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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Diacylglycerol acyltransferase gene from plants
Soybean cultivar S06-M059029
Canola cultivar NQC02CNX12
Method for treating processed food products
Modified oilseed material with a high gel strength
Vehicle seat with a deformable S-shaped backrest
Capsule-type medical apparatus and a communication method for the capsule-type medical apparatus
Surgical suturing machine
Cardiac rhythm template generation system and method
Ultrasonographic method and ultrasonographic device
Microscale lyophilization and drying methods for the stabilization of molecules
Satiation devices and methods
Methods and devices for attaching a belt cartridge to a chest compression device
Agent for treating inflammatory bowel diseases
Method and kit for quantitative analysis of protein
Methods of treating coagulapathic or thrombotic disorders
Antibody-induced apoptosis
Chinese preparation for treating enteritis ulcer colitis and preparation method thereof
Controlled release ceramic particles, compositions thereof, processes of preparation and methods of use
Packaging two different substrates
Controlled release ceramic particles, compositions thereof, processes of preparation and methods of use
Optical height zeroing device
Powder chemical feeding device for nasal cavity
Catheter incorporating a curable polymer layer to control flexibility
Guiding catheter shaft with improved radiopacity on the wire braid
Skin abrasion system and method
Automotive fire suppression system with reservoir having an axially compliant initiator conductor conduit
Automotive fire suppression system with quick connect fire suppression agent distribution system
Golf ball
Gaming device having a multiple coordinate award distributor including award percentages
Multilevel online tournament
Gaming device having a plurality of interactive player-selectable symbols
Motorized drive for juvenile swing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for isolating and drying microparticles (microspheres or microcapsules) initially dispersed or suspensed in liquid phase
Exhaust gas purification system
Liquid cheromatography/mass spectrometry apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing dope
Catalyst and method for the production of 1-olefins from 2-hydroxylkanes
Catalyst composition and methods for its preparation and use in a polymerization process
Separator having a centrifugal drum and a piston slide
Stent mandrel fixture and system for reducing coating defects
Method for increasing fiber density in electrostatic flocking
Surface modification of a porous organic material through the use of a supercritical fluid
Oxygen plasma post-deposition treatment of magnetic recording media
Process and apparatus for irradiating fluids
Housingless washer
Coated silver-containing particles, method and apparatus of manufacture, and silver-containing devices made therefrom
Resistance welding electrode, welded copper flex lead, and method for making same
Process for producing aluminum-containing honeycomb bodies using radiant heaters
Pad conditioner, pad conditioning method, and polishing apparatus
Detection of diamond contamination in polishing pad
Ratchet wrench
Method of mounting component on circuit formation object
Cutting device and method for plastic lens
Strain matched threads for a high pressure high temperature press apparatus
Method for manufacturing fiber-reinforced moldings
Carcass ply producing apparatus
Oil seal
High performance alloys with improved metal dusting corrosion resistance
Damper and process thereof
Apparatus and method for manufacturing laminated substrate
Gas flow control system with interlock
Semiconductor workpiece
Platen having channels and method for the same
Inkjet printhead nozzle plate
Ink jet recording head having piezoelectric element and electrode patterned with same shape and without pattern shift therebetween
Printhead substrate, printhead, head cartridge, and printing apparatus
Liquid droplet discharge head, manufacturing method thereof, and image forming apparatus
Laser welding methods and structures and control therefor including welded inkjet printheads
Inkjet recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming program
Gaseous detection for an inkjet system
Element board for printhead, and printhead having the same
Printing device, printing method, and program product therefor
Method for forming ejection-test pattern, method for testing ejection, printing apparatus, computer-readable medium, and printing system
Ink jet printer and a method of computing conveyance amount of a conveyance roller of the ink jet printer
Erasable image forming material
Thermal recording material
Bookbinding machine and prebinding apparatus
Stapler for a finishing device having a variable start pulse
Authenticatable printed matter and its production method
Processing method for glass substrate, processed glass product and stress applying apparatus
Spoke for a bicycle wheel, bicycle wheel comprising such a spoke and method for manufacturing such a spoke
Trailer stability control apparatus
Link assembly for a vehicle suspension system
Suspension device
Golf cart enclosure
Mechanism for folding hardtop
Compact storable soft-top for a motor vehicle
Steep-back vehicle having an open body
Vehicle transmission with selectively-engageable electric motor
Vehicle mirror system with control rise detent assembly
Vehicle body panel with integral clip
Battery cooling system
Impact-absorbing member for vehicles
Active tether air bag module
Seat belt retractor
Positioning of a brake caliper
Liquid pressure control unit
Motor vehicle, control unit, driving force transmission system, and motor vehicle control method
Air cleaner for straddle vehicle
Crossbrace clamp assembly
Rocker arm assembly for the rear derailleur of a bicycle
Underwater vehicle propulsion and power generation
Elastomeric bearing elements for droop stop mechanisms
Fluid supply assembly
Packaging of multiple fluid receptacles
Packaging unit
Tongue lid pack for rod-shaped smoking articles and a blank thereof
Folded pack
Hands-free paper towel dispensers
Apparatus for picking up an auxiliary pile during renewal of a main pile when feeding sheets to a printing machine
Jam suppressing sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Method for purification of as-produced fullerene nanotubes
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus and methods for producing hydrogen
Chemical reactor and method for chemically converting a first material into a second material
Process for producing benzene, ethylene and synthesis gas
Method of manufacturing cyano compounds
Single pot process for the preparation of diazonaphthoquinonesulfonyl ester
Self-assembling dyes
Preparation of sulfide chain-bearing organosilicon compounds
Method for producing organosilane
Oligonucleotides for use in determining the presence of human papilloma virus in a test sample
Genes encoding carbon metabolism and energy-producing proteins
Alcohol dehydrogenase gene of acetic acid bacterium
Pesticidal proteins
Lymphocyte surface receptor that binds CAML and methods of use thereof
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Interferon-.gamma. inducing polypeptide, pharmaceutical composition thereof, monoclonal antibody thereto, and methods of use
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding cancer associated antigens, the antigens per se, and uses thereof
Isobutene polymer functionalization by means of hydroboration
Purified polymeric materials and methods of purifying polymeric materials
Process for hydroxyalkylating carboxylic acid-functionalized materials
Fluorinated thermoset polyurethane elastomers prepared from polyether prepolymers formed from mono-substituted fluorinated oxetane monomers
Silicone wax
Electrically conductive thermoset composition, method for the preparation thereof, and articles derived therefrom
Method for minimizing filler agglomeration
Semiconductor encapsulant of epoxy resin, phenolic resin and triazole compound
Aqueous dispersions
Thermoplastic polymer composition, molded product, and multilayer structure
Aqueous ink for ink jet recording
Pumpable multiple phase compositions for controlled release applications downhole
Apparatus and method for producing hydrogen
Cleaning composition and method
Lactobacillus brevis strain
Methods of ungulate nuclear transfer
Poxvirus with targeted infection specificity
Methods for degrading lignocellulosic materials
TML polynucleotides
Invasion assays
High-throughput methods of screening DNA for deletions and other mutations
Cooled and annealed bainite steel part, and a method of manufacturing it
Hard coating and its production method
Textiles; Paper
Carbon nanotube fabrics
Sewing machine
Fixed Constructions
Configurable track for toy vehicles
Solenoid-operated safety valve device particularly for a washing machine
Chain stopper
Rotary driven pipe-bursting tool
Method and apparatus for connecting tubulars using a top drive
Unitary blade seal for a shearing blind ram in a ram type blowout preventer
Method for servicing a well bore using a mixing control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuzzy logic based cam phaser control
Angular camshaft position adjustment drive
Filter-cooler combination for liquids, especially for the lubricating oil of a motor vehicle internal combustion engine
Sealing arrangement and process for producing such sealing arrangement
Acoustic fluid machine
Governor with take-up spring
Exhaust gas recirculation device for engine
Air cleaner box for straddle vehicle
Fuel injector with pressure balancing valve
Breather system for fuel tank
Multi-source fuel system having grouped injector pressure control
Oil pump
Scroll compressor having a valved back pressure chamber and a bypass for overcompression
Refrigerating cycle or compressor having foreign matter collector
Conduit end fitting
Thrust bearing
Torque limiter
Toothed belt
Multi-speed transmission with Hi-Lo output torque-transmitting mechanisms and gear sets
Shifting device for a transmission
Multi speed transmission
Actuator for shift-by-wire automatic transmission system
Transmission apparatus for automobile or the like
Bi-directional friction clutch or brake assembly for transmissions
Piston retention apparatus and method
Pressure reducer with adjustable flow restrictor
Adapter assembly for a fluid supply assembly
Adapter-intermediate ring for a screw-in part of a fluid plug system
Wrap lighting fixture
Light guiding plate and backlight module using the same
Methods and apparatus for controlled lighting based on a reference gamut
Heat dissipating device with enhanced boiling/condensation structure
Method of fabricating inkjet print head using photocurable resin composition
Optical encoder and method for using same
Direct measurement of Brillouin frequency in distributed optical sensing systems
Image scanner and method for detecting a defect in an image to be scanned
Debris mitigation device
Pressure sensor and method for fabricating the same
Apparatus for measuring methanol concentration
Method of determining absolute configuration of chiral compound
Diagnostic device
Oscillation type intertial force sensor
Topography compensated film application methods
Radiation detector and a method of manufacturing the detector
Pattern generator using a dual phase step element and method of using same
Vehicular mirror having tilt angle detection rod with swing axis
Projector with adjustable image offset
Transmission-type screen and projection-type display device
Photoresists for visible light imaging
Process for producing wiring circuit board
Scattering bar OPC application method for sub-half wavelength lithography patterning
Photoconductive imaging members
Process for producing toner
Imaging device
System and method for managing wireless point-of-sale transactions
Financial check with an electronic ink display
Cash dispensing automated banking machine system and method
Gaming device which dynamically modifies background music based on play session events
Photo process to improve tribological performance of thin lubricant film
Position detection apparatus, position detection method, exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, and substrate
Device for recording projection images
Method of forming TEM specimen and related protection layer
Waterproof structure of push button switch
Time of flight mass spectrometer
Optoelectronic component having electrical connection and formation method thereof
Adjustable suspension assembly for a collimating lattice
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display panel
Sensor element with trenched cavity
Electrode design and positioning for controlled movement of a moveable electrode and associated support structure
CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor devices using strained silicon bearing material
Discrete nano-textured structures in biomolecular arrays, and method of use
Method for determining the end point for a cleaning etching process
Semiconductor device structure with active regions having different surface directions and methods
Method and system for processing multi-layer films
Methods for anchoring a seal ring to a substrate using vias and assemblies including an anchored seal ring
Submount substrate for mounting light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
Methods for sidewall etching and etching during filling of a trench
Process for chemical etching of parts fabricated by stereolithography
Thin passivation layer on 3D devices
Cluster tool and method for process integration in manufacture of a gate structure of a field effect transistor
Method for forming insulation film
Substrate etching method for forming connected features
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor thin film, and method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Tri-gate device with conformal PVD workfunction metal on its three-dimensional body and fabrication method thereof
Method of fabricating CMOS transistor and CMOS transistor fabricated thereby
Semiconductor device with increased channel length and method for fabricating the same
Trench-gate transistor with ono gate dielectric and fabrication process therefor
Multi-channel transistor structure and method of making thereof
Catalytically enhanced atomic layer deposition process
Method for forming dual damascene structures with tapered via portions and improved performance
Etch process for improving yield of dielectric contacts on nickel silicides
Method for producing a plurality of electronic devices
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and CMOS integrated circuit device
Semiconductor process with first transistor types oriented in a first plane and second transistor types oriented in a second plane
Methods for packaging and encapsulating semiconductor device assemblies that include tape substrates
Light emitting device
Solid-state image pickup device, image pickup unit and image processing method
Silicon-on-insulator based radiation detection device and method
Silicon on diamond-like carbon devices
Integrated circuit with reduced coupling noise
Semiconductor component with a MOS transistor
Transistor array for semiconductor memory devices and method for fabricating a vertical channel transistor array
Use of gate electrode workfunction to improve DRAM refresh
Memory circuitry with oxygen diffusion barrier layer received over a well base
Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Field effect transistor having an asymmetrically stressed channel region
Structure for reducing overlap capacitance in field effect transistors
Memory cell without halo implant
Pinning layer for low resistivity N-type source drain ohmic contacts
Semiconductor product including logic, non-volatile memory and volatile memory devices and method for fabrication thereof
Semiconductor device
Field effect transistor and fabrication thereof, semiconductor device and fabrication thereof, logic circuit including the semiconductor device, and semiconductor substrate
Electroluminescent devices
Operation method and purging system for a hydrogen demand/delivery unit in a fuel cell system
Wiring connection structure for bicycle
Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
Connector assembly for interconnecting printed circuit boards
Wired circuit board
Waterproof connector for flat cable
Connector fixing structure
Lamp keying system and method
Terminal and connector
Electrical terminal
Electrical connector
Outlet box knockout
Soft tissue placement of implantable microphone
Use of oxygen-containing gases in fabrication of granular perpendicular magnetic recording media
Multilayer wiring board and its manufacturing method
Printed circuit board and chip module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dual function dispenser
Emitter of semiochemical substances supported on a sepiolite, preparation process and applications
Low-freezing point formulation containing phenol derivatives
Bacillus licheniformis biofungicide
Bacterial strain, processes plant extracts, compositions containing same, processes for their preparation and their therapeutic and industrial applications
Method for producing an adhesive closing component
Method for manufacturing a plastic zipper with end stops
Multiphase stick preparation
Method of manufacturing a mop
Self spin-cleaning canister vacuum
Method of optimizing tension in applying leg elastics
Sealable nonwoven web
Preparation of polymer foam having gelled sol coating for intervertebral disc reformation
Apparatus and methods for forming patterned soft gelatin capsules
Therapeutic inhibitor of vascular smooth muscle cells
Topical treatment or prevention of ocular infections
Isolation and preservation of fetal and neonatal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells of the blood
Method of using a vaccine
Tresyl-monomethoxypolyethylene glycol-modified viruses having viral infectivity
Vitronectin receptor antagonist pharmaceuticals
Phase shift colloids as ultrasound contrast agents
Determining effects of external stimuli on the brain using PET
Compositions comprising organosiloxane resins for delivering oral care substances
Process for making personal care compositions comprising titanium dioxide and personal care compositions made by the process
Reactive decontamination formulation
Chiral compounds, and their use as chiral dopants for the preparation of cholesteric liquid-crystalline compositions
Method for providing dibenzoylmethane derivatives with light stability
Method and device for forming a calcium phosphate film on a substrate
Inhaleable spray dried 4-helix bundle protein powders having minimized aggregation
Preparation of diagnostic agents
Process for providing a titanium dioxide layer on a material that contains a light absorbing substance and the product so formed
Combination of acid protease enzymes and acidic buffers and uses thereof
Compositions containing a polycondensate comprising at least one polyurethane and/or polyurea unit and a silicone comprising at least one carboxylic function
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid-liquid extraction trays
Method for reducing the size of solvent extraction process steps and cell for using in the solvent extraction process
Purification of biological substances
Method and apparatus for treating stormwater runoff
Underdrain filtration system with stamped perforations
Apparatus for directing fluids through a filter system
Liquid distributor for separation columns
Fluid filter with a central component which can be assembled
Personal water filter bottle system
Filter coalescer cartridge
Apparatus for separation media by centrifugal force
Air filter with serviceable filter media
Industrial dust collector with multiple filter compartments
Metal/ceramic composites with high hydrogen permeability
Fuel vapor treatment system
Method for treating hydrogen sulfide-containing waste gases
Carbonation ash reactivation process and system for combined SOx and NOx removal
Method and apparatus for flue gas desulfurization
Zeolite SSZ-64 composition of matter and synthesis thereof
Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere
Osmotic distillation process
Process for production of macrostructures of a microporous material
Process for conversion of hydrocarbons on a catalyst with controlled acidity
Process for the preparation of high-purity magnesium hydroxide and magnesium oxide from magnesium alkoxides
Method for incorporating metal nanoparticles in porous materials
Three-way rare earth oxide catalyst
Catalyst body and process for breaking down nitrogen oxides
Cation exchange membrane selectively permeable to monovalent cations and method for its production
Trickle valve
Apparatus to alleviate thermal cycles in moving bed radial flow reactor
Systems and methods for preparing and analyzing low volume analyte array elements
Powder coating assembly
Method and apparatus for applying a powder coating
Method and apparatus for coating an electric coil including vibration
Substrate spinning apparatus
Workpiece processor having processing chamber with improved processing fluid flow
Quick slip die plate and method of mounting and removing the same
Grout compositions for construction of subterranean barriers
Restoring soil and preventing contamination of ground water
Process for producing a metal article
Apparatus for manufacturing solder balls
Enclosure for a semiconductor device
Iron powder and method of producing such
Lead-free solder powder material, lead-free solder paste and a method for preparing same
Composition for polishing magnetic disk substrate
Process for cutting out panels or the like
Method for bonding composite wood products
Pumpably verifiable fluid fiber compositions
Process for manufacturing fibre reinforced plastic masts, spars or columns
Fuel cell separator production system and method, and fuel cell separator
Method for press-molding dielectric block
Process for molding an integral skin foam
Injection molding system and method using cavity flange and neck ring insert
Process for improving material thickness distribution within a molded bottle and bottle therefrom
Fabricating continuously connected fastener stock
Method for forming a compound material
System and method of producing corrugated products with on-line corrugation
Breathable barrier films containing cavated fillers
Method for producing liquid discharge head, liquid discharge head, head cartridge, liquid discharging recording apparatus, method for producing silicon plate and silicon plate
Compositions and methods for use in three dimensional model printing
Art object and method of creation
Lamination by radiation through a ply
Inflator/sealer device for inflatable packaging cushion
Method for manufacturing surface-treated printing paper
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing calcium phosphate powder
Hydrogen purification devices, components and fuel processing systems containing the same
Very high purity fine powders and methods to produce such powders
Fabrication of a high surface area diamond-like carbon or dirty diamond coated metal mesh for electrochemical applications
Apparatus for integrated water deionization, electrolytic hydrogen production, and electrochemical power generation
Wastewater treatment control method and apparatus
Method, device and use of said method for biological elimination of metal elements present in an ionized state in water
Bioreactor carrier, process for producing the carrier and method for using the same
Integrated vertical wastewater treatment vessel and method
Metal stearate denitrification system
UV light intensity detector in a water treatment system
Process for treating waters, soils, sediments and/or silts
Arrangement in connection with fibre coating line
Cement dispersant and cement composition comprising this
Fiber reinforced light weight cellular concrete
Ferrite with high permeability and high dielectric constant and method for making the same
Method of preparing metal matrix composite with textured compound
Integrated anaerobic digester system
Method for animal excreta processing
Methods apparatus for the electronic, homogeneous assembly and fabrication of devices
Flavivirus and alphavirus recombinant antigen libraries
Compounds and methods for the diagnosis and treatment of B. microti infection
Recombinant antibody fragments as autoantibody antagonists
Antibodies to the antigen Campath-1
Phthalic anhydride based polyester-ether polyols and urethane prepolymers produced therefrom
Vulcanization of dip-molded rubber articles with molten media baths
Accelerator-gel additive for use in the production of polymer-modified asphalt
Pigment preparations, a process for preparing pigment preparations and use thereof
Magenta ink jet ink having a high degree of light-fastness and water-fastness
Additives to CMP slurry to polish dielectric films
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry useful for copper substrates
Method for enhancing the three-dimensional effect of a raised plastic surface using in-mold labeling
Method of making electroluminescent phosphor
Chiral compounds and their use as doping agents in liquid crystals
Fire retardant aqueous composition
Abrasive fluid compositions
Treating coal and other piled materials to inhibit freeze-binding
Electrochrome polymer systems
Integrated lubricant upgrading process
Integrated lubricant upgrading process
Countercurrent hydroprocessing with trickle bed processing of vapor product stream
Cycle oil conversion process
Cycle oil conversion process incorporating shape-selective zeolite catalysts
Refrigerating machine oil and refrigerator using the same
Cleaning composition comprising a water-soluble or water-dispersible polymer
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
Pharmaceutical products comprising endothelial cell precursors
Human DNase II
Tissue-based water quality biosensors for detecting chemical warfare agents
Prostate-specific membrane antigen and uses thereof
Vascular endothelial cell growth factor C subunit
Plant for the direct reduction of particulate iron-oxide-containing material
Method of manufacturing molten metal iron
Electrical steel with improved magnetic properties in the rolling direction
Ceramic core spacer blocks for high temperature preheat cycles
Heap leaching copper ore using sodium nitrate
Hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of nickel and cobalt values from a sulfidic flotation concentrate
Continuous single stage process for the production of molybdenum metal
Process for manufacturing thin tin/tungsten composite elements
Process and alloy for decorative galvanizing of steel
Aluminum alloys and methods of making the same
FeCrAl alloy
Nitrided steel sliding member having improved wear resistance and fatigue strength
Process for producing a high and low pressure integrated turbine rotor
Method for grading surface topography for improved step coverage and planarization
Magnetron sputtered boron films for increasing hardness of a metal surface
Sputtering target assembly and method for depositing a thickness gradient layer with narrow transition zone
Silicon epitaxial wafer and production method therefor
Corrosion protection
Thermal spraying system for cylinder
High bearing pressure-resistant member
Surface-treating agent for magnesium-based part and method of surface treatment
Ladder anode for cathodic protection of steel reinforcement in atmospherically exposed concrete
Fuel cell type reactor and method for producing a chemical compound by using the same
Electrochemical process for preparation of zinc powder
Continuous electrochemical process for preparation of zinc powder
Steel-clad cathode for electrolytic refining of copper
Object plating method and system
Membrane partition system for plating of wafers
Method of pulling up silicon single crystal and method of manufacturing epitaxial wafer
Device and method for producing single-crystal ingot
Dielectric film and method for forming the same
Apparatus and method for depositing semi conductor film
Textiles; Paper
Process for producing meta-type wholly aromatic polyamide filaments
Wrinkle reducing composition
Wrinkle reducing composition
Process for gas phase pretreating of lignocellulosic containing material
Cellulose slurry treating systems for adding AQ to a cellulose slurry in the substantial absence of alkali
Elemental-chlorine-free bleaching process having an initial Eo or Eop stage
Method for the alkaline bleaching of pulp with a peroxyacid based oxygen bleaching species using an agglomerated bleach activator
Bi-component molded modular link and a fabric made from a plurality thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for changing an engine fuel filter
Planar open reference electrode for use in voltammeric measuring chains
Method of adjusting output of gas sensor
Method for injection and stacking of analytes in high-conductivity samples
Cassette for gel electrophoresis having solid buffer reservoirs
Multiuse pressure electric chromatographic device
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Bioactive chip mass spectrometry
Transparent conductive layer forming coating liquid containing formamide
Method for manufacturing electronic component
Etching apparatus
Process for forming layers on substrates
Powder metal polymer organic sheet punching for substrate conductors
Substrate carrier
Apparatus for selectively applying solder mask
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew