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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mulch mat kit
Container for growing plants
Portable corral gate assembly
System and method for gestation of sows in large pen gestation facilities
Portable and collapsible housing for poultry or other animals
Overflow device for water tank
Overflow device for water tank
Selectable boot support and articulation system
Gasket for fastening the automotive safety belt
Office system for motor vehicle passenger compartment
Modular furniture system
Revolving solar powered flower pot saucer
Self-watering and rotating Christmas tree stand
Appliance for making coffee, tea and the like
Method and apparatus for needle placement and entry point determination in percutaneous procedures
Method and apparatus for rate accuracy enhancement in ventricular tachycardia detection
Method of magnetic resonance investigation of a sample using a nuclear spin polarised MR imaging agent
Methods for improved selectivity in photo-activation and detection of molecular diagnostic agents
Medical device with communication, measurement and data functions
Sleep appliance
Implantable cardiac rhythm management system having multiple therapy modalities
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste with homogeneous distribution of coating amount of electrode mixture paste
Apparatus for checking the accuracy of a circular path of a machine tool performed by a work spindle and/or a machine table
Co-forged nickel-steel rotor component for steam and gas turbine engines
Handheld microprocessor controlled pneumatic tappet setting system
Device for machining components, in particular of a vehicle body
Parallel mechanism
Method and apparatus for planarizing gap-filling material
Energy-curable news ink containing soy oil
Apparatus for joining boards
Window lift apparatus, door module, motor vehicle door and method for installation of a window lift apparatus
Power supply for vehicle
Personal watercraft with reactive suspension and an integrated braking and steering system
Ocean thermal buoyancy and propulsion system
Radial compression system for rolls of material and associated method
Variable tension gusseting system
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus on a flat card or roller card having a cylinder and at least one doffer
Iron retaining system and support device thereof
Fixed Constructions
Railroad tie plate apparatus and method
Device for locking and unlocking a plug on a frame using a wrench
Insulation containing inorganic fiber and spherical additives
Compliant trim for concrete slabs
Insulation containing heat expandable spherical additives, calcium acetate, cupric carbonate, or a combination thereof
Glass element for forming glass brick walls, and process for forming walls with said element
Adjustable pool cover support
Hinge mechanism for a wireless communication device
Block and tackle balance assembly with rotatable shoe
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rankline-Brayton engine powered solar thermal aircraft
Reciprocating piston internal combustion engine and method for determining the wear of a transmission element arranged between a crankshaft and a camshaft
Engine valve control system and method
Roller bearing, camshaft support structure, and internal combustion engine
Exhaust purification device of internal combustion engine
Method of estimating quantity of N.sub.2O produced in ammonia oxidation catalyst and exhaust gas purification system for internal combustion engine
Exhaust emission purifying apparatus for engine
Exhaust purification device of internal combustion engine
Fuel reforming estimation in HCCI engines
Water/air separator
Solar collection and conversion system and methods and apparatus for control thereof
Cord safety device for a window covering
Screw device and method of manufacturing the same
Refrigeration system and refrigeration system analyzer
Refrigerator with selective airflow passages between the icemaker and the ice making evaporator
Method and apparatus for drying wood particles/sawdust and other particulate matter
Energy-efficient yankee dryer hood system
Device and method for drying synthetic resin pellet
Trigger assembly
Hammer spring assembly for a firearm
Gas spring assembly for an air gun
Handgun system
Offset accessory mount and mounting system
Mechanical properties testing device and method
Vehicle navigation apparatus for controlling map-matching areas
Electronic device and program for displaying map
Apparatus and method for monitoring wear of components
Nano-porous alumina sensor
Ultrasonographic device
System and method for providing environmental impact information, recording medium recording the information, and computer data signal
Compressible ceramic seal
Acceleration sensor resistant to excessive force breakage
Testing of data retention latches in circuit devices
Ferroelectric nanophotonic materials and devices
Cable clip and cable riser integrating a cable clip
Single mode (SM) fiber optical reader system and method for interrogating resonant waveguide-grating sensor(s)
Photonic bandgap optical waveguide with anti-resonant core boundary
Preferential etching method of forming microstructure for an optical waveguide
Image display apparatus
Beam homogenizer, laser irradiation apparatus, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Optical connector assembly, coupling device and method for aligning such a coupling device and a waveguide structure
Device for crossing optical beams, in particular in an integrated optical circuit
Fiber optic splitter module with connector access
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Developing cartridge having a lid with a changeable shape
Method and apparatus for image forming effectively detecting deterioration of developer
Developing apparatus
Amorphous and spherical toner cleaning unit and image forming apparatus loading the same
Cleaning device, method for preparing the cleaning device, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge using the cleaning device
Technique for an integrated and automated model generation and controller tuning process
Pid parameter adjustment device
Wireless internet power control system
Manual transmission shifter having continuously adjustable throw
System for providing different polarities of power supplied over ethernet cables
System and method for adaptive power management
Streaming output peripherals for programmable chip systems
Delaying lanes in order to align all lanes crossing between two clock domains
Attachment integrated claims systems and operating methods therefor
Fail over method through disk take over and computer system having failover function
System and method for storing and accessing secure data
System and method for monitoring and managing a computing service
Integrity ordainment and ascertainment of computer-executable instructions
Advanced processor translation lookaside buffer management in a multithreaded system
Storage system
Virtualized load buffers
Cluster storage collection based data management
Memory interleave system
System and method for transferring a database from one location to another over a network
Storage apparatus, system and method using a plurality of object-based storage devices
Automated response to computer user's context
Transparent file migration using namespace replication
Computer architecture having a stateless human interface device and methods of use
Transferring speculative data in lieu of requested data in a data transfer operation
System and method for performing application level persistence
Dynamic controls for use in computing applications
System and method for iconic software environment management
Apparatus for use in a computer systems
Method and system for control of a first device by data storage device through storing different values within task file register by the data storage device and reading task file register and performing corresponding predetermined operations by the first device via an IDE bus
Autonomous integrated-circuit card
Method and system for moving content in a content object stored in a data repository
Asynchronous, networked publication and collaborative communication system
Webcasting method and system for time-based synchronization of multiple, independent media streams
Access point high-speed connecting method using presence service
Method, apparatus and system for processing message bundles on a network
Method and apparatus for creating policies for policy-based management of quality of service treatments of network data traffic flows
Presentation of web page content based upon computer video resolution
System for delivering dynamic content
Information sharing method, information sharing device, and information sharing computer product
Multiple-level internet protocol accounting
Replacing instruction and corresponding instructions in a queue according to rules when shared data buffer is accessed
Load balancing using distributed forwarding agents with application based feedback for different virtual machines
Layered communications network with adaptively distributed nodal policies
Method for connection acceptance control and rapid determination of optimal multi-media content delivery over networks
Speculative prefetch of a protocol control block from an external memory unit
Method and apparatus for selecting a device and a computer product
Method and system for identifying lossy links in a computer network
GUI driving media playback device
Method and system for automatically transitioning of configuration settings among computer systems
Method to account for domestic and international mail fees
Autoregressive model learning device for time-series data and a device to detect outlier and change point using the same
Collecting liquid product volume data at a dispenser
Web data outlier detection and mitigation
Linguistically informed statistical models of constituent structure for ordering in sentence realization for a natural language generation system
Method and system for building a domain specific statistical language model from rule based grammar specifications
Dialog supporting apparatus
Method and system for describing and identifying concepts in natural language text for information retrieval and processing
Method and apparatus for identifying translations
Efficient evaluation of queries with mining predicates
Decision-theoretic methods for identifying relevant substructures of a hierarchical file structure to enhance the efficiency of document access, browsing, and storage
Connecting to a set of phrases joining multiple schemas
Protecting content from unauthorized reproduction
Business method of providing a channel for delivering and distributing events based on a subscription model for service providers to enhance sales opportunities
Methods and systems of providing information to computer users
User non-volatile memory interface megafunction
Method for producing a mask layout avoiding imaging errors for a mask
Programmable logic devices with two-phase latch circuitry
Hardware acceleration of high-level language code sequences on programmable devices
Logic design development tool and method
Method of estimating wiring complexity degree in semiconductor integrated circuit
Wiring optimizations for power
Monitor manager that creates and executes state machine-based monitor instances in a digital simulation
Clocktree tuning shims and shim tuning method
Method and device for monitoring and analyzing signals
Testing a station's response to a reduction in wireless signal strength
System and method for data retrieval in AC power tools via an AC line cord
Production of made to order clothing
Method for adaptive feed rate regulation on numerically controlled machine tools
Location-based intelligent remote vehicle function control
Executable code derived from user-selectable links embedded within the comments portion of a program
Method of managing casual storage field
Tracking progress of data streamer
Data communication control device with peripheral device
Single window navigation methods and systems
Strategies for providing just-in-time user assistance
Apparatus and method for distributing portions of large web images to fit smaller constrained viewing areas
Vehicle air conditioner having learning function and correcting function
Accepting a set of data in a computer unit
Proactive network security system to protect against hackers
Schemaless dataflow within an XML storage solution
Processor with improved accuracy for multiply-add operations
Devices and methods with programmable logic and digital signal processing regions
Firewall tunneling and security service
Messaging services for uniquely identified mail
System, computer readable medium and method for multi-tiered data access
Processor instruction with repeated execution code
Data processing apparatus of high speed process using memory of low speed and low power consumption
Alu with auxiliary units for pre and post processing of operands and immediate value within same instruction cycle
Prediction and pre-selection of an element in syntax completion
Method for developing an enterprise alignment framework hierarchy by compiling and relating sets of strategic business elements
Changing user identities without closing applications
Register-based program code conversion
Functional timing analysis for characterization of virtual component blocks
Method of embedding tooling control data within mechanical fixture design to enable programmable logic control verification simulation
Method and system for utilizing best practices to satisfy requirements of a requirements specification
Method for operating an internal combustion engine having torque monitoring
Image processing system and driving support system
Inter-image operation apparatus and method and image display apparatus and method
System and method for rapidly identifying pathogens, bacteria and abnormal cells
Anatomic triangulation
Method and apparatus of measuring rotational and flight characteristics of sphere
Image type classification using color discreteness features
Method for optically recognizing alpha-numerical characters
Automatic frame selection and layout of one or more images and generation of images bounded by a frame
Apparatus and method for filtering image data
Three-dimensional pattern recognition method to detect shapes in medical images
License plate trading system and method
Method and apparatus for client-in-charge business transaction processing
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Cross channel delivery system and method
Method for assessing equity adequacy
Conditional fee ownership home financing system and business method
Brownfields investing
System and method for business analysis and planning
Remote authorization for unlocking electronic data system and method
Performing predictive pricing based on historical data
Computer software and services license processing method and system
Cost estimation method and system, and computer readable medium for the method
Marketing selection optimization process
Compressing messages on a per semantic component basis while maintaining a degree of human readability
Information retrieving method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for recognizing multiword expressions
Method and apparatus for training an automated speech recognition-based system
Method of segmenting an audio stream
Transmitter and receiver for speech coding and decoding by using additional bit allocation method
Method and apparatus to perform speech recognition over a data channel
Rack mount type storage unit enabling easy access
Optical disk drive
Compact and portable optical disc drive
Method and system for testing memory using hash algorithm
Method and apparatus for redundant location addressing using data compression
Usage of an SDRAM as storage for correction and track buffering in frontend ICs of optical recording or reproduction devices
Mechanism for implementing redundancy to mask failing SRAM
Method for fabricating a LCD panel
Anti-trap protection detection based on comparing the duty cycle of a PWM control system
Forward error correction scheme for data channels using universal turbo codes
Error method, system and medium
E.sup.2PR4 viterbi detector and method for adding a branch metric to the path metric of the surviving path while selecting the surviving path
Wireless neural data acquisition system
Diversity reception for co-siting base stations
Receiver including linearity compensation in the receive band
Mobile communication terminal with equalizer function
Method and apparatus for dynamically tuning radio stations with user-defined play lists
Device and method for organizing a menu in a mobile communication terminal
Method and apparatus for encoding optical power and non-payload data in an optical signal
Method and apparatus for CRZ-DQPSK optical signal generation
Method for verifying anti-scrambling efficiency of a communication system
Optical content modulation for visual copyright protection
Method and apparatus for designing cipher logic, and a computer product
Apparatus and method for generating scrambling code in mobile communication system
Encrypted key cache
Network system, terminal, and method for encryption and decryption
Key distribution across networks
Method for fast, secure 802.11 re-association without additional authentication, accounting and authorization infrastructure
Randomization-based encryption apparatus and method
Electronic money, electronic use right, charging system, information processing apparatus, and reproducing method and reproduction control method of contents data
Electronic apparatus having communicating function and privacy mode
Enabling interoperability between distributed devices using different communication link technologies
Wireless communications system and method
Mobile phone
Method and apparatus for effectuating a predetermined communications connection
Methods and apparatuses for placing a telephone call
Digital camera and printing system
Digital camera and printing system
Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Non-linear reproduction control method of multimedia stream and apparatus thereof
Digital video recording system and its recording medium
Trusted transactional set-top box
Method and apparatus for anonymous call redirection in a wireless network
Positioning in a telecommunications system
Mobile communication system and method of processing handoff for the same
Logical boundaries in communications networks
Apparatus and method for sharing radio protocol entities in wireless communication system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Beverage container
Tee shirt with thermal sleeves
Shirt with rear fasteners
Protective headwear
Scarf for attachment to hat or cap
Snake visor
Shoe sole
Heel portion of an athletic shoe outsole
Shoe sole
Pull tab of a slider for a slide fastener
TJ clasp
Insole cushion
Footwear upper
Shoe upper
Combined brooch and eyeglassholder
Corner storage container
Tool case
Surface of a product packaging for sporting equipment
Golf club travel case
Hair styling device
Combination paint scraper/paint brush
Rattan chair
Stackable chair with arms
Desk group
Student desk
Bedding display stand
Clothing rack
Spinning surfboard CD holder
Jewelry and accessory organizer
Plastic earring holder
Anti-wrinkle pillow
Drinking vessel
Beverage dispenser
Oval saucer
Coffee machine
Miniature food and beverage containing, heating, and refrigerating device
Miniature food and beverage containing, heating, and refrigerating device
Thermal bottle
Vented burner shield
Hand grip
Herb grinder
Hot dog roasting stick
Foil cutter
Utility knife
Multipurpose survivor tool
Jigsaw power tool
Pocket knife
Screwdriver bit
Pipe wrench
Decorator garden hose holder
Tool and reversing lever
Sanding tool
Fish tape reel
Compound mounting bracket for a solenoid
Pneumatic nailing machine
Swivel coupling for a parachute sea anchor
Keyless drill chuck
Portable bat rack with under flange for insertion into a common paint or spackle can
Combined bottle and cap
Liquid dispenser
Golf ball hip flask
Container body portion
Combined bottle and cap for cosmetic use
Food jar and lid
Packaging container
Rectangular container with lid
Paint can holder
Actuator cap
Sensor package
Smart carton insert
Tape measure
Network test instrument
Digital electronic test instrument
Test lead head
Biochemical analysis machine
Theft deterrent tag
Combined navel ring and logo portion
Novelty with spring supported appendages
Remembrance ornament
Stroller frame
Tread of a tire
Automobile tire
Sun visor extension
Surface configuration of a control panel for a vehicle
Running board shroud
Step accessory
Floor mat for vehicles
Vehicle rim with dollar signs, crescents, and disc
Motorcycle leg shield
Visual aid for aligning vehicle trailer hitch
Automotive wheel
LCD display
Computer mouse keys with bullet shape
Liquid crystal display
Information recording medium
Liquid crystal display
LCD display
LCD display
LCD display
Rolled-product dispenser
Paper roll stand
Paper towel holder
Manual crank food grinder
Human Necessities
Aquarium thermostat
Frusto-conical container with brush
Nerve surveillance cannula systems
Fiber optic needle probes for optical coherence tomography imaging
Method and apparatus for pulse oximetry
Dynamic bandwidth monitor and adjuster for remote communications with a medical device
Optical imaging device
Probe for localized tissue spectroscopy
MR imaging on ASL technique
Method and memory means for storing cardiac rhythm information
Method and apparatus for the serial comparison of electrocardiograms
Electrode array and skin attachment system for noninvasive nerve location and imaging device
Method and apparatus for magnetic resonance arteriography using contrast agents
Bone marrow edema as predictive of susceptibility to developing progressive osteoarthritis
Method for incremental field-of-view-MR imaging
Prosthesis and method of making
Method and apparatus for communicating between an ambulatory medical device and a control device via telemetry using randomized data
Implantable cardiac stimulator with electrode-tissue interface characterization
Coil-less lead system
Cardiac disease treatment and device
Thin film electrodes for sensing cardiac depolarization signals
Transdermal or transmucosal drug delivery device
Transdermal active drug delivery system and method
Electrical stimulator and method of use
Apparatus and method for adjunct (add-on) treatment of coma and traumatic brain injury with neuromodulation using an external stimulator
Electrical system for weight loss and laparoscopic implanation thereof
Determination of pacemaker wenckebach and adjustment of upper rate limit
Method and system for treatment of tachycardia and fibrillation
Method and system for increasing a pacer function of an implantable medical device disposed within a mammalian heart
Cardiac rhythm management system with remotely activated capture verification for CHF and other patients
Methods for sensing arrhythmias in a pacemaker/defibrillator and a pacemaker/defibrillator programmed to implement the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Monitoring system
Multivariate statistical model-based system for monitoring the operation of a continuous caster and detecting the onset of impending breakouts
Method and device for forming a bevel on the edge of a glass lens
Motor vehicle dynamic control
Driving force control system for four-wheel drive vehicles
Vehicle dynamics control system and vehicle having the vehicle dynamics control system
Apparatus and method for controlling a four-wheel drive vehicle
Acceleration control apparatus for vehicle
Method and device for traction control (TCS) of a motor vehicle as a function of radius of curve and transverse acceleration
Braking torque regulator for a vehicle, method for regulating a braking torque and circuit for a braking torque regulator
Method and device for visualizing a driving path
Method and arrangement for controlling activation of restraining devices in a motor vehicle
Apparatus for controlling run of a car, and car using the apparatus
Process and device for moving a motor vehicle into a target position
Steering assist apparatus
Method for updating a sensor using a robust sensor offset learning algorithm
Four-wheel steering algorithm with functional and diagnostic states and modes
Storage system, particularly with automatic insertion and retrieval
Chemistry; Metallurgy
On-line device for predicting at least one fluid flow parameter in a process
Determining endpoint in etching processes using real-time principal components analysis of optical emission spectra
Kaolin clay pigments, their preparation and use
Pharmacophore models for, methods of screening for, and identification of the cytochrome P-450 inhibitory potency of neurokinin-1 receptor antagonists
Method and apparatus for securing computer firmware wherein unlocking of nonvolatile memory is prohibited unless address line masking Is disabled during an initialization event
Fixing belt and image heating and fixing apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Automated optimization of cross machine direction profile control performance for sheet making processes
Fixed Constructions
Self-regulating heat source for subsea equipment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System for automatically resetting an oil condition alarm light after an oil change
Engine delay compensation
Self-diagnosis system in an automatic transmission
Tracking system for providing position information
Projection moire method and apparatus for dynamic measuring of thermal induced warpage
Method and apparatus for personalizing static and temporal location based services
GPS traveling control systems and the method of the same
Method and apparatus for merging multiple road map databases
Method for finding shortest path to destination in traffic network using Dijkstra algorithm or Floyd-warshall algorithm
Integrated inertial VMS navigation with inertial odometer correction
Method of determining a position in dependence on a measurement signal of a position sensor
High-resolution optical encoder with phased-array photodetectors
Method and apparatus for onboard locomotive fuel usage indicator
Method for optimally determining sensor positions for acoustic pyrometry
Calculation device and method therefor
Pressure sensor with fibre-integrated bragg grating, comprising an integrated temperature sensor with fibre-integrated bragg grating
System and apparatus for determining the center of gravity of an aircraft
Time-resolved spectroscopic apparatus and method using streak camera
Method for determining joint stiffness degradation
Method of, and sensor for, testing liquids
Random sampling with phase measurement
Methods and apparatus for defining meter data calculations in an electronic electricity meter
Broadband electromagnetic field component measurement system
Remote multiplexed diagnostic circuitry and a method of detecting faults in sequentially driven loads
Apparatus and method for inline testing of electrical components
Circuit and method for testing an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for testing an integrated circuit using an on-chip logic analyzer unit
Method and apparatus to analyze simulation and test coverage
Method and apparatus for improving electrical verification throughput via comparison of operating-point differentiated test results
Method of designing a layout of an LSI chip, and a computer product
Testing frequency hopping devices
Advanced bit fail map compression with fail signature analysis
Magnetic field shielding and detecting device and method thereof
Method and apparatus of MR data acquisition using ensemble sampling
Cellular telephone using pseudolites for determining location
Velocity-estimation-based gain tables
Method for determining conflicting paths between mobile airborne vehicles and associated system and computer software program product
System and method for orienting seismic energy receivers to yield discriminated vertical shear waves
Long-period grating device
Optical fiber Mach-Zehnder interferometer employing miniature bends
Optical multiplexing/demultiplexing device with variable branching ratio and optical coupler with variable coupling ratio
Method and apparatus for parallel optical processing
Compact wavelength multiplexer-demultiplexer providing low polarization sensitivity
Arrayed waveguide grating
Optical apparatus and method having predetermined group velocity dispersion
High resolution fault-tolerant fiber-optical beam control modules
Cost-effective wavelength division multiplexer and demultiplexer
Optical transmission system and optical coupler/branching filter
Method and apparatus for integrating optical fibers with collimating lenses
Laser diode module
Electromagnetic mode conversion in photonic crystal multimode waveguides
Single resonant band, tunable optical fiber wavelength filter based on long-period fiber grating
Method and device for spectral level balancing in wavelength division multiplex multi-channel systems
Low-index waveguide liquid crystal cross-connect
Mechanism for adjusting an angle of a mirror incorporated in an optical device, and a parallax correcting mechanism of a camera
Photographic camera having lens movement control with pivotable grip surfaces and adjacent shutter release
Method for indicating free space size of storage medium
Driving device and camera
Flash control device
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with recording material convey velocity control feature
Image forming apparatus with transfer voltage control for transferring toner patterns
Image forming apparatus with AC current detector
Cartridge having developer supply opening and image forming apparatus usable therewith
Image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Vented skive assembly for a fuser station in an image-forming machine
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus for fixing polymerized toner by hard roller
Image forming apparatus having a removable roller unit
Carrying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming device having a cleaning member for removing toner in variable amounts from an image bearing member
Method for wire guidance tone certification
Method for determining efficiently parameters in chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP)
Method and apparatus for automatic synthesis controllers
Fieldbus message queuing method and apparatus
Position controlling apparatus capable of reducing the effect of disturbance
Method and apparatus for parsing event logs to determine tool operability
Distributed automation system
Lot start agent that calculates virtual WIP time in a multi-product and multi-bottleneck manufacturing environment
Methods and systems for compensation of measurement error
Steering control device for radio-controlled model helicopter
Method and formulating an investment strategy for real estate investment
Computer-implemented method for performance measurement consistent with an investment strategy
Method and system for handling interrupts in a node controller without attached processors
Programmable output generator
Clock control circuit and method
Memory controller with temperature sensors
Wakeup circuit for computer system that enables codec controller to generate system interrupt in response to detection of a wake event by a codec
Peripheral device power management circuit and method for selecting between main and auxiliary power sources or from third power source
System and method for dynamic clock generation
Microprocessor with digital power throttle
Method and apparatus for managing power consumption in a computer system responsive to the power delivery specifications of a power outlet
Low power register file
Emulation suspension mode handling multiple stops and starts
Dual software images with fall-back
Managing a resource used by a plurality of nodes
Computer system having backup function
Transferring a resource between caches of different nodes
Fault tolerant database for picture archiving and communication systems
Method and apparatus for storing and using chipset built-in self-test signatures
Customer support system
Apparatus, method and system for determining application runtimes based on histogram or distribution information
Post-deployment monitoring of server performance
Spare area management method of optical recording medium
Resume storage and retrieval system
Optimizing allocation of sectors in disc drives
Data processing system for expanded addresses
Apparatus for controlling a multibank memory device
Method and apparatus for defining cacheable address ranges
Synchronous interface for a nonvolatile memory
Multiple mode memory module
Management of caches in a data processing apparatus
Compressing memory management in a device
Method and system for controlling the memory access operation by central processing unit in a computer system
Information processing apparatus with cache coherency
Compiler-based cache line optimization
Apparatus and method for performing speculative cache directory tag updates
Front end system having multiple decoding modes
Non-volatile memory system for instant-on
Apparatus for translation between virtual and physical addresses using a virtual page number, a physical page number, a process identifier and a global bit
Method for managing optical disk library files in accordance with the frequency of playback requests selected simultanenously at a specified time intervals
Method and apparatus for automatically transferring I/O blocks between a host system and a host adapter
Apparatus for encoding and decoding data according to a protocol specification
Non-coherent cache buffer for read accesses to system memory
Memory processing system and method for accessing memory including reordering memory requests to reduce mode switching
Synchronous memory device having automatic precharge
Communication controller configurability for optimal resource usage
Cross chip transfer mechanism for a memory repeater chip in a Dram memory system
System and method for obtaining board address information
Method and apparatus facilitating insertion and removal of modules in a computer system
Electronic switching device for a universal serial bus interface
Fault tolerant virtual VMEbus backplane design
Modular architecture for small computer networks
DSP emulating a microcontroller
Scalable computing system for presenting customized aggregation of information
Data classifier output interpretation
System and method for pausing and resuming move/copy operations
Method and article for managing references to external objects in a runtime environment
Device and associated method for calculating the direct or inverse fourier transform of the product of a complex symbol times a complex sinusoidal waveform
Method and apparatus for employing cognitive compares in compare statement sequences
Multimedia content description framework
Random sampling of rows in a parallel processing database system
Systems, methods and computer program products for assigning, generating and delivering content to intranet users
Systems, methods and computer program products for assigning, generating and delivering content to intranet users
Miniclient for internet appliance
Method and apparatus for managing distribution of change-controlled data items in a distributed data processing system
Defining instead-of triggers over nested collection columns of views
Knowledge management tool for providing abstracts of information
Method and apparatus for archiving in and retrieving images from a digital image library
Server chaining system for usenet
Generating join queries using tensor representations
System and method for searching databases employing user profiles
Fast flexible search engine for longest prefix match
Method and apparatus for obtaining an identifier for a logical unit of data in a database
Method of processing queries in a database system, and database system and software product for implementing such method
System and method for monitoring support activity
Method of enabling heterogeneous platforms to utilize a universal file system in a storage area network
Querying parallel database system that execute stored procedures using abstract data type attributes, retrieving location information of data, sub-data between first and second server
Search query autocompletion
Information search apparatus and method, and storage medium
Method of searching a data record for a valid identifier
Information processing system and method that selects an appropriate information retrieval system based on a context in which a user makes a request for retrieval
System and method for visually representing the contents of a multiple data object cluster
Method of checking the validity of a set of digital information, and a method and an apparatus for retrieving digital information from an information source
Update support in database content management
Method and system using a hand-gesture responsive device for collecting data for a geographic database
System and a process for specifying a location on a network
Method and apparatus for scalable probabilistic clustering using decision trees
Delivering non-default items in association with search results
Data communication system that transmits the selected contents and menu onto the network for delivery to the client computer
Repository protection by URL expiration
Method and system for implementing a graphical user interface for defining and linking multiple attach points for multiple blocks of an integrated circuit netlist
Method and system for maintaining element abstracts of an integrated circuit netlist using a master library file and modifiable master library file
Expert designer system virtual plug-in interface
Method and apparatus for timing driven resynthesis
Method for translating conditional expressions from a non-verilog hardware description language to verilog hardware description language while preserving structure suitable for logic synthesis
System and method for analyzing simultaneous switching noise
Performance verification/analysis tool for full-chip designs
Method of simultaneously displaying schematic and timing data
Method for channel routing, and apparatus
Logic dividing method, logic dividing system and recording medium for storing logic dividing program
Static timing analysis method for a circuit using generated clock
Method and system for formal verification of a circuit model using binary decision diagrams
Method and apparatus for designing a clock distributing circuit, and computer readable storage medium storing a design program
Method and apparatus for predicting the presence of an abnormal level of one or more proteins in the clotting cascade
Image transfer system
Method of customizing electronic systems based on user specifications
Assigning protein functions by comparative genome analysis protein phylogenetic profiles
Method and apparatus for enhancing computer system security
Method, system, and program for logically erasing data
Method and apparatus for watermarking with no perceptible trace
Method of and system for controlling internet access
Personal information controlling method and personal information controlling apparatus
Data storage array apparatus, method of controlling access to data storage array apparatus, and program and medium for data storage array apparatus
Broadcast system in disk array controller
Multi-function peripheral storage device buffer system
Data processing apparatus and method for performing different word-length arithmetic operations
Arithmetic unit and data processing unit
Computer method and apparatus for division and square root operations using signed digit
Computer instruction compression
Data processor comprising an arithmetic logic unit
Method and apparatus for reducing code size by executing no operation instructions that are not explicitly included in code using programmable delay slots
DSP architecture optimized for memory accesses
Scheduler which discovers non-speculative nature of an instruction after issuing and reissues the instruction
System and method for efficient instruction prefetching based on loop periods
Conflict checking using configuration images
Reusable components for customization of wizard-based applications
Customizable user interfaces
System and method for visual application development without programming
Self-describing components within a software catalog
Method and apparatus for execution of an application during computer pre-boot operation and post-boot under normal OS control
Electronic device
Critical path optimization-unzipping
Method, system and program products for operationally backing out components of a cluster through emulation
Method and apparatus for evaluating processors for architectural compliance
Apparatus for cross referencing routines and method therefor
Avionic computer software interpreter
Instruction execution mechanism
Isolating client application requests for device services through an object-oriented service stack system
Scalable storage system with unique client assignment to storage server partitions
Access restriction of environmental circuits
Method, apparatus, and product for leasing of group membership in a distributed system
Data transfer circuit and a recording apparatus and method using a predetermined offset for calculating start
Communication device for rapidly and simultaneously writing onto a plurality of data carriers, and data carrier for such a communication device
Signal and pattern detection or classification by estimation of continuous dynamical models
Fuzzy expert system for interpretable rule extraction from neural networks
Facilitating agent apparatus and agent system equipped with the same
Supplier management process with dynamically updated mapping
Enterprise management system and method which indicates chaotic behavior in system resource usage for more accurate modeling and prediction
Shared and independent views of shared workspace for real-time collaboration
System and method for registering user identifiers
Processing system and apparatus for performing an inquiry process in accordance with a type of shared operation and a target user
Method for automated data collection, analysis and reporting
System for chat network search notifying user of changed-status chat network meeting user-tailored input predetermined parameters relating to search preferences
Method and system for creating and sending handwritten or handdrawn messages
Universal methods and apparatus for determining prices and rewards within retail transactions
System for creating customized patterns for apparel
Method and system for differential index bidding in online auctions
System for, and method of, using the internet system to provide for the transmission of a facsimile message
Method and system for increasing storage capacity in a digital image capture device
Multiple multicasting of multimedia streams
Systems and methods for drug dispensing
Technique for compressing digital certificates for use in smart cards
Method of displaying information to a user in multiple windows
Bi-directional data transfer using the video blanking period in a digital data stream
Look-ahead pitch determination
Continuous speech recognition method and program medium with alternative choice selection to confirm individual words
Method and system for measurement of speech distortion from samples of telephonic voice signals
Speech coding including soft adaptability feature
Digital filter design method and apparatus
Waveform signal compression and expansion along time axis having different sampling rates for different main-frequency bands
Method and apparatus for enabling internet access with DVD bitstream content
Information recording medium, and method and apparatus for managing defect thereof
Data carrier archiving and control system
Editing system and method, image recorder, editing device and recording medium
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
Data storage medium, and apparatus and method for reproducing the data from the same
Method for creating defect management information in an recording medium, and apparatus and medium based on said method
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data onto and/or from an optical disk and method thereof
Method and apparatus for performing a read next highest priority match instruction in a content addressable memory device
System and method of generating dynamic word line from the content addressable memory (CAM) "hit/miss" signal which is scannable for testability
Dual port memory for digital signal processor
Semiconductor memory device having a fixed CAS latency and/or burst length
Combined system, method and apparatus for wire bonding and testing
Multi-user detection for antenna array receivers
Broadband frequency multiplier
Method and arrangement for linearizing a radio receiver
System and method providing improved FM carrier squelch system
Bit interleave circuit and bit deinterleave circuit
Error detection circuit applicable to a disk reproduction apparatus
Method of maintaining mobile terminal synchronization during idle communication periods
Wrist mobile information device
Portable communication device and a method for determining the power consumption thereof
Frequency generation circuit and method of operating a tranceiver
Communication device and communication method
Method and apparatus for reducing radio link supervision time in a high data rate system
Method for setting a transmission quality target value for power control in a mobile radiocommunication system
Power management method of and apparatus for use in a wireless local area network (LAN)
Transmission of data over a radio frequency channel
System and method for interface between a subscriber modem and subscriber premises interfaces
Simultaneous processing of multiple signals by an adaptive antenna
Mobile communication apparatus
Efficient high latitude service area satellite mobile broadcasting systems
Radio communication system and method and mobile communication terminal device
Method and apparatus for composite data stream storage and playback
Built-in self-test systems and methods for integrated circuit baseband quadrature modulators
Exchange connectable to LAN
Arrangement for testing light emitting diode interface of an integrated network device
Data collection via a wireless communication system
Intelligent device controller
E-mail system with video e-mail player
System, apparatus and method for automatic address updating of outgoing and incoming user messages in a communications network
Systems and methods for storing, delivering, and managing messages
System and method for distributed computer automotive service equipment
Attribute signature schema and method of use in a directory service
Content authorization system over networks including searching and reporting for unauthorized content locations
Local hosting of digital certificate services
Method of and apparatus for providing multi-level security access to system
Method and system for injecting external content into computer network interactive sessions
Network adapter with large frame transfer emulation
Distributed system to intelligently establish sessions between anonymous users over various networks
Server manager
Carrier-grade SNMP interface for fault monitoring
Detection of network topology changes affecting trail routing consistency
Communication control method in network
Radio telecommunication terminal
Image input apparatus such as digital cordless telephone having radio communication function for communicating with base station
Advanced air time management
Method for site-based priority in a communication system
Method of initializing an image reading device
Image processing method and system
Reprogrammable subscriber terminal
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Imaging device for digital photography
Program guide system with browsing display
Multi-user video hard disk recorder
Program guide system with flip and browse advertisements
Reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Code multiplexing/reading apparatus for preventing outputting an erroneous code
System and method for sending live video on the internet
Method and system for interactively capturing organizing and presenting information generated from television programs to viewers
Automatic digital information and content scheduling and barkering system
Method for playing multimedia applications
Automatically switched redundant switch configurations
Method and apparatus for combining corded and cordless telephones for telephone conferencing and intercom
Wireless local loop system and method for wireless link control
Methods and systems for providing group calls with reduced setup times
Modification of link identifier to include routing label that allows base station message routing to serving processor
Pilot search to determine processor loading
Mode switching in adaptive array communications systems
System and method for determining a handoff target base station in a mobile communication system
Bayesian-update based location prediction method for CDMA systems
Method and apparatus for providing a communication service to a communication unit in a wireless communication system with overlapping coverage areas
Cellular radio network
Class based bandwidth scheduling for CDMA air interfaces
Mobile telephone position system
Mobile communication system
Intelligent roaming database (IRDB) updating
Method and system of auxiliary illumination for enhancing a scene during a multimedia presentation
Electronic flash device
Method and apparatus for suppressing interference using active shielding techniques
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