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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant artificial chromosome compositions and methods
Soybean variety XB31U04
Regimen for treating prostate tissue and surgical kit for use in the regimen
Fungicide for plants
Hair brushing appliance
Deep fryer
Radiological imaging apparatus with detection of a compression pad
Disposable wearing article for fluid distribution having filled void, density gradient and spacer members
Combinations of ceramide and chemotherapeutic agents for inducing tumor cell death
Methods and compositions for treating diabetes
Performing Operations; Transporting
Miniaturized sample scanning mass analyzer
Welding shielding gas saver flow-control device
Detecting element for a welding device
Image output control apparatus, image output control method, and storage medium, for selecting between first and second output modes
Electrostatic latent image writing head, method of manufacturing the same and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Constant angular velocity disk label printing
Tire air pressure detecting device
Apparatus installing device for mobile body
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Short-acting sedative hypnotic agents for anesthesia and sedation
Heat-sensitive compounds exhibitng a cloud point which can be used as extractants for the separation of metals in aqueous solution
Process for preparing polyether polyols
Vapor phase catalytic process for simultaneous furfural hydrogenation and cyclohexanol dehydrogenation
Asymmetric catalysts prepared from optically active bisphosphites bridged by achiral diols
Process for producing dicarboxylic acids
Process for preparation of imidazolyl compounds
Lectin protein prepared from Korean marine crab Philyra pisum, process for preparing the same and the use thereof
Neurturin antibody
Labeled neurotensin derivatives
Process for recovering fluoropolymers
Cationic mixed-oxide dispersion, coating pigment and ink-absorbing medium
Impact modifier combination for polymers
Elastomeric composition comprising a functionalized elastomer
Formazan reactive dyes
Polynucleotides encoding human persephin and related growth factors
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase gene from plants
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sensor for detection of spark in igniter in gas turbine engine
Apparatus for measuring characteristics of a hole and associated method
Device for adjustment of rotation angles
Microscope with fixed-element autocollimator for tilt adjustment
Alignment apparatus, control method therefor, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing factory, and exposure apparatus maintenance method
Method and apparatus for locating laser projection alignment targets
Collector having unused region for illumination systems using a wavelength less than or equal to 193 nm
Method and apparatus for internal feature reconstruction
System and method for detecting and characterizing media
Test mechanism for testing connection port of electronic apparatus
Detection of lens anti-reflective coating decay by undesired residue detection
Optical measurement apparatus and method
Accuracy automated optical time domain reflectometry optical return loss measurements using a "Smart" Test Fiber Module
System and method for quantifying errors in an alternating phase shift mask
Method and apparatus for material identification using characteristic radiative emissions
Highly time resolved impedance spectroscopy
Radio frequency Langmuir probe
Apparatus and method for the testing of circuit boards, and test probe for this apparatus and this method
Link level retry scheme
Connection method for probe pins for measurement of characteristics of thin-film magnetic head and characteristic measurement method for thin-film magnetic head
Device and system for improved imaging in nuclear medicine
Single photon emission computed tomography system
Lens apparatus and image taking apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Electronic instrument having mirror device
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Three-dimensional display system
Method for optimizing inspection speed in low, and fluorescent light applications without sacrificing signal to noise ratio, resolution, or focus quality
Diffraction optical device and optical system including same
Optical filter, method of making optical filter, light amount adjusting apparatus and optical equipment
Optical element holding system in projection optical system
Method of making a high reflectivity micro mirror and a micro mirror
Transmission wavelength characteristics variable optical element, and wavelength characteristics variable apparatus, optical amplifier, and optical transmission system, using same
Method of fabricating a system-on-panel typed liquid crystal display
Display unit
Pedestal of liquid crystal display apparatus
Transflective liquid crystal display with partial switching
In-plane switching liquid crystal display device including common electrode comprising black matrix
Exposure apparatus
Positioning device
Intelligent antitheft method and system combining magnetic tags and smart cards
Electronic ballast for a high intensity discharge lamp
Adaptive body bias for clock skew compensation
DC-DC converter circuit for converting an input voltage to an output voltage with a predetermined holdover time
Semiconductor device with a negative voltage regulator
Information processing apparatus having magnesium body and printed circuit board
Physical configuration of a hand-held electronic communication device
Electronic appliance
Computer casing
Hard disk anchoring apparatus
Printing apparatus, printing system, and print job controlling method and program product
Network control method and system
Apparatus, method and system for printing from a wireless mobile device over the internet
Electronic mail transmitting apparatus having a printer driver for transmitting electronic mail and method for transmitting electronic mail by a printer driver
Image output apparatus
Image distortion correction apparatus, distortion correction method therefor, recording media, image scanner and image construction apparatus
Halftone dot thinning
Method and system for improving scanned image detail
System for designing visual information to be displayed on monitor unit used in combination with programmable controller
Methods, systems, and computer program products for the display and operation of virtual three-dimensional books
Segmentation of 3D medical structures using robust ray propagation
System, apparatus and methods for data communication between vehicle and remote data communication terminal, between portions of vehicle and other portions of vehicle, between two or more vehicles, and between vehicle and communications network
Tamper resistant circuit boards
Doze alarm for driver using enclosed air sound sensor
Plasma display panel driving method and apparatus capable of realizing reset stabilization
Plasma display paired addressing
Method for addressing a plasma display panel
Light emission display drive method and drive apparatus using a modulator capable of performing control at three or more levels in an output brightness value
System and method for producing a video signal
Color conversion method and image processor
Apparatus for reference image rotation, and computer software product and method for reference image rotation
Tension feedback system for a tape drive
Robot hand for transferring an article in a housing, and a library apparatus equipped with the robot hand for transferring and article stored in a rack
Low power spindle motor with a fluid dynamic spool bearing
Disk clamp balancing in a disc stack assembly
Method and device for generating a write clock of a constant angular velocity optical disk device
Magnetic recording disk drive with actively controlled electric potential at the head/disk interface for wear and durability control
E-block having improved resonance characteristics and improved fragility
Method and implementation of in-situ absolute head medium spacing measurement
Systems for detecting multiple occurrences of a SAM pattern to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness
Using an external spiral servo writer to write spiral tracks to a disk to facilitate writing product servo sectors to the disk
Digital signal modulation method, digital signal modulation apparatus, encoding method, encoding apparatus, storage medium, transmission apparatus and program
Mag-tab design for biasing magnetic sensors
Magnetoresistive head with first and second pairs of antiferromagnetic films imparting magnetic bias to first and second magnetization free layers and perpendicular magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing system having pillar electrodes
Disk drive having magnetic head conduction paths with arrangements to control impedance
Settle, rotational/linear vibration, and track follow controller optimization with shared state controller
Apparatus and method for removing mechanical resonance using adaptive notch filter
Magnetic recording disk having a safe zone
Optical recording and pickup head for digital versatile disc compatible with read-writable compact disc by adopting flat plate lens having staircase type diffraction grating structure
Tracking and focus servo system with defect detection
Information recording method and optical disk unit
Optical recording/playback apparatus and optical recording medium
Optical pickup device, information reproduction/recording apparatus, and information processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling recording speed of optical disc recording system
Inner region identifier for optical disk
Magnetoresistive effect element, magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
Magnetoelectronic memory element with inductively coupled write wires
Ferroelectric memory device having ferroelectric capacitor and method of reading out data therefrom
Ferroelectric memory device with a spare memory cell array
Longest match detection in a CAM
Nonvolatile random access memory and method of fabricating the same
Page buffer for NAND flash memory
Four-bit non-volatile memory transistor and array
Semiconductor memory apparatus and self-repair method
Memory module and memory system suitable for high speed operation
Method for initializing a system including a host and plurality of memory modules connected via a serial memory interconnect
Data input circuit and method for synchronous semiconductor memory device
Leakage tolerant register file
Method and arrangement for testing output circuits of high speed semiconductor memory devices
Fixed-address digital data access system
Synchronous flash memory with virtual segment architecture
Device and method for preventing magnetic-resonance imaging induced damage
Memory device utilizing carbon nanotubes
Voltage-dependent resistor and method of manufacturing the same
Wide bore high field magnet
Magneto-mechanical apparatus
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Electric contact
Plasma display panel having dummy barrier ribs
Substrate having fine line, electron source and image display apparatus
Near-field optical probe
Exposure apparatus that acquires information regarding a polarization state of light from a light source
Light source for an optical apparatus in which the amount of light emission is controlled at a constant level
Parallel concentration, desalting and deposition onto MALDI targets
Stacked structure of integrated circuits
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure using a protective layer, and semiconductor structure
Metal oxynitride capacitor barrier layer
Capacitor constructions, semiconductor constructions, and methods of forming electrical contacts and semiconductor constructions
X-ray imaging apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Field emission device and manufacturing method thereof
Reduced aspect ratio digit line contact process flow used during the formation of a semiconductor device
Split source RF MOSFET device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Ferroelectric memory structure and fabrication method thereof
Method and system for electrically coupling a chip to chip package
Infrared ray detecting type imaging device
Deterministically doped field-effect devices and methods of making same
High power flip chip LED
Permanent readout superconducting qubit
Piezoelectric device and manufacturing method therefor
Piezoelectric devices
Piezoelectric actuator device
Organic semiconductor device and process of manufacturing the same
Tunable amplitude unbalance stripline combiner
Electronic phase shifter with enhanced phase shift performance
Electronic device and 3-dimensional antenna structure thereof
Coating applied antenna and method of making same
Method for commutating an electronically commutated motor and motor for carrying out said method
Second-harmonic generation device using semiconductor laser element having quantum-well active layer in which resonator length and mirror loss are arranged to increase width of gain peak
Instantaneous fault detection circuit method and apparatus
Device for detecting and protecting power connections and method thereof
Power control apparatus for a bicycle
Stepping motor and method of manufacturing stepping motor
Machine with a high-speed rotor
Spindle motor and recording disk driving apparatus having the spindle motor
Axial tube assembly for a motor
Ripple-current reduction schemes for AC converters
Vibration type drive unit
Power window driving apparatus
Low noise voltage-controlled oscillator
Cross polarization interference canceller and method of canceling cross polarization interference
Method and apparatus for generating a phase dependent control signal
Method for lowering noise and providing offset correction in a transimpedance amplifier
Decorrelated power amplifier linearizers
Transconductance amplifier with multi-emitter structure for current balance in a multi-phase regulator
Signal transmitting device suited to fast signal transmission
Driver circuit
Push-pull output driver
Device for processing an optical signal
Integrated circuit devices having duty cycle correction circuits that receive control signals over first and second separate paths and methods of operating the same
Light emitting diode driver circuit and method
Delay locked loop circuit capable of operating in a low frequency
Function generator and temperature compensated crystal oscillator
Direct modulation of a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with adaptive gain control
Phase-frequency detector and charge pump with feedback
Symmetric charge pump
Analog to digital converter circuit of successive approximation type operating at low voltage
Charge-domain A/D converter employing multiple pipelines for improved precision
Pushbutton input device, remote control equipped with pushbutton input device, and method of manufacturing pushbutton unit used for pushbutton input device
EFM data decoding method and apparatus thereof for optical disk system
Method and apparatus for automated correlation of digital modulation impairment
Systems for MPEG subsample decoding
Receiving apparatus including adaptive beamformers
Automatic frequency correction for mobile radio receivers
High speed timeslot assignment unit and method for a TDMA communication system
Home network system in asymmetric digital subscriber line system
Digital return path for hybrid fiber/coax network
Integrated network element
Integrated connection admission control and bandwidth on demand for a access asynchronous network
Packet switch that converts variable length packets to fixed length packets and uses fewer QOS categories in the input queues that in the outout queues
Apparatus and method for controlling queuing of data at a node on a network
Conditionally nonblocking switch of the expander type
Systems and methods for allocating bandwidth for processing of packets
Method and system for direct access to web content via a telephone
Packet-based clock signal
Methods and apparatus for arbitrary concatenation in a switch
Multimedia call center
Method and system for compensating for phase variations intermittently introduced into communication signals by enabling or disabling an amplifier
Method and circuit layout for the transmission of messages by means of approximating hermitian functions
Training sequences for peak to average power constrained modulation formats
Concatenated convolutional encoder and decoder of mobile communication system
Demodulation method
Digital clock recovery PLL
Data decryption system
Extendable call agents simulator
Method and system of providing caller identification with name
Remote internet telephony device
Call programming apparatus and method
System and method for effecting inside plant load balancing in a telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for linking designated portions of a received document image with an electronic address
Amplification-type solid state imaging device with reduced shading
Automatic document feeder and image forming apparatus including the same
Method of and apparatus for generating proof image
Digital halftone with auxiliary pixels
Image pickup apparatus, storing method of image data and storage medium thereof
Method and apparatus for displaying progressive material on an interlaced device
Method and apparatus for real time testing of DTV antenna transmitting systems in time domain under full power
Backlight controlled closeup photographing system
Picture taking method and apparatus
Multi-user camera control system and method
CCD imaging apparatus applicable to a multi-frame rate image system
Solid-state image pickup device and method of resetting the same
Camera that downloads electronic images having metadata identifying images previously excluded from first in-first out overwriting and method
Method, system and computer program product for LZJH data compression with minimum redundancy coding
Tiled memory configuration for mapping video data and method thereof
Method and system for skipping decoding of overlaid areas of video
Device for improving visibility in vehicles
Television door intercom apparatus
Wireless local loop
Method and apparatus for effecting handoff between different cellular communications systems
Composite channel quality estimation techniques for wireless receivers
Remote magnetic activation of hearing devices
Adaptive equalizer for variable length sound tubes utilizing an acoustic pressure response measurement
Personal hearing evaluator
Directional decoding
Image forming apparatus with at least two alternately-controlled electric heating elements
Heat generator
Electrical heater
Organic electroluminescent device and display apparatus
Electronic ballast having end of lamp life, overheating, and shut down protections, and reignition and multiple striking capabilities
Method device for heating fluids
Microwave oven and method of controlling the same
Automatic x-ray detection for intra-oral dental x-ray imaging apparatus
Computer hard disk damper
Disk array device
Cooling fluid pump and electric apparatus, such as personal computer, provided with the pump
Radiating structural body of electronic part and radiating sheet used for the radiating structural body
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Conveyor tube and distributor header for air conveyor
Fixture, process and kit for making a game call
Eviscerating tool
Apparatus for processing dispersions of solids in a fatty phase
Thigh anti-chafing garment
Hands free pumping and nursing bra
Snowboard binding with conical adapter
Two piece, compressible storage satchel for compressible articles
Multi-chamber ampoule for measured doses of liquids
Lipstick dispenser with functional A-shell
Headband storage and stretching device
Scrubbing implement
Vehicle washing device
Make-up brush and method for manufacturing such a brush
Fluid applicators
Assembly for adjustably mounting an accessory on a rail
Back support for seat-backs, in particular for motor vehicle seats
Cable attachment for a lumbar support
Chair having an operational guide
Casino chair
Refrigerator shelf and serving tray assembly
Device for use in washing the back of a person
Bathing ball structure
Battery powered, riding, floor burnishing machine
Liquid dispensing apparatus for cleaning implements
Visual test using counter-phase chromatic and achromatic stimuli
Laser-based method for aligning apparatus for superimposing X-ray and video images
Releasable chucking device for a rotating medical or dental tool
Magnetic coupling system and method
Instrument removal system
Manipulable dental model system for fabrication of a dental appliance
Teeth viewing system
Unitary substantially nickel free alloy injection molded orthodontic bracket
Abutment and coping system for use with dental implants
Dental and orthopedic implant system
Bone anchoring element
Dental implant and device with a dental implant
Dental implant
Dental impression curette
Preformed mandibular splint
Sport eyeglasses having removable lenses
Athletic eyewear
Amusement ride vehicle with wheelchair ramp
Growable wheelchair
Spa pressure sensing system capable of entrapment detection
Apparatus for manufacturing tablets
Rotary pump with hydrodynamically suspended impeller
Magnetically-suspended centrifugal blood pump
Axial force null position magnetic bearing and rotary blood pumps which use them
Attachment assembly for use on flat roofs
Rotatable weight exercise device
Versatile physical therapy apparatus
Machine and method for measuring strength of muscles with aid of a computer
Multiple station exercise and stretching apparatus
Adjustable dumbbell and system
Device for exercising and strengthening the hand, wrist and arm
Swim fin heel strap
Foot propulsion device for float tube users
Thread wound golf ball
Batting practice training device
Electronic racket stringing machine
Golf putter having laminated face insert with single exposed lamination
Golf swing analysis methods
Golf club head and laser pointer arrangement
Dual ended laser swing aid
Ball ramp assembly
Multilayer skate wheel
In-line roller skate with eccentrically pivot wheel frames
Skates with in-line wheels having improved maneuverability and control
Sports field line marking system
Continuous welded-joint surface for skating
Interface device between a ski and the elements for retaining a boot on the ski
Quick coupling cue stick
Match symbol side bet game
Simulation device for fostering a virtual creature
Dance game apparatus and step-on base for dance game
Video game system using terrain profile information
Interactive game system
Toy vehicle capable of propelling itself into the air
Toy racing car track system
Mountable mechanism for tying knots in inflated balloons
Doll's clothing
Electronic interactive play environment for toy characters
Robot ball
Image invertible objects and methods of making the same
Sound producing device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fuel pumping assembly
Mixer including gearing for multiple mixing tools having resilient mountings
Automated liquid manufacturing system
High speed collision reaction method
Heat gun with high performance jet pump and quick change attachments
Radial diffuser
Spiral cut honeycomb body for fluid mixing
Densifier for powder coating welded cans
Travel control device for vibrating plate compactor
Tapered roller bearing for working rolls of roll strands
Insulated chuck jaw
Tool and spindle with centrifugal force clamping
Cutting insert and milling tool
Internal gears and splines and milling method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Guiding frame
Machine tool for processing crankshafts
Machine tool
Means for mutually parallel displacement of tool holders
High speed drilling spindle with reciprocating shaft and double-gripping centrifugal chuck
Device for loading workpiece pallets
X-axis accuracy in two axis machine tools
Machining center
Compact autofeed drill and associated drilling method and apparatus
Ferrofluidic finishing
Apparatus for creating a concave surface from a spectacle blank
Apparatus for removing burr by multiple-stage grinding machine
Two-slurry CMP polishing with different particle size abrasives
Carrier heads, planarizing machines and methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Robot assisted method of polishing, cleaning and drying workpieces
Temperature controlled chemical mechanical polishing method and apparatus
Guidewire position locator
Apparatus and method for chemical mechanical polishing metal on a semiconductor wafer
Polishing apparatus
Method and system for pre-cleaning and post-cleaning deposited metal
Method for processing a semiconductor wafer
High pressure gland nut and collar
Sanding sponge
Knife and sharpening holder
Method and apparatus for polishing the outer periphery of disc-shaped workpiece
Pad quick release device for chemical mechanical polishing
Polishing pad reconditioning via polishing pad material as conditioner
Dual purpose handoff station for workpiece polishing machine
Modular stamped parts transfer gripper
String of lights hanging apparatus
Door transport system
Method and apparatus for shaving
Spade drill bit
Apparatus for pumping mortar grout
Facility for manufacturing two- or multi-compartment tubes
Machine for producing parts of foamed plastic material
Valve and pinned screw point assembly
Driving device for injection molding machine
Double wave screw
Multi-shaft screw machine with stop assemblies for individually setting the positions of the screw elements
Molding machine for producing plastic hollow bodies
Apparatus for molding relatively large articles
Composite material variable pitch blade for helicopter rotor and manufacturing process of such a blade
Means and method for protecting a windshield from cracks
Textile for tennis ball covering and method for manufacturing the same
Sheet package and printer in which sheets are set by the sheet package
Intelligent printer components and printing system
Radiant plunger ink jet printer
Ink jet printing system having heat keeping function
Ink jet recording method and head
Low topography thermal inkjet drop ejector structure
Ink jet printer
Variable drop mass inkjet drop generator
Ink jet printing mechanism
Bend actuator direct ink supply ink jet printing mechanism
Liquid jet recording head and assembling method therefor
Lead frame-mounted ink jet print head module
Printhead with pump driven ink circulation
Ink-jet print apparatus and method using a pivoting ink-jet recording head
Ink jet recording apparatus
Waste ink container ink level monitoring in an ink jet recorder
Ink-jet printer
Inkjet dot imaging sensor for the calibration of inkjet print heads
Ink jet printer and ink container used therein
Ink-jet print cartridge having a low profile
Piezoelectric ink jet printing system
Multimode ink jet recording device in which recording mode is selected according to recording medium
Thermal transfer printer without printing displacement
Depositing charged particles onto a sheet based on distances relative to a print head
DEP (direct electrostatic printing) device maintaining a constant distance between printhead structure and toner delivery means
Electrical refurbishment for ink delivery system
Method of printing images and charts and paper therefor
Durable tactile indicia for banknotes/documents and method of making same
Personalized keepsake article of manufacture
Single page multi-part form or "quikfoldform"
Form with integrated card
Hanging data binder
Pen cap stylus for use with touch screens
Knocking writing utensil
Liquid container
Method of manufacturing ink follower for water-base ballpoint pens
Felt pen or like writing instrument and manufacturing process therefor
Dual alloy railroad wheel
Vehicle wheel hub and bearing retention system and method for producing same
Wheel rim protector
Instrument panel for a vehicle
Motor driven sunshield
Sun visor
Thermoplastic olefin elastomer molded article
Vehicle door reinforcing beam and method of making it
Motor vehicle tailgate mounted to pivot about a horizontal axis in the vicinity of its bottom edge
Auto top conversion frame assembly
Portable canopy for golf cart rear compartment
Pickup bed cover
Pick-up truck lightweight cargo cover
Operating system for a movable motor vehicle part
Vehicle with a sliding fabric roof and a front spoiler thereon
Drive system for vehicle
Method and device for controlling a motor vehicle drive train
Hybrid Vehicle
Swivel base assembly for connecting insulator to support structure
Airbag responsive seat release safety system
Seat with adjustable interval between feet
Seat riser fold and tumble mechanism with rollers and skid plate
Slide rail for vehicle seat and seat comprising such a slide rail
Child seat
Vehicle seat with limited rearward movement
Truck bed extender/ramp
Assist mechanism for loading and unloading containers of compressed gas
Side loading transport apparatus for swathers and the like
Latching mechanism for latching a slide out room to main living area
Cargo bracing assembly
Cargo restraint method for a transport container
Protective cargo support device
Vehicle headlight
Interior rearview mirror for vehicles
Oval, constant radius convex mirror assembly
Illumination device for exterior mirror
Bumper beam and bumper system for vehicle
Automotive impact energy absorption device
Passenger protecting apparatus for vehicle
Air bag module
Gas generator housing
Roofliner for a motor vehicle
Air bag inflator with pressure regulation
Airbag module with gas distributor
Stored gas inflator assembly
Airbag device with inflator
Shaft retaining apparatus
Stabilizer mechanical support linkage
Stabilizer flip pad assembly flip-over restraint
Service brake for a vehicle
Two way field tester for EOT device
Brake force control apparatus
Hydraulic delivery device
Hydraulic motor vehicle braking system with wheel slip control
Hand truck with pusher plate
Rolling bearing assembly for support of a steering shaft
Telescoping vehicle steering column apparatus for helping to protect a vehicle driver
Adjustment mechanism for alignment of a pivot bushing, trailing beam and axle
Engine hood assembly
Cross member of an automobile body
Bicycle air pump structure
Protective roof for bicycles or the like
Convertible orientation bicycle lamp
System for simultaneously mounting a plurality of bicycle accessories to a bicycle frame
Top-press steering device for a skateboard
Dive rescue search device and method
Flotation device
Water jet propulsion unit with means for providing lateral thrust
Exhaust timing control valve control arrangement
System for determining apparent slip and angle of attack
Flexible bag with detachable section
Particulate conveyor device and apparatus
Gripper assembly for a conveying device for conveying single-sheet or multi-sheet printed products and a method for modifying the same
Gripper assembly
Method for making micropumps
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and method for forming thin film using ink-jet mechanism
Sinter and casting comprising Fe-based high-hardness glassy alloy
Fixed Constructions
Protector for through-the-curb drain
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional contouring
Paving apparatus and method
Forward mounted asphalt road mill apparatus
Pile driving adapter
Vertical engagement hydraulic tool coupler
Ridge ventilation system
Flag-pole light
Latch assembly
Parts supply device and fixing device therefor
Storage cabinet with handle operated door
Cable reversing system for an automatic window lift
Operational arrangement for movable parts on vehicles
Mount for plate-shaped components
Combined well casing spider and elevator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Diaphragm activated compression pump
Scroll compressor and its sealing method
Rotating piston machine
Contoured propulsion blade and a device incorporating same
Bay cooled turbine casing
Fan case with flexible conical ring
Turbine shaft of a steam turbine having internal cooling, and also a method of cooling a turbine shaft
Turbine engine having improved high pressure turbine cooling
Turbine nozzle segment band cooling
Apparatus for the connection of line sections
Gas turbine blade
Seal for machine parts that reciprocate relative to one another
Marine propulsion device with an oil gage accessible through a cowl
Fastener for attaching an outboard motor to a transom of a boat
Fastener assembly with vibration isolating features
Device for contact-connecting a circuit board
Apparatus for generating electric power using wind force
Variable capacity swash plate type compressor
Two-cylinder pump
Two part reed valve and method of manufacturing
Reciprocating type refrigerant compressor with an improved internal sealing unit
Compressed gas dispensing station with high pressure compressor with internal cooled compression
Fluid pump without non-return valves
Constant flow fluid pump
Lift pump guard
Refrigerant circuit and compressor
Pressure control for a reciprocating compressor
Low power electromagnetic pump
Gear pump for use in an electrically-operated sealed compressor
Eccentric screw pump
Check valve mounted adjacent scroll compressor outlet
Compressor having an inclined surface to guide lubricant oil
Screw compressor with adjustment slide means
Fluid machine having cooperating displacement elements and a housing partially covering the displacement elements
Multistage centrifugal pump
Fan with improved electric motor and mounting
Conical stacked-disk impeller for viscous liquids
Composite body
Self-tightening clip
Self-locking threaded fastener assembly
Fastener with retaining sleeve
Failsafe weld-free method of joining tubular elements
Device for connecting two tubes together
Universal adjustable angle bracket for concrete leveling and finishing tools
Compound bearing assembly for swing arm of hard disc drive
Rolling bearing with information sensor
Differential unit having an adjustable bearing assembly
Bearing shell with retaining cam and method for production thereof
Roller bearing
Pulley, ball bearing and belt transmitting device
Locking cover for a lubrication fitting mounted on a universal joint cross
Internal oil flow path for gear box bearings
Protective gaiters for joints
Constant velocity universal joint
Tripode joint with roller bearing
Method and apparatus for operating a clutch in an automated mechanical transmission
Power transmission arrangement for vehicle
Bushing for a dampening mechanism
Torsional vibration damper
Oil pressure control device of toroidal continuously variable transmission
Pipeline device, a tool for the guide-in of a pipeline end and a method for the pull-in of a pipeline end
Housing type pipe coupling
Swivel garden hose connector
Corrugated resin elbow
Pipe rehabilitation system and method for introducing a lining hose from a sewer main into a service pipe
Led light bulb
Torch holder
Portable light
Light fixture relamping device
Interleaved illumination support
Modified line lamp
Lighting device
Tamper resistant lamp
Light source apparatus
Headlight arrangement for motor vehicle
Adjustable reflector
Coupling of light from a small light source for projection systems using parabolic reflectors
Apparatus and process for removing volatile coatings from scrap metal
Automatically optimized combustion control
Combustor structure for igniters
Portable gas campfire
HVAC custom control system
Vent coupler
"Gasket for refrigerators with a profiled outer door"
Vertical continuous oven
Variable length sensor probe system
Method and apparatus for measuring a temperature of a molten metal
Method and apparatus for improving RF contact positioning in an RF test socket
Apparatus for thermally testing an electronic device
Apparatus for recording the retina reflex image and for superimposing of additional images in the eye
Projection type display apparatus
Dust caps for use with telecommunications adapters and connectors
Plastic optical fiber connector
Optical connector
Connector sleeve assembly and panel for optical distribution frames
Fiber optic connection device
Component module
Method for constructing an optoelectronic assembly
Substrate for mounting an optical component and optical module provided with the same
Eyeglass frame with breakaway fastening member and method of inserting a lens in the frame
Film cassette
Electromotive mirror drive in a mirror reflex camera
Electronic camera
Fixed image projecting apparatus
Illumination device and image projection apparatus comprising the device
Printing apparatus
Optical apparatus
Construction of electrode for high pressure discharge lamp and process for producing the same
Push button device for a timepiece, in particular a chronograph
Computer enclosure
Device rack and computer mainframe housing arrangement
Accessory mounting for digital computer
Card connector
Text enhancement for color and gray-scale documents
Slot machine
Method and apparatus for expiration of prepaid slot machine plays
Multi-line, multi-reel gaming device
Prize redemption game apparatus
Motor boot for a circuit board
Phonics training computer system for teaching spelling and reading
Column writing for fast and super fast reading
Dummy for practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) of a human being
Driver training system
Apparatus for pop-up display structures
Whirling amusement device and associated method of operation
Circuit and method for encoding and retrieving a bit of information
Support structure with multi-layer support material for use during package removal from a multi-layer integrated circuit device
Substrate treating apparatus
Method of constructing a wafer carrier
Electronic wide angle lighting device
Receptacle electrical connector assembly
Card edge connector with ejector thereof
Electrical contact and method of making the same
Electronic card connection system
Stacked electrical connector with a single grounding device
Connector for electrical isolation in a condensed area
Electrical connector with grounding shroud having board-locks for grasping a circuit board
Terminal for an LGA socket
Coaxial cable connector
Telecommunication switching connector
IC card connector apparatus
Female terminal fitting
Connector assembly for vertically mounted hard disk drive
Easily assembled electrical connector
Connecting terminal and a connecting terminal assembly
Moisture resistant electrical connector for a cellular telephone
Insertion and withdrawal connector apparatus, structure of remote controlling engagement and separation thereof, and connecting frame block structure for insertion and withdrawal connector apparatus or the like
Connector for providing a humidity-tight electrical connection
Snag-resistant patchcord plug latch and cover
System for high-bandwidth electrical coupling
Securement collar for marine shore electrical power cord set
Terminal connection mechanism used for a backlit display
Retractable handle for power connector
Service entrance unit with generator interface
Card edge connector with removable rail guide
EMI shield
Compound type connector
Electric connection
Cable connector with improved grounding arrangement
RJ contact/filter modules and multiport filter connector utilizing such modules
Connector to circuit board securing arrangement
Electrical contact
Modular plug having improved crosstalk characteristics
Connector system
Carrying device, conductor rail and coupling device
Interchangeable plug device
Electric combination socket
Circuit connector block
Structure of lamp socket
Quick connect electrode headbox
Screw-fixed rotary connector structure for vehicles
Towed array handling system rotary joint
Power distribution block assembly for accommodating multiple gauge wires
Contact structure for high speed transmission connector
Cable management coupling and shielding interconnect system and method
Fuse bus member and connector assembly
Print roll having an ink return tray
Surface mounted electrical connector
Method for performing double-sided SMT
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