft
Monitoring system
System and method for remote monitoring and maintenance management of vertical transportation equipment
Method for the quasi-continuous transmission of a temporally modifiable variable
Display device and electronic apparatus including the same
Method of driving electrooptic device, driving circuit, electrooptic device, and electronic apparatus
Field sequential color display device
Backlight control device for liquid crystal display
Apparatus and method for compensating image blocking artifacts
Method and apparatus for rendering a quadrangle primitive
Touch responsive display unit and method
Driving method for flat-panel display device
Signal drive circuit, display device, electro-optical device, and signal drive method
See-around type head mounted display device
Proximity sensor with adaptive threshold
Optical see-through augmented reality modified-scale display
Computer input device with digit support and natural position actuators
Active keyboard system for handheld electronic devices
Character information processing apparatus, character information processing method and storage medium
Character display apparatus, character display method, character display program, and recording medium therefor
Electronic piano
Media enclosures dampening desk vibration in single disk storage devices
Method and apparatus for providing generalized write pre-compensation
Optical recording apparatus and related method
Methods for setting end-of-seek criteria for rotatable storage media
Disk-shaped storage medium and tracking method using the same
Data reproduction method and apparatus
Information recording medium capable of defect management, information recording apparatus capable of defect management, and information playback apparatus for playing back information from defect-managed medium
SIL near-field flying head structure to control gap between disc and SIL with three sensor points in front of lens holder
Magnetic ring unit and magnetic memory device
Floating-body dynamic random access memory with purge line
Variable current sinking for coarse/fine programming of non-volatile memory
Content addressable memory device
Content addressable memory with simultaneous write and compare function
Electrically alterable non-volatile multi-level memory device and method of operating such a device
Data output circuits for synchronous integrated circuit memory devices
Memory card having a buffer memory for storing testing instruction
Apparatus and method for programming a one-time programmable memory device
Storage device employing a flash memory
Internal voltage level control circuit and semiconductor memory device as well as method of controlling the same
Leakage tolerant register file
Semiconductor memory device with sense amplifier driver having multiplied output lines
Refresh control circuit for ICs with a memory array
Asynchronous pseudo SRAM and access method therefor
Semiconductor memory device with a decoupling capacitor
Semiconductor memory
High voltage, high temperature wire
Method for joining oxide superconductors and joined oxide superconductor
Fuel tank resistor card having improved corrosion resistance
Capacitor in an implantable medical device
Layered switch assembly
Switch device
Switch-device sheet
Plasma display device and method of producing the same
Plasma display panel and method for fabricating the same
Plasma display panel and manufacturing method for the same
Delay time modulation femtosecond time-resolved scanning probe microscope apparatus
Charged-particle beam writer
Apparatus and method for repairing resist latent images
Discharge lamp with bulb fixture arrangement and method for manufacturing the same
Method of calculating a pressure compensation recipe for a semiconductor wafer implanter
Flash memory device and fabrication process thereof, method of forming a dielectric film
Ball grid array package semiconductor device having improved power line routing
Signal transmission circuit, CMOS semiconductor device, and circuit board
Semiconductor device and design method thereof
Floating entrance guard for preventing electrical short circuits
Test region layout for shallow trench isolation
ESD performance using separate diode groups
ESD protection circuit
Static RAM having a TFT with n-type source and drain regions and a p-type region in contact with only the intrinsic channel of the same
Transistor and logic circuit on thin silicon-on-insulator wafers based on gate induced drain leakage currents
Single layer configurable logic
Area efficient asymmetric cellular CMOS array
Metal oxynitride capacitor barrier layer
Self-aligned structure with unique erasing gate in split gate flash
Bonding pad for gallium nitride-based light-emitting device
Low cost capacitors manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of testing the same
Laser-gated and pumped multi-layer semiconductor power switch with reduced forward losses
Ferroelectric capacitor devices and FeRAM devices
Via AP switching
Semiconductor device including a high-breakdown voltage MOS transistor
Microelectro mechanical system for magneto-optic data storage apparatus
Integrated semiconductor memory circuit and method of manufacturing the same
Thermoelectric conversion material and method of producing the same
Nonreflective waveguide terminator and waveguide circuit
Transition from a waveguide to a microstrip having a secured arrangement
Compact non-linear geometry electromagnetic coupler for use with digital transmission systems
Integrated man-portable wearable antenna system
Conductive bracket mount for mirror and antenna assemblies
Low profile sector antenna configuration
Data processing terminal, terminal designing apparatus and method, computer program, and information storing medium
Variable-directivity antenna and method for controlling antenna directivity
Pulsed multiple color laser system
Medical laser apparatus
Fiber-coupled microsphere Raman laser
Front cover for a module of a modular drive system
Cable railroad system
Electric motor, particularly an electronically commutated direct current motor
Armature with coated laminate bundle
Power converter with improved output switching timing
Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Power window driving apparatus
Method of controlling electrical rotating machines connected to a common shaft
I/O circuit using low voltage transistors which can tolerate high voltages even when power supplies are powered off
Valid data strobe detection technique
Delay mismatched feed forward amplifier system using penalties and floors for control
Voltage amplification circuit
Surface acoustic wave device and method of fabricating the same
System and method for filtering far east languages
Electrostatic discharge mitigation structure and methods thereof using a dissipative capacitor with voltage dependent resistive material
Multiplexer configuration for programmable logic device
Frequency divider with funnel structure
Switched-capacitor controller to control the rise times of on-chip generated high voltages
Loop circuitry with low-pass noise filter
Method and circuit for compensating MOSFET capacitance variations in integrated circuits
Digital adjustable chip oscillator
Metal programmable phase-locked loop
Analog demultiplexing
Analog to digital converter with distortion correction
Circuit, apparatus and method for improved current distribution of output drivers enabling improved calibration efficiency and accuracy
Clocked D/A converter
High rate running digital sum-restricted code
Zero data loss network protection
Dielectric loss compensation methods and apparatus
Multiple-stage filtering device and method
Asynchronous transfer mode traffic shapers
Method and system for economical beam forming in a radio communication system
System and method for switch timing synchronization
Method and apparatus for replacing lost PSTN data in a packet network
Method and apparatus for parallel operation in a multiple access network
Communication system for dedicated and switched communications
Asymmetrical transport of data
Network addressing method and system for localizing access to network resources in a computer network
STS frame-ATM cell circuit emulation apparatus and frame length compensation method for the same
Private dialing plan for voice on a packet-based network
IEEE 1394-based protocol repeater
Communication system, method for a communication system and controller for a communication system
Learning state machine for use in internet protocol networks
Usage-based billing for voice over packet communications
Method for load-balancing with FIFO guarantees in multipath networks
Method, processor and system of providing ATM unidirectional path switched ring functionality
Integrated switching and facility networks
Scheduling techniques for data cells in a data switch
Facsimile communication system
Autofeeder for X-ray scanning
Image reading apparatus
Method and apparatus for presenting stereoscopic images
Plano-stereoscopic DVD movie
Image pickup apparatus with precise exposure value, exposure decision method, program, and storage medium
CCD image detector and method of operating a CCD as an image detector
Method for superimposing pictures
Image pickup apparatus for recording a photographed image in a directory
Apparatus and method for obtaining object-color component data
Method and apparatus for synchronizing fast ethernet data packets to radio frames in a wireless metropolitan area network
Communication devices incorporating reduced area imaging devices
Method for authenticating a spare key for using a vehicle
Heated baseball glove/mitt and method of heating a baseball bat handle
Heating apparatus for increasing temperature in short period of time with minimum overshoot
Lamp driver system with improved redundancy
Microwave oven and method of controlling the same
Commercial microwave oven with arranged components for heat dissipation
Single or multi-layer printed circuit board with recessed or extended breakaway tabs and method of manufacture thereof
Portable computer and base member receiving arrangement
Assembly comprised of a panel-like constructed module and of a connection unit, production method and device
Assembling structure of electronic apparatus and assembling method thereof
Electronic module and method for fabricating the same
Mounting apparatus for expansion cards
Integrated power and cooling architecture
Electronic product with heat radiating plate
Noise-reducing blower structure
Cooling structure of projection television
Expired Patents Due To Time
Film multipackage
Packaging system for preserving perishable items
Multiple game call holder device
Tool container
Packaging for bottles and bottle neck shroud for use therewith
Shoe box with internal display and flip tag
Coolant cap color coding system
Refillable towelette dispensing package
Plastic container for food products
Multi-cavity, controlled atmosphere tray for packaging and preserving sliced tomatoes
Fluid or volatile cosmetic sampler package for subscription rate magazine insertion
Infant care tote bag
Bulk bag
Process and facility for treating and sorting recyclable waste materials
Fluid-bed cleaner and grades sorter for particle form materials
System for debris elimination and item separation and method of use thereof
Turret feed control apparatus for sorting and distributing articles in a process system
Arrangement for handling banknotes
Filter having a device for countering the clogging of the filter
Compact disk storage and filing systems
Paint chip display system
Portable rack for garden tools
Stackable bulk bag support rack having vertically extendable frame
Clip strip
Interlocking base and display rack
Rotatable connection system for crane boom sections
Powered lifting apparatus using multiple booms
Enhanced efficiency method of logging and specialized apparatus therefor
Threaded closure for pressurized containers
Container for photoprocessing materials
Universal stopper for closing opened bottles, in particular for sparkling-wine or wine bottles
Photochemical frangible closure
Footed container and base therefor
Grippable blow-molded container providing balanced pouring capability
Container for a rail vehicle for the installation of electronic and electrical equipment
Method and construction for connecting together metal and plastic elements
Container lid
Thermoplastic storage container having a break away engaging means
Fuel cap having biased seal
Interface card holder plate holding down device mounting arrangement for computer
Utensil tray and method
Flexible, three-dimensional containers and methods for making them
Stackable container with internal divider
Temperature-storing cup/pot structure
Metal body for packaging purposes, for example a food can
Brush scraper for paint cans
Liquid container with a straw therein
Ice bucket for bottles, especially a champagne bucket
Safe for holding and dispensing change
Candy dispenser simulating a candy factory
Portable sterile bandage dispenser
Folding and stacking configuration for wet wipes
Cylindrical tissue dispenser with interleaved tissues
Interfolded dispenser napkins
Low stress method and apparatus of underfilling flip-chip electronic devices
System for the pumping of liquid
Cap structure of a glue container
Closure having tube aperture
Push body valve closure
Foldable drum draining device
Solid bowl feeder and equipment tray assembly
System and method for dispensing fluid droplets of known volume and generating very low fluid flow rates
Closure membrane and closure employing same
Bump forming apparatus and bump forming method
Nozzle exchanger
Molded bottle with inclined spray tube
Non-slip trousers hanger
System and method for changing a glove attached to a glove box
Locking four-way lug wrench carrier
Sling-type infant carrier
Device for supporting on the body a hand controller unit for the remote control of implements, tools, robots or similar
Sigmate shaped appendage fastening means
Painter's utility belt
Box-belt attachment system
Method of controlling the drive transporting a paper web in a printing machine
Conveyor station and conveyor for sausage machines and method of using the same
Material feeding apparatus
Internal combustion powered tool
Device for nailing base sheet fasteners
Drive device for a nailing machine
Plate-shaped fastener and driving jig for the same
Feeder of wire solder
Manually operated welding wire feeder
Stacked chip process carrier
Ultrasonic welding process and ultrasonic welding device and weld produced thereby
Method and apparatus for ultra-fine pitch wire bonding
Friction plug welding
Bonding a diamond compact to a cemented carbide substrate
Method of bonding metal plates, apparatus therefor and hot strip mill
Method for making a bump
Method of consolidating NI-TI alloy parts in a pair of spectacles
Wire bonding method
Method of cladding tubing and manufacturing condensor cores
Method of forming bumps
Packaged snack-food and carton
Dispensing assembly for a lined carton and process and apparatus thereof
Take-out carrier
Transaction method of electronic money system
Portable system for personal identification based upon distinctive characteristics of the user
Card interface for interfacing a host application program to data storage cards
Bar code based refueling system
Visual system for, and method of, displaying graphics and alphanumeric information
Apparatus and method for operating a checkout system having a scanner which is rotatable between an assisted scanner position and a self-service scanner position
Method and system for data transfer
Multiple window scanner and method for adjusting optical parameters
Data/pen well
Multi-channel signal processing in an optical reader
Antenna/door module and method
Speed limit detecting system
Data carrier for contactless reception of data and energy, and a method of operating such a data carrier
IC card with fingerprint sensor
Remote temperature sensing transmitting and programmable thermostat system
Supplemental heat source
Automotive evaporation combustion heater
Two-piece rail seal clip and tool for installing same
Flow regulator and corresponding method with pressure responsive flow regulation
Time release fragrance sachet, method of using same and method of fabricating same
Gravity-fed spray gun assembly using friction-induced locking element
Inlet of blow gun
Spray head assembly for lubricants, coolants and the like
Fuel injection valve and method of manufacturing the fuel injection valve
Fuel injector
Process for improving grinding of cement clinker in mills employing rollers
Treatment of phosphate-containing rock
Device for the delayed drive disconnection of cutting mechanisms of paper shredders
Variable throw eccentric cone crusher and method for operating the same
Elastic anti-ballooning band on a yarn feeder
Safety belt apparatus with an acceleration sensor
Tape reel for tape cassette
Monolithic structure with redundant load paths
Airliner life protection module
Aircraft fore structure
Life preserver for aircraft
Vehicle launch system having an acoustic insulator
Asonic aerospike engine
Method and a system for putting a space vehicle into orbit, using thrusters of high specific impulse
Leading edge for an aircraft
Telescopically moveable and adjustable rack
Auxiliary device for bed-ridden and disabled patients
Leveling platform
Industrial curtain brackets
Computer support for vehicle use having multiple position adjustments
Combination table easel, slant board and clipboard
Ensign mount for vehicles
Mount for fishing rod holders
Isolation system for isolation tables and the like
Anti-vibration apparatus and exposure apparatus using the same
Vibration damper
Solenoid valve with magnetic fluid damper
Exhaust gas recirculation valve having means to free a stuck valve member
Poppet value having a compliant shaft guide and compliant valve head
Valve element and method of manufacturing the same
Handles for bottom outlet valve assembly
Lifting apparatus
Railing support post
Gasification auxiliary device for high pressure oil ejection
Reverse air damper with latching mechanism
Vibration isolator
Finisher for use with an image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for feeding sheet material magazines
Document sheet feeding apparatus
Signature gripper and delivery device
Label support
Device for guiding printing products
Chain conveyor for a sheet-processing printing machine; and a printing machine having the chain conveyor
Conveying apparatus for flexible, flat articles arising in an imbricated formation
Image forming apparatus
Entertainment kit
Crash-action, vehicle racing game and method
Electronic game board
Ball return system
Precise aim sighting target
Seal assembly with stabilized seal rings
Shaft seal
Double gas seal with coplanar pad faces
Piston ring and combination of compression rings
Separating piston for a vibration damping system
Bi-modulus composite seal and its method of manufacture
Metal cylinder head gasket with portion for holding intermediate area between cylinder bores
Holding mechanism for a susceptor in a substrate processing reactor
Convertible in-line/parallel skates
Roller wheel slider
Assembly consisting of a support structure and of a trolley for transporting equipment
Barrier for expanding capacity of a wheelbarrow
Utility cart
Skateboard with a foot brake
Load distribution unit for hydraulic vehicle suspension system
Step assembly with concealed lower tread
Helical drive wheelchair
Exposed carbon core bicycle seat post and method of manufacture thereof
Operating system for locking pins for sliding undercarriages
Work vehicle with nested steering
Vehicle trailer having spare time adapter apparatus
Underlift T-bar support accessory
Boot binding system for a snowboard
Foldable serving cart
Airbag control device
Airbag device with inner and outer bags
Inflatable knee bolster
Seat back air bag deployment system
Side air bag system
Method of improving ballistics by ignition system porting in an airbag inflator
Air bag module with variable inflation
Multi-level output air bag inflator
Automobile knee bolster structure
Apparatus for protecting lower extremities of a vehicle occupant
Actuatable knee bolster
Vehicle trailer frame cross member/suspension assembly mount
Vehicle seat belt device
Belt tensioner and device for fastening the same
Occupant restraint apparatus and method of controlling occupant restraint apparatus
Seat belt pretensioner
Seat belt tightening apparatus
Buckle pretensioner
Fuel tank system of a motor bicycle
Hydrant servicer cart
Presentation case
Method of labeling a package
Repositionable securement strip with message for business cards and courtesy cards
Tamper evident resealable extended text label
Quick release and bayonet connector for a suction cup
Device for securing adjacent segments of fibrous glass duct work and the like and a system including said device
Rotary link deadbolt locking actuator and method
Lever action floor latch actuation mechanism with cinching mechanism
Bumper integrated school bus safety arm
Weed-tree remover
Vacuum cup
Propane tank and accessory carrier
Truck bed extender
Extendable sleeper for a truck
Sidewall extender for a wheelbarrow
Device having a pop-out part for installation in a motor vehicle
Closure mechanism for the tops of vehicles
Articulating closure
Sealing device for at least one frameless window of a motor vehicle
Mirror trim panel
Armrest and method of fabricating same
Equipment transportation system
Energy absorbing articles of extruded thermoplastic foams
Cowl assembly
Seal arrangement
Delector for automobile sunroof
Open roof construction for a vehicle
Foldable chair
Sliding actuation armrest
Adjustable baby bottle holder
Head restraint apparatus
Self-following head-restraint system
Vehicle seat
Chair locking mechanism
Multi-position chair control mechanism for synchronously adjusting the seat and backrest of a chair
Seat element
Lift chair
Adjustable angle chaise lounge construction
Extendible chair arm
Vehicle seat assembly with thermoformed fibrous suspension panel
Pelvic stabilization device
Scarifying blade with rotatable bits
Variable width milling drum
Integral tire and disc brake assembly for scooter utility vehicle
Bicycle wheel with reinforced rim
Full face vehicle wheel
Anti-lock brake system with piezoelectric brake actuator
Railway electro-pneumatic brake valve and emulation method
Brake proportioning in-line ball valve
Brake system for a motor vehicle and method for transmitting data in an electrically controlled brake system for a motor vehicle
Hydraulic braking system operated by extraneous force
Pressure generator
Valve arrangement
Control apparatus for an electric vehicle and a method therefor
Electro-hydraulic brake system with electronic pedal simulation
Rubber pads
Baseball dispenser
Kitchen countertop assembly with multiple, vertically adjustable integrated work spaces
Window unit
Equipment storage apparatus
Mounting assembly for an enclosure
Method of compensation for the effects of thermally-induced droplet size variations in ink drop printers
Apparatus and method for automatically aligning print heads
Ink jet apparatus with retractable recovery device
Ink jet recording apparatus and mechanism for discharging maintenance and recovery provided for the apparatus
Tapered screw spittoom system for waste inkjet ink
Dual head multicolor printing
Image formation apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling a multicolor inkjet printhead to produce temporally or spatially shingled images
Ink jet printhead having improved reliability
Electrostatic ink jet printing mechanism
Planar thermoelastic bend actuator ink jet printing mechanism
Inkjet head for reducing pressure interference between ink supply passages
Injet recording apparatus
Method for discharging ink from a liquid jet recording head having a fluid resistance element with a movable member, and head, head cartridge and recording apparatus using that method
Image-forming apparatus
Ink-jet printing head for preventing crosstalk
Continuous ink jet print head having power-adjustable segmented heaters
Method and apparatus for reducing entrained air in ink for ink jet cartridges used in ink jet printers
Apparatus for ink cartridge of a jet printer
Pressure control device
Ink-jet cartridge for an ink-jet printing apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus capable of limitedly using only genuine ink cartridge, ink cartridge usable in the same, and ink refilling member
Ink-jet printer and method of controlling the same
Metal bus bar and tab application method
Progressive ophthalmic lens
Plasma surface treatment of silicone hydrogel contact lenses with a flexible carbon coating
Method of corneal analysis using a checkered placido apparatus
Image projection system
Exposure apparatus and field stop thereof
Trailer hitch alignment mirror
Extendable and pivotal rearview mirror assembly
Catoptric reduction projection optical system and exposure apparatus and method using same
Adjustable rear view mirror apparatus
Mirror actuator electrical connector
Illumination apparatus for instrument panels especially of motor vehicles
Cooktop intensity indicator dial
Method for adjusting the color temperature in a back-lit liquid crystal display and a back-lit liquid crystal display
Container with electro-luminescent lighting
Fan blade illumination apparatus
Lighting device convertible between reading light and pen light configurations and having single light actuating switch
Wrist mounted light
Assembled opener with an illumination device
Tool kit with illumination function
Step lighting for theaters and the like
Glow and flash baton
Structure of the net lamp string
Inverted apex prismatic lens
Convertible worklight
Illuminating system
Device for mixing flue gas with particulate material and liquid
Unbalanced vibrator for stone forming machines
Adapter for sealant tube
Apparatus for treating an aqueous working medium by shearing in annular treatment slots of varying sizes
Mixing and dispensing device
Combined watch and wristband
Method for making a watch case
Furnace for testing integrated circuits
Image receiver with a raster movable to a standby position
Medical device with automatically controlled rectilinear displacement of a device component relative to a line
Low-cost x-ray radiator
Bag suspending device
Thermoplastic bag with offset fastener
Paper bag with tear strip having indicia
Collapsible bag expander
Multiply bag with tear strip opening mechanism
Flexible package with sealed edges and easy to open mouth
Linear guide apparatus
Damping thrust bearing for vehicle steering knuckle
Sheet metal cage for roller bearings and method for producing sheet metal cage
Sleeve for optical connector ferrules and method for production thereof
Method of making optical module
Method and apparatus for vertical board construction of fiber optic transmitters, receivers and transceivers
Job scheduling system for print processing
Method and apparatus for efficiently interpolating an image using an expansion factor derived from two different numbers of gray levels
Camera with winding spindle expandable to rotationally drive film spool
Gas operated apparatus and method for maintaining relatively uniformed fluid pressure within an expandable well tool subjected to thermal variants
Sod laying apparatus
Compact hinge assembly for a folding implement
Disc plough improvements
Bearing assemblies for agricultural implements
Cam drive mechanism
Arrangement for supporting rock drilling apparatus
Electric power tool with enhanced strength to axially-applied external force
Force-balanced roller-cone bits, systems, drilling methods, and design methods
Directional drilling assembly and method
Oil and gas well cuttings disposal system with continous vacuum operation for sequentially filling disposal tanks
Roller cone drill bit with improved pressure compensation
Drilling motor drill bit reaming stabilizer
Drilling tool especially for the rotary percussion drilling of preferably rock
Boring tool with rectangular plates
Drilling tool helical shank formed from a polygonal profile bar
System for cooling drive units and for heating the inner space of a hybrid vehicle
Vehicle powered by a fuel cell/gas turbine combination
Hood lift mechanism
Sensor for bicycle with assist engine
Motorcycle stop support wheels
Motorcycle sprocket assembly
Structure and arrangement of the reserve tank for a motorcycle
Motorcycle engine and transmission mounting system
Power transmitting system in four-wheel drive vehicle
Four wheel drive system having torque distribution control responsive to throttle position, speed and selected range
Dual draw and return fuel manifold with integral mounting bracket for a vehicle
Multi function control mechanism
Cross member structure for transmission
Electrically actuated vehicle steering system
Hydraulic steering device and method for steering a vehicle
Steering control apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Transducer for acoustic logging
Self-tuning exhaust muffler
Sound absorbing substrate
Brake judder testing
Air-brake rod travel indicator
Adjusting device for disk brakes
Electromechanical wheel brake system
Squeak preventing shim
Drum brake using automatic compensation for clearance and selective inhibition
Device, method and system for control of an electrically powered parking brake
Brake pad and methods of braking and resurfacing a rotatable brake member
Hydropneumatic spring
Shock absorber
Oil damper system
Sealing arrangement for brake camshaft
Trunk with telescopic rod and for placing furnace
Modular luggage system including a wheeled flight bag and an externally demountable, releasably attachable computer carrying case
Portable luggage case with detachable tote bag portion
Utility bag
Power supply for a longitudinal stator drive
Apparatus for damping torsional vibrations
Compact disengaging device for clutches
Automatic transmission having nested clutch housings
Friction liner having a network of grooves, for a clutch
Traction electromechanical device with free return upon de-energizing
Device for distributing materials in bulk with a rotary chute having a variable angle of inclination
Tamper-resistant vending machine
Coin operated machine including a coin box having a memory device
Man-conveyor step
Machine for selectively positioning a work member at a work station
Gripper for clamping flat articles
Method and unit for combined transfer-turnover of packets of cigarettes
Method and apparatus for the positionally accurate feeding of sheet-like objects to a treatment process
Apparatus for transferring rod-like articles
Method and unit for transferring articles
Method of indexing conveyor pallets at high speeds
Adjustable carton feeder
Conveyor belt scraper
Puck delivery system
Operating unit
Vibrating conveyor with distribution channel switching system
Self-lifting shaftless unwind stand
Dual brush system
Retractable felt-tipped pen
Toothbrush with paste dispenser
Automatic processor for silver halide light-sensitive photographic material
Sheet supply apparatus
Card marking device
Mess free dosing and dispensing devices
Binders with a foldable pocket assembly
Adjustable articulated positioning device
Telescoping pole & cleaning tool
Connecting device for the shaft or guiding bar of a vibrating plate
Self cleaning paint brush
Folder having covers with support portions
Human Necessities
Dentifrice dispensing toothbrush device
Towelette dispenser apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Production of releasable sleeve sections
Print medium loading error detection for use in printing devices
Inflatable binder
Tensioning device
Molded conveyor chain
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multiple channel system, apparatus and method for transporting particulate material
Photographic processing apparatus having improved light-lock feature
Method and system for handling wire breakage and overflow in a multiple dynamo-electric machine part winder
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