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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Articulated garden rake
Plant heat-resistance gene JAZ5A and use thereof
Fishing rod holder
Synergistic pesticidal compositions and related methods
Method for extracting treatment ingredients for gastrointestinal diseases from bark of liriodendron tulipifera
Method and installation for stunning poultry and the obtainable bleeded poultry
Compression mobile pocket for garments
Skydiving helmet with anti-fog system
Retractable table for luggage
Mascara applicator system
Earbud holder for a belt
Cartridge block for multilayer ceramic screening
Configurable cleaning brush
Runner arrangement of injection mold foldable table
Anti-unfolding leg assembly for foldable table
Fitting part for a vehicle seat, and a vehicle seat
Multi-adjustable multi-position seating apparatus
Exercise rest break stool
Corner clamp and method for providing a suspension point in a three-dimensional space
Single serve beverage container
Device for putting on tights and garments of similar kind
Electronic tablet mount
Container for fluid products, in particular perfumes, deodorants, creams and similar
Tissue puncture closure device
Laparoscopic instrument
Methods for treating a gastrointestinal tract
Applicator for endoscopic treatment of biliary disease
Multi-lancet unit, method and lancet device using the multi-lancet unit, and method of assembling and/or making the multi-lancet unit
Sterilisation device
Hair removing system
Eye imaging apparatus
Monitoring intra ocular pressure using pattern and color changes
Methods for tissue analysis
System and method for monitoring synchrony between chambers of a heart by volume measurements and analysis
Device and method for detecting atrial fibrillation
Electrode array and method of placement
Apparatus and method for self-examining abnormality of breast tissue
Magnetic resonance elastography for ultrasound image simulation
Functional brown adipose tissue imaging technique
Method for establishing drill trajectory for dental implants
Disposable wearing article
Disposable diaper with integrated disposal aid
Tampon applicator
Endoprosthesis having a non-fouling surface
Extra-articular implantable mechanical energy absorbing assemblies
Intravitreous self adaptive stent
Hip implant with porous body
Vascular reinforcement device
Bioabsorbable scaffold with particles providing delayed acceleration of degradation
Pump for producing or improving human penis erection
Patient temperature control catheter with outer sleeve cooled by inner sleeve
Radiolucent patient table
Patient positioning apparatus and a medical imaging apparatus comprising the patient positioning apparatus
Vibration apparatus
Seating apparatus for diagnosis and treatment of diagnosing and curing urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and defecation disorders
Method for reducing the allergenicity of animal dander
Topical anesthetic for rapid local anesthesia and method of applying a topical anesthetic
Stable peracid-containing compositions
Trimethylangelicin as CFTR corrector in bronchial epithelial cells
Pyrazole derivatives as protein kinase modulators
Substituted imidazo[1,2-a]pyrazines as MPS-1 inhibitors
Heterocyclyl aminoimidazopyridazines
Dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one compounds as S-nitrosoglutathione reductase inhibitors
Dry powder for inhalation formulation comprising salmeterol xinafoate, fluticasone propionate and tiotropium bromide, and method for preparing same
Compositions and methods for enhancing recovery after surgery or an athletic performance
Treatment of cancer by inhibiting activity or expression of late SV-40 factor
Double-stranded nucleic acid molecule, cancer cell proliferation inhibitor and pharmaceutical agent suitable for prevention or treatment of cancer
Pro-drug form (P2PDox) of the highly potent 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin conjugated to antibodies for targeted therapy of cancer
Chemically modified dendrimers
Ex vivo and in vivo methods and related compositions for regenerating hematopoietic stem cell populations
Metastasis inhibition preparations and methods
Protein formulation
Pyrido-pyrimidine derivatives
Sustained release polymer
Nanodiamond UV protectant formulations
Delivery systems for delivering functional compounds to substrates and processes of using the same
Shape-memory sponge hydrogel biomaterial
Device and filter cartridge for separating plasma from whole blood
Methods and apparatus for device based prevention of kinetosis
Devices, systems and related methods for delivery of fluid to tissue
Vascular device for emboli, thrombus and foreign body removal and methods of use
Insulin pump
Method of preventing free flow of fluid from an infusion pump
Hypodermic syringe guide
Chronically-implantable active fixation medical electrical leads and related methods for non-fluoroscopic implantation
Sensor assemblies for implantable medical electrical leads
Energy harvester for an implant device
Systems and methods for treating autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related dysfunctions
Stabilization of cosmetic compositions
Use of a product for keratin fibers, containing at least one specific polymer combination for improving the color retention of oxidative hair colorations
Portable multi-purpose exercise unit
Stationary exercise equipment power generator
Golf ball having partial cured UV coating
Golf club
Training apparatus for stationary bicycle rollers
Golf practice aid to enhance shooting distance and accuracy
Golf gaming systems and methods
Exercise system
Suicide player pool fantasy sports games
Method and a device for electromechanical selection of an element from a plurality of elements
Two party puzzle game
Universal vehicle self-right apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Edo cup
Circular air filter suitable for filtering contaminant-containing air
Adsorbent having utility for CO.sub.2 capture from gas mixtures
Column structure for an absorption column
Process for separating liquid mixtures
Method for producing hollow fiber membrane sheet-like object, method for producing hollow fiber membrane module, and device for producing hollow fiber membrane sheet-like object
Porous polymer film and production method for porous polymer film
Catalytic article with segregated washcoat and methods of making same
Catalyst regenerators and methods for regenerating catalysts
System and reactor with basket for gas generation
Split feed reactor bed in hydrotreater device
Configurations for liners in grinding mill with gearless motor drive
Method of controlling an inertia cone crusher
Fan assembly
Scent producing apparatus
Gluing unit
Mask and fabrication method of organic light emitting material layer
Material sorting discs with variable interfacial opening
Device for corrugating a pipe consisting of metal
Method and device for deep drawing blanks made of sheet metal into flangeless moulded blanks
Selective laser melting / sintering using powdered flux
Nanowire preparation methods, compositions, and articles
Remote-controlled actuator assembly
Handheld power saw
Flux materials for heated solder placement and associated techniques and configurations
Synchronized hybrid gas metal arc welding with TIG/plasma welding
Method and tool for clinching thick plates and use of the tool or of the clinching apparatus or of the clinching appliance
Right-angle brake tool
Gas regulator over-pressure service tool
Hammer structure
Screw design and method for metal injection molding
Door for a motor vehicle and method for the production thereof
Catalytically ignited ceramic infrared emitter for fusion welding pipe joints
Method for applying stretched elastic strands to a substrate
Multicolored fused deposition modelling print
Release mechanism for a tire building drum
Adhesive article with release layer including polymerized (meth)acrylated silicone
Method and apparatus for sequentially laminating optical film including polarizing film, to rectangular-shaped panel
Plasma processing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Printer apparatus
Method of manufacturing liquid jet head, liquid jet head, and liquid jet apparatus
Image forming device
Printer and method for controlling printer
Ink smear measurement in an imaging apparatus
Thermosensitive recording label
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
Writing instrument
Bicycle wheel
Wheel assembly service machine with back cone center clamp mechanism
Structural electric tandem axle module
Foldable, ultra-lightweight tricycle having an electric motor
Hybrid drive of a hybrid vehicle
Hand-truck pouring stand
Accessory mounting system for a vehicle
Vehicular headlamp
Switch mechanisms for wearable articles
Article storage assembly and vehicle storage console including the same
Bumper assembly
Brake apparatus
Overhead transport carriage
Networking operation dispatch system based on electronic zones for rail vehicle
Wheeled fishing cooler
Modular cart
Robotic personal assistant
Fitting arrangement for fitting a drive package for a vehicle
Ladder honeycomb hood structure for a motor vehicle for pedestrian protection
Apparatus for unloading material from a truck bed
Driver's cab suspension
Bicycle saddle
Inverted tube bike frame with bottle opener gusset systems
All terrain vehicle suspension device
Folding pedal mount
Portable catamaran vessel
Shallow water anchor for a fishing boat
Portable sectionalized boat
Airfoil for rotor blade with reduced pitching moment
Rudder system for an aircraft
Propellant tank with radiometric measurement of content quantity
Collapsible container
Hinged closure lid
Lacrosse head pocket retainer
Fluid handling and containment system, apparatus and method
Convenient cover opening and closing method, system, and apparatus
Automatic scraper chain tensioning apparatus
Meandering correction apparatus of a continuous sheet associated with an absorbent article
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sailboat winch
Corkscrew with semi-automatic telescopic capsule-cutter
Collection funnel
Flexible bottle wrapper for preservation and dispensation of air sensitive materials
Multi-fuel service station
Liquid and or ice dispensing system
Quick release coupling for horse control gear
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Recovery of reusable osmium tetroxide
Oxygen removal
Chemical co-precipitation process for recovery of flow-back water, produced water and wastewater of similar characteristics
Method and apparatus for biologically treating coking-plant wastewater
Method for producing coating solution for use in solar collector modules and coating composition produced by the same
Optical glass and optical element
Compositions and methods for maintaining zonal isolation in a subterranean well
Pelletized fertilizer and method for manufacturing the same
Process for the production of chlorinated alkanes
Process for reducing chloronitrobenzene catalyzed by platinum-nanoparticles stabilized on modified montmorillonite clay
Photolabile pro-fragrances
Process for the preparation of(R)-Lacosamide
Ionic liquids
Methods and systems for processing lignin during hydrothermal digestion of cellulosic biomass solids
Carboxylic acid salt removal during hydrate inhibitor recovery
Aniline type compounds
Apparatus and process for treating natural gas
Preparation of organic acid salts of cationic surfactants
1,2,3-triazole based metal-organic framework as photo-active materials
Macrocyclic compounds for modulating IL-17
Specific carboxamides as KCNQ2/3 modulators
Phenylpyrrole derivative
1-(p-tolyl) cyclopropyl substituted bridged spiro[2.4]heptane derivatives as ALX receptor agonists
Dihydropyridin-2(1H)-one compounds as S-nitrosoglutathione reductase inhibitors and neurokinin-3 receptor antagonists
Insecticidal compounds
(R)-Nifuratel, its use for the treatment of infections and synthesis of (R) and (S)-Nifuratel
Protein kinase inhibitors
Bipyridine sulfonamide derivatives for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases or conditions
Boronic acid catalysts and methods of use thereof for activation and transformation of carboxylic acids
Oxasilacycles and method for the production thereof
Autoluminescent phytosensor plants and uses thereof
Method for mass preparation of proteoglycan
Anti-acetylated huntingtin antibodies and uses therof
FGFR4 antibodies
IAP BIR domain binding compounds
Caps and closures comprising a propylene random copolymer, and a method for producing them
Grafting functional species to rubber
Mixed internal donor structures for 1-olefin polymerization catalysts
Flame retardant polymers containing renewable content
Dimensionally stable resin composition for flooring
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Molded reflectors for light-emitting diode assemblies
Silane/urea compound as a heat-activated curing agent for epoxide resin compositions
Rubber compound and tire with component
Thermoplastic compositions containing biobased materials and processes for forming an article therewith
Solvent-based inkjet ink formulations
Method of manufacturing polymer dispersed liquid crystal
Method and composition for enhanced oil recovery
Maintaining catalyst activity for converting a hydrocarbon feed
Solids management in slurry hydroprocessing
Composition to improve oxidation stability of fuel oils
Lubricant composition and method of forming
Culture medium with yeast or soy bean extract as amino acid source and no protein complexes of animal origin
Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into cells expressing mature hepatocyte markers by 2D and bioreactor culture
Method for genome sequencing using a sequence-based physical map
Ethanol production in microorganisms
Methods to assay phosphatase activity
Methods to assay kinase activity
Pivoting pressurized single-use bioreactor
System and method for recovering precious metals from precursor-type ore materials
Method for alkali doping of thin film photovoltaic materials
Heating apparatus for manufacturing display device
Use of metal phosphorus in metallization of photovoltaic devices and method of fabricating same
Process for the production of multicrystalline silicon ingots by controlling the position of the melt surface during growth by the induction method
Device and method for monitoring crystallization
High affinity adaptor molecules for redirecting antibody specifity
Textiles; Paper
Polyoxymethylene fibers in concrete
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for melting snow or ice near tires
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Secure attachment
Flexible handle stroller light
Device for cooling a heat source of a motor vehicle
Adjustable gun support apparatus
Dimensional detection system and associated method
Glass container stress measurement using fluorescence
Route data base generation procedures and systems, processes and products relating thereto
Presenting a travel route in a ground-based vehicle
Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
Method for clock calibration
Probe configuration data protocol and transmission method
On-chip polarimetry for high-throughput screening of nanoliter and smaller sample volumes
Systems and methods for inspection of stents
Moment analysis of tertiary protein structures
Composition of photocatalyst and method of using the same for degradation of fuel waste in contaminated water
Disaster prevention system
Fibre channel switching fabric hub
Technique for initializing data and instructions for core functional pattern generation in multi-core processor
Directional acoustic density sensor
Simultaneous inversion of induction data for dielectric permittivity and electric conductivity
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the zoom lens system
Imaging apparatus
Method and system for determining projections in non-central catadioptric optical systems
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Lens apparatus capable of performing extension/retraction operation with respect to image pickup apparatus body and image pickup apparatus having the same
Network interface device
Fiber optic cable control clips and enclosure assemblies and methods incorporating the same
Real time measurement of shock pressure
Opto-electric hybrid board and manufacturing method thereof
Opto-electric hybrid board and manufacturing method thereof
Facile production of optical communication assemblies and components
Hybrid optical element
System and method for fault identification in optical communication systems
Optical modulation device utilizing electro-optic effect
Display device and display method
Lens control apparatus, optical apparatus and lens control method
Sub mirror and image pick-up apparatus having the same
Consumable part for an image forming apparatus and a control method thereof
Development device and image forming apparatus having same
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Development apparatus and image forming apparatus
Transfer belt device, method of assembling the same, and image forming apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus, method of developing latent image
Development roller, development device, process cartridge and image forming device
Transferer and image forming apparatus having a guide member including a comb-like structure
Image forming apparatus
Image-drivable flash lamp
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Conveying device, fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fuser member and methods of making thereof
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with thickness detecting unit
Image forming apparatus and apparatus
Workpiece detector, robot system, method for producing to-be-processed material, method for detecting workpiece
Real-time robotic grasp planning
Data processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for distributed standby power provision
Power saving in signal processing in receivers
Data storage apparatus and data storage method
System and method for reconstructing RAID system
Computer system, managing computer and recovery management method
Memory management in a nested virtualization environment
Storage system, data transfer method, and program
Bandwidth of a cache directory by slicing the cache directory into two smaller cache directories and replicating snooping logic for each sliced cache directory
Method and apparatus for filtering snoop requests using stream registers
Adaptive memory system for enhancing the performance of an external computing device
Adaptive address mapping with dynamic runtime memory mapping selection
Multiprocessor electronic circuit including a plurality of processors and electronic data processing system
Securing CPU affinity in multiprocessor architectures
Relay, entertainment apparatus, communication system, communication method, and program
Apparatus and managing method using a preset policy based on an invalidated I/O path by using configuration information acquired from storage system
Output device and method for outputting density data corresponding to a color material to a printing unit
System and method for controlling consistent color quality
Method, apparatus and system for management of information content for enhanced accessibility over wireless communication networks
Apparatus and method for controlling communication through firewall, and computer program product
System and method for dynamic content delivery
System and method for providing content to a mobile device
Alternate to email for messages of general interest
Communication system and e-mail check method
Streaming data engine
Message-based technique for sharing distribution list contents within electronic messaging systems
Management policy evaluation system and recording medium storing management policy evaluation program
Mechanism for sharing web based imaging information from a unix terminal computing environment
Task scheduling to devices with same connection address
Method and system for communicating with a device attached to a computer using electronic mail messages
Cooperative diagnosis of web transaction failures
UPnP QoS network system and method for reserving path and resource
Network capacity management system
Coordinating rendezvous of multiple virtual users across multiple distributed devices
Tie resolution in application load level balancing
Reporting events from multiple WS-enabled devices
Automated provisioning system
Method and system for community data caching
Determining a node path through a node graph
Multi-supplier, multi-domain mediating element for event notification
System and method for collecting and processing real-time events in a heterogeneous system environment
Torque control method of a road vehicle
Method and apparatus for providing conditional customization for generating a web site
Virtual competitive group management systems and methods
System and methods for prize-based marketing
Method for controlling a friction clutch
Generalized policy server
Method and system for downloading additional search results into electronic dictionaries
Efficiently describing relationships between resources
File management system and method
Templates in a schema editor
System and method for determining true computer file type identity
Configuration management server, name recognition method and name recognition program
Deriving a hierarchical event based database having action triggers based on inferred probabilities
Operationalizing search engine optimization
Systems for real-time contamination, environmental, or physical monitoring of a photomask
Method and system for incorporation of patterns and design rule checking
Indeterminate state logic insertion
Method of logic circuit synthesis and design using a dynamic circuit library
Apparatus and computer program product for semiconductor yield estimation
Method of design for manufacturing
Method and system for mounting circuit design on reconfigurable device
Arranging through silicon vias in IC layout
Control device for vehicular drive system
Work instruction sheet preparing device, method and program
Knit simulation device, knit simulation method, and program thereof
Linkage control system with position estimator backup
Method of making a surgical template used for a computer-guided dental implant surgery
Installation of black box for trusted component for digital rights management (DRM) on computing device
System and method for implementing a shared platform or software resource for coupled computing devices
GUI generation apparatus and method for generating GUI
Direct, gesture-based actions from device's lock screen
Policy based system and method for optimizing output device submission, use and wait times
Image transfer system and image forming apparatus
System and method for identifying a genuine printed document
Service composition environment
Methods and systems for inventory management
Operation equipment for a vehicle
Accurate curvature estimation algorithm for path planning of autonomous driving vehicle
Multi-zone load leveling system for air cushion supported aircraft cargo loading robot
Embedded change logging for data synchronization
Process for administrating over changes to server-administrated client records in a stateless protocol
Modifying service provider context information to facilitate locating interceptor context information
Multi-partition query governor in a computer database system
Hidden markov model ("HMM")-based user authentication using keystroke dynamics
Relationship management for data modeling in an integrated development environment
Using pushdown systems for the static analysis of multi-threaded programs
Architectural support for software-based protection
System and methods for applying social computing paradigm to software installation and configuration
In-line processing of standardized text values
Combining static and dynamic compilation to remove delinquent loads
Methods and systems of reconciling sources of print job processing information in a print processing environment
Online management service for identification documents which prompts a user for a category of an official document
Method of emulating machine tool behavior for programmable logic controller logical verification system
Validating manufacturing test rules pertaining to an electronic component
Method for controlling regenerative braking and friction braking
Information processing apparatus, and method discriminating between sheet feed from cassette and manual port, and image transfer based thereon
Image data processing apparatus and method
Method for producing thermoreversible recording medium and apparatus for producing the same
Method for multi-media recognition, data conversion, creation of metatags, storage and search retrieval
Method for creating photo cutouts and collages
Machine for inspecting glass containers
Oral implant template
Image encoder, image encoding method, image decoder, and image decoding method
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Operating method for a pivotal poly-plane imaging unit for imaging a moving examination object
Systems and methods for unsupervised local boundary or region refinement of figure masks using over and under segmentation of regions
Method for coding RGB color space signal
Image processing method and device
Apparatus and method for augmenting sight
Image evaluation apparatus, image evaluation method, computer readable medium and computer data signal
Image searching device, method and recording medium
Video concept classification using audio-visual atoms
Semantic network methods to disambiguate natural language meaning
Method using a global server for providing patient medical histories to assist in the delivery of emergency medical services
Systems, methods, and software arrangements for improving uniformity of assets within an entity
Techniques for delivering coordination data for a shared facility
Identifying and surveying subscribers
Method and apparatus for a cryptographically assisted commercial network system designed to facilitate buyer-driven conditional purchase offers
Order support system, device monitoring method, and program product
Method for combining data signals and video signals for transmission to video display units
System and method for increasing capacity in an insurance system
Summarizing risk ratings to facilitate an analysis of risks
Time market grid interface
System and method for making a synthetic cash advance using a purchase payment exchange
Device administration system that administers device use status for each administrative unit, administration information change program, charge information processing program and charge information processing method
Vehicle wheel assembly external illumination lamp
Speech synthesizer
Position-dependent phonetic models for reliable pronunciation identification
Estimating the noise components of a signal during periods of speech activity
Optical recording head and optical recording apparatus
Optical disk reproducing apparatus
Using an atmospheric pressure sensor in a hard-disk drive (HDD)
Methods and systems for fast release of data from a host by a disk drive
Micro electro mechanical system and head gimbal assembly
Disk drive maintaining a substantially constant host transfer rate when reading data from varying data rate data tracks across multiple disk surfaces
Method and apparatus for digital data accompanied by degradation
Information storage device and storage media
Optical information storage medium, optical information storage medium playback apparatus, method of controlling optical information storage medium playback apparatus, control program of optical information storage medium playback apparatus, and storage medium storing the program therein
Circuit for generating tracking error signal
Optical disc drive apparatus and its control method
Semiconductor memory device
Ferroelectric memory and method for testing the same
Semiconductor memory having electrically erasable and programmable semiconductor memory cells
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Multi-layer semiconductor memory device comprising error checking and correction (ECC) engine and related ECC method
Semiconductor device having delay control circuit
Method for forming normally closed micromechanical device comprising a laterally movable element
Uninterruptible power supply
Laser crystal device
Optical pulse generating apparatus using photoelectric effect of surface plasmon resonance photons and its manufacturing method
Automated polarization correction
Single-polarization high power fiber lasers and amplifiers
Optical switch assembly and network incorporating same
Integrated circuit and assembly therewith
Semiconductor device having an ESD protection circuit
Electrostatic discharge conducting pathway having a noise filter spark gap
On-board battery charger for electric vehicles and control method thereof
Secondary side synchronous rectifier for resonant converter
Keyboard system and method for global disambiguation from classes with dictionary database from first and last letters
Turbo decoding apparatus and method
Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
Data equalisation in a communication receiver wth transmit and receive diversity
System for reducing signal interference
Systems and methods for improving channel estimation
Integrated cancellation circuit for RF converter spurious tones
System for using mobile communication terminal as pointer and method and medium thereof
Periodic ranging in a wireless access system for mobile station in sleep mode
Integrated transmitter/receiver switch with impedance matching network
Radio communication control apparatus and radio communication control method
Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
Method and device for decoding a scalable video stream
Systems and methods for decoding redundant motion vectors in compressed video bitstreams
Correlator for primary cell search using memory architecture
Free space optical connector
Fiber misconnection detecting method and device
Raman amplifier with signal modulated before stimulated brillouin scattering occurs
Communication device
Method and apparatus for identifying JAVA PUSH request equipments using bluetooth in a mobile communication terminal
Electronic apparatus and communication state notification method
Optimistic talk-permit reliability enhancement in a push-to-talk system
Transmission power control target calculating apparatus
Mobile ad-hoc network routing based upon hardware address
Communications session management
Self-backhaul method and apparatus in wireless communication networks
Apparatus and method for random access in wireless communication system
Repeating multicast message transmissions in a wireless communications system
Delay control in a mobile communication system
Automatic protection switching using link-level redundancy supporting multi-protocol label switching
Subcarrier allocation apparatus and method, subcarrier de-allocation apparatus and method in OFDM system
Bidirectional wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network
Base station, mobile station, and method of communicating for controlling a transmission time interval
Method of and an apparatus for effecting a smooth transition between adjacent symbol bursts transmitted in different modulation formats
Message-based coexistence interface between wireless devices
System and method for voice transmission over network protocols
Mobile communication system, core network apparatus, and MBMS data transmission method used for the same
Tracking network-data flows
Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
Rate adaptation method for communication systems
Digital broadcast system for transmitting/receiving digital broadcast data, and data processing method for use in the same
Digital broadcast system for transmitting/receiving digital broadcast data, and data processing method for use in the same
Accelerated channel change
Transmission device
Apparatus and method of estimating signal-to-noise ratio
OFDM receiver apparatus having a plurality of receiver circuits and OFDM receiving method
Virtual system configuration
Communication control system, communication control method, routing controller and router suitably used for the same
System and method of transmitting and receiving data frames
Mobile virtual LAN
Multiple closed captioning flows and customer access in digital networks
Routing in wireless ad-hoc networks
Method and system to reduce interconnect latency
System and apparatus thereof for Ethernet PON communication
Method for operating multipoint control system
Message propagation in a distributed virtual world
Data packet, system and method for multiple nodes transmitting under AD-HOC network architecture
Methods and systems for selecting a buddy from a buddy list and for placing call to a buddy
Adaptive known signal canceller
System and method for design-for-manufacturability data encryption
Program conversion device and program execution device
Method for calculating compressed RSA moduli
Method and system for secure storage, transmission and control of cryptographic keys
System and method for providing variable security level in a wireless communication system
Cellular phone
Resource scheduling in wireless communication systems using beam forming
Mobile terminal having dual display unit and method of changing display screen using the same
System and method for multi-channel recording
Mobile terminal, access control management device, and access control management method
Auto-control of radiation power in a portable telecommunication system
Location enhancement for emergency service sessions of wireless communication devices
Charging split negotiation in IMS sessions
Method and apparatus for controlling restriction on call connections
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image processing apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Scanning apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Printing with alternative halftone patterns in ink jet printing to reduce ink penetration
Image data management processing apparatus, medium recording image data management processing program and image data management processing method
Frame rate conversion method using motion interpolation
Methods and systems for broadcasting modified live media
Program searching in digital multimedia terminal
Diaphragm and loudspeaker unit using the same
Frequency transposition applications for improving spatial hearing abilities of subjects with high-frequency hearing losses
Audio signal enhancement
Audio signal reproduction device and audio signal reproduction system
Method and apparatus for estimating geo-location of terminal wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus for monitoring configurable performance levels in a wireless device
Method and system for reducing connection set-up time
Network address assigning and allocating method and routing method for long-thin wireless network
Method and apparatus for multimedia communications with different user terminals
Base-station cell design method and base-station cell design apparatus, and program thereof in mobile communication system
Mobile station and communication system selection method
Communication system and gateway apparatus
Method and a device for determining at least one terminal for which signals transferred between the at least one terminal and a base station of a wireless cellular telecommunication network have to be relayed by a relay
Plasma treated susceptor films
Circuit board and mobile electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Process for transformation of mature trees of Eucalyptus plants
Identification and characterization of a CURLY phenotype (CUR) in plants
Soybean cultivar 0120310
Soybean cultivar 240200
Soybean cultivar 921021
Soybean cultivar 010013
Soybean cultivar 0120286
Hybrid winter oilseed rape and methods for producing same
In vivo electroporation method for early stage embryo of chickens
Evaporation device for multiple volatile substances
Preservative compounds
Methods and compositions for repelling arthropods
Use of 2-(n-phenylamino)pyrimidines as fungicides, and novel 2-(n-phenylamino) pyrimidines
Pyrazolyl benzyl ether deriviatives having a fluoromethoxy group and the use thereof as pesticides
Production of cotton fiber with improved fiber characteristics
Materials and methods for the control of tephritidae fruit flies
2,5-dioxo-3-(2-propynyl)imidazolidin-1-ylmethyl 2,2-dimethyl-3-(alenyl) cyclopropane carboxylate compounds and pesticidal methods and compositions utilizing the same
Composition for deactivating chemically and biologically active agents and method of making the same
Method for preventing or treating elevated blood lipid level-related diseases by administering rutin and quercetin
Nutritional supplement for increased energy and stamina
Image acquisition with depth enhancement
Absorbent article having channel
Compositions comprising a substituted benzimidazole useful for treating immunomediated inflammatory disorders
Ureido derivatives of poly-4-amino-2-carboxy-1-methyl pyrrole compounds for inhibition of inflammation
Method for overcoming bacterial antibiotic resistance
Vasodilator cannabinoid analogs
Method for treating depression
Dry granulation of pharmaceutical formulation comprising mexiletine
Catechin multimers as therapeutic drug delivery agents
Cosmetic and dermatological formulations comprising flavonoids
Composition comprising a tramadol material and an anticonvulsant drug
Oligocycloalkanoid compounds and methods of use
Methods and compounds for inhibiting amyloid deposits
Carbamate compounds for use in preventing or treating bipolar disorder
Combination comprising camptothecin and a stilbene derivative for the treatment of cancer
Treatment of cardiovascular disease with quinolinone enantiomers
Use of tetrahydroisoquinoline compounds for the treatment of septicemia
Sustained release ranolazine formulations
Method of treating a patient having precancerous lesions with phenyl quinazolinone derivatives
Compositions containing therapeutically active components having enhanced solubility
Treatment of hepatic cirrhosis
Methods of inhibiting physiological conditions associated with an excess of neuropeptide Y
Method for treatment of female sexual dysfunction
Method for the treatment of urinary incontinence
Partially purified cocoa extracts containing cocoa polyphenols
Anaesthetic formulation comprising an NMDA-antagoinst and an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist
Treatment of AIDS-associated non-Hodgkin's lymphoma by gallium nitrate
Indications of mannan-binding lectin (MBL) in the treatment of immunocompromised individuals
Hormone therapy methods and hormone products for abating coronary artery blockage
Methods and products relating to 16-HETE analogs
Emulsion of perfluoroorganic compounds for medical purposes, a process for the preparation thereof and methods for treating and preventing diseases with the use thereof
Glycosaminoglycan-antithrombin III/heparin cofactor II conjugates
Hybrid polypeptides with enhanced pharmacokinetic properties
Perlecan transgenic animals and methods of identifying compounds for the treatment of amyloidoses
Skin exfoliation apparatus and method
Use of aqueous wax dispersions as consistency providers
Precipitation of proteins from organic solutions
Terpolymer of maleic acid, maleic anhydride and alkylvinylether
Combinations of ileal bile acid transport inhibitors and bile acid sequestering agents for cardiovascular indications
Antiallergic agent
Reactive agent and process for decomposing fluorine compounds and use thereof
Golf ball with multi-layer cover
Low spin golf ball having a dual core configuration
Performing Operations; Transporting
Aqueous defoamer composition
Dispersant in non-polar solvent
Process for separation of crude naphthalene dicarboxylic acid using reverse osmosis
Process for the direct oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides
Solid alkylbenzene sulfonates and cleaning compositions having enhanced water hardness tolerance
Gelatinous compositions formed from hydroxyaluminoxane, solid compositions formed therefrom, and the use of such compositions as catalyst components
Catalyst for aromatic C--O, C--N, and C--C bond formation
Article comprising IR-reflective multi-well plates
Resistance-heating element
Method and apparatus for electrical discharge machining with multiple workstations
Method of forming an electrode
Method of welding metals and apparatus for use therefor
Laser cutting of stents and other medical devices
Laser robot for workpiece machining and method for workpiece machining with a laser robot
Laser cutting method, laser cutting apparatus, and method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid crystal device
Process for the laser and/or plasma cutting of strips, particularly metal coils, and relative continuous cutting lines
Gore cutter and flat bed single direction cutter
Automated soldering system
Welding technique for forming passive chromium oxide film in weld and gas feed system for welding
Welding machine with automatic parameter setting
Probe for touch sensing
Polyurethane resin type composition for slush molding
Acoustic baffle with predetermined directional expansion characteristics
Apparatus and method for producing resin
Image forming apparatus
Liquid isoprene-butadiene rubber
Plug connector-switch assembly with bi-metallic unit
Horn switch
Mounting and control system for optical imaging systems
Systems and methods for modifying ice adhesion strength
Micro-electro-mechanical-system (MEMS) mirror device and methods for fabricating the same
Method for machining work by laser beam
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Modified clay minerals and polymer composites comprising the same
Silicon nitride--tungsten carbide composite sintered material, production process therefor, and glow plug comprising the same
Ceramic pin heating element with integrated connector contacts and method for making same
Process for production of polyasparagine and the high nitrogen content polymer formed thereby
Biphenyl compounds and their use as oestrogenic agents
Process for preparing monoisopropylamine
Amino compound and process for producing the same
Kinetic resolutions of chiral 2- and 3-substituted carboxylic acids
Kinetic resolutions of chiral 2-and-3-substituted carboxylic acids
Preparation of substituted isoserine esters using metal alkoxides and .beta.-lactams
Delta dicarbonyl compounds and methods for using the same
Process for the preparation of macrocyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Process for preparing zolpidem
Fabric care method
Convergent synthesis of .alpha.-aryl-.beta.-ketonitriles
Catalytic oxidative conversion of hydrocarbons to aldehydes
Adsorbent bed loading and regeneration
Compositions comprising combination of DEFI and modified DEFI and methods of making
Substituted cyclopentane and cyclopentene compounds useful as neuraminidase inhibitors
Protease inhibitors
Process for the preparation of N-(substituted phenyl)-3-alkyl-,aryl- and heteroarylsulfonyl-2-hydroxy-2-alkyl- and haloalkylpropanamide compounds
Biscyclopropanecarboxamide compounds and pharmaceutical use thereof
Alkyl aromatic aldehydes
Recovery of dicarboxylic aromatic acids from polyester-resin contained in articles for recycling
Process for producing acrylic acid
Production of high purity aromatic carboxylic acid by oxidation in benzoic acid and water solvent
Method for separating and purifying carboxylic acid derived from the direct oxidation of a hydrocarbon
Granules of 2-hydroxynaphthalene-3-carboxylic acid and method for preparing the same
Fluoropolymer composition with organo-onium and blocked oxalate compounds
Carbazole compounds
Process for the preparation of alkyl 4[2-(phthalimido)ethoxy]-acetoacetate
4-phenyltetrahydrochinoline utilized as an inhibitor of the cholesterol ester transfer protein
Process for the preparation of mixed anhydrides
Histidine derivatives, preparation process, and their use as free antiradical agents
Substituted bicyclic compounds
Method for producing 4-chloro-6-hydroxypyrimidine
Methods and compositions utilizing quinazolinones
Method for preparing heterocyclic-carboxylic acids
Geminal-dinitro-1-5 diazocine derivatives
Method for producing 5-aryloxymethyl-2-oxazolidinones
Amide library formation using a "by-product-free" activation/coupling sequence
Process for the preparation of substituted benzisothiazole compounds
Methods of synthesizing sultams and anti-viral compositions
Ricin inhibitors and methods for use thereof
Piperazine derivatives as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Process to produce amino alcohol salts
Method for highly exothermic epoxidation reactions
Lactonization process
Bisarylimidazolyl fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitors
Pyridyl ethers and thioethers as ligands for nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and its therapeutic application
6-substituted heteroquinolinecarboxylic acid derivatives and addition salts thereof and processes for the preparation of both
Heterocyclically substituted amides used as calpain inhibitors
Substituted 3-pyridyl-4-arylpyrroles, and related therapeutic and prophylactic methods
Amidine compounds
Substituted imidazole compounds
Heteroaryl amidines, methylamidines and guanidines, and the use thereof as protease inhibitors
Oxazolidinone combinatorial libraries, compositions and methods of preparation
Cyclic amine compounds as CCR5 antagonists
Amine derivative compounds
Heterocyclic compounds as inhibitors of rotamase enzymes
Process for the preparation of triethylenediamine (TEDA)
Method of purifying tetrodotoxin
Method for making late transition metal catalysts for olefin polymerization
Catalyst precursor compound and olefin polymerization process using same
High activity carbenium-activated polymerization catalysts
Titanium chelates and processes therefor
Phosphinylmethyl and phosphorylmethyl succinic and glutauric acid analogs as .beta.-secretase inhibitors
Optical material
Preparation of mono- and di-arylphosphines
Process for making geminal bisphosphonates
Method for producing oligosaccharide, and novel oligosaccharide and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Hygromycin derivatives
Motilide compounds
Derivatives of polyene macrolides and preparation and use thereof
Process which is useful for converting the carbonyl function in position 4" of the cladinose unit of an aza-macrolide into an amine derivative
Oligonucleotide analogues
Glucopyranoside, process for isolation thereof, pharmaceutical composition containing same and use thereof
Topoisomerase II inhibitor
Nucleic acid and amino acid sequences relating to Acinetobacter baumannii for diagnostics and therapeutics
Oxidative stress resistance gene
Methods and compositions for regulating FAS-associated apoptosis
Peptide epitopes recognized by disease promoting CD4+ T lymphocytes
Human procalcitonin and the preparation and use thereof
Methods for treatment of diabetes using peptide analogues of insulin
Receptor activator of NF-.kappa.B
Antibodies to viral encoded semaphorin protein receptor polypeptides
Genomic sequence encoding endoglin and fragments thereof
Galanin receptor
Human skeletal muscle-specific ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
Method of solubilization and naturation of somatotropins
Self-contained system for sustained viral replication
Aminoalkyl trialkyl silyl cellulose and a method for coating surfaces
Bis-amino acid sulfonamides as HIV protease inhibitors
Streptogramin derivatives, their preparation and compositions which contain them
Compounds and methods for modulating apoptosis
Trifunctional olefinic-capped polymers and compositions that include such polymers
Process for producing high vinylidene polyisobutylene
Olefin polymerization catalyst, method for producing the same and method for producing olefinic polymer
Process for the gas-phase (co)-polymerization of olefins in a fluidized bed reactor
Processes for the preparation polyolefin resins using supported ionic catalysts
High density polyethylene compositions, a process for the production thereof and films prepared
Propylene polymer composition and films made therefrom
Process for making propylene homo or copolymers
Method for preparing polybutadiene having controlled molecular weight and high 1,4-cis content
Method of making a thermoformable article having uniform distribution of coloring and mineral filler before and after thermoforming
Method for producing water-soluble polymers, comprising oligoalkylene-imine side chains
Vicinal hydroxyl group containing copolymer and articles formed therefrom
Highly functional polymer latex
Process for the preparation of isoolefin copolymers
Preparation of emulsifiable ethylene polymers
Organic anti-reflective coating polymer, anti-reflective coating composition and methods of preparation thereof
Conjugated diene-based rubber and method of producing the same, oil extended rubber and rubber composition containing the same
Method for carrying out radical ethylene high-pressure polymerization while preventing undesired polymer deposits
Bis(salicylaldiminato)titanium complex catalysts, highly syndiotactic polypropylene by a chain-end control mechanism, block copolymers containing this
Process for the preparation of a dilithiated initiator and anionic polymerization process
Polyalkene-substituted carboxylic acid compositions having reduced chlorine content
Mar-resistant oligomeric-based coatings
Aqueous reactive putties (II)
Light stable one-shot urethane-urea elastomers
Polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foams blown with hydrofluorocarbons and carbon atoms
Liquified polyols, urethane acrylate resins prepared therewith and curable compositions employing such resins
Epoxy resin compositions having a long shelf life
Branched hydroxyl-functional polyester resin and its use in aqueous cross-linkable binder compositions
Copolyesters and fibrous materials formed therefrom
Ether/ester dispersants
Simplified method of producing biodegradable aliphatic polyesters
Continuous preparation of polycarbonate
Preparation of polyetherols
Production process for polyarylene sulfide
Thermoplastic aromatic polysulfone resin composition
Process for the preparation of polyamide granules
Water-absorbent resin powder and its production process and use
Process for preparing carbon-black-filled rubber powders based on aqueous polymer-latex emulsions
Non-silicone conductive paste for the electrical industry, and its use
Resin composition and manufacturing method therefor
Room temperature vulcanizable silicone compositions with improved adhesion to acrylic
Disodium hexahydrophthalate salt compositions and nucleated polymers comprising such compositions
Non-halogenated polyamide composition
Soil formulation for resisting erosion
Thermoplastic resin composition and shaped articles thereof
Bi-modal ionomers
Olefin polymer and thermoplastic resin composition
Non-reinforced thermoplastic moulding materials
Polycarbonate resin composition
Clear coating for top coating of automobiles, method of forming multilayer coating and automotive body
Resin composition
Light-colored rosin esters and adhesive compositions
Benzo (4,5) imidazo (2,1-a) isoindol-11-ones
Solubilizers containing alk(en)yl oligoglycosides and polyol components, and methods of solubilizing using the same
Esters derived from alkanolamines, dicarboxylic acids and fatty alcohols and the cationic surfactants obtainable therefrom
Bleaching composition
Gene search vector and gene search method
Cotton plants with improved cotton fiber characteristics and method for producing cotton fibers from these cotton plants
Identification and cloning of a new subfamily of sulfatases and functional embryonic techniques for characterization of such proteins
Heparanase activity neutralizing anti-heparanase monoclonal antibody
Maize chitinases and their use in enhancing disease resistance in crop plants
Nucleotide sequences encoding anthranilate synthase
Oligonucleotides for detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and detection method for Vibrio parahaemolyticus using the same oligonucleotides
Detection of altered expression of genes regulating cell proliferation
Pyroelectric device on a monocrystalline semiconductor substrate and process for fabricating same
Textiles; Paper
Sorbent material
Composite cable with a synthetic core for lifting or traction
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of machining the turbine rotor shaft of a supercharger
Vehicle lights defroster device
High-precision displacement measurement device and method using unit displacement sensor based on confocal theory
Topological and motion measuring tool
Method of measuring sizes of trapezoidal structure
System for tracking angular and linear motion
Fat weighing scale
Electronic balance
Thick scintillation plate with internal light collimation
Apparatus for optoelectronically determining power using a light source being of annular design
Method and apparatus for identification of plastic materials by optical measurements
Fluorescence detection assembly for determination of significant vegetation parameters
Ultraviolet light permeable filter for flaw detection light and method for detection of flaws
Method for enhancing the contrast for a transmission electron microscope
High-density recording scanning microscope
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Transgenic mice over-expressing receptor for advanced glycation endproduct (RAGE) and mutant APP in brain and uses thereof
Substrate inspecting system using electron beam and substrate inspecting method using electron beam
Non-rectilinear sensor arrays for tracking an image
Flexible radiation detector scintillator
Microscope, especially a fluorescence microscope, particularly a stereo fluorescence microscope
Electric heating blanket control circuit assembly
Key switch and keyboard
Karaoke system
Stringed musical instrument with apparatus enhancing low frequency sounds
Multi-planar headstock for stringed musical instruments
Tuning means for fulcrum tremolo
Guitar string attachment device
Folding frame for supporting a musical instrument
Edge mounted trap bag
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus, and optical head apparatus
Enhanced grading and sorting of semiconductor devices using modular "plug-in" sort algorithms
Method of producing carbon with electrically active sites
Charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus and methods for preventing coulomb effects using the hollow-beam technique
Electric installation cable
Electric fence insulator
Method of adjusting an electrical switch arrangement
Switch mechanism housing
Control device for make break switch
Fluid flow switch sensing device having a test button
Dome-shaped contact plate giving crispy feeling of click and sheet with contact plate
Slide bar interlocking device
Electron beam apparatus having traversing circuit boards
Voltage control sensor and control interface for radio frequency power regulation in a plasma reactor
Measurement of substrate temperature in a process chamber using non-contact filtered infrared pyrometry
System for providing a continuous motion sequential lateral solidification
Field effect transistors having gate and sub-gate electrodes that utilize different work function materials and methods of forming same
Technique to obtain high mobility channels in MOS transistors by forming a strain layer on an underside of a channel
Semiconductor device having rigid capacitor structure with a liner film
Polysilicon layer having improved roughness after POCl3 doping
Cross point type DRAM cell composed of a pillar having an active region
Photoelectric conversion device
Electrically tunable device and a method relating thereto
High frequency field effect transistor
Structure for supporting a photovoltaic module in a solar energy collection system
Thermoelectric unicouple used for power generation
Memory elements and methods for making same
Radiating enclosure
Ancillary cabinet system for an uninterruptible power supply
Insertion/withdrawal mechanism for a circuit interrupter
Cable head assembly
Lightweight shielded conduit
Modular electrical system
Apertured plate and support fixing device
Aircraft junction box
Base and electrical outlet having an expandable base mounting aperture and method for making same
Image sensor and method of operating an image sensor
Method of processing measurement data having errors due to unpredictable non-uniformity in illumination of detectors
Soft electrical heater with continuous temperature sensing
Eddy current/hysteretic heater apparatus and method of use
Microwave oven with food search and localized heating
In-line gas ionizer and method
Insulation barrier on a printed circuit board
Multilayered circuit board and method for producing the same
Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing same
System and method for generating a right torsion field
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