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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods and apparatus for improving plant growth
Plants having increased yield-related traits and a method for making the same
Maize hybrid X18C111
Maize variety hybrid X8N355
Maize hybrid X13B545W
Maize hybrid X00C169
Method for the mass production of Chromobotia macracanthus
Fastening element
Vacuum-based pest capture container
Foot snare triggering device
Spiro fused 1-amino-piperdine pyrrolidine dione derivatives with pesticidal activity
Methods for treatment of migraine and symptoms thereof
Bicyclic compound
Combination products
Process for the preparation of aryl substituted olefinic amines
3H-imidazo [4, 5-B] pyridine-6-carboxamides as anti-inflammatory agents
Polymorph of nilotinib hydrochloride
Use of mifepristone and derivatives therefor as Hedgehog protein signaling pathway modulators and applications of same
Method for removing undifferentiated and dedifferentiated stem cell
Shaped-potato sandwich product
Method of stabilizing a scorpion for storage and distribution in a novelty drink form
Natural flavour enhancers from Allium
Eyelash extension trays
Top of the boot
Flexible footwear covering reducing friction and drag between shoes and floor surfaces
Reconfigurable bracelet system
Hair highlighting application tool
Tool storage organizer
Portable exercise workstation
Multiple use chair
Heater for an automotive vehicle and method of forming same
Vehicle seat
Shelving system and components
Portable electronic device holders
Adjustable antilip system for a patty forming machine
System for positioning endoscope and surgical instruments
Immobilizable in-vivo imager with moveable focusing mechanism
Laryngoscope, comprising a set of magnetic elements
Intravascular suturing device for simultaneously placing 3-7 sutures with ideal spacing to close large openings in vessels including calfified
Apparatus for closing vascular puncture
Electromechanically driven external fixator and methods of use
Cervical plating system
Surgical laser systems for soft and hard tissue and methods of use thereof
Catheter valve and methods of using same
Interactive medical diagnosing with portable consumer devices
Binocular pupillometers
System and apparatus for providing baseline data for automated patient management
Simultaneous ambulatory pulse oximetry and pH monitoring for the diagnosis of GERD-related respiratory disease
Device for monitoring blood flow to brain
Systems and methods for producing hyperpolarized materials and mixtures thereof
Visual indicating device for bad breath
Measurement apparatus, measurement method, program, and recording medium
Method for estimating acoustic velocity of ultrasonic image and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus using the same
Dental implant assembly
Delivery catheter with implant ejection mechanism
Body adhering absorbent article
Male incontinence garment
Implantable device having a coating comprising carrageenan and a biostable polymer
Method for deploying a sleeve and tubing device for restricting and constricting aneurysms and a sleeve and tubing device and system
Catheter balloon systems and methods
Play flow control apparatus and method for controlling a play flow of a sensual consumer product
Compounds, use thereof as medicaments, and method of preparation thereof
Azaspirodecanone compounds
Bis [O-(14-benzoylaconine-8-yl)] esters
Nitrate and diazeniumdiolate derivatives of pioglitazone
Phosphonic acid compounds as inhibitors of serine proteases
Use of EGFR inhibitors to prevent or treat obesity
Preparation method of dihydroindene amide compounds, their pharmaceutical compositions containing compounds thereof and use as protein kinases inhibitor
Pyridazine carboxamide orexin receptor antagonists
Method of treating articular pain using a vanilloid receptor agonist together with a glycosaminoglycan or proteoglycan
Intravascular indwelling catheter lock solution containing weak acid and container containing the same
Coating system
Thermoplastic paste for repairing living tissues
Injectable biodegradable polymer compositions for soft tissue repair and augmentation
Agent and method for treating cancer comprising strontium, amino acid(s) and mineral agent(s)
Chlorine dioxide treatment for biological tissue
Natural compositions and methods of promoting wound healing
Combination therapy for pancreatic cancer using an antigenic peptide and chemotherapeutic agent
MCPIP as wound therapy
Bimacrocylic HCV NS3 protease inhibitors
Biologically active peptides and their new uses
Compositions and methods for treating atherosclerosis
Method of reducing cell death by administering a paracrine factor of a mesenchymal stem cell
Joint preserving nutritional vitamin, mineral and herbal pet supplement
Methods to bypass CD4+ cells in the induction of an immune response
HCV coreceptor and methods of use thereof
Biological function effecting viral vectors and chimeric cells useful as packaging cell lines and target cells
Combination pharmaceutical composition and methods of treating diseases or conditions associated with the cardiovascular system
Monoclonal antibodies and binding fragments thereof directed to the melanocortin-4 receptor and their use in the treatment of cachexia and related conditions and diseases
Biological materials and uses thereof
Sphingolipids for improvement of the composition of the intestinal flora
Branched polyamines for delivery of biologically active materials
Hyperpolarization methods, systems and compositions
Beta-amyloid PET imaging agents
Cosmetic composition including leucodopachrome derivative
Mucosal formulation
Multiple growth factor compositions, methods of fabrication, and methods of treatment
Cholesterol level lowering liposomes
Nanoparticles comprising a cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitor and anon-ionizable polymer
Oral dosage form of deferasirox
Medical devices employing piezoelectric materials for delivery of therapeutic agents
Medicinal composition
Percutaneous administration device of bisoprolol
Method of making catheters with porous structure for carrying agents
Sterilization system and method
Nasal cannula positioning device
Instrument with an inflatable balloon
Apparatus and methods for renal stenting
Surgical instrument for injecting a drug into prostate tissue
Drug delivery device with instable sheath and/or push element
Device for feeding medical fluids
Laser treatment for CNS injury
Method for treating early severe diffuse acute respiratory distress syndrome
Analogs of benzoquinone-containing ansamycins and methods of use thereof
7-(alk-1'enyl)-2H-benzo[B][1,4]dioxepin-3(4H)-ones and their use in fragrance applications
Use of ascorbic acid derivatives for dyeing keratin-containing fibres
Shock absorbing lanyard
Exercise mat and system for ensuring proper form and posture during exercise
Method and system for performing linear and circular movement patterns
Push-pass technique and system for training soccer players
Allball sport team game
Putting practice apparatus
Systems and methods for improving a golf swing or putting stroke
Products and methods for motor performance improvement in patients with neurodegenerative disease
Billiard rack
Gaming machine having a game outcome determined by group association
Control of the operating system on a computing device via finger angle using a high dimensional touchpad (HDTP) touch user interface
Wagering game with bonus game having enhanced player-selection features
Model helicopter
Musical score playing device and musical score playing program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thin layer chromatography plates and related methods of manufacture including priming prior to infiltration with stationary phase and/or precursor thereof
Electrostatic coalescer
Process for removing acid gases from a gas stream
Systems and methods for extraction of carbon dioxide from air
Water-absorbing polysaccharide and method for producing the same
Shaped body containing porous aromatic framework material
Interpenetrating polymer networks and uses thereof
Method and composition for environmental clean up
Cell for testing microbeads and method of analyzing microbeads
Electric device with air cleaning function
Spray nozzle assembly for gas dynamic cold spray and method of coating a substrate with a high temperature coating
Container for selectively dispensing a material
Coating device and coating method
Preparation of metal nanowire decorated carbon allotropes
Roll stand provided with a displacement device
Flow form tool mandrel
Method of cutting thin-walled material
Positioning device
Method of forming a through hole by laser drilling
Induction bonding
Method of regenerating a polishing pad using a polishing pad sub plate
Polishing pad sub plate
Composite cutter substrate to mitigate residual stress
Complex wrench
Power tool guard
Method and apparatus for making candles, vases or decorative objects
Method for manufacturing glass-sealed package, apparatus for manufacturing glass-sealed package, and oscillator
Multi-layer insulation composite material including bandgap material, storage container using same, and related methods
Cathode member and bipolar plate for hypochlorite cells
Glass material for mold pressing, method for manufacturing same, and method for manufacturing optical glass element
Synthetic gecko adhesive attachments
Light weight printed wiring board
Aerogel/xerogel composite material amalgamated with single-walled carbon nanotubes for multipurpose usage
Printing apparatus with cutter mechanism
Bookmarks including coupling features and related methods
Personal scoring tool
Motor having rotors arranged concentrically and driving apparatus having the motor
Solar electric vehicle with foldable body panels on a sun tracking chassis
Electric vehicle
Operation mode pendant type adjustment pedal apparatus
Flywheel assembly for exercise devices
Vehicle seat for a motor vehicle
Tonneau cover system for a pickup truck bed
Large-area parking-monitoring system
Airbag device
Footrest and method of operating a chairlift
Lifting device
Stackable and collapsible trolley cart system
Boat and method of designing same
Method and device for providing floating system
System and method for thruster protection during transport
Pressure fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft with pressure calotte
VTOL twin fuselage amphibious aircraft with tilt-center wing, engine and rotor
Method and apparatus for the operation of a turboprop aircraft engine provided with pusher propellers
Stackable container
Metallic lid for a can
Carton having first and second patterns of weakness
Easy grip, readily removable and reusable self-locking oil pan plug
Container set
Flower arrangement assembly
Disk transportation device and disk storage system
Apparatus having mechanical drives for moving a dolly
Conveying system having a spark-detecting device
Self-belay device for climbers
Above-ground pool wall installation apparatus and method
Retractable spool with two modes of operation for rewinding a flexible member
Axial displacement device, line deployment system, and a method for deploying a line
Apparatus and method for handling a substrate
Elevated platform and method of elevating the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Removal of sulfur compounds from a gas stream
Electrical microorganism aggregation methods
Reformed aluminum nitride sintered body and method of producing the same
Process for preparing ethylene and propylene
Process for producing ethanol using a stacked bed reactor
Alcohol production process with impurity removal
Separating ethanol and ethyl acetate under low pressure conditions
Distillation of crude alcohol product using entrainer
Integrated process for producing ethanol
Process for purifying ethanol
Process for recovering ethanol
Method for preparing a mixture of biofuels
Process for preparing formamides and formic esters
Synthesis of (phenylalkyloxy)phenyl-oxobutanoic acids
Synthesis of alpha,omega-dicarboxylic acids and esters thereof from unsaturated fatty acid derivatives
Crystal form of sunitinib malate
Process and intermediate compounds useful in the preparation of statins, particularly rosuvastatin
Organic compounds
Metal complexes of tetraazamacrocycle derivatives
Derivative N-thiolated 2-oxazolidinone antibiotics
Process for producing propylene oxide using a pretreated epoxidation catalyst
Manufacturing process for 8-aryloctanoic acids such as Aliskiren
Compounds having photochemically removable protecting groups based on an electrocyclic reaction between a chromophore attached via an anilide group to a benzothiophene ring
Substituted 4-amino-3,5-dicyano-2-thiopyridines and use thereof
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
IRAK inhibitors and uses thereof
Condensed ring pyridine compounds as subtype-selective modulators of sphingosine-1-phosphate-2 (S1P.sub.2) receptors
Compositions comprising siRNA and plasmids
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using the ligase detection reaction with addressable arrays
Processes for removal of dibenzofulvene
Heterologous expression of neisserial proteins
Epidermal growth factor receptor variants and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Fully human antibodies against N-cadherin
Chitosan composition
Method for producing a catalyst slurry blend
Modified olefin polymers
Curable resin composition, cured product thereof, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, and semiconductor sealing material
Photocurable composition and process for producing molded product having fine pattern on its surface
Top coat paint, corrosion resistant surface-treated chain and corrosion resistant surface-treated sprocket
Cyanoborate, fluoroalkylphosphate, fluoroalkylborate or imide dyes
Process and apparatus for alkylating and hydrogenating a light cycle oil
Ionic liquids having a content of ionic polymers
Aqueous lubricant
Lubrication oil compositions
Vermicomposter apparatus and method
Cell separation apparatus
Mixture comprising an inhibitor or suppressor of a gene and a molecule binding to an expression product of that gene
Episomal expression vector for metazoan cells
Methods and compositions for detecting immune responses
Culture of cells
Porcine circovirus type 2B isolate and uses thereof
Catalytic domains of beta(1,4)-galactosyltransferase I having altered metal ion specificity
Pullulanase variants and uses thereof
Pichia pastoris deficient in endogenous secreted protease
Molecular diagnostics amplification system and methods
Non-sterile fermentation of bioethanol
Method for the production of free carboxylic acids
Methods and reagents for the detection of Salmonella spp
Method of detecting a functional filamentous fungus, method of evaluating a product containing a functional filamentous fungus, and primer pair
Coating process, workpiece or tool and its use
Balancing a microelectromechanical system
Hydrogen supplementation fuel apparatus and method
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing polyarylene sulfide resin composition
Fixed Constructions
Modular, dynamically sized and shaped, industrial-liquid-containment system and methods of use
Sand control screen assembly having a compliant drainage layer
Log with thermal break
Set of panels
Rooftop system with integrated photovoltaic modules and method for constructing the same
Layout hunting blind
Collapsible portable shelter
Folding step ladder
Stable stepladder with utility tray
Drill bit cutter pocket restitution
Tongs triggering method
Positionless expanding lock ring for subsea annulus seals for lockdown
Inverse emulsion polymers as lost circulation material
Apparatus and methods for completing subterranean wells
Subsurface safety valve with metal seal
Methods for treating hydrocarbon formations
Shunt isolation valve
Managing treatment of subterranean zones
Managing treatment of subterranean zones
Methods for treating hydrocarbon formations based on geology
Heated fluid injection using multilateral wells
System and method for triggering a downhole tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Heating medium supply system, integrated solar combined cycle electric power generation system and method of controlling these systems
Lubricating device
Adaptive control strategy
Variable input driving system and method
Method and device for reducing rotational non-uniformities of the crankshaft of an internal combustion piston engine
Method of fluid injection
Seal assembly for an internal combustion engine
Piston/piston ring arrangement
Laser ignition plug with an antechamber
Wave activated power generator
Automatic blade pitch angle control mechanism for small horizontal axis wind turbines
Method of parking double-bladed rotor of wind power plant
System and method for adjusting compressor inlet fluid temperature
Screw fastener
Table edge supporting apparatus
Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and spindle motor including the same
Bearing grease composition
Rolling bearing
Lance-and-form splines with formed housing lip snap ring retention
Viscous fan drive systems having fill and scavenge control
Brake dust collecting device
Vehicle shock absorber collar
Drive assembly for a motor vehicle, comprising a power take-off clutch
Flywheel module as well as method for energy storage and delivery in the fly-wheel module
Wear-resistant valve for transporting particulate matter and method of making
Fluid delivery device including a thermoelectric module
Pneumatic system
Conduit bracketry, systems and methods
Multiple layer pipe
Reservoir-less power steering system
Mobile machine with a pressurized tank
Flashlight with magnets
Handheld traffic control lamp
LED light bulb
Vehicle running board
Lighting apparatus
Mounting arrangement and method for light emitting diodes
Plastic LED bulb
Enhanced boiler
Cooling device with a filter unit
Evaporator door system with movable door
Hot and cold water dispenser
Utility knife
Frame scratch prevention tool
Amusement apparatus with participant-controlled target blocker and electromagnetically controlled dumping device
Energy harvesting power sources for detecting target impact of a munition
Sensor mounting methodology
Remote fire extinguisher station inspection
End-of-life estimation device for air cleaner
Peltier freeze-shoe sampler to recover aquifer sediment and groundwater
Methods, reagents and instrumentation for preparing impregnated tissue samples suitable for histopathological and molecular studies
Inert gas delivery system for electrical inspection apparatus
On-chip laboratory for blood analysis
Potentiometric sensor and analytical element
Device for electrophoresis, device for transfer, device for electrophoresis and transfer, chip for electrophoresis and transfer, and method for electrophoresis, method for transfer, and method for electrophoresis and transfer
Method and apparatus using electric field for improved biological assays
Cell measuring vessel, extracellular potential measuring method, and chemical testing method
Low cost electrochemical disposable sensor for measuring glycated hemoglobin
Gas sensor
Device for determining carbon monoxide concentration and related method
Preparation of monobasic phosphate ionophores
Nanopore device wetting
Increased molecule capture rate into a nanopore
Chemical ionization reaction or proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry
Combustion analysis apparatus and method
Targeted cell death
Recombinant Treponema spp. proteins for use in vaccine, antibodies against said proteins, and diagnostic and therapeutic methods including the same
Marker for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and use thereof
Single-cell label-free assay
Methods and compositions for inhibition of BCL6 repression
Electronic component analyzing apparatus and method
Inertial sensor
Loop element and noise analyzer
Determination of properties of an electrical device
Method and apparatus for inspecting electronic component
Method and apparatus for magnetic response imaging
Radiological image detection apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Measuring casing attenuation coefficient for electro-magnetics measurements
Charge-preventing optical film, charge-preventing adhesive optical film, manufacturing method thereof, and image display device
Optical display with optical monolith
UV mask with anti-reflection coating and UV absorption material
Method of forming large-area masters for replication of transfer lithography templates
Method for forming a microstructure
Resist pattern forming method and developer
Reflection hologram storage method
In-vehicle system, in-vehicle device, and execution control method of command of the in-vehicle device
System for creating, collecting, storing and providing access to data from an electric power device which contains a cooling or operating liquid
Method and arrangement for tracking the maximum power point of a photovoltaic module
Cabling work aiding system and work aiding method
Touch display apparatus and backlight module
Ambidextrous mouse
Method for controlling partial lock in portable device having touch input unit
Haptic feedback device and electronic device
User interface system
System controlled responsive to data bearing records for permitting access
Method and system for encoding and decoding data
System and method for managing virtual world environments based upon existing physical environments
Video gaming device and communications system
Anti-theft tag for a product having a ridged portion and method of use
Chemical-selective device
Personal situational awareness system
Device for detecting wrong position of a container in a container handling machine
Secure web accessed box
Remote controller and remote controller control method
Angle adjustment apparatus of image display module
Display device for transportation vehicles
Automatically actuated, Z-shaped publicity display totem
Display method of plasma display apparatus and plasma display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device, driving method for liquid crystal display devices, and inspection method for liquid crystal display devices
Input system and input apparatus
Display control apparatus and display control method
Methods and systems for full-color three-dimensional image display
Drawing apparatus and method of manufacturing article
Reconfigurable harness board
Keyboard and electronic apparatus
Thin profile cam switch assemblies
Semiconductor device
RF MEMS switch using change in shape of fine liquid metal droplet
Beam splitter module having a secondary beam splitter for providing orthogonal light beams and parallel light beams
Information acquiring apparatus and information acquiring method for acquiring mass-related information
Method for improving uniformity of high-frequency plasma discharge by means of frequency modulation
Method of manufacturing an electrode-less incandescent bulb
Method for manufacturing solid state image forming device, and solid state image forming device
Photovoltaic devices including copper indium gallium selenide
Chip-scale semiconductor die packaging method
Method, tool, and apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Solid-state image pickup apparatus, electronic apparatus, and method of manufacturing a solid-state image pickup apparatus
Light emitting device and light-emitting system including the same
Method of Manufacturing a Semiconductor Device Including Removing a Reformed Layer
Vapor-phase growth method for semiconductor film
Method for adjusting feature size and position
Manufacturing method of magnetic recording medium
Method for manufacturing a substrate for liquid-ejecting heads and a liquid-ejecting head
Manufacturing method of lead frame substrate
Metal organic chemical vapor deposition apparatus and method
High yield and high throughput method for the manufacture of integrated circuit devices of improved integrity, performance and reliability
Semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
Gap-fill keyhole repair using printable dielectric material
Method of light dispersion and preferential scattering of certain wavelengths of light for light-emitting diodes and bulbs constructed therefrom
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Stacked single crystal compound semiconductor substrates
Thin film transistor with increased doping regions
Semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a transistor for preventing or reducing short channel effect
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Low capacitance, low on resistance ESD diode
Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Multiple-junction photoelectric device and its production process
Solar cell and manufacturing method thereof
Solar module serially connected in the front
Thin-film photoelectric conversion device and method for production thereof
Basic solar module for a device collecting solar radiation
Photovoltaic windable composite and solar protective device comprising such a composite
Photoelectric conversion device and fabrication method thereof
Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
Light-emitting device and organic electroluminescence light-emitting device
Heat recycling system
Thermoelectric tempering device
Ferroelectric nanoshell devices
Redox shuttle for high voltage lithium battery
Secondary battery pack
Battery pack
Secondary battery
Materials for battery electrolytes and methods for use
Fuel cell feed systems
Fuel cell stack
Cavity filter having surge suppress means
Cavity filter having feedback arrangement
Dual band antenna
Satellite dish snow shield
Monofrequency antenna integrated with coaxial feed cable
Electrical connector
Electrical connector with improved signal transmission quality
Electrical adapter system
Solar power plant
Battery system
Charge control system
Full round stator assembly and electromagnetic machine having high slot fill
Stator for electric machine
Generating electrical current by deflection of a flexible support member
Electrical energy generator
Motor for selective interaction of the magnetic fields of permanent magnets
Choke with current sensor
Class-AB XTAL circuit
Predistortion apparatuses and methods
Switching power supply circuit
Photoelectric conversion device
Dual rail out-phased envelope tracking modulator
Widening resonator bandwidth using mechanical loading
Implementing low duty cycle distortion and low power differential to single ended level shifter
Motor control device
Digital to analog converter
Input unit of portable terminal, portable terminal using the same, and operation method thereof
Code set conversion management optimization
Receiving stream data which may be used to implement both two-dimensional display and three-dimensional display
Image processing device and image processing method
Using a display associated with an imaging device to provide instructions to the subjects being recorded
Simulated head mounted display system and method
Electric heating device
Average output current estimation using primary-side sensing
Expired Patents Due To Time
High frequency ballast for high intensity discharge lamps
Method and apparatus for controlling two independent visual indicators with a single output pin
System for promoting passive end of life light source failure
Dimmer apparatus
Display device for correcting a distortion of a bottom portion of a monitor
Integrated electron gun and electronics module
Electromotive linear drive mechanism
Electronic drive system
Encoderless rotor position detection method and apparatus
Method and system for detecting an object in an automotive window
Method and apparatus for lowering a power window
Movable barrier operator
Electric power steering controller
Current-limiting value setting method for electric-vehicle traveling motor, and device for practicing the method
Automotive convertible top system
Manipulator positioning linkage for robotic surgery
Electronic cam control system
Method of making exposure apparatus with dynamically isolated reaction frame
Direct skew control and interlock of gantry
Electromagnetic alignment and scanning apparatus
Driving apparatus for stepping motor
Method and apparatus for controlling an induction motor
Method of feeding asynchronous motors with an inverter, in particular for battery-powered vehicles
Control device for alternating current motor
System for identifying electric devices
Smart charger
Device having battery-save circuitry and method of operation
Multiple use of a single transistor for linear regulation charge control and protection of a rechargeable battery
Buffer battery power supply system
Battery charge control device having function to decide gassing without temperature sensor
Non-aqueous electrolytic battery module for artificial satellite
Method and control device for stabilizing a power supply network
String switching apparatus and associated method for controllably connecting the output of a solar array string to a respective power bus
Synchronous-rectified DC to DC converter with improved current sensing
PMOS low drop-out voltage regulator using non-inverting variable gain stage
Switching DC-to-DC converter and conversion method with rotation of control signal channels relative to paralleled power channels
Method for use on a parametric tester to measure the output frequency of a ring oscillator through voltage sampling
Apparatus for detecting presence of piezoelectric material
Apparatus for detecting a completed electrical circuit and testing an electrical output receptacle
Method and apparatus for detecting tire revolution using magnetic field
Sensor for measuring the magnetic characteristics of a gas
Non-contact linear actuator position sensor having a pid-compensating controller
Method and apparatus for controlling the temperature stability of an inductor using a magnetically coupled metallic object
Non-contact position sensor
Magnetic field permeable barrier for magnetic position measurement system
Rotation sensor for generating electric signals corresponding to turning angle and turning direction of detection target
Magnetoresistive sensor with reduced output signal jitter and temperature compensation
Magnetic detector with improved temperature characteristic and noise resistance
Tubular products inspection
Apparatus and method for obtaining a nuclear magnetic resonance measurement while drilling
Method of and apparatus for testing a sample
Method for the production of nuclear magnetic spectroscopy signals through spatial modulation of z-magnetization
Patient bed for use with magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Determining resistivity of a formation adjacent to a borehole having casing with an apparatus having all current conducting electrodes within the cased well
Testing of bimetallic actuators with radio frequency induction heating
Method of screening varistors
Semi-fusible link system
Method and device for measuring axial deviation in a taut wire alignment system
Probe card, test method and test system for semiconductor wafers
Test head assembly utilizing replaceable silicon contact
Probe card assembly and kit, and methods of using same
Tester for detecting an abnormal quiescent power supply current in a device under test
Semiconductor inspection apparatus and inspection method using the apparatus
Probe card having on-board multiplex circuitry for expanding tester resources
Test process and apparatus for testing singulated semiconductor die
Efficient debug package design
System for testing liquid crystal and end seal of LCD cell
Method and circuit for providing copy protection in an application-specific integrated circuit
Integrated circuit for active terminator
Quantized queue length arbiter
FIFO circuit
Realizing analog-to-digital converter on a digital programmable integrated circuit
High-speed programmable logic architecture having active CMOS device drivers
Programmable logic integrated circuit architecture incorporating a global shareable expander
Circuit for detecting the disappearing of a periodic signal
Output buffer for a low voltage differential signaling receiver
MOS output driver, and circuit and method of controlling same
Circuit for generating output signals as a function of input signals
Semiconductor integrated logic circuit with sequential circuits capable of preventing subthreshold leakage current
Dynamic logic circuits using selected transistors connected to absolute voltages and additional selected transistors connected to selectively disabled voltages
Method and apparatus for detecting a sinusoidal signal using a counter and queue
CMOS integrated signal detection circuit with high efficiency and performance
Programmable damping for write circuits
Innovated AC kicker for high speed low voltage swing differential output buffer with temperature compensation
Frequency multiplier capable of generating a multiple output without feedback control
Power supply voltage detecting apparatus
Semiconductor device capable of trimming minimum delay time and maximum delay time of an output signal
Multi-phase programmable clock generator
Clock signal cleaning circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
High speed single phase to dual phase clock divider
Output amplitude control circuit
Negative voltage generating circuit with high control responsiveness which can be formed using transistor with low breakdown voltage and semiconductor memory device including the same
Absolute phasing circuit
First stage amplifier circuit
Power efficient line driver
Negative feedback amplifier with automatic gain control function
AGC circuit based on a peak detection system
Adaptive linearization of power amplifiers
Amplifier for piezoelectric acceleration sensor
Operational amplifier
Variable-gain multistage amplifier with broad bandwidth and reduced phase variations
High gain, current driven, high frequency amplifier
Communication device with phase continuous synchronization to an external network
Phase lock loop circuit with automatic selection of oscillation circuit characteristics
Supply noise immunity low-jitter voltage-controlled oscillator design
Planar radiation oscillator apparatus
Pulse width modulator (PWM) with high duty cycle using bootstrap capacitor
Phase and/or frequency modulated frequency synthesizer having two phase locked loops
Dielectric line switch and antenna device
High power broadband combiner having ferrite cores
Passive network in the form of a CCRL array
High-frequency circuit apparatus
Reactance filter with surface wave resonators
Dielectric filter
Trip indicating circuit breaker
Apparatus and method for operating a micromechanical switch
Electromagnetic relay with pressure spring
Magnetic switch
Superconductive magnet including a cryocooler coldhead
Potted device
Noise suppressing apparatus
Inductive devices having conductive areas on their surfaces
Ball grid array resistor terminator network
Method and device for operating a braking device in motor vehicles
Vehicle locator device
Vehicle alarm
Trailer tire pressure-monitoring system
Target pressure learn strategy for vehicular tire pressure systems
Modular safety switching
Lever bar activation detecting structure
Ground link with on-board security surveillance system for aircraft and other commercial vehicles
Movement detector
Impulse characteristic responsive missing object locator operable in noisy environments
Method and system for tracking a vehicle
Mains interface module
Distributed communications system for reducing equipment down-time
Performance optimized smart label printer
Radio frequency identification tag circuit chip having printed interconnection pads
Extended range passive marker
Water-pressure sensitive dye release life saving apparatus
Elimination-absorber monitoring system
Apparatus for sensing fluid flow and associated load control circuit
System and method for detecting voltage and current imbalance in an electrical energy supply
Apparatus for sensing fluid flow and associated load control circuit
Board ID display system
Portable information equipment system and control method thereof
Radio communication system for communicating scheduled messages and method therefor
Vehicle parking system
Method of billing for parking facilities by means of pay meters
Movable body detecting/notifying system
Method and device for assistance with the maintenance of an aircraft, especially of a helicopter
Man-machine interface for airport traffic control purposes
Increment encoder failure detection
Method and apparatus for voluntary communication
Using gain-adaptive quantization and non-uniform symbol lengths for improved audio coding
Storage system employing high-rate code with constraint on run length between occurrences of an influential pattern
Controller for a variable length decoder
Device for converting multiple signal types to NRZ format with automatic self-test
Method and system for compressing a state table that allows use of the state table without full uncompression
Optoelectronic analog-to-digital converter
LSB interpolation circuit and method for segmented digital-to-analog converter
Analog-to-digital converter with flush access to digital-to-analog resistor string
Integrated-circuit structures and methods for correction of temperature and process-induced parameter errors
Method of determining of permittivity of concrete and use of the method
Radar cross-section measurement system for analysis of wooden structures
Omnidirectional transponder
Radar apparatus
Method and electronic circuit for the processing of an analog signal
Fast satellite-centric analytical algorithm for determining satellite coverage
Method and apparatus for determining a geographical location of a mobile communication unit
Portable GPS signal receiving apparatus
Method and system for incorporating two-way ranging navigation as a calibration reference for GPS
Light-weight modular low-level reconfigurable beamformer for array antennas
Radar apparatus
Direction determination in cellular mobile communications network
Lightning locating system
Microstrip wide band antenna and radome
Miniature phased array antenna system
Microwave flat antenna
Wide band antenna means incorporating a radiating structure having a band form
Extendable whip antenna
Antenna device
Passive flip radiator for antenna enhancement
Antenna device and transmit-receive unit using the same
Wireless location and direction indicator for multiple devices
Antenna comprising two separate wideband notch regions on one coplanar substrate
Beam waveguide antenna with independently steerable antenna beams and method of compensating for planetary aberration in antenna beam tracking of spacecraft
Helix antenna
System and method for establishing a point to point radio system
Insert mold process for forming polarizing grid element
Apparatus for presenting stereoscopic images
Head-mounted display
Electroluminescence display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and its driving method
Integrated micro-display system
Semiconductor display device
Display driving circuit for displaying character on display panel
Simulating analog display slew rate intensity variations in a digital graphics display
Multiple degree-of-freedom mechanical interface to a computer system
Three-dimensional tactile feedback computer input device
Third-axis input device for mouse
Coordinate reading apparatus and coordinate indicator
Touch screen measurement circuit and method
Palm pressure rejection method and apparatus for touchscreens
Cached color conversion method and apparatus
Screen saver computer program prohibition based on storage device activity
Application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for driving an external display device
Active matrix liquid crystal display
Device for controlling remote interactive receiver
Reproduction control data generating apparatus and method of same
Reproduction control data generating apparatus and method of same
Method and apparatus for generating a graphical user interface
Automatically generating code for integrating context-sensitive help functions into a computer software application
Method and apparatus for managing a plurality of objects on a graphical user interface
Techniques for navigating layers of a user interface
Method and apparatus for overlaying a window with a multi-state window
Graphical system and method for invoking measurements in a signal measurement system
Method and system for connecting to, browsing, and accessing computer network resources
Method and system for database access
Drag operation gesture controller
Interactive construction and refinement of 3D models from multiple panoramic images
Method and system for creating panoramas
Image processing in which polygon is divided
Method and apparatus for culling polygons
Method for modeling reflection of light from an anisotropic surface
Map editing apparatus enabling simplified editing through provision of user-selectable automatic editing functions
Data processing method and apparatus
PDL operator overloading for line width management
Movement data connecting method and apparatus therefor
Apparatus and method for parallel rendering of image pixels
Efficient method for storing texture maps in multi-bank memory
Manual thermal writing device for forming image on image-forming substrate
Device for large format printing comprising a single central conditioning unit for controlling and monitoring the condition of the developer
Optical scanning device and image-forming apparatus
Ink transfer printer
Thermal transfer image forming method, and combination of thermal transfer members used therein
Method and system for thermal mass transfer printing
Light emitting diode substrate and its manufacturing method
Video telephone
Digital television system for reducing co-channel interference in 8 MHZ channels
Video signal switching device for endoscope system
Film image capturing method
Video apparatus which can be adjusted easily
In-service realtime picture quality analysis
Adjustable gain active pixel sensor
Image pickup device
Image coded data re-encoding apparatus without once decoding the original image coded data
Transparent embedment of data in a video signal
Circuit for generating a reference signal
Control device, control method, electric apparatus, control method of an electric apparatus, electric apparatus system, control method of an electric apparatus system, and transmission medium
Apparatus for displaying information arranged in cells
Signal processing device for adjusting differences in signal parameters
Digital and analog TV common-use receiver having single ghost canceler and ghost cancellation method
Brightness correcting circuit and method for efficiently correcting brightness at edge and corner of monitor screen
Auto focus system for a SLM based image display system
Video format adaptive beam size for video moire reduction
Purity adjustment device for video display appliance
Display unit
Backprojection transparency viewer
Stereoscopic image displaying method and stereoscopic image apparatus
Liquid crystal, liquid crystal mixture having Tau-V min mode driving with negative or zero temperature dependency
Electro-optical device
Active matrix liquid crystal display and method of fabricating same
Display device with liquid crystal between reflective polarizers, and a light source illuminating between the polazers
Liquid-crystal panel of polymer dispersed type, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid-crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device in which copper layer filling between L-shape color filters and method for making the same
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
Assembly including an active matrix liquid crystal display module and having plural environmental seals
Active matrix liquid crystal display devices
Image positioning device and method
Apparatus for producing photographic copies
Optical laser scanning device and image forming apparatus having the optical laser scanning device
Illumination system
Pressure-sensitive and heat-sensitive image transfer apparatus for recording
Sheet pack and recording apparatus
Rangefinder apparatus
Integrated system for quickly and accurately imaging and modeling three-dimensional objects
Sensing apparatus
Method for determination of a biologically active substance in an analyzed liquid and device for its realization
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Pattern inspecting system and pattern inspecting method
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Method and apparatus for measurement of particle size distribution in substantially opaque slurries
Measuring apparatus of flying height of magnetic head
Method and apparatus for controlling a moveable object
High resolution scanning microscope
Reticle for an object measurement system
Integrated spectrometer assembly and methods
Stepped etalon
Systems and methods for quantifying nonlinearities in interferometry systems
Optical translation measurement
Apparatus and method for shearographic inspection and non-destructive testing of articles in a vacuum chamber
Image reading apparatus and information processing apparatus having image reading function
Printer communication system and method
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system
Multi-function unit, server and network system having multi-function unit
Recording apparatus
Method of and apparatus for recording a telephone conversation in a cordless facsimile system
Method and arrangement for the transmission of facsimile-encoded information between multimedia-capable communication terminal equipment
Image communication apparatus having multiple storage units and control based on detected page number
Image reading head having driving motor mounted to contact image sensor reader
Facsimile apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Phase-shift digital holographic apparatus
Photorefractive device for controlling information flow
Active optical loop-back system
System and method for free space optical communications using time division multiplexing of digital communication signals
Optical signal communication apparatus and optical signal communication method
Linearization of a broadband analog optical link using two wavelengths
Method and arrangement for an interruption-proof optical satellite linkage in LEO networks
Optical scanning apparatus
Optical barrier apparatus
Apparatus and method for optical raster-scanning in a micromechanical system
Photochromic devices
Optical display device having a reflection-type polarizer
Non-planar interior electrochromic rearview mirror for a vehicle
High voltage electrochromic device
Light amplification apparatus with automatic monitoring and controls
Apparatus and method to compensate for optical fiber amplifier gain variation
Optical amplifier
Optical amplifier with optimal gain excursion for different input powers
System with optical amplifier
Apparatus and method for amplifying an optical signal
Modular infrared kepler telescope
Lenses for the 1.50 to 2.55 micron band
Reflection type optical isolator
Zoom lens system with vibration reduction function
Optical apparatus
Compact lighting device
Optical system comprising a diffractive optical element, and method of designing the same
Methods of fabricating color shifting thin film pigments
Beam homogenizer, laser irradiation apparatus, laser irradiation method, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Imaging device
Light irradiating apparatus and image displaying apparatus
Image display apparatus
Variable focus lens by small changes of the equatorial lens diameter
Wide-angle zoom lens system
Lens assembly and apparatus using the same
Optical pickup for enabling accurate measurement of various characteristics thereof without increasing the number or parts
Optical pickup comprising a damper base having an oval hole
Programmable write driver circuit for writing information to a magnetic storage media
Hard disk drive with lube on demand actuators
Optical apparatus for tracking a magnetic tape
Notch filtering as used in a disc drive servo
Recording medium, method and apparatus utilizing circular logical block address association
Magnetic disk drive with a floating head slider having projections arranged to float at a greater distance from magnetic disk than slider trailing end
Disk chucking mechanism
Damping and latch mechanism for a recording medium recording/reproducing device
Thin film magnetic head with reduced magnetic gap by incorporating coil conductors with convex surfaces
Single magnetic tape reel with dual-sided recording capability
Textured data storage disk having a brittle nonmetallic substrate
Magnetic disk drive
Head slider with asymmetric air rails
Coined partial etched dimple in a head suspension and method of manufacture
Low profile flexure and slider-flexure assembly
Mechanically formed standoffs in a circuit interconnect
Method and apparatus for reducing the coupling of the reaction force from the head actuator into the track follow servo loop of a media drive
Head drum for recording and reproducing apparatus
Overscan helical scan head for non-tracking tape subsystems reading at up to 1X speed and methods for simulation of same
Shielded magnetoresistive head with charge clamp
Surge protector for a video display apparatus
Transient current and voltage protection of a voltage regulator
Electrical fault detection system
Loss of ground protection for electronic relays
Circuit interrupting device with reverse wiring protection
Power controller with short circuit protection
Peripheral device isolator
Methods for controlling the path of magnetic flux from a permanent magnet and devices incorporating the same
Control device of an electromagnet, with a power supply circuit supplied by the holding current of the electromagnet
Double-acting electromagnetic actuator
Activating device
Double solenoid linear motion actuator
Electrostatic discharge protection package and method
Apparatus for igniting a plasma in a plasma processing chamber
Electric double-layer capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing
Portable computer having a microphone
Computer enclosure for mounting an electronic device
Use of a bezel wall as a locking device
Operatory computer with portable display
Sub-assembly for an assembly system
Modular computer
Computer mother board multi-position chassis drawer latch and release mechanism
Cradle with combined status indicator light and stylus holder
Computer-dedicated auxiliary data access device
Hard diskdrive cooling structure
Power supply for computer system
Heated PCB interconnect for cooled IC chip modules
Interchangeable stiffening frame with extended width wedgelock for use in a circuit card module
Method and apparatus for removing heat from a semiconductor device
Heat sink
Card-holding/locking device for the securing/latching of a printed circuit card/board
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a thin film, thin-film laminate, and electronic parts
Surface mounted device with grooves on a termination lead and methods of assembly
Computer motherboard using oppositely configured memory module sockets
Retention clip for retaining a compact flash drive on a PC board
Substrate junction element
Power cable arrangement in electronic apparatus
Unique power supply architecture with cascaded converters for large input-to-output step-down ratio
Topology-independent synchronous rectifier commutation circuit
Switching power supply having low loss characteristics
Series control of electric ARC furnaces
Switching power supply
A.C./D.C. converter having a linearly controllable one-way switch, and using no high voltage passive components
High-voltage modulator system
Constant frequency resonant inverters with a pair of resonant inductors
Multi-use battery
Method and apparatus for using an inter-row configurable content addressable memory
Ferroelectric storage device
Circuit and method for substantially preventing imprint effects in a ferroelectric memory device
Memory array architecture, method of operating a dynamic random access memory, and method of manufacturing a dynamic random access memory
Static RAM with improved memory cell pattern
Memory using insulator traps
Methods of programming nonvolatile memory cells by floating drain or source regions associated therewith
Non-volatile memory circuit
Decoder circuit
Symmetrical program and erase scheme to improve erase time degradation in NAND devices
System for erasing a memory cell
Methods of erasing a memory device and a method of programming a memory device for low-voltage and low-power applications
Memory apparatus including programmable non-volatile multi-bit memory cell, and apparatus and method for demarcating memory states of the cell
Clock synchronous semiconductor memory device having a reduced access time
Redundancy mapping in a multichip semiconductor package
Memory device having redundancy cells
Semiconductor memory device capable of recovering defective bit and a system having the same semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit capable of testing and substituting defective memories and method thereof
Self-refresh test time reduction scheme
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device generating accurate internal reference voltage
Semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for strobing antifuse circuits in a memory device
Voltage detection circuit power-on/off reset circuit and semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having hierarchical power source arrangement
Protection after brown out in a synchronous memory
Semiconductor device capable of cutting off a leakage current in a defective array section and method thereof
Semiconductor memory device having read/write amplifiers disposed for respective memory segments
Semiconductor IC device having a memory and a logic circuit implemented with a single chip
Intra-unit column address increment system for memory
Semiconductor memory device
Column decode circuits and apparatus
Semiconductor memory device permitting stabilized operation and high-speed access
Integrated memory circuit having a flash memory array and at least one SRAM memory array with internal address and data bus for transfer of signals therebetween
Electric and electronic equipment
Load signal generating circuit of a packet command driving type memory device
Method and system for combining three component seismic data
Fiber-optic vibration sensor based on frequency modulation of light-excited oscillators
Magnetic head holding apparatus for recording a magneto-optical disc
Magneto-optical recording medium capable of recording multiple value signals
Magneto-optical recording-reproducing method and apparatus utilizing domain wall displacement
Automated optical detection system and method
Disk changer device
Optical pickup and method for manufacturing optical pickup
Audio signal compression method
Focus control apparatus for multilayer optical recording medium
Optical disc apparatus, driving control method for objective lens, control method for optical head and recording/reproducing method for optical head
Aberration correcting apparatus and information reproducing apparatus having the same
Optical disc reproducing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for high speed data reproduction
Disk apparatus in which an improved current supply control is performed to effectively reduce a current consumption
Device using sensor for small rotation angle
Data slice circuit and data slice method
Disk device
Programmable self-operating caddy-loaded compact disk duplication system
Reduced thickness of a light transmissive layer for a high density optical disc
Fiber bundle switch
Multiple channel scanning device using optoelectronic switching
Laser light power control method for recording on optical disk and laser diode driving circuit for optical disk recording device
Device for controlling the power of a recording optical beam in an information storage apparatus
Optical disk recording and retrieving device
Automatic meter reading data communication system
Data access server for PBX
Integrated communication system of voice and data
Highly integrated multi-layer switch element architecture
System and method for plane selection
Method and apparatus for managing multiple ATM cell queues
Receive processing with network protocol bypass
Method and apparatus for re-ordering data packets in a network environment
Device for assembling cells in response to how data are stored in a buffer
Method for associating data with ATM cells
Network switching system supporting guaranteed data rates
Method and system for using a cellular phone as a network gateway in an automotive network
Method and apparatus for efficient topology aggregation for networks with hierarchical structure
Method and device for controlling data flow in a computer data network
Method and circuit configuration for the transmission of message units in message streams of different priority
Packet switching fabric using the segmented ring with resource reservation control
One-way packet communication channel with retransmissions
Method for selecting baud rates for a rate adaptive digital subscriber line modem
Variable rate and variable mode transmission system
Method of controlling a communication and apparatus for the same
Method and system for generating a complex pseudonoise sequence for processing a code division multiple access signal
In-band on-channel digital broadcasting method and system
Centralized routing scheme for distributed cross-connect using synchronized address field
Clock signal supplying apparatus
Reference time clock locking in a remultiplexer for video program bearing transport streams
Methods and apparatus for providing quality-of-service guarantees in computer networks
Apparatus and method for generating service profile identification
Automatic on-chip clock tuning methodology and circuitry
Optical scanning device
Laser writing method and apparatus
High repetition rate pulsed laser
Semiconductor laser with associated electronic components integrally formed therewith
Integrated optical element and method for manufacturing an integrated optical element
Method and apparatus for replenishing dye solution in a dye laser
Integrating diode pump cavity for an Er, Yb:glass laser
Arc furnace protection
Frequency-hopping in a bandwidth-on-demand system
Synchronization circuit with correlated signal in the direct spread spectrum telecommunication system
Data transmitter and receiver of a DS-CDMA communication system
Information communication system
Measurement test set and method for in-service measurements of phase noise
Method and apparatus for decoding a bit sequence for transmission over pots wiring
Temporal tile staggering for block based video compression
Flexible software-based decoding system with decoupled decoding timing and output timing
Termination structure based on the cancellation of the reflected wave
Method of detection of misconvergence using constellation scanning in an equalizer
Sampled amplitude read channel employing early-decisions from a trellis sequence detector for sampling value estimation
Signal transfer method
Multi-carrier telecommunication system with power adaptation means
High speed digital data transmission by separately clocking and recombining interleaved data subgroups
Method and system for tuning resonance modules
Apparatus for suppressing interfering DC component shifts in a radio receiver of the direct conversion type, and a corresponding method suppression
Method and apparatus for decoding a phase encoded data signal
Method and arrangement for differentially detecting an MPSK signal using a plurality of past symbol data
Method and structure for increasing the maximum channel speed of a given channel
Demodulator including adaptive equalizer and demodulating method in digital communications
Synchronous interface for asynchronous data detection channels
Vehicle communication system
Synchronization detection method for data transmission apparatus and data transmission apparatus using the same
Digital signal framing systems and methods
Apparatus for measuring intervals between signal edges
Phase modulated reduction of clock wander in synchronous wide area networks
Passive aerosol retention apparatus
SIC-composite material sleeve and process for producing the same
Fuel assembly
Local CT image reconstruction with limited x-ray exposure
Methods and apparatus for troubleshooting scaleable multislice imaging system
Cubic garnet host with PR activator as a scintillator material
Method and apparatus for determining bone mineral density
X-ray examination apparatus with X-ray image sensor matrix and correction unit
Multi-energy x-ray machine with reduced tube loading
Power feeding system using two-wire subscriber lines
Network interface unit and module
Fiber optic based subscriber terminal
Apparatus and methods for user identification to deny access or service to unauthorized users
System and method for data recording
Automatic message filing system
Mechanism for changing a modem's connection rate within a family of interoperable modems
Method and system for connecting a caller to a content provider
Method and system to meter and control usage of telephone systems
Telephone calling card system with abbreviated code destination number capability
Method of providing telecommunication services
Call overflow system and method for overflowing telephone calls between telephonic switches
Subband echo cancellation method for multichannel audio teleconference and echo canceller using the same
Automatic volume control for a telephone ringer
Spring biased microphone sub-assemblies
Mobile telephone casing
Portable telephone shoulder rest
Mirror mounted mobile telephone system
Portable telephone mounting base
Source authentication of download information in a conditional access system
Data encryption system for encrypting plaintext data
Authorized user verification by sequential pattern recognition and access code acquisition
Method and apparatus for feature configuration in remotely located ultrasound imaging system
Session key recovery system and method
Wireless headphone/speakers sound field control circuit
Audio signal processors
Wavetable audio synthesizer with multiple volume components and two modes of stereo positioning
Method and appartus for superposing a digital watermark and method and apparatus for detecting a digital watermark
Image recording media determination system, apparatus and method for an image processing device
Compression-tolerant watermarking scheme for image authentication
Product distribution verification system using encoded marks indicative of product and destination
Gaze position detection apparatus and method
Motion detection of an input image signal during a current period with respect to a restored image signal in a previous period
Image input device and method for providing scanning artifact detection
System for automated detection of cancerous masses in mammograms
Iterative filter framework for medical images
Method for segmenting medical images and detecting surface anomalies in anatomical structures
Automated, microscope-assisted examination process of tissue or bodily fluid samples
Particle analyzer
System and method for knowledgebase generation and management
Disc case
Modulator for modulating digital signals
Method for attending occurrence of failure in an exchange system that exchanges cells having fixed-length, and interface unit and concentrator equipped in the exchange system using the method
Method and apparatus for controlling an input/output subsystem in a failed network server
Backwards-compatible failure restoration in bidirectional multiplex section-switched ring transmission systems
Hitless manual path switching using linked pointer processors
Method and system for optimizing connection set-up operations in a high speed digital network
Method and apparatus for preventing misrouting of data in a radio communication system
ISDN terminal adapter-resident mechanism for automatically determining telecommunication switch type and generating associated service profile identifiers
Singlecast interactive radio system
Method and system for handoff between an asynchronous CDMA base station and a synchronous CDMA base station
Antenna deployment sector cell shaping system and method
CDMA cordless telephone system and method of operation thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vibration damping system and servowriter
Read/write head including displacement generating means that elongates and contracts by inverse piezoelectric effect of electrostrictive effect
Method and apparatus for implementing PN masks for a truncated M-sequence
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