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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
SATA electrical connector and assembly thereof
Human Necessities
Animal waste disposal tool
Selectively replicating viral vectors
Tote bag for being partitioned or alternatively expanded
Spiral hair curling iron
Shoulder strap for bag
Fastening device and a computer case having the fastening device
Storage system
Refrigerator and door opening apparatus thereof
Linear and/or curvilinear rail mount system
Shelving end brackets with interchangeable pieces for supporting hang rods of different sizes
Cookware handle with a hollow structure
Wire spring guide for flexible endoscope
Brain retractor apparatus for measuring and predicting electrophysiological parameters
Self constricting orifice seal
Device for temporarily immobilizing tissue in the area of a pulsating blood vessel
Estrus detection device
Surgical instrument with indicator
Method and apparatus for circulatory valve repair
Safety lancet assembly
Surgical apparatus with annular penetrator
Methods of making shaped load-bearing osteoimplant
Sternum closure device
One-way bearing cable tensioning tool
Intramedullary fixation device for fractures
Adaptive optics apparatus and imaging apparatus including the same
Method for producing an orthodontic appliance having a vibrating element
Disposable diaper
Apparatus for engrafting a blood vessel
Chiropractic table apparatus and method of use
Knee arthroplasty method
Therapeutic ultrasound gel
Soluble heterodimeric cytokine receptor
Method and system to remove cytokine inhibitors in patients
Transdermal delivery system for dried particulate or lyophilized medications
Cysteine variants of interleukin-11
Compositions and methods for treatment of hyperplastic disorders
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections
Pneumococcus polysaccharide-related vaccines
Bi-specific complexes for targeting cells involved in allergic-type reactions, compositions and uses thereof
Fluorescent cosmetic composition
Oral drug delivery system
Material removal catheter and method
Fluid delivery system having a plurality of resilient pressurizing chambers
Vascular filter with sleeve
Aqueous ophthalmic spray and method for delivery of artificial tears to the ocular surface
Method and composition for altering a B cell mediated pathology
Medical fluid injector having a thermo-mechanical drive
Safety intravenous catheter assembly
Remediation of functional cardiac mitral valve regurgitation
Aromatic nebulizing diffuser
Sheet material excelling in cushion and nonslip properties
System and method for a golf tournament
Golf club having alignment markings
Game system and controlling method thereof
Magnetic spinner
Performing Operations; Transporting
Turbomachine filter system having a drain with one-way valve
Air filtration for aircraft ground support equipment
Exhaust gas purification system for internal combustion engine
Electrochemically driven pump
Polybenzoxazole polymer-based mixed matrix membranes
System for making linear alkylbenzenes
Reaction chamber promoting heat exchange between the reagents and the gases that are produced
Biological material fixed region enclosing tip, biological material fixed region treatment apparatus, and treatment method thereof
Micro-fabricated stamp array for depositing biologic diagnostic testing samples on bio-bindable surface
Method of producing mold having uneven structure
Antipenetrating agent, solvent ink for inkjet printing and printing method
Liquid coating method, liquid coating device, and method of manufacturing radiation detector
One magnetic sided media for low cost and low capacity applications
Method for producing organic thin film by using film physical property improving process
Apparatus and process for metal oxides and metal nanoparticles synthesis
Method and system for washing a sedimentation device in a water treatment system using ultrasonic
Endotracheal tube cleaning devices and methods of removing mucus accumulations from endotracheal tubes
Floating-type clamping device
Bit holding apparatus for use with a power tool
Deconstructable assembly and method
Positioning and clamping apparatus
Tool spindle device
Polishing apparatus
Center mechanism of tire vulcanizing machine
Photo nanoimprint lithography
Die bonding apparatus
Method for making automotive headliners
Varying fluoroelastomer cure across the roller to maximize fuser roller life
Information recording medium and method for producing the same
Stack structure and method of manufacturing the same
Proppant materials comprising a coating of thermoplastic material, and methods of making and using
Image forming method
Liquid discharge head and method of manufacturing the same
Inkjet recording apparatus and head maintenance method
Method for detecting purging ink flow through printhead heater chip nozzles by thermal analysis
Ink tank for inkjet printers
Recording head and recording apparatus
Filter/wicking structure for micro-fluid ejection head
Inkjet recording apparatus
Image generating apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method, and data generating apparatus
System and method for evaluating and correcting image quality in an image generating device
Pneumatic tire
Air suspension control apparatus
Garnish for vehicle, having U-shaped recessed portion, which is integrally formed along edge in longitudinal direction
Slide hatch assembly
Folding roof arrangement
Convertible with a sunroof part
Drive system for an industrial truck with an internal combustion engine
Soldier support system in a vehicle
Off-road capable electric wheelchair attachment
Lift apparatus mountable on a vehicle
Vehicle mounted brush for footwear
Transmission scheduling for multi-stroke engine
Electronic steering assembly for dual motor vehicle
Fifth wheel hitch
Cooling water distribution system with debris evacuation capability
Parachuting aid method and device
Space based rotating film solar battery array
Container closure with overlying needle penetrable and resealable portion and underlying portion compatible with fat containing liquid product, and related method
Method and apparatus for soaking and draining wood chips or chunks
Binocular case
Pill pouch pocket packet folder, a flexible pill carrier
Tractor mounted unloading conveyor
Adjustable conveyor guide
Vending machine dispensing system
Method for forming a back-to-back wafer batch to be positioned in a process boot, and handling system for forming the BTB wafer batch
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Conveyor table of cutting machine
Drive nip release apparatus
Method and apparatus for feeding sheets to a processing machine
Controlling elevator door orientation during door movement
Partition lifter
Adhesive dispenser system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Form of administration based on crosslinked hydrophilic polymers
Method for electrocoagulation of liquids
Portable ozonation apparatus for storing and purifying liquid
Pattern forming method, charged particle beam writing apparatus, and recording medium on which program is recorded
Solid polycrystalline potassium ion conductor having a .beta.''-Al.sub.2O.sub.3 structure, its production and the preparation of potassium metal using this potassium ion conductor
Buffered amino alcohol solutions of N-(n-butyl)thiophosphoric triamide (NBPT) and urea fertilizers using such solutions as urease inhibitors
Primer composition for cured silicon-containing surface and its uses
Pigment dipsersions comprising functionalized non-polymeric dispersants
Dispersion of a water-insoluble colorant, production method thereof, recording liquid, ink set, printed article, image-forming method and image-forming apparatus using the same
Fluorescent polymers soluble in an aqueous solution and a method for the production thereof
Pitch emulsions
Aqueous borohydride compositions
Blast furnace iron production with integrated power generation
Method and apparatus for lead smelting
Process for forming a ceramic layer
Dual magnetic tunnel junction sensor with a longitudinal bias stack
Method of arc ion plating and target for use therein
Thin film coating system and method
Cased pipe internal cathodic protection apparatus and method
Process for producing silicon carbide single crystal
Diamond heat sink in a laser
Production process of periodic table group 13 metal nitride crystal and production method of semiconductor device using the same
Textiles; Paper
Energy weapon protection fabric
Fixed Constructions
Retaining wall block
Temporary guard rail support
Impact load deflector sleeve and removable collar assembly for cable and post protection
Method of forming a raintrough for a recreational vehicle awning
Use of an intumescent material and device having a material of this type
Method of manufacturing a universal door skin blank
Methods and apparatus for connecting tubulars using a top drive
Methods for increasing oil production
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Triple acting radial seal
Device for stiffening the stator of a turbomachine and application to aircraft engines
Multistage turbocompressor
Multiple-stage centrifugal pump including a controlled leakage hydraulic balancing drum
Rotor blades
Fluid powered motor
Chemical liquid supplying apparatus and pump assembly
Assembly for constructing responsive structural elements
Tool positioning system
Bearing unit for wheel
Hydrodynamic type oil-impregnated sintered bearing
Wheel bearing apparatus incorporated with a wheel speed detecting apparatus
Continuously variable transmission
Planetary transmission with continuously variable transmission ratio
Multi function torque converter with axially stacked clutches and method of controlling hydraulic pressure and flow
Control system and method for accelerator pedal based shift point stabilization for an automatic transmission
Card seal for a turbine
Remote control water valving system for shower or sink
Valve assembly with at least one transverse channel in a valve housing
Stemless ball valve
Pump iron restraint system
Passive thermal control of negative-stiffness vibration isolators
Fluid enclosure and methods related thereto
Power blackout bulb
Lighting apparatus having a plurality of retractable means and method of manufacturing the same
Portable terminal having transparent cover member
Method and apparatus for directing light around an obstacle using an optical waveguide for uniform lighting of a cylindrical cavity
LED module with application-specific color setting
Aircraft air-conditioning system for an aircraft cabin having a plurality of zones
Arrangement for the cooling of liquid-cooled electrical equipment
Method to enhance clarification in a mixing reactor and said mixing reactor
Heat sink and heat dissipation device having the same
Gas sensor
Sample preparation apparatus
Seismic wave generating apparatus and method
Display device with homogenising attentuating filter
Optical connector for contactless communication, optical adapter for contactless communication, and method of manufacturing electronic appliance using the same
Projection type display device with a phase modulating unit
Cooling device and image projection apparatus having the same
Lithographic printing plate comprising alkaline soluble and alkaline insoluble polymeric binders
Laser-decomposable resin composition and laser-decomposable pattern-forming material and flexographic printing plate precursor of laser engraving type using the same
Image processing method, and image processor
Conductive member, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic photoreceptor, image-forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Electrostatic image developing toner, production method thereof, electrostatic image developer, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Holographic recording medium with control of photopolymerization and dark reactions
Financial management system
Parcel dimensioning measurement system and method
Electromagnetic wave shielding material and sheet
Selective sintering of compacted components
Plasma generating apparatus and plasma treatment apparatus
Solder mold plates used in packaging process and method of manufacturing solder mold plates
Fuel cell stack and manufacturing method of the same
Battery and case of battery pack
Lithium manganese phosphate positive material for lithium secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery, method of manufacturing the same and method of using the same
Metal component for fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same, austenitic stainless steel for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and metal component for fuel cell using the same, polymer electrolyte fuel cell material and method of manufacturing the same, corrosion-resistant conductive component and method of manufacturing the same, and fuel cell
Power controlling apparatus for fuel cell system and method thereof
Fuel cell system controller
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell
Fuel cell system
Heated reformer and fuel cell system having the same
Control apparatus for starting fuel cell vehicle
Structure of cathode electrode for fuel cell
Electrolyte membrane
Fuel cell module with membrane swelling control structure
Headset and headset cable
Cable assembly with flat cable
Electrical connector with locking engagement between an actuator and an insulative housing
Electrical connector and method of manufacture
Lever-type connector
Guided missile/launcher test set reprogramming interface assembly J2 connector clamp
Connector apparatus and receiving connector of the connector apparatus
Lamp structure improvement in the two-lamps typed decoration lamp string
Angle-adjustable night lamp assembly for aroma diffusing night lamp system
Electrical connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for detecting and removing undesirable material from workpieces
Connection processing method for radiation images
X-ray examination apparatus
Power supply unit for a portable game machine
Graphical control of a time-based set-up feature for a video game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Object with radially-varying properties and apparatus and method of preparing the same
Scanning system and method for scanning a plurality of samples
Multi-head counting system with size discrimination
Powdered tantalum, niobium, production process thereof, and porous sintered body and solid electrolytic capacitor using the powdered tantalum or niobium
Laser irradiation device
Wafer metrology apparatus and method
Method of producing a segmented lens and a screen for a color display device
Methods of determining gravure cylinder parameters
Information recording method and information reproducing method, recording medium for use in the methods, and information recording apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Recording apparatus
Image formation apparatus
System for printing image data divided at a break point
Display unit for vehicles
Apparatus and method of vehicle occupant sensing using multiple ultrasonic frequencies
Unauthorized user prevention device and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber coupler and optical fiber for optical fiber coupler
Polarizing glasses
Optical fibers prepared with a primary coating composition including a monomer with a pendant hydroxyl functional group
Multipass cavity for illumination and excitation of moving objects
Mechanically tunable diaphragm using nickel titanium memory metal
Water jacket of arc furnace
In-situ thickness measurement for use in semiconductor processing
Pedestal assembly with enhanced thermal conductivity
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piezoelectric device for injector, method for producing the same, and injector
Microscope stage
Light fiber and a method for producing the same
Method and system for correcting for curvature in determining the trajectory of a projectile
Laser tracking interferometric length measuring instrument and method of measuring length and coordinates using the same
Apparatus for evaluating a sample including a self-supporting thin film
Fiber optic displacement sensor
Interferometric alignment device
Dynamic angle measuring interferometer
X-ray compton scattering density measurement at a point within an object
Surveying apparatus
Portable laser layout instrument
Fiber optic Sagnac interferometer with spatial filter
Reduced minimum configuration fiber optic current sensor
Tunable optical structure featuring feedback control
Deuterium/tungsten light source arrangement
Correlating shack-hartmann wavefront sensor
Method of evaluating imaging performance
System and method for measurement of the state of polarization over wavelength
Apparatus and method for measurement of fluid viscosity
Measurement apparatus for measuring internal quality of object
Small diameter diffuse reflectance probe
Ratiometric fluorometer
Optical method for the determination of grain orientation in films
Optical sensing system for detecting welds and defects in metal
Diode light source for a line scan camera
Defect testing apparatus and defect testing method
Container inspection apparatus
Energy dispersive X-ray analyzer
Method and device for fluorescence measurement
Method and device for determining meat tenderness
Termination assembly for disposal between a marine tow cable and an acoustic receiver array
Rod lens array
Front tele-converter, and front tele-converter having vibration-reduction function
Wide-angle collimating optical device
Digital imaging system for assays in well plates, gels and blots
Compact, telecentric projection lenses for use with pixelized panels
Zoom lens having an image stabilizing function
Laser scanning microscope with displaceable confocal diaphragms
Microscope for MRI and support stand for MRI
Microscope with aberration correcting function
Telescope system having an intelligent motor controller
Observation optical system and optical apparatus having the same
Optical scanning apparatus and image-forming apparatus using it
External pupil lens system
Lens barrel and projection aligner
Display device
Compact wide field of view imaging system
Linear illuminator
Dichroic polarizer and method for making the same
Achromatic retarder array for polarization imaging
Collimating screen simulator and method
Optical wavelength filtering apparatus with depressed-index claddings
Method, systems and apparatus for providing true time delayed signals using optical inputs
Formation of a surface on an optical component
Polished polymide substrate
Fold interleaver
Quasi-dispersionless optical fiber transmission, dispersion compensation and optical clock
Multiplexed fiber laser sensor system
Optical demultiplexer
Analog optical switch using an integrated Mach-Zehnder interferometer having a moveable phase shifter
Self-supporting cables and an apparatus and methods for making the same
Optical fiber cable for easy access to ripcords and having ripcord reliability
Optical modulation device
Active matrix type liquid crystal system
Liquid crystal display with light shielding film
Liquid crystal panel with holding substrate having fixing protuberances
Liquid crystal display device including a stack of plurality of resin film and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal color picture screen
Reflective liquid crystal display having increase luminance for each display pixel
Apparatus and method of producing alignment layer for liquid crystal display
Electrochromic glass component
High-speed communications system
Wavelength converter with modulated absorber
Lenticular lens sheet, rear projection type screen, and method of manufacturing lenticular lens sheet
Printing of image with related sound
Method of operating an optical imaging system, lithographic projection apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Method and apparatus for illuminating a surface using a projection imaging apparatus
Apparatus and method for projection exposure
System and method for printing semiconductor patterns using an optimized illumination and reticle
Multiple image reticle for forming layers
Mark position detecting system and method for detecting mark position
Gas performance control system for gas discharge lasers
Radiation source with shaped emission
User-defined locally optimized color plane registration
Voltage detecting device, battery remaining voltage detecting device, voltage detecting method, battery remaining voltage detecting method, electronic timepiece and electronic device
Clock system
Facilitated setting/resetting of digital date displays
Portable computer having locking apparatus
Portable computer equipped with add-on battery
Liquid crystal display computer with a movable rear housing
System and method for providing a computer system with a detachable component
Structure for hard disk drawing box
Portable and plugable thermal and power solution for a notebook or handheld device
Heat dissipating assembly for a server box body
Bus-powered modem interface device
System and method for transferring data between different types of memory using a common data bus
Method of communicating with a SCSI bus device that does not have an assigned SCSI address
Algorithm for dynamic prioritization in a queuing environment
Perceptual similarity image retrieval method
Method, article and apparatus for organizing information
Automatic data quality adjustment to reduce response time in browsing
Virtual reality interface for show control
Portable telephone and character input method
Interactive system for displaying detailed view and direction in panoramic images
Printing system and printing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method that automatically selects a substitute output device
Method and apparatus for building an application interface
Method for enabling rapid modification of a display controlled by a computer program
Method and apparatus for information processing in which image data is displayed during loading of program data, and a computer readable medium and authoring system therefor
Device for inserting and retaining a microchip card
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program for performing output setup to device apparatus, and memory medium storing such program therein
Method and apparatus for digital document control
System for enabling a printing apparatus to operate at multiple selectable speeds
Write/read device for communication with transponders, having first coding means and second coding means
Electronic signature verification method and system
Application specified integrated circuit for use in wavefront detection
Labeled bunch graphs for image analysis
Character string extraction apparatus and pattern extraction apparatus
Using an electronic camera to build a file containing text
Sheet-through type document reader
Method and apparatus for classification of high dimensional data
Method and a device for matching images
Method and apparatus for compressing data string
Selective sending of portions of electronic content
Virtual jukebox
Method of extracting digital watermark information and method of judging bit value of digital watermark information
Method and apparatus to detect watermark that are resistant to arbitrary deformations
Spatio-temporal channel for images employing a watermark and its complement
Method for merging images
Method for adjusting positions of radiation images
Model-based registration of cardiac CTA and MR acquisitions
Image downsampling using redundant pixel removal
High quality digital scaling using image tags
Interpolation device, process and recording medium on which interpolation processing program is recorded
Method and apparatus for boundary filtering a digital image
Video signal processing
Image processing apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus for decoding and displaying high definition and standard definition digital video images at standard definition resolution
Method and apparatus for analyzing image data to use multiple transforms for enhanced image data transmission
Predictive image compression using a single variable length code for both the luminance and chrominance blocks for each macroblock
Method and apparatus for image coding
Digital radio prepaid music recording system
System and method for providing contextual and dynamic information retrieval
Active noise cancellation arrangement with heat dissipation
Magneto-optical memory device
Method and apparatus for servo code based tape tension measurement
Data storage tape cartridge with guide having wear pattern
Multiple optical-recording apparatus using solid immersion lens
Integrated spacer clamp for disk drive
Disc ejecting apparatus
Digital data disc library apparatus
Drive apparatus for optical recording medium capable of reducing resonance
Method and apparatus for failsafing and extending range for write precompensation
Method and apparatus for adapting the boost of a read channel filter
Information storing device and method for controlling same to record/reproduce information by selection one of working modes
PQ enhanced observer based dual stage servo controller
Disc drive model reference seek algorithm
Disk device and method of generating signal representing head
Actuator control method and storage device
Disk cartridge
Magnetic tape cartridge having brake with skirt portion thereof contacting reel hub continous wall portion
Cassette deck mechanism for mounting/discharging different size cassettes using a pivoted arm
Low attention recording unit for use by vigorously active recorder
Lower inertial compact disc drive
Storage device arrangement for increased cooling
Method and apparatus for the distribution of audio data
Inverted write head with high-precision track width definition
Current perpendicular-to-the-plane magnetoresistance read heads with transverse magnetic bias
Spin valve sensor with pinned layer and antiparallel (AP) pinned layer structure pinned by a single pinning layer
Magnetoresistive effect type reproducing head and magnetic disk apparatus equipped with the reproducing head
Thin-film magnetic head having insolating layer provided between gap layer and shielding layer
Disk drive actuator arm
Magnetic head unit
Multiple and reconfigurable data access and storage device using multiple actuators
Magnetic signal recording and reproducing apparatus and magnetic signal recording and reproducing method
Repeatable runout compensation using iterative learning control in a disc storage system
Drive-level bearing friction measurement method
Thin-film magnetic head
Method and apparatus for minimizing slider fly heights over patterned media
Magneto resistive element
Information storage apparatus for monitoring a number of defective sectors included in a zone so as to select a substitutional area from a different zone
Integrated optical tracking system for magnetic media
Connecting unit for connecting the head unit to a head slider in a head actuator for recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Method of tracking control for optical disc recorder and reproducer
Tracking control apparatus
Tracking error signal generation using confocally filtered detection
Optical information storage device and optical head
Compatible optical pickup for high-density recording/reproduction
Optical disk unit
Method of manufacturing rounded edge recording head
Method and device for adjusting an optical axis angle in an optical disk device
Configuration for evaluating a signal which is read from a ferroelectric storage capacitor
Memory device with reduced refresh noise
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Multiple ports memory-cell structure
Low power static RAM architecture
Method and structure for reducing noise effects in content addressable memories
DRAM circuit with separate refresh memory
NOR-structured semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and method for operation thereof
Flash memory structure having double celled elements and method for fabricating the same
EEPROM memory cell array embedded on core CMOS
Memory array architectures based on a triple-polysilicon source-side injection non-volatile memory cell
Method to turn a flash memory into a versatile, low-cost multiple time programmable EPROM
Memory device and method for dynamic bit inversion
Flash memory device and method of erasing
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device capable of executing erasable, writable and readable functions simultaneously
Electronic circuit and method for testing and refreshing non-volatile memory
Reading circuit for semiconductor non-volatile memories
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having electrically and collectively erasable characteristics
Redundancy circuit and method for flash memory devices
Dynamic memory circuit including spare cells
System and method for testing TDM sRAMs
Qualification test method and circuit for a non-volatile memory
Semiconductor memory including a circuit for selecting redundant memory cells
Circuit for entering/exiting semiconductor memory device into/from low power consumption mode and method of controlling internal circuit at low power consumption mode
Semiconductor device having dummy cells and semiconductor device having dummy cells for redundancy
Sense amplifier with independent write-back capability for ferroelectric random-access memories
Semiconductor device having mechanism capable of high-speed operation
Circuit and method for generating internal command signals in a semiconductor memory device
Integrated data input sorting and timing circuit for double data rate (DDR) dynamic random access memory (DRAM) devices
Ring plate around openings in reinforced concrete containment vessel
Neutron monitoring system
Method and portable apparatus for the detection of substances by use of neutron irradiation
Isolating energy conditioning shield assembly
Magnetoresistance effect film and magnetoresistance effect type head
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for the manufacture thereof
Feedthrough type three-terminal electronic component
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Electric energy storage device and method for manufacturing the same
Electrical switchgear
Method of manufacturing excess current interrupting structure
Solid state image device with a vertical charge transfer portion
Ball grid array X-ray orientation mark
Heak sink chip package
Liquid-cooled heat sink and manufacturing method thereof
Heat sink clip with pressing cam
Base station having a set of phased array antennas
Mobile rack with IDE and USB interfaces
Laser optical system
Gain tilt free optical fiber amplifier in a wide dynamic gain range
Method and apparatus for full C-band amplifier with high dynamic gain range
High loss modulation acousto-optic Q-switch for high power multimode laser
Solderless laser assembly
Tunable gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier
Semiconductor laser drive device
Integrated external diode laser module particularly suited to Raman spectroscopy
Light-emitting device and fabricating method thereof
Laser diode having an active layer containing N and operable in a 0.6 .mu.m wavelength band
Self-mode-locking quantum cascade laser
Apparatus for mounting a device on a mounting surface
Chassis for mounting component units of an electric switch cabinet for elevators and escalators
Thermal protection relay
Resetting surge protection in telephone line interface circuits
System and method for compensating for line imbalances in line commutated converters
Apparatus and method for turning off BJT used as synchronous rectifier
Power supply with multiple AC input voltages
Capacitively coupled power converter
High output power and single pole voltage power supply with small ripple
Self-driven synchronous rectification scheme
Switching power supply device
Apparatus and method for control and driving BJT used as synchronous rectifier
Synchronous bridge rectifier
Fault tolerant power supply circuit
Carrier-frequency synchronization system for improved amplitude modulation and television broadcast reception
Automatic gain control for slotted mode operation
Digital signal processing circuit and audio reproducing device using it
Method and apparatus for adaptive equalization in the presence of large multipath echoes
Multirate symbol timing recovery circuit
Maximum a posteriori probability decoding method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting multiple signals in a CDMA network
Low cost DSSS communication system
Bit timing synchronization device and a method for the same
Optical apparatus using a 2D-spatial light modulator
Post connection dual IRDA port power management
System for transmitting optical data
Optical amplifier apparatus
Optical transmission system and amplifier control apparatuses and methods
Bit-rate and format insensitive all-optical clock extraction circuit
Optical subscriber network, and delay measurement method
Infrared data communication apparatus and method
Arrangement for analyzing the nonlinear properties of a communication channel
Residential power cutback for splitterless DSL operation
Nonlinear echo compensator
Computer modem
Echo cancellation with dynamic latency adjustment
Closed loop resource allocation
Doppler spread estimation system
Apparatus for incorporating multiple data rates in an orthogonal direct sequence code division multiple access (ODS-CDMA) communications system
Optical bit rate converter
Method of tracing the root of virtual connections
Communications system
Method and system for simultaneously broadcasting and receiving digital and analog signals
Method and apparatus for enabling transmission of variable length encoded data in a low signal to noise ratio environment
Method and apparatus for seamlessly changing the radio interface data rate in circuit switched transmission
Method of controlling errors in a packets transmission link
Decimated noise estimation and/or beamforming for wireless communications
Data Transferring method
Network switching apparatus and method
Token ring bridge distributed in a switched fabric
Apparatus and method for modifying a limit of a retry counter in a network switch port in response to exerting backpressure
Traffic shaping method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing data flow control of a transmission port
Multi-resolution tree for longest match address lookups
Network path controlling method and apparatus
Call processing arrangement for ATM switches
Weighted round robin cell architecture
Fuzzy leaky bucket method and apparatus for usage parameter control in ATM networks
Dynamically created service class-based routing tables
Apparatus for quality of service evaluation and traffic measurement
Method for providing integrated packet services over a shared-media network
Combinatorial design method and apparatus for multi-ring networks with combined routing and flow control
Multicast registration of all multicast flows in an asynchronous transfer mode based emulated LAN
Router with virtual channel allocation
Wireless transport protocol
System and method for unifying the implementation and processing of mobile communications and a unified mobility manager for providing such communications
Channel bonding in a remote communications server system
Method and apparatus for providing work-conserving properties in a non-blocking switch with limited speedup independent of switch size
Boundary device for performing a connection control at a boundary between two communications networks
Process and device for forwarding non speech-bound information
System and method for providing integrated messaging
Virtual loop carrier system with gateway protocol mediation
Simplified block sliding window implementation of a map decoder
Per-bin adaptive equalization in windowed DMT-type modem receiver
Method of performing antenna diversity in spread spectrum in wireless local area network
Method and system for detection of binary information in the presence of slowly varying disturbances
Method and apparatus for acquiring and tracking the sampling phase of a signal
Digital variable symbol rate modulation
Method of and apparatus for generating PCM code sets
Direct conversion receiver for frequency-shift keying modulated signals
Digital broadcast receiver and receiving method
Communication apparatus
Communication method and transmitter with transmission symbols arranged at intervals on a frequency axis
Emergency response information distribution
Method and apparatus for call distribution and override with priority recognition and fairness timing routines
Apparatus and methods for determining the correct workstation within a LAN for a LAN modem to route a packet
Method and apparatus for providing guaranteed quality/class of service within and across networks using existing reservation protocols and frame formats
Receiver and receiving method in multi-carrier spread-spectrum communications
Cable interface for data and power supply
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system with selectable rate
System and method for providing full-duplex audio communication using a half-duplex audio circuit
Data transmission/reception system and data reception device
Strengthened public key protocol
Back cover for a mobile phone
Speech enabled, automatic telephone dialer using names, including seamless interface with computer-based address book programs
Data transmission method and equipment
Data center for providing subscriber access to data maintained on an enterprise network
Subscriber matching circuit for electronic exchange
Method and apparatus for an automatic barge-in system
Geographical call routing for a non-emergency calling service
System for transmitting a change in call queued/hold state across a communications network
Methods and apparatus for processing of communications in a call center based on variable rest period determinations
Automatic call director first in first out accessory
Personal web-based teleconferencing method and system
Packet communication system
IP voice call surveillance through use of non-dedicated IP phone with signal alert provided to indicate content of incoming call prior to an answer as being a monitored call
Acoustic echo canceller
Method and apparatus for space-time echo cancellation
Method and apparatus for improving performance of facsimile transmissions over IP networks
Printer apparatus
Image communication apparatus
Double side scanner module
Communication apparatus
Document reading apparatus and light source assembly therefor
Image reader
Image reading apparatus and image formation system
Image processing system for high performance digital imaging devices
Electronic camera
Image processing apparatus and control method capable of rotating an original image
Tone dependent error diffusion
Method of gradation reproduction
Image processing method
Image processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Image processor, image forming apparatus, image forming system comprising these apparatuses, computer-readable recording medium that records image forming program, and image forming method
Charge transfer circuit for use in imaging systems
Reducing noise in an imaging system
Digital camera and method of using same
Light sensor with increased dynamic range
Combined vertical filter for graphic displays
Program guide system with video window browsing
High definition television camera apparatus for correcting a characteristic value of a video signal
Video conference system
Ergonomically designed apparatus for selectively actuating remote robotics cameras
Device and method for advanced Bayesian Kalman time estimation
Fast search method for motion estimation
Method for computational graceful degradation in an audiovisual compression system
Adaptive method of encoding and decoding a series of pictures by transformation, and devices for implementing this method
Image signal interpolation
Pictorial digital image processing incorporating image and output device modifications
Remote viewing of rack-mounted printed circuit cards
Arbitration mechanism
Multifunction optical transmitter for DWDM system
Technique for detecting noise on a data channel
Communication system having a limited number of communication channels
Distribution network
Telecommunications system architecture for connecting a call
Broadband telecommunications system
Application module interface for hardware control signals in a private branch exchange (PBX) environment
Method and apparatus for controlling the operation of a digital telephone switchboard
Communication system
Augmented ring-banyan network and method for controlling routing therein
Frame synchronization and detection technique for a digital receiver
Packet transmission in telecommunication network
Broadcast message transmitting and receiving method in a mobile communication system
Base station for multi-carrier TDMA mobile communication system and method for assigning communication channels
Inter-frequency handoff execution method and apparatus in mobile communication system
Routing decision in connection-oriented packet network
Subscriber-controlled registration technique in a CDMA system
Woofer having ornamental flashing lights
Electromagnetic transducer for generating sound in hearing aids, particularly electronic hearing aids
Auditory prosthesis for adaptively filtering selected auditory component by user activation and method for doing same
Magnet system for loudspeakers
Drive circuit for light emitting device
High reliability high voltage device housing system
Mounting structure for capacitors
Camera position-correcting method and system and dummy component for use in camera position correction
Method and system for deploying a display and keyboard in a rack
Electronic device, panel device, and supporting rail
Typically high-availability information storage product
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