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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Mower blade coupler with enlarged head and projecting fins
Method for managing the electrical control system of a windrower header flotation and lift system
Fishing hook enclosure apparatus
Optimized decompression pressure cooking appliance
Combination hat and sunglasses/goggles
Sole assembly
Coil zipper structure
Table with pivotally attached leg assemblies
Inflatable mattress
Deck accessory bracket
Device for automatically moving a curtain along a curtain rail
Coffee maker and microwave oven and method for controlling the same
Beverage heating method and beverage heater apparatus using the same
Cappuccino preparation
Steak weight
Self-cleaning wet dry vacuum cleaning device
Method and apparatus for Raman imaging of macular pigments
Body fat measuring system for pregnant woman and health care system for pregnant woman
Isometric exercise device
Miniature ingestible capsule
Biological optical measuring instrument
Casket and burial system
Bed, in particular sickbed or nursing bed
Method and apparatus for treating oropharyngeal disorders with electrical stimulation
Cardiac pacing system for prevention of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia episode
Voltage independent measurement apparatus, system, and method
Defibrillator with retractable cable
Fire fighting foam dispensing system and related method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Comminution machine
Method for removal of unburned carbon contained in fly ash
Liquid discharge apparatus and method for aligning needle-like substances
Reservoir and spray applicator
Spray gun
Rotary rinser
Assembly plant and assembly method for vehicle
Connecting rod apparatus and method
Method and process for reducing undercooling in a lead-free tin-rich solder alloy
Apparatus and method for semiconductor wafer bumping via injection molded solder
Tooling system and method
Cutting shield machine
Process for depopulating a circuit board
Tool assembly, system and method, for driving threaded members
Power tool
Fastener extraction tool
Dispenser for flexible thin-film hand coverings
Microreplicated surface
Vehicle extrication preparatory tool
Blade driving assembly for an adjustable hair clipper
Through dovetailing jig assembly
Pneumatic tire with tread having grooves including protrusions connected by joint
Integrated automotive tie bar and upper condenser, radiator and fan module brackets
Steering wheel mounting for transmission shift controls
Snow removal and deicing device for windshield wiper
Computer method and apparatus for aircraft mixture leaning
Ship and associated methods of formation with vessels connectable between decks and hulls
Scope adjustment method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for the handling of a radiopharmaceutical fluid
Circular motion case packing system
Method and device for filling a container with a predetermined quantity of fluid, filling machine
Apparatus for transporting rolls during packing
Method for creating a souvenir amusement item
Package, palletized load, and method of forming the same
Paperboard container having curvilinear portion
Bayonet closure container combination with angled bayonet lugs
Lid Device
Produce packaging system enabling improved drainage for hydrocooling
Easy-open encasement
Transfer tool
Wafer carrier positioning structure
System and method for case orienting
Device for turning flat articles including folded box blanks
Method and apparatus for reversing direction of an article
Safety cutting mechanism for tape dispenser
Inertial flattening for note processing
Image forming system, relay conveyance apparatus and method for installing image forming system
Method for sensing paper skew and method for correcting paper skew
Storage apparatus
Tamper evident closure assemblies
Heat actuated puncturing mechanism for a compressed gas cartridge
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Overcladding an optical fiber preform using an air-argon plasma torch
Apparatus for quantitative solidification of molten salt by using vacuum transfer and dual vessel
Magnetic disk glass substrate manufacturing method
Textiles; Paper
Climbing rope
Mechanical action estimation for washing machines
Fixed Constructions
Motorized snowblower chute control assembly and related methods
Wall and door hole repair kit and method of hole repair
Loading dock door seal
Segmented band joist batts and method of manufacture
Joint structure using a gusset plate, a building using the joint structure and a method of assembling or reinforcing a building
Sub-floor assemblies for sports flooring systems
Tent with extendable windows
Security gate
Fixed cutter bit with backup cutter elements on primary blades
Cutting element with canted interface surface and bit body incorporating the same
Slip groove gripping die
Wax barrier for use with in situ processes for treating formations
Undersea well product transport
Expandable downhole tools and methods of using and manufacturing same
Packer cup systems for use inside a wellbore
Polymeric microspheres as degradable fluid loss additives in oilfield applications
Methods of underground formation consolidation
Wellbore filter for submersible motor-driver pump
Sand control screen assembly and associated methods
Recovery of hydrocarbons
Methods and apparatus for communicating across casing
Magnetic ranging while drilling parallel wells
Downhole sampling tool and method for using same
Method and apparatus for sampling formation fluids
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine
Dynamically updated quick searches and strategies
Electromotive camshaft adjuster
Exhaust gas purifying apparatus for internal combustion engine
Cooling arrangement for a fuel injector and method
Single nozzle direct injection system for rapidly variable gasoline/anti-knock agents mixtures
Energy efficient robotic system
Balancing shaft unit
Vehicle and propulsion system including an internal combustion engine
System and method for augmenting turbine power output
Pintle injector
Fuel injector
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Method and device for ascertaining a cylinder pressure feature
Bend-resistant piston/cylinder unit
Rod guide for monotube shock absorbers
Hydrostatic-mechanical transmission
Method for controlling an automated gearbox, electronic safety system and adapter plug
Shaft seal using shingle members
Single-action discharge valve
Trigger mechanism for a water heater fail safe apparatus
Shifting unit
Piston for a linear spool valve
Oven door
Slide-out half rack
Ice making machine, evaporator assembly for an ice making machine, and method of manufacturing same
Rapid fluid cooling system and refrigeration device having same
Drying-storing apparatus for powdered or granular material and feeding system for powdered or granular material
Gun attachment holder
Animal food dispenser
Combination bullet seating and factory crimp die
Apparatus and method for inhibiting inadvertent initiation of a munition
Method for digital transmission and display of weather imagery
Position information estimation device, method thereof, and program
Pressure detecting apparatus utilizing electromagnetic coupling
Pressure distribution detection device
Consumption meter
Clamping arrangements for a transducer assembly having a piezoelectric element within a foam body
Method and system for diagnosing mechanical, electromechanical or fluidic components
Pressure sensor utilizing a low thermal expansion material
Electrical system testing using a wireless-controlled load bank
Method for controlling a test bench
Tensile tester
Deformation sensor
Method and apparatus for enhanced parallel port JTAG interface
Method for testing a circuit unit to be tested and test apparatus
System and method for adaptive control of uncertain nonlinear processes
System and method of adaptive control of processes with varying dynamics
Refrigerator and operating method thereof
System, method, and computer program product for representing object relationships in a multidimensional space
Methods and structure for BIOS reconfiguration
Backup/recovery system and methods for protecting a computer system
Stack trace generated code compared with database to find error resolution information
Method for protecting a data memory
Substrate profile analysis
Method for testing circuit units to be tested and test apparatus
Method for use of ternary CAM to implement software programmable cache policies
Disk array system based on disks with a fixed-length unit of access
Parallel cache interleave accesses with address-sliced directories
Apparatus and method to share a cache memory
Low latency request dispatcher
Method and system for supporting multiple external serial port devices using a serial port controller in embedded disk controllers
Memory allocation using a memory address pool
Byte alignment circuitry
Memory system with channel multiplexing of multiple memory devices
Method and apparatus for increasing an amount of memory on demand when monitoring remote mirroring performance
Memory device and recording and/or reproducing apparatus using the same
Patch memory system for a ROM-based processor
Flash memory apparatus and method for merging stored data items
Data backup method in a network storage system
Data transfer apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing redundancy between card elements in a chassis
Direct slave addressing to indirect slave addressing
Dual apparatus and method thereof using concurrent write function
Control system including controller and field devices
Connection support method for disk array device
Storage device control apparatus and method
Memory mapped I/O bus selection
Selective smart discards with prefetchable and controlled-prefetchable address space
Charge process upon effecting predetermined process by using plural data processing apparatus, and data processing apparatus used therefor
Automatic document classification using text and images
Presentation data-generating device, presentation data-generating system, data-management device, presentation data-generating method and machine-readable storage medium
Method and apparatus for dynamic command extensibility in an intelligent agent
Using video image analysis to automatically transmit gestures over a network in a chat or instant messaging session
System and method for globally and securely accessing unified information in a computer network
Method of initiating a telecommunication session between a resource provider and a patron
Dynamically modifying functionality in a configurable communications protocol stack
Devices, software and methods for encoding abbreviated voice data for redundant transmission through VoIP network
Multi-protocol label switching virtual private networks
Method and apparatus for automatic network configuration
Method and apparatus to enable cross platform configuration
Method and apparatus for calculating an operator distraction level
Method and system for managing collaboration within and between enterprises
Method and system for authoring a soundscape for a media application
Method of estimating expected revenues from business directory books
Distributed data clustering system and method
System, method and apparatus for converting and integrating media files
Method and apparatus of media management on disk-subsystem
Information providing apparatus
Graphical design and automatic generation of supply chain collaboration services capable of understanding supply chain semantics
Modification of integrated circuits
Gradient method of mask edge correction
Derivation of circuit block constraints
Detection and discrimination of instabilities in process control loops
Manufacturing management system and method
Numerical control apparatus for machine tool and numerical control method for machine tool
Prediction of the degree of delivery reliability in serial production
System and method for controlling mass storage class digital imaging devices
Information processing device and method
User interface for image acquisition devices
Method and system for controlling an operator interface with display fields containing graphics and text
Global lab software
Method and device for controlling the time which a user spends connected to a data communication network
Method and apparatus for scrollable cross-point navigation in a user interface
Method of allocating a basic input/output system to a shadow memory
Method and apparatus for processing an event occurrence for a least one thread within a multithreaded processor
Computer system for performing reusable software application development from a set of declarative executable specifications
Compiler device and computer-readable recording medium recorded with compiler program
Method of protecting entry addresses
Method of analyzing electromagnetic interference
Method and apparatus for software-based allocation and scheduling of hardware resources in an electronic device
Flexographic simulator and diagnostic system
Method and device for displaying driving instructions, especially in car navigation systems
Consumer-computer-readable product label apparatus and method
Embedded blacklisting for digital broadcast system security
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Electronic ticket management system
Method, system, article of manufacture, and propagated signal for electronically ordering photographic prints and gifts from photos
Settlement systems and methods wherein a buyer takes possession at a retailer of a product purchased using a communication network
Multi-vendor integration process for internet commerce
Monitoring device and security system
Retail transactions involving digital content in a digital rights management (DRM) system
Method for proof of transaction
Container with reflective surface for creating a multi-effect visual display
Method and apparatus for providing dynamic force sensations for force feedback computer applications
Speech recognition using dual-pass pitch tracking
Synthesis unit selection apparatus and method, and storage medium
Method for the encoding of prosody for a speech encoder working at very low bit rates
Apparatus for tracking and recording vital signs and task-related information of a vehicle to identify operating patterns
Memory device and recording and/or reproducing apparatus employing this memory device
Method and apparatus for splitting a logical block
Coding-decoding device and method for conversion of binary sequences
Method for manufacturing a flat cable harness
System and method for controlling distribution and use of digital works using price specifications
Decision function generator for a Viterbi decoder
Digital data file management method and recording medium for recording digital data file management program thereon
Recording system
Enhanced TV broadcasting method and system using tags for incorporating local content into a program data stream
Method and apparatus for creating virtual upstream channels for enhanced lookahead channel parameter testing
Audio visual architecture
Method and device for obtaining audience data on TV program
Method for manufacturing a transmission line equalizer
Method to accommodate increase in volume expansion during solder reflow
Method of manufacturing capacitor-embedded low temperature co-fired ceramic substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Composite railway crosstie, shaped like an I beam
Nozzle holder to be fixed to a motor vehicle
Heatable washer system which is intended for a motor vehicle
Sprinkler structure including a foggy water spray
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Shower head
Power gun spray nozzle and method
Stowable washer for vehicle undercarriage
Milling and pulverising apparatus and method
Process for hydrogen-pulverizing a rare earth metal-based magnetic material, and hydrogen-pulverizing case
Spice grinder and dispenser
Compaction methods and apparatus
Reel for fishing
Reel monitor devices and methods of using the same
Nudging device
Method and apparatus for non-propulsive fin control in an air or sea vehicle using planar actuation
Tiltrotor aircraft pylon conversion system
Auxiliary power and thrust unit
Airfoil low ice adhesion surface
Active flaperon assembly
Ion doping apparatus and method for aerodynamic flow control
Wrist rest for stenotypists
Counterweight for stands
Folding bedrail mount for a patient monitor
Display hanger for a dog leash
High resolution rotary positioning apparatus
Method and arrangement for forming construction panels and structures
Shape memory alloy actuated fluid control valve
Valve stem and method of manufacture; improved stem packing
Cable hoist controller
Carburetor for an internal combustion engine of a hand-held working tool
Plume abated cooling tower
Damper with vehicle height adjustment function
Antivibration device intended to reduce the transmission of vibration between two bodies, and applications
Suspension systems for motor vehicles
Vibration damper block
Elastomer damper
Vehicle wheel suspension device
Apparatus for a vehicle suspension system
Fixturing tool for retaining and positioning small objects
Positive drive mechanism for buckle folder and method
Signature delivery apparatus including two rotating buckets
Bill feed-out device
Automated bindery log extension
Multiple zone stack height sensor for high capacity feeder
Rotation-game board with rotatable wheels
Melding card game
Wine region board and card game
Foldable net
Light emitting shooting target
Magnet proof magnetic fluid sealing device
Bearing shaft seal
High-pressure compression-failure resistant and high sealing gasket
Gasket with dynamic embossment
Manual tightened chuck
Self-locking chuck
In-line roller skate
Footwear that can be worn for walking or skating
Device for retaining a boot on a gliding board
Hand truck having detachable carrier for bottled water container and methods of its construction and operation
Sulky with pivotable wheels
Trailing axle assembly
Axle attachment arrangement for tag axle
Recumbent cycle with improved suspension
Lever-operated wheelchair
Phase difference detecting apparatus and wheelchair using the same
Wheel mounting assembly
Wheelchair for handicapped
Watercraft trailer incorporating slidable bunk elements
Glider fifth wheel attachment
Gas bag module and method of assembly thereof
Air bag cover with hidden tear seams
Device for actuating an electrical contactor
Air bag system for a motor vehicle
Opening apparatus for the gas pressure container of an airbag
Air bag module with variable inflation
Air bag apparatus for passenger seat
Device for supporting snowboard
Book with storage for manipulatives
Nut with controlled internal radius
Vehicle compartment latch
Push-push latch with clicker
Automobile body protection apparatus
Triangular trough scoop
Holding ring tool
Robot hand
Device for carrying containers
Wall divider system for use in trucks
Stowage apparatus for a cargo area of a motor vehicle
Tailgate protecting device
Coverlet for the rear portion of a vehicle having a roll bar
Structurally integrating members between vehicle bodies and closures
Formed energy absorber
Door assembly for a cab of an agricultural tractor
Panel and cargo compartment for a truck
Seat support arrangement for folding chair
Folding chair with upright telescopic supports
Baby chair structure
Seat, especially a vehicle seat
Crash-responsive blocking device for a vehicle seat frame
Arrangement for beds and other reclining or seating furniture
Take apart chair
Child carrier harness
Safety and torso positioning apparatus
Rotatable implement depth control apparatus
Longwall coal cutter and loader
Cutting tool assembly with replaceable spray nozzle
Wheel cover
Stepping rod assembly for the rear axle of a bicycle
Vehicle braking system with a stroke simulator and a servo device
Pressure fluid reservoir for a vehicle hydraulic brake system
Full function valve for heavy duty semi-trailer brake systems
Method and apparatus for controlling fluid pressure
Brake control system with an isolation valve
Computer enclosure for exclusively mounting two different sized switching power supplies
Protective sheet mount structure for display
Modular book/computer shelf moving cart
Furniture construction
Lower rack lifting device for a dishwasher
Cabinet unit with pivoting height-adjustable work surface
Cooling storage cabinet
Postage meter machine
Method and apparatus for detecting ink level
Ink jet recording apparatus for adjusting the weight of ink droplets
Recording apparatus and method having a temperature overrise protection function
Recording apparatus and recording method
Printhead configuration
Shading correction processing for an image forming apparatus
Ink jet printhead with an improved eyelid system
Ink jet recording device capable of reliably discharging air bubble during purging operations
Storage and spittoon system for waste inkjet ink
Ink jet cartridge replacement control
Positioning assembly for drive mechanism
Dynamic pass buffer sizing
Print mode for improved leading and trailing edges and text print quality
Inkjet recording apparatus and method for preventing generation of unevenness in density of a recorded image
Liquid ejection apparatus
Inverted radial back-curling thermoelastic ink jet printing mechanism
Dual nozzle single horizontal fulcrum actuator ink jet printing mechanism
PTFE surface shooting shuttered oscillating pressure ink jet printing mechanism
Tapered magnetic pole electromagnetic ink jet printing mechanism
Linear stepper actuator ink jet printing mechanism
Reverse spring lever ink jet printing mechanism
Magnetostrictive ink jet printing mechanism
Method and apparatus for ejecting particulate material including secondary electrode disposed transverse to a row of ejection electrodes
Ink compensated geometry for multi-chamber ink-jet printhead
Ferroelectric element, process for producing the same, and ink jet head
Ink jet recording apparatus with ink drop registration control
Continuous ink jet printing process using asymmetric heating drop deflection
Ink supply tube guiding system for large format printer
Ink jet recording apparatus and method for replenishing ink in the tank cartridge
Ink jet recording apparatus with tank for reaction solution and method for producing the tank
Ink cartridge insertion mechanism for inkjet printer
Liquid ejection head cartridge and liquid container usable therewith
Ink-jet cartridge
Ink-jet printing system for improved print quality
Ink-jet printer
Hinge for eyeglasses
Multi-purpose eyewear
System and method for diagnosing and treating a target tissue
Iris identification system and method of identifying a person through iris recognition
Projecting device for displaying electronic images
Work desk with panoramic display
Optical system for projection displays using spatial light modulators
Method for making retroreflective elements having enhanced retroreflectivity under dry and/or wet conditions
Individual mirror control system
Electro-optic mirror with contrasting display
Combined forward and rearward viewing mirror system
Reflector apparatus
Outside rear view mirror with sealed chamber
Mirror system
Night vision lighting system for use in vehicles
Illumination device and bulletin board device
Floatable lighting assembly
Unitary extruded housing for direct-indirect luminaire
Interchangeable lamp apparatus having a detachable plug
Heat shield for agricultural light bulb
Vehicle lamp with multiple-wall support structure
Glass dome holder
Lamp for refracting light and junction box
Vehicle headlamp
Vehicle headlight
Injection screw for injection molding a preform of a polyester resin
Stir stick
Method for producing a liquid mixture having a predetermined concentration of a specified component
Valve disposition and configuration designed to improve color dosing response time in a process of coloring polyurethane foam carpet underlay
Dialysis container with sample saver
Device for actuating a mechanism for a watch case of non circular shape
Method of wafer temperature measurement
Resealable closure arrangement with side tamper evident strip for use with a slider device
Resealable slider closure mechanism with separate plow
Support base for pneumostatically supported sliding mobile cars, in particular for measuring and/or automation equipment
Rolling element and rectilinearly-movable apparatus using the rolling element
Flexible bearing cage
Hydraulic dynamic bearing and spindle motor utilizing hydraulic dynamic bearing
Protection cap for fiber coupler
Multiple fiber splice element and connector
Optical connector employing an optical fiber connector plug
Stabilized module
Incremental method for critical area and critical region computation of via blocks
Camera having distortion-resistant body member
Lens protection cover-attached camera
Developing system of photosensitive resin plates and apparatus used therein
Multistage system for processing photographic film
X-ray film processor
Method of printing in which the print head and print ribbon move simultaneously in the same direction
Image-printing method and device
Controlling vacuum hold of media in a printer
Hand-held liquid/lotion dispensing device
Press type mechanical pencil
Paper dispensing note pen
Marker device with attached cap
Feeding ducts for writing liquids in fountain pen nibs, and a method of producing same
Coupling means
Ball socket for pivot joint
Tubing connector
Fitting device
Clip for joining wire-mesh structures
Audible night-visible traffic stripe for a road and method and apparatus for making the same
Construction methods for preventing land erosion and improving streams, or for revetments, and construction methods for preventing mountain landslides
Drainage and strap drain materials
Method and apparatus utilizing a hollow beam for constructing subterranean walls comprised of granular material
Portable, gas-powered, general purposes, pneumatic transport device
Pipe switch with spherical plug
Device and method for adjusting the position of cutting inserts mounted in a cutting tool
Hand held drill press
Milling machine chip deflector
Connecting seat for tying bar of cargo platform of small truck
Cargo bracing device
High strength blind bolt with uniform high clamp over an extended grip range
Self-locking threaded plug
Apparatus for loading, transporting, and stacking bales
Unloader tube upper pivot support mechanism
Apparatus for handling articles
Parking stand for tractor front end loader
Multiple-shaft power transmission apparatus and wafer transport arm link
Automatic goods picking device
Apparatus for transporting pipette tips
Continuous flow rotary pump
Hydraulic turbine for enhancing the level of dissolved gas in water
Ceiling fan with integral up-light
Locking member for processing a flow directing assembly
Method and apparatus for cooling an airfoil
Vane system
Computer fan speed control system
Dual driven hybrid compressor
Stroke sensing apparatus for a variable displacement compressor
Compressor for generating compressed air in motor vehicles
Torsional vibration attenuating structure in compressor
Pressure fluctuation dampening system
Oil pump apparatus
Method and apparatus for actively controlling a micro-scale flexural plate wave device
Combined pump and motor device
Thin counterweight for sealed compressor
Bearing assembly for sealed compressor
Scroll type compressor which requires no flange portions or holes for solely positioning purposes
Melt blowing die
Powder molding device for forming spiral bevel gear
Molding machine
Casing material and a method and apparatus for its manufacture
Die for manufacturing honeycomb bodies
Injection stretch blow molding apparatus with upright preform molding and inverted blow molding
Flue gas recirculation system
Flame monitoring methods and apparatus
Intelligent burner control system
Liquid fuel lighter with fit-up rib
Apparatus for generating a spark
Helical oven with improved belt drive
Self-locking orthodontic bracket
Self-cleaning rotating dentist's mirror
Dental-impression tray
Oral appliance having a bonding layer and methods for fitting and relining same
Disposable articulator having tray support with opening which accepts a projection from a tray
Disposable anesthesia delivery system
Oral irrigator handle assembly having a pressure control valve and stop valve assembly
Disposable dental treatment tray for holding medicament gel
Drive mechanism for oscillatory dental tool
Container holding a cartridge and a dental implant arranged therein
Dental implant delivery system
Sequence learning toy
Swim start training apparatus
Electrical distribution system with fuse selectable circuits
Circuit board insertable with minimized force
Multi-mode compliance connector and replaceable chip module utilizing the same
Connector for making multiple pressed co-axial connections having an air dielectric
Connector having improved high-voltage surge performance
Combination electric connector having multiple grounding prong receiving portions and a plug unit secured by means of a plurality of hooks and coupling flanges
Connector for IC card, having shielding plates
Electrical connection for a spark plug and method of assembling the same
Slide-activated, spring-loaded ejector for hot-pluggable disk drive carrier
Lever fitting connector
Card connector comprising connector portion and separatable card-receiving frame portion with card ejector mechanism
Memory card connector
Electrical connector and panel assembly
Bulb socket and socket holder assembly having drainage
Secure smart card and tool for removing same
Flexible circuit connector
Zero insertion force socket connector
Single-point driving mechanism of a ZIF PGA socket and the socket using the same
Zero insertion force electric connector
Half-fitting prevention connector
Quick connect and quick disconnect cable connector assembly
Connector with detection member
Female connector for IC card
Modular plug assembly
Top access slideable insulation displacement connector
Distribution wiring harness assembly
Battery pack connection adapter
Connection unit for use in a medical workplace
Wire connector blocks for mounting onto mounting surfaces of variable thicknesses
Electrical connector having sealed snap-in locking cavity plugs
Electrical connector with exposed molded latches
Shielded electrical connector for IC card
Electrical card device having EMI shield
Card-receiving connector with grounding terminal
Plug connector, jack connector and connector assembly
Connector cover with integral terminator and insulation displacing contacts
Electrical connector assembly with a female electrical connector having internal flexible contact arm
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew