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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Perfect planting tool
Irrigation system
Vertical pet excrement collection device
Synergistically acting herbicidal mixtures
Indanyl- and tetrahydronaphtyl-amino-thiourea compounds for combating animal pests
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Board for opening an oyster
Food and vitamin preparations containing the natural isomer of reduced folates
User wearable wire control system
Jewelry travel case
Carrier assembly for percussion instruments
Window cleaning device for out of reach windows
Delayed gas spring chair
Seat back structure
Beverage lid dispenser including easy loading lid packaging
Wine refrigerator with shelf having elastic support members
Dinnerware display
Modular window blind assembly
Coffeemaker having several infusion heads
Device and method for selecting and brewing the contents of a capsule to prepare a beverage
Adhesive roller
Percutaneous scaphoid fixation method and device
Bone plate
Implant for fixing adjacent bone plates
Apparatus and method for ablating tissue
Electrophysiology electrode having multiple power connections and electrophysiology devices including the same
Dental cleaning device
Polyanhydride polymers and their uses in biomedical devices
Anatomic device
Geared motor for electric wheelchair
Stable oxaliplatin formulation
Heteroaryl and benzyl amide compounds
Heterocycle-substituted n-phenyl-phthalamide derivatives, related compounds and their use as insecticides
Heterocyclic compounds
N-linked aryl heteroaryl inhibitors of LTA4H for treating inflammation
Thiazolypiperidine derivatives as MTP inhibitors
Heterocyclic boronic acid compounds
Hyaluronic acid-retaining polymers
Anthrax and small pox replikins and methods of use
Anti-tumor drug, medicament, composition, and use thereof
Intracellular interleukin-1 receptor antagonists
Recombinant toxin fragments
Treatment of cancer using HSV mutant
Tumor necrosis factor combined with interferon in demyelinating diseases
Apparatus for bio-decontamination of enclosures
Medical devices including aerated adhesive bonds and methods of forming the same
Catheter for conducting a procedure within a lumen, duct or organ of a living being
Methods of delivering therapeutic agents
Double barrel syringe and handles for use with double barrel syringes
Polymer coating of cells
Exercising assist method and apparatus
Exercise apparatus and method of operating the same
Exercise device
Compact physical rehabilitation device and method
Bucket walker system
Fitness apparatus
Golf club head
Direction and distance correcting golf putter
Musical ice skates
Wrap for bundling objects
Progressive jackpot gaming system
Products and processes for applying conditions to a lottery entry
Gaming system and method for enabling a player to select progressive awards to try for and chances of winning progressive awards
Turbofan powered locomotive and monorail
Toy with tethered pieces
Electronic musical instrument with velocity indicator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for preparing L-iditol
Self supported fluid filter
Method for removing acid gases from pressurized natural gas that is contaminated with acid gas compounds and recovering the removed acid gases at an increased pressure level
Matrix-free MALDI mass spectrometry
Anion generating device utilizing solar power
Silver- and vanadium-containing multimetal oxide and its use
Systems of producing monoolefins by the extraction-hydrogenation of highly unsaturated hydrocarbons
Tube for storing fluid
Vials and apparatus for obtaining an aliquot of a sample
Reference microplates and methods for making and using the reference microplates
Bearing for a shaft of a gyratory crusher and method of adjusting the gap width of the crusher
Food processor lid
Drink maker
Bowl mill for a coal pulverizer with an air mill for primary entry of air
Method of making a variable surface area stent
Method and device for making a composite plate
Process for preserving wood using fluoro-materials
UV-radiation-curable precious-metal preparation, transfer pictures containing said preparation, and process for decoration
Washing arm and dishwasher having the same
Tool to aide in the bending of rebar (reinforced steel bars) on construction site
Collet holder for a multi-jaw chuck
Power tool having control means for monitoring screw tightening operations
Hole saw having efficient slug removal
Friction linear guide rail assembly for boiler tube cutting apparatus
System method and apparatus for dry-in, dry-out, low defect laser dicing using proximity technology
Welding shield for coupling heaters
High production welding fixture
Cutting machine
Apparatus and method for polishing objects using object cleaners
Vise with quick release feature
Combination vise and clamp
Parallel manipulator
Building container for a device and method for a layerwise manufacturing of a three-dimensional object
Method of making a guide catheter
Molding apparatus
Multiple article injection molding system
Mold and molding apparatus using the same
In mold lamination of decorative products
Method and apparatus for forming resin film
Air bag sealer silicone rubber composition
Method for continuous production of a functional film
Method for the production of a combined piezo/luminescent film and actuating element with such a piezo/luminescent film
Process for producing a nanoscale zero-valent metal
PVD coated cutting tool
Sheet-transporting apparatus
Paper path powered jam/lock systems and methods
Ink-jet printing device including a microwave heating device
Droplet discharging head and droplet discharging apparatus
Ink jet recording head having piezoelectric element and electrode patterned with same shape and without pattern shift therebetween
Micro-fluid ejection devices, methods for making micro-fluid ejection heads, and micro-fluid ejection head having high resistance thin film heaters
Modular printer assembly with a loading mechanism
Driving module utilized for driving a print head maintenance station
Ink unit including ink and ink-wetted member
Printer with short print-to-print cycle times
Image forming apparatus
System and method for controlling a tracking servo during label printing
Image-forming apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus
Method for determining an optimal non-nucleating heater pulse for use with an ink jet printhead
Dual key pod data entry device
Fluid cosmetic dispenser
Pneumatic tire with tread having non-linear rib
Universal gooseneck to fifth wheel hitch converter
Rear window slider assembly
Vehicle exterior windshield protective cover for protection against sun, wind, snow and ice
Drive motor assembly for a vehicle sunshade assembly
Vehicle with horizontally-pivotable tail gate
Tarping system for open top containers
Method and device for testing the measuring value of at least one level sensor arranged in a fuel tank
Airbag device
Lock device of sliding mechanism
Anti-theft device for a motor vehicle, such as an electronic anti-theft device
Thixomold hinge assembly
Motor apparatus
Wheel cleaning apparatus for a wheelchair or the like
Electrically powered brake system and control unit for electrically powered brake system
Device and method for control of an automatic gearbox for control of lock-up and lock-up release
Board control grip step for snowboards
Connecting device between the steering column and the body of a motor vehicle
Working vehicle
Adjustable bicycle seat assembly
Small unmanned air vehicle system for deploying and towing a sensor in a tow medium and methods related thereto
Aerial-supported procedure for the detection of landmines
Method for operating and managing a re-fueling business
Sensor system for a refrigerator dispenser
Filling machine and filling monitoring method
Method of and system for managing rack operation, method of and system for managing multistage rack, article conveyance and storage device, and computer product
Packaging device and method of using the same
Drink receptacle, in particular drinking bag, composed of flexible composite material
Interconnecting food container system
Storage container
Case for portable electronic device
Retention packaging
Educational dish assembly
Educational food dish system
Folding photo case
Roller conveyor
Method for loading of container used to ship semi-trailer chassis
Finisher apparatus
Sheet processing system
System and method for indicating receipt paper supply in a receipt printer
Velocity matching calibration method for multiple independently driven sheet transport devices
Paper sheet handling apparatus
Apparatus for mixing and dispensing fluids
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process and apparatus for the combustion of a sulfur-containing liquid
Electrical connection structure
Process for producing fine .alpha.-alumina particles
Method for preparing acidic solutions of activated silica and polyvalent metal salt for water treatment
Apparatus for treating sewage using a semi-batch process and associated method
Method of fabricating a hinge
Light weight phosphate cements
Optical medium, an optical lens and a prism
Biological fertilizer
Crystal forms of O-desmethylvenlafaxine
Stabilizers for use in NVP synthesis
Method for the production of urea from natural gas
Method for producing 2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol di-2-ethylhexanoate
Process for manufacturing a glutamic acid derivative and a pyroglutamic acid derivative and a novel intermediate in the manufacture thereof
Substituted cumarines, process for the production of said cumarines and composition containing said cumarines
Internal 1,15-lactones of fluprostenol and related prostaglandin F.sub.2.alpha. analogs and their use in the treatment of glaucoma and intraocular hypertension
Process for preparation of imatinib base
Polyfluoroether-based phosphates
Chiral tertiary aminoalkylnaphthols
Human skeletal muscle-specific ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
Nucleic acid molecules encoding GPR84
Hsp70 from Arthrobacter
Copolymers containing nanoparticles
Method of producing polymer using iron complex as catalyst
Process for making a PIPA-polyol
Method of producing high molecular weight polymer
Isocyanate-free expandable mixtures exhibiting a fast hardening rate
Fluoroquinolonoquinolones and inkjet ink compositions comprising the same
Process for the manufacture of a composite material, composite material and use thereof
Ink and ink-jet recording apparatus
Iron-containing crystalline aluminosilicate, hydrocracking catalyst comprising the aluminosilicate, and method of hydrocracking with the catalyst
Process to prepare a haze free base oil
Methods for binding particulate solids
Hydraulic fluid compositions and preparation thereof
Controlled release compositions
Method for evacuating air from flexible packages
Method and device for probing changes in a membrane by applying an in-plane electric field
Promoters for regulation of gene expression in plant roots
Method for producing transgenic plants with increased yield, comprising expressing of haemoglobin from Arabidopsis
Derivation of terminally differentiated dopaminergic neurons from human embryonic stem cells
Transfected cell line and a method using the same for the high throughput screening for inhibitors of the T-type calcium channel alpha-1H
Modified polypeptides stabilized in a desired conformation and methods for producing same
Culture of Crypthecodinium cohnii and microorganisms derived therefrom
Screening using polarization anisotropy in FRET emissions
Polymorphism detection
Method of melting a mixture of scrap metal using scrap rubber
Locally-efficient inductive plasma coupling for plasma processing system
Cylindrical electrode
Micro-turbines, roller bearings, bushings, and design of hollow closed structures and fabrication methods for creating such structures
Functional protein arrays
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus at a spinning room machine, especially a flat card, roller card, cleaner or the like, for drawing a clothing onto a roller
Soft goods slitter and feed system for quilting
Manufacturing system and manufacturing method for sheet-like structure
Multimaterial stitching skins preparation
Drum-type washer control method and drum-type washer using the same
Electric steam iron
Electric steam iron
Fixed Constructions
Cement heating and finishing machine
Line striper
Assembly and method for installation of an underwater structure
Modular concrete substructures
Push block for a scraping device
Method and apparatus for unassisted implement connection
Air gap with deodorizer apparatus and method of use
Floor panels with edge connectors
Covers, systems, and methods for covering outdoor deck components
Cladding apparatus, method and system
Mobile structure
Single pole freestanding shelter
Modular buildings
Block and tackle balance assembly with brake shoe
Well casing-based geophysical sensor apparatus, system and method
Apparatus for retaining two strings of tubulars
Method of stabilizing unconsolidated formation for sand control
Flow control device with a permeable membrane
Treating tar sands formations with karsted zones
Electric submersible pumping system with gas vent
Variable positioning deep cutting rotary coring tool with expandable bit
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Tappet carrier for barrel engine
Rocker arm and method of manufacturing same
High-performance muffler assembly with multiple modes of operation
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine and a respective operating method
Engine cooling system
Vehicular cooling system
Indirect-injection internal-combustion engine, notably spark-ignition supercharged engine, with two intake means for carrying out a burnt gas scavenging stage
Air filter, secondary air charging system and seal arrangement for a secondary air charging system
Motor-driven supercharger
Six-cycle internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with breather chamber
Hydrodynamic coupling
Miniature hydro-power generation system
Sliding vane of rotors
Power generation system including multiple motors/generators
Tie rod-type booster comprising a reinforced sealing ring
Wheel lock
Rotatable joint having a resilient module
Sealing device
Two-way clutch
Device and method for guiding at least two flow media
Fluid control valve for supplying gas to a fuel cell in a vehicle
Safety type quick connector
System and method for pipe repair
Hydrogen gas supply device and fuel cell apparatus
LED lamp assembly
Light fixture having light emitting diode (LED) and resilient member
LED lamp having a vapor chamber for dissipating heat generated by LEDS of the LED lamp
Recessed sealed lighting fixture
Apparatus for reducing flashback produced by an anti-collision light
Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing lamp-fixing member
LED projector light module
LED lamp with a heat dissipation device
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device having same
Headlight assembly for a straddle-type vehicle
Special effects drinking lid
Electronic apparatus and enclosure assembly therefor
Free-form lenses for rectangular illumination zones
Planar light source device
Auxiliary power device for refrigerated trucks
Method and apparatus for temperature based placement of an item within a storage unit
Ice dispenser for a refrigerator with a delay mechanism having a foldable catch
Refrigerator with integrated water supply
Refrigeration appliance with externally accessible dispenser
Barrel link for a semiautomatic weapon
Tunable and aimable artificial lightening producing device
Template for cutting wall board to fit fluted deck ceilings
Relative position detection device for motor vehicle
Mechanical oscillator formed by a network of basic oscillators
Low-scattering foam phantom for molecular imaging
Image displaying apparatus with control over the output ratio of a plurality of light sources
Image capturing system, image capturing method, and recording medium
Optical property measuring method and optical property measuring apparatus
Sampling head and sampling device for intact vehicle paint chips in forensic applications
Microtome having a cooling device
Inspection device for humidity sensor and method for adjusting sensor characteristics of humidity sensor
Defect inspection method
Micro-LiDAR velocity, temperature, density, concentration sensor
Remote identification of explosives and other harmful materials
Standard device for origin of light absorbance and method of using the same
Method of detecting drug resistant microorganisms by surface plasmon resonance system
Method for improving chemiluminescent signal
Sheet detector mechanism including sheet detector further including photoreceptors, and image forming apparatus including the same
System and method for optical interrogation of micro-mechanical sensors using microcavity interferometry
Method for real-time determination of volume fractions of a production fluid in a hydrocarbon reservoir
Diagnosis of human glycosylation disorders
Method and composition for homogeneous multiplexed microparticle-based assay
Methods of using antibodies to human IL-13bc for inhibiting IL-13 binding
Automated analyzer
Non-contact shock sensor
Vibration gyro
Dynamic calibration techniques for digitally controlled oscillator
System and method for determining attenuation of electromagnetic waves impacting an electromagnetic shield
Prober apparatus and operating method therefor
Test circuit and test method for power switch
Pulse radar, car radar and landing assistance radar
Method and apparatus for gamma ray detection
Method for estimating formation skin damage from nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
Tunable magnetic field amplifying device
Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs
Underground anomalies detection vehicle and trailer
Fluidic adaptive lens
Liquid lens group
Digital camera with lens being automatically retractable and automatic retraction method thereof
Non-volatile addressable electronic paper for disposable flexible displays
Micro electro mechanical systems device
Methods and apparatus for actuating displays
Compact optical system
Lens module and method for assembling the same
Wide-angle lens system
Telemicroscopic loupes with removable, replaceable lens cap to adjust for working distance
Method and system for driving interferometric modulators
Direct back light type liquid crystal display and light diffuse plate
Seal structure, seal method, liquid crystal device, manufacturing method thereof, and projector
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Reflective liquid crystal display panel and device using same
Object detection apparatus
Mirror angle adjustment mechanism
Image projection apparatus and image projection system
Image display apparatus and control method for the same
Image display device and Fresnel lens sheet used therefor
Lens barrel and camera incorporating the same lens barrel
Protective overcoat
Thermostatic cartridge for regulating hot and cold fluids to be mixed, and a mixer tap provided with such a cartridge
Remote control transmitter which is capable of controlling a plurality of light fittings without the need for a slidable switch
Wideband low dropout voltage regulator
Constant current and voltage generator
Electronic notebook
Print controller, control method therefor and program
Displaying object information along with a print preview and object information changing unit
Object authentication using hidden images
Planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM) based engine
Method of processing postal items including management of digital fingerprints of the postal items
System and method for displaying stereo images
Methods and apparatus for an environmental and behavioral adaptive wireless communication device
Intruder detection device
Liquid discharge device capable of self-diagnosis of discharge functions
System and method for determining distribution transformer efficiency
Rotating gauge pointer and light guide between LCD and LED
Communication system architecture and operating methods thereof
Intra-oral signal modulator and controller
Hanging laminar label and roll of labels
Portable shopping aid
Sign support arrangement
Device for representing and/or displaying various process and/or controlled variables
Method for driving a gas electric discharge device
Energy efficient column driver for electroluminescent displays
TFT-LCD capable of repairing discontinuous lines
Liquid crystal display apparatus with light sensor
Personal interfaces for independent living and health
System and method for multi-sampling primitives to reduce aliasing
Image display device and image display method
Harp with exposed soundboard and separate bridges and method of altering the pitch of the harp strings
String instrument with variable openings
Musical instrument with electronic proof system, electric system and computer program
Disk drive employing repeatable disturbance compensation for fly height control
Method and apparatus for detecting servo timing marks in a magnetic disk system
Disk drive device and method for production thereof
Spin injection device, magnetic device using the same, magnetic thin film used in the same
Magnetic write head having a stair notched, steep shouldered pole and a write gap bump
Magnetic read head having increased electron exchange
Method for correcting influence of thickness unevenness of recording medium, information recording/reproducing apparatus using the same method and optical head unit
Automatic write strategy calibration method for optical drive
Optical element feeding device driving method and optical disk apparatus
Solid-state image pickup element and method of producing the same
Optical pickup for three different types of optical discs and recording and/or reproducing apparatus using same
Solvent compositions and process for manufacturing an optical recording medium using said composition and optical recording medium
Optical recording material and optical recording medium
Semiconductor memory, test method of semiconductor memory and system
Semiconductor storage device
Method of operating a semiconductor memory device having a recessed control gate electrode
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device using adjacent bit lines for data transmission and method of driving the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor device including plurality of semiconductor circuits
Semiconductor memory, memory controller, system, and operating method of semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device and refresh method for the same
Semiconductor memory device and driving method for the device
Sense amplifier control circuit and semiconductor device using the same
Synchronous memory device
Separation and receiving device for spent nuclear fuel rods
Mesh and method of observing rubber slice technical field
Composition, an electrode transfer film including the same, a display panel, and a method of forming an electrode
Zeolite--sol gel nano-composite low k dielectric
Remote controller device and method for hand operation of floor-mounted audio effects processors
Method of producing soft magnetic material, soft magnetic powder, and dust core
Low temperature non-aqueous electrolyte
Pedal assemblies and methods for signal control
MEMS switch
Key for a mobile device
Self-emission panel and method of fabricating the same
Light-emitting element and device
Plasma display panel
GaN based LED with etched exposed surface for improved light extraction efficiency and method for making the same
Method for fabricating white-light-emitting flip-chip diode having silicon quantum dots
Method for fabrication of group III nitride semiconductor
Three dimensional integrated passive device and method of fabrication
Method and apparatus for imprinting a circuit pattern using ultrasonic vibrations
Multilevel semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Bulk-isolated PN diode and method of forming a bulk-isolated PN diode
Mounting method for semiconductor parts on circuit substrate
III group nitride semiconductor substrate, substrate for group III nitride semiconductor device, and fabrication methods thereof
Method of fabricating periodic nano-structure arrays with different feature sizes
Metal-substituted transistor gates
Transistor having high dielectric constant gate insulating layer and source and drain forming Schottky contact with substrate
Transplanted magnetic random access memory (MRAM) devices on thermally-sensitive substrates using laser transfer and method of making the same
Phase change memory cell with high read margin at low power operation
Methods of forming an integrated circuit package
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display device having drive circuit
Methods of forming threshold voltage implant regions
Semiconductor device manufacturing method for forming diffused layers by impurity implantation using gate wiring layer mask
Electronic device package heat sink assembly
Apparatus and method for packaging circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a power supply, and semiconductor system including a semiconductor integrated circuit
Multi-system module having functional substrate
Non-volatile memory device for 2-bit operation and method of fabricating the same
Light emitting diode
Light emitting transistor
Spin transistor using ferromagnet
Semiconductor device and method for producing it
Semiconductor memory device
Electromechanical non-volatile memory devices
Persistent p-type group II-IV semiconductors
LED assembly with high heat dissipating capability
Piezoelectric vibrating reed and piezoelectric device
Method of driving piezoelectric devices
Dibenzoanthracene derivatives, organic electroluminescent devices, and display apparatus
Electrokinetic micro power cell using microfluidic-chip with multi-channel type
Metallic separator for fuel cell and method for anti-corrosion treatment of the same
Fuel cell
Fuel cell
Alleviation of voltage delay in lithium-liquid depolarizer/electrolyte solvent battery cells
Fuel cell power generation apparatus, fuel cartridge, and fuel cell system using the same
Solid oxide fuel cell of multiple tubular electrodes
Modulized wave filter
Dielectrically-loaded antenna
Miniaturized integrated monopole antenna
Shielded circuit board and method for shielding a circuit board
Connectivity hub with an integrated clip
Shielded connector
Board-to-board electrical connector
Modular jack connector system
Socket connector having contact terminals with reliable and durable interconnection with pin legs of a CPU
High-power-optical-amplifier using a number of spaced, thin slabs
Synthetic material end for a DC electric cable
Safety guard apparatus for an electrical outlet
Paintable wall plate covering assembly and method
Combination control system with intermediate module
Constant voltage output circuit
Internally shielded energy conditioner
Auxiliary battery attachment apparatus for use in a multiple battery system that reliably supplies electrical energy to an electrical system
Circuit and method for battery charging and discharging protection
Driving apparatus
Isotropic ring magnet linear voice coil motor
Lithographic apparatus with planar motor driven support
Global pointing actuator
Sealing device
Motor for controlling inverse rotation of rotor
Circuit and method of establishing DC bias levels in an RF power amplifier
Class-D amplifier and multi-level output signal generated method thereof
Switchable tunable acoustic resonator using BST material
Semiconductor memory device including on die termination circuit and on die termination method thereof
Differential signal receiver
Dynamically-adjustable differential output drivers
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuits with adjustable body bias and power supply circuitry
Semiconductor device operating in an active mode and a standby mode
Level shifter
Frequency hopping oscillator circuit
Saturation detector for an ADC
Method and device for analog-digital conversion of a complex signal
Thermometer-code-to-binary encoders
Semiconductor device that degrades leak current of a transistor
Serial-parallel type analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion method
Rate-7/8 direct-current free and runlength limited code
Multipoint-to-point communication using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Power line communication system, device and method
Image reading apparatus and image processing method
Apparatus and method of controlling scanner
Concealed regions complementing system of free viewpoint video images
Analysis of video footage
Image sensing apparatus having an image sensor
Image pickup apparatus
Shake correcting device, shake correcting method and control program for implementing the method
CMOS image sensor including column driver circuits and method for sensing an image using the same
Device mounting apparatus, adjustment jig, and image pickup apparatus with adjustment mechanism
Display device with a detachable housing
Methods and systems for managing bragbook images
Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method
Recording method, recording apparatus, recording medium, reproduction method, reproduction apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Flicker correction method and device, and imaging device
Method for estimating number of tags in slotted aloha-based RFID system
Temperature sensing circuit in cooking appliance and controlling method of the same
Electroluminescent material and electroluminescent element using the same
Lighting apparatus formed by serially-driven lighting units
Light emitting diode circuit having even current
LED module
Gas insulated switchgear
Electronic apparatus
Mounting apparatus for heat sink
Disk array system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Duplications of human chromosome 15q24-25 and anxiety disorders, diagnostic methods for their detection
Compositions, methods, kits and apparatus for determining the presence or absence of target molecules
Advanced active electronic devices including collection electrodes for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics
Baculovirus expression system and method for high throughput expression of genetic material
Systems and methods for performing reactions in an unsealed environment
Method and kit for direct isothermal sequencing of nucleic acids
RNA channels in biological membranes
Method for assaying DNA fragments in mixture
Kit for amplifying nucleic acid
Mycobacterial species-specific reporter mycobacteriophages
Methods and devices for performing analysis of a nucleic acid sample
Process for sequencing an individual DNA molecule
Methods to identify genetic predisposition to alzheimer's disease
Antibodies to oxidation-specific epitopes on lipoprotein and methods for their use in detecting, monitoring and inhibiting the growth of atheroma
Methods of screening for compounds which mimic galectin-1
Process for the extraction of proteins
Immunoassay for mycophenolic acid
Direct chloramphenicol acetyl transferase assay
DNA encoding sterol methyltransferase
Crystal of bacterial core RNA polymerase and methods of use thereof
Method for characterizing DNA sequences
Method for quantitative measurement of a substrate
Microtitration unit
Mu-subtype opioid receptor
Protein, DNA coding for same and method of producing the protein
Myelin basic protein MRNA transport and translation enhancer sequences
FtsL from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease using rchd534 as a target
LRSG protein and nucleic acid molecules and uses therefor
Polynucleotides encoding ankyrin proteins
Response regulator
DNA encoding plasminogen-like growth factor (PLGF) and related embodiments
Gene encoding a putative efflux protein for solvents/antibiotics in pseudomonas mendocina
Multimeric hybrid gene encoding a chimeric protein which confers protection against parainfluenza virus and respiratory synctial virus
Method for the uncoupled, direct, exponential amplification and sequence of DNA molecules with the addition of a second thermostable DNA polymerase and its application
Detection of C4A deletion by long range PCR
Method for the genus-specific or/and species-specific detection of bacteria in a sample liquid
Enzymatic process for the preparation of (S)-cyanohydrins
Mutant prenyl diphosphate synthase, DNA encoding mutant prenyl diphosphate synthase and process for producing mutant prenyl phosphate synthase
Decaprenyl diphosphate synthetase gene
UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvyglucosamine reductase
Alcohol dehydrogenase and its use for the enzymatic production of chiral hydroxy compounds
Isolated Myt1 polypeptide
Cloning and characterization of napsin
Strains of bacteria and pharmaceutical composition containing one or more of such strains and use of same for preventing and treating diseases associated with or caused by altered metabolism of bile acids
Mutant acetolactate synthase gene from Arabidopsis thaliana for conferring imidazolinone resistance to crop plants
Expression system for altered expression levels
Tissue specimen carrier
Microsensor for measuring the concentration of a medium in an environment
Genetic analysis device
Connection device for connecting a filtering system to an incubator
Recombinant equine herpesviruses
Human p27Kip1 gene promoter
Use of trans-activation and cis-activation to modulate the persistence of expression of a transgene in an at least E4-deficient adenovirus
Modified gene encoding glyphosate-tolerant 5-enolpruvyl-3-phosphoshikimate synthase
DNA encoding taurine and GABA transporters and uses thereof
Antibodies against human IL-12
Multicellular in vitro assay of angiogenesis
Production of megakaryocytes by the use of human mesenchymal stem cells
Therapeutic and diagnostic tools for impaired glucose tolerance conditions
Eukaryotic transposable element
Human spinal cord cell lines and methods of use therefor
Additive preparation and method of use thereof
Diluting reagent and method compelling time-independent consistency in MCV assay
Method and apparatus for controlled instrumentation of particles with a filter device
Method and apparatus for measuring hemostasis
Enzyme-based fluorescence biosensor for chemical analysis
Color test card package for testing for the presence of lead
Large capacity acid or base generation apparatus and method of use
Method of separating serum from whole blood
Device for performing an assay, a method for manufacturing said device, and use of a membrane in the manufacture of said device
Enhanced chromatography using multiphoton detection
Method of manufacturing thin film capacitor
Method of controlling linewidth in photolithography suitable for use in fabricating integrated circuits
In-situ method for real time monitoring of chemical baths for transition metals with multi-channel electrodes
Method of producing a contaminated wafer
Semiconductor wafer evaluation method
Method of manufacture of a pulsed magnetic field ink jet printer
Manufacturing method of an led of a type of round concave cup with a flat bottom
CMOS compatable surface machined pressure sensor and method of fabricating the same
Temperature sensor manufacturing process
Memory cell having a reduced active area and a memory array incorporating the same
Flip-chip integrated circuit routing to I/O devices
Method and machine for underfilling an assembly to form a semiconductor package
Method of fabricating vacuum micro-structure
Lead frame, method of manufacturing lead frame, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Methods of forming ICS conductive lines, a conductive grid, a conductive network, an electrical interconnection to a node location, an electrical interconnection with a transistor source/drain region and ICS
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Methods to fabricate thin film transistors and circuits
Method for forming a TFT in a liquid crystal display
Nitrogen liner beneath transistor source/drain regions to retard dopant diffusion
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Universal charge port connector for electric vehicles
Bonding of silicon wafers
Method of forming salicide in embedded dynamic random access memory
Ferroelectric integrated circuit having low sensitivity to hydrogen exposure and method for fabricating same
Capacitor/antifuse structure having a barrier-layer electrode and improved barrier layer
Trench storage dynamic random access memory cell with vertical transfer device
Cell capacitors, memory cells, memory arrays, and method of fabrication
Method of manufacturing bottom electrode of capacitor
Fully recessed semiconductor method for low power applications with single wrap around buried drain region
Step-shaped floating poly-si gate to improve gate coupling ratio for flash memory application
Process for forming high quality gate silicon dioxide layers of multiple thicknesses
Semiconductor memory and method for fabricating the same
High density SRAM cell with latched vertical transistors
Method of manufacturing electrostatic discharge protective circuit
Method of generating multiple oxide thicknesses by one oxidation step using NH3 nitridation followed by re-oxidation
Semiconductor device having metal gate electrode and titanium or tantalum nitride gate dielectric barrier layer and process of fabrication thereof
High density plasma nitridation as diffusion barrier and interface defect densities reduction for gate dielectric
Self-aligned damascene gate with contact formation
Shallow trench isolation process for reduced for junction leakage
Integrated circuitry and method of forming a field effect transistor
Recessed channel structure for manufacturing shallow source/drain extensions
Method for forming a spacer using photosensitive material
Process for defining ultra-thin geometries
Step drain and source junction formation
Electrode resistance improved MOSFET with source and drain regions reduced in size beyond lithography limit and method for making the same
Radiation hardened field oxide for VLSI sub-micron MOS device
Semiconductor integrated bi-MOS circuit having isolating regions different in thickness between bipolar area and MOS area and process of fabrication thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Trench isolated bipolar transistor structure integrated with CMOS technology
Simplified high Q inductor substrate
Method of fabricating a thin-film resistor having stable resistance
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for fabricating semiconductor memory having good electrical characteristics and high reliability
Method for fabricating LOCOS isolation
Method for STI-top rounding control
Self aligned method for differential oxidation rate at shallow trench isolation edge
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation structure
Process for the separation of at least two elements of a structure in contact with one another by ion implantation
Process for the manufacture of optical integrated circuits
Method of producing a thin layer of semiconductor material
Method of cleaving a semiconductor wafer including implanting and annealing resulting in exfoliation
Process for producing chip and pressure sensitive adhesive sheet for said process
Method for manufacturing group III-V compound semiconductor
High electron mobility transistor and method of fabricating the same
Method of forming polycrystalline film by steps including introduction of nickel and rapid thermal anneal
Process for forming shaped group II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals, and product formed using process
Semiconductor device having triple-well
Rare-earth element-doped III-V compound semiconductor schottky diodes and device formed thereby
Ultra short transistor channel length dictated by the width of a sidewall spacer
Selective etching of unreacted nickel after salicidation
PE-SiN spacer profile for C2 SAC isolation window
Method for preventing poisoned vias and trenches
Method of forming bump electrodes
Flip chip C4 extension structure and process
Techniques for triple and quadruple damascene fabrication
Method and structure for improved alignment tolerance in multiple, singularized plugs
Method of fabricating crack resistant inter-layer dielectric for a salicide process
High density capping layers with improved adhesion to copper interconnects
Method for making stacked and borderless via structures on semiconductor substrates for integrated circuits
Corrosion resistant imager
Manufacturing method for contact hole
Method for forming contact plug
Method for enhancing anti-reflective coatings used in photolithography of electronic devices
Method of forming a local interconnect with improved etch selectivity of silicon dioxide/silicide
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having multilayer wiring
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Method of stabilizing anti-reflection coating layer
Plug forming method for semiconductor device
Method to deposit a copper seed layer for dual damascene interconnects
Diffusion barrier enhancement for sub-micron aluminum-silicon contacts
Method to eliminate dishing of copper interconnects
System for dispensing polishing liquid during chemical mechanical polishing of a semiconductor wafer
Method to form shallow trench isolation structures for borderless contacts in an integrated circuit
Method for processing and integrating copper interconnects
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Silicon oxide co-deposition/etching process
Removable photoresist spacers in CMOS transistor fabrication
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Recovery of damages in a field oxide caused by high energy ion implant process
Semiconductor processing methods, and methods of forming capacitor constructions
Semiconductor device manufacturing machine and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device by using THE same manufacturing machine
In situ and ex situ hardmask process for STI with oxide collar application
Method and device for cleaning and etching individual wafers using wet chemistry
Method for reforming undercoating surface and method for production of semiconductor device
Method for forming metal-containing films using metal complexes with chelating O- and/or N-donor ligands
Low dielectric constant polyorganosilicon coatings generated from polycarbosilanes
Organic films and a process for producing fine pattern using the same
Rapid acceleration methods for global planarization of spin-on films
Catalytic deposition method for a semiconductor surface passivation film
Polymer compositions
Elastic nonwoven fabric prepared from bi-component filaments
Glass for near absorption filter and near infrared absorption filter to which the glass is applied
Silica gel, synthetic quartz glass powder and shaped product of quartz glass
Functionally gradient ceramic structures
Polymer precursor composition, crosslinked polymers, thermosets and ceramics made with silyl and siloxyl substituted carboranes with unsaturated organic end groups
Refractory oxidative-resistant ceramic carbon insulation
Aluminum nitride sintered body, method of producing thereof, electrostatic chuck, susceptor, dummy wafer, clamp ring and particle catcher using the same
Dielectric ceramic composition
Catalyst efficiency for supported metallocene catalyst
Process for preparing catalyst supports and supported polyolefin catalysts and also their use for the preparation of polyolefins
Titanated chromium/silica-aluminophosphate catalyst
Maintaining acid catalyst sites in sapo molecular sieves
Additive catalyst for the cracking of heavy oil
Activated carbon feedstock
Post-carbonization treatment of microporous carbons for enhancement of methane and natural gas storage properties
Controlled release pesticide and fertilizer briquettes
Liquid formulation of ethyl-(Z)-2-chloro-3-[2-chloro-5-(4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-1,3-dioxoisoindoledio n-2-yl)phenyl]acrylate
Quaternary ammonium salts of a sulfonylurea
Composition and method for controlling precipitation when acidizing wells
Encapsulated breaker slurry compositions and methods of use
Use of oil and gas field chemicals
Suspended delayed borate cross-linker
Miniature electric motor with reduction worm gear unit
Zinc-free continuously variable transmission fluid
Sodium sulfonate blends as emulsifiers for petroleum oils
Liquid detergent composition
Nail polish remover
Shaped soap products containing alkyl oligaglycasides and talcum
Black powder gun barrel bore, cartridge, and parts cleaning solution
Dishwashing detergent with enhanced cleaning effect
Photochemical superoxide generators
Acetonitrile derivatives as bleaching activators in detergents
Method for enhancing the activity of an enzyme
pH-controlled release of detergent components
Hard surface cleaning compositions
Solid textile detergent formulation based on glycin-N, N- diacetic acid derivatives with a highly reduced proportion of other anionic surfactants
Method for eliminating malodors
Compacted sodium silicate
Cis-isoambrettolide and use thereof
Treatment of hearing impairments
Remedies for eating disturbance
Somatostatin peptides
Semaphorin K1
Cell surface protein expressed on human cortical thymocyte and their use
Crystalline forms
Gamma-ketoacid dipeptides as inhibitors of caspase-3
Methods and compositions for preserving adenoviral vectors
Systemic gene therapy by intestinal cell transformation
Rod opsin mRNA-specific ribozyme compositions and methods for the treatment of retinal diseases
Inhibitors of DNA immunostimulatory sequence activity
Methods and compounds for tracking the biodistribution of macromolecule-carrier combinations
Method for inhibiting bone resorption
Method of treating acetaminophen overdose
Inhibitory effects of synthetic and natural colorant on carcinogenesis VIII
Combination contraceptive
Compositions and methods for contraception and for treatment of benign gynecological disorders
Hormonal agent for skin treatment
TNF receptor and steroid hormone in a combined therapy
Therapeutic treatment for renal dysfunction
Amidino protease inhibitors
Use of green porphyrins to treat neovasculature in the eye
Soluble forms of amoxicillin and treatment of animals
Substituted urea and isothiorea derivatives as no synthase inhibitors
Biphenyl derivatives and drug composition
Viral treatment
Tissue selective compounds in the treatment of prostate cancer or benign prostate hypertrophy
Aminoheterocyclic derivatives as antithrombotic or anticoagulant agents
Fused 1,2,4-thiadiazine derivatives, their preparation and use
Acetylenic .alpha.-amino acid-based sulfonamide hydroxamic acid tace inhibitors
Piperazine and piperidine compounds
Substituted 2-phenyl-3(2H)-pyridazinones
Inhibition of matrix metalloproteases by substituted biaryl oxobutyric acids
Method of treating nitrate-induced tolerance
Crystalline (-)-6-chloro-4-cyclopropylethynyl-4-trifluoromethyl-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quin azolinone
4-aminoquinazolone derivatives
Pesticidal compositions
Spiro-azacyclic derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Long analgesic acting nalbuphine polyester derivative and method of use
Compounds useful for inhibition of farnesyl protein transferase
Activated iododerivatives for the treatment of cancer and AIDS
Antidepressant heterocyclic compounds
Use of alkylated iminosugars to treat multidrug resistance
Pharmaceutical composition
Compounds which inhibit human conjunctival mast cell degranulation for treating ocular allergic-type complications
Adamantyl-substituted retinoids and pharmaceutical/cosmetic compositions comprised thereof
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPases)
Selective NPY (Y5) antagonists (tricyclics)
Guanidinyl heterocycle compounds useful as alpha-2 adrenoceptor agonists
Compositions containing histamine H2 agonists and methods of use in treating allergy and inflammation
Method of treatment of pigmented cancer cells utilizing photodynamic therapy
Glyoxylic acid derivatives
3-(4'-bromobenzylindenyl)-2-indolinone and analogues thereof for the treatment of disease
Compounds having [2.2.1] bicyclo skeleton
Methods of using procyanidin antioxidants
Terpenoid lactone compounds and their production process
Angiogenesis inhibitor for the treatment of endothelial cell proliferation
Compounds and methods for synthesis and therapy
Use of calendula glycosides for the treatment of psoriasis
Compositions and methods comprising morphine gluconate
Cockroach controlling compositions
Azahexane derivatives as substrate isosters of retroviral asparate proteases
Tyrphostin like compounds
9-halogen-(Z)-prostaglandin derivatives, process for their production and their use as pharmaceutical agents
Method of treating macular degeneration with a prostaglandin derivative
Hydroximic acid halogenides, method for the production and use thereof
Butyrate prodrugs derived from lactic acid
N-(aroyl) glycine hydroxamic acid derivatives and related compounds
Low molecular weight dendritic compounds as pharmaceutical agents
Method and composition for selectively inhibiting melanoma
High molecular weight primary aliphatic alcohols obtained from beeswax and pharmaceutical use thereof
Process for removing bile salts from a patient and alkylated compositions therefor
Cromolyn sodium containing composition and method of treatment for vilvar vestibulitis interstitial cystitis vukvar vaginitis and vaginitis dynea
Polymer compositions for demulsifying crude oil
System and method for converting light hydrocarbons to heavier hydrocarbons with improved water disposal
Process for conversion of natural gas and associated light hydrocarbons to salable products
Method and system for recovering polyethylene from waste resin-compounds
Expanded hollow micro sphere composite beads and method for their production
Microbiological fire-fighting formulation
Foamable composition using high density polyethylene
Foams comprising HFC-134 and a low solubility co-blowing agent and a process for making
PVC foam
Polyolefin foam materials of high dimensional stability at elevated temperatures
Water based grafting
UV-curable, adhesive transfer ink
Ink compositions
Reflective thoroughfare pavements or related elements, and corresponding composition
Particles having a polymeric shell and their production
Homo-, co- or multicomponent thermoplastic polymer dispersed in a thermoset resin
Method for preparing silicate-polymer composite
Preparation of low-dust stabilizers
In-situ emulsified reactive epoxy polymer compositions
Blending epoxy resin-polyisocyanate-filler mixture and phenolic resin-filler mixture for molding
Triazine hardener and epoxy composition containing the same
Epoxy resin composition for bonding semiconductor chips
Polyester resin-based compositions having improved thickening behavior
Photographic quality inkjet printable coating
Fluorine-containing resin composition
Resin composition comprising polyamide resin
Stabilized adhesive compositions containing highly soluble, high extinction, photostable hydroxyphenyl-s-trianzine UV absorbers and laminated articles derived therefrom
Oligomeric stabilizer mixture
Antistatic agent for synthetic polymer materials and method of application thereof
Stabilizer blend for organic polymer compositions; stabilized polymer compositions and method of stabilizing polymers
Biodegradable thermoplastic composition with improved wettability
Screen coating composition and method for applying same
Oil gel formulations containing polystyrene-polydimethylsiloxane or polyethylene-polydimethylsiloxane block copolymers dissolved in siloxane monomers
Reduced volatility precursors to anti-fog agents
Conductive paste
Hardenable exterior texture material in aerosol form
Intercalates formed by co-intercalation of onium ion spacing/coupling agents and monomer, oligomer or polymer ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) intercalants and nanocomposites prepared with the intercalates
Aqueous stable dispersions based on water-soluble polymers containing a cationic dispersant comprising hydrophobic units
Resin composite and process for producing the same
Rubber composition containing silica having first and second aggregates each containing different particle sizes
Aqueous dispersions of polymers
Resin composition, molded article produced from same and method for producing molded article
Coating agent and method for producing same
Production of highly concentrated adhesive dispersions and their use
Aqueous based dispersions for polyolefinic substrates
Method and composition for treating fibrous substrates to impart oil, water and dry soil repellency
Thermoplastic compound
Water and oil-repellent resin composition
Reactive extrusion method of making inverse phase blends of poly(ethylene oxide) and polyolefin
Polymer blend
Adhesive formulations
Fluorosilicone interpenetrating network and methods of preparing same
Ethylene/.alpha.-olefin copolymer and process for preparing the same
Soft propylene polymer blend with high melt strength
Plastic toughened plastics
Thermoplastic moulding compounds
Propylene block copolymer
Process to selectively place functional groups within polymer chain
Polyacetal moldings with directly molded-on function elements
One-pack type epoxy resin composition
Thermosetting resin composition
Polyamine with grafted vinyl polymers
Procatalyst and process for the preparation of a multimodal ethylene polymer
Process for the manufacture of a composition comprising ethylene polymers
Gas fluidized bed polymerization process for olefins
Olefin polymerization catalyst system, producing and using it
Polyethylene resin as a material of a container for a high purity chemical, and a container for a high purity chemical made thereof
Syndio-isoblock polymer and process for its preparation
Process for producing polyolefin elastomer employing a metallocene catalyst
Olefin polymerization process employing metallocene catalyst provided by cocatalyst activation of a metallocene procatalyst
Supported metallocene-alumoxane catalysts for the preparation of polyethylene having a broad monomodal molecular weight distribution
Process for making vinyl caprolactam-based polymers
Sulfobetaine-containing polymers and their utility as calcium carbonate scale inhibitors
Biocompatibilizing process
Branched polypropylene compositions
Curable silicone composition and electronic components
Film-forming compositions having improved scratch resistance
Stable polyurethaneurea solutions
Polycarbonate preparation process
Sizing agents of enhanced performance capabilities
Medium chain length PHA copolymer and process for producing same
Compositions for a resin
Cationic ring-opening polymerization of benzoxazines
Human fast-1 protein
Method of detecting autoantibody present in the serum of rheumatic
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes of the major outer membrane protein of chlamydia trachomatis
Neuroprotective peptides and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for lipidization of hydrophilic molecules
Mutational variants of mammalian proteins
Methods for producing members of specific binding pairs
1gG /transferrin receptor fusion protein
Hormone analogs with multiple CTP extensions
DNA sequencing by mass spectrometry
Chromosome 11-linked coronary heart disease susceptibility gene CHD1
Increased fertility and improved fetal development drug
Probes for the diagnosis of infections caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae
Sialidase localized in plasma membrane and DNA coding for the same
Constructs for producing phosphorylated fusion proteins
Ras suppressor SUR-5
Process for the production of DNA comprising the genome of the hepatitis B virus and vector including it
TEC promoter
Nucleotide analogs
Cellulose microspheres and method of manufacturing the same
Conjugated polysaccharide fabric detergent and conditioning products
Synthesis of new .beta.-lactams
Methods of making cross-bridged macropolycycles
Process for the aminocarbonylation of benzazepines and benzodiazepines
Photochromic spirofluorenopyran compounds
Electroluminescent (EL) devices
Process for making 2-(2,4,-dihydroxyphenyl) or 2-(2,4-dialkoxyphenyl)-4,6-bisaryl-1,3,5-triazines
Process for the preparation of 7-alkoxyalkyl-1,2,4-triazolo[1,5-A] pyrimidine derivatives
Method for producing ar(alk)yluraciles, novel corresponding intermediate products and method for producing said intermediate products
Preparation of pyrazines
6,13-dihydroquinacridone derivatives
Method for producing (-)cis-3-hydroxy-1-methyl-4-(2,4,6-trimethoxyphenyl)-piperidine
Polymorphs of 2-(3-cyano-4-isobutyloxyphenyl)-4-methyl-5-thiazolecarboxylic acid and method of producing the same
Enhanced production of hydrocarbyl anhydrides
Positive-working photoresist composition
Process for regeneration of carbon-supported, rhenium-containing catalysts
Iridoid derivatives and neovascularization inhibitors containing the same as active ingredient
Optically active bis-dioxane derivatives
Sulphonyl compounds for use as linkers in solid phase and combinatorial synthesis
Robustaflavone, intermediates and analogues and method for preparation thereof
Process for the enantioselective epoxidation of C.dbd.C double bonds
Cold solvent extraction process for extracting oil from oil-bearing materials
Process for the preparation of beta-methoxyacrylates
High purity adduct of castor oil and maleic anhydride
Isomer enriched conjugated linoleic acid compositions
Ancillary ligands and metal complexes, catalysts and compositions using same and methods of testing
Ruthenium or osmium catalysts for olefin metathesis reactions
Silicone modified phospholipid compositions
Continuous hydrolysis of organochlorosilanes
Method for preparing certain acetonitriles
Purification method of cyanate
Metal ion assisted N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester isomer resolution
Trisubstituted phenyl derivatives having retinoid agonist or inverse agonist type biological activity
Ester compounds
Process for the production of vinyl acetate utilizing a recycle stream comprising acetic acid and water
Process for the phosgenation of amines in the gas phase using microstructure mixers
Method of removing organic iodides from organic media
Process for preparing aminoarylacetylenes
Method for the cyclotrimerization of alkynes in aqueous solutions
Optically active 2-aminotetraline, process for its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing same, active in preventing and treating septic shock
Use of an aniline depleted in electron to release hydrochloric acid present in a reaction mixture and method for displacing, at least partially, an aniline from its chlorhydrate
Preparation of 1,3,5-triamo-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene of submicron particle size
Phosphanes, their method of production and use in metal complexes
Trifluoro methylthiomethyl benzene derivatives and process for production same
Synthesis of alkene-2-ones
Method of preparing aldehydes by hydroformylation with a rhodium catalyst and recovery of the rhodium catalyst by extraction
Method for producing alkanals using a rhodium-tri-polyethylene glycolate
Allyl alcohol hydroformylation
Preparation of di-t-alkyl peroxides and t-alkyl hydroperoxides from n-alkyl ethers
Synthesis of fluorinated ethers
Method for producing and purifying 3-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-1,1,3-trimethylindan-5-ol
Process for the production of phenol and acetone from cumene
Ring halogenation of aromatic compounds
Process for the purification of a diolefin hydrocarbon stream
Process for the production of linear alkylaromatic hydrocarbons
Alkylation catalyst, method for preparing same, and use thereof in alkylation methods
Olefinic hydrocarbon separation process
Method and apparatus for treating a waste substance using a thermit reaction
Hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive for adhesive strips
Adhesive-matrix patch
Assembly for dispensing packaged adhesive-sided articles
Invertible wound dressings and method of making the same
Absorbent articles having an odor control system consisting of absorbent gelling material and silica
ATP-binding cassette transporter (ABC1) modified transgenic mice
DNA molecules which code for a plastid 2-oxoglutarate/malate
Plant pathogen resistance genes and uses thereof
Method of making pathogen-resistant plants by transformation with a fatty acid desaturase gene
Seed-preferred promoters
Flowering locus T (FT) and genetically modified plants having modulated flower development
Glucan elicitor receptor, DNA molecule coding therefor, fungus-resistant plants transformed with the DNA molecule and method for creating the plants
Tomato CF-5 gene encoding a disease resistance polypeptide
Low level glucosinolate Brassica
Soybean cultivar 9521427112273
Soybean cultivar 952125710238
Production of cotton fibers with improved fiber characteristics
Hybrid maize plant and seed 37H24
Inbred corn plant 89ADH11 and seeds thereof
Compressible pick for stringed musical instruments
Multitimbre bagpipe
Key lever for a musical instrument
Handdrum bracket
Device with pedal for at least two percussion instruments
Music instrument illuminator and positioning aid
Musical image display apparatus and method storage medium therefor
Method and apparatus for music summarization and creation of audio summaries
Rhythm game apparatus, rhythm game method, computer-readable storage medium and instrumental device
Thermoelectric semiconductor compound and method of making the same
Thermoelectric device-two for producing an electric current
Thermoelectric material system
Multi-facet concentrator of solar setup for irradiating the objects placed in a target plane with solar light
Planar solar cell array and production method of the same
Fluid cooled cable bend restrictor
EMI shielded enclosure
Shielding strip
Magnetic shield sheet and method for manufacturing thereof, and cable using the sheet
Connector casing for coaxial cables
Chip size semiconductor package and fabrication method thereof
Heat-insulated housing to accommodate electrical or electronic components
Advanced electronic microminiature package and method
Wiring structure and method for wiring electrical wire on base member
Sealant for filling grommet, method for sealing a wire harness using the sealant and sealing structure
Audio signal interconnect cable
Coil turn insulation system for high voltage machines
Flexible cable providing EMI shielding
Self-retaining screw spacer arrangement
Polymeric weathershed surge arrester and method
Circuit board having shielding planes with varied void opening patterns for controlling the impedance and the transmission time
Wiring substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit board having electric component and its manufacturing method
Heatsink with high thermal conductivity dielectric
Connecting an electronic card point to a printed circuit on a metal substrate with a capsule
Method for mounting terminal on circuit board and circuit board
Load weighing system for a heavy machinery
Mobile weighing apparatus
Shear beam load cell
Co-ordinates input device and a method for producing the same
Switch device
Multiple switch assembly including gimbal mounted multifunction for selectively operating multiple switches
Rotary switch contained inside a knob
Installation comprising an electrical switchgear apparatus and a cable interlock
Steering column assembly
Pressure sensitive sensor utilizing materials of different solubility parameters and method for manufacturing the same
Audio operating device
Movable switch contact arrangement having a contact lever holder with a contact lever
Thin keyboard apparatus
Electrostatic separation of chaff from grain
Trip device of circuit breaker
Electric discharge machining apparatus
Method for determining a condition of a resistance spotwelding system or a workpiece in the system
Resistance welding electrode and process for making
Method and apparatus for launching microwave energy into a plasma processing chamber
Medical apparatus for generating an ionised gas plasma flame
Method and apparatus for securing components of wafer processing fixtures
Shaped-beam laser texturing of magnetic media
Portable welding unit
Method of controlling pulse output and consumable electrode type pulse arc welding device
Method of high frequency pulse arc welding and apparatus therefor
Mig gun with axially aligned offset motor
Snow melting device for gutters
Heating a substrate support in a substrate handling chamber
Vertical furnace for the treatment of semiconductor substrates
Electric oven
Blower assembly for self-cleaning convection oven
Electrical cooking appliance with removable bowl
Ceramic heater
Sensor-controlled cooktop with a sensor unit arranged below the cooktop plate
Circular film heater
Coiling temperature control method and system
Use of PTC devices to protect insulated wires in electrical harnesses
Microwave lyophilizer having corona discharge control
Electrode structure for dielectric heating
Optical device provided with correcting function for trembling of focused image with a stop of power supply to the device
Lens barrel and motion compensation device having a motion compensation optical system position detection unit
Motor driven surface translating amusement device including a light sensor for movement control
Solid-state image pickup devices having source follower buffer circuits therein with actively controlled gain characteristics
Method for generating quasi-sinusoidal signals
Digital densitometer with auto-ranging
Optical fiber-based imaging instrument
Peach pit detection apparatus and method
Laser photoelectric sensor
Dynamic radiation scanning device
Corona discharge ion source for analytical instruments
Precision pressure monitor
Signal detection methods and apparatus
Through-the-substrate investigation of flip chip IC's
Focused ion beam system
Scanning electron microscope
Bolometer with a serpentine stress balancing member
Apparatus configured for identification of a material and method of identifying a material
Non-invasive radio-imaging analysis, in particular for examining small animals in vivo, and method for using same
Image detection device
Photo-ionization detector for volatile gas measurement and a method for self-cleaning the same
True coincidence summing correction for radiation detectors
System and method for optically locating microchannel positions
Multifluor-fluorescence in-situ hybridization (M-FISH) imaging techniques using multiple multiband filters with image registration
Electron beam exposure apparatus
Disc discrimination device and disc discrimination method
Method of monitoring a patterned transfer process using line width metrology
Method for electrical shunt detection and removal on semiconductors
Optical reader for scanning optical indicia by movement of an aperture relative to an image plane
Buried channel vertical double diffusion MOS device
SOI cell and method for producing it
Semiconductor TFT, producing method thereof, semiconductor TFT array substrate and liquid crystal display using the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit incorporating a memory cell and a transistor elevated above an insulating base
Passivation of porous semiconductors for improved optoelectronic device performance and light-emitting diode based on same
High-brightness light emitting diode
Insulated-gate bipolar semiconductor device
GAN group crystal base member having low dislocation density, use thereof and manufacturing methods thereof
Structure with a micro-electronic component made of a semi-conductor material difficult to etch and with metallized holes
Vertical laser fuse structure allowing increased packing density
Semiconductor components and methods of manufacturing semiconductor components
Static ferrolectric memory transistor having improved data retention
Ferroelectric transistors using thin film semiconductor gate electrodes
Ferroelectric integrated circuit with protective layer incorporating oxygen and method for fabricating same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device manufacture method and semiconductor device comprising capacitor and MISFET
Trenched gate semiconductor device and method for low power applications
Single poly EPLD cell and its fabricating method
MOS transistor with stepped gate insulator
Semiconductor structure with heavily doped buried breakdown region
Semiconductor device having SOI structure and method of fabricating the same
Dielectrically isolated IC driver having upper-side and lower-side arm drivers and power IC having the same
Semiconductor device having multiple source regions
Low stress active area silicon island structure with a non-rectangular cross-section profile and method for its formation
Leaky lower interface for reduction of floating body effect in SOI devices
Semiconductor device having a single crystal gate electrode and insulation
Non-uniform gate/dielectric field effect transistor
Detector for electromagnetic radiation, pixel structure with high sensitivity using such detector and method of manufacturing such detector
Method of reducing defects in anti-reflective coatings and semiconductor structures fabricated thereby
High-gain and high-temperature applicable phototransistor with multiple mono-crystalline silicon-carbide layers on a silicon substrate
Integrated circuit which minimizes parasitic action in a switching transistor pair
Semiconductor structure and method of manufacture
Integrated circuitry, methods of fabricating integrated circuitry, methods of forming local interconnects, and methods of forming conductive lines
Semiconductor device with improved inter-element isolation
Inductance device formed on semiconductor substrate
Layout technique for a matching capacitor array using a continuous top electrode
Method and apparatus for protecting a device against voltage surges
Semiconductor structure based on silicon carbide material, with a plurality electrically different partial regions
Microelectronic interconnect structures and methods for forming the same
Semiconductor memory device having isolation structure and method of fabricating the same
Die size-increasing integrated circuit leads and thermally enhanced leadframe
Low temperature coefficient leadframe
Lead frame design for reduced wire sweep having a defined gap between tie bars and lead pins
Semiconductor device
Chip package with degassing holes
Stacked microelectronic assembly and method therefor
Low profile multi-IC chip package connector
Plastic ball grid array package with strip line configuration
Integrated circuit packaging structure
Flip chip package for micromachined semiconductors
Semiconductor package for radio frequency
Semiconductor device
Grooved semiconductor die for flip-chip heat sink attachment
Advanced RF electronics package
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for making semiconductor devices having gradual slope contacts
Chip-on-chip interconnections of varied characteristics
Package for a semiconductor element having depressions containing solder terminals
Semiconductor device provided with heat-sink and method of manufacturing the same
Ball grid array to prevent shorting between a power supply and ground terminal
Semiconductor device
Flip-chip type semiconductor device
Convection energy generator
Method for the isothermal compression of a compressible medium, and atomization device and nozzle arrangement for carrying out the method
Firing circuit and method of operating the circuit
Uninterruptable power supply
Power supply circuit for electric device
Process for operating a capacitive switch and a circuit of a capacitive switch
Solid state capacitive switch
Voice coil motor
Electromagnetic force motor and method of manufacturing the same
Electric motor, especially a permanently excited direct current motor
Construction of a motor with a built-in sensor
Commutator assembly apparatus for hall sensor devices
Long electrical motor
Self-lubricating bearing
Self-centering timing disk hub and method of mounting the same
Electric machine with a rotor that rotates around a stator
Electric machine and rotor for use therein
Motor and motor rotor having embedded permanent magnets
Manufacturing process of a divided type stator
Apparatus and method for clamping turbine generator coil windings
Rotor for dynamo-electric machine and method for magnetizing magnetic bodies thereof
Composite piezoelectric transducer arrays with improved acoustical and electrical impedance
Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus using the probe
Vibrating type driving device
Glass halogen lamp with internal ellipsoidal shroud
Dual-layer metal for flat panel display
Activated carbon electrodes for electrical double layer capacitors
Flat panel cathode-ray tube having improved support frame
Shadow mask for color cathode-ray tube and method of manufacturing the same
Color picture tube having a low expansion tension mask attached to a higher expansion frame
Wall assembly and method for attaching walls for flat panel display
Field emission device
Focusing electrode for field emission displays and method
Electroluminescent lamps
Package film for EL panel, its manufacture, and EL panel and LCD module employing the film
Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
Method for the production of plasma
Plasma process apparatus for integrated circuit fabrication having dome-shaped induction coil
Dual plasma source for plasma process chamber
Plasma processing system
Charged-particle source, control system and process using gating to extract the charged particle beam
Motion-detector circuitry with adjustable background lighting level
Method of driving electron-emitting device, method of driving electron source using the electron-emitting device, and method of driving image forming apparatus using the electron source
Display device
Fluorescent lamp drive circuit of an image formation apparatus
Spark plug for internal combustion engine
Electronic ballast that is controlled by the operation of a shared switch
Operating method and operating apparatus for a high pressure discharge lamp
High power factor electronic ballast with simplified circuit topology
Power oscillator
Combination MH/HPS ballast
Method for producing impulse voltage sequences to operate discharge lamps and circuit pertaining thereto
Method and apparatus for controlling lights
Fluorescent lamp dimmer system
Field emission display having an offset phosphor and method for the operation thereof
Method and apparatus for providing moire effect correction on a multi-scan display monitor
FET discharging circuit of a horizontal deflection circuit
Linearity correction coil device and video display apparatus using the same
Color cathode ray tube with a reduced dynamic focus voltage for an electrostatic quadrupole lens thereof
Color cathode ray tube
Trajectory controller
Automatic door safety system with multiple safety modes
Device for operating an electric motor
Method for the control of motor driven adjustment devices in motor vehicles
Probe chord error compensation
Acceleration/deceleration control method for numerical control, and numerical control device
Stepping motor and having external rotor and electromagnetic-combined-permanent magnet stator
Motor control method and motor control system
Synchronous electric motor
Charging station for electric-powered vehicles
Latching mechanism for removable cell battery pack
Battery pack
Power supply monitoring integrated circuit device for individually monitoring voltages of cells
Battery charge maintenance through opportunity equalization
System for charging capacitors connected in series
Method and apparatus for hi-Z mode battery charging
Battery charge controlled as function of operating mode
Battery control apparatus for battery carried by hybrid vehicle
Electrical safety test apparatus and test method for rechargeable lithium batteries
Battery charger
Temperature stabilized constant current source suitable for charging a highly discharged battery
Battery power source device
Battery charger
Apparatus and method for motion-based activation of a voltage regulator
Controller for performing a decoupling control of a transformerless reactive series compensator
Method and apparatus for the supply of energy to a hearing device
Solar power generation circuit including bypass diodes connected in parallel to groups of series connected solar cells
Step-up continuous mode DC-to-DC converter with integrated fuzzy logic current control
Discrete-time sampling of data for use in switching regulations
Zero temperature coefficient bandgap reference circuit and method
Circuit for limiting inrush current through a transistor
Semiconductor device tester
Method and apparatus for testing magnetic heads and hard disks
Arrangement for coupling an RF-squid magnetometer to a superconductive tank circuit
Article comprising electronic circuits and devices with magnetically programmable electrical resistance
Apparatus for automatic measurement of resistance of integrated MR device
NMR log processing using wavelet filter and iterative inversion
Correction of DC offset in magnetic resonance imaging signals
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods of use and facilities for incorporating the same
Electroseismic technique for measuring the properties of rocks surrounding a borehole
Method of establishing the residual useful life of contacts in switchgear and associated arrangement
Test counter for electronic battery tester
Static electricity measuring system
Loop resistance tester (LRT) for cable shield integrity
Wire degradation testing system
Method and apparatus for measuring the density of a substance having free water compensation
Portable apparatus for in situ field stator bar insulation capacitance mapping
Contact width sensors
Charged particle beam test system
Split resistor probe and method
Loaded-board, guided-probe test fixture
Integrated circuits including function identification circuits having operating modes that identify corresponding functions of the integrated circuits
Transmission line impedance matching output buffer
Semiconductor device having improved input buffer circuit
Package migration for related programmable logic devices
Fast signal conductor networks for programmable logic devices
Input/output circuitry for programmable logic devices
High speed output buffer for high/low voltage operation
Industrial control systems having input/output circuits with programmable input/output characteristics
Single ended domino compatible dual function generator circuits
Dynamic logic circuit and self-timed pipelined datapath system
Decoder for saving power consumption in semiconductor device
device signature generator
Differential mode logic gate having NAND and NOR portions to produce complementary outputs
Phase detector
Signal regeneration circuit
Differential sense amplifier with voltage margin enhancement
Bit line sense amplifier
Amplifier free from duty-ratio error
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of altering an operating mode by an electrical input applied from outside product package
Charge sampling circuit
Integrated circuit buffers having reduced power consumption requirements
Buffer circuit
Clock generation circuit which reduces a transition time period and semiconductor device using the same
Semiconductor device using complementary clock and signal input state detection circuit used for the same
Control device with forced operation function and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Output buffer circuit that can be stably operated at low slew rate
Body voltage controlled semiconductor integrated circuit
Complementary clock generator and method for generating complementary clocks
Method and apparatus for settling and maintaining a DC offset
High speed, high precision, power supply and process independent boost level clamping technique
Series resistance compensation in translinear circuits
Temperature level detection circuit
Use of biased high threshold voltage transistor to eliminate standby current in low voltage integrated circuits
Booster circuit
Voltage boosting circuit having cross-coupled precharge circuits
Reference voltage generation circuit using source followers
Low power bandgap circuit
Non-inverting driver circuit for low-dropout voltage regulator
Performance driven multi-valued variable supply voltage scheme for low power design of VLSI circuits and systems
Integrated low-pass filter
Source voltage detecting circuit
Variable capacitance circuit
Series resonant circuit with inherent short circuit protection
Offset adjusting apparatus for canceling offset voltage generated in difference amplifier
RF amplifier having a dual slope phase modulator
Signal switching arrangement
Series connected multi-stage linear FET amplifier circuit
Protection scheme for multi-transistor amplifiers
Voltage controlled oscillation circuit with plural voltage controlled current generating circuits
Signal conductor with active boosters not in series
Miniaturized microwave cavity for atomic frequency standard
Voltage controlled CMOS oscillator
Resonator having a selection circuit for selecting a resonance mode
Frequency shift key modulating oscillator
Coupling structure as a signal switch
Dual sidewall coupled orthomode transducer having septum offset from the transducer axis
Feed-through EMI filter with a metal flake composite magnetic material
Multilayer type piezoelectric filter with intermediary printed circuit board elements
Millimeter wave module and radio apparatus
Unperturbed ring resonator with an odd overtone vibration mode
Electromagnetic relay
Thermal magnetic circuit breaker
Circuit interrupter with an improved magnetically-induced automatic trip assembly
Circuit breaker with latch and toggle mechanism operating in perpendicular planes
Circuit breaker with mechanical trip load terminal/magnet barrier
Switch device
Generation of highly uniform magnetic fields with magnetized wedges
Authentication between communicating parties in a telecommunications network
Method of producing rolling code and keyless entry apparatus using the same
Vehicle use control
Wide-angle, static and positional anticipatory object detection system
Gear fatigue monitor
Alarm system for engine block heater
Roll-over detector for vehicles
Towed vehicle monitor system
Panic stop, deceleration warning system
Assays for screening for inhibitors of HIV
Method for detecting microorganisms
Use of retentate chromatography to generate difference maps
Dendritic-marker expressing macrophage cultures and methods of reactivating latent virus
Human insulinoma-associated cDNA
Cyanine dyes as labeling reagents for detection of biological and other materials by luminescence methods
Method of detecting solid cancer cells and tissue atypia and method of testing tissues for use in bone marrow transplantation and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation
Method for determining a nucleic acid
Detection of hepatitis B virus
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer
Apparatus for the parallel alignment of macromolecules, and use thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Solid phases for target nucleic acid detection, process for production thereof, and method of target nucleic acid detection
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