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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Avalanche photodiode
Human Necessities
Aspartate kinase
Use of thiazole derivatives for preparing a medicine for protecting mitochondria
Paclitaxel enhancer compounds
Methods of enhancing solubility of compounds
Indole derivatives useful as progesterone receptor modulators
Pyrido-pyrimidine compounds as medicaments
Chemical compounds
Reverse-turn mimetics and compositions and methods relating thereto
Phenylalanine derivatives
Enhancement of effectiveness of 5-fluorouracil in treatment of tumor metastases and cancer
Azacyclosteroid histamine-3 receptor ligands
Compositions and methods for siRNA inhibition of angiogenesis
Pharmaceutical dopamine glycoconjugate compositions and methods of their preparation and use
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and assays and methods of use thereof for diagnosis of cardiac disease
Cyclic peptides for treatment of cachexia
Anti-fibril peptides
In vivo planning and treatment of cancer therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nozzle presetter for laser machining tool of laser beam machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Substituted cyclopentenone derivatives and their use in perfume compositions
Catalyst composition for the selective conversion of alkanes to unsaturated carboxylic acids, method of making and method of using thereof
Method and apparatus for preparing a dialkyl carbonate, and its use in the preparation of diaryl carbonates and polycarbonates
Process for conversion of cyanopyridines to nicotinamides and catalyst therefor, process for preparing said catalyst
Cytodifferentiating agents and histone deacetylase inhibitors, and methods of use thereof
Methods and compositions for detecting polynucleotide duplex damage and errors
Catalytic epoxidation of styrene with molecular oxygen using metal ion exchanged zeolites
Crystal and solvate of 2-amino-6-benzyloxypurine and production methods thereof
Work-up of the mother liquor obtained in the preparation of high-purity triethylenediamine
Sirtuin modulating compounds
Isolated nucleic acid molecules which encode peptides that bind to HLA molecules, and uses thereof
Polynucleotide encoding a novel human P2X7 splice variant, HBMYP2X7v
Cysteine substitution variants of beta interferon
Peptides promoting cell adherence, growth and secretion
Organic solvent-free hydrogenation of diene-based polymers
Production method of hydroxyl-containing polymer
Fluoroacrylate-multifunctional acrylate copolymer compositions
High stereospecific polybutylene polymer and highly active process for preparation thereof
Peroxide curable butyl formulations
Silicone resin composition and molded product thereof
Crosslinkable aromatic resin having protonic acid group, and ion conductive polymer membrane, binder and fuel cell using the resin
Phenol-reacted non-ester alicyclic diepoxides
Modified copolyesters and optical films including modified copolyesters
Material and method and device for producing the same
Autoxidisable architectural coating compositions
Coated luminescent material and light-emitting device having such a luminescent material
Light deflection element, light deflection device and image display device
Foamed viscoelastic surfactants
Photo bleach lipophilic fluid cleaning compositions
Red colored cleansing article with distributed polymeric network
Functional substances derived from oligoolefins having functional groups at the ends
Streptomyces strain that decomposes proteins recalcitrant to proteolysis
Expression cassettes for meristem-preferential expression in plants
Methods of expanding stem and progenitor cells and expanded cell populations obtained thereby
Drosophila clipped FRT (cFRT) chromosome insensitive to P transposage, generating method thereof, and application thereof
Methods for producing polypeptides through enhanced synthesis of encoding nucleic acid molecules
Nucleic acids encoding chromophores/fluorophores and methods for using the same
Isolated DNA comprising one or more genes specific for 5S clavam biosynthesis, vectors comprising such DNA and Streptomyces hosts capable of improved clavulanic acid production
Methods for preventing inhibition of nucleic acid synthesis by pyrophosphate
Sequencing by incorporation
Tissue analysis and kits therefor
Fixed Constructions
Polymer Crosslinking System Comprising Soluble Zr(IV), Carbonate and Bicarbonate Ions
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind power generation apparatus
Vehicle body slip angle detecting apparatus, vehicle body slip angle detecting method, and vehicle motion control apparatus provided with the vehicle body slip angle detecting apparatus
Isolated magnetostrictive buffered liquid level sensor
Device and method for detecting the position and the velocity of a test object
Wide angle laser range and bearing finder
Method of accelerated testing of illuminated device components
Identification of hidden objects by terahertz heterodyne laser imaging
Process vessel with integral evaporator
Immuno-gold lateral flow assay
Nanoscale patterning and immobilization of bio-molecules
Diagnostics and therapeutics for macular degeneration-related disorders
Optical device for measuring the displacement velocity of a first moving element with respect to a second element
Filter calibration
Protection circuit for semiconductor device and semiconductor device including the same
Probe tile for probing semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor apparatus and test execution method for semiconductor apparatus
Probe cards employing probes having retaining portions for potting in a retention arrangement
Temperature and voltage controlled integrated circuit processes
Method and measurement program for burn-in test of two semiconductor devices simultaneously
Method and apparatus for cleaning a probe card
Probe card and method for testing magnetic sensor
Method and device for the adaptive regulation of power
Reflection free launcher for electromagnetic guide wire
Method and apparatus for gamma ray detection
Method, system, storage medium and software arrangement for radial prescription of long-axis slices in magnetic resonance imaging examinations
NMR probe for high-temperature measurements
Noise attenuation apparatus for borehole telemetry
Optical microscope
Laminated package
Laser and fiber coupling control
Microlens substrate, a method for manufacturing the microlens substrate, a liquid crystal panel, and a projection type display apparatus
Optical system, color information displaying method, optical deflecting device, and image projection displaying apparatus
Optical scanning lens, optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Optical pick-up apparatus
Three-dimensional image display apparatus
Optical element holding structure, optical element lens-barrel and optical communication module
Optical modulator and optical modulating method
Dynamic optical tag communicator and system using corner cube modulating retroreflector
Transflective liquid crystal display and color filter with two kinds of color resists for the same
Liquid crystal display device
Dispenser system for liquid crystal display panel and dispensing method using the same
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Environmental system including a transport region for an immersion lithography apparatus
Apparatus for aberration detection and measurement
Gassing-free exposure mask
Method of fabricating semiconductor device, and developing apparatus using the method
Image forming method
Imaging members
Display medium having a bibliographic reference corresponding to date
Control unit
Method of controlling movable member driven by electric motor
Semiconductor circuit device and data processing system
Systems and methods for limiting low priority traffic from blocking high priority traffic
Apparatus and method for adapting image sensor aspect ratio to print aspect ratio in a digital image capture appliance
Time estimator for printing workflow
Method for color cast removal in scanned images
Pen data capture and injection
Perceptually based display
Print system
Semantic thumbnails
Dual security label
Wireless terminal with gas leakage detection function, gas leakage detection system using the same, and gas leakage notification method
Concrete wetting alarm system
Semiconductor device and display device utilizing the same
Text entry for electronic device
Driver circuit for driving display device, a display device having the same, and a method of driving the same
Environment-compliant image display system and image processing method
Airport display device
Input unit arrangement
Computer input device with digit support and natural position actuators
Image controller
Disk drive device
Disk drive using a disturbance sensor for disturbance frequency-identification and suppression
Tape cartridge
Disk drive that refreshes data on portions of a disk based on a number of write operations thereto
Fluid damping structure for hard disk drives and vibration sensitive electronic devices
Signal processing in a disc drive
Tunnel barriers based on rare earth element oxides
Magnetic head slider material, magnetic head slider, and method of manufacturing magnetic head slider material
Magnetoresistive element and magnetic memory device
Method and apparatus for utilizing an off-center gimbal to increase head to disk interface reliability for contact recording systems
Optically storing digital data in the form of spectrally coded particles
Method and apparatus for achieving a short seek with a stepping motor
Optical pickup unit
Information storage medium and method of recording and/or reproducing with respect to the medium
Information storage medium, information recording method, and information recording/reproduction apparatus
Metrological digital audio reconstruction
Apparatus and method for reading an array of nonvolatile memory cells including switchable resistor memory elements
Optoelectronic device
Use of flash memory blocks outside of the main flash memory array
Method and system for a programming approach for a nonvolatile electronic device
Programming memory devices
Method and apparatus for sensing in charge trapping non-volatile memory
Memory device with time-shifting based emulation of reference cells
Method for programming an electronically programmable semiconductor fuse
Maintaining internal voltages of an integrated circuit in response to a clocked standby mode
Multi-state memory
Open digit line array architecture for a memory array
Method and circuit configuration for refreshing data in a semiconductor memory
Memory circuit with automatic refresh function
Write circuit of memory device
Memory array leakage reduction circuit and method
Clock circuit for semiconductor memories
Synchronous semiconductor memory device
Lens array for electron beam lithography tool
Electrical composite conductor and electrical cable using the same
Method for making a high current low profile inductor
Frequency converter with fan cooling
Magnetic element
Transformer structure
Capacitive pressure sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Keyboard with key supporting structure for portable electronics devices
Key structures
Arc fault and ground fault circuit interrupter tester apparatus and method
Rechargeable vacuum with reduced AC voltage
Methods and apparatus for generating strongly-ionized plasmas with ionizational instabilities
Organic semiconductor element having multi protection layers and process of making the same
Ferromagnetic liner for conductive lines of magnetic memory cells and methods of manufacturing thereof
Ferroelectric polymer memory structure and method therefor
Spatial bandgap modifications and energy shift of semiconductor structures
Apparatus and methods for encapsulating microelectromechanical (MEM) devices on a wafer scale
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of designing the same
Process for vertically patterning substrates in semiconductor process technology by means of inconformal deposition
Semiconductor device manufacturing method, wafer, and wafer manufacturing method
Stacked die in die BGA package
Method for packaging a semiconductor device
Integrated circuit device having reduced bow and method for making same
Semiconductor chip having pads with plural junctions for different assembly methods
Method and apparatus for multilayer photoresist dry development
Methods of forming transistors
Photosensitive dielectric layer
Method of electroplating a substance over a semiconductor substrate
Cut-and-paste imprint lithographic mold and method therefor
CMOS transistor and method of manufacture thereof
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electronic assembly with integrated IO and power contacts
Integrated circuit package with chip-side signal connections
Copper interconnect for semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with a rewiring level and method for producing the same
Magnetic memory device and producing method thereof
High density chip scale leadframe package and method of manufacturing the package
Corona based charge voltage measurement
Embedded substrate interconnect for underside contact to source and drain regions
Horizontal emitting, vertical emitting, beam shaped, distributed feedback (DFB) lasers by growth over a patterned substrate
Gallium nitride based light-emitting device
Wafer level packaging for optoelectronic devices
High-brightness gallium-nitride based light emitting diode structure
Vertical channel FET with super junction construction
Semiconductor device
Light emitting diode
Method for reduced N+ diffusion in strained Si on SiGe substrate
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescene conversion element
Emitter, manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus thereof, electro-optical apparatus and electronic apparatus
Potassium niobate deposited body and method for manufacturing the same, piezoelectric thin film resonator, frequency filter, oscillator, electronic circuit, and electronic apparatus
Electronic device
Semiconductor memory
Spin on memory cell active layer doped with metal ions
Fuel cell system and method of discontinuing same
Lithium/air batteries with LiPON as separator and protective barrier and method
Alkaline primary battery
Dielectric encapsulating antenna
Automatic central buffer coupling with signal transmission device
Spiral-patterned internal antenna having open stub and personal mobile terminal equipped with the same
Antenna system and RF signal interference abatement method
Antenna system for radio frequency identification
Voltage dividing apparatus for preventing sudden increases in power to a laser diode
Diode side pumped high pulse energy Nd:YLF lasers
Bandwidth enhanced self-injection locked DFB laser with narrow linewidth
Universal cover plate
Capacitor circuit with surge protection
Voltage limiter for coaxial cable carrying RF signals and voltage
Staggered backup battery charging system
Brushless motor and recording disk driving apparatus having the brushless motor
Cored motor
Linear motor armature and linear motor
Drive unit of an adjuster of a vehicle seat
Spindle motor having a hydrodynamic bearing system
Dynamoelectric machine
Adaptive multi-level threshold system and method for power converter protection
Method for starting single phase BLDCM having asymmetrical air gap
Electromechanical generator for, and method of, converting mechanical vibrational energy into electrical energy
Power system stabilizer providing excitation limiter functions
Driver circuit with automatic offset compensation of an amplifier and method for offset compensation of an amplifier of a driver circuit
Rake receiver
Method and device for pulse shaping QPSK signals
Providing a high speed data modem based on MIMO technology using a cable or single antenna
Payload based channel estimation of a wireless channel
Joint demodulation using a Viterbi equalizer having an adaptive total number of states
System and method for pre-FFT OFDM fine synchronization
Radiofrequency amplifier device, in particular for cellular mobile telephone
Enhancement mode transceiver and switched gain amplifier integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for common mode control
Amplifier circuit and input circuit
Delay control in semiconductor device
Multi user detection using equalization and successive interference cancellation
Integrated circuit with low power consumption and high operation speed
Integrated circuit devices with power supply detection circuitry
Redundancy method and software to provide improved interconnect efficiency for programmable logic devices
Flip-flop circuit
Ramp down method and apparatus for stabilizing charge on a floating gate
Tunnel device level shift circuit
High frequency switch circuit
Phase locking on aliased frequencies
Method and apparatus for compressed sensing using analog projection
Image processing circuit, imaging circuit, and electronic device
Current steering d/a converter with reduced dynamic non-linearities
Pulse amplitude-modulated signal processing
Implantable medical device with adjustable sigma-delta analog-to-digital conversion clock rate
Network fabric physical layer
VSB transmission system for processing supplemental transmission data
Multi-channel signal encoding and decoding
Transceiver with accelerated echo canceller convergence
System and method for echo cancellation
Paging in cellular telecommunications systems
Apparatus for transmitting/receiving data on a packet data control channel in a communication system
High-speed serial bit stream multiplexing and demultiplexing integrated circuits
Communication system, signal receiving device, signal transmitting device, and communication method
Secure method of deciding on a given state of a communication channel for a transmission system
Processing gain for wireless communication, such as in automatic data collection systems for public utility data collection
Direct modulation of a power amplifier with adaptive digital predistortion
Receiver with signal offset estimator and symbol synchronizing generator
Method for automatically setting transfer mode in line interface device
Adaptive playout of digital packet audio with packet format independent jitter removal
Header range check hash circuit
Hybrid data bus for achieving deterministic performance for non-deterministic network bus type interfaces
Method and apparatus for data driven network management
Dense mode coding scheme
Routing packets in packet-based input/output communications
Arbitration mechanism for packet transmission
Scheduling connections in a multi-stage switch to retain non-blocking properties of constituent switching elements
Efficient high density voice processor
Memory management unit for a network switch
Traffic management scheme for crossbar switch
Allocation of channel capacity in multiservice networks
Method and system for bit rate adaptation
Physical layer circuit and interface circuit
Method and apparatus for backhaul of telecommunications signaling protocols over packet-switching networks
Method and system for performing distance measuring and direction finding using ultrawide bandwidth transmissions
Method and apparatus for channel estimation using plural channels
Method for transmitting signalling information between an access point and a terminal of a multi-carrier radio communication network
Iterative eigenvector computation for a MIMO communication system
Quadrature modulator
Method of operating a message receiver
Method and apparatus for simulating 2 bit-per-pel printing on a bi-level printer using intelligent double dotting
Method and apparatus for displaying component video signals
Photonic buoy
Auto focus system
Video display apparatus for correcting luminance difference between display pixels
Encoded-data converting apparatus and method for the same
Robust multi-pass variable bit rate encoding
Collapsible cellular communication terminal having a camera having photographing control function and photographing control method in the terminal
Imaging apparatus for capturing an object with low luminance by adding pixels of the same color from different fields
Image sensing apparatus, control method for illumination device, flash photographing method, and computer program product
Slave device, master device and stacked device
Method and apparatus for resolving RFID-based object traffic transactions to a single container in the presence of a plurality of containers
System and method for retransmitting uplink data from a mobile terminal in a soft handover region in an asynchronous CDMA mobile communication system servicing an enhanced uplink dedicated transport channel
Apparatus and method for accessing private wireless internet packet data communication system
Method for allocating UATI in a mobile communication system for high-speed data transmission
Communication system
Inverter circuit for lighting backlight of liquid crystal display and method for driving the same
X-ray detector with photo-gates and dose control
Flexible substrate and a connection method thereof that can achieve reliable connection
Supporting frame structure
Rotating latching mechanism for ATCA mezzanine card modules
Expired Patents Due To Time
Housekeeping cart
Surface configuration of a vehicle and toy
Solar heating panel
Sterilizable battery component
Fairing for a twist lock coupler
Optical switch equipment
Storage battery
Electrical connector housing
Mobile phone power adapter system
Port isolator
Roof mounted housing for an in-vehicle video recorder system
Microphone provided with means to hold musical instrument
Multimedia chip card
Computer front bezel
Computer front bezel
Video printer
Computer front bezel
Printer for digital x-ray diagnosis
Computer front bezel
Laser beam printer
Input controls for an electronic navigation instrument
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Cellular telephone
Key array for a handset
Television receiver
Key button arrangement for a handset
Television receiver
Keypad for a handset
Television set
Keypad for a handset
Display area and key array for a handset
Outboard motor cowl
Hood portion of a floor care appliance
Jewelry cleaner with interchangeable-use covers
Front panel of a laundry pedestal
Agitator auger barrel
Agitator auger flighting
Sewing machine
Ice maker box
Rotation type holder of food for refrigerator
Compartment assembly for a refrigerator
Cooler door
Remote control pan-tilt camera
Combined computer and video camera
Notched camera case with swivel base
Control box for projector
Image forming apparatus
Swimming goggle
Musical keyboard
Type font
Typographic font
Manual sheet-feeding tray for copy machine
Mailing form
End window envelope
Open communicator mailer
Multi-purpose hand operated office utensil
Hand embossing stamp
Writing instrument
Component for a writing utensil
Portable hand-held pencil sharpener with loop attachments
Illuminated exit sign
Building block
Articulated toy figure
Portable electronic gaming device
Scooter frame
Construction toy piece
Multipurpose golf tool
Floatation apparatus
Exercise machine
Barbell weight plate
Easy read nine-ball
Ball bat
Golf putter head
Fishers lure
Leaching chamber
Filter for an aquarium
Holder for a filter for an aquarium
Spray gun
Pressure washer handle
Leaching chamber
Toilet seat lid cover that is approximately coextensive with the top surface of the lid
Patio heater
Window room air conditioner
Container for a volatile substance
Air freshener
X-ray apparatus
Programmer for a therapeutic medical device
Bite stick
Handle for dental tool
Medical back pad with fluid connector
Labial pad
Heating wrap
Surface pattern for disposable absorbent article
Surface pattern for disposable absorbent article
Support trim rail for panel wall system
Ceiling panel
Pattern for sheet glass
Column top
Partition trim
Faux wood wall base
Portable rechargeable battery pack with spotlight
Combined lantern and radio
Lighting device
Lighting device
Decoration lighting fixture
Floor lamp
Rectangular lamp
Oval decorative reflector for vehicle light with multiple LED's
Screwdriver safety lighter
Hair coloring device
Hair processing accelerator
Inhaler for dispensing medications
Bird feeder
Holder for cremation ashes
Human Necessities
Liquid fertilizer distribution system and method
Control valve for switching a hydraulic piston-cylinder unit for purposes of driving an oscillatory machine part
Caster mounted reel mower
Belly mower particularly for an ATV type vehicle
Operator control system for self-propelled vehicles
Material collector mounting system
Mechanical harvester and continuous row harvesting method for use in overhead trellis systems
Adjustable harvest material transport assembly for moving the material from a pick-up to a processor inlet
Multi positionable feeder-planter
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yodanielle`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoalberta`
African violet plant named `EverGrace`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Car`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Dueriblue`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yohelga`
Apple tree named `Co-op 29`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Ylsap`
Poinsettia plant named `Festival White`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duesweetpi`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yomarjorie`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Nov`
Poinsettia plant named `Winterfest White`
Pelargonium plant named `Sarah Don`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Ces`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoolivia`
Dracaena plant named `DR9901ART`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocorrine`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocecilia`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Gal`
New kiwi plant entitled `Hortgem Tahi`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yocamille`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yovictoria`
Poinsettia plant named `Winterfest Pink`
Petunia plant named `Wespeba`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duesweetblu`
Nectarine tree named `June Lion`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Sweet Yostacy`
Variety of canna named `MACtro`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepetmand`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI ONE OATL`
Teatcup for milking cows or other animals
Delivery system for applying a treatment material to animals
Laser pet toy
Pet toy
Protective apparel for domestic animal
Night safety pet illumination marker
Pet dish holder
Feed dispenser
Wildlife and fish feeder
System for transporting and storing live fish, components thereof and methods based thereon
Ball release snap hitch for horse cross ties
Fish lure
Combined outrigger and fishing rod holder
Fishing sinker
Fishing rod support device
Rodent trap device
Bird repelling assembly
Treatment of seeds with coatings containing hydrogel
High pressure airflow and duct distribution system for a convection oven
Apparatus for cold-holding food products
Even-slice pizza cutter
Cleaning/sanitizing methods, compositions, and/or articles for produce
Cigarette paper having a flavorant which improves sidestream smoke smell, and a cigarette
Cigarette making machine
Men's underwear with double fly construction
Ultimate ware
Convertible garment
Glove with a reinforcement strip
Versatile sanding glove
Ornamental accessory for indicating martial arts rank
Process for manufacturing shirts with inset sleeves
Compartmental hair cap
Hat with reversible crown and detachable, reversible visor
Device for affixing a lens onto a safety helmet
Device for hooking the visor of a helmet for motorcycles
Layered arch support and method of manufacture
Shoe with improved cushioning and support
Helium movement magnetic mechanism adjustable socket sole
Athletic shoe construction
Sole design and structure for athletic shoe
Automatic shoe edge processing machine
Snap-type buckle
Method of making brassiere fastener by injection molding on fabric tape
Security clutch with self-centering spring
Adjustable self-stopping strung beads and method of making same
Jewelry system
Magnetically secured jewelry display frame
Propping support for a chest
Uniform artificial nail clipper
Stick type cosmetic material feeding container
Hair perming method
Interior space-dividing wall system
Storable bed assembly
Bed frame
Mattress and bed assembly providing an enlarged sleeping surface area
Support pillow for rectal surgery
Method for securing bed coverings and apparatus therefor
Apparatus and method for decorative skirting
Upright panel with height adjustable back cushion
Cool wrap food service refrigeration system
Support for supporting an ice beaker in use
Adjustable water plant container support assembly
Sleeping bag with enhancements
Device and method for controlling the closing and opening of an extraction chamber of a coffee maker
Foodstuff refill and device intended to accommodate such a refill
Flow control and flow rate control mechanisms for use in brewing machines with fluidly connected chambers
Heat shield for portable gas barbeque
Apparatus for roasting fowl
Barbecue grill
Portable cooking apparatus
Charcoal cooker
Invertably standable cooking utensil
Apparatus for cooking poultry
Combined vacuum valve and vacuum indicator
Mesh sponge holder/back scrubber
Squeegee assembly for a floor surface treatment apparatus
Device for washing a reusable storage bag in a dishwasher
Footwear cleaning and sanitizing device
Vacuum cleaner mounting assembly
Electrosurgical systems and methods with temperature control
Medical treatment apparatus
Patient support apparatus and method for performing decubitus breast biopsy
Apparatus for manufacturing a bone dowel
Replaceable, self-contained expanded viewing light shield cartridge for welding helmet
Patient monitoring device with non-slip strap
Hinged adaptor assembly for radiolucent table extension
Cremation container foldable into compact configuration for shipping
Personalized casket ornament display plaque
Bed to wheelchair transfer assist device
Invalid positioning device
Process for disposing of human wastes, a disposable container for collecting human wastes and a container-grinding machine
Adjustable crutch
Infant breathing aid assembly
Method and device for rearing insects, especially for obtaining a secretion from fly larvae for therapeutic application
Inhalation device
Aerosol generator and methods of making and using an aerosol generator
Aerosol delivery apparatus with positive expiratory pressure capacity
Adaptive inverse control of pressure based ventilation
High-frequency oscillation artificial respiration apparatus
Forehead support for facial mask
Unit for adjusting humidification
Vent valve apparatus
Refillable ampule and method re same
Electric power modulated lead screw actuated dampers and methods of modulating their operation
Tunnel fire suppression system and methods for selective delivery of breathable fire suppressant directly to fire site
Weight vest
Lightweight protective ear guard
Treat dispensing toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nitrogen generator for wine or champagne preservation and dispensing apparatus
System and method for purifying exhaust gases
Exhaust gas purifying system
Capillaries for fluid movement within microfluidic channels
Fluid flow control freeze/thaw valve for narrow bore capillaries or microfluidic devices
Device for moving and orienting spraying nozzles in a coating pan
Wafer scrubbing brush core having an internal motor and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for cleaning a thin disk
Method of manufacturing an electrophotographic photosensitive member including multiple liquid cleaning steps and machining step
Portable apparatus for cleaning a conduit and method for cleaning a conduit
Method and apparatus for washing drums
Differential quench method and apparatus
Method of determining dimension of extrusion die and extrusion die produced based on the same
Method of repairing a vehicle body, method of calculating amount of a repair work, and sheet for repairing vehicle body
Machine for corrugating metal foils
Method and intermediate product for producing a hollow body and a hollow body produced by said method
Crimping ring, method for making same and manufacturing installation
Process for driving a workpiece transport system for a press arrangement
Press brake assemblies, tool holder apparatuses, and components thereof
Expandable link system and method of making same
Casting core and method of casting a gas turbine engine component
Production method for continuous casting cast billet
Method for process monitoring during die casting or thixoforming of metals
Ingot supplying apparatus and method
Attachment apparatus for heater
Hard pipe cutting equipment
Band sawing machine having band saw replaceable rapidly
Enclosed wet saw table
Dust-capturing adaptor for a saw
Apparatus for coupling a manifold block to a condenser manifold
Apparatus for mounting a bearing onto a shaft
Bi-axial coplanar apparatus
Bar feeder for machining center
Mechanical stop system
Tool holder and a runout correcting tool for a tool holder
Method for attaching web based polishing materials together on a polishing tool
Hold down apparatus for commercial wood molder
Rotational driving tool for screwing member
Positioning tool for installing food waste disposers
Gimbal bearing remover
Valve and position control system integrable with clamp
Working tool for a percussion power tool
Method for performing ground or rock work and hydraulic percussion device
Pneumatic tool structure
Adjustable wrench
Fastening structure of a handle and working part of a tool
Robotic manipulator
Cutting apparatus having a pivotable blade holder
Hairdressing scissors
Apparatus for releasably retaining a disposable razor cartridge
Dual blade cutter
Wood planing machine with shiftable reduction drives of a feed-in rolling mechanism
Wood lathe with a stepless speed-adjusting unit for a workpiece
Molded building panel and method of construction
Method for pressing oxynitride glass, disk of oxynitride glass made by said method, and pressing die for said method
Hydraulic drive with several hydraulic consumers also comprising a differential cylinder
Stressed-skin modular fiber reinforced plastic bridge
Tube for a tire
Building structure
Blanket insulation with reflective sheet and air space
Device and method for inserting a security and/or identification element between two layers of a marking strip for items of baggage
Printing unit
Method for operating a printing machine
Printing cylinder having plate securing device including plate leg fastening elements and a roller body
Apparatus for guiding a print carrier and printing unit in a rotary printing machine having the apparatus
Process and device for evaluating the quality of a printing ink
Method and apparatus for cleaning a rubber coated cylinder in an offset press
Blanket washer for cleaning cylinders in a printing press
Printing machine with dual ink applicators
Nine-cylinder satellite printing unit
Safety liner for a vehicle tire and method of use
Device for measuring the tire pressure in a pneumatic tire of a vehicle
Tire bead seating station
Vehicle tire inflation apparatus
Pneumatic tire with axially spaced high modulus edge bands and low modulus middle band
Vehicle trailer hitch flag display apparatus
Front axle suspension mechanism for utility vehicles
Vehicle air conditioner with heat storage tank
Compressor torque computing method, air-conditioning system and engine control apparatus
Rear-window roll-up blind with spring-mount rollers
Decorative molding assembly for a vehicle door frame
Refueling control valve and fuel tank device having the same
Leak fuel gas discharging structure of automobile
Liquid fuel trap
Fuel vapor treating apparatus
Driveline assembly with vibration dampener
Driving force distributing structure for four wheel drive vehicle
Hub lock for two-wheel/four-wheel drive vehicle
Dual integrated gauge system for simultaneous visual display of at least two associated parameters
Driving system and vehicle
Canister purge strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle
Hybrid electric vehicle
System for supplying power to electrically propelled vehicles
Method and apparatus for sensing seat occupant weight
Device for blocking the ability of a steering shaft of a motor vehicle to rotate
Wiper apparatus with rotary housing
Lean engine with brake system
Negative pressure control apparatus and method of internal combustion engine
Vacuum brake booster with magnet-free emergency breaking assistance system
Ring protector for preventing tampering of valves positioned inside a railcar dome
Steering column tilt assembly
Telescopic shaft for steering columns in motor vehicles with loading control sliding system
Obturator for an opening produced in a metal sheet
Method of converting a truck sleeper cab to a day cab
Forklift having transverse travel system
Handlebar adapter for mounting a bicycle display
Shift operating device
Add-on disc assembly for bicycle hub
Apparatus for cutting and sorting diagnostic strips
Bonded windows
Wipe down brush system for overhead stretch wrapper and method of operating the same
Method and device for continuously wrapping products
Apparatus for forming a pack
Banding fixture
Compact disk packing machine
Apparatus and method for preparing and filling beverage containers
Apparatus for sealing a wrapper film sleeve
Computer packing pillow and method
Temperature coordinated through-line food packaging system
Apparatus for cutting and applying a tearing strip to a packaging film
Ornament card
Systems and methods for storing items with containers
Lath for lumber stacking
Method and device for reducing the volume or pressure of a fluid which is driven through an opening by moving surfaces
Delivery for a sheet processing machine, particularly for a sheet-fed printing machine
Crease plow folder
Method of using magnetic lifting devices
Hydraulic boom control
Earth-moving machine
Cushioned actuator
Control handle support and valve linkage assembly
Simplified portable cork-screw
Safety water-supply valve apparatus for water purifier
Cooling system for wine or champagne preservation and dispensing apparatus
Fender shaper for correcting stirrup orientation
Micromechanical structure
Apparatus for manufacturing micro-structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing an arc tube
Apparatus for forming glass containers
Non-infectious, protease defective HIV particles and nucleic acid molecules encoding therefor
Process for heating or cooling using mixtures of pentafluoropropane and a hydrofluorocarbon having 3 to 6 carbon atoms
Non-hydrocarbon ultra-low temperature system for a refrigeration system
Method of fabricating an electrostatic chuck
On-line removal of copper deposits on steam turbine blades
Removable modular cell for electro-chemical plating and method
Apparatus and method for producing castings with directional and single crystal structure and the article according to the method
Textiles; Paper
Closed loop push/pull system for a cotton gin
Device and method for cleaning all-steel sawtooth arrangements of a swift
Method and apparatus forming a fiber web
Method for the heat treatment of bales
Decorative outdoor fabrics
High capacity web winding apparatus for use in conjunction with a rotating circular knitting machine
Automatic binding machine
Method and device for color patterning of a web hydrodynamic treatment
Fabric hydroenhancement method & equipment for improved efficiency
Wash solution mixing system for clothes washing machine
Drum type washing machine
Washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Vehicle hitch mount assembly for a snow plow
Prefabricated-building tower foundation
Hydraulic circuit of working machine
In-situ well cleaning and refurbishing device
Apparatus and method of flow control through a valve
Change-over valve
Building system comprising individual building elements
Metallic wall framing, method and apparatus for producing same
Concrete reinforcing bar support
Metal roofing shingle
Articulated arm for an awning
Athletic flooring substructure
Retromolding extender
Tent pole and connecting structure thereof
Aggregate retaining device for drain covers
Elevator apparatus for use in a building having a seismic isolation building portion and a non-seismic isolation building portion
Electric motor actuator for a motor vehicle lock
Multifunction padlock
Device for restraining movement of a door
Hinge cover
Fastening plate to fasten a hinge arm of a furniture hinge
Dog for fixing a window glass onto a window lifter
Revolving door
Housing for automatic door mechanisms
Locking device and door-drive device comprising the same, for a door operated by a motor assembly
Jamb assembly
Insulating glass arrangement with a foil shade
Horizontal window blind apparatus
Retractable garage door screen installation
Automated lubricant dispensing system and method for a horizontal directional drilling machine
Drill pipe having a journal formed thereon
Method and apparatus for protecting explosives
Apparatus for establishing branch wells from a parent well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rocker arm assembly
Cylinder deactivation apparatus
Method of calculating a valve timing command for an engine
Internal combustion engine compression reduction system
Control device for engine provided with electromagnetic driven intake valves
Method for forming contact between a control unit and current loads of internal combustion engines
Engine unit for a vehicle
Breather structure of internal combustion engine for vehicles
Safety shut-off valve for crankcase emission control system
Structure for lubricating valve-operating device of OHC engine and cover member for OHC engine
Exhaust system of an internal combustion engine
System and method for transferring heat from exhaust gasses to compressed gas fuel
Partition wall arrangement for exhaust devices
Blow-molded radiator fan carrier
Multi-zone combustion chamber and method for combustion control in compression-ignited reciprocating engines
Suction system
Adjustable intake pipe
Integrated turbocharger fan intercooler with partial isothermal compression
Reciprocating machine with two sub-chambers
Method for lowering fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide emissions in two-stroke diesel engines
Fuel vapor emission system
Combustion chamber decarboning squid
Gas turbine engine
Electronic throttle body with insert molded actuator motor
Control system and method and engine control unit for internal combustion engine
Process for controlling an internal combustion engine with turbocharger and exhaust gas temperature regulation
Method of controlling detonation in an internal combustion engine
Setting minimum spark advance for best torque in an internal combustion engine
Methods and apparatus for controlling peak firing pressure for turbo-charged diesel engines
Fuel supply system for internal combustion engine
Fuel control system including adaptive injected fuel quantity estimation
Two-stroke internal combustion engine
Mass flowmeter
Cylinder liner with reduced wall thickness on piston pin axis
Cylinder head for a multi-cylinder direct-injection spark-ignition internal combustion engine
Closed gallery monobloc piston having oil drainage groove
Thrust reverser for a gas turbine engine
Blanking-cap system for an orifice of a conduit, in particular for an orifice of an air-intake duct into the combustion chamber of a ramjet
Gas conducting device
Method and apparatus for detecting abnormalities in fuel systems
Thermal type air flow meter
Hydraulically controlled valve for an internal combustion engine
Pressure-controlled injector with force-balancing capacity
Fuel injection apparatus and method for cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Porous metal flow master
Electrical system for an outboard motor having an engine with a manual recoil starter
Ion current detection system and method for internal combustion engine
Two piece barrel design for a hydraulic oil pump
Compressor pistons
Surge bleed valve fault detection
Swivel hook
Armature for a selectively engageable and disengageable coupling
Method for reducing hard machining time of a constant velocity joint
Cable cincture fastening device
Displacement amplification structure and device
Fail-safe ball screw
Bushingless piston and connecting rod assembly and method of manufacture
Double metal seal
Self cleaning irrigation valve with offset manual on actuator, body/bonnet alignment, and captured screws
Threaded union safety device and method
Hose bending clamp
Method of constructing a transfer panel assembly
Bulk gas built-in purifier with dual valve bulk container
Bottle valve
Evaporator and evaporative process for generating saturated steam
Fossil-fuel-fired once-through steam generator
Method and apparatus for increasing heat transfer from combustors
Method and apparatus for cooling gas turbine engine igniter tubes
Air conditioner
Desiccant refrigerant dehumidifier
Air purification device for air conditioning evaporator coil
Configurable system and method for cooling a room
Water heater having flue damper with airflow apparatus
Thermoelectric-enhanced heat exchanger
Apparatus and method for cooling an object
Refrigerating unit having plural air cooled condensers
Method for operating a cascade refrigeration system
Methods and apparatus for creating and using ice pellets
Impingement cooler with improved coolant recycle
Sealed system multiple speed compressor and damping control
Confection party system
Dryer and method for drying continuously conveyed products
Conditioning apparatus
Fluid conduit with enhanced thermal conducting ability
Apparatus and method for discharging fluid
Compact government model handgun
Adjustable shotgun choke
Arrangement introduced into an extension for automatic weapon magazine
Accumulator chamber for gun
Arrow stabilizer for archery bow
Scandium containing aluminum alloy firearm
Sight apparatus for guns and archery bows
Separation system for a booster payload fairing
Initiator header subassembly for inflation devices
Power indicating setter system for inductively-fuzed munitions
Method of and system for delivery of water-based explosives
Advanced glidehead sensor for small slider
Inertia sensor and method of fabricating the same
Device for checking and calibrating high precision inclinometric sensors
Portable pressure measuring apparatus
Pressure based flow rate measurement device integrated with blades of a damper
Flow rate sensor with a temperature sensing structure spaced from the support member
Heating element type mass air flow sensor, and internal combustion engine-control apparatus using the sensor
Device for measuring the mass of a flowing medium
Mass flow rate measuring device
Non-fouling liquid level control
Balance with a weighing-load carrier and a calibration device
Internal information detector for pressure vessel
Method and device for void fraction measurement and adverse output signal mitigation on pressure-base instruments
Tire pressure gauge with lighting means
Knock control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Hand rail testing apparatus
Torque sensor
Method and apparatus for leak testing closed containers
Head space gas sampling and venting method and arrangement, and filtering and sampling ports used therewith
Method and a device for determining the liquid retention of absorbent articles
Flow cell
Thin film ppb oxygen sensor
System and device for determining particle characteristics
High resolution biosensor system
Method and apparatus for testing suture anchors
Mandrel supported tensile test to evaluate weld bonding
Smell test device
Device for sugar and/or caffeine content indication
Flexible circuit film engine oil sensor
Air-pressure sensor
Method to repair a permanently sealed air data tube
Counterbalanced silicon tuned multiple accelerometer-gyro
Stereo slide mount
Optical fiber deployment system and cable
Computer rack heat extraction device
Security window screen
Public display device
Back-lighting arrangement for illuminated signs
Portable illuminated outdoor advertising display
Backlit display apparatus
Sound emitting advertising display device
Hanging sign and support
Variable image-displaying member
Medium fixing method and medium support apparatus
Method for assembling a disk drive with an integrated filter
Method of making a write head with self-aligned pedestal shaped pole tips that are separated by a zero throat height defining layer
Method of manufacturing combination type thin film magnetic head and wafer for use therefor
Multilayer board compound and method for the manufacture thereof
Wafer level board/card assembly apparatus
Method of making components with releasable leads
Heat sink assembly with pivotable clip
Heat sink retainer and Heat sink assembly using same
Robust torch jet spark plug electrode
Cable splicing method and apparatus
Wall mounting
Production of dynamo-electric machine stator coils having leads at final attachment points before insertion into a stator core
Method and apparatus for manufacturing stator of rotary electric machine
Zero TCF thin film resonator
Method of producing surface acoustic wave device
Component placement apparatus
Digital feature separation
Part mounting device and part mounting method
Safety and anti-theft door guard for a server
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