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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Z-axis assembly of medical device programmer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical scanning apparatus
Notification managing apparatus and notification managing method for vehicle
Non-ignition switch vehicle ignition enabling system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and system for wind turbine blade movement
Optical system including molded optical element and method of manufacturing the optical system
Method and system for checking the position of a mechanical part with a light beam
Optical metrology model optimization for repetitive structures
Wavefront calibration analyzer and methods
Three-dimensional measurement system
Motion detection apparatus and method
Automated route determination to avoid a particular maneuver
Spectroscopy analysis apparatus
Raman-active lateral flow device and methods of detection and making
Optical system and method for exciting and measuring fluorescence on or in samples treated with fluorescent pigments
Radiation scanning units including a movable platform
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
Flow-through, thermal-expansion-compensated cell for light spectroscopy
Similarity searching of molecules based upon descriptor vectors characterizing molecular regions
Cross coil instrument with a predefined characteristic
Wide linear range peak detector
Systems and methods of RF power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including embodiments for amplifier class transitioning
Test apparatus with low-reflection signal distribution
Method for on-line monitoring of condition of non-aqueous fluids
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for monitoring and controlling a microcomputer using a single existing pin
Semiconductor apparatus testing arrangement and semiconductor apparatus testing method
Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
Active thermal control system with miniature liquid-cooled temperature control device for electronic device testing
Voltage injector and detector using pixel array for printed circuit board testing
Configurations and method for carrying out wafer level unclamped inductive switching (UIS) tests
Enhanced signal observability for circuit analysis
Method for error detection in a drive mechanism
Current sensor with reduced sensitivity to parasitic magnetic fields
Through the wall ranging with triangulation using multiple spaced apart radars
Signal-processing method and active sonar implementing same
Method for a space-efficient GPS receiver
Method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for planning an examination of a subject
Methods and apparatus for single-shot magnetic resonance imaging with optimized isotropic diffusion weighting
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of judging presence or absence of resonance in magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Pulse sequences for exciting nuclear quadrupole resonance
Optical scanning unit and image forming apparatus
Scanner and image forming apparatus including a pre-deflection lens that has a width reduced by an emission-side concavity and that converges light incident on areas other than the thinned portion
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using same
Lenslet array for beam homogenization
Optical system for collimating elliptical light beam and optical device using the same
Optical system and photolithography tool comprising same
Method and system for adjusting the sensitivity of optical sensors
Optical fiber cable termination apparatus
Method and apparatus for optically powering and multiplexing distributed fiber optic sensors
Lighting system
Optical cross-connect
Variable demultiplexer
Method and apparatus for detecting multiple optical wave lengths
Electronic camera, information device and portable information apparatus
Environmental system including vacuum scavenge for an immersion lithography apparatus
System and method for an improved illumination system in a lithographic apparatus
Projection system for EUV lithography
Lithography arrangement and procedure that produces a lithography
Compressed image processing method and image compressed image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Universal imaging cartridge
Image forming apparatus having transfer roller guided by guide device fixed on image carrier support structure and process cartridge having the guide device
Image forming device
Paper supply device and image forming device equipped with same
Charger, image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Cleaning member for charging device
Toner supply unit and image forming apparatus
Toner transport roller
Developer-carrying member having improved transportability, a developing unit, a process cartridge and an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with toner forced discharge mode
Method and apparatus for forming a color image by superposing color toner images with an intermediate transfer medium
Image fixing apparatus using pulsating power for heating
Image forming apparatus
Adaptive sensor model
Systems and methods for deterring theft of electronic devices
Methods and systems for estimating a nominal height or quantity of a fluid in a mixing tank while reducing noise
Voltage generator circuit, method for providing an output voltage and electronic memory device
Dynamic bias circuit for use with a stacked device arrangement
Efficient in-rush current limiting circuit with dual gated bidirectional hemts
Computer with a pen or touch sensitive display
Manipulating a telephony media stream
Apparatus and method for two-color printing based on single color data
Measurement fault detection
Printing mechanism for wireless devices
Recording material management in a copier or printer
Refrigerator operable to display an image and output a carbonated beverage
RFID vehicle management system and method
Assertion handling for timing model extraction
Clutch control apparatus and method
Process control method
Method for reducing instantaneous current on startup
Method and system for camera autocalibration
Drive controlling apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Tactile device for scrolling
Method and system for smart vehicle route selection
Failure determination system for stepless speed changer and failure determination device for start clutch
Passive mixer with direct current bias
Dedicated crossbar and barrel shifter block on programmable logic resources
Fast edge reconstruction with upscaling for pulse width modulation rendering
Color electrophotographic apparatus and method of processing an image produced thereby
Job processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring image complexity
Method for sorting postal items in a plurality of sorting passes
Biometric verification system and method utilizing a data classifier and fusion model
Method and apparatus for finding feature correspondences between images captured in real-world environments
Process and device for the automatic rectification of single-channel or multi-channel images
Segmentation method and system for multiple raster content (MRC) representation of documents
Image encoding apparatus and method, program and recording medium
Variable tap filter architecture for image processing
Image processing apparatus, an image processing method, and a computer readable medium having recorded thereon a processing program for permitting a computer to perform image processing routines
Recognizer of text-based work
Image processing method for superimposing high-resolution character data on low-resolution image data
Detection of hanging wires in digital color images
Traffic information providing system and car navigation system
Residual image display
Motion-based text input
Method and arrangement for improving image quality on a display of an imaging device
Surrogate stencil buffer clearing
Disk array unit
Method and apparatus for partial self-servo writing using servo wedge propagation
Disc drive integral actuator pins
Small-size direct-acting actuator
System and method for switching control modes of spindle motor
Magnetoresistive effect element and magnetic memory having the same
Optical pickup device
Authenticatable media and method of authenticating
Optical pickup for cutting off optical noise and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
Magnetoresistance effect element, its manufacturing method, magnetic reproducing element and magnetic memory
Semiconductor memory device with magnetoresistance elements and method of writing date into the same
Memory array with global bitline domino read/write scheme
Methods and apparatus for inline characterization of high speed operating margins of a storage element
Integrated circuit and method for reading from resistance memory cells
System for improving endurance and data retention in memory devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and driving method the same
Semiconductor device
Device in a memory circuit for definition of waiting times
Electrical devices
Attachable rod ignition coil
Construction element for locking ring magnets in bore holes
Array capacitor for decoupling multiple voltage rails
Direct relay connection to a fusible link
Image display device
Semiconductor chip with coil antenna and communication system
Interposer and method for fabricating the same
Apparatus and method integrating an electro-osmotic pump and microchannel assembly into a die package
Structure of mounting electronic component
Semiconductor device with stacked semiconductor chips of the same type
Rigid wave pattern design on chip carrier substrate and printed circuit board for semiconductor and electronic sub-system packaging
IC on non-semiconductor substrate
Integrated circuit having building blocks
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
MOS Devices with different gate lengths and different gate polysilicon grain sizes
Semiconductor superjunction device
Photodiode array and optical receiver device including the same
Laminated piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
Piezoelectric device, droplet jetting device using the same, and image output device
Charging system and method for charging a communication terminal
Microwave filter comprising a coaxial structure with a metallized foam having a periodic profile
Method of producing a photonic bandgap structure on a microwave device and slot type antennas employing such a structure
Nitride semiconductor laser device and semiconductor optical device
Gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor surface emitting device
Overcurrent protection device
Stator, spindle motor, and recording disk driving apparatus
Configurable H-bridge circuit
Permanent magnet rotor for a direct drive generator or a low speed motor
Rotary transformer for supplying electric power to a superconducting rotor
Method and apparatus for substantially reducing electrical earth displacement current flow generated by wound components
Current sense method for bridgeless boost (BLB) PFC circuit using single current transformer
Apparatus and method for detecting binary data
Method for processing protocol data units in a high-speed downlink packet access communication system
Bias circuit
Differential input buffers for low power supply
Techniques for trimming drive current in output drivers
High-speed serial data transmitter architecture
Configurable logic circuit arrangement
System and method for mitigating phase pulling in a multiple frequency source system
Phase lock loop and method for operating the same
Delay circuit with accurate time to frequency conversion
TAD A/D converter in which pulse delay circuit is initialized prior to each conversion operation for deriving an output digital value
Multi stage noise shaping quantizer
Signal processing providing lower downsampling losses
Distributed on-demand media transcoding system and method
Serial-to-parallel conversion circuit, and semiconductor display device employing the same
Systems and methods for reusing a low noise amplifier in a wireless communications device
Wireless base station for reducing interference from a control signal emitted by another wireless base station
Outphasing modulators and methods of outphasing modulation
Reduced power consumption
Direct-conversion receiver for removing DC offset
Local oscillation routing plan applicable to a multiple RF band RF MIMO transceiver
System and method supporting auto-recovery in a transceiver system
Telephone number retrieval system and method
Application server having asynchronous event manager configured for terminating messaging operations and rolling back prescribed data structures
Estimation of multipath channel with sub-chip resolution
Optical interconnection for traffic between a pair of DWDM rings
Embedded multiple description scalar quantizers for progressive image transmission
Mobile-originated to HTTP internet communications
Subscription expiration notification date
Method of overhead channel transmission in mobile communication system and apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for network modems on a shared communications channel
Method and apparatus for optimization of channel capacity in multi-line communication systems using spectrum management techniques
Emergency location transceivers (ELT)
Optical switching apparatus and optical communication network system
Method and apparatus for remotely monitoring and controlling devices
Determining packet size in networking
Transmission device
Communication network, path setting method, network management system and node
Automatic update of squelch tables for optical network applications
Telecommunication system and method for transmitting data
Application decoding engine for computer networks
Communication apparatus and communication method
Method and apparatus for performing network routing with use of power efficient TCAM-based forwarding engine architectures
Estimating channel impulse response and equalizer coefficients in UWB communication systems
Enhanced wireless communication system and method thereof
Wireless communication system and communication semiconductor integrated circuit device
Information processing method and apparatus, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Encrypting device, decrypting device, cryptosystem including the same devices, encrypting method, and decrypting method
High-frequency module and communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for disabling the RF functionality of a multi-function wireless communication device while maintaining local functionality
Device detection in a mobile communication terminal
Apparatus for locating a station initiating transmission of an emergency message in a network having multiple transmission sources
Mobile information system for presenting information to mobile devices
Communication system, method and controller for routing calls within private networks distributed among geographically distant zones
Method and apparatus for printing and/or displaying digital images
Apparatus and method for controlling page break position
Method, apparatus, and program for image processing
Image processing apparatus and method for accurately detecting character edges
Two-dimensional calibration architectures for color devices
Color saturation adjustment
Linear image sensor
Camera having a through the lens pixel illuminator
Image sensing apparatus cleaning operation and control method of said cleaning operation
Moving image pickup apparatus carrying out automatic focus adjustment and still image recording method therefor
Video-image control apparatus and method with image generating mechanism, and storage medium containing the video-image control program
Photo-detection device
Image pickup apparatus
Image encoding device and image decoding device
Bidirectionally predicted pictures or video object planes for efficient and flexible video coding
Mobile videophone terminal
System and process for adding high frame-rate current speaker data to a low frame-rate video using delta frames
System and process for adding high frame-rate current speaker data to a low frame-rate video using audio watermarking techniques
Character display control circuit
Apparatus and method for managing image data by obtaining spectral reflectance
Image processing apparatus enabled to generate image processing information usable by other image processing devices
Data rate shifting methods and techniques
Method and apparatus for allocating an Unicast Access Terminal Identifier according to an access terminal's movement to subnet in a high-speed data dedicated system
Position information acquisition apparatus and method
Method for selecting a wireless communication service provider in a multi-service provider environment
Method and apparatus for configuring a mobile node to retain a "home" IP subnet address
Wireless headset with rotatable speaker housing
High frequency multilayer integrated circuit
Module structure and module comprising it
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and system for monitoring animals
Endoscope apparatus
Controllable bending endoscope
Apparatus for self-inspecting the ear
Lighted intubating laryngoscope
Disconnectable vaginal speculum with removeable blades
Rotatable and deflectable biopsy forceps
Continuous infusion technique for arterial sealing
Apparatus and methods for cardiac restraint
Dispenser for an adhesive tissue sealant
Method and apparatus for securing a suture
Compression plate anastomosis apparatus
Safety locking mechanism for a medical clip device
Methods and apparatus for delivering a medical instrument over an endoscope while the endoscope is in a body lumen
Methods for treating aneurysms
Bioactive three loop coil
Pressure-controlled continuous coronary sinus occlusion device and methods of use
Soft tissue screw and fixation device
Ablation atherectomy burr
Method and apparatus for treating saphenous vein graft lesions
Biological revascularization
Systems and methods of use for delivering beneficial agents for revascularizing stenotic bypass grafts and other occluded blood vessels and for other purposes
Ultrasonic coagulating/cutting apparatus
Device and method for improved diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Surgical knife
Ultrasonic operation apparatus for performing follow-up control of resonance frequency drive of ultrasonic oscillator by digital PLL system using DDS (direct digital synthesizer)
Method for expanding the thorax
Method, apparatus and assembly for terminating bleeding from a bone
Spinal osteosynthesis system for anterior fixation
Modular intramedullary nail
Hex drive bioabsorbable tissue anchor
Leak detection system
Retractable radiofrequency needle point electrode and methods for using same
Wireless electrosurgical adapter unit and methods thereof
System and method for detecting electrode-tissue contact
Passively self-cooled electrode design for ablation catheters
Removal of stratum corneum by means of light
Radiation delivery module and dermal tissue treatment method
Medical cosmetic laser with second wavelength enhancement
Device for detecting or following the position of a bone
Endoscope holder and endoscope device
Blood vessel detecting apparatus
Wearable life support apparatus and method
Adaptive selection of a warning limit in patient monitoring
Device for determining a characteristic point in the cardiac cycle
Real time mechanical imaging of the prostate
Medical diagnostic ultrasound instrument with ECG module, authorization mechanism and methods of use
System and method of automating multidimensional scaling for psychophysics
System for remote evaluation of ultrasound information obtained by a programmed application-specific data collection device
Non-invasive diagnostic method and apparatus for musculoskeletal systems
Miniaturized ultrasound apparatus and method
Ultrasonic probe and method of producing same
Syringe apparatus for delivering light activated materials
Wrist bandage
Urine absorbent pouch for male incontinence
Clothlike, breathable backsheet with multicolored graphics for disposable absorbent article
Absorbent incontinence pads
Disposable absorbent underpants for containing body fluid
Absorbent article
Sanitary napkin
Absorbent article having a refastenable mechanism
Ostomy plug
Removable thrombus filter
Recovery system for retrieving an embolic protection device
Stent retrieval system
Self-expanding stent with enhanced radial expansion and shape memory
Tapered self-expanding stent
Thermoelastic and superelastic Ni-Ti-W alloy
System for removably securing a stent on a catheter assembly and method of use
Telescopic intraocular lens
System for minimally invasive insertion of a bioprosthetic heart valve
Heart valve prosthesis
Mitral or tricuspid valve annuloplasty prosthetic device
Method, instruments, and kit for autologous transplantation
Tray and liner for joint replacement system
Alloplastic replacement for a long bone
Hybrid composite interbody fusion device
Intervertebral distractor and implant insertion instrument
Plasticized soft tissue grafts, and methods of making and using same
Male, hermaphroditic, and female condoms exerting lateral pressure on the penis and the vagina
Reformable convex adapter for ostomy appliance and method of use
Medical device
Urine management system for human females
Tissue treatment apparatus including a bandpass filter transparent to selected wavelengths of IR electromagnetic spectrum
Ocular inspection and eye mist apparatus and method
Splint for surgery of lacrimal passages
Apparatus for lamellar keratoplasty
Multi-function surgical instrument for facilitating ophthalmic laser surgery
Optimization of ablation correction of an optical system and associated methods
Door latching mechanism for infant care apparatus
Stretching and massaging device for the back and shoulders
Pre-slit injection site and tapered cannula
Lipoxin compounds and their use in treating cell proliferative disorders
5,6-dihydroxyindolines as additives for hair dyeing preparations
Sustained release delivery systems for solutes
Bone tissue regenerating composition
Guidewires having a vapor deposited primer coat
Stent coating
Ventricular assist device, accessory therefore and method of use
Chronic peritoneal dialysis sac
Extracorporeal affinity adsorption device
Medical guide wire containment device
Catheter drug delivery system and method for use
Device for connecting a catheter or other tubular member onto a guide-wire without access to the ends of the guide-wire
Methods for emboli containment
Trocar system having cannula with finger grips
Steerable catheter with struts
Reinforced retention structures
Seal assembly
Catheter having exchangeable balloon
Sheath device with dressing for prevention of pneumothorax
Introducer/dilator with balloon protection and methods of use
Ultrasonic method and device for wound treatment
Prefillable intradermal injector
Method of intradermally injecting substances
Blood sampling/injecting valve
Biodegradable infusion set
Adapter and syringe for front-loading medical fluid injector
Catheter with adjustable flow restrictor
Pre-filled retractable needle injection device
Self-protected injection syringe
Adapter and method of attachment for "LUER LOK" receptacles
Intravenous flow controlling device
Cylinder ampoule
Method of treatment using electroporation mediated delivery of drugs and genes
Cell necrosis apparatus
Coil apparatus for urinary incontinence treatment
Radioactive source train
Dimpled seed implant needle
Method of cleaning skin
Magnets adjusting device for bike exercisers
Orthopaedic pedal
Upper extremity rehabilitation and training device and method
Lever type, low loading exercise apparatus
Method and apparatus for rehabilitating the shoulder
Golf ball having a polyurethane cover
Bowling ball
Iron club head
Golf putter
Golf club head having replaceable bounce angle portions
Striking plate for a golf club head
Golf putting game with tilt mechanism
Handheld whirling and balancing device
Exercise apparatus
Ski exercising apparatus
Golf training device
Golf stroke demonstration robot
Golf driving range
Giant swing amusement ride with oppositely pivoting boom arm and cam arm
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for cleaning a bell atomizer spray head
Localized acidic underwater surface cleaning apparatus
Pig and method for cleaning tubes
System for changing the tooling carried by a robot
Reconfigurable multi-spindle apparatus
Composite polymer blast media
Method of disposing of a waste optical disc
Partition manufacturing method and apparatus
Apparatus for folding folded products such as mailing bags and envelopes
Non-solvent very low VOC formulation for removal of ink from printing presses and the like, and methods of using the same
Telescoping platform assembly for packaging systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phthalocyanine ink-jet dyes
Method of cleaning a chamber of a CVD machine and elements within
Detergent for lithography
Removing toner from printed material
Gas jet removal of particulated soil from fabric
Method for the use of hydrophobic bleaching systems in cold batch textile preparation
Method for cleaning a process chamber
Gas-driven rotation apparatus and method for forming silicon carbide layers
Semi-aqueous solvent cleaning of paste processing residue from substrates
Facilitation of hypervideo by automatic IR techniques in response to user requests
Method and system for report presentation and navigation in a computer system
Converting schemas to component models
Method and system for representing a web element for storing and rendering into other formats
Automated diagnostic system and method including disease timeline
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew