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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Stress-induced promoter and method of using the same
Soybean cultivar S06-WW013107
Inbred corn line GH05-60071
Plant activation of Cry8Bb1 by insertion of a plant protease-sensitive site
Fenugreek seed bio-active compositions and methods for extracting same
Gene therapy using TGF-.beta.
Scleral clip and procedures for using same
Treatment and removal of objects in anatomical lumens
Method and apparatus for cementing a screw anchor
Aortic heart valve prosthesis sizer and marker
Cutting tool for tissue surgical resection
Systems and methods for prediction of objective visual acuity based on wavefront measurements
Slit lamp for ophthalmic use
Haemodynamic monitoring
Management of gastro-intestinal disorders
Blood flow oxygen measurement system and method
Disposable prophy angle with encompassing integral toroidal paste pouch for attaching to a dental handpiece
Methods compositions and devices utilizing stinging cells/capsules for delivering a therapeutic or a cosmetic agent into a tissue
Remotely adjustable gastric banding method
Endoluminal cardiac and venous valve prostheses and methods of manufacture and delivery thereof
Implantable retinal electrode array configuration for minimal retinal damage and method of reducing retinal stress
Cross-pin graft fixation, instruments, and methods
Artificial spinal disc, insertion tool, and method of insertion
Male sexual impotence treatment apparatus
System, combination and method for controlling airflow in convective treatment
Method for applying an exothermic coating to a substrate
Pharmaceutical composition based on a polymorphic form I of idazoxan
Sulfoximine-substituted pyrimidines as CDK-and/or VEGF inhibitors, their production and use as pharmaceutical agents
Acetylenic compounds useful in treating inflammatory disorders
Pharmaceutical compositions for lowering blood glucose and blood cholesterol levels
Herbal supplement for cognitive related impairment due to estrogen loss
Methods of treating osteoarthritis using IL-17 receptor proteins in combination with TNF-receptor proteins
O-linked glycosylation of peptides
Methods of modulating functions of polypeptide GalNAc-transferases and of screening test substances to find agents herefor, pharmaceutical compositions comprising such agents and the use of such agents for preparing medicaments
CFTR with a partially deleted R domain and uses thereof
Glycosylated interferon alpha obtained from a transgenic chicken
Methods for positron emission imaging with radiolabeled halogenated xanthenes diagnostic agents
Use of an agent that restores tissue perfusion and oxygenation
Methods for modulating the axonal outgrowth of central nervous system neurons
Air-bubble-monitoring medication assembly, medical system and method
Low profile inlet for an implantable blood pump
Slitting tool
Variable thickness embolic filtering devices and method of manufacturing the same
Non-constant pressure infusion pump
Modified organ support devices
IV administration set identification system
Pneumoseal trocar arrangement
Golf ball which includes fast-chemical-reaction-produced component and method of making same
Interpenetrating polymer networks using blocked polyurethane/polyurea prepolymers for golf ball layers
Preformed lacrosse pocket and packaging for same
Removable exercise pole
Golf assisting device
Gaming device having an accumulated award selection bonus scheme
Gaming device having a graduated multiplier payout in a secondary game
Financial trading game
Interactive poker gaming system and method
Interactive "21" gaming system and method
Gaming device having an ordered designation of bonus values in multiple value sets
Toy figure with interchangeable brain having associated voice responses
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dewatering process
Arrangement and method for maintaining a minimum flow velocity in the coolant return of a machine tool coolant filtration system
Solid-liquid separation of oil-based muds
Dessicant dehumidifer for drying moist environments
Vibratingly stirring apparatus, and device and method for processing using the stirring apparatus
Method and apparatus for mixing a high-viscosity material into a gas
Purification catalyst for exhaust gas
Nozzle for use in coating a stent
Process for cleaning hydrocarbons from soils
Method for direct solidification and stabilization of liquid hazardous wastes containing up to 100,000 mg/L of arsenic
Internal broach
Dust collection system for a belt sander
Apparatus and method for sharpening tool blades
Automated drill bit re-sharpening and verification system
Tire tread mold
Ceramic manufacture for a composite ion transport membrane
Extrusion head having a rotating die
Cooling system for cooling a rotary mount, a rotary mount including such a system, and a machine, in particular a blow-molding machine, including such a system and such a mount
Mold tool for paper relief engraving
Resin infused acrylic shell
Packaging machine
Security yarn and production method therefor
Bright white protective laminates
Method for an integral composite forward flange in a composite
Homogeneously branched ethylene polymer carpet, carpet backing and method for making same
Multilayer composite and method of making same
Resin composition for capstock
Ergonomic keyboard apparatus
Reversible thermosensitive recording medium and device, and image processing method and apparatus using the reversible thermosensitive recording medium
Co-molded direct flock and flock transfer and methods of making same
Partial edge bead removal to allow improved grounding during e-beam mask writing
Structural support member for stator retention and method of assembling an electromechanical transmission
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing food grade hydrated lime
Process for the hydrogenation of branched olefins deriving from the dimerization of isobutene
Route to prepare 4-bromo-1-oxypentafluorosulfanylbenzene
Catalytic method of producing alkyl mercaptans by adding hydrogen sulphide to an olefin
Method for the production of acetaldehyde from ethylene and oxygen
Method and apparatus for waste stream recovery
Quinolyl organic germanium ester and the synthesis method thereof
2-substituted-1-deaza purine derivatives with adenosine receptor modulating activity
Ligand synthesis
Compositions and methods for affecting virulence determinants in bacteria
Compositions and methods for the treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
Gene delivery to tumors
mda-9 protein
Acryl-modified polyester resin composition and method of preparing the same
High-functionality polyisocyanates
Membranes for selective gas separation
Polymer for carbon fiber precursor
PVC graft copolymer methods and compositions
Aqueous coating material, method of producing the same and use thereof
Aqueous inkjet ink composition
Process fluid
Powdered evaporator coil cleaner
Vesicle-based method and apparatus for collecting, manipulating, and chemically processing trace macromolecular species
Double transposition methods for manipulating nucleic acids
Production of flavonoids by recombinant microorganisms
Process for the preparation of D-pantothenic acid and/or salts thereof
Nucleic acids encoding chromophores/fluorophores and methods for using the same
Nucleic acids encoding chromophores/fluorophores and methods for using the same
Nucleic acids encoding chromophores/fluorophores and methods for using the same
Nucleic acids encoding chromophores/fluorophores and methods for using the same
Method and kit for the detection and/or quantification of homologous nucleotide sequences on arrays
Sample preparation integrated chip
Biodesulfurization of hydrocarbons
Inductively coupled plasma processing apparatus having internal linear antenna for large area processing
Intermetallic compounds
Electroplating chemistries and methods of forming interconnections
Fixed Constructions
Traffic cone counterweight structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Recesses for pressure equalization in a scroll compressor
Turbo-type fluid machine and a stepped seal apparatus to be used therein
Hybrid compressor
Screw pump and method of operating the same
Scroll machine with single plate floating seal
Pump for the transporting of fluids and of mixtures of fluids
Attachment device for turbine combustor liner
Split nut with magnetic coupling
Wheel supporting rolling bearing unit
Retainer for universal joint bearing cups
Two mode electrically variable transmission with equal forward and reverse input-split modal and fixed ratio performance
Continuously variable transmission or clutch with ortho-planar compliant mechanism
Backlight assembly and LCD using the same
Direct-type back light module, diffuser plate and method of fabricating the same
Multiple lamp illumination system
Electronic load regulator
Roaster oven having lid with hinged portion
Surface plasmon resonance microscope using common-path phase-shift interferometry
Proximity detector
Magnetic encoder
Rotation angle detector
Device and method for measuring surface topography and wave aberration of a lens system, in particular an eye
Interferometric measuring device utilizing a slanted probe filter
Phantom for evaluating accuracy of image registration software
Rotary encoder
Device for the photometric measurement of the content of a chemical substance in an analyte
Device for the analysis of the qualitative composition of gases
Measurement apparatus and method
Dual-use thermometer
System and method for detecting water vapor within natural gas
Dark box apparatus for fluoroscopy, fluoroscopy system, and fluoroscopy method
Reagent kit of global analysis for protein expression and method for qualitative and quantitative proteomic analysis using the same
Ultra-high temperature micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)-based sensors
System and method for analyte measurement
Electrophoresis apparatus, and method of analysis
Human procalcitonin and the preparation and use thereof
Methods for identifying agonists of cypin
Use of microphthalmia for diagnosis, prognosis and/or treatment of melanoma
Biochemical labeling materials and manufacturing method thereof
Labeling reagents, methods for synthesizing such reagents and methods for detecting biological molecules
Interface for detection and control of multiple test probes
Phase detector and method of phase detection
Probe, printed circuit board testing device and printed circuit board testing method
System and method for linked slot-level burn-in
Toroidal probe unit for nuclear magnetic resonance
Shielded pads for detecting subsurface radiation phenomena
Lens barrel and photographing apparatus
Zoom lens system and electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Variable magnification optical system
Variable magnification optical system
Zoom lens and imaging system incorporating it
Active daylighting and active solar heating system and method
Focusing device and a telescopic tube module thereof
Variable blazed grating based signal processing
Polarization recovery system for projection displays
Beam multiplier that can be used as an exit-pupil expander and related system and method
Confocal microscope
Very-high aperture projection objective
Lens barrel and imaging device
Pre-stacked optical films with adhesive layer
Liquid crystal display light source device
Transflective liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
In-plane switching liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display cell comprising a groove formed above the data line
Generation of terahertz radiation in orientation-patterned semiconductors
Optical fiber light source based on third-harmonic generation
Image-taking apparatus
Front projection type multi-projection display
Sheet conveying apparatus and image reading apparatus
Immersion lithography fluid control system that applies force to confine the immersion liquid
Apparatus for projecting a pattern into an image plane
Aperture apparatus
Process for producing printed wiring board and photosensitive resin composition used in the same
Crosslinked siloxane composite overcoat for photoreceptors
Dimmer circuit with improved ripple control
Current source circuit
Digital clock generator
Processor for a requested print job
Image processing apparatus
Recording apparatus with print function and copy function, including storing charges for each function
System and method for intelligent print quality selection
Input control apparatus and method for responding to input
Chit printing system, chit printing apparatus and chit printing method
Data processing device, data processing method, and data processing program for recognizing characters in a URL
Identification card printer with client/server
Method to manage graphics address remap table (GART) translations in a secure system
Method for medical imaging and image processing, computed tomography machine, workstation and computer program product
Apparatus and method for providing weather and other alerts
Digital integrated motion system
Portable alarm system
Wireless asset monitoring and security system
Shipping container air-vent cover antenna housing
Event-driven discovery method and apparatus
Rectifier for supplying double voltage and RFID tag thereof
Automated consumer to business electronic marketplace system
Geographic data transmitting method, information delivering apparatus and information terminal
Dot matrix type display device and information equipment employing the same
Signal transmission film and a liquid crystal display panel having the same
Liquid crystal panel substrate, liquid crystal panel, and electronic equipment and projection type display device both using the same
Apparatus and method for displaying a picture in a wireless terminal
Method and apparatus for integrating manual input
Method and system for improved internet color
Methods of suppressing ringing artifact of decompressed images
Method of and system for controlling audio effects
Vacuum evaporator
High performance data cable
System handling video, control signals and power
Multi-conductor electrical connector cable having improved electromagnetic characteristics
Differential mode inductor with a center tap
Spring to actuator bearing mechanism
All-color light control switch
Charged particle beam apparatus
Means for removing unwanted ion from an ion transport system and mass spectrometer
Interface and process for enhanced transmission of non-circular ion beams between stages at unequal pressure
Cell structure, device and method for gas analysis
Flat fluorescent lamp for display devices
Dual dielectric structure for suppressing lateral leakage current in high fill factor arrays
Body bias compensation for aged transistors
Laser patterning of encapsulated organic light emitting diodes
Semiconductor structures having through-holes sealed with feed through metalization
Step edge insert ring for etch chamber
Implantation-less approach to fabricating strained semiconductor on isolation wafers
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device
Micro-etching method to replicate alignment marks for semiconductor wafer photolithography
Method for producing an electronic component, especially a memory chip
Method for forming gate oxide layer in semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a field effect transistor structure with abrupt source/drain junctions
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor memory device
Double-doped polysilicon floating gate
Method of improving copper interconnects of semiconductor devices for bonding
Backside contact for touchchip
Formation of deep via airgaps for three dimensional wafer to wafer interconnect
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having metal wiring
Semiconductor device having nitridated oxide layer and method therefor
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Method of forming a semiconductor device having a capacitor and a resistor
Methods of manufacturing a stressed MOS transistor structure
Methods of fabricating flash memory devices and flash memory devices fabricated thereby
Fabricating method of pixel structure
Integrated circuit packages, systems, and methods
Wiring board providing impedance matching
Underfilling process in a molded matrix array package using flow front modifying solder resist
Multi-chips semiconductor device assemblies and methods for fabricating the same
Cavity chip package
p channel filed effect transistor and sensor using the same
Semiconductor device, driver circuit and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Connection, configuration, and production of a buried semiconductor layer
Memory device with surface-channel peripheral transistors
Semiconductor device having a self-aligned contact structure
Small scale wires with microelectromechanical devices
Semiconductor device
Shallow trench isolation structure and formation method thereof
Retrograde trench isolation structures
Substrate for semiconductor device, method of manufacturing substrate for semiconductor device, substrate for electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor package including light emitter and IC
Transistor structures
Integrated semiconductor structure including a heterojunction bipolar transistor and a Schottky diode
Capacitance device including a perovskite film having (001) orientation
Memory cell, pixel structure and fabrication process of memory cell
FinFET structure with contacts
Non-planar flash memory array with shielded floating gates on silicon mesas
Semiconductor device and an integrated circuit card
Laminated piezoelectric element
Actuating unit for a piezo-electrically controlled fuel injection valve
Multi-layered cell, particularly a liquid crystal display cell, or electrochemical photovoltaic cell
Battery pack
Fuel cell block including a water separator
Gas diffusion substrate and electrode
Organic electrolytic solution and lithium-sulfur battery comprising the same
Antenna apparatus and electronic device
Antenna apparatus for a portable terminal
Electronic apparatus having antenna device
Antenna for a portable communication device equipped with a hinge
Multi-band antenna
Phased array terminal for equatorial satellite constellations
Electric apparatus having plural electric parts
Static electricity conductive mechanism
Printed wiring board with a plurality of pads and a plurality of conductive layers offset from the pads
Intermediate electrical connector device and its connecting structure
Power connector
Battery connecting structure
Electrical contact technology and methodology for the manufacture of large-diameter electrical slip rings
Piercing terminal and connector using same
Desk attachment
Power distribution panel
Vehicle power system with integrated graphics display
Optical transmission systems including optical amplifiers and methods of use therein
Harness outlet structure of engine
Rechargeable battery charging method and apparatus
Electric actuator and motor used therein
Drive for an elevator installation with integrated sensor
Motor having shifted teeth of pressed powder construction
Electric machine with a wrapped winding cooled to a low temperature
Brake system and method for a DC brush motor without a hall sensor
Method for correcting speed feedback in a motor
Filter circuit array
Nonlinear pulse oscillator methods and apparatus
Baseband RC filter pole and on-chip current tracking system
Voltage-controlled oscillator with multi-phase realignment of asymmetric stages
Amplifier circuit and display device
Ultra broad-band low noise amplifier utilizing dual feedback technique
Anti-noise input/output impedance control of semiconductor circuit with reduced circuit size
Sawtooth wave generating apparatus, a method of generating sawtooth wave, a constant current circuit, and a method of adjusting amount of current from the same
Clock error detection circuits, methods, and systems
Deglitch circuit
DLL circuit for providing an adjustable phase relationship with respect to a periodic input signal
Keypad signal input apparatus
Accumulator for adaptive sigma-delta modulation
Device for video decoding
Image forming apparatus in which at least one application function can be added to copying function
Picture reading device for discriminating the type of recording medium and apparatus thereof
Method and system for viewing a fax document
Method for standardizing input CMYK values for clustered printing environments
Method for darkness correction of trapped pixels
Method and system for automatic detection and display of aspect ratio
Image capturing apparatus, main subject position determination method, and computer-readable medium storing program
Optical and electrical blending of display images
Methods and circuits for instant hot restart of high intensity discharge lamps
Dimmable ballast for an electrodeless discharge lamp
Apparatus and methods for making spectroscopic measurements of cathode fall in fluorescent lamps
Low cost microwave over components manufactured from conductively doped resin-based materials
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having passive component and support substrate with electrodes and through electrodes passing through support substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Snap button receiving portion
Slider for slide fastener
Crease remover for cloth
Crumb scraper
Measuring tape
Hair color analyzer with cradle
Housing for a testing device
Translucent ruler
Watch bezel and crown
Precious stone
Multi-stone setting for diamonds and gemstones
Jewelry setting
Watch bracelet attachment
Finger ring
Lapel pin/eyeglass holder
Combined medallion case and medallions
Utility cart
Hand truck
Rolling tool cart
Utility winch
Portion of a vehicle
Modular person transport chair
Sled construction with pontoons
Snowmobile foot hold
Trailer hitch accessory mount
Front vehicle grille
Power column
Connector housing
Electrical cable connector assembly
Electrical connector
Raceway cover
Rotary dimmer and fan speed control
Face panel for a HPCI board
Speaker housing
Microphone and speaker capsule for cellular phone headsets
Multi-function inkjet printer
Interface device
LCD monitor
Screen border
Data input and output device
Portion of an electronic mouse
Monitor prop
Data input and output device
Desktop/hand-held trackball
Portion of a display panel or computer screen with an icon image
Data input and output device
Contoured housing
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Water resistant scanner and housing
Optical disk cartridge
LCD display
Optical disk cartridge
LCD monitor
Computer front bezel
Television receiver
Front panel of rack mounted audio equipment
Top cover for a mobile radio
Access point
Headlight portion of tractor
Engine hood for riding-type mower
Sensor visor for a robotic vacuum cleaner
Cutlery basket for a dishwasher
Dishwasher front panel
Upper portion for an upright extractor
Fabric softener dispenser
Handle for a robotic vacuum cleaner
Sandblast cabinet
Tool for dispensing adhesives, sealants, and underfill materials
Electronic still camera
Pendant mounted surveillance camera housing
Pendant mounted surveillance camera housing
Electronic still camera
Lighted eyeglasses
Swimming goggles
Eyeglass components
Refilling clip for inkjet cartridge
Refilling clip for inkjet cartridge
Ring binder housing cover
Writing instrument
Zippy gear for remote control cars
Stuffed doll toy
Slot machine
Toy clock
Foldable skateboard
Surface configuration of a skateboard
Snow skate
Snow skate
Gaming display device
Paintball marker grip frame
Underbarrel shotgun
Knife handle
Knife handle
Knife handle
Sword blade
Sword blade
Shower handle flange
Flexible connecting device
Sprayer nozzle
Cap surface
Faucet body
Single handle faucet set
Handspray faucet set
Switch valve
Basket filter
Faucet handle
Radiator cooling module plate
Remote control apparatus for industrial endoscope
Combined container and field responsive material
Artificial fish eye
Bone implant
Labial pad
Circumferential wrap for applying cooling and compression
Handle for a massaging device
Labial pad
Speech processor with hook for a cochlear implant
Notched medical dressing
Single glider frame for a window
Joint for connecting a pillar and a beam
Offset block
Structural member
Self service coffee station
Public utility structure
Deer stand
Radio clock lantern
Rack with spotlights
Novelty lamp
Double wall light
Decorative light
Tail lens assembly
Rack attention light for a computer system
Light fixture
Light fixture
Standing floor lamp with magnifier and clip
Flashlight clip
Light fixture hanging element
Decorative American Bald Eagle wire form for holding lights
Lipstick case with mirror
Hair fastener
Mouth guard
Thumb insertion portion of a baseball mitt
Youth fireman helmet
Pet toy
Foot of an upright vacuum cleaner
Human Necessities
Portable handheld work apparatus
Harvester unit for narrowly spaced plants with transverse feeding of offset plants
Over the edge net wrap dispensing system for a round baler
Harvesting machine, especially a self-propelled pick-up chopper
Sod roll installation device
Implantable aerating root pruner
Agri- and horticultural material
Lily plant named `Futura`
Geranium plant named `Global Deep Lilac`
Floribunda rose plant named `Meicinelle`
Phlox plant named `Little Princess`
Geranium plant named `Elegance Pink Chiffon`
Geranium plant named `KLEP01012`
Hibiscus plant named: `Pink Comet`
Baccharis plant named `Kolmmyst`
Hibiscus plant named `Eruption`
Gladiolus plant named `Rosiebee Red`
Hibiscus plant named `Aquarian`
Apple tree named `Banning Gala`
Antirrhinum plant named `Balumbreo`
Hibiscus plant named `Dreamcatcher`
Guzmania plant named `Deplakar`
Dracaena plant named `Hawaiian Sunshine`
Poinsettia plant named `Fislemon`
Dracaena plant named `0104SJ`
Plum tree named `Danae`
Dracaena plant named `0102RB`
Gypsophila plant named `Dangypfun`
Method and apparatus for cleaning the teats of a dairy animal's udder
Gate for cattle handling systems
Automatic hay feeder
Dog waste disposal pad holder
Automatic pet blanket
Toy or shelter for small animals
Pet toy
Electrode configuration for deer repellent device
Folding cage
Livestock feeder and manufacturing method
Elevated beetle trap
Arthropod diet delivery system
Spring door crab pot
Spear assembly
Spinning reel having balancer
Magnetic lock fishing float
Hackle grabber
Heating arrangement for automated apparatus and method for cooking
Carcass chilling process and apparatus
Food processor
Apparatus and method for removing an extraneous portion of a produce item
Method and device for diagnosing machines
Button latch
Double-layer sock having inverted, side-by-side toe closure seams
Lingerie articles produced from cylindrical knitting comprising retaining characteristics
Method of fabricating shirts from circularly knitted fabric and shirts produced thereby
Nursing brassiere garment
Sports jacket of reversible construction for displaying alternate team and/or player affiliations
Heated clothing for use in cold weather and cold climate regions
Glove and writing utensil combination
Glove to protect fingernails while tanning
Ear shield apparatus
Cyclist helmet with reinforcing hoops
Method and device for orienting the foot when playing golf
Skate having dynamic range of motion
Method for sizing feet
Adjustable shoe tree having micro-adjusting structure
Strap clamping blocks for swimming goggles
Closure for a seat belt
Slide fastener system
Reversible and interchangeable jewelry
Rounded gemstone setting
Handle unit for a retractable handle assembly of a luggage case
Caster assembly with multi-position support pieces
Head and neck support for salon shampoo bowl
Neoprene bottle insulator
Flex detach toothbrush
Portable folding utility table with integral table top and lip
Nesting table system
Folding table base
Shelving case assembly for simultaneously storing individual and mixed different sized information modules
Lift bed with belt drive
Airbed valve system
Support for expansible cells
Crib and playpen protective covering
Medical examination table step
Adjustable co-sleeper nest
Dispensing apparatus with directional LED lighting
Marketable object for selling ice cream, with refrigerating showcase, sunshade and chair
Transition molding
Apparatus for preparing beverages
Brewing bag for a filter coffee brewing device
Pancake cooking pan with flat cooking surface
Sieving ladle
Articulation for a toilet seat
Toilet bowl splash guard
Shower cleaning apparatus
Surface scrubbing machine
Extraction cleaner with tank retention
Mop with battery powered wringer
Device for picking-up small-sized litter
Cleaning sheet with particle retaining cavities
Vacuum cleaning tool with exchangeable vacuum shoes
Cremation on atmospheric reentry
Use of a pyridazinone derivative
Collapsible, disposable MDI spacer and method
Devices and methods for nebulizing fluids using flow directors
Tattoo technology
Full face mask with rapidly detachable strap
Golf ball cleaning device
Wind detection aid
Method and apparatus for locating and aligning golf club shaft spine
Padded sports glove having improved flexibility and breathability
Recessed back of a golf club head
Installation for the downhill transportation of passengers from a higher station to a lower station
Wooden rail for a ride as well as a method for fabricating and mounting such a wooden rail
Performing Operations; Transporting
Batch distillation
Apparatus for reducing the emission of vaporized hydrocarbons in a fuel supply system
Pipette tip holder
Method for manufacturing a bimorph piezoelectric device for acceleration sensor
Double-sided wafer edge scrubbing apparatus and method for using the same
Air-burst drain plunger
Sizing roll stand for a steel mill
Die for pipe bending apparatus
Apparatus for producing annularly corrugated metal tubes
Sheet metal stamping die design for warm forming
Method for adhering reinforcing patches during superplastic forming
Fluid-operated circuit for setting the top and bottom dead center location of the punch actuation cylinder in punching machines
Method of manufacturing laminated ring
Wire rod forming process
Method for producing an inclined helical spring
Method for chamfering the cam plate of a swash plate compressor
Extendible compound miter saw
Saw attachment
Coping saw
Wire sawing device
Threaded conversion kit for replacement ball joints
Ultrasonic detecting apparatus
Attachment for sampling purge gas
Portable computer numeric controlled manufacturing machines and associated methods
Datum machining techniques for control of print cartridge to media spacing
Reference table tilting mechanism
Level adjusting apparatus for a power tool
Apparatus and method for accurate countersinking and rivet shaving for mechanical assembly operations
Hexagonal wrench socket adapter
Wrench connector
Device and method for driving a part
Inner ring press-insertion jig for a pipe member made of resin
Mason's hand tool
Shaving method and apparatus
Razor heads with intermediate guard elements
Hand tool with retractable implement
Unique double bladed utility knife
Hollow-handle razor knife with blade slide
Apparatus and method for dispensing fibers into cementitious materials
Platen die cutting monitoring system
Precast concrete wall system
Hot press apparatus
Waste compactor
Twin screw press with interrupted flights
Method and apparatus for obtaining individual web sections from a web of sheet material
Protective drainage wraps
Method for making a hydraulically entangled composite fabric
Processless thermal printing plate with well defined nanostructure
Independent cylinder drive system for a multicolor offset lithographic press
Transfer pad printing systems, plates and methods
Method and device for releasing printing material from a cylinder
Ink supply device
Printing machine for printing an integral design on the leaves of a blind with one round of processing
Image forming apparatus
Method of making an ink-jet recording head
Method for stencil plate making of stencil sheet for stencil printing
Printing method for printing on can barrel
Guide wheel assembly
Optimized demountable flange and retaining ring geometry for aircraft wheels
Hydraulic constant force caster
Tread and sidewall construction for runflat tire
Arrangement comprising a wheel and a device for filling or deflating a tire of a vehicle, especially of a tractor
Retractable auxiliary bumper for hydraulic or pneumatic railway suspensions
Vibration detection in a transport refrigeration system through current sensing
Hydrostatic transmission
License plate frame and method of use
Automobile steering wheel lock with alarm function
Wiper arm
Beam blade wiper assembly having improved coupler
Airvalve assembly for a brake booster
Foot brake release device
System and method for predicting tire forces using tire deformation sensors
Hydraulic brake apparatus for a vehicle
Car body
Chafing reduction device for a center beam railway car
Vehicle carrying rail road car
Process for rail road car with movable bridge plates
Constructive disposal in a stabilizer for a railway truck
Wheelbarrow handle adapter
Boot for a rack and pinion steering gear assembly
Lockable quick release apparatus
Rat ring
Boat anchor
Stabilizer ring for a sea anchor
Method for removing a jacket of a drilling or production rig and vessel provided with a device therefor
System and method for storage and conveyance of fluids, and a method for filling and emptying a collapsible fluid container
Method and apparatus for loading and unloading cargo from a twin-hull sea-going ship
System to keep any type of vessel afloat in case of a leak
Lighted boat accessory rack
Modular deployable antenna
Device for the controlled admission of a noxious powder into a box
Method and apparatus for stretch wrapping a load, including a top platen
Method for producing stand-up blister packages, and apparatus for executing the method
Strapper with feed wheel cleaning device
Method and a machine for banding groups of sheets, in particular banknotes
Robotic crate fastening system
Bag filling and sealing machine and method for handling bags
Speed adjustable packaging machine
Device for sealing two plies of film together, particularly for enclosing a foamable composition in a flexible container
Evacuatable, heat sealable package and method of using the same
Roller sealing apparatus for forming a weather seal between a vehicle and a loading dock or the like
Body of revolution for correcting web width
Apparatus and method for removing a thin deformable sheet
Cam-independent drive for folding components
Modular icemaker connecting device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Air conditioner discharge water saver system
Quartz glass body for optical component and process for manufacture thereof
Process of sintering a hanging silica tube so as to exhibit a low bow
Method for providing controlled spin in optical fiber
Method and apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber from a preform
Method for introducing controlled spin in optical fibers
Process for drawing optical fiber from a multiple crucible apparatus with a thermal gradient
Method of manufacturing glass substrate for use as information recording medium
Semiconductor mechanical sensor
5-methanesulfonamido-1-indanones as an inhibitor of cyclooxygenase-2
Rubber composition for tire tread having high performance on ice and pneumatic tire using the same
Electrical generating system using solar energy
Nitrogen stripping of hydrotreater condensate
Magneto-elastically excitable tag having a reliable deactivatable amorphous alloy for use in a mechanical resonance monitoring system
Chemical vapor deposition system with a plasma chamber having separate process gas and cleaning gas injection ports
Substrate handling chamber
Textiles; Paper
Thermotropic aromatic polyester(amide) monofilament
Fiber web guiding device for forming a sliver from a fiber web
Distributor layer
Follow-up system for a reserve lap in a combing machine
Lower torso garment with integral panty and method of making same
Knitted fabric having forked portion and knitting method thereof
Yarn feeding apparatus
Double end servo scroll pattern attachment for tufting machine
Circular stretchers for dry tubular fabrics
Drum type washing machine with laundry weight detecting means
Dynamic balancer for an automatic washer
Safety device for a laundry washing machine
Recessed dryer vent system
Ironing board with steam recovery system
Fixed Constructions
Walk behind self-propelled crawler snowplow
Manhole security device
Dragline apparatus and bucket
Sediment removal system
Wall-mount adjustable bath hand shower
Valve assembly for a pressure flush system
Bowl ventilation apparatus
Deck construction
Anchor interconnect device
Permanent foundation system for manufactured housing
Method of manufacturing a panel fastener strike
Drainage system for waterproofing a foundation
Constructional components for use in a wall structure
Leak-proof lead barrier system
Apparatus for and a method of attaching items to curtain walling
Building slab, assembly of same and use for producing structures capable of supporting heavy loads
Modular element for crawl spaces and floor structures
Storage shed
Wall construction
Girder structure and method for producing such structures
Floor system
Wood floor assembly
Cover apparatus for flooring seam gaps or the like
Window template
Concrete smoothing device
Slab foundation construction fixture, particularly as adapts standard girts for pre-use as foundation forms
Window buck system for concrete walls and method of installing a window
Bicycle crankshaft assembly
Adjustable scaffold used with concrete-receiving forms
Methods and apparatus for a multi-story dwelling with attached garages
Spa cover lifter
Weather shelter
Door locking handle assembly with built-in combination lock
Lockset keyway cover-up mechanism
Cylinder lock adaptable for different keys
Modular external door handle unit, especially for vehicles
Vehicle door handle
Garment lock
Brake shoe for sash window or door assembly
Vehicle door and window regulator assembly for driving a window in a helical path
Centrifugal force actuated door safety mechanism
Split jamb for doors and windows
Window frame member with channel formed within the member for accepting siding or sheathing
Composite door construction
Safeguarding device of a glass door serving functions of windshield, soundproofing and safety
Apparatus for measuring and recording data from boreholes
Apparatus and method for handling of tubulars
Hydraulic strain sensor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary machine used as a four-cycle rotary combustion engine, a compressor, a vacuum pump, a steam engine and a high pressure water motor
Radial vane rotary internal combustion engine
Probe for measuring pressure oscillations
Apparatus and methods for controlling flow in turbomachinery
Gas turbine engine bleed scoops
Condenser neck between a steam turbine and a condenser
Valve drive having a rocker arm
Engine valve actuator with valve seating control
Variable valve timing adjustable finger follower assembly
Intake valve control device of internal combustion engine
Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Premixed-compression-ignition internal combustion engine and method of controlling the same
Acoustic suppression arrangement for a component undergoing induced vibration
Method for operating a three-way catalyst of an internal combustion engine
Method and system for monitoring a catalytic converter
Lean engine control with multiple catalysts
Process for the reduction of SCR NOx emissions and apparatus therefor
Method and a device for degassing a cooling system for an internal combustion engine
Suction tube with switching element
Intake port configuration for an internal combustion engine
Air intake flow device for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine
Multiple parallel turbocharger control with discrete step nozzles
Two-cycle engine with exhaust temperature-controlled ignition timing
Method of operating a dual fuel internal
Method of identifying the ignition stroke in the case of a single-cylinder four stroke engine
Vehicle multi-cylinder engine
Engine throttle valve linkage
Arrangement for preventing bearing-related noise in internal combustion engines
Gaseous fuel system for bi-fuel engines
Method for determining the air/fuel ratio in an internal combustion engine combustion chamber
Spark-ignition direct injection engine with supercharger
Cylinder air/fuel ratio estimation system of internal combustion engine
Abnormality diagnosis apparatus for evaporative fuel processing system
Fault diagnostic for an internal combustion engine having air assisted injectors
Selecting operating mode in an engine with a hybrid valvetrain
Method of estimating residual exhaust gas concentration in a variable cam phase engine
Control system for internal combustion engine
Method for controlling the frequency of air/fuel ratio oscillations in an engine
System for controlling engine exhaust temperature
Method of reduction of exhaust gas emissions from internal combustion engines
Electronic fuel injection control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Process for cleaning exhaust gas using lambda control
Combustion state detection apparatus for internal combustion engine
Activation diagnosis method and activation diagnosis apparatus for air-fuel ratio sensor
Electromagnetic fuel injection apparatus, an internal combustion engine having an electromagnetic fuel injection apparatus, and a drive circuit of an electromagnetic fuel injection apparatus
Method of error detection during evaluation of sensor signals
Tachometer based on electrical ripple and calibrated by mechanical engine signals
Combined cycle pulse detonation turbine engine operating method
Method and arrangement for checking the tightness of a vessel
Engine off natural vacuum leakage check for onboard diagnostics
Fuel conditioning assembly
Injector with subdivided pressure multiplier
Hydraulically biased pumping element assembly and fuel injector using same
Cyclic pressurization including plural pressurization units interconnected for energy storage and recovery
Engine ignition system
Method and switching system for the ignition of an internal combustion engine
Pre-start bearing lubrication for refrigeration system compressor
Alternative backing up pump for turbomolecular pumps
Fluid power interlock system
Linear actuator
Master cylinder with extended piston
Device for holding a part and application of the device
Method for finishing ball cages meant for homocinetic joints
Axle driving apparatus having an improved hydraulic fluid bypass mechanism
Axle driving apparatus
Energy guide chain for guiding lines comprising chain links which can move in three dimensions
Energy guiding chain
Geared drive ring coupler
Sliding rotation member for toroidal continuously variable transmission and evaluation method
Transmission range selector system
Device and method for automatic transmission control
Piston pin assembly
Pipe fitting apparatus, method, and product-by process for taking simultaneous linear and angular measurements
Venturiless swirl cup
Portable gas burner with detachable reflector and base
Ignition device for stove
Angled UV fixture in a-coil
Absorption chiller/absorption chiller-heater having safety device
Air conditioner using flammable refrigerant
Ejector cycle system
Expansion valve unit
Cooling air passage apparatus of refrigerator
Seal compression mechanism for a refrigeration device
Stirling refrigeration system with a thermosiphon heat exchanger
Low temperature storage cabinet
Chiller control system
Integrated air-separation/energy-generation process and plant for implementing such a process
Perfected mechanical safety device for light firearms such as semiautomatic rifles
User friendly gunlock
Short-action firearm for high-power firearm cartridge
Semiautomatic rifle with inertial operation
Trigger assist mechanism and method
Traveling bowstring vibration dampener
Arrow rest
Tape rule with automatic blade extension mechanism
Contour measuring device and method
Surveying instrument incorporating a magnetic incremental rotary encoder
High Q angular rate sensing gyroscope
Differential amplification for micro-electro-mechanical ultra-sensitive accelerometer
Adjustable spirit level for tile and cabinet installation
Circumferential strain attenuator
Electric device and method of driving the same
Method and sensor for measuring a mass flow
Technique for measurement of gas and liquid flow velocities, and liquid holdup in a pipe with stratified flow
Portable container level indicator
Real-time noise source visualizing system using acoustic mirror
Method and device for measuring strain using shape memory alloy materials
Device for testing internal pressure of a gas reservoir of an airbag inflator
Pressure sensing device
Device for sensing relative movements between an object and a baseplate
Pressure sensor for detecting differential pressure between two spaces
Isolation technique for pressure sensing structure
Dynamic balance correction for a disc drive
X-ray tube balancing method
Test gas leakage detection apparatus
Apparatus and method for on-line detection of leaky valves
In-line filter probe for process analysis
Vacuum air component sampler
Method and apparatus for testing shear strength of rubber bonded to metal insert
Method of compensating a MOS gas sensor, method of manufacturing a MOS gas sensor, MOS gas sensor, and fuel cell system
Gas sensor with multiple mechanical and thermal shock cushion layers
Fatigue machine for testing cord or filament
Gas analyzing apparatus
Catalytic adsorption and oxidation based carbon monoxide sensor and detection method
Device for measuring the density of a flowing medium
Semi-flush air data sensor
Screen border
Method and apparatus for resolving data references in generated code
Perpetual calendar wall display device having rotatable calendar days
Promotional display with fluid movement
Advertisement stand
Pole-mounted sign
Novelty display
Labels for containers
Printing system, printing method and recording medium
Pneumatic valve device
Methods and apparatus for performing speaker independent recognition of commands in parallel with speaker dependent recognition of names, words or phrases
Method and system for moving cartridges between storage libraries
Method for making a thin-film magnetic head
Multilayer ceramic electronic element and manufacturing method therefor
Miniature acceleration sensor
Method of fabricating printed wiring board
Method for mounting electrode assembly
Spray cooling system for a device
Tool and method for sheathing of cables
Manufacturing process for a divided stator
Attachment loop for a handheld device
Surface mounting apparatus installed with tray feeder
Electric-component transferring apparatus, method of taking images of electric components, and electric-component mounting system
Method of part mounting
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