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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Inbred corn line NPFX8213
Compositions and methods for genetic modification of plants
Soybean cultivar S07-BA045418
Use of xenon for treating neurointoxications
Method for treating peripheral vascular diseases
Active agents combination exhibiting insecticidal and acaricide properties
(3-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-9 H-carbazol-9-yl)-acetic acid derivatives
N-Thio-anthranilamid compounds and their use as pesticides
Bicyclic pyrimidinones and uses thereof
Organic compounds
Adaptive medical image acquisition system and method
Noninvasive measuring device for substance in blood via nail and a nail evaporation device
Manual and automatic probe calibration
Methods and systems for untethered autofluorescent imaging, target ablation, and movement of untethered device in a lumen
Filter apparatus for actively reducing noise
Absorbent structure in an absorbent article and a method of producing it
Transparent eye drops containing latanoprost
Synthesis of oligo/poly(catechins) and methods of use
Indolecarboxylic acid derivative having PGD2 receptor antagonistic activity
Broadspectrum substituted benzimidazole sulfonamide HIV protease inhibitors
Analgesic combination of oxycodone and nimesulide
Tricyclic N-heteroaryl-carboxamide derivatives containing a benzimidazole unit, method for preparing same and their therapeutic use
Malonamide derivatives with antithrombotic activity
Chemoprotective methods
Treatment of skin, and wound repair, with thymosin beta 4
Methods and apparatus for treating fibrillation and creating defibrillation waveforms
Power supply control circuit, power supply and body implant
Neural stimulation for treatment of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes
Feed-through assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nano-linked metallocene catalyst compositions and their polymer products
Clamp for mixed mail sorter
Method for monitoring a physical state of a hot-rolled sheet while controlling a rolling train for reverse rolling the hot-rolled sheet
Device for controlling the on and off time of the metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET), a device spark coating the surfaces of metal workpiece incorporating the said control device and a method of coating metal surfaces using the said device
Heating resistor element, manufacturing method for the same, thermal head, and printer
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Image formation apparatus and image formation method
Air warmer
Motor vehicle control system
Alarm system for alerting driver to presence of objects
Abnormality diagnosis device for positive crankcase ventilation apparatus
Method for controlling a hydraulic actuator comprising a rapid drain valve and a control system and a friction coupling comprising an actuator of this type
System and method for controlling automatic leveling of heavy equipment
Docking apparatuses and methods
Method and device for aiding the restoral of command of a moving vehicle by an operator of the vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing gabapentin
Substituted acrylamide derivative and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Method for synthesis of acrolein from glycerol
Nitrogenous heterocylic derivative and medicine containing the same as an active ingredient
Polymorphic forms of a macrocyclic inhibitor of HCV
Methods for synthesis of prodrugs from 1-acyl-alkyl derivatives and compositions thereof
Low triphenylphosphate, high phosphorous content isopropyl phenyl phosphates with high ortho alkylation
.DELTA.-6 desaturase and uses thereof
Process for preparing 3-methylbut-1-ene
EVM in solar modules
Nano-linked heteronuclear metallocene catalyst compositions and their polymer products
Aryl carbamate oligomers for hydrolyzable prodrugs and prodrugs comprising same
Polylactic acid composites
Coating agent
Ceramic microspheres for cementing applications
Aqueous fracturing fluid
Agents capable of downregulating an MSF-A dependent HIF-1.alpha. and use thereof in cancer treatment
Method for regulating agrobacterium-mediated transformation
Exo-specific amylase polypeptides, nucleic acids encoding those polypeptides and uses thereof
Methods and means related to diseases
Method of making a plasminogen activator polypeptide with clot-specific streptokinase activity
Use of genetically modified organisms to generate biomass degrading enzymes
Chlamydia trachomatis genomic sequence and polypeptides, fragments thereof and uses thereof, in particular for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infection
Antibodies against vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1
Process for preparing optically active (S or R)-.alpha. amino acid and (R or S)-.alpha. amino acid ester in one phase organic reaction medium
Enhanced metabolite generation
Thermophilic micro-organisms for ethanol production
Textiles; Paper
Nonwoven fabric
Fixed Constructions
System and method for sampling and analyzing downhole formation fluids
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine system, vehicle having the internal combustion engine system, and engine misfire detection method for internal combustion engine
Magnetic angular-position sensor
Systems, computer-implemented methods, and tangible computer-readable storage media for wide-field interferometry
Navigation device and navigation method
Remote sensing phase fluorimetry using mercury vapor lamp
Fabric whiteness guide
Method and apparatus for compensating infrared sensor for temperature
Body dynamics calculation method, body dynamics model and model data thereof, and body-model generation method
Portable electronic apparatus for collecting impact information
System and method for communicating vehicle diagnostic data
Spectral measurement apparatus and measurement method utilizing Brillouin scattering
Method and apparatus for characterizing a multilayered structure
Method for warning of radiological and chemical agents using detection paints on a vehicle surface
System of binding structure for polymer molecule
Binary class based analysis and monitoring
Variable translucency no-sight routing for AD-HOC networks
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of testing the same
Current interface with a blocking capacitor attached to an additional pin
Systems and methods for gaussian decomposition of weather radar data for communication
Method and apparatus for detection and classification of a swimming object
System and method for verifying consistent measurements in performing GPS positioning
Radiation image detector having a doped intermediate layer
Seismic data processing method for RMO picking
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method
Image display device
Apparatus and method for 2D and 3D image switchable display
Optical system, image forming apparatus, and control method thereof
Drive mechanism
Lens apparatus
Laminated sheet and display screen
Multimodal optical imaging
Multimodal optical imaging
Self adapting sensor
Thermal management for a solid immersion lens objective in optical probing
CNT-based actuator, lens module using same and camera module using same
Lens module having intercoupling slit and handle
Liquid crystal display device
Apparatus for driving a display device, display device including the same, and method thereof
Color filter for transflective type liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus capable of limiting view angle
Multi-touch sensing through frustrated total internal reflection
Display device
Optically compensated birefringence mode liquid crystal display device
Electrophoretic display apparatus and driving method thereof
Image processing apparatus and method
Image display apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and image display method
Image pickup apparatus using light emitting device and method of controlling the same
Photography device and photography method
Constant-velocity joint and image-forming device
Image-forming system, paper curl correction apparatus, image-forming apparatus, post-processing apparatus, and computer-readable medium for controlling paper curl correction
Belt drive control device, belt device, image forming apparatus, and belt drive control method
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling toner supply
Print management apparatus, print management method, computer-readable recording medium, and computer program
Image forming apparatus
System and method for improving failure detection using collective intelligence with end-user feedback
Print system with drop-in interchangeable modular accessory cartridge
Image forming apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, image forming apparatus and developer discharge device having a discharge port
Toner concentration system control with state estimators and state feedback methods
Image processing apparatus and method
Digital manufacture of a microfluidic device
Apparatuses useful for printing and corresponding methods
Heating rotating body, heating device, fixing device and image forming device
Fixing device and image formation apparatus
Metering skive for a developer roller
Electronic device, time correction method and time correction program thereof
Method for generating a PWM signal
Method and system for merge control in an automated vehicle system
Systems and methods of reducing peak water usage
Boost circuit and liquid crystal display device using boost circuit
Switch-mode power supply (SMPS) controller integrated circuit determining operating characteristics from filter component information
Digital regulator in power management
Techniques for distributed testing
Display system having floating point rasterization and floating point framebuffering
Method for processing font data in embedded system
Sequencer with async SIMD array
Color image forming apparatus and color adjustment method
Image forming apparatus that arbitrates image processing operations
Providing demonstration page information in an imaging device
Method, system, and computer program product for delivering smart services
Methods and systems for single instance storage of asset parts
Storage apparatus, data restoration method and computer system
Variable displacement engine operation with NVH management
Data management apparatus and method for managing data elements using a plurality of metadata elements
Synthetic events for real time patient analysis
Deep model statistics method for machine translation
Search and exploration using analytics reference model
Methods and systems for optimizing data accesses
System and method for managing an on-board entertainment system
NAS system and remote copy method
Methodology to enable wafer result prediction of semiconductor wafer batch processing equipment
Content transfer control for wireless devices
Information processing apparatus, content processing method, and computer program product thereof
Method and mechanism for vending digital content
Controlling display based on user instruction
Apparatus and method for reducing average scan rate to detect a conductive object on a sensing device
Print system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method, including log information
Printing apparatus and an image supply device using picture transfer protocol having a function which checks attribute information of a file object managed in the image supply device
Apparatus and method for controlling a device with a device driver
Distributing printed documents
Determining a perfect replaceable unit mounted in image forming apparatus and image forming system
Method, system, and apparatus for providing resilient data transfer in a data protection system
Information processing device, information processing system, seriality verification device, and computer-readable medium
Oilfield operational system and method
Creation and placement of two-dimensional barcode stamps on printed documents for storing authentication information
System and method for processing portions of documents using variable data
Vehicle and lane recognition device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and interface apparatus
Expanded pharmacokinetic model for population studies in breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Lighting compensated dynamic texture mapping of 3-D models
Pattern evaluation method, computer-readable recording medium, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Pattern matching processing system and computer readable medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program for color fringing estimation and compensation
Cascaded face model
Document-image-data providing system, document-image-data providing device, information processing device, document-image-data providing method, information processing method, document-image-data providing program, and information processing program
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Image capturing apparatus, image processing apparatus and control methods thereof with data conversion
Image processing system and method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method capable of reducing an increase in coding distortion due to sharpening
Adaptive transforms
Device, system, and method for indexing digital image frames
Image processing apparatus
System for clinical trial subject compliance
Charging element capacity control in an IMS network
Management platform and associated method for managing smart meters
Merchandising for higher bids
Promotional campaign award validation methods through a distributed computer network
Connecting devices to a media sharing service
Portfolio synchronizing between different interfaces
Methods and systems for indicating a payment in a mobile environment
Computer system and method for networked interchange of data and information for members of the real estate financial and related transactional services industry
Example-based motion detail enrichment in real-time
Hierarchical bounding of displaced parametric surfaces
Methods and systems for message-alert display
Cable installation support system, terminal block plate and cable installation support method
Electronic circuit, electronic device, method of driving electronic device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Display device and electronic device
OCB-mode liquid crystal display apparatus with initial transition of OCB liquid crystal
Display system for outputting analog and digital signals to a plurality of display apparatuses, system and method
Drive circuit and display device
Dynamic pixel snapping
Apparatus for scaling image and line buffer thereof
Human interface input acceleration system
Motion-based tracking
Dynamically controlling a cursor on a screen when using a video camera as a pointing device
Color processing apparatus, color processing method, and computer readable medium storing color processing program
Image processing apparatus and image display apparatus
Noise control system using smart materials
Voice recognition apparatus and navigation apparatus
Parameter clustering and sharing for variable-parameter hidden markov models
Received voice playback apparatus
Fluid dynamic pressure bearing device, spindle motor and disk drive apparatus
Method for preventing interchange of optical information carriers
Reduced instruction set computer (RISC) processor based disk manager architecture for hard disk drive (HDD) controllers
Disk drive detecting head touchdown from microactuator signal
Reproducing control device having resuming function
Multi-layer optical disc, and recording method and apparatus for multi-layer optical disc
Data interleaving in tape drives
Magnetic head, head assembly and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Flex cable assembly for vibration reduction in HDD applications
Integrated pivot-carriage for improving pivot bonding process
Sinking heat from an integrated circuit to an actuator
TE signal polarity determining system and related method thereof
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and disk distinction method
Optical disc and optical disc apparatus
Read/write margin improvement in SRAM design using dual-gate transistors
Memory system with multi-level status signaling and method for operating the same
Method to improve the write speed for memory products
System and method for delay locked loop relock mode
Semiconductor storage device
Computer product, apparatus, and method for system management
LAN cable and method for making the same
Power distribution transformer and tank therefor
Automatic tuning for wireless power transfer
Keypad assembly and electronic device using same
Electromagnetic drive and an electromechanical switching device
Plasma display panel
LED lighting unit with LEDs and phosphor materials
Light emitting device and method for producing the light emitting device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor package by etching a metal layer to form a rearrangement wiring layer
Omega shaped nanowire tunnel field effect transistors fabrication
Semiconductor manufacture method
Method of manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Sequential fabrication of vertical conductive interconnects in capped chips
Stacking fault and twin blocking barrier for integrating III-V on Si
Relaxed InGaN/AlGaN templates
Methods and systems for forming thin films
Method for manufacturing a nonvolatile storage device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device having self-aligned contact connected to silicide layer on substrate surface
Printable etching media for silicon dioxide and silicon nitride layers
Method for fabricating semiconductor devices using strained silicon bearing material
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Etching method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Relaxed InGaN/AlGaN templates
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having plural transistors formed in well region and semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having asymmetric bulb-type recess gate and method for manufacturing the same
Fabrication of interconnects in a low-k interlayer dielectrics
Thermosetting die-bonding film
Method and device of preventing delamination of semiconductor layers
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Interconnect structure having a silicide/germanide cap layer
Polishing method with inert gas injection
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Multilayer dielectric defect method
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device by thinning hardmask layers on frontside and backside of substrate
Lateral trench FETs (field effect transistors)
TFT device with channel region above convex insulator portions and source/drain in concave between convex insulator portions
Package substrate dynamic pressure structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Vented die and package
Surface mount package with ceramic sidewalls
Integrated circuit and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device
Highly integrated and reliable DRAM and its manufacture
Method, apparatus, and system for low temperature deposition and irradiation annealing of thin film capacitor
Adjustable multimode lightfield imaging system having an actuator for changing position of a non-homogeneous filter module relative to an image-forming optical module
Crystalline semiconductor thin film, method of fabricating the same, semiconductor device, and method of fabricating the same
Electron beam emitting device with a superlattice structure
Semiconductor device, semiconductor device manufacturing method and image display device
Bipolar device compatible with CMOS process technology
SiGe MOSFET semiconductor device with sloped source/drain regions
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Cadmium telluride thin film photovoltaic devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Optically coupled device with an optical waveguide
Light emitting diode package structure and method thereof
Ferroelectric radiation detector employing frequency modulated readout
Coplanar waveguide having trenches covered by a passivation film and fabrication method thereof
Multi-band antenna
Antenna device and portable radio communication device comprising such an antenna device
Configuration controller for receiver and transmitter
To planar antennas comprising at least one radiating element of the longitudinal radiation slot type
Power protection in a multi-level power hierarchy
Method and system for recharging a battery power supply unit for a bicycle electronic device
Battery pack and manufacturing method thereof
General purpose engine with axial gap type motor/generator
Cooling fan with quick assembling structure
Motor and recording disk drive apparatus
Electronic circuit control element with tap element
Device for controlling induction motor
Inverter control apparatus
Motor control device
Determining stuck conditions for electric motors using inductive sensing
Drive control circuit for electric motor
Wind turbine comprising a detuner
Jitter generation apparatus, device test system using the same, and jitter generation method
Voltage controlled oscillator with multi-tap inductor
Technique for detecting crystals
Method and system for calibrating an analogue I/Q-modulator of a transmitter
Approximation method for signal-to-noise ratio soft information for a communications system
Enhanced polar modulator for transmitter
Downstream transmitter and cable modem receiver for 1024 QAM
Noise power estimation apparatus, noise power estimation method and signal detection apparatus
Signal processing device and signal processing method
Signal quality estimator
Current to voltage converter
Semiconductor differential amplifier
Impedance matching method
Sampling circuit
Input/output driver swing control and supply noise rejection
Slim self-luminous keyboard structure
Switch system
Level shift circuit, method for driving the same, and semiconductor circuit device having the same
Transceiver for controlling swing width of output voltage
Active analog filter having a MOS capacitor device with improved linearity
Serial radio frequency to baseband interface with programmable clock
Hybrid zero-IF receiver
Best frame derivation in a wireless communications network
Oscillation device with auxiliary oscillating means
Current-mode gain-splitting dual-path VCO
Randomization of sample window in calibration of time-interleaved analog to digital converter
Timing signal generator circuit for use in signal waveform measurement system for measuring multi-channel on-chip signals flowing on VLSI
Combinatorial circuit with shorter delay when inputs arrive sequentially and delta sigma modulator using the combinatorial circuit
CDMA frequency acquisition using a simplified crystal oscillator that is not temperature compensated
RF transmitter front-end and applications thereof
Spur mitigation for wireless communication systems
Wireless transceiver and wireless transmission method
Automatic gain control of radio devices
Front end and high frequency receiver having quadrature low noise amplifier
Base station apparatus and communication control method
System, method and mobile unit to sense objects or text and retrieve related information
Mobile terminal and method for displaying menu on the same
Method of supporting operation of sleep mode in a wideband radio access system
Smart card and method for generating response message to be delivered to mobile terminal supporting mobile broadcast, and mobile terminal therefor
Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
Apparatus, method, and medium for video synchronization
Detection device of a spreading code and a timing, and a method thereof
Optical transmitter
DQPSK optical receiver
Electrical-dispersion compensating apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, and optical receiving method
Passive optical network system, optical line terminator and optical network unit
Methods of detection of received signal in communication system
Digital filtering system, method, and recording medium thereof
Wireless reception apparatus, wireless transmission apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless reception method, wireless transmission method, and wireless communication method
Method and apparatus for estimating speech quality
Emergency communications controller and console
Method and apparatus for determining a skew
Apparatus and method for selecting operation mode in MIMO communication system
Wireless communication method and apparatus
Detection and mitigation of interference and jammers in an OFDM system
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses
Method for boosting downlink transmission to mobile station and system utilizing the same
High throughput fine timing
Method of transmitting and processing data and transmitter in a wireless communication system
Method for speeding up the computations for characteristic 2 elliptic curve cryptographic systems
Scalable resource management in distributed environment
Serial interface amplitude selection for a disk drive in an unknown interconnect environment
Achieving quality of service in a wireless local area network
Method and apparatus for detecting vocal data flow in a packet data flow
Packet transfer arrangements varying transfer performance based on number of group joining messages
Determining disjoint paths with an optimized number of regenerators
Collaborative multicast routing (CMR) for multicasting in unidirectional, hybrid, multi-tiered mobile wireless network
Wireless architecture and support for process control systems
Systems and methods for recursively accessing a multi-bank SRAM
Apparatus and method for resolving request collision in a high bandwidth wireless network
Scalable data forwarding techniques in a switched network
Clock signal recovery device and method for recovering clock signals
Data signal generating apparatus
Efficient optimal ML detector
System and method for generating analog-digital mixed chaotic signal, encryption communication method thereof
Mobile terminal device
Radio communication apparatus
Methods, systems and apparatus for displaying the multimedia information from wireless communication networks
Terminal device and method related thereto
Method and apparatus for spectral containment over telephone service lines
Customer service messaging, such as on mobile devices
Communication apparatus, and method and program for controlling the same
System and method for accessing a messaging service using a short dialing sequence
Automated task classification system
Communication terminal out of range determination method, wireless communication system switching method and communication terminal
Communication apparatus and communication method
Systems and methods for coordinating the coverage and capacity of a wireless base station
Method for call charge transfer between mobile communication terminals
Assessing the comparative performance of telecommunication service areas
Method and apparatus for in-progress call forwarding
Image forming apparatus, printing method and printing apparatus
Auto document feeder and image scanning apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image processing device, image processing method, and computer program product
Image writing device
Image process system, image process method and image process program
Methods and systems for processing heavy-tailed job distributions in a document production environment
Populating multidimensional look-up tables with missing values
Moving picture processor, method for processing a moving picture, and computer program product for executing an application for a moving picture processor
Image acquisition apparatus
Noise reduction apparatus and noise reduction method
Multi-slicing horizontal synchronization signal generating apparatus and method
Still subtitle detection apparatus and image processing method therefor
Method and device for displaying images simulated based on different shooting conditions
Self-contained wireless camera device, wireless camera system and method
Image pickup optical system and image pickup apparatus
Imaging apparatus and imaging method
Projection apparatus and system
Projection lens system and method
Program recording system, communication terminal, as well as recording and reproducing apparatus
Digital video system
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for recording content
Detection and interpolation of still objects in a video sequence
Apparatus and method for decoding picture data
Coding apparatus, coding method, and coding system
Direct mode video coding using variable selection criterion
Detecting visual gestural patterns
Streaming methods and systems
Multi-frame approach for image upscaling
Imaging device, integrated circuit, and imaging method for encoding image frames based on detected flicker of a light source
Image pickup apparatus including white balance control
High performance microphone and manufacturing method thereof
Volume control in a hearing aid and hearing aid with volume control
Apparatus and method for avoiding interference between base station and relay station when using full duplex relay in a multi hop relay system
Method and system for interconnecting broadband wireless access network with optical access broadband network
Clustering based resource allocation in multi-cell OFDMA networks
Handover processing system in mobile communication system
Method and system for inter-PCB communications with wireline control
Mobile terminal and method of displaying channel therein
Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
Apparatus and method for generating PLMN list in mobile communication system
Continuity of services by the use of a backup HLR
Wireless communication method, wireless communication system and base station
Mobile communication method, mobile communication system and radio base station
Plane heater
Ceramic hob
LED illuminating device
DC/DC converter
Control system for light-emitting device
Electronic ballast with controlled filament preheating using half-wave lamp current detection
Light emitting diode driving circuit
Electrodeless lamps and methods
Conductive wire pattern and method of monitoring the bonding error of a film
Laminated multi-layer circuit board
Wiring board having solder bump and method for manufacturing the same
Circuit board device, wiring board interconnection method, and circuit board module device
Electronic apparatus
Circuit module and method
Apparatus having a board secured to a casing
Two-piece heat sink stud
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Quick shut-off extended range hygroscopic rain sensor for irrigation systems
Soybean cultivar 010005
Soybean cultivar 010009
Soybean cultivar B0592
Targeted replacement of an immunoglobulin gene without endogenous and selectable residual sequences in mice
Milk lacking .beta.-casein A1
Inclusion compounds of vanillyl alcohol derivative in cyclodextrin and compositions containing the same
Portable food warming system
Image processing apparatus
Bandage for autolytic wound debridement
Absorbent article having zoned directional stretching
Absorbent articles with improved distribution properties under sur-saturation
High liquid suction absorbent structures
Absorbent article with breathable backsheet comprising one layer with improved capillary apertures
Catamenial device for blood leakage prevention
Method for using a dressing mechanism
Method of preparing intermediates useful in synthesis of retroviral protease inhibitors
Salts of zopolrestat
Process and intermediates
dapE gene on Helicobacter pylori and dapE- mutant strains of Helicobacter pylori
Nucleic acid molecules encoding alternansucrase
Apertured polymeric film web with surfactant mixture additive
Absorbent article having a stable skin care composition
Disposable article having a proactive sensor
Method for oxidizing organophosphorous compounds
Incineration system for refuse-derived fuels, coal and petroleum coke, or chlorinated hydrocarbons
Performing Operations; Transporting
Emulsion polymerization process and reactor for such a process
Converting sugars to sugar alcohols by aqueous phase catalytic hydrogenation
Process for controlling the MWD of a broad or bimodal resin in a single reactor
Slurry hydrocarbon synthesis with external hydroisomerization in downcomer reactor loop
Modified carbon, silicon, & germanium surfaces
Method for sorting mail
Method of making extrusion die with varying pin size
Apparatus for resistance welding
Laser processing method
Simultaneous offset dual sided laser shock peening with oblique angle laser beams
Apparatus for drilling holes with sub-wavelength pitch with laser
Method of producing jig for three dimensional linear cutting machining
Laser machining apparatus
Shielding gas mixture for MIG brazing
Arc welding system and a process therefor
Electric arc welder with arc starter
Generator for arc welding machines
Protection device for dual stage power supply
Remote regulation unit for a welding apparatus or a power source
Device for monitoring voltage leads and method of using same
Electromagnetic interference shield for electronic devices
Device for heating shrinkable sleeves
Harness slack absorbing apparatus
Junction box assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for disinfecting water flowing through a sanitary facility
Polymer of a water-soluble radical-polymerizable monomer, process for producing the polymer and flocculant comprising the polymer
Aqueous (meth)acrylate polymer dispersion
Curable resin compositions
Nitro-benzamides useful as anti-arrhythmic agents
Process for the preparation of non-steroidal glucocorticoid receptor modulators
Process for producing .alpha.-aminoketones
Aqueous hexasubstituted guanidinium chlorides and methods for their preparation and use
Process for the preparation of 6,6-dimethylhept-1-en-4-yn-3-ol
Production of adamantanediols
Co-crystallization process
Bisphosphite compounds and their metal complexes
Process for producing pivaloyl-acetic acid ester
Methods of solidifying low-boiling-point hydrocarbon and handling the same, and regeneration thereof
Anionic polymerization of functionalized styrene derivatives containing carbazole
Process for preparing toluenesulfinates
Process for the preparation of the mesylate salt trihydrate of 1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-(4-hydroxy-4-phenylpiperidin-1-yl)-1-propanol and intermediates useful therefor
Process for preparing a 10,11-methanodibenzosuberane derivative
Process for producing 2-substituted thiopyrimidine-4-carboxylate
Method for producing a stabilized aqueous alkali metal-2-hydroxy-4,6-dichloro-s-triazine solution and the use thereof
Preparation of bis-(1(2)H-tetrazol-5-yl)-amine monohydrate
Process for the preparation of glycidylesters of branched carboxylic acids
No-flow reworkable epoxy underfills for flip-chip applications
Method for producing phthalic anhylic anhydride according to specifications
Process for producing lactide and process for producing polylactic acid from fermented lactic acid employed as starting material
Sulfur compound and use thereof
Intermediates for the preparation of 2-imidazolin-5-ones
Process for preparing triazolopyrimidine derivatives
Cationic pyrrolo-pyrrol-derivatives, method for producing them and colorants for keratin fibers, containing these compounds
Preparation of dialkylpyridylboranes
Compounds containing vinyl silane and electron donor or acceptor functionality
Synthetic glycosulfopeptides and methods of synthesis thereof
Chemoselective ligation
Method for activating denatured protein
Polynucleotides and their use for detecting resistance to streptogramin A or to streptogramin B and related compounds
Toxins active against pests
Insertion sequence element derived from ralstonia solanacearum
Synthetic genes for plant gums and other hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins
Protein HLQDR48
Inhibitor of programmed cell death
Nucleic acids encoding plant inhibitors of apoptosis and transgenic cells and plants expressing them
Antibody that specifically binds to the cadherin-5 cell adhesion recognition sequence
Identification of a G protein-coupled receptor transcriptionally regulated by protein tyrosine kinase signaling in hematopoietic cells
Human 7TM proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Human blue-light photoreceptor hCRY2
Antibody specific for H4-1BB
DNA encoding the T cell surface protein CD4 and use of fragments of CD4 in the treatment of AIDS
Derivatives of octahydro-6,10-dioxo-6H-pyridazino [1,2-a] [1,2] diazepine-1-carboxylic acid, their preparation process and their use in the preparation of therapeutically active compounds
Process for the preparation of resin-bound cyclic peptides
Production of plants either transformed with the protoporphyrinogen IX binding subunit of a magnesium chelatase or a ferrochelatase having increased herbicide resistance
Modification of starch biosynthetic enzyme gene expression to produce starches in grain crops
Region-selective method for preparing cyclodextrin C-6 monosulphonyl derivatives
Dendrimer compounds, method for the production thereof, use thereof as catalysts
Alumoxane-enhanced, supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts, methods of making same, processes of using same and polymers produced therefrom
Process to produce polymers
Method for producing ethylene homopolymerizates and ethylene copolymerizates of a lower mass density
Branched semi-crystalline high-C3 ethylene-propylene polymer compositions
Control agents for living-type free radical polymerization, methods of polymerizing and polymers with same
Method of preparation of ethylene copolymers suitable for manufacturing films and pipes
Polymers for photoresist and photoresist compositions using the same
Elastic-thermoplastic graft polymers prepared by multi-stage free radical polymerization
Composites from blends of advanced oligomers
Alkoxyamines derived from .beta.-phosphorous nitroxides
Process for producing acid modified polypropylene resin
Enhanced photophysics of conjugated polymers
Process for preparing urethanes containing (meth)-acryloyl groups as binders for powder coatings
Crystallizing polyether polyols, a method for producing them and use of the same
Method and composition for recovering hydrocarbon fluids from a subterranean reservoir
Phenolic resin polyols and polymers derived from the polyols
Hyperbranched polyol macromolecule, method of making same, and coating composition including same
Method for making polycarbonate
Salts of organic polyacids as polymerization catalysts
Methods of post-polymerization extruder injection in polyethylene terephthalate production
Polyoxytetramethylene glycol and process for producing the same
Curable polyphenylene ether resin, composition made therefrom, and process for preparing the resin
Method for the production of polyamides
Method for making polyimide
Plastic articles comprising biodegradable PHA copolymers
Vinyl-terminated polybutadiene and butadiene-styrene copolymers containing urethane and/or ester residues, and the electrical laminates obtained therefrom
Reagents for swelling rubber and method of using
Polyethylene pipe method
Ionomer/high density polyethylene blends with improved impact
Polyolefin composition containing low viscosity propylene homopolymer, fiber and extensible non-woven fabric prepared therefrom
Thermoplastic fluoropolymers
Modified phenolic hydroxyl-containing resin by reacting epoxy resin with difunctional phenol
Blends of polycarbonate and polyester and sheets and films formed therefrom
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers from compatibilized polyester resins
Thermoplastic silicone elastomers from compatibilized polyamide resins
Pressure-sensitive adhesives for marking films
Composition for acetylene production and method for treating lime slurry by-product from acetylene production
Method for preparing fatty acid esters from seeds or fruits
Methods for maize transformation coupled with adventitious regeneration utilizing nodal section explants and mature zygotic embryos
Stable transformation of plant cells
Magnesium chelatase
Nucleotide sequences encoding enzymes that alter the carbohydrate concentration and composition in plants
Bacterial gene and method of treating a gram negative bacterial infection
Plant flavanone-3-hydroxylase
Simultaneous offset dual sided laser shock peening using low energy laser beams
Magnetron negative ion sputter source
Production method of Nb3Al superconducting multifilamentary wire
System and method for lamp split zone control
Textiles; Paper
Process for producing meta-aromatic polyamide fiber
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for treating a liquid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Structure for fitting generator stator to engine
Ventilation device and rail traction electric motor equipped with such a device
Spring element for compensating axial play in a motor shaft of an electric motor
Magnetic bearing apparatus having a protective non-magnetic can
Full magnetic bearings with increased load capacity
Cylinder servomotor
Kitchen stove for preparing food, and an oven for preparing food
Top-heat oven with selective browning
Photodetector having a control block for maintaining a detection signal within a predetermined tolerance range
Wavefront sensing device
Total release method for sample extraction from a charged-particle instrument
System, apparatus, and method for detecting defects in particles
Method and apparatus for infrared-spectrum imaging
Gas-measuring system
Low-cost, compact bathyphotometer
Infrared imaging arrangement for turbine component inspection system
Lipid vesicles or lipid bilayers on chips
Radiation assisted electron emission device
Radiation detecting apparatus
Resolution enhancement device for an optically-coupled image sensor using high extra-mural absorbent fiber
Color night vision apparatus
Optoelectronic component for data transmission
Optical apparatus with a control device for a moving member using position information
Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display using the wiring and a manufacturing method thereof
Method of and apparatus for reading out radiation image data
Blocked phenylenediamine developers for a color photographic element
Illumination system with a plurality of light sources
Multi-pitch and line calibration for mask and wafer CD-SEM system
Electronic control circuit
Method and apparatus for coordinate inputting capable of effectively using a laser ray
Position determination
Mouse switch mechanism for determining a rotational direction of a ratchet on a pointing device
Method and system for supplying contents via communication network
Training device for musical instruments
Adjustable drum pedal and method therefor
Quick release latch assembly for drumhead
Controlled tilting of cymbals device
Method and apparatus for editing performance data using icons of musical symbols
Tactile, visual, and array controllers for real-time control of music signal processing, mixing, video, and lighting
Tone color selection apparatus and method
Recording and reproducing apparatus, recording and reproducing method, and data processing apparatus
Push button assembly
High-performance high-density CMOS SRAM cell
Autoadjusting electron microscope
Delta magnetic de-fluxing for low noise signal cables
Multi-pair data cable with configurable core filling and pair separation
Center contact and rocker arrangement for a single pole double-throw switch
Current carrying assembly for a circuit breaker
Electronic equipment and transmission device of button device used therein
Retractable rotary switch cell
Multiple-operation switch
Movable electric switches that move to reveal underlying control areas
Gallium based electrical switch having tantalum electrical contacts
Key switch
Air-insulated high-voltage disconnector
Method and apparatus for electron beam irradiation
Operation method of ion source and ion beam irradiation apparatus
Electron detectors
Scanning electron beam microscope
Ion implanter
Bi-directional electron beam scanning apparatus
Time of flight mass spectrometer with selectable drift length
Methods and apparatus to control charge neutralization reactions in ion traps
Tandem mass spectrometry using a single quadrupole mass analyzer
Heat treatment device of the light irradiation type and heat treatment process of the irradiation type
Multilayer pillar array capacitor structure for deep sub-micron CMOS
Merged self-aligned source and ONO capacitor for split gate non-volatile memory
Transistor structure using epitaxial layers and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film transistor and method for manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric integrated circuit having low sensitivity to hydrogen exposure and method for fabricating same
Stress shield for microelectronic dice
Lead configurations
Under bump metalization pad and solder bump connections
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
High-voltage transistor with multi-layer conduction region
Liquid crystal display for preventing galvanic phenomenon
MOSFET with a buried gate
Functional device and method of manufacturing the same
Gallium nitride semiconductor structures including lateral gallium nitride layers
Apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Multi-layer film for a thin film structure and a capacitor using the same
Method and apparatus for electrically measuring insulating film thickness
Cells array of mask read only memory
Fabrication of deep submicron structures and quantum wire transistors using hard-mask transistor width definition
Optical device having sensing TGTs and switching TFTs with different active layer thickness
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuitry
DRAM cell
Method of fabricating an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device having a lateral bipolar transistor and method of manufacturing same
Bonding of silicon wafers
6F2 Trench EDRAM cell with double-gated vertical MOSFET and self-aligned STI
Semiconductor device with varying width electrode
Integrated circuitry and DRAM circuitry
EEPROM having a peripheral integrated transistor with thick oxide
Scalable stack-gate flash memory cell and its contactless memory array
Local interconnect structure for integrated circuit devices, source structure for the same, and method for fabricating the same
Radiation resistant integrated circuit design
Bipolar transistor with high breakdown voltage collector
Self-aligned split-gate flash memory cell and its contactless NOR-type memory array
2Bit/cell architecture for floating gate flash memory product and associated method
Integrated circuit device having an embedded heat slug
Thermal conductive substrate and the method for manufacturing the same
Multi-part lead frame with dissimilar materials
Structure and method for a high-performance electronic packaging assembly
Semiconductor package
Preweakened on chip metal fuse using dielectric trenches for barrier layer isolation
Structure and method for creating vertical capacitor and anti-fuse in DRAM process employing vertical array device cell complex
Dummy interconnects for suppressing thermally generated stress cracks
Semiconductor metal interconnect reliability test structure
Structure for high speed printed wiring boards with multiple differential impedance-controlled layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Multi-die package
Power conditioning substrate stiffener
Phase grating image sensing device and method of manufacture
Method for improved electrostatic discharge protection
Device and circuit for electrostatic discharge and overvoltage protection applications
Complementary avalanche injection EEPROM cell
Semiconductor device
Power/ground metallization routing in a semiconductor device
X-ray detecting device and fabricating method thereof
Solid state imaging device having a photodiode and a MOSFET
Linear image sensor integrated circuit
Semiconductor device with a protective diode having a high breakdown voltage
Semiconductor device having resistive element
Nonvolatile memories with floating gate spacers, and methods of fabrication
Semiconductor device having the effect that the drop in the current gain is kept to the minimum, when the substrate density is amplified and that the variation in the collector current is improved
Structure to reduce the on-resistance of power transistors
Reverse conducting thyristor device, pressure-connection type semiconductor device and semiconductor substrate
Compound semiconductor field effect transistor with improved ohmic contact layer structure and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device
Pressure equalizing photovoltaic assembly and method
Photovoltaic generators with light cascade and varying electromagnetic flux
CMOS image sensor capable of increasing punch-through voltage and charge integration of photodiode
Light emitting device using group III nitride compound semiconductor
LED having angled sides for increased side light extraction
Surface-light-emitting device including AlGalnP and AlGaAs multi-film reflecting layers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Quantum-size electronic devices and operating conditions thereof
Ultrasonic motor and ultrasonic motor-equipped electronic appliance
Organic light-emitting device capable of high-quality display
Low torque twist-on wire connector
Silicon light-emitting device and method for the production thereof
III-V semiconductors separate confinement superlattice optoelectronic devices
Electrically conductive connection between a terminal electrode and a connecting wire
High-strength wire cable duct
Automotive electronics control module enclosure
Electrical device waterproof cover with snap-in modular plates
Alternator rotor coil
Outer rotor type brushless direct current motor
Heat sink plate of alternator for vehicle
Electromagnetic integrated driver alternator
Single layer interspersed concentric stator winding apparatus and method
Low noise automotive alternator
Brushless motor having double insulation
Solder-bonding structure and brushless motor having the same
Rotating electric machine
Rotary electric machine
High temperature super-conducting rotor coil support with split coil housing and assembly method
Method and device for balancing rotors, in particular for electric motors
Submersible sensor output inverter
Signal input cutoff detector, photo receiver and signal input cutoff detecting method
Active pixel circuit in CMOS image sensor
Method and apparatus for anticipating rapid temperature fluctuations within an enclosed heated cavity
Transverse flux induction heating of conductive strip
Pad structure of semiconductor package
Printed wiring board and method for producing the same
Cooling structure of communication device
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