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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for plant regeneration of okra
Composition for preserving platelets and method of using the same
Compositions and methods for cell killing
Method and composition for treating or preventing catabolism or stimulating anabolism in a mammal undergoing metabolic stress
Folic acid-, vitamin B6- and vitamin B12-containing agents and the use thereof
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Azabenzothiazole compounds, compositions and methods of use
Enhancing coagulation or reducing fibrinolysis
Polysiloxane antimicrobials
Composition comprising alkaline sphingomyelinase for use as a dietetic preparation, food supplement or pharmaceutical product
Clip machine for the manufacture of sausage-shaped products
Starch composition and method to produce a baked product
Process for preparing solidified maltitol and its use in food and pharma products
Automatic retractable syringe
Method and device for measuring blood flow in the bone after a fracture
Device and method for illumination of vaginal fornix with ureter location, isolation and protection during hysterectomy procedure
Laparoscopic surgical instrument having rotatable handles with a coupler feature
Sheath-mounted arterial plug delivery device
Access assembly including inflatable seal member
Continuous driver with changeable parameters
Device and kit for treatment of disorders in the heart rhythm regulation system
Fixation device for the fixation of bone fragments
Percutaneous locking bone fixation system
Bone anchoring device
Intervertebral stabilization devices
Systems and methods for treating dysfunctions in the intestines and rectum that adapt to the anatomic form and structure of different individuals
Phlebotomy device having temperature sensor for detecting flashback
Non-evasive method and apparatus of detection of organism tissues
System and method of predicting efficacy of tongue-base therapies
Hyperpolarized 89-yttrium and methods relating thereto
Instrumentation for small-animal capnometry
Interior tomography and instant tomography by reconstruction from truncated limited-angle projection data
Antimicrobial filled capsules in an ultrasound field for treatment of dental biofilm
Multi-function switch for an oral care appliance
Injectable drug delivery formulation
Male disposable incontinence diaper
Sanitary garment and method for making same
Biocompatible coatings, and methods of making and using the same
Biased artificial sphincter cuff
Scaffolds for organ reconstruction and augmentation
Guidewire loaded stent for delivery through a catheter
Radially expandable system for use in body tubes
Sheaths for implantable fixation devices
Fibrous scaffold for use in soft tissue engineering
Passive motion machine with integrated mechanical DVT prophylactic therapy
Muscle force assisting device and its operating method
Substituted 5,6-dihydro-4H-thiazolo[4,5-E]indazoles and their use as positive allosteric modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Chemical compounds
Naphthoquinone derivatives useful for prevention of amyloid deposits and treatment of diseases involving amyloidogenesis
Methods for treating Kaposi sarcoma
5-lipoxygenase activating protein (FLAP) inhibitor
Pyridine derivatives
Pyridine derivatives as sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) receptor modulators
Perhexiline for use in the treatment of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)
Piperazinone-substituted tetrahydro-carboline MCH-1 antagonists, methods of making, and uses thereof
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Isoindolinone derivatives
Method of optimizing the treatment of Philadelphia-positive leukemia with imatinib mesylate
Pharmaceutical compounds
Pest control composition
Method for prediction of therapeutic effect of chemotherapy employing expression level of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase gene as measure
Pharmaceutical composition containing prostaglandin
Perhexiline for treating chronic heart failure
Method of intervertebral disc treatment using articular chondrocyte cells
Process of extracting isothiocyanates
1D05 PCSK9 antagonists
Crystalline peptide epoxyketone immunoproteasome inhibitor
Dissolution of arterial plaque
Pharmaceutical preparation to be administered into respiratory organs for treating or preventing inflammatory respiratory diseases, and method for treating or preventing such diseases
Amyloid .beta. fibrillogenesis-inhibiting peptide
Compositions and methods for treating bacteria
Peptide linkers for effective multivalent peptide binding
Non-natural ribonuclease conjugates as cytotoxic agents
Compositions and methods for ribonuclease-based therapeutics
Antibodies selective for pathological tau dimers and prefibrillar pathological tau oligomers and their uses in treatment, diagnosis and monitoring of tauopathies
Apparatus, system, and method for creating immunologically enhanced spaces in-vivo
Hypoallergenic chimeric proteins belonging to the lipid transfer family of parietaria judaica for use in the treatment of allergies
Influenza vaccines including combinations of particulate adjuvants and immunopotentiators
Porphobilinogen deaminase gene therapy
Particulate materials for radiotherapy and diagnostics
Transglutaminase crosslinked protein microparticle film composition
Method of making polymer hollow particles with controllable holes in their surfaces
Medical devices and materials containing isobutylene copolymer
Apparatus and method for sterilization
Plasma sterilizing device and method
Technique for high spatial resolution, focused electrical stimulation of electrically-excitable tissue
Methods and apparatus for reducing spurious signals in implantable medical devices caused by x-ray radiation
Method and apparatus for question-based programming of cardiac rhythm management devices
Telescoping guide catheter with peel-away outer sheath
Multifunctional Fe.sub.3O.sub.4 cored magnetic-quantum dot fluorescent nanocomposites for RF nano-hyperthermia of cancer cells
Positioning device and a procedure for treating the walls of a resection cavity
Antimicrobial peptides of the cecropin family and therapeutic uses thereof
Exercise ball stabilizer
Method for selecting a golf club
Long putter brace assembly
Golf aid
Communication methods and apparatus for online games
Wagering game with a secondary game determined by symbol positions in a base game
Entertainment process based on competition games with multiple choices
Measurement and segment of participant's motion in game play
Windup toy vehicle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for desalinating sea water by ambient-temperature spraying
Porous polymer and process for producing the same
Percolation filtering system
Filter element and fuel filter
Carbon dioxide removal from synthesis gas at elevated pressure
Self-contained breathing closure and container
Urea compound, self-assembly of urea compounds, organogel containing self-assembly, and method for producing organogel
Biooptical and biofunctional properties, applications and methods of polylactic acid films
Mixed metal oxide catalysts and catalytic conversions of lower alkane hydrocarbons
Reforming apparatus for fuel cell
Riser reactor system and a process for the preparation of an olefinic product
Process for coating a support surface with a porous metal-organic framework
Method for manufacturing a mask having submillimetric apertures for a submillimetric electrically conductive grid, and mask and submillimetric electrically conductive grid
Polishing instrument for optical components
Pivot-balanced floating platen lapping machine
Production method of building materials and vessels using environment-friendly yellow earth
Process for manufacturing a plastic-based cellular structure and device for implementing this process
Method and system for high pressure injection overmolding
Method of making bamboo-surfaced layered Venetian blind slats having a curved cross-section
Apparatus and method for improving center hole radial runout control in optical disk manufacturing
Method for forming an absorbent core
Cardboard and a method of manufacture thereof
Multi-layered structure containing a barrier polymer optionally reinforced against impacts
Pipe preformed liner comprising metal powder
Pressureless expansion by means of superheated steam
Boron carbide composite materials
Recording sheet for ink jet printing
Method for forming transfer sheet
Seed tender
Utility lift hauler configured to transport motorcycles, ATVs and the like
Seatbelt device for vehicle
Method and device for controlling a drive unit
Water jet based underwater thruster
Suspension packaging with on-demand oxygen exposure
Image forming apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Nanowire recovery methods, compositions, and articles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanostructured compositions having reduced dissolution of manganese and methods of making and using the same
Method for the production of HSiCl.sub.3 by catalytic hydrodehalogenation of SiCl.sub.4
Water desalination system
Heat-stable carbonic anhydrases and their use
Low dielectric glass and fiber glass for electronic applications
Process for the preparation of amorphous calcium salt of atorvastatin
TMEM22 peptides and vaccines including the same
Production method for pressure-sensitive adhesive composition
Chemical-resistant metallic effect pigments, method for producing the same and use thereof
Polyurethane systems having non-sag and paintability
Self-assembled monolayers and method of production
Operating medium for an absorption refrigeration device
Fuel additive to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions
Apparatus and method for recycling coal ash
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) module and multiple PCR system using the same
Method for manufacturing red mold dioscorea
Direct catalytic conversion of sugars to ethanol
Recombinant polynucleotide, host cells containing the same and a process for producing a protein having aldolase activity
Targeted binding agents directed to PDGRF-alpha and uses thereof
Compositions for the in vitro derivation and culture of embryonic stem (ES) cell lines with germline transmission capability and for the culture of adult stem cells
Cytocompatible alginate gels
Polypeptides having glucoamylase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Production of modified glycoproteins having multiple antennary structures
Method for measurement of physiologically active substance derived from organism and measurement apparatus
Method of identifying metallo-.beta.-lactamase-producing bacteria
YKL-40 as a general marker for non-specific disease
Methods and compositions for modulating hepsin activation of macrophage-stimulating protein
Genetic variants on CHR 11Q and 6Q as markers for prostate and colorectal cancer predisposition
Non-invasive method for diagnosis of prostate cancer
Method and apparatus for precision surface modification in nano-imprint lithography
Magnetic field assisted deposition
Stainless steel carburization process
Electrode suitable as hydrogen-evolving cathode
System and method for generating and using hydrogen gas
Labeling agents for mass spectrometry comprising tertiary amines
Textiles; Paper
High efficient carbon nanotube separation method
Fixed Constructions
Synthetic binder essentially made of materials from renewable resources, in particular of vegetable origin, and applications thereof in road engineering
Threaded rod
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Brazed turbine seal
Engine stop control device
Photothermal source of fluid pumping device driven by self photovoltaic power
Body fan device
Method and devices for regulating the flow rate and for slowing down non-ferromagnetic, electrically-conducting liquids and melts
Pivoting hub nut
Metal steering coupling support device
Tensioning device pertaining to a traction mechanism drive
Chain transmission mechanism
Elastically interconnected cooler compressed hearth and walls
Multi-purpose heat-collecting kiln device
Map display control apparatus, program product therefor, and method for controlling an in-vehicle navigation apparatus
System and method for selecting and presenting a route to a user
Gas supported inertial sensor system and method
System for the measure of thermal properties of fluids
Voice control of a generic input device for an ultrasound system
Algorithm for early detection of wheel misalignment using on-vehicle instrumentation
Devices for retaining a nonporous substrate and methods
Field deployable surface plasmon resonance based biosensor
Assemblies for multiplex assays
Calorimeter sensor
Biomarker for diagnosis, prediction and/or prognosis of sepsis and uses thereof
Method for designing primer for realtime PCR
Sequence pattern descriptors for transmembrane structural details
Methods and compositions for determining the purity of chemically synthesized nucleic acids
Antibodies to Clostridium difficile spores and uses thereof
Reagents and methods for use in cancer diagnosis, classification and therapy
Method for deriving 3D output volumes using dip vector analysis
Exposure method, color filter manufacturing method, and exposure device
Aligned embossed diaphragm based fiber optic sensor
Three-dimensional photonic crystal and manufacturing method thereof
Light receiving device and optically interconnected LSI
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
Fiber optic cable with detectable ferromagnetic components
Two-step auto focus camera and method for driving the same
Diffraction unlimited photolithography
Method of modifying chemically amplified resist pattern, modifier for chemically amplified resist pattern, and resist pattern structure
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and storage medium therefor capable of forming trial images under different conditions
Multi-sensor calibration technique
High voltage switch device and multi-pass image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus and control method for registration mark detection
Image forming apparatus with image forming unit nearly orthogonal to developer supply unit
Image forming apparatus for controlling the capability of cooling sheets
Fusers, printing apparatuses, and methods of fusing toner on media
Fuser assemblies, xerographic apparatuses and methods of fusing toner on copy sheets
Supervisory control and data acquisition system for energy extracting vessel navigation
Managing power consumption by requesting an adjustment to an operating point of a processor
Portable electronic apparatus with a power saving function and method for implementing the power saving function
Systems, methods and computer products for trace capability per work unit
Device and method for device using electronic mail
Method and apparatus for managing local resources at service nodes in an intelligent network
Semiconductor integrated circuit and testing method of same
Dynamic backhaul delay determination
Diagnostic system and article
System and method for benchmarking correlated stream processing systems
Disk array system, host interface unit, control method for disk array system, and computer program product for disk array system
Interface for writing to memories having different write times
Computer system with data recovering, method of managing data with data recovering and managing computer for data recovering
Methods and mechanisms for proactive memory management
Apparatus, system, and method for grid based data storage
Method for processing backup, devices for backup processing, and storage mediums for storing a program for operating a backup processing device
Disk array with capacity management
Fibre channel elastic FIFO delay controller and loop delay method having a FIFO threshold transmission word adjuster for controlling data transmission rate
Guaranteed services method and apparatus in bridged LAN
Method and apparatus for distributing digitized streaming video over a network
Peer-to-peer method of quality of service (QoS) probing and analysis and infrastructure employing same
Method for transforming contents in the DLNA system
System and method for presence enabled e-mail delivery
Service diversity for communication system
Serving content from an off-line peer server in a photosharing peer-to-peer network in response to a guest request
System and method for distance learning
Automatic tracking of usage of a software application having different versions
Shared views for browsing content
System and method for document isolation
System and method for composite business interactions in electronic commerce
Secondary data storage and recovery system
Method and apparatus for accessing and maintaining socket control information for high speed network connections
Networked port-inventory system and method
Method, system, and program for transferring data from an application engine
Controlling start up in a network
Ensemble learning system and method
Motor vehicle and control method of the same
Editing apparatus of scene data for digital mixer
Management engine for contractual terms in a video game
Apparatus and method for adapting audio signal according to user's preference
Systems and methods for automated equation buildup
Method and apparatus for assessing polypeptide aggregation
Localization matching component
Document administration apparatus, document administration method, storage medium storing computer-readable program, and program
Grammar-based automatic data completion and suggestion for user input
System for organizing knowledge data and communication with users having affinity to knowledge data
Apparatus and method for searching multimedia data based on metadata
Solving table locking problems associated with concurrent processing
Error correction method and apparatus
Mobile phone content-based recommendation of new media
Circuit automatic generation apparatus and method
Pattern correction apparatus, pattern optimization apparatus, and integrated circuit design apparatus
Method and system to evaluate operational characteristics of an electronic circuit
Methods of minimizing leakage current
Method and design system for semiconductor integrated circuit with a reduced placement area
Method and system for improving manufacturability of integrated devices
Method for designing semiconductor integrated circuits having air gaps.
Simulator of fuel cell on gas phase reaction
Anti-terrorism water quality monitoring system
Procedure to operate an internal combustion engine
Integrated back-end integrated circuit manufacturing assembly
Information processing apparatus and controlling method of the same
Device and method for inputting password using random keypad
System and method for tokenless biometric electronic scrip
Cryptographic communication system and method
Parts counting device, parts counting program, and parts counting method of 3-dimensional arrangement adjustment CAD
Print system, information processing device and control method for the same, printer and control method for the same, storage medium, and program
Integrated circuit, chip stack and data processing system
System and process for presenting search results in a histogram/cluster format
Differential data privacy
System and methods for capturing structure of data models using entity patterns
Method and system for integrating duplicate checks with existing computer systems
System for publishing messages from identified, authorized senders to subscribers
Storage medium storing directory editing support program, directory editing support method, and directory editing support apparatus
Method for operating a drive unit
Method and system for augmenting and tracking web content
System and method for data transformation
Network operating system and method
System and method for organizing data
Method and system of integrating third party authentication into internet browser code
Position and orientation measurement method and apparatus
Asynchronous multiple-order issue system architecture
Server application state
Transforming code to expose glacial constants to a compiler
Search technique for design patterns in Java source code
Method for meeting SMI duration limits by time slicing SMI handlers
Creation and use of virtual device drivers on a serial bus
Techniques for distributing power in electronic circuits and computer systems
Method of embedding watermark into digital image
Image collating apparatus, image collating method, image collating program product, and computer readable recording medium recording image collating program product
Inspection system and inspection method
Interferometer system for and a method of determining a surface characteristic by modifying surface height data using corresponding amplitude data
Automated surface distress measurement system
Similar pattern searching apparatus, method of similar pattern searching, program for similar pattern searching, and fractionation apparatus
Use of ray tracing for generating images for auto-stereo displays
Method for generating a block-based image histogram
Image recognition device
Portable terminal and character reading method using a portable terminal
Apparatus and method for enhancing quality of reproduced image
Code processing device, code processing method, program, and recording medium
Coding device, coding method, decoding device, decoding method, and programs of same
Image processing method and apparatus
Computing arbitrary fractional powers of a transform operator from selected precomputed fractional powers of the operator
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for updating inventory data in an inventory management system
Device for displaying a current status during order processing in a production plant
System for tracking data relating to radiopharmaceuticals and/or containers therefor
Method and system for providing a payment incentive for distributing digital files over a network
Open end mutual fund securitization process
Method and system for modeling and benchmarking private equity and applications of same
Method and system for e-commerce freight management
Computer-based right distribution system
Credit card messenger
Method and system for flexible group ordering and billing
Smart garment
Equal and weighted cost multipath load balancing in a network device
System for defining, tracking, and analyzing student growth over time
Message transcription, voice query and query delivery system
Voice detecting method and apparatus using a long-time average of the time variation of speech features, and medium thereof
Constructing broad-band acoustic signals from lower-band acoustic signals
Automated audio sub-band comparison
Information processing apparatus and its control method, program, and storage medium
Slim optical disc drive
Recording and/or reproducing methods and appratuses
Defect management method and system of optical disk drive
Optical integrated unit and optical pickup device including same
Power control system and related method
Optical disc reproducing apparatus
Apparatus for detecting the wobble carrier frequency of an optical disk and method for same
Object lens drive unit
Optical device, method of producing the same, optical pickup, and optical information processing device
Near-field light generating method and near-field optical head using a light blocking metal film having a fine opening whose size is not more than a wavelength of irradiated light, and near-field optical microscope having the optical head
Medium, system, and method for a common optical data storage medium depression depth
Data read/write systems comprising a tip
Semiconductor memory device with reduced current consumption
Integrated circuits; method for manufacturing an integrated circuit; method for decreasing the influence of magnetic fields; memory module
Nonvolatile memory system, semiconductor memory, and writing method
Semiconductor memory device
Storage apparatus, controller and control method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and writing method thereof
Integrated circuit memory device responsive to word line/bit line short-circuit
Semiconductor memory and system with matching characteristics of signal supplied to a dummy signal line and a real signal line
Flash memory device and refresh method thereof
Semiconductor device
Read-and-write assembly for fixed-address digital data access system
Particulate mixture, active material aggregate, cathode active material, cathode, secondary battery and methods for producing the same
LED epitaxial structure and manufacturing method
Method for forming semiconductor device
Use of ion beam tails to manufacture a workpiece
Method of manufacturing optical semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Substrate conveying roller, thin film manufacturing device, and thin film manufacturing method
Method of forming a planar field effect transistor structure with recesses for epitaxially deposited source/drain regions
Schottky junction source/drain transistor and method of making
Metal contacts for molecular device junctions and surface-diffusion-mediated deposition
Method for forming semiconductor device having multiple active layer structure
Method for forming Cu film and storage medium
Process to remove Ni and Pt residues for NiPtSi applications using aqua regia with microwave assisted heating
Implementing decoupling devices inside a TSV DRAM stack
InP based heterojunction bipolar transistors with emitter-up and emitter-down profiles on a common wafer
Structure and method for making low leakage and low mismatch NMOSFET
Integration of SMT in replacement gate FINFET process flow
Cavity electroluminescent devices and methods for producing the same
Secondary battery with enhanced ability to prevent leakage
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery using polyacid and/or polyacid compound
Negative active for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing the same, and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
Battery electrode having layers of differing bulk densities of conductive additive
Fuel cell system and method of starting operation of the fuel cell system
Fuel cell system with purge valve and actuator for controlling purge valve with electromotive force of sub-power generation part
Fuel cell, and method for manufacturing the same
Solid oxide fuel cell stack
Applications of universal frequency translation
Connector module having a male connector and a female connector each having a magnetic part, a cathode contact and an anode contact
Contact and method for manufacturing the contact
Card connector
Connector assembly for transmitting data between electronic devices
Wall mountable universal serial bus and alternating current power sourcing receptacle
Electronic accessories for digital music players and related methods
Cable connection system and method for connecting a cable to a cable connection system
Laser driving circuit
Structure having photonic crystal and surface-emitting laser using the same
Optical frequency self stabilization in a coupled optoelectronic oscillator
Surface-emitting laser
Overpower-protection circuit and power supply apparatus having the same
Hand-guided or stationary power tool having a drive unit
Apparatus and method for robust BPSK/QPSK blind modulation classification against errors in satellite control system
Lock system and method for interpolator based receivers
Dual pDFE system with forward-backward viterbi
Low IF radio receiver
Semiconductor memory device having single-level cells and multi-level cells and method of driving the semiconductor memory device
Communicating apparatus and communicating method
Local oscillator feedthrough cancellation scheme to remove RF and baseband offsets
Link performance prediction presence of co-channel interference
Method to adjustably convert a first data signal having a first time domain to a second data signal having a second time domain
RFIC with on-chip acoustic transducer circuit
Radio frequency remote control
Wireless communication system, wireless transmitting apparatus, and wireless receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for receiving data
Radio receiver and radio receiver front-end
Audio amplification apparatus with howling canceler
Outer loop transmit power control using channel-adaptive processing
System and method for split isolation in radio frequency electronics
Physical layer processing for a wireless communication system using code division multiple access
Intra-premises wireless broadband service using lumped and distributed wireless radiation from cable source input
Synchronization techniques in multipoint-to-point communication using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Optical transmission equipment and optical add-drop multiplexer
Remultiplexing apparatus and method based on reallocated decoding time
Methods for analyzing electronic media including video and audio
Streaming implementation of AlphaEta physical layer encryption
Method and system for power loading implementation detection in beamforming systems
Multi-band jammer
Method and apparatus for selecting a beam combination in a MIMO wireless communication system
Node for self localization, clustering method using the same, and localization method
Method and management apparatus for classifying congestion paths based on packet delay
Output apparatus configured to output data for printing, processing apparatus configured to process printing data, and method
Locating hardware faults in a parallel computer
Route determining method in a multi protocol label switching network
Packet filtering based on port bit map
Multilink trunking for encapsulated traffic
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
Integrated search engine devices and methods of updating same using node splitting and merging operations
Method and apparatus for direct frame switching using frame contained destination information
Programmable resource scheduler
Mobile station and output control method
Ultra wideband communication method with low noise pulse formation
Method for adaptive bit recovery
Setting a transmission power level for a mobile unit
System and method for calibrating an analog signal path during operation in an ultra wideband receiver
Tamper-resistant control unit
Method and apparatus for high resolution measurement of signal timing
Method for broadcast encryption and key revocation of stateless receivers
Method of delivering Direct Proof private keys to devices using an on-line service
Quantum cryptography with multi-party randomness
Parallelizable integrity-aware encryption technique
Controlling transmission of broadcast content
System for, and method of, providing the transmission, receipt and content of an e-mail message
Adaptive multiple-antenna systems with omni-directional and sector-directional antenna modes
Mobile phone with sliding keypad insertion into housing
Pre-caching mechanism for optimized business data retrieval for CTI sub-systems
Reporting portable device statistics
Methods of recording voice signals in a mobile set
Broadcast apparatus for closed space
Enhanced-software defined data network
Network game terminal unit
Method and apparatus for cost optimization of cellular networks indication
Recording and playback apparatus
Recording control apparatus, recording control method, and program used therewith
Circulating memory apparatus and image storage distribution system
Video playback unit, video delivery unit and recording medium
Digital video recording device ticker playback system and method
Method for processing motion information
Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding a moving picture using digital watermarking
Variable block size early termination for video coding
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and its program
Perforated plate including embedded graphics
Earphone with a sound guiding tube
Condenser microphone
Network apparatus for stable handoff in IP-based mobile ad hoc network system, and handoff method using the same
Cross-carrier content upload, social network and promotional platform
Device, system and method of layer 2 handover between hereogenous networks
Transmitting method, receiving method, radio base station, and mobile station
Method for assigning a unique word in a communication system
Hierarchical data collection network supporting packetized voice communications among wireless terminals and telephones
System and method for providing information to a portable terminal
Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and radio communication parameter updating method
Power adaption in a multi-station network
Fuzzy logic scheduler for radio resource management
Mobile terminal device, reception quality notification method, broadcast base station device, reception quality notification program, and storage medium
Printed circuit board having embedded electronic components and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus for securing heat sinks to a device under test
Electromagnetic wave shielding device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Envelope peak and trough limiting to improve amplifier efficiency and distortion characteristics
Low cost linearized channel amplifier for use with high power amplifiers
Amplifier and preamplifier circuit
Method and apparatus for linearizing an amplifier
Linearization using parallel cancellation in linear power amplifier
Differential amplifier circuit
AGC circuit
Amplifier with self setting automatic gain control circuit
Control circuit of variable current source in programmable gain amplifier
Monolithic 3D radial power combiner and splitter
Composite transistor device
Multiple-band amplifier
Oscillator structure having resonator disposed below oscillator circuit
Spiking neuron circuit
Article comprising a multi-port variable capacitor
Quadrature phase shift keyed/bi-phase shift keyed modulator
Surface acoustic wave filter having a continuous electrode for connection of multiple bond wires
Interdigital slow-wave coplanar transmission line resonator and coupler
Apparatus for use in arcing fault detection systems
Apparatus to reduce push back time in solenoid valves
Bead inductor and method of manufacturing same
Surface mount self-induction component
Conductive polymer device and method of manufacturing same
NTC thermistors
Wireless rolling code security system
Variable intensity visual signaling system
Tunnel sensor
Accessory module for vehicle
Vehicle security system with inductive coupling to a vehicle having a data communications bus and related methods
Self-locking seal
Safety device for motor-operated systems
Tire condition monitoring system
Automobile rear light warning display
Adaptive console for augmenting wireless capability in security systems
Optoelectric safety system for a folding press
Inexpensive modulated backscatter reflector
Cascaded DC voltages of multiple antenna RF tag front-end circuits
Electrical apparatuses, termite sensing apparatuses, and methods of forming electrical apparatuses
Driver's drowsiness detection method of drowsy driving warning system
System and a method for monitoring and warning regarding the presence of manually and temporarily fitted ground connectors on high voltage conductors, as well as a warning device and a conductor means included in the system
Method and arrangement for determining remaining operating life of fluorescent lamp
Apparatus for multiplexing between on-board units in a vehicle
Air operated loading and unloading device having a part sensor
Method and apparatus for programmably driving an LED display
Indicating and measuring instrument
Remote control device using two-way communication for a vehicle opening system
Encoder and parameter establishing device therefor
Device for monitoring surroundings of vehicle
Moving body detection system
Automatic determination of traffic signal preemption using GPS, apparatus and method
System correlating the route of travel of an emergency vehicle with a railroad crossing
Parking meter
Parkulator photo parking
Electronic wireless navigation system
Selectable delay circuit having immunity to variations in fabrication and operating condition for write precompensation in a read/write channel
Decode apparatus that can accommodate dynamic change in sample data attribute during decoding process
Signal value representing method and system
Integrating analog to digital converter with improved resolution
Key module for wireless keyboard
Signal processing for object detection system
Tracking method for a radar system
System and method providing amplification of narrow band signals with multi-channel amplifiers
Anytime/anywhere child locator system
Hermetic package with external patch antenna and associated method
Antenna indexing and retaining mechanism
Optoelectronic system for the testing of an antenna
Glass antenna device for an automobile
Antenna mount for vehicles
Removal data storing medium having loop antenna
Antenna system for minimizing the spacing between adjacent antenna units
Single mirror dual axis beam waveguide antenna system
Gregorian reflector antenna system having a subreflector optimized for an elliptical antenna aperture
Multi-pattern antenna having independently controllable antenna pattern characteristics
Double-stacked hourglass log periodic dipole antenna
Dual helical antenna for variable beam width coverage
Low profile panel-configured helical phased array antenna with pseudo-monopulse beam-control subsystem
Deployable large antenna reflector structure
Stereoscopic user interface method and apparatus
Optical display system and method with optical shifting of pixel position including conversion of pixel layout to form delta to stripe pattern by time base multiplexing
Transceiver with miniature virtual image display
Deformable mirror device driving circuit and method
Tribo-addressed and tribo-suppressed electric paper
Color correction methods for electronic displays
Image display and its pixel arrangement method
Active matrix display devices and methods of driving such
Method and system for addressing LCD including thin film diodes
Diffractive spatial light modulator and display
Active matrix type liquid-crystal display unit and method of driving the same
Reflective ferroelectric liquid crystal light valve with increased light throughput
User defined extensible visual integration
Web browser display indicator signaling that currently displayed web page needs to be reloaded
Global history view
Transaction flow editing tool
Methods, apparatus and data structures for providing a user interface, which exploits spatial memory in three-dimensions, to objects and which visually groups matching objects
Clustering user interface
Navigation and display system for digital radiographs
Instruction input system with changeable cursor
Bounding volume for 3D graphic primitives
Volume rendering pipelines
Method for interactive viewing full-surround image data and apparatus therefor
Two dimensional linear interpolation with slope output for a hyperacuity printer
Method of enhancing computer-generated symbols
Data-driven layout engine
Panoramic image generation in digital photography
System and method for integrating a message into streamed content
Drill-down method to historical data in a performance monitor using a platform independent program
Method for figure tracking using 2-D registration and 3-D reconstruction
Optimization of a graphics processor system when rendering images
Method and device for processing image data by transferring the data between memories
Print head with driving, transmission and control devices on single substrate
Image forming system with ordering and production systems
Print head substrate, print head using the same, and printing apparatus
High density remote plasma deposited fluoropolymer films
Thermally actuated ink jet printing mechanism including a tapered heater element
Ink jet head providing improved printing resolution and printing speed
Pressurized ink supply and delivery system for an ink jet printer
Ink container, installing-removing method therefore and apparatus usable with the same
Print head cartridge and method of making a print head cartridge by one-shot injection molding
Electrostatic recording apparatus for supplying vaporized solvent and liquid toner to an electrostatic latent image
Image-forming system
Replaceable donor sheet assembly with memory for use with a thermal printer
Thermal printer having thermal head which presses thermal recording material on platen roller at predetermined pressure
Digital exposure apparatus
Light beam scanning apparatus for use with image forming apparatus
Method of evaluating characteristics of a light beam, apparatus for evaluating the characteristics, and apparatus for adjusting a write unit by employing the evaluation method
Optical printer head for an optical printer
Image forming apparatus in which a laser beam is applied from a semiconductor laser to scan an image carrier, and method of controlling the apparatus
Process of forming an image using a multilayer metal coalescence thermal recording element
Image forming apparatus in which adjustment for forming image in rectangular form is easily done and method for making the same apparatus
System and method for videoconferencing and simultaneously viewing a supplemental video source
Integrated reflected display teleconferencing eye contact terminal
Method for directly scanning a rectilinear imaging element using a non-linear scan
Jitter control apparatus for video camera
Method for automatic scene balance of digital images
Method to reduce reset noise in photodiode based CMOS image sensors
Liquid crystal flat panel display with enhanced backlight brightness and specially selected light sources
Liquid crystal display with image reading function, image reading method and manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for detecting and reducing color artifacts in images
Tool set for navigating through an electronic book
Handedness detection for a physical manipulatory grammar
Graspable device manipulation for controlling a computer display
System and method for controlling host system interface with point-of-interest data
Sensor and circuit architecture for three axis strain gauge pointing device and force transducer
Pointing device with forced feedback button
Initialization method for one-way communications and apparatus for use therewith
Data structure for efficient retrieval of compressed texture data from a memory system
Apparatus and method for visual display of images
Video signal processing circuit
Method for driving plasma display
Perspective switching in audiovisual works
Monolithically integrated selector for electrically programmable memory cell devices
Clamp circuit using PMOS-transistors with a weak temperature dependency
Effecting video transitions between video streams
Adaptive false color video filter and method
Method and apparatus for browsing television channel information by category
Liquid crystal displays using organic insulating material and manufacturing methods thereof
Liquid crystal display apparatus capable of preventing a break due to a crack caused during a manufacturing process
Liquid crystal display device having a two-dimensional light emitting element array
Method of imaging using a liquid crystal display device
Image input device and image input system which controls timing of successive imaging operations
Video camera power failure detection circuit
Camera including means for acquiring bi-directional sound
Apparatus for block-encoding input image signals
Methods and apparatus for reducing the amount of buffer memory required for decoding MPEG data and for performing scan conversion
Video signal processing device
Liquid crystal display with polarization layer interior to substrates
Contrast polymer dispersed liquid crystal projection display system
Method of manufacturing pixel electrode for reflection type display device
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle without color shift having annular pixel and counter electrodes
Photographic printer and photographic printer exposure method
Projection exposure apparatus and method
Projection aligner and exposure method using the same
Exposure device for a strip-like workpiece
Image-forming liquid medium containing microcapsules filled with dyes and image-forming apparatus using such liquid medium
System for optically examining plastic card surfaces
Wavelength detector
Method and system for determining lead coplanarity
Measuring system with improved method of reading image data of an object
Process and device for recognition of foreign bodies in fibre of predominantly textile fibres
Multimode fiber optic gyroscope
Dynamic optical micrometer
Interferometric instrument provided with an arrangement for periodically changing a light path of a received beam component
Double pass etalon spectrometer
Laboratory system, method of controlling operation thereof, playback apparatus and method, film image management method, image data copying system and method of copying image data
Method and system for merging variable text and images into bitmaps defined by a page description language
Method and apparatus for correcting alignment error of scanning head of a shuttle type scanner
Image processing device, color printing device, image processing method and medium recording image processing program
WDM optical communication system having reduced loss and cross-talk
Optical wavelength multiplex transmission method and optical dispersion compensation method
Bidirectional WDM optical communication system with bidirectional add-drop multiplexing
Optical crossbar network using wavelength division multiplexing an optical crossbar exchange
Banded add drop device
Optical interconnect for high speed processors
Reduction of collision induced timing jitter by periodic dispersion management in soliton WDM transmission
Atmospheric turbulence resistant open-air optical communication system
Method and equipment for optical communication
Method and apparatus for light scanning
Reflective/transmissive scanner with removable scanning platform and docking port
Position detection of mechanical resonant scanner mirror
Polygonal mirror device
Light beam scanning system
Inexpensive, high quality scanning system
Light scanning apparatus
Optical path length modulator
Electrochemical display and timing mechanism with migrating electrolyte
Magneto-optical light modulator
Electro-mechanical grating device
Optical amplifier and a method of preventing emission therefrom of optical power exceeding a prescribed safety limit
Optical fiber for optical amplifier and fiber optic amplifier
Lighting device for a microscope
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector and systems and method for implementation thereof
Broad band wire grid polarizing beam splitter for use in the visible wavelength region
Optical wavelength router based on polarization interferometer
Retroreflective articles having polymer multilayer reflective coatings
Structure arrangement, in particular for a security element
Optical system with anti-reflection coating
Color shifting thin film pigments
Device for driving an EC dimming mirror
Illuminating system for vacuum ultraviolet microlithography
Display apparatus
Optical element, optical system using optical element, and optical device with optical element
Method and apparatus for providing rectangular shape array of light beams
Optical image rotating device used with afocal image relaying optics and laser diode array
Projection lens system and projection image display apparatus using the same
Telecentric zoom lens
Zoom lens and camera having the zoom lens
Lens barrel
Image magnifying Fresnel lens for observation of a on display screen
Fast responding optical modulator
Objective lens system
Mirror actuator
Laser light optical limiter
Apparatus for recording and reproducing an audio mode information signal corresponding to an audio mode of a multi-channel audio signal
Storage device for reliably maintaining data in a reproducible state for a long period of time
Load/unload method for sliders in a high speed disk drive
Disk drive with servo burst phasing for improved linearity and off-track performance with a wide reading transducer
Asynchronous digital demodulator and method for a null-type servo pattern
Adaptive filter for redundant sensor sampled magnetic tape drive control system
Apparatus and method for digital servocontrol in a data storage system using disk recording media
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus for magnetic tape
Information storage and retrieval device
Floppy disc drive chucking device
Disk drive unit with hydrodynamic fluid bearing unit and disk device with said drive unit
Disk cartridge with anti-rattle mechanism
Magnetic head
Magnetic head slider and magnetic disk apparatus having the magnetic head slider
Disk drive including slider with contact edge and recessed read transducer
Transducer suspension system with limiter
Magnetic disk apparatus
Disk drive apparatus
Shock-resistant recording/reproducing device
Strain relief for an actuator coil
Non-contact type transmission device and rotary magnetic head unit having the non-contact type transmission device
Spin valve magneto-resistance effect head and a magnetic storage apparatus using the same
Photographic lightning trigger devices
Solar array with ESD protection
Method for automated reconfiguration of a distribution system using distributed control logic and communications
Forced-fusion fuse and circuit breaker
Device for warning breakdown of automotive circuit
Stripline transient protection device
Molecular arrangement and switching device
Lightning strike protection circuit board assembly
Electrical connector
Electrostatic chuck, and method of and apparatus for processing sample using the chuck
Laminated ceramic electronic component
Surface mount multilayer capacitor
Dielectric ceramic composition and laminated ceramic capacitor using the same
Process for preparing a Nb capacitor
Electrode foil for solid electrolytic capacitor, manufacturing method thereof, and solid electrolytic capacitor
Ironing board electrical outlet attachment
Hand held user computer interface
Electronic member and electronic device
Retractable speakers for portable computer
Thermally efficient computer incorporating deploying CPU module
Sound muffling and heat-discharging case for computer storage device
Heat radiation device for a thin electronic apparatus
SRAM heat sink assembly and method of assembling
Processor EMI shielding
Locking device for CPU packages of different thicknesses
PGA socket with a heat sink fastening device
Cooled IC chip modules with an insulated circuit board
Centralized cooling interconnect for electronic packages
Method and apparatus for attaching a printed circuit board to a chassis
Positioner for positioning an electronic card in a slot
Method and apparatus for interconnecting multiple devices on a circuit board
Mini-backplane "T" assembly
Shields for electronic components with ready access to shielded components
Dc to dc power converter using synchronously switched switches
Power supply system for battery operated devices
Bi-directional dc to dc converter for energy storage applications
Drive circuit for synchronous rectifier and method of operating the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Selective match line pre-charging in a partitioned content addressable memory array
Method and apparatus for accessing a segment of CAM cells in an intra-row configurable CAM system
Apparatus for on-board programming of serial EEPROMs
Impedance control using fuses
Multivalued mask read-only memory
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Distributed decode system and method for improving static random access memory (SRAM) density
Giant magnetoresistive sensor, thin-film read/write head and magnetic recording apparatus using the sensor
Dual floating gate programmable read only memory cell structure and method for its fabrication and operation
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Two-stage pipeline sensing for page mode flash memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of reducing memory array area
Contacted cell array configuration for erasable and programmable semiconductor memories
Memory architecture for non-volatile storage using gate breakdown structure in standard sub 0.35 micron process
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Compact electrically erasable memory cells and arrays
Semiconductor storage device
Non-volatile memory cell capable of being programmed and erased through substantially separate areas of one of its drain-side and source-side regions
Flash memory system having fast erase operation
Substrate hole injection for neutralizing spillover charge generated during programming of a non-volatile memory cell
Semiconductor memory device and signal line switching circuit
Apparatus for outputting data using common pull-up/pull-down lines with reduced load
Method and circuitry for writing data
Sample and load scheme for observability internal nodes in a PLD
Memory redundancy device and method
Defect management engine for generating a unified address to access memory cells in a primary and a redundancy memory array
Semiconductor device including tester circuit suppressible of circuit scale increase and testing device of semiconductor device
Method for testing dynamic random access memory under wafer-level-burn-in
Semiconductor memory device having parallel test mode for simultaneously testing multiple memory cells
Circuit and method for automatically regulating the equalization duration when reading a nonvolatile memory
Digit line architecture for dynamic memory
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device, nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, and their data reading method
Apparatus for sensing a current direction of an input signal and amplifying the sensed input signal in semiconductor memory device
Computer memory system with a low power down mode
Voltage boost reset circuit for a flash memory
Semiconductor memory device which activates column lines at high speed
Decoder circuit
Semiconductor memory equipped with row address decoder having reduced signal propagation delay time
Synchronous semiconductor memory device capable of selecting column at high speed
Electrically alterable non-volatile memory with n-bits per cell
Method for estimating the distance of an acoustic signal
System and method for eliminating audible noise for ultrasonic transducer
Universal digital time disk
Calendar management system and calendar display control method and computer readable record medium having calendar management program recorded thereon
Recording and reproduction device for a magneto-optic recording medium capable of recording information according to optical super-resolution
Magneto-optical disk system having a relation between a numerical aperture of an objective lens and the thickness of a cover layer
Modular media storage system and integrated player unit and method for accessing additional external information
Method of enhanced compression rate for a multi-disc CD player
Medium, apparatus, and method related to encryption resultant information
Method and apparatus for performing address interpolation on optical disk
Input/output periscope station for libraries
Magneto-optical disk drive
Information reading and writing device for optical disk
Tracking servo control method and device for preventing tremble of object lens during fast search
Optical disc system having servo motor and servo error detection assembly operated relative to monitored quad sum signal and focus capture method for use in same
Network server having dynamic load balancing of messages in both inbound and outbound directions
Multistage interconnect network uses a master processor to perform dynamic configuration for all switch nodes based on a predetermined topology
Bus management method
Process of switching to a server of cells sent by a module linked to a local access network for mobile (stations), as well as such a network for implementation of said process
Upstream access method in bidirectional telecommunication system
Continuation control for wireless packet data
Method and apparatus for providing interactive two-way communications using a single one-way channel in satellite systems
Systems and methods for providing a client-server architecture for CDMA base stations
Digital channel selection
Apparatus and method for synchronizing an SCDMA upstream or any other type upstream to an MCNS downstream or any other type downstream with a different clock rate than the upstream
Personal communication network unit for use in a spread spectrum communication system overlaying a microwave system
Method and apparatus for interference avoidance in a wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus for synchronization in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for implementing a computer network/internet telephone system
Telecommunications custom calling services using voice mail
Internet-audiotext electronic communications system with multimedia based matching
Method and apparatus for making a phone call connection over the internet connection
System for providing simultaneous voice and data transmission
Method and apparatus for minimizing contention losses in networks
Connection and packet level multiplexing between network links
Method and apparatus for mapping asynchronous ports to HDLC addresses
Network and method for ATM network operations
Interfacing to SAR devices in ATM switching apparatus
Method and apparatus for ATM address resolution
Address analysis for asynchronous transfer mode node with PNNI protocol
Simultaneous multi-user/single connection internet access method and system
Fibre channel learning bridge, learning half bridge, and protocol
Architecture for lightweight signaling in ATM networks
Broadband video switch that performs program merging and method therefor
Method and apparatus for indexed data broadcast
ISDN communications controller
Non-polled dynamic slot time allocation protocol
Client-optimized data transmission system and method
Collision tolerant radio modem
Apparatus for ADSL access
Method and apparatus for transferring ATM cells via 1394-serial data bus
Communications network management system
Multi-carrier PC-CDMA system
System and method for personal multimedia communication over a packet switched network
Ring signal generator
Subrate voice switching over switching and telecommunication networks
Methods and apparatus for wavelength measurement and tracking using a semiconductor laser amplifier
Multi-frequency rapidly tunable laser
Method and apparatus for integrated optical wavelength stabilization
Laser module with adjustable operating temperature range
Very stable excimer or molecular fluorine laser
Gas performance control system for gas discharge lasers
High power laser devices
Electrode weighing stub
Global navigation satellite system receiver with blanked-PRN code correlation
Demodulator having an infinite-duration impulse response filter with dynamic coeffiecient scaling
Infinitely expandable Ethernet network repeater unit
Adaptive array transmitter receiver
Modular home-networking communication system and method using disparate communication channels
Method and apparatus for data transmission using discrete multitone technology
Process of multisensor equalization allowing multisensor reception in the presence of interference and multiple propagation paths and receiver for the implementation thereof
Image coding and decoding methods, image coder, and image decoder
Device and method for encoding image data, and image data transmission method
Method and apparatus for encoding a motion vector of a binary shape signal
Scheme for detecting captions in coded video data without decoding coded video data
Multi-spectral image compression and transformation
Apparatus for decoding coded video data with reduced memory size
Waveform shaping method and equipment
Receiver, transmitter-receiver, and communication method
Method and apparatus for AM digital broadcasting
Adaptive precoding system and method for equalizing communication signal
Apparatus and method for slew rate control of MLT-3 transmitter using zero drive
Multichannel radio frequency transmission system to deliver wideband digital data into independent sectorized service areas
Method and apparatus for band-adaptive demodulation
Data demodulator for correcting bit errors
Noise cancellation circuit in a quadrature downconverter
Symbol timing recovery apparatus
Modified passive containment cooling system for a nuclear reactor
Cladding for use in nuclear reactors having improved resistance to stress corrosion cracking and corrosion
BCD low noise high sensitivity charge detection amplifier for high performance image sensors
System and method for storing digital data utilizing a resonant tunneling diode bridge
CT device for imaging slices that are inclined toward the system axis
Coronary calcification detection using retrospective cardiac gating of imaging system
CT scanning apparatus
Radiographic apparatus
Active matrix detector for X-ray imaging
Telephone exchange apparatus
Method of making available content resources to users of a telephone network
Apparatus and method for local intercept and service of long-distance calls
Method and apparatus for telephone data network access
Distributed splitter for data transmission over twisted wire pairs
Self-service checkout system utilizing portable communications terminal
Video caller identification systems and methods
Mass calling event detection and control
Pay-per use for data-network-based public access services
Service management access point
Graphical call status presentation system
Programmable call processing system and method
Network-based caller speech muting
Reducing message traffic in intelligent network
ETSI intelligent network capability set 1 trigger detection points on a service switching point
Apparatus and method for deploying and updating services in a telephone network
Method and system for call tracing
Telephone with adaptive speed dial mechanism
Telephone with character keypad
Caller-identification receiving apparatus
Echo canceller and method of controlling the same
Portable phone cradle having a locking module for a vehicle
Quick attachment and release mounting bracket for cellular telephone applications
Method of providing video programming nearly on demand
Auto-escrowable and auto-certifiable cryptosystems with fast key generation
Method of elliptic curve cryptographic digital signature generation and verification using reduced base tau expansion in non-adjacent form
Software anti-piracy system that adapts to hardware upgrades
Information transmission method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for advanced symmetric key block cipher with variable length key and block
Methods and apparatus for source location estimation from microphone-array time-delay estimates
Fully integrated amplified loudspeaker
Laptop computer with loudspeaker(s)
Thin film electret microphone
Method and apparatus for producing binaural audio for a moving listener
Audio system with partitioned input and output compartments
Flat speakers for personal computer
Loudspeaker having pole piece with integral vent bores
Digital authentication with analog documents
Information embedding and retrieval method and apparatus
Obstacle detection system for low-flying airborne craft
Mapping system for the integration and graphical display of pipeline information that enables automated pipeline surveillance
Dynamic-functional imaging of biological objects using a non-rigid object holder
Method and apparatus for recognizing irradiation fields on radiation images
System for counting colonies of micro-organisms in petri dishes and other culture media
Pattern exposure method using electron beam
Method and apparatus for rendering a two dimensional image from three dimensional image data
Method for a neural network for representing imaging functions
Data processing using neural networks having conversion tables in an intermediate layer
Methods and apparatus for controlling a video system with visually recognized props
Image feature extractor, an image feature analyzer and an image matching system
Method and apparatus for handwriting recognition using invariant features
Template matching in 3 dimensions using correlative auto-predictive search
Method a group of picture structure in MPEG video
Data compression
Apparatus and method for optimizing the rate control in a coding system
Adaptive non-uniformity compensation using feedforwarding shunting
Tagging of antialiased images
Image processing apparatus and method for erasing dirty spots in reproducing systems
Adaptive recognition of documents using layout attributes
Image quality maintenance
Data acquisition device for optical detection and storage of visually marked and projected alphanumerical characters, graphics and photographic picture and/or three dimensional topographies
Integrated magnetic ink character recognition system and method therefor
Narrow-band optical modulator with reduced power requirement
Optical frequency and temperature sensor system
Connection-verification in optical MEMS crossconnects via mirror-dither
Electro-opto-mechanical assembly for coupling a light source or receiver to an optical waveguide
Packaging enhanced board level opto-electronic interconnects
Electronically-controllable fiber optic patch panel
System and method for determining the condition of an optical signal
Optical 2-fiber ring network
Wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing devices using diffractive optic lenses
Optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Apparatus for optically pumping an optical fiber from the side
Merging optical waveguides having branch angle within a specific range
Channel-switched cross-connect
Optical fiber array connector and method for fabricating the same
Optical fiber cable and method of making the same
Optical fiber bundle having an aligned optical fiber array and method of fabricating the same
Fibers with optical function
Method and apparatus for billing a neighborhood cordless service
Personal communications system
Mobile phone distribution system having programming and tracking
Mobile communication system, mobile base station, and method of controlling them
Radio communication analyzer suited for measurement of plurality of types of digital communication systems
Frequency translation to local multi-point distribution system for personal communications services
Transmitting/receiving unit for use with a mobile communication device
Controlling operating states of a mobile station in a packet radio system
Priority and preemption service system for satellite related communication using central controller
Method and system for seamless roaming between wireless communication networks with a mobile terminal
Inter-MSC handover in high-speed data transmission
Communication system
System and method for increasing CDMA capacity by frequency assignment
Wireless telecommunications network whose facilities are mobile and whose topology is dynamic
Method of providing access to a telecommunications system
Method and system for determining position of a mobile transmitter
Mobile positioning method for a portable communications device using shortened repetitive bursts
PC card for use in a telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for selecting a vocoder type for use in code division multiple access
Mobile communication system
Portable radio
Module for providing wireless call communication services through wire-connected telephone equipment
Combination cellular telephone and sound storage device and method of use
Portable wireless communication device having an extendible section
Method and apparatus for modifying and integrating a cellular phone with the capability to access and browse the internet
Battery-operated communications device with the continuously running reference clock of which the frequency is reduced when a synchronization unit is controlled during a stand-by mode
Method of preparing rare earth-barium cuprates superconductors
Methods, systems and computer program products for photogrammetric sensor position estimation
Method of magnetic resonance arteriography
Transillumination imaging instrumentation with scattered light discrimination
Methods and apparatus for detecting medical conditions of the heart
Apparatus for charging defibrillator capacitors
Cardiac rhythm management system having multi-capacitor module
Implantable stimulation device and method for determining atrial autocapture using programmable PVARP
Gastro-intestinal electrical pacemaker
Implantable device with optical telemetry
Treatment mat
Network control system, process management method in this system, and recording medium on which a process management program is recorded
Apparatus and methods for integrating intelligent manufacturing system with expert sheet metal planning and bending system
Processing system having a scheduling system based on a composite ratio of process scheduling factors
N-dimensional material planning method and system with corresponding program therefor
Method and product for optimizing assembly performance
System for analyzing and improving pharmaceutical and other capital-intensive manufacturing processes
Method and device for producing three-dimensional objects
System and method for incorporation of post-production operations to a web output from an image transfer device
Method of marking number or the like and apparatus for marking the same
Control method and apparatus for plate material processing machine
Computerized manual mail distribution method and apparatus with feeder belt system
Method of determining workpiece positions including coordinated motion
Touchable user interface using self movable robotic modules
Leg type mobile robot control apparatus
Non-Linear muscle-like compliant controller
Automated quarry operation with communication interface
External power management device with current monitoring precluding shutdown during high current
Electronic control system and method for erasing abnormality data generated during controller reloading
System and method for predicting impending failures in a locomotive
Electronic control unit for automotive vehicles
Vehicle control system
Control configuration for tripping a restraint device in a vehicle in the case of a side-impact collision
Start controlling method for a passenger protection system, and start controlling system for a passenger protection system, and recording medium for recording start control program for passenger protection system
Method and system for determining weight and position of a vehicle seat occupant
Integrated seat control with adaptive capabilities
Two stage torque control method for a vehicle transmission
Control apparatus and method for automatic transmission by oil pressure on clutch
Electronic transmission control system for automotive vehicle with continuously variable automatic transmission
Method and device for modeling a hydraulic system
Vehicle brake control
System and method for detecting engine cylinder misfire
System and method for detecting cold engine operation
Vehicle control apparatus for calculating control value with basic value and correction value
Traffic monitoring device attached to a traffic sign
Audio-video output device and car navigation system
Vehicle navigation system with pixel transmission to display
Three dimensional display for time multiplexed global positioning system cell location beacon system
Method and device for writing optical record carriers
Information recording apparatus including system control means for producing managing information for managing data recorded on an information recording medium and preventing designated data from being accessed
Method of distinguishing disks having nearly the same reflectance
Method and apparatus for controlling optical output of laser diode
Optical disk, optical disk reproducing device and optical disk reproduction system
Optical storage device having a sector mark detecting circuit
Disk device having a drive unit for providing a small-height structure
Auto-loading disk player
Very-high-density memory device utilizing a scintillating data-storage medium
Method for recording/reproducing optical information recording medium, optical pickup apparatus, objective lens and design method of objective lens
Optical storage systems with flying optical heads for near-field recording and reading
Coated optical fiber with increased modulus and thermally enhanced strippability
Optical waveguide, method for fabricating same, and coupling structure of optical waveguide to light-receiving device
Optical waveguide device comprising at least one bent waveguide channel
Storage spool assembly for optical fiber
Athermalization techniques for fiber gratings and temperature sensitive components
Fiber locking system
Recording/reproducing apparatus capable of synthesizing fractions of image data obtained from plural reads of a track
Recording apparatus capable of recording motion image and still image
Rotational speed control device for an electric motor
Multiple hair setting roller heating and facial steaming apparatus
Method and apparatus to compensate for non-uniform film growth during chemical vapor deposition
Steam generator
Lens-fitted photo film unit with data recording device
Parallax compensation apparatus for camera
Lens barrel assembly
Image reader and printing system
System for controlling the density of toner images in an image forming apparatus
Developing device for developing a latent image
Image heating apparatus having a plurality of heaters
Method for controlling an imaging apparatus
Image forming apparatus for forming a plurality page images formed on one side of sheet on both sides of sheet
Compact image formation system having a plurality of paper trays
Electrophotographic copying method and apparatus
Charging member and image forming apparatus using the same
Method for cleaning the developer for a liquid electrophotographic printer
Developer replenishing container
Reproduction method and apparatus for post-transfer image conditioning
Claw apparatus for liquid electrophotographic printer
Offset preventing oil pressure sensor system
Fixing device, image forming apparatus with the fixing device, and method of fixing developing agent image
Belt fixing device
Latency reduction in satellite communication systems
Offline page monitoring
Wireless device for high power transmission radio signal
Dielectric filter having coupling windows between resonators, and transceiver using the dielectric filter
Method and apparatus for transmitting communication signals using frequency and polarization diversity
Impedance matching for a dual band power amplifier
Television tuner, tuner integrated circuit and method of controlling television tuner
System and method for intuitively indicating signal quality in a wireless digital communications network
Recording/playback apparatus using recording reservation information written onto recording medium
Optical disk having high recording density
Disk cartridge with error insertion prevention mechanism
Screwing action playable compact disc case
Lan emulation system and atm switch
Radio receiver capable of temperature adjustment to tuning frequency of RF tuning circuit
Method of determining net reservoir thickness
Healthcare data acquisition device
System for concurrent digital measurement of peak voltage and RMS voltage in high voltage system
Methods and apparatus for extracting parasitic capacitance values from a physical design of an integrated circuit
Transducer assembly with smart connector
Circuit trace probe and method
Cooling mode switching system for CPU
Human Necessities
Multi-slice detector array
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and circuit arrangement for comparing output signals with reference signals having different reference levels
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Photonic crystal fiber
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic balancing device of optic disc drive
GPS true course guidance correction system for correcting antenna offset error
Distance measuring apparatus
Self-calibrating operational amplifier
Fast acquisition position reporting system
Drive circuit for liquid-crystal displays and liquid-crystal display including drive circuits
Liquid crystal display device
Electronic display device having an active matrix display panel
Camera and apparatus adapted to use a film cartridge
Method for exhibiting motion picture films at frame rates higher than that in which the films were originally produced
Method and apparatus for forming image
Method and apparatus for controlling a bias of a fixing device
Image forming apparatus
Touch-sensitive panel with selector
Method or apparatus for displaying greyscale or color images from binary images
Video display monitor
Liquid crystal projector
Optical disc and optical disc device
Recording apparatus, recording method, and disc-shaped record medium
CD cleaning and labeling device
Time-based media processing system
Reproduction apparatus
Tilt detector
Bootstrapped CMOS driver
Solid state imaging device having overflow drain region
Direct conversion circuit for radio frequency signals
Method and system for distribution of wireless signals for increased wireless coverage using power lines
Recording device, video output device, video display/record system and signal processing method for video display/record system
Method and apparatus for displaying time and program status in an electronic program guide
Process and device for allocating resources in a packet transmission digital network
Methods and apparatus for managing traffic in an atm network
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