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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Sanitary shoe cover dispenser
Support frame for a bed and locking mechanism therefor
Curtain fastener
Device for restoring light permeability of motor vehicle headlight lenses
Method and apparatus for deep cleaning rug or carpet
Magnetic resonance imaging coil having vest support structure
Storable dual action hydraulic lifting device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sheet metal bending brake
Apparatus of fabricating and method of fabricating liquid ejection head,and liquid ejection head
Apparatus for making a helically wound conductor
Height-adjusting device
Electric drive control apparatus, method and program therefor
Machine for packaging articles, in particular CDs, DVDs and the like, intocontainers
Process and machine for automated manufacture of gastro-retentive devices
Fixed Constructions
Lawn edging
System and method for wireless communication between an aircraft and apassenger boarding bridge
Method of launching bridge spans in bridge construction
Spindle and method of orienting a spindle into a dial
Damping device for furniture hinges
Sliding door for motor vehicles and method for the assembly thereof
Door threshold water return systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotation generating apparatus
Rapid food chiller
Shared switching for multiple loads
Heat pump apparatus
Vortex tube refrigeration systems and methods
Sensor element, sensor device, object movement control device, objectjudgment device
Surveying apparatus
Multi-function flow tester
System for monitoring level variations in a soil subjected to erosive andsedimentary agents, and monitoring method and element
Current tank systems and methods
Internal combustion engine including a sensor for detecting a parameterpartially characterizing a course of combustion and strategicallypositioned between two adjacent combustion chambers
Carbon dioxide sensor
Small-scale shock reactivity and internal blast test
Transmission device, reception device, test circuit, and test method
Media recording device with remote graphic user interface
Boring method for circuit board
Method and apparatus for operating and controlling a power system
Information processing system, and method and program for controlling thesame
Reliable communication method and device
Multi-level cache system with simplified miss/replacement control
System and method for automatic site failover in a storage area network
Method and system for improving data transmission and storage of markuplanguage documents
Multiprocessor data processing system having a data routing mechanismregulated through control communication
Image processing system, and semiconductor device and digital still cameraapparatus using image processing system
Object oriented communications system over the internet
Proactive predictive preventative network management technique
Peripheral equipment of computer
System and method for loading an advanced configuration and powerinterface (ACPI) original equipment manufacturer (OEM) description table
Device and method for entering a character string
Random sampling for multivariate Bernoulli variables
Faster discrete cosine transforms using scaled terms
Concurrent operation of a state machine family
Risk assessment and management system
Design apparatus and a method for generating an implementable descriptionof a digital system
Method for generating mask data, masks, recording media, and method formanufacturing semiconductor devices
Flats bundle processing system
System and method for statistical design of ultrasound probe and imagingsystem
Method of providing open access to application profiling data
Fast booting of plex array
Locomotive parking management tool
Method and apparatus for surrogate control of network-based electronictransactions
Payment system
Interactive medication cassette
System and method for wireless communication between an aircraft and apassenger boarding bridge
Collaborative agent interaction control and synchronization system
Voice controller and voice-controller system having a voice-controllerapparatus
System and method of pattern recognition in very high-dimensional space
Disc cartridge
Attaching and detaching mechanism
Floating support structure for CD changer
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus for optical recording media
Method for assembling coaxial cable Y-splitter assembly
Apparatus, method and computer program product for monitoring AC linecurrent through the step start resistors of a high voltage power supply
High-speed two-way point-to-point transmission
Method and program for preventing unfair use of software
System and method of providing public voicemail service to private networksubscribers
Intermediate frequency stage and signal processor used in digital portabletelephone apparatus
Apparatus and method for providing dynamic communications network trafficcontrol
Method for intelligent home controller and home monitor
Apparatus and method of measuring interference
Method for reversing a chip vertically
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Single seed container for multi row planter pivotable between raisedoperating position and lowered filling position
Apparatus and method for injecting prehydrated hydrophilic polymermaterial into the ground
Feed-out mechanism for rotary mower cutting head
Operating unit joint for turf maintenance equipment
Method of sleeving a covered potted plant
Method for applying a band about a sheet of material and a pot or floralgrouping
Pills or pellets containing seeds and inert carrier material and methodfor their preparation
Hinge assembly for providing a cat litter box with a readily removablehinged cover
Maize resistant to aryloxyphenoxyalkanecarboxylic acid herbicides
Carrot processing machines
Apparatus for cracking nuts at high production rates
Method and apparatus for freezing a food product in a predetermined shape
Pedicure sock
Knitted fabric and method of producing
Hockey goaltender's body pad with size adjustment
Detachable device for fastening an object, located in a case, to acarrier
Suspender to be worn with a belt
Hat in combination with a hood
Quick-fit modular helmet
Ski boot having a reinforced rear shaft portion
Foot-warming system for a boot
Stud for sport shoes
Adjustable link for chain link bracelet
Moisture retaining face mask
Brush pad with irregular fingers
Toddler/child toothbrush
Computer desk
Laptop table for portable computers
Plastic table structure
Modular inflatable/air fluidized bed
Single chamber brewing device
Heated water apparatus
Support bracket for a grill bowl
Bathroom shelf
Mobile surface scrubber solution recovery system
Vacuum cleaner
Carpet cutting system
Tooth-brushing machine
Foldable coffin
Rotatable in place powered vehicle for steering around abutments
Hypodermic needle disposal apparatus
Safe exit indicating firehose coupling
Method and apparatus for mounting a fire damper
Chest protector
Dynamic ride vehicle
Building systems with non-regular polyhedra based on subdivisions ofzonohedra
Performing Operations; Transporting
Engine oil filter adapter assembly for facilitating the removal of anoil filter without spilling oil
Apparatus for separating opened fiber tufts from an air stream
System and method for recovering and separating non-condensing gasesfrom a halocarbon composition
Paint roller edge guard
Device for straightening a frame of an automobile
Vertically adjustable tool actuators for a single stage finishing press
Method of and apparatus for deep drawing
Pressing method and system wherein cushion platen is lowered bycooperation of shock absorbers and cylinders before holding of blankbetween die and pressure ring
Method of manufacturing a shock absorbing type steering shaft
Method for producing flanged structural products directly from slabs
Method for manufacturing powder metallurgical tooling
Process for producing very pure platinum materials, semi-finished partsand foils dispersion-reinforced with Y203
Production end finishing machine for tube and bar stock
Adjustable/bypassable bevel stop for compound miter saw
Vortex tube cooling system for solder reflow convection furnaces
Pneumatic cylinder and control valve therefor
Method of replacing primary divider plate in a steam generator
Method and apparatus for compensating for thermal distortion for amachine tool
Apparatus for facilitating the detachment of an element from an object
Two station machining vise with removable and off-setting jaws
Lathes featuring pivoting tool carriages
Fluidized particle production system and process
Bearing removing device
Computer interface or control input device for laparoscopic surgicalinstrument and other elongated mechanical objects
Hair clipper
Combination tool for wallboard
Device for reducing stress at re-entrant corners of a concrete slab
One piece transparent license plate protector and method of making same
Shrink wrap material and method for protecting articles
Oil mist eliminator for a press oil control system
Process and device for packaging and supplying fiber material
Apparatus and method for separating a mask plate and printed circuitboard
Method and apparatus for preparing a printing plate
Offset printing press
Counter-pressure means for effectuating perforations and/or punchings atoffset sheet printing machines
Apparatus and method for positioning a printing mechanism betweenstations in a mail handling apparatus
Multi-color and easy to assemble automatic rubber stamp
Stencil discharging apparatus in a stencil printing machine
System for controlling air flow to a vehicle air conditioning unit
Thermoelectric air cooling device
Air conditioning system for a vehicle
Retractable binder for securing cargo loads
Adjustable elastic and inelastic strap apparatus
Motor vehicle screen wiper having means for orientation of the drive head
Long stroke spring brake actuator
Dual-thread release bolt for spring brake actuator
Travelling mechanism for hoisting equipment
Motorcycle parking stand
Motorcycle tethering device
Bicycle crank arm with internal flange
Mooring and ramp system for ferry boats
Flow control apparatus for gas turbine engine installation pressurerelief doors
Turbojet equipped with a deicing system on the intake case
Apparatus and method for palletizing and wrapping a load
Packaging arrangement
Method for making sterile suture packages
Memory module container
Molded biodegradable packaging
Construction technology
Document set compiler and eject system
Changeover apparatus for positioning bottles for capping equipment
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High power capacitor
Hard composite and method of making the same
Roll manufacture
Textiles; Paper
System for carding textile fibres
Process for production of weave-knit material
Bulky, stable nonwoven fabric
Thread cutting device in sewing machine
Machine and method for the continuous washing of a fabric
Device for drying objects in a dryer of clothes
Electric steam iron with improved water tank and skirt assembly
Steam moistening apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Grave marker leveling
Permanent form for placing basement concrete wall
Concrete structure having load transferring insert and method for makingsame
Roof anchoring apparatus
Base block with removable ballast for portable tower, system and method
Block structure and system for arranging above-ground fencing, railingand/or sound barriers
Tile roof valley guard
Seaming device capable of seaming curved and straight panels
Draft insulator for an attic pull-down staircase
Plastic decking and securement system and method of installation
Panel system
Device for covering a wall opening
Device and process for mounting tiles of varying thickness
Siding installation alignment tool
Framing structure apparatus and method for earth sheltered, multi-levelstructure
Mountable device for securing portable items
Key leverage extending apparatus and method
Two-way locking system and method
Window operator
Window regulator with torsion spring actuated direct cable tensioning
Floor-mounted door closer device
Vented glass door
Protective grille assembly and method of mounting thereof
Downhole radial flow steam generator for oil wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of operating a waste-to-energy plant having a waste boiler andgas turbine cycle
Valve timing control apparatus for engine
Engine valve control system using a latchable rocker arm activated by asolenoid mechanism
Variable duration hydraulic valve lifters
Time twister cylinder head for use in internal combustion engines
Valve timing gear for an internal combustion engine
Adjustable fan shroud arrangement
V-type, multi-cylinder, two-cycle engine
Turbo charger arrangement for an internal combustion engine
Dual compression and dual expansion engine
Idle speed control method and apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio control system for internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for controlling an internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for idle adjustment of an internal combustionengine
Variable cycle engine with enhanced stability
Internal-combustion engine comprising an intake system
Air-assisted fuel injection system
Probe head for coordinate measuring apparatus with damping and clampingfeatures
Transmission for electric vehicle
Adjusting drive system for transmission of motorized vehicles
Tripod with detector for inclination of pan head
Combustor having a premix chamber with a blade-like structural memberand method of operating the combustor
Tilting coal nozzle burner apparatus
Regenerative cooled dome assembly for a gas turbine engine combustor
Method and apparatus for sequentially staged combustion using a catalyst
Extraction and storage of pressurized fluent materials
Diagnostics for a heating and cooling system
Process and apparatus for drying paint and base material layers
Kiln for calcination of a powder
Bore for weapons
Muzzle-loading firearm
Apparatus for ascertaining selected characteristics of sheets
Method for determining an extension of an object by means of anextensometer and extensometer for performing the method
Optical sensor/actuator communication system with common control siteindependently responding to inputs from sensors and controllingassociated actuators
Internal fault indicator for a transformer
Integrated optic interferometric sensor
Special test modes for a page buffer shared resource in a memory device
Method of aligning opposing optical transmission paths in a mechanicaloptical switch
Method of determining angular coordinates of opposing optical fibers ina mechanical optical switch
Polarization compensated waveguide grating router
Method of fusion-splicing optical fiber
Method for making an evanescent field coupler
Self-aligned mechanical optical switch
Optical fibre termination with skewed transfer face
Camera having auto focusing and auto exposure functions
Autofocus adjustment device of a camera and method
Auto focus adjustment system and auto focus adjustment method
Compact and fabrication tolerant high speed digital optical Y-switches
Network with thermally induced waveguide
Camera capable of detecting eye-gaze
Resilient lens retainer
Camera having a grip recess and a lens barrel recess which cooperate toprovide a finger receiving recess
Apparatus for inspecting blur correction camera, blur correction camera,and method of inspecting blur correction camera
Camera with vibration correction function
Presentation apparatus for photographic data
Camera having shutter block with guide rails
Precision motion stage with single guide beam and follower stage
Process for image forming using a photosensitive member having anamorphous carbon layer as an outermost surface layer
Automatic exposure correction using current sensing technology
Guiding or reversing roller arrangement for an electrostatographic imagereproduction apparatus
Self-reparir type image forming apparatus utilizing functionalrepresentation
Developing device for an image forming apparatus which uses biasvoltages to attract charged toner
Extended life compliant doctor blade with conductive abrasive member
Liquid toner concentrate management system and method
Method and apparatus for stripper bar rotation
Brush bias polarity for dual ESB cleaners without preclean corotron fortriboeletric negative toners
Finite state machine for process control
Electronic refrigeration control system
Embedded thermistor for on-board thermal monitoring of electricalcomponents
Retention and detent spring for control knob
Virus detection and removal apparatus for computer networks
Method and apparatus for passing a bus clock signal from a computer toan expansion chassis
Secure data storage system for a computer wherein a heat transferapparatus cools a data storage unit in a fireproof safe in absence of afire and ceases transfer in the event of a fire
Controlling processing clock signals
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in a computer system
Application specific clock throttling
Method and apparatus for transparent, real time reconstruction ofcorrupted data in a redundant array data storage system
Method and system for repairing cross-linked clusters and reattachinglost directories on a storage device
System management mode and in-circuit emulation memory mapping andlocking method
Computer network server backup with posted write cache disk controllers
Aborting an I/O operation started before all system data is received bythe I/O controller after detecting a remote retry operation
Distributed computing system
Method and apparatus for processing a synchronizing marker for anasynchronous remote data copy
Power fault protection in a computer system having multiple powersupplies
Interactive memory organization system and method therefor
Method for identifying ways to improve performance in computer datastorage systems
Data memory system that exchanges data in data locations with other datalocations based on the number of writes to the memory
Fast fragmentation free memory manager using multiple free block sizeaccess table for a free list
System for assigning geographical addresses in a hierarchical serial busby enabling upstream port and selectively enabling disabled ports atpower on/reset
Installation and use of plural expanded memory managers
Apparatus for maintaining coherency of cache memory data
Limiting modification of cache entries in a write-back cache based uponthe amount of dirty lines in the cache
System and method for improving multilevel cache performance in amultiprocessing system
Cache-based computer system employing a snoop control circuit withwrite-back suppression
Memory management system for the time-wise management of memory
Computer memory architecture including a replacement cache
Memory consistent pre-ownership method and system for transferring databetween and I/O device and a main memory
Data processor with application program buffer to cache buffer copycapability to prevent mismatches
Method and apparatus for adaptive circular predictive buffer management
Interface circuit having zero latency buffer memory and cache memoryinformation transfer
Read only linear stream based cache system
Computer system and method for maintaining memory consistency in apipelined, non-blocking caching bus request queue
Logical cache memory for multi-processor system
Linearly addressable microprocessor cache
Architecture for providing input/output operations in a computer system
Data processing system and method for providing memory access protectionusing transparent translation registers and default attribute bits
Encrypted data storage card including smartcard integrated circuit forstoring an access password and encryption keys
Mutual exclusion control apparatus for mutual exclusion control based onlocking and unlocking requests
System for formatting a request into a packet which can be read byplurality of operating systems for providing a driver for a storagedevice
Data transfer control method for controlling transfer of data through abuffer without causing the buffer to become empty or overflow
Memory control unit with programmable edge generator to minimize delayperiods for critical DRAM timing parameters
Resource allocation with parameter counter in multiple requester system
Memory access control system which prohibits a memory access request toallow a central control unit to perform software operations
Bridge between two buses of a computer system with a direct memoryaccess controller having a high address extension and a high countextension
Method for determining steerable interrupt request lines used by PCMCIAcontrollers
Arrangement and method of arbitration for a resource with shared userrequest signals and dynamic priority assignment
Communication control method and apparatus for performing high speedtransfer of data by controlling transfer starting times
Data processing apparatus having a bidirectional interface withreceiving buffers, three-state buffers, and enable terminals forautomatically switching the direction of data transmission and reception
Parallel processor system for quickly detecting the termination of datatransmission
Method and apparatus for acquiring bus transaction data with no morethan zero-hold-time
Method and apparatus for synchronizing, displaying and manipulating textand image documents
Controller for initiating insertion of wait states on a signal bus
Data processing apparatus providing character string copying
Memory interconnect network having separate routing networks for inputsand outputs using switches with FIFO queues and message steering bits
Point-to-point phase-tolerant communication
Parallel processing system including instruction processor to executeinstructions and transfer processor to transfer data for each userprogram
Reset configuration in a data processing system and method therefor
Non-volatile memory control and data loading architecture for multiplechip processor
Application specific processor architecture comprising pre-designedreconfigurable application elements interconnected via a bus withhigh-level statements controlling configuration and data routing
Vector register validity indication to handle out-of-order elementarrival for a vector computer with variable memory latency
Automated method for the systematic interpretation of resonance peaks inspectrum data
Apparatus for processing documentary information
System and methods for building spreadsheet applications
Method and apparatus for incrementally browsing levels of stories
High speed online copy of partitioned data
System and method for creating and manipulating notes each containingmultiple sub-notes, and linking the sub-notes to portions of dataobjects
Method and apparatus for searching for information in a network and forcontrolling the display of searchable information on display devices inthe network
Script-based data communication system and method utilizing state memory
Method for simulating newtonian interactions over a computer network
Method and device for knowledge based representation and display ofthree dimensional objects
Computer user interface with non-salience deemphasis
Audio/video storage and retrieval for multimedia workstations byinterleaving audio and video data in data file
System for displaying programming information
System for performing action by sorting actions into immediate anddeferred queues, processing immediate queue while still sorting, andappending deferred queue to immediate after sorting
PCI bus hard disk activity LED circuit
Data compression method and structure for a direct access storage device
Digital storage system adopting semiconductor memory device
Printing system, and method of receiving and processing interruptrequest in printer
Apparatus for generating target addresses within a circular bufferincluding a register for storing position and size of the circularbuffer
Two stage binary multiplier
Method for decoding sequences of guest instructions for a host computer
Method of processing a sequence of conditional vector IF statements
Floating point operaton throughput control
Circuit and method for reducing prefetch cycles on microprocessors
Branch prediction cache with multiple entries for returns havingmultiple callers
System for and method of providing delta-versioning of the contents ofPCTE file objects
Method and apparatus for constructing an iconic sequence to operateexternal devices
System for processing application programs including a languageindependent context management technique
Electronic apparatus for patching a read-only memory
System for communicating concurrently with multiple system facilitatesthrough a single application programming interface utilizing look-uptable specifying entry point information into an implementation
Method and apparatus for remotely altering programmable firmware storedin an interactive network board coupled to a network peripheral
Operating system translator incorporating unix aliasing capability for aproprietary operating system
Method and apparatus for crash safe enforcement of mutually exclusiveaccess to shared resources in a multitasking computer system
Parent/child subset locking scheme for versioned objects
Converting a windowing operating system messaging interface toapplication programming interfaces
Computer program product and program storage device for safingasynchronous interrupts
Distributed processing system for performing memory assignment
Method and apparatus for parallel processing of a document image
System and method for automatically spacing characters
Output method and apparatus
Method for adjusting positions of radiation images
Planning method and system
Data processing system that manages shared documents
Document control, routing, and processing apparatus
Method of transferring data at adjustable levels of priorities toprovide optimum response to user demands
Data totalizing method in data processing apparatus
System for regulating access to data base for purposes of data basemanagement
Revenue sharing system with data filtering using history, periodic, andexclusion databases
Dynamic graphics arrangement for displaying spatial-time-series data
Method and apparatus for producing an electronic image
Three-dimensional model cross-section instruction system
Pressure sensitive switch
Weatherized posting board assembly
Wheel cover
Memory control architecture for high speed transfer options
Speech recognition system allows new vocabulary words to be addedwithout requiring spoken samples of the words
Computer system and computer-implemented process for phonology-basedautomatic speech recognition
Excitation synchronous time encoding vocoder and method
Double-deck videocassette recorder
Method of attaching a voice coil to an actuator arm
Method of fabricating a low profile head suspension assembly having loadand unload capability
Apparatus for producing electric wires with terminals
Pitch stabilizing, positionable eaves-overhang light support assembly
Computationally efficient adaptive bit allocation for encoding methodand apparatus with allowance for decoder spectral distortions
Method in a polling system for transmitting queue elements from multipleinput queues to a single output with improved queue service performance
Apparatus and method for providing a secure gateway for communicationand data exchanges between networks
Data transmission confirmation by sending frame with command to changetransmitter's resend counter when receiver's buffer is full
Methods and systems for interprocess communication and inter-networkdata transfer
Direct view interactive photo kiosk and image forming process for same
Backward compatible HDTV recording/reproducing system
Telecommunication system with improved reconfiguration flexibilityhaving first and second communication modules where new operatingsystem is tested with isolated second communication modules
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