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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Rice glutelin gene promoters
Inbred corn line G06-NP2907
Transgenic plant expressing maltogenic alpha-amylase
Bioreactor with plurality of chambers for conditioning intravascular tissue engineered medical products
Use of cyclolignans
Methionine aminopeptidase-2 inhibitors and methods of use thereof
Diindolylmethane for the treatment of HPV infection
Indole, azaindole and related heterocyclic 4-alkenyl piperidine amides
Method for targeting cells involved in sclerotic and/or fibrotic diseases
Composition for promoting lacrimal secretion
Peptides and methods for deactivation of organophosphorus-based nerve agents and insecticides
Solid-phase peptide synthesis and agent for use in such synthesis
Glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitors
Nucleic acids encoding fusion peptides
Segmented copolyesters as compliant, absorbable coatings and sealants for vascular devices
Cleansing bar with distributed polymeric network providing enhanced delivery
Toothbrush sterilizer
Cycloalkyl derivatives as inhibitors of bone resorption and vitronectin receptor antagonists
Performing Operations; Transporting
Adsorbent and method for adsorbing cardiac glycoside
Homogeneous modified-alumina Fischer-Tropsch catalyst supports
Gas separation using molecular sieve SSZ-74
Catalyst composition
Solder dispenser
Laser cutting apparatus with a high quality laser beam
Tire information transmitter and tire information acquisition system using the transmitter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogenation of aromatic compounds
Additives for inhibiting gas hydrate formation
Ketol fatty acid derivatives and plant growth regulators
Substituted amides
Process for the preparation of 3,3-dimethylbutanal
Method for producing partial oxidation products and/or partial ammoxidation products of at least one olefinic hydrocarbon
Amides useful for treating pain
Pyridine imidazoles and aza-indoles as progesterone receptor modulators
Production of opioid analgesics
Aromatic disiloxane compositions
Phosphonium salt, organically modified layered silicate containing the phosphonium salt and composition thereof
Humanization of an anti-carcinoembryonic antigen anti-idiotype antibody as a tumor vaccine and for targeting applications
Fused protein, gene therefor, recombinant vector, recombinant virus, and its use
Fusion proteins
Synthesis of oligomeric cyanate esters
Silicone modified acrylics and epoxies
High temperature elastomers with low hydrocarbon vapor permeability
Pigment-dispersed aqueous recording liquid and printed material
Process for preparing branched olefins from a paraffinic wax
Fragrance material
Quaternary ammonium composition
Lysozyme-based method and composition to control the growth of microorganisms in aqueous systems
Textiles; Paper
Fabric and yarn structures for improving signal integrity in fabric-based electrical circuits
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Buoyant rotor
Method and apparatus for measuring alignment of layers in photolithographic processes
Optical encoder with discontinuous optical grating
Position measuring system with a scanning unit having a reference pulse signal detection unit
Counterbalance for a platform balance
High transmission multi-wavelength filter and method
Method for adapting an existing thermal imaging device
Detecting the orientation of carbon nanotubes
Exterior element sensor
Method and apparatus for measuring the polarization mode dispersion of an optical fiber
Rotary borescopic optical dimensional mapping tool
Excitation and emission filter
Self-encoding sensor with microspheres
Method for verifying sensor condition
Method of evaluating freshness of a fish product
Self-contained microelectrochemical bioassay platforms and methods
Electric circuit for providing a selection signal
Monitoring and compensating for real time local circuit speed in an integrated circuit
Apparatus for queuing different traffic types
Packaging reliability super chips
Printed circuit board having weak magnetic field sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Signal separation based on a hybrid separation matrix and antenna arrays
Method of positioning the antennas of a data transmission system
Positioning system
Method and apparatus for using a data telemetry system over multi-conductor wirelines
Apparatus for electromagnetic logging of a formation
Projection optical system, exposure apparatus, and exposure method
Illumination system particularly for microlithography
Optical splitting device and optical communication terminal comprising such a device
Diffraction grating-based encoded micro-particles for multiplexed experiments
Imaging system and optical components thereof
Loader and bonding apparatus for fabricating liquid crystal display device and loading method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display module having electrode pairs in partitioned light emitting spaces respectively
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Reflection mirror apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Pre-aligning a substrate in a lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured by the manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Camera-integrated video recording and reproducing apparatus, and record control method thereof
Control device for synchronous motor
Method, apparatus and article for load stabilization
Apparatus for deciding position of traction
Voltage supplier of semiconductor memory device
Dual-voltage generation system
Midpoint potential generating circuit for use in a semiconductor device
Switching power supply device
Apparatus and methods for adjusting performance of programmable logic devices
Delay circuit and delay synchronization loop device
Notebook computer expansion module
Image storage and control device for camera to generate synthesized image with wide dynamic range
Method for automatically determining an imposition plan
Image rendering
Printing-object image designation device
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, storage medium and program
Method, device and computer program for recognition of a handwritten character
Connected audio and other media objects
Generation and detection of induced acoustic energy using electric or magnetic energy
Electronic transaction verification system
Method and apparatus for handling stereoscopic images utilizing parallax images
Method of pre-processing an image to be printed in a hand-held camera
System and method for detecting obstacle
Image processing device, image processing method, and image reading method
Apparatus and method for calibrating zoom lens
Image processing method and image processing system
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for creating and laying out a graphic within an application program
Applications of interval arithmetic for reduction of number of computations in ray tracing problems
Non-reusable identification device
Capacitively-coupled RFID encoder
Pest control techniques
Methods and apparatus for providing a communication proxy system
Advanced automobile accident detection, data recordation and reporting system
Display system and method of using same
Display device and electronic equipment having display device
Backlight device and method for controlling light source brightness thereof
Circuit and method for driving electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method of driving liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption of a backlight control unit of a mobile communication terminal
Single-piece top surface display layer and integrated front cover for an electronic device
Method for orienting a digital image on a display of an image display device
Method of and system for pixel sampling
System and method for obtaining accurate image content
Color conversion apparatus and method with precision enhancement in color conversion
Sparse refresh of display
Cursor movement controlling apparatus for electronic musical apparatus
Data storage medium library, data storage medium magazine, host device, data storage medium library system, method of operating a data storage medium library, method of operating a host device, method of operating a data storage medium library system, signal-bearing medium embodying a program of data storage medium library, and signal-bearing medium embodying a program of host device
Method of monitoring operation of a disk drive by analyzing the envelope of a read-back signal in the frequency domain
Method for measuring actuator velocity during self-servo-write
Utilizing track identification fields for timing recovery
Write head for improved manufacturability larger write field and reduced adjacent track erasure
Tunnel barriers based on alkaline earth oxides
Certifying concentric data in eccentric servo data tracks of pre-formatted media
Method and apparatus for detecting radial tilt
Method and apparatus for performing blank detection on an optical storage disc
Information recording method, information recording medium and information recording apparatus
Information recording method, information recording medium and information recording apparatus
Optical disk recording apparatus and optical disk recording method
Disc error checking sensor for printers and duplicators
Reverse optical mastering for data storage disks
Semiconductor memory device having reduced leakage current
3-parameter switching technique for use in MRAM memory arrays
Multi-layer magnetic switching element comprising a magnetic semiconductor layer having magnetization induced by applied voltage
Alternate row-based reading and writing for non-volatile memory
Associative memory cells configured to selectively produce binary or ternary content-addressable memory lookup results
Semiconductor memory device
High data rate write process for non-volatile flash memories
Semiconductor memory device
Integrated memory circuit arrangement
Memory device with read data from different banks
Magnetic memory array
Semiconductor memory
Memory Device Having a Configurable Oscillator for Refresh Operation
Memory circuit with automatic precharge function, and integrated circuit device with automatic internal command function
Integrated semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device
Programmable DQS preamble
Access circuit and method for allowing external test voltage to be applied to isolated wells
Memory array with staged output
Memory component and addressing of memory cells
Infrared projector
Scanning mechanism for scanning probe microscope and scanning probe microscope
Double wire cord and portable audio device using the same
Thin film capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing same
Method for manufacturing capacitor element for solid electrolytic capacitor, method for manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor using such capacitor element and solid electrolytic capacitor using such capacitor element
Linear pressure sensor
Structure and method of fabricating a hinge type MEMS switch
Fuse having a plurality of configurable thermal ceilings
Mountable lockout device
Display device
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Method of measuring three-dimensional surface roughness of a structure
Optoelectronic component with front to side surface electrical conductor
Holder for optical modules, optical module and optical connector
Metal halide lamp and luminaire
Method for analyzing metal element on surface of wafer
Resin-encapsulated type semiconductor packages, and production method and apparatus therefor
Semiconductor device with terminals, and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of the same
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Method for forming component mounting hole in semiconductor substrate
Rework process for removing residual UV adhesive from C4 wafer surfaces
Method, device, computer-readable storage medium and computer program element for the monitoring of a manufacturing process of a plurality of physical objects
Method and structure for interfacing electronic devices
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor, electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Process for manufacturing wafers of semiconductor material by layer transfer
Method and device for controlled cleaving process
Wafer scale thin film package
Fabrication process of semiconductor device and polishing method
Method and apparatus for a metallic dry-filling process
CMOS transistor with high drive current and low sheet resistance
Techniques for forming interconnects
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating a semiconductor structure that includes transferring one or more material layers to a substrate and smoothing an exposed surface of at least one of the material layers
Method of forming silicon-on-insulator wafer having reentrant shape dielectric trenches
Methods of forming capacitor constructions
High-quality SGOI by annealing near the alloy melting point
Method of forming lattice-matched structure on silicon and structure formed thereby
Method for manufacturing a thin film transistor and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Array capacitor apparatuses to filter input/output signal
Semiconductor apparatus having a cooling apparatus that compressively engages a semiconductor device
System and method for noise reduction in multi-layer ceramic packages
Liquid metal thermal interface for an integrated circuit device
Electronic part having reinforcing member
Microcircuit fabrication and interconnection
Semiconductor package based on lead-on-chip architecture, the fabrication thereof and a leadframe for implementing in a semiconductor package
Programmable logic device, configuration apparatus, and configuration method
Method of manufacturing a solid-state image-sensing device including filling up a gap with insulating resin, and solid-state image-sensing device
Photoelectric conversion device and image pickup device using electron emission devices
Resistive memory cell, method for forming the same and resistive memory array using the same
Semiconductor device including a MIM capacitor
Capacitor and inductor scheme with e-fuse application
Bulk-isolated PN diode and method of forming a bulk-isolated PN diode
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Carbon nanotube apparatus and method of carbon nanotube modification
Nitride semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing organic EL device, organic EL device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Strained complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) on rotated wafers and methods thereof
Metal gated ultra short MOSFET devices
Memory device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Digital memory cell device
Micromechanical capacitive transducer and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device for high frequency uses and manufacturing method of the same
Thin film transistor and method of forming thin film transistor
CMOS imager with selectively silicided gates
Pinned photodiode fabricated with shallow trench isolation
Anisotropic collimation devices and related methods
Heavy-load nanopositioner with dual-parallel flexure design
Drive method for piezoelectric actuator, drive apparatus for piezoelectric actuator, electronic device, control program for drive apparatus for piezoelectric actuator, and recording medium
Method for utilizing temperature to determine a battery state
Method and apparatus for a radio transceiver
Multifunctional composite sandwich element with embedded electronics
Optical terminal apparatus
Bragg fibers in systems for the generation of high peak power light
Power tool with internal fastening element
Low power, scalable multichannel high voltage controller
Vibration wave linear motor
Electromagnetic actuator
Time sliced DSP operation for very high frequency pulse width modulated controllers
Method and device for controlling fan for cooling vehicle-mounted battery
Drive unit
Motor control circuit for forward/reverse rotation
Brushless DC motor drive apparatus
Fan motor
Coil switching of an electric generator
Method and apparatus for a crystal oscillator to achieve fast start-up time, low power and frequency calibration
Accurate signal detection in a wireless environment
Method and system for mitigating interference in communication system
Digital communication system and method for operating the system which can improve equalization performance according to channel state
Adaptive digital pre-distortion system
Buffer amplifier for source driver
Electronic apparatus and control method thereof
Programmable high-resolution timing jitter injectors high-resolution timing jitter injectors
Impedance-matching coupler
Output buffer circuit
Electric circuit
Composite field effect transistor
Level shift circuit
Level shifter
Configurable logic component without a local configuration memory and with a parallel configuration bus
Equalizing transceiver with reduced parasitic capacitance
Triple-input relaxation oscillator with differential controllability
All-digital power-on reset device
Tunable high-speed frequency divider
Pipeline A/D converter and method of pipeline A/D conversion
Reference module apparatus and method therefor
Common mode management between a current-steering DAC and transconductance filter in a transmission system
High resolution and low consumption digital-to-analog converter
Arbitrary waveform generator, arbitrary waveform generate method, testing apparatus, and program
Linearity corrector using filter products
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding in fixed length
Methods, apparatus, and systems for order-adaptive compression
Method and apparatus for enhancing performance of entropy coding, and video coding method and apparatus using the entropy coding performance enhancing method
MC/MC-DS dual-mode adaptive multi-carrier code division multiple access (CDMA) apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for performing interference estimation
Efficient back-end channel matched filter (CMF)
Adaptive interference immunity control
Method and system for selecting interpolation filter type in video coding
Optical channel monitoring system with simultaneous C-band and L-band detection
Techniques to reduce echo
Method and apparatus for assigning spreading codes
Random early drop with per hop behavior biasing
System and method for the reuse of S-CDMA parameters to define TDMA minislot size
System and method for broadcasting information over a network
Routing system
Integrated, self-optimizing, multi-parameter/multi-variable point-to-multipoint communication system [II]
Multi-stage high speed bit stream demultiplexer chip set having switchable master/slave relationship
Formatter, method of formatting encoded symbols and wireless communication system employing the same
Communication using audible tones
Maze pattern analysis
Method for data encryption in an ethernet passive optical network
Method for handling larger number of people per conference in voice conferencing over packetized networks
Associated systems and methods for providing data services using idle cell resources
Techniques for shaping data transmission rates
Method and apparatus to model routing performance
Packet receiver with the influence of jitter and packet losses reduced before a buffer becomes idle due to data delays and packet receiving method using the same
System and method for maximizing the traffic delivery capacity of packet transport networks via real-time traffic pattern based optimization of transport capacity allocation
Method and apparatus for handling out of inverse multiplexing for asynchronous transfer mode frame error conditions
Tunneling between a bus and a network
Method and system for efficient and reliable MAC-layer multicast wireless transmissions
Protocol conversion apparatus, communication apparatus, communication program storage medium, and communication system
Method and apparatus for communicating between coordinator-based wireless networks connected through a backbone network
Providing contention free quality of service to time constrained data
Digital cross-connect
Apparatus and method for distributing buffer status information in a switching fabric
Method and system for transport protocol reconstruction and timer synchronization for non-intrusive capturing and analysis of packets on a high-speed distributed network
Data transmission device and data transmission method
System and method for hardware based reassembly of a fragmented packet
Method and apparatus for out-of-order processing of packets
Integrated access platform
On-chip inter-subsystem communication including concurrent data traffic routing
Nyquist filter and method
Method and apparatus for receiving and deshuffling shuffled data in a high-rate packet data telecommunication system
Fast space-time decoding using soft demapping with table look-up
Method and system for data and edge detection with correlation tables
Extending PPM tolerance using a tracking data recovery algorithm in a data recovery circuit
Apparatus for data recovery in a synchronous chip-to-chip system
Synchronous network
Systems, methods and computer program products for encryption and decryption using wavelet transforms
Unified messaging system
Method and system for automatic call distribution based on location information for call center agents
Image forming apparatus
Reading/recording apparatus, reading/recording control method, program for implementing the reading/recording control method, reading apparatus, reading control method, and program for implementing the reading control method
Time multiplexed image data decompression circuit
Apparatus for and method of color compensation
Image pickup apparatus, operation processing method therefor, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
Image pickup control apparatus, image pickup control method, image pickup control system, and storage medium
Imaging apparatus with higher and lower resolution converters and a compression unit to compress decreased resolution image data
Image shift correcting device, image capturing device, and digital camera using same
Imaging apparatus having a lens device for a zooming control operation and the method of using the same
Method and system for motion adaptive deinterlacer with integrated directional filter
Method and system for pixel constellations in motion adaptive deinterlacer
Scan converter
Digital motion picture decoding apparatus and digital motion picture decoding method
Circuit to resize and enlarge an image signal and resizing and enlargement method for an image signal
Method of transmitting service information, and radio system
Base station device, control method of base station device and control program of base station device
Apparatus and method for determining soft or softer handoff in mobile communication system
Overlap mitigation in wireless LANs using a central medium access control
Data rate change notification for a communication system
Uplink transmission power control in wireless communication system
Method, system and system entities for providing location privacy in communication networks
Local area network resource manager
System and method for identifying a headset type in an electrical device
Electric oven
Method of encapsulating organic EL display device having through hole in substrate and/or flat panel
Plasma lamp with dielectric waveguide
Sealing jaw
Microwave-assisted chromatography preparation
Signal layer interconnects
Data processing device
Disk-drive enclosure having front-back rows of substantially parallel drives and method
Device for increased thermal conductivity between a printed wiring assembly and a chassis
Expired Patents Due To Time
Water bottle
Flask for perfumery products
Fluid applicator regulator
Distance piece
Watch case
Watch case
Watch head
Game rosary
Frame and runner elements
Adjustable wheel chock
Tire tread
Truck side step
Automobile console
License plate frame embellished with a dragon having LED illuminated eyes
Compact disc visor with accessory pocket
Truck tailgate
Automobile organizer
Skid plate
Charger for portable terminals
Battery charger for electronic still camera
Power supply apparatus
Charger adapter
Battery charger for handheld electronic game
Surface configuration of a remote control with swiveling key
Cable boot and connector
Communication control device
Keyed electrical connector
Heat sink
Electric connector
Electrical interconnect having an integral resilient portion
Electric connector
Electrical interconnect having an integral helically shaped resilient portion
Electric connector
Electric connector
Raceway fitting
Optical fiber adapter
Electric transfer switch
Speaker base
Video tape recorder
Combined radio, cassette and CD player
Disc player
Disc player
Image reader for a computer
Computer-generated content display panel for a portion of a display screen of an electronic display device, or the like
Media converter
Array of divided scroll bars for a binaural hearing aid device computer display
Media converter
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Information recording element
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Public-access E-commerce facility
IC card
Icon for a computer screen
Personal computer
Computer monitor face
Electronic mouse
Handheld remote control
Control panel for a guitar amplifier
Portable guitar amplifier cabinet
Low profile clip design
Face plate for radio/CD player
Video tape cassette
Disc cartridge
Internal combustion engine
Steam washing machine
Dishwasher control panel
Hand held vacuum
Dust bin viewing window for a robotic vacuum cleaner
Computerized embroidery machine
Cutting tool insert
Articulated adapter for dispensing liquid primers, coatings and sealants
Video camera
Single-lens reflex camera body
Digital camera for portable telephone
Electronic still camera
Liquid crystal projector
Image forming apparatus
Light and magnifier for handheld game
Musical keyboard
Type font
Envelope pack
Rocket ball point pen
Pen with curved clip and angular glass tipped bottom
Writing instrument
Cosmetology design pole with a star
Illuminated display
Scooter frame
Combined remote control unit and display stand for toy vehicles
Table top football game board
Lacrosse head face contour
Pulling exerciser
Resilient plastic tube holder for a golf tee
Adaptive handle for a hexagon dumbbell to go from single hand grip to dual grip
Squash racquet
Golf putter head
Iron golf club head
Scoreline pattern for a golf club head
Scoreline pattern for a golf club head
Knife handle
Knife handle
Fishing lure
Inline throttle valve housing
Adaptor for point of care testing cartridge
Sanitary mixing valve, especially the visible part of a built-in mixing valve
Sink having hidden drain
Air filter
Safety syringe
Needle disposal insert
Dosage device
Display screen of an infusion pump
Wound dressing
Embossed acoustical ceiling panel
Door sill portion
Door sill
Sound activated candle light
Cosmetic container
Table lamp
Decorative device having a plurality of electrically lighted bundles of random length fiber optics for weaving into branches of a Christmas tree
Night light
Part of fluorescent lamp
Lamp shade
Raised or embossed texture, imitative of reptile skin, applied to a cigarette packet
Cosmetic container
Hand-held hair dryer
Infrared massager
Kit to remove nail polish and/or false nails
Back portion of a glove
Controllably lighted sports spectator helmet
Toy for a pet
Human Necessities
Differential configuration of remote hydraulic valve flow rates for extend and retract modes of operation
Multi-component, extruded vegetation cutting line
Power mower with stand-on and sit-down modes
Agricultural harvesting machine front attachment adapting device
Plantman spherical transplanter
Rotary internal toothed saw
Aqueous artificial media
Method of producing vegetable sprouts
Argyranthemum plant named `Supagem`
Petunia plant named `Kirimaji Double Rose`
African Violet plant named `EverHarmony`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckakmal`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULrohill`
Plectranthus plant named `Sumcol 01`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckalcott`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepetal`
Anemone plant named `Party Dress`
Corylopsis spicata plant named `Golden Spring`
Petunia plant named `Duesurwi`
Zantedeschia plant named `Red Desire`
Albizia julibrissin tree named `Summer Chocolate`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoheidi`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckakeem`
Disanthus cercidifolius named `Seiju Yamaguchi`
Origanum plant named `Zorba White`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepetpich`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Emerald Beauty`
Poinsettia plant named `Giant Red`
New Guinea Impatiens named `Duepetblue`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yovanessa`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Duepethoro`
Origanum plant named `Zorba Red`
Method and apparatus for teat cup cleaning
Pet toilet and method of cleaning same
Feline excretia processing and elimination system
Litter box
Pet drinking device provided with in-cage and out-cage spouts for drinking water
Boot for livestock
Personal pet dryer attachment
Portable electronic multi-sensory animal containment and tracking device
Grazing range expansion method
Bird feeder with squirrel deterrent
Crustacean larva raising method and apparatus
Aquarium pump backup system
Insect storage and shipping container
System and method for towing a shellfish dredge
Torsion fishing hook apparatus with quick, harmless extraction and safe latching features
Fish hook
Fishing lure
Fishing lure with life-like swimming action
Line length measuring device for fishing reel
Device for hooking, measuring, weighing fish
Wall sconce insect trap
Insect trap
Hunting decoy
Method for manufacturing a vending machine for serving extremely cold frozen product and method for distributing same
Bait with extended longevity used in trap fishery
Nitrogen-based refrigerator crisper
Quick release and refastenable undergarment
Antimicrobial glove and method of making same
Hair integration system and method of attachment
Multi-layered moisture resistant hair wrap
Visor having a retractable cap
Safety helmet
Personal protection device
Orthopaedic insole
Ambulatory foot pod
Slipper and method for manufacturing slipper
Waterproof shoe having stitch seam for drainage (I)
Liner lacing with heel locking
Lace lasso shoelace tie restraining device
Clasp for assembling two flexible strands able to be used, in particular, for a watch wristband
Webbing length adjustor
Structure of a plug-in fastening device
Pull tab of a zipper
Decorative object with a movable sleeve
Jewelry rope chain link element
Control mechanism for folding jump umbrellas
Clipper/stripper with attached stabilizing structure
Photo nails and method of application
Headband for holding hairs off of forehead and out of face, and method of making the same
Collapsible toothbrush
Folding table
Foldable shelf assembly
Elastomeric gasket for sling rail furniture
Bed support system and method
Support structure for a bed or the like
Lumbar reinforcement device
System and methods for mattress control in relation to patient distance
Light weight supporting board for playyard, pen, cot, and bed
Method of manufacturing a deli-style display case
Pillow with alarm
Disposable blanket
Screw press coffee brewing apparatus
Steam generating device for heating and/or frothing liquids
Grill and cage of electric oven
Umbrella assembly for outdoor barbeque grill
Quick assembly barbecue grill and cart assembly
Gas grill and method of assembling the grill
Automatic bread slice-toasting oven
Device for draining a can of food
Tool for preparing and treating food and method for personalizing said tool
Kitchen sink with an additional basin
Process of cleaning carpets and the like
Carpet cleaning wand boot
Floor cleaning system
Mop squeezing
Dusting mitt
Central vacuum system with bag mounting assembly
Laryngoscope nebulizer for application of chemostimulant to patient's larynx to stimulate involuntary cough reflex
Support system for an examination or treatment subject
Electronic device for veterinary patients
Surgical face support
Rise assist apparatus
Hospital bed communication and control device
Pressure relief pneumatic area support device and system
Single attendant patient repositioning and care device
Crutch coupling system
Dry powder medicament inhalator having an inhalation-activated flow diverting means for triggering delivery of medicament
Control of supplemental respiratory oxygen
Nasal gas delivery apparatus and a nasal vestibular airway
Nasal oral respiratory interface
Mask and a vent assembly therefor
Altitude adjustment method and apparatus
Nasal breathing apparatus and methods
Method and means for pain-free dental injections
Method and apparatus for treating hemodynamic disfunction
Mask and a vent assembly therefor
Connecting part of a breathing mask
Hyperbaric hypoxic fire escape and suppression systems for multilevel buildings, transportation tunnels and other human-occupied environments
Swimming or diving goggles
Nose clip
Birdie bag
Baseball catcher's foot and toe guard
Layered textile product and method of manufacturing product
Performing Operations; Transporting
Exhaust gas purification apparatus of internal combustion engine
Method for generating and circulating a foam in an installation and system for application of this method
Emission abatement system
Vapor-liquid contactor, cryogenic air separation unit and method of gas separation
Spray drying apparatus and methods of use
Fluidic impedances in microfluidic system
Cleaning apparatus especially adapted for cleaning vessels used for sanitary products, and method of using same
Substrate cleaning apparatus
Compact apparatus for cleaning optical fiber endfaces
Container cleaning, draining and drying apparatus
Apparatus and method for cleaning wafers with contact holes or via holes
Method and installation for treating a metal part surface
Soil remediation by coupled phytoextraction/biogeochemical treatment
Support system for cantilevered-roll shafts
Sheet metal repair method, sheet metal repair tool, and sheet-like member fixing device
Incremental forming method and apparatus for the same
Circular-shaped metal structure, method of fabricating the same, and apparatus for fabricating the same
Hollow body hole punching apparatus, system, and method
Tile sign method
Can lid closure and method of joining a can lid closure to a can body
Prefinished deformable metal reflector sheet
Device for forming metallic cages for reinforcement and relative device
Sliding saw
Cutting apparatus equipped with a blade aligning means
Wafer dicing blade consisting of multiple layers
Skiving and roller burnishing tool
Fixture for locating and clamping a part for laser drilling
Truss table apparatus with automatic truss movement assembly and method
Linear guide apparatus
Pallet conveyor system
Device for adjustment of cut angle
Method for forming micro groove on mold used at PDP partition manufacture
Hand-held rotary cut-off tool
Safety pin to be actuated by a magnetic key
Method and apparatus for effecting interference fit of two parts by accelerating one of the parts
Assembly device for shaft damper
Hand tool for extracting bolts
Robotic end effector with counter-rotating fingers
Dry shaving apparatus
Shaving razor with pivoting blade carrier and replaceable blade cartridge therefor
Dual headed razor
Automatic safety knife
Cutting device, in particular for cutting foodstuffs
Food dicing machine with adjustable stripper
Method and apparatus for slitting a sheet material web
Punch tool alignment device
Chain saw adjuster
Method and apparatus for sawing or drilling concrete
Flexible male/female mold for custom surfboard production
Accurate positioning using a seal pin for RTM mold dies
Shoe with insole as part sole filler and method of making same
Automatic aligning pressing apparatus
System and method for variably adjusting the pick-up level of one or more waste compactor containers
Method of covering a pot or floral grouping with a sleeve having a triangular lower end
Multi-purpose embossing machine for producing embossed paper
Silk-screen printing machine
Screen assembly having border construction with cupping features and method of making
Device for fixing a flexible plate on a printing cylinder
Ink flow adjustment device for printing presses
Inking method and apparatus
Method of controlling the quantity of ink in a printing machine
Printing press
Cleaning device for pressure cylinders of rotary printing presses
Device for cleaning a roller
Printing press dampener using straight streams and method of dampening a printing press
Semiconductor substrate having increased facture strength and method of forming the same
Method of manufacturing ink jet head
Method of manufacturing thermal head
Printing process combining conventional and braille printing with the aid of an off-set-type printing machine
Method of printing on composite substrates
Hand drawing machine
Tire inflation method
Pressure indicating device for tire
Guide device for a window having a guide rail mounted to pivot substantially parallel to a plane of the window
Drink cooler
Extendable bay window for mobile living quarters
Pointer instrument
Water-proof grommet
Structurally efficient airbag cushion exhibiting high available inflation volume
Column lock device
Windshield wiper arm with pivot limiting means
Automotive washer system with a purge apparatus and a method therefore
Vehicle tire and wheel washing apparatus
Extendible side guide poles for car wash
Power booster with mechanical panic assist function
System and process for assembling a tube in a connecting element, and servomotor housing including such a system
Method and device for monitoring the instantaneous behavior of a tire during the running of a motor vehicle
Rail vehicle having a driver's cab provided with an energy-absorbing structure adapted to cope with a collision above the frame of the vehicle
Bogie for rail vehicles with wheels with a variable track
Steering wheel for motor vehicles
Vehicle steering wheel attachment
Method of making a cross car beam assembly using a structural adhesive
Steering system with ability to stop steering wheel rotation
Cushioning hand grip
Accessory mounting track for watercraft
Water craft mooring device
System and method for a motion compensated moon pool submerged platform
Passive stabilizer for floating petroleum-production systems
Sailing boat for teaching and for disabled people
Portable boat dock
Towable sub-aqua device
Anchor insertion device
LED light bulb for a light strip
Aircraft engine run-up hangar
Open lattice, foldable, self deployable structure
Strap detector assembly
Air blowing tool for heat-shrinkable packing material
Overfolding device
Automatic distributor for container covers
Low profile cable tie with prebent strap
Tear-off cushions of loose fill packing material, and machine and method for making the same
Stowage pieces for securing the position of containers placed on board ships
Sheet material positioning method and apparatus
Retrofit system and method for a carbonated beverage dispenser
Microspring with conductive coating deposited on tip after release
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mold used for molding glass optical elements process for preparation of glass optical elements and method for rebirth of mold
Method for manufacturing a fluorescent lamp
Vacuum degassing apparatus for molten glass
Method of making glass structures for flat panel displays
Chicken manure processing apparatus
Mixed refrigerant temperature control using a pressure regulating valve
Air conditioning and thermal storage systems using clathrate hydrate slurry
Device for separating and removing kraeusen from beer during fermentation
Method for applying diffusion aluminide coating on a selective area of a turbine engine component
Textiles; Paper
Door boot with reduced opening force
Turkey tail drying device
Method and apparatus for heat treating webs
Fixed Constructions
Cable with parallel wires for building work structure, anchoring for said cable, and anchoring method
Plastic barricade assembly
Device for removing snow and other debris from ground surfaces
Compact material pusher with universal design and method of manufacture
Post anchor
Flush control
Two-piece clinched plate tension/compression bracket
Lateral truss anchor
Wood trim system
Box lintel
Intermediate anchor and intermediate anchorage system for a post-tension system
Device for uniform shingle attachment to roof hip, ridge and barge rafter
Box gutters
Friction support device for swimming pool cleaner
Door security device with glue on attachment
Glass door hinge
Counteraction system for a sectional door
Hinge, and method for height adjustment of a hinge
Hatch assembly with modular installation construction and hatch cover lift assembly
Rack and pinion window regulator
System for assembling two components of a window regulator activation device on a support
Vent window actuator
Snappable shim assembly
Remotely controlled pet door
Multi-component window shutter system
Removable draft excluder having a foldable closing end
Apparatus for manufacturing slats
Well bore reamer and method
Use of magneto-resistive sensors for borehole logging
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Crank mechanism of reciprocating internal combustion engine of multi-link type
Method of making lower end cap for scroll compressor
Water-flow testing apparatus
System and method of cleaning a recuperator in a microturbine power system
Method for operating a power plant having turbine cooling
Multi-fuel, combined cycle power plant
Method of controlling resonances in internal combustion engine having variable cam timing
Engine head cover structure
Modular valvetrain and cylinder head structure
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Engine valve characteristic controller
Rotary phase controller, and valve timing controller of internal combustion engine
Variable valve mechanism of internal combustion engine
Engine induction valve with reduced backflow
Valve driving device
Crankcase emission control system for crankcase breather
Pumping apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Cylinder head apparatus
Water cooling system for engine
Water-cooled magnetorheological fluid controlled combination fan drive and water pump
Method of reducing emissions in the exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for reducing emissions of internal combustion engines
Charge air management system for automotive engine
Crankcase inducted self-supercharging four cycle internal combustion engine
Gas turbine installation
Unit for controlling electronically controlled throttle valve
Multiple operating mode engine and method of operation
System and method for calibrating fuel injectors in an engine control system that calculates injection duration by mathematical formula
Torque control method and system in an engine with a fully variable intake valve
Purge fuel canister measurement method and system
Enhanced engine response to torque demand during cold-start and catalyst warm-up
Fuel control apparatus for an engine
Variable timing to avoid turbocharger overspeed while engine braking under different atmospheric conditions
Knock control system for an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for determining the air charge mass for an internal combustion engine
Throttle valve configuration having an emergency air device
Rotary-body type throttle valve for spark ignition internal combustion engine
Cylinder head spark plug mounting arrangement
Fuel vapor leak test system and method comprising P-I-D setting of pulse bursts to regulate target pressure
Nitrous oxide plate system for engines
Fuel injection device having heater
Air assist fuel injectors
Common rail injector
Remote control car starter
Ignition system for internal combustion engines
Compressor for a system for air-conditioning the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle
Thermoelectric cooler
Position indicator assembly for nuts and or bolts
Adjusting device for control cables
Linear handling unit
Self-aligning fixture for pre-loading and aligning pivot bearing assemblies
Method for producing a connecting rod eye
Control system of a hydraulic construction machine
Rolling-body screw drive
Ball screw with spacers
Automatic transmission
Gear shifting control device for synchromesh transmission
Shift-assisting device for a transmission
Valve for controlling faucet and sprayer combination
Fuel tank vent control valve
Thermal expansion valve
Method for optimizing the length of the blank for an open-type clamp and clamp made with the use of this method
Universal accumulator assembly
LED light bulb for a brake light
Fuel nozzle for turbine combustion engines having aerodynamic turning vanes
Water heater with a flame arrester
Water heater, steam generator and gas burner therefor
Method and apparatus for use with a gas fueled combustor
Oven door assembly
Jet airstream guidance device
Data acquisition system and method
Security vent
Fluid heater system with tiltable heater assembly
Transport temperature control system having an increased heating capacity and a method of providing the same
Refrigeration valve and system
Dual restrictor shut-off valve for pressurized fluids of air cooling/heating apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling evaporator and condenser fans in a refrigeration system
Controlling method of absorption refrigerator
Oscillating side-branch enhancements of thermoacoustic heat exchangers
Pulse tube refrigeration system having ride-through
Unloading pressurized liquefied natural gas into standard liquefied natural gas storage facilities
Separation of hydrogen-hydrocarbon gas mixtures using closed-loop gas expander refrigeration
Adjustment process for a low-temperature rectification unit
Manual safety for linear striker fired semi-automatic or automatic pistols
Gun lock
Firing pin mounting assembly for a firearm
Adjustable gun stock
Electronic firing circuit tester for gun mount
Cartridge magazine system
Paint ball gun
Arrow rest
Archery arrow rest and guide
Device and method for carrying, loading and cocking a firearm
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Fixed pin bow sight
Prodder with force feedback
Decoy device
Bullet, bullet jacket and methods of making
Explosive delay assembly
Floatable firework device
Method and system for conducting wheel alignment
Non-destructive measurement of pipe wall thickness
Tools for pipe angle measurement and marking
Internal shim
Mechanical resonator for a rotation sensor
Rotational rate gyroscope with decoupled orthogonal primary and secondary oscillations
Multi-configurable modular level
Method and apparatus for detecting environmental conditions utilizing micro-electrical mechanical devices
Oil well flow meter with circumferentially extending pocket
Flow rate-measuring device
Production metering and well testing system
Multi-phase flows measurement apparatus and method
Position encoder
Vehicle HVAC evaporator temperature probe assembly method
Transparent polypropylene formulations that become opaque upon exposure to sufficient heat
Condition detecting apparatus
High resolution pressure-sensing device having an insulating flexible matrix loaded with filler particles
Sensor with fluid isolation barrier
Pressure sensor for measurement of gas pressure in a cylinder of a combustion engine
Pressure gauge for measuring pressure of fluid flowing through a pipeline
Overload-proof pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for tensile testing a spliced connection of fibers in a fiber splicing device
Optical test engine, in particular for combustion parameters measurements
Altitude simulator for dynamometer testing
Model-based method of estimating crankcase oil pressure in an internal combustion engine
Vehicle testing assembly
Device for carrying out side impact tests on motor vehicle passenger restraint systems
Method and system for analyzing motion transferred to a subject on a sleeping surface
Sampling apparatus for collecting samples from underwater hydrothermal vents and the marine or limnological water column
Sampler for eliminating particle-related artifacts for flue gas measurement
Continuous flow moisture analyzer
Apparatus and method for measuring the viscosity of plastic materials
Determination of oxygen permeation into containers
Cellulose-based water sensing actuator
Capillary cassette and method of producing the same
Procedure and device for acoustically detecting microparticles
Electromagnetic acoustic transducer with recessed coils
Ultrasonic sparse imaging array
Apparatus and method for fluid analysis
Specific gravity measuring device
Acceleration sensor
Method and device for adjusting a vane and vane adjustable by said method
Method and apparatus for creating clearance between two points
Support structure for system for measuring vehicle speed and/or acceleration
High speed binder application device
Method to calculate sideslip angle and correct static pressure for sideslip effects using inertial information
Mass flow meter systems and methods
Traffic directing wand
Method for bill-posting and system adapted for said method
Portable sign stand having frangible post
Method of making inductive head with reduced height insulation stack due to partial coverage zero throat height defining insulation layer
Disc drive with actuator arm configured for reduced out-of-phase motion
Process for manufacturing a flat coil
Method for producing an inductor
Apparatus, method and system for the treatment of a wafer
Assembly device
Modified pad for copper/low-k
Low temperature co-fired ceramic with improved registration
Microwave waveguide assembly and method for making same
Flexible drive for connecting remote electrical contacts
Arrangement apparatus for multi-core round cable and method for using same
Device for stripping wires or cables
Method for assembling a plurality of junction box components
Ceiling fan outlet box
Coil-winding method for electric motor, generator and alternator
Method for using a moisture-protective container
Alignment plate with matched thermal coefficient of expansion
Method of producing wiring board
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