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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Ultrasonic diagnosis device, graphic environment control device for use therein, and control method therefor
Methods of administering a wagering game based on comparison of straights
Performing Operations; Transporting
Oil filter module and thermostat unit
Automated system for sorting and blending different fuel stocks such as coal
Reaction vessel
Ladder top end support with platforms
Mortar peeling method
Sealing membrane with barrier against plasticizer migration
Functionalization of sp.sup.3 hybridized carbon, silicon and/or germanium surfaces
Trailer refrigerating apparatus
Vehicle seat
System for remotely checking locked status of a vehicle
Switch monitoring and railway line management
Pan adapter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and a system for converting carbon dioxide into chemical starting materials
Fluorescent cytotoxic compounds specific for the cellular polyamine transport system
Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the same
Vitro method for high throughput screening of genotoxic agents in eukaryotic cells
Nucleic acid base analogs with quenching and fluorescent activities and applications thereof
Cartridge for storing biosample capillary tubes and use in automated data storage systems
Textiles; Paper
Heat pump laundry dryer
Display rear shell with waterproof and fireproof properties
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and related methods of paving a subsurface
Spreader unit for de-icing material and respective vehicle
Method of installing a hydroelectric turbine
Control joint backer and support member associated with structural assemblies
Debris repelling filtering device for roof gutters
Composite siding with improved interlaced end-grain corner configuration and false chinking joint
Device and method for winterizing the skim filter port of an in-ground pool
Lock protector
Restraint device and method
Locking system of the passive door blade of a double door
Door stop
Combination doorbumper/doorstopper
Locking pet door system
Entertainment table
Fall restraint system for telescoping ladders
Drill bits having depth of cut control features and methods of making and using the same
Innovative cutting element and cutting structure using same
Backup heave compensation system and lifting arrangement for a floating drilling vessel
Method for applying physical fields of an apparatus in the horizontal end of an inclined well to productive hydrocarbon beds
Actuator switch for a downhole tool, tool and method
Apparatus and method for connecting fluid lines
Drilling apparatus
Gas-lift safety valve actuated by a sensor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for operating a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine with internal exhaust gas energy recuperation and reciprocating piston internal combustion engine
Method for integrally connecting blades and disks in order to form a blade-disk unit, as well as correspondingly produced blade-disk unit
Method for energy storage to utilize intermittent renewable energy and low-value electricity for CO.sub.2 capture and utilization
Method and parts for making a tubular workpiece, in particular a built-up camshaft
Switching roller finger follower with locking mechanism
Method of controlling fluid pressure-actuated switching component and control system for same
Dosing module
Six-stroke cycle engine having scavenging stroke
Six-stroke cycle engine having scavenging stroke
Method for operating a compressor
Method and device for controlling the exhaust gas recirculation rate for internal combustion engines during lean operation
Electrical generator apparatus, particularly for use on a vehicle roadway
Method for manufacturing engine cover having a retainer to secure an engine accessory
Method and device for monitoring a high-pressure fuel system
Combustion chamber for a direct-injection supercharged combustion engine
Piston ring
Fuel injector icing
Fuel injection control device for internal combustion engine
High pressure piezoelectric fuel injector
Mounting structure for fuel injector
Laser-induced spark ignition for an internal combustion engine
Method for installation of sensors in rotor blades and installation apparatus
Wind turbine blade
Vertical shaft type darius windmill
Mounting clamp for pole
Magnetic wall anchoring system
Oil film bearing
Expansion reduction of metal component assemblies using composites
Cage and rolling bearing
Rotating drive shaft coupling
Automatic transmission device
Torque transmission device
Chain transmission device for driving camshaft
Control valve driven by stepping motor
Control valve
Regulator valve
Thermostat-controlled coolant flow within a heat sink
Connection fitting for connecting thermoplastic pipes
Modular double adjustable chock
Composition and method for reducing hydrocarbon friction and drag in pipeline flow
Vehicle headlight assembly
Self-locating light source module
Vehicle lamp unit
Retrofit lighting device
Lighting fixture for ceiling fan
LED light assembly and method for generating a beam of light
Lens structure for a vehicular lamp
Structure for fixing frames and LCD device
Lighting fixture having an optical wave guide and a descartes lens or descartes reflector
Light emitting device and LCD backlight using the same
Burner system with staged fuel injection
Propane vaporizer for fuel powered devices
Glow plug and fabrication method for same
Venting and cooling system for a house
High performance refrigerator having passive sublimation defrost of evaporator
Process and apparatus for cooling and compressing a wet gas rich in carbon dioxide
Apparatus and method for operating a subsea compression system
Bow loop retainer
Adjustable sighting device for archery
Correlation/estimation reporting engagement system and method
Ballistic strike plate and assembly
Creating routing paths in maps
Location based point of interest navigation system
EV route optimization through crowdsourcing
Multi-path reduction for optical time-of-flight
Apparatus and methods for measuring and or adjusting the height of material in the bin of a hopper assembly
Harvesting power from DC (direct current) sources
Wearable radiation detector
Light receiving circuit
Infrared detecting element and electronic device
Systems and methods of determining load temperatures
Deflection plate for mobile dynamometer
Sensor assembly for hygenic material processing systems
Test structure and methodology for estimating sensitivity of pressure sensors
Pressure sensor with built-in calibration capability
Magnetic sensor packaging for transmissions
Analyte detectors and methods for their preparation and use
Optical instrument including excitation source
Interference-compensating NDIR gas sensor for measuring acetylene
Diagnostic method for high sensitivity detection of component concentrations in human gas emission
Apparatus monitoring for abnormalities
pH modulation methods and systems for detecting binding events
Three-color reagent for measurement of CD4 positive lymphocytes by flow cytometry
Measuring multiple analytes over a broad range of concentrations using optical diffraction
Device for preparing and/or treating a biological sample
Vector velocimeter
Synchronizer for a data acquisition system
Sensor element device and method for producing a molded body of a sensor element device
Method and system for identifying an electrical noise propagation path
Low-voltage IC test for defect screening
Method and apparatus for characterizing thermal marginality in an integrated circuit
Managing chip testing data
Magnetic field sensor
Size-adjustable head/neck MR surface coil with hinged upper section
Dual-mode microwave resonator device and method of electron spin resonance measurement
System and method for locating a target using a transceiver array
Method of near-field electromagnetic ranging and location
Zoom lens and imaging device
Adjusting parallax barriers
Multiple beam combiner for laser processing apparatus
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Actuator motion control mechanism for a concave mirror
Diffractive optical element, optical system, and optical apparatus
Fiber optic interface with adhesive fill system
Optical circuit board
Fiber optic connector with rotational interlock between connector housing and rear insert
Eyewear retainer
Semiconductor Mach-Zehnder modulator and method for manufacturing semiconductor Mach-Zehnder modulators
Touch panel and manufacturing method
Substrate for liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device comprising two overlapping conductive lines under a sealant
Photographic stage
Systems and devices for securing and securely transporting a camera
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Photosensitive polyimide composition, base agent thereof, method of making the base agent, and solder-resistant polyimide thin film made from the composition
Pre-patterned hard mask for ultrafast lithographic imaging
Apparatus and method for providing fluid for immersion lithography
Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and method for producing device
Image forming apparatus which receives an instruction to take out sheets stored in a storage portion
Abnormality monitoring system and image forming apparatus
Information processing apparatus and control program
Cap, powder container, developer supply device, and image forming apparatus
Method and system for reduction of caking
Method for determining a characteristic of a surface layer of a fuser element
Image forming apparatus
Differential phase-contrast imaging with increased dynamic range
Smart alarm clock system device
Managing power utilized within a local power network
Methods and apparatus to dynamically display data associated with a process control system
Power converter control circuit
Shifting structure
Information processing apparatus that validates added hardware, control method therefor and storage medium
Display device having a deformable surface and position sensors
Mobile terminal
Method of managing the energy consumption of an application executable in various environments and software architecture implementing such a method
Modular combined optical data network and independent DC power distribution system
Reducing demand/response effects implementing volt/VAR control
Information processing apparatus with power shutoff switch and control method therefor for reducing power consumption in an image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for controlled startup of electrical devices loading a power line
Disk array having mirror configuration and rebuilding method therefor
Fault-aware mapping for shared last level cache (LLC)
Derivation of generalized test cases
Final result checking for system with pre-verified cores
Logging code generation and distribution
Setting up network adaptors in a virtual machine
SVC cluster configuration node failover
Systems and methods for controlling access to content in a distributed computerized infrastructure for establishing a social network
Encoding apparatus and method
Memory system
Modifying memory space allocation for inactive tasks
Provision of early data from a lower level cache memory
Administering registered virtual addresses in a hybrid computing environment including maintaining a cache of ranges of currently registered virtual addresses
I/O controller and method for operating an I/O controller
Document management apparatus improved in efficiency of deletion of files, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Method and system for automatic space organization in tier2 solid state drive (SSD) cache in databases for multi page support
Semiconductor device with power mode transitioning operation
Saving log data using a disk system as primary cache and a tape library as secondary cache
Constraining prefetch requests to a processor socket
Systems and methods for memory utilization for object detection
Device to control updating of cache line
Information processing apparatus and program execution method
Intelligent power strip connecting master and slave peripheral device(s) wherein the master can be detected when connected to any outlet of the power strip
Controller controlling an interleave operation, solid-state drive including the controller, and control method controlling an interleave operation
Hardware-assisted interthread push communication
Achieving deterministic execution of time critical code sections in multi-core systems
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
Handling context data for tagged messages
Redacting content in online meetings
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and computer-readable storage medium
Electronic document retrieval and reporting using pre-specified word/operator combinations
Bookmarking internet resources in an internet browser
Card based package for distributing electronic media and services
Audio transceiver
Apparatus, system and method of transmitting multimedia communications using printed stamps
System and method for providing information regarding posts on social networking sites
Skill based games of chance
Approach for managing access to electronic documents on network devices using document analysis, document retention policies and document security policies
Range-based text editing
Inputting in a textbox
Producing insight information from tables using natural language processing
Method and system for providing access to information of potential interest to a user
Disambiguation of dependent referring expression in natural language processing
Real-time jargon translation in a communication system
Performing a function on rows of data determined from transitive relationships between columns
Management of file storage locations
Estimating most frequent values for a data set
Extract-transform-load processor controller
Method and system for indexing, relating and managing information about entities
Context-aware tagging for augmented reality environments
Apparatus and method for processing a multidimensional string query
Indexing content and source code of a software application
Archiving data in database management systems
Real-time filtering of relevant events from a plurality of events
System locale name management
Dynamic search system
Dynamic search system
Methods for enhancing management of backup data sets and devices thereof
Behavioral targeting system
Machine learning for database migration source
User interface with inbox mode and document mode for single input work flow routing
Seamless upload and ingest of release forms from a mobile device to a digital media system
Social media data analysis system and method
Advanced URLs for web navigation
Method and apparatus for testing
Boundary based power guidance for physical synthesis
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits including generating photomasks for directed self-assembly (DSA) using DSA target patterns
System and methods for OPC model accuracy management and disposition
Efficient waveform generation for emulation
System and method for amplifier design
System and method for editing and manipulating DNA
Generating weights for biometric tokens in probabilistic matching systems
Authorized remote access to an operating system hosted by a virtual machine
Real identity authentication
Method and system for providing password-free, hardware-rooted, ASIC-based authentication of a human to a mobile device using biometrics with a protected, local template to release trusted credentials to relying parties
Remotely monitoring and scheduling a data integration job
Protecting visible data during computerized process usage
Systems and methods for processing data entered using an eye-tracking system
Non-contact position sensing device and non-contact position sensing method
Data entry device utilizing writing implement rotation
Electronic device for recognizing asynchronous digital pen and recognizing method thereof
Actuator coupled device chassis
Information processing apparatus, information display system and information display method
Display panel with touch detection function, method of driving the same, drive circuit, and electronic unit
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
Stylus and electronic display
Using a scroll bar in a multiple panel user interface
Systems and methods for detecting and displaying bias
Data processing system
Method for controlling icon display in mobile terminal and mobile terminal thereof
Business intelligence dashboard assembly tool with indications of relationships among content elements
Script logic graphical mapping
Detachable sensory-interface device for a wireless personal communication device and method
Hover-over gesturing on mobile devices
Interactive rendering on a multi-display device
Fast normalization in a mixed precision floating-point unit
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for managing file system
Methods of systems using geographic meta-metadata in information retrieval and document displays
Disjoint partial-area based taxonomy abstraction network
Retrieval of relevant objects in a similarity
Stream compression and decompression
Integrating mind mapping technology with case modeling
Generating cumulative wear-based indicators for vehicular components
Method of providing search service and display device applying the same
Password authentication
Provisioning aggregate computational workloads and air conditioning unit configurations to optimize utility of air conditioning units and processing resources within a data center
Virtual memory address range register
Instruction set architecture with opcode lookup using memory attribute
Major branch instructions
Method and system for providing checkpointing to windows application groups
NOP instruction compressing apparatus and method in a VLIW machine
Data processing apparatus having a parallel processing circuit including a plurality of processing modules, and method for controlling the same
Automated software composition
Updating software based on utilized functions
Dynamic protection of one or more deployed copies of a master operating system image
Reducing storage facility code load suspend rate by redundancy check
Software build optimization
Hybrid parallelization strategies for machine learning programs on top of MapReduce
Correlating class loader objects across execution environments
Just-in time expensive compilation hints
Selecting virtual machines to be relocated based on memory volatility
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for back annotating and visualizing parasitic models of electronic designs
Switching a first OS in a foreground to a standby state in response to a system event and resuming a second OS from a background
Apparatus and method for managing stream processing tasks
Termination of requests in a distributed coprocessor system
Processor scheduling with thread performance estimation on cores of different types
Scheduling periodic tasks with dependencies and determining improper loop dependencies between tasks placed in a waiting tasks set and in a unfinished dependent tasks set
Processing engine implementing job arbitration with ordering status
Verification of dynamic logical partitioning
System, method and program product to schedule transfer of data
Method and apparatus for a hierarchical synchronization barrier in a multi-node system
Processing data communications events by awakening threads in parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Traffic incident location identification
Job management apparatus connected to an external storage via a network, including a storage management unit that determines whether to store job data in the external storage based on predetermined transfer condition
Image forming apparatus
Optimizing quick response code capacity using gray luminance
Payment card and methods
Multiface document
Systems and methods for estimation of a population of passive RFID sensors
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for processing an image to reduce image deterioration
Image processing apparatus, method, and storage medium
Image mapping to provide visual geographic path
Nuclear image system and method for updating an original nuclear image
Doze detection method and apparatus thereof
Cohort-based learning from user edits
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Fast multipass underline removal for camera captured OCR
Single image super resolution and denoising using multiple wavelet domain sparsity
Method and apparatus for filtering an image using a guidance image
Systems and methods for layered training in machine-learning architectures
Cost-aware non-stationary online learning
Automated data-driven closed-loop-feedback method for adaptive and comparative quality control in a discrete data aggregation environment
Reservation system with graphical user interface
Ordering of goods or services using memory for storing digital content
Location based systems for entry and exit
Electronic digital direct-mail collateral
Map topology for navigating a sequence of multimedia
Devices and methods for recording information on a subject's body
Intelligent safety deposit, safety control system and control method thereof
Graphical user interface for efficiently visualizing multiple messages of different severities in a tabular format
Method using 3D geometry data for virtual reality image presentation and control in 3D space
Method and system of discretizing three-dimensional space and objects for two-dimensional representation of space and objects
Image enhancement
Method and apparatus for determining a position of a device relative to a virtual fence
Anti-theft device for intercom systems
Warning device for monitoring a health status of a bearing having a close range wireless interface
Traffic flow measuring apparatus and method, and computer-readable storage medium for judging size of vehicle depending on number of times reflected wave from vehicle is detected within detection time
Control devices and methods for a road toll system
Pedestrian warning system
Leveraging information for use in a traffic prediction scenario
Sequenced multi-meaning tactile symbols useable to produce synthetic plural word messages including words, phrases and sentences
Stop sign apparatus
Displaying device
LC panel having switch unit, and LCD device having switch unit
Display device and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Image processor, image processing method, image encoder, image encoding method, and image display device
Transparent display field of view region determination
Methods, systems and apparatus for displaying the multimedia information from wireless communication networks
Apparatus and method for a celeste in an electronically-orbited speaker
Bucket drum
Decorative drum pad and cymbal cover
Media system with playing component
Vibration sensor device for musical instruments
Systems and methods for active exhaust noise cancellation
Pre-processed annotation of street grammar in speech enabled navigation systems
Concise dynamic grammars using N-best selection
Methods and apparatuses for providing tangible control of sound
Method and system for robust audio hashing
Improving voice communication over a network
Parallel recognition
Flexible printed circuit assembly and disk drive including the same
Multilayered optical disk and its recording method
Fluorescence detection device
Determining read voltages for reading memory
Memory string and semiconductor device including the same
Memory system and control method
Three terminal fuse with FinFET
Bootstrap sampling circuit with accurately averaging pre-charge circuit
System and method for testing address-swap faults in multiport memories
Fail address storage circuit, redundancy control circuit, method for storing fail address and method for controlling redundancy
Detecting missing write to cache/memory operations
Solar cell and paste composition for rear electrode of the same
Thermoelectric material with improved in figure of merit and method of producing same
Fullerene derivative and photoelectric conversion device using same
Electrical cable arrangement
Supplementary transformer winding
Wireless power transmission system and multi-mode resonator in wireless power transmission system
Multilayer ceramic electronic component having controlled difference in continuity between internal electrodes and method of manufacturing the same
Electric storage device and method of manufacture thereof
Additives for dye-sensitized solar cells
Bicycle handle system
MEMS switches with reduced switching voltage and methods of manufacture
Breaker control switch with a time-delay close function to mitigate an aurora event
Translucent alumina filaments and tape cast methods for making
Semiconductor system assemblies and methods of operation
Ion guide for mass spectrometry
Method for single fin cuts using selective ion implants
Determining appropriateness of sampling integrated circuit test data in the presence of manufacturing variations
Method for fabricating vertically stacked nanowires for semiconductor applications
Piezoelectronic transistor with co-planar common and gate electrodes
Planar III-V field effect transistor (FET) on dielectric layer
Multi-gate field effect transistor (FET) including isolated fin body
Method of etching a boron doped carbon hardmask
Methods of forming a protection layer to protect a metal hard mask layer during lithography reworking processes
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
Method, structure and design structure for customizing history effects of SOI circuits
Flexible packaged integrated circuit
Leadless semiconductor package with optical inspection feature
Method of modifying surfaces
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Contact element, in particular a solder tab and photovoltaic junction box with contact element, in particular a solder tab
Radiation-blocking structures
Architecture for on-die interconnect
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Metal trench capacitor and improved isolation and methods of manufacture
Solid-state image sensing device with detecting units having a microlens
LED submount with integrated interconnects
Light emitting diode package
Phase changing on-chip thermal heat sink
Resistive random access memory and method for producing same
Faceted intrinsic epitaxial buffer layer for reducing short channel effects while maximizing channel stress levels
Semiconductor component and method for producing it
Quantum dot channel (QDC) quantum dot gate transistors, memories and other devices
FinFET field-effect transistors with atomic layer doping
Method for controlling magnetic properties through ion diffusion in a magnetic junction usable in spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory applications
MEMS and method of manufacturing the same
Method of making photovoltaic devices incorporating improved pnictide semiconductor films
Sloped structure, method for manufacturing sloped structure, and spectrum sensor
Solar cell module and method of fabricating the same
Method for producing semiconductor layer, method for producing photoelectric conversion device, and semiconductor starting material
Silicon-germanium light-emitting element
Method of manufacturing a light generating device and light generating device manufactured through the same
Wavelength-converting light emitting diode (LED) chip and LED device equipped with chip
Piezoelectric polymer element and production method and apparatus therefor
Semiconductor device
Metal complex and device using the metal complex
Transparent electrode, method for manufacturing transparent electrode, electronic device, and organic electroluminescence element
Electrolyte for Li storage battery and Li storage battery
Electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same
Self-powered internal medical device
Card guide and cap antenna retention system
Circular polarized antenna structure
Calibrating a retro-directive array for an asymmetric wireless link
Determination of an impairment compensation matrix for an antenna array
Casing for electric connector coupled to a cable
Protective device for an electrical connection of an on-board device of a bicycle
SATA express connector
Method for manufacturing a battery terminal plate
Wavelength stabilized diode laser
Cable cover panel
Mechanical module and key
System and method for connection of photovoltaic arrays in series and parallel arrangements
Photovoltaic power plant
Wireless power transmission system
Personal e-port apparatus
Highly reliable actuator with multiple degrees of freedom and method for moving a payload using the actuator
Spindle motor
Electrical machine having dual-circuit cooling
Single inductor multiple output converter
Power supply device
Power supply circuit
Adaptive biasing for integrated circuits
Method and apparatus for programming a power converter controller with an external programming terminal having multiple functions
On time sampling prevention
Electric power converting device and electric power converting method
Power generation apparatus
Vibration-type actuator and imaging apparatus
Stator teeth, stator, rotating electric machine, and method for controlling rotating electric machine
Analog timer circuit with time constant multiplication effect
Level shifter for a time-varying input
Systematic rate-independent Reed-Solomon erasure codes
ASIC block for high bandwidth LZ77 decompression
Wireless-channel characterization and equalization
Multimode receiver with complex filter
Dynamic reference frequency for fractional-N Phase-Locked Loop
System and method to demodulate a load modulated signal
Mobile terminal device, medium and control method
Echo canceler and echo detector
Computational multi-camera adjustment for smooth view switching and zooming
Miniature camera module with MEMS-actuated autofocus
Image sequence enhancement and motion picture project management system
Enhancing karaoke systems utilizing audience sentiment feedback and audio watermarking
High density telecommunications chassis with cable management
Masking sound outputting device and masking sound outputting method
Mobile terminal and power-saving method and device for same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for monitoring textile fiber quality, and for analysis and identification of paper, wood and other cellulose containing materials
Process for the manufacture of a mineral wool plant growth substrate
Method of using fish ovarian fluid for culture and preservation of mammalian cells
Stable hydroalcoholic compositions
Mating disruption methods for the control of insect pests
Pheromone immobilized in stable hydrogel microbeads
Method and apparatus for disinfecting drainage
Herbicidal compositions
Substituted phenyl uracils
Methods and compositions to defoliate crop plants and minimize plant regrowth following defoliation
Selective herbicides based on a substituted phenyl sulfonlyl amino carbonyl triazolinone
Plant-protection treatment of plants and compositions which can be used for this purpose
Attractants of beneficial insects
Yeasts for reducing fusarium head blight in cereals and selection thereof
Pest repellent
Transformed cells useful for the control of pests
Method of making bread from dough and cutting means for use therewith
Method of making fast cooking flour
Process for the preparation of shrimp product
Process for producing flavored cheese without curing
Unified food serving products having persistent crispy crunchy texture
Canola meal having reduced glucosinolates
Edible fat blends
Flowable nondigestible oil and process for making
Ambient stable beverage and process of making
Confectionery products having improved shelf life and methods for their production
Hard caramel product
Method to prevent the formation and enhance the breakdown of bezoars in animals and humans
Cellulase producing actinomycetes, cellulase produced therefrom and method of producing same
Enzyme feed additive and animal feed including it
Apparatus for the preparation of chlortetracycline-containing animal feed compositions
Aroma product comprising flavoring compounds
Dietary or pharmaceutical composition for use for the prevention or treatment of hyperoxaluria
Food product with flavoring and method for producing the same
Method and installation for converting and preparing rice and converted rice grain lot
Methods for treating or reducing prediposition to breast cancer, pre-menstrual syndrome or symptoms associated with menopause by administration of phyto-estrogen
Method and apparatus for non-thermal pasteurization
Catalytic process for removing oxygen from sealed packages
Method of making a snack food
Nonslip member and manufacturing method of nonslip member
Firefighter garment outer shell fabric utilizing stock dyed melamine fiber and ring-spun yarn for making the same
Methods for making garments with fastening components
Airbag for shoes
Hair relaxer compositions utilizing complexing agent activators
Adjusting mechanism for a seat back of exerciser
Sports memorabilia article and display method
Combination cup insulator/stabilizer and method for making the same
Fabric towel holder
Apparatus for hiding a door key
Cyclone dust collecting device for a vacuum cleaner
Endoscope with magnification change function
Micro-endoscopic system
Video scope for simultaneously imaging a portion from multiple directions
Endoscopic multiple sample bioptome with enhanced biting action
Device and method for enhancing transdermal flux of agents being sampled
Method of reducing the volume of the heart
Suturing device and method
Vascular sealing device with microwave antenna
Device for use in a surgical procedure on an eye of a living being, and method of retracting the iris
Apparatus for uniting the lips of a wound, a holding piece, and a cosmetic treatment method
Surgical helical fastener with applicator
Curved mandrel for assisting vessel eversion
Machining apparatus
Orthopedic implant used to repair intertrochanteric fractures and a method for inserting the same
Screw delivery system and method
Cutting attachment for a surgical handpiece designed to be selectively coupled to the handpiece
Transluminal devices, systems and methods for enlarging interstitial penetration tracts
Balloon anchoring system
Kits for use in the treatment of vascular calcified lesions
Balloon device for use in surgery and method of use
Electrosurgical instrument with vibration
Equipment for microdermabrasion
Spinal fixation system
Spinal implant connection assembly
Heater control of cryocatheter tip temperature
Insulated surgical scissors including cauterizing tip
Electrosurgical electrode for rhinoplasty
Bonding of soft biological tissues by passing high frequency electric current therethrough
Intradiscal lesioning apparatus
Electrodes for creating lesions in tissue regions at or near a sphincter
Guide wire system for RF recanalization of vascular blockages
Method of treating intervertebral discs by inserting a diffuser directly into the annulus
Energy irradiation apparatus
Method of utilizing a magnetically guided myocardial treatment system
Devices and methods for frequent measurement of an analyte present in a biological system
Assessing heart failure status using morphology of a signal representative of arterial pulse pressure
Device driver system for minimizing adverse tremor effects during use of pointing devices
Thin lance and test sensor having same
Method and apparatus for communicating with medical device systems
Automatic blood-pressure measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for hemodynamic assessment including fiducial point detection
Isokinetic testing machine
Non-invasive method and system of quantifying human postural stability
Apparatus and methods for indicating respiratory phases to improve speech/breathing synchronization
Method and apparatus utilizing computational intelligence to diagnose neurological disorders
Method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging in the presence of contrast agents, Particularly in the field of cardiology
Medical diagnostic ultrasound system and method
Ultrasonic method and system for shear wave parameter estimation
Automatic segmentation of prostate, rectum and urethra in ultrasound imaging
Water absorbing pad, water-absorbing product and diaper using water-absorbing pad, and method for washing the same
Absorbent article with raisable strips
Absorbent articles with absorbent free-flowing particles and methods for producing the same
Method of material property modification with ultrasonic energy
High-performance absorbent structure
Garment with barrier device and apparatus and method for producing such garment
Method for cutting and sealing an absorbent member
Intravascular filter system
Deformable conduits and methods for shunting bodily fluid during surgery
Stent with interlocking elements
Placement catheter assembly
Expandable medical device with beneficial agent delivery mechanism
Stent for arterialization of the coronary sinus and retrograde perfusion of the myocardium
Stent delivery apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for ligament fixation
Soft tissue fixation device
Fixation anchor
Anterior chamber phakic lens
Polymer leaflet designs for medical devices
In situ venous valve device and method of formation
Spinal fixation and retrieval device
Vertebral bone distraction instruments
Apparatus and method for spinal stabilization
Adjustable bone fusion implant and method
Implant for insertion between spinal column vertebrae
Spinal bone implant
Prosthetic foot with tunable performance
Wrist brace
Splint system for two or more adjacent fingers of the hand
Nasal breathing assist devices
Device for therapeutic treatment of the temporomandibular and maxillomandibular region and method for using same
Surgical laser system microscope with separated ocular and objective lenses
Method and apparatus for improved PRK accuracy
Method of treating high plasma cholesterol levels
Isolated human transporter proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human transporter proteins, and uses thereof
(+)-Cycloolivil as antioxidant obtained from natural source namely stereospermum personatum
Methods employing R(-)-desmethylselegiline
Desmethylselegiline enantiomers and their use to treat drug withdrawal symptoms
Aryl-N-cyanoguanidines and methods related thereto
Desquamation/epidermal renewal of the skin and/or combating skin aging
Topical composition for burn healing
Compositions and methods for treating hyperpigmentation
NK-1 receptor antagonists for prevention of neurogenic inflammation in gene therapy
Aralkyl and aralkylidene heterocyclic lactams and imides
Methods and compositions for disrupting the epithelial barrier function
Nutritional supplement for adolescents
Adult-onset diabetes treatment method
Method for treatment and prevention of mastitis
Composition and method for lactose hydrolysis
Composition and method for lactose hydrolysis
Vaccine compositions for mucosal delivery
PpGpp and pppGpp as immunomodulatory agents
Chlamydia-free cell lines and animals
Immunostimulatory oligonucleotides with modified bases and methods of use thereof
Particular agents
Drug delivery system with two-step targeting
Therapeutic use of polymers
Thermally stabilized contrast agent
Radiolabeled irreversible inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase and their use in radioimaging and radiotherapy
Radioactive embolizing compositions
Blackhead removing sheet and method for producing blackhead removing sheet
Composite powder, cosmetic and paint with the composite powder blended therein
Hair-growing agent
Hair-growing agent
Primary intermediates for oxidative coloration of hair
Polymers in cosmetics and personal care products
Fluid abrasive suspension for use in dentifrices
Composition in the form of a water-in-oil emulsion having an evolutive shear rate
Composition for washing keratin materials, based on a detergent surfactant, a nacreous and/or opacifying agent and an acrylic terpolymer
Composition to stop hairloss
Combined vaccine against both HAV and measles virus and method of producing it
Method for the production of spherical microparticles consisting totally or partly of at least one water insoluble polyglucan containing branches and microparticles produced according to said method
Tocotrienol-containing powder, a process for preparing it and a tablet comprising compressed said powder into a tablet form
Stable pharmaceutical composition for oral use
Transdermal administration of oxybutynin using hydroxide-releasing agents as permeation enhancers
Transdermal administration of androgenic drugs hydroxide-releasing agents as permeation enhancers
Transdermal administration of steroid drugs using hydroxide-releasing agents as permeation enhancers
Transdermal therapeutic system (TTS) for administering sexual steroid hormones
Medical composition and uses thereof
Nontoxic vernix compositions and method of producing
Bioadhesive compositions and methods for topical administration of active agents
Transdermal delivery
Absorbent structures of chemically treated cellulose fibers
Process for medical implant of cross-linked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene having improved balance of wear properties and oxidation resistance
Liquefied embolic materials capable of sol-gel phase transition and their use
Methods for treating implantable biological tissues to mitigate the calcification thereof and bioprosthetic articles treated by such methods
Biodegradable porous polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering prepared from an effervescent mixture and its preparation
Bacteria resistant medical devices
Apparatus and method for disseminating an air modifying agent
Incense tray with blower and plurality of incense holders
Liposuction cannulas with removable memory wire
Surgical cassette and consumables for combined ophthalmic surgical procedure
Kit assembly for complete wound treatment
Apparatus and method for in vivo hemodialysis
Extracorporeal fluid circuit and related methods
Methods and devices for cell culturing and organ assist systems
Stent delivery balloon with securement structure
Catheter with enhanced reinforcement
Medical introducer apparatus
Drainage catheter delivery system
Catheter button system and surgical method of anchoring catheter button
Collection assembly
Catheter connector including seal ring and method
Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device
Front loading medical injector and syringe for use therewith
Apparatus and method for measuring drop size in an intravenous drip chamber
Single-use therapeutic substance delivery device with infusion rate control
Medication delivery device
Single dose delivery device
Adjustable dosage syringe
Injector device and method for its operation
Localized lubrication of syringes, barrels and stoppers
Pump piston for a disposable syringe
Safely disposable hypodermic syringe
Method and an apparatus for stimulating/ modulating biochemical processes using pulsed electromagnetic fields
Interstitial brachytherapy device and method
Device for X-ray dosage control
Cosmetic compositions
Comixture of dextran sulfate/escin for treating skin redness/edema and/or sensitive skin
Nanoemulsions comprising at least one amphiphilic lipid, at least one oil, and at least one polyethylene glycol (PEG) ester, and uses thereof
Use of stabilized starches in low VOC, polyacrylic acid-containing hair cosmetic compositions
Machine-assisted exercising
Translational exercise machine with horizontal free planar motion
Dynamic active resistance training system
Weighted cuff
Pelvic floor muscle exerciser
Upper body exercising apparatus
Exercise arm apparatus for exercise machine
Golf ball with multi-layer cover
Golf ball
Two-piece golf ball
Methods of making low spin golf ball utilizing a mantle and a cellular or liquid core
Shockproof device in the throat of a tennis racket
Lacrosse stick head
Joint for facilitating fabrication of collapsible assemblies
Training ball bat
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for controlling counter current
Fractionating apparatus
Mixing apparatus
Bubble trap
Using centrifugal pumps in the foam process of producing non-woven webs
Pressurized backflush system
High-temperature ultrapure water production apparatus and liquid medicine preparation apparatus equipped with the production apparatus
Crushed foam glass filter aid and method of use
Storm drain line with riser 2
Acceleration assisted particle/gas separation system
Stack liquid separator and method of use
Filtering apparatus for air treatment apparatus
Atmosphere treatment device for sealed containers
Process for removal of carbon dioxide for use in producing direct reduced iron
Apparatus and method for fluid purification
Method and apparatus for treating flue gas
Carbon molecular sieves and methods for making the same
Hydrogen purification devices, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Combined method of separating oxygen and generating power
Method and system for combusting a fuel
Scrubber for the treatment of flue gases
Land-based desalination using positively buoyant or negatively buoyant/assisted buoyancy hydrate
Photocatalytic system
Composite membrane and method for making the same
Method and apparatus for homogenizing drilling fluid in an open-loop process
Fatty quat based on ante-iso compounds
Synthesis of substantially monodispersed colloids
Microencapsulated particles and process for manufacturing same
Combinatorial coating for developing novel materials
Process for controlling the passivation of aluminum chloride formed in the chlorination of titanium-containing ores
Conditioning of organic pigments
Process for conducting liquid/liquid multiphase reactions in a tubular reactor having static mixing elements separated by coalescing zones
Process for the manufacture of chemical absorbents and chemical absorbent formulations
Granular pigments
Process for making an adsorbent
Dispensable non-adhesive desiccated matrix system for insulating glass units
Process for producing inorganic porous material in a capillary
Catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Device for purifying exhaust gas, method for purifying exhaust gas, catalyst for purifying exhaust gas, and method for manufacturing exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Catalyst and method for selectively oxidizing carbon monoxide in hydrogen-containing gas and solid polymer electrolyte-type fuel cell system using such catalyst
Suppression of methanation activity by a water gas shift reaction catalyst
Metallic sulphide catalysts, processes for synthesising said catalysts and use thereof
Method for manufacturing high-pressure phase material
Thin film metal oxide coated substrates
Process for the preparation of a catalyst or catalyst precursor
Apparatus for producing dimethyl ether
Method for operating a hydrogen generating apparatus
Vessel centering system and method
Method and apparatus for preparing cytological specimens
Method, kit and apparatus comprising magnetic glass particles for the isolation of biomolecules
Magnetic separation device
Fluorinated electret
Mist pump for a decanter centrifuge feed chamber
Computer controlled apparatus for fairing and painting of marine vessel surfaces
Coating apparatus and method
Electrode holder for a powder spray gun
Power supply control system
Apparatus and method for applying viscous fluid
Method and apparatus for coating strip shaped materials
Coating apparatus
Depositing method and a surface modifying method for nano-particles in a gas stream
Molecular coatings
Method and device for continuously coating at least a metal strip with a crosslinkable polymer fluid film
Method for making coated substrates and articles made thereby
Coated steel sheet having excellent corrosion resistance and method for producing the same
Corrosion and UV resistant article and process for electrical equipment
Method of coating polyolefin floor tile
Microfabricated transducers formed over other circuit components on an integrated circuit chip and methods for making the same
Attachments of components of ultrasonic blades or waveguides
Wafer cleaning method
Processes for cleaning and drying microelectronic structures using liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide
Method for cleaning hazardous waste from vacuum chambers in molecular beam epitaxy processing
Enhanced anaerobic treatment zones in groundwater
Material supply and melting method in injection molding of metal material
Metal powder for electrolytic condenser, electrolytic condenser anode body using the metal powder, and an electrolytic condenser
Iron powder and method for the preparation thereof
Process for the manufacture of compressed articles by compacting metallic powder and subsequently sintering the compact
Process for the production of composite components by powder injection molding, and composite powders suitable for this purpose
Method for improving the corrosion protection of permanent magnets containing rare earth metals
High-speed fabrication of highly uniform metallic microspheres
High volume density polycrystalline diamond with working surfaces depleted of catalyzing material
Electrochemical machining apparatus incorporating a mechanism for maintaining a uniform electrolyte flow gap
Electrochemical machining method
Plunge electromachining
Soldered product
Dual laser cutting of wafers
Methods of polishing, interconnect-fabrication, and producing semiconductor devices
Planarization system with multiple polishing pads
Wafer based temperature sensors for characterizing chemical mechanical polishing processes
Method and apparatus for endpointing a chemical-mechanical planarization process
Hybrid type resinoid grindstone with abrasive agglomerates in which sol-gel abrasive grains are held by vitrified bond
Method and apparatus for manufacturing cutting blades, and a cutting blade manufactured by the same
Method and device for producing shaped bodies
Method for forming a rare earth silicate coating on a silicon based ceramic component by controlled oxidation for improved corrosion resistance
Packeting fibers for castable compositions
Structure forming method, apparatus and product
Multi-layer container and preform and process for obtaining same
Release agent and method for producing same
Carrier release sheet for styrene molding process and process and system
Foamed polypropylene sheet having improved appearance and a foamable polypropylene composition therefor
Mold and method for sequentially injecting plastics material to form an automotive vehicle body part
Apparatus and method for delamination-resistant, array type molding of increased mold cap size laminate packages
Method of controlling a compression injection molding machine
Correction method for a control apparatus controlling an injection molding machine
Injection molding method and control system for injection molding machines
Method for determining molding characteristic and injection molding machine
Process for forming a multilayer, coinjected article
Internal bubble cooling control system and method
Method and apparatus for transferring orderly sequences of bottles made of thermoplastic material
Method for making sterilized plastic containers, and installation therefor
Concentrated UV light curing of adhesive for pivot applications
Layer normalizing device for selective deposition modeling
Methods of fabricating housing structures and micromachines incorporating such structures
Process for transferring a coating onto a surface of a lens blank
Method of producing an optical element having a multiple-level step-like structure through lithography
Method for laminating closure member to film web
Line plastic bag machine
Plastic bag making apparatus
Cushioning conversion machine and method
Method of creping paper webs
Steel material of high fatigue strength and a process for manufacturing the same
Electrically heatable catalytic converter
Thermal and moisture resistant insulative sheet
Method of eliminating and a laminate which eliminates aesthetically unacceptable hues visible through light-colored translucent overlays
Multi-level web structure in use for thin sheet processing
Cook-in package with tight appearance
Thermoformable multilayer polymeric film
Scratch-resistant, self-laminated printed materials and methods for making same
Method for forming or securing unindirectionally-oriented fiber strands in sheet form, such as for use in a ballistic-resistant panel
Material for protecting articles having a nonwoven fabric bonded to a shrink film by an adhesive applied to the film in a pre-determined pattern
Sealable multilayer film made of a grafted terpolymer
Polyamide layered films
Method for forming cross-linking photoresist and structures formed thereby
Antistatic adhesive sheet
Gel-like fabric composite
Method and apparatus for forming textile pad for laminate floor underlayment
Laminated composite radius filler
Cushion material and cushion label
Pipe liner bag
Fiber-cement/gypsum laminate composite building material
Method for applying to a support multiple articles held in protective elements
Method for developing lithographic printing plate precursors using a coating attack-suppressing agent
Ink cross-linking by UV radiation
Thermal paper with security features
Stabilizer for organic borate salts and photosensitive composition containing the same
Metallic thermal transfer recording medium
Coated film
Ink jet recording medium
Method for making a two sided image
Glass decorating method using ink compositions containing N-vinyl lactams
Method of preparing a decorative laminated article
Method for reproducing images or text on a metalized holographic 2D, 3D bright colored film
Gas generating compositions for air bag
Heat sealing composition, use thereof and closure plug made from said composition
Anode assembly
Micro-structures and methods for their manufacture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the recovery of phosphate from phosphate rock
Nanoscale catalyst compositions from complex and non-stoichiometric compositions
Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing of a semiconductor device and preparation method thereof
Group IIA containing mesoporous materials
Cerium based abrasive material, raw material thereof and method for their preparation
Methods of producing substantially anatase-free titanium dioxide with silicon halide addition
Magnetites and their use in producing toners
Fabrication of highly textured lithium cobalt oxide films by rapid thermal annealing
Methods for negative atmospheric pressure removal of arsenic and other metals
Stand alone water purifier
Biological nutrient removal using the olaopa process
Process for preparing silica or silica-based thick vitreous films according to the sol-gel technique and thick films thereby obtained
Direct write all-glass photomask blanks
Laminated structure, and manufacturing method thereof
Glazing panel
Loose-fill insulation with improved recoverability
Aging resistant, porous silicon Carbide ceramic igniter
Cubic boron nitride-based sintered material and manufacture thereof
Microwave processing of pressed boron powders for use as cathodes in vacuum arc sources
Fabrication of ultra-thinwall cordierite structures
Lightweight well cement compositions and methods
Insensitive melt cast explosive compositions containing energetic thermoplastic elastomers
Airbag propellant
Automatically ignitable enhancer agent composition
Arrays with modified oligonucleotide and polynucleotide compositions
Electroluminescent (EL) devices
Tricyclic compound
Morpholinones as light stabilizers
Method for preparing hydrazine hydrate
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Recombinant C-proteinase and processes, methods and uses thereof
Acrylic acid derivative compounds and polymeric liquid crystal obtained by polymerizing the same
Utilization of phenylglyoxalic acid esters as photoinitiators
Heterocyle carboxamides as antiviral agents
Irreversible inhibitors of tyrosine kinases
3-thioxo-[1,2,4]-oxadiazinan-5-one derivatives
5,11-dihydrodibenzo[b,e][1,4]oxazepine derivatives and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
3-bicycloindole compounds
Substituted-heteroaryl-7-aza[2.2.1]bicycloheptanes for the treatment of disease
8-substituted-9H-1,3-dioxolo/4,5-h//2,3/benzodiazepine derivatives, as AMPA/kainate receptor inhibitors
Dihydropyridine soft drugs, and related compositions and methods
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
Compounds for inhibition of ceramide-mediated signal transduction
Pyridine derivatives
Coenzymes useful for the synthesis of L-carnitine
Production of cyclic alternan tetrasaccharides from oligosaccharide substrates
Cosalane compounds and methods for their use
Extraction of water soluble biomaterials from fluids using a carbon dioxide/surfactant mixture
Materials and methods for the purification of polyelectrolytes, particularly nucleic acids
Nitrosylation of protein SH groups and amino acid residues as a therapeutic modality
Papilloma truncated L1 protein and fusion protein constructs
Papilloma viruses, agents for detecting them and for treating diseases caused by such viruses
Immuno-reactive peptide CTL epitopes of human cytomegalovirus
DNA vaccines against poxviruses
Activation of HCV-specific T cells
Use of immunopotentiating sequences for inducing immune response
Otitis media vaccine
Dominant selectable marker for gene transformation and disruption in yeasts
AIB1, a novel steroid receptor co-activator
Stable hypoxia inducible factor-1.alpha. and method of use
Germinal center kinase cell cycle proteins, compositions and methods of use
Germinal center kinase cell cycle proteins, compositions and methods of use
Purified mammalian CTLA-8 antigens and related reagents
Chemokine-tumor antigen fusion proteins as cancer vaccines
Canine interleukin 12 administration as an immune disease treatment
IL-17-like cytokine binding compounds and antibodies
Polypeptides having opioid receptor activity, nucleic acids coding therefor and uses thereof
Diagnostic methods using antibodies to Neutrokine-alpha
Polynucleotide encoding estrogen receptor
Fusions of scaffold proteins with random peptide libraries
Compositions and mehtods for determining interactions of mitochondrial components, and for identifying agents that alter such interactions
Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase type three (TIMP-3) composition and methods
Single-stranded antibody against hepatitis B virus core protein, gene thereof, and therapeutic agent for hepatitis B containing these
Antibodies specific for native PrPSc
Monoclonal antibody against connective tissue growth factor and medicinal uses thereof
Preventives/remedies for inflammatory intestinal disease
ADP-ribosylation factor-like proteins
Paper prepared from aldehyde modified cellulose pulp
Method of and composition for reducing the loss of fluid during well drilling, completion or workover operations
Reactive derivatives of sulforhodamine 101 with enhanced hydrolytic stability
Catalyst for the production of olefin polymers
Polymerization of olefins
Thermopolymerizable composition for battery use
One-component stoving composition and use thereof
High relative-permittivity B-staged sheet, high relative-permittivity prepreg, its production process, and printed wiring board comprising any one of these
Liquid potting composition
Heat curable epoxy compositions
3-hydroxycarboxylic acid production and use in branched polymers
Polyether ester elastomer comprising polytrimethylene ether ester soft segment and tetramethylene ester hard segment
Method for the preparation of polycarbonate with reduced levels of fries
Charge-controlling agent and toner using the same
Polymer for optical compensatory films for display panels
Reactive adhesives and coatings with trifunctional olefinic monomers
Process of making biaxially oriented polyester films
Hard coat film
Interior trim panels and method for manufacturing such panels using silaceous materials
Use of microwave-produced carbon black to improve weathering of bituminous coating
Candle wax stabilized with piperazindiones
Candle wax stabilized with s-triazines/hals
Candle wax compositions stabilized with UV absorber-metal combinations
Silicone composition for forming cured release coatings
Silicon composition for coating substrates in supple material, in particular textile
Low density dielectric having low microwave loss
UV curable elastomer composition
Nanoporous low dielectric constant polymers with hollow polymer particles
Cross-linkable adhesive silicone composition and use of said composition for bonding various substrates
Asphaltic compositions containing fibrous materials with improved resistance to temperature degradation
Azo dyes and their preparation and use
Disperse dye mixture
Disperse dyed polyethylene and process
Process for producing pigment dispersion
Ink for ball-point pen and ball-point pen using the same
Coating liquid for forming a silica-containing film with a low-dielectric constant and substrate coated with such a film
Wax and method of wax application
Method and apparatus for attaching a workpiece to a workpiece support
Self-adhesive tape and method of use thereof
Faceless pressure-sensitive adhesive construction
Recovery of electroluminescsent phosphor from encapsulated material
Matrix liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Self-dispersing particulate composition and methods of use
Invert well service fluid and method
Synthesis of narrow lube cuts from Fischer-Tropsch products
Liquid fuel compositions for electrochemical fuel cells
Fatty acid amide lubricity aids and related methods for improvement of lubricity of fuels
Process for producing a lubricant coated laquered wire used for forming the stator winding of an electrical refrigerating compressor
Composition for and method of cutting internal threads on the surface of a hole in a workpiece
Oil compositions having improved fuel economy employing synergistic organomolybdenum components and methods for their use
Metal working oil composition
Light duty liquid cleaning compositions having improved preservative system
System and method for cleaning and/or treating vehicles and the surfaces of other objects
Fragrance-containing gel for delivering fragrance from structured liquid detergent compositions
Method for producing aromatic beads
Laundry treatment for fabrics
Process for cleaning surgical instruments
Controlled electroporation and mass transfer across cell membranes
Method for identifying accessible binding sites on RNA
Continuous in vitro evolution
Methods and materials for the rapid and high volume production of a gene knock-out library in an organism
Saturation mutagenesis in directed evolution
Yeast two-hybrid system and use thereof
Decreasing cell proliferation by decreasing levels of PP5
Recombinant M. tuberculosis auxotrophic for leucine and vaccines using same
Method for introducing a substance into a cell
Medium to promote islet cell survival
Differentiation of human embryonic germ cells
Procedure for partial liver resection in nonhuman primates
Cholesterol 25-hydroxylase
Human heme-regulated initiation factor 2-.alpha. kinase
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Factor X deletion mutants and analogues thereof
Fermentation process for the preparation of L-threonine
Nucleotide sequences coding for the cls gene
Fermentation and purification of mycolactones
Sialidase and recombinant cell lines
Beneficial bacterial preparation and method
Bacterial strains for the production of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid
Cell for electrochemical anaylsis of a sample
In vitro model for HIV and other viral diseases
Method for detecting microorganisms in gases
Distinguishing test types through spectral analysis
FEN-1 endonucleases, mixtures and cleavage methods
Compositions and methods for the treatment and diagnosis of immune disorders
Association of protein kinase C zeta polymorphisms with diabetes
Method of sequencing by oligomer hybridization
Analyte-specific assays based on formation of a replicase substrate
Method of detecting a nucleic acid
Comparative fluorescence hybridization to nucleic acid arrays
Methods for amplifying nucleic acid sequences
Method for producing liquid pig iron
Post mounting system and method for molten metal pump
Method and apparatus for detecting slag carryover
Blasting lance with a gas/liquid mixing chamber and a method for the expansion cooling thereof
Electrical steel sheet suitable for compact iron core and manufacturing method therefor
Management of electric arc furnace dust through a basic oxygen furnace
Processing electric arc furnace dust through a basic oxygen furnace
Refractory metal silicide alloy sputter targets, use and manufacture thereof
Manufacturing process of nickel-based alloy having improved high temperature sulfidation-corrosion resistance
Heat-treatable platinum-gallium-palladium alloy for jewelry
Process for producing aluminum alloy semi-molten billet for use as transportation unit
Aluminum sheet products having improved fatigue crack growth resistance and methods of making same
Rolling shaft made by high-frequency quenching
Steel sheet for heat shrink band and manufacturing method thereof
High strength steel plate having improved workability and plating adhesion and process for producing the same
Wear resistant sintered member
Material formulation for galvanizing equipment submerged in molten aluminum and aluminum/zinc melts
Strain-induced type martensitic steel having high hardness and having high fatigue strength
Economic manufacturing of bulk metallic glass compositions by microalloying
Aluminum-titanium alloy with high specular reflectivity, reflecting coatings comprising same and mirrors and parts comprising said coating
Multiple-nozzle thermal evaporation source
Thin-film formation system and thin-film formation process
Manufacturing method of magnetoresistive element and film forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for forming deposition film, and method for treating substrate
Apparatus for plasma processing
Chemical vapor deposition process for fabricating layered superlattice materials
Conformal chemically resistant coatings for microflow devices
Method for incorporating silicon into CVD metal films
Diamond-like carbon hard multilayer film and component excellent in wear resistance and sliding performance
Anti-corrosive parts for etching apparatus
Plasma processes for depositing low dielectric constant films
Method for forming dielectric layers
Microwave discharge apparatus
Pretreatment of aluminum surfaces with chrome-free solutions
Barrier layer structure for copper metallization and method of forming the structure
Method for improving the oxidation-resistance of metal substrates coated with thermal barrier coatings
Battery, lead member for battery connection, and battery pack using the same
Wear resistant coating for piston rings
Solution and process to pretreat copper surfaces
Semiconductive polymeric system, devices incorporating the same, and its use in controlling corrosion
Louvered anode for cathodic protection systems
Method of cleaning a surface with a system having a two compartment container for neutralizing used cleaning solutions
Ultrasonic pickling method and pickling device
Chemical oxygen-iodine laser with electrochemical regeneration of basic hydrogen peroxide and chlorine
Multi-layer polymer electrolyte-membrane, electrochemical apparatus and process for the preparation of multi-layer polymer electrolyte membrane
Nickel-iron alloy-based anodes for aluminium electrowinning cells
Edge formation process with anodizing for aluminum solid electrolytic capacitor
Method and device for manufacturing conductive particles
Metal alloy sulfate electroplating baths
Process and composition for high speed plating of tin and tin alloys
Copper electroplating liquid, pretreatment liquid for copper electroplating and method of copper electroplating
Method and apparatus for anodizing objects
Apparatus for potential controlled electroplating of fine patterns on semiconductor wafers
Method for the formation of copper wiring films
Drum for electropolishing bulk metal parts
Method and device for producing optical fluoride crystals
Crystal growing device and method of manufacturing single crystal
Crucible for growing macrocrystals
EFG crystal growth apparatus and method
Method for growing single crystal silicon carbide
Low defect axially grown single crystal silicon carbide
Coated conductor thick film precursor
Apparatus for fabrication of thin films
Semiconductor device and method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing nitride semiconductor substrate
Method of manufacturing GaN ingots
Process for growing defect-free silicon wherein the grown silicon is cooled in a separate chamber
In-situ post epitaxial treatment process
Method of making mosaic array of thin semiconductor material of large substrates
Heater arrangement for crystal growth furnace
Textiles; Paper
Method of melt blowing polymer filaments through alternating slots
Splittable elastane yarns
Method of producing film having a cloth-like look and feel
Coated cloth with printed pattern
Process for producing pulp with a mixture of formic acid and acetic acid as cooking chemical
Drainage hydrofoil blade
Cross-directional interlocking of rolls in an air press of a papermaking machine
Method for optimizing the degree of flocculation
Fixed Constructions
Sewage treatment system
Method for making a stand-off device to prevent an oilfield tubular from contacting the side of the wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel cell hot zone pressure regulator
Method of coating an internal surface of a weapon barrel
Assembling arrays of small particles using an atomic force microscope to define ferroelectric domains
Membrane probe for taking samples of an analyte located in a fluid medium
Photochemical sensors and method for the production thereof
pH sensor for indicating the pH of a sample
Method of controlling metal etch processes, and system for accomplishing same
Gas sensor element
Planar exhaust sensor element with enhanced geometry
Gas sensor electrolyte
Automated computer controlled reporter device for conducting imunnoassay and molecular biology procedures
Laminated capillary array assembly
Electrophoresis apparatus for simultaneous loading of multiple samples
Gas sensors
Process and apparatus for the parallel analysis of colloidal particles using field-flow fractionation
Electrolytic suppressor and separate eluent generator combination
High throughput method for measurement of physicochemical values
Method for preparation and use of preservative-free immunoassay reagents
Procedure for the analysis of biological substances in a conductive liquid medium
Detection device and method
Method for quantitative determination of glycated hemoglobin
Structure for determination of item of interest in a sample
Wafer level burn-in and electrical test system and method
Exchange coupling film, magnetoresistance effect device, magnetoresistance effective head and method for producing exchange coupling film
Variable stiffness electrically conductive composite, resistive heating catheter shaft
System for terminating optical cables
Method of controlling ultraviolet glue size for liquid crystal display devices
Method of fabricating fringe field switching mode liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal aligning film
Process for treatment for high speed photographic materials
High chloride emulsion doped with combination of metal complexes
Color photographic silver halide material
Heat-developable image-recording material
Image-forming material and novel sulfonic acid ester derivative
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Photographic element, compound, and process
Polarizing resonant spherical scattering apparent three dimensional photographic film
Active control of phase shift mask etching process
Photo mask to be used for photolithography, method of inspecting pattern defect, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device through use of the mask
Semiconductor feature having support islands
Method of manufacturing photomasks by plasma etching with resist stripped
Photomask and method of fabricating the same
Lithographic printing method using a low surface energy layer
Photoresist compositions with cyclic olefin polymers and hydrophobic non-steroidal multi-alicyclic additives
Semiconductor substrate, method of manufacturing the semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device and pattern forming method
Method for determining and calibrating image plane tilt and substrate plane tilt in photolithography
Reticle storage and retrieval system
Tape stiffener, semiconductor device component assemblies including same, and stereolithographic methods for fabricating same
Resist mask for measuring the accuracy of overlaid layers
Utilizing electrical performance data to predict CD variations across stepper field
Preparation of optical disk master
Imaged members and method of preparation thereof
Acid blend for removing etch residue
Method for forming protrusive alignment-mark
Full color image forming method, and toner and intermediate transfer material for the method
Printers and copiers with pre-transfer substrate heating
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus having the electrophotographic photosensitive member
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method and apparatus using the photoreceptor
Electrophotographic drum-shaped photoconductor and image forming method and apparatus using the same
Toner processes
Black magnetic toner and black magnetic composite particles therefor
Toner composition
Toner for development of electrostatic image
Electrostatic latent image developer
Sorting image segments into clusters based on a distance measurement
Extending application behavior through active properties attached to a document in a document management system
Methods for delivering a drug to a patient while restricting access to the drug by patients for whom the drug may be contraindicated
Methods for delivering a drug to a patient while preventing the exposure of a foetus or other contraindicated individual to the drug
Arrangement and method for inputting non-alphabetic language
Tag and label comprising same
Packaged set of luminous disk with DIY surface and method of its use
Writer pole employing a high saturation moment, low permeability layer adjacent to writer gap
Chemical-mechanical contouring (CMC) method for forming a contoured surface using a stair-step etch
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
CoCrPtTaNbB alloy for magnetic recording medium
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording apparatus
Magnetic storage medium
Optical recording medium and method of manufacturing the optical recording medium
Non-ion-implanted resistive silicon oxynitride films as resistors
Electrode material for electrochemical capacitor, electrochemical capacitor comprising the same, and method for the production of the same
Conductive electrolyte for high voltage capacitors
Gripping multi-level black matrix
Plasma reactor with a tri-magnet plasma confinement apparatus
System, apparatus, and method for processing wafer using single frequency RF power in plasma processing chamber
Coated beads and process utilizing such beads for forming an etch mask having a discontinuous regular pattern
Method utilizing a magnetic assembly during etching thin shadow masks
Method of manufacturing panel assembly used to assemble display panel and transfer material sheet
Dual degas/cool loadlock cluster tool
Method and apparatus for dry etching
Capacitance element and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for improving accuracy in photolithographic processing of substrates
Structure and manufacturing method of SiC dual metal trench Schottky diode
Molecular hydrogen implantation method for forming a relaxed silicon germanium layer with high germanium content
Structure and method for separation and transfer of semiconductor thin films onto dissimilar substrate materials
Apparatus and method for surface finishing a silicon film
Bit-line oxidation by removing ONO oxide prior to bit-line implant
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Method for forming gate
Method of fabricating field effect transistor
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Process for forming fully silicided gates
Barrier in gate stack for improved gate dielectric integrity
MIS transistor and method for making same on a semiconductor substrate
Self-aligned stack formation
Surface treatment method of germanium-containing semiconductor substrate that includes immersion of the substrate in chemical solutions to remove foreign matter
Dielectric isolated wafer and its production method
Methods and compositions for removal of anti-reflective layers using fluorine containing compounds, oxidants, and water
Dry etching method and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Hybrid stack method for patterning source/drain areas
Methods of forming dielectric materials
Formation method for semiconductor layer
Method of manufacturing a bipolar device
Method of protecting semiconductor areas while exposing a gate
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for removal of resist mask over low k carbon-doped silicon oxide dielectric material of an integrated circuit structure, and removal of residues from via etch and resist mask removal
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Consolidation method of junction contact etch for below 150 nanometer deep trench-based DRAM devices
Dual damascene structure employing nitrogenated silicon carbide and non-nitrogenated silicon carbide etch stop layers
Semiconductor chip assembly with simultaneously electroplated contact terminal and connection joint
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method for producing structure in chips
Preparation of composite high-K dielectrics
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor element
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having multiple thickness nickel silicide layers
Method of forming a semiconductor device using selective epitaxial growth
Control of reaction rate in formation of low k carbon-containing silicon oxide dielectric material using organosilane, unsubstituted silane, and hydrogen peroxide reactants
Method of filling gaps on a semiconductor wafer
Method of fabricating thin film transistor using buffer layer and the thin film transistor
TFT for LCD device and fabrication method thereof
Poly-silicon thin film transistor and method for fabricating thereof
Fabrication of a field effect transistor with a recess in a semiconductor pillar in SOI technology
Cavity down flip chip BGA
Method of manufacturing micro-display
Microelectronic assembly with die support and method
Etching method
Integrated scheme for predicting yield of semiconductor (MOS) devices from designed layout
Methods and apparatus for determining an etch endpoint in a plasma processing system
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Silicon nitride and silicon dioxide gate insulator transistors and method of forming same in a hybrid integrated circuit
Adjustment of threshold voltages of selected NMOS and PMOS transistors using fewer masking steps
Method of forming differential spacers for individual optimization of n-channel and p-channel transistors
Method for forming a storage node of a capacitor
Method of fabricating a self-aligned split gate flash memory cell
Diode connected to a magnetic tunnel junction and self aligned with a metallic conductor and method of forming the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising semiconductor elements formed in a toplayer of a silicon wafer situated on a buried insulating layer
Method for forming an STI feature to avoid acidic etching of trench sidewalls
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing involving the scale-down width of shallow groove isolation using round processing
Methods of implanting ions into different active areas to provide active areas having increased ion concentrations adjacent to isolation structures
Method of forming low resistance vias
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Multi-step planarizing method for forming a patterned thermally extrudable material layer
Chip scale surface mount package for semiconductor device and process of fabricating the same
Method for fabricating a mask read-only memory
Nonvolatile memories with floating gate spacers, and methods of fabrication
Method of making semiconductor device having first and second sealing resins
Method of manufacturing the circuit device and circuit device
Heat spreader with spring IC package fabrication method
Electronic package with bonded structure and method of making
Semiconductor chip assembly with simultaneously electrolessly plated contact terminal and connection joint
Apparatus and methods of testing and assembling bumped devices using an anisotropically conductive layer
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having contact pads
Tented plated through-holes and method for fabrication thereof
Apparatus and methods of semiconductor packages having circuit-bearing interconnect components
Silicon interposer and multi-chip-module (MCM) with through substrate vias
Method of reducing capacitance of interconnect
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of producing the same
Method for installing protective components in integrated circuits that are constructed from standard cells
Integrated circuits with reduced substrate capacitance
Semiconductor display device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor material and method for forming the same and thin film transistor
Packaging types of light-emitting diode
Polymer electrolyte and rechargeable cell comprising the same
Stabilized vanadium electrolyte solutions for all-vanadium redox cells and batteries
Lead-acid battery vent valve-catalyst carrier assembly
Electro-chemical power generation systems employing arrays of electronically-controllable discharging and/or recharging cells within a unitary support structure
Secondary cell
Battery card and electrical apparatus using same battery card assembly
Multi-use lead-acid power pack for use with a cordless power hand tool and other loads
Microporous film
Side terminal electric storage battery
Electrochemical cell having an electrode with a nitrate additive in the electrode active mixture
Method for forming a thin film
Nickel positive electrode for alkaline storage batteries
Metal-air fuel cell battery (FCB) electrical power producing module with multi-element cathode structure and insertable metal-fuel card(s)
Unitized barrier and flow control device for electrochemical reactors
Battery separator for Li-Ion and/or Li-Ion polymer battery
Sealing structure of cell tube
Fuel-cell system with a pivotable stack installation assembly
Control system for fuel cell
Freeze tolerant fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell humidification system
Integrated solid oxide fuel cell mechanization and method of using for transportation industry applications
Semiconductor laser device and wire bonding method capable of easily performing reliable wire bonding
Compound semiconductor light emitting device and process for producing the same
Method for manufacturing light-emitting device using a group III nitride compound semiconductor
External circuit packaging method and thermocompression bonding apparatus
Method of making a socket assembly for use with a solder ball
Method for manufacturing wiring circuit boards with bumps and method for forming bumps
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