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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Bacillus thuringiensis gene with lepidopteran activity
Atopic dermatitis inducer
Indole derivatives as histamine 3 receptor inhibitors for the treatment of cognitive and sleep disorders, obesity and other CNS disorders
Methods and compositions for increasing the anaerobic working capacity in tissues
5-phenylthiazole derivatives and use as PI3 kinase inhibitors
Chemical compounds
Benzisoxazole piperidine compounds and methods of use thereof
Organic compounds
Crystalline forms of MC4R agonist and process for synthesis
6-(pyridinyl)-4-pyrimidone derivates as tau protein kinase 1 inhibitors
5,6-dihydro-1H-pyridin-2-one compounds
Substituted pyrazole and triazole compounds as KSP inhibitors
Method of lowering Glycaemic Index of foods
Treatment of disease by inducing cell apoptosis
Porphyromonas gingivalis polypeptides and nucleotides
Oral delivery of modified transferrin fusion proteins
Immunostimulatory nucleic acid molecules
Methods of gene therapy using nucleic acid sequences for ATP-binding cassette transporter
Polymerizable composition, cured object obtained therefrom, and composite material
Method for separation of constituents from matrices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pathogen-resistant fabrics
DC arc plasmatron and method of using the same
Electrophoretic medium with gaseous suspending fluid
Magnetic arc welding method for workpieces with open cross-sections
Silica-based coating composition and its use for coating cement-bonded objects
Method of preparing polymer modified pigments
Image forming apparatus having first and second frames and a connecting member coupled thereto for facilitating multiple stages of movement
Apparatus and method for detecting decrease in tire air pressure and program for detecting decrease in tire air pressure
Wireless communications devices
Vehicle controler for straddle type vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Molding compound for producing a fireproof lining
Polycationic compounds and uses thereof
Method for purifying fermentation alcohol
Multistage continuous process for the hydroformylation of higher olefins or olefin mixtures
Processes for intermediates for macrocyclic compounds
UV excitable fluorescent energy transfer dyes
Process of producing bleach boosters
Process for the purification of 1,4-butanediol
Cyclic guanidine ionic liquid
1-substituted-4-nitroimidazole compound and method for preparing the same
Long wavelength thiol-reactive fluorophores
Metal complexes
Fluoroalkyl phosphate compositions
Flame retardant compositions with a phosphorated compound
RNA complexes featuring paranemic binding, methods of their production and sensors and analytical methods involving same
Modified amylases, nucleic acids encoding those amylases and uses thereof
Natural polypeptides for oral health care
Cancerous disease modifying antibodies
Comb polymers
Polyester anhydride-based biopolymers
Resin composition for printing plate
Method for high density data storage and imaging
Organic thin film transistor
Aqueous absorptive polymer-containing resin composition-producing method, aqueous absorptive polymer-containing resin composition, and porous substance-producing method using same and porous substance, insulated electric cable-producing method, insulated electric cable and coaxial cable
Sealing film for solar cell and solar cell obtained by use of the sealing film
Ink composition and inkjet recording method using the same
Stabilized propyl bromide compositions
Methods for enhancing expression of secondary cell wall cellulose synthases in plants
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Portable turbine systems
Ocean wave energy extractor
Wave and wind power generation
Sun-tracking controller for multiple solar collectors
Detection of hidden objects by terahertz heterodyne laser imaging
Waveform information acquisition apparatus and waveform information acquisition method
Leak detection and control system and method
Apparatus for detecting a fault in the balancing unit
Capacitive sensor core with flexible hinge and sensor using the same
Probe card assembly with carbon nanotube probes having a spring mechanism therein
Electromagnetic field measuring apparatus and method therefor
Template updated boost algorithm
Globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment
Mask for coded aperture systems
Wired tool string component
Bore tube assembly
Drill bit with an electrically isolated transmitter
Determining formation parameters using electromagnetic coupling components
Hysteretic inductive switching regulator with power supply compensation
Multi-cell voltage regulator
Optical vector matrix multipliers
Combination thumb keyboard and mouse
Electronic device and method for operating application programs in the same
Compact universal keyboard
One-touch rotation of virtual objects in virtual workspace
Contact-sensing device, mobile information terminal, and capacitance calibration program and method
Liquid crystal display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Switched-capacitor decimator
Sensor light
Tracking objects crossing a border line between two zones
Entry detecting system
Apparatus and program for controlling traffic signal in road construction section
Image pixel transformation
Active matrix liquid crystal image generator
OCB liquid crystal display with active matrix and supplemental capacitors and driving method for the same
Computer graphics rendering apparatus and method
Non-mouse devices that function via mouse-like messages
Automatic playing and recording apparatus for acoustic/electric guitar
Electromagnetic field pickup for musical instruments
Push-button testing system
Vanadium oxide thermal microprobes
Planar inductor
Motor operator for switchgear for mains power distribution systems
Insulating nozzle, comprising a first material and a second material
Display device and method for manufacturing the same
Phosphor and light emitting device using the phosphor
Neutral/ion reactor in adiabatic supersonic gas flow for ion mobility time-of-flight mass spectrometry
High-pressure discharge lamp having a starting aid
Electrode device and apparatus for generating plasma
OTFT and MIM capacitor using silk protein as dielectric material and methods for manufacturing the same
Chemical mechanical polish process control for improvement in within-wafer thickness uniformity
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Hidden plating traces
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Inducing strain in the channels of metal gate transistors
Wiring substrate with reinforcement
Portable electronic device
Light emitting device having a plurality of light emitting cells connected in series and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Method of forming a metal silicide layer, devices incorporating metal silicide layers and design structures for the devices
Materials, structures and methods for microelectronic packaging
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Image sensor and image reading apparatus
Image sensor
Light-emitting diode package having electrostatic discharge protection function and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor integrated device and manufacturing method for the same
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Amorphous oxide semiconductor and thin film transistor using the same
Semiconductor sensor
Double quantum well structures for transistors
High-voltage transistor and method for its manufacture
Ferroelectric polymer memory module
Integrated circuit device, manufacturing method thereof, and display device
Semiconductor device
Photovoltaic cell comprising a thin lamina having low base resistivity and method of making
Method for manufacturing single-crystal silicon solar cell and single-crystal silicon solar cell
Single P-N junction tandem photovoltaic device
Optoelectronic sensor and device for 3D distance measurement
Solid state light sheet and bare die semiconductor circuits with series connected bare die circuit elements
Gallium nitride light emitting devices on diamond
Semiconductor light emitting device and semiconductor light emitting device mounted board
Semiconductor chip assembly with post/base heat spreader and plated through-hole
Thermoelectric transducer
Template for three-dimensional thin-film solar cell manufacturing and methods of use
Integrated thermoelectric cooling devices and methods for fabricating same
Piezoelectric stack and method for producing a piezoelectric stack
Electric generating unit as substitute for vehicle battery
Piezoelectric ceramic compositions and piezoelectric elements
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Semiconductor, semiconductor device, complementary transistor circuit device
Organic electroluminescent display device
Method for measuring a temperature in an electronic device having a battery and a memory device
Power management unit for a wireless device
Frequency-adjustable radio frequency isolator circuitry
Electronic device
Electronic apparatus
Wideband strip fed patch antenna
Cable joint
System and method for balancing a state of charge of series connected cells
Ring motor
Arrangement for cooling of an electrical machine
Concentrated winding machine with magnetic slot wedges
Engine electrical generator cooling device and method
Open-loop and/or closed-loop control system of a 3-phase power converter for the operation of an asynchronous machine
Submillimeter-wave signal generation by linear superimposition of phase-shifted fundamental tone signals
Method and system for varactor linearization
Input common mode circuit
Booster circuit and voltage supply circuit
Gain control with multiple integrators
Frequency calibration of radio frequency oscillators
Comparison circuit and analog-to-digital conversion device
Interpolating A/D converter
Light emitting device for AC operation
Switchegear, system for controlling a lamp, and light control system for a building comprising at least one light
Discharge lamp operating device, illumination device and liquid crystal display device
Discharge lamp ballast and fixture with controlled preheating
Induction heater
Apparatus and method for heating or cooling an object using a fluid
Arrangement for reducing the field strength on an electrode
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Matric soil moisture sensing device
System and method for remote monitoring utilizing a rechargeable battery
Moisture sensing apparatus
Airline-based video game and communications system
Analog controls housed with electronic displays for personal digital assistants
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for operating an open end power wrench
Printhead controller and a method of controlling a printhead
Electrical storage device for a replaceable printing component
Thermal transfer printer
System and method for fusing toner
LED array head, circuit board, and LED array chip
Scan-exposure device
Bicycle hub with generator and antilock functions
Electrical circuit arrangement for controlling an electromotor in a motor vehicle
Reconfigurable display architecture with spontaneous reconfiguration
Starter device for fuel cell system
Passenger detection system and detection method
Multi channel braking notification system
Error detection circuit for an airbag deployment control system
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Frontal impact characterization apparatus for a motor vehicle restraint system
Early warning real-time security system
Duplex communication apparatus for motor vehicle
Vehicle wheel rotation detecting system and method
Platform monitoring system
System and method for the electronic control of an actuator assigned to an automatic control system in motor vehicles
Dual mode light source for aircraft external lighting
Moment of impulse anti-smoking message system
Machineable envelope assembly and method of accurately printing indicia on envelopes
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Paint for heat absorbing film, heat absorbing film and color CRT
Plasma picture screen with UV light emitting layer
Non-absorptive electro-optical glazing structure employing composite infrared reflective polarizing filter
Sputter deposition
Fixed Constructions
Passive garage door opener using collision avoidance system
Boring tool locating using sensing at spaced apart reference path locations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Smart car starter
Diagnosing spark plugs malfunction in a dual plug engine
Small-sized hydroelectric power generating apparatus
Rain, wind, wave, and solar energy 4-in-1 electric generating installation
Hydrocratic generator
Magnetic bearing type vacuum pump
Speed sensor with a seal
Electromagnetic rotary drive
Automatic gearbox for motor vehicles
Synchronous multiple serial-lamps sets
Application of light source including light guide for emanating linearly polarized light to liquid crystal display with haze anisotropy
Magnetic positioning detector using field direction as primary detecting means
Computing sign text for branches of an electronic map network
Display system for vehicle environment awareness
Non-contact rotational position sensor and throttle valve assembly including non-contact rotational position sensor
Modular waveguide assembly and method for making the same
Probe mapping diagnostic methods
Circuit configuration for compensating the temperature non-linearity of the characteristic curves of the piezoresistive measuring resistors connected in a bridge circuit
System and method for analyzing agricultural products on harvesting equipment
Sensing and measuring circuit employing a positive-temperature-coefficient sensing device
Method for nondestructively determining aged deterioration accompanying change in brittleness of ferromagnetic struction materials
Method and apparatus for determining linear and angular velocity of a moving body
Test socket for an IC device
Low-current pogo probe card
Graphically relating a magnified view to a simultaneously displayed main view in a signal measurement system
System and method for current sensing
Circuit arrangement for conversion of an input current signal to a corresponding digital output signal
Temperature compensation for an electronic electricity meter
Method of measuring frequency of AC power
Permittivity measurement of thin films
Method and system for automatic determination of inductance
Noise resistant electronic presence sensor
Method and apparatus for testing an electrical system of a marine vessel
Method for locating an open in a conductive line of an insulated conductor
Method of testing addressable emissive cathodes
Characteristic evaluation apparatus for insulated gate type transistors
Probe plate assembly for a circuit board test fixture
Programming thermal test chip arrays
Method and apparatus for inspecting integrated circuit pattern
Synchronous semiconductor device, and inspection system and method for the same
Method for operating an electronic overcurrent trip of a power circuit breaker
Method and device for semiconductor testing using electrically conductive adhesives
Apparatus and method for power continuity testing in a parallel testing system
Backside liquid crystal analysis technique for flip-chip packages
Semiconductor device tester and semiconductor device test method
Efficient parallel testing of semiconductor devices using a known good device to generate expected responses
Estimating permeability without determinating a distribution of relaxation times
MRI-based temperature mapping with error compensation
Calibration method for use with sensitivity encoding MRI acquisition
Method for operating a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus wherein the location coding is adapted to a positional change of the examination subject
Position determining system, receiving system method of determining the position of a movable object and method of receiving data regarding the position
High-sensitivity infrequent use of servers
Broadband passive moving target simulator
Position location using broadcast analog television signals
Differential global positioning system using coarse GPS data for a fast time to a precise first fix
Test circuit and test method for a pulse doppler radar sensor
Dual port memory arbitrary waveform generator
Detector apparatus and method
NMR apparatus and method utilizing pulsed static magnetic fields
Display system for wireless pager
Tribo-addressed and tribo-suppressed electric paper
Process for transforming two-dimensional images into three-dimensional illusions
Lens system for a projection display apparatus in which lenses are uniform in one direction and nonuniform in another
Selective real image obstruction in a virtual reality display apparatus and method
Polarizer with protective film consisting of one cellulose acetate film having particular parameters
Chassis fixing apparatus for LCD monitor with pressed and entrapped hooks
Direct-light-type planar light source apparatus and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device having light-shielding film and data line of equal width and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Active matrix liquid crystal display device and its manufacturing method
Liquid crystal display with high aperture ratio
Conductive black matrix layer for LCD display connected to gate through two vias
Liquid crystal display device having gate electrode with two conducting layers, one used for self-aligned formation of the TFT semiconductor regions
Reflective guest-host liquid-crystal display device
Flexible liquid crystal display device with improved mechanical ability
Liquid crystal planar non-blocking NxN cross-connect
Polarization light splitting film, backlight system and liquid crystal display having particular diffusion layer under optical rotation selection layer
Display device with condenser elements
Optical films having matt property, films having a high transmittance, polarizing plates and liquid crystal display devices
Pattern formation method using reflow enhancement layer and method for manufacturing reflective type liquid crystal display device using the same
Illumination optical system and projection type display apparatus using the same
Liquid crystal device manufacturing methods of controlling a partial switching
Pattern forming apparatus and pattern forming method
Image reproducing apparatus which performs the same processing on image data to be displayed as image data to be printed
Method and apparatus for a non-contact scavenging seal
Gap adjusting method in exposure apparatus
Alignment method, alignment apparatus, profiler, exposure apparatus, exposure apparatus maintenance method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and semiconductor manufacturing factory
Printing method and printing apparatus, laser output control device and control device and control method for printing apparatus, and printing register control device for printing apparatus
Holographic stereogram printing system, holographic stereogram printing method and holographing device
Method and device for emitting a time signal
Voltage regulator for low-consumption circuits
In-rush current control for a low drop-out voltage regulator
Voltage regulator
High voltage regulation circuit
Bias generator and method for improving output skew voltage
Circuit for providing a constant current
Raised voltage generation circuit
Supply voltage monitor using bandgap device without feedback
Failure resistant electric motor monitor and control system
Spread spectrum type clock generating circuit
Glitch free clock multiplexer circuit and method thereof
Method to reduce power bus transients in synchronous integrated circuits
Apparatus and method for achieving absolute and relative positioning of a graphics cursor
User interface for selecting functions in an electronic hardware
Adapter cable to power a portable computer system in a military vehicle via a standard 24 volt DC power outlet, utilizing the computer system's internal transformer
Method and system for displaying and providing access to data on a monitor
Asynchronous tree navigator graphical user interface and associated methods
Integrated circuit designs for high speed signal processing
User interface method for determining a layout position of an agent, information processing apparatus, and program storage medium
Method of interacting with a computer using a proximity sensor in a computer input device
Alphanumerical keyboard
1D selection of 2D objects in head-worn displays
Touch panel
Adaptive auto-scrolling merge for hand written input
Displaying menu choices adjacent to spatially isolating regions enabling different cursor movement speeds and other user notification means
Touch screen superimposed electrode configuration
Glare-resistant touch panel
Method and apparatus for establishing two-way communication with a remote printer
Information processing terminal and advertising system using the information processing unit
Variable function information processor
Displaying computer interfaces in multiple languages
Configuration system for networked training modules and associated methods
Circuit arrangement
Method and device for the generation of a random signal with controlled histogram and spectrum
Self-resizing demonstration page for a printing device
Printer control system and method using a control I/O command from a host computer, and scanner control system and method of using a control I/O command from a host computer
System for the transmission of data from a data carrier to a station by means of one or at least one other auxiliary carrier signal
Storage device and method, information processing apparatus and method, and provision medium therefor
Method for transmitting setting information between at least two of apparatuses
Trapping of graphic image files
Methods for semiconductor systems for graphics processing
Apparatus for fixed-point graphics and method therefor
Method for anti-aliasing of electronic ink
Three dimensional animation system and method
Image creation device
System and process for viewing panoramic video
Segmented ray casting data parallel volume rendering
Environment map creation using texture projections with polygonal curved surfaces
Image processing apparatus, recording medium, and program
Animation of linear items
Compressing and decompressing graphics data using gosub-type instructions and direct and indirect attribute settings
Three-dimensional shape extracting method, apparatus and computer memory product
Coding and decoding three-dimensional data
Parking status control system and method
Eyelash activated drowsy alarm
Integrated security system comprising a plurality of remote-controllable security devices and associated control units
In-home surveillance system
Vibration-sensing alarm device
Multi-tone warning sounder
Dynamic work zone safety system and method
Display assembly
Flat display device and fixing member for display unit
Power management in a monitor
Method for transferring image information, method for updating image information, transferring apparatus and updating apparatus
Method for extending an operating range of a field emission display and circuit therefor
Driving apparatus for driving display panel
Method for driving plasma display panel
Method and apparatus for erasing line in plasma display panel
Plasma display panel with improved recovery energy efficiency and driving method thereof
Driving plasma display panel without visible flickering
Driving circuit for LCD
Active matrix-type liquid crystal display device
Source driver for liquid crystal panel and method for leveling out output variations thereof
Matrix type image display device
Method for modeling and updating a colorimetric reference profile for a flat panel display
Image display apparatus and method using output enable signals to display interlaced images
Matrix substrate and liquid crystal display as well as projector using the same
Semiconductor circuit
Method and apparatus for joining and manipulating graphical objects in a graphical user interface
System and methodology for video conferencing and internet chatting in a cocktail party style
Method and apparatus for pseudo-random noise generation based on variation of intensity and coloration
Plural image display
Z test and conditional merger of colliding pixels during batch building
Method and system for improved memory access in accelerated graphics port systems
Method and apparatus for providing video signals
Method of driving STN liquid crystal panel and apparatus therefor
Data encoding method, apparatus, and storage medium
Analog memory and image processing system for reducing fixed pattern noise
Low-consumption charge pump for a nonvolatile memory
Voltage level converting circuit
Timing signal occurrence circuit
Inductor device
Electric noise absorber
Transformer and electrical device using the same
Ignition coil
Transmission control apparatus using the same isolation transformer
Coil former
Thrust controllable actuator
Creepless snap acting bimetallic switch having flexible contact members
Twin relay
Circuit breaker, and accessory switches thereof
Stored energy system for breaker operating mechanism
Discharge lamp, light source and projecting display unit
Display device with color filters used as electrodes and method for manufacturing the same
Removable grounding strip for anti-reflective films on cathode ray tubes and method of using same
Deflection yoke
Deflection yoke with two-piece coil separator body and neck portion with movement prevention elements
Flat-type cathode ray tube
Method for controlling the electric field at a fed cathode sub-pixel
RF power probe head with a thermally conductive bushing
Plasma vacuum pump
Internally channeled glass envelope with molded edge for affixing attachments
Getter, air tight chamber and image forming apparatus having getter, and manufacturing method of getter
Rotating liquefied filament for high efficiency incandescent lamps
Active matrix substrate and method of manufacturing the same
Tin palladium activation with maximized nuclei density and uniformity on barrier material in interconnect structure
Flip-chip semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Tape carrier package and method of fabricating the same
Programmable interconnect for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Wiring structure of semiconductor device
Patterning of content areas in multilayer metalization configurations of semiconductor components
Stacked fill structures for support of dielectric layers
Stacked package structure of image sensor
Solid-state imaging apparatus with lowered overflow drain bias, method for driving same and camera using same
Method for forming a non-photosensitive pixel-defining layer on an OLED panel
Resurf EDMOS transistor and high-voltage analog multiplexer circuit using the same
Light-emitting device
Phase shifters using transmission lines periodically loaded with barium strontium titanate (BST) capacitors
Distributed element filter
Tunable, cross-coupled, bandpass filter
Duplexer filter with an alternative signal path
Reducing effects of electrical impedance
Nonreciprocal circuit device with main surfaces of the ferrite and magnet perpendicular to the mounting substrate
Flexible waveguide with rounded corrugations
Motorized antenna pointing device
Portable communication terminal with reduced specific absorption rate
Planar antenna for wireless communications
Method and apparatus for reducing electromagnetic radiation emission
Surface-mount type antennas and mobile communication terminals using the same
Antenna with branching arrangement for multiple frequency bands
Techniques for enhancing gain in a quasi-optic grid array
Overlapping subarray patch antenna system
Planar ultra wide band antenna with integrated electronics
Antenna apparatus
Compact, lightweight, steerable, high-power microwave antenna
Phased array antenna and method of manufacturing the same
Array antenna radio communication apparatus and calibration method
Electromagnetic coupling type four-point loop antenna
Connector assembly to eliminate or reduce ESD on high-speed communication cables
Method of statistically balancing current transformer measurements for differential busbar protection
System for preventing overreach of protection for series compensated power lines
Energy management controller
Method and a device for damping power oscillations in transmission lines
Nanoscale piezoelectric generation system using carbon nanotube
Hybrid energy storage device charge equalization system and method
Power system utilizing a DC bus
Bulk amorphous metal magnetic components for electric motors
End shield constructed with a separate component holder
Motor apparatus
Linear oscillating actuator
Motor device
Bootstrap circuit
Circuit arrangement and electrical appliance with an inductive load and a buck converter
Voltage converter capable of outputting a stable output voltage
Voltage sag and over-voltage compensation device with pulse width modulated autotransformer
Method for starting a load by engine-driven generator and engine-driven generator
System and method of control for sensorless induction motor drives
Rotational pulse generating circuit for motors
Method for reducing torque ripple of switched reluctance motor
Electronic switch with static control voltage for dynamically switching capacitance in a frequency-adjustable crystal oscillator
Multi-modulus counter in modulated frequency synthesis
Digital blocks television tuner having simple baseband signal processing portion
Mixer circuitry
Low bias current/temperature compensation current mirror for linear power amplifier
Single ended input, differential output amplifier
Circuit configuration with an integrated amplifier
GM-controlled current-isolated indirect-feedback instrumentation amplifier
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Switchable operational amplifier for switched op-amp applications
Method and/or architecture for implementing a variable gain amplifier control
Low pass filter
Signal filter with adjustable analog impedance selected by digital control
Self-tracking filter
Device and method for sampling rate conversion
Low-pass filter for a diplexer
Unidirectional transducer and saw filter comprising the same
Integrated tunable surface acoustic wave with quantum well structure technology and systems provided thereby
String weighted surface acoustic wave transducer
VCXO temperature compensation circuit
Current switching cell for digital to analog converter
Circuit providing a control voltage to a switch and including a capacitor
Output buffer circuit
Bi-directional undershoot-isolating bus switch with directional control
Three wire interface for field wiring of on/off sensors
Virtual and backgate supply line circuit
Node predisposition circuit
Programmable dual drive strength output buffer with a shared boot circuit
Data output buffer circuit usable with both PCI and PCI-X buses
Inverting level shifter with start-up circuit
Data driven keeper for a domino circuit
Resonant logic and the implementation of low power digital integrated circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuit
High-frequency low-voltage multiphase voltage-controlled oscillator
Regenerative signal level converter
Apparatus for reducing charge kickback in a dynamic comparator
Dual control analog delay element
Analog envelope detector
Dual-mixer loss of signal detection circuit
Voltage comparing circuit
Rail-to-rail CMOS comparator
Miniature ovenized crystal oscillator
Phase noise reduction system for frequency synthesizer and method thereof
Circuit arrangement for generating a clock-pulse signal having a frequency synchronous with a reference clock-pulse signal
Multiplied clock generating circuit
Method of determining measuring time for an analog-digital converter
Programmable auto-converting analog to digital conversion module
Parallel and shared parallel analog-to-digital conversion for digital imaging
High speed successive approximation return path and data conversion methods and circuits using the same
Digital/analog converter
Data communication over power lines
Ingress monitoring device in a broadband communications system
Block-adaptive equalization using partial decision feedback in digital broadcast communications
Output driver for a 10baset/100basetx ethernet physical layer line interface
Image printing apparatus having a camera mountable thereto
Reading/printing apparatus and reading apparatus
Image reader
Image storage apparatus
Recording apparatus and information processing system including the same
Increasing speed of non-error corrected fax transmissions
Copying selected regions of documents
Image forming apparatus with pixel density based light beam control
Image forming apparatus with exposure reduction mode
Image processing method and apparatus with correcting image data features
Method and apparatus for processing image data
Full-color to a spot-color image converter
Accurate monitor to printer color reproduction technique
Color image processor
Method and apparatus for generating multiple views using a graphics engine
Raster center control circuit for CRT-type display device
Method and apparatus to generate tri-level HDTV synchronization pulses
Video signal transmitter
Method for random access to picture blocks in video pictures
Image luminance detection and correction employing histograms
Image reading apparatus
Virtual studio position sensing system
Still video camera, remote controller and camera system
Digital camera and method of smoothing optical and digital zoom effects
Method and apparatus for transmitting and recording signals of a still image using index signals
Movie film security system utilizing infrared patterns
Methods and apparatus for correction of 2-3 field patterns
Method and apparatus for automatic selection of video interface
Video telecommunications device, and camera for same
System and method for providing foreign language support for a remote control device
System and method for processing a compressed data stream
Low cost VBS encoder and RF modulator for supplying VSB baseband signal to RF input of digital television receiver
Video signal processing method and device
Apparatus for monitoring optical path based on the identification of optical cross-connect input ports
Selective radio call receiver capable of receiving common data in emergency mode
Lamp-voltage threshold detector
Lamp driving topology
Microwave-powered ultraviolet rotating lamp, and process of use thereof
Domestic appliance
Continuous wave electron-beam accelerator and continuous wave electron-beam accelerating method thereof
Oscillator, method for producing oscillator, and communication apparatus incorporating same
Connection structure for semiconductor electrode terminals
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew