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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hand tool for material gathering, lifting, and manipulation
Non-plowing method for establishing vegetation and a nutrient matrix thereof
Tortoise bathing facility
Pet vacuum attachment
Method and composition for attracting arthropods by volatilizing an acid
Methods of cleansing skin or hair with cleansing articles
Method of delivering therapeutic agents to site of tissue injury
Sulfur-containing animal-feed additives
Fitting for a harness
Basic bed lounge
Seating device
Polarized in vivo imaging device, system and method
Minimally invasive surgical clamp having treatment elements
Ophthalmic image sensing apparatus
Optical system for monitoring eye movement
Ophthalmologic image taking apparatus
Ambulatory medical apparatus and method using a robust communication protocol
Pressure measurement device
Packaging sensors for long term implant
Methods for use in dental articulation
Ear duct cleaning device
Absorbent article and method for its manufacture
Disposable absorbent article having tension indicators
Constriction device viewable under X ray fluoroscopy
Surgical instrument for treating female urinary incontinence
Method for expansion of epithelial stem cells
Methods of treatment using a bariatric sleeve
Device for shrinking or reinforcing the heart valvular orifices
Traction apparatus for the cervical vertebrae
Mattress monitoring system
Bariatric treatment system and related methods
Bedsore reduction system for beds
Immunostimulating coating for surgical devices
Methods of treatment of hematopoietic disorders
Method for extracting antineoplastic components from Bupleurum scorzonerifolium
Cold-remedy food supplement for simultaneously lowering blood pressure and sustaining blood sugar
Therapeutic compositions and methods of treating glycolipid storage related disorders
Mage C2 antigenic peptides and uses thereof
Antigen modified cancer cell vaccines for cancer therapy
Inducible ligand for .alpha.1.beta.1 integrin and uses
Sulfur-containing secondary para-phenylenediamines dye compositions comprising such para-phenylenediamines, processes, and uses thereof
Pressurised metered dose inhalers (MDI)
Catheter retention
Vascular access port with needle detector
Patch for locating a target zone for penetration
Needle tip protector
Spectral contrast enhancement in a cochlear implant speech processor
Silica-coated mixed crystal oxide particle, production process thereof and cosmetic material using the same
Hair treatment composition
Golf putting practice device
Lottery ticket providing for multiple games
Computer game controller
Gaming machines with communication links configured to present bonus games
Gaming machine system having automatic reporting feature
Coin displaying book
Performing Operations; Transporting
Energy efficient evaporation system
Methods for filtrating and producing polymer solution, and for preparing solvent
Refiners and methods of refining pulp
Cyclone having a vibration mechanism
Multi-zone sprinkler system with moisture sensors and configurable spray pattern
Method for improving characteristics of resin coated papers comprising applying a solution of one or more alkaline metal salts
IOL insertion apparatus and method for making and using same
Drive-through vehicle car wash with a balanced roof brush
Rotary shaft sealing mechanism and liquid processing apparatus
Landfills and methods of operating a landfill
Method of forming a metal casting having a uniform side wall thickness
Plastic system and method of porous bioimplant having a unified connector
Apparatus and method for cutting spinal implants
Drilling device
Apparatus and system for unitized friction stir welded structures and associated method
Metallic solder thermal interface material layer and application of the same
Honing installation with several work stations
Automatic adjustable head wrench
Soft handle non-retractable utility knife with quick release latch and method for making same
Sheet cutter
Hand-held power tool with angle drive
Mold and molding apparatus using the same
Method for manufacturing a container end wall of lightweight construction and a container provided with such an end wall
Composite paperboards and method of making composite paperboards
Interlayers comprising modified fumed silica
Optical films incorporating cyclic olefin copolymers
Vinyl acetate-ethylene carpet backings having spill resistance
Method for manufacturing discharge head, and discharge head
Compound inkjet print head printer
Capping member for inkjet printer
Cleaning device for the printhead of a printer
Inkjet printing device
Printing device and control method thereof
Image recording apparatus and method for determining defective image-recording elements
Print roll for postcard printer
Method for creating artistic works on residential lawns
Loose-leaf binder
Full flat wheel
Integrated vehicle shock absorber mount and jounce bumper
Damper assembly
Exterior surface mounted adjustable wind deflector
Door module
Tire wheel structure
Park brake system having a latching device
Mechanism for securing a grab handle to an armrest
Stacking post for container chassis
Lighting module for a vehicle headlight
Retractable automotive front end with wedge locking members
Vehicle airbag device with an auxiliary chamber
Buckle apparatus and seat belt apparatus
Storage console for automotive vehicle
Braking force generator for a hydraulic vehicle braking system
Automatic engaging/disengaging method of a coupling-independent power take-off
Rail to rocker joint using hydroformed members
Vehicle tailgate having supplemental tailgate assembly
Work vehicle
Powder snow track for snowmobile
Bicycle light attachment assembly
Grip for fitting over hand-held articles
Amphibious craft
Safety system for scuba divers operating underwater propulsion devices
Integral reversing and trim deflector and control mechanism
Aircraft partition designed to separate a cargo part from a cockpit or from a passenger compartment
Capping head for the application in vacuum conditions of caps on bottles or containers in general, a capping machine comprising said head, and a method for the application of caps that can be applied by means of said machine
Boxed and secured necktie package
Spiral conveyor belt drive system
Powder purge tube
Container for holding sterile goods and sterile goods dispenser
Engine block lift
Apparatus for dispensing a plurality of fluids and container for use in the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mg2MM'o 6+x, (M=Y, rare earth metal and M'=SN, OR Zr) dielectric ceramics
Nitrogen removal system and method for wastewater treatment lagoons
Mold for an I.S. machine
Method for manufacturing ceramic heater
Reactive magnesium oxide cements
Cyan ink, ink set, set of ink and reaction liquid, and image forming method
Luminous material for scintillator comprising single crystal of Yb mixed crystal oxide
Gasoline sulfur reduction using hydrotalcite like compounds
Oil composition for heat treatment
Poxvirus with targeted infection specificity
Method of making bioactive catalytic material
N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase Vb coding sequences, recombinant cells and methods
Fatty-acid amide hydrolase
Increase in the vitamin E content in organisms due to an increase in the tyrosine aminotransferase activity
Assay for detecting changes in mitochondrial membrane permeability and method of using same
HIV capsid assembly-associated compositions and method
Methods of diagnosing Parkinson's disease by measuring expression level of RNA encoding human protein HLLRCR-1
Clinical indications for genotyping polymorphic variants of G-protein coupled receptors
High tensile hot rolled steel sheet excellent in shape freezing property and endurance fatigue characteristics after forming
Sputter source, sputtering device, and sputtering method
Antireflection film made of a CVD SiO.sub.2 film containing a fluoro and/or alkyl modifier
Anodizing of optically transmissive substrate
Crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, and phase modulation device
Textiles; Paper
Dispersion spinning core-shell fluoropolymers
Fixed Constructions
Modular fence
Slide door opening and closing device for vehicles
Formation isolation valve
Redundant hydraulic system for safety valve
Method and apparatus for cooling flasked instrument assemblies
Networked polymeric gels and use of such polymeric gels in hydrocarbon recovery
Methods and compositions for well completion in steam breakthrough wells
Downhole sampling tool and method for using same
Plow baseplate
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sealing arrangement
Engine valve actuator providing Miller cycle benefits
Exhaust gas filter and method for cleaning an exhaust gas
Cooling oil delivery structure for a vehicular generator, and engine including same
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Control apparatus and control method for engine
Rocket engine combustion chamber
Low power consumption latch circuit including a time delay for a fuel vapor pressure management apparatus
Injector double row cluster configuration for reduced soot emissions
Unit and method for controlling internal combustion engines
Joint boot
Grooving in FDB motor capillary seal
Shaft bearing retainer
Methods and systems for joining structures
Driveshaft and method of manufacturing such a driveshaft
Integrated damping adjustment valve
Cord stopper
Electro-mechanical transmission with six speed ratios and a method of redesigning a transmission
Electrically variable transmission having three planetary gearsets and four fixed interconnections
Shaft seal having integrated removal feature
Methods and apparatus for a direct connect on-off controller
Shut-off valve and method of shutting off opening of vacuum chamber
Electronic device holder
Riser protector
Invertible light source
Focusable spotlight with asymmetrical light distribution
Lighted garments, footwear, backpacks, and other accessories with improved switch
Lens used for light-emitting diode
Window element
Surface light source for emitting light from two surfaces and double-sided display device using the same
Etendue-squeezing illumination optics
Torch manifold with integrated nozzles
Food roasting apparatus
Ground-based heat sink facilitating electronic system cooling
Ejector cycle
Control of dual-heated absorption heat-transfer machines
Densifier for simultaneous conditioning of two cryogenic liquids
Low pressure high capacity dryer for resins and other granular and powdery materials
Pre-mounting of a sensor
Contact-type electric capacitive displacement sensor
Needle pointer type meter
Vehicle gauge with embedded driver information
Rotary scale
Engine oil leak test system and method
Method for evaluating the filling rate of a tubular rotary ball mill and device therefor
Segregation testing apparatus for powders and granular materials
Roughness measuring instrument with testing standard
Synchronized analyte testing system
Materials, method and apparatus for detection and monitoring of chemical species
Dielectrophoresis device and method having insulating ridges for manipulating particles
IC-processed polymer nano-liquid chromatography system on-a-chip and method of making it
Multiple analyte assay device
Method for identifying and designing immunogenic peptides
Wireless communications associated with a wellbore
Portable, foldable mirror
Prismatic retroreflective article with fluorine- or silicon-containing prisms
Fiber optic transceiver having a floating transmitter port
Optical transceiver
Image output device and method of outputting image
Continuous film and camera and method thereof
Continuous film and camera and method thereof
Two-panel liquid-crystal-on-silicon color management system
Arrangement for projecting an image onto a projection surface and associated transformation lens system
Projector system comprising pulsed light sources
Electron exposure to reduce line edge roughness
Method for repairing a phase shift mask
Laser sensitive lithographic printing plate having a darker aluminum substrate
Laser sensitive lithographic printing plate having specific photopolymer composition
Reticle, semiconductor die and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Polyurethane rolls and methods of manufacturing
Photoconductive members
Watch assembly having a dial integrally formed in the watch-glass
Control arrangement for controlling an atmosphere generating device
Setting up hybrid coded-light--ZigBee lighting system
Inventory updating of an internet protocol (IP) alias within a highly available computing cluster
Byte caching in wireless communication networks
Preserving collaboration history with relevant contextual information
Clusterhead selection in a communication network
Dynamically expanding computing resources in a networked computing environment
Online communication risks
Preserving collaboration history with relevant contextual information
Methods and apparatus for providing or receiving data connectivity
Network resource modification for higher network connection concurrence
Viral flow of the media content across client devices
Handling of data transfer in a LAN-free environment
Apparatus, system, and methods for facilitating one-way ordering of messages
Managing file transfer commands
Keeping conversations confidential
Apparatus and methods of accessing content
Inventory updating of an internet protocol (IP) alias within a highly available computing cluster
Dynamically balancing resources in a server farm
Securing an accessible computer system
Methods and apparatus for reducing the effectiveness of chosen location attacks in a peer-to-peer overlay network
System and method for managing virtual and dedicated servers
Enabling cluster scaling
Computer implemented event-centric social networking platform
Monitoring a communication and retrieving information relevant to the communication
Computer system and virtual computer management method
Providing access control for public and private document fields
Content interaction technology
System and method for aggregating devices for intuitive browsing
Method and apparatus for file sharing in a network
Secure key management
Method and apparatus for managing vending machine offers
Computer communication system for communication via public networks
Unified storage and management of cryptographic keys and certificates
Card reader and abnormality coping method for card reader
Installing a file system in a data carrier
System for securing personal cards
Method and apparatus to provide authentication using an authentication card
Foldable transaction card systems for non-traditionally-sized transaction cards
Hand-supportable digital imaging-based bar code symbol reader employing an event-driven system control subsystem, automatic IR-based object detection, and trigger-switch activated image capture and processing subsystem
Apparatus and method for verifying print quality of an encoded indicium
Secure radio frequency identification documents
Method and system for utilizing a digital camera for retrieving and utilizing barcode information
Hierarchical network, service and application function virtual machine partitioning across differentially sensitive data centers
System and method for real-time depth modification of stereo images of a virtual reality environment
Apparatus and methods of power save for wireless access points and multi-hop relays
Method and apparatus for screening aspects of vision development and visual processing related to cognitive development and learning on the internet
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease simulator
Apparatus providing at least a visual impression of fluid moving in a channel and method of attaching an apparatus providing said visual impression
Vacuum processing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing line using the same
Ball grid array package substrate with through holes and method of forming same
Fuel cell having flow passage
Insulative feed through assembly for electrochemical devices
Nonaqueous secondary electrolytic battery
Fuel cell
Fuel cell stack
Membrane-electrode assembly for direct methanol type fuel cell and proton conductive membrane
Fuel cell with integral manifold
Coupler apparatus
Electronic apparatus capable of mounting a plurality of modules
Differential I/O spline for inexpensive breakout and excellent signal quality
Connector and a connector assembly method
Three position electrical connector assembly
Electrical connector with strain relief features
Safety covers for electric sockets and the like
Light emitting diode (LED) based street light and other lighting applications
Firm-structured plug
Connector assembly having a securing member
Fiber optic module release mechanism
Metal fixing member for fixing a connector to a wiring board
Electrical junction box having an adjustment hole
Connector means for electrical apparatus, particularly plugs
Cable assembly and signal transmission system using the same
Devices, systems, and methods for coupling electrical wiring
Methods and apparatus for envelope tracking system
Circuit for use with a loudspeaker for portable equipments
Decision-feedback analyzer and methods for operating the same
Wireless communication system and data transmitter
Method, apparatus, receiver, computer program and storage medium for joint detection
Methods and apparatus for conveying a delivery schedule to mobile terminals
Method and system for down-converting and electromagnetic signal
Smart watch
Large capacity optical transceiver module
Wavelength division multiplexing transmission device
Method and apparatus for testing transmission lines normally propagating optical signals
Dereverberation parameter estimation device and method, dereverberation/echo-cancellation parameter estimation device, dereverberation device, dereverberation/echo-cancellation device, and dereverberation device online conferencing system
Robust handshake procedure in cross-talk environments
Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
Information processing apparatus and method
Communication apparatus and communication method
User experience enhancements for controlling a group communication
Method for joint optimization of schedule and resource allocation based on the genetic algorithm
Method and apparatus for receiving downlink wireless signal
Multi-user multi-stream beamforming method, apparatus, and base station
Millimeter-wave relay device with bounded delay and method for retransmission of symbols
Link adaptation for a multi-hop route in a wireless mesh network
Station-side apparatus and PON system
Signal modulation using guard band determination for improved frequency spectrum efficiency
Method and apparatus for transmitting parameters to multicast agent in relayed multicast network
Methods for using a detector to monitor and detect channel occupancy
Universal file delivery methods for providing unequal error protection and bundled file delivery services
Wireless media sharing from multiple sources to a single sink
Base station device and mobile communication method
Adjustable carrier sense threshold for wireless broadcast
Resource configuration change management
Retrieving messages in order in a distributed publish/subscribe system
Modulation coding scheme selection for response frames in case of transmit power imbalance
Scalable and predictive packet processing
Spectrum sensing method and spectrum sensing device
Proxy password reset
Method for providing proximity-based quality for multimedia content
Managed event queue for independent clients
Method of pairing an electronic apparatus and a user account within an on-line service
Retrieving both sensitive and non-sensitive content in a secure manner
Method for configuring a remote station with a certificate from a local root certificate authority for securing a wireless network
Apparatus and method for processing HTTP message
Systems and methods for pre-association discovery of services on a network
Reception circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Privacy-preserving text language identification using homomorphic encryption
Device for generating an encrypted key and method for providing an encrypted key to a receiver
Multiple input based passwords
Shared secret techniques for ubiquitous computing devices
Communication system for determining data transmitting scheme according to channel state
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof using a blowing action
Power scan optimization
Call evaluation device and call evaluation method
System and method for monitoring incoming telephone calls
System and method of recognizing signal patterns
Communication terminal and non-transitory computer readable medium storing program
Modem with voice processing capability
Quality-based phone routing
Data generation apparatus, data generation method, and computer-readable medium for assigning a thumb index for pages of a book
Pocket scanner
Information processing system and power supply controlling method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
Creating apparatus and creating method
Three-dimensional video with asymmetric spatial resolution
Image processing device and method, and image capturing device
Image device and image processing method for generating control information indicating the degree of stereoscopic property or whether or not 3D image needs to be outputted
Cadence detection for interlaced video based on temporal regularity
Program-schedule-generating device, program-data-sharing system, method of generating program schedule, and computer program
Random access addressing on active pixel image sensor
Video and map data synchronization for simulated athletic training
System and method for human computer interaction
Estimation of picture motion blurriness
Method and apparatus for automatically capturing and managing images
Device for displaying products having a generic screen base with an interchangeable top display
Method and apparatus for automatically capturing and managing images
Digital imaging apparatus and control method thereof
Broadcast content distribution system, and distribution apparatus and broadcast reception terminal device for use in the system
Systems and methods for automated media programming (AMP)
Content sequence technology
Systems and methods for automated media programming (AMP)
Real-time correction/calibration system for the color spectrum contained on an image output (transmitted) from an image capture and output macro-system, according to a previously defined color spectrum reference
Apparatus and method for processing image, and computer-readable storage medium
Audio phone connection mount for touch pen
Microphone stand mounting brackets
Interface circuit for connecting a microphone circuit to a preamplifier
Method and apparatus for canceling acoustic echo, and method for updating adaptive filter coefficient by the apparatus
Communication control apparatus, communication system, and communication method
Method for frequency reuse in cellular network
Advanced triggers for location-based service applications in a wireless location system
Automatic determination of component types and locations for wireless network design
Method and system for limiting downlink data rates
Intelligent re-provisioning of base stations for circuit-switched fallback
Method and apparatus for utility based interference management
Mobile radio apparatus and mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for a 1 MHZ long training field design
Self-interference cancellation
System and method for communicating using two-way SMS
Method of sharing a service provided to a neighboring user equipment in a wireless communication system and apparatus therefor
Authorized transmission of navigation assistance
Determining the position of a mobile device in an indoor environment
Systems and methods for revisit location detection
Transport stream packet generation device and method of generating transport stream packet thereof
Determination of available services in a broadcast network
Method and apparatus for controlling uplink transmit power with optimum delay
Techniques for conserving power for communication between wireless devices
Method and apparatus for reduced power consumption when operating as a bluetooth low energy device
Apparatus and method of wideband automatic gain control algorithm supporting multiple carriers with possibly different air interface technologies
Smart telephony systems and methods
Method for controlling operation within a cell of a wireless cellular network, base station and wireless cellular network
Mobile communication system
Downlink signaling counter management for multiple subscriber identity devices
Active-set management based on an associated codec
Access point terminal, wireless communication terminal, wireless communication system, wireless communication method, program and integrated circuit
Method for advertising channel reservations
Control circuits, integrated circuits and illuminating apparatuses having the same
Light sharpening for energy lighting
Printed circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Electronic device having clip clasping electronic module
Fixing device for a radiator
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Frame support for tillage implement
Aeration machine
Hose control for planter apparatus
Auger for combine header
Turning device
Drip irrigation tape
Portable irrigation pipe installation and removal system
Stand for supporting bouquet holder
Convertible chassis fishing reel
Rod holder and bracket therefor
Water and fertilizer dispenser
Cake or bread product comprising multiple doughs apparatus for manufacturing same
Apparatus and method for depositing cookie dough into a tray
Self sealing cap
Apparatus for forming biodegradable and edible feed packaging materials
Garment carrying electronic devices
Collapsible hat and method of collapsing the hat
Holder for a portable device
Purse organizer
Athletic equipment bag
Garment bag having odor and scent-controlling capabilities
Multifunctional container
Wheel system with side wheels for luggage
Shade evident cosmetic package
Collapsible back pack
Ambidextrous drill holster
Method and tools for oral hygiene
Serving wagon
Quick-assembly storage unit
Fastening system and method for a drawer assembly
Portable shelf for mounting on a towel bar
System comprising a cover fastened to a support by means of self-gripping elements
Infant seat with adjustable handle
Shoulder mounted child carrier
Infant swing and method of using the same
Device for supporting and displaying funnels
Foodservice system
Bag separator and dispenser
Product display and dispensing system
Display device for presentation of goods
Detachable display rack for hanging display items thereon
Display assembly for edible and non-edible objects
Mounting system for displaying a bird
Check-out system for library-like materials
Support system for cubicles
Spill resistant dishware
Coffee carafe with hidden handle support
Beverage container
Straw for sipping liquid
Apparatus and method for securing a vase upon a car seat
Structure for locating curtain traverse rod
Bifunction condiment grinding tool
Loading device for wipe material dispensing machine
Package of novel three dimensional structures useful as cleaning sheets
Wheel assembly
Fluid conditioning system
Sharps disposal
System and method for reconstruction of aberrated wavefronts
Device for identifying caries, plaque, bacterial infection, concretions, tartar and other fluorescent substances on teeth
Calibration table for a cone-beam CT-apparatus
Light guide unit, method for producing the same, and dental handpiece having light guide unit
Dental magnetic attachment
Tooth shade analyzer system and methods
One-way receptacle for dental filling material
Universal implant delivery system
High tensile tie rod connector
Method for filling acoustic implantable transducers
Versatile portable cart
Collapsible chair
Balancing vehicle with passive pivotable support
Packaging box for tablets
Polyvinylsiloxane impression material
Method and apparatus for disinfecting a water cooler reservoir and its dispensing spigot(s)
Medicament dispensing device and method for the use thereof
Modular mold designs
Belay/rappel device for use in climbing activities and the like
Fluent material dispensing apparatus and method of use
Supporting frame of running exerciser made of plasticizing material
Turning control device for a virtual stationary bike
Swim fin assembly
Colored golf ball
Four piece golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Timing pad
Golf club
Golf club shaft
Iron golf club
Billiard cue bag with cover locking device
Stroller with a resistance providing unit
Golf collimator and golf club therewith
System and method for measuring a golfer's ball striking parameters
Golf stroke training device and method
Networked biometrically secured fitness device scheduler
Running wheel arrangement
Wheel shaft structure of monocycle
In-line skating device of roller skate
Gym scooter
Electronic multi-hand stud poker games
Casino poker game table that implements play of a casino table poker game
Apparatus for illuminating a portable electronic or computing device
Method for controlling character based electronic game development
Game system and computer readable storage medium carrying game program
Simultaneous or reciprocal image synthesis for a video game at different viewpoints
Game in which telephone signals act as semaphores signaling game moves
Role and war game playing system
Multiplication, addition and subtraction card game
Gaming device with multiple spinning wheels and method
Magnetic table game
Skin-irritating game machine
Water amusement system and method
Rapid-winding winch for amusement ride
Yo-yo having a centered disc supported by an arm
Moveable and sectional block toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Belt filter press with improved wedge section
Paper feeding apparatus
Bubbler for use in vapor generation systems
Homogenization and heating container for a mixing head
Material transport system and apparatus for conveying water softener salt to a brine tank
Hulling apparatus
Shredder drive control device and method of drivingly controlling the shredder
Method and apparatus for removing lightweight particulates during processing of a primary material
Dual closure nozzle
Inflatable packing and inflation apparatus
Kitchen-used sprinkling gun
Full cone spray nozzle for metal casting cooling system
System and method for treating object surfaces
Foam generating nozzle assembly
Device for supplying and discharging powder particles
Image forming method and apparatus
Automatic tray handling system for sorter
Automatic tray handling system for sorter
Sash sensing system and method
Method and apparatus for stripping coating
Method and apparatus for treating landfills
Bioremediation system
Apparatus and method for dispensing coiled metallic ribbon
Cold head stamped fastener inserts including selectively removable tangs
Universal joint device and method of manufacturing the device
Method of melting titanium and other metals and alloys by plasma arc or electron beam
Spectacles lens boring jig positioning device
Gear grinding machine and gear grinding method
Wire bonding process and wire bond structure
Bonding head and component mounting apparatus
Method of fabricating structural joints
Heat shield for soldering device
Compact cartridge hot runner nozzle
Press device for coating workpieces, especially pieces of furniture, on multiple sides
Linear drive system for chemical mechanical polishing
Machine for machining workpieces of wood, plastic and the like, in particular, a molding machine, and a method for adjusting such a machine
Reflow soldering apparatus and method
Grinding method and numerically controlled grinding machine
Device for retaining abrasive pad on lap in eyeglass lens making apparatus
Web lift system for chemical mechanical planarization
Adjustable force applying air platen and spindle system, and methods for using the same
Apparatus and method for cleaning the polishing pad of a linear polisher
Protective cover detachably installed on a cutting machine/engraving machine combination
Tool for sizing an O.D. surface of a cylindrical workpiece
Apparatus and method for producing substrate with electrical wire thereon
Method and apparatus for enhanced CMP using metals having reductive properties
Apparatus and method for retaining moisture on a polishing pad
Methods and apparatuses for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies on planarizing pads
System and method for chemical mechanical polishing using multiple small polishing pads
CMP method and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
System and method for controlling a polishing machine
Conditioning device for grinding wheels
Apparatus and method for abrasive jet finishing of deeply concave surfaces using magnetorheological fluid
Methods for making reinforced wafer polishing pads and apparatuses implementing the same
Polishing pad
Eliminating air pockets under a polished pad
Reverse apparatus for air impact wrench
Automatic tool-bit holder
Breaking apparatus and tool
Wheeled device
Work sucking device
Ring cutter for cutting chips
Menu-driven, configurable door processing station
Automated apparatus for feeding and positioning strips in machines for making rectangular frames
System and assembly for the manufacturing of prestressed reinforced concrete railroad ties and the like
Arrangement for post preparation of an injection compound
Apparatus for roughing surfaces of concrete casted blocks
Heating apparatus
Tire vulcanization mould with blocking members mounted in venting bores
Papermaking belt and apparatus for making same
Gate for molding device
Sealing member in an injection molding machine
Mold clamping apparatus having ballscrew directly connected to rotor of servo motor
Extruding machine for making multi-color mesh belts
Neck finish for a container
Lamination system
Resin transfer mold
Method and apparatus for repairing a discrete damaged portion of an article surface
Belt, especially conveyer belt and method for manufacturing same
Corrugated container and method of making same
Apparatus for controlling fluid flow in a conduit wall
Automotive windshield repair bridge
Sheet material fixing device using suction holes with shut off
Systems and methods of printing with ultraviolet photosensitive resin-containing materials using light emitting devices
Printing apparatus, printing method and recording medium
Precision writing line control platen for high resolution ink jet printing
Advanced media determination system for inkjet printing
Recording sheet package and sheet supply cassette for printer
Ink jet printer system for printing an image on a web overlaying a removable substrate and method of assembling the printer system
Active compensation for changes in the direction of drop ejection in an inkjet printhead
Thermal actuator
Charging/deflecting device capable of effectively deflecting ink droplet
Ink system characteristic identification
Barrier adhesion by patterning gold
Printhead with high nozzle packing density
Ink-jet print head and method thereof
Ink jet recording head having spacer with etched pressurizing chambers and ink supply ports
Ink jet printer head
Bubble-jet type ink-jet printhead and manufacturing method thereof
Piezoelectric thin film device, a master disc for manufacturing thereof, an ink-jet recording head and manufacturing method thereof
Method for producing ink jet recording head and ink jet recording head produced by same
Method of processing nozzle plate, nozzle plate, ink jet head and image forming apparatus
Vacuum spittoon for collecting ink during servicing of ink jet printheads
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Flipping wiper scraper system for inkjet printheads
Load and feed apparatus for solid ink
Detector unit and ink cartridge incorporated in recording apparatus, and method of judging presence of the ink cartridge using the detector unit
Ink jet head having buffer tank in fluid communication with ink circulation pathway
Nozzle guard for an inkjet printhead
Ink delivery system and process for ink jet printing apparatus
Multiple drop weight printing system
Carriage skirt for inkjet printer
Method for determining printhead misalignment of a printer
Printing with reduced outline bleeding
Needle printing head
Toner projection system
Service station for printers having firing nozzles perpendicular to direction of carriage motion
Ink jet printing apparatus, image reading apparatus, ink jet printing method and image reading method
Apparatus and method for maintaining a substantially constant closely spaced working distance between an inkjet printhead and a printing receiver
Image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of digital print quality
Image forming process and image forming apparatus
Ink jet printing process
Sheet set stacking system with reduced stubbing
Stylized writing instrument
Locking hub and wheel assembly
Tire having tread with colored groove configuration
Tire having tread with colored sidewall in connection with a plurality of colored tread grooves
Block structure in pneumatic tire
Automatically operated antiskid apparatus for automobile tires
Thread reinforcement means for extended mobility tire
Two piece tire with improved tire tread belt and carcass
Mounting assembly for a vehicle suspension arm
Strut mount structure
Rotary actuator assembly
Snowmobile construction
Traction control system
Hydro-damped air spring
Vehicle suspension with remote spring
Device for delivering conditioned air into a passenger area of a rail vehicle
Collapsible auto shade
Sealing device for the roof part of a motor vehicle roof
Motor vehicle with heat insulation
Drive mechanism for power operated slideable side door
Openable motor vehicle roof
Tarpaulin structure
Coupling assembly and a method for accelerating a vehicle and operating a transmission utilizing the coupling assembly
Tank safety valve
Electrical-power generating apparatus for an automotive vehicle with hybrid drive
Drive assembly and method for controlling a gear shift operation in a drive assembly of a motor vehicle
Control system and method of hybrid vehicle
Vehicle seat having passenger detector
Vehicular child seat detection system
Airbag deployment system with seat position sensors
Mechanism for joining a removable seat with tilting seat pan to the floor of an automobile vehicle
Variable clutching seat recliner mechanism
Hinge mechanism for a vehicle seat, and a seat fitted with such a mechanism
Device for blocking a catch device for motor vehicle backrests, whose inclination may be adjusted
Support apparatus
Car seat footrest with storage pockets
Energy-absorbing aircraft seat
Car seat with integrated side light
Rotary damper
Ejector arrangement for a work machine
Dual acting truck hoist
Conveyor floor
Apparatus for loading and unloading a vehicle bed
Tanker hatch system
Expandable travel trailer
Light assembly for external rearview mirror of vehicles
Trapped LED CHMSL with living hinge
Vehicle light mount
Actuation means for actuating a functional part in an automobile by means of a handle portion or the like
Automobile door mirror
In-flight entertainment LCD monitor housing multi-purpose latch
Vehicle air bag deployment system and method
Collision discriminating apparatus for vehicles
Air bag device for side collision of automobile
Variable profile air bag restraint
Seat structure having a side impact air bag apparatus
Roof lining for a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle having lateral impact protection
Side air bag incorporating inverted T-shaped flow barrier
Annular air bag and driver side air bag module
Belt tensioner system
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Window shield for vehicle body
Storage systems for pickup trucks and other vehicles
Adjustable container holder for a pickup truck
Vehicle roof rack system
Rack assembly for a vehicle
Automobile cargo carrier system
Dual chuck blow gun
Drive unit including a motor and a retarder
Brake assembly, system and method
Brake booster
Electromagnetically driving part
Auto rack railroad car panel bumper guard
Loading and unloading apparatus for railcars
Bearing unit, in particular railway axlebox bearing unit, having improved anti-fretting behavior
Hybrid golf bag technology
Hand truck for transporting floor sander
Portable transporting device for winding material
Stroller with attachable seat assembly
Cross member support
Load transporting modular platform system
Vehicle body
Front body structure for vehicle bodies
Structurally enhanced attachment of a reinforcing member
Vehicle cargo area extender
Cab enclosure construction
Air channeler for reducing wind resistance and method of use
Automatic winch drive system
Electric steering apparatus
Hydraulic clutching steering damper
Inner tie rod to relay rod fastening and adjustment system
Method of monitoring and deactivating a steer-by-wire system
Independent suspension steering system
Quick-release variable position slidable scooter jackstand
Seat for bicycles
Saddle support having a solid securing structure
Mounting assembly for motor vehicles
Bicycle side car
Bicycle towing and hitching apparatus
Article storage device of scooter
Twist vehicle with rear operation system
Snowmobile four-cycle engine arrangement
Partial helical strake for vortex-induced-vibrationsuppression
Pressure actuated triggering system
Power floating production and ship propulsion supported by gyroscope and energized by seas
Marine engine steering arm yoke and trunnion assembly
Maneuvering enhancer for twin outboard motor boats
Auxiliary keel system for marine crafts powered by jet propulsion systems
Hump boat
Switchable electrochromic devices for use in aircraft transparency windows
Gas turbine engine nose cone
Vertical/short take-off and landing aircraft
Vertical take-off and landing, aerodynamically self-sustained horizontal flight hybrid aircraft
Flight control module with integrated spoiler actuator control electronics
Apparatus and method to measure and implement aircraft seat spacing
Method of fabricating a wing of composite material
Orbit transfer vehicle with support services
Spacecraft power/sun aquistion algorithm using slit sun sensors
Lock member attachment device and lock member used therefor
System for dispensing plastic fasteners
Sticking device
Labeling machine capable of precise attachment of a label to different sizes of containers
Salad bowl with a lid
Hanger for article display container and container lid
Machine feedable envelope
Draw tape bag and method of manufacture
Toothpaste tube fold-holder
Container cap with double function ring
Closure clamp
Dispenser package
Food scoop with sealed base
Bottle closure having means for mixing a predetermined dose of an additive into a liquid
Clamshell packaging device for disc-shaped items and related materials and method for packaging such discs and material
Band blade dispenser
Food pouch assembly for dispensing a flowable food product from a cassette-type dispenser
Ball check valve assembly
Single-piece fold-to-shape protective device
Packaging material
Content lifting and removing container assembly and method of manufacture thereof
Tissue dispensing apparatus
Dispenser apparatus for medical grade ultrasound gel
Apparatus and method for urging fluid into a pressurized system
Storage container
Granular material conveyor
Carriage conveying apparatus
Pallet and top frame handler for a palletizer and method of handling a pallet and top frame in a palletizer
Rollered wall element, particularly for walls of product accumulation stations
Apparatus for separating and supplying cylindrical cans and method therefore
Object engaging tool and method of manipulating object using same
Magnetic carrying device
Paper roll supporting apparatus
Apparatus for decelerating and shingling signatures
Sheet processing device with stack alignment
Finisher with single roller for frictionally moving each sheet
Double-layered width-adjustable inserter tracks
Device and method for transferring a sheet
Fire hose winder
Monitoring apparatus for the sheet feed to a sheet-processing machine, and method of monitoring the sheet stream structure/the sheet stream
Measuring cable travel sensor with longitudinal drive for the cable drum
Rotary clutch assembly having interlocking hubs
Elevator information communication system
Emergency manual elevator drive
Portable hoist and method
Telescoping tube assembly with a cabling system
Rope pulley construction
Pothole protection mechanism
Motorized support jack
Adjustable stabilizer for jacks
Container for fluids
Automatic shutoff device for filtered bottled water dispenser
System and method for coupling microcomponents utilizing a pressure fitting receptacle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Canister, sealing method and composition for sealing a borehole
Infrared heater with improved matrix
Ink-jet recording method and recorded matter
Metallic ink composition for wick type writing instruments
Method of polishing
Oil based compositions and method for temporarily sealing subterranean zones
Mold steel
Decorative coating for exterior automotive lighting applications
Closed-loop controlled apparatus and method for preventing chamber contamination
Plated wear surface for alloy components and methods of manufacturing the same
Method of semiconductor wafer heating to prevent bowing
Textiles; Paper
Sealing box for a chamber for continuously treating a thin strip product, in particular for a furnace for continuously carbonizing a fiber substrate
Weft knitted fabric
Folding assembly
Infrared heater
Fixed Constructions
Ergonomic hybrid transit access corridor particularly for town and urban centers
Compacting drum for a work machine
Method for producing a road joint, and joint obtained by the method
Wood clad guardrail assembly
Driving pipe and method for the construction of an essentially horizontal pipeline
Passive flow control valve
Covering block for decreasing wave forces
Frictional coupler and stiffener for strengthening a section of piling
Self aligning shim for a step pin assembly
Actuator control device and bucket posture control device for hydraulic drive machine
Hydrant with improved drain mechanism
Protective device for sanitary fittings
Universal pipe mounting clamp and assembly
Natural gas wellhead enclosure
Fence guard
Picket clip
System for opening and closing sliding door
Magnetic lock
Simplified latch and associated assembly method
Arc-resistant switchgear cabinet
Active door upper
Overhead door locking operator
Extension spring counterbalance system
Adjustable gate structure
Cord-driven drum
Tilt cord pulleys for venetian blinds
Slat angle adjusting device for a venetian blind
Vertical venetian blind
Roller cone drill bit structure having improved journal angle and journal offset
Rock bit with load stabilizing cutting structure
Cutter element with non-linear, expanded crest
Method of injecting tubing down pipelines
Well riser lateral restraint and installation system for offshore platform
Methods and apparatus for interconnecting well tool assemblies in continuous tubing strings
Metal-to-metal seal with soft metal insert
Method and apparatus for unloading well tubing
Bottomhole assembly and methods of use
Wellbore casing
Bore selector
Plug and plug set for use in wellbore
Downhole mud motor
Downhole roller vane motor and roller vane pump
Flow control in multilateral wells
Hanging liners by pipe expansion
Technique for deploying a liner into a subterranean wellbore
Method and apparatus for completing a wellbore
Cutting device with rotating disc
Cable bolt with a yielding fixture and method of forming the same
Method and system for accessing subterranean deposits from the surface
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine rotor with an internally cooled gas turbine blade and connecting configuration including an insert strip bridging adjacent blade platforms
Booster compressor deicer
Turbine vane segment and impingement insert configuration for fail-safe impingement insert retention
Methods and systems for cooling gas turbine engine airfoils
Fluted compressor flowpath
Portable fluid transfer conduit
Engine water pump with temperature responsive drive
Motorcycle front brake rotor mounting
Outboard motor
Lubricating system for OHC engine
Carburetor throttle control detent mechanism
Control for transmission system utilizing centrifugal clutch
Seal arrangement with a sealing flange and a carrier flange
Carburetor fuel priming pump with integral fuel bowl drain
Fuel supply pump for a vehicle and a fuel supply system equipped with said fuel supply pump
Subdivided control valve body for injector control valve
Fuel injection valve
Injector for an injection system of an internal combustion engine
Injector/nozzle needle combination with coupling on the end oriented toward the control chamber
Friction clutch bearing an electric machine rotor, in particular for a motor vehicle
Small scale actuators and methods for their formation and use
Axial piston pump with center inlet fill
Control valve for variable capacity compressor
Dual diaphragm pump
Device for supplying liquids, in particular, fuel
In situ separable electric submersible pump assembly with latch device
Oil free screw compressor operating at variable speeds and control method therefor
Scroll compressor
Turbomolecular pump
Housing structure of a fan
Fuel pumps with reduced contamination effects
Water pump
Inlet structure for pump installations
Filter and muffler for a vacuum pump
Control arrangement for a working cylinder
Microfluidic valve and system therefor
Axial securing device for two components by means of a locking ring
Fastener with aligning lead thread
Device for in particular acoustically uncoupled mounting
Safety connecting and hooking device for tubular elements, particulary for stretcher
Drive shaft
Gas flow generator and apparatus for using the same
Support assembly for a motor shaft of a centrifugal submersible pump
Design of rolling bearings
Clutch release bearing
Clutch apparatus for automatic transmission
Ball ramp clutch with frictional damping
Mounting system for a flexible driveline coupling
Clamping roller overrunning clutch
Electromechanical parking brake
Transmission unit for a vehicle
Spring clutch utilizing torque slip clips
Hydraulic antivibration sleeve
Amplitude-attenuating dashpot
Power transmission belt
Dual mode variable ratio transmission
Infinite speed ratio transmission
Hydrokinetic torque converter
Hydrodynamic-mechanical multi-speed compound transmission, especially a six-speed torque-converter transmission
Gear module for clutch actuator in differential assembly
Sun gear shell assembly
Laminated carrier assembly
Control device for a synchromesh automatic transmission
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Method of and apparatus for driving aircraft generator at a constant-speed
Oil pressure control for continuously variable transmission
Forage box clutch mechanism
Dual seal
Sealing arrangement
Packing device for rotary valves
Hydrodynamic rotary coupling seal
Mechanical split seal
Low power high speed disc drive spindle seal
Motor operated valve
Gate valve
Gate valve
Fluid flow control apparatus for controlling and delivering fluid at a continuously variable flow rate
Rotary mixing solenoid valve for temperature-control
Helically wound lock seam tube
Pipe joint and a method for its manufacturing
Breakaway joint for subsea components
Angle plate fastening method and apparatus for air duct flange connectors
Clamp structure for holding clip onto flat cable
Interchangeable hose, cable, and conduit support mechanism
Hose connection
Pipe coupling
Sealing connector with variable geometry
Electrostatic charge neutralizing fume duct with continuous carbon fiber
Lining panel fastening
High storage volume support for displays
Positively-positionable mounting apparatus
Device for lubricating a rolling bearing
Fluid distribution system and process, and semiconductor fabrication facility utilizing same
Apparatus and method for increasing throughput in fluid processing
Ribbon light string
Luminaire based on the light emission of light-emitting diodes
Portable lighting device
Knockdown lampshade structure
Elliptical headlights for motor vehicles
Decorative light string with storage compartment for replacement components
Luminaire assembly
Signal transmitter
Night light
Standing decorative garden lamp
Illuminated holder
Computer with keyboard illuminator for use in operating environments with inadequate ambient lighting conditions
Semi-recessed downlight wall wash canopy luminaire
Vehicle lamp
Variable focus indirect lighting fixture
Sheet-like light source device
Spread illuminating apparatus
Spread illuminating apparatus with a pair of light sources overlapped in a thickness direction of a transparent substrate
Plane-like lighting units and display equipment provided therewith
Multiple light valve lighting device or apparatus with wide color palette and improved contrast ratio
Burner for gaseous fuels
Gas burner regulating system
Adjustable electrode for oil burners
Adjustable damper for airflow systems
Thermal expansion valve
Method and apparatus for the distribution of ice
Boiling and cooling apparatus
Heat exchanger having intermediate heating medium
Compound heat exhanger having cooling fins introducing different heat exhanging performances within heat exchanging core portion
Heat sink and electronic circuit module including the same
Heat exchange device with two arrays of tubes in particular for a motor vehicle, and a method of manufacturing it
Archery bow hanger
Virtual battlefield simulator system and method
Light guiding device of a liquid crystal display
Method and device for calibrating measurements of temperatures independent of emissivity
Remote temperature sensing long wave length modulated focal plane array
Tilting platform for roll testing automotive vehicles
Differential scanning calorimeter
Converting a pump for use in supercritical fluid chromatography
Lug for providing both electrical and mechanical connection between buses and watt hour meter sockets
Method and apparatus for measuring seismic energy imparted to the earth
Optical assembly for reflective light valves
Credit card pocket mirror and miniature billboard
Fiber optic cable splice apparatus and method
Packaging and sealing of multi-port fiber optic device
Plug part for an optical plug-and-socket connection
Connection system
Pipeline cable deployment apparatus and method
One-piece lens and frame assembly
Viewing of an anaglyph with improved stereoscopic image perception
Light shutter device
Camera with self-timer and timer for use in camera
Polarization-converting unit and projector using the same
Critical dimension monitoring from latent image
Small internal volume fluid mass flow control apparatus
Combined sensor and flow controller provided with combined sensor
Calorie management system
Movable clamping device for foldable keyboard
Storage box for portable electronic apparatus
Media connector interface for electrical apparatus
Low cost and high speed 3 load printed wiring board bus topology
Method and apparatus for generating optically readable dot image data and recording medium
Card reader and the mobile electronic device equipped with it
Module interface for PC card
Debit card having secure scratch-off label strip and method of applying same
Method of and system for automatically identifying packages during package transport operations carried out by a human operator walking through the doorway of a storage warehouse
Methods and apparatus for supplemental barcode detection and decoding
Portable data support with a break-off mini-chip card
IC card with display screen
Information card system
Card connector with resilient grounding contact
Universal serial bus card reader
Magnetic code reading device and magnetic code reading method
Adjustable reader arrangement and method of reading encoded indicia formed on an object
Imaging device having indicia-controlled image parsing mode
Decoding system and methods in a bar code scanning system
Stock control computer system and method
Game apparatus, method of reproducing movie images and recording medium recording program thereof
System and apparatus for generating a unique identity for a computer-based product
Vacuum drum pill counter
Product delivery device of vending machine
System and method for generating and executing insurance policies for gambling losses
Decreasing or increasing number of multipliers for a multi-spin slot game
Method for casino game
Gaming device with a metronome system for interfacing sound recordings
Method and apparatus for directing a game with user-selected elements
Gaming device with traveling reel symbols
Method and apparatus for teaching children about fluid piping systems
Drug abuse prevention computer game
System and method of correlating learning materials with educational objectives
Display device
Lighting signboard having a curved structure
Disc holder
Case and lock with improved disc protection
Methods for fabricating spacer support structures and flat panel displays
Rectangular beam generating light source
System for positioning a rectangular cone for a CRT
Closed loop control over delivery of liquid material to semiconductor processing tool
Pellet picking method and pellet picking apparatus
Clean box, clean transfer method and apparatus therefor
Apparatus for processing a wafer
Wafer blade for wafer pick-up from a water tank and method for using
Process for forming shallow isolating regions in an integrated circuit and an integrated circuit thus formed
Cooling apparatus for electronic devices
Light emitting diode with thermally conductive structure
Method of joining together superconductors and a superconductor joined member produced by same
Organic electroluminescent (EL) device
Clamping mechanism for use with a terminal secured to a battery post and incorporating controlled engagement and spring back characteristics
High speed card edge connectors
Electrical connector having an improved outer conductive shell
Socket plane
FPC connector
Triaxial connector adapter and method
Housing of socket connector and conductive terminal thereof
Coupler for banana plug connectors and coupled banana plug connectors
Elastic hole adjustable spring connector
Connector assembly having a latching mechanism
Connector and a method for assembling a connector
Connector that absorbs alignment error
Electrical plug receptacle with releasable catch mechanism
Apparatus and method for using a backshell
Connector assembly having visual indicator
Connector plug and insert for twisted pair cables
Circuit board having an emission reducing ejector
Modular jack
Electromechanical connecting device
Distributed connector system for wearable computers
Integrated multimedia input/output port connector assembly
High profile board-to-board electrical connector assembly
Adapter for connecting RJ-45 port and RJ-11 port
Fluorescent-lamp socket
Electrical connector assembly
Rotation connector and a method of making the same
Insulation displacement connector
Self-stripping connecting device for a sheathed electrical conductor
Vacuum pick up cap for use with electrical connector
Basic rack
Equipment mounting racks and cabinets
Motor cooling fan housing with muffler
Network hub for a reconfigurable data network having physical transmission media
Holder of small size sound device
Photoconductor panel for lighting a keyboard
System and method for high-contrast marking and reading
Compact rear projection system using birefringent optics
Multiple display apparatus
Image display device
Illumination optical system with reflecting light valve
Apparatus for interconnecting multiple nodes
Speaker cabinet
Case with vibration-activated light emitting indication apparatus
Electrical junction box cover assembly
Electrical socket having minimal wiping terminals
Electrical connector with metal retention arms
Terminals of socket connector
System and method for coupling a communication signal to a communication device
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