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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for evaluating deep rooting property of plant
Helmet adjustment system
Pocket umbrella comprising a handle cover and a support for the telescopic tube
Gum massaging oral brush
Hanger for suspending at least one object from a support
Positioning apparatus
Shower arrangement
Handheld cleaning appliance
Eye illumination apparatus and method
Ophthalmologic photographing apparatus
Game apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reservoir for use with a blood collection system
Filter with bayonet coupling to cover
Carbonate spring producing system
Device for administering fluid compositions including tensioning polymers
Apparatus and method for dispensing foam onto substrates of large width
Hinge and method of making same
Tool head with adjusting motor
Rotating shaft tool
Powder metal friction stir welding tool and method of manufacture thereof
Modification of solder alloy compositions to suppress interfacial void formation in solder joints
Thermal and electrical conductivity probes and methods of making the same
Holding device
Gas turbine hot gas component repair method
Self-aligning utility autocoupler
Auxiliary machine for labelling machines
Tire with zoned built-in sealant layer
Method and apparatus of fabricating carcass member for tire
Stitching device and method for setting up a stitching device
Apparatus for providing uniaxial load distribution for laminate layers of multilayer ceramic chip carriers
Image recording method, ink set, recorded material
Circuit substrate and liquid discharging apparatus with a first wiring layer directly connected to the substrate and a second wiring layer connected to the first wiring layer through a metal film
Liquid ejection recording head
Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
Method of cleaning head and inkjet recording apparatus
Injection apparatus and a valve device provided in a passage
Liquid-jet device, image forming apparatus, and method for adjusting landing positions of liquid droplets
Security printing and detecting systems and methods
Tire and self-inflation apparatus assembly
Dual mode undercarriage for tracked vehicle
Motor sensor assembly for alternative fuel vehicles
Mounting structure of part
Seat back assembly with low density frame
Support structure
Headrest and vehicle seat provided with the same
Adjustable vehicle head restraint assembly for a vehicle seat
Vehicle headlamp including control to reduce illuminance of additional light distribution pattern and method of controlling the same
Rear fascia integrated step load support
Storage unit with electronic device mounting structure
Drive device
Support jack
Hydraulic control for a park by wire system used in a multimode hybrid transmission
Braking device
Overhead conveyor
Installation support of a loading floor of a passenger car
Aircraft window darkening system
Axial flow fan with hub isolation slots
Locking sub-assembly for closing the remaining gap between the first and the last of a blade ring which are inserted in a circumferential groove of a turbomachine, and corresponding turbomachine
Closing assembly for a blade ring of turbomachinery
Aircraft toilet facility
System and method for filling a portable liquified gas storage/delivery system
Method and apparatus for wrapping a stack with a wrapping sheet
Lidded container
Gripping device for a robot
Shuttle and component feeding system
Sheet feeding device and electrophotographic image forming apparatus with rotating charged belt
Movable tray drive control device and movable tray drive control method
Sheet handling apparatus and sheet handling method
Indicating device
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine and operating method thereof
Fixed Constructions
Manually-operated ramp for handicapped access
Metal truss
Acoustic structure
Large-capacity booth for the treatment, in particular the spraying and/or drying, of workpieces
Floor support and floor structure
Cylinder lock, clutch device and unlocking device comprising thereof
Shaped memory alloy decklid actuator
Cord lock of window coverings
Slip ring apparatus for a rotary steerable tool
Cement compositions and associated methods comprising sub-micron calcium carbonate and latex
Large bore vertical tree
System and method for performing a fracture operation on a subterranean formation
Subsea solids processing apparatuses and methods
Anchor system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Connecting system
Method, system and apparatus for turbine diffuser sealing
Concentric camshaft and method of assembly
Engine and vehicle comprising engine
Method, device and computer program product for diagnosing of at least one exhaust emission control unit
Exhaust gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine and device for switching an air guiding device of an exhaust gas turbocharger
Procedure for the operation of an internal combustion engine
Gasket for sealing multiple fluids
Vehicle including a variable intake pipe length device
Turbine blade with single tip rail with a mid-positioned deflector portion
Artificial heart pump
Fluid transporting device of the peristaltic type with a push pin and push plate arrangement
Electrical air pump assembly and inflatable product having the same
Manipulation lever connection structure of vehicle
Clutch for a transmission
Rotary oscillation damper
Dynamic displacement anchorage energy management device
Gearbox for a motor vehicle
Transmission and vehicle having transversely mounted transmission and engine arranged in axial direction thereof
Blade structure of torque converter and method for producing blade structure of torque converter
Wire harness clamp
Holder for an elongate article
Hydraulic mount having double idle rate dip frequencies of dynamic stiffness
Assembly including a pressurized gas storage tank and a control device for filling the tank with gas and/or extracting gas therefrom
Illuminating device
Electrically illuminated flame simulator
Lighting apparatus
Light unit and display apparatus having the light unit
Lighting apparatus
Plate for inscription
Combustion chamber
Air conditioning system
Carbon dioxide refrigerant-coolant heat exchanger
Refrigerator for storing vials and cartridge for use in the same
Filter cleaning apparatus and ductless dryer implementing the same
Air gun vibration damper and method
Lightweight cartridge case
Measuring tool
MEMS inertial sensor with frequency control and method
Temperature sensor probe
External force detection device
Anti-pinch sensor
Pressure detection device
Stiffness detector, stiffness detection method, and paper sheet processor including stiffness detector
Method and apparatus for ascertaining and/or monitoring a process variable
Method and apparatus for deferred decision signal quality analysis
Method and circuit arrangement for resetting an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for securing communications ports in an electronic device
Method to synchronize stereographic hardware to sequential color rendering apparatus
System for displaying images and/or information on aircraft blades and method thereof
Focal-plane shutter apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
Method for transferring data across different clock domains with selectable delay
Method and system for electronic delivery of sensitive information
Methods and apparatus to manage system power and performance
System for executing prescribed process during operating system is in sleep state using information stored in common area
Method and apparatus for controlling power management state transitions
Method and system for stateful switch-over in a high-availability point to point system
Transaction-safe FAT file system improvements
Image formation apparatus and network system
Logical unit security for clustered storage area networks
Computer virus screening methods and systems
Device and method of preventing pirated copies of computer programs
System and method for caching directory data in a networked computer environment
Load balancing of disk drives
Computer platform memory configuration on-board indicating method and system
Method and system for caching address translations from multiple address spaces in virtual machines
Content addressable memories (CAMs) based on a binary CAM and having at least three states
Apparatus and method for partitioning and managing subsystem logics
Apparatus and method for reduction of processor power consumption
Determination of cache entry for future operation
Method for processing audiovisual information in an electronic device, a system, and an electronic device
Programmable logic device integrated circuit with shared hotsocket architecture
Supercharge message exchanger
Memory access consolidation for SIMD processing elements having access indicators
Computer system utilizing multiple computer modules with serial interface
Concurrent arbitration of multidimensional requests for interrupt resources
Efficient system management synchronization and memory allocation
Intermediate address table for converting position information to an address of a link structure correlated information file on a hypertext document
System and method of retrieving and presenting partial (skipped) document content
Content service aggregation device for a data center
Transparent disconnected services discovery and use
Relay apparatus, method of controlling content delivery, and content delivery system
Method and apparatus for providing web services in a collaborative computing system
Method for optimizing a link schedule
Apparatus, methods, and articles incorporating multiple path failover driver mechanism
Method for accessing distributed file system
Transport system for instant messaging
Computer networks for providing peer to peer remote data storage and collaboration
Method for estimating a traffic matrix in a communication network using non-stationary data
Element management system with automatic remote backup of network elements' local storage
Adaptive allocation of last-hop bandwidth based on monitoring of end-to-end throughput
Method and apparatus for mapping a data model to a user interface model
Media content descriptions
Methods for storing and naming static library cells for lookup by logic synthesis and the like
System for placing elements of semiconductor integrated circuit, method of placing elements thereon, and program for placing elements
Dummy fill for integrated circuits
Integrated circuit selective scaling
Eliminating false positives in crosstalk noise analysis
Method of logic circuit synthesis and design using a dynamic circuit library
Building integrated circuits using a common database
Printing a mask with maximum possible process window through adjustment of the source distribution
Method, apparatus and computer program product providing storage network dynamic tuning of I/O flow with Queue Depth
Methods and arrangements for providing non-model reminder information in a graphical user interface
Control device connected to external device
Techniques for managing a storage environment
Calendar bar interface for electronic mail interaction
Six-term Karatsuba-variant calculator
Apparatus, system, and method of dynamic binary translation supporting a denormal input handling mechanism
Firewall including local bus
Method and apparatus to reduce misprediction penalty by exploiting exact convergence
System for rebooting relay apparatus based on detection of completely no communication establishment data presence
Information processing method for controlling the function of a plurality of processors, program for realizing the method, and recording medium
Method and apparatus to support an expanded register set
Retrieving multi-byte vector elements from byte indexed table using replicated and consecutive number added indices for each element index
System for dynamic service provisioning
Data centric and protocol agnostic workflows for exchanging data between a workflow instance and a workflow host
Systems and methods for prioritized data-driven software testing
API schema language and transformation techniques
Method for changing a thread priority in a simultaneous multithread processor
Information reading apparatus
Wireless transaction fobs and methods of using the same
Projector that monitors mirror function to prevent point illumination
Integrated reproducing/recording apparatus
Transport comb for head stack assembly
Method and apparatus for pipelined joint equalization and decoding for gigabit communications
Method and system for keystroke scan recognition biometrics on a smartcard
Correcting for data losses with feedback and response
Method for zero-knowledge authentication of a prover by a verifier providing a user-selectable confidence level and associated application devices
Resource management in security enhanced processors
Tunneled authentication protocol for preventing man-in-the-middle attacks
System for using a channel and event overlay for invoking channel and event related functions
Video on demand methods and systems
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Computer in a wall
Cooking timer device
Apparatus and method for reading and analyzing ECG images
Tactile feedback device providing tactile sensations from host commands
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electric double layer capacitor and electrolyte therefor
Photonic crystal formed by laser machining and having holes with sub-wavelength pitch
Method for monitoring a semiconductor wafer in a chemical mechanical polishing process
Method for profiling and calibrating a digitally controllable printing machine having a permanent printing plate
Printing apparatus, a method of controlling the printing apparatus, a printer control program, and a storage medium for the program
Keyboard comprising a loudspeaker
Method and apparatus for discerning image distortion by reference to encoded marker signals
System for monitoring sealing wear
System and method for transmitting information for amphibious traveling vehicle and system for controlling operation of the vehicle
Vehicle window tinting system and method
Method and apparatus for detecting residual yarn on spinning cop tubes
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Deionizers with energy recovery
Stave cooler
Feed device for a shaft furnace
Fixed Constructions
Element for lighting rooms by selective daylight guidance and method of manufacturing such an element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Liquid crystal display including at least two light guiding plates arranged in parallel
Surface profiling using a differential interferometer
Method and apparatus for determining the alignment of rotational bodies
Non-contact silicon melt surface evaluation method and system
Surveying instrument having a phase-difference detection type focus detecting device and a beam-splitting optical system
Self-calibrating measuring setup for interference spectroscopy
High speed high resolution hyperspectral sensor
Optical wavelength monitoring system and stabilizing system
Chromatic dispersion distribution measurement apparatus and method for the same
Chromatic dispersion distribution measurement apparatus and method for the same
Apparatus and method for the visual inspection in particular of concealed soldered joints
Particle sizing and concentration sensor using a hollow shaped beam
Multipass cavity for illumination and excitation of moving objects
Single source, single detector chip, multiple-longitudinal channel electromagnetic radiation absorbance and fluorescence monitoring system
Fiber optic probes apparatus for spectrophotometry
Appearance inspection method and apparatus
Capacitance type humidity sensor and manufacturing method of the same
Quad-layer GMR sandwich
Systems for CMOS-compatible three-dimensional image sensing using quantum efficiency modulation
Coherent laser radar apparatus and radar/optical communication system
Hydrophone array
High speed downhole communications network having point to multi-point orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Telephoto lens system
Panoramic refracting conical optic
Zoom lens system
Wide-angle zoom lens and projection-type display unit using it
Confocal microscope and height measurement method using the same
Method for beam control in a scanning microscope, arrangement for beam control in a scanning microscope, and scanning microscope
Adjustable eyepiece for a viewing device
Tunable Fabry Perot microelectromechanical resonator adapted for optical filters and lasers with reduced optical power-dependent tuning
Laser light projector having beam diffuser and associated methods
On-vehicle display unit
Projection device
Single lens instantaneous 3D image taking device
Viewing stereoscopic image pairs
Optical isolator
Laminated phase plate and liquid crystal display comprising the laminated phase plate
Phase shifter and optical head device mounted with the same
Holographic optical devices
Method of producing an optical fibre resonant cavity, in particular for an interferometric sensor, and optical fibre resonant cavity produced thereby
Optical channel selector
Multimode fiber communication system with enhanced bandwidth
Two-way optical transmission and reception device
Optical transceiver module with metallic latches
Mounting apparatus for an optical element
Lens apparatus
Zoom lens and zoom lens barrel
Time compensation architectures for controlling timing of optical signals
Faraday rotator
Electrochromic-nanoparticle displays
Method and apparatus for automatically correcting a bias voltage on an optical modulator of external-modulation optical emitter
Liquid crystal display unit
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device
Transflective liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Structure for preventing a wrinkle in a reflective sheet of a backlight unit
Dual sided liquid crystal display device
Fringe field switching liquid crystal display
Multi-color display device
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Active matrix display devices with ladder-shaped electrodes or pixel electrode contacting side of drain electrode
Active matrix liquid crystal display device having electrostatic shielding layer between data lines
Liquid crystal display apparatus having improved gray scale display characteristics
Information recording/displaying card
Liquid crystal display panel and a substrate capable of being cut by a laser light
Method and apparatus for printing images in multiple formats using a spatial light modulator
Overlay alignment mark design
Method and apparatus for exposing semiconductor wafers in a manner that promotes radial processing uniformity
Reticle system for measurement of effective coherence factors
Method and system of distortion compensation in a projection imaging expose system
Apparatus and method for compensating for distortion of a printed circuit workpiece substrate
Color image printer
Celestial timepiece assembly
Electronic timepiece and method of driving the electronic timepiece
Timepiece with pager and global positioning system
Electronic timepiece having power generating function
Boosted voltage supply
Three degree of freedom mechanism for input devices
Projecting images
Structure for mounting computer devices, pivotable between operating and service positions, including a pivoting support member
Electronic component mounting assembly and portions thereof
Peripheral device bay with adapter plates
Modular drive cage assembly
Method for determining the number of accesses granted during WCL and apparatus
Serial interface circuit and signal processing method of the same
Method of multi-processing data in ARCNET
Image maps
Page back intrusion detection device
Ergonomic keyboard
Method of using a pointer and a opt-out period to tell an actuator to actuate itself
Drop resistant cordless mouse
Convertible computer input device
Flash EEPROM system with simultaneous multiple data sector programming and storage of physical block characteristics in other designated blocks
Line-quadrupler in home theater uses line-doubler of AV-part and scaler in graphics controller of PC-part
Remote computer display using graphics primitives sent over a wireless link
Print control apparatus, print control method and memory medium
Display data conversion apparatus and LED head using the apparatus
Memory card
Methods of producing security documents having digitally encoded data and documents employing same
Scanning capacitive semiconductor fingerprint detector
Device, method and record medium for color space conversion from RGB data to CMYK data
Method for computing the location and orientation of an object in three dimensional space
Quantization-based data hiding employing calibration and locally adaptive quantization
System and method for compressing biometric models
Pixel-based digital watermarks located near edges of an image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage
Z-compression mechanism
Methods and systems for automatically adding motion lines representing motion to a still image
Methods for generating image set or series with imperceptibly different images, systems therefor and applications thereof
System and method for interactive room modeling from camera images
Computer graphics apparatus for processing of data defining a three-dimensional computer model to partition the three-dimensional space into a plurality of sectors
Hierarchical data structures for surface elements
Classification of photos with sepia tones
Wavelet-based facial motion capture for avatar animation
Method of image processing using three facial feature points in three-dimensional head motion tracking
Method and apparatus for automated detection of masses in digital images
Video compression for multicast environments using spatial scalability and simulcast coding
Digital signal coding and decoding
Method of coding images at very low data rate and coding/decoding device implementing this method
Scalable MPEG-2 video system
Optical recording medium having a master data area and a writeable data area
Low-power organic light emitting diode pixel circuit
Driving circuit for electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Television conference system wherein a plurality of image pickup means are displayed in a corresponding plurality of windows
Method and recognizing music and computer-readable recording medium having music-recognizing program recorded therein
Sound effect imparting apparatus
Magneto-optical reproducing head having a plural transfer facing surfaces and insulation gaps
Tape driving apparatus and recording medium
Magnetic tape apparatus with forced magnetic tape cleaning process
Cartridge magazine for a tape library
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing disc-shaped recording medium including transmitting mechanism for interrupting transmission of a driving force
Mobile device comprising a disk storage system protected by a pressure-sensitive detector
System for copy protection of recorded information
Method of detecting frequency of digital phase locked loop
Method and apparatus for presenting both sides of a media to a read/write head in a storage device
Digital audio recording medium and reproducing apparatus thereof
Recording medium, recording apparatus, and reading apparatus
Recording medium, reproduction method/ apparatus with multiple table of contents
Combination glide test/burnishing head and head suspension
Process and temperature resistant active damping circuit for inductive write drivers
Magnetic head with integrated circuit on a rigid body
Magnetic transducer with recessed magnetic elements
Pinned layer structure for a spin valve sensor having cobalt iron (CoFe) and cobalt iron oxide (CoFeO) laminated layers
Resettable dual AP pinned valve sensor insensitive to sense current direction and having symmetrically balanced fields about a free layer
Magnetic disk drive with load/unload structure having lubricant reservoir
Device for positioning a transducing head by means of a drive and a microactuator
Recovery of lateral position of a servo system with respect to longitudinal servo bands of a magnetic tape
Disturbance rejection for disc drives using adaptive accelerometer feedforward servo
Head assembly having leading edge step scheme for tuned air entrainment
Laser driver for an optical recording system
Recording information reproducing apparatus with crosstalk canceler
Optical disc and apparatus for scanning the optical disc
Optical disk with information signal representing a character, method and apparatus
Information recording medium recording data on wobbled groove structure of recording medium
Optical recording medium with aligned prepit portion
Information recording method and apparatus
Rewritable compact disk and manufacturing method thereof
Information recording medium and information reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup assembly
Magnetic memory drive and optical device
Servo detection using a correlation data structure for concurrent processing of quad signals
Optical pickup using a single light spot to generate tracking error signal and reproduction signal
Semiconductor laser driving method and optical disc apparatus
Method and apparatus for initializing optical recording media
Data memory device
Semiconductor memory device, method for driving the same and method for fabricating the same
DRAM word line voltage control to insure full cell writeback level
Reduced power bit line selection in memory circuits
256 Meg dynamic random access memory
Priority encoder circuit and method for content addressable memory
Associative memory
Method of erasing nonvolatile tunneling injector memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and method for operating the same
Flash memory device capable of checking memory cells for failure characteristics
Non-volatile memory device with tunnel oxide
Page buffer of a flash memory
Initialization method of P-type silicon nitride read only memory
Memory circuit
Burst read addressing in a non-volatile memory device
Pre-charge circuit and method for memory devices with shared sense amplifiers
Editing apparatus, editing method, and non-volatile memory
Semiconductor device array having dense memory cell array and hierarchical bit line scheme
Bitline splitter
Current saving semiconductor memory and method
Semiconductor memory architecture
Semiconductor memory device having memory cell block activation control circuit and method for controlling activation of memory cell blocks thereof
Semiconductor memory device
Circuit and method for synchronizing multiple digital data paths
Method using a word line driver for driving a word line
Solid electrolyte capacitor and method for manufacturing the same
Method of reducing program disturbs in NAND type flash memory devices
Matrix type printed circuit board for semiconductor packages
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method of forming and operating trench split gate non-volatile flash memory cell structure
Magnetoresistive memory with a low current density
Low-profile multi-chip module
Solder-free PCB assembly
Method and apparatus for thermally controlling multiple electronic components
Integrated EMI containment and spray cooling module utilizing a magnetically coupled pump
Method and apparatus for cooling electronic components
Electric circuit
Multilayer reference plane in package devices
Device for the protection of interconnection lines in an integrated circuit
Switched electrostatic discharge ring for integrated circuits with multiple power inputs
Semiconductor device
CMOS active pixel sensor having in-pixel local exposure control
Quasi-optical variable beamsplitter
Laser oscillating apparatus
Automatic gain control device of optical fiber amplifier
Shared pump and serial rare earth doped fiber optical amplifiers
Method for gain equalization, and device and system for use in carrying out the method
Multiple mode laser
Absolute wavelength calibration of lithography laser using multiple element or tandem see through hollow cathode lamp
Broadband amplifier and communication system
Ultra-linear laser drive circuit
Semiconductor laser device having selective absorption qualities
Systems with integrated optically pumped vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Integrated opto-electronic wavelength converter assembly
Analog pulse position modulation in harmonically mode-locked lasers
Laser wavelength stabilization
High-power semiconductor laser device in which near-edge portions of active layer are removed
Semiconductor light emitting device
Motor driver fault protector
Method and apparatus for fault condition protection of a switched mode power supply
Output feedback and under-voltage detection system
Voltage sensing with high and low side signals for deadtime compensation and shutdown for short circuit protection
Power supply circuit for driving power transistor
Voltage regulator module for micro processor and CPO using a super capacitor
Flexible converter routing apparatus, system and method
Switching power circuit with a filter for controlling noise of a switching frequency and method of same
Switching power supply
Three-phase hybrid AC-voltage/AC-voltage direct converter having minimal complexity and high commutation security
Solenoid drive circuit
Amplifier circuit for electret microphone with enhanced performance
Line drive architecture with programmable gain and drive
Television tuner with suppressed attenuation of level of video intermediate frequency with respect to rise in ambient temperature
Glitch-free frequency dividing circuit
Opto-electronic techniques for reducing phase noise in a carrier signal by carrier supression
Information regenerating apparatus and information regenerating method
Adaptive maximum likelihood detection
Cache and caching method for conventional decoders
Partial response maximum likelihood (PRML) bit detection apparatus
Method and apparatus for backward recursion next state generation in recursive convolutional decoding
CDMA receiver having a controllable search range and method for controlling the same
Process for receiving spread-spectrum signals
Data transmission apparatus for CDMA communication system and method thereof
Successive user data multipath interference cancellation
Method of forming channel estimate, and receiver
Switching transmission units to an equivalent circuit for the purposes of bidirectional asynchronous cell transfer
Optical return loss detector for optical transmission systems
Method and apparatus for in circuit biasing and testing of a modulated laser and optical receiver in a wavelength division multiplexing optical transceiver board
Method and apparatus for controlling the optical power of an optical transmission signal
Wavelength-multiplexed light amplifying apparatus, optical amplifier and optical add-and-drop apparatus using wavelength-multiplexed light amplifying basic unit
Filter with variable transmission character, optical transmission equipment and method of optical transmission
Automatic dispersion equalization apparatus in high-speed optical transmission system
System and method for acquiring a received signal in a spread spectrum device
Multi-adaptation for a voice packet based
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation with self-deactivation
Interpretation of a received signal
Distributed ATM switch and method for performing switching in an ATM network that includes a processing satellite
Spread spectrum communication system and overload control method therefor
CDMA base station apparatus and code assignment method
Method of transmitting information via a telecommunication system and corresponding telecommunication system
Signal multiplexer and method
Method and generator for generating orthogonal spreading code in CDMA radio system
Spread spectrum communication method and spread spectrum communication apparatus
Power and wavelength management for mixed-rate optical data systems
Polarization division multiplexing in optical data transmission systems
Efficient generation within a remote base station of a synchronization signal for a cordless communication system
Method and apparatus to perform cell synchronization in an asynchronous transfer mode network
Multi-stage SONET overhead processing
Signal combining scheme for wireless transmission systems having multiple modulation schemes
Radio communication apparatus and mobile radio communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling the decision threshold and sampling instant of a data generator
Bypassing topological restrictions with tunnels
Data rate algorithms for use in wireless local area networks
Direct mode communication method between two mobile terminals in access point controlled wireless LAN systems
Sonet system and method which performs TSI functions on the backplane and uses PCM buses partitioned into 4-bit wide parallel buses
Time slotted logical ring
Dynamic switch path verification system within a multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS)
Methods and apparatus for detecting leaks in ATM networks
Method and apparatus for generating intranode alternate route
Latency verification system within a multi-interface point-to-point switching system (MIPPSS)
Routing and rate control in a universal transfer mode network
System for controlling look-ups in a data table in a network switch
Establishing optimal audio latency in streaming applications over a packet-based network
Load balancing switch protocols
Concentrator type ATM switch for an ATM switching system
Data networks
ATM repeater using hardware implemented transfer destination searching to reduce processor load
Channel characteristics estimation apparatus
Method and device for aligning synchronous digital signals
Reduction of optical impairments in wavelength division multiplexed systems employing a wavelength bus architecture
Coding technique in discrete multi-tone (DMT) based communications systems
Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized use of a permanent virtual connection
Multiple access prevention for datagram-based control protocols method
Packet communication method and apparatus and a recording medium storing a packet communication program
Security by doubling at least certain logic paths in a telecommunications network
Rate matching method
Alternative configurations for an ADSL system operating in a time duplex noise environment
Advanced ethernet auto negotiation
Method of preventing data destruction in multiplex communication system
Apparatus for recovering symbol timing in cap-based high-speed communication system using single-sided prefilter pair
Automated prefix dialing system
Method and apparatus for facilitating intra-premises voice and data distribution using existing in-place POTS telephone lines
System and method for identifying modem connections in a telephone network
Apparatus for providing data to switching elements in a communications system
Calling assistance system and method
Acoustic echo canceler with a peak impulse response detector
Echo canceller for a full-duplex communication system and method therefor
Digital imaging method and apparatus for detection of document security marks
System connecting power supply line to image sensing device upon data transport
Method of and system reading out image signal
Method and arrangement for scanning masters
Image reading device
Housing of portable scanner
Contrast enhancement of an image using luminance and RGB statistical metrics
Image detection system
Programmable timing generator
Clamp voltage generating circuit and clamp level adjusting method
High definition image sensor
Digital image sensing apparatus, image processing system, and digital image sensing method
Digital camera incorporating high frame rate mode
Television broadcast receiving system
Image sensing apparatus
Film source video detection
Display apparatus for displaying an image representative of an interlaced video signal
Television circuit designed to receive or transmit signals from or in different directions
Versatile time division multiple access slot assignment unit
Data transmission method, data transmission system, data receiving method, and data receiving apparatus
Apparatus and method for encoding
Color difference signal correction apparatus
Signal detector with automatic gain control
Optical communication system
High-throughput, low-latency next generation internet networks using optical label switching and high-speed optical header generation, detection and reinsertion
Element management system for a digital subscriber line access multiplexer
Local multi-point-distribution system architectures
Electronic conferencing system capable of communicating data through a local area network
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of a messaging system resource
Path setting method in a mobile packet communication system
Method for updating an R-P connection for a roaming mobile station
Waved/corrugated and stepped surface design for speaker box, and method of standardization of speaker box assemblies for television of different screen sizes
Loudspeaker apparatus
Acoustic transducer
Hearing aid
Structure for changing sound quality of speaker
Dual-sided heat removal system
Electronic equipment and housing for accommodating the same
Fixing rack for positioning a storage device into a computer
Multiple circuit board adapter
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