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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Combination rake and shovel tool
Ruckers capable of rucking fixed diameter coverings and associated devices, methods, systems and computer program products
Posterior-form enhancement device
Device for collecting and playing with circular and spherical objects with launching ramps thereon
Retrofit height adjustable seat
Vertebral column support apparatus and method
Intrabody introduced device and medical device
Work light
Systems and methods for injecting flowable materials into bones
Apparatus and methods for electrosurgical ablation and resection of target tissue
Application of neuro-ocular wavefront data in vision correction
Relaxed confocal catadioptric scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Method and device for tracking eye movements
Method and apparatus for assessing fluid level in lungs
Kit for treating gastrointestinal tract
Bi-directional fixating transvertebral body screws, zero-profile horizontal intervertebral miniplates, expansile intervertebral body fusion devices, and posterior motion-calibrating interarticulating joint stapling device for spinal fusion
Prosthetic leg
Endoprostheses and methods of manufacture
Disposable intraocular lens insertion system
Human-murine chimeric antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus
Methods for delivering DNA to muscle cells using recombinant adeno-associated virus virions
Topical cosmetic composition containing hybrid silicone composite powder
Composition and method to improve quality and yield of meat products
Lipid microparticles by cryogenic micronization
Modified release compositions of milnacipran
Distribution device for a supply network for supply of medical fluids to a patient
Gymnastic machine
Exercise apparatus
Golf swing trainer
Power generation device for exercise equipment
Canting device for a snowboard binding and methods
Gaming machine with feature triggering scheme
Systems and methods wherein a lottery number combination is associated with a limited number of occurrences
Double draw video poker games
Multiply interconnectable environmentally interactive character simulation module method and system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reusable liquid chromatographic columns
Aerodynamic lens particle separator
Turbulence device used for air filtration system
Air pollutant control system and method for removing mercury in flue gas
Hollow fiber membrane cartridge
Aluminum hydroxide aggregated particles producing vessel
Pollutant emission control sorbents and methods of manufacture
Mixtures of chiral monophosphorus compounds used as ligand systems for asymmetric transition metal catalysis
Catalytic composition for oxidation of hydrogen sulfide, and methods for preparation thereof
Self-propagating combustion cyclone reactor
Reaction plate adaptor apparatus
System and method for coating a tubular implantable medical device
Method for the manufacture of an insulation board
UV curing structure and process
Nanomaterials of composite metal oxides
Method for treating molten metal
Electrode, electrical contact and method of manufacturing the same
High temperature-resistant niobium wire
Core drilling machine
Method and tooling for machining the annulus of gas-turbine rotor provided with integrally formed-on blades
Tank cleaning system and method
Handle assembly for a concrete saw
Drive source and transportation robot
Method of making models
Process allowing cylindrical-walled containers to be decorated at a fast rate
Cosmetic applicator and its production method
Apparatus and method for utilizing a universal plunger
Mold for golf ball
Control system for dynamic feed coinjection process
Extrusion head
Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire and tire building machine used therefor
Grout powder containing a fluorochemical compound
Method for producing a laminate material web having elastic and non-elastic regions
Absorbent mixture and product
Method of fabricating a security tag in an integrated surface processing system
Plastic molded bodies having two-dimensional and three-dimensional image structures produced through laser subsurface engraving
Multi-functional composite structures
Adhesive for polarizing plate, polarizing plate, method for producing same, optical film and image display
Iodine/iodide-containing hot melt coatable adhesive, methods and uses therefor
Jig for electronic part firing
Silicone rubber compositions for the sealing and encapsulation of electric and electronic parts
Sheet feeder, image-forming apparatus, and image-reading apparatus
Print roll unit incorporating pinch rollers
Printhead with backflow resistant nozzle chambers
Piezoelectric inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
Inkjet system, method of making this system, and use of said system
Nozzle arrangement for an inkjet printhead with a diffusion barrier
Cradle unit which electromagnetically operates printhead capper
Method of purging using purging ink and printing using printing ink from an inkjet printhead
Print head cleaning member
Method for treating inkjet liquid, recording apparatus using the same, liquid storage tank, liquid absorber for liquid storage and liquid treatment apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Liquid ejection apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Printing form having a plurality of planar functional zones
Additives to eliminate bronzing of ink-jet inks
Security thread
Wheel with increased interior lip depth
Suspensions for low floor vehicle
Wheel supporting apparatus improving ride comfort of vehicle
Clutch mechanism for power device
Motor vehicle hatch with a storable rear window
Motorcycle towing device and method
Lamp unit of vehicle headlamp
Safety net
Mounting bracket for rail mounted airbag inflator
Airbag module cover
Air bag and folding method therefor
Brake valve arrangement
Vehicle front body structure
Force channeling mountain bike rear suspension
Expandable air bag construction for protection of an inflatable air cell in a diver's buoyancy compensator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing monolithic porous carbon disks from aromatic organic precursors
Production of activated char using hot gas
Bayer process for production of alumina trihydrate by alkaline digestion of bauxite, the process comprising a predesilication step
High surface area tetragonal zirconia and processes for synthesizing same
Wastewater treatment system
Liquid treatment apparatus and liquid treatment method
Waste fluid or waste water treatment method and its apparatus
Water treatment system
Pyroprocessed aggregates comprising IBA and PFA and methods for producing such aggregates
Oxygen-absorbing container cap
Method of reducing the viscosity of mucus
Starch fiber
Reactive dyestuff composition and their use
Highly-filled, aqueous metal oxide dispersion
Method of highlighting with a reversible highlighting mixture, highlighting kit, and highlighted complex
Resin-molded component for signal reader and method for molding thereof
Sensitized photochemical switching for cholesteric liquid crystal displays
Method of acid fracturing a sandstone formation
Biomass thermal oiling
Process for reducing corrosion in a condensing boiler burning liquid fuel
Water in hydrocarbon emulsion useful as low emission fuel and method for forming same
Cationic cassia derivatives and applications therefor
System and method for quantifying toxicity in water, soil, and sediments
Catalytic buffering systems
Method of isolating and culturing mesenchymal stem cell derived from umbilical cord blood
Method and device for the formation of biological cell material
Plant caffeic acid-3-O-methyltransferase homologs
In vivo production of a clostridial neurotoxin light chain peptide
Process for detecting toxic substances
Age determination from biological stains using messenger RNA profiling analysis
Method for making a slide member
Alloy and anode for use in the electrowinning of metals
Deposition mask and manufacturing method thereof
Anode for gas evolution reactions
Electrode assembly for the electrochemical treatment of liquids with a low conductivity
Metal-free silicon-molecule-nanotube testbed and memory device
Crystal forming apparatus and method for using same
Microfluidic free interface diffusion techniques
Textiles; Paper
Process for producing carbon nanotube and catalyst for carbon nanotube production
Fixed Constructions
Friction shaft coupling with perpendicular adjustment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Metal gasket for cylinder head
Compressor having a helmholtz type resonance chamber with a lowermost end connected to a gas passage
Bore serration for locking threaded inserts against rotation
Bearing, a wind turbine and methods of manufacturing a bearing
Automatic transmission
Transmission with continuously variable transmission ratio
Electrically variable transmission device using multiple pairings of electrical machines
Lamp support
Vehicle lamp
LED illuminating device with LED chip
Flashlight mounting clip
Light emitting panel assemblies
Back light unit
Display unit
Backlight unit having multilayer light deflecting film
Illuminated background display apparatus
Method and apparatus for bidirectional control of the color and diffusion of a light beam
Actuator with LED penlight for piezoelectric lighter
Multi-deck furnace
Solid ink stick fabrication by fiber extrusion
Subsea docking system for electronic modules in subsea installations
NO.sub.x removal catalyst management unit for NO.sub.x removal apparatus and method for managing NO.sub.x removal catalyst
Dual blood glucose meter
Protein which can be used, in particular, for the in vitro isolation and prevention of Legionella pneumophila infections
Fluorogenic dyes
Donor sheet, color filter, organic EL element and method for producing them
Color filter substrate and fabricating method thereof
Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display apparatus using the same
Optical fiber having bragg grating and method of manufacturing the same
Flip-chip mountable optical connector for chip-to-chip optical interconnectability
Ergonomic apparatus for stabilizing support of portable video devices
Systems and methods for displaying three-dimensional images
Liquid crystal projector apparatus using heat exchanger and method of cooling liquid crystal projector apparatus
Optical projection apparatus
Photosensitive silane coupling agent, method of modifying surface, method of forming pattern, and method of fabricating device
Imaging member having nano polymeric gel particles in various layers
Image forming method and image-forming apparatus using the same
Single component developer
Heat insulating stamper structure
Semiconductor porcelain composition and method of producing the same
Methods for fabricating field emission display devices
Gate controlled field emission triode and process for fabricating the same
Method of the application of a zinc sulfide buffer layer on a semiconductor substrate
MEMS devices having support structures with substantially vertical sidewalls and methods for fabricating the same
Electronic part and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming a semiconductor device
Silicon-on-insulator chip with multiple crystal orientations
Semiconductor circuit and method of fabricating the same
Transistor structure and method for making same
Methods for forming composite nanoparticle-metal metallization contacts on a substrate
Surface planarization of thin silicon films during and after processing by the sequential lateral solidification method
Substrate embedded with passive device
Methods of forming nickel silicide layers with low carbon content
Method of forming a selective spacer in a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating super trench MOSFET including buried source electrode
Electron beam microprocessing method
Deposition method for high-k dielectric materials
Ultraviolet assisted pore sealing of porous low k dielectric films
Method of manufacturing wiring substrate
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having conductive liner for rad hard total dose immunity
Method of forming abrupt source drain metal gate transistors
Compound and organic electroluminescense device using the same
Fuel cell bipolar plate, process for producing the same, and fuel cell including the bipolar plate
Secondary battery with improved shock resistance
Fuel cell separator
Direct oxidation fuel cells with improved cathode gas diffusion media for low air stoichiometry operation
Batteries and battery systems
Process for preparing ionomeric membranes
Cationic conductor, its intermediate, and lithium secondary battery using the conductor
Method for purging fuel cell system
Ion conducting organic/inorganic hybrid polymers
Insulation-displacement connection
Conductive coil connector for reconfigurable electrical circuit element
Circuit board connector
Electronic module
Snagless plug and boot connection
Coaxial cable connector
Connecting element comprising a housing for telecommunications and/or data cables
Expired Patents Due To Time
Power distribution system for motor vehicle rear light assemblies
110-style wire connecting block
Multi-piece electrical receptacle terminal
Female terminal
Connector for flat cable
Electrical connector with a plurality of unitary conductive clamping elements, each of which has two ends for clamping respectively a conductor of an electrical cable and a terminal pin
Inboard/outboard boat drive
Self cleaning trolling motor
Recreational watercraft
Swim fin
Adjusting strap structure for swim fins
Steerable towcraft with side fins
Surfboard box cover
Method for precise molding and alignment of structures on a substrate using a stretchable mold
Process for making array of fibers used in fiber-based displays
Shadow mask for cathode ray tube and method of manufacturing same
Secondary lift flying ring
High performance rubberband launched toy autogiro with fold out wings
Dynamic collapsible rotating toy
Finger attachment device for holding and controlling a yo-yo type toy
Jumprope simulating doll
System and method for communicating with and controlling toy accessories
Bioluminescent novelty items
Breast milk pump support harness
Abrasive cleaning system
Method and apparatus for determining substrate layer thickness during chemical mechanical polishing
Method for automatically exchanging polishing tools in mold polishing device
Polishing pad thinning to optically access a semiconductor wafer surface
Semiconductor die de-processing using a die holder and chemical mechanical polishing
Obtaining the better defect performance of the fuse CMP process by adding slurry polish on more soft pad after slurry polish
Method of truing grinding wheel and device used in performing such method
Multiphase nucleation reactor injector for hydroblast cleaning of surfaces
Method and device for polishing work edge
CMP uniformity
Hand held motorized tool with over-molded cover
Valve lapping tool
Apparatus for cleaning substrate
Peeling apparatus with segmented roller assemblies
Safety closure for product stuffing machine
Method, an apparatus and a knife for mechanical releasing of ribs in a part carcass
Apparatus for processing meat
Self-contained activity module
Turret system on a bubble-up auger for an agricultural combine
Electronic gaming device and method for operating same
Hand-held electronic game with rotatable display
Electromagnetic pointing device using varying overlap of coils and conductive elements
Amusement apparatus for a shooting game with successive potential scoring emissions
Fastener forming machine
Visual impact detection golf teaching system
Golf putt improvement system
Physical activity training device and method
Composite golf club head
Composite golf club head and method of manufacturing
Golf club
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Solid golf ball
Tennis net regulating apparatus
Hockey stick handle
Governed performance aluminum shell bat
Darts for the game of darts
Street hockey puck
Rotary device of variable diameter
Transmission and vehicle and bicycle using the same
Hydrostatic motor unit
Direction reversing transmission gear for vehicle
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Engine system and engine control method
Engine control system linked to vehicles controls
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Facial exercise device with adjustment for variable resistance
Elliptical exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise method and apparatus
Elliptical motion exercise methods and apparatus
Exercise device
Portable exercise apparatus
Method of making a hanging file folder and the folder made thereby
Apparatus, signature and method of folding single or multiple sheet and web signatures for use in bookbinding
Method and apparatus for the folding of an inflatable airbag
Centrifugal separator comprising tubular elements
Centrifugal separation apparatus having a mechanism to limit rotation of the bowl during a cleaning mode
Housing structure for use in a horizontal solid-bowl screw decanter centrifuge
Method and an apparatus for treating tumoral diseases (cancer)
Absorbable brachytherapy and chemotherapy delivery devices and methods
Method for treating tracheo-esophageal fistulas
Powered external vacuum appliance for the treatment of impotence
Rigid endoscope with second illumination system laterally offset from first illumination system
Suctioning laryngoscope blade
Laparoscopic retractor
Computer assisted methods for diagnosing diseases
Tele-diagnostic device
Monitoring system for remotely querying individuals
Skin perfusion evaluation apparatus
Analyte sensor and holter-type monitor system and method of using the same
Ultrasonic monitor
Ultrasound imaging system and method using a quantum well-device for enabling optical interconnections
Ultrasonic diagnostic device
Demodulating wide-band ultrasound signals
Hand controlled scanning device
Ultrasound scan conversion with spatial dithering
Ultrasonic diagnosis system in which periphery of magnetic sensor included in distal part of ultrasonic endoscope is made of non-conductive material
Method and apparatus for fixing the anatomical orientation of a displayed ultrasound generated image
Ultrasound imaging guidewire with static central core and tip
System for sensing a characteristic of fluid flowing to or from a body
Volatile biomarkers for analysis of hepatic disorders
Heatbeam dolorimeter
Intracranial monitoring and therapy delivery control device, system and method
Endoscopic submucosal core biopsy device
Guidewire with tubular connector
Device for pressure measurements
Wound treatment device
Surgical prep solution dispenser and method
Method for cannulating a patient's aortic arch and occluding the patient's ascending aortic arch
Apparatus for generalized extracorporeal support
Methods for performing endoscopic procedures
Tampon applicator
Syringe with electronic representation of parameters
Balloon catheter
Catheters having a reusable proximal body
Compact pump drive system
Hypodermic syringe with retractable needle
Low-cost medication delivery pen
Male urinary incontinence device having expandable flutes
Absorbent article with more conformable elastics
Disposable diaper
Disposable tracheostomy inner cannula connector
Drainage catheter delivery system
Omni-directional precision instrument platform
Method of hair removal by transcutaneous application of laser light
Apparatus and method for dynamic cooling of biological tissues for thermal mediated surgery using long laser pulses
Apparatus for osteosynthesis comprising a connector of the spinal pin and the anchoring elements
Device for connecting a longitudinal support with a pedicle screw
Cross-coupled vertebral stabilizers
System for reducing the displacement of a vertebra
Bioabsorbable surgical screw and washer system
Implant for interconnecting two bone fragments
Systems and methods for treating fractured or diseased bone using expandable bodies
IOL insertion apparatus and methods for using same
Implant delivery system
Device for the electrolytic dissolution of urinary stones and related method of treatment of urinary calculosis
Method for forming skin grafts
Depilatory device
Medical treatment of a diseased anatomical duct
Anastomosis apparatus for use in intraluminally directed vascular anastomosis
Heat activated surgical fastener
Device and method for endoscopic vascular surgery
Puncturing device
Blood vessel occlusion device
Catheter with controlled release endoluminal prosthesis
Forceps with slider adjustment
Arterial hole closure apparatus
Perineal cold bubble
Technique for using heat flow management to treat brain disorders
Thromboresistant coated medical device
Expandable intraluminal stents
Expandable polymeric stent with memory and delivery apparatus and method
Pegs for orbital implants
Articulating joint repair
Hip replacement prosthesis
Solid state imaging device and a method of driving the same
Process for removal of excess dye from printed or dyed fabric or yarn
Composition for reducing malodor impression on inanimate surfaces
Methods for carbon dioxide dry cleaning with integrated distribution
Compositions for dyeing keratinous fibres, containing 3-aminopyrazolo [1,5-a]pyrimidines, method of dyeing and novel 3-aminopyrazolo [1,5-a]pyrimidines
Activation and sealing of storage batteries
Method of manufacturing a sealed battery
Fuel composition recycled from waste streams
Oil additives and compositions
Fuel composition containing lubricity additive
Composition for polishing glass and polishing method
Process for producing polishing composition
Cleaner for rotating air-intake filter
Induction assembly for high efficiency air filter
Air filter for a ceiling fan
Method for treating ammonia-containing organic waste
Hardfacing composition for earth-boring bits using macrocrystalline tungsten carbide and spherical cast carbide
Method for manufacturing tungsten-based materials and articles by mechanical alloying
Method of manufacturing three dimensional parts using an inert gas
Method of reducing iron oxide on a movable hearth furnace
Diffusional gas transfer system and method of using same
Operation process of a pumping-ejection apparatus and related apparatus
Combination humidifier and air purifier
Particulate capture system and method of use
Vacuum degassing
Oven housing module in an analytical instrument
Wood preservative
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet
Preparation of permanent color inks from water-soluble colorants using specific phosphonium salts
Ink compositions containing malonaldehyde bis(dimethaylacetal)
Additive for ink jet ink
Size composition, method for its preparation, and use thereof
Mixed crystals and solid solutions of 1,4-diketopyrrolopyrroles
Porous material and cementitious compositions prepared therefrom
Method for single crystal growth and growth apparatus
Spin coating apparatus including aging unit and solvent replacement unit
Dual-cup coating apparatus
Swab device for coating an element
Yield and line width performance for liquid polymers and other materials
Method and positioning door jig for selecting coating door jig
Magnetic coating masking member
Paint curtain applicator
Nozzle arm movement for resist development
Apparatus and method for delivering a gas
Method of cleaning a wafer carrier
Method for removing pad nodules
Method of removing polymeric material on a silicon water
Method for removing particles from a semiconductor wafer
Composition and method for hydrophilic treatment of aluminum or aluminum alloy
Mannich derivatives of epoxy-novolac resins and methods of using the same
Non-chromate conversion coatings for aluminum and aluminum alloys
Use of rare earth metal salt solutions for sealing or anodized aluminum for corosion protection and paint adhesion
Electromagnetic steel sheet having excellent magnetic properties and production method thereof
Ball-and-roller bearing and method of manufacturing the same
Corrosion resisting steel and corrosion resisting oil well pipe having high corrosion resistance to carbon dioxide gas
Free-cutting aluminum alloy, processes for the production thereof and use thereof
Aluminum alloy useful for driveshaft assemblies and method of manufacturing extruded tube of such alloy
Process of making composite stents with gold alloy cores
Method for producing ultra-high strength, weldable steels with superior toughness
Process for making an alloy
Process for producing an aluminum alloy sheet
Process of making fabricated tube construction
Thermal joining of webs
Method for making a microcannula
Method for producing a shaped multifilament, non-thermoplastic, elastomeric yarn
Process for manufacture of a laminated sheet
Method for the continuous fabrication of access control and identification cards with embedded electronics or other elements
Method of making a trim panel assembly including integral arm rest portion
Apparatus and method for chip processing
Process for manufacturing individual layered structures comprising particulate material, and layered structures therefrom
Fiber web lamination and coating apparatus having pressurized chamber
Two part, reinforced, room temperature curable thermosetting epoxy resin compositions with improved adhesive strength and fracture toughness
Method of fabricating an armrest
Apparatus for sidewall profile control during an etch process
Separation of solids from aqueous suspensions containing cellulosic fibers and fines
Pretreatment of chips before cooking
Process for bleaching cellulose pulp with a bleaching assistant having the formula R1-O-{[(C2H4O)m/(AO)n}]-H
Method for maximizing water removal in a press nip
Method for making a throughdried tissue sheet
Through-air-dried post bonded creped fibrous web
Procedure for washing the fabrics of a paper machine or equivalent
Calender and method for treating material webs in the calender
Efficient production of particles by chemical reaction
Process for the enhanced capture of heavy metal emissions
Closed cycle photocatalytic process for decomposition of hydrogen sulfide to its constituent elements
Process and apparatus for sputter etching or sputter coating
Radio frequency sputtering apparatus and film formation method using same
Electrolysis apparatus and electrodes and electrode material therefor
Methods and apparatus for holding and positioning semiconductor workpieces during electropolishing and/or electroplating of the workpieces
Sputtering apparatus
Toxic sensor and method of manufacture
Process for forming a two-coat electrodeposited composite coating the composite coating and chip resistant electrodeposited coating composition
Process for producing deionized water by electrodeionization technique
Slow consumable non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Metal alloy halide electroplating baths
Detection of analytes using reorganization energy
Method for manufacturing cleaner fuels
Apparatus with voraxial separator and analyzer
Portable debris remover
Arrangement for removing heavy metal ions from roof runoff waters
Water-dissolvable bioremediation device and method of use
Fluid purification system
Double pass fuel filter assembly
Filter assembly including an integral filter cartridge and storage pouch
Medical apparatus for the extracorporeal treatment of blood or plasma, and processes for using this apparatus
Effluent collection apparatus and method
Plasma mass filter
Process for the removal of dissolved metals and/or metalloids from an aqueous medium containing same and having a high content of salt
Spring water delivery system
Solids monitoring filter meter
Portable water treatment assembly
Belt press with adjustable inlet guide
Continuous-action filtering method and apparatus
Method of fortifying an air bridge circuit
Method of manufacture of a magnetostrictive ink jet printer
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew