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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Grain drill with accurate metering of the rate of planting of seed
Digging or gripping tool
Multi-embryo manufactured seed
No-slip elbow pad
Modular electric toothbrushes
Wall-avoiding high leg recliner chair
Tubule featherbed
Swivel assembly for connecting a wand to a nozzle assembly of a vacuum cleaner
Casket leveling bed
Triggering circuit for an aerosol drug-dispensing device
Automotive fire suppression system with binary fire suppression agent
Top cuff with dividers for golf bags
Method and apparatus for planning and customizing a gaming experience
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device and method for knife coating an ink based on copper and indium
Wafer clamping apparatus and method for operating the same
Zirconia based blades and foils for razors and a method for producing same
Solder ball supplying method and supplying device
Stent delivery system
Systems and methods for verifying a pre-programmed materials processing path
Method for producing a cooled ring carrier
Nailing machine
Rotary type electric shaver
Belt or clothing-mountable battery-powered hair clipper with holster
Method and apparatus for removing dust from a workpiece
Flexible mandrel for highly contoured composite stringer
Deformable component, especially accessory for a vehicle, and process for manufacturing
Liquid droplet-ejecting apparatus, ink-jet printer, and liquid droplet-moving apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus and method
System for independent translational motion on two axes using one motor
Latch mechanism for automotive seat assembly
Vehicle seat assembly
Curtain airbag device
Airbag cover and method of manufacturing
Gas bag module
Airbag apparatus
Cowl-top cover
Integral braking system for motorcycles
Hydraulic brake system for a wind energy plant
Cart for welding operations
Steering apparatus for electric industrial vehicle
User input for vehicle control
Device for attaching and removing a component to and from a vehicle
Steering shaft support structure for vehicle for uneven ground running
Nose cone for a snowmobile
Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use
Aerosol dispenser for mixing and dispensing multiple fluid products
Automated clipping packaging systems with bottom-up cutting members and associated methods
Plastic bottle with handle
Fastener for a display page
Dispenser with detachable retention feature
Packaged supply of individual doses of a personal care product
Wafer pod with working sheet holder
Foodstuff feeding apparatus and feeding method
Automatic supplying device of door hinges
Sheet feed device for feeding cut sheets while interposing shortened interval between successive fed two sheets
Device for restraining the rise of a step roller of a people conveyor
Metering valve for fluid substances
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phosphor for dispersion-type EL, dispersion-type EL device, and method of manufacturing the same
Method for growing germanium epitaxial films
Fixed Constructions
Door assembly for use in a home appliance
BOP conversion apparatus
Jacking frame having a wellhead centralizer and method of use
Restriction tolerant packer cup
Inhibiting effects of sloughing in wellbores
Boring rig
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic valve driving device and engine including the same and vehicle
Method for controlling the temperature of a catalyst and multicylinder engine comprising a lambda splitting exhaust gas cleaning system
Multiple capillary fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Method for determining the air mass in a cylinder
Engine system for multi-fluid operation
Baffle plate configuration of internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine control apparatus
Gaseous fuel injector
Variable rotor speed wind turbine, wind park, method of transmitting electric power and method of servicing or inspecting a variable rotor speed wind turbine
Electro hydraulic actuator with spring energized accumulators
Damper and automobile seat having the damper
Hydraulic load centering spring perch
Ball screw drive
Power unit vehicle use automatic transmission device
Torque converter with a lock-up clutch assembly having a floating friction disk
Embedded high temperature valve
Plastic guard for airbrake tubing and coils
Method and apparatus for fast gas exchange, fast gas switching, and programmable gas delivery
Peltier based freeze-thaw valves and methods of use
Insulated container with access door
Operation method and device for combination dryer
Spring-assisted paintball loader
Safety and arming unit for a spinning projectile fuze
Transparent edge-lighted instrument cluster
Filter contamination control device
Image capturing device and image capturing system
Preparation enhancements and methods of use for MALDI mass spectrometry
Ultrasonic sensor system for web-guiding apparatus
Porosity reference standard utilizing one or more discrete wires
External operation detection structure body
Color temperature and illumination adjusting system, and method thereof
Defending against browser attacks
Implementing simultaneous read and write operations utilizing dual port DRAM
Reconfigurable load-reduced memory buffer
Implementing simultaneous read and write operations utilizing dual port DRAM
Intelligent automated messaging for computer-implemented devices
Delivering offers
Automatic detection and notification of backlogs and delays
Intelligent network interface system and method for accelerated protocol processing
TCP offload device that batches session layer headers to reduce interrupts as well as CPU copies
Dynamic scrolling-ticker for initiating telecommunications services
Communication control system, method, and apparatus
Embedded thin DHCP for wi-fi direct to provide an IP address during connection establishment
System and method for providing network application performance management in a network
Apparatus and method for non-mediated, fair, multi-type resource partitioning among processes in a fully-distributed environment
Device and method for controlling dissemination of contents between peers having wireless communication capacities, depending on impatience reaction functions
Dynamic conversion of hardware resources of a server system
Method and system for improved pattern matching
Audio system equalization for portable media playback devices
Smart media device ecosystem using local data and remote social graph data
Dispersal and retrieval of data fragments in a peer-to-peer data backup and archival network
Linking social media and broadcast media
Content display device, television receiver, menu screen generation method, and recording medium
Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for tracking documents in a workflow
Generating secure roaming user profiles over a network
Transferring information on a first mobile computing device to a peer mobile computing device
Retail environment
System, method, and program for generating barcode data
System and method for associating machine readable information and dimensioning data for conveyor borne packages
Deformable tree matching with tangent-enhanced coherent point drift
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and computer program product
Method of and apparatus for performing an objective video quality assessment using non-intrusive video frame tracking
Compression and decompression of graphics data using pixel region bit values
Objective weighing and ranking
Monitoring and replaying user behaviors on the web
Foundry production planning
System and method for batching content for playback on an electronic device
Bill handling apparatus
Drawing device and drawing program
Paper sheet management system, paper sheet mangement apparatus, paper sheet management method, and paper sheet management program
Identification display
In-vehicle display apparatus
Display device and method of calibrating color
Image display apparatus, method of driving image display apparatus, grayscale conversion program, and grayscale conversion apparatus
Capacitive-load driving circuit and plasma display apparatus using the same
Display device and display method for estimating backlight luminance distribution
Liquid crystal display device capable of performing 2D display and 3D display, and drive method thereof
Graphical rendering with implicit surfaces
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Display apparatus and NPR processing method applied thereto
Method and apparatus for driving a display device with variable reference driving signals
LCD driving module, LCD device, and method for driving LCD
Methods and systems for speech adaptation data
Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for pitch trajectory analysis
Information medium
Method of assembling a disk drive unit via a ramp tool
Tape head assembly for linear tape open
Recording device
Resistance change memory and forming method of the resistance change device
Integrated capacitor based power distribution
Read-detection in multi-level cell memory
Lithographic apparatus
Method for manufacturing tungsten capacitor element
Arc extinguishing contact assembly for a circuit breaker assembly
Selector for a tap changer
Liquid filament for incandescent lights
Method and device for bunching a beam of charged particles
Ion source for mass spectrometer and method of producing analyte ion stream
Mass analysis data processing method and mass analysis data processing apparatus
Interface for mass spectrometry apparatus
Rigid flex interconnect via
Optoelectronic devices with back contact
Semiconductor material and method of production
Structure and method to form localized strain relaxed SiGe buffer layer
Method for manufacturing a photovoltaic cell with a locally diffused rear side
Method of manufacturing an electronic component
Prevention of metal loss in wafer processing
Methods for etching silicon using hydrogen radicals in a hot wire chemical vapor deposition chamber
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits using directed self-assembly including lithographically-printable assist features
Dimension-controlled via formation processing
Fabrication methods of conducting bridge random access memory (CBRAM) device structures
Intermetallic compound filled vias
Integrated circuits having crack-stop structures and methods for fabricating the same
Methods and devices for securing and transporting singulated die in high volume manufacturing
Apparatus and method for manufacturing an integrated circuit
Uniformly doped leakage current stopper to counter under channel leakage currents in bulk FinFET devices
Device isolation in FinFET CMOS
Constrained die adhesion cure process
Cooled electronic system with liquid-cooled cold plate and thermal spreader coupled to electronic component
Support mounted electrically interconnected die assembly
Integrated circuits and methods for fabricating integrated circuits with capping layers between metal contacts and interconnects
E-fuse with hybrid metallization
Semiconductor contacts and methods of fabrication
Low resistance replacement metal gate structure
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Shallow extension junction
Photoelectric conversion apparatus that maintains image quality and image pickup system
Solid-state image sensor and camera utilizing light attenuating films
Electrostatic discharge protection structure
Fabrication method of semiconductor memory device
Apparatus and methods for continuous flow synthesis of semiconductor nanowires
Oxides with thin metallic layers as transparent ohmic contacts for p-type and n-type gallium nitride
Semiconductor device and electric power converter in which same is used
Nitride spacer for protecting a fin-shaped field effect transistor (finFET) device
Bipolar transistor with carbon alloyed contacts
Semiconductor device using a nitride semiconductor
Radiation detector
Solar cell and method of fabricating the same
Vertical transistor devices for embedded memory and logic technologies
Monolithic integration of heterojunction solar cells
Liquid crystal panel and manufacturing method of the liquid crystal panel
Method of producing crystalline substrate having concave-convex structure
High efficiency thermoelectric generation
Rechargeable electrochemical energy storage device
Optimizing battery usage
Battery for work vehicle and battery-type work vehicle
Method of assembling a battery
Separator for a secondary battery and secondary battery including the same
Rechargeable battery having safety member
Lithium ion battery
Alkaline cell having increased interfacial area
Radio frequency identification reader antenna and shelf
Multi-antenna device and communication device
Controller barrier layer against electromagnetic radiation
Wideband antenna system with multiple antennas and at least one parasitic element
Antenna having three operating frequency bands and method for manufacturing the same
Electric connector
Lever-type connector
Self-aligning connector for data and/or power transmission
Electrical connector with differential pair contact
Electrical connector with inner shell in two pieces
Well co-plane card edge connector
Shielded flat flexible cable connector with grounding
Torsion eliminating compression device and method
Airtight coaxial connector
Switchgear system and electrical switching apparatus assembly therefor
Cable rodding assembly
Low current protection circuit
Controlling turn on FETs of a hot plug device
Control circuit for excess energy removal in power transmission lines
System including first and second apparatuses supplying electric power to each other
Medium voltage power transmission line alternative
Monitoring a battery in a portable electronic device
Uninterruptible power-supply apparatus and method of using the same
Electronic device including non-contact charging module
Wireless power transmission apparatus and system for wireless power transmission thereof
Energy harvesting device
Current limiting circuit and method for LED driver
Phase interpolator calibration
Low-noise amplifier circuit
Voltage adjusting circuit for amplifier circuit and method thereof
Multipath mitigation circuit for home network
Household appliance comprising touch sensors
Duty cycle adjustment with error resiliency
Apparatus, system, and method for reconfiguring an array of storage elements
Hybrid CAM assisted deflate decompression accelerator
Diversity receiver and method for controlling diversity receiving operation
Methods and systems for down-converting a signal
Filter enhancer and method
Optical transmission for binary and duobinary modulation formats
Compact radiofrequency power meter
Systems and methods for a self-optimizing distributed antenna system
Data transmission device
NFC reader transmission signal pre-distorsion
Method of initializing a channel in a medical body area network
Radio communication system, user terminal, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
Methods and devices for uplink multi-antenna transmissions in a telecommunication system
Methods, systems and apparatuses for direct data frames
Methods for connecting devices and devices using the same
Algorithm for long-lived large flow identification
Method for calculating statistic data of traffic flows in data network and probe thereof
Methods for detecting rejoining nodes in an IBSS
Establishing the packet flow possessing a symmetrical quality of service by negotiating the quality indicator
Scalable forwarding table with overflow address learning
Estimation of CFO based on relative values of frequency bins corresponding to used subcarriers of received preamble symbols for OFDM systems
SFO estimation technique for MIMO-OFDM frequency synchronization
Ensuring network connection security between a wrapped app and a remote server
Transparent encryption/decryption gateway for cloud storage services
Provisioning digital certificates in a network environment
Transmitting aggregated information arising from appnet information
Smart power background to validate user
Apparatus, system and method of protecting domains of a multimode wireless radio transceiver
Header size reduction of data packets
Mobile device workload management for cloud computing using SIP and presence to control workload and method thereof
Method of synchronizing a communication system
Secure key management
Method for communication terminal to reside in a plurality of networks and communication terminal
Camera cell phone with integrated wireless mouse
Communication device
Mobile terminal and control method for the mobile terminal
Dynamically formed acoustic volume
Index of suspicion determination for communications request
Method of protecting an identity of a mobile station in a communications network
Method and apparatus for the secure storage of audio signals
Method and system for caching content for mobile distribution
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and image processing method
Image decoding apparatus, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image coding method
Wall stand
Video enhancement techniques
Method and apparatus for previewing a dual-shot image
Relay apparatus controlling signal channel selection
Display apparatus, upgrade apparatus, display system and control method of the same
Display control device and display control method
Methods and systems for determining data-adaptive weights for motion estimation in a video sequence
Video feed layout in video conferences
Modular digital television decoder
Conversion circuit, image processing device, and conversion method that perform A/D conversion of an image signal
Oscillator device and electronic apparatus
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding multi-channel audio signal
Apparatus and method for authenticating access of a mobile station in a wireless communication system
Indoor navigation to known points of interest
Retroactive check-ins based on learned locations to which the user has traveled
Determining if a target device is collocated with other devices in a users contacts list
Payment application download to mobile phone and phone personalization
Method for coordinating inter-cell interference in heterogeneous network and heterogeneous network
Calibration and tracking to assist inter-frequency measurements of LTE cell by WLAN radio
Processing delay estimate based on crowdsourcing data
Prioritized delivery for a collection of content
Signaling data compression/decompression devices and methods for wireless communication networks
Enhanced extended access class barring
Method of reporting system information in a wireless communication system and device for supporting same
Neighboring cell measurements
RCC connection establishment method and apparatus in communication system background of the invention
User equipment and reconnection method for mobile communications system
Country code selection logic for Wi-Fi stations
Optimized emergency alert message delivery
Apparatus and method for selecting processing speed of processor and wireless network
Communication device and transmission power control method
Wireless apparatus, baseband processing apparatus, and communication method
Systems and methods for location-based multi-band roaming
Selective activation of VAMOS-2 mode
Two-level optimization for cloud spectrum services
Method and apparatus for transceiving control information and/or data to/from a base station via an anchor terminal in a wireless access system supporting machine-type communication
Radio relay station, radio base station and radio communication method with channel quality measurement
Core network interface for packet domain for UMA UNC applications
Constant current source based on self-oscillating soft-switching LLC converter topology
Input voltage sensing for a switching power converter and a triac-based dimmer
Light emitting device driver circuit and driving method of light emitting device circuit
Non-linear current IDAC with synthesis in time domain
Method to control striations in a lamp powered by an electronic ballast
Printed board, printed board unit, and method of manufacturing printed board
Filter circuit
Component mounting method
Component mounting method
Housing for an electric circuit for a fuel pump
Device including a semiconductor chip and wires
Board cooling apparatus and information equipment
Apparatus and method for dissipating heat
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bread roll
Dog biscuit
Adjustable bra
Bomb disposal suit
Hat bill
Shoe cover traction pattern
Shoe cover traction pattern with heel and toe areas
Shoe bottom
Portion of a shoe sole
Shoe cover traction pattern
Shoe sole
Dishwashing/gardening glove
End stop for slider bag
Lingerie closure
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper portion
Portion of a shoe upper
Footwear upper portion
Footwear upper portion
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Diaphragm turkey call wallet
Golf equipment carrier
Golf ball container
Umbrella canopy
Set of bristles for a toothbrush
Electric toothbrush handle
Electric toothbrush handle
Paint brush
Paint brush
Cover for a roll of tape
Cover for a roll of tape
Compressor shroud
Glider with canopy
Surface configuration of a seat for a vehicle
Towel rack
Holder and display for collectibles
Storage bin rack
Holder and display for collectibles
Dual keyboard stand
Holder and display for collectibles
Holder and display for collectibles
Furniture stile and post
Chair base
Chair arm
Assist rail
Inflatable mattress pad
Coffee maker
Coffeemaker press
Lighted mug
Traveler mug
Oval dish
Seal for a bowl
Microwave cooking tray
Roasting grate and lift rod
Dispenser for stick form solid edible foods
Cheese slicer
Dust pan
Soap dispensing dish sponge
U type gripper
Combined brush wiper and holder for paint can
Container and lid with undulating rim
Paint can attachment with brush holding slot
Snap hook bottle opener
Garden shovel
Hand-held yard drill/groover for planting grass seed
Portable electric driver drill
Solar powered weed whacker
Hand tool handle pattern
Circular saw with top handle
Hacksaw frame
Punchdown tool with light
Handle of a string cutter for cutting the silica gel of the glass
Water contractor
Kite spool
Curved dog bone shaped carabiner
Pinwheel shaped carabiner
Socket tool
Pneumatic nailing machine
Fish hook shaped carabiner
Scraper tool
Hot air blowing gun
Pine tree shaped carabiner
Knife sharpener
Stocking shaped carabiner
Axe wedge
Water contractor
Load floor latch
Exhaust system clamp
Snow stop
Paperboard bottle
Can-shaped liquid and lotion applicator
Circular dispensing container
Bottle with offset neck
Beverage bottle
Double handle container
Beverage package
Round stackable container
Snack food container
Flexible pouch
Shrimp tray
Sidewall detail for a beverage bottle
Sidewall detail for a beverage bottle
Sidewall detail for a beverage bottle
Sidewall detail for a beverage bottle
Sidewall detail for a beverage bottle
Sidewall detail for a beverage bottle
Outer watch face
Clip for electronic component tray
Clay mixing tool
Sensor for internal mounting in a cylinder
Navigational system display for a motor vehicle
Magnetic compass
Bath scale
Runway light
Hand-held remote
Finger ring
Tri-dimensional hearts
Brilliant-cut diamond
Reflective pendant
Jewelry pendant
Plow blade mount
Furniture slide
Escalator handrail entry
Vehicle flag holder
Aesthetically narrow nonsymmetrical front scooter fork
Child stroller and car seat with football helmet-shaped seat
Double mobile pet carrier
Bottom frame of walker
Vehicle upper body
Front face of a vehicle wheel cover
Vehicle lower body
Automotive wheel
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Radiator grill
Automotive wheel
Collapsible truck tailgate table for construction plans
Bumper for automobiles
Automotive wheel
Bumper for automobiles
Automotive wheel
Fairing for a truck cab
Frontal configuration of a steering wheel
Automotive wheel
Combined rear view mirror and speakers
Vehicle wheel
Battery pack
Wheeled battery charger with inverter and compressor
Optical sub-assembly module
Interconnect enclosure for computer and audio visual equipment mountable on an edge of a table
Main body of an automatic switch
Surface configuration of a key and remote control unit
Instrument or vocal microphone (PG57)
Digital audio recorder
Combined radio receiver and clock
Earloop receiver
Panel for a power supply device
Digital audio disc player for an automobile
Boom for flip open headset
LCD display
Computer mouse housing
Card reader
Combined slider and head for reading or writing information on a disk
Flexible keyboard
Keyboard with game controls
User interface for a television display screen
Portion of an IC card
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Portion of an IC card
Computer chassis for dual, opposing main boards
IC card
Inkjet printer
LCD display
Portion of an IC card
Digital audio disc player for an automobile
Card for wireless transmission
Keypad for a handset
Monitor display
Front cover for a handset
Housing for communication devices or similar articles
Front cover for a handset
Portable telephone
Tape spool for tape cartridge
Audio and video accessory for an electronic device
Audio and video accessory for an electronic device
Vacuum cleaner
Buffer with palm grip
Delicate undergarment laundering cage
Housing for a stick-type vacuum cleaner
Vacuum foot with brush window
Steam generator
Cutting tool
Cutting tool
Cutting tool
Engine-driven welding machine
Spiral gold pan
Liquid crystal projector
Pair of eyeglasses
Eye glasses
Eyewear temple
Magnifier with dual hand grips and attachable stand
Bulged eye goggles
Stringed instrument body
Mouthpiece cover
Ribbon cartridge
Control console for a printing machine
Label sheet
Triple wall file
Paper clip
Binding nail
Tape dispenser
Tape holder
Tape holder
Film-transferring device for office use
Dual view memorial marker
User interface bracket for a point of sale terminal
Paper guide for a point of sale terminal
Top insert label holder
Novelty license plate
Bingo game
Scooter frame
Craft kit construction component--single-side-decorated, cling applique, flower pot form
Shoulder exercising apparatus
Reticle pattern for a gun scope
Fishing lure
Cross handle
Male garden hose coupling
Head for bead filtration system
Female garden hose coupling
Spray gun for gardening
Garden hose mender
Spray gun for horticulture
Shower handle flange
Shower caddy
Corner caddy
Corner bath caddy
Combination dispenser-container
Lavatory sink
Wallmount for toothbrush
Electrical air freshner
Ceiling fan housing
Ceiling fan
Combination ceiling fan motor housing and blades unit
Bat fan
Offset duct with a crimped end
Offset duct with an indented end
Duct with a crimped end
Holder for a volatile actives dispenser
Coupling ring for ventilation ducts
Liquid flow bubble release device
Blood pressure monitor
Tablet cutting machine
Needle assembly
Dental mirror
Electroscopic pen
Prosthesis connector
Ankle brace
Face plate for hand wand for a massaging apparatus
Industrial dust control door
Solar-powered outdoor light
Articulating arm light
Portable lighting fixture with tripod
Patio lantern
Trim ring for ceiling light fixture
Cosmetic casing
Multi-compartment cosmetic case
Combined headband and ponytail holder
Electric shaver
Foot massage mat
Pliable nail buffer
Massage tool
Cosmetic container
Electric toothbrush
Pair of protective shoulder pads
Full-face helmet
Curved bone shaped pet product
Conical squirrel baffle
Swing blade for a potato processor
Blender attachment
Combination mixer and blender
Juice extractor
Combined gas cooking range and griddle
Human Necessities
Ground Cover rose plant named `Noalesa`
Rosa plant named `Chewpearl`
Apple tree named `Co-op 33`
Dianthus plant named `Valda Kitty`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Ibe`
Lily plant named `Orania`
Cooking banana plant `FHIA-25`
Petunia plant named `Sunlapur`
Impatiens plant named `HGI-1068-1`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI ONE OST`
Delosperma plant named `Kelaidis`
Pinus nigra plant named `Marie Bregeon`
Silhouette motion goose decoy
Protective garment
Seamobile safety belt
Perspiration control device having perspiration directing seal strip
High visibility, load bearing tactical vest
Soccer headband
Toothbrushes having brush bristles capable of oscillating perpendicularly with respect to a tooth surface
Carpet-cleaning brush
Outdoor modular kitchen end unit
Inflatable mattress with storage compartment
Loft bed assembly with multiple storage compartments
Caster assembly for a bed frame member or furniture
Prone positioning mattress
Heated air mattress
Infection control mat
Edge support on a mattress
Inflatable mattress
Fluid mattress assembly with check valves
Mattress structure having a foam mattress core
Retraction control device for baby joyful bed
Slitted blanket adapted to accomodate feet
Back washing assembly
Cleaning tool
Portable back pack vacuum
Vacuum cleaner having upright handle with translucent tray for supporting accessory attachments
Electromyographic examination glove
Large body stretcher
Medical examination table with two-way drawers and articulating backrest
Universal hand surgery table
Lateral support of a hoist
Device for handling a patient
Dry emollient compositions
Firefighter's axe
Performing Operations; Transporting
Trowel with levels
Thermal printing apparatus
Wiper pivot
Windscreen-wiper drive
Textiles; Paper
Cut resistant support yarn suitable for wrapping with an additional yarn covering
Washing machine speed sensor
Washing machine incorporating detergent tray
Fixed Constructions
Mechanical bridge assembly and method
Screw-on hinge with blocked position
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Tuned induction manifold runners
Sectional wine refrigerator
Internal guardband for semiconductor testing
Restricting the damaging effects of software faults on test and configuration circuitry
Method and system for testing interconnected integrated circuits
Method for operating a boundary scan cell design for high performance I/O cells
System and method for comparing values from target systems
Data failure memory compaction for semiconductor test system
Process window based optical proximity correction of lithographic images
Counting apparatus, counting method, and computer readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for post-transaction pricing system
Method and apparatus for transmitting registered data onto a PCI bus
Data processing system with adjustable clocks for partitioned synchronous interfaces
Multi-computer access secure switching system
Method and apparatus for an integrated security system for electronic components
Dual power switching network system for isolating between different power supplies and applying appropriate power supply to a connected peripheral device
Method and apparatus for providing a raid controller having transparent failover and failback
Error recovery method and apparatus for ADPCM encoded speech
Transaction processing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for recovery of useful areas of partially defective direct rambus rimm components
Magnetic disc control apparatus with parallel data transfer between disc control unit and encoder circuit
File mapping system and related techniques
Fault tolerant, low latency system resource with high level logging of system resource transactions and cross-server mirrored high level logging of system resource transactions
Synchronization and resynchronization of loosely-coupled copy operations between a primary and a remote secondary DASD volume under concurrent updating
Storage system having plural buses
Method and apparatus for handling invalidation requests to processors not present in a computer system
Circuit arrangement and method for checking data
Digital Component test Apparatus, an apparatus for testing electronic assemblies and a method for remotely testing a peripheral device having an electronic assembly
System, method and article of manufacture to remotely configure and utilize an emulated device controller via an encrypted validation communication protocol
Method of validating data in circular buffers
Method, data structure, and computer program product for identifying a network resource
System and method for effectively implementing isochronous processor cache
Method and logic for storing and extracting in-band multicast port information stored along with the data in a single memory without memory read cycle overhead
Memory system and method of using same
Programmable data prefetch pacing
Relocatable overland peripheral paging
Address management for a shared memory region on a multi-processor controller board
Repeater for use in a shared memory computing system
Method and apparatus for altering data length to zero to maintain cache coherency
Cache memory system and method for managing streaming-data
Cache memory control device for multi-processor system
Method and system for prefetching data where commands are reordered for execution
Snoop blocking for cache coherency
Using an access key to protect and point to regions in windows for infiniband
Semiconductor storage device and program authenticity determining system
Automatic tracking system and method for distributable software
Security system for electronic information sharing
FIFO buffers receiving data from different serial links and removing unit of data from each buffer based on previous calcuations accounting for trace length differences
Apparatus, system, method and memory medium for data processing
Memory access circuit and memory access control circuit
Method and apparatus for scheduling requests using ordered stages of scheduling criteria
Method and system for efficient I/O operation completion in a fibre channel node
Method and computer system for safely hot-plugging adapter cards
Tracking and control of prefetch data in a PCI bus system
Compact PCI backplane and method of data transfer across the compact PCI backplane
Duplex operation and simultaneous information transfer across a link in a expanded computer system
Predictive mechanism for ASB slave responses
Method and apparatus for automatically installing and configuring software on a computer
High-speed processor system and cache memories with processing capabilities
Method of and apparatus for deriving prime numbers, as well as record medium having program for executing prime number deriving method recorded thereon
Efficient data transfer mechanism for synchronization of multi-media databases
Method for cache validation for proxy caches
Methods, system and computer program products for mirrored file access through assuming a privileged user level
Method for preserving referential integrity within web sites
Scaleable hash table for shared-memory multiprocessor system
Accelerated content delivery over a network using reduced size objects
Method and apparatus for a network-based mask defect printability analysis system
Delay analysis method and design assist apparatus of semiconductor circuit
Circuit design method and circuit design apparatus
Method to improve isolation layer fill in a DRAM array area
Designing integrated circuits to reduce electromigration effects
LSI layout design apparatus, layout design method, recording medium recording layout design program, and semiconductor integrated circuit
Device and method for analyzing a circuit, and a computer product
Method and system for chip design using remotely located resources
Method and apparatus for evaluating and correcting errors in integrated circuit chip designs
Method for generating a partitioned IC layout
Digital circuit design method using programming language
Optimized virtual memory management for dynamic data types
MIMD array of single bit processors for processing logic equations in strict sequential order
Reset control for systems using programmable logic
Method and system for genetic algorithm based power optimization for integrated circuit designs
Personal computer having a master computer system and an internet computer system and monitoring a condition of said master and internet computer systems
Disk array control device with an internal connection system for efficient data transfer
Memory devices
Method for preventing buffer overflow attacks
System for loading a saved write pointer into a read pointer of a storage at desired synchronization points within a horizontal video line for synchronizing data
Floating-point calculation apparatus
5-to-2 binary adder
Method and circuit for digital division
Methods and apparatus for controlling exponent range in floating-point calculations
Processor architecture scheme which uses virtual address registers to implement different addressing modes and method therefor
Branch and return on blocked load or store
Multi-branch resolution
Method and apparatus for performing addressing operations in a superscalar superpipelined processor
System and method for unrolling loops in a trace cache
Method and system for supporting dynamic document content expressed in a component-level language
System and method for interfacing two modules supporting various applications
Method and apparatus for dynamic generation of adapters
Process for data encapsulation in large scale legacy software
System and method using extended relocation types and operations in relocating operations
Checking of units and dimensional homogeneity of expressions in computer programs
Endian-neutral loader for interpretive environment
Distributed computing system
Load balancer in environment services patterns
Multi-threaded processing system and method for scheduling the execution of threads based on data received from a cache memory
Configuration sizer for determining a plurality of price values and performance values for a plurality of candidate system configurations and displaying them for user selection
Fully integrated, on-line interactive frequency and award redemption program
Method and system for communicating between supplier and customer devices
Methods, devices and systems for electronic bill presentment and payment
Tax advantaged transaction structure (TATS) and method
System and method for high-speed execution of graphics application programs including shading language instructions
Hexahedral mesh generation method and device
Methods and systems for securely communicating personal identification number information between a security module and a plurality of secure keypad devices
Programmable multiple company credit card system
Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and method of allocating spare area and method of managing defects
Data storage system adapted to select an operational state with corresponding performance levels and acoustic noise levels based on a system profile
Method for detecting transient write errors in a disk drive having a dual transducer slider
Serial command port method, circuit, and system including main and command clock generators to filter signals of less than a predetermined duration
RAM with configurable depth and width
Method for linearization of ion currents in a quadrupole mass analyzer
Dual interleaved DC to DC switching circuits realized in an integrated circuit
Output buffer having a plurality of switching devices being turned on successively at shorter time intervals to achieve increasing drive capability using a predriver
Power-supply-configurable outputs
Clock duty cycle correction circuit which corrects an input clock by directly comparing the input clock with a reference clock generated by the output clock
Method of correcting residual errors at the output of a turbodecoder
Coding device and method, decoding device and method and systems using them
Method and arrangement for implementing convolutional decoding
Cyclic trellis-coded modulation
Method and device for memory management in digital data transfer
System and method for communications link calibration using a training packet
Traffic monitoring tool for bandwidth management
Policy-based network management system using dynamic policy generation
Determining a path through a managed network
Method for monitoring data flow at a node on a network facilitating data transfer on at least one link having at least one class of service
Personal computer upgrade
Data transfer control device for transferring data among a plurality of nodes and electronic equipment
Mechanism for run time programming of hardware resources with least interference with continued operation
Dynamically managing the topology of a data network
Arrangement in a data communication system
Parallel intrusion detection sensors with load balancing for high speed networks
System and method for route optimization in a wireless internet protocol network
Packet processing using encapsulation and decapsulation chains
Methods and arrangements for distributing services and/or programs in a network environment
Distributed load-balancing internet servers
Provisioning server enhancement
Automatic address distributing system
Block cipher method
Method and apparatus for data permutation/division and recording medium with data permutation/division program recorded thereon
Method for negotiating weakened keys in encryption systems
Secure hash-and-sign signatures
Network photograph service system
Signal splitter for cable TV
Low cost hybrid video distribution system for aircraft in-flight entertainment systems
Data transmission/reception apparatus for use in a two-way digital broadcasting system
Multimedia stream incorporating interactive support for multiple types of subscriber terminals
Method and apparatus for implementing seamless playback of continuous media feeds
Communications node for providing network based information service
Distributed flow control system and method for GPRS networks based on leaky buckets
Audio/video signal distribution system for head mounted displays
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