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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar 05KL116623
Upper body MRI scanner and associated control method
Microneedle arrays with ATR sensor
Methods of coordinating an imaging procedure and an injection procedure
Autofluorescent imaging and target ablation
Transfer function estimating device, noise suppressing apparatus and transfer function estimating method
Absorbent single use article
Systems and methods for implanting tissue stimulation electrodes in the pelvic region
Shielded RF distance telemetry pin wiring for active implantable medical devices
Model reference identification and cancellation of magnetically-induced voltages in a gradient magnetic field
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for regulating the velocity of a vehicle
Vehicular control system and control method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrotreating method
Method for selective hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene
Production of chemicals from pyrolysis oil
Process for the preparation of 6,6-dimethyl-3-azabicyclo-[3.1.0]-hexane compounds utilizing bisulfite intermediate
Process for the purification of neuromuscular blocking agents
Biomolecule labeling reactants based on azacycloalkanes and conjugates derived thereof
Method for the nitration of 4,6-dihydroxy-2-methylpyrimidine
Spiropiperidines for use as tryptase inhibitors
Antiviral nucleosides
RNAi modulation of RSV and therapeutic uses thereof
Anti-factor B antibodies and their uses
Polynucleotides encoding lignin biosynthetic pathway enzymes in coffee
Compositions and methods for treating and diagnosing cancer
Light amount detector, misalignment amount detector, and image density detector
Magnetic encoder
Optical device inspecting apparatus
Route search system, route search terminal and route search method
Spectrometer for measuring moving sample material and the method
Device and method for determining the value of a binary item, delivered in a redundant manner, and representative of a parameter of a system
Detector apparatus and pre-concentrator
System and method for the automated analysis of samples
Radiographic apparatus
Method and device for eddy current imaging for the detection and the characterisation of defects hidden in complex structures
Rapid identification of proteins and their corresponding source organisms by gas phase fragmentation and identification of protein biomarkers
Corona effluent sensing device
Method and apparatus for in-situ health monitoring of solar cells in space
Method and apparatus for on-chip adjustment of chip characteristics
Testing device for testing a semiconductor device
Probe card for semiconductor wafer
Method and arrangement for link cost determination for routing in wireless networks
Testing apparatus having tips of different heights
System and method for testing a circuit
Scintillation detector and method of assembling and testing
Combined magnetic resonance imaging and targeting device for magnetic particles
Method for radio-frequency nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having same
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus using the same
Electronic paper display device and manufacturing method thereof
Oscillator device, optical deflector and image forming apparatus using the same
Illumination structure and illumination lens mounted thereon
Optical apparatus with image stabilizing and movable lenses and actuators for shifting and/or moving the lenses
Diffractive optical element and optical system including the same
Printed circuit board for optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
Optical device
Flat-panel optical projection apparatus
Barrel module and imaging apparatus including the same
Large aperture polymer electro-optic shutter device and method of manufacturing same
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display
Surface light source element and image display apparatus including the same
Selective reflection/transmission optical device
Array substrate having common electrode with slits that overlap data lines, and liquid crystal display apparatus having the array substrate
Active device array substrate with particular test circuit
Flash unit, camera, and camera flash system
Portable screen assembly and expanding and contracting column and handing tool used therefor
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Method and device for the correction of imaging defects
Illumination system coherence remover with a series of partially reflective surfaces
Focus detection apparatus
Image forming apparatus including corona charger
Image forming apparatus having controlled speed differential between image bearing members and intermediate transfer belt
Image forming apparatus, tray ID management method, and computer-readable recording medium
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Cleaning roller for cleaning charging roller and image forming apparatus
Storage container, supply device, and image forming apparatus
Imaging apparatus and methods
Stabilized platform system
Control circuit for inverter
Luminous chain with distributed driver circuit
Systems and methods for security controlled LED lighting fixture
Current supply circuit
DC-DC converter with switchable estimators
Instructing device configured to selects a cooperating device based on a predetermined power supply reliability
Method and apparatus for data transmission in wireless local access network and system therefor
Reducing power consumption while synchronizing a plurality of compute nodes during execution of a parallel application
Storage system and control method thereof
Enterprise service availability through identity preservation
Virtual machine-based on-demand parallel disaster recovery system and the method thereof
Systems, methods, and apparatuses to save memory self-refresh power
Methods and apparatus to initiate a BIOS recovery
Pluggable transceiver module with enhanced circuitry
Content playback apparatus, content playback method, and storage medium
Computer system, storage system and method for saving storage area by integrating same data
Storage subsystem capable of programming field-programmable devices of a target computer system
Periodically and empirically determined memory refresh intervals
Dynamically switching command types to a mass storage drive
Methods and apparatus to share a thread to reclaim memory space in a non-volatile memory file system
Adaptive spill-receive mechanism for lateral caches
Storage area dynamic assignment method
Address translation caching and I/O cache performance improvement in virtualized environments
Method to qualify access to a block storage device via augmentation of the device'S controller and firmware flow
Sharing of data across disjoint clusters
Distributed command and address bus architecture for a memory module having portions of bus lines separately disposed
Method and system for remote diagnostic, control and information collection based on various communication modes for sending messages to users
Smart printer cartridge
Method and system for storing memory compressed data onto memory compressed disks
Printing system, printing apparatus, and job control method
System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space
Automatic and transparent document archiving
Formulating multimedia content of an on-line interview
Communication apparatus with exchangeable recording medium
Method and system for efficient buffer management for layer 2 (L2) through layer 5 (L5) network interface controller applications
Method for supporting post browsing in moving rights object of digital rights management and terminal thereof
Application design framework for MANET over a short range communication protocol
Stateless distributed computer architecture with server-oriented state-caching objects maintained on network or client
Method of executing service on a network, and flow processing apparatus with document that describes a flow for controlling services on the network
Authorizing service requests in multi-tiered applications
System and method for RDMA QP state split between RNIC and host software
System and method for data transmission
Device management system and device management command scheduling method thereof
XML-based web feed for web access of remote resources
Device identification number based name service
Methods and apparatus for scalable array processor interrupt detection and response
Fit and fill techniques for pictures
Multiple carrier mailing machine
Cross-channel coauthoring consistency
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Event-based anticipation systems, methods and computer program products for associative memories wherein times of future events occurring are predicted
Project management applications utilizing summary tasks for top-down project planning
Web server system
Dynamic preloading of web pages
Extensible value types in cells
Estimating device and method, and program
Butterfly diagrams enabling multi-dimensional performance analysis
Noise suppressing method and noise suppressing apparatus
Load-sensing systems for light-duty trucks
Facilitating advertisement selection using advertisable units
Thread ranking system and thread ranking method
System, method and computer program product for managing aging data in a database schema
Index optimization for ranking using a linear model
Information processing apparatus and operation method thereof
Method and apparatus for data processing with index search
Bridge information modeling
Medium storing logic simulation program, logic simulation apparatus, and logic simulation method
Method and device for detecting a malfunction of a control coupling
Methods of determining complete sensor requirements for autonomous mobility
Apparatus for and method of measuring workpiece on machine tool
Method of yield management for semiconductor manufacture and apparatus thereof
Method and system for estimating use time of electric appliances
Gyroscope monitoring for an antenna system
Method and system for digital watermarking
Method and apparatus for managing digital content
Protocol-Independent remote attestation and sealing
Common block interface for data and control with handshake protocol
Mobile terminal comprising rotary type input device and method of setting sensitivity using the same
Coordinate positioning system and method with in-the-air positioning function
Liquid crystal device, pixel circuit, active matrix substrate, and electronic apparatus
Level converter circuit and a liquid crystal display device employing the same
Display driver and related display
Reference voltage offset for capacitive touch-sensor measurement
Join objects
Information processing apparatus with code generation and transfer to file to be printed
Communication device and storage medium storing control program for communication device
Data processing apparatus, system control method and system
Printing system and control method thereof, and storage medium therefor
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information communication method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product each to process a plurality of printer languages
Network storage system with a clustered configuration sharing a namespace, and control method therefor
Enhanced identification of relevant database indices
Information module recommendation
Recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, and file management method
Electronic data interchange (EDI) data dictionary management and versioning system
Database management method, database management apparatus, and database management program
Multimedia object retrieval from natural language queries
Searching for and providing objects using byte-by-byte comparison
Visualizing hyperlinks in a search results list
Method for emulating operating system jitter
Inverted wheel type moving body and method of controlling the same
In-circuit emulator and pod synchronized boot
Method and apparatus for controlling power in an emulation system
Method of managing and displaying gene expression data
Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and information output method
Apparatus for accelerated processing of print data by maximizing word-boundary accesses of image data
Image processing job scheduler
Image scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus and image scanning method
Image processor and image processing method processing an image that includes a semi-transparent object or an image with periodically varying density
Medical image-processing apparatus and a method for processing medical images
Method for infrared image correction and enhancement
Imaging device, driving method therefor and imaging method
Iterative segmentation of images for computer-aided detection
Method and apparatus for mura detection and metrology
Electronic watermark embedment apparatus and electronic watermark detection apparatus
Method, device and computer program product for performing white balancing of a digital image
Image-processing device and image-processing method for embedding code patterns in image information
Two stage detection for photographic eye artifacts
Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Method for the detection of marks and printing machine
Interactive systems and methods employing wireless mobile devices
Real-time capture and transformation of hemispherical video images to images in rectilinear coordinates
Method, computer program product, and hardware product for implementing lossless image compression by minimizing complex structures using intelligent pixel crawling
Apparatus, method and system for image processing
Methods of suppressing ringing artifact of decompressed images
Image feature extraction method and image compression method
Method and apparatus for touching-up images
Arranging images on pages of an album
Data visualization system and method
Local item availability information
Payment service capable of being integrated with merchant sites
Method and system to automate payment for a commerce transaction
Charging for prepaid subscribers in a telecommunications system
System and method for creating a market map in an electronic trading environment
Analyte monitoring and management device and method to analyze the frequency of user interaction with the device
Remoting sub-pixel resolved characters
Apparatus and method for tracing activities of a shader program executed on shader circuitry of a data processing apparatus
Function check for a gas-alarm annunciator
Method and system for localizing objects using passive RFID tags which identifies the RFID with an LED
Flame detection and suppression system using a thermoelectric generator
Human movement measurement system
Multi-option communication methods of fault notification in pet containment systems
Method of transmitting control information in wireless communication system and transmission window updating method using the same
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Driving apparatus for driving gate lines in display panel
Liquid crystal display device
Electrooptic device and electronic apparatus
Gate driver, display device having the same and method of driving the same
Liquid crystal display device
Light-emission control device and liquid crystal display apparatus
Active matrix type display device which compensates for an electrical potential variation caused by inter-pixel parasitic capacitance between two adjacent pixels connected to different signal lines
Liquid crystal display device with influences of offset voltages reduced
Data driving circuit including a first operator that generates a flag signal based on a load signal and a reset signal and a second operator that generates a horizontal scanning identical signal, display apparatus comprising the same and control method thereof
Display driving apparatus and display apparatus comprising the same
Liquid crystal drive apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
Display device and driving method thereof
Pixel circuit and display device
User interface device and image displaying method
Display device, display method, information recording medium and program
Drive circuit, display apparatus using drive circuit, and evaluation method of drive circuit
System and method for efficient digital video composition
Method for adjusting brightness, contrast and color in a displaying apparatus
Noise reduction by mobile communication devices in non-call situations
Speech information processing apparatus and method
Audio signal coding method and decoding method
Voice signal encoding/decoding method
Method and apparatus for encoding continuation sinusoid signal information of audio signal and method and apparatus for decoding same
Address generating and detecting method and reproducing and recording apparatus
Limited use memory device with associated information
Method and apparatus for forming servo patterns on a magnetic-recording disk
Magnetoresistive sensor having quantum well structure and a trapping layer for preventing charge carrier migration
Disk drive suspension having a constraint layer and a base region with a bridge section extending across a gap between lateral sections
Optical disc recording apparatus and recording power control method
Wobble signal detector including the signal processor, optical disk apparatus including the wobble signal detector and read-write optical disk drive including the wobble signal detector
Method and apparatus for optimizing optical recording
Photo diode ic
Recycling charges
Switchable element
One time programmable memory
Radiation imaging apparatus
Photoactivatable paint curing device and method
Method of operating transistors and structures thereof for improved reliability and lifetime
Electrochemical capacitor
Method and device for operating a switching device
Double-breaking contact system for a low voltage circuit breaker, a molded case circuit breaker comprising the double-breaking contact system, and a method for breaking a circuit
Light emitting device, light-emitting module, lighting apparatus, and image projection apparatus
Sealed thick film dielectric electroluminescent display
Magnetic domain imaging system
Ionization probe assemblies
Frequency tunable resonant cavity for use with an electrodeless plasma lamp
Strained MOS device and methods for its fabrication
Method of fabricating a trench-generated transistor structure
Microelectromechanical device and method for manufacturing the same
High frequency package and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor package having an internal cooling system
Interposer chip and manufacturing method thereof
Lead pin for package substrate, and method for manufacturing package substrate with the same
Underfill flow guide structures
Substrate and package with micro BGA configuration
Flat leadless packages and stacked leadless package assemblies
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Apparatus and method for a chip assembly including a frequency extending device
SOI substrates and SOI devices, and methods for forming the same
Light emitting device using GaN LED chip
Methods of forming carbon nanotubes architectures and composites with high electrical and thermal conductivities and structures formed thereby
Superjunction device having a dielectric termination and methods for manufacturing the device
Nitride semiconductor crystal with surface texture
Metal high dielectric constant transistor with reverse-T gate
Compound semiconductor device having dopant concentration gradient
Tandem photovoltaic cells
Solid-state image pick-up device and imaging system using the same
LED package having an array of light emitting cells coupled in series
Fluid actuator, and heat generating device and analysis device using the same
Ultrasonic actuator with power supply electrode arrangement
Polymeric actuator controller, polymeric actuator control method, and electronic apparatus
Reflective antenna assembly
Double-stacked EBG structure
Single longitudinal mode laser diode
Two-dimensional diode-laser array with broad-band output
Angled slots for installation of outdoor metallic boxes
3-phase power factor corrected AC to DC filtered switching power supply
Method and apparatus to regulate an output voltage of a power converter at light/no load conditions
Protection circuit for semiconductor integrated circuit and driving method therefor
Battery charger and control method therefor
Vehicle and method for managing power limits for a battery
Method for controlling the end of the discharge of a rechargeable battery
Battery state of health monitoring system and method
Charging apparatus including an operation inhibiting unit for inhibiting a battery circuit based on ambient temperature
Low-inertia permanent-magnet electrical machine rotor
Stator having busbars for connection of the coils, and a corresponding method
Switching control circuit, semiconductor device and switching power source apparatus
Thin film solar cell module
Electronically commutated motor
Transmission device, distortion compensation device, and distortion compensation method
Operational amplifier
Apparatus and method for an integrated, multi-mode, multi-band, and multi-stage power amplifier
Nonlinear detectors for channels with signal-dependent noise
Current driving circuit
Systems and methods for semi-automatic dialing from a mixed entry sequence having numeric and non-numeric data
Nibble encoding for improved reliability of non-volatile memory
Method for providing unequal error protection to data packets in a burst transmission system
Reducing exposure of radio devices to interference through adaptive selection of repetitive symbols
Method and device for anti-interference fighting in a telecommunications system
Active vibratory noise control apparatus matching characteristics of audio devices
Compensating for variations in the response of a power supply
Broadcast receiver and method of processing data
Signal receiving apparatus and control method thereof
Receiving device for adjusting energy of a received signal sent over a transmission line
Filter configuration for a receiver of multiple broadcast standard signals
Wireless remote control signal transfer method and apparatus, and wireless remote control system
Self-calibrating mixer
Method and system for transmission and/or reception of signals up to extremely high frequencies utilizing a delay circuit
Mobile telephone with improved man machine interface
Apparatus and method for allocating preamble index of self configuration base station in broadband wireless communication system
Bidirectional slide-type mobile communication terminal and method of providing graphic user interface thereof
Transmitter/receiver circuit and transmission/reception method
Moving image decoding apparatus and moving image coding apparatus
UWB dual burst transmit driver
Communication system using passive optical network and passive optical network
Electronic apparatus
Communication system using passive optical network and passive optical network
System of communication using microwave signals over wireline networks
Controlling a user's interaction with a keyboard of a multi-application electronic device
Determining transport block size using channel quality indicator value and block error rate
Transmitted power control method and mobile terminal device
Mobile communication terminal and method for controlling a plurality of receiving apparatuses mounted on mobile communication terminal
Relay apparatus, relay method, and recording medium storing relay program
Test device for gain level determination of wireless repeater systems
Methods for power reduction detection for enhanced dedicated channel
Apparatus and method for supporting handover in broadband wireless communication system
Communicating packets in a wireless multi-user multi-hop relay networks
System having electronic device with multiple interfaces and host apparatus, information processing device, electronic device, and setup method, control method and program therefor
Transmit, receive, and cross-talk cancellation filters for back channelling
Digital cross-connect
Dynamic determination of EV-DO control-channel bit rate based on forward-link-timeslot utilization, control-channel occupancy, and amount of buffered forward-link traffic data
Enhanced TDD frame structure
Optical transmission device, optical transmission system, and bandwidth control method
Method and system for synchronizing a transceiver and a downstream device in an optical transmission network
Method for communicating data between mobile station and base station, and mobile communication terminal thereof
Method and apparatus for managing allocation of resources in a network
Method and apparatus for dynamically configuring a hybrid automatic repeat request memory
System and method for communicating using an in-vehicle system
Gateway relaying communication between a radio intelligent terminal and a server
Method and system for efficient transmission and reception of RF energy in MIMO systems using polar modulation and direct digital frequency synthesis
Obtaining high availability using TCP proxy devices
Efficient implementation of arithmetical secure hash techniques
Traffic engineering apparatus, network system, and traffic control method and program
Downlink out of sync detection in continuous packet connectivity
Inter-local peer group (LPG) routing method
Apparatus and method for sharing content using digital living network alliance (DLNA) network and computer-readable medium thereof
System and method for synchronising a data processing network
Apparatus and method for processing IP packet fragmentation in routing system using network processor
Method and apparatus of transmitting feedback message in wireless communication system
Signal space expansion for a 16 QAM scheme
Quasi-pilot symbol substitution
Method and apparatus for transmitting high speed data by spectral decomposition of the signaling space
Optical phase-modulation evaluating device
Stateless hardware security module
DTV receiver and method of processing broadcast signal in DTV receiver
Device for generating a sampled ramp signal representative of a synchronization signal, and device for assisting the reconstruction of a synchronization signal, for a packet switching network
Cellular phone
Communication device
Systems and methods for monitoring telephone lines
Method for downloading a message in a mobile terminal, method for forwarding message, and mobile terminal for performing the same
Configurable and pushable carrier communications with rich content
Enhanced telecommunication signal insertion systems and methods
Method and device for managing data in mobile terminal
System and method for managing a conference call
Integrated number portability and user mobility for a communication system
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image processing to determine if pixel in compressed data is chromatic or achromtic based on selection threshold
Optical disk for high resolution and general video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk recording apparatus, and reproduction control information generation apparatus
Photoelectric conversion device and imaging system
Solid-state imaging apparatus with decoders for controlling reset switches
Solid-state imaging apparatus and method of driving the same
Method and apparatus for compensating signal distortion caused by noise
Portable terminal
Apparatus and method for capturing and viewing images
Electronic image pickup apparatus
Imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and computer-readable storage medium storing program
Photoelectric conversion apparatus and imaging system
Sequential shooting controller
Interchangeable lens, camera system, and its control method
Method for adjusting photographing settings of digital camera through motion detection
Focus detection apparatus, focus detection method, and image sensing apparatus
Focus control device and focus control method
Image processing circuit, semiconductor device and image processing device
Image pickup apparatus, apparatus and method for processing information, program, and program recording medium
Zoom optical system and electronic imaging apparatus having the same
Correlated double sampling unit in image sensor with attenuation of parasitic voltage loss
Multi-standard integrated television receiver
Recording method, recording apparatus, and computer-readable medium
Optical disk device
Information recording medium, and apparatus and method for recording information to information recording medium
Method and apparatus for reversible, polynomial based image scaling
Computational reduction in motion estimation based on lower bound of cost function
Apparatus and method for processing image
Adaptive quantizer, adaptive quantization method and adaptive quantization program
Decoding device, encoding device, interpolation frame creating system, integrated circuit device, decoding program, and encoding program
Method and device for setting output volume of audio signal to prevent acoustic shock in mobile terminal
Utilizing data reduction in steganographic and cryptographic system
Data relay apparatus and method using telephone number
Video surveillance equipment and video surveillance system
Scalable video coding method and apparatus and scalable video decoding method and apparatus
AV timing measurement for MPEG type television
Image sensing apparatus and control method for the image sensing apparatus
Circuit and method for processing image abnormality caused by power supply
White balance control image sensing apparatus and method
Broadcast receiver and method for diagnostic information presentation
Speaker system
In-ear earphone with cushioning member
Speaker with auxiliary air hole
Method and apparatus for acquiring multi-channel sound by using microphone array
Sound reproducing apparatus and sound reproducing method
Apparatus and method for controlling a plurality of speakers by means of a DSP
Wireless architecture utilizing geo-referencing
Apparatus and method for use in location determination
Radio communication terminal, radio base station, and packet communication method
Base station equipment
Spatial puncturing apparatus, method, and system
Method for writing a character message in a mobile telecommunication handset and mobile telecommunication handset capable of writing a character message
Portable communications device coupled to first network by way of second network
Receiving and sending method of mobile TV phone and mobile TV phone terminal
Data packet traffic scheduling
System and method for reinforcing wireless communication capability within wireless network group
Method and device ACK/NACK slot positioning
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Wireless communication system, wireless base station, user equipment, and multi service management equipment
System and method for correcting a mobile identification number
Determining mobile phone number assignment
Method of transmitting data in multi-cell cooperative wireless communication system
Load driving apparatus
Apparatus and method for pulsed L.E.D. illumination
Printed circuit board
Relay substrate, method for manufacturing the relay substrate and three-dimensional circuit device using the relay substrate
Laser apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Corn hybrid P741
Soybean variety 91B33
Process for making betaine transition metal complexes for use in animal feed supplements and compositions thereof
Variant EGIII-like cellulase compositions
Antibiotic peptides from bovine milk
Shielded optical probe and method
Circumcision/penile dressing
Flexible non-contact wound treatment device
Absorbent article and the like
Inexpensive diaper wetness monitoring system
Method and apparatus for vascular neuromuscular blockade
Combination of benzoquinazoline antifolates and protecting agents
Anandamide amidase inhibitors as analgesic agents
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating immune-response associated diseases of the surface and the anterior segment of the eye
Purine derivatives and adenosine A2 receptor antagonists serving as preventives/remedies for diabetes
Method for treating allergies using substituted pyrazoles
Cycloalkyl, lactam, lactone and related compounds, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, and methods for inhibiting .beta.-amyloid peptide release and/or its synthesis by use of such compounds
Nitrosated and nitrosylated compounds and compositions and their use for treating respiratory disorders
1.alpha.-hydroxy-2-methylene-19-nor-homopregnacalciferol and its uses
Control of protozoa and protozoan cysts that harbor legionella
Interleukin-6 production inhibitors
Sulphostin analogue and process for producing sulphostin and its analogue
Use of low-molecular-weight heparins for the prevention and treatment of cerebral edemas
Method for the prevention or treatment of hypomagnesemia in pediatric patients and in patients with G-tubes or NG-tubes
Composition and method for modulating nutrient partitioning
Effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 (7-36) on antro-pyloro-duodenal motility
Adenovirus-mediated gene therapy
Composition for treatment of stress
Agent and method for prevention and treatment of cancer in animals
Combination cancer therapy comprising adenosine and deaminase enzyme inhibitors
Compositions having improved bioavailability
Diagnosis and management of infection caused by chlamydia
Penetration enhancing and irritation reducing systems
Dendrimer biocide-silver nanocomposites: their preparation and applications as potent antimicrobials
Animal model for detection of vulnerable plaques
Dental try-in pastes, kits, and methods
Foaming oil-in-water emulsion based on nonionic surfactants, a fatty phase and a crosslinked cationic or anionic polymer, and its use in topical applications
Use of a celecoxib composition for fast pain relief
Radiation curable adhesive compositions comprising block copolymers having vinyl functionalized polydiene blocks
Absorbent composition including an uncrosslinked polymer
Use of troglitazone and related compounds for the treatment of cancer
Methods for sterilizing cyanoacrylate compositions
Biomaterials comprising N-sulphated hyaluronic acid compounds or derivatives thereof
Thermoplastic elastomeric material as a replacement for natural rubber latex
Apparatus for destroying syringe-type needles by electrical current
Brain cell or nerve cell-protective agents comprising ginsenoside Rb1
Golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Foam control agents for coatings
Method and device for cooling a hot reactor gas, for example in the production of phthalic anhydride
Method and apparatus for producing bulk quantities of nano-sized materials by electrothermal gun synthesis
Metallacrown ether catalysts for hydroformylation
Biological specimen heating device and quality control method for immunohistochemistry heat retrieval procedures
Rubber waste disposal apparatus and method of treating rubber waste
Water-soluble package and preparation thereof
Friction pads and disks and compositions and methods for producing same
Electrical discharge machining apparatus supplying initial and processing currents
Electric discharge machining method and device
Scribing sapphire substrates with a solid state UV laser
Laser processing apparatus and method
Apparatus to control the amount of oxygen incorporated into polycrystalline silicon film during excimer laser processing of silicon films
Soldering station with built-in self-calibration function
Methods for manufacturing foam material including systems with pressure restriction element
Surface treatment agent for model
Gel-containing rubber mixtures with inorganic peroxides
Tire with minimal-marking tread and skid steering, fixed axle, tire/wheel or vehicular track assembly where said tire or track has a minimal-marking tread
Foot warmer mat adapted for use in an automotive vehicle
Process and configuration for the automated conveying, sorting and loading of baggage items
Single crystal, dual wafer, tunneling sensor or switch with silicon on insulator substrate and a method of making same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalytic asymmetric desymmetrization of meso compounds
Flexible preparation of propene and hexene
Process for the preparation of trifluoromethyl-substituted biphenylcarboxylic acids and novel trichloromethyl-and trifluoromethyl-substituted biphenylcarbonitriles
Catalytic process for producing an alkylene glycol with reactor-output recycle
Process for preparing 2-amino-4-(4-fluorphenyl)-6-alkylpyrimidine-5-carboxylate
Catalytic process for preparing perfluoroethanesulfonyl fluoride and/or perfluorodiethylsulfone
Matrix metalloprotease inhibitors
Process for preparation of 2-Methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone
Process for recovering terephthalic acid from pulverized product of spent polyethylene terephthalate and system for use in such process
Method for producing chiral dihydrotagetone, and its conversion to chiral 5-isobutyl-3-methyl-4,5-dihydro-2(3H)-furanone
Process for producing refined pyromellitic acid and refined pyromellitic anhydride
Antiviral guanine derivatives
Process for preparing potassium monoethyl malonate
Treatment/purification of lactam media of reaction
Method of producing 3,4-dehydroprolines and 3,4-dehydropiperidines
Preparation of quinoline-substituted carbonate and carbamate derivatives
Processes for the preparation of 1,5-diarylpyrazoles
Pyrimidine-2,4,6-trione metalloproteinase inhibitors
Method for preparing melamine
Methods of using novel compounds as neuro-protective agents
Bezamide derivatives for the treatment of diseases mediated by cytokines
Process for the preparation of 1-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-1,3-dihydroisobenzofuran-5-ca rbonitrile
Klainetins and their derivatives, method for their preparation and use thereof
Method of making trimethylene carbonate
Pyridazinone aldose reductase inhibitors
Substituted azoles
3 (5)-heteroaryl substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
5-cyano-2-aminopyrimidine derivatives
3-(cycloalkanoheteroarylidenyl)-2-indolinone protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Triazole compounds with dopamine-D3-receptor affinity
Isoxazoles and oxadiazoles as anti-inflammatory inhibitors of IL-8
Prolines as antimicrobial agents
Pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use
Imidazo-pyridines, -pyridazines, and -triazines as corticotropin releasing factor antagonists
Triazolo-pyridazine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
Cephalotaxanes: their method of preparation and their use in treatment of cancers, leukemias, parasites, including those resistant to usual chemotherapeutic agents, and as reversal agents
Preparation of codeine from morphine
Method for preparing tetrakis (pentafluorophenyl) borate derivatives
Process for the manufacture of alkoxysilanes and alkoxy orthosilicates
Phosphole and diphosphole ligands for catalysis
Ribose-substituted aromatic amides, method for the production and use thereof as medicaments
Process for producing 2',3'-diethyl substituted nucleoside derivatives
3-methylene steroid derivatives
Method of treating hyperlipidemic and hyperglycemic conditions in mammals using pregnadienols and pregnadienones
Process for phosphorylation and compounds produced by this process
Therapeutic anti-cytomegalovirus compounds
OBG3 globular head and uses thereof for decreasing body mass
Compositions and methods for treatment of sexual dysfunction
Depigmenting activity of agouti signal protein and peptides thereof
Polypeptide, novel DNA and novel antibody
Compositions for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer and methods for their use
Methods of reconstructed goat embryo transfer
Inhibition of stress activated protein kinase (SAPK) pathway and sensitization of cells to cancer therapies
Extracellular signal-regulated kinase, sequences, and methods of production and use
Goodpasture antigen binding protein
Receptor-selective somatostatin analogs
Process for producing isobutylene polymers
Biaxially-oriented metallocene-based polypropylene films
Ethylene styrene interpolymers with double reverse styrene incorporation
Single-site catalysts based on anionic thiopyran dioxide ligands
Method for producing a polymer by coordination polymerization
Tetrafluoroethylene/ethylene copolymer and its film
Superabsorbent polymers having a slow rate of absorption
Reactive extrusion process for making modifiied biodegradable compositions
Waterborne primer with improved chip resistance
Hydraulic fracturing fluid comprising a block copolymer containing at least one water-soluble block and one hydrophobic block
Stereospecific living polymerization of olefins by a novel Ziegler-Natta catalyst composition
Preparation of low hysteresis rubber by reacting a lithium polymer with a sulfur containing reagent
Process for producing aqueous solution of monoallylamine polymer
Self-assembled sulfonated block copolymer semipermeable membrane and uses therefor
Bonding resins
Process for preparing a flexible polyurethane foam
Polyesterurethane elastomers and process for their production
Photoactivatable coating composition comprising a photolatent base
Coating compositions for optical waveguides and optical waveguides coated therewith
Chain-extended or crosslinked polyethylene oxide/polypropylene oxide/polyethylene oxide block polymer with optional polyester blocks
Pitch pocket and sealant
Process for the anionic polymerization of lactams
Acylated polymeric polyamines
High temperature elastomers from linear poly(silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)
Biosorbents and process for producing the same
Thermoplastic vulcanizate with defined morphology for optimum elastic recovery
Low-gloss biaxially oriented films comprising vinyl aromatic polymers and substantially non-spherical rubber particles
Fire resistant styrene polymer foams with reduced brominated fire retardant
Low resistivity polymeric PTC compositions
Fire retardant polyphenylene ether-organoclay composition and method of making same
Polyolefins and uses thereof
Polyamide-ionomer graft copolymer and blends thereof for use in golf ball covers or mantles
Poly(arylene ether)-polystyrene composition
Melt-fabricable polytetrafluoroethylene
Thermoplastic moulding materials
Nanocomposite material
Polyester resin composition
Cured polyesters containing fluorinated side chains
Aromatic polysulfone resin composition and molded article containing the same
Method of producing modified polyester moulded articles, and said moulded articles
Composition of polyarylenesulfide, epoxy resin and oxazoline polymer
Modified bituminous composition for roof membranes
Stabilized silica and method of making and using the same
Water-dilutable etherified melamine-formaldehyde resins
Aqueous coating composition comprising a mixture of polyurethane dispersions
Use of a silicone surfactant in polishing compositions
Adhesive compositions and constructions with outstanding cutting performance
Method for preparing microgels of controlled size
Olefin recovery in an olefin production process
Process for removing free fatty acids from fats and oils of biological origin or their steam distillates
Detergent particles and methods for making them
Method of treating fabrics
Non-reciprocal recombination-mediated transgene deletion in transgenic plants
Acyl CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase (ACAT-2)
Consensus phytases
Mechanical resistance of a single-crystal silicon wafer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sample analyzing monitor and combustion control system using the same
Apparatus and methods for thermoelectric heating and cooling
Static weighing system
Method and system for remote error reporting on weighing equipment
Electronic strobe tuning aid
Infrared sensor
Arrangement for the detection of fluorescene radiation of matrix-shaped speciman carriers
Inspection apparatus
Method to measure hydrogen-bearing constituent in a material using neutron spectroscopy
Method and apparatus for time dispersive spectroscopy
Measurement signal generating circuit for linear scale
Background rejection circuit
Neutron beam controlling apparatus, and neutron energy measuring apparatus
Telemetry harness for towed fiber optic acoustic array
Method for assembling a miser laser with fibre coupling
Contrast focus figure-of-merit method that is insensitive to scene illumination level
Composite ophthalmic lens
Ferroelectric liquid crystal infrared chopper
Convertible drumhead
Machine head for guitar
Vibratory string for musical instrument
Transport container for nuclear fuel assemblies
Accelerator system
Flexible interconnect cable with ribbonized ends
Durable, non-reactive, resistive-film heater
Photovoltaic cell
Contact element for an electrical device
Switch with pivotable actuator
Multidirectional switch and operation unit using the same
Switch device and method of assembling switch device
Circuit board integrated pressure switch
Fuse unit and manufacturing method therefor
Breaker device
Circuit breaker safety clip and associated method
System and method for delivering cooling gas from atmospheric pressure to a high vacuum through a rotating seal in a batch ion implanter
Charged particle beam emitting device
Micro-manipulation method
Charged particle beam scanning type automatic inspecting apparatus
Atom probe
High efficiency scanning in ion implanters
Monochromator for charged particles
Method for calibrating a mass spectrometer
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer array instrument
Metal oxide temperature monitor
Control apparatus for a light radiation-type rapid heating and processing device
Enhanced cooling IMP coil support
Structure for protecting a micromachine with a cavity in a UV tape
Trench schottky rectifier
Field effect transistors having elevated source/drain regions
Damascene double-gate FET
Double LDD devices for improved DRAM refresh
Thin-film circuit substrate and method of producing same
Inductive structure integrated on a semiconductor substrate
Monolithically integrated sensing device and method of manufacture
Vertical junction field effect semiconductor diodes
Process for producing a resistor in an integrated circuit and corresponding integrated static random access memory device having four transistors and two resistors
Method and apparatus on (110) surfaces of silicon structures with conduction in the <110> direction
Method for delineation of eDRAM support device notched gate
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Method for performing failure analysis on copper metallization
Contact in an integrated circuit
Integrated fuse with regions of different doping within the fuse neck
Electrical control methods involving semiconductor components
Assembly and method for modified bus bar with Kapton.TM. tape or insulative material in LOC packaged part
Low programming voltage anti-fuse structure
One time programmable fuse/anti-fuse combination based memory cell
Semiconductor device
Method for making a flexible circuit interposer having high-aspect ratio conductors
Semiconductor chip, semiconductor device, and process for producing a semiconductor device
High speed IC package configuration
Semiconductor device having built-in capacitors
Structure of a thin film transistor (TFT) array
Solar cells using fullerenes
Semiconductor with plural side faces
Damascene double gated transistors and related manufacturing methods
LDMOS device with double N-layering and process for its manufacture
Silicon nitride read only memory structure and method of programming and erasure
Multi-quantum-well infrared sensor array in spatially-separated multi-band configuration
Organic light-emitting devices
Nonreciprocal circuit device and communication device using same
Flexible adhesive membrane and electronic device employing same
Panel for electrical cabinet
Electrical and telecommunications conduit bodies
Scanner with light directing channel
Solid state imaging device having high output signal pain
Cooktop with temperature sensor
Multi-layer printed circuit board and a BGA semiconductor package using the multi-layer printed circuit board
EMI reduction device
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