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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Control of bedbugs and so forth
Kallikrein-binding "kunitz domain" proteins and analogues thereof
Shellfish cracking utensil
Protein stabilizer systems comprising carrageenan for weakly acidic flavored milk drinks
Packaging item for cosmetic product
Gaming machine chair and wagering game systems and machines with a gaming chair
Vehicle seat
Cleaning implements, cleaning material components, and related methods
Floor finish application assembly and method
Anastomosis device and method
Articulating suturing device and method
Blind rivet for adapting biological tissue and device for setting the same, in particular through the instrument channel of an endoscope
Biodegradable adhesive film for vascular closure
Device for full thickness resectioning of an organ
Access sheath with blade
Apparatus and method for creating an implantation space in a spine
Vision enhancement devices for nighttime driving and methods of using same
Method and system for rapidly and passively identifying changes in number of open pores in the skin of an individual
Sensor for magnetoencephalography meter and supermultichannel magnetoencephalography meter system using the same
Method and apparatus for the non-invasive imaging of anatomic tissue structures
Method and system for providing tomographic pictures of a patient by using contrast medium injections
Data communication and control for medical imaging systems
Devices, articles, coatings, and methods for controlled active agent release or hemocompatibility
Disposable absorbent article with absorbent waistcap or waistband and method for making the same
Microparticle containing matrices for drug delivery
Medical reinforcement graft
Endoluminal device having enhanced affixation characteristics
Adjust and lock artificial hip cup
Expandable implant for mammalian bony segment stabilization
Compact expandable erogenic stimulation device for men
Laser procedure for treatment of presbyopia and other eye disorders
Laser procedure for treatment of presbyopia and other eye disorders
Wheeled support assembly for the disabled
Revaprazan-containing solid dispersion and process for the preparation thereof
Oral dosage forms comprising progesterone and methods of making and using the same
Tanaproget compositions containing ethinyl estradiol
Synthesis and formulations of salts of isophosphoramide mustard and analogs thereof
Nucleic acid constructs
Method for preparing polyphenol extracts from spinach leaves
Solid phase glycerolysis
Promotion of peroxisomal catalase function in cells
Compositions and methods for selectively targeting cancer cells using a thiaminase compound
P53 peptide vaccine
Epitope peptides derived from vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 and vaccines containing these peptides
Polysaccharide vaccine for staphylococcal infections
Efficient cell culture system for hepatitis C virus genotype 2B
Pharmaceutical composition of nanoparticles
Nanoparticulate formulations of fenofibrate
Taste masked dosage form containing roflumilast
Bio-polymer air effector delivery systems
Method for treating a medium by saturating it with useful substances emitted by plants and a device for carrying out this method
Methods, devices and systems for counterpulsation of blood flow to and from the circulatory system
Flexible channel for use on endoscope
Multi-lumen heat transfer catheter systems
Tattoo removal system
Implantable device including multiple communication antennas
Non-linear electrode array
Two-part implantable cardiac lead
Implantable medical device for biventricular stimulation
Multi-variable feedback control of stimulation for inspiratory facilitation
Method and apparatus for using heart rate variability as a safety check in electrical therapies
System, method, computer-readable medium, and use for planning combined therapy
Hydroxytyrosol compounds
Device and method for limiting travel in an exercise device, and an exercise device including such a limiting device
Golf balls including multiple dimple types and/or multiple layers of different hardnesses
Golf balls including multiple dimple types and/or multiple layers of different hardnesses
Kit and method for customization of golf balls
Basketball hoop and net assembly
Kickoff tee and placement tee
Remote game processing
Wagering game having a secondary game array formed from a plurality of primary game arrays
Jurisdictional control in a wagering game system plugin architecture
Rotatable gaming display interfaces and gaming terminals with a rotatable display interface
Ordering, delivering, and licensing wager gaming content
Remote management of a gaming machine through error notification and execution of a repair application
Multiple plays for free games
Methods and systems for viewing marine life from self-contained floating marine parks
Toy car apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for treating water by advanced oxidation and ballasted flocculation, and corresponding treatment plant
Process and apparatus for removing methane or another fluid from a fluid mixture
Separation of gases produced by combustion
Breather for crankcase ventilation system
Air filter
Apparatus and method for treating aqueous solutions and contaminants therein
Agitation apparatus
Activated carbon as an adsorbent composition
Method for preparation of bimetallic compositions of cobalt and palladium on an inert material support and compositions obtainable by the same
Free radical injection ionizer for flue gas treatment with corona discharge
Apparatus for removing heat from injection devices and method of assembling same
Spreadable fluid material dispenser apparatus
Container for fluid products, particularly creams, ointments, pastes, lotions for medical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic use
Film-forming method based on LB method
Method for improving aramid yarn bundle cohesiveness
Processing and cleaning substrates
Bottom block, a block-transferring tool and a machine tool provided with the block-transferring tool
Method for vibration polishing vehicle wheel
Chemical-mechanical polishing apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices
System, method and apparatus for solar heated manufacturing
Apparatus and method of manufacturing absorbent article
Method of making a membrane for use with a flow control system for a micropump
Internally pressure compensated non-clogging drip emitter
Injection molding apparatus and method
Stretch-blow molding machine
Installation for heating the bodies of preforms for blow-moulding containers
Oven for the thermal conditioning of preforms made of a thermoplastic material
Micro/nano imprint mold of the fabricating process
Method for injection molding an intraocular lens device
Overmolded composite structure for an electronic device
Vehicular transmission parts
Printable film
Minute structure and information recording medium
Control of birefringence dispersion utilizing nanocomposites
Droplet jetting applicator and method of manufacturing coated body
Thin-film layer structure and method for manufacturing same
Inkjet recording medium
Method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium
Apparatus and method for evaluating a degree of a safety in traveling of a vehicle
Suspension control device, vehicle comprising said device, production method thereof and associated program
Wheel restraint system
Lighting device with a heat sink
Induction luminaire with quick access enclosure
Radiator grille for a motor vehicle
Method and device for controlling an occupant protection device in a vehicle
Flotation devices
Adhesive strip for adhering objects to a rigid surface
Transmission lift arm
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hollow glass microsphere candidates for reversible hydrogen storage, particularly for vehicular applications
Methods of making and using activated carbon-containing coated substrates and the products made therefrom
Method and technique employing a novel extractant to enhance recovery of gold and palladium from hydrochloric acid media
Continuously supplied water filtration banks
Heavy metal removal from waste streams
Surface treatment solution for autodeposition coating of metallic material and autodeposition coating treatment method
Identification and synthesis of a male-produced pheromone for the neotropical root weevil Diaperpes abbreviatus (coleoptera: curculionidae)
Coating for machine parts used in the production of pig iron or steel
Green emitting phosphor
Fire retardant formulations
Process to hydrodesulfurize pyrolysis gasoline
Formulating a sealant fluid using gas to liquid base stocks
Fuel formulations
Fire log
Premoistened cleaning disposable substrate for leather and method of preserving a leather surface by contacting said surface with said substrate
Vertically retractable flow cell system
Recombinant microorganisms for production C4-dicarboxylic acids
Optimized promoter sequence
Mutator activity induced by microRNA-155 (miR-155) links inflammation and cancer
Oxygen-resistant hydrogenases and methods for designing and making same
Method for producing carboxylic acids having 1-3 carbon atoms from renewable resources
Device for rapid detection and identification of single microorganisms without preliminary growth
Methods of controlling tumorigenesis and diagnosing the risk thereof
Detection probe
Sputtering system for depositing thin film and method for depositing thin film
Method of manufacturing plastic metallized three-dimensional circuit
Zirconium phosphating of metal components, in particular iron
Method and system for facilitating bi-directional growth
Crucible body and method of forming same
Method and apparatus for crystal growth using a membrane-assisted semi-closed reactor
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for removing oil from a body of water
Seat portion structure for a hydraulic turbine engine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Housing for a compressor of a gas turbine, compressor, and method for producing a housing segment of a compressor housing
Aircraft engine nacelle air intake assembly
Adjustable support apparatus for steam turbine nozzle assembly
Turbine with turbulence inducing surface
Pump system with vacuum source
Self-drilling anchor screw
Fastener and structure for fastening a member to be fastened
Shaft-gear connection
Bearing assembly
Lubricious coatings
Seal chain
Epicyclic joint
Brake assembly having piloted park brake housing
Lens structure for mobile phone flashlight
Light emitting diode devices containing replaceable subassemblies
Laser beam pattern projector
Solar-powered jar lid
Optical lens module and lighting apparatus having the same
Side-emitting optical elements and methods thereof
Apparatus for efficiently coupling light from a light source into a thin object
Ultrasonic color imaging characterizing ultra-fine structures and continuously distributed physical conditions
Moving history conversion apparatus and moving history conversion method
Navigation system using radio frequency identification system and method for displaying construction area road
Method for sampling seepage
Synchronization of modules for analog and mixed signal testing in an open architecture test system
System and method for stochastic DT-MRI connectivity mapping on the GPU
Methods and systems for classifying mass spectra
Cartilage intermediate layer protein 2 C1 and its use to differentiate osteoarthritis from rheumatoid arthritis and non-disease conditions
Automated protein analyzer
Analysis of mannosamine-containing capsular saccharides
Process for treating polymers containing residual catalyst
Systems and methods for diagnosis and monitoring of bacteria-related conditions
Recombinant protein capable of binding specifically and quickly to troponin I derived from human myocardium
Arsenical fluorescent agents and assays
Ex-vivo passive protection bacteremia assay
High productivity combinatorial workflow for photoresist strip applications
Reprogrammable built-in-self-test integrated circuit and test method for the same
Interconnect delay fault test controller and test apparatus using the same
Semiconductor IC and testing method thereof
Polymorphic automatic test systems and methods
Magnetically repositionable reflective safety devices
Telecommunications patching system with patching modules
Optical fiber coupling device
Contact lens for treating binocular diplopia
Method and devices for treatment of macular degeneration visual impairment
Retractable lens barrel
Portable electronic device with attachable camera module
Image capturing apparatus
Method for controlling cooling device, cooling device, and projection-type display device
Projector with super luminescent diode
Resin composition for laser engraving, relief printing plate precursor for laser engraving and process for producing same, and relief printing plate and process for making same
Silicon-containing composition for fine pattern formation and method for fine pattern formation using the same
Image apparatus with toner replenishing
Toner usage control between differing image regions
Image forming apparatus and image forming method using electrostatic transport and hopping
Developer purification station or structure
Developing roller and image forming method employing the same
Developing device using electrostatic transport and hopping (ETH)
Wire bar, method of manufacturing wire bar, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method using liquid development in which toner density is determined based on patch image density
Image forming apparatus and image forming method with improved cleaning mechanism
Fixing solution, fixing method, fixing device, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Holographic recording medium and method of recording a hologram
Programmable controller for use with monitoring device
System and method for load balancing based on service level objectives and information on the contents of start and finish processes of business services
Methods, systems, and media for music classification
System and method of power management for computer processor systems
Personal computer bus protocol with error correction mode
Method, system, and program for error handling in a dual adaptor system where one adaptor is a master
Method and apparatus for obtaining stack traceback data for multiple computing nodes of a massively parallel computer system
Identifying temporal ambiguity in an aggregated log stream
Method for at speed testing of devices
Transient engine performance adaptation method and system
Memory devices with buffered command address bus
Computer system, management method and storage network system
Control method of device in storage system for virtualization
System, apparatus and method for reading data
Control apparatus for controlling virtual storage
Multi-channel communication circuit
Extensible kernel-mode audio processing architecture
Differential data transfer for flash memory card
Tracking electronic content
Method and apparatus for neighborhood discovery across disparate point-to-point networks
File transfer protocol for mobile computer
Multiphase encoded protocol and synchronization of buses
Method and device for configuring an electronic document processing peripheral in a communication network
Email service
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium comprising program element for electronic mail communication
System and method for determining a quantitative measure of qualitative usability of related Web pages
Unsolicited message intercepting communications processor
Methods and systems for processing multi-media editing projects
Flash drive memory apparatus and method
Configuring compute nodes of a parallel computer in an operational group into a plurality of independent non-overlapping collective networks
Cable telephony monitoring system
Method to perform exact string match in the data plane of a network processor
Method and apparatus for service processor updates
Method and system for automated handling of service problems identified by a wireless device customer
Determination of graph connectivity metrics using bit-vectors
System and method for vector-parallel multiprocessor communication
Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks via tabs
Method and apparatus for utilizing an object model to manage document parts for use in an electronic document
Method and system for reducing audio latency
User interface for integrated spreadsheets and word processing tables
Data-driven actions for network forms
Pivot translation method and system
Apparatus and methods for aligning words in bilingual sentences
Information processor, database search system and access rights analysis method thereof
Update detecting apparatus
Methods and systems for managing data
Method for the reduction of image content redundancy in large image databases
System and method for integration of medical information
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and storage medium
Microprocessor with program and data protection function under multi-task environment
Method and apparatus for encrypted communications to a secure server
Enhanced process yield using a hot-spot library
Pattern evaluation method and evaluation apparatus and pattern evaluation program
System and method for synthesis reuse
Systematic compliance checking of a process
System and method for product yield prediction
Method for verifying and representing hardware by decomposition and partitioning
Timing analysis method and apparatus, computer-readable program and computer-readable storage medium
Automatic trace determination apparatus and method
Datapipe interpolation device
Device for longitudinal guidance of a motor vehicle by intervention in the brake system
Electronic hybridization assay and sequence analysis
Defect inspection apparatus and defect inspection method
Library device
Apparatus and method for rendering digital content
Volume management system and method
Balancing of data tape cartridges in tape libraries with pass-through mechanism
System and method providing automated margin tree analysis and processing of sampled data
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and recording medium
Method and apparatus for enabling a computer system by loading and executing an updated hardware specific boot routine to modify the operating system
Software object verification method for real time system
Method and system for versioning codes based on relative alignment for single instruction multiple data units
Segmented linker using spatial locality of reference for over-the-air software updates
Enterprise information unification
Point-of-purchase display with RFID inventory control
Spot weld fracture analysis method, program therefor, and analysis apparatus thereof
Analyzing linearization of models in modeling environments
Computer readable medium having a program using particle method
Method for solving implicit reservoir simulation matrix equation
System and method for performing non-linear constrained optimization with a genetic algorithm
Systems and methods for automatically determining and/or inferring component end of life (EOL)
Method for pricing network bandwidth services on a virtual private network
Health services delivery system with incentives
Advertisement selection technique
System and method for managing healthcare costs
Real time network exchange with seller specified exchange parameters and interactive seller participation
System and method for trading taxable and non-taxable securities
Systems, methods, and data structures for correcting traffic information
System, method, computer program and data structure which are used to facilitate language understanding and/or language learning
Method and apparatus for teaching music concepts
Method for arranging voice feedback to a digital wireless terminal device and corresponding terminal device, server and software to implement the method
Method and system for keyword detection using voice-recognition
Voice processing apparatus
Method and system for detecting and temporally relating components in non-stationary signals
Method and system for FFT-based companding for automatic speech recognition
Electronic mail processing apparatus and electronic mail processing method, and program and storage medium
Localization of prompts
Optical disc having a reduced planar thickness
Cooperative relay networks using rateless codes
Flash memory device having single page buffer structure and related programming method
Process for uniform and higher loading of metallic fillers into a polymer matrix using a highly porous host material
Method of manufacturing organic light emitting device
Manufacturing method for LED package
LED mesa sidewall isolation by ion implantation
Process for fabricating a capacitance type tri-axial accelerometer
Absorber layer for a thin film photovoltaic device with a double-graded band gap
Semiconductor device production process
Pulse method of oxidizing sidewall dielectrics for high capacitance applications
Manufacturing high efficiency solar cell with directional doping
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for forming semiconductor device
Stirring apparatus for combinatorial processing
Micro-electro-mechanical-system device with particles blocking function and method for making same
Collector grid and interconnect structures for photovoltaic arrays and modules
Light-emitting material comprising multinuclear complexes
Battery device and battery device module
Cylindrical secondary battery including center pin having improved structure
Fuel cell system and control method therefor
Resin composition for fuel cell separator, process for producing same, and fuel cell separator
Process for the production of hydrogen by catalyzed hydrolysis of a complex hydride, and facility with semi continuous reactor for carrying out the method
Card connector having a cover with an elastic slice engaging a blocking face of a blocking block
RJ-type plug and connector assembly using the same
Electrical connector for connecting to cables
Receptacle connector
Vehicle-side connector
Electronic device with port shield
Delayed contact action connector
Audio jack and electronic apparatus containing the same
Card connector
Information processing apparatus having SMP license information
Coaxial connectors including conductive anti-friction bearing mechanisms and/or locking mechanisms and related methods
Method for operating a drive train
Node processors for use in parity check decoders
Broadcasting receiver and method of receiving a broadcasting wave
Removing interfering signals in a broadband radio frequency receiver
Frequency-selective and adaptive I/Q mismatch digital compensation
Tunable filter apparatus, systems, and methods
Coordinator's data transmission method, device's data reception method, coordinator using the coordinator's data transmission method, and device using the device's data reception method in Zigbee system
Mixer with feedback
SIM/UIM card arrangement in portable wireless terminal
Radio communication equipment and method used in said equipment
Optical transmitter with external modulator, optical transceiver including optical transmitter with external modulator, and methods of driving the same
Carrier signal suppression and extraction system
Transmitter and transmission control method, and receiver and reception control method
System and method of uncorrelated code hopping in a communications system
Allocating connections in a communication system
Optical transmitter system
Cryptographic system for group signature
Biometric image collation apparatus and collation method therefor
Microprocessor with improved task management and table management mechanism
Mobile terminal having a double rotation structure
Portable information terminal
Wearable access point
Management server and mobile terminal
System and method for providing program criteria representing audio and/or visual programming
Information processing apparatus for automatically recording video data from a first recording medium in a first format to a second recording medium in a second format
Reproduction apparatus for selectively switching between first information and second information
Recording control apparatus and recording control method
System and method for recording a signal using a central point of control
Channel merging method for VOD system
Audio and video transmission and receiving system
Shared memory architecture and method in an optical storage and recording system
Data broadcast playback control device, data broadcast playback control method data broadcast playback control program, and recording medium recording program thereon
Remote radio data communication system with data rate switching
Medical examination device for CT imaging and for nuclear medical imaging
Expired Patents Due To Time
System and method for a master scheduler
Mutatably transparent displays
Method and device for navigating through video matter by means of displaying a plurality of key-frames in parallel
System and process having a universal adapter framework and providing a global user interface and global messaging bus
Article posting apparatus, article relationship information managing apparatus, article posting system, and recording medium
System and method for facilitating issue tracking
Method and apparatus for providing a number of subscribers with on-line banking service employing a plurality of bank systems
User interface controls for a computer system
Directing image capture sequences in a digital imaging device using scripts
Extended help feature for image forming devices
User-friendly graphics generator including automatic correlation
Method and apparatus for fast-path location and selection of links
Apparatus for and method of acquiring, processing and routing data contained in a GUI window
Method for organizing and presenting visual information on a computer screen
Graphical user interface for radiation therapy treatment apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
Image processing device, image processing method, game device, and craft simulator
Monitoring and analysis of data in cyberspace
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus
Methods and apparatuses for transmitting data representing multiple views of an object
Multiple triangle pixel-pipelines with span-range pixel interlock for processing separate non-overlapping triangles for superscalar 3D graphics engine
Methods and apparatus for providing 3D viewpoint selection in a server/client arrangement
Systems and methods for caching depth information of three-dimensional images
Hybrid subdivision in computer graphics
Navigation in three-dimensional workspace interactive displays having virtual force fields associated with selected objects
Method for automatically smoothing object level of detail transitions for regular objects in a computer graphics display system
Fast processing of image primitives
Navigation system and method for viewing a 3D data landscape
System and method for efficiently transmitting and processing object information between and among a plurality of networked computers
Method and apparatus for display of hierarchical structures
Transmitter-receiver of three-dimensional skeleton structure motions and method thereof
Render optimization using page alignment techniques
Fast processed screen image
Graphic processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for managing access to a computer system memory shared by a graphics controller and a memory controller
Scanning device for scanning an image carrier
Image formation apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for producing a thermal transfer print by means of tape-like transfer films
Image forming method and a printer
Laser thermal printer with dual direction imaging
Thermal printing method and thermal printer
Color thermal printer and color thermal printing method
Thermal recording apparatus
Recording apparatus
Thermal printing head
High precision dye donor web positioning in thermal color printer
Thermal printer
Multiple-beam, diode-pumped imaging system
Image recording apparatus for correcting nonuniformities in the exposure light amount
Alignment of laser imaging assembly
Image forming method and apparatus
Picture reading/writing head and integrated circuit used for the same
Image capture system
Device and system for labeling sight images
Method of automatically rotating image storage data subject to image capture angle, and the related digital camera
Semiconductor device having a pixel protective circuit
Solid-state imaging device having partially covered conversion region, and method for producing and method for driving the same
Focus control method and video camera
Automatic focus adjusting device with driving direction control
Displaying video on high-resolution computer-type monitors substantially without motion discontinuities
Phase-locked loop circuit
Television signal receiver
TV receiver equalizer storing channel characterizations for each TV channel between times of reception therefrom
Image projecting system
Runner apparatus for an injection molding process and method therefor
TFT-LCD having pixel electrode overlapping scan and data lines except at the intersection of lines
Thin film diode including carbon nitride alloy semi-insulator and method of making same
Liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus therewith
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus including a color filter having slits
Reflective liquid crystal display apparatus with low manufacturing cost
Method of manufacturing a liquid crystal cell
Liquid crystal display apparatus and a method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display device with a double seal
Display device and method of manufacturing the same
Surface mode liquid crystal device and method of making a liquid crystal device
Duplex imaging apparatus
System and method for process and/or manipulating images
Image forming device for forming image on roll of photosensitive/pressure-sensitive recording medium
Reduction projection aligner free from reaction product tarnishing photo-mask and method for transferring pattern image through the photo-mask
Exposure apparatus
Multi-beam image forming apparatus and method capable of precisely controlling image writing start position
Process and device for the output of electronic image signals, and a photographic copier
Image processing method and apparatus
Exposure elements with a cable-relaying support
Exposure control apparatus and method
Method of transferring photosensitive material and apparatus used therefor
Image forming apparatus
Passive ranging to source of known spectral emission
Diagnostic device and method
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Spectacle lens evaluation method and evaluation device
Photometering apparatus for a camera
Integrating light mixer
Defect inspecting apparatus and method
Adjustable laser string square
Atomic absorption spectrometer
Wollaston prism and use of it in a fourier-transform spectrometer
Surface characteristics measurement system and method
Procedure and system for inspecting a component with leads to determine its fitness for assembly
Measuring and compensating for warp in the inspection of printed circuit board assemblies
Two-dimensional spectral characteristic measuring apparatus
Polarization interferometer spectrometer with rotatable birefringent element
Gyros having an optical fiber loop and a dual phase-conjugate mirror
Apparatus and method for printing related web pages
Print data control system
Disk-based image storage system invention disclosure
Apparatus and method for synthesizing a subject image and template image using a mask to define the synthesis position and size
Displaying printer property sheets
Method and apparatus for producing color conversion table
Copying apparatus having adjustable gradation
Method and apparatus for image descreening
System and method for eliminating background pixels from a scanned image
Probability error diffusion for digital image printing
Method for scanning small documents by using a card reader kit
Facsimile apparatus and communication method therefor
Electronic photography system
Lamp unit and image reading apparatus using the same
On line compensation for slow drift of color fidelity in document output terminals (DOT)
Compression by chrominance subsampling in color image acquisition
Holographic authentication element and document having holographic authentication element formed thereon
Holographic resonant system and method
Method of and apparatus for detecting transients in an optical transmission system
Optical communication node and wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission device having ring structure comprising the optical communication nodes
Optical node system for a ring architecture and method thereof
Wavelength division multiplex optical amplification transmission system and optical amplifier
Fiber optics signal attenuator
Infrared transceiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for a free space optical non-processing satellite transponder
Repeater for soliton signal fiber optic transmission systems
Adaptive power supply for avalanche photodiode
Scanning optical system
Optical scanning device and a scanning lens therefor
High duty cycle scanner for laser printer
Background reduction apparatus and method for confocal fluorescence detection systems
Opto-electric module
Electro-optic modulator and imaging device
Electro-optic light valve array
Fast loss of signal (LOS) detection for bidirectional optical amplifiers
Optical partial regeneration of solitons
Long-band optical fiber amplifier with enhanced power conversion efficiency
Optical element switching device
Imaging systems
Group-delay-dispersive multilayer-mirror structures and method for designing same
Projective image display apparatus
Area of interest head-mounted display using low resolution, wide angle; high resolution, narrow angle; and see-through views
Image display apparatus
Compact optical system for use in virtual display applications
Automatic survey instrument
Mechanically simplified, high resolution, optical focusing and steering apparatus
Zoom lens
Zoom lens system
Image pickup lens system
Panoramic imaging arrangement
Aperture regulating apparatus
Imaging lens
Gradient index magnifying lens
Object len supporting unit compensating for inclination of object lens
Decentered optical system
Surface light source device and asymmetrical prism sheet
Tape speed sensor, control circuit using tape speed sensor and method of controlling tape speed sensor using control circuit
Interleaved dibit detection for direct access storage device (DASD)
Apparatus and method for controlling the frequency at which data is written in a disk drive system
Re-recording/re-producing device for magnetic tape and head cleaning
Reproduction apparatus having reduced decoding error rate
System and method for a preamplifier write circuit with reduced rise/fall time
Head unlatch controlling method and arrangement in magnetic disk drive
Apparatus with the method of unique disk identification for magnetic hard disk drives
Magnetic tape dimensional instability compensation by varying recording head azimuth angle
Modular data storage system utilizing a wireless cartridge access device
Radial compression spring to reduce disc slip in a disc drive
Magnetic head with (411) plane single crystal ferrite medium facing surface and (122) plane gap surface
Magnetic read element shield having dimensions that minimize domain wall movement
Magnetic head for reading from and writing to a rotated magnetic disc in an elevated state produced by air flow and structure for supporting same
Suspension assembly with resilient shock bumpers for a disk drive device
Rotary magnetic head device for a magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Flexure microactuator
Bottom or dual spin valve having a seed layer that results in an improved antiferromagnetic layer
Robust power connection with redundant surfaces to allow arcing for hot-plug applications in computer systems
Device and method for supplying electric power to a load
Semiconductor device
Bus-bar protection relay equipment
Device having processor means and having undervoltage detection means
Electrical protective equipment switch with overcurrent and undervoltage function and overcurrent sensor for it
Microprocessor based setting group controller for protective relay operations
System for protecting electrical devices against overheating
Power line protection devices and methods for providing overload protection to multiple outputs
Multi-chamber telecommunications terminal block with linking module
Integrated power modules for plasma processing systems
Method for detecting a deflated tire on a vehicle
Engine monitoring system and associated method
Method and apparatus for light outage detection
Rearview vision system with indicia of backup travel
Switchgear cabinet with a central control device for monitoring and controlling built-in and/or attached units
Remote fish logging unit
Metal detection device having improved support assembly
Delivery signal device for a mailbox
Electronic identification tag
Apparatus for holding a compact disk and accepting affixation of an electronic anti-theft tag
Non-contacting temperature sensing device
Multi-functional smoke detector and signal device
Detector with variable sample rate
Electronic trailer hitching system
Automatic cell phone detection at a combustible delivery station
Method of word screen formation by laser light projection and the structure for the same
Interior rearview mirror system incorporating a supplemental inflatable restraint system status information display
Emergency warning system for vehicles
Method and apparatus for warning drivers as to the presence of concealed hazards
Vehicle communication network
Self compensating target acquisition system for minimizing areas of threat
Gesture-based computer interface
Apparatus and a method for keyboard encoding
Bitstream decoding apparatus
Adaptive coding with adaptive speed
Synchro-to-digital conversion with windowed peak determination
Voltage/current reference with digitally programmable temperature coefficient
Digital self-calibration scheme for a pipelined A/D converter
Automatic gain controller for radio communication system
Method and apparatus for digital to analog converters with improved switched R-2R ladders
Resistor string digital-to-analog converter with boosted control based on differential input between successively received input words
Three-step converter
Architecture to reduce errors due to metastability in analog to digital converters
Cascade A/D converter
Pipeline analog-to-digital conversion system using a modified coding scheme and method of operation
Process and apparatus for finding stealthcraft
Multifunction aircraft transponder
Method of detecting and classifying objects by means of radar
Hand-held device providing a closest feature location in a three-dimensional geometry database
GPS location for mobile phones using the internet
Personal emergency location system
Use of desired orientation in automotive navigation equipment
Method for the precise angle determination of targets by means of a multiple-unit radar system
System and method for measurement
Antenna structure for communication
Antenna device
Fishbone-shaped patch antenna
Antenna assembly
Dual coaxial feed for tracking antenna
Device for transmitting and receiving microwaves subjected to circular polarization
Phase delay line for collinear array antenna
Multi-beam antenna
Modified inverted-F antenna
Antenna device
CDMA multiuser receiver featuring a combination of array antenna and multiuser cancelers
Solderless, compliant multifunction RF feed for CLAS antenna systems
Device for impedance adaption
Attaching mechanism for GPS antenna
Antenna mounting enclosure
System and method of integrating and concealing antennas, antenna subsystems and communications subsystems
Adjustable antenna mount with rotatable antenna brackets for PCS and other antennas
Composite antenna apparatus
Transmitting and receiving antenna for animal training devices
Compact personal computer having a plurality of display panels
VLSI visual display
Image display apparatus
Display unit
AC plasma gas discharge gray scale graphics, including color, and video display drive system
Intraframe time-division multiplexing type display device and a method of displaying gray-scales in an intraframe time-division multiplexing type display device
Charge retention islands for electric paper and applications thereof
Fault tolerant intersecting beam display panel
Apparatus for controlling data voltage of liquid crystal display unit to achieve multiple gray-scale
Active matrix liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal apparatus
Liquid crystal display with liquid crystal driver having display memory
Roller optical gate display device
Information display for a visual communication device
High waveform throughput digital oscilloscope with variable intensity rasterizer and variable intensity or color display
Baton and X, Y, Z, position sensor
Tactile feedback mechanism for a data processing system
Mouth operated input device for an electronically responsive device
Image controllers with sheet connected sensors
Hand held ergonomic computer controller
Compact key structure
Method and apparatus for data input
Regenerable Capacitor
Storage capacitor having undulated lower electrode for a semiconductor device
Asymmetric electrochemical capacitor and method of making
LCD housing having vertically offset hinges
Apparatus for mounting parts and personal computer equipped with the same
Portable personal computer with arrangement for connecting an expansion card to a socket therein
Portable hard disk drive removable housing structure
Alignment tray for docking a portable computer to a docking device
Electronic device cooling system having guides for guiding a flow of the air evenly
Method and an arrangement for cooling an apparatus cabinet
Heat sink and mounting structure for heat sink
Electrical device, in particular a switching and control unit for motor vehicles
Device and method for cooling a planar inductor
Clamping heat sinks to circuit boards over processors
Minitower computer housing and minitower computer
Computer with component installation handle
Universal package and method of forming the same
Packaging structure for a semiconductor element flip-chip mounted on a mounting board having staggered bump connection location on the pads and method thereof
High-density computer module with stacked parallel-plane packaging
Multilayer circuit board having at least one core substrate arranged therein
Mounting arrangement for microwave power amplifier
High efficiency power converter
Power factor correction circuit
Isolated power supply circuit for a floating gate driver
Digitally synthesized multiple phase pulse width modulation
Power supply device and method with a power factor correction circuit
Post regulation control circuit for a switch mode power supply with multiple outputs
Circuit for determining the output power of switched-mode power supply
Method and device for limiting the current surge in a capacitor associated with a rectifier
Inductor-type converter and operating method
Driver circuit for a polyphase DC motor with minimized voltage spikes
Dynamic word line driver for cache
SRAM cell arrangement and method for manufacturing same
Digital signal recording/reproducing method
Solid state holographic memory
Single transistor cell, method for manufacturing the same, memory circuit composed of single transistor cells, and method for driving the same
Semiconductor memory device having at least two layers of bit lines
Method of determining coupling ratios in a split-gate flash device
OTP (one time programmable) micro-controller
Method for minimizing program disturb in a memory cell
Multi-state memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and read method
Erasable memory device and an associated method for erasing a memory cell therein
Non-volatile flip-flop circuit
EEPROM memory cell and method of fabricating the same
Synchronous page-mode non-volatile memory with burst order circuitry and method thereof
Auto adjusting window placement scheme for an NROM virtual ground array
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device having buried electrode within shallow trench
Method for an erase operation of flash memory using a source regulation circuit
Unified program method and circuitry in flash EEPROM
Methods of performing sector erase operations on non-volatile semiconductor memory devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory in which the number of programming or erasing bits increases with the progress of programming or erasing
Data-erasable non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Flash compatible EEPROM
Programmable latches that include non-volatile programmable elements
Output circuit for alternating multiple bit line per column memory architecture
Single electron MOSFET memory device and method
Semiconductor storage device with automatic write/erase function
High-speed SRAM having a stable cell ratio
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of externally applying power supply potential to internal circuit while restricting noise
Control circuit for a bit line equalization signal in semiconductor memory
Built-in redundancy architecture for computer memories
Semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus for refreshing a semiconductor memory using idle memory cycles
Dynamic random access memory with write-without-restore and systems and methods using the same
Integrated circuit memory devices having improved sense and restore operation reliability
Vertical gate transistors in pass transistor logic decode circuits
Sub word line driving circuit
Semiconductor memory device in which data are read and written asynchronously with application of address signal
Slew tolerant clock input buffer and a self-timed memory core thereof
Phase control circuit, semiconductor device and semiconductor memory
Memory devices having a restore start address counter
Underwater noise generator actuated by magneto-inductive/acoustic signals
Ultrasonic harmonic imaging system and method
Astrological watch
Position adjustment method of a magnetic head using magneto-optical recording medium, and optical recording medium
Track jump for optical information recording and reproducing method and device
High-performance information processing apparatus having multitasking functions
Autoload disk copier system
Optical pickup using optically variable iris
Device and method for automatically controlling sled loop gain in optical disc drive
Optical pickup for discriminating between and reading different types of optical discs
Optical head apparatus
Optical disk, reproduction apparatus, and reproduction method
Information storing disk, reproduction apparatus, and reproduction method
Information center, terminal apparatus, dubbing system and dubbing method
Optical information reproducing method and apparatus
Compact disc player with lid for displaying compact disc jacket art
Disk guide apparatus for optical disk playback system to prevent misinsertions
Image coded data re-encoding apparatus without once decoding the original image coded data
Method and circuit for controlling setup of multichannel system
Trellis decoder with soft decision outputs
Variable spectral shaping method for PCM modems
Timing recovery using the pilot signal in high definition TV
Synchronization message reception processing apparatus
Synchronizing circuit
Digital delay locked loop for reducing power consumption of synchronous semiconductor memory device
Phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit containing a sampled phase detector with reduced jitter
Production of 186Re, 188Re and other radionuclides via inorganic Szilard-Chalmers process
Wrist raster scan methods
Jacketing process
System for determining the deployed length of a flexible tension element
Counter device
X-ray examination apparatus including an image sensor matrix with a correction unit
Real-time tomographic system with flat panel detectors
Laminography system having a view selector with prism
Stereo x-ray anti-scatter grid
Irradiation dose calculation unit, irradiation dose calculation method and recording medium
X-ray diagnostic apparatus using an X-ray flat panel detector and method for controlling the X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Image quality optimization using an X-ray model based optimization
Method and device for identifying a specific patch cord connector as it is introduced into, or removed from, a telecommunications patch system
Audio note taking system and method for communication devices
System and method for connecting and interfacing a communications device to a telephone line via a telephone set
Programmable access carrier selection terminal
Method and system for billing toll-free calls from public telephones
Method and apparatus for displaying caller information during call switching in private branch exchange
System and method for administration of an incentive award system having a delayed award payment using a credit instrument
Method for providing telecommunications-based services
Method and apparatus for introducing and modifying telecommunications services
Method and apparatus for providing a directory number to a call-processing device in a communications network
Call distribution facility
Method and system for routing incoming telephone calls to available agents based on agent skills
Method and apparatus for value-based queuing of telephone calls
Method and apparatus for displaying an electronic phonebook
Loop current monitor circuitry and method for a communication system
Method for securing system protected by a key hierarchy
Scrambling of digital media objects in connection with transmission and storage
Interactive entertainment content control
Method and device for providing controlled access video signals without providing a signal in the clear
Binaural signal processing system and method
Universal impedance matcher for a microphone-to-radio connection
Speaker having middle-high sound speakers
Method of reproducing sound
High power acoustical transducer
Automatic adjustment of image watermark strength based on computed image texture
Method of processing spotlight SAR raw data
Test chart for determining the image quality of an optical scanner
Pattern inspecting method and pattern inspecting device
Apparatus and method for reducing defects in a semiconductor lithographic process
Method and system for tracking vantage points from which pictures of an object have been taken
Compensating pixel records of related images for detecting images disparity, apparatus and method
Labeled bunch graphs for image analysis
Pattern matching system and method which detects rotated and scaled template images
Apparatus for compression using reversible embedded wavelets
Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing messages
Image reading, processing and recording with quick data compression
Down-sampling MPEG image decoder
Selective filtering of a dithered image for the purpose of inverse dithering
Image compression and expansion device
Image editing apparatus and method and medium on which programs are recorded
Multiple ultrasound image registration system, method and transducer
Image forming apparatus that can make desired continuous enlargement copy
Image processing with conversion from N-value to M-value data
Silicon-based silicon-germanium integrated-circuit optical network unit
Optical fiber transducer
Thermo-optical switch provided with a laterally shifted element
Fault-tolerant fiber-optical beam control modules
Integrated 1.times.N optical switch
Optical wavelength multiplexer/demultiplexer
Dispersion slope compensator
Optical interleaver/de-interleaver
Nonlinear optical loop mirror with adiabatic pulse compression
Optical element using multimode interference
Point light source for a laser scanning microscope and process for feeding at least two different laser beams of different wavelengths into a laser scanning microscope
Optical amplifier
Phased array device or phasar and process for manufacturing this device
Ultra-fast tunable optical filters
Bias control system for electrooptic devices
Adiabatic Y-branch waveguide having controllable chirp
Packaging platform, optical module using the platform, and methods for producing the platform and the module
Cable fitting for a light waveguide cable, which is secured to a cable of a high-voltage overhead line
Enhanced ribbon strippability using coating additives
Methods and apparatus for filtering an optical fiber
Small inlet optical panel and a method of making a small inlet optical panel
Wideband plastic-clad optical fiber
Fabrication of refractive index patterns in optical fibers having protective optical coatings
Optical waveguide and manufacturing method thereof
System and method for detecting and reporting the use of optical fibers in fiber optic cables
Optical harness and cross-connect method
Optical cable introducing structure and method of introducing and connecting an optical cable
Video signal copy guard apparatus and method
Memory control in trick play mode
Apparatus for generating time code signal
Recording of trick play signals on a record carrier
Information storage medium containing multi-scene programming and a reproducing apparatus
DVD-audio disk, and apparatus and method for playing the same
Method and apparatus for interactively checking an error in a video cassette tape recorder
Camera which records positional data of GPS unit
Solid-state electronic image sensing device
Pizza box heater, components therefor and method
Electrically driven hair care appliance
Fumigation type control device for scattering agricultural chemicals
Heating element for heating the edges of wafers in thermal processing chambers
Method for rotationally aligning and degassing semiconductor substrate within single vacuum chamber
Extreme infra-red rays air conditioning apparatus
Image capture package secure database access method
Film unit with a lens attached
Lens-fitted photo film unit, and method of making photo-print
Camera with distance measuring apparatus for preferentially controlling passive and active type AF system
Camera for controlling light emission timing of electronic flash device
Latched film unit, latching device, system, and method
Method of checking magnetic heads, and film carrier
Film pre-exposure mechanism and method
Camera for receiving a roll film
Image forming apparatus having image transfer control
Multi-level oiling device and process for a fuser system
Photoreceptor charge control
Image forming apparatus
Image transferring method and image forming apparatus utilizing a reducing electrode
Imaging forming apparatus with a priority order determining device for a plurality of jobs
Resin product, method of disassembling the resin product, process cartridge, method of disassembling the process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Printing machine with reconditioning light source
Developer unit with a replenish port
Wire-less hybrid scavengeless development system
Developer-regulating member, development device, process cartridge, and process for producing developer-regulating member
Recording medium carrier system intermediate transfer unit
Cleaning apparatus for a fusing member
Laminate fixing roller, apparatus using same and method for manufacturing laminate fixing roller
Intra-body information transfer device
Efficient high latitude service area satellite mobile broadcasting systems
Destination non-limiting bidirectional radio paging system and method
Signal filtering in a transceiver for a wireless telephone system
Mobile radio telephone with impedance matching network having two transformation factors
Transmitter-receiver unit for portable telephone
Intermittent control reception circuit for low consumptive current sake
Radio selective-calling receiver with stable operation of controller at low voltages
Prepaid mobile subscriber identification card and method implemented thereby
Image data transmission system and method
Enhanced method and system for programming a mobile telephone over the air within a mobile telephone communication network
Combined mobile telephone and remote control terminal
Communications operating system and method therefor
Process and device for quality determination
Misbehaving mobile station identification system and method, and a mobile station for use therewith
Thin film cylindrical antenna for use in a test station
Apparatus and method for mobile communications
Method and apparatus for providing a subscriber record for packet data registration of a mobile station
Adjacent cell monitoring method and mobile station
Cell selection during loss of service in a telecommunications system
Location registration method for mobile radio communication system
Simplified acquisition of ESN
Method and a system in a cellular network
Dynamic radio resource allocation in a wireless communication system
Method of intelligent roaming using network information
Communication channel selection method and mobile communication apparatus
Adaptive location level
Satellite delivery of short message service (SMS) messages
System and method for coordinating notification requests for terminal availability
Extended sleep mode method and apparatus
Method of generating a frequency-hopping sequence for radio communication, as well as radio facility and radio communication system therefor
Mobile communication system in which a numbering domain is divided into blocks by the use of indexing rules
System and method for automatically setting a remote timepiece with the correct time
Redialing apparatus for portable telephone
Radio telephone with removable memory modules and module prioritization
Universal radio for use in various cellular communication systems
Wireless local loop system utilizing independent central offices located in new residential and commercial developments
Wireless office architecture and method of operation thereof
Systems and methods for dynamically controlling a variable power amplifier
Radio apparatus having a telephone number book with adaptable storage and retrieval indexing
Communication terminal apparatus and control method thereof
Communication terminal having a predictive editor application
Voice message recorder and limited range transmitter for use with telephones
Apparatus for low power radio communications
Communications interface adapter
Method and device for tissue modulation
Microprocessor system for the simplified diagnosis of sleep apnea
Automatic coil element selection in large MRI coil arrays
Optical position sensors
Referencing device including mouthpiece
Compact radiology instrument
Process and device for non-invasively determining cerebral blood flow by near-infrared spectroscopy
Indwelling catheter
Illuminator for photodynamic therapy and diagnosis which produces substantially uniform intensity visible light
Apparatus and method for collecting data useful for determining the parameters of an alert window for timing delivery of ETC signals to a heart under varying cardiac conditions
Noninvasive method for identifying coronary disfunction utilizing electrocardiography derived data
Method and computer program product for assessing neurological conditions and treatments using evoked response potentials
Iontophoretic delivery device with integral hydrating means
Sweat control system
Automatic power switching in a defibrillator
Discrimination of supraventricular tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia events
Bi-ventricular pacing method
Power consumption reduction in medical devices employing multiple digital signal processors and different supply voltages
Implantable stimulus system having stimulus generator with pressure sensor and common lead for transmitting stimulus pulses to a body location and pressure signals from the body location to the stimulus generator
Four-chamber pacing system for optimizing cardic output and determining heart condition
Receiver employing digital filtering for use with an implantable medical device
Apparatus for the bloodless, non-invasive correction of alterations of the arch of the foot
Device and method for preventing restenosis
Endothelium preserving microwave treatment for atherosclerosis
Apparatus for replacement of an electrode at a desire location in the atrium
Electrode and connector assembly and method for using same
Method and apparatus for controlling computers remotely
Manikin positioning for acoustic measuring
Alarm event generator apparatus, means and system
Automatic manufacturing evaluation method and system
System and method for verifying process procedures in a manufacturing environment
Multi-tiered structure for storing and displaying product and process variants
Numeric control command generator and method
Elevator system for transferring a wafer boat with automatic horizontal attitude control
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, method of estimating failure ratio of such devices on the market, and method of manufacturing the devices
Control system for semiconductor integrated circuit test process
Apparatus and method for performing computer enhanced surgery with articulated instrument
District heat supply plant controller
Method and device for aligning the shaft of a rotating machine
Driver display with highlighted images
Fault tolerant architecture for a personal vehicle
System for determining the orientation in space of a moving body relative to the earth
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Method and device for monitoring sensors in a vehicle
Tire contact load control system
Controller and control system for an occupant protection device in a motor vehicle and method of transmitting data in the control system
Software architecture for autonomous earthmoving machinery
Method and apparatus for generating velocity commands for a continuously variable transmission
Shift device for an automatic transmission
Default modes of a transmission utilizing electro-hydraulic clutches
Process for controlling driving dynamics of a street vehicle
Method of improving ABS control behavior
Wheel slip angle detecting system for vehicle
Cut-in management for an adaptive cruise control system
Vehicle deceleration control unit
Internal combustion engine controller
Cylinder torque estimation using crankshaft angular response measurements
Air-to-fuel ratio control device
Geographic location referencing system and method
Method and apparatus for direction finding
Route consideration apparatus
Collision avoidance system
Multi-attribute seismic waveform classification
Polymorphism detection utilizing clustering analysis
DNA sequence assembly system
Apparatus and method for conductivity measurement including probe contamination compensation
Apparatus and method for detection of a leak in a membrane of a fluid flow control system
Optical pickup using an optical phase plate
System for creating, reading and writing on rotatable information storage media, an apparatus for controlling vertical laser alignment
Recording/reproducing apparatus and method for phase-change optical disc
Optical disk recording method and device
Disc reproducing device
Disk apparatus having a dust proof construction
Disc chucking mechanism
Processing data transmitted and received over a wireless link connecting a central terminal and a subscriber terminal of a wireless telecommunications system
Method of VCC/VPC redundancy for asynchronous transfer mode networks
System and method for reconfiguring a telecommunications network to its normal state after repair of fault
Method for optimizing a digital transmission network operation through transient error monitoring and control and system for implementing said method
Broadband switching system
Statistical call admission control
Arrangement for determining link latency for maintaining flow control in full-duplex networks
Multimedia calling method and apparatus
Telecommunications network management system
Orthogonal code division multiple access waveform format for use in satellite based cellular telecommunications
Internet protocol telephony for a mobile station on a packet data channel
Communication system using repeated data selection
Receiving circuit of cellular telephone set
Fast Acquisition of traffic channels for a highly variable data rate reverse link of a CDMA wireless communication system
Device and method for multiuser detection in DS-CDMA system
Spread spectrum communication receiver
Method and configuration for packet-oriented data transmission in a digital transmission system
Route searching device
Internet service via ISDN
Method and system for delivering audio and data files
Packet switching apparatus
Method and system for performing concurrent read and write cycles in network switch
Data transmission system and method
System providing for multiple virtual circuits between two network entities
Providing services in a telecommunications network
Frame relay interworking service control method with ATM network using a permanent virtual connection
System and method for providing unitary virtual circuit in digital network having communication links of diverse service types
Method and system for employing a non-masking interrupt as an input-output processor interrupt
Apparatus and method for retrieving data from a network site
Gigabit ethernet interface to synchronous optical network (SONET) ring
Designating a control channel in a telecommunications system
Dynamic transmit tuning for ethernet device drivers
Adaptive tree-based contention resolution media access control protocol
Method and apparatus for transmitting dual speed ethernet information (10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX) across a physical layer device service interface
Communication system for a line network
Link monitor state machine
Method and apparatus for converting between differing data and command exchange protocols
Adaptive bandwidth throttling for individual virtual services supported on a network server
Technique for handling undesired data over a limited bandwidth channel
Method of inverse multiplexing for ATM
Data communication method, data communication terminal, data communication system and communication control system
Laser system tolerating disturbances using multiple modes
Method and apparatus for controlling the wavelength of a laser
Control method of exciting a pulse laser and power supply unit for exciting a pulse laser
Article comprising a stable, low-resistance ohmic contact
High brightness laser diode source
Laser diode of the type having a buried heterostructure
Surface emitting semiconductor laser, its producing method and surface emitting semiconductor laser array
Optical semiconductor device having waveguide layers buried in an InP current blocking layer
Surface-type optical device, fabrication method therefor and display device
Aspheric lensing control for high power butt-coupled end-pumped laser
Pumped laser diode assembly with optically coupled heat sink
Vertical optical cavities produced with selective area epitaxy
Delivering pump light to a laser gain element while maintaining access to the laser beam
Orthogonal complex spreading method for multichannel and apparatus thereof
Frequency acquisition method for direct sequence spread spectrum systems
Low-delay rate detection for variable rate communication systems
Detecting valid data patterns for adapting equalization gain and offset for data transmissions
Method for performance monitoring of data transparent communication links
Communication system with end-to-end quadrature balance control
Self contained equalization method and apparatus
Data transmission terminal and contactless data/power delivery method for use therewith
Using numbers of non-zero quantized transform signals and signal differences to determine when to encode video signals using inter-frame or intra-frame encoding
Adaptive motion estimation method of a luminance signal
Video encoding motion estimation employing partitioned and reassembled search window
Multi-spectral image compression and transformation
Video codec semiconductor chip
Signal amplifier circuit with symmetrical inputs and outputs
Amplifier output stage provided with a parasitic-current limiter
Feed-forward compensation scheme for feedback circuits
Over-sampling type clock recovery circuit using majority determination
Minimizing recovery time
Phase-locked loop
Method and apparatus for generating a symmetrical output signal from a non-symmetrical input
Voltage controlled ring oscillator delay
Optically pumped atomic frequency standard
Nonreciprocal circuit device with a dielectric film between the magnet and substrate
Branching filter with a composite circuit of an LC circuit and a serial arm saw resonator
Inductor built-in electronic parts using via holes
Tuning assembly for a dielectrical resonator in a cavity
Dielectric resonator, dielectric notch filter, and dielectric filter with optimized resonator and cavity dimensions
Dielectric filter
Balanced dielectric filter
Quarter-wave coaxial cavity resonator
Circuit breaker thermal magnetic trip unit
Superconducting toroidal magnet system
Stick coil for igntion systems
Axial movement linear gauging head
Surface mounted magnetic components having sheet material windings and a power supply including such components
Temperature fuse and apparatus for detecting abnormality of wire harness for vehicle
Circuit breaking device
Location, identification and telemetry system using strobed signals at predetermined intervals
Process and circuit for connecting an actuator to a line
Vehicle trunk compartment emergency release and warning system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Quick reliable power and/or data transfer system between tow vehicle and trailer via hitch and hitch receiver coupling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ignition boost and rectification flame detection circuit
Method and apparatus for providing multiple sessions on a single user operating system
Compression based reduced memory video decoder
Disc unit with configuration for performing simultaneous inserting and ejecting operations for disc
Electric double layer capacitor
Configuration memory architecture for FPGA
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