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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device for monitoring a milk tank and an assembly of such a device with a milking robot and an automatic starting-up unit
Use of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine in the manufacture of pharmaceutical useful for suppressing side-effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Composition and method for treating graft-versus-host disease
Method for maintaining designed functional shape
Preparation of yogurt containing confectionery pieces and product thereof
Extruded granola process
Alcoholic beverages derived from animal extract, and methods for the production thereof
Trash disposal method
Laptop computer carrying case
Mounting system
Chair with bight formed in leg
System and method for fluid management in a continuous fluid collection and sensor device
Apparatus for stripping fibrin from a catheter
Method and apparatus for determining attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication dosage and for monitoring the effects of ADHD medication on people who have ADHD using complementary tests
X-ray positioning device
Close fitting leakage resistant feminine hygiene pad
Disposable absorbent wearing article and process for placement of elastic members associated with leg holes on the article
Macular and scleral support surgical device for ocular restraint in progressive high myopia
Method and apparatus for catheter-based annuloplasty using local plications
Implant for reconstruction of joints
Knee joint endoprosthesis system
Erectile dysfuction treatments comprising momentary vacuum therapy alone or with medications
Skin cooling device using thermoelectric element
Taxol enhancer compounds
Therapeutic agents and methods of use thereof for the modulation of angiogenesis
Skin external agents and drugs
Gene transfer for studying and treating a connective tissue of a mammalian host
Functional agent for decomposing nicotine and method of preparing the same
Pharmaceutical compositions for sustained drug delivery
Tumor-activated prodrug compounds and treatment
Peptide (VIRIP) which inhibits a circulating virus in humans and the use thereof
Human longevity assurance protein, its coding sequence and their use
Compounds and methods for the treatment and prevention of bacterial infection
Immunologically significant herpes simplex virus antigens and methods for using same
Chimeric immunoglobulin for CD4 receptors
Adjuvant for transcutaneous immunization
Labelled phosphoinositides and analogues
Method for diagnosing lactose intolerance and diagnostic kit for performing the method
Positive flow needleless connector
Urinary flow control valve
Balloon dissecting instruments
Support frame for an embolic protection device
Medical device with slotted memory metal tube
Cordless jump rope
Angle adjustable pedals for elliptical exercisers
Bi-modal ionomers
Multi-piece golf ball
Multi-piece golf ball
Soccer training device
Training basketball
Ball teeing apparatus
Card game
Method for playing a lottery game and system for realizing the same
Recording game information into a server
Entertainment device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated automatic blood processing unit
Apparatus and method for handling easily polymerizable substance, apparatus for extracting liquid from apparatus under reduced pressure, and process for producing easily polymerizable substance
Method and apparatus for generation of molecular beam
Preparation of a multimetal oxide material
Cone crusher
Manufacturing process for ink-jet recording medium
Method of manufacturing a glazing panel
Method of producing a conductor paste
Sheet accepting apparatus and recycler
Three-dimensional printer
Method and system for evaluating local compactness of a granular material
Cutting insert for turning and milling
Use of helium/nitrogen gas mixtures in up to 12 kW laser welding
System and method for electroslag welding an expansion joint rail
Machine tool
Method and apparatus for surface treatment of a long piece of material
Floor edger adjustment tool
Advanced wafer planarizing
Press tool comprising a spindle for moulding coupling elements
Power tools
Portable work bench
Air cooled router bit
Manufacturing apparatus for flexible plastic tubes
Insert molding method
Plunger molding machine with tapered bore and thermal transfer fins
Cellulose extrusion
Machine for the production of flexible material sheets
Hybrid composite of silicone and organic resins
Electromagnetic wave shielding member and process for producing the same
Glass substrates coated with a stack of thin layers having reflective properties in the infra-red and/or solar ranges
Power transmission belt
Process for high fidelity printing of tissue substrates, and product made thereby
Disposable shoe liner
Continuous extrusion molding system for a weatherstrip
Method of constructing a desiccant container
Underfill encapsulant for wafer packaging and method for its application
Solar control glazing
Method for encapsulating phase transitional paraffin compound that can undergo phase transition and microcapsule resulting therefrom
Filtering of ink debris in reclaimed liquid in an imaging device
Ink-receptive card substrate
Liquid ejection head, recording apparatus having same and manufacturing method therefor
Liquid ejection head
Inkjet cartridge including multiple inks at atmospheric pressure
Method and apparatus for color formatting in a color printer
Apparatus and method of adjusting a head gap in an inkjet printer
Printing method and apparatus for back-up of defective marking elements
Inkjet printer checking nozzle and providing abnormal nozzle information and method thereof
Ribbon cartridge having updatable data communication component
Security element
Ink-storing member for writing instrument
Pneumatic tire
Self-pumping hydropneumatic suspension strut
Method for attaching undercover onto underside of car floor panel
Foldable rear seat arrangement for vehicles
Opening/closing structure for vehicular tray
Adverse weather headlamp system
Vehicle light apparatus
Roof lining extremity fixing structure
Bumper airbag with multiple chambers
Stroller/wheelchair accessory
Portable scaffold brake
Hydrostatic transmission connection apparatus
Automobile instrument panel structure
Rubber crawler and its manufacture method
Engine control system for watercraft
Pressurised tank and method for making same
Beverage tray with de-stacking pads and improved stacking detents
Container having damage-resistant finish ring
Pouch having a branched chamber
Diagonally divided bottle with curved line of division distinct from edge curve
Tetrahedron/pentahedron container
Foldable water tank
Paper feeding cassette for image forming apparatus
Polarized tape dispenser
Registration system paper path length compensation
Soft drink dispensing system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plasma reactor for cracking ammonia and hydrogen-rich gases to hydrogen
Process for producing high-pressure hydrogen and system for producing high-pressure hydrogen
Process for preparing amorphous silica from kimberlite tailing
Buoyant media flotation
Thin hafnium oxide film and method for depositing same
Clear glass composition
Ceramic sintered body and process for producing the same
Accelerator composition
Method for producing fluoroalkyl iodide telomer mixture and method for producing mixture fluorine-containing (meth) acrylate esters
Method for product separation and purification in iso-butylene dimerization process
Environmentally safe alkylation of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons with olefins using solid HF-equivalent catalysts
Process for producing acetylene compound
Process for the production of optically active amino alcohols
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process carried out on a floatable structure
Process for preparation of hydroperoxides
Process for catalytically producing organic substances by partial oxidation
Method for liquid/liquid extraction of molecular weight fractions of perfluorinated polyethers
Process for producing hydroxylactones
Process for synthesizing d-tocotrienols from 2-vinylchromane compound
Synthesis of cyclic trithiocarbonates from epoxides
Substituted 1H-dihydropyrazoles, their preparation and use
Selective nuclear receptor-targeted systems for delivery of cytotoxins to cancer cells for targeted photodynamic therapy
Process for making bisphosphonic acids using diluents other than halogenated hydrocarbons
Nucleotide sequences coding for the Dep33 efflux protein
Nematode neuromuscular junction GABA receptors subunits
Multimeric forms of members of the steroid/thyroid superfamily of receptors
Anti-dioxins monoclonal antibody suitable for assaying dioxins in environment and hybridoma producing the same
Antibody purification
Polypeptides capable of forming antigen binding structures with specificity for the Rhesus D antigens, the DNA encoding them and the process for their preparation and use
Methods and tools for identifying compounds which modulate atherosclerosis by impacting LDL-proteoglycan binding
Ocular lens material
Ultraviolet ray curable ink, ink composition for ink jet and process for preparing ink jet printed matter using the same
Rubber mixtures for roll coverings
Thermally conductive elastomeric pad and method of manufacturing same
Ion-exchange resin membrane and method for producing the same
High molecular weight flocculant
Methods of making functional biodegradable polymers
Method for preparing silicone oils by hydrosilylation with polyorganohydrogenosiloxanes and units containing at least one hydrocarbon ring including an oxygen atom, in the presence of a heterogeneous catalytic composition
Process for regenerating resins
Process for producing high-solids aqueous polymer dispersions
Stain resistant coating
Woody formed article and method for producing the same
Polyethylene pipe resins and production thereof
Quasi-interpenetrating networks used as separation media
Method for preparation of asphalt composition
Metal complexes of heterocyclic aromatic compounds
Non-polymeric organic particles for chemical mechanical planarization
Green phosphor and device using the same
Photo-responsive liquid crystal composition
Emollient carrier gel
Stabilized colloidal and colloidal-like systems
Method of hot-repairing the heating flues of a coke-oven battery and device for carrying out said method
Alkaline cleaners based on alcohol ethoxy carboxylates
Method of manufacturing soap with air bubbles
Clear or translucent aqueous fabric softener compositions containing high electrolyte content and optional phase stabilizer
Method for treating liquid materials
Multimerized DBH enhancer domains
Packaging systems for human recombinant adenovirus to be used in gene therapy
Gene encoding promoter domain of tumor suppressor gene P51 and use thereof
Genetic manipulation of isoflavonoids
Expression vectors encoding Bacillus subtilis disulfide bond isomerase and methods of secreting proteins in gram-positive microorganisms using the same
Method for increasing stress tolerance in plants
Reversible masking of liposomal complexes for targeted delivery
Protein-free defined media for the growth of normal human keratinocytes
Nucleic acid molecules encoding SIGIRR polypeptides
Neuroepithelial stem cells and glial-restricted intermediate precursors
Enriched central nervous system stem cell and progenitor cell populations, and methods for identifying, isolating and enriching for such populations
Method for generating influenza viruses and vaccines
Truncated form of fibrobacter succinogenes 1,3-1, 4-.beta.-d-glucanase with improved enzymatic activity and thermo-tolerance
Regulation of human ceramide kinase
Methods for producing amino acids in coryneform bacteria using an enhanced sigC gene
Methods for forming recombined nucleic acids
Claspin proteins and methods of use thereof
Methods and compositions for enhancing detection in determinations employing cleavable electrophoretic tag reagents
Apparatus for constructing DNA probes having a prismatic and kaleidoscopic light homogenizer
Amine-derivatized nucleosides and oligonucleosides
Methods and compositions for detecting variant ADAMTS13 genes
Method for using unequal primer concentrations for generating nucleic acid amplification products
Means and methods for monitoring non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor antiretroviral therapy and guiding therapeutic decisions in the treatment of HIV/AIDS
Thin parts made of .beta. or quasi-.beta. titanium alloys; manufacture by forging
Cr-based alloy excellent in balance between strength and ductility at high temperature
Rolling bearing for continuously variable transmission
Heat treatment of age hardenable aluminium alloys utilizing secondary precipitation
Textiles; Paper
Scented tie insert and method therefor
Sealing membrane and method making a sealing membrane
Fixed Constructions
Method and machine for forming a concrete path or the like, as well as device for inserting dowels applied herewith
Process for burning off oil spills
Interlocking erosion control block with diagonal cable channels
Method and apparatus for an improved lock and dam assembly
Modular tubular helical piering system
Standing seam roof bracket
Connecting unit for the angle-adjustable connection of at least two loudspeaker enclosures, and correspondingly connected loudspeaker enclosures
Flush bolt
Latching system for sliding window
Wheel attachment for ladder
Technique for deploying expandables
Method and system for accessing a subterranean zone from a limited surface area
High strength particles and methods of their use in subterranean operations
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation to increase a porosity of the formation
Systems and methods for treating a subterranean formation using carbon dioxide and a crosslinked fracturing fluid
Two stage subterranean zone fracturing fluids and methods
Methods for fracturing stimulation
Sonde housing and method of manufacture
Apparatus and method for completing oil and gas wells
Yielding strata bolt
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Warm air blower for medical warming blankets
Flange bolt for turbines
Lightweight, foldable, and replaceable fabric fan blades
Side rail and combined oil control ring incorporated with the side rails for reduction of oil consumption
Heating apparatus for wells
Dual balance shaft pump assembly
Locking structure for a clamp
Roller bearing oil feed device
Power roller bearing for toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Torque-transmitting mechanism with latching apparatus
Multiple-speed transmission for automotive vehicle
Hydraulic transmission vehicle
Valve arrangement for a vacuum pump
Device and method for laying and joining pipe
Fastener for pipe or the like
Pipe coupling
Methods for lining pipes and connecting the lined pipe with adjacent or lateral pipes
Systems for delivering conditioned air to personal breathing zones
Hydraulic friction fluid heater and method of using same
Fully articulated and comprehensive air and fluid distribution, metering, and control method and apparatus for primary movers, heat exchangers, and terminal flow devices
Heat exchanger with core and support structure coupling for reduced thermal stress
Heat exchanger module
Projectile seeker
Remote sensing apparatus and method
Dose distribution reading method and reader for glass dosimeter
Photothermal transducing spectroscopic analyzer
System and method for biochemical assay
Sensor element of a gas sensor
Mechanical control of fluids in micro-analytical devices
Receptor-ligand system and assay
Porous materials embedded with nanospecies, methods of fabrication thereof, and methods of use thereof
Tumor antigen useful in diagnosis and therapy of prostate and colon cancer
Pet device
Optical transmission module
Optical module having an extension member for connecting a device to a lead terminal disposed behind the sub-mount
Optoelectronic module and optoelectronic system
Optical component and method of manufacturing the same
Image processing system, projector, portable device, and image processing method
Optical filter, optical device, and projector
Illuminating device reusing polarized light
Illumination optical device and projector
Methods of manufacturing a lithography template
Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material with fluorenone azine groups
Photoconductive imaging members
Photoconductive members
Image forming apparatus with specific document determining module and abnormality detection means
Data storage device apparatus and method for using same
Semiconductor devices and manufacturing method therefor and electronic commerce method and transponder reader
PCMCIA-compliant smart card secured memory assembly for porting user profiles and documents
Electronic voting apparatus, system and method
Strumpad and string array processing for musical instruments
Tape cartridge
Conductive ink compositions
Light switch extension
Vacuum circuit breaker with coaxial coil for generating an axial magnetic field in the vicinity of the contact members of the circuit breaker
Micro environmental sensing device
Line and low voltage combination outlet box
Electrooptic system array, charged-particle beam exposure apparatus using the same, and device manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for electron beam processing of substrates
Method of manufacturing a plasma display panel with adsorbing an impurity gas
Method of fabricating light emitting device
Plasma display panel and the manufacturing method thereof
Ferroelectric capacitor, method of manufacturing the same, ferroelectric memory, and piezoelectric device
Method and device for cutting wire formed on semiconductor substrate
Method of manufacture of active matrix substrate and liquid crystal display device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor light-emitting element
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electric field induced spin-polarized current
Manufacturing method of circuit substrate, circuit substrate and manufacturing device of circuit substrate
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Wafer bonding using a flexible bladder press for three dimensional (3D) vertical stack integration
Selective etch process for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric
Process for patterning high-k dielectric material
Methods for selective integration of airgaps and devices made by such methods
Method for fabricating semiconductor device with fine patterns
Modified source/drain re-oxidation method and system
Gated-thyristor approach having angle-implanted base region
Local SONOS-type nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing split gate type nonvolatile memory device having self-aligned spacer type control gate
Method of manufacturing flash memory device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing spacers on sidewalls of titanium polycide gate
Application of single exposure alternating aperture phase shift mask to form sub 0.18 micron polysilicon gates
Pattern forming method, film structure, electro-optical apparatus, and electronic device
Method of producing an electronic component
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Stacked semiconductor module
Method of fabricating silicon-on-insulator semiconductor substrate using rare earth oxide or rare earth nitride
System and method for integration of HfO.sub.2 and RTCVD poly-silicon
Method for forming contact of semiconductor device
Stabilization of dopant concentration in semiconductor device having epitaxially-filled trench
Independently accessed double-gate and tri-gate transistors in same process flow
Capacitor with high dielectric constant materials and method of making
Process for producing an etching mask on a microstructure, in particular a semiconductor structure with trench capacitors, and corresponding use of the etching mask
Applying epitaxial silicon in disposable spacer flow
Image sensor with diffraction grating array
Method of manufacturing optical device
Semiconductor light emitting device having angled side surface
Semiconductor light emitting device
Photoelectric device
Light emitting apparatus
Integrated-optical microsystem based on organic semiconductors
Electric switching device and electric circuit device having the same
Conductive coatings for PEM fuel cell electrodes
Temperature zones in a solid oxide fuel cell auxiliary power unit
Electrolyte composition, solid electrolyte membrane, solid polymer fuel cell and manufacturing method for solid electrolyte membrane
Electrical connector
Low profile electro-mechanical connector
Attaching integrated circuits to printed circuit boards
Socket connector having multi-piece housing
Printed circuit board assembly with power cover
CPU socket module and protective cap thereof
Card connector having a stopper to be fixed to a mounting object and adapted to come in contact with a card inserted into the card connector
Adjustable locking device
Communication socket having a channel transversely defined in the body and a plug identifying member securely received in the channel
Low torque twist-on wire connector
Universal mounting arrangement for components of an electronic enclosure
Circuit for measuring photo-current level in fiber optic links
Electric heater for the coupling head of a central buffer coupling
Expired Patents Due To Time
Packaged confection
Food slice
Pleated and slit scarf
Engagement element for footwear
Side element of a shoe upper
Index keyring
Sheath for cutting tools
Shipping container with slide valve
School supply container
Artificial fingernail case
Disposable cigarette lighter pouch
Removable inner bag for a handbag
Toothbrush with race car handle
Pattern for an embossed paper product
Swing bed
Glove merchandising display
Table leg
High chair tray
Paper dispenser
Soap dish
5 liter dispenser bottle with preformed notch
Bottom plate for 5 liter dispenser
5 liter dispenser
Notched top soap container with top lug
Decorative valance
Decorative valance
Decorative valance
Extruded headrail for Venetian blind
Protective mat
Storage rack
DVD rack
Drink dispensing apparatus
BBQ grill with golf motif
Flare-up preventing plate for a barbecue grill
Open handle vacuum insulated coffee mug with docking station
Table bin
Container for food
Knife holder
Butter cutter and storage unit
Head for a skimmer
Tool for opening the film compartment of disposable cameras
Hockey puck shaped bottle opener
Shark shaped corkscrew
Fiber-cement cutting tool
Cutter knife
Cylinder portion of a lever-type lockset
Graspable portion of window hold open mechanism
Positioning fixture
Flexible grommet
End cap unit for shower rod
Handle insert
Cord end cover
Candy dispensing device
Candy dispensing device
Spark plug display container
Combined bottle and cap
Combined container and closure
Beverage bottle
Bottle portion
Beverage bottle
Clock for photographs
Watch casing and bezel
Watch case and band
Decorative watch
Measuring spoon set
Microwave probe
Holder for a temperature indicator
Location-aware wireless communication appliance
School balance
Sensor holder for bin
Electro-magnetic sound generator
Watch bracelet
Ring "three hearts"
Jewelry button
Truck frame crossmember
Camber adjusting device
Throttle cruise control
Eyeglasses-held sun visor
Convertible, scent retaining garment/blanket
Firefighter garment utilizing improved high-lubricity lining material
Weather-protecting display banner for headgear cross-reference to related applications
Bandana head-protector using fabric and closed-cell foam
Stocking device
Secured infant socks
Conformable pair of underwear
Compressive support orthosis tights, particularly for the post-partum period
Helmet with ventilation arrangement
Swimming goggles for swimming pool purposes
Adjustable shoulder pad
Inline sanitary conditioning system
Plunger apparatus with controllable ventilation
Locomotive sanitation apparatus and method of protecting the same from freezing
Economizer device for toilet tank
Flush toilet with rim nozzles
Filtering stairway for swimming pool
Low maintenance long service life maritime head
Bogie construction
Brush interflow distributor
Cleaning apparatus
Mop head connection
Scraper mounting apparatus for extensible machine slideway guards and a related construction method
Rear wiper blade protective device
Carpet extractor fluid supply system
Pop-up mechanism for an extendable handle of wheeled luggage
Handle for trowel and related tools
Apparatus to enable hands-free use of a long-distance magnifying device
Tightening means for hose clamps
Ascot collar bar
Method and apparatus for tightening a belt, strap, or the like
Capped rivet
Slip resistant web adjustment member
Medical tubing tethering device
Retention device for solids in drinking glasses
Holding device for fastening laces
Printed flocked pile fabric and method for making same
Device for disassembling a universal joint
Puller jaw positioning cam
Process for connecting a window pane to a window lifter
Method for producing a vehicle hub, bearing and brake disc assembly
Method for fabricating a casing having tubular screw posts
Method for sealing and/or joining an end of a ceramic filter
Process for casting a plastic die
Methods of making an electric motor and thrust bearing assembly for same
Simplified deformation-sintering process for oxide superconducting articles
Method for making cabled conductors containing anisotropic superconducting compounds
Pickup head for a component assembly machine
Apparatus for assembling parts in a carrier strip
Electrical connection with inwardly deformable contacts
Method of forming an integrated circuit device package using a plastic tape as a base
Impact tool head with cutting blades
Method for repairing heat exchanger tubing through partial tube replacement
Method of manufacturing a welded heat exchanger with grommet construction
Method of assembling a wheel assembly for a ground-driven work machine
Razor and blade
Sheathing slitter and cutter tool
Braid heat sealing device
Archery sight
Laser marking device
Clinometric sensor
Ruler system
Ball diameter automatic measurement device and method
Mechanism for detecting position of a movable member
Turf inspection instrument and method
Device for longitudinal measurement
Processing unit for substrate manufacture
Microwave moisture analyzer: apparatus and method
Blow box for the drying section of a papermaking machine, method for sealing a pocket with a blow box in the drying section of a papermaking machine, and arrangement in a papermaking machine
Ventilation system and method for footwear
Shoe system with a resilient shoe insert
Conformable shoe insert with a support layer
Grind plate with removable inserts
Ski boot
Removable cleat for snowshoe
Snow wings
Multipiece excavating tooth assembly
Scrolling sign retrofit kit
Display plate attachable to a rear of an automobile
Topple resistant, modular and mobile signage system
Method and apparatus for fire control
Fish bait protector
Fishing lure having hook clip
Float fishing device
Universal bobber
Sea trap and method of use
Pest exterminating method and apparatus
Fluid exchange system and method
Method for stabilizing natural turf with dual primary stabilizer
Hydroponic device
System for plant growing
Casement window roto-operators
Automotive door seal for accommodating weld flanges having different thicknesses
Curved door assembly for workstation
Adjustable form brace
Pool table leg
Pool table blind
Baby bottle holder
Compact steam ironing apparatus
Laundry iron
Lightweight iron
Combined telescoping cleaning tool and holder therefor
Sculptured waste receptacle
Weigh cart
Combined transport protection device and support device for signal transmitting equipment
Disk wheel for golf cart
Shopping cart child seat flap
Cart frame
Beverage cart
Fishing equipment caddy
Car jack appliance
Windshield wiper
Integrated console product
Vehicle logo plate with a visor
Rocker panel for a truck sleeper
Battery charger
Voltage converter case
Cable connector
Network adapter
Connector for a computer
Power connector
Mold produced housing for enclosing the connection between a cable and a connector
Flexible conduit elbow for interconnecting sections of rigid electrical conduit
Magnetic disc recording/reproducing apparatus with semiconductor memory card recording/reproducing device
Combined digital audio disc player, amplifier and tuner
Portable computer
Printer for an electric cash register
Image input device
Upper surface of a microwave antenna shaped reflector
Monitor television receiver with an earphone
Mobile phone
Radio receiver
Drive unit for an optical disc player
Outboard motor
Drive plate for a motor vehicle
Power washer
Four wheel pool cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Combined wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Filter for a hand held vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner nozzle
Pool cleaner
Portable wet/dry vacuum cleaner
Rain gutter cleaning tool
Router table
Electronic copying machine
Copying machine
Music box with remote for crib
Ink cartridge with printing head for printer
Replaceable ink container
Sheet lifter
Writing instrument
Display panel for a distributing machine
Label for automobile
Gift label
Child's rocker
Toy gun with color staining bullets
Controller for a game machine
Swim fin having angel wing components
Building block with aesthetic wood facade
Swim fin having angel wing components
Rear entry adjustable dumbbell holder stand
Golf club putter pivotal head for adjustable inverted face pitch
Golf club head having rear cavity plate
Golf club cover
Golf club head cover
Hosel for a golf putter head
Multiple texture artificial turf golf practice pad
Golf putter head
Multiple component putter head
Sports handle
Gambling equipment
Shield for basketball shot improvement
Toy baseball bat
Tennis racket
Tent pole ground anchor and support device
Aquatic toy
Water float
Firearm stock with opening therein
Fishing lure
Electronic fly trap
Non-flow control rotor module on a spike
Tractor traveler
Shower and tub faucet
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Faucet handle body
Faucet handle
Non-flow control rotor module
Spray nozzle cover
Faucet handle body
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Soil pipe connector
Combined three-piece tub and surround
Multi-faceted sink
Wall mount for a hand shower
Wall mount for a hand shower
Bath air mattress cushion
Portable spa platform
Chimney insert
Electronic filter with holder
Vented lid for an air freshener container
Fan housing
Duct assembly
Six sided pharmaceutical tablet
Skin condition monitor
Toothbrush holding apparatus
Fetal monitor
Self-sealing valve port
Rectal insertion device
Container for diagnostic analyzer
Dental hand instrument with a smooth wavy handgrip portion
Abutment for temporary dental prosthesis
Bunion pad
Disposable absorbent article
Absorbent article
Glow-in-the dark pacifier set
Elongated flooring member having a non-slip tread and covered attachment channels
Fence post collar to inhibit vegetation and wood rot
Shutter frame component
Window frame extrusion
Plastic fence having pivotal sections
Building structure for self-serve car wash
Recycling center building
Auxiliary ladder step
Portable light
Extendable lamp
Garden pathway open bloom lighting fixture
Lamp stand
Wall lighting fixture
Warning light for vehicle rear view mirror
Light fixture
Projecting lamp
Suspended luminaire
Under cabinet lighting fixture
Ceiling light
Track lighting fixture
Solar vigil light
Area lighting fixture
Light fixture
Wall sconce
Light bulb
Glass shade
Backplate for a lighting fixture
Lighting fixture arm
Lighting fixture die-cast corner
Smoker's implement
Adjustable lotion applicator and container
Detergent tablet
Soap bar
Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick
Detergent tablet
Soap bar
Combined headband and hair retainer
Hair dryer
Crystal or beaded elasticized hair band with tails
Beard and mustache trimmer
Small container for cosmetics
Container for cosmetics
Sprayer cartridge
Wrestling ear guard
Wrestling ear guard
Respiratory mask
Wrestling ear guard
Animal habitat
Pet shelter
Pet carrier
Outhouse for cats
Prefabricated shelter structure
Water drinking device for pets
Sling bed for pets
Coin retaining device
Curbside mailbox
Human Necessities
Verbena plant named `Balwildaav`
Nectarine tree named `Ruby Bright`
Rudbeckia plant named `Pot Of Gold`
Begonia plant named `Miami Storm`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kiziz`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kicap`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kiascia`
Begonia plant named `Maui Mist`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kilogia`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kizeg`
New Guinea impatiens plant named `Kibarbu`
Raphiolepis indica plant named `Conynne`
Argyranthemum plant named `Summer Stars Pink`
Begonia plant named `Hilo Holiday`
Begonia plant named `San Diego Sunset`
Begonia plant named `Tucson Bonfire`
Begonia plant named `Omaha Beefsteak`
Alstroemeria plant named `Las Olas`
Begonia plant named `Savannah Pink Parfait`
Begonia plant named `Seattle Twist`
Begonia plant named `Boston Cherries 'n Chocolate`
Begonia plant named `New York Swirl`
Begonia plant named `Atlanta Jazz`
Nectarine tree named `June Candy`
Nitrosated and nitrosylated phosphodiestrase inhibitor compounds, compositions and their uses
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tabbed label
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Two stroke cycle internal combustion engines
Integral motor centrifugal pump
Disc brake caliper
Delay circuit device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew