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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for production of tomographic section images of a periodically moving object with a number of focus detector combinations
Performing Operations; Transporting
High precision laser machining apparatus
Optical write apparatus including a plurality of substrates
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Quality power from induction generator feeding variable speed motors
Content-based fused off-axis object illumination direct-to-digital holography
Angle-of-rotation measuring device and angle-of-rotation measuring method
Method and apparatus for detecting ultrasonic surface displacements using post-collection optical amplification
Characteristic monitoring method of pumping light source for optical amplification and optical amplifier
Spectrometer and spectrally separating method
Backside contamination inspection device
Imaging tomography device with at least two beam detector systems, and method to operate such a tomography device
Carrier line oriented spin high voltage leak detection system and method
Contactor having conductive particles in a hole as a contact electrode
Protection switching in a communications network employing label switching
Optimized data path structure for multi-channel management information base (MIB) event generation
Board duplexing apparatus for asynchronous transfer mode switch and method of controlling the same
Electrical signal taking-out device
Target identification from a pool of targets using a new adaptive transmitter-receiver design
Method, phantom stripe structure and device for determining the modulation transfer function (MTF) of a medical MR system
System and method for detecting an underground object using magnetic field sensing
Image pick-up lens
Lens barrel and imaging device
Projection zoom lens
Microfabricated lenses, method of manufacture thereof, and applications therefor
Fluorescence microscope
Electrophoretic display, method for making the electrophoretic display, and electronic apparatus
Optical deflector and method of producing same
Light scanning device
Scanning apparatus
System and method for tracking and assessing movement skills in multidimensional space
Objective lens for optical pick-up
Electrooptic assembly
Optical amplification producing wider total gain bandwidth
Display element, image observation system having display element, and image projection system
Light guide module having uniform light diffusion arrangement and method for making the same
Multilayered optical structures
Open air optical channel
Optical device
Optical transmission line and optical transmission system utilizing same
Optical transmission system
Optical transmission equipment with dispersion compensation, and dispersion compensating method
Optical switch
Fabrication of optical waveguides for reduction of minimum waveguide spacing
Embedded type optical isolator and method for manufacturing the same
Optical module
Photographic apparatus and lens barrel
Laminated polarizing film
Electro-optical device fixed to mounting case by cover that includes resin and metal member
Brightness enhancing reflective polarizer
Liquid crystal electro-optical device
Optical deflection device and optical deflection method that control occurrence of alignment defect
Drive source of a camera lens
Exposure apparatus
Projection exposure apparatus
Printer including recover printing control unit
Image forming apparatus
Method for maintaining image on image and image on paper registration
Charging device and image forming apparatus where the charging device is composed of a sufficient amount of nickel to suppress oxidation
Developing unit and image forming device having the developing unit
Image forming apparatus using a developing liquid
Image forming apparatus transferring toner images to both surfaces of a recording medium
Transfer printing station for an electrographic printer or copier
Control system for a floor maintenance appliance
Method of regulating an electric motor and corresponding electric motor
Controller for a power converter and a method of controlling a switch thereof
Zero tracking for low drop output regulators
Docking-type function-providing apparatus and portable device
Filter mechanism
Methods and systems for displaying animated graphics on a computing device
Print engine/controller with printhead interface
Image processing device
Method and device for electronic archiving of a computer data flow
Image forming device which determines if the number of lines to be formed after converting image data exceeds a predetermined line count
Method and apparatus for affixing print banner labels to printed files
Print control method for a tandem printing system
Process execution method and apparatus
Scanning optical apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Apparatus and method for detecting adaptive motion direction
Facial image verification utilizing smart-card with integrated video camera
Artificial bone template selection system, artificial bone template display system, artificial bone template storage system and artificial bone template recording medium
Method for compressing an image by using characteristic values
Electronic ink as a software object
Method and system for preventing abduction of a person
PET device and image generating method for pet device
Method and system for enhancing portrait images that are processed in a batch mode
Image display device, image display method, program, and projection system
Ruled line extracting apparatus for extracting ruled line from normal document image and method thereof
Block level analysis of segmentation tags
Fixed-rate block based image compression
Video encoding techniques
Spectral encoding of information
System and method for georeferencing maps
Audio driven self-generating objects
Three dimensional rendering including motion sorting
Automatic scenery object generation
Personal security and tracking system
Electropneumatic horn
Information providing method for vehicle and information providing apparatus for vehicle
Display device and method for driving the same
Electrophoretic display with dual-mode switching
Method and a device for driving a liquid crystal display, and a liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display driving method/driving circuit capable of being driven with equal voltages
Power management for interface devices applying forces
Panel sensing device and positioning location searching method of the same
Electrophoretic display with dual mode switching
Display apparatus for a vehicle
Optical disk device
Data storage device, data write method, and program
Method and apparatus for discriminating between different types of discs
Low moment-high moment write pole with non-magnetic layer for establishing a magnetic path discontinuity between layers of the write pole
Magnetic head for perpendicular recording including a main pole having a pole tip with three tapered sides
Apparatus having a hard bias seedlayer structure for providing improved properties of a hard bias layer
Magnetoresistance effect element having a nonmagnetic intermediate layer having a two-dimensional fluctuation of resistance
Overmolded crash stop for a disc drive
Positioner for precisely moving an E-block of a disk drive
Piezo-electric microactuator for dual stage actuator
Control system for a data storage device with constraint
Head positioning apparatus
System and method for controlling time critical operations in a control system for an optical disc drive
Method for optically recording information
Method and device for recording information in units
Optical pickup device with a plurality of laser couplers
Magneto-resistance effect element and magnetic memory
Apparatus with equalizing voltage generation circuit and methods of use
2-terminal trapped charge memory device with voltage switchable multi-level resistance
Memory device with function to perform operation, and method of performing operation and storage
Two-transistor flash cell for large endurance application
Apparatus and method for reading out defect information items from an integrated chip
High speed data bus
Semiconductor memory device for testifying over-driving quantity depending on position
Semiconductor device
Memory device and method having data path with multiple prefetch I/O configurations
Programming and evaluating through PMOS injection
Semiconductor device and testing apparatus for semiconductor device
Radiographic image processing method and radiation imaging device
Power chip resistor
Magnetic pallet for anchorage of ferromagnetic parts for machining by machine tools with horizontal tool axis
Alloy type thermal fuse and fuse element
High pressure discharge lamp, method for producing the same and lamp unit
Mercury-free arc tube for discharge lamp unit
Processor and method for processing
Passive apparatus that regulates a flow of heated air within a plasma display device
Magnetron plasma source
Three phase light bulb
Multi-chip module
Contact switch for high frequency application
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Multi-path bar bond connector for an integrated circuit assembly
Wiring tape for semiconductor device including a buffer layer having interconnected foams
Bumpless die and heat spreader lid module bonded to bumped die carrier
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Package for integrated circuit die
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Process parameter event monitoring system and method for process
Thin film transistor, image display device, and image display apparatus
System and method for providing scalability in an integrated circuit
Capacitor having tantalum oxynitride film and method for making same
Integrated circuits with rhodium-rich structures
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Dissipation of a charge buildup on a wafer portion
Electrical component structure
Method for forming a channel zone of a transistor and NMOS transistor
TFT with body contacts
Semiconductor storage device
Dual gate structure for a FET and method for fabricating same
Horizontal current bipolar transistor and fabrication method
Piezoelectric resonator and the method for making the same
Phase shifting waveguide and module utilizing the waveguides for beam phase shifting and steering
Beamforming using a backplane and passive antenna element
Surface mounting type antenna, antenna apparatus and radio communication apparatus
Co-located multi-band antenna
Cooling device for an optical crystal, or laser crystal
Pulsed CO.sub.2 laser including an optical damage resistant electro-optical switching arrangement
Techniques for audio transducer switching under programmatic and off hook interrupt control
Motor driving device
Power discriminating systems
Method for prolonging the life of lithium ion batteries
Field assembly for a motor and method of making same
Fan motor support
Bearing device and AC generator for vehicles using the same
Magnetic suspension bearing with damping system
Direct energy transfer converter
Operating system utilizing a delay-open function for a motorized barrier operator
Device with an electromotor
Protection for wind power station
Driving circuit for electrical nailing gun
Output buffer circuit eliminating high voltage insulated transistor and level shift circuit, and an interface circuit using the output buffer circuit
Switched-capacitor high-pass mirrored integrator
Oscillator circuit with switchable feedback
Method for controlling the formation of a downlink beam
Delay locked loop circuitry for clock delay adjustment
Adaptive feed-forward amplifiers and the like
Operational amplifier circuit, sample/hold circuit and filter circuit using the operational amplifier circuit
Audio effects synthesizer with or without analyzer
Printed wiring board for controlling signal transmission using paired inductance and capacitance
Antenna duplexer and mobile communication device using the same
Surface acoustic wave device and method of manufacturing the same
Surface acoustic wave filter and surface acoustic wave resonator having bent electrode fingers
Circuit for eliminating leakage current in signal transmission
Low jitter high speed CMOS to CML clock converter
Programmable logic device with transceiver and reconfigurable PLL
Method and apparatus for adjusting the phase and frequency of a periodic wave
Soft-error rate hardened pulsed latch
Closed-loop independent DLL-controlled rise/fall time control circuit
Smart current controlled (SCC) resonator driver
Configurable enabling pulse clock generation for multiple signaling modes
Methods and apparatuses for detecting clock loss in a phase-locked loop
Phase adjustment method and circuit for DLL-based serial data link transceivers
Phase detector and signal locking system controller
Modulation circuit having improved performance in the audio band
Digital signal processing device and audio signal reproduction device
System and method for reducing electromagnetic interference
Transmitting device limiting the out-of-band interferences
AGC amplifier circuit for use in a digital satellite broadcast receiver apparatus
DC offset calibration for a radio transceiver mixer
Method and apparatus for bandwidth estimation
Low power band-gap current reference
Highly integrated asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) circuit
Mobile communication system, method for making data common and program therefor
Adaptive information compression
Processing digital data prior to compression
Adaptive rake receiving apparatus constrained with at least one constraint for use in mobile communication system and method therefor
Method and system for resource sharing between demodulating paths of a rake receiver
CDMA receiver, path search method and program
Method for controlling antennas of a receiving device in a radio system
Method, device, and system for regenerating optical signal
Communication system
Infrared communication system utilizing receiver with multiple photo-sensors
Optical signal equalizer with adjustable linear filter
Data regenerator and optical receiver
Optical communication apparatus
Optical signal amplification using multiple backward-pumping systems
Discrete Raman fiber oscillator
Fiber amplifier and control method thereof
Wireless transceiver and method for remote ultrasonic measurements
Determining a wireless configuration for a residential wireless transceiver
High speed communication system with a feedback synchronization loop
Transaction system
Diversity coverage
Method and apparatus for implementing a two dimensional correlator
Method and apparatus for maintaining connection state between a connection manager and a failover device
DWDM laser frequency control
Bound mode technique for accommodating high-bandwidth data flow within an intermediate network node
Moving image packet decoding and reproducing apparatus, reproduction time control method thereof, computer program product for controlling reproduction time and multimedia information receiving apparatus
System and method for the collection and display of network performance data in a communication network
Packet assembly
Dispersion discrimination and compensation system and optical switch for use therewith
Stream continuity enforcement
Wireless LAN WEP initialization vector partitioning scheme
Methods and apparatus for retaining packet order in systems utilizing multiple transmit queues
Priority access for real-time traffic in contention-based networks
Methods and systems for hybrid interfaces and architectures for optical communications
Virtual wire signaling
Voice-over-IP enabled chat
Operational support system for telecommunication services
Large-input-delay variation tolerant (LIDVT) receiver adopting FIFO mechanism
Signal demodulation method and apparatus for reproducing data from received signal
Method and arrangement for synchronizing a receiver to a quadrature amplitude modulated signal
Device and method for the dynamic allocation of frequencies for multicarrier modulation systems
Differential detection of GFSK signal using decision feedback and preamble for carrier, clock and frame synchronization
Demodulator structure utilizing DC switches
Circuit for determining the time difference between edges of a first digital signal and of a second digital signal
Method and system for securing a printhead in a closed system metering device
Multi-mode radio communications device using a common reference oscillator
Method and apparatus for enabling multiple protocol communication over a network
Method and system for reporting events in telecommunication networks
Method and system for communicating with a wireless device
System and method for providing device authentication in a wireless network
Method for providing a collect call service in a mobile communication system
Cellular telephone-based transaction processing
Automated data transfer in association with a voice call
Method and system for sending text messages
Method and apparatus for wireless auto-conferencing
Document delivery system for automatically printing a document on a printing device
Image processing method and apparatus, image processing system, and storage medium
Macro uniformity correction for x-y separable non-uniform
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image processing method, and image forming method that allow forming of an appropriate image with small amount of recording material remaining
Optical imaging system for suppressing the generation of red-toned ghosting particularly when there is background light
Gamma correction circuit
Adaptive equalizer method and apparatus for American ATSC system
Image pickup apparatus, method, and storage medium for displaying, compressing, and encoding image data
System and method for tracking a subject
Image sensing apparatus, image processing method, recording medium, and program
Appliance and method for menu navigation
Method and apparatus for modifying the effects of color burst modifications to a video signal
Device and method for producing coefficient seed data used for format conversion, and information-providing medium therefore
Method and array for processing a digitized image with image points
Film mode detecting apparatus and method thereof
Error concealment of video data using texture data recovery
Signal reproducing/recording/transmitting method and apparatus and signal record medium
DTV signal with GCR components in plural-data-segment frame headers and receiver apparatus for such signal
Method and apparatus for estimating and controlling initial time slot gain in a wireless communication system
Architecture for implementation of radio access bearer manager (RABM) and packet data convergence protocol (PDCP) process
Continuous mobility across wireless networks by integrating mobile IP and GPRS mobility agents
Method and apparatus for interconnection of personal area networks (PANs)
Method and apparatus for adapting a number of bearers to a service
Cell phone position measurement system, position measurement method, and cell phone terminal
High-speed localized data exchange
Portable information apparatus having communications tools, a control system for controlling such portable information apparatus, and an apparatus having such control system
System for providing subscriber features within a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for personalization of a public multimedia communications terminal
Behind-the-ear housing functioning as a switch
System and process for time delay estimation in the presence of correlated noise and reverberation
Light emitting device including plural carbon-based thin film layers
Kinetic illumination system and methods
Processor module mounting assembly and a method of use
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method and apparatus for freezeconcentrating substances
Air conditioning systems
Air-conditioning system
Air conditioning apparatus with a water pump
Apparatus for servicing refrigeration systems
Evaporative condensing unit utilizing normal and unsaturated air
Evaporative cooler
Divided insulated container
Thermal envelope
Absorption type refrigerator
Absorption refrigerator and the method of producing the same
Gas driven mechanical oscillator and method
Process for supplying impure oxygen to a synthesis-gas production unit
Closure for tattoo-like fashion accessory
Circular knitting machine
Device for measuring the distance between the device and clothing points of traveling flat bars
Gripping breadth holders in a warp knitting machine
Selector for knitting machine
Washing machine
Fluid based cleaning method and system
Lock for sliding door, window or like closure
Lock with latch bolt for door or window
Device for locking and unlocking a door, in particular a motor vehicle door
Method of producing a hollow profile with flange
Bending block for four-high rolling stand
Method of forming a drive shaft
Sensor alignment for a document processing apparatus
Apparatus for and method of testing dynamic characteristics of components of vehicle
Polymer-based humidity sensing elements
Vibration pickup with a pressure sleeve
System for monitoring diaphragm pump failure
Digital ultrasonic monitoring system and method
Techniques for sensing the properties of fluids with resonators
Depth sensing indentation and methodology for mechanical property measurements
Hardness tester
Dynamometer for simulating the inertial and road load forces encountered by motor vehicles and method
Method for the evaluation of shale reactivity
Apparatus for identification of need to replace synthetic fiber ropes
Aspirated radiation shield for weather sensor
Method and apparatus for determining the contents of a gas bottle
High temperature high pressure probe seal
Method and device for determining a quantity of consumable product present in a reservoir and a document printing device implementing this method
Acceleration transducer and method
Safety restraint
Design maturity algorithm
Multiplexed ultrasonic system
CMP wet application wafer sensor
Multi-channel electronically scanned cryogenic pressure sensor and method for making same
Two dimensional stress relaxation testing device
Three-axis sensor
Load cell
Method for determining sealing force from cinching time
Locking mechanism for automatically immobilizing a carriage of a scanner at a rest position
Apparatus for turning steerable vehicle wheels
Rollable enveloped worm with two curve profile
Anti-lash gear assembly
Operator control device for an infinitely variable transmission
Hand brake control mechanism
Adjusting device for control cables
Adjustable brake, clutch and accelerator pedals
Composite material flywheel device
Two-part torque-compensating suspension
Fastening device
Rotatable tool handle having a recovery device
Dual action indexable wrench
Fastening apparatus
Apparatus and method using a lock-in amplifier in the control of a periodic force applied to a moving part
Polymer cutting apparatus and method
Hydraulically operated rotary actuator
Compressor and spring positioning structure
Cooking utensils
Means for making soybean milk
Method and apparatus for producing a pre-gelled starch product and normally sticky extrudates with minimal or no surfactant
High-frequency thawing apparatus
Nutcracker with adjusting wedge mechanism
Apparatus for separating liquid and solid substances, particularly for extracting juice from fruit and the like
Calender arrangement for manufacturing a paper web
Press machine
Apparatus for producing elevations which can be detected in a tactile manner
Stencil printer
Ink rail for printing press
Shock absorber cushion for flexographic printing plate and method of use
Method of making newspaper printing plates
Washing device for cylinders of rotary printing presses
Printing unit with more easily removable components
Printing press having motor with an external rotor
System for sympathetic detonation of explosives
Igniter for a gas generator
High-output insensitive munition detonating cord
Electric contact assembly for a cartridge to be fired from a weapon barrel
Electric contact assembly for a cartridge to be fired from a weapon barrel
Truck frame for railway rolling stock
Construction system for building three-dimensional structures
Device for protecting securities
Method of operating a furnace and device for implementing the method
Equidistant planting system
Seed metering system with improved wear enhancement
Multineedle embroidering sewing machine
Method of recognizing embroidery outline and conversion to a different data format
Method for DP-conversion of an existing semi-submersible rig
Planing watercraft hull and propulsion system
Antenna cover apparatus
Traffic-control warning cone
Method and apparatus for improving processing and reducing charge damage in an inductively coupled plasma reactor
Disposable birdhouse
Quick release leash
Rigid leash system for walking multiple pets
Cooling water circulating apparatus
Compression ratio setting device for an internal-combustion engine
Electromagnetic valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine
Engine valve assembly for an internal-combustion engine, including an electromagnetic actuator
Switchable cam follower
Multi-position variable camshaft timing system actuated by engine oil
Arrangement for providing electrical connections with an engine control unit
Engine front cover
Starting control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Intake pipe with shift drum
Starter for internal combustion engine
Oil drain tube with annular seal
Fuel injection control system
Combined air box, coolant reservoir and oil tank for snowmobiles
Rotary internal combustion engine and rotary internal combustion engine cycle
Rotary motor using pistons
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, in particular for a motor vehicle
Electronic engine control for regulating engine coolant temperature at cold ambient air temperatures by control of engine idle speed
Throttle valve controller for internal combustion engine
Closed loop spark control method and system utilizing a combustion event sensor to determine borderline knock
Method for reducing vibration in a vehicle and a device for accomplishment of the method
Electronic controlled diesel fuel injection system
Internal combustion engine multipoint injection module
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Rocker lever for an internal combustion engine fuel injection system
Injection quantity control apparatus provided to internal combustion engine
Canister purge system having improved purge valve control
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Tank venting device for motor vehicles
Magnetized device for an automobile fueling system
Vortex tube affixed to a turbocharger, supercharger or intake manifold of an engine
High flow gas force balanced EGR valve
System for operating an internal combustion engine, especially for a motor vehicle
Diesel engine crankcase ventilation filter
Blow-by gas passage abnormality detecting system for internal combustion engines
System and method for preventing spark-on-make in an internal combustion engine using manifold pressure
Dual feed pivoting feed-out
Bowstring release mechanism
Fluid collector for barbecue grill
Warmer for a sporting element
Oxygen delivery, oxygen detection, carbon dioxide monitoring (ODODAC) apparatus and method
Smoke hood with oxygen supply device and method of use
Method and apparatus for using readily available heat to compress air for supply to a collapsible and portable hyperbaric chamber
System and method for testing the neuroprotective or neuroregenerative effects of drugs
Audible sound communication from an implantable medical device
Device for compressing and molding a filler stream in a cigarette manufacturing machine
Hair fashion accessory
Multifunction dental appliance
Cleaning method for polyethylene terephthalate containers
Washing/drying process apparatus and washing/drying process method
Pressure washer containment assembly and method with a passive skimmer
Apparatus and method for wet cleaning or etching a flat substrate
Lightweight hands-free alternative umbrella and carrying case
Automatic locking and release device for a beach umbrella
Eave construction for large canopies
Miniature valve for filling the reservoir of an apparatus for the transdermal administration of medicine
Liquid filter with built-in pressure regulator
Valve assembly
Non return valve system and method for forming said non return valve system
Check valve
Booster station
Childproof cover for compressed gas valves
Overfill protection for fuel tanks
Miniature pulsatile flow controller
Control valve device for a hydraulic user
Flow rate detection mechanism with a restriction element for mass flow meters
Diverting valve for mixing faucet
Rotary channel-selector valve
Hydraulic valve for a camera dolly
Pipe wrap corrosion protection system
Conduit systems
Clip-on stirrup mat
Method of weaving a multi-colored web, web produced according to this method and warp assembly thereof
Drive for a mechanical loom
Device for tensioning and drawing back warp yarns coming from a creel to a weaving machine
Terry fabric or velour fabric and method for the production thereof
Method for manufacturing a fabric with rib structure, and fabrics manufactured according to this method
System for processing and packaging milk and other beverages
Vapor recovery system and method with leakage and air flow sensing
Automated replacement of transmission fluid
Apparatus for the control of a transfer device
Method and apparatus for cutting wooden plates
Tire having tread portion with rubber to control wear
Pressure indicating tire inflation valve
Tires with high strength reinforcement
Unit for supplying a strip to a user machine
Tire changing apparatus and method
Roll-up overhead door for sanitary applications
Window cover system for vehicles
Preform for magnesium metal matrix composites
Pouring table die block positioning device for an uphill vertical continuous casting machine
Pressure difference control method for filling a cavity with melt
Heat exchange members for thermal storage apparatus
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
Thermal switches and methods for improving their performance
Vibration induced atomizers
Cooling device with arrangement of centrifugal fan
Fin array for heat transfer assemblies and method of making same
Plate heat exchanger
Refrigerant tube for a heat exchanger
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Temperature control of individual tools in a cluster tool system
Apparatus for establishing branch wells from a parent well
Utilization of energy from flowing fluids
Wellbore cable system
Orienting and locking swivel and method
Downhole multiplexer and related methods
High pressure fluid seal for sealing against a bit guide in a wellhead and method of using
Automatic excavator, automatic excavation method and automatic loading method
Cultivator implement with castellated cultivating protrusions and multi-implement, powered, cultivation system
Blade pitch indicator
Method of drive pipe replacements on offshore platforms
Non-rotating sensor assembly for measurement-while-drilling applications
Shale hydration inhibition agent and method of use
Duckbill with cutting teeth
Single energizer face seal for rocks bits with floating journal bearings
Hopping robot
Suspension and drive mechanism for a multi-surface vehicle
Moving apparatus with drive power assisting device and movement controlling method
Motorcycle having a swivellable seat
Controller for a motor vehicle servo-assisted steering system
Panel-form loudspeaker
Air gap-insulated exhaust manifold
Step assembly for t-post, components therefor and methods of making the same
Bearing lubrication apparatus
Rotating lubrication applicator and methods for using same
Screw bolt, nut and ball bearing assembly
Traction type elevator apparatus
Apparatus for reducing power consumption in a elevator door protection system
Elevator with machine room below
Slidable brake disc system
Disk brake
Disk for a disk brake
Piston with floating valve for hydraulic damper tube, especially one of the monotube type
Automotive suspension locking device
Composition and process for the reactive brazing of ceramic materials containing alumina
Torque Transmitting device
Fluid clutch
Friction member for disk assembly, especially for torque converter
Wrap spring clutch
Fail-safe adjustable centrifugal clutch
Power transmitting mechanism with two hysteresis mechanisms
Bill validator status detector
Money screening method and unit
Escalator installation method
Safety device for systems for conveying persons
Tilt tray conveyor including dual action single bellows
Apparatus for changing the direction of transport of oval cigarettes
Device for the automatic conveyance of workpieces on a multistage metal-forming machine tool
Substrate transfer apparatus and method of substrate transfer
Actuator for a bi-directional conveyor belt
Adjustable length conveyor
Fiber filled chain link for a modular conveyer chain
Conveyor chain for transporting articles
Wedding dressed jewelry box
Basket-style carrier having center cell partitioning tabs
Two-component container
Storage device
Security assembly for a golf bag
Container for an article of hand-held power equipment
Thermoformed selectively accessed multi-chambered packaging
Self-lockable loop fastener and runner bars therewith
System for disposal of contaminated medical products
Carton having integrally formed alignment retainer tabs
Fluid tank assembly
Flat tablet case with a hinged cap
Spring loaded corner post for use with plastic film wrapping
Semiconductor wafer accommodating jig
Storage container for ink jet recording head cartridge and method for storing the cartridge
Electrostatic discharge-free container equipped with metal shield
Paint strainer
Glass pane handling assembly
Socket for a storage rack
Container coating for increasing product outage
Desiccant-containing stopper
Inner plug and cap for liquid injection containers, and jig used to fix cap to inner plug
High strength container
Low profile secondary seal
Double groove beverage can lid
Sterilizing container
Transparent front vending machine
Flat packet vending machine with removable cartridge
Dispensable promotional item for vending machine
Spray dispensing device with nozzle closure
Method and apparatus for dispensing a liquid containing gas in solution
Fluid flow system and method with low flow inhibiting
Cap with draining spike and flip top for use with hermetically sealed dispensing container
Single use container for dispensing separately housed sterile compositions
Roll up tube dispenser with shell housing
Flexible container for storing and dispensing liquids
(Jus press) clip-on dispensing adapter for a portable water cooler
Dual use dispensing system
Electric injection apparatus
Safety gun holster
Carrier device for a power-driven work tool
Anvil pad configuration for laser cleaving
Internal combustion powered tool
Ultrasonic vibration bonding tool
Wire bond monitoring system for layered packages
Apparatus and method for uniformly melting the solder attaching a surface mount device to a printed circuit board
Electric soldering iron
Molded selective solder pallet
Fabricating low distortion lap weld construction
Method and apparatus for forming a stir welded joint at meeting cylindrical edges
High density connector having a ball type of contact surface
Hollow golf club head and method for manufacture
Method of integrated circuit assembly
Selectively reinforced member and method of manufacture
Fixed-gap solder reflow method
Conductive particle arranging device and conductive particle transferring method using the same
Secure cluster box unit for mail and parcels
Security mail box
Gaming machine system operable with general purpose charge cards
Self actuating network smart card device
Optical reader with combined housing and light pipe
Bar code reader, and bar code reading method
Scan pattern generator convertible between multiple and single line patterns
Bar code scanner utilizing multiple light beams output by a light beam splitter
Code reader for reproducing information recorded as code pattern
Integral image element with display control parameters
Unitized seismic bracket with strength bend
Motion-magnifying seismic shock-absorbing construction
Outrigger connector for a factory made building
Grain storage safety net system and method
Sewage digester cap
Retrofitting existing concrete columns by external prestressing
Insulated wall construction and forms and method for making same
Wall plank structure
Deck and beam connector
Dry wall patch
Roof tile design and construction
Flooring panel
Modular structural element
Structure and method for closing and reinforcing hollow structural members
Roof fabric dispensing device
Roof shingle reinforcing strap
Wall for the booth of a coating plant
Storage apparatus for round baler wrapping material
Package wrapping method and machine
Modular packaging machine with web tension control
Wrapping apparatus
Hydro-mechanical transmission system for an agricultural combine
Drive arrangement for the crop conveying and/or processing mechanism of a harvesting machine
Jackknife support system for a combine cornhead
Stab-resistant insert for protective textile
Method for feeding a gas turbine with both liquid and gaseous fuels
Gas turbine engine
Gasifier and a power plant
Gas turbine power plant
Method and device for removing oxidic noxious substances in an oxygen-containing exhaust gas and engine which is operated therewith
Coupling mechanism between exhaust pipe and catalytic converter
Motorcycle exhaust system
Pneumatic spring system
Hydraulic raising apparatus with automatic regulated speeds
Bidirectional rotary motion-converter, wave motors, and various other applications thereof
Cylinder piston unit, especially for steam engines
System and method for control of fuel and air delivery in a burner of a thermal-cycle engine
Diesel engine controller
Method of and apparatus for using a geothermal power plant
Plant for exploiting geothermal energy
Apparatus and method for continuously disposing of condensate in a fluid compressor system
Oxidant control in co-generation installations
Clean air engines for transportation and other power applications
Fuel nozzle helical cooler
Evaporator device for an ice maker and method of manufacture
Structure and method for installation of overhead-type air conditioning unit for vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus and method of determining refrigerant composition of refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew