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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods for performing physiological stress tests
Methods and systems for securing electrode leads
Pulse wave analyzing device
Method and apparatus for adjustment of sequential biventricular pacing parameters
Implantable and rechargeable neural stimulator
Apparatus and methods for applying neural stimulation to a patient
Transceiver coil for auditory prosthesis
Sound processing and stimulation systems and methods for use with cochlear implant devices
Expandable assembly for cardiac lead fixation
Electrode geometries for efficient neural stimulation
Medical implantable device and method for connecting an antenna to the same
Variance reduction simulation system, program product, and related methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Handheld printer
Digitally encoded vehicle lamp switch system with fault tolerance
Folding head restraint assembly for convertible vehicle
Vehicle-mounted malfunction notification apparatus and vehicle-mounted malfunction notification method
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of operating an internal combustion engine arrangement
Electrical generation using vertical movement of a mass
Variable speed synchronous generator
Process to optically align a photoreceiver with a laser transmitter source in a laser rangefinder system
Scanning sensor system for noncontact optical scanning of object surfaces
Measuring vibrations of a turbo-machine rotor blade with the help of an induction sensor in high temperature
Sensor assembly for detecting positioning of a moveable component
Magnetic induction tomography system and method
Magnetoresistive array design for improved sensor-to-magnet carrier tolerances
Charged particle beam apparatus and displacement detecting circuit
Polarization-sensitive spectral interferometry
Method of calculating approach trajectory for aircraft
Travel support system, method thereof, program thereof, and recording medium containing the program
Method and apparatus for data download from a mobile vehicle
Optical additive solc filter for deep ultraviolet applications
Computational method of material constant of composite material and volume fraction of material component in composite material, and recording medium
Automobile detection and control gateway interface and method thereof
Vehicle driving assist system
Method and a system for determination of particles in a liquid sample
Correlation technique for analysis of clinical condition
Determining electrical current using at least two sensors at a known distance from each other
Frequency measuring circuit and semiconductor device having the same
System for extraction and analysis of significant radioelectric signals
Method and system for congestion avoidance in packet switching devices
Method and system for detecting attack path connections in a computer network using state-space correlation
Memory-daughter-card-testing method and apparatus
Apparatus for mass die testing
Parametric testline with increased test pattern areas
Control method for semiconductor integrated circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
System and method for reducing incidences of friendly fire
Polarimetric synthetic aperture radar signature detector
System and method for determining position using doppler velocities
Acoustic logging-while-drilling tools having a hexapole source configuration and associated logging methods
Millipede surface coils
Controlling method for capacitive sensors
Lithofacies classification system and method
Three-dimensional left-handed metamaterial
Telescopes for simultaneous clear viewing of objects and areas both near and distant
Unique color separation techniques for stereoscopic 3D projection
Adjustable electromagnetic energy collimator
Light beam generation
Image blur correction apparatus, and imaging apparatus or optical apparatus equipped with image blur correction apparatus
Optical film, backlight unit including the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
Methods for terminating optical fiber cables
Low cost, high performance, low profile flexible reinforcement for communications cable
Back light assembly and display device having the same
Exposure apparatus and method for producing device
Color processing apparatus and method thereof
Reflective film interface to restore transverse magnetic wave contrast in lithographic processing
Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and job processing method for the same
Printing apparatus with energy management and display
Belt rotating apparatus and recording apparatus
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with a counting unit
Image forming apparatus, intermediate transfer belt drive control method, computer program, and recording medium
Image forming apparatus
Scorotron apparatus for charging a photoconductor
Charge device, image formation assembly using the same, and image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus with variable amplitude alternating current to mitigate image defects and photoconductor wear
System and method for measuring media thickness with a transfer subsystem in a printer
Toner supply device and image forming apparatus that prevents toner from being scattered from the device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for fuser and pressure assembly temperature control
Systems and methods for producing wide field-of-view holographic displays
Method and device for optimizing processes
Load control module
Current mirror circuit
Multi-function modulator for low-powered, wired and wireless command, control, and communications applications
Charge pump
Semiconductor device and power supply using the same
Power supply circuit for charge pump circuit
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for processing information which includes a power-saving mode having a plurality of sub power modes
Data network and method of controlling thereof
Method of operation of a memory device and system including initialization at a first frequency and operation at a second frequency and a power down exit mode
Apparatus and method for receiving parallel SFI-5 data interfaced with very high-speed deserializer
Method for generating a clock signal
Portable keepsake storage device with a pivoting sleeve and USB flash drive
Thin type mouse
Electronic apparatus having a display device
Integrated power supply and network connection control device for cord set
Methods for reducing power consumption and devices using the same
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium
File server which conducts a memory test upon boot up
Eliminating silent store invalidation propagation in shared memory cache coherency protocols
Virtual path storage system and control method for the same
Alignment matrix memory copy
High performance unaligned cache access
Parallel pruned bit-reversal interleaver
Unlimited sub-segment support in a buffer manager
Access speculation predictor with predictions based on a domain indicator of a cache line
Method and apparatus for pipeline inclusion and instruction restarts in a micro-op cache of a processor
Memory hub and access method having internal prefetch buffers
Migration management based on destination performance information
Automated response to computer users context
Systems and methods for reducing display under-run and conserving power
Method of managing the software architecture of a radio communication circuit, corresponding application, computer program product and circuit
Apparatus and method for sharing a bus in a mobile telecommunication handset
Image preview processing apparatus, image preview processing method, and image preview computer product
Combining multi-layered bitmap files using network specific hardware
Labeling method, recording method, labeling apparatus, recording apparatus and recording medium
Image forming apparatus and thumbnail image generating method
Systematic approach to uncover GUI logic flaws
Data management apparatus for generating one file having combination of plurality of files, data management method, and data management program
Systems and methods for processing page description languages
Methods and systems for improved printing system sheetside dispatch in a clustered printer controller
Image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Network transcoding system
SIMD array operable to process different respective packet protocols simultaneously while executing a single common instruction stream
Managing position independent code using a software framework
Method and arrangement of a multimedia gateway and communication terminals
Technique for effective organization and communication of information
Method and apparatus for controlling network of shared resources
Public status determination and security configuration of a browser
Image processing apparatus and method of acquiring information
Device and method for managing information data in a mobile telephone
Method and system for enabling and controlling communication topology, access to resources, and document flow in a distributed networking environment
System and method for listening to teams in a race event
System and methods for efficient and adequate data collection in document production environments
Information processing apparatus and method of controlling thereof
Internet protocol based network architecture for cable television network access with switched fallback
Network resource negotiation between a service provider network and an access network
Support vector inductive logic programming
Method and system for saving database storage space
Method and system for unified audio control on a personal computer
Method and terminal for displaying character capacity
Information processing method and apparatus
Optimal sizes of objects in a document
Improving design manufacturing, and transportation in mass manufacturing through analysis of defect data
Source segmentation using Q-clustering
Method for performing a domain transformation of a digital signal from the time domain into the frequency domain and vice versa
Method for transforming a digital signal from the time domain into the frequency domain and vice versa
Selecting a resource manager to satisfy a service request
Priority based LDAP service publication mechanism
Unordered/fuzzy file path
Cluster-wide read-copy update system and method
Automated method for identifying and repairing logical data discrepancies between database replicas in a database cluster
Academic study tool utilizing e-book technology
Information processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
Method and system for modeling, validating and automatically resolving goals and dependencies between elements within a topology
Method and system for modeling, validating and automatically resolving goals and dependencies between elements within a topology
Data processing device design tool and methods
Designing method of photo-mask and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the photo-mask
On-vehicle communication system
Method and system for operating gas turbine engine systems
Apparatus and method for fuel flow rate, fuel temperature, fuel droplet size, and burner firing rate modulation
Shifting device for a manual transmission
Medicine trial production supporting system
High rate line-by-line calculation method and program by forked line type resolution
Aircraft gas turbine engine blade tip clearance control
Information processing apparatus and method, and data communication system and method
System and program product for automatically managing information privacy
Changing of shared encryption key
Apparatus and method of flexible and common IPMP system for providing and protecting content
Method to detect SYN flood attack
Integrating eventing in a web service application of a multi-functional peripheral
System and method for intercepting process creation events
System and method of video decoding using hybrid buffer
Time-gap defect detection apparatus and method
System and method for audio equalization
Data transfer control device including a switch circuit that switches write destination of received packets
Operating device for vehicle
Electronic device including display device, and driving method thereof
Resistive type touch panel
Liquid multi-touch sensor and display device
Seamless drag and drop operation with multiple event handlers
Information processing device, image processing device, job processing method, and storage medium
Display screen structuring apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image forming method, image processing program, and recording medium
System and method for content-based partitioning and mining
Automated client sitemap generation
Returning a second content based on a user's reaction to a first content
Systems and methods for generating statistics from search engine query logs
Method of representing and processing complex branching logic for mobile applications
Scoring documents in a linked database
History based search service operable with multiple applications and services
Method and apparatus for booting a processing system
Method and system for managing access to protected computer resources provided via an internet protocol network
Apparatus for executing programs for a first computer architechture on a computer of a second architechture
Method and system for avoiding underflow in a floating-point operation
N bit adder and the corresponding adding method
Synchronization of swappable module in modular system
Dynamic intervention with software applications
Apparatus, method, and computer readable medium thereof for generating and utilizing a feature code to monitor a program
Systems and methods for reusing SAP adaptors in non-supported releases
Method and system for accessing a resource implemented in a computer network
Framework for conditionally executing code in an application using conditions in the framework and in the application
BIOS runtime services interface
Systems and methods for graphical indexer operation on documents with SOSI characters
Enabling graphical notation for parallel programming
Enabling a third party application to participate in migration of a virtualized application instance
Method for dynamically adjusting audio decoding process
Social networking system capable of notifying users of profile updates made by their contacts
Disk drive for handling conflicting deadlines and methods thereof
Method and apparatus for editing heterogeneous media objects in a digital imaging device
Department management printing system and method, program product used in department management printing, and authentication method
System and method for partial job interrupt of normal order of job queue of marking systems
Usage status management device, recording medium storing usage status processing program, usage status management system, and usage status management method
Object processing employing movement
Registering 2D and 3D data using 3D ultrasound data
Computer program products and methods for detection and tracking of rheumatoid arthritis
Two stage detection for photographic eye artifacts
Alignment of semiconductor wafer patterns by corresponding edge groups
Two stage detection for photographic eye artifacts
Method and apparatus for visual inspection
Medical image segmentation apparatus and medical image segmentation program
Image forming apparatus and method of image forming
Automated patient-specific bone-implant biomechanical analysis
Image processing method using a crest line diagram as a basis
Methods and apparatus for automated base-calling on multiple DNA strands
Personal identification device and method
Method for auditing and maintaining an ordered inventory
Method, apparatus and system for color component registration
User interface for polyp annotation, segmentation, and measurement in 3D computed tomography colonography
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for performing region segmentation processing
Information display device and information display method
Automated document processing system and method
Document management system for transferring a plurality of documents
System and method for dynamically inferring data preconditions over predicates by tree learning
Application change request to deployment maturity model
Consolidating data source queries for multidimensional scorecards
Work item tracking system for projects
System and method to provide maintenance for an electrical power generation, transmission and distribution system
Evaluation of a process metric
System and method for managing customized reward offers
Virtual post office box
Network reputation and payment service
Public offering risk management
Method for rectifying faults in technical facilities
Automated payment system and method
System and method for displaying simple binary elements for multiple technical analysis indicators representing the status of an equity issue for simplified decision making
System and method for managing prescription data to detect pathogens
Online lawn care estimate process
Flat texture volume rendering
Process and apparatus for annotating electronic map data
Automated transaction accounting processing engine and approach
Apparatus and method for return notification for stand-alone equipment
Smartbeam visibility network
Communication apparatus and portable communication terminal using the same
Methods for reducing power consumption at transmitters and receivers
Light emitting display device
Electro-optical device, method for driving electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Method for addressing active matrix displays with ferroelectrical thin film transistor based pixels
Identifier of source driver of chip-on-glass liquid crystal display and identifying method thereof
Reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus and substrate for reflection type liquid crystal display
Discriminating among activation of multiple buttons
Operation panel and image formation apparatus or electronic equipment using the operation panel
Apparatus and method of converting image signal for four-color display device
Method for driving a pixel by generating an over-drive grey level and driver thereof
Generating a 3D volumetric mask from a closed surface mesh
Apparatus, server, method, and tangible machine-readable medium thereof for processing and recognizing a sound signal
Image capturing apparatus and information processing method
Suspension arm actuator for a scanning device including a printed coil having a plurality of layers
Magnetic tape library device
Disc device
Storage system controlling power supply module and fan
Disk drive, head-slider and method for controlling clearance of a read element and a write element in the disk drive
Disk drive actuator having a bobbin contacting a closed coil periphery at two locations
Disk drive and method for adjusting common-mode voltage of an element on a head-slider
Method and device for extending interactivity to multiple storage media
Optical disk playback device
High density data storage medium, method and device
Recording medium and recording apparatus for using test data recorded in a blank zone to refine data recording
Fabrication of mesoscopic lorentz magnetoresistive structures
Disk drive device and magnetic disk drive
Disk drive and error-recovery processing method
Magnetic slider, head gimbal assembly and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for controlling tracking in an optical drive
Optical recording method and optical recording device
Flexible optical write strategy
Optical pickup
Optical pickup
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording medium
Semiconductor storage device
Method and structure for ultra-high density, high data rate ferroelectric storage disk technology using stabilization by a surface conducting layer
Magnetic memory, driving method thereof, and manufacturing method thereof
Adjustable write bins for multi-level analog memories
System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video having reed-solomon code error concealment
System and method including built-in self test (BIST) circuit to test cache memory
Method and device for transmitting outgoing useful signals and an outgoing clock signal
Reference level generation with offset compensation for sense amplifier
Semiconductor memory device and method for testing the same
Reducing programming time of a memory cell
Transformer set
Light source module
Reflective device for area lighting using narrow beam light emitting diodes
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and vapor deposition apparatus
Organic light emitting display having a second frit portion configured to melt more easily than a frit portion
Anode plate for X-ray tube and method of manufacture
Switching element, method for manufacturing the same, and display device including switching element
Method and circuit for energizing an electrical device
Structured OLED with micro optics for generating directed light
Signal selecting device
Transmission line pairs with enhanced coupling therebetween and negligible coupling to ground
Handheld electronic device
Small-size wide band antenna and radio communication device
Compact antenna feed assembly and support arm with integrated waveguide
Charging system and vehicle and charge controller for the charging system
Power management system
Method and apparatus for hybrid vehicle auxiliary battery state of charge control
Electromagnetic engine
Two-stage cooling fan for an electric generator
Multi-stage switching power supply
Radiation tolerant electrical component with non-radiation hardened FET
Transformerless photovoltaic grid-connecting inverting device and control method thereof
Process for driving an electric machine and driver system therefor
High-resolution varactors, single-edge triggered digitally controlled oscillators, and all-digital phase-locked loops using the same
Dual-band coupled VCO
Miniature sub-resonant multi-band VHF-UHF antenna
Circuit arrangement for the bidirectional operation of sound transducers disposed at the ends of a measuring section
Electromagnetic interference noise separator
Multichannel interfacing device having a balancing circuit
Qwerty-keyboard for mobile communication devices
Bipolar pulse generators with voltage multiplication
Temperature compensation method and apparatus for an output frequency signal based on successive approximation
Apparatus and method for modeling coarse stepsize delay element and delay locked loop using same
Electronic device providing a number input system
Server and client for determining error restoration according to image data transmission, and method of determining error restoration according to image data transmission
Adaptable channel compensation for reliable communication over fading communication links
Method, system, and apparatus for adjacent-symbol error correction and detection code
Data compression/decompression method
Time-tracking management of demodulation elements in a receive diversity enabled rake receiver
Apparatus and method for controlling acoustic radiation pattern output through array of speakers
Semiconductor integrated circuit, noncontact/contact electronics device using the same and mobile terminal
Data transfer system, wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and computer program
Systems and methods for controlling a pulsed laser by combining laser signals
Network access method in mobile communication system and terminal supporting the same
Audio signal interpolation method and audio signal interpolation apparatus
Communication apparatus
Processing Qoffset parameter
Wireless network that utilizes concurrent interfering transmission and MIMO techniques
Authenticating devices for RF communications
Data processing device with beam steering and/or forming antennas
Maximum ratio combining architectures for optimal complementary code keying receiver design
Gain adjustment apparatus, method, and tangible machine-readable medium thereof for a multiple input multiple output wireless communication system
Base station apparatus, communication method and mobile communication system for restraining traffic quantity
Method and apparatus for requesting and transmitting characteristic indicators in a wireless communications network
Datacast services
Generic parallel spreading
Individualizing a connectivity-indicative mapping
Method for time synchronization in a cyclically operating communication system
Wireless methods using signature codes
Method and system for adaptive queue and buffer control based on monitoring and active congestion avoidance in a packet network switch
Method and apparatus for providing ringing timeout disconnect supervision in remote telephone extensions using voice over packet-data-network systems (VOPS)
Communication apparatus and method of transferring data
Methods and apparatus for improved decoding of hybrid automatic repeat request transmissions
Method and apparatus for information dissemination
Network equipment management device, network equipment management method, network equipment, and program used therein
System and method for providing proxy and translation domains in a fibre channel router
Network element having a DHCP lease timer
Inter-autonomous system (AS) virtual private local area network service (VPLS)
Backup system and method for network data communications
Network looping detecting apparatus
Method, device and module for optimising the remote management of home network devices
Mechanism for enabling layer two host addresses to be shielded from the switches in a network
Method of providing a medium access protocol
RDS/RBDS decoder with reliable values
Method and system for process, voltage, and temperature (PVT) correction
Method and arrangement for providing security through network address translations using tunneling and compensations
Data security
Communication apparatus and control method
Method and apparatus for varying a dynamic range
Communication apparatus having power-saving communication function, and communication method
Housing for mobile computing device having construction to slide and pivot into multiple positions
System and method for IMEI detection and alerting
Vectored digital subscriber line system having modular vectoring arrangements
Distributed wireless online access system
Controlling data rate of a facsimilie transmission
Method and system for 60 GHZ location determination based on varying antenna direction and coordination of WLAN/WPAN/GPS multimode devices
E911 location reporting without PSAP support
Pre-biller in internet protocol multimedia subsystem (IMS) charging gateway function (CGF)
System for initiating geospatial functional control of mobile electronics
Techniques to manage vehicle communications
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting
Information processing apparatus and method, computer program and computer-readable recording medium for embedding watermark information
Target for color characterization of color printer
Motion image encoding apparatus, motion image decoding apparatus, motion image encoding method, motion image decoding method, motion image encoding program, and motion image decoding program
Stereoscopic display device and display method
System and method for the detection of de-interlacing of scaled video
Solid-state image pickup device with adjustable image readout area
Muting device and muting method
Method and apparatus for automatically optimizing optical contrast in automated equipment
Zooming optical system and electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Information processing apparatus, remote indication system, and computer readable medium
Camera for selecting an image from a plurality of images based on a face portion and contour of a subject in the image
Human-machine-interface and method for manipulating data in a machine vision system
Driving method of solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus including photoelectric conversion elements for luminance detection
Apparatus and method for controlling the screen size of real-time video
Video processing apparatus and video processing method
Integrated power center and mount system for flat screen video displays and projectors with wireless signal transmission
Device having camera function including error detection and display method and medium therefor
Video playback apparatus and method
Method for providing multiple streams in digital media and to select viewable content based on geography
Recording streaming delta-encoded data
Video encoding and decoding methods and corresponding encoding and decoding devices
Flexible macroblock ordering and arbitrary slice ordering apparatus, system, and method
Method and a device for transmitting images
Video call apparatus for mobile communication terminal and method thereof
Apparatus and method for improving in-game communications during a game
Audio/video and data signal redistribution system
Multiple image processing and synthesis using background image extraction
Spurious motion filter
Fingerprint authentication apparatus and fingerprint authentication method
RFID material tracking method and apparatus
Sound effect system and wireless audio output device
Condenser microphone and packaging method for the same
Electrostatic ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic speaker
Method and arrangement for a decoder for multi-channel surround sound
Methods and devices for interworking of wireless wide area networks and wireless local area networks or wireless personal area networks
Method for positioning user equipment accessing multiple mobile networks
Radio communication base station device
Reduction in handover interruption in wireless communication systems
Apparatus for wirelessly managing resources
Handheld computing unit with power management
Method and system for provisioning services in a telecommunications network
System, method, and computer-readable medium for user equipment managing multiple radio networks for handover and low-power operations
Apparatus and methods of sharing contact information between mobile communication devices using short message service
Method and systems for dynamic assignment of common short codes for shared use text message routing
Synchronious multi-channel transmissions in wireless local area networks
Charging and location indications in a generic access network
Wireless multi-mode system and method
Dynamic allocation of WiMAX ranging codes
Apparatus, system and method for priority call management
Topology and route discovery and management for relay networks
Systems and methods for selecting a calling card to be used in placing an outgoing call
Multiple paging channels for efficient region paging
Mobile communication system, base station control apparatus, mobile terminal and method for controlling handover
Methods and apparatus for generating strongly-ionized plasmas with ionizational instabilities
Microwave energized plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide
Memory card
Circuit module and radio communications equipment, and method for manufacturing circuit module
Frame assembly for touch screen
Seal apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Socket and heat sink unit for use with removable LED light module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Cut-off circuit for sensing apparatus
Lettuce named HMX 7555
Inhibitors of hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase and an assay for identification of inhibitors
Aromatic amides, their preparation process and their use as pesticides
Coleopteran-toxic polypeptide compositions and insect-resistant transgenic plants
Oven and an oven control method
Process for isolating glycomacropeptide from dairy products with a phenylalanine impurity of 0.5% w/w
Electric cooking appliance with reversible cooking elements
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Supporting material for medical purposes
Pad integrity improvement by replacing the constructive adhesive with ultrasonic compressions
Heating apparatus of hot-heat treatment device using semiconductor device
Protein kinase inhibitor
Charged compounds comprising a nucleic acid binding moiety and uses therefor
Dinucleoside polyphosphate compositions and their therapuetic use as purinergic receptor agonists
Prodrugs for selective drug delivery
Aminobenzophenones as inhibitors of IL-1 .beta. and TNF-.alpha.
Preparation and use of bifunctional molecules having DNA sequence binding specificity
N-.epsilon.-long chain acyllsine crystals, process for producing the same and cosmetics containing the same
Stable formulations of ACE inhibitors, and methods for preparation thereof
Process and bandage for treatment of wounds
Asymmetric dipolar multi-substituted alditol derivatives, methods of making thereof, and compositions and articles containing same
Process for decontamination of ballast pitch material
Fluid compound thermochemical conversion process and converter
Golf balls including rigid compositions and methods for making same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for continuous production of polymers
Thermocycler and lifting element
Catalytically accelerated gaseous phase reactions
Adsorbent for aromatic hydroxy compound and utilization thereof
Hydrocarbon dehydrogenation catalyst and process
Catalysts for .alpha.-olefin production and processes for producing .alpha.-olefin
Probes with hydrophobic coatings for gas phase ion spectrometers
Single feed one pass mixed mail sequencer
Ultraviolet-ozone oxidation system and method
Plasma enhanced sheet bonding method and device
Method of manufacturing bimetal slippers
Method for monitoring the size variation and the focus shift of a weld pool in laser welding
Laser machining method, laser machining apparatus, and its control method
Ultrashort pulsed laser micromachining/submicromachining using an acoustooptic scanning device with dispersion compensation
Laser machining apparatus
Underwater processing device and underwater processing method
Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus
Welding condition inputting equipment
Welding machine manipulated by automated equipment
High precision flexure stage
Transparent supermicrocellular polymer foams from high Tg polymers and method for manufacture
Transparent supermicrocellular polymer foams and method for their manufacture
Composition of cyclic anhydride modified polyvinyl acetal and curable resin and laminated products
Thermosensitive recording material and phthalic acid derivatives for use in the same
Preparation of rubber composition by organic solution mixing and articles thereof including tires
Automotive fuel tank electrical fitting
Vehicular engine starting control apparatus and vehicular engine starting control method
Power source control method for an electric vehicle
Apparatus and method for measuring weight of an occupying item of a seat
AC firing circuit for air bag systems
Method and device for detecting objects on a windshield
Extendible solar generator with an extendible supporting array structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fiber glass binder compositions and process therefor
Method of preparing a benzofuran or benzothiophene compound
Process for the preparation of mono-olefins from paraffinic hydrocarbons
Conversion of light paraffins to oxygenates or olefins using an imide promoter
Continuous manufacturing process for alpha-olefins
Countercurrent alkylation process
Process for making iminodiacetic acid compounds from monoethanolamine substrates
Alkyl or aryl substituted dihydronaphthalene derivatives having retinoid and/or retinoid antagonist-like biological activity
Multifunctional allyl carbamates and coatings therefrom
Catalytic dehydroxylation of diols and polyols
Method and system for producing 1,4-butanediol
Process for the preparation of diorganotrisulfide
Process for the thermal after-treatment of cleavage product from the acid-catalyzed cleavage of cumene hydroperoxide
Process for preparing 3,3',6,6'-tetraalkyl-2,2'-biphenols and 3,3',6,6'-tetraalkyl-5,5'-dihalo-2,2'-biphenols
Polyarylene copolymers and proton-conductive membrane
Azabicyclic amine derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Process for the hydroformylation of olefins
CVD material compound and method for manufacturing the same and CVD method of ruthenium or ruthenium compound thin film
Process for the carbonylation of arylalkyl halides
Method for producing acrylic acid and acrylic acids esters
Process for the preparation of carboxylic acid benzyl esters
Protection of di-t-butyl dicarbonate against decomposition
Intermediates useful for the preparation of antihistaminic piperidine derivatives
Methods for enhanced extractive distillation employing extractive distillation compositions comprising sulfolane and compatibility agent
Method for production of pyrrolidinone derivatives
Pyrimidinyl compounds for treatment of central nervous system disorders
.alpha.-amino-N-allylamidino nitrobenzene compound and synthesis
Chloropyrimidine intermediates
Asymmetric synthesis of quinazolin-2-ones useful as HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Two-photon responsive chromophores containing electron accepting cores
Color developing agent, azo dye, silver halide photographic light-sensitive material, and image-forming method
Process for the preparation of ethyl 2,3-dihydrobenzo[1,4]dioxin-2-carboxylate
1,3-propane diol esters and ethers and methods for their use in drug delivery
Isoindolines, method of use, and pharmaceutical compositions
Fused thiophone derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Process for the production of purine derivatives and intermediates therefor
Process for preparing cross-bridged tetraaza macrocycles
Method for the production of triethylene diamine making use of ethylene diamine
Method for preparation of ceftiofur sodium from its hydrohalide salts
Method for the preparation of ceftiofur sodium
Di- and tri-heteroatom substituted indenyl metal complexes
Multi-reactive silicon compound having polyalkyleneglycol substituents and synthetic method thereof
Biologically active phosphotriester-type compounds
Glycosidation of 4,5-epoxymorphinan-6-ols
Phase transfer catalyzed glycosidation of an indolocarbazole
Non-nucleotide containing enzymatic nucleic acid
Chemiluminescent substrates for neuraminidase, assays for detection of neuraminidase and kits therefor
16-ENE-vitamin D derivatives
Simple, environmentally benign, method for purifying protein A
Compounds for diagnosis of tuberculosis and methods for their use
Isolated transcription factor for an alpha-amylase promoter in filamentous fungi
Transcripts encoding immunomodulatory polypeptides
Testis-specific gene
Covalent modification of abnormal prion protein
Tumor antigen peptide derivatives
Hypoxia-regulated genes
Growth differentiation factor promoter and uses therefor
G-CSF conjugates
Antibodies to natural killer stimulatory factor
Ligand binding site of rage and uses thereof
Cyclic analogs of histatins
Charged particle beam lithography apparatus for forming pattern on semi-conductor
Olefin polymer or copolymer formed using a solid catalytic component
Linear, isotactic polymers, process for preparing same, and use thereof
Process for the preparation of a catalytic system, process for the (CO)polymerization of olefins and (CO)polymers of at least one olefin
Polymerisation catalyst
Manufacture of polyethylenes
Production of water-expandable styrene polymers
Photo-curable electrically conductive composition and plasma display panel having electrodes formed by use of the same
Polymerization process of sulphonic monomers
Contact lens having improved dimensional stability
Process for producing metal-containing resin and composition thereof
Binder resin composition and process for the production thereof
Photopolymerizable compositions
Anionic polymerization process, and process for producing a polymer by the anionic polymerization process
Preparation of vinyl-containing macromers
Composition of epoxy resin and reactive vinyl polymer produced by living radical polymerization
Tetrafluoroethylene products with enhanced crystallinity and processes for producing the same
Resin composition for agricultural film
Condensation products based on amino-s-triazines and the use thereof
Natural resin formulations
Polyurethane and its use for producing solvent-free coating substances
Crosslinkable coating compositions
Compatibilizing agent, radical polymerizable resin composition, molding material, and molded article
Degradable polyurethane resin
Foam cross-linked with metal salt and process for production
Method for preparing water-based urethane resin composition
Aqueous coating material and modular system for producing same
Pulverent binders for powder coating compositions containing oligo- and polyurethanes having (meth)acryloyl groups
Photothermosetting composition comprising acrylated epoxy resin
Composition of epoxy resin, anhydride and microcapsule accelerator
Epoxy resins and process for making the same
Preparation of unsaturated polyesters
Process for preparing polycarbonate
Process for making siloxane compositions
Physically crosslinked amphiphilic networks, methods of preparation, and uses thereof
Method for the production of a polypropylene blend
Reduced crystallinity polyethylene oxide with intercalated clay
Process for production of polyimide molded bodies and polyimide molded bodies
Corrosion inhibiting thermoplastic alloys
Flame-retardant composition for polymer compounds
Pigment for warpage-free polyolefins coloration
Thermoplastic crosslinked rubber composition
Conductive composition with excellent high-temperature storage stability and conductive roller obtained therefrom
Process for impregnating electrical coils, and selected epoxy composition for carrying out the impregnation
Phthalimidyl azo pigments, method for producing same and utilisation thereof
White standard paint
Acrylic polymer compositions with crystalline side chains and processes for their preparation
Removable coating composition and preparative method
In-situ hydroisomerization of synthesized hydrocarbon liquid in a slurry fischer-tropsch reactor
Rac-like genes and methods of use
Synthetic promoters
JeT promoter
Genetic sequences encoding substrate-specific dihydroflavonol 4-reductase and uses therefor
Human transferase proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Genes coding for amino acid deacetylases with specificity for N-acetyl-L-phosphinothricin, their isolation and use
Process and apparatus for the induction hardening of crankshafts
Method for manufacturing group III-V compound semiconductors
Textiles; Paper
Method for preparing a regenerated cellulose fibre or yarn
Fixed Constructions
Sensing strain in hydrocarbon wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for preventing excessive reaction to a load disturbance by a generator set
System for ignition and ion flow measurement and ion flow glow plugs for this system
Renewable energy systems using long-stroke open-channel reciprocating engines
Electric stove for cooking food having an electrically heated cooking surface
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, method for cleaning the semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and light source unit
Method and apparatus for imaging a field of regard by scanning the field of view of an imaging electro-optical system in a series of conical arcs to compensate for image rotation
Apparatus for detecting rotational angle
Fluoropolymer fluid overfill probe
Method and apparatus for determining the weight of the contents of a vessel
Energy collection instrument and method of use
Composite load cell
Method of determining variations in the properties of a sample
Method for identification of plastic materials by optical measurements
Method for analysis of expired gas
Photometric device and photometric method for determining the gross calorific value of a test gas
Method and apparatus for inspecting bumps and determining height from a regular reflection region
Method and apparatus for inspecting reflection masks for defects
Suppression of emission noise for microcolumn applications in electron beam inspection
Scanning electron microscope and sample observation method using the same
Semiconductor device with means for verifying a hermetic seal therefor
Integrated circuit contactor, and method and apparatus for production of integrated circuit contactor
Photoelectric sensor having special display features
Apparatus for illuminating a specimen and confocal fluorescence scanning microscope
Scanning microscope
Scanning confocal optical microscope system
Optical scanning device comprising a plurality of scanning units having one lens in common
Optics device dust seal
Testable substrate and a testing method
Thin film transistor array substrate having laser illumination indicator
Method and apparatus for radiographic imaging
Photopolymerization compositions including maleimides and processes for using the same
Gas flushing system for use in lithographic apparatus
Flatmotor device and exposure device
Water-soluble resin composition
Computer enclosure incorporating bezel
EMI attenuation obtained by application of waveguide beyond frequency cutoff techniques for add-in ITE mass storage devices
Shielding device for reducing electromagnetic emissions
Electrostatic discharge protection for sensors
Antimicrobial vulcanized EPDM rubber articles
Performance instruction apparatus and method
Rhythm shaker
Automatic music clipping for super distribution
Semiconductor element and semiconductor memory device using the same
Compositionally modified resistive electrode
Method and apparatus for correcting magnetic field distortions in electron backscatter diffraction patterns obtained in an electron microscope
Electronic package having substrate with electrically conductive through holes filled with polymer and conductive composition
Tuned patch cable
Electrical interconnect between an articulating display and a PC based planar board
Corrosion-resistant submersible pump electric cable
Lever keyswitch
3D roller key
Key-type control device
Composite operation switch
Vibration switch
Switch for electric tools
Electric switch
Apparatus and method for examining specimen with a charged particle beam
Method and device for focusing a charged particle beam
Transmission electron microscope
Scanning electron microscope
Determining beam alignment in ion implantation using Rutherford Back Scattering
Ion implanting apparatus
Ion implanter
Method and device for controlling the number of ions in ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometers
Flip FERAM cell and method to form same
Device with patterned wells and method for forming same
Self-aligned silicide process utilizing ion implants for reduced silicon consumption and control of the silicide formation temperature and structure formed thereby
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric capacitor having a PZT layer with an excess of Pb
Etch stop for use in etching of silicon oxide
Bipolar transistor having an emitter comprised of a semi-insulating material
Umos-like gate-controlled thyristor structure for ESD protection
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Self-aligned buried strap for vertical transistors
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacturing the same
Mask ROM cell and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Self-aligned magnetic clad write line and its method of formation
Semiconductor device having embedded array
SOI hybrid structure with selective epitaxial growth of silicon
Semiconductor circuit constructions, capacitor constructions, and methods of forming semiconductor circuit constructions and capacitor constructions
Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Printed wiring board having cavity for mounting electronic parts therein and method for manufacturing thereof
Interconnect structure
Semiconductor package leadframe assembly and method of manufacture
Dam structure for center-bonded chip package
Assembly for attaching die to leads
Multiple blank for electronic components such as SAW components, and method of building up bumps, solder frames, spacers and the like
Flexible interconnecting substrate and method of manufacturing the same, film carrier, tape-shaped semiconductor device, semiconductor device, circuit board, and electronic equipment
Pin solder jointed to a resin substrate, made having a predetermined hardness and dimensions
Semiconductor device with reduced line-to-line capacitance and cross talk noise
Multilayered circuit board for semiconductor chip module, and method of manufacturing the same
Bar circuit for an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and producing method thereof
Semiconductor device for providing a noise shield
Electronic circuit interconnection system using a virtual mirror cross over package
Non-volatile memory and fabrication thereof
Flash memory device having a bipolar transistor formed integral thereto and a method of manufacture therefor
Flash memory gate coupling using HSG polysilicon
SOI device with metal source/drain and method of fabrication
Solid state imaging device
Charge coupled device with multi-focus lengths
Active pixel sensor with intra-pixel charge transfer
NMOSFET with negative voltage capability formed in P-type substrate and method of making the same
Deactivatable thyristor
Semiconductor device and method for forming the same
EL display device with a TFT
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for producing same
Method of fabricating high performance SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor BiCMOS on a silicon-on-insulator substrate
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with a multi-layer sidewall spacer structure and method for manufacturing the same
Field-effect transistor
High electron mobility transistor
Semiconductor device with multi-layer interconnection
Devices and methods for addressing optical edge effects in connection with etched trenches
Trench gate fermi-threshold field effect transistors
Semiconductor device with minimal short-channel effects and low bit-line resistance
High-voltage lateral transistor with a multi-layered extended drain structure
Buried channel strained silicon FET using a supply layer created through ion implantation
Lateral power MOSFET for high switching speeds
Diode having breakdown voltage adjustable to arbitrary value without increase of parasitic capacitance and process for fabrication thereof
Photovoltaic array and method of manufacturing same
Method for combined fabrication of indium gallium arsenide/indium phosphide avalanche photodiodes and p-i-n photodiodes
Nitride based semiconductor light emitting element
Device having two perovskite crystalline layers that shows hysteresis and piezoelectric behavior
Magnetoresistive device and magnetic component
Charge-transport structures
Methods to implement interconnects in multi-cell regenerative photovoltaic photoelectrochemical devices
Electric shock-proof security device of a receptacle
Method for manufacturing a nitride semiconductor device and device manufactured by the method
Liquid tight conduit fitting
Straight joint for cable
Electrical cable connector
Structure for a high efficiency DC motor
Permanent magnet rotor
Brushless permanent magnet motor or alternator with variable axial rotor/stator alignment to increase speed capability
Geared motor with a connector for a brush mounting plate having a ground brush
Stator for a commutator motor
Vehicle alternator rectifier having L-shaped connection terminals
Assembly type stator structure having flat wire wound coils
Device for automatically detecting a generator type of a motor vehicle
Apparatus and method for fast FET switching in a digital output device
Incremental rotary encoder
Apparatus and method for offset reduction in image sensors
Heater having over temperature control
Three conductor heating element
Advanced radiant electric heater
Fully submersible immersion heater
Induction heating coil, device and method of use
Horizontal component retention socket
Printed circuit board with solder-filled via
Sensor assembly with housing for secure sensor connections
Earth ground terminal
Method and apparatus for control of large-area ground plane potentials
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