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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Positively-charged peptide nucleic acid analogs with improved properties
Non-steroidal farnesoid X receptor modulators and methods for the use thereof
Ex vivo and in vivo expression of the thrombomodulin gene for the treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases
Apparatus and method for positive closure of an internal tissue membrane opening
Implant for fixing bone plates
Heart defect closure apparatus
Medical device using beam construction and methods
Adjustable tip with integrated detent for blood lancet system
Method, system and apparatus for interbody fusion
Ablation probe with heat sink
Stent delivery system having stent securement apparatus
Multi-section filamentary endoluminal stent
Implant for insertion into a bone cavity or between vertebral bodies
Prosthetic socket with real-time dynamic control of pressure points
Paclitaxel enhancer compounds
Inhibitors of .alpha..sub.4 mediated cell adhesion
Levodopa prodrugs, and compositions and uses thereof
P-alkoxyphenylen-thiophene oligomers as organic semiconductors for use in electronic devices
Isothiazole dioxides as CXC- and CC-chemokine receptor ligands
Pharmaceutical compositions as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV)
Treatment of non-hodgkin's lymphomas with multi-arm polymeric conjugates of 7-ethyl-10-hydroxycamtothecin
17-phosphorous steroid derivatives useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Use of a combination of cyclosporine and pegylated interferon for treating hepatitis C (HCV)
Chemotherapeutic antineoplastic treatment
Composition containing beta-glucan for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
Buffered compositions for dialysis
Cancer immunotherapy with semi-allogeneic cells
Method for the prevention of malaria infection of humans by hepatocyte growth factor antagonists
Amylin agonist for treating depression, anxiety disorder and schizophrenia
Use of GnRH agonists to support the luteal phase during infertility treatment
Opiate receptor polypeptide
Neurotensin receptor agonists and opioid receptor agonists
Delivery system for heparin-binding growth factors
Fc-interferon-beta fusion proteins
Recombinant BCG vaccine
Pharmaceutical compositions for treating papillomavirus tumors and infection
YKL-40 as a marker and prognostic indicator for cancers
Heteroaryl substituted benzoxazoles
Stable liquid cleansing compositions comprising fatty acyl isethionate surfactant products with high fatty acid content
Delivery of a bioactive material
Pharmaceutical compositions
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Method and device for filtering body fluid
Systems and methods for delivering drugs to selected locations within the body
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for the distillative separation of a mixture containing vinyl ether and alchol
Filter-fan unit
Filter assembly and adaptor
Exhaust pipe having turbulence wings and an exhaust system
Combustion furnace humidification devices, systems & methods
Process for the preparation of nanoscale particles of elastic material
Multi-phase fluid distributor for a bundled-tube reactor
Scalable microreactors and methods for using same
Apparatus for photocatalytic reaction
Reforming catalyst for hydrocarbon, method for producing hydrogen using such reforming catalyst, and fuel cell system
Droplet transport system and methods
Micro fluidic device and joint therefor
Centrifuge and a support for use in a centrifuge
Method and system for dispensing resist solution
Use of polymers based on modified polyamines as additives for detergents
Control device of a stopper-rod
Deposition system, method and materials for composite coatings
Workpiece surface influencing device designs for electrochemical mechanical processing and method of using the same
Plasma apparatus and system
Processing a memory link with a set of at least two laser pulses
Method for producing formed wooden article
Method for fabricating a curved beam from composite material
Switch for the flow of molten plastics material in a hot plate for injection moulding
Apparatus and methods for active mold decompression and melt accumulation in a shooting pot reservoir of an injection molding machine
Impact strength improvement of regrind
Method for fabricating a mold for a microlens
Vehicle wheel made with precured and foamed elastomeric material and method
Damage-resistant epoxy compound
Composition of oxazolidine epoxy resin, epoxy phosphazene, phosphorus compound or polyphenylene ether and curing agent
Long-term hydrophilic modification of PDMS substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Biaxially oriented polyester film which comprises silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide
Absorbent paper product such as napkin or handkerchief, methods for manufacturing such a product, and apparatus implementing such methods
Laminate material element for a hook and loop closure, particularly a diaper closure
Surface-covering system and methods for making and using the same
Core-shell ceramic particulate and method of making
PVD coated cutting tool
Sulfidation-resistant silver-base coating, method for depositing such a coating and use thereof
Optical disk labeling system and method
Image recording apparatus
Display device for use as a computer monitor, having a printer controller and a pagewidth printhead
Heating line pattern structure of defogger formed on rear window glass panel of motor vehicle and rear glass panel
Electronic storage box, opening and closing method of electronic storage box, and computer program product thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for treating anode slime
Mobile vacuum flotation and clarification unit
Device for treating fluids, especially waste water, comprising a stack of disks
Method for purifying effluent in an anaerobic reactor
Optical glass, precision press molding preform and optical element
High strain-point glass composition for substrate
Alkali free glass and process for its production
Optical glass, press molding preform, method of manufacturing same, optical element, and method of manufacturing same
Lead and arsenic free optical glass with high refractive index
Concrete mixtures having aqueous foam admixtures
Method for enhancing water-repellency treatment of mineral hydraulic binder compositions and compositions obtainable by said method and their uses
Material composite and method of producing the composite
Synthesis of soluble functionalized lithium initiators
Method for the production of pentene nitriles from n-butane
Method of reducing/regenerating oil or preventing oxidization/degeneration thereof
Process for preparing carboxylic acid
Method of forming a polyethercarbonate polyol using a CO.sub.2-philic compound or substituent
Resin composition
6-aminoisoquinoline compounds
Substituted benzoylcyclohexenones and their use as herbicidal agents
Process for preparing dibenzothiazepine compounds
Acetone solvate of phthaloyl amlodipine
2,4 Di (hetero) -arylamino-pyrimidine derivatives as ZAP-70 and/or syk inhibitors
Process for production of optically active cyclopropanecarboxylate compound
Methods for preparing 2-alkynyladenosine derivatives
Molecular beacons
Solubilization and reconstitution of silk using ionic liquids
Ligand to GPR8
Fibroblast growth factor-like polypeptides and variants thereof
Functionalized polymers and tires made therefrom
Fine cell, water-blown rigid polyurethane foams
Epoxy resin composition for encapsulating semiconductor and semiconductor device
Ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters, polyesters formed thereby, and articles comprising the polyesters
High internal free volume compositions for low-k dielectric and other applications
Processes for preparing high inherent viscosity polyareneazoles using metal powders
Tire with tread
Stabilizer system for stabilizing halogen-containing polymers
Monitoring column breakthrough in a process for removing fluorosurfactant from aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions
Impact-modified thermoplastic molding compositions based on vinyl aromatic copolymers and polyamide
Wax composition and method for production thereof
Composition for forming ink-receiver layer, method of producing the same, and printing base
Fire control composition and method
Carbon dioxide blown low density, flexible microcellular polyurethane elastomers
Hydraulic cement based on calcium phosphate for surgical use
Method for treating oil and gas wells
Viscoelastic wellbore treatment fluid
System and method for on-line cleaning of black oil heater tubes and delayed coker heater tubes
FCC feed injection system
Process to prepare a gas oil
Fabric conditioning compositions
Cleaning composition and method of forming the same
Phosphated alcanol, its use as a hydrotrope and cleaning composition containing the compound
Personal care compositions comprising hydrophobically modified cationic polymers
Conductive carbon nanotubes dotted with metal and method for fabricating a biosensor using the same
System for fluorescence monitoring
Strain belonging to the genus Streptomyces and being capable of producing nemadictin and process for producing nemadictin using the strain
Screening method for genes of brewing yeast
Fad4, Fad5, Fad5-2, and Fad6, novel fatty acid desaturase family members and uses thereof
UDP-galactose:.beta.-D-galactose-R 4-.alpha.-D-galactosyltransferase, .alpha.4gal-T1
Chitinase and uses thereof
Inorganic salt recovery during processing of lignocellulosic feedstocks
Methods for assaying acetyl transferase or deacetylase activity
Genetic alterations associated with cancer
Mutant sodium channel Na.sub.v1.7 nucleic acid methods
MYH gene variants and use thereof
Method of forming monolayers of phage-derived products and used thereof
Method of producing titanium
Methods and apparatus for making integrated-circuit wiring from copper, silver, gold, and other metals
Apparatus for epitaxially growing semiconductor device structures with sharp layer interfaces utilizing HVPE
Method for depositing zinc oxide coatings on flat glass
Carbon nanotube manufacturing apparatus and method, and gas decomposer for use in the manufacturing apparatus and method
Method of treating metal and metal salts to enable thin layer deposition in semiconductor processing
Iron phosphating process that reduces laser scale resulting in improved paint adhesion
Fluorine separation and generation device
Metal oxide supercapacitor having metal oxide electrode coated onto titanium dioxide ultrafine fiber and method for preparing the same
Anolyte for copper plating
Methods and apparatuses for electrochemical-mechanical polishing
High throughput screening of crystallization of materials
Method of producing probe arrays for biological materials using fine particles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable power pack, fuel/air supply for the portable power pack, uniflow scavenging micro-engine for the portable power pack and operation method thereof
Methods and apparatus to facilitate cooling syngas in a gasifier
Device for measuring parts by triangulation sensors and an evaluation unit for determining
Apparatus and process for determination of dynamic lens field curvature
Anti-tamper enclosure system comprising a photosensitive sensor and optical medium
Semiconductor apparatus and light detection method
Infrared detector and process for fabricating the same
Automated analyzer
Surface inspection method and surface inspection apparatus
Method for measuring chemical levels using pH shift
Determining enantiomeric excess using indicator-displacement assays
Scatterometer-interferometer and method for detecting and distinguishing characteristics of surface artifacts
Radiation scanning of objects for contraband
Radiation scanning units with reduced detector requirements
Area X-ray or UV camera system for high-intensity beams
Method and apparatus for analysis and sorting of polynucleotides based on size
Indicator granular material
Polymeric film sensor for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Surface plasmon resonance imaging of micro-arrays
Assay device, system and method
Porin B (PorB) as a therapeutic target for prevention and treatment of infection by Chlamydia
Method for the suppression of visceral pain by regulating T-type calcium channel
Methods and devices for diagnosis of appendicitis
Method and apparatus for quantifying and minimizing skew between signals
Electrical junction box
Methods and systems for frequency and time division access
System and method for buffering real-time streaming content in a peer-to-peer overlay network
Node capable of saving a third-layer operation
Multi-carrier wireless communication access terminal and data transmission method
Congestion avoidance within aggregate channels
Method and apparatus for representing and classifying microwave back-projection radar signals
Apparatus and method for suppression of unnecessary signals in a radar system
Computerized tomography using radar
Armor for an electronically scanned array
Sound source localizing apparatus and method
Positioning system, positioning device, communication base station, control method, and recording medium storing program
Method of seismic surveying
Low field SQUID MRI devices, components and methods
MRI apparatus and RF transmit gain setting method
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance image displaying method
Magnetic resonance imaging interference immune device
Composite encased tool for subsurface measurements
Method for soil content prediction based on a limited number of mid-infrared absorbances
Display panel and manufacturing method therefor
Light modulating apparatus
Separable modulator
Electrophoretic display device and manufacturing method thereof
Refractive index controlled diffractive optical element and its manufacturing method
Optical film and surface light source using it
Methods and apparatus providing improved visual capabilities of optical instruments
Optical fiber sensor
Methods and apparatuses for obtaining information regarding sensors in optical paths
Silicon optical device
Printed circuit board including optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
Illumination light source and image display apparatus
Flat design composite drop fiber cable with mid-span access capability
Display device and display device stand
Active matrix substrate and pixel defect correcting method therefor
Polarizing plate
Computer architecture for and method of high-resolution imaging using a low-resolution image transducer
Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus and exposure method
Treatment for reduction of line edge roughness
Method of forming a fine pattern of a semiconductor device using a resist reflow measurement key
Illumination compensator for curved surface lithography
Resist material and method for forming a patterned resist layer on a substrate
Photomask correcting method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Photosensitive resin composition, method of forming level difference pattern using the photosensitive resin composition, and method of producing ink jet head
Image forming method, liquid developing device, and image forming apparatus
Silanol containing photoconductors
Titanyl phthalocyanine silanol terphenyl photoconductors
UV absorbing hole blocking layer containing photoconductors
Boron containing photoconductors
Phosphoric acid ester containing photoconductors
Voltage boost circuit and voltage boosting method using voltage boost clock signal with varying frequency
System and method for data multiplexing
Reconfigurable tactile controls and displays
Systems and methods for providing true scale measurements for digitized drawings
Image recording system, image data resource apparatus, image recording apparatus, image processing method, and program
Low maintenance flat mail line scan camera system
Method and apparatus for currency discrimination and counting
Direction-recognizing apparatus, direction-recognizing method, direction-recognizing system, and robot apparatus
Forms for completion with an electronic writing device
Methods, apparatus, computer program and storage medium for position decoding
Method for analyzing medical image data using level set
Image processing method, program, storage medium, and apparatus for executing a quantization process of image data by error diffusion
Method of incorporating prior knowledge in level set segmentation of 3D complex structures
Method and apparatus for verifying a hologram and a credit card
Nonrigid registration of cardiac perfusion MR images using adaptive local template matching
Quality control for image transcoding
Generation of still image from a plurality of frame images
Techniques to detect Gaussian noise
Opposing edge trapping
Method for locating underground deposits of hydrocarbon including a method for highlighting an object in a three dimensional scene
System and a method for remote monitoring customer security systems
Emergency alert notification for the hearing impaired
Anti-theft security device and perimeter detection system
Battery current sensor for a motor vehicle
Plasma display and driving method thereof
Image display apparatus and image display method
Electro-optical device
Multi-colored LED backlight with color-compensated clusters near edge
Biomechanically low load multi-angle multi-dexterity computer mouse
Adaptive content delivery
Process for the manufacture of a toy piano
Locking mechanism for percussion musical instrument
Protective cover for a guitar
Servo field preamble detector and methods for use therewith
Perpendicular magnetic recording head
Magnetic recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and stamper
Flexible wiring board for magnetic head assembly
Media for recording devices
Close focus algorithm in a digital focus servo system
Method of inter-layer search in a disk drive
Diffraction grating, light-receiving element, and optical head and optical recording/reproducing apparatus utilizing them
Optical pickup apparatus
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording/playback management information on/from optical disc
Holographic recording medium, method for recording and reproducing the same, and reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup apparatus, objective optical element and optical information recording reproducing apparatus
Deglitching circuits for a radiation-hardened static random access memory based programmable architecture
Resistive memory devices including selected reference memory cells
Adaptive detection of threshold levels in memory
Non-volatile memory device, memory system, and LSB read method
Flash memory device and program method thereof
Semiconductor memory, test method of semiconductor memory and system
Apparatus, embedded memory, address decoder, method of reading out data and method of configuring a memory
Control rod guide tube and method for providing coolant to a nuclear reactor fuel assembly
Radiation therapy apparatus
Composite nanofiber, composite nanofiber association, complex structure, and production method thereof
Cable having EMI-suppressing arrangement and method for making the same
Inductive module
Linear actuator for circuit breaker remote operation device
Key with variable position capability
Large-area shower electron beam irradiator with field emitters as an electron source
Autofocus method for scanning charged-particle beam instrument
Metal halide lamp
Method of processing a semiconductor substrate by thermal activation of light elements
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing same, and apparatus for designing same
Thin-film semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Ultra-thin oxide bonding for S1 to S1 dual orientation bonding
Etching methods
Plasma processing apparatus
Apparatus and methods of forming a gas cluster ion beam using a low-pressure source
Flash memory device
Method for manufacturing vertical MOS transistor
Method of manufacturing a single chip semiconductor integrated circuit device including a mask ROM in a short time
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Metal interconnect structure and process for forming same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Air gap integration scheme
Methods of forming semiconductor constructions
Process of forming an electronic device including a semiconductor layer and another layer adjacent to an opening within the semiconductor layer
Selective high-k dielectric film deposition for semiconductor device
Lighting device having a lighting unit with an optical semiconductor bare chip mounted on printed wiring board
Method of measuring alignment of measurement pattern
Method and device for electrostatic discharge protection
Nano memory, light, energy, antenna and strand-based systems and methods
Versatile logic element and logic array block
Imaging device camera system and driving method of the same
Method and device for controlling temperature of a substrate using an internal temperature control device
Phase change memory cells having a cell diode and a bottom electrode self-aligned with each other
Solid-state imaging device, signal charge detection device, and camera
Integrated circuit fuse structures including spatter shields within opening of an insulating layer and spaced apart from a sidewall of the opening
Integrated circuit including spacer defined electrode
Photonic devices formed on substrates and their fabrication methods
Transistor having coupling-preventing electrode layer, fabricating method thereof, and image sensor having the same
Switching element
Micro-mechanical device comprising suspended element which is connected to a support by means of a pier and producing method thereof
Plasma implantated impurities in junction region recesses
Thin film solar cell and its fabrication process
Hole transporting material and solid electrolyte and photovoltaic device using same
Electronic component, laser device, optical writing device and image forming apparatus
Bond pad for use with piezoelectric ceramic substrates
Ultrasonic actuator
Integrated circuit having contact including material between sidewalls
Fuel cell and fuel cell stack with pressure chambers
Electrochemical energy storage means
Fuel cell
Bandstop filter having a main line and 1/4 wavelength resonators in proximity thereto
Wideband antenna
Antenna apparatus and article management system
Coordinate-based system, method and computer program product for adjusting an antenna
Antenna calibration method and system
Narrow spectral width lasers optimized and temperature stabilized with volume Bragg grating mirrors
Laser diode
Semiconductor laser apparatus
Surface-emitting semiconductor array device, module, light source device, data processing apparatus, light transmitting device, light spatial transmitting apparatus, and light spatial transmitting system
Fast terminal box
Armed junction box enclosure
Circuit having low operating voltage for protecting semiconductor device from electrostatic discharge
Power plug with leakage current detection and protection circuit
Voltage substitution device and method of use thereof
Storage system
Device for controlling power transfer between two cores of a direct current network
Integrated circuit for controlling charging, charging device using the integrated circuit, and method for detecting connection of secondary battery
Rotor and stator assemblies for permanent magnet electric generator
Rotating electric machine and electrically driven vehicle
Automotive alternator having improved structure for effectively cooling field coil
Driving apparatus
High attenuation filtering circuit for power converters
Device for feeding electrical energy from an energy source
Motor control apparatus providing exercise resistance and auto-rewinding functions
Motor driving system
Frequency divider
Quadrature modulator with phase controller apparatus and error detector
Mitigation of interference from periodic noise
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for adjusting a capacitance value of a phase compensating capacitor
Electron beam RF amplifier and emitter
2D transmission line-based apparatus and method
Logic circuit for use in a latch circuit and a data reading circuit or the like which includes such a latch circuit
Level conversion circuit for a semiconductor circuit
Optical quantizing unit and optical A/D converter
Digital-to-analogue converter system with increased performance
Digital-to-analog converter
Input sampling network that avoids undesired transient voltages
Analog-to-digital converter with integrator circuit for overload recovery
Base station software for multi-user detection uplinks and downlinks and method thereof
Channel estimation for time division duplex communication systems
System and method for synchronization using GPS in home network
Programmable passive equalizer
Wireless communication method and apparatus for generating a serving grant based on a received relative grant
Method for transmitting symbols through at least a communication channel
Reverse-link structure for a multi-carrier communication system
System and method for providing a digital watermark
Method for distributing dynamic link bandwidth for resilient packet ring
Multipoint-to-point communication using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Non-integer word size translation through rotation of different buffer alignment channels
Transmission apparatus and reception interface apparatus
Methods for sending and receiving network management messages and/or control messages
Method of addressing messages and communications system
Method for defining, allocating and assigning addresses in ad hoc wireless networks
Detecting hidden auxiliary code signals in media
Data encryption by nonlinear transfer function
Diversity receiver
Method, apparatus and program storage device for verifying existence of a redundant fibre channel path
Link-aware transmission control protocol
System for multiplying communications capacity on a time domain multiple access network using slave channeling
Apparatus and method for transparent layer 2 routing in a mobile ad hoc network
Methods and system for fast session establishment between equipment using H.324 and related telecommunications protocols
Network device with multiple MAC/PHY ports
Real-time communications system of high communications quality and media terminal apparatus
Hybrid fiber twisted pair local loop network service architecture
Digital predistorter and predistortion method therefor
Transmission apparatus and transmission method
OFDM receiving method and apparatus
Noise variance estimation in wireless communications for diversity combining and log-likelihood scaling
Method and system for adjusting the amplitude and phase characteristics of real and imaginary signal components of complex signals processed by an analog radio transmitter
Data transmission
Echo processing method and device
Moire -based auto-stereoscopic enhancement of images for duplex rendering on transparencies
Color reproducing device
Chroma upsampling method and apparatus therefor
Autostereoscopic pixel arrangement techniques
Increasing readout speed in CMOS APS sensors through block readout
Offset correction during correlated double sampling in CMOS image sensor
Camera body of a video system with a handgrip and video system
Imaging pickup device with half-shutter alert
Image pickup apparatus having a movable grip portion
Image sensing apparatus
System and method for interactive multi-view video
Method for reducing channel switching delay in digital broadcast receiver and digital broadcast receiver using the same
Image transfer system and method therefor, image transmission apparatus, and image reception apparatus
Method and apparatus for acquisition, compression, and characterization of spatiotemporal signals
Image processing apparatus
Radio frequency modulator
Digital processing system and method for tracking subcarrier included in video signal
Electronic camera having a focusing circuit for performing a plurality of focusing operations on the basis of an in-focus level and/or an image area
Circuits, methods, and computer program products for reducing cross-color artifacts in video data
Audio transducer
BSS selection using path loss
Detecting unauthorized wireless devices in a network
Method and system for economical emergency activation of electrical devices
Systems and methods for generating optical energy using a light-emitting diode
Device and method for operating a high-pressure discharge lamp
Laser ablative synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Transversal field heating installation for inductively heating flat objects
Microwave combustion system for internal combustion engines
Voltage division resistor for acceleration tubes, acceleration tube, and accelerator
Electronic apparatus
Computer case with locking side panel and bezel
Fastening structure for expansion card
Heat sink assembly
Heat sink assembly and method manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method for improving heat stability of RNA
Combinatorial oligonucleotide PCR: a method for rapid, global expression analysis
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Functionalized nanocrystals and their use in labeling for strand synthesis or sequence determination
Rolling circle amplification assay for nucleic acid analysis
Electron-deficient nitrogen heterocycle-substituted fluorescein dyes
DNA diagnostics based on mass spectrometry
Dibenzorhodamine dyes
Automated fluorescence in situ hybridization detection of genetic abnormalities
Methods for identifying erythropoietin receptor binding protein
Isolate nucleic acid encoding human MGLUR8
Use of ABP as a prognostic and diagnostic indicator
Photon reducing agents for use in fluorescence assays
DNA encoding a human melanin concentrating hormone receptor (MCH1) and uses thereof
Removal of prions from blood, plasma and other liquids
Peptides and compositions which modulate apoptosis
DNA encoding a human melanin concentrating hormone receptor (MCH1) and uses thereof
Bioassay for growth hormone releasing hormone
Retinoid suppression of ventricular muscle cell hypertrophy
Method of using P35 antigen of toxoplasma gondii in distinguishing acute from chronic toxoplasmosis
Monoclonal antibodies specific for human thymidylate synthase
Methods of screening for colorectal cancers in which a complement Factor I or related protein is associated
Method and kit for obtaining fluids and cellular material from breast ducts
Biochemical methods for detecting cervical dysplasia and cancer
Pre-stained 3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine substrates for the detection of enzyme activity
Enzyme-labeled immunoassay and device therefor
Kit for electroblotting polypeptides separated on an electrophoresis gel
cDNA clone HDPB130 that encodes a novel human 7-transmembrane receptor
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease using fchd540 as a target
Expression vectors and process for producing human B cell surface molecule RP105
High copy number recombinant expression construct for regulated high-level production of polypeptides in yeast
Methods of expressing proteins in insect cells and methods of killing insects
Insulin derivatives having a rapid onset of action
Method for producing xylitol or D-xylulose in bacteria
Methods for solid-phase amplification of DNA template (SPADT) using multiarrays
Method for producing L-lysine
Xanthene derivatives, their production and use
Process for producing optically active amino compounds
Process for preparing optically pure(S)-3,4-dihydroxybutyric acid derivatives
Enterococcal aminoacyl-trna synthetase proteins, nucleic acids and strains comprising same
Method for making polyketides
Process for reconstituting the polymerase III* and other subassemblies of E. coli DNA polymerase III holoenzyme from peptide subunits
Methods for diagnosis and treatment of Bloom's syndrome
Polypeptides having phytase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
.beta.-secretase antibody
Materials and methods for simplified AAV production
Efficient construction of gene targeting using phage-plasmid recombination
Heterologous gene expression in lactococcus, and the expression products therefrom
Chimeric bacillus thuringiensis-endotoxins and host cells expressing same
Waste treatment with a combination of denitrifying propionibacterium acidipropionici and protease-producing bacillus
Pseudomonas ayucida useful for cleavage of organic C-N bonds
Process for biological removal of sulphide
Method of performing array-based hybridization assays using thermal inkjet deposition of sample fluids
Method and apparatus for analysis and sorting of polynucleotides based on size
Spin filter assembly for isolation and analysis
Compost, silage, solar heating apparatus
Modified human C3 DNA sequences and vectors
Diacylglycerol kinase isoforms epsilon and zeta and methods of use thereof
Blood coagulation protein antagonists and uses therefor
DNA encoding SNORF25 receptor
Hairpin ribozymes
Tryptamine treated, human differentiated, neuronal alzheimer-like cell and attendant methods of cell modeling
Co-cultivation of cells in a micropatterned configuration
Composite vaccine which contains antigen, antibody and recombinant DNA and its preparing method
Electrofusion chamber
Method and apparatus for cytoplasmic loading using an impact-mediated procedure
Method and composition for modulating amyloidosis
Hematology control and system for multi-parameter hematology measurements
Prolonged preservation of blood platelets
Methods to identify .beta.-amyloid reducing agents
Digital flow cytometer and method
Method for determining platelet inhibitor response
Materials, method and apparatus for detection and monitoring of chemical species
Process for the application of reagent spots
TNF receptors, TNF binding proteins and DNAs coding for them
DNA encoding human leukotriene C4 synthase, polypeptides and uses therefor
Simultaneous particle separation and chemical reaction
Apparatus and method for analyte detection
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Patterned recess formation using acid diffusion
On-chip misalignment indication
Method and apparatus for evaluating a known good die using both wire bond and flip-chip interconnects
Method for producing a light-emitting component
GaN based optoelectronic device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of producing photovoltaic element
Method of making a semiconductor image sensor
Color image sensor with embedded microlens array
Diode and method for manufacturing the same
Method for improving the reliability of underfill process for a chip
Semiconductor package and production method thereof
Method and system for attaching semiconductor dice to substrates
Method of fabricating solder-bearing silicon semiconductor device and circuit board mounted therewith
High density flip chip BGA
Method of making a circuitized substrate with an aperture
Method for fabricating a compression layer on the dead frame to reduce stress defects
Process for improving the adhesion between metal and plastic in containment structures for electronic semiconductor devices
Chip scale package and manufacturing method thereof
Process for making high density mask ROM
Method of fabricating an infrared optical bulk channel field effect transistor
Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device with high activation rate of impurities
Insulated gate field effect transistor and its manufacturing method
Method of fabricating thin film transistor
Method of ion implantation for adjusting the threshold voltage of MOS transistors
Process for fabricating short channel field effect transistor with a highly conductive gate
Method for improving performance and reliability of MOS technologies and data retention characteristics of flash memory cells
Aluminum disposable spacer to reduce mask count in CMOS transistor formation
Method for fabricating a transistor having a variable threshold voltage
Field effect transistor assemblies, integrated circuitry, and methods of forming field effect transistors and integrated circuitry
Method of fabricating a CMOS integrated circuit device with LDD N-channel transistor and non-LDD P-channel transistor
Method of fabricating capacitor
Methods of electrically contacting to conductive plugs, methods of forming contact openings, and methods of forming dynamic random access memory circuitry
Method for fabricating gate oxide layer
Approach for self-aligned contact and pedestal
Method of forming a contact hole in a semiconductor substrate using oxide spacers on the sidewalls of the contact hole
Method of making polysilicon self-aligned to field isolation oxide
Method of manufacturing a flash memory device
EEPROM memory cell comprising a selection transistor with threshold voltage adjusted by implantation, and related manufacturing process
Method of fabricating a flash memory
Process for the manufacturing of a DMOS-technology transistor providing for a single thermal process for the formation of source and body regions
Method of making an electronic device and the same
Method of manufacturing an insulated trench gate semiconductor device
Method of fabricating mask ROM
Method of setting threshold voltage levels of a multiple-valued mask programmable read only memory
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit having punch-through suppression
Method of fabricating silicide layer on gate electrode
Process for fabricating device structures for real-time process control of silicon doping
Method to trap air at the silicon substrate for improving the quality factor of RF inductors in CMOS technology
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method of jointly forming stacked capacitors and antifuses, method of blowing antifuses, and antifuses and stacked capacitors constituting a part of integrated circuitry
Fabrication method of semiconductor device with HSG configuration
Process of fabricating buried diffusion junction
Method of producing semiconductor device
Reduction of mechanical stress in shallow trench isolation process
Method of reducing CMP dishing effect
Method for eliminating stress induced dislocations in CMOS devices
Fabrication method for a shallow trench isolation structure
Method of making semiconductor devices with graded top oxide and graded drift region
Substrate and production method thereof
Method for bonding single crystal membranes to a curved surface
Substrate cleaving tool and method
Process of fabricating a semiconductor substrate with semi-insulating polysilicon gettering site layer
Method for fabricating polysilicon film for semiconductor device
Method for processing substrate
Method for forming a gate
High selectivity mask oxide etching to suppress silicon pits
Method for forming a poly gate structure
Method of fabricating a conductive plug with a low junction resistance in an integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for providing mechanically pre-formed conductive leads
Semiconductor device and production thereof
Fabrication of deformable leads of microelectronic elements
Wafer fabrication of die-bottom contacts for electronic devices
Method of mending erosion of bonding pad
Flip chip technique for chip assembly
Method of fabricating a plug
Film formation method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method of forming interlayer film
Method of making a microelectronic structure
Effective diffusion barrier process and device manufactured thereby
Method for forming aligned vias under trenches in a dual damascene process
Semiconductor device having a silicide structure
Method of stabilizing anti-reflection coating layer
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having improved step coverage and low resistivity contacts
Method of forming a metal seed layer for subsequent plating
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for processing refractory metals on semiconductor substrates
Method of fabricating a silicide landing pad
Use of implanted ions to reduce oxide-nitride-oxide (ONO) etch residue and polystringers
Method for integrated circuit power and electrical connections via through-wafer interconnects
Low temperature plasma-enhanced formation of integrated circuits
Method of forming tungsten silicide film, method of fabricating semiconductor devices and semiconductor manufactured thereby
Method of cleaning the polymer from within holes on a semiconductor wafer
Method for working semiconductor wafer
Method for surface treatment of substrates
Combined chemical mechanical polishing and reactive ion etching process
Anti-reflective coating used as a disposable etch stop
Reverse lithographic process for semiconductor vias
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Self-aligned process for making contacts to silicon substrates during the manufacture of integrated circuits therein
Dual damascene flowable oxide insulation structure and metallic barrier
Combined process chamber with multi-positionable pedestal
Adjusting DC bias voltage in plasma chamber
Method of manufacturing a heterojunction bipolar transistor
Method and apparatus for sequentially etching a wafer using anisotropic and isotropic etching
Method for forming shallow trench isolations
Methods for isolating interconnects
Apparatus and method of forming resist film
Semiconductor and a method for manufacturing an oxide film on the surface of a semiconductor substrate
Thin oxides of silicon
Stable thin film oxide standard
Apparatus and method for oxidizing silicon substrates
Metal and metal silicide nitridization in a high density, low pressure plasma reactor
Process for forming PECVD undoped oxide with a super low deposition rate on a single state deposition
Method of reducing incidence of stress-induced voiding in semiconductor interconnect lines
Composite material and process for manufacturing same
Smooth surfaced foam laminate and method of making same
Method for producing laminated webs
Dielectric ceramic material
Method of producing PTC semiconducting ceramic
Catalyst component for the polymerization of olefins, process for its manufacture and process for the polymerization of olefins in the presence of the said catalyst component
Catalyst support and catalyst for the polymerization of .alpha.-olefins
Catalyst and process for its preparation
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas and manufacturing method thereof
Catalyst support and catalyst and process for producing the same
Diffusion resistant lenticular element
Red dye mixture for thermal color proofing
Method for controlling parasitic fungi in cultivated plants
Herbicidal compositions comprising N-[(4,6-dimethoxypyridin-2-yl)aminocarbonyl]-5-methylsulphonamidomethyl-2- alkoxycarbonylbenzene sulphonamides
3-hydroxy-4-aryl-5-oxo-pyrazoline derivatives
Siloxane nonionic blends useful in agriculture
Jc in high magnetic field of bi-layer and multi-layer structures for high temperature superconductive materials
Shaped bodies comprising textured superconducting material and a process for their production
Aqueous compositions, aqueous cutting fluid using the same, method for preparation thereof, and cutting method using the cutting fluid
Diesel fuel and lubricating oil antiforms and methods of use
Detergent composition comprising a monoglyceryl ether
Conditioning shampoo composition
Hydroxylamine-gallic compound composition and process
Cleaning oil made from animal bones
Granular component containing alkylaminotriazole for use in machine dishwashing detergents
Haloperoxidases with altered pH profiles
Detergent compositions having polyalkoxylated amine foam stabilizers
Germicidal, acidic hard surface cleaning compositions
Process for the production of compounded acetonitrile derivatives
Thickened, highly aqueous liquid detergent compositions
Laundry additive particle having multiple surface coatings
Viscoelastic bleaching and disinfecting compostions
Detergent composition comprising an alkylpolyglycoside, a germicide, and a fatty acid salt
Particulate polymeric materials and their use
Purification process for hexafluoroethane products
Free flowing detergent composition containing high levels of surfactant
Compacted granulate, process for making same and use as disintegrating agent for pressed detergent tablets, cleaning agent tablets for dishwashers, water softening tablets or scouring salt tablets
Cleaning and surface treatment compositions containing silcone oils
Chelating agent and detergent comprising the same
High density zeolites and their production
Composition of pyruvate and anabolic protein and method for increasing fat loss in a mammal
Insulin derivatives with increased zinc binding
Methods of treating neuropeptide Y-associated conditions
FIt4 ligand and methods of use
Intestinal trefoil proteins
General receptors for phosphoinositides and uses related thereto
Method of treating muscular disorders
Human keratins
Antifungal peptides from scleroderma texense
Use of kinin antagonists for preparing a pharmaceutical composition for treating bacterial infections
Ophthalmic drug compositions
Composition and method for treating bacterial infection
Protection of the esophagus from chemotherapeutic or irradiation damage by gene therapy
DNA methyltransferase genomic sequences and antisense oligonucleotides
Antisense oligonucleotide compositions and methods for the modulation of JNK proteins
Pharmaceutical therapy for congestive heart failure
Pharmaceutical compositions of 5-alkynyl-dideoxyribouracil
Lactulose-based anhydrous composition
Method of promoting bone growth with hyaluronic acid and growth factors
Regulation of nucleic acid expression by heparan sulfate and biological equivalents thereof
Inositol derivatives for inhibiting superoxide anion production
Altering sex ratio of offspring in mammals
Pyridyl-and pyrimidyl-piperazines in the treatment of substance abuse disorders
Carbapenem antibacterial compositions and methods of the treatment
Beta-lactam inhibitors of CoA-IT
Reducing pyrophosphate deposition with calcium antagonists
Microbicide 1,4,2-dioxazine derivatives
3,4-dihydro-2H-benzo[1,4]oxazine derivatives
Prophylactic or therapeutic agent for diseases attributable to infection with helicobacters
Inhibitors of protein isoprenyl transferases
Indanyl-substituted benzenecarboxamides, processes for their preparation, their use as a medicament, and pharmaceutical formulations containing them
Remedies/preventives for frequent urination/urinary incontinence and tropone derivatives
N-aminoalkyldibenzothiophenecarboxamides new dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Ergoline derivatives and their use as somatostatin receptor antagonists
Certain aminomethyl biphenyl, aminomethyl phenyl pyridine and aminomethyl phenyl pyrimidine derivatives; novel dopamine receptor subtype selective ligands
Pyrimidine derivatives and methods of making and using these derivatives
Cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor
Method of treating bone loss by stimulation of calcitonin
Substituted 9H-pyridino [2,3-B]indole and 9H-pyrimidino [4,5-B]indole derivatives: selective neuropeptide Y receptor ligands
Methods for inhibiting MRP1
Substituted 4-phthalimidocarboxanilides as inhibitors of purine salvage phosphoribosyltransferases
Method for treatment of depression
8-azabicyclo[3.2.1] octane-3-methanamine derivatives as ligands of D2 and D3 dopamine and 5HT1A and 5HT2 serotonin receptors
Composition and method for treating allergic diseases
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiesterase inhibitor compounds, compositions and their uses
Methods for inhibiting immunostimulatory DNA associated responses
Method of dopamine inhibition using l-threo-methylphenidate
Carboxamides useful as 5-HT1F agonists
Pesticidal compositions
Thio acid derived monocyclic N-heterocyclics as anticoagulants
Treatment of inflammatory disorders with NMDA antagonists and sodium channel antagonists
Sulfonamides as cell adhesion inhibitors
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Acaricidal compositions
Crystal form of N-(4-triflouromethylphenyl)-5-methylisoxazole-4-carboxamide
Heterocyclic topoisomerase poisons
Administration of histamine for therapeutic purposes
Nodulisporic acid derivatives
Insecticidal and miticidal compositions
Benzothiepine 1,1-dioxide derivatives, a process for their preparation, pharmaceuticals comprising these compounds, and their use
Amidino derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
Terpenoid lactone compounds and their production process
BTK inhibitors and methods for their identification and use
Magnesium (-)hydroxycitrate, method of preparation, applications, and compositions in particular pharmaceutical containing same
Biphenyl sulfonyl aryl carboxylic acids useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Amiodarone as an antifungal agent
Method for increasing the concentration of ascorbic acid in brain tissues of a subject
Salts of anionic complexes of RU(III), as antimetastatic and antineoplastic agents
Platinum complex conjugated to cyclotriphosphazene, its preparation, and anticancer agent comprising the same
Tricyclic compounds having activity specific for integrins, particularly alphanubeta3 integrins, method for preparing same, intermediates therefor, use of said compounds as drugs, and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
System for stimulating brain plasticity
Method for supplying bioavailable methionine to a cow
Glutamine containing oral replacement solution
Uses for thyroid hormone compounds or thyroid hormone-like compounds
Benzoylphenylurea insecticides and methods of using certain benzoylphenylureas to control cockroaches
Dialkyl ureas as calcitonin mimetics
Sulfonamide bridging compounds that inhibit tryptase activity
Pharmaceutical compositions
Pharmaceutical composition containing bupropion hydrochloride and a stabilizer
Combination of carotenoids for use as dietary supplement or topical ointment
Utilization of ethoxylated fatty acid esters as self-emulsifiable compounds
Composition that can be used as an emulsifying and dispersing surface agent and its production process
Dispersant system and process for formulating non-aqueous siliceous particulate slurries
Foam control agents for silicone surfactants
Cross-linking of modified engineering thermoplastics
Biodegradable cellulose acetate foam and process for its production
Foamable high density polyethylene
Expandable polystyrene resin beads, process for the preparation of them, and foam made by using the same
Polar solvent-in-oil emulsions and multiple emulsions
Polymer articles including maleic anhydride
Rigid foamed polyurethane-forming compositions, foamed polyurethane moldings and models made of the same
Shock absorber
Dental restorative composition
Covalent attachment of polymers onto macromolecular chromophores by nucleophilic substitution reaction for inkjet printing
Fast drying jet ink composition
Aqueous dispersions of epoxy resins
Resin concrete composition and molded article thereof
Tire tread rubber containing uintahite
Triazine compounds containing 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl groups as stabilizers for organic materials
Compositions of epoxysilane and reactive polymer with cure catalyst and methods of preparation
Flame retardant resin compositions containing phosphoramides, and method for making
Polyetherimide resin compositions with improved ductility
Weakly coordinating anions containing polyfluoroalkoxide ligands
Zircon-carbon for ceramic composite fiber coatings and fine-grained zircon powder
Processability of silica-filled rubber stocks
Water-stabilized organosilane compounds and methods for using the same
Film for cutting off heat rays and a coating liquid for forming the same
Polyoxymethylene resin composition
Reinforced and flame-retarded thermoplastic resin composition and process for producing the same
Carbon fluoride composition, paint, image forming material, complex material and method of manufacturing the same complex material
Coating formulation for use in aqueous multicoat paint systems
Unvulcanized rubber mixture
Ketone polymer/fiber compositions
Aqueous emulsion composition
Tire with tread which contains spatially-defined resins
Cationic polyurethane compositions, quaternary ammonium salts and methods for their preparation
Polyurethane resins
Anionic polymer products and processes
Aqueous saline dispersions of water-soluble polymers containing an amphiphilic dispersant based on a cationic polymer containing hydrophobic units
Ionic molecular conjugates of biodegradable polyesters and bioactive polypeptides
Polynucleotide compositions
Golf ball compositions based on anionic polymers
Molding resin composition
Liquid crystal polymer blends, process for the preparation thereof and products manufactured from the blends
Thermoplastic elastomer based on olefin and process for producing the same
Foamable polymeric composition
Method for producing a thermoplastic elastomer material
Vinyl chloride resin composition
Preformed multi-acid adducts useful for grafting polyolefin polymers
Process for producing specific tapered block copolymers
Method for producing rubber-modified styrenic resin having high gloss and high impact strength
Curable perfluoroelastomer composition
Process for curing elastomeric vinylidene fluoride copolymers
Photosensitive resin and photosensitive resin composition containing the same
Curable aqueous composition and use as fiberglass nonwoven binder
Process for the preparation of creep-resistant polypropylene block copolymers
Process for preparing random copolymer functionalized at both terminals
Polymers containing partially neutralized silanols
Biodegradable aliphatic polyester grafted with polyether and a process for preparing the same
Moisture curable hot melt adhesive and method for bonding substrates using same
Mixtures of silicone elastomers
Method for making and using a supported metallcene catalyst system
Production of polyethylene having a broad molecular weight distribution
Dispersion polymerization in the presence of metallocene catalyst
Random propylene copolymer
Solution polymerization of ethylene
Process for converting ethylene to light alpha olefins
Method for producing a fluorine-containing polymer
Polymerizable coating composition which is scratch-weather-and soil-resistant
Polymers and positive resist compositions
Polymeric resinous material derived from limonene, dicyclopentadiene and tertiary-butyl styrene
Methacrylate and acrylate polymers and processes for making same
Elastomeric copolymers of ethylene with alpha-olefins and process for their preparation
Continuous process for producing a silicone polymer
Terminated silane Michael polyaddition polymer
Modified polyisocyanate and production process thereof
Preparation of organoplysiloxane gum
Biodegradable polyurethanes
One-pack type moisture-curable composition
High resilience, high clarity polyurethane elastomer
Process for producing amorphous anisotropic melt-forming polymers having a high degree of stretchability
Method of crystallizing polycarbonate prepolymer
Method for preparing polycarbonates by oxidative carbonylation
Optical film and method for producing same
Branched polycarbonate resin
Process for preparing polyester resins
Wet strength thermosetting resin formulations and polyaminamide polymers suitable for use in the manufacture of paper products
Films, preimpregnated tapes and composites made from polyimide "Salt-like" Solutions
Treatment of polymer solution with acid and ammonia to improve polymer color
Reduction of alkyl-aryl polymeric ketones using a metal alkoxide
Urogenital carcinoma TLP peptides
Antigenic peptides
Isolated nonapeptides presented by HLA molecules, and uses thereof
Process for esterification of amino
NrdE of staphylococcus aureus
Estrogen receptor
spoIIIE from Steptococcus pneumoniae
Mammalian pro-apoptotic Bok genes and their uses
Hypoxia inducible factor-1 and method of use
Human IRAK-2 antibodies
Antigens derived from the core protein of the human mammary epithelial mucin
Fragments of endotoxin binding protein and uses thereof
Persephin and related growth factors
Bisazo compounds and process for dyeing or printing using them
Nucleic acids encoding a human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) integrase interactor protein (INI-1)
Process for the synthesis of 2'-O-substituted pyrimidines and oligomeric compounds therefrom
Molecules expressed in hippocampus
Polynucleotides encoding cellulase enzymes from Piromyces rhizinflata
5' ESTs for secreted proteins expressed in brain
Solid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides using carbonate protecting groups and alpha-effect nucleophile deprotection
Process for preparing water-soluble tricarboxypolysaccharide
Use of ylides of phosphorus as slightly nuceophilic strong bases
Method for producing cyclic lactams
3-substituted pyrido[4',3':4,5]thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives, their preparation and their use
[1,2,4] triazolo [1,5-C] pyrimidine derivatives
Process of preparing 2-thiopyrimidine aldehyde
Process for preparation of sulfonylurea salts
Quinuclidine derivatives
Process for the preparation of chiral lactones
Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists (tricyclics)
Method for the production of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole
Methods of preparing novel dipeptide compounds or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Process for making 2-aryl benz (ox, thi, imid) azoles and 2-aminoaryl aminobenz (ox, thi, imid) azoles
Process for manufacturing substituted triazolinones
Tetraalkylfluoroformamidinium trifluoroacetate and preparation process of same
Pyrocarbonic acid diesters and the preparation and use thereof
Diaryl-2-(5H)-furanones as Cox-2 inhibitors
2-(.omega.-alkoxycarbonyl alkanoyl)-4-butanolide
Optically active 1,4-benzodioxine-2-carboxylic acid derivatives and process for producing the same
Alpha-tocopherol 4-aminobenzoic acid ester compounds and method for preparing the same
Process for preparing optically active acid derivatives
Semi-synthesis of a protected baccatin III compound
Method for producing epoxy resin
Hydrolyzable and polymerizable and/or polyadditive silanes
Process for preparing vinylchlorosilanes
Process for the preparation of 2-chloro-5-chloromethyl-1,3-thiazole
Process for the manufacture of cyclopropanecarbonitrile
Process for the manufacture of aliphatic alpha, omega amino nitriles
Process for preparing o-(carboalkoxy)phenylmethanesulfonyl chloride derivatives
2-alkyl-2-adamantyl 5-norbornene-2-carboxylates and method of producing the same
Beta-ketoester compounds
Process for transesterifying .alpha.-Ketocarboxylic esters
Fluorination with aminosulfur trifluorides
Process for the production of 1,5-naphtylenediisocyanate
Process for decreasing the chlorine content of organic isocyanates
Alkylated diaminobenzene sulfonic acids
Method for purifying adipic acid in water
Method for reducing EDA in acetic anhydride production
Synthesis method for solution with high grade chloramine
Process for producing optically active amine
Catalytic synthesis of N-alkylated anilines from olefins and anilines
Process for preparation of 4,6-diaminoresorcinol or salts thereof
Process for the production of N, N, N', N',-tetra-(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylene diamine
Process for the preparation of substituted cycloketones
Dimerized alcohol compositions and biodegradible surfactants made therefrom having cold water detergency
Method of making .alpha.-chloro-.alpha.,.alpha.-difluoro aromatic compounds
Method of increasing certain isomeric ratios in chlorinating substituted benzenes
Benzoquinoneimines as vinyl aromatic polymerization inhibitors
Catalysts suitable for decreasing the cold filter plugging point of middle distillates
Diesel fuel for use in diesel engine-powered vehicles
Method for inhibiting hydrate formation
Gas phase alkylation-liquid phase transalkylation process
Catalyst for dehydrogenation of alkylaromatic hydrocarbon, process for producing the catalyst, and process for producing vinylaromatic hydrocarbon by using the catalyst
Aromatics isomerization using a dual-catalyst system
Catalytic production of light olefins rich in propylene
Monomethyl paraffin adsorptive separation process
Process for destroying chlorinated aromatic compounds
Waterproof injection port cover
Multicomponent superabsorbent gel particles
Absorbent garment with top sheet impediment to liquid flow
Methods for determining therapeutic index from gene expression profiles
Transgenic non-human mammal expressing the DNA sequence encoding kappa casein mammary gland and milk
Sequences from auxin-induced gene products targeting fusion proteins for degradation
Promoter and construct for plant transformation
Use of ovary-tissue transcriptional factors for altering plant color
Expression of sucrose phosphorylase in plants
Transgenic plants expressing maize acetyl COA carboxylase gene and method of altering oil content
Herbicide resistance in plants
Canola cultivar 45A51
Hybrid maize plant and seed 38K06
Inbred maize line PH45A
Inbred maize line NP948
Inbred corn plant 86ISI26 and seeds thereof
Inbred corn plant 01IUL6 and seeds thereof
Floor tom free-suspension system
Percussion amplitude adjustable pedal drum-beating device
Music performance training apparatus and recording medium having a training program stored thereon
Simulated tone stack for electric guitar
Spectrally selective thermopile detector
Thermionic converter temperature controller
Electrically-isolated ultra-thin substrates for thermoelectric coolers
Portable wrist device
Photovoltaic module
Pre-equilibrium chemical reaction energy converter
Photovoltaic device, manufacturing method of photovoltaic device, photovoltaic device integrated with building material and power-generating apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Cable connectors
Accessory for electrical wiring conduit
Data storage apparatus with a buffer frame
Sealed liquid-filled module and method of forming same
Low cost error proofing cap assembly
Integrated wall outlet plate for retrofit low-voltage signals
Electrical insulator for an electrical outlet
Woven mesh interconnect
Compact electrical bus
Cable support
Twisted pair cable
High performance data cable
Flat cable
Multilayer insulated wire and transformers using the same
One-piece ceramic terminal insulator mounting arrangement
LP insulator assembly and method for assembling the same
Circuit board for preventing solder failures
Printed circuit board with continuous connective bumps
Dolly type drum scale
Battery operated appliance, flashlight and switching systems technical field
Rotary electric switch and contact therefore
Miniature momentary contact sliding switch
Irradiation controlled switch
Combination switch device having lever switch unit easily mounted to an electronic control unit
Positive off toggle mechanism
Pushbutton switch
Mechanical strength die sorting
Arc extinguishing chamber for low voltage power switches
Circuit breaker arc exhaust baffle with variable aperture
Method for producing a multilayer thin-walled bellows of stainless steel
Power supply device for electric discharge machining apparatus
Joined metal member and a method and an apparatus for fabricating the same
Low profile welding fixture
Electric heating treatment method, electric heating treatment apparatus, and electrode for electric heating treatment apparatus
Pulsed-plasma incineration method
Plasma cutting method and device with the use of a plasma torch
Cutting apparatus with thermal and nonthermal cutters, and associated methods
Laser repair process for printed wiring boards
Seamless holographic transfer using laser generated optical effect patterns
Fixing heater comprising electrically conductive member extending in the longitudinal axis of substrate
Warmer for baseball bats
Food transport container with integral heater
Heat treatment apparatus
Electric blanket and control
Gas oven incorporating auxiliary electric heating element
Temperature control system for a thermal reactor
Electrical sleeve heater
Aluminum substrate thick film heater
Impedance matching apparatus for induction heating type galvanized steel sheet alloying system and method
Shielding method for microwave heating of infant formulate to a safe and uniform temperature
Surge-resistant magnetron circuit for use with DC power source
Apparatus and method for microwave processing of materials using field-perturbing tool
Cooking appliance that can be easily installed by small man labor
Pulse-controlled light emitting diode source
Image sharpening and re-sampling method
Method of correlating immediately acquired and previously stored feature information for motion sensing
Charge-domain analog readout for an image sensor
Digital densitometer with lut output summation to yield density value
Electrochromic element driver with negative output resistance
Bar code reading apparatus having a detection sensitivity setting device
Fiber optic control having joystick
Electro optical devices with reduced filter thinning on the edge pixel photosites and method of producing same
Position measuring instrument measuring relative turning angle of light sources for receiving devices
Apparatus and method for sampling a phototransistor
Optical encoder
Device for measuring the surface pressure
Plasma mass spectrometer
Power-modulated inductively coupled plasma spectrometry
Multiwavelength imaging and spectroscopic photoemission microscope system
Black-out curtain
Methods of enhancing optical signals by mechanical manipulation in non-invasive testing
Photo acoustic infrared (IR) detector
Occupancy sensor
Scintillation detector without optical window
Radiation responsive surgical probe apparatus
Fast neutron irradiation of sapphire
Charged-particle-beam exposure device and charged-particle-beam exposure method
Rotatable workpiece support including cyclindrical workpiece support surfaces for an ion beam implanter
Charged-particle-beam pattern-transfer methods and apparatus
System and method for aligning pattern areas on opposing substrate surfaces
Ultrathin layer measurement having a controlled ambient of light path
Photodetector with spectrally extended responsivity
Method of forming a novel self-aligned offset thin film transistor and the structure of the same
System and method for the monolithic integration of a light emitting device and a photodetector for low bias voltage operation
Electrode structure and method for fabricating the same
Layered semiconductor structure for lateral current spreading, and light emitting diode including such a current spreading structure
Wafer having top and bottom emitting vertical-cavity lasers
Diffusion barrier for increased mirror reflectivity in reflective solderable contacts on high power LED chip
Light-emitting diode and light-emitting diode array
Wide wavelength range high efficiency avalanche light detector with negative feedback
Complementary heterostructure integrated single metal transistor apparatus
Memory package method and apparatus
Semiconductor device having programmable interconnect layers
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Plug structure and process for forming stacked contacts and metal contacts on static random access memory thin film transistors
DRAM circuitry
Non-volatile and memory fabricated using a dynamic memory process and method therefor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
DRAM trench
Crown capacitor using a tapered etch of a damascene lower electrode
Extended trench for preventing interaction between components of stacked capacitors
Cross-coupled capacitors for improved voltage coefficient
Methods of forming capacitors and related integrated circuitry
Semiconductor device including capacitance element having high area efficiency
Erasable and programmable nonvolatile semiconductor memory, semiconductor integrated circuit device having the semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing the semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Memory cell with self-aligned floating gate and separate select gate, and fabrication process
Method for reducing gate oxide damage caused by charging
Self-aligned shield structure for realizing high frequency power MOSFET devices with improved reliability
Method of making an elevated source/drain with enhanced graded sidewalls for transistor scaling integrated with spacer formation
Semiconductor device of high breakdown voltage using semiconductive film and its manufacturing method
Asymmetric MOS technology power device
Lateral RF MOS device with improved drain structure
Semiconductor device having partially and fully depleted SOI elements on a common substrate
Small geometry high voltage semiconductor device
Protection circuit and method for protecting a semiconductor device
Structure of electrostatic discharge protection device
Low voltage CMOS process and device with individually adjustable LDD spacers
Salicide and gate dielectric formed from a single layer of refractory metal
Method and system for reducing ARC layer removal by providing a capping layer for the ARC layer
Thermoelectric semiconductor material and method of manufacturing same
Thermoelectric device
Electrically blowable fuse with reduced cross-sectional area
High capacity capacitor and corresponding manufacturing process
Flip-chip having an on-chip decoupling capacitor
Semiconductor resistor that can be withstand high voltages
Electronic semiconductor power device with integrated diode
Semiconductor device
Bipolar transistor device and method for manufacturing the same
Variable threshold voltage gate electrode for higher performance mosfets
Semiconductor substrate and method for producing the same
Buried oxide layer in silicon
Thermal conducting trench in a semiconductor structure and method for forming the same
Method of creating an interconnect in a substrate and semiconductor device employing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Etch stop for use in etching of silicon oxide
Semiconductor device and method for producing a semiconductor device
Stack package and method of fabricating the same
Integrated circuit device with integral decoupling capacitor
Barrier layers for thin film electronic materials
Lanthanum cobalt oxide semiconductor ceramic and related devices
Chip assembly with load-bearing lid in thermal contact with the chip
Cooling apparatus for an electronic package
Method of constructing stacked packages
Miniaturization of a semiconductor chip
Semiconductor device and manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
Integrated circuit bonding pads including closed vias and closed conductive patterns
Method of using hydrogen gas in sputter deposition of aluminum-containing films and aluminum-containing films derived therefrom
Film carrier and semiconductor device using same
System having vias including conductive spacers
Bonding wire loop shape for a semiconductor device
Digit line architecture for dynamic memory
Through-chip conductors for low inductance chip-to-chip integration and off-chip connections
Non-collapsing interconnection for semiconductor devices
Input-output circuit cell and semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
Solder bump fabrication methods and structures including a titanium barrier layer
Test interconnect for semiconductor components having bumped and planar contacts
IC chip, IC assembly, liquid crystal device, and electric apparatus
Wheelchair using one or more DC to DC converters to power accessories
Current sensor switch
Multiphase power supply with series connected power cells with failed cell bypass
Intelligent switch control circuit
Stepping motor with rust inhibiting and eddy current minimizing characteristics
Electric motor
Electric motor housings with integrated heat removal facilities
Sensor arrangement in an electromagnetic rotary drive and a method for the operation of a rotary drive of this kind
Electric motor having axially centered ball bearings
Magnetic drive adapter
Combinations of solenoids and motors
Stator winding of vehicle AC generator
Electric motor having a stator with an end core part having a different shape than a central core part
Pressed V-groove pancake slip ring
Carbon commutator and method for producing the same
Surface acoustic wave devices comprising large-grained diamonds and methods for making
Communication system using a surface acoustic wave-matched filter
Motor control apparatus and image forming apparatus
Piezoelectric actuator, infrared sensor and piezoelectric light deflector
Piezoelectric actuator having an array of drive columns
Micro-shell transducer
Chemically inert megasonic transducer system
Actuators of active piezoelectric or electrostrictive material
Platinum tip ECP sensor and fabrication thereof
Emitter material for cathode ray tube having at least one alkaline earth metal carbonate dispersed or concentrated in a mixed crystal or solid solution
Color cathode ray tube with specific skirt portion
Cathode ray tube having one piece electrode plate with inclined and continuous steps
Narrow-neck CRT having a large stem pin circle
Fluorescent lamp having wide bandwidth blue-green phosphor
Field emission device having a spacer with an abraded surface
Organic electoluminescent device with inorganic insulating hole injecting layer
Luminescent display panel with insulating films
Barrier structure of plasma display panel
Flat light emitter
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Magnetron apparatus having a segmented anode edges and manufacturing method
Metal halide lamp with a starting aid
Plasma generator pulsed direct current supply in a bridge configuration
Ballast with lamp abnormal sensor and method therefor
Driving method of a display device employing electro-light-emitting elements and the same display device
Plasma display panel
Fluorescent lamp control circuit
Ballast circuit with independent lamp control
Lighting device for illumination and lamp provided with the same
Horizontal deflection circuit
Horizontal deflection circuit
Horizontal deflecting circuit
Dynamo-electric machines and control and operating system for the same
Low cost high performance single board motor controller
DC brushless motor controller apparatus and method
Regenerative braking system
Method of controlling a voltage-fed induction machine
Rotational vibration detection using spindle motor velocity sense coils
Mechanically clamping robot wrist
Method and apparatus for the direct teaching of automatic machines
System and method for controlling attitude of substrate
Stepping motor control device and optical head drive device
Dual battery charge maintenance system and method
Jump start battery pack and enclosure therefor
Battery charger, a method for charging a battery, and a software program for operating the battery charger
Magnetically coupled autonomous battery equalization circuit
Control device for a battery
Battery protection device
System for charging portable computer's battery using both the dynamically determined power available based on power consumed by sub-system devices and power limits from the battery
Battery system featuring transmission of battery data from a battery pack
Temperature feedback control of alternator output power
High temperature voltage regulator circuit
Dual supply device with a single direct-current/direct-current converter and capacitive translator
Multiple voltage output buck converter with a single inductor
Voltage regulator circuit
Charge compensator for voltage regulator
Power supply control device for protecting a load and method of controlling the same
Current mode switching regulator configured such that a measuring resistor is not needed to measure the current at an inductor
Current output circuit with controlled holdover capacitors
Automatic circuit locator
Non-contacting position sensor using radial bipolar tapered magnets
Arrangement for determining the position of an object of measurement without contacting the object
Position detecting device using varying width magneto-resistive effect sensor
Method for detecting the position and direction of motion of a moving part mounted on an electric motor
Switch-mode flux-gate magnetometer
Method of nuclear quadrupole resonance testing and method of configuring apparatus for nuclear quadrupole resonance testing
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
High frequency measuring circuit with inherent noise reduction for resonating chemical sensors
Combustion state detecting device for an internal combustion engine
Ion current detection apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining battery properties from complex impedance/admittance
Universal battery monitor
Hand-held fluid tester for process fluids
Structure of gas sensor
Method and apparatus for monitoring the integrity of a geomembrane liner using time domain reflectometry
Wiring harness diagnostic system
Synchronous calibration test circuit for use in recording systems
Capacitive moisture detector and method of making the same
Circuit board probe device
Probe adapter for a ball-grid-array package
Conventionally sized temporary package for testing semiconductor dice
High speed parallel/serial link for data communication
Self-configurable parallel processing system made from self-dual code/data processing cells utilizing a non-shifting memory
Redundancy circuitry for programmable logic devices with interleaved input circuits
Controlled PMOS load on a CMOS PLA
Level shifter circuit
Level shifter circuit
Method and apparatus for providing a low voltage level shift
Overvoltage tolerant integrated circuit input/output interface
Low voltage differential driver with multiple drive strengths
Assisted gunning transceiver logic (AGTL) bus driver
Method and circuit for recycling charge
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Signal monitoring circuit for detecting asynchronous clock loss
Apparatus and method for generating a pulse signal
SOI CMOS sense amplifier with enhanced matching characteristics and sense point tolerance
Single-ended semiconductor receiver with built in threshold voltage difference
Electronic system having a multistage low noise output buffer system
Output circuit with switching function
Voltage detecting circuit
Bandgap start-up circuit
Lock-in detecting circuit having variable window for checking phase locked loop and method used therein
Phase locked loop using gear shifting algorithm
Differential charge-pump with improved linearity
Slew rate output circuit with an improved driving capability of driving an output MOS field effect transistor
Edge-triggered dual-rail dynamic flip-flop with an enhanced self-shut-off mechanism
Apparatus and method for generating accurate quadrature over a frequency range
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, semiconductor memory system and clock synchronous circuit
Dual mode programmable delay element
Synchronous delay circuit
Variable analog delay line for analog signal processing on a single integrated circuit chip
Semiconductor circuit
Integrated circuit devices having synchronized signal generators therein
Circuit for controlling waveform distortion at a control terminal of a radio frequency transistor
Receiver assisted net driver circuit
Bipolar-plus-DMOS mixed-typology power output stage
Magneto-resistive element signal amplifying circuit
Anti-idiotypic and its uses in diagnosis and therapy in HIV-related disease
Processes for detecting polynucleotides, determining genetic mutations or defects in genetic material, separating or isolating nucleic acid of interest from samples, and useful compositions of matter and multihybrid complex compositions
Polynucleic acid sequences for use in the detection and differentiation of prokaryotic organisms
Methods of detecting nucleic acids using electrodes
Method of detecting telomerase activity
Method for identifying genes underlying defined phenotypes
Electrochemical sensor using intercalative, redox-active moieties
Identification of molecular interaction sites in RNA for novel drug discovery
Yeast-bacteria shuttle vector
Methods and compositions for modulating melting temperatures of nucleic acids
Method for the quantitative determination of telomerase activity
Determination of a genetic risk factor for infection and other diseases, and detection of activated phagocytes
Computer-based methods and systems for sequencing of individual nucleic acid molecules
Method for determining cancer by determining expression of MAGE-10
Method for the detection of aquatic nitrite oxidizing microorganisms of the genus nitrospira
Detection of Monilinia spp. using the polymerase chain reaction
System and method for identifying and isolating rare cells from a mixed population of cells
Essential genes of yeast as targets for antifungal agents, herbicides, insecticides and anti-proliferative drugs
Process for preparing macrophages, kits, and compositions for the use of this process
Seroreactive regions on HPV 16-proteins E1 and E2
Method of managing the chemotherapy of patients who are HIV positive based on the phenotypic drug sensitivity of human HIV strains
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Multiplex amplification of short tandem repeat loci
Patterned binding of functionalized microspheres for optical diffraction-based biosensors
Selfluminous display device having light emission sources having substantially non-overlapping spectra levels
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