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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Solar greenhouse structure
Solar greenhouse structure
Variety corn line HAF4561
Pet deshedding tool
Fishing capsules
Composition and method for controlling harmful arthropods
Composition and method for controlling harmful arthropods
Therapeutic agent for inflammatory diseases, containing adenosine N1-oxide as an effective ingredient
Compounds with nematicidal activity
Antioxidant composition for marine oils comprising tocopherol, rosemary extract, ascorbic acid and green tea extract
System for food product casing removal
Electronic tag having wristband
Hair removal apparatus for personal use and the method of using same
Storage having pair of drawers drawn in opposite directions
Apparatus for inserting a surgical device at least partially through a wound opening
Tenodesis implant
Insertion instrument for inserting socket inserts into the spherical recesses of hip sockets
System and method for chemically cooling an ablation antenna
Grooming systems, devices, and methods including detection of hair-covered skin lesions during grooming and including topographical analysis
Liquid detection system having a signaling device and an absorbent article with graphics
Hydraulic urethral occlusive device
Method and device for heart valve repair
Patient positioning support structure
Autoimmune and inflammatory disorder therapy
Immediate release 4-methyl-3-4[[4-(3-pyridinyl)-2-pyrimidinyl]amino]-N-[5-(4-methyl-1H-imid- azol-1-YL)-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl] benzamide formulation
Orally dispersible tablet containing compacted sildenafil base
Spiro compounds as Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Method of preparing lipid nanoparticles
Prohealing piezoelectric coatings
Lead anchor with pivotable paddles and systems and methods using the lead anchor
Component rework nozzle
Solid golf ball with thin mantle layer
Gaming scheme using general mood information
Three-dimensional playing device and method of use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems and methods for separating xylene isomers using selective adsorption
Composite blocks with void spaces
Fixing jig, fixing method, and honeycomb filter production method
Removable baffles for mixing vessel
Apparatus and process for the continuous reaction of liquids with gases
High swirl air cap
Continuous web apparatus and method using an air to vacuum seal and accumulator
Method and apparatus for achieving higher cooling rates of a gas during bypass cooling in a batch annealing furnace of cold rolling mills
Composite dies and method of making the same
Powder metal ultrasonic welding tool and method of manufacture thereof
Precision laser scoring
Method for operating a machine tool and machine tool
Bulk metallic glass feedstock with a dissimilar sheath
Length adjustable work table
Driving feature
Barrier layers comprising Ni-inclusive alloys and/or other metallic alloys, double barrier layers, coated articles including double barrier layers, and methods of making the same
Panel and method of producing same
Linoleum flooring
Liquid optically clear adhesive lamination process control
Compressible roll top of former for multiribbon transport
Recording apparatus
Hot melt ink composition, method for preparing a hot melt ink composition and use of a hot melt ink composition
Printer for reusable electrically printable medium
Optical writing device, image forming apparatus, and method of controlling optical writing device
Marking control device, laser application device, marking control method, and computer-readable recording medium having marking control program
Thermal print system capable of storing information
Pneumatic tire
Valve assembly for air maintenance tire
Waterproof structures of vehicle doors
Tuned air extractor to prevent wind throb in a vehicle
Powertrain for a vehicle and a method of assembling the powertrain
Machine for forming a headliner
Vehicle roof support structure including side curtain air bags
Integrated slide adjustable pivoting seat belt webbing guide
Reversible 3-point to 4-point seat belt system
Multiple compressor system and method for locomotives
Drive device for a vehicle
Method for bulk transporting 2,6-xylenol susceptible to oxidative discoloration
Volumetrically efficient hot-fill type container
Container panel improvements
Web container
Easy open ream wrap
Assembly for sorting optoelectronic devices
Self-loading machining apparatus with a vertical spindle
Sheet feed tray, sheet feed device, and image forming apparatus
Roll with sensors for a machine for producing and/or processing a material web and machine for producing and/or processing a material web
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for diverting signatures in a folder
Elevator door coupler assembly
Filling machine
System and method for displacing an operating envelope of an offloading system in an offshore environment
Fluid product dispenser
Photon source
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ultraviolet light-emitting module and ultraviolet irradiation device
Glass ceramic article and method and device for ceramizing glass
Si.sub.3N.sub.4 insulator material for corona discharge igniter systems
Method for manufacturing stone material using molten slag
Ternesite used as an activator for latent-hydraulic and pozzolanic materials
Method for purifying tetrafluoropropene
Process for the preparation of glycols
Method for manufacturing neuraminic acid derivatives
Process for preparation of alkynyl carboxylic acids
Apparatus and process for purification of aromatic carboxylic acid
Fluoromethyl-substituted pyrrole carboxamides
Conjugates and associated methods of producing them for the prevention or treatment of nicotine addiction
Olefin containing nuclear transport modulators and uses thereof
Aryl triazole compounds with antitumoural activity
Spiro-oxindole MDM2 antagonists
Crystalline asenapine hydrochloride salt forms
Water-soluble benzoazepine compound and its pharmaceutical composition
Treatments for gastrointestinal disorders
Process for preparing polyolefins
Propylene resin material and method for the production thereof
Use of hyperbranched polyesters and/or polyester amides for separating oil-in-water emulsions
Alkyl-modified vinyl alcohol polymer solution
Solution for formation of organic thin film, and method for production thereof
Dispersing agent from renewable raw materials for binding agent-free pigment preparations
Dispersing agent from renewable raw materials for binding agent-free pigment preparations
Texturing of monocrystalline semiconductor substrates to reduce incident light reflectance
Thermoviscoelastic system fluid and well treatment method
Apparatus and process for the discharge of quenched or unquenched coke from a coke quenching car into a receiving device
Method and system for cell and tissue cultivation
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polypeptides having lipase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Chimeric alpha-amylase variants
Microorganism, and hydrogen production process, 1,3-propanediol production process and biodiesel liquid waste treatment method each using the microorganism
Polypeptides having C4 dicarboxylic acid transporter activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Electron conducting crosslinked polyaniline-based redox hydrogel, and method of making
Compositions for detecting foodstuff spoilage microorganisms
Heat treatment method of pin for endless track
Horseshoe and copper-zinc alloy for a horseshoe
Bonded alumina coating for stainless steel
System and method for electroplating of hole surfaces
Textiles; Paper
Composite fiber having elastomer and method for making the same, and a substrate having the composite fiber and method for making the same
Washing machine wherein the unbalanced load is balanced
Controlling current draw in a laundry treating appliance
Mode shift apparatus for umbilical stranding machine
Fixed Constructions
Rail cant measurement tool and method
Work machine and work management system
Partition system
Overhead coiling closure hood guard
Drilling apparatus
Landing collar
Systems and methods for enhancing recovery of hydrocarbon deposits
Polymeric treatment and wellbore pump arranged to increase hydrocarbon production
Method and system for radially expanding a tubular element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vane pump
Control device for internal combustion engine
Catalytic reduction of NO.sub.x
Control device of engine with supercharger
Methods and systems for operating gas turbine engines
Evaporative fuel treatment apparatus
EGR cooler and EGR cooler device using the same
Fuel pump with quiet cam operated suction valve
Hydrostatic starter device of an internal combustion engine
Starting device for an internal combustion engine
Bearing cup structure and thermal module thereof
Rolling bearing
Bearing for a wind turbine
Bearing preset system
Magnetorheological damping device for reduction or elimination of vibration in steering systems
Linear drive for furniture
Automated manual transmission for vehicle
Vehicular torque converter
Vehicle power switching device
Device for ventilating transmissions
Hydraulic pressure controller for continuously variable transmission
Belt transmission
Butterfly valve with a rigid seal
Overmolded standoff and method for abrasion routing protection of a hose
Fluid recovery in chilled clathrate transportation systems
Illumination devices and methods for making the same
Lighting assembly
Illumination devices and methods for making the same
Composite light guide plate, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
Dual-pressure fixed bed chemical looping process for enhanced oil recovery
Combustor assembly including a transition inlet cone in a gas turbine engine
Oxidation furnace
Ultrafast laser annealing with reduced pattern density effects in integrated circuit fabrication
Transmission-line coupled closed-cycle heat transfer device
Symmetical initiation distributor for use in explosive detonation trains with an offset orientation
Modular charge system
Image measurement apparatus, image measurement method and image measurement program
Journey computation with re-planning based on events in a transportation network
Temperature measuring device, electric appliance having such a temperature measuring device and method for temperature measuring
Map update server, map update system, and car navigation system
Systems and methods for temperature compensation in a utility meter
Vertical waveguides with various functionality on integrated circuits
Information acquiring apparatus and information acquiring method for acquiring information on specimen by using terahertz wave
Spark plug with combustion sensor
Apparatus for examining test bodies
Detection of a metal or magnetic object
System and method for testing engine lubricants
Trenched sample assembly for detection of analytes with electromagnetic read-write heads
Means and methods for assessing increased peroxisomal proliferation
Operating movement detection device, operating movement detection method, and program
Scan architecture for full custom blocks
Thin-film magnetic sensor including a GMR film and method for manufacturing the same
Retrievable vertical hydrophone cable and method
Catenary source steering gear and method
Imaging lens
Zoom lens system, imaging optical device, and digital apparatus
Electrowetting element and manufacture method
Optical interposer with ninety degree light bending
Optical jumper
Optical fiber subassembly
Optical element with sub elements and an addressable mask
Systems and methods for providing polarization compensated multi-spectral laser repair of liquid crystal display panels
Touch panel assemblies and methods of manufacture
Measurement of the position of a radiation beam spot in lithography
Liquid jet and recovery system for immersion lithography
Seal ring for pickup truck box camera in center high mount stop lamp
Image forming apparatus and conveyance control method for image receiving medium
Devices and methods for remanufacturing printer cartridges
Image forming apparatus and decoloring apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus
Thermostatic slide valve for a motor vechicle
Apparatus for reducing effort of clutch pedal for vehicle
Power management in a circuit
Masking power usage of co-processors on field-programmable gate arrays using negative feedback to adjust a voltage variation on an FPGA power distribution trace
Baud rate phase detector with no error latches
Convertible computing apparatus
Control apparatus, control method, computer program product, and semiconductor device
Plural voltage level detection upon power drop for switching to standby mode with or without complete state saving interrupt processing
Electronic circuit and method for state retention power gating
Associating energy consumption with a virtual machine
Apparatus and method for decoding using channel code
Method and device for securing the memory of a computer against errors due to radiation
Method and a transmitter/receiver for reduced signaling in a retransmission system using hybrid automatic repeat
Unobtrusive failover in clustered network-attached storage
Transactions for checkpointing and reverse execution
Efficient handing of semi-asynchronous raid write failures
Dynamically tracking logical units moving between input/output ports of a storage area network target
Testing optimization of microprocessor table functions
Arranging data handling in a computer-implemented system in accordance with reliability ratings based on reverse predictive failure analysis in response to changes
String generation tool
Method of handling an email messaging campaign
Storage integrity validator
Retrieving data from a distributed storage network
Analyzing found data in a distributed storage and task network
Enhancing reliability of transaction execution by using transaction digests
Mobile agent based memory replication
Impedance design method
Approach for securely processing an electronic document
System and method for preserving critical debug data in a portable computing device
Conflict detection and resolution in a multi core-cache domain for a chip multi-processor employing scalability agent architecture
Storage system and management method thereof
Method, system and apparatus for memory address mapping for sub-socket partitioning
Memory controller, memory system, and access control method of flash memory
Bypassing a store-conditional request around a store queue
Affinity group access to global data
Setting copy permissions for target data in a copy relationship
Vector computer system with cache memory and operation method thereof
Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption during rule searches in a content search system
Transferring high volume data between operating systems
Modeling workload information for a primary storage and a secondary storage
Sharing resources allocated to an entitled virtual machine
System and method for writing data to a data storage structure
Write abort and erase abort handling
Method and system for providing identification tags in a memory system having indeterminate data response times
Memory system and bank interleaving method
System and method for providing cache-aware lightweight producer consumer queues
Providing data to a user interface for performance monitoring
Storage system and management method thereof
Hardware-base accelerator for managing copy-on-write of multi-level caches utilizing block copy-on-write differential update table
Copy protection apparatus and method
Medium recording/reproducing apparatus enabling to notice of edition number and method for managing edition number of times
Reconfigurable virtual backplane systems and methods
Input/output control unit, disk array apparatus, input/output control method, and program
Computer system, storage area allocation method, and management computer
Memory control device, storage device, and memory control method
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and control program
Method of optimizing the width of transaction ID for an interconnecting bus
Inter-queue anti-starvation mechanism with dynamic deadlock avoidance in a retry based pipeline
Title editing for slow or fast motion on recordable DVD discs
Method and apparatus for selecting media files
Application execution managing method, application execution server computer, and repeater
Providing flow control and moderation in a distributed message processing system
Separable transport layer in cache coherent multiple component microelectronic systems
Peer-to-peer redundant file server system and methods
Prioritization of application component distribution
Transparently providing layer two (L2) services across intermediate computer networks
System and method for increasing optimal alternative network route convergence speed and border gateway router incorporating the same
Method and system for operating system (OS) verification
Scheduling apparatus and method for load balancing when performing multiple transcoding operations
Comparing text pages using image features based on word positions
Method and system for Xform generation and processing application integration framework
System and method of performing quantitative analysis via graph nodes representing programs
Music system control method
Lookup table sharing for memory-based computing
Lookup table sharing for memory-based computing
Localizing a software product
System and method for providing an inter-application overlay to communicate information between users and tools in the EDA design flow
Translation of text into multiple languages
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program
Automated word substitution for contextual language learning
Data set management using transient data structures
Indexing of significant media granulars
System, method, and computer-readable medium for removing credit card numbers from both fixed and variable length transaction records
Compressing a multi-version database
Addressing cross-allocated blocks in a file system
Efficient data extraction by a remote application
Managing multiple windows on an operator graph
Merging entries in a deduplication index
Online thread retrieval using thread structure and query subjectivity
Exiting windowing early for stream computing
Method and system of adapting a data model to a user interface component
Creation of change-based data integration jobs
Method and apparatus for using monitoring intent to match business processes or monitoring templates
Stream data anomaly detection method and device
Real-time shared web browsing among social network contacts
Registration of CIM agent to management agent and system
Blended model interpolation
Netlist cell identification and classification to reduce power consumption
Pattern layout designing method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and computer program product
Computer including at least one connector for a replaceable storage medium, and method for starting and operating a computer via a replaceable storage medium
Information processing apparatus, information recording medium manufacturing method, and computer program
Information processing system
Secure data storage
Remote access system, method and program
Systems and methods for reducing accuracy of web bugs
Economically secure digital mass media systems
Method and apparatus for secure execution using a secure memory partition
Method and system of mapping at least one web service to at least one OSGi service
Virtual row buffers for use with random access memory
Optimized system for analytics (graphs and sparse matrices) operations
Broadcasting system and receiving apparatus
System and method for timer management in a stateful protocol processing system
Writing multiple files simultaneously to a tape media
System and method of providing inter-application communications
Peripheral device detection with short-range communication
Substitutional reality system control device, substitutional reality system, substitutional reality system control method, and computer-readable non-transitory recording medium
System, method and program product for tabular data with dynamic visual cells
Behavior recognition system
Systems and method for object selection on presence sensitive devices
Data accessing method and electronic apparatus utilizing the data accessing method
Apparatus and method for storing and reusing settings
Unattended full-automatic book management system
Hardware-based array compression
Dual DFA decomposition for large scale regular expression matching
Distributed single sign on technologies including privacy protection and proactive updating
Unauthorized usage prevention system and information processing apparatus
Authentication by image manipulation
Highly secure method for accessing a dispersed storage network
Method to improve branch prediction latency
Indirect instruction predication
Method and apparatus for determining relative ages of entries in a queue
Cache prefetch for deterministic finite automaton instructions
Automated merging in a software development environment
Code-free testing framework
Method for loading software onto a processor unit of a subcomponent of an array consisting of a plurality of components having different subcomponents
Modifying a middleware
Software deployment in a distributed virtual machine environment
Identifying software code experts
Methods and systems for transferring data over a network
Method and system for instruction scheduling
Handling precompiled binaries in a hardware accelerated software transactional memory system
Injecting virtualization events in a layered virtualization architecture
Virtual machine control device, virtual machine control method, computer-readable recording medium, and integrated circuit
Placement of input / output adapter cards in a server
Function-targeted virtual machine switching
Common contiguous memory region optimized virtual machine migration within a workgroup
Virtual machine control method and virtual machine system using prefetch information
Using virtual provisioning machines to provision devices
Environment wide configuration system
Calibrated timeout interval on a configuration value, shared timer value, and shared calibration factor
Method and computer readable medium for providing checkpointing to windows application groups
Provisioning virtual CPUs using a hardware multithreading parameter in hosts with split core processors
Multiple stage workload management system
Methods and systems to identify and migrate threads among system nodes based on system performance metrics
Periodic signal processing apparatus
Determine variable wait time in an asynchronous call-back system based on calculated average sub-queue wait time
Image processing apparatus and image processing method including location information identification
Recognizing handwriting input using rotatable support lines
Hybrid optical character recognition
Semantic boosting rules for improving text recognition
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for converting document image captured by using camera to dewarped document image
Target tracking
Adaptive cataclysms in genetic algorithms
Apparatus, program, and method for solving mathematical programming problem
Instrument cluster including telltale illumination using a light guide
Tactile communication apparatus
System, method, and computer-readable medium for facilitating adaptive technologies
Haptic solenoid and haptic solenoid mounting structure
Ion mobility separation device
Electronic circuit device with electromagnetic clock signal conveyed along cooling fluid conduit network
Configurable low-density parity-check decoder for LDPC codes of arbitrary block size and method of configuring the same
Implementing ECC control for enhanced endurance and data retention of flash memories
System and method for enhanced data decode in a GPS receiver
Operational parameter adaptable LDPC (low density parity check) decoder
Method and apparatus for transferring packets between interface control modules of line cards
Master-slave security devices
Modular network-assisted policy resolution
Remotable information cards
User, device, and app authentication implemented between a client device and VPN gateway
Processing device constituting an authentication system, authentication system, and the operation method thereof
Method and apparatus for secure data mirroring a storage system
Image processing apparatus and computer readable storage medium stored with control program of image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer-readable medium for rasterizing scan line using intermediate data
Transparent holographic display with dynamic image control
Interactive program guide with continuous data stream and client-server data supplementation
Synchronizing visual cues to multimedia presentation
Modifying the behavior of a multimedia transport system in response to detected capabilities of a client system
Operation reproducing method, operation reproducing apparatus and system
System and method for channel feedback for location time of flight
Light emitting module having heat conductive substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Axle driving unit for a lawn tractor
Control system for a cutting assembly of a lawn tractor
User interface for a harvesting machine
Conveyor arrangement positioned within mower suspension links
Flexible lawn and garden spray wand
Remote controlled water flow and drain system
Cover forming apparatus
Method of containing a botanical item and growing medium in a sleeve
Device for cooling a dairy animal, such as a cow
Self-cleaning circular litter device
Ground grain animal litter
Modular animal boarding system
Play house for cats
Pet identification tag with electronic display
Pet travel container kit
Ice fishing trap
Fishing rod holder apparatus
Boatsaver "super pro rod holder base"
Fish bite indicating apparatus
Pest control device
Mosquito killing system
Blood-sucking insect control station
Termite control system with multi-fluid proportion metering and batch signal metering
Cam operated holding belt for tree stand
Methods for raising rabbits
Juice extractor with improved two-piece orifice tube
Process for providing cut filler for cigarettes
Paper wrapper for reduction of cigarette burn rate
Multi-ply cigarette filter wrapper
Low application temperature hot melt adhesive for cigarette preparation
Dual function water pipe
Flat-folded personal respiratory protection devices and processes for preparing same
Glove inverter
Shoe having shock-absorber element in sole
Softspike overshoes
Easy-to-wear shoe
Speed lacing device
Shoe with a shoe lace device that can be tightened to simulate a double-bow knot
Attachment device for pliant material
Integrally molded surface fastener made of synthetic resin
Closure device
Adjustable jewelry bezel setting
Hinged ring that supports an ornament and a system and method for making same
Jewelry making method using a rapid prototyping machine
Looping jewelry attachment to the ear
Hair treatment applicator
Container for liquids
Nestable cosmetic package assembly
Harness assembly with detachable and interchangeable pouches
Portable fluid delivery device
Waterproof body pouch band
Cell phone pouch
Furniture accessory supporting system
Game controller stand
Bookend for forming from a single piece of sheet metal
Portable child's stool with storage compartment
Method of assembling a fully upholstered ready-to-assemble article of furniture
Adjustable bottle holder
Rotary hanger device
Shipping hanger
Spill proof training cup
Tree stand with liquid reservoir
Floral sleeve having a decorative pattern
Fruit injector
Covered pan system
Rotisserie spit attachment
Pourer for simultaneously pouring liquid from a container and mixing air into the liquid
Cooking device with reversible multi-functional top
Rotisserie and spit assembly
Wet wipes dispenser and mounting system
Ventilation of toilets
Toilet seat lifting and lowering device
Bath apparatus with therapy centers
Shower stall unit with integral tanning lights
Apparatus and method for making a sloped floor
Drive mechanism for a soap or foam dispenser
Receiver cup for a vessel housing a medicinal substance
3 dimensional head apparatus and method for the treatment of BPPV
Isolated calibration adapter for sterile pressure transducer
Flanged earplug
Information label for target user, and display package having the label
Method for manufacturing a stent
Assembly for crimping an intraluminal device or measuring the radial strength of the intraluminal device and method of use
Disposable fluid control island
Wheelchair swivel platform
Mobility assisting device for use primarily by hemiplegics
Container cap and liquid communication adapter
Method for hemostasis
Device for diffusing aromas
Dispensing means
Dual capillary fluid vaporizing device
Inhalation device
Endotracheal tube having a beveled tip and orientation indicator
Method and apparatus for ventilation / oxygenation during guided insertion of an endotracheal tube
Method for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
Oxygen therapy apparatus
Base bracket of golf bag
Medal game machine
Rocket with high pressure fueling module
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tortuous path filter
Renewable filter with a bypass valve
Increased efficiency fractional distillation tray and process
Low force closure filter with integral seal
Ventilation of a closed space or closed containers with only one venthole and filled with solids
Cryogenic hydrogen and carbon monoxide production with membrane permeate expander
Gas dryer
Device for purifying the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for evaluating a membrane
Method for constructing a fluidic driver for use with microfluidic circuits as a pump and mixer
Diffuser for use in a carbonic acid control system
Pipette with improved pipette tip and mounting shaft
Test tube support assembly
Machine for the treatment of products made of plastic material of the recyclable type
Method of and apparatus for disposing waste
Composition for the flotation of useful minerals products
Prostrate water sprinkler
Water sprinkler head with integral off-on water flow control valve and adaptive fittings therefor
Manual control structures of a pistol-type spray nozzle
Probe for rechargeable dispensers
Spray nozzle adjustment tool and method
Liquid dispenser for a sink
Classifier and method for preparing toner
Ultrasonic parts washer apparatus
Method of cleaning plant parts for the preparation or processing of (meth)acrylic esters
Traversing contact cleaning roller system
Apparatus for process washing
Rolling mill finishing section
Hot continuous-rolling system with vertical-roll stand
Method and a device for controlling the dimensions of an elongated material rolled in a rolling mill
Method and fixture for filled billet packing
Apparatus and method for vehicle manipulative anchoring
Application of friction stir welding to superplastically formed structural assemblies
Aperture punching unit
Rivet setting machine
Methods of removing self-piercing rivets set into a workpiece and devices for implementing the methods
Method and apparatus of diametrically expanding metal shafts
Reinforced ceramic shell mold and method of making same
Vibrating apparatus for compacting molding sand
Continuous casting facility and process for producing thin slabs
Method and apparatus for adjusting the profile of a continuously cast slab, particularly of a thin slab
Process and apparatus for casting a continuous metal strand
Method and device for the continuous production of electroslag-casted or remelted billets
Exchangeable continuous casting nozzle
Method and apparatus for cutting rings from ring forgings
Pipe cutting apparatus
Work table with a portable table saw support
Wheel attachment for portable power cutting tools
Reciprocating saw having compact configuration and independent stability
Disc-shaped cutting tool
Scraper with stowable file
Method and apparatus for fabricating rotary cone drill bits
Detection of wire bonding failures
Nickel-plated brazing sheet product
Blisk weld repair
Welding wire feed mechanism
Method of assembling a catalytic converter for use in an internal combustion engine
Methods for replacing combustor liner panels
Arbor clamping apparatus for boring and milling machines
Automatic washing device for a workpiece to be measured and automatic production system provided with the same
Cutting machine
Device and method for measuring shape deviations of a cylindrical workpiece and correcting steadying element and correcting follower for use therewith
Holding arms for shaper cutting and the like
System and method for identification of tools and parts of tools for a fabricating machine
Router bit for floorboard
Roller burnishing tool
Test strip and method for confirming shot peening coverage
Ratcheting open-end wrenches
Adjustable wrench
Reversible ratchet head assembly
Reversible ratcheting tool with a smaller head
Tong wrench with tactile torque indication
Treadle valve vise with rotatable couplings
Quick setup apparatus for bar clamp operated with one hand
Front side single pin extraction tool
Telescoping support device for fastener driving tool
Pneumatic piston percussive mechanism with a hollow percussion piston
Interchangeable pistol grip handles for pneumatic tools and seals therefor
Dry shaver with a height adjustable cutter head
Shaving apparatus particularly useful for wet shaving with an electrical shaver
Razor blade cartridge with guard ribs
Razor head with an anti-friction element having a sole fixed to the razor head by welding
Grip removal apparatus
Method for the continuous production of tubular bodies
Stapler apparatus that does not waste staples
Apparatus and method for splitting masonry materials
Semiconductor material cutting and processing method
Plastic container and method for producing the same
Composite indicator knob and a method for manufacturing a knob
Multiple earplug arrangement
Pneumatic bicycle tire having protection against wear and reduced rolling resistance
Method for order changing in corrugating machines
Apparatus for mounting a cutting strip
Apparatus for making reinforced reclosable package seals
Adhesive label, method and apparatus of manufacturing the same
Hydraulic seaming together of layers of nonwoven fabric
Stand of printing unit
Synchronous control system having automatic cutting and printing registering functions
Screen printer and a method for setting a screen plate
Heat transfer printing device and method for printing on toroidal-shaped bodies
Inking unit of a printing machine, and associated method
Angular offset method for fabricating a registration guide
Supports for lithographic printing plates
Trading card having postal markings and method for producing same
Photo album having sliding display inserts
Sandpaper index file for ease of storage
Cosmetic pencil sharpener
Transmitter for tire condition monitoring apparatus
Pneumatic radial tire having small negative ratio and small tread ground contacting width to rim width
Cellular tire liner and air chamber system for pneumatic tires
Pneumatic tire comprising carcass and belt of organic fiber cords with specified modulus of elasticity
Pneumatic shock-absorber
Air-conditioning system for a vehicle
Air-conditioner for a motor vehicle
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Automotive vehicle hood system
Cooling structure of motor-assist device for vehicle
Tank cap and tank cap apparatus
Fuel tank baffle
System and method for controlling an automatic four-wheel drive transfer case which prevents excessive slippage
Skid-steer loader power source attachment and method of manufacture
Selectable instrument clusters
Arrangement for cleaning the mirror element of an outside rear view mirror
Nonrotating billboard of rotation body
Pyrotechnic actuator
Seat belt retractor
Parking brake device for vehicle
Shift lever device
Vehicle wash ramp
Hydraulic brake device for a vehicle
Electronically controllable brake booster
Trainline support bracket
Electrically operated railroad switch machine
Steering system shudder control
Power steering system for vehicles
Protective structure for axle joints
Clamp for a cross bar
Electromotive motorcycle arranged with power system using fuel cell
Front fork for motorcycle
Crank arm quick release device of bicycle
Vessel for data collection in aquatic environments
Motorized wakeboard
Sliding deck assembly providing engine compartment access
Protective enclosure for watercraft hulls
Combined boat-trailer apparatus
Launching of high altitude airships
Aircraft door
Buffer stop assembly
Variable size blended wing body aircraft
Apparatus and method for flight control of an aircraft
Ducted vehicles particularly useful as VTOL aircraft
Wing-drive mechanism and vehicle employing same
Fuel cell powered electric aircraft
Aircraft ground support air conditioning unit with cooling turbine bypass
Autonomous orbit transfer vehicle
Modular spacecraft structure
Inflatable satellite design
Shaftless gyrostabilizer
Strapping packing machine
Band-applying apparatus and method for use in packing system
Tensioning unit
Process and device for packaging a material web roll
Method of providing a thermally-processed commodity within a plastic container
Method of packing a liquid composition containing granular constituents
Device for labeling packages, in particular foodstuffs packages
Packaging for a paste product
Soft tube dispenser apparatus
Closure with tamper-indicating band
Container closure with horizontal and vertical seals
Closure having well with removable membrane
Stackable display container
Foldable cardboard food box having food receptacle and dip tray
Display container
Carton and carton blank
Peelable package and peelable packaging method
Apparatus and methods for improving uniform cover tape adhesion on a carrier tape
Card holder box kit
Bulk-solid metering system with laterally removable feed hopper
Garbage receptacle with incorporated liner compartment
Conveyor for use in contamination sensitive equipment
Vertical conveyor assembly with accumulating pallets
Load former assembly
Automatic infeed apparatus for a woodworking machine
Electronic component feeding apparatus
Accumulation system
Materials handling apparatus
Tape dispenser
Document sensor for currency recycling automated banking machine
Barbed wire holder, carrier, and unreeler
Sliver channel with reduced friction
Assembly for gathering card sliver for packaging thereof in cans of various size
Method for controlling wind angle and waywind during strand package buildup
Adjustable lifting sling
Component which can be used in conjunction with link chains
Crane, especially a self-propelled crane
Cork extracting device and bottle system
Method and apparatus for dispensing product
Connector for fluid container
Dispensing apparatus
Stirrup and leather covers
Acceleration sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing fluorescent lamp
Method for manufacturing a discharge tube
Apparatus for shaping glass tubes
SrO + BaO + Nb2O5 + TeO2 ceram-glass electro-optical device and method of making
Method and apparatus for melting a particulate material
Method of manufacturing decorative cementuous floor surface
Ammonia refrigerating apparatus
Integrated process and installation for the separation of air fed by compressed air from several compressors
Austenitic stainless steel strips having good weldability as cast
Method for controlling composite preform elements during processing
Method for manufacture of a directionally solidified columnar grained article
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for separating waste and short fibers from a carding cylinder
Tube with suction slots for a unit for condensing a bundle of textile fibres drafted in a spinning machine
Unit for condensing a bundle of textile fibres drafted in a spinning machine
Unit for condensing a bundle of textile fibres drafted in a spinning machine
Spinning ring for a ring spinning machine and method of manufacturing thereof
Circular knitting machine
Sinker device of flat knitting machine
Yarn feeder for textile machines
Guide mechanism of knitting member and compound needle assembling the guide mechanism therein
Method and installation for advancing a needled fiber plate
Apparatus for needling a non-woven material
Sewing or embroidery machine
Side mount thread wiper for a sewing machine
Sewing machine having balance
Process for operating a calender and calender
Fixed Constructions
Guideway for a magnetically levitated railway with longitudinal stator linear drive and a parts set and method for making the same
Boltless adjustable rail brace assembly with internal vertical restraint
Bridge structure with concrete deck having precast slab
Sound absorbing structure
Beach cleaner
Chute for snow removal machine
Device to secure lining sheet to pond border
Concrete footing and wall system
Method and system for emplacing mobile and modular constructions
Radar devices for low power applications and bathroom fixtures
Shower apparatus
Pressure vacuum breaker cover assembly
Drain lock
Metal construction panel
Componentized, three dimensional, self-aligning, self-engineering building system for homes, and modeling blocks therefor
Interlocking construction components
Framing system and related framing section assembly
Method for building a floor designated to utilize the heat stored in the earth, and the construction of a floor built using such method
Diversion system and method
Mode of installation of a pre-manufactured stair balustrade
Support means
Quick-connect railing connector
Covering element for building surfaces or the like and method for the production thereof
Bamboo floor plate for sound insulation
Concrete form system
Lock structure for bathroom use
Rotating-lock closure with traction unit
Key operated switch having removable clip retained switch assembly
Theftproof lock device for a suitcase
Lock core mechanism with alarm function
Operating and locking mechanisms for handcuffs
Hinge assembly
Sprung hinge for supporting panel-like closure elements
Hinge structure of trunk lid for automobile
Safety contact rail including a freely moving contact element and hollow profile situated thereabout
Overhead door locking operator
Device for dispensing a liquid onto valuables
Insulated metal cladding for wood door frame
Sealed garage door joint with thermal break
Motorized shutter assembly
Pleated blind
Angle bracket
Method for applying hardfacing material to a steel bodied bit and bit formed by such method
Method and apparatus for conveying fluids, particularly useful with respect to oil wells
Deep well instrumentation
Receiver array using tubing conveyed packer elements
Horseshoe shaped elevator and method for using same
Stalled motor by-pass valve
Downhole actuation system utilizing electroactive fluids
Orientation and locator system and method of use
Isolation container for a downhole electric pump
Drag-type casing mill/drill bit
Triggering mechanism for disconnecting a riser from a riser connector
Rigless one-trip perforation and gravel pack system and method
Method and apparatus for washing a borehole ahead of screen expansion
Apparatus and method for downhole lubrication replenishment
Liner hanger
Method and device to stabilize the production of oil wells
Gas lift valve with central body venturi
Method and apparatus for connecting a main well bore and a lateral branch
Method for fast and extensive formation evaluation using minimum system volume
Roller pipe burster
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hybrid expansible chamber engine with internal combustion and pneumatic modes
Fluidic-piston engine
Coolant recovery type gas turbine
Gas turbine, gas turbine apparatus, and refrigerant collection method for gas turbine moving blades
Effusion cooled transition duct
Auxiliary machinery mounting structure of an engine
Valve operating device for internal combustion engines
Pulse drive valve deactivator
Electrohydraulic device for operating the valves of a combustion engine
Multicylinder internal combustion engine with gas flow lift valves actuated by electro-magnetic actuators
Piston internal combustion engine with pressure relief gas exhaust valves
Engine compression release brake system and method of operation
Oil pan structure for internal combustion engine
System for periodic fluid maintenance of apparatus
Attachable oil funnel
Gas and oil suction system and method
Oxygen-replenishing device for engines
Engine chain cover
Engine exhaust purification device
Control method for turbocharged diesel engine aftertreatment system
Four stroke engine having a supercharger
Apparatus and method for vehicle emissions control
Engine generator
Cooling water flow control system for internal combustion engine
Intake device for an internal combustion engine
Vehicle gaseous fuel supply system
Variable compression ratio pistons and connecting rods
Structure for mounting angle sensor of multicylinder engine in motorcycle
Control system for outboard motor
Gas turbine having water droplet injector
Gas turbine having water spray injection control
Back-up control apparatus for turbo machine
Process for controlling the pressure and delivery of a fuel feed to a servovalve unit
Process and apparatus for reducing warm-up emissions of a direct injection internal combustion engine
Method of gasoline assisted gaseous fuel engine starting
Control system for internal combustion engine
Cylinder air charge estimate
Method for rapid catalyst heating
Fuel injection control for start-up of internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control for internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus using a gas concentration sensor for accurately controlling an air fuel ratio in an internal combustion engine
Throttle valve restoring device
Converging nozzle thrust reverser
Rocket vehicle thrust augmentation within divergent section of nozzle
Purge valve with integral diagnostic member
Common rail injector
Common rail injector with separately controlled pilot and main injection
Modular fuel injector having an integral or interchangeable inlet tube and having an integral filter and o-ring retainer assembly
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Air assist fuel injectors and method of assembling air assist fuel injectors
Variable check stop for micrometering in a fuel injector
Fuel pressure damper
Apparatus for extracting power from a fluid flow
Hydraulic motor with shift transmission
3D array of integrated cells for the sampling and detection of air bound chemical and biological species
Pressurized water supply systems
Method of making an internally profiled stator tube
Refrigerating unit
Air blower inflation adapter
Valve locking mechanism and method
Fluid pressure cylinder apparatus
Archery bows, connector apparatuses for archery bow accessories, and methods for removably securing archery bow accessories to archery bows
Easily insertable V-shaped sealing fastener
Internally lubricated ball screw and nut linear actuator
Thrust bearing structure for supporting a driving shaft of a variable displacement swash plate type compressor
Protection for railway vehicle axle
Concentric drive method and apparatus
Clutch for a power train of a motor vehicle
Electromagnetic clutch and compressor equipped therewith
Switchable clutch
Ratchet free wheel device
Indexing mechanism
Hydraulic actuation systems
Drum brake
Corrosion resistant cast-in insert exciter ring
Clutch disk
Torque limiting chain sprocket assembly
Method for providing high vertical damping to pneumatic isolators during large amplitude disturbances of isolated payload
Damping mechanism having a pressure actuated orifice seal and a compact internally disposed pressure relief assembly
Linear drive
Double cavity toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Torque converter
Transmission control apparatus for an automobile
Shifter with automatic and manual shift modes and with shift position indicators
Method of computing belt tension distribution of metal-pushing V-belt for CVT
Inlet fitting
Backwash valve
Valve box
Throttle valve assembly
Butterfly valve actuation system for ported kiln
Positive locking valve control device
Method and valve for preventing unauthorized access
Mounting bracket for a utility meter transceiver unit
Flow control valve with lateral port balancing
Storing device for easily polymerizable and coagulating liquid substance and method for pressure control thereof
Clamping ring
Quick release pipe end cap
Pipe sealing apparatus
Double-shell pipeline exhibiting improved buckling strength
Laptop accessory
Hydraulic or pneumatic safety device for fluid handling apparatus
Evacuation port and closure for dewars
Solar heat harnessing system
Corrosion probe
Bypass air injection method and apparatus for gas turbines
Combustion chamber assembly
Hybrid window/split air treatment appliance
Portable air conditioner
Adaptable evaporative element for a humidifier
Air conditioner
Multi-stage compression refrigerating device
Method and apparatus for cooling an electric motor
Baffle connection for an accumulator and related method of manufacturing
Method for optimizing coefficient of performance in a transcritical vapor compression system
Combination air separation and steam-generation processes and plants therefore
Method and apparatus for obtaining a gaseous product by cryogenic air separation
System and method for introducing low pressure reflux to a high pressure column without a pump
Cryogenic air separation system with dual section main heat exchanger
Helical type heat exchanger having intermediate heating medium
Evaporative hydrophilic surface for a heat exchanger, method of making the same and composition therefor
Heat exchange assembly
Gun hammer and lever lock
Firearm safe guns security contact
Triggering mechanism for paint ball guns
Extendable end-plate for pistol magazines
Single-impact, viscous fluid ram-plate
Interchangeable shotgun sight
Grenade launcher sighting assembly
Shipboard point defense system and elements therefor
Side-scatter beamrider missile guidance system
Method and device for magnetic guidance, especially for tracking targets
Lightweight armored panels and doors
Modular missile and method of assembly
Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) safe and arm apparatus
Electrical igniter cap
Rotor component displacement measurement system
Taperule blade friction tab
Caster adjustment tool
Measuring device for the contactless measurement of an angle of rotation
Compact optical calibrating apparatus for multiple orientations
Sensing device and sensor apparatus
Angle cosine indicator
Magnetic torpedo level
Rotation detector
Hot wire gas flow sensor
Device for detecting fuel input in a motor vehicle tank
Collapsible measuring container
Liquid level detector and system
Wireless swimming pool water level system
Ultrasonic-wave propagation-time measuring method, gas-pressure measuring method, gas-flow rate measuring method, and gas sensor
Process connection for in-line pressure transmitter
Method and device for measuring pressure inside a steam generator
Nip width sensing system and method
Method and apparatus for determining air flow and pressure data of an aircraft or aerodynamic vehicle
Scalable process transmitter
Capacitive differential pressure sensor
Capacitive based pressure sensor design
Strain gauge based sensor with improved linearity
Pressure housing for in-water pressure based systems
Pressure sensor
Universal thermal engine simulator
Road wheel reader
System and method for detecting an air leak in an exhaust system coupled to an engine
Bag testing machine
Supporting apparatus and a vibration generator
Microtome having a motorized feed drive system
Oil sampling system and method for electrical power devices
Cover glass adhering device
Method of evaluating capacitance value of capacitor on semiconductor substrate
Humidity sensor and method for making
Ultrasonic sensor self test for integrity/performance verification
Guided acoustic wave sensor for pipeline build-up monitoring and characterization
Method for monitoring the creep behavior of rotating components of a compressor stage or turbine stage
Apparatus and method for determining residual stress
Evaporative electrical detector
Measuring and evaluating device
Method and apparatus for thermodynamic analysis of a mixture of fluids
Test method and apparatus for determining the surface saturated dry condition of aggregates
Multi-axis accelerometer comprising a mass suspended by springs above an optical sensor
Process for the fabrication of wiring board for electrical tests
Multipole acoustic logging with azimuthal spatial transform filtering
Eyepiece-support arm assembly device on an aircraft such as a rotary aircraft
Scanning system with adjustable optical characteristics
Mounting apparatus for a deformable mirror
Method of fabricating optical fiber gratings maximizing residual mechanical stress in the optical fibers
Method of manufacturing the dielectric waveguide
Method for making planar optical fiber circuits
Method and apparatus for removing a liquid from a surface of a rotating substrate
Wristwatch case with interchangeable bracelet
System for reducing effects of acceleration induced deflections on measurement made by a machine using a probe
Precision regulator
Fluid flow control system, fluid delivery and control system for a fluid delivery line, and method for controlling pressure oscillations within fluid of a fluid delivery line
Printout bin job identification and display
Chip card equipped with a loop antenna, and associated micromodule
Multiple plane scanning system for data reading applications
XML-based barcode scanner
Distribution of partitionable physical properties for market based control of actuators and sensors
Disposable coupon card providing a plurality of coupon discount offers
Apparatus for grouping electronic price labels
Method and apparatus for enclosing banknotes where information is printed on the inside of a transparent film
Coin-emptying device for a column-shaped slot machine
Electronic cash register and a method of displaying a processing result in an electronic cash register
Liquid decoration container
Ornamental display receptacle
Label and sign holder
Label channel with top-hinged front panel
Changeable address display
Multi purpose headgear
Attachment apparatus for disc protective sheet and attachment method therefore
Stackable compact disk case
Flyability and glide methodology for 100 GPSI
Optical scanning device
Planar shape characteristic measuring apparatus and planar shape characteristic measuring method
Flash memory including means of checking memory cell threshold voltages
Reinforced utility cable and method for producing the same
Method of producing a multilayer electronic part
Distributed inductively-coupled plasma source and circuit for coupling induction coils to RF power supply
Systems and methods for low contamination, high throughput handling of workpieces for vacuum processing
Rotary processing apparatus with holding bars having drain grooves
Alignment wafer
Bump bonding apparatus and method
Method of measuring dishing using relative height measurement
Heat sink clip assembly
Conductive element and manufacturing method thereof
Electrical terminal fastening method
External cavity laser type light source
Rotating arc spark plug
Beverage holder tray on outdoor enclosure
Method of manufacturing motor yoke
Miniature motor and method for manufacturing the same
Armature winding apparatus
Armature for an electromotive device
Method for manufacturing a ceramic resonator
Suspending cable rack for patch panel
Loudspeaker with improved mounting structure for the surround
Sounder, speaker and sound head using the sounder
Fabrication of PTC heating devices
Apparatus for manufacture of electrical assemblies
Actuating drive with a housing with sealing means
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