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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Walk behind mower
Method of tandem cropping for increased production of food grain crops
Methods and mixtures for treating distressed trees
Continuous loop plant growing system
Cat toilet device
Reinforced blown film bag
Quick release locking assemblies
Chest fly box system
Apparatus for molding cooked rice
Handkerchief with pouch
Temperature regulating garment
Head protection system
Sport cap
Ornamentation for a footwear upper
Waterproof footwear and process for its manufacture
Closed-end treatment structure of slide fastener for vehicle seat
System and method for carrying loads
Electric toothbrush
Cleaning and storage unit for pacifiers
Stand-sit convertible workstation and methods associated therewith
Fixing structure for electronic device with display screen
Electronic device enclosure with bracket for data storage device
Air mattress having only two inflate/deflate ports for inflating four or six separate bladders
Fastening device for a chair
Thermochromic equipment rack
Neckwear and jewelry storage device
Elongated track support arrangement
Structure of brewing device
Toilet seat system for raising and lowering toilet seat
Surf wax comb and holder accessory
Cleaning device
Grill cleaning claw
Gas-powered dual-hosed blower
Piercing implement particularly useful as a medical implement for piercing body tissue, and method of using such implement for applying a suture to the body tissue
Puncture seals for closing hollow organs having a puncture opening
Tissue closure system and methods of use
Adhesive patch vascular applicator
Method and apparatus for endoscopic ligament release
Permanent magnet lancing device
Spine distraction implant and method
Ultrasound treatment system
Smart mattress
System and method for automated diagnosis of myocardial ischemia through remote monitoring
Low-noise optical probes for reducing ambient noise
Delivery and recovery sheaths for medical devices
Method for improving the early detection of breast cancer and device therefor
Posterior spinal arthroplasty system
Spinal prosthesis and facet joint prosthesis
Devices and methods for inter-vertebral orthopedic device placement
Chiropractic table apparatus and method of use
Weight-bearing lower extremity brace
Faecal incontinence collector
Apparatus and methods for transferring a patient
Splash shield systems
Inhalation therapy device with multiple nozzles
Fluid delivery system and flow control therefor
Fluid delivery device and methods
Vivo stimulation of cellular material
RF rejecting lead
Personnel safety apparatus for a machine
Barbell system
Lift mechanism of tile-based game machine
Interface for wagering game environments
Merchandising and gaming method and system
Apparatus, systems and methods for facilitating a negative credit balance of a gaming device
Hand held controller with pressure controls
Rol-lee gaming cabinet
Slot machine with insurance payout proportional to average bet amount
Stand up swing apparatus
Convertible slipcover and method for convertible stuffed animal and pillow
Methods of completing a remotely controlled model vehicle system with a separate controller
Performing Operations; Transporting
Urea sorbent
Composite semipermeable membrane
Method for purifying gases and obtaining acid gases
Solar-thermal reaction processing
Asphalt material recycling system and method with ball screener and impact and cutting choppers
Paint roller cleaner and associated method
System and method for managing energy usage in a manufacturing facility
Painting device to produce decorative appearance
Sorting mined material
Detergent dispenser with agitator current determining fill level
Aldimine cleaning composition for reactive polyurethane compositions
Combination of the chucking device and a drill and a chucking device for a drill with cutting tips on both ends
Milling collet having pull-out preventer for retaining a fluted milling tool
Joining method and friction stir welding method
Capillary exchange system of semiconductor wire bonding
Compact duct corner installation tool
Tray in combination with electronic component attaching tool attached to the tray
Methods and moulds for use in fabricating side-ported microneedles
Wheel polishing rotary stand
Fastener installation tool with quick change key
Demolition hammer with reversible housing and interchangeable wear plate arrangement
Inside wrap post coupler accommodating beam rivet
Razor with independent suspension
Folder for adjustably tensioning a web as the web is cut
Saw blade depth gauge
Electrically insulative structure having holes for feedthroughs
Methods and apparatus for forming molded thermal plastic polymer components
Apparatus for handling magnet
Imprint apparatus and article manufacturing method
Document holder
Printing apparatus, line printer and method for printing
Printing apparatus
Retrofittable roller element and foot for an automatic storage system, and method for displacing an automatic storage system
Quick-change caster
Pneumatic tire with dual layer sidewall
Pneumatic tire having block type tread pattern
Pneumatic tire with tread having connecting grooves
TPMS monitor mounting bracket
Tire pressure monitoring system and vehicular tire pressure device thereof
Sealing arrangement between a stationary first machine part and a second machine part that rotates around the first machine part
Drive device for motor vehicles
Vibration source attachment structure for vehicles
Unmanned trackless order picking forklift system
Vehicle front portion structure
Seatbelt device for wheelchair
Bumper plug and method
Steering wheel lock to be secured on the arms within the rim of a steering wheel
Tailgating system
Windshield wiper blade assembly
Method for diagnosing the condition of an engine fuel supply system
Method for determining a starting speed in a motor vehicle
Automated manual transmission with hybrid drive
Hybrid vehicle driving system
Adjustable electronic device holder mountable to a cart handle
Unobstructive aerodynamic structure for the aft end of cargo trailers
Internal means for rotating an object between gravitationally stable states
Automatic scooter unlocking mechanism
Device with microbubble-induced superhydrophobic surfaces for drag reduction and biofouling prevention and device for biofouling prevention
Systems and methods for extracting and processing gases from submerged sources
Aquatic sport board
Turret bearing structure for vessels
Construction barge
Systems and methods for power generation using oxy-fuel combustion
Tie down and jack fitting assembly for helicopter
Overhead bin for use on both sides in an aircraft
Automatically ejecting flight data recorder
Apparatus and method for testing an aircraft tank system
Hinged-lid package, and packing method and machine for producing a hinged-lid package
Foam retainer
Bale bagging apparatus
System and method for handling and polywrapping articles
Adhesive force development unit, adhesive-label issue device, and printer
Tray system
Beverage holding device
Food container and method for producing food container
Milk cover
Discharge spout for flexible bags
Composite interlocking stopper and method of manufacture
Procedure for manufacturing bottles containing fluids, particularly cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical products or the like, and relative system and bottles
Power tool including a reservoir and a cap attached to the opening of the reservoir
Reinforced paper lid
Carrying container folded from a die cut sheet material
Novelty cup with jewelry
Cushtop laptop stands and methods of manufacture thereof
Interchangeable packing apparatus for aerogenerator blades
Remote control cover
Holder for tablet computer
Transportation device of a sheet and corresponding use
Elevator safety device with foreign matter detection using a light beam
Bottle cap opener
Apparatus for cooling fluids
Metering dispenser
Multi-chamber container
Dispenser cap with selectable reservoirs
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Photovoltaic device having low iron high transmission glass with lithium oxide for reducing seed free time and corresponding method
Shading composition
Use of fuels or fuel additives based on triglycerides of modified structure and process for their preparation
Method of manufacturing coke from low grade coal
Textiles; Paper
Drawing frame for a spinning machine
Process for making poly(trimethyleneterephthalate) bulked continuous filaments, the filaments thereof and carpets made therefrom
Drum washing machine
Wall mounted ironing board cabinet
Fixed Constructions
Luminescent paving stone in the form of an artificial stone or natural stone
Vibration drill unit
Laundry tub with overflow drain
Toilet and sink drain plunger
Layer-by-layer double-hoop sunflower-shaped cable dome structure and its construction method
Rapidly locking building/lock components, bridge keys and locking keys to construct uniform whole locked building members and entire locked structures on-the-fly
Structural insulating core for concrete walls and floors
Roof panel for roofing system and roof structure
Panel mounting system
Roof pipe chase housing system
Handhold assembly
Module structure and plant construction method
Self-guyed structures
Device for detachable connection between two elements
Vehicle window opening/closing device
Slide assist device
High shear roller cone drill bits
Polycrystalline ultra-hard compact constructions
Plug removal and setting system
System for cementing tubulars comprising a mud motor
Split stream oilfield pumping system utilizing recycled, high reid vapor pressure fluid
Rock sampling apparatus
Method for controlling longwall mining operations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Guide blade carrier
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine
System for purging a device
Exhaust purification apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Catalyst degradation determination device for exhaust purification system
Exhaust gas purification method and exhaust gas purification system
Actuating mechanism to regulate a controllable coolant pump
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Split cycle variable capacity rotary spark ignition engine
Variable compression ratio apparatus with reciprocating piston mechanism with extended piston offset
External combustion thermal engine
Method and device of turbine submerged combustion boiler
Augmentor with axially displaced vane system
Devices, systems, and methods for controlling fuel states for internal combustion engines
Fuel tank and fuel vapor treatment device equipped with the fuel tank
Fluid machine, wind turbine, and method for increasing velocity of internal flow of fluid machine, utilizing unsteady flow
Vertical axis wind turbine
Tower type vertical axle windmill
Methods for reducing the non-linear behavior of actuators used for synthetic jets
Separation type pneumatic dual partition membrane pump and external pneumatic control valve thereof
Fan rotation speed control system and method
Method and system for anode gas recirculation in fuel cells
Hydraulic control system
Expansion anchor and method for the preferably surface-near anchoring in an anchoring base
Hole plug assembly
Fastener assembly
Structural connecting rod made of a composite and process for producing such a connecting rod
Rolling bearing having internal lubrication
Bearing arrangement for a tension roller
Fan drive system with lubrication flow system
Pneumatic actuator structure
Viscous coupling and suspension apparatus
Main shaft drive for machine tool
Control of magnetorheological mount
Multistage transmission
Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications
Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications
Hydraulic controller
Drive arrangement for valve devices
Systems and methods for providing a monitoring and deactivation apparatus for a beverage distribution system
Self aligning spherical backseat assembly for a valve
Flow-actuated actuator and method
Pipe coupling arrangement
Multiuse device mounting system and method
Solar candle light insert module
Lighting device and the fixing mechanics thereof
Shaft seal for pyrolytic waste treatment system
Apparatus for treating waste
Method of operating a solar thermal power plant and solar thermal power plant
One-axis solar tracker system and apparatus with wind lock devices
Multiplexed torque brake system for a solar concentrator assembly
Heat pump cycle
Refrigerant vapor compression system with flash tank economizer
Method and systems to provide pre-engineered components and custom designed components to satisfy the requirements of an engineered air conditioning system
Methods to store human breast milk
Electric insulating device of air conditioner, and air conditioner with the device
Upper freezer basket guided by lower freezer basket divider
Arrangement for multi-stage heat pump assembly
Hydrate-based desalination/purification using permeable support member
Simplified flow shell and tube type heat exchanger for transfer line exchangers and like applications
Electro-pneumatic projectile launching system
Bow limb and cam strike plate
Method of providing a defense against a shaped charge
Drill positioner for a coordinate measuring machine
Creation of GIS tools and spatial database for limited access highway entrance points in the US and Canada
Alignment device
Calibration procedure considering gas solubility
Train load measuring system and method thereof
High resolution measurement of thermistor thermometry signals with wide dynamic range
Prospect stress prediction
Low pass filter semiconductor structures for use in transducers for measuring low dynamic pressures in the presence of high static pressures
Load processing balance setting apparatus
Quality assurance and reliability testing apparatus for RFID tags
Automated animal bite simulator for testing cables
Numerical aperture integration for optical critical dimension (OCD) metrology
Computer system for automatically determining slew rate de-rating values
Method of using light striping for fire rescue navigation
Hermaphroditic optical fiber ferrule
Development method, method of manufacturing photomask, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and development device
Package for a projector
Illuminating unit and display apparatus including the same
Lighting control system and method
Algorithmic framework for the integrated optimization of hot strip mill and upstream molten metal operations for a large-scale steel manufacturing plant
Tip-based computer controlled system for a hand-held dental delivery device
System and a method for providing safe remote access to a robot controller
Water saving apparatus
Redundant power supply configuration for a data center
Returning from power saving mode upon receiving a packet other than switch inhibiting packets classified as having interval shorter than switch waiting time to power saving mode
Multiprocessor switch with selective pairing
Data fragmentation identification in a data table
Method and apparatus for preventing misuse of a group key in a wireless network
Checking of apparatus certificates and apply codes associated with apparatus identifiers found in apparatus certificates
Memory system having multiple channels and method of generating read commands for compaction in memory system
Storage system logical block address de-allocation management
Memory system
Storage control device and storage system
Information processing system and information processing method
Transfer of bus-based operations to demand-side machines
Metasearch engine for returning price data related to at least one stock returned in search results and at least one related news item link using at least one query on multiple unique hosts
Staging register file for use with multi-stage execution units
Unified messaging platform with intelligent voice recognition (IVR)
Converged call flow modeling and converged web service interface design
Portable communications framework
Method and system enabling the cancellation of a previously-sent E-mail message
Method and system for data distribution in high performance computing cluster
Management of shared client device and device manager
Managing security features of a browser
Systems and methods for accessing telescopes
Network aware forward caching
Dynamic load balancing system and method thereof
Method and system for generic application liveliness monitoring for business resiliency
Resource acquisition and manipulation from within a virtual universe
Network device configuration
Digital signal switching apparatus and method of switching digital signals
Methods, systems and devices for multimedia-content presentation
Systems and methods for identifying claims associated with electronic text
Authoring, deploying and using interactive, data-driven two or more dimensional content
Desired font rendering
Method for reducing digital filter coefficient word size and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for a finite impulse response filter
Interpolator and designing method thereof
System and methods for encoding and decoding multi-lingual text in a matrix code symbol
Language translation reuse in different systems
Web service folder interface
Determination of rules by providing data records in columnar data structures
Synchronizing human resource database with authorization database
System and method for hierarchical recovery of a cluster file system
Adaptive, context-based file selection
Method and system for distributing clock signals on non manhattan semiconductor integrated circuits
Flexible process condition monitoring
Methods and apparatus for providing and distributing standby power
Digital data authentication and security system
Blocking applications to ensure task completion
Apparatus and method for moving rights object from one device to another device via server
Fast cancellation of input-output requests
System and method for creating gateway between an analytical database and a virtual world
Configurable pie menu
Updating a data warehouse schema based on changes in an observation model
Mobile in-vehicle communication and routing apparatus, system, and method
Machine emulator products
Monitoring processing time in a shared pipeline
Security model for actor-based languages and apparatus, methods, and computer programming products using same
Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with client-specific dynamic breakpoints
Systems and methods for efficiently using stack registers and storage medium therefor
Method of selecting drill bits
RFID tag
Method for notifying task providers to become active using instant messaging
Systems and methods for on-line scheduling of appointments and other resources
Work packet enabled active project management schedule
Method and system for providing an on-line healthcare open market exchange
Click-to-call web advertising
Controlling and rewarding gaming socialization
Methods and apparatus for advertising via computer networks and websites
Server for supporting an exchange transaction
Vehicle driving assist system
Computer-based abacus training system
Method and apparatus for masking speech in a private environment
Method and device for carrying out optimal coding between two long-term prediction models
Reproducing device
Method of manufacturing a magneto-resistance effect element
Manufacturing method of optical information recording medium and optical information recording medium
Error correction code techniques for matrices with interleaved codewords
Storage device, electronic device, and data error correction method
Method of forming flat conductor wire for use in cage-shaped distributed winding coil
Method for protecting a touch-screen display
Substrate for flip chip bonding and method of fabricating the same
Card connector
Electrical contact with two contating portions and electrical connector with the same
Hybrid connector and cable with said connector
Connector to be electrically connected to connecting target and to substrate
LED system, LED lamp and method for assembling a LED system
Cable connection device
Electrical conductor arrangement as a component of a photovoltaic array
Method for forming an armature for an electric motor for a portable power tool
Baffle arrangement for a genset enclosure
Forward error correcting code decoder method and apparatus
Method and system for adaptive coding in flash memories
System for internet scale visualization and detection of performance events
Prevention of software piracy using unique internal intelligence with every software application copy
System, apparatus, and media for granting access to and utilizing content
Display control circuit and projector apparatus
Method and apparatus to enable sending personal data via a network
Methods, apparatus and systems for delivering and receiving data
Method and apparatus for wireless clock regeneration
Method of applying phase change thermal interface materials
In system reflow of low temperature eutectic bond balls
Method of packaging electronic components without creating unnecessary solder balls
Expired Patents Due To Time
Data distribution method and apparatus and computer program
Method for extending OSI ping function capability
Participant server which process documents for commerce in trading partner networks
Connection establishment and termination in a mixed protocol network
Controlled communications over a global computer network
Method and apparatus for dynamically defining data communication utilities
Common management information protocol (CMIP) agent registration methods systems and computer program products
Intelligent network interface system method for protocol processing
Communication terminal and network unit in information offering system, terminal identifying information setting method, information offering system, and fixed-length cell transmitting and receiving unit in information communication system
Counting octets and implementing the octet counting mode
Increasing probability multi-stage network
Method and apparatus for reestablishing network connections in a multi-router network
Traffic control circuits and method for multicast packet transmission
Server-group messaging system for interactive applications
Method and apparatus for maintaining an order of data packets
System and method for data storage management
Method and mechanism for interprocess communication using client and server listening threads
Method and apparatus for utilizing proxy objects to communicate with target objects
System, method, and article of manufacture for adding object services to a binary class in an object oriented server
Method and system for constructing software components and systems as assemblies of independent parts
Method and system for logical event management
Achieving consistency and synchronization among multiple data stores that cooperate within a single system in the absence of transaction monitoring
Information handling system including non-disruptive command and data movement between storage and one or more auxiliary processors
Programmable circuit for sensing computer pointing devices to sink a different amount of current depending on the requirements of the device
Network system with substitute channel assignment instead of allotted default channel for transferring data to automatically prevent conflicting among primary nodes
Method and apparatus for dynamically calculating degrees of fullness of a synchronous FIFO
Method and apparatus for clock selection and switching
Computer system with bridge logic that includes an internal modular expansion bus and a common master interface for internal master devices
Method and system for accurate temporal determination of real-time events within a universal serial bus system
Bus control apparatus using plural allocation protocols and responsive to device bus request activity
Method and apparatus for reducing the apparent read latency when connecting busses with fixed read replay timeouts to CPU'S with write-back caches
Method and apparatus for performing bus transactions orderly and concurrently in a bus bridge
Integrated network switching hub and bus structure
Rotation bus interface coupling processor buses to memory buses for interprocessor communication via exclusive memory access
System and method for arranging, accessing and distributing data to achieve zero cycle penalty for access crossing a cache line
Method and system for efficiently programming non-volatile memory
Memory refresh control system
Content addressable memory (CAM) engine
Method, apparatus and frame format to prevent data loss in a removable media library system due to incorrect configuration of devices
Storage and access to scratch mounts in VTS system
Apparatus and method for queueing structures in a multi-level non-blocking cache subsystem
Method for invalidating cache lines on a sharing list
Data processing circuit with cache memory and cache management unit for arranging selected storage location in the cache memory for reuse dependent on a position of particular address relative to current address
Test driver for use in validating a circuit design
System and method for exclusive access to shared storage
Method and system for avoiding livelocks due to stale exclusive/modified directory entries within a non-uniform access system
Organizing memory extents of OS input/output control
Method for optimally configuring memory in a mixed interleave system
Method and system for generating and utilizing speculative memory access requests in data processing systems
Integrated level two cache and controller with multiple ports, L1 bypass and concurrent accessing
Bifurcated data and command/address communication bus architecture for random access memories employing synchronous communication protocols
Memory controller and method for generating commands to a memory
Method and system in a data processing system for the dedication of memory storage locations
Memory bank organization correlating distance with a memory map
Computer system
Dynamic allocation for efficient management of variable sized data within a nonvolatile memory
Method and apparatus for configuring and initializing a memory device and a memory channel
Achieving page hit memory cycles on a virtual address reference
Method and system for accessing a cache memory within a data-processing system utilizing a pre-calculated comparison array
Memory system architecture
Address translation mechanism and method in a computer system
Method and apparatus for processor migration from different processor states in a multi-processor computer system
Method and apparatus for configuring arbitrary sized data paths comprising multiple context processing elements
Microprocessor configuration arrangement for selecting an external bus width
Apparatus and method for single precision multiplication
Split embedded DRAM processor
Method and computer program for distributing software to a personal palm-type device through a global software distribution package transmittable over the world wide web
Information processing apparatus and method that uses first and second power supplies for reducing booting time
Jumperless computer system
Cryptographic technique that provides fast encryption and decryption and assures integrity of a ciphertext message through use of a message authentication code formed through cipher block chaining of the plaintext message
Method for authentication item
Method and apparatus for authenticating users on a network using a smart card
Information sharing system and method with requester dependent sharing and security rules
Stack-based system and method to combine security requirements of methods
Method for preventing software piracy during installation from a read only storage medium
Architecture for virtual private networks
Method and apparatus for operating resources under control of a security module or other secure processor
Secure session tracking method and system for client-server environment
Method and apparatus for configuring a virtual private network
Method and apparatus for authenticating users
Single chip integrated circuit with external bus interface
Apparatus and method for device timing compensation
Apparatus and method for enhancing data transfer to or from a SDRAM system
Apparatus and method for providing a common system interface for processors
Apparatus and method for bus timing compensation
Sample rate conversion of non-audio AES data channels
Method and apparatus for immediate data backup by duplicating pointers and freezing pointer/data counterparts
Method and apparatus for detecting faults
Post dump garbage collection
System and method for providing delayed start-up of an activity monitor in a distributed I/O system
Method and apparatus for performing cache accesses
Integrated circuit memory devices including internal stress voltage generating circuits and methods for built-in self test (BIST)
Event based test system data memory compression
Method and apparatus for built-in self-test of smart memories
Disc media glide test head
Coded frame synchronizing method and circuit
Forward error correction system for packet based real time media
Method of providing an optical data carrier with identity information
Method and apparatus for generating error detection data for encapsulated frames
Pipelined combined system for producing error correction code symbols and error syndromes for large ECC redundancy
Memory-minimized architecture for implementing map decoding
System and method for generating a hazard-free asynchronous circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit designing method of an interconnection thereof and recording medium in which the method is recorded for empty area
System for converting hardware designs in high-level programming language to hardware implementations
Method and system for improving the performance of a circuit design verification tool
Method and apparatus for determining locations of circuit elements including sequential circuit elements
Programmable IC with gate array core and boundary scan capability
Circuit design method and apparatus supporting a plurality of hardware design languages
Modifying a design layer of an integrated circuit using overlying and underlying design layers
Apparatus for automated pillar layout
Object oriented method of structuring a software step program
Reliable and repeatable process for specifying developing distributing and monitoring a software system in a dynamic environment
Method and apparatus for storing and replaying creation history of multimedia software or other software content
Minimizing debug information for global types in compiled languages
Visualization method and system for dynamically displaying operations of a program
Extensible network management system
Method for selecting optimal parameters for compiling source code
Compiler-assisted or interpreter-assisted compression solution to the year 2000 problem for computer programs
Object management system supporting the use of application domain knowledge mapped to technology domain knowledge
Apparatus and method for allowing rating level control of the viewing of a program
Set top terminal for an interactive information distribution system
Music instrument type clock
Wall clock
Watch case
Watch case
Combined watch and pager device with message display
Combined watch case and bracelet
Roller grill monitoring device
Measuring tape for a tape measure
Tape measure
Electrical test probe
Jewelry attachment
Patio table top flower pot
Decorative bow
Female member of snap button for wear
Slider for a slide fastener
Sports car shaped golf cart
Vehicle body
Waved frame for a bicycle
Electric vehicle
Bicycle chain ring
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Operating lever for working vehicle
Rear spoiler for a vehicle
License plate frame
License plate frame
License plate holder
License plate holder
Floor mat
Portion of a motorcycle wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel cover
Front face of a vehicle wheel cover
Truck bed extension
Storage device for interconnection to the front of an automobile seat
Power station with corded backup
Battery termination
Electrical socket
Electrical connector
Indicator light front element for an electrical control and signaling unit
Shielding cabinet structure
Process chamber lid
Magnetic tape cartridge
Disc player
Combined digital audio disc player, amplifier and tuner
Music equipment cabinet
Throat vibration microphone
Dish antenna receiver
Radiotelephone antenna
Key matrix for a telephone handset
Personal computer
Portable computer
Portable information terminal
Computer keyboard
Computer mouse
Computer mouse with truck and semitrailer shape
Decorative mouse cover
Computer mouse
Joystick handle
Joystick controller
Portion of a joystick handle
Controller for a game machine
Base for a joystick controller
Portion of an electronic computer
Computer mouse cover
Icon of a multiple CD changer for a display screen
Audio signal processing unit
Editor for sound and visual data
Pump housing
Compressor for a vehicle air conditioner
Refrigerant compressor for an air conditioner of vehicle
Key cutting machine
Rock drill bit
Method and arrangement for data processing in a mail-processing system with a postage meter machine
Method and system for constructing adaptive and resilient software
Cross-file pattern-matching compression
Method and apparatus determining and using hash functions and hash values
Method and apparatus for filtering incoming information using a search engine and stored queries defining user folders
Apparatus and methodology for submitting search queries
Structured-text cataloging method, structured-text searching method, and portable medium used in the methods
Method of forming a user interface for a telecommunications exchange
Association rule generation and group-by processing system
Layered query management
System for retrieving images using a database
System, method, and program, for object building in queries over object views
Information searching apparatus for displaying an expansion history and its method
System and method for hybrid hash join using over-partitioning to respond to database query
Method for determining approximate hamming distance and approximate nearest neighbors of a query
Access control for groups of related data items
Content modification of internet web pages for a television class display
Subscriber creation and deletion interface between a customer administrative system and database network elements of a communications network
Method, storage medium and system for distributing data between computers connected to a network
Construction of conceptional drawings utilizing hyper link information of web document and internet searching method through it
Storage medium carrying geographical location data
Method, article of manufacture, and apparatus for constructing a multi-dimensional view containing two-pass value measure results
System and method for modification of included files used in a automatic web page generation system
Apparatus and method for transparent access of foreign databases in a heterogeneous database system
Database synchronization and organization system and method
Database disaster remote site recovery
Method and system for automatically detecting collision and selecting updated versions of a set of files
Method and apparatus for performing generational garbage collection using remembered set counter
Web document based graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for retrieving data from a network using linked location identifiers
System and method for creating, generating and processing user-defined generic specs
Method and apparatus for generating a remote printable report
Layout code tuning in universally readable document files
Efficient method of implementing random number generators
Generation and application of sample rate conversion ratios using distributed jitter
Signal interpolation and decimation exploiting filter symmetry
Method and apparatus for overflow detection in a decimation filter
Method and device for adding and subtracting thermometer coded data
Method and apparatus for preloading data in a distributed data processing system
Method and apparatus for web messaging
Mutli-user 3D virtual reality interaction system utilizing protocol data units for data communication among WWW server and clients
E-mail distribution system
Shared memory system for symmetric multiprocessor systems
Shoe upper
Cigarette pack
Combined hand cleaner and hand cleaner base
Stackable garden pillar
Waste basket
Trash cup
Mobile storage cart for multiple portable computers
Handle for a golf pull-cart
Control console for counterbalance lift truck
Printer for computer
Combined plunger and holder
Portable steam generator
Switching assembly for fluid pressure actuator
Cutting tool inserts
Vertically-oriented digital camera body with connector interface
Video camera
Body of a video camera
Video projector
Wearable device
Eyeglass front
Camera lens
Credit card magnifier
Electric guitar or electric bass musical instrument
Mute for stringed instrument
Inkjet printer
Ink tank for printer
Fifty state quarters collection album
Writing instrument
E-shaped top for a bubble pen
Display storage apparatus for sports equipment
Bill dispenser
Electronic commerce terminal enclosure with brackets
Operating apparatus for game machine
Controller for video games
Controller for video games
Deck of feudal cards
Collapsible toy
Wire puzzle
Set of road barrier and executive toy pieces
Frame for paintball gun
Weight plate with one grip opening
Exercise band
Shuttlecock golf ball
Golf club sole plate
Inflatable slide
Water dog device
Fishing tip-up
Bait fish fishing rod
Filter cartridge
Filter element
Sprinkler head
Sprayer gun device
Single lever faucet
Single lever faucet
Sink faucet
Bar faucet
Beaded sliding valve handle
Sanitary faucet component
Faucet spout
Bar faucet spout
Universal hose connector
Water pipe connector
Water closet
Toilet seat lifter
Dust cassette assembly
Air freshener
Ceiling fan
Housing for a box fan
Six inch clip-on fan
Nutritional supplement
Air flow filter for use in testing or treatment of the respiratory function of patients
Sterilization cassette
Electrophoresis instrument
Pipette tip
Eye lens implanter
Snap-in impression coping
Foot cushion for use with a medical examination table
Pacifier handle
Pacifier handle
Paraffin bath
Stair block for use in landscaping
Large sash rail for window
Decorative wall panel
Decorative wall panel
Window security guard
Portable seating bleacher
Ladder support
Extendable lamp
Light fixture
Wall sconce with tubular body of graduated diameters and conical shade
Lamp base
Headlight lens
Headlamp for bicycle
Backup light arrangement
Night light volatile dispenser
Housing of emergency lighting fixture
Desk lamp
Protective unit for airport runway light fixtures
Garden pathway lighting fixture
Billiard table light fixture
Pendant lighting fixture
Pendant lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Lighting fixture
Handle for surgical lighthead
Portable work light stand
Mounting base for a ceiling lamp
Dual compartment smoker station with associated litter receptacle
Transparent cigarette lighter case
Lip stick shaped electronic lighter
Cigarette pack
Base for scalp applicator
Hair adornment
Hair band
Fingernail enhancement
Manicurist tray
Dental floss case
Skin treatment lamp
Dry powder inhaler with cover
Squirrel baffle
Pet toy
Human Necessities
Debris shield for hand-held string trimmer
Mower having an adjustable axle assembly
Bagging assembly for a riding lawn mower
Conveyor for lawn mower
Cornhead row unit and stripper plate adjusting mechanism
Tobacco plant transport apparatus
Landscape edging system having block attachment member
Apparatus and method for enhancing the survivability of exposed structures
Plant watering device
Self-watering planter
Grass shears
Method for forming a decorative cover
Chrysanthemum plant named `Ares`
Impatiens plant named `ElRed`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Stacy`
Hibiscus plant named `Fantasia`
Hibiscus plant named `Plum Crazy`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomaggie`
Euonymus fortunei plant named `Bushel Of Gold`
Hibiscus plant named `Crown Jewels`
Artificial bait with breakaway segments for selectable drop rates
Fishing lure system
Grip and method of manufacturing the same
Insect vacuum trap
Transportable telescoping cooler
Thonged hosiery garment
Custom-molded hand protector and method
Mastectomy and shunt coverage assembly
Waterproof, washable plastic magnetic button and a method for manufacturing it
Buckle clip
Retention mechanism for a helmet
Football helmet having a removable inflatable liner and a method for making the same
Footwear with mountain goat traction elements
Pedicure footwear
Slipper and method for manufacturing slipper
Shoe comprising a grind insert
Downhill ski boot with dual liner
Sports shoe interface
Adjustable foot orthotic
Footwear construction
Quick release buckles
Fastener for shin guard
Fastener for shin guard
Identification badge holder
Wear-resistant bracelet
Handle structure for a luggage
Restraining and protection device for neckstrap-suspended equipment
Brush for removing dust
Pillow construction
OB/GYN mattress
Procedural stretcher recline controls
Gel pad with integral shape retainer
Multi-layered seat having different hardnesses and provided with skin, and process of manufacturing the same
Fitted crib sheet
Modular display system
Portable air conditioner/beverage container
Method and apparatus for forming decorative patterns in floor coverings
Multiple firmness pillow
Separable bed covering
Anchoring system for a beach blanket
Side bolt toilet lid locking system
Automatic toilet cover and seat lifting and lowering device
Bathtub and shower combination
Portable bath seat
Epidermal scrubbing device
Easy maintenance vacuum cleaner
Self-evacuating vacuum cleaner
Movable blower
Vacuum cleaner with obstacle avoidance
Ligating clip
Anterior spinal instrumentation and method for implantation and revision
Device for controlled cooling of a surface
Method of manufacturing disposable underpants by applying annular adhesive zones to the backsheet and top sheet for retaining elastic for leg holes
Hydraulic lift cylinder assemblies
Synthesis of tyrosine derived diphenol monomers
Containers of particulate material
Golfer's personal cleaning device
Snowshoe construction
Pool cue multi-function tip tool
Performing Operations; Transporting
Occupant air filter for vehicles
Method and device for drying a gas
Method for fabricating a quantitative integrated diffusion vapor-particle sampler for sampling, detection and quantitation of semi-volatile organic gases, vapors and particulate components
Method of, and apparatus for, cleaning packaging machines
Continuous rotary vacuum retort apparatus and method of use
Tube cutting device
Sealing structure for use in an electric power tool
Method of connecting covered wires
Fastener die member
Method for sliding a seal with a lip onto a shaft, method for uncurling the lip, and apparatus for sliding the seal thereonto
Vehicle assembly method
Method for performing measurements on positioning machines using triangularly arrayed support structures and pre-calibrated extendible measuring bars
Pusher tool
Extractor tool
Tool structure
Cutout marking device for marking sheet material
Measuring jig
Tool for the cutting or coining of metal
Dry shaving apparatus
Electric shaver
Electrical shaver and auxiliary device particularly useful therewith
Cutter knife
Knife with multiple roller wheels
Snipper tool device for snipping j-channel
Process and apparatus for the splitting of cast concrete dual blocks
Insulated door assembly with low thermal deflection
Method for forming bags in plastic material and the bag thus produced
Drywall joint system
Method for producing a honeycomb body
Structure binder clip
Folding/inserting machine incorporating a separate path for inserts
Picture and article display and method
Automobile air conditioner
Voltage control using engine speed
Glass run
Weather strip retainer with drip molding and method for producing the same
Automobile vehicle door provided with a multicomponent module a part of which forms an acoustic cavity
Placard system for transportable storage tanks
Wiper blade for motor vehicle glass panes
Fully hydraulic brake booster/master cylinder unit
Sealing rail car door
Marine wet exhaust system
System and method for a reduced water consumption vacuum toilet
Bag clamping apparatus
Inline case sealing system
Securing means attachable to objects of varying size and shape
Procedure and apparatus for maintaining a work station of a textile machine with the aid of a programmable maintenance device
Method and apparatus for handling building materials and implements
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus for vacuum impulse forming of heated glass sheets
Method of making long, fine diameter glass fibers and products made with such glass fibers
Submerged glass delivery throat and delivery method
Method of making carbon-carbon composite valve for high performance internal combustion engines
Propanol derivatives and perfumes containing the same
Modular cladding element
Self-adhesive drywall tape for fire wall
Textiles; Paper
Gearing for jointly driving flat bars and a flat bar cleaning device of a carding machine
Device for opening slivers
Twisted union yarn manufacturing method and device
Elastic multi-layered knitted article
Burn guard electric iron soleplate
Fixed Constructions
Reinforced structural member
Footing connector
Sheet piling-supported modular wall system
Liquid infiltration prevention structures for preventing liquid infiltration manhole assemblies gate value sealing structures for preventing settling or shifting of key box bonnets and method for using said structures
Caustic fluid blocking member in the base of a manhole
Rotating disk type ditcher system
Operator presence system with bypass logic
Faucet having the shape of a standard desk phone
Waste water strainer and valve
Device for anchorage to a grating floor
Method of installing a rain water diverter system for deck structures
Undercover deck drainage system
Wall system and insulation panel therefor
Concrete building blocks
Method for making a frame member for a wall panel
Variable-volume storage system
Mullion connection system
Building construction panels and method thereof
Safety mesh roof facing system
Simulated thatched roof
Cladding board mounting system
Method and apparatus for waterproofing concrete
Concrete pool deck and pool wall support for swimming pool construction
Bumper assemblies for swimming pool cleaners
Seismic isolator
Building with storm-proof room
Tilt window with deflection-reducing feature
System for temporarily holding an automatically driven open-close structure
Window shutter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary positive displacement fluid machine
Turbine power plant having a floating brush seal
Hot gas-carrying gas collection pipe of gas turbine
Fuel injected heat exchanger for internal combustion engine exhaust
Variable fuel heating value adaptive control for gas turbine engines
Air to fuel ratio control for gas engine and method of operation
Method for controlling the strength of the air/fuel mixture supplied to an internal-combustion engine
Heat engine
Liquid-propellant rocket engine with turbine gas afterburning
Propellant grain capable of generating buffered boundary layer for reducing rocket nozzle recession
Connector for fuel injection nozzle and method of producing the same
Wave energy converter
Heat converter engine using a shape memory alloy actuator
Method of operation of industrial gas turbine for optimal performance
Method and apparatus for testing a fluid pressure apparatus
Variable pressure reducing device
Rotary shaft coupler with rotary valve plate position dependent on direction of shaft rotation
Travel drive apparatus for hydraulic drive work vehicles and control therefor
Wrapping structure for an end of a rope
Guide chain for energy supply lines
Impeller wheel arrangement and turbine wheel arrangement for a hydrodynamic torque converter
Method of joining lined pipes
Downlighter cover
Bypass air volume control device for combustor used in gas turbine
Separate type air conditioner
Air conditioning system for refreshment utilizing rainwater
Reverse-cycle heat pump system and device for improving cooling efficiency
Thermoelectric element and thermoelectric cooling or heating device provided with the same
Frost control system for a door
Process for the production of oxygen and nitrogen
Method and apparatus for drying iron ore pellets
Desiccation of moisture-sensitive electronic devices
Freeze drying methods employing vapor flow monitoring and/or vacuum pressure control
Drying module
Weapon tag
Firearm safety apparatus
Forward angled grip for hand-held weapons and the like
Back-flash check for muzzleloaders
Quick focusing firearm scope
Method of and means for establishing vehicle datum
Gauging head and apparatus for the linear dimension checking of mechanical pieces and associated machining process
Tape measure
Height-measuring device
Method and apparatus for gas concentration detection and manufacturing method of the apparatus
Display having combination of visually moveable and stationary elements and process for making the same
Printer with face-down delivery of collated printed sheets at the top, and a manually removable PC/developer cartridge
Thermally sensitive actuating device
Method and apparatus for processing reports
Method and system for allowing users to access and/or share media libraries, including multimedia collections of audio and video information via a wide area network
Application execution environment for a small device with partial program loading by a resident operating system
Method and apparatus for data flow analysis
Agent-based management system having an open layered architecture for synchronous and/or asynchronous messaging handling
Method and device for maintaining temperature integrity of cryogenically preserved biological samples
Letter box messaging system
Printed display sign
Cleaning articles
Merchandising shelf bracket
Display units
Rewinding time-based script sequences
Method of forming an inductive writer having a high conductor/insulator ratio
Method for making an air bearing slider with reduced contamination sensitivity
High performance sub-micron P-channel transistor with germanium implant
Reworkability method for wirebond chips using high performance capacitor
Method of manufacturing an oxide superconductor wire
Single balanced to dual unbalanced transformer
Method of manufacturing cores for rotary electric machines
Methods for balancing electric motors
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board assembly
Process for producing printed circuit boards with at least one metal layer, printed circuit board and use thereof
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