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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Leaf cutting apparatus
Mulch sheet and method of manufacture
Horticultural growth medium
Barbeque and smoker
Machine for injecting liquids
Shoe, in particular sports shoe
Boot with heel spikes and method of use thereof
Mattress foundation corner connector and assembly method
Bed sheet attachment system
Brewing element with a central inlet
Device for fastening a covering shroud on a piece of furniture, and piece of furniture equipped with such a fastening device
Cushioned bath lounger
Rotatably positionable hand rail
Shower curtain assembly
Cleaning device
Medical apparatus for tracking movement of a bone fragment in a displayed image
Tissue ablation device assembly and method for electrically isolating a pulmonary vein ostium from an atrial wall
Magnetic resonance tomography apparatus and method for operating same for image generation
Feedback cancellation with low frequency input
Swimming goggles
Wheel systems for a hospital bed
Methods of indirectly stimulating the vagus nerve to achieve controlled asystole
Treating sleep apnea in patients using phrenic nerve stimulation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device and method of producing ball joint
Can end scoring method, and tooling assembly and conversion press therefor
Hose fitting
Sizing of mat material
Method and apparatus of integrating work
Insulated tool for linesmen
Three-way ratchet drive mechanism
Tool for aligning wind turbine tower fasteners
Cutting board apparatus and method
Apparatus for turning a sheet during transport through a printing press
Step and rafter tool
Power management system
Suspension type robot whose robot body runs along traveling rail
Floral easel
Method and device for the production of packs
Method of making flexible packages having slide closures
Vase with rotatable inner container
Fixed Constructions
Snow removal device
Reversible baseboard for covering a flooring border
Wooden roof truss
Possibility of special lightening, insulating and reinforcing intermediate floor constructions
Portable safety skylight replacement assembly
Method and apparatus for an inflatable shell
Putting-green, in-pool surface construction
Electromechanical cylinder plug
Swing hinge module and portable terminal employing the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for delivering a reducing agent to an exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
Injection anti-coking system for particulate filters
Apparatus for the combustion of a fuel-oxidizer mix
Fuel nozzle apparatus, gas turbine, and method of controlling fuel nozzle apparatus
Combustion chamber of a combustion system
Premix nozzles and gas turbine engine systems involving such nozzles
Controller of driver for vehicle
Compressor arrangement
Combination air purifier and clothes dryer
Dynamic magazine latch
Safety lighter for pyrotechnic device
Biosensor based on polymer cantilevers
Inspecting method, inspecting apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
System, method, and computer program product for performing transformation of rotations to translations during finite element stiffness formulation
Digital map position information compressing method and device
Pressure sensor module and electronic component
Liquid state detecting sensor
Purge valve leak diagnostic systems and methods
Method of analyzing phosphorous acid, fosetyl-Al, or both simultaneously
Determining fluid rheological properties
Method for evaluating high temperature wear life
Control plane architecture for automatically switched optical network
Cross-layer integrated collision free path routing
On-chip high-speed serial data analyzers, systems, and associated methods
Method of testing multiple modules on an integrated circuit
Method for acquiring and interpreting seismoelectric and electroseismic data
Fiber optic splice storage apparatus and methods for using the same
Broad-band fiber-optic wave plates
Optical fiber devices and methods for interconnecting dissimilar fibers
Er/Yb double clad photonic crystal fiber
Semiconductor Raman variable optical attenuator/amplifier and equalizer
Optical and electrical interconnect
Configurable dispersion compensation trimmer
Integrated optoelectronic device and method of fabricating the same
Etching method, a substrate with a plurality of concave portions, a microlens substrate, a transmission screen and a rear projection
Image forming apparatus
Charging unit and image forming apparatus incorporating the unit
Image forming device
Image forming apparatus and image adjusting method
Method and apparatus for electrostatographic printing with generic color profiles and inverse masks based on receiver member characteristics
Fixing device of image forming apparatus
System for associating images produced by an image forming apparatus with users of the apparatus
Process cartridge, mounting mechanism therefor and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Facilities management system with local display and user interface
Power management of storage units in a storage array
Method and system for supplementing current during enumeration of a USB device
System and method for determining the Nth state of linear feedback shift registers
System for protecting a portable computing device
Fastening and automatic ejecting structure for battery of a notebook
Interposer for blade center
Embedded processor with watchdog timer for programmable logic
Method and apparatus for managing power in network interface modules
Power failure detection and correction in a flash memory device
System and method for maintaining functionality during component failures
Computer program product for performing testing of a simulated storage device within a testing simulation environment
Operating system update and boot failure recovery
Replay mechanism for correcting soft errors
Storage device and information processing system
Fault processing for direct memory access address translation
Extending the number of instruction bits in processors with fixed length instructions, in a manner compatible with existing code
Apparatus and method for configuring network media connections
Value-added network switching and object routing
USB schedule prefetcher for low power
Data processing device and method for transferring data
Method of using bus and bus interface
Lens array and display apparatus using same
Data referencing system
Exposing process flows and choreography controllers as web services
Methods, for providing data from network secure communications in a cluster computing environment
System, computer program product and method for storing information in an application service provider
Content distribution system that distributes line of stream data generated by splicing plurality of pieces of stream data
Bandwidth monitoring method and its device
Content delivery network (CDN) replication status reporter
Printing system using email to notify client devices of printing management information of print data sets
Method and system for relocating files that are partially stored in remote storage
Method and system for adding user-provided content to a content object stored in a data repository
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Search directions in pattern search via rotation
Determining fleet matching problem and root cause issue for measurement system
System and method for creating web pages with word processing templates
Dynamic taxonomy process for browsing and retrieving information in large heterogeneous data bases
Client-based generation of music playlists from a server-provided subset of music similarity vectors
System and method for maintaining a distributed database of hyperlinks
Structured indexes on results of function applications over data
Method of controlling server apparatus which stores image data received via network in memory, program for causing computer apparatus to execute the method, storage medium which stores the program, and computer apparatus
Apparatus and method for data transfer
Apparatus, system, and method for re-generating data structures
Method and system for quantifying the quality of diagnostic software
Reformulation of the finite-difference time-domain algorithm for hardware-based accelerators
Layout verification method and device
Method and apparatus for induction proof
Method and apparatus for local preferred direction routing
Method and apparatus for noise floor estimation
Method and circuit arrangement for determining a quality level of phase signals
Design supporting system for supporting component design
Circuit configuration and method for identifying error situations in interconnected systems
Memory channel with redundant presence detect
System and method for automatic layout of images in digital albums
Methods and systems for creating and using skins
Preview function in a digital data preservation system
Methods and apparatus for data preservation and software distribution within an enterprise system
System and method of copying a media resource
Caching permissions information
User-configurable terminal for displaying, retrieving, inputting and processing data
System and method for localizing data and devices
Control device, method and computer program product for browsing data
Apparatus and method for determining fixed point in mobile communication system
Providing parallel operand functions using register file and extra path storage
Evaluating expressions in a software environment
Apparatus and methods for providing communication between systems having different protocol versions
User interface substitution
Electronic device with an update agent that employs preprocessing techniques for update
Smart test attributes and test case scenario in object oriented programming environment
Methods and systems for direct execution of XML documents
Implementation of distributed and asynchronous processing in COBOL
Priority execution control method in information processing system, apparatus therefor, and program
Process for determining the variation in the relative permeability of at least one fluid in a reservoir
Method and medical imaging apparatus for determining a slice in an examination volume for data acquisition in the slice
Image processing device, image processing method, program for executing image processing, and computer readable recording medium on which the program is stored
Method and system for atherosclerosis risk scoring
Device and method for correcting skew of an object in an image
Decoding apparatus using tool information for constructing a decoding algorithm
Shadow-free 3D and 2D measurement system and method
Labeling system and methodology
Method of product procurement and cash flow including a manufacturer, a transaction facilitator, and third party payor
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for generating a diverse set of travel options
Mortgage loan data processing system and method for a loan broker
System and method for providing absorbent paper products and packaging therefor having coordinated consumer-specified features
Method and system to enable a fixed price purchase within a online auction environment
Method for defining a relationship between an account and a group
Method for generating a portfolio of stocks
Event-triggered transaction processing for electronic data interchange
Method and apparatus for managing and enforcing user privacy
Scheduling system and method
Method for generating data set
Automated acquisition and notification system
Pre-empting low-priority traffic with high-priority traffic on a dedicated link
Collapsible sign
Using quality and bit count parameters in quality and rate control for digital audio
Method of reproducing data from information storage medium
Turntable and optical disc driver having the same
Method and apparatus to detect presence of or a size of a data cartridge
Disk drive
Disk device, and methods for checking, ejecting, and loading disk in disk device
Information recording method, information recording device, information system, program, and recording medium
Method for wedge time shift calibration in a disk drive
Method of designing patterned magnetic recording medium and patterned magnetic recording medium
Optical system of optical pick-up
Method and apparatus for setting recording condition, recording and reproducing apparatus, recording condition setting program, and recording medium
Optical disk apparatus and data reproducing method
Method of recording information on optical disks at a recording density proportional to the actual information volume and disk nominal capacity
Optical pickup actuator having flux shielding magnet, optical pickup employing the optical pickup actuator and optical disc drive apparatus employing the optical pickup
Information storage medium, information recording method, and information recording/reproduction apparatus
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Ultra low power non-volatile memory module
Dual-gate nonvolatile memory and method of program inhibition
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory with write global bit lines and read global bit lines
Shared redundancy in error correcting code
Test mode method and apparatus for internal memory timing signals
Apparatus and method for investigating parameters of layers deposited on semiconductor wafers
Wireless communication system and semiconductor integrated circuit
Tunable semiconductor laser
Electrodes for fluorine gas discharge lasers
Optical device, laser beam source, laser apparatus and method of producing optical device
Semiconductor device, semiconductor laser device, manufacturing method for semiconductor device, manufacturing method for semiconductor laser device, optical disk device and optical transmission system
Surface light emitting element, optical module, light transmission device
Current biased dual DBR grating semiconductor laser
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit having a ring oscillator timer circuit
Overcurrent protection circuit and DC power supply
Method of manufacturing an electric motor
Systems and methods for electrical power regulation and distribution in aircraft
Method and apparatus for DC to AC power generator
Diagonally layered multi-antenna transmission for frequency selective channels
Voice-data processing circuit and voice-data processing method
Decoding apparatus, communication apparatus and decoding method
Providing data integrity for data streams
High frequency amplification circuit and mobile communication terminal using the same
UWB transmitting and receiving device for removing an unnecessary carrier component in a transmission signal spectrum
Programmable filter
Method for implementing a RF module on a motherboard
System for downloading program to general-purpose subscriber identification module
System and method for extracting text captions from video and generating video summaries
Signal strength assisted searcher and acquisition
Adaptive weight update method and system for a discrete multitone spread spectrum communications system
Optical communications systems, devices, and methods
Discrimination phase margin monitor circuit, transmitting/receiving device and communication system
Receiver symbol alignment for a serial point to point link
Apparatus and method for detecting a power ratio between a traffic channel and a pilot channel in a mobile communication system
Micro-mobility network routing system and method
Uplink power control algorithm
Method and apparatus for transient frequency distortion compensation
Fibre channel transparent switch for mixed switch fabrics
Wavelength-division multiplexed self-healing passive optical network
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmitter using Fabry-Perot laser
TDMA communication method and apparatus using cyclic spreading codes
Multiplexing digital broadcast method that can establish a technique which can perfectly obtain a multiplexing digital broadcast data
Scheduled transmission in a wireless sensor system
Method for setting data transmission rate in mobile communication
Transmitter and method for bandwidth allocation
Surplus redistribution for quality of service classification for packet processing
Pointer processing for optical communication systems
Method and apparatus for mapping an IP address to an MSISDN number within a wireless application processing network
Programmable scrambler and De-scrambler for digital telephony equipment
Preservation system for digitally created and digitally signed documents
Method and system for network emulation using packet reorder emulation techniques
System and method for partitioning streaming data coded with fine granularity scalability of use in a cable network
Method and system for providing an accurate address of a device on a network
Reception system for replacing transport packets
Targeted messaging to end user terminal connected to a service node in a communications network
Dynamic queue allocation and de-allocation
Apparatus and method for queuing flow management between input, intermediate and output queues
Method of frequency multiplication in a radiocommunications apparatus
Dynamic phase alignment and clock recovery circuitry
Parallel fractional interpolator with data-rate clock synchronization
System and method for wireless local area network monitoring and intrusion detection
Communication network charging method and system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and providing medium
Template-driven XML digital signature
Globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment
Device for connecting ear-microphone to mobile phone through interface connector thereof
Earphone antenna and portable radio equipment provided with earphone antenna
Power ramp-up in a line-powered network element system
Method and apparatus for bulletin board messaging in a voice mail system
Method for measuring service data amount of terminal
Public safety access point (PSAP) selection for E911 wireless callers in a GSM type system
Apparatus and method for controlling incoming melody
Providing telephony services using intelligent end points
Mobile communications system, mobile communications network controller, mobile communications terminal, and method of controlling mobile communications network
Transmission of information during call establishment
Method and apparatus for broadcasting, viewing, reserving and/or delayed viewing of digital television programs
Portable transcription device and method of the same priority
Digital video signal record and playback device and method for selectively reproducing desired video information from an optical disk
High-speed search of recorded video information to detect motion
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Television set embedded with DVD player
Information storage medium with aggregate attribute information, and apparatus for reproducing the same
Enabling foreign network multicasting for a roaming mobile node, in a foreign network, using a persistent address
Mobile phone combined with satellite radio capability
Robust, efficient, localization system
Method for choosing a network element of mobile telecommunication network
Method and system of network management and service provisioning for broadband wireless networks
Audio device heat transferring
Hearing aid and operating method with switching among different directional characteristics
Sound reproduction method and apparatus for assessing real-world performance of hearing and hearing aids
Wave signal processing system and method
Device and method for detecting wind noise
Manufacturing method of quartz crystal unit
Manufacturing method for a heating resistor element component
System of fabricating a flexible electrode array
Method of manufacturing a deflectable electrophysiological catheter
Expired Patents Due To Time
Athletic pants with back pocket
Sole for a marching-band shoe
Shoe sole
Sole for footwear
Sock lock
Cleat for footwear
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Shoe upper
Skate boot
Standing jewelry box with shaped windows
Tool box
Hemispherical carrying case
Accident identity kit
Large craft case
Key holder
Box with a top having an image of a bare human footprint and an underside having an image of the undersurface of a sports shoe
Walking cane
Umbrella handle
Towing handle for a piece of baggage
Hair brush
Hair brush
Stylized logo
Footrest used to tie up or undo the shoes or boots
Seating furniture
Glider frame
Foldable chair
Rectangular folding table
Computer table
Display device
Display device
Structure for displaying candle holders
Shoe rack
Towel bar
Towel bar
Combined bench and table top
Carved leaf molding
Control mechanism for a chair
Furniture medallion
Jewelry rack
Carved urn furniture adornment
Talking photograph frame
Acrylic picture frame
Double layer shade with woven woods roman shade
Napkin and wrap
Set of mixing bowls
Coffee maker
Drinking cup and lid
Combined food preservation canister and filter
Tray separator and tray
Serving tray
Liquid pitcher insert
Angled bowl
Charcoal grill
Flexible silicon spoon and spatula set with removable handle
Two-sided electric frying pan
Telescoping steamer
Bottle holder
Counter-top organizer for pot lids and utensils
Paw shaped bottle opener
Sanitary pick-up device
Compact hammer
Power tool with automatic locking depth guide
Utility knife
Portable electric saw
Knife sharpener
Paint can lid punching and opening tool
Cable tie installation tool
Football shaped carabiner
Optical fiber holder
Detachable open-ended wrench head
Rear differential stand mount
Modular wrench and handle combination set
Clamp device
Supplemental cover for hand-held tools
Cable connector
Nut for a ball spline shaft
Container for liquids
Press-pill dispenser
Clamshell-style plastic product packaging
Paint container insert
Spill proof cup lid
Spice bottle cap
Watch head
Watch and watch components
Chalkline holder
Chalk line with handle
Tire tread
Tire tread
Fairings for a pick-up truck lid
Tire carrier
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Ram air inserts for a vehicle hood cowl
Vehicle wheel
Lever for two-wheeled motor vehicles
Fence for retaining pets in cars
Automobile wing
Combined indicating device for vehicles
Car seat tray
Tail pipe for muffler
Overhead housing for entertainment devices to be used by rearseat passengers in a wheeled vehicle
Bed supported truck bed rack
Plug for electrical port
Electrical port and adapter
Human Necessities
Apparatus for logging data associated with feed ingredients and rations for delivery to feedlots
Rotation locking driver for image guided instruments
Spectral bio-imaging of the eye
Detection probe for optical spectroscopy and spectrometry
Earpiece with sensors to measure/monitor multiple physiological variables
Blood vessel imaging system using homodyne and heterodyne effects
Diffuse infrared light imaging system
Method for determining analyte concentration using periodic temperature modulation and phase detection
System and method for developing a database of body surface ECG flutter wave data maps for classification of atrial flutter
Partially inserted cochlear implant
Medical electrical lead having variable bending stiffness
Electrode arrangement
Therapeutic device and method for treating diseases of cardiac muscle
Fetal brain monitor
Electrode introducer for a percutaneous electrical therapy system
Methods for improving learning or memory by vagus nerve stimulation
Active implantable medical device, in particular a pacemaker, defibrillator and/or cardiovertor of the multisite type providing resynchronization of the ventricles
Method and apparatus for treating supraventricular tachyarrhythmias
System and method for classifying sensed atrial events in a cardiac pacing system
System and method for receiving telemetry data from an implantable medical device
Apparatus and method to power a medical device using stored mechanical power
Object activated defibrillator
Method for improving cardiac function following delivery of a defibrillation shock
High-energy capacitors for implantable defibrillators
Method of analyzing physical property of golf ball and method of manufacturing golf ball
Real time video game uses emulation of streaming over the internet in a broadcast event
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid treatment apparatus
Rapid heat block thermocycler
Method and device for controlling a machine tool, in particular, a die-sink erosion machine
Signal processing system and signal processing method for cutting tool with abrasion sensor
Method for determining a position of a robot
Apparatus system and control box for same
Robotic system control
Method and apparatus for acquiring replacement products for a printing device or accessory
System and method for evaluating a tipping moment experienced by a movable press member
Attitude sensing system for an automotive vehicle relative to the road
Vehicle suspension system
Method for controlling heat flows in a motor vehicle
Lane keep control for vehicle
Cruise control system and vehicle loaded with the same
System and method for controlling vehicle cruise speed
Control apparatus and method for vehicle having an idle stop function
Safety system for school buses
Road friction coefficient estimating apparatus
Road friction coefficient estimating apparatus and vehicle equipped with road friction coefficient estimating apparatus
Distributed track network control system
Semiautomatic control system and method for vehicles
MEMS see-saw array for dynamic gain equalization of DWDM systems
Textiles; Paper
System and method for controlling a group of fiber processing machines
Fixed Constructions
Integrated system for handling of work pieces and materials
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of monitoring and displaying health performance of an aircraft engine
Device for detecting a pulsating quantity
Heated flowline umbilical
System for restricting use of a measuring apparatus
Magnetic roll rate sensor
Optical measurements of patterned structures
Measurement of grooves and long waves on rails with a longitudinal streak of light
Method and apparatus for limiting attitude drift during turns
Method for transfer alignment of an inertial measurement unit in the presence of unknown aircraft measurements delays
Navigation system
Navigation device for a land-bound vehicle
Method for identifying a place, and terminal and central unit therefor
Apparatus for determining appropriate series of words carrying information to be recognized
Map data storage medium
Method and device in vehicle control system, and system for error diagnostics in vehicle
Synchro/resolver bridge and automatic test system
Inferential signal generator for instrumented equipment and processes
Linear position sensor
Apparatus and method for compensating mass flow rate of a material when the density of the material causes an unacceptable error in flow rate
Picostrain engineering data acquisition system
System and method for reconstruction of spectral curves using measurements from a color sensor and a spectral measurement system model
Method of determining lethality of defects in circuit pattern inspection, method of selecting defects to be reviewed, and inspection system of circuit patterns involved with the methods
Separation of periodic and non-periodic signal components
Transducer instability detection in a digital channel
Method and apparatus for selectively compacting test responses
Timing calibration method and semiconductor device testing apparatus having timing calibration function
Semiconductor test system supporting multiple virtual logic testers
Method and apparatus for evaluating a circuit
Method for designing complex digital and integrated circuits as well as a circuit structure
Built-in self test for PLL module with on-chip loop filter
Method and system for determining common failure modes for integrated circuits
Algorithm for finding vectors to stimulate all paths and arcs through an LVS gate
Systems and methods for facilitating automated test equipment functionality within integrated circuits
Scaling logic for event based test system
Dual resolution acquisition of magnetic resonance angiography data with vessel segmentation
Method for the implementation of a perfusion measurement with magnetic resonance imaging
Short range spread-spectrum radiolocation system and method
Position calculation method and position calculation apparatus
Determining vertical fractures in a stratum using scattered vertical and horizontal shear modes
Non-stationary filter design and application for seismic signals
Planar variable optical attenuator
Apparatus and method for holding an optical fiber component during optical fiber alignment
Optical fiber ribbon separation tool
Shelf detection system for a fiber distribution frame
Optical fiber distribution frame with connector modules
Distance measuring apparatus and focusing device
Range finder
Camera having viewfinder box extending from cover to cover and assembly method
One-time-use camera having closure and method for preparing one-time-use camera for recycling
Method and apparatus for three dimensional modeling of an object
Diaphragm switching apparatus
Image recording/reproducing system, image recording apparatus, and image reproducing apparatus
Photometry device
Electronic flash device
Method for high yield reticle formation
Method of photolithographic critical dimension control by using reticle measurements in a control algorithm
System for determining when a component in a printer should be replaced
Image heating apparatus with heating member facing image when formed on one side and backup member arranged at or above the height of the heating member, and image forming apparatus containing same
Dual cam set transfer assist blade system
Image forming apparatus for synthetic resin sheets
Printer or copier for simultaneously printing a supporting material on both sides
Model-free adaptive control for industrial processes
Semiconductor processing techniques
Control device and control method for robot
Data acquisition unit for remote monitoring system and method for remote monitoring
Method and apparatus for integrating near real-time fault detection in an APC framework
Numerical controlling unit using machining information
Hybrid fuzzy closed-loop sub-micron critical dimension control in wafer manufacturing
Method and apparatus for interfacing a statistical process control system with a manufacturing process control framework
Production schedule planning device and a method of producing a semiconductor device using the same
Method and apparatus for updating a manufacturing model based upon fault data relating to processing of semiconductor wafers
Timed multi-function digital interface
Diagnostics in a process control system
Diagnostic method and apparatus for use with enterprise control
Programmable computerize enclosure module for accommodating SCSI devices and associated method of configuring operation features thereof
Predictive temperature compensation for memory devices systems and method
System and method in a modem for providing a shortened reset pulse upon receipt of an external reset pulse
Keyboard, mouse, video and power switching apparatus and method
Power-saving mode release error detection and recovery logic circuit for microcontroller devices
Multicast-enhanced update propagation in a weakly-consistant, replicated data storage system
System and method for testing software reliability over extended time
Notification system for informing a network user of a problem in the network
Loosely coupled mass storage computer cluster
Method for correction of errors in a binary word stored in multi-level memory cells, with minimum number of correction bits
Disk array system and its control method
Data redundancy methods and apparatus
Backup by ID-suppressed instant virtual copy then physical backup copy with ID reintroduced
Multiprocessor system for distributively determining the identity of a new control processor based upon the identity of the failing processor(s) stored therein
Real-time test controller
Configuration and method for storing the test results obtained by a BIST circuit
Method and system for fault isolation for PCI bus errors
Emulation suspension mode with frame controlled resource access
Apparatus and method for analyzing performance of a computer program
Performance monitoring and optimizing of controller parameters
Rules-based method of and system for optimizing server hardware capacity and performance
Method and apparatus for correlating trace data from asynchronous emulation machines
Methods and apparatus for site wide monitoring of electronic mail systems
Microcomputer debug architecture and method
Quality of swaps of data storage volumes
Method and apparatus for ensuring cache coherency for spawned dependent transactions in a multi-system environment with shared data storage devices
Apparatus and method to precisely position packets for a queue based memory controller
Data processor with localized memory reclamation
Method and apparatus for exchanging data between transactional and non-transactional input/output systems in a multi-processing, shared memory environment
Maximizing throughput in a pairwise-redundant storage system
Transportable memory apparatus and associated methods of initializing a computer system having the same
Apparatus and method to improve performance of reads from and writes to shared memory locations
Remote data facility prefetch
Cache with dynamic control of sub-block fetching
Cache chain structure to implement high bandwidth low latency cache memory subsystem
Memory system for multiple data types
Prefetch queue
Method and apparatus of sustained sequential data transfer in a media drive
Processor-memory bus architecture for supporting multiple processors
Methods and apparatus for upgrading programmable control logic without disturbing network traffic flowing through functional elements controlled by the control logic
High speed peripheral interconnect apparatus, method and system
Modem instructions sequentially alternating executions between sending a predetermined number of symbols by a transmit sequencer and receiving by a receive sequencer
Memory system including a memory controller having a data strobe generator and method for accesing a memory using a data storage
Set up time adjust
DMA transfer device
Parallel peripheral interface
Communication control device transmitting data based on internal bus speed of receiving computer
Adaptive throughput optimization
Display computer with on-screen identifiers for multiple serial ports for avoiding physical mislabelling of ports
External storage device and method of accessing same
Queue manager for a buffer
Computer system implementing a system and method for ordering input/output (IO) memory operations within a coherent portion thereof
CPU expandability bus
Management of PCI read access to a central resource
Method and apparatus for data dependent, dual level output driver
Data transfer in host expansion bridge
Scalable crossbar switch
System, apparatus and control method for monitoring system changes within a network configuration
Throughput for a serial interface
System and method for intelligent quality control of a process
Desk calculator capable of easy checking and trustworthy calculation
Satisfiability algorithms and finite quantification
Method and apparatus for process modeling using a dynamical system
Apparatus and method for compact Haar transform
Microprocessor including an efficient implementation of extreme value instructions
Variational inference engine for probabilistic graphical models
Probabilistic system for natural language processing
User state sensitive system and method for nutrient analysis using natural language interface
Fast clustering with sparse data
Method and apparatus for aggressively rendering data in a data processing system
System and method for managing information retrievals from distributed archives
Method and computer program product for implementing collaborative bookmarks and synchronized bookmark lists
Methods and apparatus for finding semantic information, such as usage logs, similar to a query using a pattern lattice data space
Method and apparatus for fast searching of hand-held contacts lists
Method and apparatus for facilitating wildcard searches within a relational database
Information retrieval system
Item name normalization
Real-time distributed file system
System and method for displaying an interactive electronic representation of a corresponding static media object
Method and apparatus for record addressing in partitioned files
Method and system for rating patents and other intangible assets
Determining whether a second hypertext document is included in a list of active document trails
Rule construction and application
Method of updating an addressee database in a mail sorting apparatus
Database management method of invoking a function retrieving index type definition, cataloging particular index which has not yet been supported by a database system
Method and system for improving concurrency through early release of unnecessary locks
Automatic text classification system
Method and apparatus for searching human three-dimensional posture
Database management apparatus and query operation therefor, including processing plural database operation requests based on key range of hash code
Methods for analyzing dynamic program behavior using user-defined classifications of an execution trace
Hierarchical string matching using multi-path dynamic programming
System and method of refreshing and posting data between versions of a database table
Method and system for dynamically generating web forms in a variety of languages
Multimedia summary generation employing user feedback
Data management system for storing structural element data management program
Method and device for determining a fault in a technical system
Method and system for implementing a user interface for performing physical design operations on an integrated circuit netlist
Scheduling method for high-level synthesis and recording medium
Computer aided design system and computer-readable medium storing a program for designing clock gated logic circuits and gated clock circuit
Method for preserving regularity during logic synthesis
Correlation of behavioral HDL signals
Method for design optimization using logical and physical information
Method for the comparison of electrical circuits
Circuit analysis tool and recording medium having recorded program for making the circuit analysis tool function
Method for prototyping asynchronous circuits using synchronous devices
Distributed static timing analysis
Netlist resynthesis program based on physical delay calculation
Method of configuring FPGAS for dynamically reconfigurable computing
Method of designing signal distribution circuit and system for supporting the same
Method of extracting timing characteristics of transistor circuits, storage medium storing timing characteristic library, LSI designing method, and gate extraction method
Layout design method
Printed circuit board design support system, printed circuit board design method and storage medium storing control program for same
Software for high throughput microfluidic systems
System and method for bridging a clinical remote data entry product to a back-end clinical data management system
Methods for selecting, developing and improving diagnostic tests for pregnancy-related conditions
Apparatus and method for cryptographic-based license management
Method to provide global sign-on for ODBC-based database applications
Method and apparatus for secure processing of cryptographic keys
Method and user interface for representing architectural plan diagrams
Data processing apparatus for facilitating data selection and data processing
Storage apparatus having a virtual storage area
Information processing system and recording medium recording a program to cause a computer to execute steps
Synchronizing device and method that adjusts readout speed according to remaining quantity of data in memory while operating decoder on fixed frequency system clock
Electronic control unit and method measuring and using electric power-off period
Method and system for providing a hardware sort in a graphics system
Rounding anticipator for floating point operations
Digital signal processor with coupled multiply-accumulate units
Processors with data typer and aligner selectively coupling data bits of data buses to adder and multiplier functional blocks to execute instructions with flexible data types
Information processing system, enciphering/deciphering system, system LSI, and electronic apparatus
Stack oriented data processing device
Programmable ALU
Methods and apparatus for scalable instruction set architecture with dynamic compact instructions
Linear vector computation
System, method and article of manufacture for creating an object oriented component having multiple bidirectional ports for use in association with a java application or applet
System and method for minimizing inter-application interference among static synchronized methods
Method and system for changing the operating system of a workstation connected to a data transmission network
Program correcting method and system
Method and apparatus for avoiding array class creation in virtual machines
Fastpath redeployment of EJBs
Method and system for distributing updates by presenting directory of software available for user installation that is not already installed on user station
Method and system for providing an event system infrastructure
Scheduling operations using a dependency matrix
Power enabling mechanism, a power enabling method, and a controller for an input/output device
Small shape recognizing capacitive sensor device
Method and system for analyzing and classifying electronic information
Maintenance optimization system for water pipelines
Apparatus for editing e-mail address and e-mail apparatus
System and method for distributing messages
Environmental permit web portal with data validation capabilities
Story workflow management system and method
Method for managing a heterogeneous IT computer complex
Method for evaluating current business performance
Automated convention processing system and method
Quantifying the level of interest of an item of current interest
Computer system and method for providing an on-line mall
Performance value determination system and method
Method and system for e-commerce and related data management, analysis and reporting
Method and system for identifying consumer credit revolvers with neural network time series segmentation
Digital trust center for medical image authentication
Image production system theme integration
Video capture device
Bit-error resistant arithmetic coding/decoding apparatus and method thereof
Method for enhancing video compression through automatic data analysis and profile selection
Method and apparatus for update and acquisition of automotive vehicle specifications in automotive diagnostic equipment
Vehicle supervision and monitoring
Vending machine
Data processing system using active tokens and method for controlling such a system
Fire detection systems and methods
Method and device for detecting drifts, jumps and/or outliers of measurement values
System and method for low-noise control of radio frequency devices
Universal transmitter
System and method for identification of traffic lane positions
Bus diagnostic and control system and method
Voice activity detector
Low complexity speaker verification using simplified hidden markov models with universal cohort models and automatic score thresholding
Computer-implemented speech recognition system training
Conversion between data representation formats
Method and apparatus for time-synchronized translation and synthesis of natural-language speech
Data terminal with speech recognition function and speech recognition system
Wired and cordless telephone systems with extended frequency range
Codebook structure for changeable pulse multimode speech coding
Recording/reproduction apparatus capable of exchanging information with storage apparatus mounted on recording medium assembly
Method and system for limiting the maximum number of consecutive zeroes in a block for communications or storage
Synchronization recovery technique for storage media
Method and system for encoding data for high performance error control
Magnetic media certification
System and method for generating a defect map for a data-storage medium without the use of a hard index
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Optical disc for storing moving pictures with text information and apparatus using the disc
Method and apparatus for calibrating write power
Column address path circuit and method for memory devices having a burst access mode
Method and apparatus for testing multi-port memories
Circuit configuration for handling access contentions
Method and apparatus for generating real-time data from static files
Method for reducing network costs and its application to domino circuits
Battery-powered radio frequency communication apparatus
Switchable superconductive inductor
Point-to-point, millimeter wave, dual band free space gigabit per second communication link
Antenna coupler and arrangement for coupling a radio telecommunication device to external apparatuses
Antenna receiving system
Base station device and transmission method
Cable management tie bar and brackets
Active current-limiting control for dc motor speed regulation
Memory-based amplifier load adjust system
Power amplifier
Apparatus and method for automated testing of integrated analog to digital converters
Out-of-band forward error correction
Encoding apparatus and encoding method for multidimensionally coding and encoding method and decoding apparatus for iterative decoding of multidimensionally coded information
Memory write and read control
Transmitting circuit in which damage to power amplifier due to reflected wave is prevented and transmitter-receiver provided with the transmitting circuit
Transceiver unit
Apparatus, and associated method for controlling service degradation performance of communication in a radio communication system
Closed-loop transmitting power control method using variable updating amount
Apparatus for and method of controlling transmission power
Radio communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling communication beams within a cellular communication system
Network architectures for LEO/GEO satellite-based communications systems
Fixed ground track satellite constellation and user terminal
Portable electronic book viewer
Spread spectrum image steganography
Communication inhibiting device and communication inhibiting system
Cycling through entirety of error-indicating acknowledgment information
ARQ method for wireless communication
System and method for managing on-line discussion having multiple topics in a collaborative data processing environment
Automatic testing of redundant switching element and automatic switchover
QOS protection system
Service package application and a service activation manager for use with a service control point in an advanced intelligent network
System and method to effectively compensate for delays in an electronic interconnect
Method and apparatus for exchange of routing database information
Channel-to-channel skew compensation apparatus
Communication of structured document content between 3270 logical units
Distributed file processing with context unit configured to judge the validity of the process result on the basis of the name of the raw file and the name of the executed procedure
Providing for the omission of root information from depth-related requests according to standard request/response protocols
Method and apparatus that improves the technique by which a plurality of agents process information distributed over a network through by way of a contract net protocol
Method and apparatus for maintaining session states
Power conservation with a synchronous master-slave serial data bus
Device for retrieving dial data and method of retrieving dial data
Spelling correction for two-way mobile communication devices
Cellular radiotelephone system with remotely programmed mobile stations
Communication valet device
Fixed calling party pays charges
Method and apparatus for selectively communicating in a wireless communication system based on varying time incremental costs of communication
Telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for re-establishing a call in a communication system
System and apparatus for dynamically generating audible notices from an information network
Method and apparatus for multiple agent commitment tracking and notification
Method and apparatus relating to wireless office system
Device control system
Systems and methods for providing video-on-demand services for broadcasting systems
Image and sound reproduction system
Continuous recording apparatus for surveillance
Broadcast program reserve-recording apparatus using a remote transceiver
Transport protocol conversion method and protocol conversion equipment
Communicating enhancement data in layers
Digital signal recording/reproducing apparatus
Method of managing a plurality of radio links in wireless local loop
Implementation of multicast messaging in a mobile telecommunications network
Process for transmitting data, in particular GSM data
IC card and communication system using IC card
Mobile communications system
Coverage area sectorization in time division multiple access/frequency-time division duplex communications systems
Method and apparatus for evaluation of position location performance
Safe zones for portable electronic devices
Location dependent service for mobile telephones
Method and apparatus for automatic adaptation of communications systems to regional spectrum variations
Method and system for transmitting a position information
CDMA mobile terminal apparatus
Digital cordless telephone device which gives a warning to prevent unexpected termination of communication
Mobility management for terminals with multiple subscriptions
Method and apparatus in a telecommunications network
Pultrusion process to form specially shaped pieces for transforming electric current into diffused heat
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