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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety hybrid X00A034
Maize hybrid X08C896
Maize hybrid X08C930
Multipurpose baby and toddler bib
Unisex active wear garment with modified fly-flap and storage pockets
Assist device for getting into and out of sitting or prone positions on beds and similar furniture
Pillow having sloping partition
Brain function scan system
System and method for determining size and size distribution of magnetic nanoparticles using VSM magnetization data
Apparatus and method for monitoring catheter insertion
Devices for determining the relative spatial change in subsurface resistivities across frequencies in tissue
Method and system for alerting the occurrence of wetness
Radially inwardly directed electron beam source and window assembly for electron beam source or other source of electromagnetic radiation
Medical pacing wires
Method for improving far-field activation in peripheral field nerve stimulation
Systems and methods for providing a pre-stimulation visual cue representative of a cochlear implant stimulation level
Estimating acute response to cardiac resynchronization therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalytic converter and method for manufacture thereof
Apparatus for mounting electronic parts
Laser assisted machining apparatus with distributed lasers
Vehicle abnormality detection apparatus and vehicle
Power unit
Navigation apparatus
Handle grip with heater
Drive control device for standby four-wheel drive vehicle
Start control system for vehicle
Electrically-operated construction machine
Large-area parking-monitoring system
Data recording apparatus for vehicle
Vehicle including a wheel stopping determination unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for obtaining aromatic hydrocarbons from methane
Process for the preparation of 2,3,3,3,-tetrafluoropropene (R-1234yf)
Conversion of methylamine to olefin or mixture of olefins
Preparation of nitriles from ethylenically unsaturated compounds
Substituted (1-(methylsulfonyl)azetidin-3-yl)(heterocycloalkyl)methanone analogs as antagonists of muscarinic acetylcholine M.sub.1 receptors
Cyclic amide derivative, and its production and use
Substituted chroman derivatives, medicaments and use in therapy
Compounds useful for the synthesis of S- and R-omeprazole and a process for their preparation
Method of preparing a diorganodihalosilane
Anti-CD151 antibodies and their use in the treatment of cancer
Maize cellulose synthases and uses thereof
Block polymer
Method for restoring an article comprising a shape memory composite material
Process for producing polyvinyl alcohol or a copolymer thereof
Method for producing lactic acid polymers of high crystallinity and molecular weight
Process for preparing polyamides comprising fluoroether functionalized aromatic moieties
Hydrosilicone resin and preparation process thereof
Process for the manufacture of silicone ionomer
Thermoplastic linoleum
Epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Plants having increased yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Textiles; Paper
Fiber mixing and opening machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Deep water power generation system and apparatus
Wind turbine generating apparatus
Wind turbine with discretely variable diameter gear box
Mechanical energy harvester
Device and method for compacting a fiber composite
Multiple visual display device and vehicle-mounted navigation system
Mobile computing devices, architecture and user interfaces based on dynamic direction information
Navigation system, navigation device, navigation server, vehicle provided with a navigation device, group of such vehicles and navigation method
Practical SPECT calibration method for quantification of nuclides with high-energy contributions
Signal processing method, signal processing apparatus, and Coriolis flowmeter
System and method for handling multiple workpieces for matrix configuration processing
Assuring food safety using nano-structure based spectral sensing
Examination kit for polarized lens
Analysis apparatus
Method for assessing a method of functioning of a fuel injector in response to the application of a control voltage, and corresponding evaluation device
Capacitance sensor layout scheme for linearity improvement
Capacitive measuring circuit for yarn inspection
Circuit configuration for detecting an error in a converter
Tie-breaking in shortest path determination
Communications system, communications apparatus, communications terminal and communications method
System for positioning in a location opaque to the signals of a satellite navigation system
Binning venues into categories based on propagation characteristics
3D multiple prediction and removal using diplets
Apparatus and system for acquiring seismic data over a loose surface
Imaging lens
Zoom lens system
Illuminated optical apparatus
Lens assembly apparatus and method
Variable focus prism and optical system
Microstructured optical fiber and a device for generating broadband white light
Photonic crystal four-port based on coupling of magneto-optical cavities
Optical switch
Optical modulation device
Personal communication system to send and receive voice data positioning information
Color regulating device for illumination and apparatus using the same, and method of regulating color
Color filter, liquid crystal display device, and color filter production method
Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus including same
Image forming apparatus capable of saving energy, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with first and second abutting portions for a cartridge
Development agent supply device having a transfer board for transferring development agent and image forming apparatus having the same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus capable of suppressing variation image density
Fixation device, image forming apparatus, and fixation fluid storage container
Image heating apparatus and image heating rotational body to be mounted on the image heating apparatus
Servo control device and recording medium
Server and heat dissipation method
Color mixing system with buck-boost and flyback topologies
Control circuit and method for a current mode controlled power converter
Circuits and methods for driving light sources
Reference voltage generation circuit
Smart card able to renegotiate the maximum power supplied to the smart card from a mobile device
Electronic reading apparatus, method and system for use in hyperbaric and hypobaric conditions
Fixing device for use with expansion cards in a computer
Electronic device, assembling method of electronic module and disassembling method of electronic module
Uncore thermal management
Common trouble case data generating method and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing common trouble case data generating program
Transmitter, receiver, transmission method, and reception method
Method, apparatus and computer program product for secure software installation
Storage apparatus and data management method
Method for accessing mirrored shared memories and storage subsystem using method for accessing mirrored shared memories
Logical volume transfer method and storage network system
Direct memory access memory management
Migrating snapshot data according to calculated de-duplication efficiency
Computer system having a cache memory and control method of the same
Integrated storage controller and appliance method and system
Information processing system, reader/writer, information processing apparatus, access control management method and program
Web API server program, web API publication method
Providing versioning in a storage device
Processing read and write requests in a storage controller
Adaptive and integrated visualization of spatiotemporal data from large-scale simulations
Extensible mechanism for executing server side code
Systems and methods for managing workflow based on multi-level specification of job processing requirements
Contents server and contents server system
Method for determining active communication sessions and communication session information server
Communication devices and methods for controlling a communication device
Proactive pre-provisioning for a content sharing session
Apparatus and method for providing a provider-selected message in response to a user request for user-selected information
Automated method for generating a web service composition
Dynamic feed generation
System and method for providing universal `follow-me` functionality in a UPnP AV network
Method and system for providing advertising content suitable for multiple platforms
Controlling delivery of notifications in real-time communications based on communication channel state
Generating and implementing a signal protocol and interface for higher data rates
Web page optimization
Remote copy system
Distributed computer system for telecommunications operational support
Device and a method for transmitting link trace responses according to a route redundancy configuration
Automated classification of computer configuration using rule set
Web page analysis system for computerized derivation of webpage audience characteristics
Single-instruction multiple-data vector permutation instruction and method for performing table lookups for in-range index values and determining constant values for out-of-range index values
Annotating E-books / E-magazines with application results and function calls
Content conversion system and recording medium storing computer program
Gearbox control device
Method for determining trajectories manipulators to avoid obstacles
Screen capture
Rule set management
Content search system having pipelined engines and a token stitcher
Estimating rows returned by recursive queries using fanout
Knowledge matrix utilizing systematic contextual links
Method and system for improvement of relevance of search results
File storage service system, file management device, file management method, ID denotative NAS server and file reading method
Communication system for processing data
Relational meta model and associated domain context-based knowledge inference engine for knowledge discovery and organization
Apparatus and method for managing a file in a distributed storage system
Tracking implicit trajectory of content sharing
Method and system for repartitioning a hierarchical circuit design
Timing error removing method and design support apparatus
Method and system for rapidly identifying silicon manufacturing defects
Capture of interconnectivity data for multi-pin devices in the design of emulator circuit boards
Passive resonator, a system incorporating the passive resonator for real-time intra-process monitoring and control and an associated method
Method and apparatus for traffic information conversion using traffic information element knowledge base
Method for granting an access authorization for a computer-based object in an automation system, computer program and automation system
System and method for analyzing time for a slide presentation
Detection device
Method and system for exception-less system calls in an operating system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Input apparatus, mobile apparatus, and information recording medium
Hand-activated controller
Mount structure of touch input device having pressure sensitive sensor
Compensating for multi-touch signal bias drift in touch panels
Image processing apparatus with symmetric processors
Image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus, information processing system, method of controlling image forming apparatus, method of controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Printing system, method, and program product for controlling post-processing with held process information
Hot spot use in advertising
Transfer assembly
Control methodology of pedestrian kinematics using the active hood lift system
Information apparatus
Systems and methods for providing a map of an enterprise system
Activities based dynamic data prioritization
Activities based dynamic data prioritization
Managing feedback in a group resource environment
Authentication apparatus, authentication method, and computer-readable recording medium storing authentication program
Method and system for cutaneous medicine diagnostics
Thermal modelling of a transformer
Machine with four degrees of freedom implement control joystick and track type tractor using same
Graphical user interface testing systems and methods
Event management in a non-stop debugging environment
Event management in a non-stop debugging environment
Method and apparatus for generating a model-driven development user interface
Partial inlining with software based restart
Leveraging multicore systems when compiling procedures
Accelerating generic loop iterators using speculative execution
Workload scheduling
Switch-aware parallel file system
Adjusting thread priority to optimize computer system performance and the utilization of computer system resources
Dynamically redirecting a file descriptor of an executing process by another process by optionally suspending the executing process
Method for 3-D gravity forward modeling and inversion in the wavenumber domain
System and method for controlling an advancing fluid front of a reservoir
Image forming apparatus having paper dust removal device
Method and apparatus for generating multi-site FM screen dots simultaneously
Paper-feeding device and multi-functional printers having a paper separating element with paper inserting and separating portions
Mail sorting system and method of sorting mails
Error diffusion processing circuit
Method for quantifying the effective height of fibers emanating from a surface
Method and apparatus for automated determination of features on an electronic map
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Magnetic resonance system and method to determine an image data set that describes a temperature distribution in a subject
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
Efficient fixed-point approximations of forward and inverse discrete cosine transforms
Reconstruction of phased array data
Imaging apparatus, signal processing method, and program
Constraint-based schedule generation for transportation resources
Media exchange system and method
Inventory mechanism that generates logical inventory from assemblies in inventory
System and method for item recommendations
System for exchanging sales leads
Wireless industry marketing business process
Conditional purchase offer management system
Gift giving using a custom catalog of gifts
Systems and methods for retrieving and modifying data records for rating and billing purposes
Computer-implemented method for grouping medical claims into episode treatment groups
System and method for distributing information through cooperative communication network sites
Managing visual updates
Method of visualizing geometric uncertainties
Method and system for generating a 3D model from images
Child monitor device
Electronic shelf label system and method for driving the same
Surveillance device
Systems and methods for providing security at a vehicle yard
Systems and methods for intelligent medical vigilance with alert cause indication
Methods and systems of simultaneously communicating utility data and voice data
Warning lamp
Traffic signal control system, traffic signal control apparatus, and traffic signal control method
Method for optimizing the traffic control at a traffic signal controlled intersection in a road traffic network
Organic electroluminescent display device driving method and apparatus
Image adjusting apparatus
Electrophoretic display and method for driving the same
Display apparatus and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal device and a method for writing greyscale
Position detection device
Multi-functional control interface
Keypad for electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for generating a gamma voltage, driving circuit therefor, and display device
Display control apparatus, display control method, non-transitory computer readable recording medium and integrated circuit
Display device and driving method with feedback control
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display
Cymbal mounting assembly
Systems and methods for providing multi-region instrument support in an audio player
Library apparatus with mechanism for moving flag on cell of medium storing shelf
Library system with connector for removable cartridges
Fly height extraction system
Recording apparatus
Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and objective optical system for the same
Test recording methods for an information storage medium
Three-dimensional writable printed memory
Charged particle beam drawing apparatus and article manufacturing method
Method and system for simultaneous irradiation and elution capsule
Push button switch with anti-jamming protection device
Heat generation inhibiting circuit for exciting coil in relay
Organic electroluminescent device and illumination apparatus
Socket and luminaire
Wireless chip and manufacturing method of the same
Structure for signal line, manufacturing method for signal line and switch using the signal line
LED lamp
Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus having the same
Functional molecular element, manufacturing method thereof, and functional molecular device
Semiconductor device
Reverse recovery using oxygen-vacancy defects
Semiconductor integrated circuit with high withstand voltage element forming trench isolation on substrate
Semiconductor device and forming method of the same
Photodetector having a very thin semiconducting region
Non-volatile memory device and method for manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion module
Structures for low cost, reliable solar modules
Protective film for a solar cell module
LED lighting assembly integrated with dielectric liquid lens
Light emitting device
Adaptive thermal compensation circuit and method
Pare piezo power with energy recovery
Ultrasonic transducer for use in a fluid medium
Camping devices powered by a common battery pack
Mobile wireless terminal and antenna device
Semiconductor device
Mobile wireless device with multi-band loop antenna and related methods
Optical scanning and imaging systems based on dual pulsed laser systems
Multi-wavelength light amplifier
Photonic crystal surface emitting laser and method of manufacturing the same
Motor drive device
Charger with detection of power input type
Charging appraratus for portable electronic device
Flat type vibration motor
Electric power tool with an electric motor
Method and apparatus for stabilizing power converters
Switching mode power supply
Switch mode converter and a method of starting a switch mode converter
Method for activating an asynchronous motor
Internal voltage generation circuits
Uplink transmit diversity enhancement
Semiconductor device having delay line
Multi-phase EMI noise separator
Gigabit-speed slicer latch with hysteresis optimization
Delay time control circuit and control method thereof
Feedback in noise shaping control loop
Adaptive noise figure control in a radio receiver
Hinge unit and portable terminal
Communication device, communication system, and communication method
Context-based adaptations of video decoder
Methods and systems for processing multi-latticed video streams
Information leakage prevention apparatus and method
Methods and systems for encoding and decoding visible light with data and illumination capability
Optical linear feedback circuit
Simultaneous communications jamming and enabling on a same frequency band
Delay line calibration
Feedback scheme for multi-cell interference mitigation consideration legacy mobile users
Unified, programmable receiver with support for multiple modes
High rate packet data (HRPD) idle state handout from femto access point to macro access network
Method and system for providing wireless communication services
Method implemented by a subscriber unit for selectively suppressing communications
Apparatus and method for transmitting data in a multi-antenna system
Dynamic channelization code allocation
Method and apparatus for detecting a fault on an optical fiber
Relays in telecommunications networks
Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signals by using a preset frame structure in a wireless communication system
Optical transmission system and optical transmission method
Method and apparatus for S.I.P./H.323 interworking
System and method for low delay, interactive communication using multiple TCP connections and scalable coding
Communication control method and transmitting apparatus
Digital Predistortion for nonlinear RF power amplifiers
VOIP conferencing
Method and system for detecting audio and video synchronization
Multi-interface port management
Method and apparatus for simulating IP multinetting
Method and apparatus for managing a degree of parallelism of streams
Methods and apparatus to route packets in a network
Communication system and communication method
Modem architecture
Signal demodulation method and apparatus and signal modulation method and apparatus in return link of satellite system
Methods and apparatuses for implementing selective interference-filter pre-coding of main-service 8-VSB DTV signals
Information processing apparatus, information recording medium manufacturing apparatus, and information recording medium
Methods and systems for preventing security breaches
Sharing referenced content through collaborative business applications
Method and apparatus for providing mobile messaging enabled event planning, scheduling and tracking service
Method and apparatus of an 8VSB SFN distributed translator system
Method for defining a search sequence for soft-decision sphere decoding algorithm
System for FEXT cancellation of multi-channel transceivers with precoding
Fast phase alignment for clock and data recovery
Controlled security domains
Low duty cycle device protocol
Wireless communication base station with current limiting capability
Management method and apparatuses
System and method for providing custom Caller-ID messages
Managing a mobile device's communications
Identification of public safety answering platform next generation 911 media support
Utilizing speed and position information to select an operational mode in a wireless communication system
Method for managing communication events in a communication system
Communication of events depicted in media to a wireless device
Method, system, and program product for contacting conference call participants
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Reading apparatus and printing apparatus comprising a movable guide being able to switch attitudes for reading and conveying sheets
Image scanner, image forming apparatus and dew-condensation determination method
Image processing apparatus with improved image processing efficiency
Method for image correction and scanner using the same
Image forming apparatus
Single camera device and method for 3D video imaging using a refracting lens array
Photoelectric conversion apparatus, focus detection apparatus, and image pickup system
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system
Information management system and method, center processing apparatus and method, program and recording medium used therewith, and information processing apparatus and method, and program and recording medium used therewith
Dual beam optic with dichroic filter
Customizing digital image transfer
Image capturing apparatus and method of controlling image capturing apparatus
Field programmable digital image capture device
Solid-state image sensing device, camera module, and solid-state image sensing device manufacturing method
Content processing device
Video concept classification using video similarity scores
Editing apparatus, editing method, program, and recording medium
Image processing device, image processing method, information processing device, and information processing method
Method of and apparatus for estimating motion vector based on sizes of neighboring partitions, encoder, decoding, and decoding method
Method and apparatus for interpolating image
System and method for boundary motion vector correction in motion compensated frame rate
Live concert/event video system and method
Method and apparatus for supporting mobility in DVB-H CBMS system
Interactive privilege supply system
Method and system for minimizing a number of data streams
Systems, methods, and apparatus for recording multi-dimensional audio
Dual microphone EAS system that prevents feedback
Headset with more buttons for activating the same switch pad
Calibrating a dual omnidirectional microphone array (DOMA)
Systems, methods, and computer program products for determining a location of a tracked device after a device or network failure
Method and apparatus for multi-resolution adaptive positioning
Method and apparatus for coordinated multiple point transmission and reception
Method and system for device discovery in a wireless video area network
Mobile communication method and radio base station
Apparatus and method for supporting handover in a multi-carrier communication system
Protocol engine for processing data in a wireless transmit/receive unit
Systems and methods for multimode wireless communication handoff
Methods and systems for diversity idle mode in a mobile station
Method and apparatus for dynamic spectrum access
Resource allocation method for broadband wireless connection system, and apparatus for performing same
Reuse of RF receive chain for hand-in assistance
Method for performing USSD services in a telecommunications network
Method and system for communicating data from wireline terminals to mobile terminals
Multi-hop relay radio communication system, access gateway, and route selection method
Phone number encapsulation using token based framework
Heating system, heater, and methods of heating a component
Device for heating a golf ball
Method for producing a plasma beam and plasma source
LED lighting device and driving method for the same
High intensity discharge ballast configured to accommodate wide range of input and output characteristics
Continuous dimming AC LED device
Microwave field director structure having vanes with outer ends wrapped with a conductive wrapper
Light source device and method for generating extreme ultraviolet light
Method for producing module
Combined type storage case for electronic device accessories
Display and electronic unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method and apparatus for determining location of characteristics of a pipeline
Tilt prediction for total station
Digital compass with multiple sensing and reporting capability
Coating thickness gauge
Data relay device, information terminal equipment, computer-readable recording medium storing data relay program, and computer-readable recording medium storing information browsing program
Method for simulating discontinuous physical systems
Methods for maximizing routability in a programmable interconnect matrix having less than full connectability
Monitoring and control apparatus incorporating run-time fault detection by boundary scan logic testing
Maintenance system and interface for use in a modularized, high-speed data processing system
Network flow switching and flow data export
Instruction set interpreter which uses a register stack to efficiently map an application register state
Method and apparatus for providing syntactic analysis and data structure for translation knowledge in example-based language translation
Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for performing semantic analysis and generating a semantic structure having linked frames
Device and method for analysis and filtration of sound
Speech encoding/decoding method and apparatus using a pitch reliability measure
Speech coding apparatus and pitch prediction method of input speech signal
Adaptively compressing sound with multiple codebooks
System and method capable of automatically switching information output format
Searching and retrieving multimedia information
Method of out of vocabulary word rejection
Method and system for dynamic speech recognition using free-phone scoring
Systems and methods for determinization and minimization a finite state transducer for speech recognition
Method and apparatus for obtaining a transcription of phrases through text and spoken utterances
Multiple language speech synthesizer
Universal access photocopier
Video control of speech recognition
Directory assistance system and method utilizing a speech recognition system and a live operator
Voice operated interactive message display system for vehicles
Flash memory card adapter for stereo systems
Kiosk systems and methods for issuing a card storing electronic coupons, after receiving data about a customer
Internet-based credit interchange system of converting purchase credit awards through credit exchange system for purchase of investment vehicle
System and method for authorizing electronic funds transfer at a point of sale
Electronic price label including a plurality of separately addressable displays
Method and system for processing and transmitting electronic auction information
Secure electronic software packaging using setup-external unlocking module
Token-operated apparatus for communal prepayment water management
System and method for generating a fuel-optimal reference velocity profile for a rail-based transportation handling controller
Access control system and method therefor
Automated method for building a model
Detecting service interactions in a telecommunications network
Extensible database retrieval and viewing architecture
Systems and methods of indexing and retrieving data
Method and apparatus for generating a hypertext-based content menu using an open hierarchical data structure
System and method for sorting character strings containing accented and unaccented characters
Method and apparatus for propagating commit times between a plurality of database servers
Method of accessing and displaying subsystem parameters including graphical plan table data
Business nonstandard character processing apparatus and system, and computer readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for synchronizing information on two different computer systems
System and method for managing the creation and production of computer generated works
Method and apparatus for creating home network macros
Technique for accessing an item of interest within a stored representation of data
Method and apparatus for loading stored procedures in a database corresponding to object-oriented data dependencies
Methods and apparatus for efficiently splitting query execution across client and server in an object-relational mapping
Scripting language for distributed database programming
Method for creating and modifying similar and dissimilar databases for use in operator services configurations for telecommunications systems
Multimedia document retrieval by application of multimedia queries to a unified index of multimedia data for a plurality of multimedia data types
Co-presence data retrieval system
Replicated database synchronization method whereby primary database is selected queries to secondary databases are referred to primary database, primary database is updated, then secondary databases are updated
Methods and systems for distributed failure detection and recovery using leasing
System and method for implementing revision management of linked data entities and user dependent terminology
Building indexes on columns containing large objects
Data caching apparatus, data caching method and medium recorded with data caching program in client/server distributed system
Address translation method and system having a forwarding table data structure
Method and apparatus for providing automatic layout capabilities for computer forms
Method and system for a network-based document review tool utilizing comment classification
Document classification apparatus
Method and apparatus for organizing information in a computer system
List building system
Electronic calculating apparatus utilizing input and display of expressions in textbook and single line formats
Computer docking station with means for automatically selecting between external monitor, external keyboard, and monitor and keyboard of docked portable computer
Partitioned shift right logic circuit having rounding support
Digital finite-impulse-response (FIR) filter with a modified architecture based on high order Radix-N numbering
Methods and systems for performing short integer chen IDCT algorithm with fused multiply/add
Apparatus and method for extending register dynamic range
Data processor and data processing system
Correct carry bit generation
Computer product and method for sparse matrices
Microcontroller, data processing system and task switching control method
Context controller having status-based background functional task resource allocation capability and processor employing the same
Method and apparatus for providing direct transaction access to information residing on a host system
Data acquisition system which includes remote access to data acquisition devices
Reducing perceived latency in servicing user requests on low-bandwidth communication channels
Public interactive document
Remote commander and network connecting system
Hybrid memory access protocol in a distributed shared memory computer system
Split personal computer system
Computer network cluster generation indicator
Configuring computer network operations based upon the correlation of a sequence of interactive display user entries apparently unrelated to computer operations
Method and implementation for using computer network topology objects
Method and apparatus for defining and enforcing policies for configuration management in communications networks
Method and apparatus for managing a large scale network including apparatuses to be managed
Dynamic network address updating
Method and system for measuring Web site access requests
Method and apparatus for coupling clients to servers
Transmitting data between a host computer and a terminal computer
Method, system, and computer program product for creating a raw data channel form an integrating component to a series of kernel mode filters
Dynamic selection of network providers
Information processing system using information caching based on user activity
Network device with unified management
Automated information filtering and distribution system
Internetwork multicast routing using flag bits indicating selective participation of mobile hosts in group activities within scope
Method and system for configuring dynamic interfaces
Information dissemination system with central and distributed caches
Method for dynamically adjusting multimedia content of a web page by a server in accordance to network path characteristics between client and server
Methods and apparatus for data access and program generation on a multiprocessing computer
Method for sending a message to a group and the group broadcasts the message to its members or references within an object-oriented system
Method and system for aggregating objects
Method and apparatus for data communication
Method and system for updating software with smaller patch files
System for register partitioning in multi-tasking host adapters by assigning a register set and a unique identifier in each of a plurality of hardware modules
Method and apparatus for controlling data transfer between a synchronous DRAM-type memory and a system bus
Dynamic buffer allocation for a computer system
Network access server testing system and methodology
Apparatus and method for self generating error simulation test data from production code
Apparatus and method for capturing information off a plurality of bi-directional communications buses
Test specification generation system and storage medium storing a test specification generation program
Apparatus and method for circular buffering on an on-chip discontinuity trace
Microcomputer with the capability of suppressing signals which reset a watchdog-timer
Method for automatically reporting a system failure in a server
Non-volatile memory system including apparatus for testing memory elements by writing and verifying data patterns
Self-test ram using external synchronous clock
Automated test and evaluation sampling system and method
Method and apparatus for operating on a memory unit via a JTAG port
Post-mission test method for checking the integrity of a boundary scan test
Signal transmitter used in the transmission of data in a communication system
Code error correcting and detecting apparatus
Forward error correction system for packet based data and real time media, using cross-wise parity calculation
Parity insertion with precoder feedback in a PRML read channel
Process for analyzing complex structures and system for implementing a process of this type
Method and apparatus for netlist filtering and cell placement
Allocation apparatus and method for determining cell allocation of semiconductor circuit
Heterogeneous method for determining module placement in FPGAs
Method of and an apparatus for logic circuit synthesis
Development of automated digital libraries for in-circuit testing of printed curcuit boards
Method for selecting hierarchical interactions in a hierarchical shapes processor
Mask data design method
System and method for encoding a scene graph
Windows-based flowcharting and code generation system
Program construction assisting system
Method of edit program codes by in time extracting and storing
Mechanism employing a memory area for exchanging information between a parent process and a child process compiled during execution of the parent process or between a run time compiler process and an application process
Object-oriented visual program development system for handling program entity including pre-processing function and post-processing sections
Methods and apparatus for testing components of a distributed transaction processing system
Apparatus and method for parallelizing legacy computer code
Compiler for optimizing memory instruction sequences by marking instructions not having multiple memory address paths
Method of relaying digital video & audio data via a communication media
Method and device for video, sound and data transmission
Battery package
Bottom for a container
Bottle portion
Clock with storage compartment
Modern clock
Watch case
Watch case
Double tip-double sided carpenter's tape measure
Liquid crystal polarizer for a device for measuring fluorescence polarization
Handheld electronic article surveillance tag deactivator
Alarm unit lights
Watch dial
Portion of a watch
Watch strap
Jewelry piece
Tree stand
Football sports plaque
Soccer sports plaque
Novelty container for receiving shredded credit cards
Tire tread
Lighted tire valve stem cap
Front bumper for a vehicle
Steering wheel cover
Clutch quadrant
License plate holder
Front portion of motor vehicle
Rear portion of motor vehicle
Rear portion of motor vehicle
Pick-up truck tailgate
Automobile window wiper frame
Console for van vehicles
Battery charger and synchronizing device
Signal-input device
Hooded power center
Color-coded power center having peripheral-specific indicia
Electrical connector
Wall mount housing
Transistor substrate
Set top box
Combined digital video disc player and liquid crystal monitor
Digital video disc player
Portable recording and playback device
Audio speaker
Speaker grill mounting plate
Antenna enclosure
Device for fixing satellite broadcast receiving antenna
Personal computer
Housing for a mobile computer-based display system
Computer enclosure
Housing for a computer terminal
Reduced footprint computer keyboard
Computer mouse
Mouse with badge
Trackball with palm rest
Panel for multimedia computer
Window for a computer display screen
Internal combustion engine
Impeller for a pump
Belt sander
Cutting insert for chip forming machining
Rod-end bearing
Ladle cover
Method and system for coupling a personal computer with an appliance unit via a wireless communication link to provide an output display presentation
Configuration management system for hot adding and hot replacing devices
Apparatus program product and method of managing computer resources supporting concurrent maintenance operations
System for extending the available number of configuration registers
Selectable differential or single-ended mode bus
Circuit for preventing bus contention
Transaction interface for a data communication system
Noise reduction system and method for reducing switching noise in an interface to a large width bus
Interface of a monitor communicating with personal computer
Avoiding deadlock by storing non-posted transactions in an auxiliary buffer when performing posted and non-posted bus transactions from an outbound pipe
Method and apparatus for disabling a graphics device when an upgrade device is installed
Application programming interface for managing and automating data transfer operations between applications over a bus structure
Method and apparatus for providing precise circuit delays
Hardware assisted polling for software drivers
Apparatus and method for generating an interrupt prohibited zone in pipelined data processors
Synchronization of interrupts with data pockets
Cache architecture to enable accurate cache sensitivity
Method and apparatus for executing a program stored in nonvolatile memory
Methods and apparatus for re-arranging logical drives in a disk array apparatus
Method and architecture for data coherency in set-associative caches including heterogeneous cache sets having different characteristics
Method and apparatus for identifying a least recently used item
Protocol for arbitrating access to a shared memory area using historical state information
Data-processing system with CC-NUMA (cache-coherent, non-uniform memory access) architecture and remote cache incorporated in local memory
Redundant, asymmetrically parallel disk cache for a data storage system
Recording medium and recording or reproduction apparatus that provides protection from unauthorized use of the medium
Multiplexed semiconductor data transfer arrangement with timing signal generator
Computer system for allowing a two word jump instruction to be executed in the same number of cycles as a single word jump instruction
Methods and apparatus for byte alignment operations for a memory device that stores an odd number of bytes
System with wait state registers
Method and apparatus for computing a packed absolute differences with plurality of sign bits using SIMD add circuitry
Single cycle transition pipeline processing using shadow registers
Programming paradigm and microprocessor architecture for exact branch targeting
Program execution method and apparatus employing data flags for branching determination
Optimizing cache data load required for functions in loop routine by sequentially collecting data in external memory for single block fetch
Digital data bit order conversion using universal switch matrix comprising rows of bit swapping selector groups
Method of flash programming or reading a ROM of a computer system independently of its operating system
Method and apparatus for communicating a configuration sequence throughout an integrated circuit chip
Method for updating secret shared data in a wireless communication system
Authentication for secure devices with limited cryptography
Method of detaching a security device from a personal computer
Method and apparatus for reliable disk fencing in a multicomputer system
Method and apparatus for reconfiguring and managing firewalls and security devices
Single sign-on (SSO) mechanism personal key manager
Device and method for dynamically reducing power consumption within input buffers of a bus interface unit
Power subsystem for a communication network containing a power bus
Lid switch in portable computers and the power management system using the same
Process and apparatus for reducing power usage in microprocessor devices according to the type of activity performed by the microprocessor
System and method for managing power consumption in a computer system
Method and system for asynchronous array loading
Method and system for boot-time deconfiguration of a memory in a processing system
Array disk subsystem
Method and system for transparently failing over a computer name in a server cluster
Redundant network management system for a stakable fast ethernet repeater
Multiple-channel failure detection in raid systems
System for parallel, remote administration of mirrored and alternate volume groups in a distributed data processing system
Memory controller supporting redundant synchronous memories
State information managing method and communication system
Shirt with sports decal
Apron with fold pocket
Vanity vest
Child's fiber filled novelty hat
Arrangement of wear bars on a golf shoe
Components of footwear
Collapsible sun protection device
Key holder
Electrician's workbelt storage pouch
Charm purse
Tool kit
Saw blade container
Notebook computer carrying case with accessory pockets
Bath brush
Wall covering
Scripture wallpaper
Decorative frame
Decorative frame
Decorative frame
Clothes hanger
Combined glider chairs with table
Bike seat
Lounge chair
Computer loveseat
Collapsible blow-molded chair
Lap desk
Compact disc tray
Case for a cartridge having stored information
Bulk foods display and dispensing unit
Table top support structure
Panel for the back of a chair
Crib endboard frame
Crib endboard frame
Tongue depressor dispenser
Container with flexible opening
Back plate for 5 liter dispenser
Soap container with plain top and bottom lug
Notched top soap container with bottom lug
Color separating window fixture
Bottom rail end cap for Venetian blind
Extruded headrail cover for roller blind
Shell of a primary end cap for a headrail
Exterior face of floor mat backing
Inflatable infant feeding pillow
Barbecue grill
Barbeque grill
Circular grill
Square bread tube
Convection steamer
Square baking pan
Base for electric apparatus for the preparation of foodstuffs
Handle for kitchen utensils
Pour spout cap
Grill lid
Baking rack
Gas lighter
Cup for beverages or food
Cup for beverages or foods
Cup for beverages or food
Semi-spherical dish
Insulated bottle
Container for food products
Container for food
Refillable napkin dispenser
Pumpkin tool with safety guard
Rolling pin
Cap for a caulk gun cartridge
Hand carrying device for plates
Multiposition screwdriver
Palm sander
Mounting clamp
Cutter knife
Pair of handles having color ring for pliers
Door lock
Key bow
Meter base mounting block
Wall plate
Loop clutch
Fastening angle
Dolphin bottle
Nail polish bottle
Display box
Package for food products
Fermentation bung
Container closure
Plastic closure
Combined cosmetic jar and cap
Combined bottle and cap
Watch case
Watch case
Watch case
Watch case
Yo-yo watch
Watch with metal strap
Weather barometer
Portable moisture tester
Pool table leg
Pool table apron
Pool table blind
Pool table apron
Beverage cart
Trolley for carrying plans and drawings
Industrial robot
Digital camera
Image forming apparatus
Portion of an eyeglass frame
Guitar attachment
Coin sorter for vehicles
Inkjet printer
Paper cutter
Novelty greeting card
Combined paint palette and palette cover
Stylus pen assembly
Pen cap stylus
Bath pen
Toy drawing board
Card with an ornamental rectangle, machine readable stripe and IC chip
Model for lighted panel devices
Safety guide
Label for a computer diskette and a CD-ROM
Clip-on label holder
Beverage vending machine
Magazine rack
Plant tag
Children's ride-on vehicle
I Ching top
Toy vehicle
Golf club grip and shaft
Golf club face
Triangle football
Multiple component putter head
Golf club head
Golf trainer
Golf service clip
Ride car for amusement parks
Casing for coin operated game machine
Casing for coin operated game machine
Wagering device display
Connector unit
Fishing lure
Fishing reel
Fish hook removal device
Shower head
Shower nozzle, especially for body showers
Faucet with pull-out spout
Bidet faucet
Filtration faucet system
Shower diverter control
Escutcheon and cap
Hose end finisher
Drainfield pipe
Shower holder
Right-hand tub surround
Diamond shaped gas burner
Outdoor unit of air conditioner
Kitchen fan
Fan blade
Fan blade
Multi-lobed abutment
Blood pressure gauge
Dental model base
Modular medical gas services column
Cannula attachment
Minimally invasive mitral valve heart surgery retractor
Distal end of obturator for a trocar
Sanitary pad
Sanitary napkin for use with T-back type bathing suit
Floor-wall interface drain panel
Building element
Candle lantern
Miniature flashlight
Fluorescent working light
Portable lighting device
Lamp stand
Lamp stand
Desk light
Vanity bar light fixture
Vanity bar light fixture
Conical lampholder
Garden pathway tulip cluster lighting fixture
Light fixture
Pendent lamp
Cigarette lighter clip
Front opening cigarette box
Detergent tablet
Cat with yarn soap
Fingernail enhancement
Fingernail enhancement
Cosmetic container with hinged cover
Safety helmet
Nasal respiratory mask shell and forehead support assembly
Coldwater dogdish
Hoof pick
Nascar racing mailbox
Human Necessities
Peach tree named `China Pearl`
Bermudagrass grass plant named `Addis`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Balcebhopi`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoeugene`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Hot Salsa`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Balcebchro`
Azalea plant named `Promise`
Geranium plant named `Balgalsabe`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Balcelilae`
Azalea plant named `Spring Prom`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Balcelrost`
Geranium plant named `Balgalpipn`
Verbena plant named `Shauna Ann`
Regal pelargonium plant named `Symphony`
Petunia plant named `Balrufpurp`
Method for the ultrapasteurization of liquid whole egg products
Module to provide intermittent light with movement
Container for producing cold foods and beverages
Hyperpolarized MR imaging using pulse sequence with progressively increasing flip angle
Device for the reconstruction of teeth
Absorbent garments with microporous films having zoned breathability
Method to prevent fertilization in mammals by administering a single dose of zona pellucida derived antigens, liposome and adjuvant
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hydrocarbon synthesis reactor employing vertical downcomer with gas disengaging means
Automated method and system for testing blood samples
Device for continuous casting between rolls with applied side dams
Clutch mechanism for reciprocating saws
Tool combination for bicycle
Methods for improving the adhesion and/or colorfastness of ink jet inks with respect to substrates applied thereto
Directional reference for trailing locomotives and railroad cars
Fork level indicator for lift trucks
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Water treatment cartridge and base
Fixed Constructions
High pressure differential electrical connector
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Integrated motor/gear pump
Fast acting double puff valve
Tape measure
Method of fabricating a polymer dispersed liquid crystal panel with measuring thickness, adjusting then hardening
Compact continuous wave tunable infrared lasers and method therefor
Computer system with power loss protection mechanism
Method for determining status of multiple interlocking FIFO buffer structures based on the position of at least one pointer of each of the multiple FIFO buffers
Variable function programmed system
Apparatus and method for encrypted instructions
Video signal transmitting system
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Battery pack for cordless device
Satellite-tracking millimeter-wave reflector antenna system for mobile satellite-tracking
Power converter adaptively driven
Operational amplifier having stable operations for a wide range of source voltage, and current detector circuit employing a small number of elements
Dynamic equalizing
System for operating a communication channel in a mixed master/slave subscriber environmental through a dynamical closing and/or opening operation
Resource management sub-system of a telecommunications switching system
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