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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Acetyl esterase producing strains and methods of using same
Attachment mechanism for use with a portable electronic device, and method of manufacturing same
Tool cabinet
Drawer cover to prevent jams
Three axes adjustable foundation target mount
Seating system for passenger service vehicles, for aircraft in particular
Device for dividing medications and method of using the same
Catheter introducer system for exploration of body cavities
Access platform for internal mammary dissection
Surgical fastening system and method for using the same
Thermally conductive surgical probe
Instrument for the unipolar ablation of heart tissue
Visual training device and visual training method
Modular blood pressure measurement apparatus
Method and device for detecting and localising an impingement of joint components
Ultrasonic treatment equipment
Ultrasound cardiac stimulator
Extended, ultrasound real time 3D image probe for insertion into the body
Flexible denture and method to make same
Fastening device for an orthesis or prosthesis
Article having a continuous thermoplastic coating
Multi-formed collagenous biomaterial medical device
Method of stenting with minimal diameter guided delivery systems
Apparatus for engrafting a blood vessel
Stent-graft with bioabsorbable structural support
Medicated porous metal prosthesis and a method of making the same
Method and system for treatment of regurgitating heart valves
Bone cutting jig system for spinal implant
Inhibiting breast cancer cell growth by administering an intracellular domain of NOTCH2
FSH beta mutants that are glycosilated at residues N55 and T57
Tumor antigen protein and use thereof
Gene associated with leishmania parasite virulence
Biomolecule transduction motif Mph-1-BTM and the use thereof
85kDa neisserial antigen
Therapeutic peptides and vaccines
Synthetic immunogenic but non-amyloidogenic peptides homologous to amyloid .beta. for induction of an immune response to amyloid .beta. and amyloid deposits
Therapeutic agent for ulcerative colitis
Nucleic acids encoding CD100 molecules
Therapeutic soap product with UV protection
Polymer actuator
Topical compositions comprising an opioid analgesic and an NMDA antagonist
Method and system for control of osmotic pump device
Chemically tanning human skin
Device for monitoring the administration of enteral nutritional fluids into a feeding tube
Multi-functional port
Fluid ejection system
Medical needle assemblies
Syringe sheath
Means for retaining transcutaneous catheters and needles in place
Device and method for non-invasive, localized neural stimulation utilizing hall effect phenomenon
Method of coloring hair
Supply system
Exercise system for use within a vehicle
Adjustable height golf tee
Weighted stick practice aid
Isometric exercise system and method of facilitating user exercise during video game play
Binding for water sports boards
Wagering method including a reverse bet
Hierarchical, multi-dimensional, strategy board game apparatus and playing method
Bonus game simulating auctions
Motor drive device
Fantasy sports system and method thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation analyzer
Separation system and efficient capture of contaminants using magnetic nanoparticles
Ozone resistant O.sub.2/N.sub.2 separation membranes
Water purifying system
Method and apparatus for determining a patient or treatment or apparatus parameter during an extracorporeal blood treatment
Ampoule splash guard apparatus
Reforming device
Hydrogen combustion system
Disc mill assembly for pulverizing system
Final adjustment mechanism with tactile feedback
Formation of microspheres through laser irradiation of a surface
Soldering tip, soldering iron, and soldering system
Jig for holding a core and method utilizing the same
CMP porous pad with component-filled pores
Slip containing zirconium dioxide and aluminum oxide and shaped body obtainable therefrom
Method for producing materials from recycled glass and cement compositions
Method and apparatus for producing a product using a bendable mold shell
Method for manufacturing roofing products
Apparatus for lowering energy consumption of a polymer compounding process
Block copolymer elastomer catheter balloons
Method and a machine for making a cell structure
Ink sheet cartridge
Printing apparatus and printing method
Provision of images on surfaces
Drum maintenance system for an imaging device and method and system for maintaining an imaging device
Structure and liquid droplet discharge apparatus
Droplet ejection head and droplet ejection apparatus
Ink jet printing method and ink jet printing apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus, method of manufacturing ink absorber, and ink absorber
Method and system of capping that employs a treadmill belt
Liquid droplet discharging device
Ink refill unit with incremental millilitre ink ejection for print cartridge
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program
Printing apparatus and method for estimating amount of ink
Universal inkjet printer device and methods
Droplet ejection device, droplet ejection device control method and storage medium storing droplet ejection device control program
Ink jet printing apparatus
Pump system for a personal care appliance
Wheel assemblies
Shading device for vehicle roofs with transparent element
Protection device for a vehicle
Subframe for a chassis frame of a utility vehicle
Hood scoop decoration kit
Backrest unit for a motor vehicle seat
Seat assembly having an internal mounting bracket and a seat cover including a closure structure
Parcel shelf mounting for a parcel shelf and vehicle with such a parcel shelf and/or mounting
Method and apparatus for a shared crumple zone
Side curtain air bag unit
Retractable step for cab of mobile machine
Cleaning device for a vehicular lamp
Industrial truck
Cover for a steering column
Vehicle body structure
Motorcycle-stance alteration kit
Four-bar linkage suspension device for a wheeled vehicle
Inflatable life-saving swimming garment
Wing, especially a carrier wing of an airplane, having an adaptable profile
Sealing system for the gap existing between the fuselage and the elevator of an aircraft with orientable horizontal stabilizer
Utility bag for promotional materials
Triangular container with preglued ends
Puzzle storage and transportation system
Carrier and method
Child resistant blister package
Hose manipulator
Method and device for forming bundles of stackable objects
Multimode stack and shingle document feeder
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Sheet discriminating apparatus and image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalytic hydrogen production from hydrolytic oxidation of organosilanes
Methods for synthesizing precipitated silica and use thereof
Assembling unit for filtration and adsorption of waste and sewage water
System for activated sludge wastewater treatment with high dissolved oxygen levels
Method for activated sludge wastewater treatment with high dissolved oxygen levels
Method and device for producing glass panes of any desired contour from sheet glass
Method of reclaiming silicon wafers
Sprayable and pumpable phosphate cement
Apparatus and method for feeding materials to a cement mill
Interleukin-9 mutein peptides
Surface pretreatment of fabrics for laser writing applications
Chrome-free passivating solution
Ink composition for ink jet printer
Stable non-aqueous inkjet inks
Corrosion-resistant, electrically-conductive plate for use in a fuel cell stack
Fuel additive
Method for displacing acid gas constituents inside a natural gas network
Substrate treatment method and film forming method, film forming apparatus, and computer program
Martensitic chromium-nitrogen steel and its use
Plasma processing apparatus
Internal cooling of electrolytic smelting cell
Textiles; Paper
Woven articles from synthetic self twisted yarns
Method for improving separation of carbohydrates from wood pulping and wood or biomass hydrolysis liquors
Fixed Constructions
Retro-reflective system for increasing safety of a railroad crossing, and associated method
Apparatus, system and method for remediation of contamination
Method and system for storing liquid in a geological formation
Drain installation system and method
Trash screen for side entry pit
Sliding door for a motor vehicle
Housing of foldable device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Screw attachment, fastening assembly having screw attachment, and process of releasing fastening assembly
Bottom bracket assembly for bicycles
Wheel end assembly
Fluid dynamic bearing having pressure-generating surface patterns
Bolted flanged connection on a basis of shape memory effect and inverse flexion flange design
Method and apparatus for an actuator having an intermediate frame
Damping valve assembly with a progressive damping force characteristic
Multi-speed automatic transmission for private cars or commercial vehicles
Multi-speed transmission
Hydrodynamic clutch device
Variable speed transmission
Powertrain control apparatus and method
Hydraulic tensioner lifter
Connection device for quickly connecting pneumatic hose
Ferrule with relief to reduce galling
Clamping assembly and a hydraulic coupler comprising it
Compliant splice
Temporary attachment for use with pipe hangers
Delineator extraction system
End fitting for pressure vessel
Flashlight mounting arrangement
Telescopic light base for coupling to diverse plant containers
Device and method of optically signalling road or traffic lanes, specifically in low visibility conditions
Illumination device mountable to a clothing object
LED lamp
Light-emitting element mounting board, light-emitting element module, lighting device, display device, and traffic signal equipment
Light control film and backlight unit using the same
Vehicle fitting with light guide
Illumination device
Multisensory candle assembly
Method for controlling the exhaust flow from a cooking chamber of a baking oven
Manufacturing apparatus for semiconductor device and manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Neurotoxin sensor based on chromophoric polymers
Indirect detection of radiation sources through direct detection of radiolysis products
Analyzer system having sample rack transfer line
Prism sheet and backlight module using the same
Plastic ferrule
Hermetically sealing member having optical transmission means, optoelectronic apparatus, and optical transmission method
Pluggable optical transceiver
Eyewear with adjustable retention strap
Camera function actuator
Deviating light retrieving optical projector system
Light amount adjusting device and image capture apparatus
System and method for treatment of hazardous materials, e.g., unexploded chemical warfare ordinance
Method and apparatus for making and detecting a document verification indicator using optical pattern encryption
Automated transaction machine
Automatic plan-o-gram system
Method of converting virtual cash to cash and deducting from a mobile phone cash account
Device for discriminating valuable papers with low power consumption
Label holder for a shelf price channel
Method for producing positive electrode active material of non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell
Thick film getter paste compositions for use in moisture control
Manufacturing method of an arc tube formed from a glass tube and having a spirally wound section within one plane
Electrical connector assembly and clip mechanism thereof
Electrical card connector with contacts having preload portions
Electronic unit and assembling method thereof
Electrical connector with improved contacts retaining mechanism
Electrical connector having reinforcement member attached to housing
Rubber stopper for waterproof connector and waterproof connector
Electrical connector having self-aligning portion for leading cover
Connector having a locking mechanism excellent in operability
Adapter for an expresscard slot
Electrical connector
Audio plug connector
Socket connector with improved electrical contact
Fan assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method of repairing vinyl covers on vehicle seats
Belt construction and method of making the same
Multi-thickness, multi-layer green sheet lamination and method thereof
Method and apparatus for manufacturing multi-layered high deformation piezoelectric actuators and sensors
Method of mounting vehicular window glass
Heat recoverable article
Anisotropic conductive film and production method thereof
Method of producing zone specific peelable heat seals for flexible packaging applications
Use of a piece of adhesive film for a bong which can be separated without damage and without leaving a residue
Method and apparatus for automatically installing a grip on a golf club shaft
Process of making a seal and apparatus for sealing doublewide manufactured homes
Methods for bending brake lining material and for forming a lined brake shoe
Applying stretched labels to cylindrical containers
Transfer material, surface-protective sheet, and process for producing molded article
Process for manufacturing tubing having a metal layer with an external surface overlaying by multiple plastic layers bonded thereto
Method of fabricating scintillators for computed tomograph system
Method of making a multilayer ceramic product with thin layers
Electronic package with compressible heatsink structure
Mechanically firm glued connections between surfaces and the method for producing the same
Process for the removal of resist material
High Throughput plasma treatment system
Plasma processing system and plasma processing method
Wet etch apparatus
Gas distribution apparatus for semiconductor processing
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus improved substrate carrier head and method of use
Processed fiber for emission of energy into a medium and method therefor
Decontamination of waste papers
Method and apparatus for pulp yield enhancement
Tissue paper products prepared with an ion-paired softener
Arrangement of threading in a calender
Automatic pulp-forming mold-releasing machine
Photo-oxidation method using MoS2 nanocluster materials
Aluminum smelting pot-cell
Plasma treatment device
BaxSr1-xTiO3-y target materials for sputtering
Vibrating tip conducting probe microscope
Diagnostic arrangement for a potentiometric electrically heated exhaust-gas probe for controlling combustion processes
Automated system for two-dimensional electrophoresis
Cell separation device using ultrasound and electrophoresis
Codepositing of gold-tin alloys
Electro-refining system and method
Ice having sterilizing power and manufacturing method thereof
Process for obtaining titanium or other metals using shuttle alloys
Method of providing a metal bearing component with a pattern by electrochemical machining and an apparatus therefor
Method for anisotropic etching of structures in conducting materials
Electro-catalytic oxidation (ECO) device to remove CO from reformate for fuel cell application
Membrane based electrochemical test device and related methods
Method for fluidizing tars
Regenerative thermal oxidation system for treating asphalt vapors
System and method to effectuate and control coker charge heater process fluid temperature
Naphtha aromatization process
Selective hydrogenation of diolefins to the olefins employing catalysts containing palladium, also tin and/or lead
Desulfurization process for refractory organosulfur heterocycles
Additive enhanced solvent deasphalting process (law759)
Selective adsorption process for resid upgrading (law815)
Water quality management system
Stepped filtration device for mechanically separating solids from liquids
Pretreatment system and method for recycling exhaust water
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Emergency water treatment device
Point-of-use water treatment system
Immersible portable dechlorinator
Fuel filter apparatus with anti-electrostatic function
Oil filtration system and adapter
Water filtering apparatus with water flow switch valve device
Composite polyamide reverse osmosis membrane and method of producing the same
System and method of in-situ bioremediation with butane-utilizing bacteria
Reciprocating biological filter
Method for vacuum aeration of septic tanks to provide low pressure microbubbles
Purification of peptides and oligonucleotides by sample displacement chromatography process and apparatus
Cyclic aeration system for submerged membrane modules
Treatment of a solution containing iron salts
Method of decontaminating soils
Cleanup of nitroaromatics-containing wastewaters
Settler plate supports with integral outlets for individual flow channels and methods of collecting liquid from each flow channel
Method and kit for separating plasma from whole blood
Method for manufacturing an ink jet head
Method of manufacture of a thermally actuated slotted chamber wall ink jet printer
Method of manufacture of a surface bend actuator vented ink supply ink jet printer
Method of aligning a nozzle plate with a mask
Injection nozzle and method
Sliding edge gate for a hot runner mold
Method and apparatus for forming polycrystalline particles
Use of a nylon-12 for selective laser sintering
Apparatus and method for forming fibers from thermoplastic fiberizable materials
Method for production of fiber-bond type ceramic material and engine parts formed thereof
Head fitter
Top injection lance
Swivel device with cantilever arm
Molten metal vessel and molten metal holding furnace
Method of preparing pressable powders of a transition metal carbide, iron group metal of mixtures thereof
Stainless steel alloy for pulp refiner plate
High-tensile-strength steel and method of manufacturing the same
Method for deodorizing toilets
Method for cleaning instruments within dental care and surgery
Cleaning and maintaining a drain pan in an air handling system
Method and apparatus for surface treatment of materials
Sample testing apparatus with high oxygen permeable tape providing barrier for closed reaction chamber
Flow immunosensor apparatus
Apparatus and method for transferring small volumes of substances
Sample application device for a gas chromatograph
Modular dielectric barrier discharge device for pollution abatement
Horizontal cyclone separator for a fluidized bed reactor
Catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter
Catalytic converter for purifying gases from an internal combustion engine
Reactor for producing hydrogen from hydrocarbon fuels
Reactor having hollow fibers and method for carrying out gas/liquid/solid phase reactions
Method of separating and purifying gadolinium-153
Method for purification of exhaust gas
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas from lean burn engine and method for purification
Method for decreasing sulfuric acid and sulfuric anhydride present in combustion exhaust gas
Method and devices for producing hydrogen by plasma reformer
Process for the manufacture of dispersible alumino-silicates
Method for heat treatment of silicon wafer and silicon wafer
Superhard carbon material, a method for its production, and articles made therefrom
Process for manufacturing a product of glassy carbon
Calcium sulfide oxidation method
Process for the production of high density hydration resistant lime sinter
Enhancement of delivery of radioimaging and radioprotective agents
F18-labeled oxa fatty acids and methods of making and using the same
Selectively binding ultrasound contrast agents
Process vessel
Method for production of slide fastener or stringers thereof
Water additive and method for fire prevention and fire extinguishing
Liquid composition and its use as magneto-rheological liquid
Liquid crystalline filter dyes for imaging elements
Chiral swallow-tailed liquid crystals and its fabrication method
Liquid crystal compositions
Smectic liquid crystal material and liquid crystal optical element
Wavelength-converting casting composition and light-emitting semiconductor component
Mixed flux for yttrium tantalate x-ray phosphors
Substituted phenylethylene precursor and synthesis method
Electrochromic polymeric solid films, manufacturing electrochromic devices using such solid films, and processes for making such films and devices
Process of injection molding a foamable plastic composition
Method of producing an upholstered article
Method of forming a die-castable hollow core actuator arm with improved damping
Method for making oriented polyethylene foam and foam produced thereby
Methods for lowering the density and increasing the flexibility of thermoplastic foams
Method for producing polymer blend fibers having phase separation structure
Process for preparing fiber boards
Process for the production of porous polyolefin
Reduced die lip buildup extrusion of polymer compositions
Polyolefin microporous film and method for preparing the same
Method for embossing and crimping a multi-layer sheet material web assembly
Method for making advanced grid-stiffened structures
Method for fabricating composite structures
Method for molding a cross-linked preform
Inhibition of mucin release from airway goblet cells by polycationic peptides
Cyclodextrins in dental products
Fluid composition in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion comprising an acrylic terpolymer and its uses, in particular its cosmetic uses
Bonded metal hydroxide-organic composite polymer films on particulate substrates
Antiperspirant material and compositions containing it
Enhanced antiperspirant salts stabilized with calcium and concentrated aqueous solutions of such salts
Health supplement
Bait for controlling carpenter ants
Mixtures and compositions suitable for controlling Hylotrupes bajulus and Pyrrhidium sanguineum
Method of inducing calcium flux in cells using mammalian thymokine protein
Recombinant adenoviruses coding for glial-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF)
Early detection of mycobacterial disease
Modulation of systemic memory T cell trafficking
Isolated protein processed to peptides which form complexes with HLA molecules
Method of causing selective immunosuppression using HL-60-related lectins
Choline binding proteins for anti-pneumococcal vaccines
Prevention and treatment of acetaminophen toxicity with grape seed proanthocyanidin extract
Haemophilus adherence and penetration proteins
OMP26 antigen from Haemophilus influenzae
Medicament carrier with agglomerated large medicament particles and related method of manufacture thereof
Cosmetic pan structures and molding methods
Cosmetic preparation with a peptide addition
Solid foaming pulverulent composition to be hydrated for caring for or cleaning the skin
Enhanced spiral compositions
Filamentous porous films and methods for producing the same
Pharmaceutical compositions for the sustained release of insoluble active principles
Methods and apparatus for improved administration of pharmaceutically active compounds
Topical, therapeutic composition for external use and method of treatment
Drug delivery compositions suitable for intravenous injection
Process for encapsulation of caplets in a capsule and solid dosage forms obtainable by such process
Controlled-release composition
Pharmaceutical formulation
Solid, rapidly disintegrating cetirizine formulations
Drug delivery system using galactoxyloglucan
Sustained release matrix for high-dose insoluble drugs
Sustained release heterodisperse hydrogel systems-amorphous drugs
Extended release dosage form
Pharmaceutical compositions containing polymer derivative-bound anthracycline glycosides and a method for their preparation
Active agent transport systems
Nutritional supplement
Tuberculocidal synergistic disinfectant compositions and methods of disinfecting
Medication for treatment of viral disease based on active agents of plant hypericum (St. John's Wort) and method of production of the medication
Methods of treating plant materials with hydrolytic enzymes isolated from humicola species
Weight reduction method for cats and other pets
Food products containing Mortierella sect. schmuckeri
Fat-coated encapsulation compositions and method for preparing the same
Bowl bag
Pre-assembled sandwich bulk packaging and method of sale
Method and means for controlling the variations in weight of extruded sausages
Method for producing pizza
Method and apparatus for brewing a fluid extract using an inclined filter pouch containing flavor extractable particles
Process for preparing food dressings
Acidified fruit and iced tea beverages incorporating high intensity sweetener blends
Flexible partially cooked food composition
Cola beverages comprising tastand additives from Saccharum officinarum leaves
Method of stabilization of rice bran by acid treatment and composition of the same
Nutritional supplement for facilitating skeletal muscle adaptation to strenuous exercise and counteracting defatigation in asthenic individuals
Method of administering a milk substitute to critical care animals
Method of forming bonding pad
Manufacture of composite roofing products with matrix formulated microbiocide
Method for making protective film
Method for manufacturing prepreg in which reinforcing substrate is impregnated with thermosetting matrix resin
Particle coating
Method for making shaped carbides of cohesively intertangled single fibers
Method and system for finishing a golf ball
Capped silicone film and method of manufacture thereof
Wave coating of articles
Method for circulating electroless nickel plating solution
High-velocity thermal spray apparatus and method of forming materials
Powder fluidized bed and coating method utilizing a circulating powder stream
Coater apparatus and method
Method of making a display
Film growth method and film growth apparatus capable of forming magnesium oxide film with increased film growth speed
Packaging material having good moisture barrier properties from C1S paperboard
CVD apparatus and method of using same
Marking method and marked molding
Optically anisotropic sheet containing discotic liquid crystal molecules twisted with optically active triphenylene compound
Guest-host polarizers
Flexible graphite with non-carrier pressure sensitive adhesive backing and release liner
Segmented conformable breathable films
Imageable seam intermediate transfer belt having an overcoat
Writable and erasable high-density optical storage media
Optical Disc
Optical molding material
Abrasive shaped article, abrasive disc and polishing method
Thermoformable honeycomb structures
Honeycomb core with controlled crush properties
Composite extrusion and method for making same
Absorber element of superabsorbent foams having anisotropic swelling behavior
High rigidity glass-ceramic substrate for a magnetic information storage medium
Fabrication of embossed diffractive optics with reusable release agent
Cleaning sheet
Embossing and laminating machine for gluing embossed layers
Structural article of relatively large dimensions
Water soluble silicone resin backcoat for thermal transfer ribbons
Magnetic recording medium comprising multilayered carbon-containing protective overcoats
Composite facestocks
Resin composition having excellent vibration-damping properties and molded article made thereof
Transfer belt for use in an electrostatographic duplicator
Printable media for lithographic printing having a porous, hydrophilic layer and a method for the production thereof
Recording medium having gloss surface layer
Thick acrylic fiber tows for carbon fiber production and methods of producing and using the same
Silicon carbide reinforced silicon carbide composite
Fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composite wire
Electric device with a porous conductor insulation impregnated with a dielectric fluid exhibiting a rheologic transition point
Non-ligand polypeptide and liposome complexes as intracellular delivery vehicles
Low reflective films
Protect layer transfer sheet
Silicon single crystal wafer and manufacturing method for it
Bakeware release coating
Circuit substrate, circuit-formed suspension substrate, and production methods therefor
Dielectric ceramic composition and laminated ceramic capacitor
Radio wave absorber composition, radio wave absorber member, radio wave absorber, and method for producing radio wave absorber member
Decorative corrosion and abrasion resistant coating
Surfacing of aluminum bodies by anodic spark deposition
Gas-barrier composite film
Cyclic urea-formaldehyde prepolymer for use in phenol-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde resin-based binders
composite material and method for the manufacture
Continuous metal fiber brushes
Composite magnetic member excellent in corrosion resistance and method of producing the same
Metal matrix composite casting and manufacturing method thereof
Removable bond for abrasive tool
Micromachined element and method of fabrication thereof
Rough electrical contact surface
Wear protection layer
Iron aluminide coating and method of applying an iron aluminide coating
Lead frame with reduced corrosion
Material for organoelectroluminescence device and use thereof
Exchange coupling film magnetoresistance effect device magnetoresistance effective head and method for producing magnetoresistance effect device
Ferroelectric material, method of manufacturing the same, semiconductor memory, and method of manufacturing the same
Electrochemical cells and components thereof
Fuel cell and separator for the same
Fuel cell and method of installing linings on gas manifolds of fuel cell
Sodium-sulfur secondary battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery using a sealing bag comprising heat laminated layers
Bussing structure in an electrochemical cell
Composite electrode, method of producing the same, and lithium secondary battery using the same
Substrate for alkaline storage battery, process for producing the same and alkaline storage battery
Negative electrode active material for lithium-based secondary battery and method of preparing same
Battery package having cubical form
Battery grid and method of making
Core body for electrode base of secondary cell, process for manufacturing the core body, electrode base of secondary cell, process for manufacturing the electrode base, and electrode and battery using them
Hermetically sealed lithium-ion secondary electrochemical cell
Non-aqueous electrolyte solvents for secondary cells
Mask pattern design method and a photomask
Patterned mask and a deep trench capacitor formed thereby
Optical proximity correction methods, and methods of forming radiation-patterning tools
Manufacturing method for color filter and liquid crystal element using color filter manufactured thereby
Projection aligner, aberration estimating mask pattern, aberration quantity estimating method, aberration eliminating filter and semiconductor manufacturing method
Charge generation layers comprising at least one titanate and photoconductors including the same
Phthalocyanine compounds, process for production thereof and electrophotographic photosensitive member using the compounds
Electrophotographic apparatus with DC contact charging and photosensitive layer with polycarbonate resin in charge generation layer
Polymer coated carrier particles for electrophotographic developers
Process of spray forming photoreceptors with ink nozzles
Photo-sensitive and heat-sensitive recording material
Imagable compositions and printing forms
Resist composition
Thermal imaging medium
High contrast photographic element containing a novel nucleator
On-press process of lithographic plates having a laser sensitive mask layer
Polymer and chemically amplified resist composition including silicon containing protecting group
Photosensitive resin composition
Polymides, process for producing the same and photosensitive composition the same
Human Necessities
Colloidal dispersions of perfluoropentane
Method of improving the immune response and compositions therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Injection mold assembly for molding plastic containers
Micro-structure and manufacturing method and apparatus
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