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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Multiple channel wireless communication system
Human Necessities
Radiographic apparatus
Method for reconstructing a CT image using an algorithm for a short-scan circle combined with various lines
Method for restoring truncated helical cone-beam computed tomography data
System and method for RF wake-up of implantable medical device
Optional use of a lead for a unitary subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Occupant protection activation device
Overlay target and measurement method using reference and sub-grids
Method and system for optically tracking a target using a triangulation technique
Optical measurement instrument and optical measurement method
Sensor apparatus, control system having the same and offset correction method
Method for the detection of misfires in an internal combustion engine
Enhanced signal detection of optically encoded particles via flare
Automation device
Method for supporting quality of service features in heterogeneous communications networks
Determination of fracture orientation and length using multi-component and multi-array induction data
Method and system for automated location dependent probabilistic tropical cyclone forecast
Projection zoom lens and projection display device which uses same
Illumination device for microscope
Display device
Fiber optic pair with pigtail geometry
Optical fiber termination apparatus for taut sheath splicing and method for using the same
Photonic crystal optical circuit and method for controlling the same
Constructing well structures for hybrid optical waveguides
Polarization beam separator and combiner
Optical waveguide structure and optical module
Method based on stokes parameters for the adaptive adjustment of PMD compensators in optical fiber communication systems and compensator in accordance with said method
Optical waveguide modulator with output light monitor
Retardation optical element, process of producing the same, and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device
Display panel and method for fabricating the same
Optical devices of substantially identical crossed sheet polarizer packages with compensator having biaxial plate
Flash apparatus, image capture apparatus having a flash apparatus, and method of controlling a flash apparatus
Method for producing mold for use in duplicating light diffusion sheet, light diffusion sheet and method for producing the same, and screen
Exposure method and apparatus
Lithographic projection assembly, load lock and method for transferring objects
Imaging system, in particular for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Drive for reticle-masking blade stage
Image correction method, program, and apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developing method, developing device, and image forming apparatus including the developing device that minimizes deterioration of developer
Image forming apparatus with control blade having an arcuate shape
Fixing device, image forming apparatus including the fixing device, and fixing method
Image generating apparatus
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively replacing a facing mechanism used in the image forming
Watch provided with push-buttons comprising a mechanism for actuating delocalised control elements of a clockwork
Control system for operating long vehicles
Digital implementation of power factor correction
Evaluation of device driver output
Apparatus for using a verification probe in an LDP MPLS network
Method and system for reducing power consumption in a cache memory
Method and apparatus for synchronizing data with a reduced clock cycle response time
Memory hub and method for memory system performance monitoring
Storage control device for longevity of the disk spindles based upon access of hard disk drives
Database system, its control method, and information processing apparatus
Method of protecting data in cache memory of storage system
System indicating the presence of an individual or group of individuals
System and method to provide integrated device, user, and account information to users
Preventing storage of streaming accesses in a cache
Powering a notebook across a USB interface
System including a segmentable, shared bus
Synchronizing an instruction cache and a data cache on demand
Low-power CD-ROM player with CD-ROM subsystem for portable computer capable of playing audio CDs without supply energy to CPU
Excluding unwanted pages in a printing system job
Hierarchical processing in scalable and portable sensor networks for activity recognition
Printing apparatus
Method and device for detection of oscillations by a position measuring system
Remote database support in a multifunction office device
Method and apparatus for recording sound information and playing sound information back using an all-in-one printer
Independent video hardware blocks to support laser printers
Locating potentially identical objects across multiple computers based on stochastic partitioning of workload
Method for accessing information and/or services of a distributed automation system
Progressive streaming media rendering
System and method for facilitating access to content information
Cooperative processing apparatus and cooperative processing method
Methods and computer program products for providing network quality of service for world wide web applications
Autonomic e-mail processing system and method
Remotely controlling a UNIX-based system
Editing files of remote systems using an integrated development environment
Method for managing network when master disappears
Folder synchronization
Multiple storage class distributed nametags for locating items in a distributed computing system
Displaying search results
Fragment processing utilizing cross-linked tables
Using conditional statements in electronic messages to prevent overuse of resources or time when delivering the electronic message
Subnet of power line communication network, method for setting up the same, electronic appliance connected to the same, and communication module used in electronic appliance
Method and apparatus for providing multiple vendor support to remotely monitored devices
Methods and systems for passive information discovery using Lomb periodogram processing
Pseudo-random n-out-of-N packet sampling
Use of priority-based scheduling for the optimization of latency and jitter sensitive IP flows in a wireless point to multi-point transmission system
Time division multiple access/time division duplex (TDMA/TDD) transmission media access control (MAC) air frame
Method and system of remote diagnostic control and information collection using a dynamic linked library of multiple formats and multiple protocols
Method of detecting obstructions caused by motor-driven power windows and similar devices using fuzzy logic algorithms
Result set formatting and processing
Dynamic multi-object collection and comparison and action
Communication protocol for synchronization of personal information management databases
Remote control method and apparatus, remote controller, and apparatus and system based on such remote control
Generating a risk assessment regarding a software implementation project
Method and apparatus for maintaining relationships between parts in a package
Reliable request-response messaging over a request-response transport
Methods and systems for classifying mass spectra
Method and system for virtual metrology in semiconductor manufacturing
Measurement and alignment device including a display system
Robot cleaner and operating method thereof
Cutting tool angle adjustment method
Control device for internal combustion engine
System and method for calibrating remote emissions sensing instruments
Multiple mode communication system
Playback apparatus, electronic camera apparatus, function expansion apparatus for electronic camera apparatus, control method for electronic camera apparatus, control method for image communication apparatus, and medium for providing control program
Extending a directory schema independent of schema modification
Control apparatus and control method for automatic transmission
Resource classification and prioritization system
Scalable transformation and tree based query language node--set selection
System and method for document management and retrieval
Soft sensor device and device for evaluating the same
Modeling an ASIC based on static pipeline delays
Multi-function peripheral with camera
Processor with personal verification function and operating device
Automated method for image analysis of residual protein
Compressed document matching
Incremental singular value decomposition of incomplete data
Method and apparatus for automated image analysis of biological specimens
Picture encoding with wavelet transform and block area weights
Imaging device, image processing method, and recording medium
Method, apparatus and program for image processing
Method and system for cancellation of ambient light using light frequency
Automatic analysis and adjustment of digital images with exposure problems
Foreground detection using intrinsic images
System and method for managing recurring orders in a computer network
Condition component framework for reinsurance
Pricing apparatus for resolving energy imbalance requirements in real-time
System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works using secure components
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Speech detection system in an audio signal in noisy surrounding
Bandwidth extension of acoustic signals
LPAS speech coder using vector quantized, multi-codebook, multi-tap pitch predictor
Method and system of correcting spectral deformations in the voice, introduced by a communication network
Method and system for low bit rate voice encoding and decoding applicable for any reduced bandwidth requirements including wireless
Computer-based training system and method for enhancing language listening comprehension
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Method and device for recording an information signal on an information layer of a recording medium in which a bias power level of the radiation beam varies with the recording speed during erase pulses
Cartridge drop detection device in magnetic tape library apparatus
Non-tape data storage cartridge with handling feature and associated cartridge drive
Tunnel magnetoresistance effect device, and a portable personal device
Magnetic sensor that combines both CPP and CIP modes of operation
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
Fixing structure for optical element and optical head device
Optical scanning device with tilt detection
Optical pickup apparatus and optical disk drive apparatus
Recording condition determining method, program, and medium, information recording apparatus, and information recording system
Method of and apparatus for recording data on an optical recording medium
Read, write and erase circuit for programmable memory devices
Semiconductor nonvolatile storage circuit
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor disk device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of rewriting data thereof
Semiconductor memory device capable of realizing a chip with high operation reliability and high yield
Semiconductor memory device with input buffer
Method for transmission and reception of a data signal on a line pair, as well as a transmission and reception circuit for this purpose
Multi-context memory cell
Memory data bus structure and method of transferring information with plural memory banks
High speed power-gating technique for integrated circuit devices incorporating a sleep mode of operation
Electrical functional unit
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Dual bias frequency plasma reactor with feedback control of E.S.C. voltage using wafer voltage measurement at the bias supply output
Excessive current input suppressing semiconductor laser light emitting circuit
Fiber laser oscillator and fiber laser processing apparatus
Semiconductor laser
Quantum cascade laser
Junction temperature sensing for MOSFET
Superconducting current limiting element
Superconducting matrix fault current limiter with current-driven trigger mechanism
Method and apparatus to improve regulation of a power supply
Power supply for use in an electronic energy meter
Power converter system and method
Communication device
Clock recovery circuit and clock-recovering filter circuit
Spread spectrum communication system and method therefor
Channel estimation apparatus and method in digital communication system
Rach ramp-up acknowledgement
Transmitting stage
Single path front end with digital AGC in SDARS system
Method of exchanging data securely between a mobile terminal and a memory card
Signal processing semiconductor integrated circuit device and wireless communication system
Method and system for extracting key frames from video using a triangle model of motion based on perceived motion energy
Transmitter and/or receiver arrangement of optical signal transmission
Dispersion compensating method, optical transmission system, and optical transmission apparatus
Optoelectronic module with integrated loop-back capability
Radio-frequency amplifier system
Wireless receiving method
Method for automatic detection of the data rate in a network, particularly a CAN bus type network, and for configuration to the detected data rate, corresponding device
Method and system for location based group formation
Content distribution & communication system for enhancing service distribution in short range radio environment
Multi-access system and method using multi-sectored antenna
Asynchronous digital signal combiner and method of combining asynchronous digital signals in cable television return path
Method and system of channel adaptation
Simultaneous broadcasting receiver
Reception pointer processing apparatus in SDH transmission system
Method and apparatus for identifying an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) terrestrial repeater using inactive sub-carriers
Apparatus and method for increasing optical density of SONET multiplexer using integral components
Method and systems for ordered dynamic distribution of packet flows over network processing means
System and method for configuring bandwidth transmission rates for call connections
Data segmentation method in a telecommunications system
Enhanced DOCSIS upstream channel changes
Alarm transfer method and wide area Ethernet network
ATM switching apparatus and method
Prioritizing transfers across an interface
Method for transferring intersystem connections
Monitoring in communication system with wireless trunk
Apparatus using a knowledge digest to verify configuration information in a network
Managing data in a subtended switch
Packet switch for interfacing between LAN and WAN
Arrangement for connecting an optical waveguide to a microprocessor-controlled electrical appliance
Method and apparatus for obtaining data information
Digital transmission of broadcast signals, including HDTV signals, over a microwave link
System and method for low power clear channel assessment
Data communication for wired and wireless communication
Channel search device
Method and apparatus for extending the frequency range of multi-tone modems
Apparatus for synchronizing clock and data between two domains having unknown but coherent phase
Data communication method and data communication device and semiconductor device
Distribution of secured information
Radio communication apparatus and packet scheduling method
Portable electronics device
Method and apparatus for inclusive echo canceller testing
Saving information from information retrieval systems
Method and apparatus for converting a voice signal received from a remote telephone to a text signal
Method and apparatus for eliminating unwanted telephone calls
Device and method for displaying a status of a portable terminal by using a character image
Systems and methods for enhanced over-the-air programming
System and method for peer-to-peer handset communication
Cordless telephone unit including audible confirmation of called party
Audio teleconference system with wireless communication portable terminals
Method for transmitting an assignment through wireless transmission
Telephone call dialling
Shading an optical sensing element such as in a scanner
Image reading device and image forming apparatus
File reproducing apparatus and file reproducing method
Transmitting signals to cause replays to be recorded at a plurality of receivers
Dual mode timeline interface
Packet data processing determination apparatus
Portable DVD player
Wireless audio/video equipment and channel selecting method thereof
Method and apparatus to reduce packet data link renegotiations in a wireless mobile network
Wireless communications system
Apparatus and method for processing data call in private wireless high-speed data system
Satellite TV derivative programming via mobile phone
Radio positioning systems
Context-aware and location-aware cellular phones and methods
Control of a multi-sectored antenna system to improve channel efficiency
Radio frequency isolation system and cover assembly for vacuum electron device
Multiple cover memory card
Fastener with snap-on feature, heat dissipation assembly for central processing unit and method of using the same
Device and method for cooling an electronics unit
Storage subsystem
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method for centralized animal identification and tracking
Hand antiseptic system and method
Apparatus and method for determining tissue characteristics
Uni-directional magnetic tag
Method apparatus and presentation medium for avoiding a mismatch state in a 3-dimensional virtual shared space
Performing Operations; Transporting
Characterization of non-biological polymers using flow-injection analysis with light-scattering detection
Electronic converter for converting an acoustic signal into a pseudo-digital signal, timepiece including such a converter and two-directional communication method via acoustic waves
High-throughput materials processing system
Coloring structure for producing colors
Narrow-pitch connector, pitch converter, micromachine, piezoelectric actuator, electrostatic actuator, ink-jet head, ink-jet printer, liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Optical apparatus and method of manufacturing optical apparatus
Radar detection method and apparatus
Door handle for vehicle and smart entry system for vehicle using the same
Device for electrostatic charging of a multilayer paper web
System of angular displacement control for micro-mirrors
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electronic component and method of manufacturing same
Fixed Constructions
Adjustable door hinge monitoring device
Method and apparatus for downhole signal communication and measurement through a metal tubular
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Inductive load driver utilizing energy recovery
Optical amplification apparatus utilizing Raman amplification and controlling method thereof
Spatial averaging technique for ellipsometry and reflectometry
Method of determining structural features of test pieces having a randomly scattering surface
Inspection of ophthalmic lenses using absorption
Arrangement and method for measuring surface irregularities
Phase profilometry system with telecentric projector
Sensor and method for measuring changes in environmental conditions
Laser level with protective housing
Vehicle control
Encoder displacement measuring apparatus with liquid crystal
Water column sound speed profiling system
Method for measuring a lighting condition and an apparatus thereof
Polarimetric method for determining the (main) vibration plane of polarized light to about and miniaturized device for its implemention
Imaging system using polarization effects to enhance image quality
Multi-lens array of a wavefront sensor for reducing optical interference and method thereof
Achromatic optical interferometer with continuously adjustable sensitivity
Optical time-domain reflectometer capable of determining when a test of an optical fiber should be conducted
Continuous emissions monitor of multiple metal species in harsh environments
Surface plasmon sensor
System and methods for inspection of transparent mask substrates
Device and method for contactlessly measuring speed on surfaces
Dual variable color display device
Flux guide structure for a spin valve transistor which includes a slider body semiconductor layer
Signal detector employing coherent integration
Radio transceiver and method of controlling direction of radio-wave emission
Moving emitter passive location from moving platform
Method for determining speed of terminal, and receiver
RFID detection system
Helicopter-borne radar system
Transponder data processing methods and systems
Multi-stage processing for efficient and accurate spectral moment estimation
Transactions and business processes executed through wireless geolocation system infrastructure
Radar transceiver
Single focus lens
Rear conversion lens
Telescopic zoom lens system
Variable focal length lens system
Zoom lens and optical apparatus using the same
Image reading apparatus
Reduction objective for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Folded image intensifier objective lens
Aircraft monitoring and analysis system and method
Post and pocket microstructures containing moveable particles having optical effects
Optical electric-field pattern generator
Process for manufacturing mirror devices using semiconductor technology
Laser system by modulation of power and energy
Optical system for alternative or simultaneous direction of light originating from two scenes to the eye of a viewer
Wide angle projection lens and projection display device
Method for image-based illumination effect in a three-dimensional scene
Laser projection display system
Variable focal position spatial modulation device
Lens film with conductive lens layer or conductive layer
Composite birefringent crystal and filter
Resonant optical cavity
Method and apparatus for polarization multiplexing and demultiplexing optical tributary signals
Focus state detection apparatus with image sensing device controls
Bi-directional optical switch
Electrophoretic displays, display fluids for use therein, and methods of displaying images
Liquid crystal display apparatus with light guide panel having light-absorbing or light-storing layer
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
IPS-LCD having a third electrode having aperture and formed on counter substrate
Liquid crystal display
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Display device and defect repairing method of the same with low stacked conductor regions to facilitate laser cutting
Patterned vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Pixel cell for silicon LC light valve having enhanced storage capacitance
Active matrix substrate having column spacers integral with protective layer and process for fabrication thereof
Electronic device having liquid crystal display device
Electro-optical device substrate, electro-optical device and electronic device having dummy layers, and projection display device incorporating the same
Reflective liquid crystal device
Liquid crystal device
Optical device with variable numerical apertures
Gray scale and color display methods and apparatus
Display device having a mass production structure
Liquid crystal display device having particular sapphire substrates
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus to form liquid crystal alignment layer
Optical wavelength converter based on cross-gain modulation with wide input power dynamic range
Wavelength converter
Heterodyne-wavelength division demultiplexing for optical pick-ups, microscopy, tomography telecommunication and lidar
Position detection device for illumination case
Switchable transparent screens for image projection system
Method and apparatus for shaping and/or orienting radiation irradiating a microlithographic substrate
System and method for light falloff compensation in an optical system
Reflective spectral filtering of high power extreme ultra-violet radiation
Structure for lithographic focus control features
Catadioptric lens barrel structure having a kinematic alignment structure and method for aligning two planar surfaces
Projection exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method using the same
Monopolar, synchronized communication system
Multivariable process trend display and methods regarding same
Electromagnetic wave lane marker, device for detecting electromagnetic wave lane marker, and traffic system
Mobile computer having a housing with openings for cooling
Fixed cursor
Non-rigid mounting of a foldable display
User-friendly automatic assembler PC system
Removable power pack supply for computer cabinet
System and method for visually representing a supply chain
Techniques for automatically providing a high-resolution rendering of a low resolution digital image in a distributed network
Program providing medium and shared virtual space providing apparatus and method
System and method for low power searching in content addressable memories using sample search words
Method and apparatus for controlling access to mobile devices
Method for controlling data display
Electronic portable pen apparatus and method
Device for operating a mouse-operated computer program
Secondary printer system
Display apparatus for visual communication
Method and apparatus for converting video signal resolution
Image data control apparatus
Video and audio multimedia pop-up documentation by performing selected functions on selected topics
Method and system for relevance feedback through gaze tracking and ticker interfaces
Recognizing a pattern in a video segment to identify the video segment
Wide instruction word graphics processor
Character generation using data of plural types to which differing priorities are assigned
Apparatus and method for geometry operations in a 3D-graphics pipeline
Apparatus and method for performing setup operations in a 3-D graphics pipeline using unified primitive descriptors
System and method for a graphics processing framework embodied utilizing a single semiconductor platform
Anti-aliasing for three-dimensional image without sorting polygons in depth order
Computer-assisted animation construction system and method and user interface
Data processing method and apparatus and information furnishing medium
Graphics system configured to filter samples using a variable support filter
Information display member, position detecting method using the same, apparatus and method of presenting related information, and information presenting apparatus and information presenting method
Highly compressed and scaleable outline font engine
Data compression/decompression system
3D mesh coding/decoding method and apparatus for error resilience and incremental rendering
Image-coding apparatus and image-coding method, data-coding apparatus and data-coding method, data-recording apparatus and data-recording medium
Vehicle parking control system
System, device and method for recording and input to a programmable stamp of data to be included on a substrate in both human and machine readable form
Remote-controlled access control device, in particular for a motor vehicle, and portable transponder which is configured for it
Multiple protocol smart card communication device
Security system
Electronic apparatus including a device for preventing loss or theft
FM CW cable guided intrusion detection radar
Fire alarm system and terminal equipment in the same
Wireless transfer of data from a detector
Wireless isolation relay for remote metering
Intrinsically safe traffic control system, method and apparatus optimized for inherent-polarity traffic signals
Gamma corrector and image display device using the same
Device and method of displaying images
Display device
Integrated circuit device and display device with the same
Display device having current-addressed pixels
Liquid crystal device and display apparatus including the device
Method of driving liquid crystal display
Method for driving source of liquid crystal display
Panel type color display device and system for processing image information
Flat panel display device for protecting a liquid crystal display thereof
Method and apparatus for rewriting functions and fonts of a monitor
Apparatus and method for detecting DVI connectors of a digital video display device
Method and apparatus for processing multiple types of pixel component representations including processes of premultiplication, postmultiplication, and colorkeying/chromakeying
Method and apparatus for accurately reading a potentiometer
Window display device with a three-dimensional orientation of windows
Image display apparatus and display control method
Audio signal encoding apparatus
Magneto-optic recording medium in which magnetic partition tracks are removed for high track density
Optical recording medium
Helical scan transport for single reel tape cartridge
Clamping apparatus for clamping a disk in a disk drive
Turntable device and manufacturing method thereof
Disk drive comprising spin down circuitry having a programmable signal generator for enhancing power and braking control
Method and device for recording and reproducing data
Method and apparatus for improving track format efficiency in a direct access storage device
Method and apparatus for encoding digital data
Disk cartridge
Disc cartridge
Magnetic tape cartridge
Anti-chipping recording disc, reading method and recording head
Optical recording medium having transparent color ink formed on the reflective layer
Memo tape recorder and reader system and method
Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and information reproducing apparatus
Recording medium library apparatus and method for operating the same
Optical disk having wobble patterns
Head with active fly height control
Card type electronic device
Tubular gasket for a disc drive
Magnetic disk drive
Method and system for providing a tape head subassembly structure having an integrated wear bar and outrigger rail
Thin-film magnetic head having reduced yoke length and method of manufacturing same
Variable width flat tape head for bi-directional contact recording and method for making the same
Disc drive ramp that accomodates shipping comb
Magnetic recording device having first actuator for coarse adjustment and second actuator for fine adjustment
Integrated voice coil motor assembly for a disc drive
Tangential misalignment precompensation in a direct access storage device
Glass substrate for a magnetic disk, a magnetic disk which can be formed with a stable texture
Method and apparatus for magnetic transfer
Skew adjustment for disk drive apparatus
Information recording and/or reproducing apparatus for optical disks having various protective layer thicknesses
Variable recording layer disk image pickup device
Method and apparatus for detecting light from a multilayered object
Diffractive stack pickup head for optical disk drives and method to fabricate the pickup head
Write current compensation for temperature variations in memory arrays
Multi-bit magnetic memory device
Circuit configuration for controlling write and read operations in a magnetoresistive memory configuration
Control circuit and semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit including a plurality of macros that can be operated although their operational voltages are different from each other
Reduced area sense amplifier isolation layout in a dynamic RAM architecture
Self timing interlock circuit for embedded DRAM
Content addressable memory with programmable priority weighting and low cost match detection
Semiconductor memory device having memory cells each capable of storing three or more values
Method for performing analog over-program and under-program detection for a multistate memory cell
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with programming voltage generating system and data programming method
Flash memory cell for high efficiency programming
Apparatus for externally timing high voltage cycles of non-volatile memory system
Flash memory device capable of preventing an over-erase of flash memory cells and erase method thereof
Channel-erase nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a built-in data storage circuit for nonvolatile storage of control data
Analog switch circuit
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having a low defective rate
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit and operating method
Integrated circuit memory devices having efficient multi-row address test capability and methods of operating same
Memory architecture and decoder addressing
Semiconductor memory device including an SOI substrate
Apparatus and method for generating an oscillating signal
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and control method therefor
Method and system for distributed power generation in multi-chip memory systems
Sensing method and apparatus for resistance memory device
Scratchpad memory
Flat-cell nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Memory structures having selectively disabled portions for power conservation
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device for providing margin of data setup time and data hold time of data terminal
Semiconductor device having redundancy circuit
Conductive paste and laminated ceramic electronic component
Magnetoresistive element and the use thereof as storage element in a storage cell array
Hard magnetic bias configuration for GMR
Multiple-interleaved integrated circuit transformer
Layered product and capacitor
Capacitor having epoxy dielectric layer cured with aminophenylfluorenes
Capacitor array
Instantaneous-tripping circuit breaker
Fast acting transfer switch with confronting power switches oppositely actuated by single coil solenoid
Adjustment screw cover for motor operators
Optimized magnetic sub-assembly
Fuse base assembly
Arc suppression circuit
Method and apparatus for activating semiconductor impurities
Substrate transport apparatus and method
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing the same
Vertical surface mount apparatus with thermal carrier
Integrated heat sink for different size components with EMI suppression features
Wiring board
Multilayer circuit board
Adjustable trigger voltage circuit for sub-micrometer silicon IC ESD protection
Nonvolatile memory and semiconductor device
Method for preventing unwanted programming in an MRAM configuration
High-frequency semiconductor device
Stacked-type electronic device having film electrode for breaking abnormal current
Dual-band electromagnetic coupler
Harmonic matching network for a saturated amplifier
Transmission line, filter, duplexer and communication device
High-frequency filter device, filter device combined to a transmit-receive antenna, and wireless apparatus using the same
Converter for satellite broadcast reception with an externally held probe
Component field antenna for induction borehole logging
Dual band antenna with bending structure
Built-in antenna device for folder-type portable radio terminal
Method and apparatus for zooming and reconfiguring circular beams for satellite communications
Dual frequency coaxial feed with suppressed sidelobes and equal beamwidths
Outboard radio signal test system and method
Antenna structure of portable radio
Antenna drive device and artificial satellite tracking system using the same
Low cross-polarization microstrip patch radiator
Dual band antenna
Method and apparatus for tracing remote ends of networking cables
Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling gain tilt in an optical amplifier
Optical fiber for optical amplifier and fiber optic amplifier
Optical amplifier
Optical amplifier
Arc fault detector device utilizing the di/dt and 60 Hz components of an arcing waveform
Ultra-wide input range power supply for circuit protection devices
Overload circuit interrupter capable of electrical tripping and circuit breaker with the same
Protective circuit for a series connection of a power semi-conductor end stage and an inductive consumer
Cascoded NPN electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Reduction of harmonics in AC machines
Lighting equipment built-in on-line uninterruptible power system capable of outputting AC sinusoidal power from a single DC source
Charge pump with constant boosted output voltage
Asymmetric power supply including a fast response converter
Integrated controller for synchronous rectifiers
Method and apparatus for optimizing the output power of a rectifier
Semiconductor circuit and switch-mode power supply
Switching power supply
Switching power supply unit and electronic apparatus using the same
Pulse with modulation control circuit for a high frequency series resonant AC/DC converter
Dynamic braking method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for multiplying a frequency of an electromagnetic wave
Multiple duty cycle tap points for a precise and programmable duty cycle generator
Electronic circuit supplied with power via current generator means
Precision oven-controlled crystal oscillator
System and methods for providing a voltage-controlled oscillator
Device for demodulating an amplitude-modulated signal
Scheme for reducing transmit-band noise floor and adjacent channel power with power backoff
Multi-stage operational amplifier for interstage amplification in a pipeline analog-to-digital converter
High frequency compensation circuit for high frequency amplifiers
Predistortion-type distortion compensation amplifying apparatus
Linear power amplifying apparatus
PWM limiter
Resonant gate drive technique for a digital power amplifier
Offset correction circuit
Bipolar differential amplifier
Powered transducer preamplifier with DC level shifting circuit
Switched-capacitor, common-mode feedback circuit for a differential amplifier without tail current
Variable gain amplifier
Linear gain control amplifier
Method and circuit for automatic gain control of a signal amplifier
Integrated circuit
Active power splitter with impedance matching
Radio frequency filter
Surface acoustic wave device with inductor means for correcting impedance imbalance between input and output electrodes
Surface acoustic wave filter having plural propagation paths and a coupler
Digital/analogy converter for reducing glitch
Method and apparatus for mismatched shaping of an oversampled converter
Compander for power control in a ballast
Automatic gain control circuit for analog signals
Resistance based keyboard key discrimination
Methods and systems for digital dither
Adaptive sigma-delta data converter for mobile terminals
Sigma-delta modulator
Arm harness with a control panel for operating multiple electronic devices
Reduction of modal noise in step-index fiber bundles
Optical waveguide based power and wavelength monitor
Alignment system and method for optical satellite communication
Optical arrangement for full duplex free space infrared transmission
Optical-frequency communications system for aircraft
Optical transmission systems, optical receivers, and receiving methods
Channel control in a wavelength division multiplexed communications network
Chromatic dispersion compensator providing dispersion compensation to select channels of a wavelength division multiplexed signal
Long reach delivery of broadcast services using broadband optical sources and pre-compensation dispersion
Network for data and energy transfer
Clock synchronization over a powerline modem network for multiple devices
Free-floating altitude stabilized system
Optimization of television reception by selecting among or combining multiple antenna inputs
Method and system for broadcasting digital audio and video to an analog wireless device
Optical add-drop module with low loss and high isolation
Subcarrier modulation fiber-to-the-home/curb (FTTH/C) access system providing broadband communications
Telecommunications system
Dynamic adjustment of network elements using a feedback-based adaptive technique
System, method and graphical user interface for building virtual private networks
Systems and methods for transporting associated data signals over a network
Masked proportional routing
Methods and apparatus for channel adaptation in a DMT based system
Cost calculation in load balancing switch protocols
Method and apparatus for packet delay reduction using scheduling and header compression
Small-scale reliable multicasting
Determining link capacity utilization for HDLC encoded links
Digital color printer digital camera and digital color printer system using the same
Method and apparatus for controlling a scanning device
Multiple resolution scanning device
Method and apparatus for correcting blue drift in an image scanner
Image sensor with microlens material structure
Image pickup apparatus with lens control apparatus and focusing lens control
Deinterlacing method and apparatus based on motion-compensated interpolation and edge-directional interpolation
Computer-controlled home theater independent user-control
Apparatus for generating video signals representing a photographic image previously recorded in a frame on a photographic film-type medium
Apparatus and method for digitizing an analog video signal
Television receiver and additional information transmitting method
Automatic multi-camera video composition
Method and apparatus for displaying an electronic program guide
Monitoring system and monitoring method
Method and apparatus for filtering chrominance signals of image
Accessing sub-blocks of symbols from memory
Imaging apparatus
Authentication stamping in a digital camera
Anti-aliasing television signals for display
System and method of determining end point candidates for an optical channel in a data network
Optical internet protocol switch and method therefor
Optical device for processing a sequence of bits
Module for OAM processing of ATM cells of a cell flux on virtual connections
Power supply for LEDs
Wireless PC card
Automatic circuit board plug-in system
Fully integrated computer racking system
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