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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Controller and control method for an electric power steering apparatus
Modular power source for walk-behind mower
Replaceable reel blade system
Spring system for a feeder roller of a harvester
Energy absorbing support for downrigger weight
Method and apparatus for venting fish
Toe spacer sock and corrective footwear
Helmet, helmet liner and method for manufacturing the same
Method of conducting business including making and selling a custom article of footwear
Multi-directional toothbrush for protective teeth
Height-adjustable bedframes
Pillow to prevent snoring
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner equipped with bag compartment including a bag cage
System and method for fetal brain monitoring
Medical laser apparatus and diagnostic/treatment apparatus using the medical laser apparatus
Transferable patient care equipment support
Gastric anchor and method
Method and device for wound healing
Atrial cardiac pacemaker
Reduction of interaction with tachyarrhythmia detection by negative offset pacing
Sensing artifact reduction for cardiac diagnostic system
Telemetry antenna for an implantable medical device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Lifting construction method and raising/lowering equipment of boiler module
Method for the production of hollow elements, hollow element, assembly piece, and follow-on composite tool for carrying out said method
Reversible ratchet mechanism for ratchet tools
Ratchet screwdriver
Tool having a telescoping handle
Brake spring tool
Wrench and reamer tool
Vibration dampening handle for a powered apparatus
Knife with spring-assisted blade articulation mechanism
Spatula and blade
Dual handle safety folding knife
Device and method for separating the paper from the cores of trimmings of rolls or logs of ribbon-like material, of defective rolls or logs and/or of another similar product
Adapter for a wiper blade
Tilt and telescopic steering system
Spout installation method and spout installation device
Method for packaging a photosensitive film roll, resin case therefor, method for recovering and reusing the case, and photosensitive film roll package and method for conveying the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing an optical fibre telecommunications cable with reduced polarization mode dispersion
Method of manufacturing a self aligned magnetoresistive sensor
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine with stillness mode and method of operating the same
Door of drum type washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Snow plow having reinforced mold board
Snow plow including mold board having back plate
Snow plow having wear minimizing apparatus
Crosslinked solid type pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet comprising the composition, and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for waterproofing/airproofing comprising the sheet
Modular structures and panels for constructing them
Floor panels with edge connectors
Wall mountable frame structure for mounting equipment
Apparatus and methods for locking and unlocking containers
Hinge device for portable terminal
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Regeneration controller for exhaust purification apparatus of internal combustion engine
Method for starting a pressure storage plant
Water vaporization apparatus
Pump unit
Control unit for rotor blade adjustment
Control system for a hydraulic servomotor
Booster and brake control device fitted with this booster
Modular structural system
Control device for vehicle cooling fan
Bipod support and rifle forearm
Vehicular gun rest
Motorcycle equipped with a weapon
Barrel cleaning system
Tape dispenser for children
Carpenters square with tape measure
Double-ended tuning fork type piezoelectric resonator and pressure sensor
Filtration tester
Solid state gas sensors based on tunnel junction geometry
Systems and methods for non-destructive testing of tubular systems
Method and device for sensing wear
In-line hot-wire sensor for slurry monitoring
Landing gear ground test
Dual mode contact sensor for automotive vehicle
Composite sensor and acceleration sensor
Transducer comprising a connected data memory
Producing method of solid state pickup device, and attaching method and device for the same
Enhanced loopback testing of serial devices
Circuit and/or method for automated use of unallocated resources for a trace buffer application
Simultaneously driving a hardware device and a software model during a test
Heat actuated steering mount for maintaining frequency alignment in wavelength selective components for optical telecommunications
Photonic bandgap optical fiber
Low loss silicon waveguide and method of fabrication thereof
Optical fiber pump multiplexer
Micro-optic fiber device
Optical switch device having movable switching member
Microfluidic control for waveguide optical switches, variable attenuators, and other optical devices
Apparatus for switching optical signals
Multi-colored electroluminescent filament and method for manufacturing the same
Electrooptic modulators and waveguide devices incorporating the same
Wireless communication module
Electrophotographic photosensitive drum having caulked flanges, process cartridge having such a drum, and image forming apparatus having such a process cartridge
Image forming apparatus having image bearing member and movable other member
Document handler/scan tub skew correction system
Sheet-feeding device having heater for heating sheet
Image forming apparatus and image formation control method
Information delivering system, information delivering method, and computer product
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image-formation apparatus, controlling method thereof and image-formation method
Image forming apparatus
Metal and ceramic blend donor roll coatings
Developing assembly featuring a developer-carrying member having specified ranges of deformation and hardness and a developer quality control blade having a rough contact surface
Double-sided image forming apparatus and method
Airflow around electrical circuit of image forming apparatus
Model-free adaptive control of quality variables
Methods and apparatus for replacing cooling systems in operating computers
Protection circuit for an access-arbitrated bus system network
Method and apparatus for fault-tolerance via dual thread crosschecking
Apparatus and storage system for controlling acquisition of snapshot
Methods and systems for remotely controlling a test access port of a target device
System and method for interconnection analysis
Sequential test pattern generation using clock-control design for testability structures
System and method for assigning an engine measure metric to a computing system
System and method for updating contents of a flash ROM
Implementation of a content addressable memory using a RAM-cell structure
Method and apparatus for optimizing data streaming in a computer system utilizing random access memory in a system logic device
Integrated circuit memory device supporting an N bit prefetch scheme and a 2N burst length
Distributed processing system
Memory controllers with interleaved mirrored memory modes
High-speed message forwarding lookups for arbitrary length strings using pipelined memories
Processing memory requests in a pipelined memory controller
Image recording apparatus and image processing method therefor
Method of managing generation of backup data and storage control device used therefor
Disk array apparatus and disk array apparatus control method
I2C MUX with anti-lock device
Hardware circuit and method for automatically configuring on-the-fly a sub-unit in a SCSI message
Systems and methods for preventing disruption of one or more system buses
System and method for generating sequences and global interrupts in a cluster of nodes
Method and apparatus to detect a timeout condition for a data item within a process
Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
Centralized console API testing architecture
Congestion management in a distributed computer system multiplying current variable injection rate with a constant to set new variable injection rate at source node
Cooperate processing units using stored cooperation problem solving knowledge and receive information to perform problem solving
Web-site host consistency administration among inconsistent software-object libraries of remote distributed health-care providers
Split personal computer system
System and method for restricting data transfers and managing software components of distributed computers
System and method for processing unsolicited messages
Directory-enabled intelligent broadband service switch
Authenticating user access to a network server without communicating user authentication cookie to the network server
BIOS update file
Identifying a recommended portfolio of financial products for an investor based upon financial products that are available to the investor
Method of searching multimedia data
Insurance file note generation method and system
Methods and systems of classifying multiple properties simultaneously using a decision tree
Semiconductor device simulation method and simulator
Method and apparatus for event monitoring in an information processing system
Use of a unified language model
Method and apparatus for unsupervised training of natural language processing units
Database system, method for forming replica of database, and computer-readable recording medium that records database replica forming program
System and method for performing context checks
Camera device, methods and program products for location and environmental stamping of images, communications and other applications
Flexible subscription-based event notification
Method and system for rapid insertion of various data streams into sorted tree structures
File processing method, data processing apparatus and storage medium
Method and system for expansion of recurring calendar events
Method for elevator cab interior
Cell replacement algorithm
Methodology to optimize hierarchical clock skew by clock delay compensation
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit utilizing a scan test function
Method of verification of estimating crosstalk noise in coupled RLC interconnects with distributed line in nanometer integrated circuits
Metacores: design and optimization techniques
Method, device, computer-readable storage medium and computer program element for monitoring of a manufacturing process
Management system for production line and management method for production line
Work item warning system and method
NC programming and predetermined practices integration
System controller using plural CPU's
Method for visual display unit-based definition and parametrization of interfaces
Portable information terminal equipment and display method therefor
Portable terminal system, portable terminal, method of controlling portable terminal, and storage medium storing program for controlling portable terminal
Conveyor system for transporting articles, in particular containers for baggage pieces, and method for controlling such a conveyor system
Address counter control system with path switching
Method and apparatus for using an ACPI NVS memory region as an alternative CMOS information area
Generating lookahead tracked register value based on arithmetic operation indication
External resource files for application development and management
Computer system and computer implemented process for representing software system descriptions and for generating executable computer programs and computer system configurations from software system descriptions
Coprocessor instruction loading from port register based on interrupt vector table indication
Artificial neurons including weights that define maximal projections
Apparatus and method for imager device color calibration using spectral light source
Method and device for detecting three-dimensional information
Measuring apparatus
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and programs thereof
Method and system for segmentation, classification, and summarization of video images
Image processing method and system, and medical examination apparatus, for extracting a path following a threadlike structure in an image
Process to extract regions of homogeneous color in a digital picture
Efficient transmission of quarter-VGA images using DVC codecs
Digital image encoding and decoding method and digital image encoding and decoding device using the same
Image reader
Block area wavelet transform picture encoding apparatus
System and method facilitating pattern recognition
Self-designing intelligent signal processing system capable of evolutional learning for classification/recognition of one and multidimensional signals
Automated system and method for health care administration
Method and device implementing a seamless user/service reservation network
Marketing system and method processing market information of consumers and dealers via a network
System for and method of variable annuity contract administration
Settlement method in deal of goods or service
Method and system for resume storage and retrieval
Method and system for organizing images
System and method of changing attributes of an image-based product
Trade show marketing display system
Apparatus for sequentially displaying a plurality of advertisement sheets
Method and system for frame alignment and unsupervised adaptation of acoustic models
Voice recognition system
System method and computer program product for transferring unregistered callers to a registration process
Disk device
Method of manufacturing high sensitivity spin valve designs with ion beam treatment
Method for forming a circuit board via structure for high speed signaling
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board including embedded capacitors
Pressing member and electronic device handling apparatus
Manufacturing method of rotor core
Device and method for Viterbi equalization with metric increments calculated in advance
Applications of universal frequency translation
System and method utilizing dynamic beam forming for wireless communication signals
Reducing power consumption in a networked battery-operated device using sensors
Wireless terminal for mobile unit
Optical wavelength division multiplexing transmission suppressing four-wave mixing and SPM-GVD effects
Linear half-rate phase detector and clock and data recovery circuit
Integrated circuit receiver available for infrared or ultrasonic transmission with digital filtering
Fault tolerant optical switch architecture
Frequency scheme for data transmission systems
Testing methods and apparatus for wireless communications
Outer loop transmit power control using channel-adaptive processing
Method and system for data communication between a read/write device and a mobile memory device based on transfer-time measurement
Amplifier system for satellites
Authentication of identification documents
Method and system for decoding block codes by calculating a path metric according to a decision feedback sequence estimation algorithm
Extremely secure method for keying stored contents to a specific storage device
System and method for graphical indicia for the certification of records
Circuit configuration for generating current pulses in the supply current of integrated circuits
Portable recordable media anti-theft system
Method of securely transmitting information
Digital broadcasting receiver and method of controlling the same
Audio program reception terminal for television delivery system
Data receiving apparatus and method
Communication system employing reuse of satellite spectrum for terrestrial communication
Switching station, subscriber location information registration method, subscriber service information acquisition method, subscriber service information registration method, and subscriber service information transmission method
Methods and apparatus for updating mobile node location information
Mobile telecommunications system and a mobile telecommunications control method
Wireless communication method and apparatus for implementing access point startup and initial channel selection processes
Method and apparatus for mitigating power-control errors during a soft handoff in a wireless communication system
BTE/CIC auditory device and modular connector system therefor
Digital audio signal filtering mechanism and method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Flexible hydrophilic articles having a residual antimicrobial effect
Water resistant film-forming antimicrobial skin-preparation
Microbiocidal mixtures
Capturing and detecting mites using 3-phenoxybenzyl chrysanthemate
Antimicrobial activity of laccases
Method of producing fermented milk containing manganese and tea
System for the control of enteropathogenic bacteria in the crops of poultry
Xylitol-containing non-human foodstuff and method
Water-soluble fractions of Phlebodium decumanum and its use as nutritional supplement in AIDS and cancer patients
Food supplement formulation
Deactivation of organisms using high-intensity pulsed polychromatic light
Oxygen scavenging compositions with low migration
Tumble coating
Thermal suit for a premature baby
Shoe, ankle orthosis and method for protecting the ankle
Moldable footwear
Ribbon curling and shredding device
Apparatus and method for separating particles from a cyclonic fluid flow
Apparatus for separating particles from a cyclonic fluid flow
Combination drill bit and intrametullary catheter and method of using same
Specimen retrieval device
Laparoscopic sealant applicator
Vascular retractor
Illuminated saphenous vein retractor
Surgical support apparatus with splined coupling, cross bar support and head-to-toe extension for surgical retractor apparatus
Instrument and method for manipulating an operating member coupled to suture material while maintaining tension on the suture material
Apparatus and method for surgical fastening
Surgical instrument for clipping and cutting blood vessels and organic structures
Osteotomy trial mounting device and method
Device for positioning and guiding a surgical instrument during orthopaedic interventions
Methods and instruments for spinal surgery
Methods and tools for tibial intermedullary revision surgery and associated tibial components
Catheters comprising a plurality of oscillators and methods for their use
Tissue pick and method for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures
Surgical clamp having replaceable pad
Biopsy device
Surgical and pharmaceutical site access guide and methods
Sleeve trocar with penetration indicator
Anatomical cavity access sealing conduit
Trocar seal system having dual seals
Endoscopic instrument locks
Expandable endoscopic portal and methods therefor
Bone fixation system
Modular intramedullary nail
Fixation member for treating orthopedic fractures
System for performing hip prosthesis surgery
Method and apparatus for power measurement in radio frequency electro-surgical generators
Electrosurgery system and method
System and method for controlling tissue ablation
Electrosurgical generator with adaptive power control
Methods for electrosurgical dermatological treatment
Systems and methods for electrosurgical treatment of vascular disorders
Laparoscopic bipolar electrosurgical instrument
Electro-surgical forceps having recessed irrigation channel
Methods for treating atherosclerosis and vulnerable plaques
Multiple pulse photo-epilator
Alexandrite laser system for hair removal
Devices for marking and defining particular locations in body tissue
Tissue expander
Measuring and processing data in reaction to stimuli
Apparatuses and methods for a noninvasive measurement of physiological parameters
Apparatus and method for non-invasively monitoring a subjects arterial blood pressure
Universal cuff for a blood pressure monitor
Electronic sphygmomanometer and method for measuring blood pressure
Method for the identification of persons
Multi-use lancet device
Method and apparatus for the recording and analysis of respiratory sounds in exercising horse
Method and apparatus for diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome
Steering mechanism and steering line for a catheter-mounted ultrasonic transducer
Hydrogel laminate, bandages and composites and methods for forming the same
Stent delivery system
Intracorneal astigmatic onlay
Adjustable corneal ring
Lens storage and folding apparatus
Intraocular lenses with improved axial stability
Artificial heart valve without a hinge
Net semiconstrained device for total hip replacement stability
Prosthesis system and method of implanting
Modular glenoid assembly
Surgical equipment for implanting a total shoulder prosthesis, and total shoulder prosthesis constituting same
Variable modulus prosthetic hip stem
Multiple axis intervertebral prosthesis
Prosthetic foot with lateral and angular adjustability
Methods and apparatus for treating plantar ulcerations
Plantar fascitis support apparatus
Breathing assistance improvements
Inlet port plug for inflatable blankets
Heat transferring therapeutic pack
Device for protecting organs of the eye which are situated in the region of the anterior chamber of the eye during eye lens surgery
Ophthalmic surgical system and method
Chiropractic adjusting tool
Lightweight, portable, scalp-vibrating and hair growth stimulating device
Device for irrigating or washing the nasal cavities and the rhinopharynx
Automatically modulating acupressure device
Flexible pacifier
Delivery of hydroxy carboxylic acids
Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for pregnant women
Verotoxin pharmaceutical compositions and medical treatments therewith
Cancer therapy using an oncogene product and a foreign MHC molecule
Compounds and methods for the detection and prevention of T. cruzi infection
Boron neutron capture therapy using pre-targeting methods
Inhibitory effect of synthetic and natural colorants on carcinogenesis
Adhesive cooling composition and process for its preparation
Osmotic delivery composition, solution, and method
Viral vectors to inhibit leukocyte infiltration or cartilage degradation of joints
Method of measuring physiological function
Liquid antimicrobial, skin moisturizing formulation
Antioxidant gel for gingival conditions
Cosmetic composition
Hair styling agents and compositions containing hydrophobic hair styling polymers
Medicated lip balm
Compound for the amelioration of pseudofolliculitis
Composition comprising monocarboxylic acid for treatment of keratinous materials
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratin fibres and dyeing method using said composition
Hair treatment composition
Water-in-oil emulsion containing fused silica and a polysaccharide alkyl ether
Integrated comprehensive hemorrhoid treatment compositions and regimen
Propellant mixtures and aerosols for micronizing medicaments with compressed gas
Use of fatty acid esters as bioadhesive substances
Amidine derivatives and drug carriers comprising the same
Composition and method of preparing microparticles of water-insoluble substances
Pharmaceutical composition having two coating layers
Form of administration for applying pharmaceutical substances and auxiliary substances, and process for the preparation thereof
Processes for preparing flutamide compounds and compounds prepared by such processes
Colonic drug delivery composition
Multiparticulate modified release composition
Orally administered pharmaceutical formulations of benzimidazole derivatives and the method of preparing the same
Sustained-release microgranules containing Diltiazem as the active principle
Multi-purpose compositions containing an alkyl-trypsin and methods of use in contact lens cleaning and disinfecting
Device for catalytically dissolving hydrogen peroxide
Atmospheric-pressure plasma decontamination/sterilization chamber
Electrolytic water producing apparatus and cleaning method for the same
Micro hand sanitizers (MHS)
Sterilizing method for medical sterilization packaging and injection pack
Compositions and methods to repair osseous defects
Device for tissue engineering bone
Drug delivery via therapeutic hydrogels
Biodegradable implant manufactured of polymer-based material and a method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for simultaneously germicidally cleansing air and water
Intermittent regulator
Removable left ventricular assist device with an aortic support apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing peritoneal dialysis
Supercritical fluid extraction of mould lubricant from hard shell capsules
Carbon dioxide absorbent in anaesthesiology
Apparatus and method for relieving motion sickness
Devices and methods for cannulating a blood vessel
Angiography luer hub having wings proximal to the plurality of grips and strain relief
Dilator for introducer system having injection port
Shaft for medical catheters
Intravenous anchor system (IVFAS)
One piece lock for splittable sheath
Injury resistant needle device
Occlusion cannula and methods of use
Colonic irrigation apparatus and method
Blood seal having a spring-biased septum
Needleless access device
Overfill protection systems for implantable drug delivery devices
Remotely programmable infusion system
Displacement activated medical check valve
Injection device
Interchangeable safety needle cannula module that is activated by a safety syringe and plunger module
Bonding agent composition containing conductive filler and method of bonding electrode to printed conductive trace with same
Method of depigmenting and/or bleaching skin and/or body hair or head hair
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of recovering gold from the fine carbon residue from a coarse carbon gold recovery process
Solvent delivery pump assembly
Renewable filter
Apparatus for cleaning a pool bottom having a sand bed
Filtering device for equipping a ventilation and/or heating and/or air conditioning unit, more particularly for a motor vehicle
Automatic detection and warning device of filtering net in air conditioner
Purification of very slightly contaminated air within a clean room
Discrete venturi gas scrubber system
Dust collecting method
Ozone supplying apparatus
Method for removing carbon dioxide from gases
Waste water treatment method and equipment being able to economically treat both a waste water and an exhaust gas respectively containing fluorine and organic matter
Process for reducing selenium and mercury from aqueous solutions
Gas recovery device
Method for producing white sugar
Appliance for fragmenting heterogeneous elements of a fluid medium for circulation in a filter module
Electric field method and apparatus for decontaminating soil
Method and installation for in situ testing of membrane integrity
Polysulfone based hollow fiber membrane, and a process for preparing the same
Process for preparing controlled-released chitosan microcapsule
Arrays of independently-addressable supported fluid bilayer membranes
Protective refractory shield for a gasifier
Process using plate arrangement for exothermic reactions
Process for the preparation of pulverulent heterogeneous substances
Method and apparatus for producing deionized water
Apparatus for contacting fluids and solids
Salt pelletizing method
Method for operation of membrane reactor, and membrane reactor used therein
Standpipe inlet enhancing particulate solids circulation for petrochemical and other processes
Method for mixing and separation employing magnetic particles
Method and apparatus for moving, filtering and ionizing air
Method for separating particles from an air flow
Compact enhanced yield blood processing systems
Sealing device for a centrifugal separator
Method and apparatus for application of coatings to articles
Apparatus and method for automated application of coatings to substrates
Method for disposing of the washing liquid in a machine for washing items and the washing machine used to implement the method
Cyanobacterial inoculants for land reclamation
Deflection compensating roll and method of use thereof
Texture free ballistic grade tantalum product and production method
Nickel fine powder and method for preparing the same
Method of and apparatus for forming nozzles
Solder alloy composition
Tool carousel
Endpoint detection by chemical reaction and reagent
Extruded alumina-based abrasive grit, abrasive products, and methods
Abrasive articles having abrasive layer bond system derived from solid, dry-coated binder precursor particles having a fusible, radiation curable component
Method for making tool with dual-material handle
Cement bonded wood chip product, resin bonded wood chip product, simulated wood product and manufacturing method thereof
Manufacturing method of ceramics component having microstructure
Screw and apparatus for plasticizing fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resins, and method and product of molding the resins
Method for compression molding
Torsion cords and method for molding the same
Process for reuse of vulcanized rubber
Rolled rigid foam
Method for the production of an opening-closing member and a sunroof produced therefrom for use with vehicle
Disappearing gate tab
Method for processing rigid-chain polymers into structural materials
Method of manufacturing an encapsulated, dual lens, sealed instrument cover
Method and apparatus for injection molding including valve stem positioning
Process for producing incompatible polymer-containing polyester film
Polypropylene film suitable for use in in-mold labeling process
Method and device for bending a component made of a thermoplastic material and the component itself
Sonic sealed bias seam
Thermoplastic composite products and method of lining pipework
Method and apparatus for welding together fluoropolymer pipe liners
Method of decorating and redecorating a ceramic tile surface
Disk bonding method and system
Synthetic wood
Multiple-pass irradiation of polyolefin films
Plastic lens systems and methods
Method of and apparatus for producing single wire beads for tires
Belt press using differential thermal expansion
Box sheet bending apparatus
Method of manufacturing interconnected plastic bags with tamper indication strip
Preblended carrier starches for corrugating adhesives
Business forms using carbonless sheets and non-impact laser printing and related process
Bag-in-carton and method and device for forming the bag-in-carton
Method of making wide mouth blow molded container
Apparatus and method for forming a splice in advancing web of paper
Folding machine
Interfolding method of sheet material and machine for carrying out such method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of sodium percarbonate
Biomimetic pathways for assembling inorganic thin films and oriented mesoscopic silicate patterns through guided growth
Method for the production of macroporous ceramics
Preparation of aluminum hydride polymorphs, particularly stabilized .alpha.-alh3
Process for the production of sodium carbonate crystals
Electrolytic purification of calcium carbonate
Use of calcium carbonate in an acidic aqueous media
Method for reducing uranium trioxide
Method and device for disinfecting pool water in a branched circuit thereof
Water treatment apparatus using plasma reactor and method thereof
Methods for treating wastewater containing hard-to-filter solids, in particular photoresist and paint sludges
Apparatus and method for control of rate of dissolution of solid chemical material into solution
Sewage treatment system with chlorinator
Method and apparatus for biologically treating waste water containing fluorine
Aqueous corrosion inhibitor
Oxygenated water cooler
Portable water treatment facility
Treatment of sulphate- and metal-containing water
Stains which bake to a red-brown color, process for their preparation and their methods of use
Apparatus for etching a glass substrate
Sizing for glass fibers having low nonionic and cationic lubricant content
Alkylacrylate ester composition for anchoring materials in or to concrete or masonry
Method for producing free-standing silicon carbide articles
Process for producing a body having a porous matrix from at least one recrystallized material
Gelcasting compositions having improved drying characteristics and machinability
Clay-free ready-mixed setting-type joint compound
Gas-generating preparation with iron and/or copper carbonate
Double base propellant containing 5-aminotetrazole
Extrudable gun propellant composition
Vehicle occupant protection device and solid solution gas generating composition therefor
Compliant hearing aid
Primary intermediate in oxidative hair dyeing
Bleaching or washing composition
Separation of (meth)acrylic acid by rectification
Process for working up crude, liquid vinyl acetate
Aqueous fractionation of biomass based on novel carbohydrate hydrolysis kinetics
Composition of trans-dominant variants of viral proteins for obtaining an anti-viral effect
Papilloma virus capsomere formulations and method of use
Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA sequences encoding immunostimulatory peptides
Peptides for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus
IgG-1 human monoclonal antibody reactive with an HIV-1 antigen and methods of use
Antithrombotic agent and humanized anti-von Willebrand factor monoclonal antibody
Peptides with immunomodulatory effects
Peptides with immunomodulatory effects
Production of microcrystalline cellulose by reactive extrusion
Paper prepared from aldehyde modified cellulose pulp and the method of making the pulp
Process for the production of polyester resins
Rosin sizing at neutral to alkaline pH
Tribological performance of thermoplastic composites via thermally conductive material and other fillers and a process for making the composite and molded articles of the same
Pinhole-resistant extrusion method
Composition in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion comprising an acrylic terpolymer and its uses, in particular its cosmetic uses
Process for preparing new crystal modifications of C.I. pigment red 53:2
Dye mixtures comprising water-soluble fiber-reactive azo dyes, preparation thereof and use thereof
Water-based ink for ink jet printing and ink jet printing method
Ink jet ink compositions
Multi-component mixtures for manufacture of semi-conductors
Class of high energy detecting phosphors
Composition for treatment of cellulosic material
Refrigerator oil composition
Coke drum semi automatic top deheader
Method for producing isotropic pitch, activated carbon fibers and carbon materials for non-aqueous secondary battery anodes
Crude oil desalting method
Mild hydrotreating/extraction process for low sulfur gasoline
Method for removing and suppressing coke formation during pyrolysis
Method for producing candles having three dimensional surface designs
Water-disintegratable cleaning sheet containing alkylcellulose
Surface treatment composition and method for treating surface of substrate by using the same
Use of cytokines and mitogens to inhibit pathological immune responses
In vivo assay for intravasation
Apparatus for keeping optimal penetration depth formed at front end of oxygen tuyere and method for keeping the same
Process for producing a foaming slag above a stainless steel melted in an electric furnace
Tiltable converter
Apparatus and methods for generating an artificial atmosphere for the heat treating of materials
Method and low iron loss grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet
Heat treatment of a steel wire
Box annealing furnace method for annealing metal sheet using the same and annealed metal sheet
Method for operating waste heat boiler in flash-smelting furnace
Rotary thermal oxidizer for battery recycling and process
Portable dross press with rising and dumping pot
.alpha.+.beta. type titanium alloy, a titanium alloy strip, coil-rolling process of titanium alloy, and process for producing a cold-rolled titanium alloy strip
Fine-grained WC-Co cemented carbide
Metal matrix alloys
Good machinability Fe-based sintered alloy and process of manufacture therefor
Ultra-high strength, weldable, boron-containing steels with superior toughness
Rolling member
Apparatus for sputtering
Method for manufacturing metal sputtering target for use in DC magnetron so that target has reduced number of conduction anomalies
Magnetron for low pressure, full face erosion
Contoured platen design for plasma immerson ion implantation
Equipment for forming a glue layer of an opening
Method for boron contamination reduction in IC fabrication
Apparatus for generating a wet oxygen stream for a semiconductor processing furnace
Heat treatment system using ring-shaped radiation heater elements
Method and apparatus for regulating chamber pressure
Single-substrate-heat-treating apparatus for semiconductor process system
Outside power source-type, electrical, corrosion protection
Process for the preparation of tetraalkyl 1,2,3,4-butanetetracarboxylates
Process and plant for electrolytically coating surface of a roll, for the continuous casting of thin metal strip, with a metal laser
Electrically conductive anodized aluminum coatings
Electroplating apparatus
Chromium plating from baths catalyzed with alkanedisulfonic-alkanesulfonic compounds with inhibitors such as aminealkanesulfonic and heterocyclic bases
Inflatable compliant bladder assembly
Electroplating workpiece fixture having liquid gap spacer
Reactor vessel having improved cup anode and conductor assembly
Removal of metal skin from a copper-Invar-copper laminate
Process for producing a single crystal
Method of manufacturing crystal of silicon using an electric potential
Single crystal pulling apparatus
Electrochemical synthesis of crystalline compound or alloy films
Textiles; Paper
Process for producing hydroxyapatite fibers
Process for modifying silk
Method for black liquor gasification in recovery boilers
Method for countercurrent treatment of slurries
Method of removing wax from cellulosic fiber used in a fiber suspension for a paper-making machine
Air press method for dewatering a wet web
Transfer of a cellulosic web between spaced apart transport means using a moving air as a support
Press arrangement and method thereof
Dewatering press and process
Strength of paper made from pulp containing surface active, carboxyl compounds
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve assembly
Method and device for destroying reaction gases by incineration
Two chamber regenerative thermal or catalytic oxidizer with purging circuit
Etch endpoint detection
Apparatus for detecting concentration of nitrogen oxide
Automatic measuring device for the concentration of a developing agent
Methods and apparatus for measurement of the carbon and heteroorganic content of water including single-cell instrumentation mode for same
Method of manufacturing a sensor
Method of manufacturing magnetoresistive (MR) sensor element with sunken lead structure
Method and apparatus for ultrasound image reconstruction
High frame rate ultrasonic diagnostic imaging systems with motion artifact reduction
Method of using ultrasound energy to locate the occurrence of predetermined event in the heart cycle or other physiologic cycle of the body
System for evaluating treatment of chest pain patients
Image processing apparatus for parallel image processing and method therefor
Method of making a light-emitting fiber
Electrically conductive compositions and films for position sensors
Two-step process for preparing positive temperature coefficient polymer materials
Method and apparatus for generating a plasma
Plasma density and etch rate enhancing semiconductor processing chamber
Sputter magnetron having two rotation diameters
Methods and apparatus for determining an etch endpoint in a plasma processing system
Surface wave coupled plasma etching apparatus
Heat processing apparatus
High-density plasma, organic anti-reflective coating etch system compatible with sensitive photoresist materials
Method of producing a multi-layer ceramic substrate
Making epitaxial semiconductor device
Assembly method allowing easy re-attachment of large area electronic components to a substrate
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