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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Use of a platelet preservation composition comprising a short to ultra-short acting antiplatelet agent and anticoagulant with an oxygen carrier
Platelet preservation composition comprising a short to ultra-short acting antiplatelet agent and anticoagulant with hemoglobin
Transdermal pharmaceutical delivery composition
Use of conditional plasmodium strains lacking nutrient transporters in malaria vaccination
Modified pectins, compositions and methods related thereto
Polyphenol coxib combinations and methods
Method for processing raw fruit to provide enhanced fruit products and the fruit products produced by the method
Flask for preparing a cytological suspension based on a fixing solution
Closure device and methods for making and using them
Surgical instrument for detecting, isolating and excising tumors
Surgical expansion fasteners
Intervertebral implant for lumbosacral joint
Spinous process stabilization device and method
Interspinous process distraction system and method with positionable wing and method
Spine distraction implant
System and method for delivery conformation and removal of intramedullary bone fixation devices
Thermal cautery surgical forceps
Method for treating intervertebral discs
Nanoparticles and their use for multifunctional bioimaging
Dental abutment fixated by a nut
Delivery of multicomponent compositions
Refastenable absorbent article and a method of applying thereof
Ligand-mediated controlled drug delivery
Carbon coating on an implantable device
Surgical instrument for treating female pelvic prolapse
Multi-formed collagenous biomaterial medical device for use in wound care
Prosthetic repair of body passages
Drug-eluting stent with filament strands
Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implantation of same
Proportioned surgically implantable knee prosthesis
Method and apparatus for the treatment of the intervertebral disc annulus
Bifurcated stenting appratus and method
Endoluminal device for in vivo delivery of bioactive agents
Vibration dampening device and method
Stimulator pad
Methods for treating ischemic disorders using carbon monoxide
Method and formula for treating celiac disease
DNA sequence and recombinant production of the grass pollen allergen Phl p 4
Use of oxazole derivatives for controlling fish parasites
Influenza virus vaccine composition and methods of use
Methods of using TGF-.beta. 1 binding compositions
Humanized antibodies that recognize beta amyloid peptide
Aqueous fatty monoamine-containing carrier systems for water -insoluble materials
Aqueous polyamine-containing carrier systems for water-insoluble materials
Aqueous fatty quaternary amine-containing carrier systems for water-insoluble materials
Modified release compositions of at least one form of tramadol
Finite and multiple sterilization indication method for devices
Coating comprising poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(lactide-glycolide-caprolactone) interpenetrating network
Air sanitization system with variable speed fan
Lubricious coatings
Conductive therapeutic coating for medical device
Verticle exercise cycle
Metal wood club with improved hitting face
Golf club head
Soccer goal structure
Basketball coaching system
Golf club
Exercise grip device
Wagering game with simulated mechanical reels
Gaming system, gaming machine and game control method with compensation processing based on lower limit of odds
Gaming machine including multi-choice game and battle effect images
Game machine, game machine control method, information recording medium, and program
Method and apparatus for wing mounting for a model airplane
Thermochromic transformable toy
Weighted stuffed animal
Building block
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas dissolving apparatus
Filter element with percussion band
Oil filter
Intake filter for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Filter arrangement
Absorbing PAHs from gas streams
Gas scrubber with adapted drop separators
Process for CO.sub.2 capture using zeolites from high pressure and moderate temperature gas streams
Two stage pressure swing adsorption process for producing enriched-oxygen
Plasma reactor
Process for preparing a multielement oxide composition comprising the element iron in oxidic form
Gas reaction device having four reaction states
Primer coating of steel
Method for generating oxidic nanoparticles from a material forming oxide particles
Process of making a shrouded impeller
Compositions and methods for removing scratches from plastic surfaces
Portable concrete moulding machine
Release surfaces, particularly for use in nanoimprint lithography
Methods utilizing reversibly adhesive layers for forming patterned microstructures
Interchangeable mold tooling
Cross-over nozzle system for stack molds
Molding machine
Method of making multilayer polyurethane protective film
Machine for securing a closure system onto a discrete pouch
In-line method for securing a closure system onto a discrete pouch
Fluorotelomer grafted polyaniline containing intermediate transfer members
Acrylic block copolymer composition and molded article thereof
Coating compositions, coated substrates and hermetic seals made therefrom having improved low temperature sealing and hot tack properties
Modified moldable urethane with tunable haptics
Write-once optical record carrier for high-speed recording
Synthetic ice surfaces and methods
Apparatus for manufacturing bonded substrate
System and method for continuously manufacturing liquid crystal display device
Labeling an imprint lithography template
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of treating a precipitate comprising iron (II) sulfate monohydrate, a plant, granular material and its uses
Facile purification of carbon nanotubes with liquid bromine at room temperature
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive porcelain composition and piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
Immunoassay reagent compositions for diagnosing multiple sclerosis
Detergent composition
Latent curing agent for epoxy resin and method for manufacturing the same
Deicing composition
FCC separator without a reactor
Process for hydrodesulfurization, hydrodenitrogenation, hydrofinishing, or amine production
Catalyst, catalyst support and process for hydrogenation, hydroisomerization, hydrocracking and/or hydrodesulfurization
Process for stabilizing olefinically unsaturated monomers
Bioreactors with an array of chambers and a common feed line
Separating method and an apparatus performing such a method
Method and apparatus for determining an analyte in a liquid sample
L-glutamic acid-producing bacterium and method for producing L-glutamic acid
Process for the heterotrophic production of microbial products with high concentrations of omega-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids
Recombinant bacteria having the ability to metabolize sucrose
Method for making insulin precursors and insulin precursor analogues having improved fermentation yield in yeast
Choroid plexus preparation and uses thereof
Apparatus and method of using an agricultural waste digester and biogas generation system
Meningococcal oligosaccharide linked polysaccharides and diptheria protein conjugate vaccine for all ages
Rapid and sensitive method to measure endonuclease activity
Anaerobic fermentation of glycerol
Method of producing enantioselective immobilized candida rugosa lipase
Polymorphisms in the human CYP2D6 gene promoter region and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic applications
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Method of modifying nucleotide chain
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Method for collecting metal
Grain refinement by precipitate formation in PB-free alloys of tin
Method and apparatus for depositing LED organic film
Fluorine gas generator
Fabrication of SOI with gettering layer
Textiles; Paper
Method of shortening the time to compression mold a roofing shingle or tile and apparatus for facilitating same
Bleaching process of chemical pulp
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine engine
Stacked lamellae ceramic gas turbine ring segment component
Steam turbine
Turbine airfoil cooling system with rotor impingement cooling
Seals in steam turbine
Securing element for fastening rotor blades
Apparatus for the ventilaton of a rotor hub of a wind energy plant
Control modes for extendable rotor blades
Axial piston pump or motor of the swashplate or bent axis type
Ring segment coolant seal configuration
Low inertia roll
Blade structure for torque converter and process of producing the same
Limited slip differential with end teeth
Stabilizing a planetary pinion carrier of an automatic transmission
Burner and pilot burner
Analysis apparatus and analysis method for glycosylated hemoglobin
System, method, and probe for monitoring pH levels of a sample medium
Liquid transfer device
Method of simultaneous anion and cation suppression in a continuous electrodeionization apparatus
Gene and protein expression profiles associated with the therapeutic efficacy of EGFR-TK inhibitors
Agents and methods related to reducing resistance to apoptosis-inducing death receptor agonists
Porous substrate plates and the use thereof
Distributor device for use in communication and data systems technology
Mask, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Variable resist protecting groups
Method for preparing a composite printing form using a template
Block copolymer and substrate processing method
Process for on-press developable lithographic printing plate involving preheat
Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming resist pattern, and semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Colored mask combined with selective area deposition
Prevention of photoresist scumming
Photoconductive imaging members
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, image forming method using electrophotographic photoreceptor, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge for image forming apparatus
Liquid developer, method for producing liquid developer, and image forming apparatus
Photocurable composition, photocurable ink composition, process for producing photocured material, and inkjet recording method
Method of making electronic device with frit seal and frit sealing apparatus
Manufacturing method of microstructure
Apparatus for manufacturing polycrystalline silicon thin film
Underfill method and chip package
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for producing high temperature thin film silicon layer on glass
Method of manufacturing solar cell with doping patterns and contacts
Liquid discharge head substrate, liquid discharge head using the substrate, and manufacturing method therefor
Resistor with improved switchable resistance and non-volatile memory device
Conformal doping in P3I chamber
Processes and materials for step and flash imprint lithography
Omega shaped nanowire field effect transistors
Nanotube modified solder thermal intermediate structure, systems, and methods
Self-aligned lower bottom electrode
Auto feedback apparatus for laser marking
Intrinsically safe battery pack and system
Fuel cell
Method and apparatus for producing wound electrode assembly, and method for producing battery
Anode active material, and anode and lithium battery containing the same
Electrode for lithium batteries and method of manufacturing electrode for lithium batteries
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Method of manufacturing fuel cell
Fuel cell system operation method
Hydrogen production apparatus with solution feed control to eliminate build-up of products on a solid reactant
Method and apparatus for measuring methanol vapor concentration, method of controlling methanol vapor concentration in a fuel cell, and fuel cell using the same
Fuel cell with anode exhaust recirculation means
Fuel cell exhibiting enhanced hydrogen distribution density
Fuel cell and fuel cell stack
Electrical adapter with fuse
Electrical connectors with crosstalk compensation
Illumination unit and wire harness equipped with the illumination unit
Electrical receptacle for outward facing ground plugs
Connecting device for connecting an electrical conductor to a solar module and method for the production thereof, together with a solar module with such a connecting device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method for displaying information on a mirror
Apparatus and method of biometric identification or verification of individuals using optical spectroscopy
Method for examining a body region executing a periodic motion
Method and system for approximating missing data in cone beam x-ray CT reconstruction
Apparatus for mammography
Smart foam for active noise control in a duct and device equipped with the same
Method and apparatus for determining characteristics of a laser beam spot
Medical information appliance
Method for preparing a radiation therapy plan
Collapsible structures having enhancements
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of high throughput haze screening of material
Solid immersion lens structures and methods for producing solid immersion lens structures
Electronic printing of print jobs containing jam-prone sheets
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Light filter using glass ceramics
Erbium doped fibers for extended L-band amplification
Coupled electrochromic compounds with photostable dication oxidation states
Fixed Constructions
Accessory of electronic device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and circuit arrangement for reducing noise produced by electromagnetically actuated devices
Optical film with variable angle prisms
Optical lamination sheet
Hot water heater stacking reduction control
Straightness measuring apparatus for moving stage
Method and device for measuring the shape of a three dimensional object
Point diffraction interferometric mask inspection tool and method
Method for locating a structure using holograms
Measuring angles of wheels using transition points of reflected laser lines
System for interferometric distortion measurements that define an optical path
Air refractometer
Three-dimensional (3-D) coordinate measuring method, 3-D coordinate measuring apparatus, and large-structure building method
Gyro apparatus and gyroscope with multiple interfering laser beams affecting an electrical signal flowing therethrough
Brillouin/erbium fiber laser current monitor using elliptically polarizing fiber
Light receiving module and light receiving method with reduced polarization dependence
UV-VIS spectrophotometry
Reference fringe counting fourier transform spectroscopy
Method for maintaining uniformity among color measuring instruments
Method and apparatus to minimize effects of ASE in optical measurements
Method for monitoring a characteristic of a mixture comprising particles suspended in a liquid
Measuring cell
Method for measuring spectral absorption in a body and device therefor
Image reading apparatus capable of detecting glossiness of image surface
Backside contamination inspection device
Inspection apparatus and method
Serial bus experimental apparatus
Semiconductor device having scan test circuit that switches clock signal between shift mode and capture mode, and method of testing the semiconductor device
Method of MRI image reconstruction from partially acquired data in two or more dimensions using a multidimensional inverse transform technique
Method and apparatus for detecting a terrain-masked helicopter
Synthetic aperture ladar system using incoherent laser pulses
Sensors of relative position and orientation
Image pickup lens system
Image pickup lens system
Image pickup lens system
Projection lens apparatus and projection type image display apparatus
Optical projection lens system
Zoom lens and photographing apparatus using the same
Real image type view finder
Zoom lens system
Wide-angle lens system and a focusing method thereof
Double mirror catadioptric objective lens system with three optical surface multifunction component
Objective lens for microscope
High NA system for multiple mode imaging
Microscope apparatus and method
Liquid immersion lens system and optical apparatus using the same
Video enhanced night vision goggle
Endoscope with variable direction of view
High efficiency insulation for improving thermal efficiency of bubble optical switch
System for modulating radiation using two rotating discs
Optical switch
Scan head, an appearance inspection method and an appearance inspection apparatus using the same
Optical scanning apparatus
Illumination optical system in exposure apparatus
Virtual retinal display with eye tracking
Beam shaping optical system
Prism having two inner surfaces and outer shape regarded as plane parallel plate
Diffusing adhesive layer, optical member and liquid-crystal display device
Surface-relief diffraction grating
Diffractive optical element and optical system having the same
Method and apparatus for monitoring and control of laser emission wavelength
Variable optical wavelength filter
High-isolation dense wavelength division multiplexer utilizing birefringent plates and a non-linear interferometer
Two-dimensional photonic crystal slab waveguide
Microbend fused fiber coupler method and apparatus
Compact polarization couplers
Collimator positioning system
Planar lightwave circuit interleaver
Wavelength-dependent optical signal processing using an angle-to-offset module
Adjustable chromatic dispersion compensation
Optical switch having mirrors arranged to accommodate freedom of movement
Fiber optic prism coupler, coupling arrangement and fabrication method
Optical router for a light-based communication network
Optical segmented RF signature managed window
Elastic lens holder
Image module
Optical filter
System for alternately directing optical energy through multiple optical modulation channels
Method and device for controlling the polarization of a beam of light
Variable optical filter unit and variable gain equalizing system
Non-hermetic packaging for lithium niobate-based devices
Tunable optical add/drop multiplexer
Spatial optical modulating device
Illumination system for transmissive light valve displays
Acousto-optic devices
Resonator mirror with a saturable absorber
Mechanical power switching apparatus and camera
Translucent screen
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for calibrating the same
High-precision panoramic imaging system
Electronic flash controlling device
Substrate supporting apparatus, substrate transfer apparatus and the transfer method, method of holding the substrate, exposure apparatus and the method of manufacturing the apparatus
Discharge laser having electrodes with sputter cavities and discharge peaks
System, method and article of manufacture for improved laser direct imaging a printed circuit board utilizing a mode locked laser and scophony operation
Electrophotographic device for transferring a plural color toner image
Image formation apparatus and method for controlling a paper stop position
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for modifying a printing process in response to environmental conditions within the electrophotographic area of a printer
Method of setting laser power and developer bias in a multi-color electrophotographic machinie
Charging device for applying AC voltage of a frequency to charged body and image forming apparatus including such a device
Methods and apparatus for indicating low toner in a color laser imaging device
Image forming apparatus comprising communication means for communicating with a memory
Image fixing apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Reusable photoreceptor and image forming apparatus using the reusable photoreceptor and method of reusing photoreceptor
Image forming apparatus
Shutter device for a photosensitive rotary drum on the process cartridge
Thermoelectric generation unit and portable electronic device using the unit
Centralized management unit receiving data from management unit of different communication methods
Universal communication system
Information processing equipment
Mounting device for a monitor, a flat monitor with such a mounting device, and an assembly of a flat monitor, a drawer and a computer
Portable computer equipped with add-on battery
Alignment mechanism for a computer system having a portable computer and a docking station
Portable computer and docking station cooling
Carrel computer terminal
Multiple server configuration within a single server housing
Fastening parts suitable for recycling
Cooling device for computer hard drive
Fixing apparatus for heat sink
Dynamic critical battery detection mechanism
Multi-tick transmission line and data storage element
Method and apparatus for generating a condensed version of a video sequence including desired affordances
Image forming system including a first printer connected to a host computer and a second printer connected to the host computer via a switching device provided in the first printer
Printing method and apparatus having multiple raster image processors
Discriminating a rule for processing data
Image processing apparatus and method that sets a printing mode based on image data to be printed
Power source unit and card-like memory medium
Compound secure optical identification method and means
Color correcting method and image reading apparatus
Drawing pixmap to vector conversion
Image processing apparatus
Data processing method and apparatus
Feed forward feed back multiple neural network with context driven recognition
X-ray CT apparatus
Apparatus and method for registration of images to physical space using a weighted combination of points and surfaces
Video image stabilization and registration
Method for analyzing the content of a video signal
Arithmetic coding and decoding methods and related systems
Method and apparatus for selecting image data to skip when encoding digital video
Apparatus and method of compressing still image at regular compression rate
Encoding and interleaving device and method for serial or hybrid turbocodes
Re-encoding decoded signals
Method and system for variable length decoding
Decoding apparatus and method
Video coder/decoder
Object-based digital image predictive coding transfer method and apparatus, and decoding apparatus
Time recorder equipped with radio wave clock
Currency evaluation and recording system
Two wire multiplex data acquisition system with remote unit mode controls
Magneto-optical recording and reproduction apparatus exhibiting suppressed vibration
Information recording/reproducing device
Disk drive comprising a motor driver IC employing a serial interface for initiating the transmission of real-time status data to a controller IC
Recording and/or reproducing device having compact drive means for actuating means for the actuation of holder means for a cassette
High density tape library system
Flexible disc apparatus having a mechanism for restricting the distance a recording medium is discharged therefrom
Reproduction apparatus of optical disk
Disk device having a detachable cover member
Disk device
Apparatus and method with a driving mechanism for opening a shutter of a cartridge
Disk changer device having a transport and a disk chucking mechanism seperately and selectively operated by a single driving source
Import/export element with screw-mounted bevel gear for rotation
Disk device having access to disk in different writing modes
Disc cartridge memory device having a substrate with magnetized pit trains and a substrate with same coefficient of thermal expanison as hub
Recording and reproducing apparatus having copy-protection function and method thereof
Clock recovery apparatus
Sync detection device for an optical disk player and method for detecting sync
Information recording medium which records information that pertains to integrity
ID-less format defect management for automatic track processing including translation of physical sector number into logical sector number
Head positioning system for a disk drive during a power down condition
Disc head slider having convergent channel features with leading edge inlet
Disc cartridge
Information recording method, information recording/reproducing apparatus, and information recording medium
Information recording apparatus and information recording method
Implementation of variable bit density recording in storage disc drives
Disk storage device
Information recording medium, method for recording information, and method for reproduction information
Generation of a fixed angular disk position index in a DASD using a sensorless spindle motor
Information recording medium which indicates information according to the wobbling of a track and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
Reproduction apparatus and method including prohibiting certain images from being output for reproduction
Recording medium having spare areas for defect management and method of allocating spare areas
Method and apparatus for dampening disk vibrations
Double interface external box for a computer
Disk drive module
Electronic apparatus
Disk drive having airflow suppressor comb with curved extension for reduced disk rotation induced airflow
Disk array system with internal environmental controls
Top cover for disk drive having stiffening features and gasket clearance enhancements
System for transcription and playback of sonic signals
Perpendicular recording head defining the trackwidth by material deposition thickness
Thin-film magnetic write head
Thin-film magnetic head including two stacked pole portion layers of equal widths, and method of manufacturing same
Disk drive with multiple actuators and reduced actuator interactions
Base plate for a suspension of a disk drive fixed to a load beam having a notch for reducing the size of a burr
Magnetic head supporting mechanism
Offset limiter for reducing potential of disk damage during unload sequence in load/unload disk drive
Magnetic disk device
Positioning control device, changeable magnetic disc device, and head control method
Method and apparatus for suppressing seek-induced vibration in a disc drive
Optical transmission method and optical transmitter with temperature compensation function
Method and apparatus for determining the provenance of a data carrying disc
Optical recording method
Tilt compensation method and apparatus therefor
Compound optical unit mounted on optical device
Track search control apparatus, track search control method, data recording apparatus, data reproduction apparatus and data recording medium
Servo control apparatus for optical disc player
Optical disc recording method and apparatus
CD-RW OPC algorithm to minimize statistical fluctuations in power level
Laser output control in optical disk recording/reproducing device
Optical information storage apparatus
Magnetic semiconductor memory apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
CPP spin-valve device
Sense amplifier configuration for a 1T/1C ferroelectric memory
Semiconductor memory device with reduced power consumption and with reduced test time
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Capacitorless DRAM gain cell
Single-port memory cell
Semiconductor device, method for refreshing the same, system memory, and electronics apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
System and method for power saving memory refresh for dynamic random access memory devices after an extended interval
Semiconductor device including a repetitive pattern
Low leakage current SRAM array
Single ended two-stage memory cell
CAM circuit with radiation resistance
Content addressable memory device with advanced precharge timing
Method and structure for efficient data verification operation for non-volatile memories
Synchronous flash memory command sequence
Non-volatile memory with temperature-compensated data read
Memory cell decoder not including a charge pump
Integrated semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit with memory redundancy circuit
Memory device testing
Injection mold gate concealment by integrating surface recess and cosmetic label attachment
Semiconductor device
Power down voltage control method and apparatus
Charge pump for a nonvolatile memory with read voltage regulation in the presence of address skew, and nonvolatile memory comprising such a charge pump
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with internal clock generating circuit
Dynamic column block selection
Semiconductor memory having mirroring function
Block arrangement for semiconductor memory apparatus
Multi-port memory that sequences port accesses
Medical uses of focused and imaged X-rays
Bilayer seed layer for spin valves
Implantable medical device having flat electrolytic capacitor with cathode/case electrical connections
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing same
Circuit breaker including positive temperature coefficient resistivity element and current limiting element
Plug-in GMT fuse block
Display device with plasma display panel
Monochromatic X-ray source
Thin rotating plate target for X-ray tube
Beam converter
Monitoring substrate processing with optical emission and polarized reflected radiation
Chip package with molded underfill
Bracket for CPU cooler
Electronic device assembly having thermal module for heat dissipation
Chip scale packaging on CTE matched printed wiring boards
Memory configuration with a central connection area
Packaged microelectronic die assemblies and methods of manufacture
Low-voltage triggered ESD protection circuit
Stack of multilayer modules with heat-focusing metal layer
Light extraction from LEDs with light pipes
Electronics apparatus with wall support structure
Universal serial bus docking station
Doped fiber amplifier utilizing integrated circulator array
Mode-locked laser stabilizing apparatus and method thereof
Solid-state laser and optical transmitter
Dual wavelength optical fiber laser
Fluorine laser device
Laser source with integral filtering of the amplified spontaneous emission
Line-narrowing module for high power laser
Method and apparatus for characterizing laser modules
Low power laser driver
Direct-coupled laser diode driver structures and methods
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser
Laser diode drive signal processor and method for driving laser diode
Laser driving apparatus, driving method thereof, and image-forming apparatus using it
Method and device for wavelength locking
Method and apparatus for polarizing light in a VCSEL
Ridge waveguide semiconductor laser diode
Spatially coherent surface-emitting, grating coupled quantum cascade laser with unstable resonance cavity
Stripe type semiconductor light emitting element having InGaN active layer, combined with optical resonator including wavelength selection element
Semiconductor laser device having InGaAs compressive-strain active layer, GaAsP tensile-strain barrier layers, and InGaP optical waveguide layers
Vertical cavity surface emitting laser array and a process for making same
Broadband gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier devices
Electronic signal filter with surge protection mechanism
Gas insulated switchgear
Ground loss detection for electrical appliances
Circuit breaker having programmable amplifier
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit
Transient voltage surge suppressor
Stored energy power system
Ferroresonance-suppressing static transfer switch
Power conversion circuit having improved zero voltage switching
System for obtaining phase-ground voltages from a broken delta VT voltage connection system
Control circuit for multiphase inverter apparatus
Apparatus and method for FM remodulation of envelope modulated data signals
Image rejection downconverter for a translation loop modulator
Integrated frequency translation and selectivity with a variety of filter embodiments
Method for converting the signal modulation of channels of an optical multiplex system to subcarrier frequencies
Method and apparatus for concurrent synchronization and improved automatic frequency control in a communication device
Generating an offset de-bruijn sequence using masks for a CDMA communication system
Decode circuit for code division multiple access receiver
Frequency detector
Bit-phase synchronized optical pulse stream local generator
Phase locked loop (PLL) with linear parallel sampling phase detector
Interconnection process and interface using parallelized high-speed serial links
Method for tuning a spread spectrum receiver
Pseudo noise code acquisition apparatus for direct sequence spread spectrum communications
Delay searcher and delay trackers interaction for new delays assignment to rake fingers
Optical fiber transmitter for long distance subcarrier multiplexed lightwave systems
Optical transmission system
Optical transmitter and optical transmitting apparatus using the same
Fiber optic system including digital controller for fiber optic tunable filter and associated methods
Controlling apparatus and controlling method for wavelength division multiplexing optical amplifier
Method and system for determining channel power in an optical communications network
Polarization mode dispersion compensation
Flexible optical network architecture
Methods and apparatus for improving echo suppression in bi-directional communications systems
CDMA communication system using an antenna array
Diversity receiver with joint signal processing
Wireless repeating apparatus
System-on-a-chip with variable clock rate
Method and apparatus for updating a timing offset in a communication device
Synchronous circuit of FM multiplex broadcasting receiver
Method of allocating orthogonal codes in a code division multiple access mobile radio system using codes of variable length
Device and method for transmitting information and device and method for receiving information
Optical wavelength add/drop multiplexer for dual signal transmission rates
Optical delay circuit having optical loop for repeatedly introducing delay time between input data and output data and method used therein
Telecommunications system
Control architecture using a multi-layer embedded signal status protocol
Audio monitoring using steganographic information
Methods for detecting alteration of audio
Method for coding in a telecommunications system
Method of generating space-time codes for generalized layered space-time architectures
Method for changing type-of-service in a data-over-cable system
Noise reduction techniques and apparatus for enhancing wireless data network telephony
Virtual LANs
Network switching architecture with multiple table synchronization, and forwarding of both IP and IPX packets
Network access device and telecommunications signaling
Cell based data transmission method
Band controller and its buffer overflow quenching method
System and method for receiver based allocation of network bandwidth
Method and apparatus for connection format conversion in a communications network
Method and apparatus for controlling the transmission of cells across a network
Data processing apparatus and network relaying apparatus
Method and system for stabilized random early detection using packet sampling
Multiplex transmission system and bandwidth control method
ATM switch and switching method capable of avoiding collision between cells
LAN frame copy decision for LAN switches
Calendar queue cache
Packet order assurance mechanism
Method of estimating call level traffic intensity based on channel link measurements
Packet scheduling methods and apparatus
Method and apparatus for leaky bucket based out-bound shaping in an ATM scheduler
Hybrid exchange, an exchange, and a re-arrangement method for STM data in an exchange
Subscriber network terminal of an access line network and method for operating a network connecting unit
Enhanced performance VoDSL
CMOS driver and on-chip termination for gigabaud speed data communication
Receiver and an adaptive equalizer method
Apparatus for reducing pattern jitter by using locally symmetry forcing wave generating unit and method using the same
Distinguishing between final coding of received signals in a PCM modem
Method and apparatus for modulating digital data
Joint frame, carrier and clock synchronization scheme
Phase estimation in carrier recovery of phase-modulated signals such as QAM signals
Virtual home agent service using software-replicated home agents
Automatic IP directory number masking and dynamic packet routing for IP phone surveillance
Universal premises distribution platform
Systems and methods for multiple voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Generation of informative MAC headers for analysis of ATM routed LAN frames
Communication path control device, communication path control method, and communication path control unit
Method for frequency division duplex communications
Synchronization techniques using an interpolation filter
Systems, methods and computer program products for reducing effective key length of ciphers using one-way cryptographic functions and an initial key
Limiting delays associated with the generation of encryption stream ciphers
Apparatus for operating double vector and encrypting system including the same
Sanitary phone cover
Method and telephone outlet for allowing telephone and data equipment to be connected to a telephone line via a common connector
Method and apparatus for quick startup in a half-duplex modem system
Distributed XDSL modem pool with front-end idle mode processing
MOS transistors substitute circuit having a transformer/data interface function, particularly for ISDN networks and corresponding control and driving switch configuration
Computer-based method and apparatus for controlling, monitoring, recording and reporting telephone access
System and method for caching ported number information
Receiving caller identification information with a telecommunications device for the deaf
Adaptable subscriber unit for interactive telephone applications
Automated call routing system
Rules-based queuing of calls to call-handling resources
Arrangement for managing notification preferences for notification delivery messages in an IP-based notification architecture
Image exposure apparatus
Butted sensor array with supplemental chip in abutment region
Automatic rotation of images for printing
Color gamut compression method and color gamut compression device
Color matching method, color matching apparatus and medium having a machine-readable product
Method and apparatus for geographically limiting service in a conditional access system
Electronic watermarking method, digital information distribution system using such method, and storage medium storing program of such method
Apparatus and method for employing M-ary pyramids with N-scale tiling
Video transmission system
Conversion of wavelet coded formats depending on input and output buffer capacities
Region-based information compaction as for digital images
Source coder and its coding method
Transcoding system using encoding history information
Image coding method and an image coding apparatus
Decoding apparatus based on pixel value motion vectors and shape signal motion vectors
Image decoder and image decoding method
Field frame motion design for digital video decoder
Telephone subscriber line module
Telecommunications protector panel for high frequency transmission
System and method for precise DTMF signal detection
Optical packet header processing apparatus for optical packet switch
Method of re-synchronizing a group of B channels in an ISDN network
Power supply unit and process for generating protective currents to protect metal lines against corrosion
Service brokering system for intelligent telecommunications network
Method of monitoring a subscriber of an intelligent network
Method and system for providing telecommunications services using mediated service logic
Broadband telecommunications system interface
Telecommunication resource allocation system and method
Method and system for providing calling name identification requery
SVC routing in network with static routing tables
Voice extensions in a call-in center employing virtual restructuring for computer telephony integrated functionality
Wideband wireless access local loop based on millimeter wave technology
Retaining a data communication while responding to a paging notification
Wireless multi-site networking using signaling and voice-over-IP
Handing off a wireless terminal in a wireless telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for control of soft handoff usage in radiocommunication
Data network computing device call processing
Method and apparatus for variable and fixed forward link rate control in a mobile radio communication system
Contact connections
Pipe microphone device
Miniature surface mounted directional microphone assembly
Multi actuator
Speaker system
Method for surface mounting of a microwave package on a printed circuit and package and printed circuit for implementing said method
Combination structure of electronic equipment
Rack-mounted server and associated methods
Modular system for electrical printed circuit boards with centering contacts on front elements and separate locating contacts, notably with contact blades in the rack assembly
Control panel assembly
Composite low flow impedance voltage guard for electronic assemblies
Corrosive resistant flip chip thermal management structure
Shield for shielding radio components
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