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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid using beta-alanine/pyruvate aminotransferase
Metal resistant plants and phytoremediation of environmental contamination
Transformed plant cell expressing tandem repeats of beta-amyloid gene and plant produced by the same
Process for preparation of pharmaceutically pure anhydrous calcipotriol
Curcumol derivatives, the compositions containing the said derivatives, and the use of the same in the manufacture of medicaments
Modulation of RANKL expression
Use of stabilised oligonucleotides for preparing a medicine with antitumor activity
Uses of DNA-PK
Ester compound and its use
(Indol-3-yl) heterocycle derivatives as agonists of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor
Mattress with attachment panels for removable attachment to a mattress support
Waste receptacle
Method for ECG-triggering a measuring sequence of a magnetic resonance device
Measuring probe and living body optical measuring device
Electric toothbrush
Antiallergic agents
Preparations of phospholipids and pharmaceuticals containing 5-amino salicylic acid for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease
Treating urinary incontinence using prodrugs of GABA analogs
Fluorinated bis (phthalic anhydride) and method for producing the same
Process for producing an aromatic unsaturated compound
Organic compounds
Methods for treating cardiac arrhythmia
Substituted piperazines as CB1 antagonists
Gpr38 Receptor Agonists
Compositions useful as inhibitors of protein kinases
Substituted pyridone compounds and methods of use
Imidazo- and triazolo-pyridine compounds and methods of use thereof
Arylsulfonamide derivatives for use as ccr3 antagonists in the treatment of inflammatory and immunological disorders
Method for diagnosing non-small lung cancer
Isolated material having an anti-organotrophic effect
Method for reducing the likelihood of spontaneous abortion presenting a sign or symptom of threatened abortion
Methods of treating diabetes
Inactivators and bivalent inhibitors of glyoxalase I and methods of inhibiting tumor growth
Compositions and methods for treating atherosclerosis
Compositions of pegylated soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors and methods of preparing
Exendin agonist analogs to treat diabetes
Subcutaneous electrode and lead with phoresis based pharmacological agent delivery
Responsive gastric stimulator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Octahedral molecular sieve sorbents and catalysts
Platinum-copper fuel cell catalyst
Platinum-based, bimetallic catalyst, and a second group VIII metal used for the opening of cyclic compounds
Methods of making platinum and platinum alloy catalysts with nanonetwork structures
Method for coating graphite foil
Microwave process for porous ceramic filters with passivation and catalyst coatings
Liquid feed flame spray modification of nanoparticles
Process for the production of a scratch resistant vehicle coating
Sequential lateral solidification device and method of crystallizing silicon using the same
Method for forming a flexible electrical substrate
Durable hydrophilic treatment for a biodegradable polymeric substrate
Polyester film with hydrophilic coating
Storage disc
System and method for laser write power calibration
Automotive electrical system
USB for vehicle application
Common bus aircraft retrofit load control
Vehicular lamp
Object classification system for a vehicle
Method and apparatus for detecting rollover of an automotive vehicle based on a lateral kinetic energy rate threshold
Lens cleaning mechanism, projection lens, and projection type display device
Method and device for the computer-assisted calculation of the axle loads of a vehicle
Method and apparatus to provide multiple-mode spatial processing in a radio receiver
Hook and loop tie with a non-slip area
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Preparation of nanosized copper (I) compounds
Erosion-protective coatings on polymer-matrix composites and components incorporating such coated composites
Optical glass, preform for precision press-molding, process for the production of the preform, optical element, and process for the production of the element
Method of producing semiconductor porcelain composition
Process for preparing amines
Compounds and compositions for delivering active agents
Vitamin D analogs
Process for producing liquid hydrocarbon with hydrocracking catalyst
Method for producing fluorine-containing alkyl (meth)acrylate
Crystalline forms of fexofenadine and its hydrochloride
Salts having alkoxytris(fluoroalkyl)borate anions
Antibacterial agents
.alpha.2C adrenoreceptor agonists
Use of azeotropically dried nickel(ii) halogenides
Plasmid DNA clarification
Filtration material
3-deoxypentopyranosyl nucleic acid, its production and its use
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 205P1B5 useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Connexin allele detection assays
VMGLOM gene and its mutations causing disorders with a vascular component
Aptamer constructs
Humanized antibodies that recognize .beta.-amyloid peptide
AGPase promoter from rice and uses thereof
Methods and compositions relating to gene silencing
Helicobacter pylori CAI antigen
Allelic form of the HMGA2 gene predisposing women to the formation of leiomyomas
Crosslinked polysaccharide sponge
Prekallikrein depleted plasma derived albumin fraction
Methods for treating diabetes using fibroblast growth factor-like polypeptides
Water-soluble polymer compound having sugar chains
Prime foam containing vegetable oil polyol
Water-based one-pack-type coating composition and coated article
Silver-based powder, method of preparation thereof, and curable silicone composition
Rheology control of strongly basic liquids
Recycled tire rubber emulsions and processes
Liquid crystal display element with conducting layers treated with surface electromagnetic wave
Orthoester-based surfactants and associated methods
Cleaning agent
Cleaning composition and method of cleaning therewith
Biochip and the production method thereof
Photoswitchable method for the ordered attachment of proteins to surfaces
System for gene targeting and producing stable genomic transgene insertions
Method for inducing resistance to fungal infection in transgenic plants using plant defense peptides
Coffee mannanase
Process for the production of unsaturated fatty acids
Seed-preferred regulatory elements
Compositions and methods for inducing apoptosis in tumor cells
Methods of producing a porous matrix for culturing and recovering cells
Composition for culturing mouse pluripotent stem cells
CGTase and DNA sequence encoding same
Nucleic acid molecules encoding transmembrane serine proteases, the encoded proteins and methods based thereon
RT-PCR detection for differential diagnosis of field isolates or lapinized vaccine strain of classical swine fever virus (CSFV) in samples
Chimeric polypeptide and use thereof
CD109 nucleic acid molecules, polypeptides and methods of use
Method of diagnosis and treatment and agents useful for same
miR-155 assay
Method of manufacturing DNA chip
Gene products differentially expressed in cancerous cells
Method of producing regular arrays of nano-scale objects using nano-structured block-copolymeric materials
Perfluoro sulfonyl halides and related species as polymer support modifiers
Fixed Constructions
Jet powered toilet flushing system
Water tank installation system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
High pressure oil limit based on fuel level to protect fuel injectors
Removable grommet device and method of using thereof
Locking assembly for rotary shafts
System and method for angular measurement
Method of sensing a position of a movable component of an operator interface in a machine
Position sensing apparatus, and position sensing method
Apparatus for measuring decenter error of a lens
System and method for presenting a computed route
Light detecting circuit, laser distance measuring circuit and light detecting method
Method for controlling light source and optical input device using the same
Method for validating printed circuit board materials for high speed applications
System and method of troubleshooting aircraft system failures
Method and apparatus for applying a pressure differential to a multi-well plate
Dark field lighting testing device
Method for sorting and analyzing particles in an aerosol with redundant particle analysis
Biosensors, method for obtaining the same and uses thereof
Planar micro-discharge gas detector
Method and device for carrying out surface plasmon resonance measurement
Fluorescent, semi-conductive polymers, and devices comprising them
Method, computer program and apparatus for the characterization of molecules
Method for performing power diffraction analysis
Metal detector with reliable identification of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in soils with varying mineral content
Method for charcterising analytes
Method for screening crystallization conditions in solution crystal growth
Method for generating and selecting antibodies against target protein
Methods for aiding in the diagnosis of alzheimer's disease by measuring amyloid-.beta. peptide (X->41) and tau
Artery- and vein-specific proteins and uses therefor
Methods for determination of an analyte
Fluorescent labeling of specific protein targets in vitro and in vivo
Methods for determining susceptibility to dental caries
Mitochondrial stress-70 protein markers for colorectal cancer
Each inspection units of a probe apparatus is provided with an imaging unit to take an image of a wafer
Methods for detecting and classifying loads on AC lines
Switchable manual/motor-driven NMR tuning systems and methods
Apparatus and method for testing data transfer rate
Systems and methods for determining the state of a programmable fuse in an IC
Dielectric strength test method of superconducting cable
Intelligent-topology-driven alarm placement
Circuit for protecting DUT, method for protecting DUT, testing apparatus and testing method
Scan-load-based dynamic scan configuration
Scintillator element, scintillator unit, and radiation detector using the same
Apparatus of photoconductor crystal growth
Method and constructing a model of a heterogeneous medium described by several parameters from data expressed in different time scales
Underwater acoustic positioning methods and systems based on modulated acoustic signals
MRI apparatus, method and process generating diffusion weighted images using apparent diffusion coefficients and threshold values
Low temperature probe and nuclear magnetic resonance analysis apparatus using the same
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Whole body coil assembly for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
NMR spiral RF probe coil pair with low external electric field
Capacitor switches for NMR
Device for environment detection
Optical element and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Device having patterned spacers for backplates and method of making the same
Prismatic joint and optical swiveling device
Optical waveguide and method for manufacturing the same
Systems and methods for driving MEMS display
Optical waveguide
Semiconductor laser module and light scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Wide-angle lens module and endoscope
Display device
Substrate for liquid crystal display devices
Liquid crystal display device with data switching thin film transistor for inspection and inspection method thereof
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Photosensitive resin composition, image forming material and image forming method using thereof
Heating system and image forming apparatus adopting the same
Development device and method capable of maintaining toner concentration at constant level without shortening life of developer, process cartridge, and imaging forming apparatus
Developing unit and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having mechanism for reducing pressing force between image bearing member and transferring member
Fixing device
Opening/closing mechanism, image forming apparatus and gear mechanism
Titanyl phthalocyanine photoconductors
Electronic timepiece with wireless information function
Motor balanced active user interface assembly
Utility load control management communications protocol
Control circuit and method for multi-mode buck-boost switching regulator
Synchronous rectification switching regulator, and control circuit and control method therefor
Power circuit and charge pumping circuit
DC converter with halt mode setting means
Power supply device and operations control method thereof
Method for generating adjustable MRAM timing signals
Power-supply control device, power-supply control method, and computer product
Random number generating method and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Waveform generation
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Fixing apparatus for hard disk drive
Multiprocessor power-on switch circuit
Semiconductor device and BIOS authentication system
Gaming machine having multi-stage failure recovery feature and method of operating same
Volume and failure management method on a network having a storage device
Storage system and a method for dissolving fault of a storage system
Data recording method for optical disk drive
Java smart card chip having memory area reserved for global variables
Method and system for scalable video data width
Decoy device in an integrated circuit
Storage control device, host interface control unit of storage control device, and information protection method of storage control device
Storage system for suppressing failures of storage media group
Apparatus, method, computer program and mobile terminal for processing information
Storage system and data migration method
Dynamic prefetch distance calculation
Methods for selectively copying data files to networked storage and devices for initiating the same
Logical volume transfer method and storage network system
Apparatus and method for converting multimedia contents
Spreadsheet fields in text
Image processing apparatus and image forming system
Image processing apparatus capable of printing with substitute recording agent and image processing method
Methods for auto-configuring a router on an IP subnet
System and method for downloading hypertext markup language formatted web pages
Multi-service network system
Efficient transactional messaging between loosely coupled client and server over multiple intermittent networks with policy based routing
Semantic information network (SION)
Metaportal system and method
Method and apparatus for redirection of server external hyper-link references
Secure identification system
Network system available for simultaneous connections of plural pieces of equipment, advanced equipment in the system, method of using functions of another piece of equipment, and storage medium
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Detecting and handling affinity breaks in web applications
Sharing framework for resource sharing
Workflow systems and methods for project management and information management
Workflow systems and methods for project management and information management
Multi-cast enabled address resolution protocol (ME-ARP)
Network switching device
Web services enterprise integration with service oriented architecture
Integrated circuits with configurable initialization data memory addresses
Systems and methods for automatically converting web pages to structured shared web-writable pages
System and method of accelerating document processing
Spreadsheet fields in text
System and method for metamodel-based gap analysis
Generating motion recognizers for arbitrary motions for video games and tuning the motion recognizers to the end user
Importing and exporting markup language data in a spreadsheet application document
System and method for printing correct postage for batches of mail with presort discounts
Extending digital rights management and authentication to audio speakers
FFT architecture and method
Method and apparatus for determining the meaning of natural language
System and method for creating and manipulating information containers with dynamic registers
Method for automatically performing conceptual highlighting in electronic text
Merchandise planning and development system and method for the same, and a computer product
System and methods for validating and distributing test data
Method and system for copying equity and debt financing terms, from one of a variety of securities, selectively and or aggregately, in a quantitative manner that enables rapid visualizing, comparing and viewing of the financial impact of copied terms in hypothetical or actual liquidation, public offering, financing or other scenarios
Trimming temperature coefficients of electronic components and circuits
Stitched IC layout methods, systems and program product
System and method for controlling product quality
Determining one or more profile parameters of a photomask covered by a pellicle
Data transfer using hyper-text transfer protocol (HTTP) query strings
Distributed network system using biometric authentication access
Disk subsystem monitoring fault
Line scanning in a display
Driving device and related image transmission device of a flat panel display
Setting error avoidable printing system and method
Data output apparatus performing data output after reception of authentication data from portable terminal
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer product
Predictive data search
Methods and systems for joining database tables using indexing data structures
System and method for distributed querying and presentation of information from heterogeneous data sources
Object relational map verification system
System and method for optimizing approximation functions
Programmable delay line compensated for process, voltage, and temperature
Method, system and storage medium for utilizing training roadmaps in a call center
Apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture for software demonstration
System for converting event-driven code into serially executed code
Persisting and resolving application assembly binds
System to provide computing as a product using dynamic computing environments
Information processing and control
Screen display apparatus, program, and screen display method
Image processing method, apparatus, and program with selective error diffusion among a pluraity of pixel groups withing a digital image
Printing system and client device for the same, printing device, printing method, printing program and recording medium for the same
Method, set, and apparatus for obtaining prints of a part of the human body
Video fingerprinting using complexity-regularized video watermarking by statistics quantization
Image display device and method
Method for quantifying an object in a larger structure using a reconstructed image
Method of printing MICR encoded negotiable instruments such as checks/drafts from facsimile transmitted checks
Non-linear quantization and similarity matching methods for retrieving video sequence having a set of image frames
Image processing apparatus and method for changing the dynamic range of an image
System and method for image monitoring
Image signal processing apparatus, camera system and image signal processing method
Device, method, and program for image coding
System and method for detecting similar differences in images
Method and system for online secure patient referral system
Article storage apparatus, article storing method for the apparatus, and control program for implementing the method
Electronic cards systems and methods
Method, system, apparatus, and computer-readable medium for tracking referrals and product sell-through
Computer-implement method and system for conducting auctions on the internet
System and method for interactive offer system
Reverse billing in online search
Reserve account mortgage method and system
Enhanced Check 21 financial payment systems and methods
Systems and methods for consumers to purchase health care and related products
Method and system for initiating and/or conducting a transaction that is associated with at least two corresponding declarations of intent
Method for users of a network to provide other users with access to link relationships between documents
Data rendering method for volumetric 3D displays
Alarm-integration-management-enabled mobile terminal
Theft deterrence security system
System and method for securing and displaying items for merchandising
Embedded system architecture for RFID tag emulation
IC tag read-write apparatus and antenna unit thereof
Hybrid-technology metal detector
Collaborative wireless micro-control system
Communication device, communication system, communication method, communication program and recording medium storing the communication program
Personal communication system to send and receive voice data positioning information
Apparatus and computer program for arranging music score displaying data
Display device
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Electrophoretic display, method for driving electrophoretic display, and storage display
Display device with divided display regions
Interactive display and method of displaying a message
Method for making a product
Display controller, electronic device, and method of supplying image data
Design of force sensations for haptic feedback computer interfaces
Color processing apparatus and method
Musical instrument and supporting system incorporated therein for music players
Watermarking to convey auxiliary information, and media embodying same
Unsupervised data-driven pronunciation modeling
High quality image and audio coding apparatus and method depending on the ROI setting
Channel normalization apparatus and method for robust speech recognition
Electronic apparatus having built-in hard disk device
Structure for attaching printed circuit board on traverse chassis
Computer-readable recording medium with physical access control (PAC) information thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the computer-readable recording medium
Mounting spindle shaft in magnetic disk drive
Recording method, information recording device, information reproducing device, program, recording medium, and computer program product
Hard disc drive including ground rib to connect cover and base
Write-once optical disc, and method and apparatus for recording management information on write-once optical disc
Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with a self aligned stitched write shield
Wear pads for timing-based surface film servo heads
Magnetic head slider having aperture to prevent fall forward and magnetic disk drive for using said slider
Head slider capable of being reliably released from effect of moving recording medium
Optical element driving apparatus
Recording medium, method of configuring control information thereof, recording and reproducing method using the same, and apparatus thereof
Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and test writing method thereof
Optical disc apparatus
Optical recording system and method
Optical disk apparatus with controller for changing an amount of lifting and a control method thereof
Re-writable optical disk having reference clock information permanently formed on the disk
Method of making memory cell with voltage modulated sidewall poly resistor
Apparatus and method for self-refreshing dynamic random access memory cells
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Expanded nuclear fuel channel
Systems and methods for radioisotope generation
Lithographic apparatus with rotation filter device
Cable for stringed musical instruments
Inductor element and method of manufacturing the same
Control device for driving AC solenoids and DC bistable solenoids, specifically for electrovalves of irrigation systems
Planar light unit using field emitters and method for fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent element comprising a carbonyl matrix material
Apparatus for evacuating a field emission display
Information acquisition method, information acquisition apparatus and disease diagnosis method
Substrate for mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry, and mass spectrometer
Electric discharge lamp
Edge temperature compensation in thermal processing particularly useful for SOI wafers
Method of manufacturing enhancement type semiconductor probe and information storage device having the semiconductor probe using the same
Method for fabricating an integrated device comprising a structure with a solid electrolyte
Method for fabricating three-dimensional photonic crystal
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
High-throughput printing of semiconductor precursor layer from nanoflake particles
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Plasma etching method and apparatus, control program and computer-readable storage medium storing the control program
Semiconductor manufacturing method for removing residue generated by dry etching
Selective anisotropic wet etching of workfunction metal for semiconductor devices
Methods of making semiconductor-based electronic devices on a wire and articles that can be made thereby
Patterned material layer, method of forming the same, microdevice, and method of manufacturing the same
Chip-in-slot interconnect for 3D chip stacks
Oxide-like seasoning for dielectric low k films
Process for packaging components, and packaged components
Surface contamination analyzer for semiconductor wafers, method used therein and process for fabricating semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor laser devices and manufacturing apparatus of the same
Semiconductor device and display device
Integrated circuit having a Fin structure
Trench widening without merging
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having polysilicon plugs
High-gain vertex lateral bipolar junction transistor
Insulated gate silicon nanowire transistor and method of manufacture
Semiconductor device with a buffer region with tightly-packed filler particles
Side-view optical diode package and fabricating process thereof
Lead frame
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Method of fabricating a vertical transistor and capacitor
Gating configurations and improved contacts in nanowire-based electronic devices
Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device including memory cell
Transistor, memory cell, memory cell array and method of forming a memory cell array
Process for making contact with and housing integrated circuits
Thin film transistor array panel with common bars of different widths
Adapting short-wavelength LED's for polychromatic, broadband, or "white" emission
Adapting short-wavelength LED's for polychromatic, broadband, or "white" emission
Semiconductor light-emitting device, semiconductor light-emitting apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor light-emitting device
Schottky barrier metal-germanium contact in metal-germanium-metal photodetectors
GaN/AlGaN/GaN dispersion-free high electron mobility transistors
Insulated gate silicon carbide semiconductor device
Strained channel transistor
Ferroelectric memory using multiferroics
Semiconductor device including an embedded contact plug
Solid-state image pickup device
Light emitting diode
Method of forming a light-emitting device with a triple junction
Kit and method for constructing vibration suppression and/or sensing units
Acoustic resonator and filter
Electroluminescent device
Universal serial bus charger device
Structure having three-dimensional network skeleton, method for producing the structure, and fuel cell including the structure
Fuel cell
Packing, production method of crimp assembly, production method of battery housing lid, and production method of battery
Stack for fuel cell system having an element for reducing stress concentration
Electronic apparatus with secure battery inserting and removing operation
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Fuel cell
Fuel cell, fuel cell electrode and method for fabricating the same
Electrolyte solution and nonaqueous electrolyte lithium secondary battery
Antenna assembly with a moveable antenna
Antenna device having no less than two antenna elements
Shielded contactless electronic document
Variable height/thickness ratio tapered slot antenna for matching impedance and power handling
Antenna system
Dual-mode antenna device
Computer system with riser card
Apparatuses and methods for stabilizing carrier-envelope phase of laser pulse by using direct locking method
Laser light source apparatus and image generating apparatus using such laser light source apparatus
Semiconductor laser diode having graded interlayer
Ground-fault circuit interrupter
Surge protection circuit
Integrated closed loop control method and apparatus for combined uninterruptible power supply and generator system
Power supply circuit
System and method for supervising battery for vehicle
Electric motor
Rotating electrical machine
Motor with terminal block integrally mounted on terminal block mounting part and manufacturing method therefor
Totally enclosed type main drive motor for vehicle
DC-AC converter
Ultrasonic transducer and manufacturing method thereof
Operating method for a powered roller shutter, and device for implementing same
Electric drive system
Method for controlling stepping motor
Oscillator with Darlington nodes
Voltage detection type overcurrent protection device for class-D amplifier
Gain improved operational transconductance amplifier and control method thereof
Microphone bleed simulator
False connection for defeating microchip exploitation
IC output signal path with switch, bus holder, and buffer
Electronic sensor with optimized counting capacity
Method and system for wide range amplitude detection
Power-on reset circuit using flip-flop and semiconductor device having such power-on reset circuit
Digital gain computation for automatic gain control
Current steering DAC using thin oxide devices
Balanced data bus inversion
Digital signal decoding method
Method and encoder for encoding a size of a data section and method and decoder for determining a size of a data section
Rapid acquisition methods and apparatus for GPS signals
State based algorithm to minimize mean squared error
RF receiving apparatus and method for removing leakage component of received signal
Mobile communication device capable of leaning
System and method for video production
Circuit design and optics system for infrared signal transceivers
Optical signal regenerator and transmission system
Digital baseband system and process for compensating for analog radio transmitter impairments
System and method for determining mobile communication system carrier frequency propagation characteristics
Network node power management methods and apparatus
Transmission power control method and mobile terminal apparatus
Voice data RF disk drive IC
Efficient gap allocation for cell measurements in asynchronous communication networks
System and method for facilitating roaming of push to talk subscribers across disparate dispatch networks
Radio-frequency receiver and integrated circuit employed for the receiver
Switching complex architecture and operation
Broadcast receiver with smart antenna beam scanning
Method and network apparatus for carrying multiple services
Method and apparatus for performing diagnostic tests using an assisting transceiver
OFDM demodulating apparatus and method
Cross-connector for optical signals
Device and method thereof for transmitting a MAC service data unit in a network system
Secure presentation of media streams in response to encrypted digital content
Elliptic curve point octupling for weighted projective coordinates
Bad data packet capture device
Signal conversion apparatus, systems, and methods
Packet communication method and apparatus and a recording medium storing a packet communication program
Method for transmitting a data telegram between a real-time domain and a non-real-time domain and a coupling unit
Method and system for providing quick service access
System and method for managing devices within a private network via a public network
Method and apparatus for common packet channel access in mobile satellite communication system
Undersea cable system and cable landing station shared by a plurality of carriers
Metro ethernet service enhancements
Time division multiplexing communication system, time division multiplexing communication switch system, and communication control method of a communication system
Communication system, transmitting device, receiving device, and communication device capable of wideband communications via impulses
Symbol timing method and digital receiver apparatus
Method and apparatus for frequency discriminator and data demodulation in frequency lock loop of digital code division multiple access (CDMA) receivers
Arrangement and method for iterative channel impulse response estimation
Method and system for automatic gain control during signal acquisition
Error correction signal generating device and orthogonal modulator equipped with the error correction signal generating device
Authentication system and method thereof for dial-up networking connection via terminal
Web services security test framework and method
Efficient optimal ML detector
Tamper resistant module certification authority
Key management system and multicast delivery system using the same
Electronic document protection system and method
Method for encoded data transmission via a communication network
Low-power mode clock management for wireless communication devices
Unified communication thread for wireless mobile communication devices
Image forming device and storage medium storing control program for image forming device
Image pickup device and signal processing method
Image reading device, image reading method and copier
Image forming apparatus with random number generator
Method and apparatus for imaging of scenes having large intensity variance
File recording device, file reproduction device, file recording method, program of file recording method, recording medium containing therein program of file recording method, file reproducing method, program of file reproducing method, and recording medium containing therein program of file reproducing method
System and method for improved horizontal and vertical sync pulse detection and processing
Image pickup device and noise reduction method thereof
Digital camera module having linear voice coil actuator
Image pickup apparatus with operating member having first and second positions for image pickup and reproduction modes and with a forced third position when not operated by a user
Digital camera having functionally interconnected image processing elements
Image capturing device
Electronic image display systems
Video signal reproducing apparatus
Moving picture encoding apparatus, moving picture encoding method, moving picture encoding program, moving picture decoding apparatus, moving picture decoding method, and moving picture decoding program
Decoding of digital video standard material during variable length decoding
Image output system, image output apparatus, information processing apparatus and program
Method and apparatus for receiving and playing back data
Method of distributing multimedia data to equipment provided with an image sensor
Image recording apparatus and semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for color correction
Sound reproducing system in portable information terminal and method therefor
Headgear for docking and listening to portable audio devices
Parametric adaptive room compensation device and method of use
Method for finding the location of a mobile terminal in a cellular radio system
Prevention of unnecessary hand-over caused by fading
Short message system for mobile devices
Power control protocol for highly variable data rate reverse link of a wireless communication system
Methods and apparatus for providing a platform coexistence system of multiple wireless communication devices
Employing simulated acknowledgment signals for efficient handoffs in cellular packet networks
Mobile station, mobile communication system, handover control method, handover control program and recording medium
Method and system for acoustic communication
Method and system for international roaming and call bridging
Wireless local area network and methods for secure resource reservations for fast roaming
Base station and base station controller for transmission of prioritized packets
Location register and accommodation transfer control method
Channel assignment based on spatial strategies in a wireless network using adaptive antenna arrays
Method of system access to a wireless network
Visible indication of mistaken lamp use
Image heating device using induction heating system
Method of forming deposited film and method of forming photovoltaic element
Method of manufacturing a wiring substrate and semiconductor device
Shield structure for information technology equipments
Heat dissipation assembly
Cooling structure for rackmount-type control device and rack-type storage control device
Protecting apparatus of chip
Portable electronic device
Fastening device for thermal module
Notebook computer having heat pipe
Cooling unit
Mounting apparatus for fan
Liquid-air hybrid cooling in electronics equipment
Heat sink assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Positive resist composition
Method for imaging a printing plate having a laser ablatable mask layer
Methods for enhancing images on relief image printing plates
Method for forming features using frequency doubling hybrid resist and device formed thereby
Fluorinated hard mask for micropatterning of polymers
Method of manufacturing a circuit board having metal bumps and a semiconductor device package comprising the same
Photo-assisted post exposure bake for chemically amplified photoresist process
Photoresist system and process for aerial image enhancement
Method for reducing surface reflectivity by increasing surface roughness
Method of imaging a heat mode recording element comprising highly dispersed metal alloys
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material and method of forming a color image
Performance of high speed emulsions for color film
Silver halide emulsion
Photothermographic material
Method for gelling a photographic coating composition and an apparatus of the same
Method for cancer screening
Target system
Purified hepatitis C virus envelope proteins for diagnostic and therapeutic use
Transducing phages of Actinomycetales
Selective ligation and amplification method
Integrated sequencing device
In-line complete hyperspectral fluorescent imaging of nucleic acid molecules
Method for fingerprinting utilizing an electronically addressable array
Detection of microorganism by DNA hybridization
Prf protein and nucleic acid sequences: compositions and methods for plant pathogen resistance
Method and apparatus for exponentially convergent therapy effectiveness monitoring using DNA microarray based viral load measurements
Promoter for VEGF receptor
Signal amplification method
Fluorescent donor-acceptor pair with low spectral overlap
Sequence specific DNA binding p53
DNA probes for campylobacter, arcobacter and helicobacter
Ratio-based decisions and the quantitative analysis of cDNA micro-array images
Polynucleotide arrays and methods of making and using the same
Protection probes
Methods for introducing nucleic acids into mammalian cells using imidazolium lipids
Assay for evaluating the affinity of compounds to the glutamate GluR5 receptor
Master molecular rheostat switch for cell signaling
Survivin, a protein that inhibits cellular apoptosis, and its modulation
Phenylacetyl-CoA ligase from penicillium chrysogenum
Tumor associated nucleic acids and uses therefor
Lipid metabolism transcription factor
Nucleic acid molecules encoding glycoprotein VI and recombinant uses thereof
Latent baculovirus expression system
Testis-specific cystatin-like protein cystatin T
Receptor ligand
Polynucleotide encoding insect ecdysone receptor
Method for producing influenza hemagglutinin multivalent vaccines
Nucleic acid-free thermostable enzymes and methods of production thereof
Process for the preparation of HMG-COA reductase inhibitors
Process for preparing isoflavone aglucone using Rhodotorula glutinis having an ability to produce isoflavone aglucone
Removing endotoxin with an oxdizing agent from polyhydroxyalkanoates produced by fermentation
Process for recovering carboxylic acids from a fermentation broth
Human asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase DNA
Human choline acetyltransferase
Isolated spinach ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxgenase large subunit .epsilon. n-methyltransferase and method of inactivating ribulose-1,5-bishosphatase .epsilon. n-methyltransferase activity
tRNA methyltransferase from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Mutated herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinases and uses thereof
Human serum inducible kinase (Snk)
Method for cloning and producing the SwaI restriction endonuclease
Animal feed additives
Carboxymethyl cellulose from thermotoga maritima
Activation of pure prothrombin to thrombin with about 30% to about 40% sodium citrate
Production of virus and purification of viral envelope proteins for vaccine use
Cytokine family member EF-7
Strain of Bacillus pumilus for controlling plant diseases caused by fungi
Method for waste degradation
Method and apparatus for limiting emissions from a contained vessel
Sewer gas odor abatement system
Method and apparatus for aseptic growth or processing of biomass
Garbage disposal apparatus
Cell and protein harvesting assemblies and methods
Transfer loop
Handle for inoculating loop
Vector with multiple target response elements affecting gene expression
.beta.-alethine use in cell culture and therapy
Identification of genes altered in multiple myeloma
Enhanced activation of natural killer cells using an NK cell activator and hydrogen peroxide scavenger or inhibitor
Method for separating cells
Recombinase Mediated DNA modifications
Human embryonic germ cell line and methods of use
Activating egg extracts and method of preparation
Human papilloma virus vaccine with disassembled and reassembled virus-like particles
Method for evaluating reaction profiles
Container for irradiation of blood products
Method of characterizing the neutralization capacity of a lubricant and device for the implementation of this method
Flow cytometric characterization of amyloid fibrils
Rapid assessment of the coagulant activity of blood
Screening of agents for treatment of alzheimer's disease
Method of explosives detection
IgG antibody testing method
Analytical apparatus
Polymeric metal coating
Low temperature process for fabricating layered superlattice materials and making electronic devices including same
Method and apparatus for control of critical dimension using feedback etch control
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor component
Low stress method and apparatus of underfilling flip-chip electronic devices
Method for detecting adjustment error in photolithographic stepping printer
Method of providing levelling and focusing adjustments on a semiconductor wafer
Wire-to-wire bonding system and method
Method for making semiconductor devices having backside probing capability
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Fabrication of cooling device of a planar light source
Frequency tunable resonant scanner and method of making
High MTF optical coating for hybrid UFPA's
Method for forming CMOS sensor without blooming effect
Semiconductor device with flat protective adhesive sheet and method of manufacturing the same
Methods for forming conductive micro-bumps and recessed contacts for flip-chip technology and method of flip-chip assembly
Techniques for wafer level molding of underfill encapsulant
Method of producing semiconductor device with heat dissipation metal layer and metal projections
Method for reducing die cracking in integrated circuits
Method for wire bonding a chip to a substrate with recessed bond pads and devices formed
Circuit wiring system circuit wiring method semi-conductor package and semi-conductor package substrate
Method and structure for SOI wafers to avoid electrostatic discharge
Photoelectric converter, method for driving photoelectric converter and system having photoelectric converter
Top gate self-aligned polysilicon TFT and a method for its production
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Bipolar-CMOS (BiCMOS) process for fabricating integrated circuits
Method to protect metal from oxidation during poly-metal gate formation in semiconductor device manufacturing
Low temperature method for forming a thin, uniform layer of aluminum oxide
Buried channel quasi-unipolar transistor
Ion implantation process for forming contact regions in semiconductor materials
High voltage transistor using P+ buried layer
Method of protecting a well at a floating stage
Process for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for making the bottom electrode of a capacitor
Field effect transistor having a floating gate
Method of manufacturing a split-gate flash memory cell with polysilicon spacers
Method and apparatus on (110) surfaces of silicon structures with conduction in the <110> direction
Method of forming oxynitride gate dielectric
Method of fabricating dielectric layer
Mosfet with localized amorphous region with retrograde implantation
Disposable-spacer damascene-gate process for SUB 0.05 .mu.m MOS devices
Method for foaming MOS transistor having bi-layered spacer
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Method for fabricating semiconductor integrated circuit device including step of forming self-aligned metal silicide film
CMOS semiconductor device containing N-channel transistor having shallow LDD junctions
Methods of fabricating field effect transistors by first forming heavily doped source/drain regions and then forming lightly doped source/drain regions
Fabrication method of a self-aligned contact window
Method of fabricating a MOS device using a sacrificial layer and spacer
Method of fabricating a load resistor for an SRAM
Method of manufacturing a resistor in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor structures and manufacturing methods
Spherical shaped semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of forming buried bit line memory circuitry and semiconductor processing method of forming a conductive line
Variable temperature methods of forming hemispherical grained silicon (HSG-Si) layers
Fabrication method for a double-side double-crown stacked capacitor
Method for design and manufacture of semiconductors
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation
Method of formation of pseudo-SOI structures with direct contact of transistor body to the substrate
STI process
Trench and gate dielectric formation for semiconductor devices
Method to reduce a reverse narrow channel effect for MOSFET devices
Method for fabricating a semiconductor structure
Semiconductor device comprising trench isolation insulator film and method of fabricating the same
Process for planarizing buried oxide films in trenches by applying sequential diverse CMP treatments
Method of removing polysilicon residual in a LOCOS isolation process using an etching selectivity solution
Methods of forming field oxide and active area regions on a semiconductive substrate
Method of fabricating an SOI wafer
Film frame substrate fixture
Method for fabrication of thin film
Method of forming semiconducting materials and barriers
Method for forming a retrograde impurity profile
Process for production of semiconductor device
Method of simultaneously forming a line interconnect and a borderless contact to diffusion
Method of forming ultra thin gate dielectric for high performance semiconductor devices
Method of filling an opening in an insulating layer
Method for preventing tungsten contact/via plug loss after a backside pressure fault
Method for planarized deposition of a material
Method for producing multi-level contacts
Self-aligned, low contact resistance, via fabrication process
Method of forming low dielectric semiconductor device with rigid, metal silicide lined interconnection system
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Process for production of semiconductor device having contact plugs with reduced leakage current
Method of producing a wiring for a semiconductor circuit
Method of producing an interconnect structure for an integrated circuit
IC interconnect structures and methods for making same
Method and system of interconnecting conductive elements in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming a delamination resistant multi-layer dielectric layer for passivating a conductor layer
Method of forming via
Sputtered tungsten diffusion barrier for improved interconnect robustness
High selectivity Si-rich SiON etch-stop layer
Method for filling a dual damascene opening having high aspect ratio to minimize electromigration failure
Semiconductor processing method of forming an electrically conductive contact plug
Method of forming diffusion barriers for copper metallization in integrated cirucits
Method of forming tungsten silicide film
Method of forming a metal silicide comprising contact over a substrate
3D reservoir to improve electromigration resistance of tungsten plug
Method of electroplating copper interconnects
Backside chemical etching and polishing
Method for manufacturing semiconductor wafers
Apparatus and methods for chemical-mechanical polishing of semiconductor wafers
Circumferentially oscillating carousel apparatus for sequentially processing substrates for polishing and cleaning
Dual temperature nitride strip process
Removal of SiON ARC film after poly photo and etch
Stress relieve pattern for damascene process
Method of obtaining a rounded top trench corner for semiconductor trench etch applications
Method for forming a square oxide structure or a square floating gate structure without rounding effect
Process for forming a semiconductor device and a process for operating an apparatus
Precision wide band gap semiconductor etching
Dry Air/N2 post treatment to avoid the formation of B/P precipitation after BPSG film deposition
Process for reliable ultrathin oxynitride formation
Method of improving moisture resistance of low dielectric constant films
Ozone-teos method for forming with attenuated surface sensitivity a silicon oxide dielectric layer upon a thermally oxidized silicon substrate layer
Method to selectively heat semiconductor wafers
Laminated composite absorbent structure comprising odor control means
Static dissipative automotive bedliners
Binder composition and coating composition for decorative paper both based on polyurethane resin, and laminated cloth and air bag both having coating of the same
Lasable bond-ply materials for high density printed wiring boards
Flexible mat for absorbing liquids comprising polymeric foam materials
Process for making porous ceramic composites with a bimodal pore size distribution
High strength sealing glass
Transparent microspheres
Porous ceramic for producing alkali ion water, method for producing the porous ceramic and device for producing the alkali ion water
High-frequency dielectric ceramic composition, dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer and communication device
Efficient method using liquid water to regenerate oxygenate to olefin catalysts while increasing catalyst specificity to light olefins
Catalyst with a base of modified MFI zeolite, and its use in the isomerization of a C8 aromatic cut
Cocatalysts for metallocene-based olefin polymerization catalyst systems
Ionic metallocene catalyst compositions
Methanol tolerant catalyst material
Formation of alcohol conversion catalysts
Supported Ni-Cu hydroconversion catalyst
Imaging transfer system and process for transferring a thermal recording image to a receptor element
Thermal paper with security features
Chemical pinching method and composition
Plant treatment compositions having enhanced biological effectiveness
Substituted phenyl uracils
Substituted iminoalkoxy-phenyluracils, the production and use thereof as herbicides
Benzoylpyrazole compounds and herbicide
Suppression of auxin in higher plants
Composite material for antifriction workpieces
Lubricant oil composition
High-temperature synthetic lubricious composition
Lubrication additive composition
Silicone wax-based dry lubricant
Cooling lubricant emulsion
Preparation of sulfurized phenol additives intermediates and compositions
Lubricating compositions
Soybean based transformer oil and transmission line fluid
Discontinuous process for conducting a heterogeneously catalyzed reaction and installation for heterogeneously catalyzed manufacture of products
Low odor, hard surface cleaner with enhanced soil removal
Peracid forming system, peracid forming composition, and methods for making and using
Grease cutting light duty liquid detergent comprising lauryol ethylene diamine triacetate
Detergent tablets-package combination
Delivery system having release inhibitor loaded zeolite and method for making same
Porous agglomerations of fused microspheres
Physiologically active polyoxypeptin and deoxypolyoxypeptin and anticancer drugs containing the same
Methods and products for treating pseudomonas infection
Use of peptidic bradykinin antagonists for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease
Conjugates of antiviral proteins or peptides and virus or viral envelope glycoproteins
Cytokine restraining agents
polypeptides and polypeptide analogues
Polyol:oil suspensions for the sustained release of proteins
Protein Z-dependent protease inhibitor
Peptide antagonists of cellular mitogenesis and motogenesis and their therapeutic use
Inhibitors of factor Xa
Aryl-substituted propanolamine derivatives, their preparation, pharmaceuticals comprising them, and their use
Hygromycin A derivatives
Efflux pump inhibitors
Targeted site specific antisense oligodeoxynucleotide delivery method
Inhibition of an FGF-binding protein using ribozymes
Nucleosides with anti-hepatitis B virus activity
Enzyme catalyzed therapeutic agents
Methods for the treatment of apolipoprotein E related diseases
Compositions and methods for tolerization in immune complex-mediated disease progression
Amphiphilic polysaccharide derivatives
Inhibitors of phosphatidyl myo-inositol cycle
Use of aldosterone antagonists to inhibit myocardial fibrosis
Pharmaceutical preparations for treatment of estrogen deficiency in the central nervous system
Use of progestins to treat ischemic event
Methods of use for peroxynitrite decomposition catalysts, pharmaceutical compositions therefor
Tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Quinoline and quinoxaline compounds which inhibit platelet-derived growth factor and/or p56lck tyrosine kinases
Indolyl neuropeptide Y receptor antagonists
Heteroaryl aminoguanidines and alkoxyguanidines and their use as protease inhibitors
.beta.-sheet mimetics and use thereof as inhibitors of biologically active peptides or proteins
Mesylate dihydrate salts of 5-(2-(4-(1,2-benzisothiazol-3-yl)-1-piperazinyl)-ethyl)-6-chloro-1,3-dihyd ro-2(1H)-indol-2-one (=ziprasidone), its preparation and its use as dopamine D2 antagonist
Method of treating psychiatric conditions
Monohydrates of aminobenzenesulfonic acid derivatives and method for preparing thereof
1-(N'-(arylalkylaminoalkyl)) aminoisoindoles; a new class of dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Heterocyclyl-substituted ring-fused pyridines and pyrimidines as corticotropin releasing hormone(CRH) antagonists, useful for treating CNS and stress-related disorders
Fungicidal pyrimidinones
Combatting parasitic fungi with a combination of an active agent inhibiting respiration in the cytochrome complex III and of fenazaquine
Fungicidal active compound combinations
5-(heterocyclic alkyl)-6-aryl-dihydropyrimidines
Tri-substituted phenyl or pyridine derivatives
Cycloalkano-indole and -azaindole derivatives
Formulations and methods for treatment of mucosal associated conditions with an immune response modifier
N-(5-phenyl-tetrahydrofuranyl)methyl- and N-(6-phenyl-tetrahydropyranyl)methyl-substituted 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexahydro-2,6-methano-3-benzazocin-10-ols
1,6-naphthyridine anti-convulsants
Naphthyridine derivatives
Tetrahydroisoquinolinyl-indole derivatives for the treatment of depression
Method for suppressing allogenic immune response or prevention/treatment of graft vs. host disease or graft rejection
Methods of inhibiting platelet activation with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Method of using neurotrophic sulfonamide compounds
Antifouling compositions containing thiacloprid
Dissolution of triprolidine hydrochloride
Substituted aryl or heteroarylamides having retinoid-like biological activity
Composition containing amlodipine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and an ACE inhibitor
Viral treatment
HIV and viral treatment
Oxazole compounds useful as PGE2 agonists and antagonists
Use of 2-amino-6-trifluoromethoxybenzothiazole for the prevention or treatment of cerebellar dysfunction
Fungicidal mixture
Oxyranyle-triazoline thiones and their use as microbicides
Triazolyl disulphides
Melanogenesis inhibitor, skin cosmetic composition and bath preparation
Tricyclic pyrrole or pyrazole derivative
Combination therapy for reducing the risks associated with cardio-and-cerebrovascular disease
Fungicidal mixtures
[(Indol-3-yl)-cycloalkyl]-3-substituted azetidines for the treatment of central nervous system disorders
Method of preventing or treating statin-induced toxic effects using L-carnitine or an alkanoyl L-carnitine
Branched alkyl pyrrolidine-3-carboxylic acids
Method for treating pain
Palatable elemental medical food
Nonsteroidal gestagens
Method, compositions and kits for increasing the oral bioavailability of pharmaceutical agents
HIV integrase inhibitors
Treatment of human prostate disease
Oxy-vanadium (IV) complexes having spermicidal activity
Integrin antagonists
Amino acid derivatives
Fatty acid esters as bioactive compounds
Treatment of hot flashes (flushing) using leucine alone or in combination with other branched chain amino acids
Use of ubenimex and the pharmaceutical composition containing it for treating virus hepatitis
Diphenylethylene compounds
Method of treating alcoholism and complications resulting therefrom
Benzoylphenylurea insecticides and methods of using certain benzoylphenylureas to control ants
NPY5 receptor antagonists and methods for using same
Medicament for improvement of duration of muscle function or treatment of muscle disorders or diseases
Method for the treatment of vaginal dryness and sexual dysfunction in women during or after the menopause
Method for treating Meniere's disease
Alkyl polyglycosides-based compositions and uses thereof, and preparation of stable emulsions with improved whiteness
Method and apparatus for decomposition treating article having cured thermosetting resin
Composition and blowing agent for making foamed polyethylene material
Silicone surfactants for making polyurethane flexible molded foams
Polyurethane foams
Isocyanate-based rigid foam
Ultraviolet curable resin compositions having enhanced shadow cure properties
Polymerizable compositions based on epoxides
Radiation-curable composition
Contact lens of high water content and high water balance
Disposable articles having biodegradable nonwovens with improved fluid management properties
Ink for ink jet recording
Ceramer composition incorporating fluoro/silane component and having abrasion and stain resistant characteristics
Use of a combination of silicone compounds as a coupling agent in silica-loaded elastomer compositions
Polymeric amines and reactive epoxy polymer compositions
Lubricating coating compound, sliding structure combining two sliding members in which lubricating coating compound is applied to one of the sliding members, and slide bearing apparatus using the same
Use of a linear synthetic polymer to improve the properties of a cellulose shaped body derived from a tertiary amine oxide process
Method of suspension polymerization of (meth)acrylic monomers using dextrin, and polymer beads resulting from that method
Powder-coating compositions containing transfer efficiency-enhancing additives
Polypropylene resin-based films and sheets
Cyanate ester based thermoset compositions
Flame-retardant coating and building product
Diacetal composition, process for the preparation of the same, nucleating agent for polyolefins containing the same, polyolefin resin compositions, and moldings
Nucleating agent for polyesters
Fluorine-containing resin composition for parts of electronic and electrical equipment and same parts
Halogenated polymeric formulation containing divalent (hydroxy) stannate and antimony compounds as synergistic flame-retardants
Bipopulated latex based on vinyl chloride polymers having a high population level of fine particles, processes for the manufacture thereof and applications thereof
Fabrication of ceramic microstructures from polymer compositions containing ceramic nanoparticles
Reflective asphalt emulsions and method
Vinyl acetate/ethylene high solids emulsions
Preparation of organopolysiloxane emulsion
Method of preparing co-polymer particles
Fluorocarbon-containing hydrophilic polymer coating composition for heat exchangers
Aminoplast-curable film-forming compositions providing films having resistance to acid etching
Thermoplastic olefin compositions
Compositions useful for tough, high crystallinity films
Low spin golf ball
Low spin golf ball having a dual core configuration
Rubber composition which contains irregular-shaped hollow inorganic particles and article having component thereof
Use of peroxides to crosslink rubber compositions containing high vinyl styrene-butadiene rubber
Golf balls comprising sulfonated or phosphonated ionomers
Process for the production of polyester resins
Copolymer of (a) ethylene and (b) and alkenoic acid or a derivative thereof a mixture of said monomers
Polymerization process for preparing syndiotactic polystyrenes through microfluidization
Production of polyethlene
Polymerization of polyethylene
Catalyst delivery method, a catalyst feeder and their use in a polymerization process
Production of polyethylene
Process for producing syndiotactic/isotactic block polyolefins
Group 8-10 transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
Adhesive securing of dental filling materials
Polymeric dicyclopentadiene/limonene resin
Process for making repulpable wet and dry strength paper
High durometer low structuring heat curable silicone elastomer
Continuous molded article for polyurethaneurea and production method thereof
Urethane compositions
Process for producing polycarbonate
Purification of 1,3-propanediol in carbonyl-containing stream
Organophosphorous composition, method of producing organophosphorous compound, polyester composition and method of producing the same
Sulphonated polyimides, membranes and fuel cell
Method for the preparation of polymers
Anti-flammatory carbohydrate binding-peptides
Secretases related to alzheimer's dementia
Bax-mediated apoptosis modulating reagents and methods
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human P53 that activate P53 function
Recombinant C-terminal .alpha.-amidating enzyme
Proteins involved in the regulation of cell--cell adhesion and uses thereof
BMP-4 products
Porcine protein and uses thereof
nusB polypeptides and polynucleotides and methods thereof
Invaplex from gram negative bacteria, method of purification and methods of use
Receptor that binds anti-convulsant compounds
Reshaped human antibody to human interleukin-8
Antigen/antibody specificity exchanger
Antibodies that binds growth differentiation factor 5
Monoclonal antibody recognizing cell surface antigen CD14
Monoclonal antibodies that recognize antigens associated with tumor metastasis
Composition for detection of cell density signal molecule
Platelet production promoting agent
Modified polypeptide
C-glycoside analogs and methods for their preparation and use
Azithromycin monohydrate isopropanol clathrate and methods for the manufacture thereof
Recombinant polypeptide based on the primary sequence of the invariant chain with at least one primary sequence of a specific T-cell epitope or a protein derivative and nucleic acids coding for this recombinant polypeptide
Nucleic acid molecule encoding abscisic acid responsive element-binding factor 2
Probes for the diagnosis of infections caused by Streptococcus pyogenes
Process for producing a high purity caprolactam
Process for preparing carbamazepine from iminostilbene
Method for the preparation of melamine
Process for producing purine derivatives
Donepezil polycrystals and process for producing the same
Process for making N-alkyl bis(2-pyridyl) sulfenimides
Synthetic procedure for 5-methoxy-2-[(4-methoxy-3,5-dimethyl-2-pyridinyl)-methylthio]-IH-benzimida zole hydrochloride and its conversion to omeprazole
Efficient method for the conversion of nitriles to amidines and species thereof
Asymmetrical bisbenzotriazoles substituted by a perfluoroalkyl moiety
Aminotriazole compounds
Crystalline sodium phenytoin monohydrate
Preparation of a molten salt from trialkyloxonium anion and amine
Cyclopropylglycine derivatives and agonists for metabotronic L-glutamate receptors
Metal raney catalysts and preparation of hydrogenated compounds therewith
Process for the isolation of pseudomonic acid A from pseudomonic acid complex-containing culture broth
Chromophoric photocrosslinking compound
Recovery of highly fluorinated carboxylic acids from the gaseous phase
Fluorinated dimethicone copolyol phosphate quaternary compounds
Hydrosilylation of 4-vinyl-1-cyclohexene
Preparation of alkylmonohydrogenohalogenosilanes by redistribution followed by distillation and associated device
Water soluble tri-substituted 1,2-dioxetane compounds having increased storage stability, synthetic processes and intermediates
Catalyst composition and method for producing diaryl carbonates, using bisphosphines
Chemical-sensitization resist composition
Process for producing acrylonitrile or methacrylonitrile
Cyanoethylation of cycloaliphatic vicinal primary diamines
Transesterification method for making cyanoacrylates
Method for preparing salts of aspartame from N-protected aspartame
Method for producing isocyanatoalkyl (meth)acrylate
Process for the selective preparation of a 2-hydroxybenzoic acid and a 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde and derivatives thereof
Liquid phase parallel synthesis of chemical libraries
4-pentenoyl groups for derivatization and protection of amino acids
Process for producing highly pure aromatic carboxylic acids
Method of manufacturing an acid derivative of ose by decarboxylation with hydrogen peroxide
Reductive alkylation process for the preparation of compounds containing at least two amino groups
Reduction of the carbonyl value of carboxylic acids and derivatives of carboxylic acids and derivatives of carboxylic acids
Method of preparing p-phenylenediamine
Process for producing substituted indanones
Selective hydrolysis of acetals or ketals in the presence of phthalides
Process for conversion of cyclododecane-1,2-dione to cyclododecanone
Treatment for polyether polyols
Preparation of tetrahydrofuran from dialkoxybutenes
Synthetic method for the fluoromethylation of alcohols
Process for the preparation of tetrabromobisphenol-A
Process for cleaning bisphenol pre-reactor
Reduction of carbonyl compounds by a silane in the presence of a zinc catalyst
Method for recovering fluorine-containing solvents
Method of producing alkyl chloride, alkenyl chloride and alkinyl chloride
Method for the sub-sea separation of hydrocarbon liquids from water and gases
Method for separating sulfone from a hydrocarbon stream having a small concentration of sulfone
Universal decontaminating solution for chemical warfare agents
Methods for non-incendiary disposal of rockets, projectiles, missiles and parts thereof
Substrate for adhesive dressing, and medical adhesive dressing and adhesive tape using the same
Inherent healing accelerator
Absorbent article
Wet resilient absorbent article
Knockout-transgenic mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy
Transgenic rodent comprising APP-Swedish
Knockout mice and cells that lack p19INK4d and p27KIP1 activity and methods of use thereof
Adenoviral mediated gene transfer into lymphocytes
Process and DNA molecules for increasing the photosynthesis rate in plants
Mutated hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase, DNA sequence and isolation of plants which contain such a gene and which are tolerant to herbicides
Receptor kinase, Bin1
DNA sequences for an arabidopsis amino acid transporter, plasmids, bacteria, yeasts and plants containing a transporter and their use
Soybean cultivar 73764382
Soybean cultivar 03422310
Soybean cultivar 73820748
Matrix attachment regions
Inbred corn line LH245
Plectrum auxiliary device for string musical instruments
Plectrum having a pair of contact points
Keyboard musical percussion instrument tone bar suspension
Floating staccato waffle disk
Cymbal performance support and clamp
Musical key transposer
Performance image information creating and reproducing apparatus and method
Performance training apparatus, and recording mediums which prestore a performance training program
Apparatus and method for composing music data by inputting time positions of notes and then establishing pitches of notes
Data converter for enhancing resolution, method for converting data codes and keyboard musical instrument equipped with the data converter
Thermoelectric device for producing an electric current
Solar cell module, enclosure with solar cells, enclosure installation method, and solar cell system
Metal complex photosensitizer and photovoltaic cell
Land electrode for a high voltage direct current transmission system
Gas-insulated pipeline system with an inner line supported by column-type support structures
Utility pole guy wire breakaway connector
IC chip security box
Electronic assembly having shielding and strain-relief member
High impact-resistant fuse box
Methods and apparatus for removing moisture from an enclosure
Electrical interconnect structure having electromigration-inhibiting segments
Arrangement structure of door harness for vehicle
Cable management assembly for equipment racks
Cable enclosure arrangement
Electric contact element
Method for manufacturing a grounding construction for a plurality of shielded cables and a grounding construction
Shielded wiring system for high voltage AC current
Sealing enclosure device
Electrical wiring frame
Radiating coaxial cable
Shielded cable and method of making same
Oxide superconductive wire and process for manufacturing the same
Process for producing a core wire for welding electrodes and an electrode core wire
Fabrication multilayer combined rigid/flex printed circuit board
High density electronic package
Solder joint reliability
Electroplated conductive carbon fibers with adhesive
Surface mounting structure and surface mount type electronic component included therein
Printed circuit assembly and method of manufacture therefor
Printed circuit board for ball grid array semiconductor packages
Edge-mountable integrated circuit package and method of attaching the same to a printed wiring board
Portable scale
Balance with motor-driven wind guard
Multidirectional switch and complex type switch using the same
Micro switch having silver containing contacts
Switching device
Contactor arrangement including individual contactor housings connected by a resilient elongated connector
Segmented tilt tray sorter
Wire electric discharge machining apparatus
Insulated slag collection bed for a laser-equipped machine tool
Process for cutting an optical fiber
Electrically heated tool for cutting hair
Device for heating a blown film web, inflated into a blown film bubble between a pair of forward draw rolls and a pair of take off rolls
High temperature semiconductor crystal growing furnace component cleaning method
Heat processing method and apparatus
Mini batch furnace
Hot beverage flavor protector
Method and apparatus of controlling operation of range top heating elements for cooking
Multi-period cycle-skipping for low flicker, fine-resolution power control
Heating device, image forming apparatus including the device and induction heating member included in the device
Induction heating fusing device
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic exposure of planar or other materials
Pressure sensing reaction vessel for microwave assisted chemistry
High frequency heating apparatus having a wave guide introducing microwaves into heating chamber
Solid state RF generator for dielectric heating of food products
Apparatus and method for measuring focusing characteristics of optical pickup and/or optical disc and apparatus and method for recording and/or reproducing optical disc
Layout of active pixels having shared signal lines
Method and apparatus for biasing a CMOS active pixel sensor above the nominal voltage maximums for an IC process
Switched electrical pulse propagation sampler
Reflected radiance sensors for detection of reflected radiation
Method and apparatus for electronically controlled scanning of micro-area devices
Fiber optic control with joy stick
Methods and apparatus for mechanically enhancing the sensitivity of longitudinally loaded fiber optic sensors
Optical transducer
Optical encoders using non-patterned targets
Light beam scanning device having a collimating lens with a rotating mechanism
Flexure assembly for a scanner
Non-contact autofocus height detector for lithography systems
Scanning probe microscope suitable for observing the sidewalls of steps in a specimen and measuring the tilt angle of the sidewalls
Photon detector and process for making the same
Earth sensor
Transmission attenuation correction device for scintigraphy cameras
Correction device for correcting chromatic aberration in particle-optical apparatus
Ion-beam source with virtual anode
Apparatus for holding and aligning a scanning electron microscope sample
Counterfeit-resistant materials and a method and apparatus for authenticating materials
Missing lens detection system and method
Radiation image storage panel
Electron beam drawing apparatus
Electron beam projection exposure apparatus
Magnetic field generator and charged particle beam irradiator
System for measuring the tilt of an object
Semiconductor article with porous structure
Thin-film edge field emitter device
Semiconductor device provided with semiconductor circuit made of semiconductor element and method of fabricating the same
Zirconia-containing transparent and conducting oxides
Integrated circuit test pad
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Thin film transistor substrate with testing circuit
Test structures for monitoring gate oxide defect densities and the plasma antenna effect
Layered dielectric on silicon carbide semiconductor structures
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor light emitting element
SCR circuit with a high trigger current
Semiconductor device having bent gate electrode and process for production thereof
Solid-state imaging sensor, manufacturing method thereof and imaging device
Semiconductor memory device with less characteristic deterioration of dielectric thin film
Vertical gain cell and array for a dynamic random access memory
Method for fabricating semiconductor device comprising capacitor and resistor
Semiconductor device having a through-hole of a two-level structure
Structure of capacitor for dynamic random access memory and method of manufacturing thereof
Memory cell structure for semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile memory circuit and structure
P-channel EEPROM devices
Power trench transistor device source region formation using silicon spacer
Lateral MOSFET having a barrier between the source/drain regions and the channel
High breakdown voltage MOS semiconductor apparatus
Hybrid surface/buried-channel MOSFET
Buried shallow trench isolation and method for forming the same
System and method for forming a uniform thin gate oxide layer
Totally self-aligned transistor with tungsten gate
Semiconductor photodetector
Apparatus for reducing reflections off the surface of a semiconductor surface
Photosensitive semiconductor element having an outer layer divided into mutually spaced regions
Thermal coupler utilizing peltier and seebeck effects
Isolation structure and semiconductor device including the isolation structure
Integrated circuits, transistors, data processing systems, printed wiring boards, digital computers, smart power devices, and processes of manufacture
Bipolar junction transistor with tunneling current through the gate of a field effect transistor as base current
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing process thereof
Lead frame
Semiconductor device arrangement having configuration via adjacent bond pad coding
Integrated circuit package including lead frame with electrically isolated alignment feature
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Downset lead frame for semiconductor packages
Universal lead frame type of quad flat non-lead package of semiconductor
Interleaved signal trace routing
Integrated circuit package architecture with improved electrostatic discharge protection
Semiconductor device and resin film
Semiconductor package having a heat sink with an exposed surface
Buried wiring line
Semiconductor device comprised of a ball grid array and an insulating film with preformed land openings
Low dielectric semiconductor device with rigid, conductively lined interconnection system
Structure of a dual damascene
Sidewalls for guiding the via etch
High performance flip-chip semiconductor device
Electrostatic discharge protective schemes for integrated circuit packages
Transparent compound and applications for its use
Encapsulated chip module and method of making same
Portable wind and hydro electric generating system
Hooded wind power engine
Transmission control device
Attachment assembly for a steering wheel of a vehicle
Control stalk for a motor vehicle
Process for deactivating pyrotechnic actuators in a vehicle
Magnetic power apparatus
Magnetostrictive actuator
High efficiency motor for low velocity, high volume fan and other applications
Apparatus and method for applying totally enclosed air-to-air cooler to electrical power generator
Centrifugal switch device for induction motor
Motor and method for manufacturing the same
Spindle motor
Microturbine cooling system
Spindle motor and method of formation
Pivotal structure for a motor rotor
High torque reduced starting current electric motor
Stator core for car AC generator and process for producing stator core for car AC generator
Flat coreless vibrator motor using magnetic latching power
Carbon brush holders or cards
Brush holder
Axial field electric direct current motor and generator
Device for forming a leno selvedge with an electric motor comprising a rotor and a stator accomodating the rotor
Surface acoustic wave filters
Surface acoustic wave device
Surface acoustic wave device
Drive device and apparatus incorporating the device
Driver circuit for controlling a piezoelectric actuator in charge mode
Positive feedback resonant transducer circuit
Ultrasonic transducer
Bimorph piezoelectric device for acceleration sensor and method of its manufacture
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
Push-pull high force piezoelectric linear motor
Microfabricated transducers formed over other circuit components on an integrated circuit chip and methods for making the same
Piezosensitive device comprising pyrophosphate material and method of making device
Lamp method and apparatus using multiple reflections
Cathode ray tube having a small-diameter neck and method of manufacture thereof
Ion optics
Cathode ray tube having bismuth oxide layer on color selective electrode
Color picture tube having a low expansion tension mask attached to a higher expansion frame
Magnetic channel cathode
Electrode of electron gun for cathode ray tube
U-shaped fluorescent lamp with protective assembly
Electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus as well as method of manufacturing the same
Electroluminescent lamp and having a flexible dome-shaped substrate
Light source apparatus with a spherical optical member
Gas discharge lamp with dielectrically impeded electrodes
Magnetic core for RF accelerating cavity and the cavity
Free-running oscillator circuit with simple starting circuit
Device for controlling the brightness of an instrumentation light of an automobile
Large area microwave plasma generator
Tipover-safe means for lamp
Partial discharge method for operating a field emission display
Electron source and image forming apparatus using the electron source
Emissive element and display device using such element
Organic el display device having an improved image quality
Discharge lamp lighting device
Electronic track lighting system
Dimmable electrodeless light source
Flashlight boost regulator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the preparation of 2-chloro-5-chloromethyl-1,3-thiazole
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