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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Motor-driven power steering apparatus
Soybean cultivar 4980321658
Maize hybrid X13C763
Soybean variety XB37U12
Emulsifying preparation
Composition and method for controlling plant diseases
Use of Kif13A and AP-1 inhibitors for inhibiting melanogenesis
Skin anti-oxidant enhancing formulation and associated method
Dutch oven cook station apparatus and method
Medical instrument with a flexible sealing system via spherical heads
Fixation device for proximal elbow fractures and method of using same
Systems and methods for analysis and treatment of an occluded body lumen
Medical sensor and technique for using the same
Radiation imaging apparatus
Tomography system
Disposable wearing article
Wound shield
Surface treated bioerodible metal endoprostheses
2,5-disubstituted arylsulfonamide CCR3 antagonists
Biodegradable immunomodulatory formulations and methods for use thereof
Modulation of innate immunity receptors' signaling by microRNAs miR-146a and miR-146b
Dental cement composition
Vacuum regulators with VAP features
Multi-chamber container
Radially expandable gastrointestinal stimulation device
Implantable device system to collect parameter data for service center
Activation of peptide prodrugs by hK2
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rectangular channel electro-acoustic aggregation device
Trackified air filtration media and a self-supporting filter having improved stiffness and foldability
Gas liquid contactor and method thereof
Hydrophobic ionic liquids
Catalyst for producing acrylic acids and acrylates
Flow coating apparatus and method of coating
Mascara applicator brush having germicidal properties, and production method thereof
Annealing process for electroless coated disks for high temperature applications
Carbon wire and nanostructure formed of carbon film and method of producing the same
Device for the laser transmission welding of components over a ring-shaped contact zone
Method of manufacturing hollow composite parts with in situ formed internal structures
Plastic article and method of manufacturing the same
Method of producing a laminated optical film
Three part laminated construction
Multi-biomarker biosensor
Fabric with discrete elastic and plastic regions and method for making same
Semiconductor member, semiconductor article manufacturing method, and LED array using the manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing relief printing plate and printing plate precursor for laser engraving
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Purifying method for metallic silicon and manufacturing method of silicon ingot
Method for etching substrate
Method for conversion of biomass to biofuel
Polymerisation initiator
Direct and selective production of ethanol from acetic acid utilizing a platinum/ tin catalyst
Carbazole derivative and method for producing the same
Pyridine, pyridazine, pyrimidine or pyrazine carboxamides as HDL-cholesterol raising agents
Process for preparing divinylarene dioxides
Methods of converting amorphous drug substance into crystalline form
Methods and compositions for increasing plant transformation efficiency
Antibodies to polypeptides encoded by aspartoacylase polynucleotides
Modified polyurethane acrylate
Titania coating and method of making same
Homopolymers and copolymers of hydroxyisobutyric acid (ester) (meth) acrylates
Curable resins for LED encapsulation
Composition comprising as the aqueous dispersion preferably (meth)acrylate polymers containing benzophenone in a mixture with (meth)acrylate polymers different therefrom and the use of said composition
High shear process for producing micronized waxes
Rapid cycle reforming process
Methods and units for mitigation of carbon oxides during hydrotreating
Denatured fuel ethanol compositions for blending with gasoline or diesel fuel for use as motor fuels
Composition, fuel and process for the reemulsification of a fuel based on vegetable and/or mineral oil
Low VOC composition for releasing adherent deposits from a nonporous surface
Bacteria measuring apparatuses
Bio-microarray and a substrate for use therewith
Single vessel production of butanol from biomass using engineered thermophilic microorganisms
Erythrocytes differentiated in vitro from nanofiber expanded CD133+ cells
Agents and method for treating inflammation-related conditions and diseases
Gene expression control in plants
Mutated D-aminotransferase and method for producing optically active glutamic acid derivatives using the same
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Chimeric phosphorylation indicator
Method of profiling gene expression in a subject having colorectal cancer
Lateral flow nucleic acid detector
Machine CVD shower head
Electrolytic cell and method of use thereof
System and method of plating metal alloys by using galvanic technology
Protecting a mold having a substantially planar surface provided with a plurality of mold cavities
Textiles; Paper
Brightening agent comprising acylpyridinium compounds and defined alkalizing agents
Fixed Constructions
Method of pre-priming a membrane
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind power turbine for producing electric energy
Methods and devices for quantitative analysis of x-ray images
Magnetic sensor control device
Sensor assembly, digital serial bus and protocol, sensor network, and lithographic apparatus and system
Sun-tracking system
Method for detecting abnormality of temperature sensor in machine tool
Laser characterization system and process
Fiber monitoring apparatus and system for detecting an optical fiber thermal event
Methods and apparatus for smart abatement using an improved fuel circuit
Surface plasmon resonance measuring device
Uses of reagents in sample collection and cartridge systems
Method and system for processing multi-dimensional measurement data
Cancer biomarker and the use thereof
Apparatus and method for determining a characteristic ratio and a parameter affecting the characterisitic ratio of a multiphase fluid mixture
Core circuitry, input and output buffers, and four bypass switches
Automated device testing using intertwined stimulus-generation and response validation specifications for managing DUT's that generate out-of-order responses
Electromagnetic wave detection methods and apparatus
Method for determining azimuth and elevation angles of arrival of coherent sources
Radiographic imaging device, radiographic imaging method, and computer readable medium storing radiographic imaging program
Zoom lens
Zoom lens system and electronic imaging apparatus provided with the same
Display having an embedded microlens array
Fiber patch panel
Optical communication system using WDMA and CDMA
Lens barrel
Camera module
Ranging apparatus, lens system, and imaging apparatus
Focus detection apparatus and optical apparatus
Polychromatic encoding system, method and device
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Image forming apparatus
Toner density detection apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
Methods and apparatus for remanufacturing toner cartridges
Photosensitive drum for printer cartridge and method for mounting the same
Lifetime management device and image forming system
Method of duplex printing on sheet media
Liquid development apparatus, liquid development method and image forming apparatus
Developing unit and image forming device
Enhanced fuser stripping system
Image forming apparatus
Developer conveying member, developer container, image forming apparatus, and method of assembling a developer conveying member
Electrophotographic toner and production method of the same
System and method for industrial process control
Reduced gain variation biasing for short channel devices
On-load tap changer comprising semiconductor switching elements
Data processing apparatus configured to load a program corresponding to each of a plurality of functions into a memory and execute the loaded program, and method for loading programs in the data processing apparatus
Boot control apparatus and method
Handheld device docking station
Method and apparatus for monitoring power failure
Preemptive data protection for copy services in storage systems and applications
Method for emulating an executable code in order to detect maliciousness
Attestation key memory device and bus
Location-aware cache-to-cache transfers
Data processing system, storage apparatus and management console
Storage system with multiple copy targeting and disk failure protection
Flash memory controller controlling various flash memory cells
Contents data storage device and contents data update system
Method for optimal wave field separation
Transfer measurement circuit
Incremental web crawler using chunks
Message delivery with configurable assurances and features between two endpoints
Background transcoding
Method of controlling communication between a head-end system and a plurality of client systems
Optimized desktop sharing viewer join
Dynamically adaptive portlet palette having user/context customized and auto-populated content
System and method for monitoring configuration changes in a document processing device
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, pattern recognition apparatus, and pattern recognition method
Iterative compare operations using next success size bitmap
Content management system, content management method and computer program
System and method for the transformation and canonicalization of semantically structured data
Apparatus for tracking and dispensing refrigerated medications
Computer security system
System for executing SIMD instruction for real/complex FFT conversion
System and method for the recognition of organic chemical names in text documents
Recovery point data view shift through a direction-agnostic roll algorithm
Method and apparatus for accessing web services
Method and device for handling metadata
System and method of performing an inverse schema mapping
Method and system for accessing a file system
Method for converting a planar transistor design to a vertical double gate transistor design
Method and apparatus for propagating cost functions
Method and apparatus for performing routability checking
Method and apparatus for intra-layer transitions and connector launch in multilayer circuit boards
Full sized scattering bar alt-PSM technique for IC manufacturing in sub-resolution ERA
Method of optimizing an electrical cabling
Layout description having enhanced fill annotation
Method and mechanism for implementing a minimum spanning tree
Layout design support system, method, and program
Method and apparatus for supporting verification, and computer product
System LSI verification system and system LSI verification method
Method and apparatus for routing
Apparatus and method for creating circuit diagram, program therefor and recording medium storing the program
Optimum design method and apparatus, and program for the same
Method and apparatus for surface shaping of polymer composite components
Data receiving apparatus and control method thereof
Real-time, table-based estimation of diesel engine emissions
Generation and use of a biometric key
Write combining protocol between processors and chipsets
Task context direct indexing in a protocol engine
Interactive inventor's menu
Peel back user interface to show hidden functions
Piezoresistive device, method of manufacturing the same and piezoresistive-type touch panel having the same
Graphic object designating to edit apparatus, method, and computer readable medium thereof
Methods, systems, devices and computer program products for collecting and sharing selected personal data
Document management system and control method therefor
Information processing apparatus and control method when installing a printer driver
Print control apparatus, print control method, and storage medium
System and method for historical diagnosis of sensor networks
Personalized service providing system and profile information classifying and processing method thereof
Application execution device, application execution method, integrated circuit, and computer-readable program
Maintaining and displaying user ordered lists
System and method for efficient rectangular to polar signal conversion using cordic algorithm
Administrative security systems and methods
System and method for managing computer system resources using command control vectors
Minimizing unscheduled D-cache miss pipeline stalls in a cascaded delayed execution pipeline
Apparatus for controlling instruction fetch reusing fetched instruction
Architecture for customizable applications
Method and apparatus for reducing the storage overhead of portable executable (PE) images
Apparatus, system and method for developing failure prediction software
System and method for CPI load balancing in SMT processors
Method and apparatus for design and manufacturing application associative interoperability
Motion control apparatus for a vehicle
Image forming apparatus with specialized initialization including an engine, a controller and image generation unit for driving an image forming element
Image processing apparatus and method for reducing gradation level of image
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and printing control method
Multiplane reconstruction tomosynthesis method
Identification method of data point distribution area on coordinate plane and recording medium
Transformation of EXIF images
System and method for detection of miniature security marks
System and method for selectively encoding a symbol code in a color space
Device for on-line data acquisition in three-dimensional positron emission tomography
Method of creating color chart for color evaluation, and information processing apparatus thereof
Method and apparatus for rolling enrollment for signature verification
Document layout analysis with control of non-character area
Background understanding in video data
Refinement of segmentation markup
Method for evaluating video quality
Information processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for compensating for motion prediction
Image processing device and image processing method to detect and remove image noises
Deblocking method according to computing mode determined from a first value and a second value, the second value determined according to precisely eight pixels
Image reading and processing method and storage medium storing a computer program therefor that detects a contour of an image read at a higher resolution
Data input apparatus and method
System and method for in-context authoring of alternate content for non-textual objects
Neuromorphic motion controller for controlling a joint using winner take all
Medical support system
Method for forecasting consumption and generating optimal delivery schedules for vehicles involved in delivering propane and other consumables to end consumers
Method and equipment adapted for verifying presence of a medical implant within a patient
System for analyzing transportation infrastructure and minimizing repair costs
Method and apparatus for performing economic analysis of a radiological image archiving system
Method for electronic commerce using open cable
Method, apparatus and program for quantitative competition and recording medium having recorded thereon the program
Methods and apparatus for transacting electronic commerce using account hierarchy and locking of accounts
System and method for valuing patents
Method and apparatus for account payable matching for an online purchasing system
Biometric risk management
Survival risk insurance
System and method for converting a fish-eye image into a rectilinear image
Animating a moving object in a three-dimensional coordinate system
Carbon monoxide activated garage door opening system and associated method
System and method for monitoring access, power loss, and pressure loss for electrical, telecommunications, and mechanical equipment
Medical information band
Personal safety and locator device
Inventory and anti-theft alarm system
Method and apparatus for preventing overheating of a computer
Container data center with earthquake protection function
Multi-function printer and alarm method thereof
Pet care notification system and method
Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
Drive scheme for a display
Liquid crystal display, electronic device, and method for controlling brightness of illumination unit of liquid crystal display
Image data processing apparatus and image data processing method
Method and system for reducing dynamic false contour in the image of an alternating current plasma display
User interface unit for fetching only active regions of a frame
Foldable musical instrument pedal device
Stringed instrument with keyboard
Sound processing apparatus, method for sound processing, program and recording medium
Disk conveying apparatus
Servo pattern compatible with planarization constraints of patterned media and use of a single master template
Method and system for providing high magnetic flux saturation CoFe films
Disk drive estimating repeatable runout of reference pattern based on repeatable runout of phase error
Fault tolerant transport mechanism in storage and method of controlling the same
Stub minimization using duplicate sets of signal terminals
Circuit for memory cell recovery
Semiconductor device, control method thereof and data processing system
Irradiation device for material test using gamma ray from spent nuclear fuel assembly
Nuclear technology plant and method for the pressure relief of a nuclear technology plant
System having at least one superconducting cable
Cooling of high voltage devices
Laminate stack comprising individual soft magnetic sheets, electromagnetic actuator, process for their manufacture and use of a soft magnetic laminate stack
Reversal prevention of a stored energy mechanism in an electrical switching apparatus
Soft-start systems and methods for vehicle starters
Mask inspection apparatus and mask inspection method
Method of improving ion beam quality in an implant system
Ion induced impact ionization detector and uses thereof
Waveform generation for ion trap
Bismuth-zinc-mercury amalgam, fluorescent lamps, and related methods
Scalable heat dissipating microelectronic integration platform (SHDMIP) for lighting solutions and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
Method for producing a magnetic tunnel junction and magnetic tunnel junction thus obtained
Method for eliminating the metal catalyst residues on the surface of wires produced by catalytic growth
Leadless multi-chip module structure
Through-wafer interconnects for photoimager and memory wafers
Interconnect having ultra high speed signal transmission/reception
Lead component and method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor package
Solder interconnect pads with current spreading layers
Organic light-emitting diode luminaires
Individual light shields
Semiconductor device and arrangement method of compensation capacitor of semiconductor device
Photoelectric conversion module
Solid state imaging device having a back surface impurity layer
Photoelectric conversion element and solar cell
Thermophotovoltaic system
Concentrating solar energy collector
Light distribution controller, light-emitting device using the same, and method for fabricating light distribution controller
Wavelength converter and semiconductor light emitting device
Heat-curable silicone resin composition for sealing optical semiconductors, and a sealed optical semiconductor using the same
Piezolelectric sound-generating device
Small scale smart material actuator and energy harvesting apparatus
Pressure power recovery device
Battery pack
Membrane electrode assembly comprising a hydrogen permeable thin film, solid oxide fuel cell comprising the same and method of preparing the membrane electrode assembly
Swirl chamber for a fuel cell cooling manifold
Fuel-cell systems operable in multiple modes for variable processing of feedstock materials and associated devices, systems, and methods
Substrate integrated waveguide
Receivers and transmitters using dark matter waves
Near-field antenna
Optical amplifying device
Tunable laser
Catalytic generation of metastable singlet oxygen
Battery management system and driving method thereof
Angle detection system and method of manufacturing the same
Regulating apparatus with soft-start and fast-shutdown function
Isolated DC-DC converter with active clamp circuit
Power converting apparatus for electric vehicle
Hydraulic wind farms for grid electricity and desalination
Method and circuit for determining a clock signal sampling instant for symbols of a modulation method
Data transfer system and readjustment control method for use with the system
Amplifier, apparatus and method for controlling amplifier in communication system
Time difference amplifier and amplification method using slew rate control
Method and device for routing over a void for high speed signal routing in electronic systems
Turntable-mounted keypad
Decoding apparatus and method and information processing apparatus and method
Electronically-simulated live music
Spread spectrum transceiver module utilizing multiple mode transmission
Method and system for level detector calibration for accurate transmit power control
Automatic gain control device having variable gain control interval and method thereof
Low noise, low distortion radio receiver front-end
Digital delta Sigma modulator and applications thereof
Radio receiver having ignition noise detector and method therefor
Mixer with high second-order and third-order intercept point
Signal mixer having a single-ended input and a differential output
Apparatus, system and method capable of integrating a cellular phone stack in an extended firmware interface (EFI) layer
Optical apparatus using polarized orthogonal control
Phase monitor used in optical receiver
Receiver and method of estimating signal to noise power ratio
Active receiver detection and ranging
Full duplex network radio bridge with low latency and high throughput
Communications methods, methods of forming a reader, wireless communications readers, and wireless communications systems
Transmission power control method, wireless communication system and terminal apparatus
Power control based on estimates of cumulative received energy
Method and system for reduction of peak-to-average power ratio of transmission signals comprising overlapping waveforms
Method and apparatus for uplink carrier frequency synchronization and antenna weight vector estimation in OFDMA system having smart antenna
Method and apparatus for frequency tracking in a space time transmit diversity receiver
System and method for communicating messages in a mesh network
Base transceiver station
Method and apparatus for retransmission
Signal acquisition in peer-to-peer communications
Digital delay device
Method and system for configuring a connection-oriented packet network over a wavelength division multiplexed optical network
Method and system for multiplexed optical information transport
Multi-view video coding/decoding method
Method for operating device in personal area network
Interworking of dissimilar packet networks for telephony communications
Transmission apparatus and method, reception apparatus and method, communication system, recording medium, and program
Passive optical network (PON) system
Methods and systems for supporting MIMO bursts for multicast and broadcast services
Video steganography or encoding
OFDM signal demodulator circuit and OFDM signal demodulating method
Low complexity, iterative approach to active interference cancellation
Digital channelizer unit for processing multiple digital input signals
Method and apparatus for estimating end-to-end packet delay
Multimedia content delivery using pre-stored multiple description coded video with restart
Automated packet switch carrier health monitoring process
Radio communication apparatus, radio communication method, communication control apparatus, and program
Methods and systems for provisioning logical circuits for intermittent use in a data network
Increasing cache hits in network processors using flow-based packet assignment to compute engines
Flow based fair scheduling in multi-hop wireless networks
Methods and apparatus to implement scalable routing in network communication systems
Port addressing method and apparatus for link layer interface
Enhanced IP-voice conferencing
IP telephone system, IP telephone apparatus and method for identifying destination user
Media communication system, and terminal apparatus and signal conversion apparatus in said system
System and method for migrating a large scale batch of customer accounts from one VoIP system to another VoIP system
Dynamic DC offset removal apparatus and dynamic DC offset removal method
Multicarrier receiver and method with phase noise reduced signal
Method of dynamically assigning spreading sequences to users of a multi carrier transmission network
Reduction of average-to-minimum power ratio in communications signals
Systems and methods for an adaptive rake receiver
Method and system for reducing peak-to-average power for OFDM signals
Synchronization signal detector, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and synchronization signal detecting method
Recovery of expired decryption keys
Encrypted packet communication system
Terminal apparatus, server apparatus, and digital content distribution system
Multi-participant communication system with audio manager responsive to mode change requests
NFC for mobile telephone
Feedback for data transmissions
Initiating a telephonic connection
Method for malicious traffic recognition in IP networks with subscriber identification and notification
Digital rights management using a triangulating geographic locating device
Information processing apparatus, property setting method, and storage medium
Enhanced service levels for call-processing services
Method and system for providing enhanced caller identification information including total call control for all received calls
Call forwarding based on determination of status of destination
System, method, and apparatus for displaying pictures
Direct route ISDN primary route interface
Image reader and image forming apparatus using same using multiple image sensors and which corrects misalignment
Method of automatic white balance adjustment for scanner
Image pickup lens, camera module using the same, image pickup lens manufacturing method and camera module manufacturing method
Photoelectric conversion device having an n-type buried layer, and camera
Image interpolation for motion/disparity compensation
Photoelectric conversion device and image capturing device
Methods and systems for cameras with a disposable housing
Protective cover, camera module, and electronic device employing the same
Image processing method and apparatus and X-ray imaging apparatus implementing image sharpening processing
Video display device
Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and computer readable storage medium
Encoding apparatus and method, and decoding apparatus and method
Optical disk playing apparatus
Moving picture encoding apparatus and method, computer program and computer-readable storage medium
Video coding using wavelet transform and sub-band transposition
Adaptive rate control for digital video compression
Video encoder and portable radio terminal device using the video encoder
Method for the processing of remote control signals within a home audiovisual network, corresponding signal, devices and computer program
Image processing apparatus for detecting a color flicker in an image
Locking of programs against fast forwarding
Method and apparatus for horizontally slicing a multi-stage switch fabric
Method and device for identifying a tag based on the orientation of fibers
Wireless devices for process automation and verification
Audio-broadcasting hat for events
Mountable speaker assembly
Low latency ultra wideband communications headset and operating method therefor
Method for checking audio interface in AV system and apparatus using the same
Altitude determination and distribution in cellular communication systems
Systems and methods for analyzing spatiotemporally ambiguous events
Mobile terminal and handover method thereof
Method of SET-to-SET location service in a communication system
Cell selection method and mobile station
Methods and apparatus for CDMA2000/GPRS roaming
Hierarchical mesh network for wireless access
Method and apparatus for detecting whether cell coverage is downscaled in wireless communication system
Tracking area setting apparatus, user equipment, and tracking area setting method
Transform domain multi-user detection for femtocell
Method, system, and device for implementing transmission of backhaul link control channel in relay system
WiMAX R6 control architecture
Channel allocation method for asynchronous mobile communication system
Method for performing bandwidth request process in wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for performing handoff in a communication system
Communication system
Dynamic sectors in a wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus for selecting communication channels based on channel load information
Method for data path creation in a modular lighting system
Electronic control gear for operating at least one LED and/or at least one discharge lamp
Systems and methods of electromagnetic influence on electroconducting continuum
Method for diffusing metal particles within a composite layer
Communication circuit for driving a plurality of devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Telephone in-use indicator system
Vehicle diagnosis system having transponder for OBD III
CDT data transmission method
Buoyant accessory device for spas
Reprogrammable remote sensor monitoring system
Automatic teller machines
Alarm system armed and disarmed by a deadbolt on a door
Automatic sliding door system for refrigerator unit
Sensor for remote detection of objects
Patient monitoring and alarm system
Environmental control system incipient failure indicator apparatus
Double-layer container equipped with temperature warning device
Roof vents with moisture detectors and roof systems incorporating same
Smoke detector
Information processing apparatus and its control method for cooling inside apparatus with fan
Light-emitting diode array
Crib gate position indicator
Automatic voice device for fire extinguisher
Device for transmitting commands to the equipment of an installation, especially of an electrical installation and installation controlled by such a device
Remote control signal reception controller
Electromagnetic field probe having a non-electrical transmission modality
Automatic warning signal system for vehicles
Method of identifying and locating trainline power supplies
Portable computer apparatus for assisting persons with cognitive disabilities
Device for encoding/decoding n-bit source words into corresponding m-bit channel words, and vice versa
System and method for compressing data using adaptive field encoding
Encoder arrangement and bit-exact IDCT protocol
Transmission coding method and device
Z-coder: a fast adaptive binary arithmetic coder
Intermittent digital demodulation apparatus having reduced waiting time period
Analog isolation system with digital communication across a capacitive barrier
Complex bandpass modulator and method for analog-to-digital converters
Digital-to-analog converter having switchable current sources and resistor string
Reference loop for a digital-to-analog converter
D/A converter with a gamma correction circuit
Color palette ram and D/A converter
Digital to analog converter using magnetoresistive memory technology
Image reading apparatus for reducing color differences
Biphase-encoded signal processing employing passive and/or semi-passive transistor circuits
Direct digital downconverter and method for converting an analog signal to a digital signal
Metastability resolved monolithic analog-to-digital converter
Universal remote control system with bar code setup
Impedance sheet device
Radar reflecting system and method for small water craft
Swept-step radar system and detection method using same
Registration method for multiple sensor radar
Method of operating pulse radar
Manual reporting of location data in a mobile communications network
GPS receiver using coarse orbital parameters for achieving a fast time to first fix
Method and apparatus for a limited scan phased array of oversized elements
Butler beam port combining for hexagonal cell coverage
Method for direction estimation
Method and apparatus for a ring interferometer
Polarization isolation in antennas
Antenna systems having capacitively coupled internal and retractable antennas and wireless communicators incorporating same
Portable compact radio terminal device
Method of manufacturing an antenna device for portable telephone
Integrated antenna means for a motor vehicle comprising reflector
Dual-mode, common-aperture antenna system
Illuminated vehicle antennae construction
Antenna apparatus
Multifrequency antenna
Dual frequency cavity backed slot antenna
Microwave antennas
Beam waveguide antenna with independently steerable antenna beams and method of compensating for planetary aberration in antenna beam tracking of spacecraft
Apparatus and method for an adjustable linkage
Cloverleaf spiral antenna and array
Dual gridded reflector antenna system
Compact mesh stowage for deployable reflectors
Display device
Matrix-driven display apparatus and a method for driving the same
Method and system for addressing LCD including diodes
Driver of liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal device, and electronic equipment
System for driving high-resolution display panel and method thereof
Reflective electrophoretic display with laterally adjacent color cells using an absorbing panel
Oscilloscope display with rail indicator
Mapping samples of foreground/background color image data to pixel sub-components
Gamut correction with color separation and methods and apparatuses for performing same
Control device for game machine
Remote computer input peripheral
Human balance driven joystick
Video processing system for movement simulation
Cursor display method and apparatus for perceiving cursor as stereoscopic image in stereoscopic display region, and recording medium recorded with cursor display program that can be read out by computer
Multi-functional, rotary dial input device for portable computers
Wireless computer mouse
Dynamic key terminal including choice-driven interface
Operation key registration system for a coordinate input device
Remote computer interface
Acoustic touchscreen constructed directly on a cathode ray tube
Coordinate input apparatus and its control method
Drawing apparatus
Article to be worn on the tip of a finger as a stylus
Matrix character generation system
Method of driving display apparatus, display apparatus, and electronic apparatus using the same
Pixel buffer circuits for implementing improved methods of displaying grey-scale or color images
Method and apparatus for generating bias voltages for liquid crystal display drivers
Video on demand applet method and apparatus for inclusion of motion video in multimedia documents
Object selection across multiple processes
Method and apparatus for incorporating state information into a URL
System and method for displaying a current value of a cell of a document
Communication system and communication apparatus
Visual design of workflows for transaction processing
Customizable user interface for network navigation and management
Interactive image editing
Viewer interactive object with multiple selectable face views in virtual three-dimensional workplace
Apparatus and method of displaying pseudo-three-dimensional image and machine-readable recording medium with recorded computer program
Method for rendering silhouette and true edges of 3-D line drawings with occlusion
Modeling system using surface patterns and geometric relationships
Method and system for determining and/or using illumination maps in rendering images
Method and apparatus for providing shading in a graphic display system
Method and apparatus for modeling specular reflection
Image processing device
Display techniques for three dimensional virtual reality
Color selection tool
Color conversion method for a color matching, a method for expanding a function of a program module and a color conversion method using the method for expanding a function of a program module
Method and apparatus for accelerating the rendering of graphical images
Face image data processing devices
Ellipse filling graphics method
Method of automatically producing sketches and cartoon images from movies
Display apparatus and method capable of rotating an image by 180 degrees
Methods and apparatus for improving read/modify/write operations
Ink transfer printer
Imaging forming apparatus for forming an image by digital processing
Method and apparatus for producing a print, especially a proof, by means of laser-induced thermal transfer
Image forming method of thermal transfer printer
Substrate and image recording apparatus using the substrate
Thermal printing media pack
Vacuum imaging drum with vacuum holes for maintaining a boundary in an image processing apparatus
Developer unit having memory, and method of operating image forming apparatus using the same
Image exposing apparatus for imagewise exposing on a light sensitive material comprising at least one light emitting element row
Electrophotography apparatus and exposing unit therefor
Optical printer head which prevents dust from being generated therein or entering thereinto when in operation or disassembled
Aerial slow scan position control using an electronically addressable liquid crystal plate
Automated and selective distribution of video broadcasts
Video communication/monitoring apparatus and method therefor
Crystal diameter control system
Video signal format for post-production
Spatial non-uniformity correction of a color sensor
Adjustable imaging system with wide angle capability
Device for optical investigation of an object
AKB interface circuit for kine driver IC
HDTV editing and effects previsualization using SDTV devices
Automatic aspect ratio converting apparatus for television receiver
Apparatus for converting video signal
Logo insertion using only disposable frames
Color encoder
Video signal transmission method and video signal transmitting apparatus without transmitting of multiplex timing signal
Field synchronization system and technique
Dot clock recovery method and apparatus
Video signal discriminating circuit and television receiver
Method and apparatus for providing an improved user interface in a settop box
Image signal processing apparatus having a signal level corrector circuit
NTSC rejection filter
Signal adaptive filtering method for reducing ringing noise and signal adaptive filter
Digital video signal filtering to produce a double-sided impulse response
Apparatus to adjust the amount of over-scanning of a displayed video image and method for controlling such apparatus
Video line connection apparatus for adaptively connecting external input/output line
Global light boost for pulse width modulation display systems
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display device having conductor through dielectric sheet attached to conductive layer centrally located in discharge channel
Liquid crystal display having overlapped pixel electrodes and method for fabricating the same
Active matrix liquid crystal display unit having pixel accompanied with accumulating capacitor varied in width along gate line
Active matrix display device using aluminum alloy in scanning signal line or video signal line
Active matrix type liquid crystal display device having chromium alloy connecting portions at pixel electrode or near driving circuit terminals
Liquid crystal display device having phase different plates
Color LCD with microcompensators on the outward-looking surface of a substrate
Liquid crystal display apparatus having a negative dielectric constant anisotropy and a phase difference plate
Liquid crystal display having high contrast viewing zone centered in positive or negative vertical region
Method for controlling pretilt angle direction in a liquid crystal cell
Liquid crystal device having spacers and manufacturing method thereof
Self-locking bayonet coupling mechanism
Stackless continuous dual-sided copying method in photocopiers
Image processing method
Photographic processing system
Stage system and exposure apparatus with the same
Stage system with driving mechanism, and exposure apparatus having the same
Exposure monitor mask, exposure adjusting method and method of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Supporting device provided with a gas spring with a gas bearing, and lithographic device provided with such supporting devices
Distance measuring apparatus using pulse light
Self-calibrating precision timing circuit and method for a laser range finder
Device for checking units composed of a plurality of individual objects, material layers or the like
Defect assessing apparatus and method, and semiconductor manufacturing method
Method for detecting defect of transparent body, method for producing transparent body
Optical height of fill detection system and associated methods
Method and apparatus for the quantitative analysis of a liquid sample with surface enhanced spectroscopy
Integrated-optic spectrometer and method
Calibration method
Method and apparatus for surface effect characterization
Thickness monitoring
Method for measuring the positions of structures on a mask surface
Optical web defect detection system
Method of and system for measuring glucose concentration
Light timing pulses generating method and light timing circuit
Optical fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer fabricated with asymmetric couplers
Full-field geometrically desensitized interferometer using refractive optics
3D photographic printer using a video monitor for exposure
Apparatus and method for processing character information
Image processing apparatus, method, and system
Image input/output system and multi-function peripheral apparatus incorporating the same
Print interruption method, and information processing apparatus, output control apparatus, print interruption system and print interruption program-stored storage medium, used in the method
Printer appliance for use in a wireless system for broadcasting packets of information
Printing apparatus
Printing apparatus and printing control method
Dot recording using specific schemes at the end of recording medium
Image forming apparatus which forms an image based on stored image data
Method of producing spot colors appearance with process color printing
Method and apparatus for recording halftone image utilizing tone reproduction at each pixel
System for processing images by selecting appropriate document size
Scanning system with retractable image capturing device
Multi-resolution scanners
Image processing apparatus and method for reproducing high quality image in low-density portion
Diffractive security device on compact discs
Method and apparatus for holographically recording an essentially periodic pattern
Inter-ring cross-connect for survivable multi-wavelength optical communication networks
Optical time-division-multiplex system
Coherence filters and systems utilizing same
Temperature compensation for uncooled laser
Optical circulator or switch having a birefringent wedge positioned between faraday rotators
Magnetic micro-shutters
Noise figure measurement of optical amplifiers by power substitution
Optical microscope
High-magnification objective optical system for binocular stereomicroscopes
Three-dimensional microstructures, and methods for making three-dimensional microstructures
Optical telescope system with discontinuous pupil corrector and segmented primary mirror with spherical segments
Observation optical system and optical apparatus having the same
Optical system for observing equipment having image-vibration compensation system
Tremble correction device
Electro-optical system having a ball turret and an exterior thermal reference source
Light beam mixer
Optical images
Light-transmitting optical member, manufacturing method thereof, evaluation method therefor, and optical lithography apparatus using the optical member
Imaging optical system and image forming apparatus
Zoom lens
Apparatus and method for fabricating a lenticular plate
Achromatic lens system
Optical apparatus and a method of transporting the same
Adjustable monocular eye shield for telescopes and similar instruments
Reflector type prism and reflector type prism forming die
System and method for gain compensation for thermal asperity correction
Voltage bias, current sense preamplifier using no AC-coupling capacitors for a dual strip magnetoresistive reader
Encoded TID with error detection and correction ability
Clock generator and disk drive
Shock detector in a disk drive servo control system
Damp circuit for a hard disk drive write head
Burst pattern for detecting the position of a read/write head relative to a magnetic disk
Disk drive having support posts aligned with storage disk and actuator mounting points to reduce mechanical off-tracking
Energy absorbing disc travel limiter
Actuator assembly mounted disc snubber
Multi-point interference disc spacer for a disc drive
Thin-film magnetic head provided with longitudinal coil conductor grooves
Magnetic head
Planar stitched write head having write coil insulated with inorganic insulation
Data storage cartridge having an interlock mechanism to prevent improper insertion with a cooperating data storage drive
Contact slider for magneto-resistive heads
Joined metal-resin plate body, swing-type actuator made using the same, and processes for producing these
Magnetic-head supporting mechanism
Asymmetric load/unload ramp and disk drive using same
Ramp load type magnetic disk unit
Magnetic read/write head actuator assembly having an actuator motor with dual windings
Separable arm actuator for hard disk drive
High operating temperature gold leads for a read sensor
Multilayered pinned layer of cobalt based films separated by a nickel base film for improved coupling field and GMR for spin valve sensors
Small area magnetic tunnel junction devices with low resistance and high magnetoresistance
Ground fault circuit interrupter incorporating miswiring prevention circuitry
Surge suppression network responsive to the rate of change of power disturbances
Device and method relating to protection of an object against over-currents comprising over-current reduction
Circuit arrangement for activating warning signal generators
System and method for securing a computer system
Transient overvoltage and lightning protection of power connected equipment
Proving switch
Variable capacitor
Multilayer capacitor
Thin-film capacitor
Power conducting substrates with high-yield integrated substrate capacitor
Dielectric ceramic composition and electronic device
Directionally-grown capacitor anodes
Electrical fitting
Handheld electronic device having a stress releasing structure and method for releasing stress imposed thereto
Portable device and concentrator therefor
Friction hinge having high thermal conductivity
Apparatus for cooling a heat generating component in a computer
Mounting structure of a semiconductor device module for a computer system
Electronic apparatus having a heat dissipation member
Controller with servo amplifier incorporated in cabinet
Cooling structure of electronic appliance
Arrangement including a substrate for power components and a heat sink, and a method for manufacturing the arrangement
Enclosure mounted heat sink
Heat sink having anti-electromagnetic wave device
Fastener for CPU radiating module
Integrated circuit package
Modular integrated pneumatic connection device
Data card housing
Off-line converter with digital control
UPS with current waveshape circuit
Three-level neutral point clamping type inverter circuit
DC/DC converter
DC/DC converter
Circuitry for supplying a controlled signal to a drive system
Piezoelectric transformer inverter
Magnetic thin film memory, method of writing information in it, and me
Nonvolatile memory device and refreshing method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
In-circuit memory array bit cell threshold voltage distribution measurement
Techniques to configure nonvolatile cells and cell arrays
Flash memory card including CIS information
Memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Reference voltage generator for an integrated circuit such as a dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
Semiconductor memory device including boost circuit
Semiconductor device having an electric charge amplifier for amplifying bit line electric charge
Semiconductor memory device with hierarchical control signal lines
Semiconductor memory device
Method of detecting a short from a digit line pair to ground
Merged memory-logic semiconductor device having a built-in self test circuit
Semiconductor memory device, nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, and their data reading method
Reference cell array to generate the reference current for sense amplifier
Read only memory
Semiconductor memory device having reduced data access time and improve speed
Sectional column activated memory
Register structure with a dual-ended write mechanism
Row decoder driver for semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory with a plurality of memory banks
Semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for reducing bleed currents within a DRAM array having row-to-column shorts
Low latency dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and storage device
Expandable marine diverter
Method for vehicle data dependent range measurement from a vehicle
Manual scan imaging sonar
Ultrasonic harmonic imaging system and method
Cat calling device
Timing signal generating apparatus and method
Time interval analyzer having multiple measurement circuits
Article comprising at least a mobile decorative element
Magneto-optical system utilizing MSR media
Magneto-optic recording medium and reproducing method for reproducing magnetic domain in enlarged form on a reproducing layer
Apparatus and method for identifying the information stored on a medium
Information data transfer system
Low power CD-ROM player for portable computer
Optical disc master recording device
Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus for multiple layer recording medium
Method and apparatus for reproducing data from a recording medium accounting for differences in track sizes
Compact disc recording system and method
Disk recording of playback device and method of controlling pickup of the device
Optical disk, optical disk device, and optical disk recording method
Playback apparatus for a record carrier providing physical copy protection
Control system for controlling the rotational speed of a disc to a maximum speed without causing excessive vibration
Apparatus and method for measuring characteristics of optical pickup and/or optical disc
Data recording apparatus that identifies the type of data in each block of data
Optical disk, recording method and apparatus for canceling intercode interference
Pickup unit having a first chassis and a second chassis supported by a rotary shaft
Loading mechanism of disk type data storage device
Signal detection method of a phase-change optical disk
Picker shipping lock mechanism for data storage system
Disk driving apparatus
Disk drive mechanism
High density optical recordable medium and method for recording
Optical recording disc having synchronization mark pattern and method of its recording and reproduction
Optical information storage medium having lands and grooves both serving as recording tracks
Optical recording medium with transmissivity controlling layer
Device and method for transmitting information device and method for processing information
Method and system for resilient frame relay network interconnection
Redundant switching arrangement
Correction of calendar based ATM cell scheduling for downstream cell insertion
ATM network externally controlled for network resource reservation of end-to-end switched virtual connection
ATM cell multiplexer
Packet flow monitor and control system
End-to-end delay estimation in high speed communication networks
System and process for application-level flow connection of data processing networks
Communication system
Elimination of invalid data in loop network
Method and apparatus for path trace check
Received signal strength determination method, apparatus and computer program products
Meter-rate billing system on a LAN system
Communications network management
Method and apparatus for multiple access communication
Wide band high power ultralinear RF transreceiver
TDD digital radio communication system and method for operating the same
Method for admitting new connections based on usage priorities in a multiple access system for communications networks
Transmitting the pilot data channel for each operator in a system for radio communication with mobile stations
Allowing several multiple access schemes for packet data in a digital cellular communication system
Allocating and de-allocating transmission resources in a local multipoint distribution services system
Method of controlling terminal transmission power in a CMDA type cellular network, and a base station and a base station controller implementing the method
Method of searching reverse traffic channels in a CDMA mobile radio communication system
Method and selector for performing selection in a communication system
SPS synchronization method
Method and system to deliver an audiovisual presentation to a workstation using the telephone
Apparatus and method for communication between data network and telecommunication network
System and method for integrating voice on network with traditional telephony
Sub-rate switching telecommunications switch
Method and apparatus for dynamically routing calls in an intelligent network
Method and apparatus for adjusting an interpacket gap using a network device in a data communications network
Transport stream packet parser system
Frame replication in a network switch for multi-port frame forwarding
ATM switching equipment and data editing system
Multiplexing traffic into structure blocks in ATM cells
High speed programmable counter
Metropolitan area network switching system and method of operation thereof
Method and system for providing redundancy to asynchronous transfer mode emulated local-area networks
Method and apparatus for detecting disabled physical devices and deleting undeliverable cells
Sanitizing fibre channel frames
Method of addressing messages, and establishing communications using a tree search technique that skips levels
Method and apparatus for segmentation and assembly of data frames for retransmission in a telecommunications system
Multiplex transmission system wherein analog signal is transformed to base band, random-transformed and superimposed on dispersed signal points in vector signal space
DTMF tone detection and suppression with application to computer telephony over packet switched networks
Leased line optimization and voice quality improvement in bandwidth constrained communication systems
Apparatus multiplexing system
Data transmission rate control using a transmission control scheme suitable for subbands forming an entire band
Magnetic switch controlled power supply isolator and thyristor commutating circuit
Optical waveguide, waveguide amplifier and laser
Semiconductor laser and light source
Semiconductor optical device
Laser module with external cavity and optical fibre reflector
Device to cool and protect a cathode in an electric arc furnace
Power source circuit and its control for three-phase electric arc furnace to reduce flicker
Assembly of a tapping device and a cooled inductor
Spread-spectrum telephony with accelerated code acquisition
Spread spectrum adaptive power control communications system and method
Method and system for aiding in the location of a subscriber unit in a spread spectrum communication system
Detection of code vectors in single frequency, multiple transmitter networks
Spread spectrum demodulation circuit, spread spectrum communication apparatus, delay-detection-type demodulation circuit, and delay-detection-type communication apparatus
Method and equipment for multirate coding and detection in a multiple access mobile communication system
Multichannel parametric adaptive matched filter receiver
Analog receive equalizer for digital-subscriber-line communications system
Technique for minimizing decision feedback equalizer wordlength in the presence of a DC component
Methods and systems for trimming a PWM signal
Digital data processing system
Coding device and coding method
Video coding method and apparatus which select between frame-based and field-based predictive modes
Transcoding apparatus for digital video networking
Image storing and processing device
Eigen-mode encoding of signals in a data group
Data access arrangement for a digital subscriber line
Multi-pair transceiver decoder system with low computation slicer
QAM de-mapping circuit
Methods and apparatus for implementing shell mapping techniques in the context of a PCM-based modem communication system
Methods and apparatus for automatic frequency control in wireless receivers
Method and apparatus for detecting a frequency synchronization signal
Method for the transmission of reference signals in an OFDM system
Multiple channel data communication buffer with single transmit and receive memories
Method and system for detecting phase lock in a phase-locked loop
Hermaphroditic absorber loading for higher worth control rods
Safety device for a neutronic reactor
Fuel assembly comprising a component for retaining elongated elements
Water rod in a fuel assembly of a boiling water nuclear reactor
Generation of a time period
High speed clock having a programmable run length
Reflective optical imaging systems with balanced distortion
Simultaneous x-ray fluorescence spectrometer
X-ray diffractometer method for determining thickness of multiple non-metallic crystalline layers and fourier transform method
X-ray analysis apparatus with a graded multilayer mirror
Methods and apparatus for cardiac scoring with a multi-beam scanner
X-ray examination apparatus with a high-resolution image sensor
System and method for radiographic imaging of tissue
Phase retrieval in phase contrast imaging
Short-wavelength electromagnetic-radiation generator
X-ray examination apparatus including an X-ray filter
Method and apparatus for power regulation of digital data transmission
Security system alarm panel
Voice-mail greeting message notification
Voice mail source address indentification blocking
System and method for delivery of pre-recorded voice phone messages
Communication method, voice transmission apparatus and voice reception apparatus
Video phone interactive corporate menu answering machine announcement
Method and system for the recording and selective accessing of messages using a computer, a remote unit, and a public communication system
Method and system for providing prepaid and credit-limited telephone services
Method and system for global communications network management and display of market-price information
Subscriber-initiated automated third party billing feature
Calling line identification with location icon
System and method for automatically updating a clock using caller ID information
Telephone with novel FSK decoding means, simultaneous off-hook caller ID reception means, and set of configurable function key means
Telephone pager and intercom system
Communication system with assembly carrier unit
Tightly integrated cooperative telecommunications firewall and scanner with distributed capabilities
Intelligent service peripheral/intelligent peripheral
Capacity provisioning for AIN
Communication system including digital error message detection
Method and apparatus for reusing service circuit resources in a telecommunications network
Prioritized transaction server allocation
Method and system for anonymously testing for a human malady
Telecommunications functions management system providing distinctive alerting based on caller identifier
Method of distinguishing between echo path change and double talk conditions in an echo canceller
Telephone line box that prevents tangles of the extension and retraction of a cable
Method for implementing a private-key communication protocol between two processing devices
Cryptographic methods for remote authentication
Method and device for providing controlled access video signals without providing a signal in the clear
Encryption communication system capable of reducing network managing workload
Method and apparatus for scene-based video watermarking
Method and apparatus for object tracking for automatic controls in video devices
Motor vehicle warning and control system and method
Method for modeling the pore-size distribution of a porous sample of variable porosity
Fingerprint classification via spatial frequency components
Method and apparatus for acquiring and reconstructing magnified specimen images from a computer-controlled microscope
Method for estimating the bone quality or skeletal status of a vertebrate
Non-lot based method for assembling integrated circuit devices
Method and apparatus for determining the configuration of a workpiece
Object extraction method and system
Image processing using different image sizes depending on whether the processing is color or monochrome
Method and apparatus for reformatting a high resolution image file for printing on a lower resolution printer
Method and system for identifying an image feature and method and system for determining an optimal color space for use therein
Defining color borders in a raster image by identifying and breaking contrast ties
Image recognition system and apparatus using active eyes
Ruled line extracting apparatus for extracting ruled line from normal document image and method thereof
Handwritten character recognition using multi-resolution models
On-line character recognition system
Method and apparatus for updating node position
Method and apparatus for hybrid sampling image verification
Method and apparatus for analyzing computer screens
Unsupervised identification of nonlinear data cluster in multidimensional data
Multiple mode probability density estimation with application to sequential markovian decision processes
Method and apparatus for providing image and video coding with iterative post-processing using transmitted step size information
Method for data compression and restoration
Secure digital interactive system for unique product identification and sales
Method for motion estimation
Image encoding and decoding method and apparatus using edge synthesis and inverse wavelet transform
Noise reduction in volume holographic memories
Apparatus and method for measuring rotation quantity of spherical object
Method and system for recognizing a rotated image pattern with reduced processing time and memory space
Rapid convolution based large deformation image matching via landmark and volume imagery
Automatic margin alignment using a digital document processor
Non-integer scaling of raster images
Image input device
Voice annotation of scanned images for portable scanning applications
Optical waveguide element
Integrated wavelength-select transmitter
Flexible optical multiplexer
Device for demultiplexing light paths contained in an optical spectrum
Optical isolator
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer with optical waveguides and a diffraction grating
Manufacturing method for optical waveguide device
High mechanical and heat performance optical cable
Optical fiber cable
Endoscopic optical fiber bundle
Planar optical waveguide and method of spatially selectively increasing the refractive index in a glass
Closure for cable connection
Bulbous configured fiber optic splice closure and associated methods
Fiber optical pedestal
Optical fiber retainer
Thermally managed package for fiber optic bragg gratings
Splice holder with self locking feature
Optical coupler and illumination system employing the same
Multipurpose digital recording method and apparatus and media therefor
High speed copying system for double-deck complex video apparatus
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for recording program data without commercials
Image compression and expansion device
Machine readable recording medium, reproduction apparatus and method for controlling selection of menu items within a video object
Video signal recording and reproducing apparatus
Video tape recorder with a monitor-equipped built-in camera
Apparatus for recording and reproducing digital image and speech
Electric field shielding apparatus
Radiant chamber for simultaneous rapid die attach and lead frame embed for ceramic packaging
Temperature probe with fiber optic core
Apparatus for heating at a distance with light radiance using lamps arranged in a matrix on a support
Shooting apparatus
Lens-fitted film unit with built-in strobe
One-time use camera loading method
Apparatus having a driven member and a drive controller therefor
Movable filter device
Macromolecular liquid crystal element used in a diffusion plate
Photographic and video image system
Automatic consumable conditioning
Developer apparatus featuring a developer container partition portion disposed between a detecting member and an agitating member
Image forming apparatus with relative speed differential between intermediate transfer member and image bearing member
Image forming apparatus that performs image density control
Developer unit detachably attachable to image forming apparatus
Image forming method and apparatus having a ratio of a thickness or a weight per unit area between liquid developer on a developing device and image carrier being smaller than about 0.71
System for reducing toner scattering
Method and apparatus for image formation using switchable image generators and density control
Image forming apparatus
Printer and power controlling method therefor
Copying apparatus for discharging recording sheet face-up or face-down
Air impingement post fuser receiver member cooler device
Image forming apparatus with a plurality of units configured for ease of operation
Developing device holder having antenna contact mounting unit
Toner cartridge having separable parts and recording apparatus with toner cartridge
Process cartridge having drive mount for photosensitive drum
Electrophotographic photosensitive member and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus supplying charging accelerating particles to image bearing body in non-image forming
Image forming apparatus with control over developing unit during an idle running of an intermediate image transfer body
Multi-roller monocomponent toner applicator
Charging roller and processes thereof
Developing unit using specific developer composition
Toner metering blade and manufacturing process therefor
Image forming apparatus with electrically grounded roller
Transfer and fixing device having specific nip ratio
Fixing apparatus for controlling distance between heating means and guide member
Fixing device for fixing toner images onto a receiving material
Toner replenishing apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with same
Access control for multi-access satellite communication system
Mobile satellite communication method and system capable of carrying out carrier activation with reliability of a communication path secured
Geosynchronous satellite communication system and method
System and method for intermittent satellite communication with a fixed antenna
Paging system
Antenna malfunction detecting system
Motor vehicle built-in unit for mobile phone
Method and configuration for monitoring communications links in a mobile radio system
Radio circuit apparatus and radio communication equipment
Portable radio communication apparatus
Radiotelephone having a primary keypad and a movable flip cover that contains a secondary keypad
Apparatus and method for controlling a base station transmitted forward power in a mobile communications system
Double-tuned circuit
Receiving apparatus
Automatic frequency correction apparatus and method for radio calling system
Method and apparatus for eliminating floating voltage nodes within a discreetly variable capacitance used for synthesizing high-frequency signals for wireless communications
Apparatus and method for selecting between a plurality of antennas utilized by a microcellular communications terminal for reception of a signal
Transmission diversity apparatus
Image reject mixer, circuit, and method for image rejection
Emergency phone for automatically summoning multiple emergency response services
Method and apparatus for configuration of authentication center operations in a mobile telephone system
Apparatus and method for displaying caller attributes
Network mute feature in wireless telecommunications systems
Telephony device comprising a base station and at least one handset and method of connecting such a telephony device
Cellular cordless telecommunications system
Method for invoking dynamically modifiable subscriber services and an intelligent telecommunication network incorporating the same
Home location register and method of routing calls to portable numbers in a radio telecommunications network
Cellular radio communication system having base stations constructed in the form of a daisy chain and method of controlling data transmission using the system
Service of a telecommunication system and service device realizing such a service
Call set-up method in radio communication system
Channel allocation method and apparatus
Location detecting information receiving apparatus
Internet protocol traffic filter for a mobile radio network
Method of automatically selecting talk-around mode or repeater mode depending on repeater availability
Power control of LMDS/LMCS base station to provide rain fade compensation
Transmission power control method, base station apparatus and communication terminal
Intelligent network searching for a multi mode phone
Wireless multi-cell radio telecommunication system
System for providing a simultaneous data and voice channel within a single channel of a portable cellular telephone to provide position-enhanced cellular services (PECS)
Method of detecting fraud concerning electronic memory cards used in telephony
High capacity broadband cellular/PCS base station using a phased array antenna
Cellular telephone with voice dialing function
Voice messaging transceiver message duration indicator and method
Portable information terminal apparatus, numeric displaying method, storage medium, and information processing apparatus
Cellular telephone with an improved LCD supporting frame
Charger capable of controlling alerting means and radio equipment consisting of the charger and a portable radio apparatus
Portable radio device
Magnetic sensor with squid and having superconducting coils formed on sapphire substrate
Pulse oximeter having a low power led drive
Measuring process for blood gas analysis sensors
Apparatus and method for calibrating measurement systems
Three-dimensional reconstruction of intrabody organs
System and method of recording and displaying in context of an image a location of at least one point-of-interest in a body during an intra-body medical procedure
Living body internal active source estimation apparatus
RF coil structure for intra-cavity use in magnetic resonance imaging
Catheter localization system and method for performing medical diagnostics
Catheter tracking system
Percutaneous registration apparatus and method for use in computer-assisted surgical navigation
Method for classifying a time series, that includes a prescribable plurality of samples, with a computer
Implantable defibrillator apparatus
Wide-band evoked response sensing for capture verification
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation for preventing deep vein thrombosis
Endothelium preserving microwave treatment for atherosclerois
Catheter system having a ball electrode and methods thereof
Flowchart exception handling element
Apparatus with failure recovery and method therefore
Method for the closed-loop control of a controlled system, in particular of an internal combustion engine
Method of controlling the drive of a computer-controlled conveyor device
Method of providing real time machine control system particularly suited for a postage meter mailing machine
Method and apparatus for optimizing the path of a physical wire
Production planning system
Method and system for adjusting and calibrating circuit parameters
Method for controlling unit process conditions of semiconductor fabricating equipment arranged in a processing line
Method and apparatus for dispensing drugs to prevent inadvertent administration of incorrect drug to patient
Method for control of an industrial robot along a given track
Method of constrained cartesian control of robotic mechanisms with active and passive joints
Off-line teaching apparatus
Method of balancing paint booth air flows
Absolute value transmitter acting as a rotation transmitter for registration of a steering angle of a motor vehicle
Motor vehicle with an automatic vehicle driving and electronic communication devices
Surroundings monitoring apparatus for an automotive vehicle
Vehicle monitor
Course generator of moving body
Method for testing on-vehicle electronic unit
Vehicle detector with power failure information saving
Method for monitoring and error recognition
Method for searching trip log of vehicle
Electronic control circuit for a vehicle safety device
Method and apparatus for operating a steering system for a motor vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Method and device for controlling motion parameters representing the movement of a motor vehicle motion quantity
Integrated control for electric lift trucks
Control device for continuously variable transmission
Method and apparatus for adaptively shifting a powershift transmission
Torque estimation method for an internal combustion engine
Foundation brake control algorithm for electro-hydraulic brake system and brake-by-wire system
Stability control system for automotive vehicle
Informing apparatus for cruise control system
System for providing guiding information for use in detecting and accessing a mobile object
Vehicular navigation system and storage medium
Vehicle present position detection apparatus, vehicle present position display apparatus, navigation system and recording medium
Method and apparatus for prompting a motor vehicle operator to remain within a lane
Method and appliance for braking a motor vehicle in the immediate vicinity of an obstacle
Electronic tide meter, spring tide day calculating method, and recording medium for the same
Method and apparatus using multi-target tracking to analyze borehole images and produce sets of tracks and dip data
Method for analyzing and classifying three dimensional seismic information
Method of maintaining components subject to fatigue failure
Method of measuring the propagation time of a sound signal in a fluid by means of a zero-crossing of said sound signal
Electromagnetic wave analyzer apparatus
Programmable electricity consumption monitor
Seismic survey system
Electric circuit arrangement
Method for the prediction of binding targets and the design of ligands
Voice encoder, voice decoder, recording medium on which program for realizing voice encoding/decoding is recorded and mobile communication apparatus
Digital voice processing apparatus providing frequency characteristic processing and/or time scale expansion
Method and apparatus for pitch tracking
Method and apparatus for eighth-rate random number generation for speech coders
Data framing for adaptive-block-length coding system
Code image recording apparatus having a microphone, a loudspeaker and a printer
DP Pattern matching which determines current path propagation using the amount of path overlap to the subsequent time point
Method and system for automatic text-independent grading of pronunciation for language instruction
Method of evaluating an utterance in a speech recognition system
Decoding input symbols to input/output hidden markoff models
Method and apparatus for editing/creating synthetic speech message and recording medium with the method recorded thereon
Spoken text display method and apparatus, for use in generating television signals
Sound quality of established low bit-rate audio coding systems without loss of decoder compatibility
Product disposal system
Electronic content delivery system
Method and system for preventing counterfeiting of high price wholesale and retail items
Iterative problem solving technique
System and method for administration of awards program
Methods and devices utilizing a GPS tracking system
Global financial services integration system and process
System and method for pre-authorization of individual account remote transactions
Value sharing method for determining pricing
Synchronous semiconductor memory device having a function for controlling sense amplifiers
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