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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
Human Necessities
Method and solutions for cryopreserving oocytes, especially fresh human oocytes
Method of measuring platelet activation
Methods and products to protect against root intrusion and plant and root growth
Anticancer agents based on prevention of protein prenylation
Method for increasing the permeability of the blood brain barrier
Roasting oven with dual heating elements
Compounds for modulating cell proliferation
Compounds for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Inhalable inhibitors of inflammation in the respiratory tract
Method of correcting HERG channel dysfunction
Liver X receptor agonists
Modified factor VIII
Cyclosporins for the treatment of immune disorders
Cyclosporins for the treatment of immune disorders
Structure having balanced pH profile
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hand-held laser welding wand having internal coolant and gas delivery conduits
IT-cut quartz crystal unit
Modulated/composited CVD low-k films with improved mechanical and electrical properties for nanoelectronic devices
Sealable biaxially orientated polypropylene film with a protective coating sealing against PVDC and acrylate lacquer
Belt and method of marking
Display strip
Voice acquisition system for a vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
ZrO.sub.2-Al.sub.2O.sub.3 composite ceramic material and production method thereof
Fischer-tropsch process
Preparation of (meth)acrylic acid
Process for preparing benzoic acids
Reworkable compositions of oxirane(s) or thirane(s)-containing resin and curing agent
Acrylic polymer and charge transport material
Cleaving and replacing thio control agent moieties from polymers made by living-type free radical polymerization
Method for continuously producing a polyether
Aqueous urethane polyol and coating composition containing the same
Elastomeric rocket motor insulation
Fluoropolymer dispersions
Composition and method for treating hair containing a cationic ampholytic polymer and an anionic benefit agent
Detergent bars comprising radiation curable resins
Process for synthesis of bead-shaped cross-linked hydrophilic support polymer
Methods and materials for identifying novel pesticide agents
Method for cloning and expression of AcuI restriction endonuclease and AcuI methylase in E. coli
Method for improving the stability of linear DNA in cell-free in vitro transcription/translation systems
Quality control for cytochemical assays
Detecting recurrence and high stage bladder carcinoma
Invasive cleavage of nucleic acids
Method for detecting a designated genetic sequence in murine genomic DNA
MLL translocations specify a distinct gene expression profile, distinguishing a unique leukemia
In vivo assay for identification of antimicrobial agents
Fixed Constructions
Oil and gas recovery from subterranean formations
Position detecting device
Interferometric optical systems having simultaneously scanned optical path length and focus
Apparatus and method for adjusting stringed musical instruments for fretted and unfretted play
Co-planarity examination method and optical module for electronic components
Sensor utilizing attenuated total reflection
Apparatus and method for total internal reflection spectroscopy
Method and device for observing a specimen in a field of view of an electron microscope
Measuring system with ratiometric frequency output
Fast Faraday cup with high bandwidth
Diagnostics and therapeutics for macular degeneration-related disorders
Semiconductor tester
Methods and systems for determining a property of an insulating film
Device for the determination and/or monitoring of the filling level of the charge in a container
System used to test plurality of DUTs in parallel and method thereof
Method and system for frequency drift prediction
Single photon emission computed tomography system
TFT structure for high resolution digital X-ray detector
Radiation image pick-up device and radiation image pick-up method
Transmit/receive phased array coil system
Annulus pressure operated well monitoring
Electromagnetic radiation structure control system
Optical device with enhanced mechanical stability operating in the extreme ultraviolet and lithography mask comprising such a device
Method and device for modulating light with a time-varying signal
Optics arrangements including light source arrangements for an active matrix liquid crystal image generator
Optical scanning device having a temperature compensation unit
Use of a lens array to increase the contrast ratio produced by a LCoS microdisplay
Display optical system, image display apparatus, image taking optical system, and image taking apparatus
Method for manufacturing micro-optical mirror arrays
Polymer waveguide fabrication process
Method of measuring AC residual image in a liquid crystal display device
Liquid-crystal display device and light pipe
Liquid crystal display element, and use of phase difference film used the same for
Non planar mirrors with planar electrochromic cavity
Photomask and method of structuring a photoresist by double exposure with imaging auxiliary structures and different exposure tools
Method for control of temperature-sensitivity of polymers in solution
Gap forming pattern fracturing method for forming optical proximity corrected masking layer
Photolithography mask and method of fabricating a photolithography mask
Polymeric charge transport compositions for organophotoreceptors
Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material having bis(9-fluorenone) azine groups
Naphthalene tetracarboxylic diimide dimers
Electronic key device a system and a method of managing electronic key information
Programmable current source and methods of use
Power converter circuit and associated triggering method for generators with dynamically variable power output
Bandgap voltage reference
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Internet facsimile apparatus and internet facsimile communication method
Glove-type data input device and sensing method thereof
Method and apparatus for rendering a low-resolution thumbnail image suitable for a low resolution display having a reference back to an original digital negative and an edit list of operations
Method and system for generating user-interface output sequences
Simulation device
Motion artifact detection and correction
Child monitoring system
Emergency shutoff system for power machinery, wireless monitoring systems, and emergency shutoff methods
Electronic article surveillance marker assembly
Resonator for use in electronic article surveillance systems
Product label, method of producing product labels and method for identifying products in a contactless and forgery-proof manner
Retain overfill monitor with integrated over-vacuum and over-pressure detection
Infant monitoring system and method
Damage control system for ships
Rearview mirror assembly incorporating accessories
Address and/or alarm indicator sign
Method of anti-blinding for active night vision system
Thermoelectric vehicle tracking device
Method of driving plasma display panel
Apparatus and method for testing pixels of flat panel display
Plasma display panel
Matrix display device, matrix display driving method, and matrix display driver circuit
Intelligent display interface
Texture roaming via dimension elevation
Display apparatus, display method, display controller, letter image creating device, and computer-readable recording medium in which letter image generation program is recorded
Image quality correcting circuit
Fall board stopper for keyboard instrument
Compact musical instrument equipped with automatic player
Head suspension assembly for hard disk drive
Per zone variable BPI for improving storage device capacity and yield
Laminated disc drive base
Method of attenuating airflow disturbances in a hard disk drive with a circumferential motor bracket shroud for motor hub flange outside diameter
Magnetic head with yoke and multiple magnetic layers
Recording and reproducing device
Disk drive and methods that calibrate micro actuator positioning before seek operations
Disk drive with capacitance sensing of disk vibration and feedforward control for removal of read/write head track misregistration
Eccentricity control method for magnetic disk, recording medium recording eccentricity control method, and magnetic disk apparatus using eccentricity control method
Method and apparatus for head slider and suspension reducing air flow turbulence about the slider when accessing a rotating disk in a disk drive
Magnetic recording medium
Wire mesh seal element with soft flat and hard round wires
Circuit breaker including rotary interlock for secondary cover
Storing mechanical potential in a MEMS device using a mechanically multi-stable mechanism
Switch case mounting structure
Waterproof keyboard
Electronic energy-saving fluorescent lamp of ultra-short chayote-shaped compact type
Plasma display panel structure with shielding layer
Ion source apparatus and electronic energy optimized method therefor
Method and an apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam
System for attaching a filament to a current lead-in
Wafer-level diamond spreader
Electromagnetic alignment and scanning apparatus
Dielectric pattern formation for organic electronic devices
Method for growing group-III nitride semiconductor heterostructure on silicon substrate
Method for forming multiple spacer widths
Recessed gate structure with reduced current leakage and overlap capacitance
Method for improving the electrical continuity for a silicon-germanium film across a silicon/oxide/polysilicon surface using a novel two-temperature process
Memory for producing a memory component
Strained silicon MOSFET having improved thermal conductivity and method for its fabrication
High voltage transistor scaling tilt ion implant method
Method for producing miniature amplifier and signal processing unit
Build-up structures with multi-angle vias for Chip to Chip interconnects and optical bussing
Self-patterning of photo-active dielectric materials for interconnect isolation
Detecting pinholes in vertical cavity surface-emitting laser passivation
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device for use in a memory cell that includes forming a composite layer of tantalum oxide and titanium oxide over a bottom capacitor electrode
Ultra-thin semiconductor package device and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit device having I/O structures with reduced input loss
Semiconductor device including a photosensitive resin covering at least a portion of a substrate having a via hole
Wafer-level thick film standing-wave clocking
Method for reducing harmonic distortion in comb drive devices
Lead frame with flag support structure
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
Stacked semiconductor device including improved lead frame arrangement
Semiconductor device with multilayer conductive structure formed on a semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor constructions
Electro-optical device
Nitride semiconductor light emitting element and optical device containing it
Organic thin film Zener diodes
Trench lateral power MOSFET and a method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Non-volatile memory device
Semiconductor device formed on (111) surface of a Si crystal and fabrication process thereof
Light emitting diode device and manufacturing method
Piezoelectric resonator and the method for making the same
Solid polymer electrolyte membrane, solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the membrane and method of fabricating the same
High frequency signal transmission structure
Method and device to control the power of millimeter waves for a V-band TR module
Filter circuit and transmitter and receiver using the same
Multiple ground plane section antenna systems and methods
Switchgear unit for a consumer, especially a motor starter
Electronic device and information reproduction system
Charging circuit for secondary battery
Superconducting rotor with cooling system
High voltage high speed amplifier using floating high side structure
Phase continuous synthesizer with phase coasting and associated methods
Voltage-controlled oscillator, clock converter, and electronic device
Voltage-to-current converter
Method and circuit for a dual supply amplifier
Transconductance device employing native MOS transistors
Tunable bridge circuit
RF phase delay lines with variable displacement fluidic dielectric
Signal transmitting receiving apparatus
Transmitter for low voltage differential signaling
Integrated circuit and related improvements
Current steering charge pump having three parallel current paths preventing the current sources and sinks to turn off and on
A/D converter, battery pack, electronics device and method of voltage measurement
Sign sensitive aperture correction system and method
Image processing apparatus
Camera having a refractive optical system with an inclined surface folding an axis of entered object light
Image sensing apparatus, method, memory involving differential compression of display region based on zoom operation or speed
Image processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
Image pickup system with color space conversion
Wireless identification device, RFID device with push-on/push off switch, and method of manufacturing wireless identification device
Spatial sound conference system and apparatus
Phosphor thin film, preparation method, and EL panel
Method for applying or repairing a coating on a substrate by inductive heating
Microwave oven with phase modulator and fan on common driveshaft
Expired Patents Due To Time
Steam-cooling type gas turbine
Turbomachine with cooled rotor shaft
Method of cooling a combustion turbine
Fluid coupling
Centrifugal pump with solids cutting action
Apparatus and methods for installing, removing and adjusting an inner turbine shell section relative to an outer turbine shell section
Exhaust gas turbocharger for an internal-combustion engine
Steam turbine, rotor shaft thereof, and heat resisting steel
Automotive air conditioning fan assembly
Triple tip-rib airfoil
Thermal barrier coated squealer tip cavity
Polygonal windmill
High temperature airfoil
Fan Retention system
Damping systems for vibrating members
Conduit pump system to increase water flow capacity
Automated, air-operated bellows pumps for groundwater sampling and other applications
Vacuum operated pumping system
pressure/vacuum generator
Fluid pump
Low volume, high precision, positive displacement pump
Device and method for controlling displacement of variable displacement compressor
Reciprocating type compressor having orbiting valve plate
Radial piston pump for high-pressure fuel delivery
Radial pistol pump
Piston pump in a brake system of a vehicle
Pump control apparatus and method
Leakage storage means for a submersible machine
Carbon dioxide pump and pumping system
Check valve stop and ports
Scroll fluid machine having an orbiting radius varying mechanism and a clearance between the wrap portions
Rotary pump/turbine apparatus and integrated valve system
Apparatus for forming adobe blocks
Resin sealing device for chip-size packages
Tool for disposing laser blocking material in an airfoil
Molding die for molding a component of magnetic tape cartridge
System for loading raw material and unloading finished parts from a compression mold
Injection molding products having fastener elements
Apparatus for shaping a spherical body
On-line thermoforming machine
Mold closer for the production of thermoplastic articles
Safety lighter with compound finger pad
Device and method for burning vented fuel
Combustion apparatus
Supporting device for the manufacture of dental prosthetic components
Thin film denture reliner bonding aid and a process of securing dentures in the oral cavity
Simulation method for visualizing density of jawbone for dental implantation
Fixed, splinted and removable prosthesis attachment
Method of fabricating new dental prostheses using a patient's existing dental prostheses
Dental cleaning liquid and gel
Dental post made of radiopaque composite
Method and apparatus for dental treatment using high pressure liquid jet
Method for shaping an adhesive material
Portable and compact motion simulator with a single degree-of-freedom
Educating special needs children about money
Method and apparatus for developing computer screen layout
Method and system for computer assisted natural language instruction with distracters
Method and apparatus for training of auditory/visual discrimination using target and distractor phonemes/graphemes
Job aiding apparatus
Sound field simulation method and sound field simulation apparatus
Pictorial tour process and applications thereof
In-board connector
Component for contacting a measuring unit and method for its production
Coaxial connector
Memory card adaptor card
Compliant high-density land grid array (LGA) connector and method of manufacture
Assembly with dual purpose connector
Tubular circuit connector
Flex cables with increased three-dimensional conformity and design flexibility
Compliant, surface-mountable interposer
Branching connector and electrical connector box assembly
IC card connector and IC card connector mounting structure
Surface-mount electrical connection device
Plug cap
Socket with safety device
Motion transmission mechanism and low insertion force connector
Lever-fitting type connector
Apparatus for removing electrical component
Electrical connector with ejector mechanism
Rotating connector
Coaxial switch connector assembly
Audio jack
Audio jack
Structure of a copper head socket for a light bulb
Electrical zero-force contact connector device
Pressure connection assembly
Autodocking assembly and method
Half-fitting prevention connector
Locking light socket and light
Insulator-displacement type connector
Assembly containing a modular jack and a light emitting diode
Electrical connector for flexible printed board
Sealant-filled electrical connector and method for forming the same
Electrical connector
Multi-part connector
Electrical connector
Enhanced performance telecommunications connector
Multi-line signal cable
Simplified microelectronic connector and method of manufacturing
Electrical junction box
Modular jack having a plug-positioning member
Electrical connector and method of assembling and connecting the same with circuit devices
Terminal block assembly including rail fastening means
Power supply terminal assembly
Double engagement structure of coupling terminal in plug type connector
Electrical contact with orthogonal contact arms and offset contact areas
Electrical connector for crossing reinforcing bars
Pump jet with axial directional flow control device for thrust modulation
Inlet structure for water jet apparatus mounted to boat hull
Reverse gate for water jet apparatus
Trolling motor mount stabilizer
Steering system for plural marine propulsion engines
Fuel filter for engine
Watercraft exhaust system
Propulsion system and method
Release unit
Multilayer swim fin and method
Inflatable chair or other structure adapted for certain types of use in water
Actinic radiation source and uses therefor
Control of leachable mercury in fluorescent lamps by addition of copper compounds
Electrode structures, display devices containing the same, and methods for making the same
Luminescent display device and method of forming the same
Method of forming lead-in seal in high pressure discharge lamps
Cycling activity belt
Assembling structure for main wing of a model airplane
Radio controlled aerial disc
Modular building blocks with color coding
Dynamic searching device for toys
Toy figure simulating musical instrument play
Doll having an arm movement mechanism using a rear-facing lever
Knockdown style safety disk-shooting toy
Breast pad structure
Workpiece inspection and handling
Laser interferometry endpoint detection with windowless polishing pad for chemical mechanical polishing process
Method and apparatus for stabilizing the process temperature during chemical mechanical polishing
Grinding machine
Workpiece finishing system and method of operating same
Polishing method and polisher used in the method
Methods and apparatus for chemical mechanical planarization using a microreplicated surface
Methods of polishing materials, methods of slowing a rate of material removal of a polishing process
Method of producing ocular lens and holders for holding lens blank during cutting thereof
Apparatus and method for sharpening a disc blade
Combined cutting and grinding tool
Pad cleaning brush for chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and method of making the same
Dust Collector
Retaining ring for chemical mechanical polishing
Abrasive inserts for grinding bimetallic components
Magnetic disc system for grinding or polishing specimens
Sharpener sheath
Shock-wave food processing with acoustic converging wave guide
Method for ordering subscriber records of wireless communication networks
Climate control system
Ventilation system for car window
Blend door assembly for climate control systems
Power modulating lead screw actuated butterfly blade action damper
Slot machine game-progressive jackpot with decrementing jackpot
Multi-spin rotating wheel bonus for video slot machine
Progressive gaming system
High-score display system for a video game
Database driven online distributed tournament system
Two stage torsional vibration damper
Apparatus for damping vibrations
Cross member for a universal joint for high torque loads
Constant velocity joint and method of making an outer race therefor
Ride-type game machine
Optical reference marker system for golfers
Instrumented golf club system and method of use
Golf club with multiple sweet spot markings and methods and tools for locating same
Golf clubs and golf club sets
Golf club head with removable insert
Golf club head with improved frequency matched ball striking face characteristics
Multi-layer golf ball
Golf ball with multiple sets of dimples
Golf tee
Golf tee
Ball mark repair implement
Portable basketball retrieval and return device
Basketball practice assembly
Hydraulic control systems for automatic transmissions
Trunnion of a toroidal continuously variable transmission and manufacturing process thereof
Method for monitoring of a continuously variable transmission
Device for controlling the vehicle to travel at a constant speed
Partially automated lever-shifted mechanical transmission system
Test and training device and method
Therapeutic squeeze ball
Exercise apparatus
Stepping exerciser
Office and work furniture
Weighted flexible exercise device
Bench press shoulder protection device and method therefor
Weight lifting machine with electromagnetic couplers
Orthopedic exerciser
Swing exerciser
Cord controller of exercise device
Exercise grips attached to shoes
Exerciser for muscle groups of the pelvis
Printing rollers
Apparatus for blocking tabbing feature of mail handling system and associated methods
Method for making bag constructions having inwardly directed side seal portions
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Buckle folding mechanism with two or three folding pockets
Rotor for a free jet centrifuge having an internal guiding element
Centrifuge blade design and control mechanism
Flexible metal supporting device for a centrifugal separator
Treatments for cuttings from offshore rigs
Radiation centering catheters
Method for delivering radiation therapy to an intravascular site in a body
Golf bag and golf bag strap with magnetic material and method
Multi-function health device
Heater door mechanism for infant warming apparatus
Passive girdle for heart ventricle for therapeutic aid to patients having ventricular dilatation
Medication delivering clitoral stimulation device
Endoscopic camera system with non-mechanical zoom
Non-latex inverted sheath device
Self-propelled colonoscope and cleaning process thereof
Surgical retractor and method for use
Stabilized cephalic medical apparatus, and method of using same
Tongue depressor for use on oral examinations
Tele-diagnostic device
Medical signal monitoring and display
Method for monitoring the level of an osmotically active component in body fluid and device for carrying out said method
Ultrasound image data archiving and communication techniques
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with reduced spatial compounding seam artifacts
Method and apparatus for the assessment and display of variability in mechanical activity of the heart, and enhancement of ultrasound contrast imaging by variability analysis
Method to measure ambient fluid pressure
Ultrasonic detector insertable into body cavity
Diagnostic medical ultrasound system and method for using a sparse array
Ultrasonic method using adaptive clutter filter to remove tissue wall motion
Signal enhancing and artifact reducing blood pressure cuff
Device for high-resolution, noninvasive blood pressure measurement
Flow restrictor for measuring respiratory parameters
Closed one-handed blood sampling system
Methods and devices for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Backrest with fingers providing kneading massage
Elastic elbow brace
Protective sheath and method for ultrasonic probes
Method and devices for creating a trap for confining therapeutic drugs and/or genes in the myocardium
Modified disposable injector device
Dual-chamber type injector and connector used therefor
Compact needle point shield
Rheolytic thrombectomy catheter and method of using same
Medical line securement device
Piston-actuated attachable topical fluid delivery system
Medicament dispenser
Combined scalpel and syringe device
Retracting tip for catheter set
Safety device for a needle having two sharpened ends
Syringes and plungers for use therein
Drip chamber anti free flow device
Triclosan and silver compound containing medical devices
Apparatus for treatment of the female pelvic floor
Ostomy bag cleaning appliance having a mounting plate
Diaper insert for adult incontinent patients
Air venting in ophthalmic irrigation/aspiration system via closed bag system
Therapeutic and diagnostic agent delivery
Catheter system
Positioning device
Steerable catheter
Flexible finger latching mechanism
Laser adapter for mounting on a surgical microscope and a laser suitable for this purpose
Laser balloon catheter
Device and method for hyperthermia treatment
Systems and methods for electrosurgical tissue treatment in conductive fluid
Tissue sealing using microwaves
Devices for passive motion of joints under traction
Method for inserting a spinal implant
Set screw for use with osteosynthesis apparatus
Vertebral triplaner alignment method
Bone screw threaded plug closure with central set screw
Viewable wedge distractor device
Intramedullary, flexible fracture fixation device, using bi-axial prestressing
Osteosynthesis auxiliary for the treatment of subtrochanteric, peritochanteric and femoral-neck fractures
Bone stabilization plate with a secured-locking mechanism for cervical fixation
Transiliac approach to entering a patient's intervertebral space
Expandable orthopedic drill for vertebral interbody fusion techniques
Orthopaedic instrumentation assembly and method of using same
Bone jointer and a bone jointer fixing tool
Instrumentation and method for creating an intervertebral space for receiving an implant
Tissue holding device and method
Bifurcated prosthetic graft
Shape memory polymer intravascular delivery system with heat transfer medium
Snare for endoscope
Atraumatic medical retrieval device
Device for referencing a system of coordinates
Suturing instrument with angled needle holder and method for use thereof
Hernia mesh patch
Methods and apparatus for defibrillating a heart refractory to electrical stimuli
Device for treatment of spider veins
Blood vessel occlusion trocar having size and shape varying insertion body
Devices and methods for protecting a patient from embolic material during surgery
Bioabsorable cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives
Support apparatus which cradles a body portion for application of localized cooling to high contact-pressure body surface areas
Selective organ cooling apparatus and method
Low profile highly expandable stent
Ultra-thin expandable stent
Remotely removable covering and support
Haptics for an intraocular lens
Bone substitute composition and process of preparation thereof
Implantable tissue repair device
Intervertebral implant with reduced contact area and method
Prosthesis fixturing device
Hip joint prosthesis
Hip-joint endoprosthesis
Implantation of surgical implants with calcium sulfate
Speech recognition using nonparametric speech models
Composition for the dyeing of human hair
Method and apparatus for scheduling wafer processing within a multiple chamber semiconductor wafer processing tool having a multiple blade robot
Method of producing electrolytic capacitor
V-shaped gasket for galvanic cells
Process for producing a paraffin-based object and such an object
Additive composition
Self-contained charcoal starter
Cyanine dyes and synthesis methods thereof
Dust separator
Waste treatment system
Process and device for charging a fusion gasifier with gasifying means and spongy iron
Method and device for separating metals and/or metal alloys of different melting points
Method and apparatus for reducing iron-oxides-particles having a broad range of sizes
Apparatus for manufacturing molten iron by using calcination furnace, and manufacturing method therefor
Process from separation of a gas mixture by pressure swing adsorption and plant for its implementation
Method and device for the agglomeration of particles in a gaseous flow
Electrostatic method and means for removing contaminants from gases
Method for enhancement of duct removal out of chimney gases
Biostatic air filter
Cleaner for both dry and wet use having a moveable ring connected to a fan, the moveable ring having circumferential ribs
Hexavalent chromium-free phosphate-bonded coatings
Thiobacillus thiooxidansgrowth inhibitor, cement composition, and cement structure
Tin compounds as antiskinning agents for oxidatively drying binders
Ink mixture
Semi-solid pigmented ink for marking porous media
Use of novel glass compositions in preparing dental glass pillars and support pillars, and method for producing the glass pillars
Additivation of essentially amorphous cellulose nanofibrils with carboxyl cellulose with a high degree of substitution
Mixture comprising pigments having a liquid-crystalline structure with a chiral phase and its use
Process for the preparation of highly chromatic perylene pigments
Forging cylindrical alkali halide ingots into rectangular plates
Method for fabricating semiconductor light integrated circuit
Method for producing SOI substrate and SOI substrate
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure having a crystalline alkaline earth metal oxide interface with silicon
Cup-type plating method and cleaning apparatus used therefor
Liquid dispensing system with multiple cartridges
Quick slip die plate and method of mounting and removing the same
Apparatus for masking turbine components during vapor phase diffusion coating
Seal coating mask for semiconductor element and method of use thereof
Multiple head dispensing system and method
Gas supply apparatus and film forming apparatus
Gas recovery unit utilizing dual use of gas
Modified thermocouple mounting bushing and system including the same
Controlling gas in a multichamber processing system
Wafer transfer system
Vaporizing reactant liquids for chemical vapor deposition film processing
CVD of metals capable of receiving nickel or alloys thereof using inert contact
Process for demineralizing a sugar solution
Method for preparing raffinose crystals and equipment for the same
Microemulsion composition for cleaning hard surfaces
High-strength valve spring and it's manufacturing method
Piston ring material and piston ring with excellent scuffing resistance and workability
Rolling bearing
Ultra-high strength, weldable, essentially boron-free steels with superior toughness
Flip-Chip interconnections using lead-free solders
Process for the production of a honeycomb body formed of sheet metal layers of at least partly laminated structure
Process for galvanizing a metal strip
Method and apparatus for simplified production of heat treatable aluminum alloy castings with artificial self-aging
Method for heat-treating profiled rolling stock
Ni-base directionally solidified alloy casting manufacturing method
Pentanitrogen(1+)cation and salt containing the same
Gas generant manufacture
Method of manufacturing an inorganic board
Infrared imaging to detect components on personal care articles
Methods for waterproofing architectural surfaces
Molded plastic siding panel
Method of manufacturing optical discs
Method of making laminate ceramic substrate with domed pads
Method for manufacture of structural wood products
Special process for manufacturing multi-layered flat adhesive tape
Method of making a layered structural articles
Method for the production and multicolor printing of thermo-adhesive flocked films
Process for producing a printing form
Method for assembling parts
Method of applying protective covering to a substrate
Assembly process for flip chip package having a low stress chip and resulting structure
Polishing apparatus
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic wet etching of silicon
Human Necessities
Hockey stick shaft
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Forage box clutch mechanism
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew