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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Steam oven
Decorative element for the human body
Drawer latch mechanism
Kimchi refrigerator
Spiral/coil wrap stand
Removable, reversible, protective hammock-style seat cover
Pad for child safety seat
Acoustically tuned seating assembly
Modular seat/console for a vehicle
Portable shoehorn
Beverage maker having brewing chamber adapted to receive coffee pods or loose coffee
Multi-component soap system
Device, system and method for in-vivo sensing of a body lumen
Surgical stapling tool
Method of performing a treatment for gastroesophagheal reflux disease (GERD)
Medical retrieval device with frangible basket
Supplementary vascular clamp for the tool kit of an open approach stapler
Medical needles and electrodes with improved bending stiffness
Ablation device and method comprising movable ablation elements
Eye optical characteristic measuring apparatus
Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
Flow-independent parameter estimation based on tidal breathing exhalation profiles
Ultrasonic probe with a conductive substrate connected to a transducer
Bone age assessment using ultrasound
Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnosing device
Combination placement tool and light
Permeable, close to the body liner for swim wear
Pre-expanded tampon pledget
Apparatus for providing dorsiflexion assistance in ankle foot orthoses and night splints
Crutch walker and associated use therefor
Delivery device and method of delivery
Drug delivery device and method
Infusion catheter and use thereof
Variable depth injection device and method
Injection device
Atraumatic delivery devices
Esophagus stoma button
Airplane seat, passenger bench, magnetic field resonance system, and use of a device for generating electromagnetic interaction in an airplane seat or in a passenger bench in an aircraft
Loading device of leg extension machine
Weight adjustable dumbbell for performing push up
Dumbbell retail/storage rack
Ball throwing and retrieving device
Apparatus and method for training a baseball batter to swing a baseball bat level
Tennis backboard
Method for providing mental activity for an exerciser
Roller ski
Cue stick
Battle school
Wagering game with symbol combinations providing virtual mapping to table with game outcomes
Stock car racing card game
Competitive Sudoku board game
Gaming system and method for enabling a player to select progressive awards to try for and chances of winning progressive awards
Construction kit for constructing a play structure
System and method for toy adoption and marketing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for improving membranes
Curved blade mixing device
Automatic stirring system
Method of monitoring operation of a centrifugal separator using pressure measurement
Drilled and integrated secondary fuel nozzle and manufacturing method
Treatment of tissue specimens
Fume hood drive system to prevent cocking of a sash
Precision cast dental instrument
Cold-pressure welding method and metal product welded by the method
Percussion mechanism for a repetitively hammering hand power tool
Workbench accessory
Process for assembling a bag
Printing machine and process for printing including a chain gripper system
Blanket holding rail
Drum maintenance system for an imaging device and method and system for maintaining an imaging device
Method of forming thick layer by screen printing and method of forming piezoelectric actuator of inkjet head
Discharge device
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus
Micro-fluid ejection head with embedded chip on non-conventional substrate
Thermal inkjet with multiple drop volumes per nozzle
Printhead unit cell having welled heater element
Droplet discharging head with a through hole having a protrusion on a surface, droplet discharging device and a functional-film forming device
Air expulsion arrangement for printhead assembly
Liquid discharge head
Line printing type inkjet image forming apparatus and method of enhancing printed image quality
Modular printhead assembly with reservoir mounted printhead modules
Nozzle assembly for an inkjet printer for ejecting a low volume droplet
High nozzle density printhead ejecting low drop volumes
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Method of measuring volumes of ink droplets and method of controlling nozzles of inkjet head using the method
Semiautomatic electronic printer
Modular printer with substantially identical duplexed printhead assemblies
Toothbrush with toothpaste dispenser
Pneumatic tire with tread tape radially inside carcass and method of manufacturing the same
Foldable top assembly for a golf cart
Convertible vehicle and hinge device
Convertible vehicle
Car and window shield device
Emblem for motor vehicle
Vehicle seats having a back support lock assembly
Foldable armrest
Vehicle room lamp
Projector lamp unit
Illuminating apparatus
Lighting device for vehicle and door mirror device
Bumper beam structure for vehicle
Passenger restraint apparatus for funfair rides
Hybrid remote control lawn mower
Hybrid system of vehicle
Stroller having extendable handle
Rear vehicle body structure
Method for steering a vehicle by means of a superimposed steering system
Easy sweep trash bag holder
Crate for containers
Spout assembly for liquid container
Adjustable vacuum food storage container
Apparatus for discharging tissue
Booklet-loading device, post-treatment device and image-forming system
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming system
Apparatus for deflecting sheet material
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Active rigging device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Solid ink set incorporating naturally derived materials and processes thereof
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for manufacturing multilayer articles
Pattern generating mechanism for sewing machine
Fixed Constructions
Railway crossing installation
Precast concrete slab system and method therefor
Drainage cell modular raintank and water storage system
Structure for enclosing and isolating a packaging machine from an outside environment
End mounting for supporting a roller
Spoolable connector
AC coiled tubing rig with automated drilling system and method of using the same
System and method for a low drag flotation system
Method of condensing vaporized water in situ to treat tar sands formations
Creating and maintaining a gas cap in tar sands formations
Degradable surfactants and methods for use
Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning of wellbores and near-wellbore areas using high precision stimulation
Degradable cement compositions containing degrading materials and methods of cementing in wellbores
Internal breaker for oilfield treatments
Apparatus for in situ testing of a soil sample
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Screw in blade/vane
Internal-combustion engine, notably of direct injection type, with a piston provided with a bowl comprising a teat
Rotary internal combustion engine
Control system for an exhaust gas sensor
Diesel engine control device
Power assembly for internal combustion engine with in-cylinder deposit scraper
Fuel tank cap with integrated carbon canister
Fluid pump control apparatus
Power management device, control system, and control method
Vertical axis wind turbine with articulating rotor
High-efficiency, large angle, variable displacement hydraulic pump/motor
Fluid dynamic bearing and hard disk drive employing the same
Drive assembly with an intermediate bearing
Dual pulley constant force mechanism
Energy absorbing device
Hybrid vehicle transmission with a mechanical reverse function
Automatic transmission of motor vehicle
Device for supplying a drive element
Shift control device and ratio control method for automatic transmission
Efficiency based integrated power train control system
Fluid distribution system for a swimming pool cleaning apparatus
Safety valve of a high pressure storage, in particular a hydrogen storage tank
Non-axial actuable valve capable of retaining both high and low pressures
Adjustable fluid coupling assembly
Tube fitting
Plug for a hydraulic fitting
Tripod for a camera
Longitudinal guide for an automotive vehicle seat
Method and system for attachment of light emitting diodes to circuitry for use in lighting
LED flashlight lantern
Light-emitting diode stacked lighting core for lamp bulb
LED lamp having higher efficiency
LED lamp having a convenient replacement structure
Computer panel with light-reflecting and light-shielding member
Optical plate and backlight module using the same
Display method and illumination system thereof
Training simulator for sharp shooting
Keypad light guide with lined apertures
Syringes and methods of syringe manufacturing
Multi-fixed-point cells and temperature calibration system using it
System and method for providing temperature data from a memory device having a temperature sensor
Strain relief boot for cable connector
Interchangeable decorative arrangement for spectacles
Camera module
Photographic device with retractable lens
Stereoscopic image display apparatus
Projecting apparatus
Image projector
Tandem pump valve structure
Securing virtual contracts with credit
Video game methods and systems
Video game with registration of funding sources
Method and system for allocating resources in a video game
Image processing apparatus
System and method for purchasing game and lottery tickets
Safety marking
Relaxed currency constraints
Value medium processing device
System, method, and computer-readable medium for course structure design to support adaptive learning
Arithmetic measurement system
Disk protecting plate
Electronic device substrate, electronic device, method of manufacturing electronic device, and electronic apparatus
Method of forming an external electrode fluorescent lamp, thick film electrode compositions used therein, and lamps and LCD devices formed thereof
Board-to-board connector assembly
Electrical connector with terminals bonded to housing
Connector for flexible printed circuit board
Right-angle connector
Composite connector
Card edge connector with a metallic reinforcement piece
Electrical connector having stiffener with elastic latches
Patch panel and patch panel connector
Power plug assembly
Stirrup-type power utility electrical connector assemblies
High current coaxial connection with two plug elements, and gradient coil conductor
Manufacturing of a photo-radiation source by binding multiple light emitting chips without use of solder or wiring bonding
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Recombinant vector, method for giving immunity against PVY-T to potato plant, and potato plant having immunity against PVY-T
High performance cobalt (II,III) oxide antimicrobial textile articles
Dough pre-sheeting system and method
Shelf stable brownie batter article and method of preparation
Protective foamed patch for shrinkable bag
Process for preparing storage stable par-fries
High-amylose starch-emulsifier composition and methods of making
Beverage topping
Method of producing consumer milk with a defined fat content in packages
Fat composition and frothing oil-in-water emulsion
Shelf life in food products
Low-fat snacks having improved eating qualities and dough compositions used to prepare low-fat fabricated snacks
Mono-screw extrusion process for manufacturing aerated frozen products
Vegetarian pet treat
Xylanases, genes encoding them, and uses thereof
Enzymes with xylanase activity from aspergillus aculeatus
Process for isolating filling from outer edible shell member
Cellulose ether having enhanced gel strength and compositions containing it
Method of cooking pasta and a special pan with a lid
Antifungal complexes and method of making
Miniature model trees and method of manufacturing
All season ornamental lamp-post tree
Method and apparatus for extending the freshness of coffee and indicating its freshness
Sheet material having weakness zones and a system for dispensing the material
Multilayer compression-resistant apertured web
Recombinant .alpha.-N-acetylgalactosaminidase enzyme and cDNA encoding said enzyme
Method for determining the presence or absence of a hereditary hemochromatosis gene mutation
Plasmids encoding immunogenic proteins and intracellular targeting sequences
Programmable antigen presenting cell of CD34 lineage
Method of cleaving specific nucleic acid sequence
Detection of helicobacter pylori in the stomach
Poly(vinyl acetamide) adhesive for skin cleaning tape
Biodegradable targetable microparticle delivery system
Coating comprising layers of diamond like carbon and diamond like nanocomposite compositions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for preparing composite inorganic membranes
Porous membrane structure and method
Acid catalyst regeneration control
Cellulose/polymer composite enthalpy exchanger and method for its manufacture
Photocatalyst-carrying structure and photocatalyst coating material
Method and apparatus for making arrays
Thermal cycling or temperature control device and method using alumina plate
Shuttle cutoff for applying granules to an asphalt coated sheet
Method and apparatus for impregnation of porous bodies for protection against oxidation
Methods and apparatus for processing insulating substrates
Contrasting gloss surface coverings optionally containing dispersed wear-resistant particles and methods of making the same
Method of making light emitting polymer composite material
Method of making a conformal coating of a microtextured surface
Composite material having discontinuous three-dimensional network structure and production thereof
Composite body, especially for a cutting tool
Process for preparing a metal body having a hermetic seal
Coating cutting edges with fluorocarbon polymers
Ornamental plaster crown molding
Method and apparatus for the production of continuous composite materials
Epoxy resin composition for a fiber-reinforced composite material, yarn prepreg, and process and apparatus for preparing the same
Process of recycling waste polymeric material and an article utilizing the same
Method of making tubes out of composite material having high tribological and mechanical characteristics
Package with tear tape and method of forming same
Thermal transfer laminate
Medium density polyethylene film having unidirectional tear
Venting tape
Fiber-reinforced composite materials
Composite substrate for electronic components
Negative working waterless lithographic printing plate precursor
Curtain feed method for a gravure process
Method of manufacture of a thermally actuated ink jet printer having a series of thermal actuator units
Rewriteable image-recording substrate, image-recording apparatus and image-erasing apparatus therefor
Printed pattern defect repair sheet, and repair device and method for printed pattern defect
Thermal mass transfer donor element
Ink jet recording element
Thermal transfer with a plasticizer-containing transfer layer
Production process for 3-D images
Sheet material
Method of manufacturing a composite foam from foam flakes, composite foam, and use of this composite foam
Cable reel including a sound-absorbing material and method for producing the sound-absorbing material for the cable reel
Absorbent wine bottle wrap
Label for re-closable packaging
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Preparation of analytical samples, analysis of impurities, preparation of highly purified phosphoric acid and production of semiconductor devices
Structured body of carbon having frustum protrusion and method for the preparation thereof
Nickel hydroxide positive electrode material exhibiting improved conductivity and engineered activation energy
Method for manufacturing a cathode ray tube
Process for treating base to selectively impart water repellency, light-shielding member formed substrate, and production process of color filter substrate for picture device
High temperature resistant glass fiber composition and a method for making the same
Sizing composition for glass fibers
Perowskite for a coating of interconnectors
High density ceramic BGA package and method for making same
Composite materials comprising two jonal functions and methods for making the same
Porous body of polysaccharide or polysaccharide-clay composite, and process for its production
Method for modifying the properties of a freeform fabricated part
Surface treatment method and agent
11-hydroxysordarin and a process for producing it using actinomyces SSP
Bis(3,4-methylenedioxyphenylamino) derivatives and electrophotographic photoreceptor containing the derivatives
Pyrrolo [1,2-A] pyrimidine compound and heat-sensitive recording material using the same
1,2-dioxetane derivative fused to pyran ring and use thereof
Measurement of gene expression profiles in toxicity determination
Recombinant FIV glycoprotein 160 and P24 gag protein
Hepatitis C virus NS5B truncated protein and methods thereof to identify antiviral compounds
Hypersensitive response elicitor from Erwinia amylovora, its use, and encoding gene
metK from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Double targeted gene replacement in unicellular diploid organisms
Escherichia coli CSRB gene and RNA encoded thereby
Multiple drug resistance gene atrD of Aspergillus nidulans
Polypeptides for diagnosing infection with trypanosoma cruzi
Human anion channel
Human metabotropic glutamate receptor subtypes (hmR4, hmR6, hmR7) and related DNA compounds
Diagnosis and treatment of PTP04 related disorders
Soluble Flk-2 sequence
Stable factor VIII/von Willebrand factor complex
Production of recombinant lactoferrin and lactoferrin polypeptides using cDNA sequences in various organisms
Polypeptides having thyrotropin-receptor activity, nucleic acid sequences coding for such receptors and polypeptides, and applications of these polypeptides
Ikaros: A T cell pathway regulatory gene
Polycystic kidney disease PKD2 gene and uses thereof
Methods for enhanced production of tissue plasminogen activator in cell culture using alkanoic acids or salts thereof
Immunoassays for the alpha platelet-derived growth factor receptor
Antibody specific for homogalacturonan
Electrodes with improved adhesion between activator and collector and methods of making the same
Photosensitive resin composition and photosensitive element using the same
Process for synthesis of allophanate compounds and compositions including the product thereof
Polyethylene-2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate resin and preform and bottle molded thereof
Molded resin articles having marproof organic hard coat layer and non fogging organic hard coat layer, process for the production of the same, and coating materials therefor
Coated foam insulation and method of making the same
Heat-resistant insulating film, raw substrate for printed wiring board using the same and method for producing the substrate
Abrasion resistant urethane coatings
Adhesive resin composition
Adhesive composition and precursor thereof
Adhesive tape for electronic parts
Photomask method of manufacture method of test/repair and method of use therefor
Portable cell growth cassette for use in maintaining and growing biological cells
Method of selection for genes encoding secreted and transmembrane proteins
Antisense oligonucleotide modulation of tumor necrosis factor-(.alpha.) (TNF-.alpha.) expression
Antisense modulation of ADAM10 expression
Method for identifying microbial proliferation genes
Secreted renilla luciferase
Transposable element protein that directs DNA integration to specific chromosomal sites
Vectors and methods for the mutagenesis of mammalian genes
Method to select and transfect cell subpopulations
Helper-free, totally defective adenovirus for gene therapy
Sarcosine oxidase and process for producing the same
Mur A-1 from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Leucine aminopeptidases produced recombinantly from Aspergillus soyae
Polyhydroxyalkanoates of narrow molecular weight distribution prepared in transgenic plants
Method for producing amide compounds using a nitrile hydratase from a thermophilic bacillus
Chromosome microdissection method
Protein complexes having factor VIII:C activity and production thereof
Assays for compounds which extend life span
Competitive apo-peroxidase assay
Screening assays for agents that alter inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) protein regulation of caspase activity
Culture medium for detecting pathogenic bacteria of the genus Listeria and method for identifying said bacteria
Genetic polymorphisms which are associated with autism spectrum disorders
Promoter elements conferring root-preferred gene expression
Mutant chimeric DNA polymerase
Primer sets for analyzing fatty acyl-CoA oxidase expression
Human intronic and polymorphic SR-BI nucleic acids and uses therefor
Nucleic acid detection in cytoplasm
Nucleic acid detection method using nucleotide probes enabling both specific capture and detection
Non-radioactive hybridization assay and kit
Chip-based species identification and phenotypic characterization of microorganisms
Methods of screening for compounds active on Staphylococcus aureus target genes
Methods to identify polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences which may be associated with physiological and medical conditions
Method for detection of DNA on polymer gels using a counter-dye composition and counter-dye composition for the same
Gene markers for chronic mucosal injury
Computer-aided probability base calling for arrays of nucleic acid probes on chips
Method, reagent and kit for genotyping of human papillomavirus
Coating and method for minimizing consumption of base material during high temperature service
Stable surface passivation process for compound semiconductors
Optical data storage medium
Thin film deposition apparatus
Method to maintain consistent thickness of thin film deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Austenitic stainless steel article having a passivated surface layer
Abrasion resistant coated articles
Protective coating on metal
Method of improving oxidation and corrosion resistance of a superalloy article, and a superalloy article obtained by the method
Material having titanium dioxide crystalline orientation film and method for producing the same
Textiles; Paper
Fibrillated acrylic fiber
Process for making load limiting yarn
Splittable conjugated fiber and nonwoven fabric using the same, and absorbent article
Conjugate fibers and manufacturing method of the same
Tufted articles and related processes
Preparation of fibers containing intrinsically conductive polymers
Fixed Constructions
Recycled roofing material and method of manufacturing same
Environmental material ticket reader and airborne hazard detection system
Method and apparatus for analyzing cells in a whole blood sample
Method and apparatus for determining the lean content of meat products
Capillary immunoassay and device therefor comprising mobilizable particulate labelled reagents
Method of using a test strip for the immunochemical detection of substances
Antibodies to heparan sulfate glycosaminoglycans in the diagnosis of polyneuropathies
Method of detecting and monitoring endometrial and uterine cancers
Analytical system
Methods for structure analysis of oligosaccharides
Calibration method for radiation spectroscopy
MoRu/Be multilayers for extreme ultraviolet applications
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor optical waveguide array and an array-structured semiconductor optical device
Process for production of semiconductor laser grating
Process for the preparation of high bromide ultrathin tabular grain emulsions
High contrast photographic element containing a novel nucleator
Color photographic element containing ballasted mercaptodiazole derivative and inhibitor releasing coupler
Photothermographic material
Photographic element with fluoropolymer lubricants
Photographic element comprising polyethylene terephthalate film base and antihalation layer
Homogeneous photographic color developing concentrate
Color photographic recording material
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material and color image formation method using the same
Silver halide color photographic photosensitive material
Phase-shifting photomask blank, phase-shifting photomask, method for producing them and apparatus for manufacturing the blank
Phase shifting circuit manufacture method and apparatus
Method of forming a photomask of high dimensional accuracy utilizing heat treatment equipment
Mask forming methods and field emission display emitter mask forming methods
Method for manufacturing recording original disc for optical information recording media
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Photo-sensitive material, method of forming a resist pattern and manufacturing an electronic parts using photo-sensitive material
Chemically amplified resist
Processing method and apparatus for production of lithographic printing plates
Film forming method and film forming apparatus
Method of patterning photoresist using precision and non-precision techniques
Exposure method utilizing pre-exposure reduction of substrate temperature
Method to determine the dark-to-clear exposure dose for the swing curve
Method and apparatus for removing post-etch residues and other adherent matrices
Endless belt for use in digital imaging systems
Polymer, electrophotographic photosensitive member containing the polymer, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus having the electrophotographic photosensitive member
Electrophotographic selenium photoconductor
Two-component developer
Toner for developing electrostatic image
Magnetic carrier particles
Card having adhesive layer and method of manufacturing same
Magneto-optic recording medium with reduced demagnetizing field threshold
Underlayer for use in a high density magnetic recording media
Magnetic recording tape
Perishable media information storage mechanism and method of fabrication
Optical recording medium
Hot-melt adhesive for gluing digital versatile discs
Method of testing integrated circuit including a DRAM
Stabilized telecommunication cable insulation composition
Plasma reactor for the treatment of large size substrates
Framed sheet processing
Field emission displays with reduced light leakage
Method for removing short-circuited sections of a solar cell
Method of fabricating thin-film transistor
Apparatus and method for minimizing diffusion in stacked capacitors formed on silicon plugs
Method of fabricating a surface coupled InGaAs photodetector
Pre-treatment method performed on a semiconductor structure before forming hemi-spherical grains of capacitor storage node
Method to form shallow trench isolations with rounded corners and reduced trench oxide recess
Cross leakage of capacitors in DRAM or embedded DRAM
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor arrangement having capacitive structure and manufacture thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Non-selective epitaxial depostion technology
Multi-cavity substrate structure for discrete devices
Modified method for forming cylinder-shaped capacitors for dynamic random access memory (DRAM)
Method of fabricating hemispherical grain electrode
Methods of forming capacitors structures and DRAM cells
Method of fabricating dynamic random access memory
Method to fabricate split-gate with self-aligned source and self-aligned floating gate to control gate
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices with alleviated electric field concentration at gate edge portions
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Manufacture of field-effect semiconductor devices
Selected site, metal-induced, continuous crystallization method
Method of forming semiconductor devices using gate insulator thickness and channel length for controlling drive current strength
Thin film semiconductor device, method for fabricating the same and semiconductor device
Method for fabricating self-aligned metal silcide
Method of making high performance MOSFET with enhanced gate oxide integration and device formed thereby
MOS transistors having raised source and drain and interconnects
Semiconductor devices with pocket implant and counter doping
MOS technology power device with low output resistance and low capacitance, and related manufacturing process
Method of fabricating field effect transistor
Structure and process for thin film interconnect
Low stress method and apparatus for underfilling flip-chip electronic devices
Flip chip with integrated mask and underfill
Apparatus and method for automating the underfill of flip-chip devices
Flip-chip resin-encapsulated semiconductor device
Flip chip having integral mask and underfill providing two-stage bump formation
Method of measuring oxide thickness during semiconductor fabrication
Self-aligned floating gate for memory application using shallow trench isolation
Method to suppress CMOS device latchup and improve interwell isolation
Fabrication of metal oxide structures with different thicknesses on a semiconductor substrate
Method of manufacturing high voltage mixed-mode device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including field effect transistors
Vertical DRAM cell with TFT over trench capacitor
Methods of forming capacitors and DRAM arrays
Method for manufacturing dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing thereof
Method of making damascene flash memory transistor
Method of fabricating a self-aligned split gate of a flash memory
Method for forming split gate non-volatile memory cells without forming a conductive layer on a boundary region between a memory cell array and peripheral logic
Silicon-on-insulator devices and method for producing the same
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Re-etched spacer process for a self-aligned structure
Microcap wafer-level package with vias
Near chip size integrated circuit package
Wafer-level package and methods of fabricating
Method of fabricating a microelectronic assembly using sheets with gaps to define lead regions
High density leaded ball-grid array package
Method of making a multichip semiconductor package
Trench style bump and application of the same
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing fuse element used in memory device and fuse element
Overlay process for fabricating a semiconductor device
Wafer-level package, a method of manufacturing thereof and a method of manufacturing semiconductor devices from such a wafer-level package
Method of fabricating mixed-mode semiconductor device having a capacitor and a gate
Method for manufacturing nonvolatile memory device
CMOS sensor and method of manufacture
Planar mount LED element and method for manufacturing the same
Tunnel nitride for improved polysilicon emitter
Method of increasing the mobility of MOS transistors by use of localized stress regions
Method of manufacturing a capacitance semi-conductor device
Semiconductor-oxide-semiconductor capacitor formed in integrated circuit
Method for making insulated-gate semiconductor element
Organic electroluminescent device
Lithium secondary battery
Storage battery with temperture-control device
Self-switching electrochemical cells and method of making same
Metal-air fuel cell battery systems having mechanism for extending the path length of metal-fuel tape during discharging and recharging modes of operation
Dry cell and method of manufacturing outer metal jacket thereof
Protective electrochemical cell package
Battery pack having durable terminals
Structure for sharing batteries
Current path cut-off component of cell
Battery cell plug
Annealing of mixed metal oxide electrodes to reduce polarization resistance
Lithium secondary cell
Electrode modification using surface associated lithium salts and an associated process for fabrication of an electrode
Lithium-ion battery cell having an oxidized/reduced negative current collector
Electrode grid for lead batteries
Magnesium solution phase catholyte seawater electrochemical system
Low cost, lightweight fuel cell elements
High power density solid oxide fuel cell having a graded anode
Consinterable ceramic interconnect for solid oxide fuel cells
Method to reduce partial discharge in high voltage stator coil's roebel filler
Vertical surface mount assembly and methods
Process for producing multilayer wiring boards
Electromagnetic wave shielding sheet
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew