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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X7H283
Maize hybrid X85C455
Soybean variety XBP19006
Substituted 5H-pyrimido[5,4-B]indoles, method for the production thereof and use thereof for treating non-solid malignant tumors of the blood-producing system
Method for treating an inflammatory disease by administering a 1,2,3,4- tetrahydroquinoxaline compound containing a phenyl group having a sulfonic acid ester structure introduced therein as a substituent
Fetal movement monitor
Images of language-sensitive neurocircuitry as a diagnostic for autism
Injection and hemostasis site
Sulfonyl semicarbazides, semicarbazides and ureas, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods for treating hemorrhagic fever viruses, including infections associated with arena viruses
Stabilized leukotriene B.sub.4 (LTB.sub.4) agent pharmaceutical formulation
Compositions and methods for metabolic imaging
Crystalline forms of the mono-sodium salt of D-isoglutamyl-D-tryptophan
Tetrasubstituted benzenes
Spiperone derivatives and methods of treating disorders
Derivatives of pyridoxine for inhibiting HIV integrase
Substituted pyridines, and use thereof as GSK3 inhibitors
Aminooxime derivatives of 2- and/or 4-substituted androstanes and androstenes as medicaments for cardiovascular disorders
Daptomycin for multiple sclerosis
Treatment of hepatitis C virus with telaprevir (VX-950) in patients non-responsive to treatment with pegylated interferon-alpha 2A/2B and ribavirin
Film mounted aroma device
Fixation of implantable pulse generators
Lead connection system for an implantable electrical stimulation system and methods for making and using the systems
Magnetic resonance imaging compatible medical electrical lead and method of making the same
Implantable lead with shielding
Performing Operations; Transporting
Acoustic deterrence
Method and apparatus for abatement of reaction products from a vacuum processing chamber
Illuminative clipper structure
Thermal marking system
Image forming apparatus provided with laser drive apparatus for controlling light amount of laser beam scanned by scanning unit
Method for operation of a drive train
Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine
Hybrid vehicle and method for controlling the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing 3,3,3-trifluoropropene
Compounds and methods for PKC.theta. inhibition
Process for the preparation of lapatinib and it's pharmaceutically acceptable salts
Process for production of ethanol using a mixed feed using copper containing catalyst
Process for the production and purification of propylene glycol
Multi-stage process and apparatus for recovering dichlorohydrins
Process for the preparation of acylated secondary alcohol alkoxylates and secondary alcohol alkoxylates
Method for the continuous production of 2-butanone in hot pressurized water having an added electrolyte
Method for producing aliphatic carboxylic acids from aldehydes by microreaction technology
Synthesis of 4-[3-(2,6-dimethylbenzyloxy)phenyl]-4-oxobutanoic acid
Process for preparing highly branched polyhydroxybenzoic acid alkoxylates
Preparation method of copolymerizable photoinitiators
Method for preparing 2,5-dimethylphenylacetic acid
Method of processing feed streams containing hydrogen sulfide
Synthesis process, and crystalline form of 4-{3-[cis-hexahydrocyclopenta[c]pyrrol-2(1H)-yl]proxy}benzamide hydrochloride and pharmaceutical compositions containing it
Triphenylamine derivatives useful as fluorophores in biology, in particular for two-photon microscopy
Benzodiazepine compound and pharmaceutical composition
Process for the preparation and purification of amorolfine hydrochloride
Process for producing epoxy compound
Sulfonamide compound and crystal thereof
Compound having 3-heteroarylpyrimidin-4-(3H)-one structure and pharmaceutical preparation containing same
Aminopyrimidines useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Organometallic complex, and light-emitting element and display device using the organometallic complex
Process for the synthesis of 4-(dimethylsilyl) butylferrocene
Process for producing 1,2-trans-glycoside compound
Cancer related isoforms of components of transcription factor complexes as biomarkers and drug targets
O-imino-iso-urea compounds and polymerizable compositions thereof
Dye and coloring photosensitive composition
Vinylbenzyl ethers of polycyclopentadiene polyphenol
Process for the preparation of a catalyst composition for dimerization, codimerization and oligomerization of olefins
2,4,5-triaminophenols and related compounds
Polymeric coupling agents
Depolymerization of polymers
Process to prepare crosslinkable trifluorostyrene polymers and membranes
Mixtures of N-alkanols and their use
Optical film and process for its production
Rubber compositions comprising two different coupling agents and also inorganic fillers
Compatibilizers for producing nanocomposites, microcomposites and polymer blends and process for obtaining them
Mixture for use in forming a transparent coating on a transparent substrate
Self-healing polymer nanocomposite coatings for use on surfaces made of wood
Emulsions of boron crosslinked organopolysiloxanes
Functionalized lignin, rubber containing functionalized lignin and products containing such rubber composition
Method of controlling a transformation process of charge material to a product
Plants with increased yield
Fixed Constructions
Methods and arrangement for handling asphalt emulsion
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Tunnel power turbine system to generate potential energy from waste kinetic energy
Louvered turbine for generating electric power from a water current
Wind turbine and a shaft for a wind turbine
On-demand generation of electricity from stored wind energy
Gas range usable as electric range
Fluid preheater
System and method for optical coherence tomography
Laser rangefinder sensor
Measuring vibration in a rotating element
Enhanced sensitivity interferometric sensors
Systems and methods for navigation
Methods for and apparatus for generating a continuum of three-dimensional image data
Nose pipe instrument capable of modulating the tone thereof
Platform scale using slot block load cells
Testing apparatus for piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Sensor apparatus for detecting and monitoring a crack propagating through a structure
Multi-stream spectrophotometer module
Standoff explosives detector using deep-UV Raman spectroscopy
Electron-optical system for high-speed and high-sensitivity inspections
Device for evaluating degree of degradation of lubricating oil
Method of converting allocated radio resource mode of MS in wireless access system
Methods and apparatus for implementing electrical connectivity for electronic circuit testing
System and apparatus for cascading and redistributing HDTV signals
Rotational parabolic antenna with various feed configurations
Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method
Sync feedback for time to first fix
Apparatus and method for processing navigation signal
Radiological image detection apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Radiation image capturing device
Multiple anisotropic parameter inversion for a TTI earth model using well data
Seismic sensor devices
Magnetic resonance imaging with improved imaging contrast
Transmitting electric power into a bore hole
Fluidic lens with manually-adjustable focus
Optical device
Shaped gradient lens
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device having particular conductive layer
Electrochromic device with improved transparent conductor and method for forming the same
Exposure apparatus and method of manufacturing device
Stereo camera with automatic control of interocular distance based on lens settings
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for improving steering sensitivity of vehicle
Means of providing variable reactive load capability on an electronic load
Voltage generating circuit, device including the same, and method of generating voltage
Peripheral input device
Fastening device for hard disk drive
Image generating apparatus and image generating method and reading of image by using plural buffers to generate computer readable medium
Printing system, control method, storage client apparatus, and web application server
Color dispensing system and method
Information filling station facilitating wireless transfer of data content to a portable device or other pre-defined locations
System and methods for generating and managing a virtual device
Clutch control device and clutch control method
Silicon etching control method and system
Method and apparatus for a displacement correction for a machine tool
Test apparatus and test method
Method and system for analyzing calcium transients in coupled cells
Image signal processor and method thereof
Handwriting-input device and method
Image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium
Print system
Printing system, control method of the same, print server, control method of the print server, and storage medium
Method for control and/or regulation of a motor vehicle automatic transmission according to driving route slope
Method to define a gear step for a shifting
Traffic simulator
System and method for aircraft taxing and guidance using a communication network
Information processing system, image forming apparatus, management apparatus, management method, and computer program for searching an address information of management in a case when an error notification is received
Processing tile images including overlap regions
Advanced sensor binning correction
Multi-view image generating method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for masking privacy area of image
Method for the fully automatic segmentation of an organ, in particular the renal parenchyma, from volume data sets in medical imaging
Data compression method and data compression apparatus
Calibration phantom and method for measuring and correcting geometric distortions in medical images
System and method for identifying a region of interest in a digital image
Robot system, robot control device and method for controlling robot
Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic view of bi-directional impact analysis results for multiply connected objects
System and method for iterative interactive ray tracing in a multiprocessor environment
Global visualization process terrain database builder
Apparatus and method for processing projection data
Tracking and monitoring system
Seat having occupant detecting function and occupant detection device
Personal audio cable alarm device
Method for driving an AC type plasma display panel
Electronic device having display and method for controlling display brightness
Device and method for acquiring tactile information with sequential scanning
Controlling display updates for electro-optic displays
Vocal tuning device for microphones
Method for estimating language model weight and system for the same
Disk drive device provided with fluid dynamic bearing
Disk drive device
Tape buffer used to reduce tape backhitches during writing operations
Disk drive adjusting gain and offset of BEMF velocity sensor during self writing of spiral tracks
Evaluation method of perpendicular magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method of perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Recording/reproducing apparatus
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Semiconductor storage device
Reliability metrics management for soft decoding
Clock handoff circuit and clock handoff method
Apparatus for repairing riser pipe elbow weld in boiling water nuclear reactor
Radiation barrier panel
Wireless switch with multipolar electromagnetic generator
Electrode cover assembly
Discharge tube and stroboscopic device
Semiconductor package having reliable electrical connection and assembling method
Interconnect structure containing non-damaged dielectric and a via gouging feature
Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
Package-level integrated circuit connection without top metal pads or bonding wire
Semiconductor substrate, package and device
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same and power-supply device using the same
Electrical circuit with a nanostructure and method for producing a contact connection of a nanostructure
Trenched substrate for crystal growth and wafer bonding
Nonplanar graphite-based devices having multiple bandgaps
Nitride semiconductor device
Method for producing a thin-film solar cell by use of microcrystalline silicon and a layer sequence
Photovoltaic module
Optical waveguide device
Light emitting panel having a plurality of light emitting element arrays arranged in descending order of wavelength
Light-emitting element and organic electroluminescent display device
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and process for producing the same
Phosphor ceramic and light-emitting device
Piezoelectric device and method for fabricating the same
Mechanical temperature compensation methods and devices
Nonvolatile memory device
Electronic device with power generation function
Charging control device
Field programmable filter array
Compact multibeam reflector antenna
Diversity antenna apparatus including rectifier device
Antenna circuit, method for reducing resistance of antenna circuit, and transponder
Monopole antenna
Current diverter ring
Multi-pass optical system for a pump laser
Insulative wire-clipping bushing
Micro grid bridge structures
Switched reluctance motor
Arrangement for attaching a magnet to a rotor, and a rotor
Polyphase AC motor, driving device and driving method therefor
Planar tri-mode cavity
Constant current controller
Variable frequency timing circuit for a power supply control circuit
Method and device for an induction motor start
Varactor tuning control using redundant numbering
Flexural mode resonator element, resonating device, and electronic apparatus
Systems and methods for generating pulsed output signals using a gated RF oscillator circuit
Operating a frequency synthesizer
Push-pull amplification systems and methods
Amplifier circuit and radio communication apparatus
Ultra-low power multi-threshold asynchronous circuit design
Closed-loop transmission power control method, base station apparatus and terminal
Multi-mode communication unit
System and method for channel status information feedback in a wireless communications system that utilizes multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission
Low complexity technique for digital subscriber line (DSL) power control
Method and system for a reconfigurable filter that is utilized by a RF transmitter and a RF receiver which are integrated on a single substrate
Cascading baseband processors
Radio device
Encoding device, encoding method, encoding program, decoding device, decoding method, and decoding program
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding video signal using motion compensation based on affine transformation
Method of storing pictures in a memory using compression coding and cost function including power consumption
Optical transmission device, optical transmission method, and recording medium thereof
Noise estimation
Monitoring optical parameters of a modulated optical signal
System and method for measuring optical signal-to-noise ratio
RFID reader and method for suppressing transmission leakage signal thereof
Electric-field communication device
Scheduler, radio base station apparatus including the scheduler, and scheduling method
Channel quality measurement in relay systems
Method and apparatus in which a relay station makes a hybrid automatic repeat request in a multi-carrier system
Methods and apparatus for downloading one or more radio data system (RDS) group type processing routines for RDS data
Method and system for transmitting and/or receiving advertisement and data contents on a mobile communication device with a display mechanism
Satellite broadcast receiving and distribution system
Method and apparatus for relaying data in wireless communication system
Method of constructing a frame by multiplexing subframes having different CP length
Method and system for quality of service support for ethernet multiservice interworking over multiprotocol label switching
Auto-compression for media over IP
Real-time data encryption
Methods and systems for hybrid MIMO schemes in OFDM/A systems
Relative time division for network coding
Method and devices for bit rate allocation for point-to-multipoint multimedia communications
Managing data on Infiniband (IB) networks
Digital subscriber line (DSL) network upgrade tool
Transmission apparatus and transmission method
Flow based path selection randomization using parallel hash functions
System and method for restoration in a multimedia IP network
VoIP delay for predictive maintenance
Method and system for dynamic anchoring of circuit-switched calls
Orthogonal resource selection transmit diversity
Apparatus and method for channel estimation using compressive sensing
Method for receiving data in multi input multi output
System and method for improving in-game communications during a game
Calibration of communication processing path
Mobile device
Electronic document answering machine
System and method for facilitating account-based transactions
Providing concurrent voice and data capabilities using a single communication path
System and method of providing information access on a portable device
System and method for citizen requests for assistance
Devices, systems and methods for managing custom alpha tags
Call signal generating device
Location based quality of session control in unified telephony
Location based quality of session control in unified telephony
Look-up table for transfer function
User defined associations of colors to cartridges for color printers
Image processing apparatus and image processing method therefor
Method and system for bit reorganization and packetization of uncompressed video for transmission over wireless communication channels
Parallax image generating apparatus and method
Signal processing device, reproducing device, signal processing method and program
Solid-state image device, method for producing the same, and image pickup apparatus
Digital camera dock having a movable attachment surface
Imaging apparatus, control method and storage medium
Blurred image detection for text recognition
Indoor/outdoor scene detection using GPS
Rapid television channel scan using frequency plans to identify channels
Telephone call recording interface cable assembly for smartphones
Image and sound reproducing apparatus for reproducing an audio visual interleaving file from recording medium
Video coding apparatus, method of controlling video coding and program of controlling video coding
Establishing 3D video conference presentation on 2D display
Using distributed local QOS optimization to achieve global QOS optimization for video conferencing services
System, method and computer-readable medium for encoding a signal into macroblocks
Apparatus for automatically ignoring cast self shadows to increase the effectiveness of video analytics based surveillance systems
In-vehicle image display apparatus
Signal processing apparatus for applying AVC to delayed signals and a method thereof
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and recording medium
Electronic monitoring systems, shipment container monitoring systems and methods of monitoring a shipment in a container
Electrostatic speaker
Component for noise reducing earphone
Drive control method of electrostatic-type ultrasonic transducer, electrostatic-type ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic speaker using electrostatic-type ultrasonic transducer, audio signal reproducing method, superdirectional acoustic system, and display
Apparatus and method for determining transmit signal parameters using real-time channel measurements
Enabling circuit-switched services during mobility management congestion control
Method and apparatus for mode switching between a multi-cell coordinated communication mode and a single-cell MIMO communication mode
Method and apparatus for switching frequency assignment in wireless communication system
Method for controlling devices based on NFC and device control system using the same
Device, channel quality estimation method, and transmission method
Systems and methods for establishing a telecommunications bridge between a user device and a node
Area event handling when current network does not cover target area
Communications terminal, connection destination display method, and computer program
Nonwoven blanket with a heating element
Plasma generator
Circuit arrangement for operating a discharge lamp
Circuit for driving fluorescent lamp and light-emitting diode
LED display device providing current correction and correction method thereof
Method and apparatus for controlling and measuring aspects of time-varying combined light
Backlight unit and apparatus and method for controlling LED driving circuit
LED white-light devices for direct form, fit, and function replacement of existing lighting devices
Circuits and methods for driving light sources
Substrate having transparent conductive layer, method for producing same, transparent conductive film laminate for touch panel, and touch panel
Portable external power-supplying device
Anti-eavesdropping device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Ink cartridge for an ink-jet recording apparatus, and a system for detecting and displaying an ink consumption state of an ink cartridge
Circuit arrangement having a sensor and an evaluation circuit
Method for optimizing multivariate calibrations
Instrumentation system and method including an improved driver software architecture
Method and device for determining a variable describing the speed of a vehicle
Electronic calipers having scaling, nominal-value look-up, and geometric-calculation functions
Method for marking, tracking, and managing hospital instruments
Carrier frequency measuring method and apparatus
Kernel-based fast aerial image computation for a large scale design of integrated circuit patterns
Multipurpose fluid analog computer
Speeding up levelized compiled code simulation using netlist transformations
Method and system for incrementally compiling instrumentation into a simulation model
Quantitative risk assessment system (QRAS)
Method and apparatus for evaluating software programs for semiconductor circuits
Interactive interface for specifying searches
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a programmed electronic control unit for use in an anti-lock braking (ABS) system
Multiple use chip socket for integrated circuits and the like
Logic analysis system for logic emulation systems
Non-distributed LAN emulation server redundancy method
Method and apparatus for parsing in a spoken language translation system
Method and apparatus for pre-processing speech signals prior to coding by transform-based speech coders
Multiple impulse excitation speech encoder and decoder
Variation in playback speed of a stored audio data signal encoded using a history based encoding technique
Using vocoded parameters in a staggered average to provide speakerphone operation based on enhanced speech activity thresholds
Method of independently creating and using a garbage model for improved rejection in a limited-training speaker-dependent speech recognition system
Speech recognition of caller identifiers using location information
Method for direct recognition of encoded speech data
Statistical option generator for alpha-numeric pre-database speech recognition correction
Speaker adaptation device and speech recognition device
Apparatus and method for acoustic command input to an elevator installation
Method for setting terminal specific parameters of a communication terminal
Multi-level run length coding for frequency-domain audio coding
Method and apparatus for controlling offers that are provided at a point-of-sale terminal
Method and system for generating statistically-based medical provider utilization profiles
Method and apparatus to connect consumer to expert
Cryptographic encoded ticket issuing and collection system for remote purchasers
Method and system for handling disruptions in the management of electronic auctions
Automatic remittance delivery system
Electronic transaction processing system with escrow card
Method and apparatus for inference of partial knowledge in interactive configuration
What-if index analysis utility for database systems
Address routing using address-sensitive mask decimation scheme
Database system with original and public databases and data exploitation support apparatus for displaying response to inquiry of database system
Method and apparatus for performing radix lookups using valid bit tables with pointers
Method and apparatus for high-speed approximate sub-string searches
Method and computer program product for implementing highly concurrent record insertion in an ordinal number dependent database
Network based groupware system
Subscription and internet advertising via searched and updated bookmark sets
Database server for handling a plurality of user defined routines (UDRs) expressed in a plurality of computer languages
System and computer-implemented method for transforming existing host-based screen applications into components useful in developing integrated business-centric applications
Memory conserving and compression technique-compatible image rotation system
Dynamic data organization
System and method for describing views in space, time, frequency, and resolution
Method for cataloging datastore characteristics and defining and generating datastore persistent objects
Method for defining composed object methods and attributes by dynamically presenting composite values and options
System and method for a precompiled database for biomolecular sequence information
Distributed synchronization of databases
Presentation of link information as an aid to hypermedia navigation
System and method using metalanguage keywords to generate charts
Method and system for producing an internet page description file on a digital imaging device
Method and apparatus for automatically formatting multiple lines of text in a word processor
Bipartite look-up table with output values having minimized absolute error
Macroblock variance estimator for MPEG-2 video encoder
Adaptive filter, step size control method thereof, and record medium therefor
Discrete cosine high-speed arithmetic unit and related arithmetic unit
Shared mac (multiply accumulate) system and method
Constant multiplier, method and device for automatically providing constant multiplier and storage medium storing constant multiplier automatic providing program
Method and apparatus for multi-function arithmetic
Method and apparatus for an N-NARY HPG gate
System and method for reducing research time through a lock wait matrix
Data processing system and method of task management within a self-managing application
Virtual machine pooling
Method for performing parallel management operations including and deleting computer systems
User level adaptive thread blocking
Method and apparatus for assigning tasks in a distributed server system
Method and system for load balancing by replicating a portion of a file being read by a first stream onto second device and reading portion with a second stream capable of accessing
Input/output completion port queue data structures and methods for using same
Moving data in and out of processor units using idle register/storage functional units
Distributed world wide web servers
System and method for an automated broadcast system
Apparatus and computer-implemented process for providing real-time multimedia data transport in a distributed computing system
Method and system for sharing negotiating capabilities when sharing an application with multiple systems
Browser-based email system with user interface for audio/video capture
Computer implemented virtual sensor object and tangible medium utilizing same
Tracking a user's purchases on the internet by associating the user with an inbound source and a session identifier
Message database manipulation using a single command to evoke multiple operations on multiple messages
Distributed object networking service
System and method for automatically setting VLAN configuration information
Trail management across transport functionality of large and complex telecommunications networks
Design of computer networks
System and method for calculating the transfer rate across a communication medium using a downloaded test program and transferring data accordingly
Method and system for providing quality-of-service in a data-over-cable system using configuration protocol messaging
Network scanner contention handling method
Method and apparatus for multiple file download via single aggregate file serving
Dynamically adjustable hybrid two-way data networks
Data distribution system and method for distributing data to a destination using a distribution device having a lowest distribution cost associated therewith
Method for providing stand-in objects
Apparatus for synchronizing multiple processors in a data processing system
Method for detecting a cable type by utilizing the peripheral device to measure and send a state of the PDIAG-signal to the host
Direct memory access in a bridge for a multi-processor system
Method and apparatus for highly-available processing of I/O requests while application processing continues
System and method to predict configuration of a bus target
Wallet for personal information device
Apparatus for the hot swap and add of input/output platforms and devices
SCSI bus based high speed data server
Hierarchical bus structure data processing apparatus and method with reduced data transfer volume
Expandable communications bus
Method of peer-to-peer mastering over a computer bus
Dual purpose apparatus, method and system for accelerated graphics port or system area network interface
Bus bridge architecture for a data processing system capable of sharing processing load among a plurality of devices
Sharing of the indirect addressing of the registers of a peripheral dedicated to emulation
Linearly expandable self-routing crossbar switch
Access control method with plural users having I/O commands prioritized in queues corresponding to plural memory units
Method for assuring device access to a bus having a fixed priority arbitration scheme
Device and method for generating interrupt
Computer system having an interrupt handler
Disk shaped recording medium and drive apparatus utilizing logical block address conversion and start addresses which increase from inner and outer circumferential sides of the medium
Circuits systems and methods for re-mapping memory row redundancy during two cycle cache access
Apparatus and method for controlling access to one or more disc storage devices
Card array apparatus for mounting in a personal computer
Disk processing apparatus and a recording medium for recording a disk control program
Hot spare light weight mirror for raid system
Word selection logic to implement an 80 or 96-bit cache SRAM
Parcel cache
Microprocessor with an instruction level reconfigurable n-way cache
Computer cache memory with classes and dynamic selection of replacement algorithms
Instruction cache address generation technique having reduced delays in fetching missed data
Method and apparatus for implementing non-temporal loads
Reducing read cycle of memory read request for data to be partially modified by a pending write request
Multi-bus data processing system in which all data words in high level cache memories have any one of four states and all data words in low level cache memories have any one of three states
Communication system method and recording apparatus for performing arbitrary application processing
Method for multi-volume, write-behind data storage in a distributed processing system
Method and apparatus for locking and unlocking a memory region
Synchronous dynamic random access memory and data processing system using an address select signal
Single-chip microcomputer synchronously controlling external synchronous memory responsive to memory clock signal and clock enable signal
System and method for interfacing an input/output system memory to a host computer system memory
Dynamically allocable RAM disk
System and method for writing specific bytes in a wide-word memory
Stacked mapped storage system
Method for efficient translation of memory addresses in computer systems
System and method for detecting system memory size using ROM based paging tables
Test vector verification system
Electronic circuit package
Power-and speed-efficient data storage/transfer architecture models and design methodologies for programmable or reusable multi-media processors
Microprocessor with reduced instruction set limiting the address space to upper 2 Mbytes and executing a long type register branch instruction in three intermediate instructions
Pipelined processing of short data streams using data prefetching
Data processing circuit with packed data structure capability
Method and apparatus for floating point (FP) status word handling in an out-of-order (000) Processor Pipeline
Single chip microcomputer having a dedicated address bus and dedicated data bus for transferring register bank data to and from an on-line RAM
Method and circuit for preloading prediction circuits in microprocessors
Method of controlling the degree of parallelism when performing parallel processing on an inherently serial computer program
Circuit for controlling execution of loop in digital signal processing chip
Method and apparatus for identifying display monitor functionality and compatibility
Method and apparatus for remote ROM flashing and security management for a computer system
Method and system for transferring information using an encryption mode indicator
Multicast message transmission device and message receiving protocol device for realizing fair message delivery time for multicast message
Method for establishing a secured communication channel over the internet
System for persistently encrypting critical software file to prevent installation of software program on unauthorized computers
Method and apparatus for session management and user authentication
Method and apparatus for preventing the fraudulent use of a cellular telephone
Secure wireless electronic-commerce system with digital product certificates and digital license certificates
Authorization systems, methods, and computer program products
Suspend/resume capability for a protected mode microprocessor
Pen-input information processing apparatus with pen activated power and state control
Means for saving electrical power
Automatic switching device for the power source input range of a monitor used in a personal computer
Clock modifying method and information processing apparatus which gradually increase frequency of an external clock to be supplied to processing unit
Interface for communication with an IC card, and apparatus fitted with such an interface
Enhanced error handling for I/O load/store operations to a PCI device via bad parity or zero byte enables
Disk array apparatus
Fault tolerant memory
Information recording/reproducing unit and information recording/reproducing data
Disk drive having two tiered defect list comprising marginal and reserved data sectors
Synchronization of processors in a fault tolerant multi-processor system
Method and apparatus for resetting, enabling and freezing a communication device in a diagnostic process
Method and apparatus for testing X servers
Debugging client server programs from third party workstations
Identification and verification of a sector within a block of mass STO rage flash memory
Method and apparatus for ECC logic test
Information recording medium, and method and apparatus for managing defect thereof
Semiconductor memory device having deterioration determining function
Test-facilitating circuit for information processing devices
Method and apparatus for controlling and observing data in a logic block-based asic
Method of dynamic on-chip digital integrated circuit testing
IP core design supporting user-added scan register option
Vector restoration using accelerated validation and refinement
Bit synchronizers and methods of synchronizing and calculating error
IC tester having region in which various test conditions are stored
Turbo code decoder with controlled probability estimate feedback
Efficient CRC generation utilizing parallel table lookup operations
Recording/reproduction system
Method and apparatus for enhancing data rate in processing ECC product-coded data arrays in DVD storage subsystems and the like
Method for storing parity information in a disk array storage system
Multiple program unequal error protection for digital audio broadcasting and other applications
Peak error detector
Method and apparatus for analyzing performance and density of a source design module for a target programmable gate array
Cell hierarchy verification method and apparatus for LSI layout
Wire processing method, wire processing equipment, and recording medium for wire processing program used in designing a large scale integrated circuit
Hybrid design method and apparatus for computer-aided circuit design
System and method for designing integrated circuits using cells with multiple unrelated outputs
Semiconductor circuit design method for employing spacing constraints and circuits thereof
Advanced modular cell placement system with overlap remover with minimal noise
Pattern matching method, timing analysis method and timing analysis device
Automatic topology synthesis and optimization
Platform independent double compare and swap operation
Multitasking computer system having a boot process rewrite program
Random test generation for compiler optimization
Method and system for software instruction level tracing in a data processing system
System, method, and product for memory management in a dynamic translator
Method for directly inlining virtual calls without on-stack replacement
Computer-program compilers comprising a program augmentation capability
Object-oriented sequencing using hierarachical configuration streams
Computer system and method to track and control element changes throughout application development
Apparatus and method for versioning persistent objects
System and method for building client and server application packages
Computer program product having preloaded software module
Data display control apparatus
Universal remote control system
Hook for lingerie
Land mine shield
Vehicle body
Radio installation mount for a motorcycle
Tire tread
Tire tread
Frontal configuration of a steering wheel for a vehicle
Steering wheel for a motorcar
Motorcycle shifter rod
Surface configuration of a gear lever plate for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a gear lever for a vehicle
Surface configuration of a gear lever for a vehicle
Motorcycle fairing
Vehicular mirror with triangular lens
Combination vehicle side mirror with distance gauge
Sunshade and a mirror of a truck vehicle
Instrumentation panel
Instrument display for a vehicle
Instrument panel and dashboard for a vehicle
Instrument panel for an automobile radio and navigation system
License plate holder
Fan shroud for a truck
Six gun oil cap
Auxiliary foot pad for vehicle
Wheel cover
Vehicle wheel
Motorcycle towing unit
Marine battery charger
Desktop charger
Uninterruptible power supply
Open compression-type coaxial cable connector
Christmas bulb receptacle
Fluorescent light fixture with swivel mount
Multiple outlet power block
Electrical socket
Processing apparatus
Electrical switch
Lockout cap for a panel-mounted switch having a threaded collar
Switch plate cover
Television housing
Cellular cordless telephone
Telephone handset
Radiotelephone for emergency use only
Portable telephone
Computer translator for audio tape
Clock radio receiver
Clock radio
Messaging device
Antenna enclosure
Parabolic antenna
Antenna ornament
Automobile antenna
Mobile body-supported computer
Electronic game
Liquid crystal display monitor
Push-button keypad
Computer mouse
Computer mouse
Mouse for a personal computer
Computer mouse with van shape
Docking station
Computer front bezel
Icon for a computer display
Video adapter
Fluid distributing bar for a rotatable wet mower blade
Combined compact tractor operator platform, hood and fuel tank
Coupler for bucket excavators
External battery compartment with incorporated step for a tractor
Lift wheel arm for an implement
Chuck for industrial robot
Small drill press table
Linear-moving apparatus
Soldering iron main body
Gear for wave gear drive
Partially shrouded gear assembly for a gauge
Gear box
Lens for single-lens reflex camera
Credit card magnifier
Video camera
Personal videoconferencing device
Eyeglass frame
Voice synthesizer
Electric contrabass
Guitar pick
Hat shaper and sizer
Two-piece cleat assembly
Shoe upper
Upper of a golf shoe
Footwear upper
Portion of footwear upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Key chain
Key fob
Pilot bag
Convex compacted bag with differing panels
Convex compacted square bag
Convex compacted triangular bag
Laptop computer bag
Winged laptop bag
Artificial fingernail case
Scuba tank transport rack
Head divider for a golf bag
Illuminated toothbrush
Dental care kit
Toothbrush with an angled head
Combined brush and scraper
Mascara brush
Clothes hanger
Dress hanger
Asymmetric module for a modular seating system
Inflatable furniture
Tented book furniture module
Star-shaped chair
Chair having the appearance of a Great Hammerhead shark
Armchairs seating module
Counter top lottery ticket dispenser
Paper dispenser
Paper dispenser
Paper dispenser
Paper towel dispenser
Holder for cup and soap dish
Toothbrush-tumbler holder
Toothbrush holder carrier assembly
Soap dish
Soap-dish holder
Soap-dish holder
Soap-dish and holder assembly
Towel ring
Towel bar
Clear way folding display shelf
Wall rack
Wall rack for holding plotter/blue print rolls
Shower curtain
Support cushion for seating
Storage rack
Combined pitcher and stirring device
Coffee maker with knob socket
Barbeque grill
Roaster oven with end caps
Sidewall for a cup
Water pumping and supply device
Stand for barbecue grill
Hockey mask mug
Non-stick drinking glass
Table top serving tray
Combined container and cover
Sandwich decruster and cutter
Disposable cutting board
Digging tool
Contoured wrench
Combined socket and plastic jacket
Portion of cork extractor
Can opener
Rotary driving tool
Electric drill
Handle for a hand tool
Door handle assembly for a vehicle latch
Extendable door lock assembly
Door strike
Mounting bracket
Frame support swivel bracket
Wall support for a television set
Hanger hook
Compact disc holder
Desk cabinet for personal computer equipment
Entertainment center
Spacesaver with cabinet
Audio/video stand
Container holder
Collectibles display case
Gift bag
Gift bag
Perfume bottle and cap
Perfume bottle
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated numeral one (1) shape
Contact lens blister package
Display carton
Fuel line clam shell package
Confectionery packaging box
Twist lid
Discardable lid
Combined bottle and cap
Bottle with integrated grip portion
Squeeze bottle
Bottle for containing a liquid
Embossment pattern for absorbent paper products
Seating module
China cabinet
Furniture element
Combined nipple and ring
Combined bottle and cap for nursing
Laundry iron soleplate
Steam iron plate
Stand up dustpan
Glider for a curtain rail
Injected molded arbor
Injection molded arbor
Pallet for holding insulation installment equipment
Garbage can
Tool caddy
Handle for a golf pull-cart
Seat lift
Crane mountable on vehicle
Winch adapter platform
Dishwasher split control console
Dishwasher split control console
Hand held vacuum
Hand held vacuum
Lint filter
Vacuum cleaner handle
Filter for vacuum cleaner
Toner bottle cap
Adjustable string tree
Handle for a musical instrument
Electronic calculator
Label printer with a mouse pad for a computer
Inkjet printer
Ink tank for ink jet printer
Multi purpose hand operated office utensil
Changeable character stamp
Magnetic pen holder
Writing instrument and stand
Writing instrument
Writing instrument
Writing implement
Clip for pens
Reverse vending machine for empty beverage containers
Reverse vending machine for empty beverage containers
Dispensing unit for distributing shaving tools
Trash box attached advertisement board
Reflective equine sign
Hand held electronic game
Surface for a user plate of a scooter
Toy sandal
Toy loader
Combination water gun and self-propelled toy
Putter type golf club head
Striking surface for a golf club putter head
Golf club shaft-attachable air-resistance device
Wagering device display
Wagering device display
Wagering device display
Wagering device display
Fishing lure
Fishing line rod bobber
Food sanitizer
Shower filter housing
Water diverter
Swivel spray aerator
Adjustable valve stem for high air muffler
Well casing cap
Faucet valve handle
Crystal sliding valve handle
Stepped sliding valve handle
Laboratory faucet spout
Sanitary faucet component
Pedestal sink
Shower stall water tray
Sanitary faucet component
Vortex heater fan
Window air conditioner
Containment basin which can hold silt-collecting filter, absorbent, and lower disc for absorbing organic spills
Combined housing and base for a table fan
Wall mount tap
Apparatus for generation and delivery of radiation
Adaptor for a medical instrument
3-button electrosurgical handpiece
Disposable medical instrument for performing retropubic urethropexy
Combined tongue cleaner and sheath
Fluid applicator with cap
Fluid applicator
Dental dispensing tray
PCR plate
Cap for multi-well plate
Duck massager with removable attachment
Collection cup for urine samples
Combined light absorbing nose and cheek strip
Pacifier handle
Pacifier handle
Flush fin glider frame for double glider window
Flush fin glider frame for single glider window
Construction glider frame for single glider window
Construction head for single hung window
J-channel head for single hung window
Small sash rail 2 for window
Small sash lift rail for window
Trellis post
Container to safekeep goods
Outer surface of a platform
Step stool
Candle holder
Extendable lamp
Combined portable torch and key holder
Surgical headband
Spot light
Wall sconce with tubular body of graduated diameters and tubular shade
Wall mounted light fixture and base
Headlamp for bicycle
Bowl-shaped pendant light fixture
Pendent lamp
Combined floodlight and sensor
Desk lamp
Post-top luminaire housing
Outdoor light
Ceiling mounted lamp
Glass shade
Wall fixture mounting base
Wall fixture mounting base
Truss luminaire
Sport lighter
Cigarette lighter
Cigar/cigarette container
Artificial nail applicator
Container for cosmetic products
Vertical dial stick case
Comb-shaped nozzle member for washing scalp
Lice comb
Hot curling brush
Clipless hair roller
Hand dryer
Device to support and to swivel small bottles, especially nail varnish bottles
Toothpick brush
Dental floss dispenser and applicator
Dental floss case
Continuous positive airway pressure therapy device
Bird cage top
Bird feeder
Dog bed
Race car mailbox
Beverage can coin sorter bank
Paper coffin
Cremation urn
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