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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Bio dynamic interface system for plant growing
Biological air filter
Seedling tray
Throat support device and methods of using same
Phosphorescent fishing lure charging box
Controlling bed bugs with solvent vapors
Turkey decoy
Yank and draw concealed carry garment
Devices for use during physical activity
Method and apparatus for attaching supplemental hair to human hair
Enhanced impact absorption strips for protective head gear
Head protection system
Double sided nylon sandwich mesh fabric zipper and slider assembly
Arrangement for the presentation of a jewellery element
Tooth brush with four bristle groups
Automatic bed making apparatus
Cane holder
Disposable tradeshow booths
Treatment of pigmented tissues using optical energy
Temperature measurement near an ice ball using a proton resonance frequency method and recalculation of susceptibility artifacts
Magnetic resonance elastograph system with hydraulic driver
Imaging methods for early detection of brain tumors following embryonic stem cell implants
Method and device for determining oxygen saturation of hemoglobin, for determining hematocrit of blood, and/or for detecting macular degeneration
Process to design and fabricate a custom-fit implant
Vaginal pessary
Patient immobilization device
Furniture cover sheet
Ventilator breath display and graphic user interface
Methods and apparatus for reducing spurious signals in implantable medical devices caused by x-ray radiation
Implantable medical device charging
Insertion tool for paddle-style electrode
Face-wearing humidifier
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tool for pointing bullnose and method thereof
Arrangement for production of cut out and/or unformed workpieces
Process for making ratchet wheels
Scallop output shaft tools
Gun rivet
Lenslathe with vibration cancelling arrangement
Spring collet for machine tools
Band saw blade
Method for making decorative object
Method to provide coil shaved metal fibers
Single brake spring tool and method of removal of drum brake spring
Method for removing wires from a bale
Vehicle door hinge mounting system
Lath and plaster removal tools and systems
Granular particle gripping surface
Apparatus and method for handling of tubulars
Tool for removing lids from in-ground service boxes
Work piece guiding system for a table saw
Printing system and method thereof
Device for measuring the distance between a head and a headrest, headrest-position adjusting device using said device, method for measuring the distance between a head and a headrest, and headrest-position adjusting method using said method
Method and apparatus for selectively activated powered actuation of a hydraulic drive system
Method of controlling braking in a vehicle
Man-made island resort complex with surface and underwater entertainment, educational and lodging facilities
Method and device for operating an underwater vehicle
Pressure assisted direct drive proportional hot-gas thruster
Method and computer program product for controlling inertial attitude of an artificial satellite by applying gyroscopic precession to maintain the spin axis perpendicular to sun lines
Packaging and filling machine
Method of and apparatus for manufacture of a squeezable flexible package
Textiles; Paper
Procedure and an apparatus for start-up spinning of the thread in an open-end spinning apparatus
Transfer jack and weft knitting machine having the same, and stitch transfer method using transfer jack
Needle guard
Spiral wrapping for an ironer roller of a chest ironer and a chest ironer provided with such a spiral wrapping
Fixed Constructions
Modular floating frame structure for use with pontoons
Counterweight mounting structure for construction machine
Excavator bucket
Hot water heater recirculation system and method
Safety blanket
Sheet material hanging methods and hanging members therefore
Multi-heel connector
Removable bulkheads for building fixtures
Systems and methods for removable stair treads and risers
Directed lifestyle residential housing structures
Multi-story multiple dwelling complex with semi-private garage to apartment entry and exit pathways
System and method for securing detachable construction equipment
Casement window opening and closing assembly
Coupling device and electronic device
Adjustable door jamb lock
Swing hinge device for a portable terminal
Plantation fan top window shutter
Downhole determination of formation fluid properties
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
MEMS actuators
Adjustable cam shaft
Lash adjuster for valve gear
Method for determining the phase position of at least one camshaft
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Exhaust system for an internal combustion engine
Multi-fuel compression ignition engine
Internal combustion engine gas feeding system
Two-stroke and four-stroke switching mechanism
Engine run time change for battery charging issues with automatic restart system
Idle speed control using alternator
Ablative baffle for a liquid rocket engine thrust chamber
Ignition device for internal combustion engine
Heat engine
Modular energy harvesting system
Three-way bleed type proportional electromagnetic valve
Proceeding and means to fasten mounting element into a wall
Gear made of resin, image-forming device, and rotation-transmitting means made of resin
Secondary drive device of a mobile working appliance
Modular surface mount manifold assemblies
Hydrogen storage and supply system
Waste-heat boiler for a Clause plant
Boiler and burner apparatus
Method for operating a cooling device for cooling a superconductor and cooling device suitable therefor
Thermoelectric conversion unit
Soldered condenser
Hybrid vapor compression-absorption cycle
Integrated drain tube plumbing tray
Heat exchanger arrangement
Laundry dryer and condenser assembly thereof
Method and system to prevent firing live rounds of ammunition during miles exercises
Kinetic energy projectile with in-flight extended length
Providing thermal compensation for topographic measurement at an elevated temperature using a non-contact vibration transducer
Three-dimensional shape measuring apparatus, three-dimensional shape measuring method, and three-dimensional shape measuring program
Tape measuring device with magnetic end hook
Adjustable probe
Method of using a unidirectional crow gyroscope
Method and system for dispatching vehicle
Integrated ambient light sensor and distance sensor
Thermal history indicators
Heating resistor type air flow rate measuring apparatus
Apparatus and method for calculating vibration displacement of vibrator
Pressure sensor having sensor chip and signal processing circuit mounted on a common stem
Method for detecting leaks in a tank system
Method and apparatus for disturbance detection
Liquid densitometer
Arrangement for and method of examining gemstones
Gas sensor
Sample heater assembly and method of use thereof
Semiconductor device including a test circuit that generates test signals to be used for adjustment on operation of an internal circuit
Switchable reflective layer for windows and other optical elements
Double sided lens film with decorative optical pattern and process for making the same
Optical transmission module, method for manufacturing optical transmission module, and electronic device
Wavelength filter
Light turning feature patterns for lightguides
Light source apparatus and processing method
Optical waveguide film, laminated type optical waveguide film, optical waveguide, optical waveguide assembly, optical wiring line, optical/electrical combination substrate and electronic device
Lens-integrated optical waveguide and method of making the same
Method for making polarization rotator and the polarization rotator made thereby
Systems, devices and methods for tuning a resonant wavelength of an optical resonator and dispersion properties of a photonic crystal waveguide
Electroluminescent displays
Method of preparing composite optical retarder
Liquid crystal display device and control method for a bistable nematic liquid crystal display having two stable textures comprising a uniform or slightly twisted state
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Electrostatic image forming apparatus utilizing index patterns for toner image alignment
Printing apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus using a toner container in which the toner outlet may be positioned in a horizontal or vertical direction
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating the fixing device
Image forming apparatus controlling toner image overlapping ratio
Controller and machining apparatus with position encoder compensation
Advanced synthesized hysteresis for signal processing, controllers, music, and computer simulations in physics, engineering, and economics
Arrangement for mixing a first and a second gas flow
Method and system for monitoring module power status in a communication device
Hard disc device
Answer bracelet
Energy-efficient polling loop
Storage system
Datacenter utilizing modular infrastructure systems and redundancy protection from failure
Verification of operating self modifying code
Method and program for verifying operation of processor
Adapting bit error rate to a target quality of service
Apparatus and method for defending against internet-based attacks
Method of producing and decoding error correction code and apparatus therefor
Fault tolerant stability critical execution checking using redundant execution pipelines
Test apparatus and test method
Method and system for cascaded flashcopy zoning and algorithm and/or computer program code and method implementing the same
Method and system for measuring memory access time using phase detector
Storage apparatus and data management method
Storage managing system, computer system, and storage managing method
Computer system and storage consolidation management method
Dynamic cache queue allocation based on destination availability
Dynamic mode transitions for cache instructions
Memory system
Semiconductor storage device having nonvolatile flash and ram with simultaneous data copy and data receive
Bandwidth limiting on generated PCIE packets from debug source
Multi-function printer with a built-in really simple syndication (RSS) reader
Audio on-demand communication system
Mitigating connection identifier collisions in a communication network
Information caching system
Method and apparatus for layering software agents in a distributed computing system
Method and apparatus for time adaptation of online services to user behavior
Automatic selection of digital service feed
Protocols for high performance computing visualization, computational steering and forward progress
Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and communication system
Residential gateway system for automated control of residential devices
Unified LTE cloud system
Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method therefor
Remotely managed device
Content processing apparatus, content processing method, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for controlling flow of management tasks to management system databases
Method and apparatus of data center file system
Initiating a collective operation in a parallel computer
Control apparatus, communication control method executed by the control apparatus, communication control program controlling the control apparatus, and data processing system
Modular automated tool dispenser
Vending machine with automated detection of product position
Display input device for adding and displaying a setting screen, display method for a display input device for adding and displaying a setting screen, and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for receiving and dispensing cards automatically
Optimization of microgrid energy use and distribution
Fast path for grace-period detection for read-copy update system
Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium for adjustment of alternate document layers to reduce printed pages
Natural language processing method by analyzing primitive sentences, logical clauses, clause types and verbal blocks
Methods for storing data streams in a distributed environment
Descriptor storage and searches of k-dimensional trees
Method for providing a user interface driven by database tables
File aggregation method and information processing system using the same
Iterative and dynamic search of publicly available data based on augmentation of search terms and validation of data relevance
Method to optimally link information and humans using human referral signals
System and method for extraction of factoids from textual repositories
Extended width entries for hash tables
Acquiring access to a token controlled system resource
Method and system for identification of grouping characteristics
Apparatus and method for synchronizing robots
Method for establishing a desired area of confinement for an autonomous robot and autonomous robot implementing a control system for executing the same
Apparatus and method for non-contact sensing of transparent articles
Mobile robot internal communication system
Secure network computing
Remote monitoring system and method
Methods, computer program products, and hardware products for providing interactive program guide and instant messaging convergence
Detecting patterns of events in information systems
Servicing a print request from a client system
Printer with power saving module and method for printing
Method and apparatus for processing of top-K queries from samples
Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method
Pre-aligner search
Graphic query suggestion display method
Method and system for monitoring and analyzing tickets
Content recommendation device and content recommendation method
Efficient file system object-based deduplication
Mobile biological material energy conversion
Apparatus for controlling a transfer destination of a packet originating from a virtual machine
Comparison of interfaces between software components
Resolving interdependencies between heterogeneous artifacts in a software system
Precondition generating apparatus
Software object lock management using observations
Software service notifications based upon software usage, configuration, and deployment topology
Techniques for personalizing feed content in virtualized computing environments
Systems and methods for correlated parameters in statistical static timing analysis
Method for dynamically throttling transactional workloads
Implementing user-selectable concurrent access protection mechanism in a multi-tasking modeling environment
Method of modeling dynamic characteristics of a flight vehicle
Image forming apparatus and image forming method for controlling object rendering order
Printer server, print control method, and storage medium for producing a printed output by a device of a low-display and low-input capability
Image processing system for placing detected symbols at predetermined locations on a document
Image processing system adapted to eliminate a difference between stored image data and image data to be printed
Print and scan sharing paper pick and paper motion control in a multi-function printer
Method for interpreting dipping natural fracture and fault planes identified from borehole images
Method and apparatus for image generation
Software product for breast examination result mapping, recording, comparing, and/or tracking
Automatic cup-to-disc ratio measurement system
System and method for generating an image of a region of interest
Form image managing system and method
Demographic analysis of facial landmarks
Method and system for providing a computer implemented control system for an automated system
Classification using support vector machines and variables selection
Estimating a state of at least one target using a plurality of sensors
Inventorying communication circuits
Electronic single action software distribution
Pharmaceutical waste identification system
Communication method
Methods for dynamic discounting
Insurance claim processing using containerized processing logic
Software and methods to manage a tax preparation company
Reservoir management linking
Method for creating high resolution print media
Hanging basket label collar
Method and device for mnemonic contact image association
Multi-path trellis coded quantization method and multi-path coded quantizer using the same
Method and system for fault protection using a linear feedback shift register
Read signal evaluation method, information recording and reading method, and information recording and reading apparatus
Spindle motor and disk driving device
Information processing apparatus, protection method and medium storing protection program
Method for determining whether defect on disk is recess or protrusion and magnetic disk drive
Visual enhancement for turntable playback
Manufacturing method for optical disc, optical disc, playback method for optical disc, playback apparatus for optical disc, recording apparatus for optical disc
Method of simultaneously forming magnetic transition patterns of a dual side recording medium
Suspension clamp for clamping a disk drive suspension to an actuator arm
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Replica disk for data storage
Semiconductor memory
Erase techniques and circuits therefor for non-volatile memory devices
Sanitizing a non-volatile memory through charge accumulation
Semiconductor memory device, reading method thereof, and data storage device having the same
Data storage apparatus and apparatus and method for controlling nonvolatile memories
State-monitoring memory element
Memory controller and control method
Forming multiprocessor systems using dual processors
Adjustable hard stops for nuclear reactor restrainer brackets and methods of using the same
Device for removing solid particles from the cooling medium which circulates in the primary circuit of a nuclear reactor
Feedwater temperature control methods and systems
Surge arrester having an optical fault indicator
Method for forming a multi-layer circuit assembly
Surge arrester and gas-insulated electric apparatus
Circuit arrangement comprising at least two capacitors connected in series
Method for measuring an alternating current which is generated using inverters, and arrangement for carrying out the method
CDR circuit
Source-channel combined coding method and satellite broadcasting system using the same
Method and apparatus for channel encoding and decoding in a broadcasting/communication system using low density parity-check codes
System, method and apparatus for tail biting convolutional code decoding
Multiple-input, multiple-output cognitive radio
Method of selecting and broadcasting over a transmission frequency and device for the same
Matching circuit, wiring board, and transmitter, receiver, transceiver, and radar apparatus that have the matching circuit
Device and method for adjusting loop filter gain in automatic frequency controller
Portable wideband antenna-radiated signal generator
Apparatus for encoding and decoding key data and key value data of coordinate interpolator and recording medium containing bitstream into which coordinate interpolator is encoded
Time-shifted transport of multi-latticed video for resiliency from burst-error effects
Optical modulation device and optical modulation method
Optical reflector assemblies for use optical rotary joints
Driver circuit of optical modulator
Optical transmission apparatus and method for controlling variable optical attenuator
Audio processing device and method for reducing echo from a second signal in a first signal
Estimation of the impulse response of a system on the basis of binary observations
Method for switching the use of a shared set of wireless I/O devices between multiple computers
Method for allocating priority to resource and method and apparatus for operating resource using the same
Method and apparatus of controlling uplink power for multi-cell cooperative system
Communication device and communication system
Mobile station and radio base station
Method of recovery from sleep state of an ONU in a PON system capable of power saving
WiMAX scheduling algorithm for co-located WiFi and WiMAX central points
Communication method using time-division multiplexing
Traffic arbitration
Method and apparatus for isolating label-switched path impairments
Hardware-based parser for packet-oriented protocols
Apparatus and method for generating an MPEG-2 transport packet having a variable packet length
On-the-fly encryption on a gaming machine
Data compression apparatus and data decompression apparatus
Method and apparatus of controlling uplink transmission power
Method and apparatus for determining proper telephony adaptor configuration and installation
Locally diagnosing and troubleshooting service issues
Apparatus and method for packet forwarding
Method and apparatus for validating commands for VOIP network components
Structure and implementation of universal virtual private networks
Communication device and communication method
Efficient protocols against sophisticated reactive jamming attacks
System and method for resolving conflicts in multiple simultaneous communications in a wireless system
Forced hold call handling in a VoP environment
Decoding for MIMO systems
Rake receiving in a quadrature bandpass-sampling receiver
Method and apparatus of modulating signal in broadcasting and communication system
Channel estimation for a control channel in an OFDM system
Selective exposure of feature tags in a MACSec packet
Location-enabled security services in wireless network
Refreshing group membership information for a user identifier associated with a security context
Bootstrapping kerberos from EAP (BKE)
Certificate-based cookie security
Enhanced network communications using diagnostic information
Method and apparatus for clock recovery in XDSL transceivers
Methods and apparatus for enhancing ringback tone quality during telephone communications
Cell phone protector case having the combination of a soft exterior shell and an interior hard shell
Portable electronic apparatus
Methods and systems for telephony call completion
Media services with access control
System and method of generating multimedia ringback based on deduced user intent
Systems and methods for audio reminder messages
Methods and apparatus to protect and audit communication line status
Emergency telephone call notification service system and method
Likelihood of mobile device portal transition
Method and apparatus for power saving of femto base station using ANR function in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for synchronizing changes in power saving procedures
Intelligent cellular communications gateway device, system, and method
Original reading apparatus reading image from original
Printing apparatus, data processing method for printing apparatus and storage medium
Image forming apparatus including an image calibration system
System, medium, and method calibrating gray data
Hand-held printing device and method for tuning ink jet color for printing on colored paper
Solid-state imager and signal processing system
Efficient 2D adaptive noise thresholding for video processing
Handheld modular digital photography system
Method and apparatus for multiple zone statistics collection for digital image/video capture systems
Apparatus and method for compressive sampling
Apparatus and method for controlling infrastructure based on broadcasting signals
Unit for returning erroneous operation that instructs display device to display operation history when panic key is pressed
System for presenting media programming guides
Captured image data management method and image capturing apparatus
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Method and apparatus for alternate content scheduling on mobile devices
Adaptive joint source channel coding
System for generating controllable difference measurements in a video processor
System and method for providing program criteria representing audio and/or visual programming
Apparatus for providing metadata of broadcast program
Wireless control channel and back-channel for receiver
Synchronizing presentations of multimedia programs
Remote control system for electronic devices
Program sending controlling apparatus, program sending controlling method and program
Video processing device and method of video processing
Video processing apparatus and video processing method
Moving picture processing apparatus, moving picture processing method, and program
MEMS microphone and method of manufacturing the same
Magnet-less loudspeaker
Method of assembling an actuator arrangement
Wireless communication system, terminal apparatus, and communication method
Method and apparatus of controlling transmission power
Methods and systems for proactively requesting neighbor base station information
Data processing in intra-site handover
MBS data transmission method, base station, MBS data receiving method, and user equipment
Communication system, base station, mobile station, retransmission control method, and retransmission program
Cross-carrier preamble responses
Scheduling apparatus considering quality of service (QOS)
Mobile wireless access router for separately controlling traffic signal and control signal
Wireless communication systems
Distributed medium access scheduling with implicit ordering
Method for supporting idle mode in wireless local area network system
Uplink power control method and apparatus in wireless communication system
Out-of-band paging with group identifier to reduce mobile detection latency
Apparatus for transmitting and receiving downlink HARQ feedback and its method
Authenticating multiple devices simultaneously over a wireless link using a single subscriber identity module
Method for discovering paths with sufficient medium time in wireless mesh networks
Phone and tablet stand
Fault tolerant distributed mobile architecture
Apparatus and method of automatically provisioning a femtocell
Method for producing insulated electrodes for applying electric fields into conductive material
Method and system for improving alignment precision of parts in MEMS
Method and apparatus for connecting at least one chip to an external wiring configuration
Heat sink system and heat sinking method having auto switching function
Projector and unit for projector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Radio paging receiver and method for controlling display auto-reset function
System, method, and apparatus for delayed call answering
Portable telephone with built-in charger
Active prevention of radio frequency emissions from a mobile communications unit in restricted areas
Phase modulation spectroscopy
Method and device for glucose concentration measurement with special attention to blood glucose determinations
System and method for measuring blood urea nitrogen, blood osmolarity, plasma free hemoglobin and tissue water content
Imaging of ultrasonic fields with MRI
MRI guided ablation system
Method and system for acquistion of preferential arterial and venous images for MR angiography
Method for carrying out a medical procedure using a three-dimensional tracking and imaging system
Ultrasound locating system having ablation capabilities
Head band for frameless stereotactic registration
Detecting, localizing, and targeting internal sites in vivo using optical contrast agents
Lead set filter for a patient monitor
Statistical mapping of the physiological state of the heart of a mammal
Electrotransport drug delivery reservoirs containing inert fillers
Medical instrument that supplies multiple energy forms
System and method for treating atrial arrhythmias
Automatic external cardioverter/defibrillator with cardiac rate detector and method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for rapidly predicting outcome of arrhythmia therapy
Implantable cardiac stimulator wherein the pacing rate is controlled dependent on variations in the spontaneous interval
Rate responsive active implantable medical device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator and/or cardiovertor, including the multisite type
Cochlear implants with offset coils for transmission of radio frequency links
Modulated high frequency tissue modification
Method and apparatus for the treatment of strabismus
High torque catheter and methods thereof
Apparatus for stimulating living tissue
Learning programmable limit switch and method providing real-time passive feedback
Electronic scoring process
System and method for generating die swell/draw down information for profile extrusion die design
Product data management system
Control apparatus of production facility
Concentricity processing apparatus using vision system and method therefor
Automatic computer controlled programmable multi-purpose apparatus to produce variable design stampings
Control device for a work carrying system
Apparatus and method for automatically realigning an end effector of an automated equipment to prevent a crash
Computerized manual mail distribution method and apparatus
Sheet sorting apparatus and sheet sorting method
Inter-cooperating toys
Electrical interruption device comprising a communication module
Enhanced stall and recovery control system
Automatic guided vehicle system and method for navigating automatic guided vehicle
Method of and apparatus for determining optimum delivery route for articles
Vehicle monitor for controlling movements of a plurality of vehicles
Traffic accident data recorder and traffic accident reproduction system and method
Vehicular data recording apparatus and method
Vehicle instrument panel computer interface and display
Vehicle occupant characterization method based on sensed occupant weight
Control apparatus of occupant protection device
Vehicle for spreading products on the road surface, in particular de-icing products
Method and apparatus for controlling angles of working machine
Speed change controller for automatic transmission
Method of synchronizing engine torque with vehicle torque load for accomplishing vehicle transmission shifting
System for evaluating vehicle drive and operation parameters
Apparatus for controlling brake of vehicle
Process and system for controlling the longitudinal dynamics of a motor vehicle
Automotive brake control system with skid control unit
Method of improving ABS control behavior
Wireless intelligent vehicle speed control or monitoring system and method
Apparatus for calculating deflection of central axis of an obstacle detecting apparatus mounted on a vehicle and apparatus for correcting the deflection of central axis, and system for controlling distance to a preceding vehicle traveling ahead
Model based assessment of locomotive engines
Torque based driver demand interpretation with barometric pressure compensation
Engine control signal processing system with frequency analysis by fourier transform algorithm
Internal combustion engine knock detection
Time multiplexed global positioning system for control of traffic lights
Vehicle communication system dynamically allocating channels and a method for the same
Vehicle traffic control apparatus
Method of dynamically generating navigation route data
Apparatus and method for processing information and apparatus and method for displaying image
Positioning apparatus and positioning information receiving method/apparatus, capable of minimizing shift between reception timing and transmission timing of positioning information
Enhanced integrated positioning method and system thereof for vehicle
Collision alarm method and apparatus for vehicles
Method and apparatus for adaptively filtering noise to detect downhole events
Method for predicting stratigraphy
Method of earthquake prediction
Pre-distortion tuning for analog lasers
Method and apparatus for data management authentication in a clinical analyzer
Weight verification device
Device for pin adjusting in sensors
Method and apparatus for testing computer cooling systems
Method for making a chip tamper-resistant
Testing asynchronous circuits
Analyzer for modeling and optimizing maintenance operations
Modeling method of MOSFET
Method of determining characteristics of a rotary drag-type drill bit
Computer architecture and process of patient generation, evolution, and simulation for computer based testing system
Apparatus, method and storage medium for identifying a combination of a language and its character code system
Information retrieval utilizing semantic representation of text and based on constrained expansion of query words
Method and system for measurement of speech distortion from samples of telephonic voice signals
Method for voice signal coding and/or decoding by means of a long term prediction and a multipulse excitation signal
Method of speech recognition
Natural language task-oriented dialog manager and method
Method for measuring distance between collections of distributions
Text-to-speech e-mail reader with multi-modal reply processor
Device having functionality means supported by ancillary message reproduction means
Method and apparatus for automatic segregation and routing of signals of different origins by using prototypes
User barge-in enablement in large vocabulary speech recognition systems
System for permitting access to a common resource in response to speaker identification and verification
Method and apparatus for accessing a data base via speaker/voice verification
System and method for providing an adaptive dialog function choice model for various communication devices
Conversation management in speech recognition interfaces
Will information management and disclosure system and method, and program storage medium thereof
Multiple patient monitoring system for proactive health management
Reorder system for use with an electronic printing press
System and method for providing standardized individual information
Product activity data collection system
Computerized system for facilitating transactions between parties on the internet using e-mail
Electronic commerce site with query interface
System and method for home grocery shopping including item categorization for efficient delivery and pick-up
Financial services account manager system
Method and system for confirmation and settlement for financial transactions matching
Method of training a neural network
Method and apparatus for extracting features characterizing objects, and use thereof
Current transformer saturation correction using artificial neural networks
Universal computer assisted diagnosis
Expert system for research, data collection and analysis
Automatic programming method for punch press and apparatus for the same
Hierarchically arranged knowledge domains
Relational database access system using semantically dynamic objects
Image processing with searching of image data
Related information search method, related information search system, and computer-readable medium having stored therein a program
Computerized prepress authoring for document creation
Information reception and delivery system using global and local directory tables in an intranet
Hyper text reading system
Method and apparatus for performing hash lookups using valid bit tables with pointers
Method and system for compressing files utilizing a dictionary array
Decision tree classifier with integrated building and pruning phases
Server-client communication over a network
Method for processing a file to generate a database
Object-based geographic information system (GIS)
Development system with application browser user interface
Searchable bookmark sets as an internet advertising medium
Internet based provision of information supplemental to that stored on compact discs
Method for providing database recovery across multiple nodes
Method and system for performing deferred file removal in a file system
Locking and unlocking mechanism for controlling concurrent access to objects
Method, apparatus, and product for leasing of delegation certificates in a distributed system
Facilitating garbage collection during object versioning for space and time dimensional computing
Controlling attributes of pre-registered form data to match those of data to be printed with the form data
Web browser form enhancements
Table editing apparatus
Image filing system for memorizing images read from a given document together with small characterizing image
Automated system and method for approving web site content
Random signal generator
Fast fourier transforming apparatus and method, variable bit reverse circuit, inverse fast fourier transforming apparatus and method, and OFDM receiver and transmitter
Reduced complexity and increased flexibility modified fast convolution algorithm
Processor with reconfigurable arithmetic data path
Optical correlator having multiple active components formed on a single integrated circuit
Enqueue instruction in a system architecture for improved message passing and process synchronization
Messaging platform process
Compound document processing method
Transparently converting program calls between interfaces
Winsock-data link library transcoder
Automatically configuring storage array including a plurality of media storage devices for storing and providing data within a network of devices
Pipelined packet-oriented memory system having a undirectional command and address bus and a bidirectional data bus
System for receiving an isochronous data stream at a computer using a main memory buffer
Real-time data rate matching across a medium
Memory outputting both data and timing signal with output data and timing signal being aligned with each other
Portable computer with telephone line switching function and an expansion system and method for use therewith
Mouse interface converter for connecting mouse to computers with different types of connecting ports
Data storing method and apparatus for storing data while effectively utilizing a small capacity of a memory
Highly-scalable parallel processing computer system architecture
Computer interface for integrating a first computer into a second computer
Apparatus for computer implemented hot-swap and hot-add
Method for the hot add of devices
Method and apparatus for installing drivers without requiring system re-boot
Method and circuit for providing handshaking to transact information across multiple clock domains
Method and apparatus for bi-directionally transferring data between an IEEE 1394 bus and a device to be controlled by a control signal transmitted via the bus
Integrated circuit with unified memory system and dual bus architecture
Method and apparatus for removable peripheral user interface panels
PCI bridge for optimized command delivery
Bus system for shadowing registers
Bridgeless embedded PCI computer system using syncronous dynamic ram architecture
Efficient data loading scheme to minimize PCI bus arbitrations delays and wait states
Display apparatus enabled to control communicatability with an external computer using identification information
Method and system for communicating interrupts between nodes of a multinode computer system
Control of command transmission and reception in a data transmission device and data transmission device therefor
Data processing apparatus for executing synchronous instructions prior to executing asynchronous instructions
Cache memory architecture with on-chip tag array and off-chip data array
Digital reverberation processor and method for generating digital reverberation
Handling eject requests of logical volumes in a data storage subsystem
Aligned instruction cache handling of instruction fetches across multiple predicted branch instructions
Cache coherency protocol with selectively implemented tagged state
System and method for maintaining cache coherency and data synchronization in a computer system having multiple active controllers
Method and system for transmitting address commands in a multiprocessor system
Tagged access synchronous bus architecture
Computer system employing memory controller and bridge interface permitting concurrent operation
Host storage management control of outboard data movement using push-pull operations
Memory access control circuit
Externally identifiable descriptor for standard memory allocation interface
Processor configured to map logical register numbers to physical register numbers using virtual register numbers
Chipset configured to perform data-directed prefetching
Memory management during processing of binary decision diagrams in a computer system
Dynamically assigning CPUs to different partitions each having an operation system instance in a shared memory space
Multiprocessor computer architecture incorporating a plurality of memory algorithm processors in the memory subsystem
System with wait state register
Bit manipulation instructions
Coprocessor opcode division by data type
Rapid selection of oldest eligible entry in a queue
Non-stalling circular counterflow pipeline processor with reorder buffer
Conversion from packed floating point data to packed 16-bit integer data in different architectural registers
Apparatus and method for using checking instructions in a floating-point execution unit
Systems and methods for transient error recovery in reduced instruction set computer processors via instruction retry
Apparatus having a flattener for outputting aligned or unaligned information from an instruction execution pipeline
Instruction buffer for issuing instruction sets to an instruction decoder
Multithreading processor with thread predictor
Method and apparatus for performing branch prediction combining static and dynamic branch predictors
Branch prediction mechanism employing branch selectors to select a branch prediction
Branch prediction entry with target line index calculated using relative position of second operation of two step branch operation in a line of instructions
Processor with specialized handling of repetitive operations
Recoverable software installation process and apparatus for a computer system
Method and apparatus for providing off-line secure communications
Computer manufacturing with smart configuration methods
Secure electronic commerce employing integrated circuit cards
Distribution of musical products by a web site vendor over the internet
Information management method and recording medium
Electronic equipment, method of controlling operation thereof and controlling method
Method for authenticating electronic documents on a computer network
Method and system for pipe stage gating within an operating pipelined circuit for power savings
Synchronization process negotiation for computing devices
Method and apparatus for capturing data from a non-source synchronous component in a source synchronous environment
Delaying clock and data signals to force synchronous operation in digital systems that determine phase relationships between clocks with related frequencies
Timing signal generating circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor integrated circuit system to which the timing signal generating circuit is applied, and signal transmission system
Filesystem failover in a single system image environment
Parallel remote administration of mirrored and alternate volume groups in a distributed data processing system
Protocol for providing replicated servers in a client-server system
Apparatus and method for providing redundancy in a transaction processing system
I/O handling for a multiprocessor computer system
Method and apparatus for comparing real time operation of object code compatible processors
Automated reliability and maintainability process
Method for verifying branch trace history buffer information
Enhanced embedded logic analyzer
Server extension for a computer system
Distributed diagnostic logging system
Automatic retransmission with order of information changed
Method and apparatus for verifying that data stored in a memory has not been corrupted
Relocating unreliable disk sectors when encountering disk drive read errors with notification to user when data is bad
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor memory device having a plurality of memory banks
Method and apparatus for combined stuck-at fault and partial-scanned delay-fault built-in self test
Tool to reconfigure pin connections between a DUT and a tester
Threefold error correction coding method and apparatus for high definition digital video cassette recorder
Method of encoding data signals for storage
Digital broadcasting system and method
Method and apparatus for encoding a binary signal
Hardware design for majority voting, and testing and maintenance of majority voting
Dynamically configured on-chip communications paths based on statistical analysis
Method and apparatus for generating layout data for a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and system of latch mapping for combinational equivalence checking
Configurable hardware system implementing Boolean Satisfiability and method thereof
System and process of extracting gate-level descriptions from simulation tables for formal verification
Method and apparatus for assembling array and datapath macros
Method and apparatus for parallel Steiner tree routing
Embedded non-volatile programming tool
Structured exception-handling methods, apparatus, and computer program products
Method and data processing system for providing subroutine level instrumentation statistics
Bytecode program interpreter apparatus and method with pre-verification of a data type restrictions and object initialization
Method for a translation system that aggressively optimizes and preserves full synchronous exception state
Computer compiler optimizer for reducing computer resource consumption during dependence analysis after loop unrolling
Optimization of source code with embedded machine instructions
Method and apparatus for identifying and removing unused software procedures
Television schedule system and method of operation for multiple program occurrences
Windmill model
Cutting template
Coating thickness gauge
Processor and display module for a modular measurement instrument
Sample holder for spectrophotometer
Electric meter drawout case
Four sided alarm unit with an upper infrared sensor and a lower light emitting diode
Combined vehicle alarm transmitter/pager and key ring
Ornamental topper for vehicle antenna
Portion of a watch
Setting for a gemstone
Jewelry setting
Diamond setting
Jewelry setting
Jewelry setting
Miniature tablet
Golf ornament
Jewelry button
Roadway trailer for coiled tubing reel
Bicycle display with mounting assembly
Motorized wheelchair
Tire tread
Tire for automobile
Tow line connector
Trailer hitch ball
Front bumper for a vehicle
Industrial vehicle pedal
Mustang car brake/clutch pedal
Steering tiller for personal mobility vehicle
Windshield protector
Vehicle visor system
System and method of optically inspecting manufactured devices
Component mounting apparatus and method
Image indexing using color correlograms
Compression/decompression algorithm for image documents having text, graphical and color content
Method for improvement of digitized images
Method and apparatus for transforming an image for classification or pattern recognition
Method of reading characters and method of reading postal addresses
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for transmitting or processing images
Picture and video storage management system and method
Modified discrete wavelet transform for odd length data appropriate for image and video compression applications
Image compression encoder and image compression encoding method
Loss-less compression and decompression of bitmaps using strokes
Method and apparatus for generating selected image views from a larger image having dependent macroblocks
Image data processor
Real-time feature-based video stream validation and distortion analysis system using color moments
Image retrieval method and apparatus using a compound image formed from a plurality of detected regions
Efficient beveling of extruded regions in video processing
Image processing apparatus
Optical circulator
Optical switch apparatus
Asymmetric thermo-optical switch
Method and apparatus for controlling time delay in optical slip rings
Irreversible optical device utilizing optical frequency shift
V-groove dual fiber collimator for DWDM multiplexor/demultiplexor
Reliable low-cost dual fiber optical collimator
Tunable chirped fiber grating device and method for forming chirped fiber grating
Grating element, light wavelength selection utilizing the same, and optical signal transmitting system
Wavelength stabilized laser light source
Optical fiber with numerical aperture compression
Tunable optical filter
Fiber optic cladding displacement connector
Device for placing a structural element in a cable installation conduit in order to sub-divide it
Optical waveguide with protective tube
Fiber-coupled receiver and associated method
Endoscopic optical system
Method for curing optical glass fiber coatings and inks by low power electron beam radiation
Liquid filled optical waveguide
Variable optical attenuator with profiled blade
Deemphasis and subsequent reemphasis of high-energy reversed-spectrum components of a folded video signal
Recording and reproducing device for multiple-speed reproduction
Recording medium driver
Apparatus for recording and reproducing video and audio signals in either analog or digital form
Fluid heating control system
Camera and lens barrel for use in the camera
Photographic lens and photographing apparatus having the same
Lens barrel
Structure of lid of battery chamber in camera
Image sensing apparatus
Photographic camera having additional image
Apparatus for coping with positional deviations of film
Locking mechanism for backside cover of camera
Removable toner cartridge
Fuser control for limiting current draw in an electrophotographic machine
Image heating apparatus
Density control apparatus in image formation apparatus
Electrophotographic machine including a backup roller disposed within an intermediate transfer medium
Image heating apparatus with temperature setting means
Electronic photograph forming apparatus and method for controlling the same
Toner Container cap, toner container, and process cartridge
Bearing, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for reducing light shock to a photoreceptive member
Photoreceptor drum
Grid electrode for corona charger
Toner container, development cartridge, and process cartridge
Toner cartridge and method using the toner cartridge for feeding a predetermined amount of toner
Apparatus for loading dry xerographic toner onto a traveling wave grid
Printer and copier device and method for performance-adapted, monochrome and/or chromatic, single-sided or both-sided printing of a recording medium
Image forming apparatus
Electrostatographic reproduction machine having a fusing belt position changing mechanism
Original sensing device and sensing device
Sheet decurling apparatus
Cellular telephone location system
Sensor controlled user interface for portable communication device
Avalanche transceiver
Wireless microphone use UHF band carrier FM transmitter
Device and method for controlling distortion characteristic of predistorter
Dual band receiver
Method and apparatus for saving current while performing signal strength measurements in a homodyne receiver
Conversion and distribution of incoming wireless telephone signals using the power line
Mobile transmission system
Tariff management apparatus and methods for multiple-mode communications terminals
Method and apparatus for providing access of messages to multiple recipients in cellular networks
Mobile switching centre and method for handling a dropped connection between a mobile station and a basestation transceiver
Satellite communication conference system for use in a satellite communication system
Method and apparatus for predicting spot beam and satellite handover in a mobile satellite communication network
Use of cellular digital packet data (CDPD) communications to convey system identification list data to roaming cellular subscriber stations
Synchronization messages for hand-off operations
Method and system in a mobile radio system
Magnetoresistive device having a highly smooth metal reflective layer
Methods of sharing capabilities information between the nodes of telecommunications network
Determining subscriber demands on a communications system
Method of channel allocation
Wide area item tracking system
Mobile base station
System and method for measuring and locating a mobile station signal in a wireless communication system
Digital FM audio processing in a dual-mode communication system
System and methods for controlling access to digital wireless network in a dual mode wireless system
Method and apparatus for disposing of objects in a multi-threaded environment
Method and structure for automated switching between multiple contexts in a storage subsystem target device
Multiprocessor computer system with user specifiable process placement
Method and system for restoring the state of physical memory as the focus changes among application programs in a computer
Apparatus, program products and methods utilizing intelligent contact management
Apparatus and method for processing servlets
Method and apparatus for sending private messages within a single electronic message
Method and apparatus for interfacing two remotely disposed devices coupled via a transmission medium
Method and apparatus for facilitating computer network transactions
Method and apparatus for transcoding character sets between internet hosts and thin client devices over data networks
Design of computer networks
System for collecting and displaying performance improvement information for a computer
High speed transfer of failure information in an ATM network
Graphic user interface system for a telecommunications switch management system
Method and apparatus for providing monitoring capability
Method and apparatus for redirecting packets using encapsulation
System, method and program for enabling a client to reconnect to a same server in a network of computer systems after the server has moved to a different network address
Method and apparatus for handling client request with a distributed web application server
Network server supporting multiple instance of services to operate concurrently by having endpoint mapping subsystem for mapping virtual network names to virtual endpoint IDs
Method and apparatus for processing network packets using time stamps
Transaction state broadcast method using a two-stage multicast in a multiple processor cluster
Passing a communication control block from host to a local device such that a message is processed on the device
Method and computer program product for scheduling network communication packets originating from different flows having unique service requirements
Method and apparatus for routing responses for protocol with no station address to multiple hosts
Windshield wiper
Wheel retainer
Set of doors for sport utility vehicle
Front portion of motor vehicle
Front portion of truck
Wheel adapter
Wheel adapter
Wheel for a motor vehicle
Bullet-shaped spoke weight
Core for a stator
Signal input/output converter
Signal input device
Housing for batteries
Multiple outlet wall tap
Extension cord reel
Multiple outlet surge strip
Electrical power and communication outlet box
Mold produced housing for enclosing the connection between a cable and a connector
Conduit adapter for electrical boxes
Combined heating system display and control panel
Video tape recorder
Disc player combined with a radio receiver and a tape player
Audio speaker housing
Housing for a computer terminal
Personal computer
Personal digital assistant device
Personal digital assistant with wireless communication
Wireless personal digital assistant with finger biometric
Illuminated keyboard
Portion of a computer input device
Controller for a game machine
Combined CD ticket and stub
Partially transparent IC card
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Printer for computer
Composite desktop for a computer display screen
Folding computer
Radio housing
Portable telephone
Remote controller for massage chair
Front cover for a telephone handset
Control panel for an automotive audio system
Front portion of a disc player
Digital recording controller
Fuel dispenser interface
Refrigerated sandwich counter and case
Magnetic chuck
Tracking roller
Video camera
Portable image projection system
Facsimile machine
Copying machine
Toner cartridge
Camera adaptor frame
Ink cartridge for a printer
Laser beam printer
Book binder
Automobile steering wheel clipboard
Desktop organizer
Shelf device for stationery goods
Car tape dispenser
Office perforator
Writing aid
Marker holder
Spotting bone
Combined ink dabber and adhesive stick
Marking pen
Writing instrument
Binary double click pen
Identifier tag lens cover
Label for automobile
Distributing machine
Distribution chute access cover
Manual playing card shuffler
Magnetic wheel spiral toy
Children's ride-on vehicle
Controller for game machine
Network terminal equipment capable of accommodating plurality of communication control units
Optimized synchronization procedure
Appliance with indicating device
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