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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Solid formulation
Use of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine in the manufacture of pharmaceutical useful for preventing and treating sexual disorder
N-heteroarylnicotinamide derivatives
Lollipop stick and lollipop container
Quick cook dehydrated vegetables
Folding travel bag with cart
Kneeler seat
Chair back construction
Display device having dual purpose shelving
Method and apparatus for storing tools on a vertical surface in a building structure in a nested configuration that facilitates the insertion and removal of different shaped hand tools without contacting or damaging the building structure
Adjustable work surface support mechanism
Decorative lighting device
Electric coffee maker with pivoting water reservoir
Soap holding device
Articulation member for use in a surgical apparatus
Tissue bonding system and method for controlling a tissue site during anastomosis
Surgical measurement tool
Echogenic devices and methods of making and using such devices
Pants-type disposable wearing article
Permeabilizing reagents to increase drug delivery and a method of local delivery
Intervertebral spacer device having a multi-pronged domed spring
Formulations comprising lipid-regulating agents
Amide compounds and medicinal use thereof
Pyrazole derivatives and diabetic medicine containing them
Method and formulation for treating candidiasis using morinda citrifolia
Materials for soft tissue augmentation and methods of making and using same
Methods for preventing reovirus recognition for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
Anti-sepsis conjugate vaccine
Protective immunity or immunological tolerance induced with RNA particularly total cellular RNA
Light imaging contrast agents
Sunscreen composition
Oxime methyl ethers
Lightening compositions and methods of use
Hexameric complexes and their preparation
High dose solid unit oral pharmaceutical dosage form of amorphous nelfinavir mesylate and process for making same
Adhesively applied external nasal strips and dilators containing medications and fragrances
Perilaryngeal oral airway with multi-lumen esophogeal-obturator
Anesthetic delivery device
Dual-lumen peel-away sheath introducer
Pulsatile blood pumping system
Exerciser for the muscles of pelvic floor
Balanced stackable dumbbell system
Exercise device
Combined exercise/weight bench/lower cable station device
Compositions for golf balls
Golf club with replaceable heads
Golf bag throat structure
Reconfigurable ball bat and method
Ball game apparatus
Board game with movable neutral playing pieces
Gaming device having independent bonus reels
Vector toy
Interchangeable panel, modular display system
Performing Operations; Transporting
High capacity portable exchange single bed deionizer
Demulsification of emulsions by socillatory mixing
Device for bio-affinity material
Cyclone type dust collecting apparatus of vacuum cleaner
Methods for assembly and sorting of nanostructure-containing materials and related articles
Phosphate photocatalyst comprising metal ion in d.sup.10 or d.sup.0 electron state
Photocatalyst comprising titanium fluoride nitride for water decomposition with visible light irradiation
Biomolecular-based actuator
Production apparatus for a monolayer powder film on a base material in a shape of an elongated film
Photoresist supply apparatus and method of controlling the operation thereof
Method and structure for fabricating sensors with a sacrificial gel dome
Method of cleaning a cylinder of a printing press
Wet cleaning mobile workbench
Method and forming machine for deforming a hollow workpiece
Method for preparing engine block cylinder bore liners
Miter saw with wear plates and orientation system therefor
Method and device for cutting flat work pieces made of a brittle material
Multi-layer polymer-solder hybrid thermal interface material for integrated heat spreader and method of making same
Method of reforming reformable members of an electronic package and the resultant electronic package
Die level testing using machine grooved storage tray with vacuum channels
Grinding machine and grinding fluid supply-nozzle therefor
Method for manufacturing substrate
Method and apparatus for minimizing agglomerate particle size in a polishing fluid
Device for the precision working of planar surfaces
Extendable remote motored sander and method therefor
Pneumatic grinder with easily replacing grinding disc
Cutter for cutting and grinding optical lens in a single process
Torque reaction control jig
Pneumatically operated screw driver
Warpage control method and apparatus
Ignition device for igniting a foil cartridge in an explosion-operated power tool
Trigger valve apparatus for pneumatic tool
Powered tool
Apparatus and method for cutting and stripping covering layers from a filamentary core including both rotary and reciprocating cutting blades
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
EL insert molding
Compacting facility for bulk goods
Thermoplastic sheet forming apparatus and method
Method of forming mesoscopically structured material
Press molding apparatus
Packaging container for electronic part
Method of growing a MCrAlY-coating and an article coated with the MCrAlY-coating
Edge trimming tape and method of manufacture
Hook fastener and method of making
Non-halogen series floor material
Support material for recording layers
Rate-reducing membrane for release of an agent
Color registration control system for a printing press
Printer and paper feed controller
Inkjet image forming method and inkjet image forming system
Manufacturing method of liquid jet head
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid reservoir apparatus
Ink cartridge
Imaging member having a textured imaging surface and a phase change ink image producing machine having same
Recording apparatus and control method therefor
Ink jet recording sheet
Rear suspension system of an automotive vehicle
Sidewall construction and methods of making the same
Impact beam-integrated pelvic pusher
Error proof anti-chucking wedge assembly
Foldable tops for convertible vehicles
Seat device for vehicle
U-shaped locking anti-theft tool storage and support structure in vehicle
Low profile cart and automatic unloading system
Kick stand assembly for a baby stroller
Industrial vehicle
Motor operated power steering device
Keel joint centralizer
Brazed aluminum turbine for an automotive transmission and method thereof
Engine control apparatus
Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof
Device for inflating vehicle tires
Slip sheet
Cup and lid holder and dispenser
Caulking tube replacement tip
Flow control closure
Method of applying flowable material and container therefor
Container transport system and container for transport of an article
Method and device for aligning articles and means for detecting the position of the articles
Container drive-by transfer and system
Spring-action suction head
Edge seal for absorbent article and method for making
Alignment disk for document validator
Guiding devices of elevator
Integrated corner casting locking mechanism for shipping containers
Door attaching apparatus
Portable container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Synthesis of silicoaluminophosphates
Process for preparing water having an arsenic level of less than 10 PPB
Vacuum separation, transport and collection system for immiscible liquids
Filtering method of a colloidal solution
Methods and articles for maintaining hydantoinylated polymers in a biocidally active state
Process for removal and recovery of nutrients from digested manure or other organic wastes
Water ozonation and bioremediation system and associated methods
Substrate for information recording medium and magnetic recording medium composed of crystallized glass
Optical glass, glass material for press molding, optical element, and method of manufacturing same
Blue sodiocalcic glass
Oxalkylation products produced from epoxides and amines and their use in pigment preparations
Low dielectric constant fluorine and carbon-containing silicon oxide dielectric material characterized by improved resistance to oxidation
Graphite loaded silicon carbide and methods for making
Method of converting waste to soil/feed modifiers
Crystalline organic acid salt of amlodipine
Nonlinear optical compounds and methods for their preparation
Method of making electroluminescent phosphor using sonochemistry
Europium-activated barium magnesium aluminate phosphor
Alignment layer for a liquid crystal display device
Fabric softening compound
Fabric conditioning compositions
Rehydratable personal care compositions
Reduced odor toilet bar composition
Biological specimen-culturing system and method with onboard specimen development sensors
Microfluidic devices and uses thereof in biochemical processes
Radiation therapy by accumulation of therapeutic radionuclides in tumor-targeting bacteria
Materials and procedures for the purification of cells
Intermittent immersion vessel apparatus and process for plant propagation
Purification of adenovirus and AAV
Methods of identifying agents that mediate polypeptide aggregation
Method of detecting biological molecules, and labeling dye and labeling kit used for the same
Conductive oligomers attached to electrodes and nucleoside analogs
Process and agent for instabilizing viral quasi-species-distributions avoiding resistance phenomena
Chromosome structural abnormality localization with single copy probes
Extracellular serine protease
Iron-nickel alloy material for shadow mask with excellent suitability for etching
Brown gas mass production apparatus including a line style electrolytic cell
Convex profile anode for electroplating system
Method of forming a thin film transistor by utilizing a laser crystallization process
Method of growing single crystal Gallium Nitride on silicon substrate
Textiles; Paper
Fiber draw unit nozzles for use in polymer fiber production
Method of purifying nanotubes and nanofibers using electromagnetic radiation
Method for mass-producing carbon nanocoils
Wall mounted clothes hamper and sorter
Dyeing method of dyeing plastic lens and dyeing device
Fixed Constructions
Anti-vehicle security system
Front end loader, tractor, and method for attaching a front end loader
Portable motorcycle cover
Sliding door lock with single lock-release and door-opening motion
Drill bit having an improved seal and lubrication method using same
Borehole stabilization while drilling
Central circulation completion system
Compositions and methods for consolidating unconsolidated subterranean formations
Sealed connectors for automatic gun handling
Methods of treating subterranean zones using gelled aqueous treating fluids containing environmentally benign sequestering agents
Apparatus and method for simultaneously locating a fixed object and tracking a beacon
Method of coring crustal core sample, and antimicrobial polymeric gel and gel material used in the method
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of oil and gas wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Leakdown plunger
Method and device for regulating the temperature of a coolant of an internal combustion engine
Two-stroke engine
Onboard fuel separation apparatus for an automobile
Fuel injector for internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for controlling fuel injection in internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Self-igniting internal combustion engine
Self-venting filter element for a fuel filter arrangement
Engine fuel injection apparatus
Fuel injection system
Ignition coil for use in engine and engine having plastic cylinder head cover
Closed loop MBT timing control using ionization feedback
High-efficiency, large angle, variable displacement hydraulic pump/motor
Forced air warming unit
Fuel pumping unit, with a plurality of commutator brush assemblies with engaging members for restricting brush movement toward the pump motor section
Cylinder assembly for compressors, compressor with the cylinder assembly, and apparatus having refrigerant circulation circuit including the compressor
Shaped valve seats in displacement compressors
Low pressure fan with Y-shaped blades
Valve, especially proportional solenoid valve
Actuator provided with locking mechanism
Full-round, offset-head nail
Finish screw fastener
Anti-strip-out fastener
Electronic parking brake actuating assembly
System and method for improving cooling in a friction facing environment
Friction material having oil localization slots
Clutch pedal designed to equip a motor vehicle
Electro-mechanical transmission systems
Top pull type front derailleur
Continuously variable transmission
Flow control valve and flow control valve apparatus using the same
Sub-atmospheric gas delivery method and apparatus
Control apparatus and method of electromagnetic valve
Joint for piping
Pipe joint and method of producing a pipe joint
LCD monitor stand
Internal cross over valve
Small portable flashlight
Flashlight with wave spring electrical connection
Luminaire with an external starter
Decorative luminaires
Light guiding apparatus for an illumination system
Light guide plate with diffusing protrusions
Illumination device for a color liquid crystal display
Planar surface illuminator
Collapsible grill and stand
Low noise level HVAC system having displacement with induction
Organic matrices containing nanomaterials to enhance bulk thermal conductivity
Heat dissipation device
Round plate heat exchanger with improved heat exchange properties
Projectile for delivery of a tranquilliser
Method of fabricating inkjet nozzle
Fluidic demand apparatus and MEMS flow sensor for use therein
Half tone alternating phase shift masks
Dynamic pressure generator
Testing device for testing a drainage system for leaks
Flow cell method
Method for localized staining of an intact corneal tissue surface
Method and device for determination of the wear resistance of a surface
Device and method for determining the moisture in gases
Multi-array, multi-specific electrochemiluminescence testing
Positioning of organic and inorganic objects by electrophoretic forces, including for microlens alignment
Data storage testing apparatus for delivering linear or rotational acceleration
High throughput preparation and analysis of plastically shaped material samples
Food quality indicator device
Multiphoton curing to provide encapsulated optical elements
Method and apparatus for splicing optical fibres
Laser diode module and its manufacture method
Subsystem of producing dye base body used for dyeing of spectacle lenses and a spectacle lens dyeing system including the dye base body producing subsystem
Device for controlling projection lens shift in a projector
Chelation cleaning process for repairing photomasks
Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material having a thiiranyl group
Solids surface-modified with amino groups
Carrier compositions
Electronic parking meter system
Methods and apparatuses for purchasing telephone calling card minutes using an electronic commerce kiosk and for conducting other forms of electronic commerce
POS system, network system, method of generating printing data for POS system, and method of managing sales and advertisement information in network system
Method relating to a vehicle parking cash-payment system
Wireless payment processing system
High sensitivity reader for passive transponders
Electronic identification label and interrogator for use therewith
Adaptable coin mechanism
Methods and systems for detecting coin fraud in coin-counting machines and other devices
Method for developing answer-options to issue-questions relating to personal finance and investment
Use of sulphonic and phosphonic acids as dopants of conductive polyaniline films and conductive composite material based on polyaniline
Display panel having a color filter and a protective layer of heat melted material and method of manufacturing the display panel
Method of manufacturing a drive circuit of active matrix device
Methods of processing of gallium nitride
Fabrication of silicon-on-nothing (SON) MOSFET fabrication using selective etching of Si.sub.1-xGe.sub.x layer
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for forming a layer using a purging gas in a semiconductor process
Self-aligned collar and strap formation for semiconductor devices
Method of forming silicided gate structure
Use of amorphous carbon for gate patterning
Varied trench depth for thyristor isolation
Method for fabricating a semiconductor memory having charge trapping memory cells and semiconductor substrate
Bimetallic oxide compositions for gate dielectrics
Method of manufacturing flash memory device
Method of manufacturing a flash memory cell capable of increasing a coupling ratio
Multi-level gate SONOS flash memory device with high voltage oxide and method for the fabrication thereof
Method of forming floating-gate memory cell having trench structure with ballistic-charge injector, and the array of memory cells made thereby
Implanting carbon to form P-type drain extensions
Double gate field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Method of making a semiconductor chip assembly with an embedded metal particle
Bond pad scheme for Cu process
Method for stress reduction in flip chip bump during flip chip mounting and underfill process steps of making a microelectronic assembly
Method for reducing anti-reflective coating layer removal during removal of photoresist
Method of manufacturing an enhanced thermal dissipation integrated circuit package
Die encapsulation using a porous carrier
Selectable open circuit and anti-fuse element, and fabrication method therefor
Gate-contact structure and method for forming the same
Method of forming a shallow trench-deep trench isolation region for a BiCMOS/CMOS technology
Methods for forming vertical gate transistors providing improved isolation and alignment of vertical gate contacts
Method of fabricating a ferromagnetic memory device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Super self-aligned collector device for mono-and hetero bipolar junction transistors and method of making same
Molecular ruler for scaling down nanostructures
Separator for fuel cell
Battery cooling system
Regenerative bipolar fuel cell
Method for solid oxide fuel cell anode preparation
Probe card for testing semiconductor device
System for making high-speed connections to board-mounted modules
Tension spring clip comprising symmetrical tension springs
Power connector with an adjustable opening
Electrical connector
Electronic apparatus, and function expanding unit that expands functions of the electronic apparatus
Socket cover with recessed center and method
Testing assembly and method for identifying network circuits
Electrical contact and connector and method of manufacture
Grounding methods and apparatus for connector assemblies
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Garden auger having wings and cutters
Lower steering arm assembly for an attaching device of a tractor
Upper hitch link
Device and method for loosening a block of compressed loose material, in particular, potting compost
Irrigation controller
Apparatus and method for recognizing and determining the position of a part of an animal
Household animal waste collection sheet
Filter top for rodent cage
Cat excrement system
Apparatus and method for encapsulating an animal's head
Pet bowl with insect repellent
Automatic dry pet food dispenser
Spinning reel with tension roller for preventing fishing line twist
Method of making textile articles impregnated with predetermined levels of antibacterial activity
Liquid jet cutter for cutting a rolled dough product
Pizza docking device
Machine for forming cones
Apparatus for handling dough pieces
Method for treatment of tobacco fine cut
Conveyor system for rod-like articles
Ashtray assembly adapted to be fixedly mounted to a wall of a building
Tubular knit and shaped ear-covering band and method for its manufacture
Slide fastener slider and mold for die-casting the same
Umbrella having ears
Security purse
Carrying case for communication devices
Upright standing duffle bag
Fabric nail application having water activated polyurethane resin
Compact with inserted decorated mirror
Flip clip hair styling apparatus and methods
Article for oral care
Slotted divider arrangement
Adjustable support apparatus
Variable mass platform
Closet shelving system
Flexible partition panel arrangement
Bracket assembly
Hand-size container holder
Detachable beverage holder
Shelf tray system
System and method for product display, arrangement and rotation
Display case security cover
Expandable depth tray
Blank construction and card stand
Supporting device
Clothes hanger pad
Mounting structure for neckties
Flexible bag in the box container for liquids
Automatic coffee maker with grinder
Hot plate for cups and related items
Coffeemaker with automated interlocks
Grease tank and grease inlet for storing and securing used cooking grease
Draining device for canned goods
Apparatus for supporting utensils
System for making a floor cleaning liquid available in a convenient manner
Strength evaluation isometric testing system
Disposable x-shaped flosser
Multiple conveyor assembly and method for rotating and placing a strip of material on a substrate
Condom storing box
Immobilization backboard and blank for forming a backboard
Method of organogenesis and tissue regeneration/repair using surgical techniques
Coarse spray delivery of functional biologic material
Method and apparatus for the addition of sterile liquid to an aseptic system
Apparatus and method for non-invasively measuring cardiac output
Gas supplying and substance suctioning relative to a patients trachea
Respiratory suction catheter apparatus
Techniques for controlling abnormal involuntary movements by brain stimulation and drug infusion
Safety line anchorage methods and apparatus
Water containment and drainage device for an activated sprinkler head
Water treating device for attachment directly to a hydrant outlet
Mechanism of a golf bag stand
Head cover for golf clubs
Roof mounted golf bag canopy
Golf cart with a desk system
Card game for the simulation of a sports game
Movie quote trivia game
Roulette of improved type and new gambling game providing for the use of said improved roulette
Modularized amusement ride and training simulation device
Simulated dragster ride
Gyroscope for remote-controlled helicopters
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for filtering fluids containing impurities
Rotary separator apparatus and method
Filtering material and process for the production thereof, and adsorption filter produced from said filtering material
Water filtration apparatus
Closed oil liquid ring gas compression system with a suction injection port
Vapor containment and recovery system on a general parts washer apparatus
Purge process for sequential plural component mixing system
High speed mass transfer tray
Device for mixing and aerating liquids
Comminuting machine
Stonecrusher with externally adjustable anvil ring
Apparatus and methods for pulverizing materials into small particles
Ring-roller crusher
Feeding element for fibrous material
Fuels blending system
Process and floatation device for the removal of interfering materials from an aqueous fiber pulp suspension
In-line basket filter and anti-siphon valve assembly for spray spout and the like
Sub-surface sprinkler with surface accessible valve actuator components
Fluid dispenser with child-resistant nozzle assembly
Device for dispensing liquid, fluid or pasty products
Glass or ceramic bottle comprising an attached element
Thrust piston pump with double valve assembly
Discharge apparatus with organic component active against microorganisms
Dip tube filter for manually actuated dispenser
Electrostatic spray module
Pulsing electrostatic atomizer
Device for monitoring the transport process of flat despatches
Sorting system for groups of items having recirculation
Electronic device handling system and method
Two-directional reject and make-up conveyor system
Semiconductor workpiece cleaning method and apparatus
Self-contained cleaning system
Piping cleaning device
Tube cleaning article and apparatus and method for use with a tube in a well
Control apparatus and method for a hot rolling mill
Rolling method using rolling guide
Outer-turn trimmer for wire coils on hook conveyor
Method of manufacturing belt-driven tape cartridge
Hybrid matched tool-hydraulic forming methods
Band-blade cutting tool and band-blade working apparatus
Apparatus for bending operations
Device for adapting the size of a machine tool jaw
Flow forming method and device
Hair sculptured jewelry piece and its method of manufacture
Tundish equipped with a tube changer and plate for the tube changer
Device for guiding a bar fed in a lathe spindle
Vibration attenuator
Chamfer forming head for paper roll
Oscillating assembly for pivoting a blanking die
Quick disconnect for a motor driven slitting knife
Reworking of a ball grid array module
Method of fabricating an electronic circuit device and apparatus for performing the method
Apparatus and method of clamping semiconductor devices using sliding finger supports
Friction welded fastener process
FSW tool design for thick weld joints
Friction agitation jointing method of metal workpieces
Process for the aluminothermic welding of rails with alloying of the weld metal in the rail head region
Solder ball delivery and reflow apparatus and method of using the same
Method of manufacturing perforating tools
Linear guide
Process and device for manufacturing workpieces with non-circular inner or outer contours as well as eccentrically positioned round boreholes and/or journals
Clamping/shaping device
Gripper means for stretcher leveler apparatus
Self adjusting tool
Shaft wrench
Ratchet mechanism for tool
Reversible impact mechanism with structure limiting hammer travel
Engine oil filter socket wrench with built-in spillage cup
Pliers with force augmentation and self-adjustment capability
Vice-grip pliers
Stapler having a belt guiding mechanism
Rotary hammer
Sound and dust proof breaker
Nonrecoil hammer
Air lift device
Radial log clamp
Assembly for modifying a sheet material web
Form for stepped-bottom basket
System and method for controlling concrete production
Method for improving wear resistance of abrasive tools
Female mold substrate having a heat flowable layer, method to make the same, and method to make a microprobe tip using the female substrate
High speed article retrieval system
Biaxially stretched bottle having carrying handle
Flow nozzle for injection molding
Apparatus for removing a polarizer of a liquid crystal display
Method for producing fabric covered panels
Flatbed lamination machine
Vacuum laminating apparatus and method
Motor driven seal device
Apparatus for performing actuations or operations in a printing press
Impression setting mechanism for a printing unit
Wet printing press with throw-off mechanism
Magnet bar
Printing machine and method of operating a printing machine
Multicolor printing apparatus with horizontally rotatable discharge station
Stencil printer
Sheet distribution device
Portable mechanical device for sealing material treated with pressure sensitive glue
Tire removal machine
Mobile launch support adapted for use with the receiver tube of a trailer hitch
Shock absorbing leg with top steering attachment
Pneumatic suspension system
Combined assembly for a power steering pump and a viscous heater
Structural tube for a motor vehicle unibody
Liquefied petroleum gas tank assembly for vehicle
Tank for a motor vehicle, and flange for such a tank
Meter mounting structure and meter mounting method
Railroad car pick-up shoe
Holder for a drinks container
Removable block for immobilizing a vehicle wheel on a perforated carrying structure
Housing for a vehicle jacking device
Adjustable accessory mount
Electric vehicle structure
Sensor mounting
Ignition device for tripping a passenger restraint device in a motor vehicle
Linear drive for a belt tensioner
Antitheft interrupt system for vehicle solenoid circuit
Vertically adjustable means for securing a golf bag to a horizontal support
Wide angle, atomizing-type of cleaning device for windshield of car
Clutch for pivoting workpiece support
Power brake for motor vehicles
Diaphragm piston valve
Graduated release valve
Coach body of railway vehicle
Locking mechanism for a hinged railroad hopper car door
Side frame-bolster interface for railcar truck assembly
Steering device with measuring sensor
Power steering apparatus
Power steering apparatus
Feedback system for a servo valve system
Follower industrial truck with handle lever
Variable displacement hydrostatic drive for tractors
Bat, ball and glove caddy for a bicycle
Grip for a bicycle shift control device
Electrically powered scooter
Bicycle control device having a rotatable dial
Exhaust control system for snowmobile engine
Axle and bearing arrangement for a bicycle pedal
Light weight bicycle pedal
Bicycle crank and method for manufacturing same
Spar platform with spaced buoyancy
Control tab assisted lift reducing system for underwater hydrofoil surface
Marine raw water manifold
Floating object stabilization and restraining system
Torsion spring torque arm yoke mooring system
System for anchoring ships
Seat lock device
Safety external air bag system for a variety of conveyances
Underwater breathing apparatus
Multiple distributor for low-pressure uses
Insensitive munition booster seal
Support bracket
Sailboat rudder having a monocoque structure
Boat drain plug with cable tether
Tethered balloon
Mobile fan for hot air balloons
Window unit for aircraft cabins
Method and apparatus for controlling force fights in a rotating shaft
Wing movement for ornithopters and apparatus of the like
Single surface independent aircraft control
Augmented wing tip drag flap
Aircraft lavatory fluid leakage prevention system, or anti-blue icing system
Aircraft seat apparatus
Redundant ice management system for aircraft
Opening device common to two adjacent aircraft engine nacelle covers
Propulsion system for earth to orbit vehicle
Attitude determination system for artificial satellite
Synchronized autonomous docking system
Adaptively positioned solar array
Deployable spacecraft lander leg system and method
Reusable, separable, structural connector assembly
Passive drawback valve for condiment dispensing
Vessel aperture adapter
Method and apparatus for discharging bags
Label dispensing device
Envelope with a designated return envelope portion
Packaging of oil-coated cutting tools
Closure arrangement for a container with clamping projections and interfitting slanted grooves
Closure assembly for pressurized containers
Rag bucket
Clamshell package including both permanent and resealable fastening structure
Tiered pack
Expandable envelope construction
Container with integral reinforcing flange
Tubular container having an outer sleeve and an inner storage bag
Pre-lined carton with dispensing spout
Tamper-evident fastening assembly
Fully enclosed carton with diamond corner panels
Modular pallet cap
Molded product display system
Package, method for the manufacture thereof and coupling therefor
Beverage container
Pressurized device
Depressable cap of a bottle for ejecting contents
Disc package with retainment section
Variable height container for vessel
Subterranean fluid containment tank
Sanitary conveyor apparatus
Conveyor mat and conveying apparatus
Connecting device for transport chains
Automated array sorter for conveyors
Method and apparatus for separating and bringing together series of container bodies
Conveyor shaft support assembly
Transport system
Belt cleaner
Small article vending system
Transfer apparatus of chip components
Method and device for conveying products with a particular spacing
Sheet turnover mechanism
Sealing strip separation film retriever and method
Apparatus for opening paper bobbins
Method and apparatus for controlling an auto compensation pick mechanism to reduce the occurence of multi-feeds
Automatic sheet feeder of a printing machine
Multi-functional sheet feeding apparatus
Receiving tray insert
Service walkway for sheet-stacking apparatus
Sheet carrying apparatus
Paper tamping mechanism
Job separation process, system and method for distributing print jobs
Device for dispensing an adhesive tape roll
Tape cartridge for coat film transfer tool and coat film transfer tool
Printer mailboxing system with automatic variable capacity bins
Reset method and reset device in unusual operation of sheet processing device
Method and device for twisting at least two running for a loom selvage forming device
Elevator car operating panel
Elevator governor checking and adjusting method
Control method and apparatus to detect the presence of a first object and monitor a relative position of the first or subsequent objects such as container identification and product fill control
Fluid flow system and method with selective flow rate measurement
Single meter blending fuel dispensing system
Collapsible gas lever lock
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods of cementing subterranean zones
Furnace material, heat resisting protection tube and protective member using the same sintered material
Pyrotechnical charge for detonators
Heat storage medium
High temperature hydraulic fracturing fluid
Semiconductor processing equipment having radiant heated ceramic liner
Method to provide a smooth paintable surface after aluminum joining
Textiles; Paper
Multi-layer papermaking fabric having long weft floats on its support and machine surfaces
Feed gripper for gripper loom with a tubular housing
Method and apparatus for recycling selvage warp yarns
Braided tubular article
Sewing machine having a display
Adapter plate for embroidering machine and method of embroidering
Recessed vane dual action agitator
Wash plate for a clothes washer
Device for housing detergents and/or other washing agents which can be used in a washing machine, preferably in a machine for washing laundry
Collapsible hamper
Warped-reinforced woven fabric
Heatable and/or coolable cylinder
Calender for a web, in particular a paper web, process for forming the calender, and process for treating the web with the calender
Fixed Constructions
Device and method for applying night-visible road markings
Bridge platform
Support structure for suspending a work surface below a girder
Barrier device for preventing passage
Sanitary refuse and animal dung collection valet
Elastomeric fender
Water delivery system with multiple head capability
Flush relief valve having improved vacuum breaker
Tent pole clip
Locking device
Cable lock assembly
Dual key port accessible intelligent gate lock
Computer slot security adaptor
Sectional door with roller shield apparatus
Swing door and roll-up door with plural door facade
Display and storage system
Venetian type blind having segmented pivoting tilting slat
Sunshade of the type of a venetian blind
Jet bit with variable orifice nozzle
Inclined leg earth-boring bit
Air jet earth-boring bit with non-offset cutters
Superhard material enhanced inserts for earth-boring bits
Superabrasive cutting elements and drill bit so equipped
Flexible sinker bar assemblies
Pipe gripping device
Anti-torque tool
Process and apparatus for coupled electromagnetic and acoustic stimulation of crude oil reservoirs using pulsed power electrohydraulic and electromagnetic discharge
Slimbore subsea completion system and method
Well isolation system
Christmas tree
Apparatus and method for controlling fluid flow in a wellbore
Flapper valve with biasing flapper closure assembly
Fire activated, fail safe, gate valve bonnet
Compact well clean up tool with multifunction cleaning apparatus
Method to reduce water saturation in near-well region
Well screen having an internal alternate flowpath
Methods and apparatus for detecting torsional vibration in a bottomhole assembly
Method and apparatus for providing a magnetic direction reference
Groundwater flow measuring system
Drill pipe guiding apparatus for a horizontal boring machine method
Drilling system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piston-crank mechanism
Internal combustion engine
Rocker arm for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Valvegear for engines of reciprocating piston type
Operator carried power tool having a four-cycle engine and engine lubrication method
Structure for changing old engine oil in transmission case by automatic circulation mechanism
Blow-by gas ventilation system for engine
Structure for lubricating cam shaft in multi-cylinder engine
Control of supercharged internal combustion engine
Engine cooling apparatus and method
Internal combustion engine having combustion heater
Engine control strategy and system
V-type internal combustion engine with a mechanically driven supercharger
Air intake conduit fuel metering device
Control system of combustion heater for internal combustion engine
Fuel line arrangement for LPG system, and method
Pressure equalization system for a fuel tank of an internal combustion engine
System for cleaning of intake air
Fuel regulation apparatus and fuel injection apparatus of engine for model
Insulator shield for spark plug
Engine glow plug systems and methods
Gasoline internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas recirculation control system for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control system for cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Auto-calibration method for a wide range exhaust gas oxygen sensor
Apparatus for controlling internal combustion engine equipped with evaporative emission control system
Fuel-injection system for engine and process for defining the beginning of pressure drop in common rail
Air pipe line distribution system
Position driven hot gas proportional thruster valve
Mounting device for exhaust gas re-circulation valve
Diagnosis for evaporative emission control system
Plunger-activated unit injector for internal combustion engines
Mechanically-enabled hydraulically-actuated electronically-controlled fuel injection system
Suction controlled pump for HEUI systems
Valve with self-centering, self-sealing seat component
Fuel supply system for internal combustion engines having fuel leakage restricting structure
Fuel injector assembly having a combined initial injection and a peak injection pressure regulator
Impact feature for an armature in a fuel injector
Engine fuel rail and method of fabricating same
Fuel injected outboard motor
Ignition system for an internal combustion engine
Actuator valve for pressure switch for a fluidic system
Unitized spherical profile check valve with replaceable sealing element
Temperature regulated hot water recirculation system
Pressure/flow rate control valve
Manifold-type flow detector assembly
High gain fluid control valve assembly
Clutch mechanism for motor vehicle comprising an improved wear take-up device for friction linings
Motorcycle clutch system
Automatic transmission with dual gain multi-disk friction device
Single-fluid apparatus for supplying vehicle power and lubrication fluid requirements and a system and method for fluid distribution and delivery
Rack and pinion having an end stop and an overload protector
Modular drive system
Transmission housing with integral pump assembly
Transmission system electrical connector monitoring system
Automatically operated transmission and controlling method therefor
Independent motor control for X-Y shifter
High pressure rotary shaft sealing mechanism
Resilient seal and method of using a resilient seal
Faucet mixing valve housing with check valves and filter
Spring-loaded safety valve
Tapping sleeve with a mechanical joint adaptor
Valve and actuator in combination
Widely variable conductance valve
Pressurized fluid apparatus
Method for pulling a valve seat
Undersea hydraulic coupling with internal guard for flow port
Hose storage and drainage apparatus
Electrical cord and cable gripper
Abrasion resistant hose
Lagged pipe for transporting fluids
Reinforced pipe and method of making
Pivot base for a computer monitor
Fluid diverting assembly
Pressure container
Hood cover insert
Molten metal reactor and treatment method for treating gaseous materials and materials which include volatile components
Method and apparatus for adjusting airflow in draft inducer
Fireplace fire starting device
Air delivery means for convection oven or cooling apparatus
Method for heating a liquid and a device for accomplishing the same
Radiant heater system
Steam distribution device and method
Atmospheric liquid heater
Cooling apparatus by boiling and cooling refrigerant
Multifunctional capillary system for loop heat pipe statement of government interest
Finned heat exchanger
Load based control system for active leakage control in air preheater
Laminated heat exchanger
Retaining device, especially for the rear igniter of a missile
Recoil attenuator
Device to regulate the counter-recoil rate artillery cannon according to the temperature
Gas holding chamber for air-powered paintball guns
Vaporizer and aerosol generator
Universal warhead adapter, and missile and method incorporating same
Lightweight warhead assembly
Select trigger and detonation system using an optical fiber
Mounting block for a proximity probe used for measuring axial movement of a rotor
Apparatus and method for rapid strain measurement
Glide head with low sensitivity
Vibrators, vibratory gyroscopes, devices for measuring a linear acceleration and a method of measuring a turning angular rate
Semiconductor mechanical sensor and method of manufacture
High precision flow meter for measuring a gaseous volume flow in a pipe
System and method for employing an imaginary difference signal component to compensate for boundary condition effects on a Coriolis mass flow meter
Dosing and measuring device for flowing media
System for measuring capacitance
Method and apparatus for calibrating gas samplers
Vibration wave detecting method and vibration wave detector
Methods of pressure measurement
Device for measuring torque in a rotating shaft
Pressure sensor assembly with direct backside sensing
Surface durability roll tester
Remote portable display unit and engine analyzing system incorporating same
Radiotracer method for measuring leakage of engine coolant
Gas module orifice automated test fixture
Multiple microphone photoacoustic leak detection and localization system and method
Method and apparatus for determining the viscosity of a fluid in a container
Method for testing photoinduced domain switching of ferroelectric ceramics using acoustic emission
Dynamic noninvasive detection of analytical container feature using ultrasound
Integrated valve design for gas chromatograph
Method and apparatus for measuring volatile content
Acceleration sensor and process for the production thereof
Acceleration sensor
Flexible mount for a mechanism
Sleeving material system for photographic negatives
Valve providing pressure differential proportional to downstream pressure
Joystick centering device supporting multiple compound torque profiles
Glass bulb for a cathode ray tube and a method for producing a cathode ray tube
Optical path folding apparatus for optical scanner
Electronically-controlled mechanically-damped off-resonant light beam scanning mechanism and code symbol readers employing the same
Cardless payment system
Secure smart card access to pre-paid metering funds in meter
Automated transaction machine note storage and delivery mechanism
Dual coil coin identifier
Medical container and system
Data storage cassette and data recording and reproducing device
Take-up control device for loaded tape casette in information recording/reproducing apparatus
Tape threading apparatus
Adhesive sticker labeling system for use in identifying ownership of compact disks
Quick-release mechanism for hard disk drive
Audio-visual box
Individual CD file
RF powered plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition reactor and methods
Method and an apparatus for the wet treatment of a semiconductor wafer
System for applying a rotary force to strips of varying widths
Uniformity improvement of high aspect ratio contact by stop layer
Component carrier tray for high-temperature applications
Heat sink and information processor using heat sink
Wire curvature correcting device in pressure connection of wire
Electrical connector crimping die with over-crimp prevention surface and method
Method and implement for installation of spiral hangers for a cable
Electrical receptacle with a stake assembly
Rough-in mounting bracket for CEBUS tap point unit
Wire protecting structure
Device and process for charging of rechargeable batteries of implants
Image viewing apparatus
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