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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Snapping and hinging arrangements, watches and associated methods
Hand held scrubbing tool
Squeegee device and system
Vacuum system
Suction head for vacuum cleaner
Gas-treatment devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Carbon nanotube patterning on a metal substrate
Guided punching apparatus
Die casting process incorporating computerized pattern recognition techniques
Method and apparatus for converting commerical off-the-shelf (COTS) thin small-outline package (TSOP) components into rugged off-the-shelf (ROTS) components
Working system for circuit substrate
Land grid array structures and methods for engineering change
Multipurpose locking pliers
Handle assembly for tool
Modular power tool
Wear-adaptable running tread
Assembly formed of a tire and a sealing piece and manufacturing process
Traveling apparatus and method for controlling thereof
Fuel cell vehicle
Steering lock system with control knob for vehicle
Wheeled platforms
Bicycle shift control device with light structure
Method and device for protecting a vessel's loading space from excess pressure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Closed cassette and method for heat treating glass sheets
Heat carrier medium for magnetocaloric materials
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine having floating laundry detecting means and method for controlling the same
Drum type washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Method of moving a component underneath a bridge assembly with a cable
Combination and key operated padlock with indicator
High structural load window sash latch
Expandable packer
Annular isolators for expandable tubulars in wellbores
Methods of using reactive surfactants in subterranean operations
ESP/gas lift back-up
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control device for multicylinder internal combustion engine
System for variable valvetrain actuation
Switchable valve-drive component
Lift-variable valve-operating system for internal combustion engine
Heat exchanger support structure of motor vehicle and supporting method
Power unit
Gas turbine power plant and method of operating the same
Method for combustion of a fuel
Engine for a leisure vehicle
Fuel injection system and method for determining the feed pressure of a fuel pump
Filter unit and valve for a fuel supply system
Solenoid actuated fuel injector having a pressure balanced pintle
Humidity-based combustion control in a multiple combustion mode engine
Flow-rate restrictor insert for orifice expansion device
Shift drum having an insertion-groove flank movable axially with respect to a shift drum axis and shifting method
Method for referencing a control device of a shift actuator of an automatic transmission and a control device
Air conditioner
Method for utilizing a meniscus in substrate processing
Temperature control device for the temperature control of a battery and method for the production of a temperature control device
Non-explosive two component initiator
Countersink gauge having self-centering probe
Orientation data generation method, orientation sensor unit and portable electronic equipment
System and method for using rotation sensors within a borehole
Non-contact position sensor housing using existing torque sensor probe
Method for detecting malfunction of a cooling system based on detected coolant temperature
Failure diagnostic system for fuel vapor processing apparatus
Temperature and moisture probe
Systems and methods for detecting the presence of a biological status using plot
Methods and systems for providing air data parameters using mass flow and pressure sensors
Automatic channel pass-through
Display device having repair and detect structure comprising an isolation layer placed between the repair segment and shorting segment
Display apparatus and television receiver
Video projector with automated image enhancement
Content transfer system and communication terminal
Card device
Electric storage apparatus and power control system
Analysis of scripts
Information processing apparatus
Multi-domain co-browsing utilizing localized state management
System and method for managing calendaring events
Method and system for controlling network device and recording medium storing program for executing the method
System and method for unfiltering filtered status messages
"Go home" feature for roaming applications
Distribution server
Method for synchronizing a rich media action with an audiovisual change, corresponding device and computer software, method for generating a rich media presentation and corresponding computer software
Resource management method, resource management device, and program product
Automatically generating an ontology and axioms from a business-process model
Methods and systems for fragmenting and recombining content structured language data content to reduce latency of processing and rendering operations
Calculating risk assessment value of event sequence
Caching natural language questions and results in a question and answer system
Preventing malicious observance of private information
Method and system for providing media content over a computer network
Dynamic web updates based on state
Technology for temperature sensitive components in thermal processing
Generating capacitance look-up tables for wiring patterns in the presence of metal fills
Methods for modifying an integrated circuit layout design
System and method to correct out of phase errors in DNA sequencing data by use of a recursive algorithm
Privacy protection-type data providing system
Verifying ownership of content
Separate cryptographic keys for protecting different operations on data
Two factor authentication of ICR transport and payload for interchassis redundancy
System and method for specification and enforcement of a privacy policy in online services
Method and system of composite broadcast control
Displaying message content differential in popup window
Dynamic graphic indicator for connected tasks
Reproducing data from obfuscated data retrieved from a dispersed storage network
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
Preventing malicious observance of private information
Priority based radius authentication
Processing visible coding sequence, playing visible coding sequence
Distributed hardware device simulation
Monitoring responses to changes to business process assets
Memory frame architecture for instruction fetches in simulation
Facilitating provisioning in a mixed environment of locales
Data processing system
Detecting water intrusion in electronic devices
Non-contact IC label and nameplate
Method for locating an object using a reference grid
Cruising zone division line recognition apparatus
Auto-convergence system with active learning and related method and machine-readable medium thereof
Method and device for extracting distorted straight line from image
Image decoding apparatus for decoding a target block by referencing information of an already decoded block in a neighborhood of the target block
Device and method of image processing for denoising based on degree of concentration of contribution ratios of basis patterns
Image-based CAPTCHA exploiting context in object recognition
System and method of performing modular quantitative analysis with nodes that have contextual labels
Object location tracking system based on relative coordinate systems using proximity location information sources
Method, system, and program for securely providing keys to encode and decode data in a storage cartridge
Interoperable systems and methods for peer-to-peer service orchestration
Modified queue list generation
Information terminal and display controlling method
String arrangement device
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for medical diagnostic imaging assistance
Method for measuring the absorption of fluid in an absorbent product
Game based on speed of play
Systems and methods for reporting visibility to drones
Wireless control system and method
Display apparatus and method of driving the same
Chip card with a display
Graphical user interface for efficiently visualizing multiple messages of different severities in a tabular format
Support system and method for a percussion instrument
Noise reduction devices and noise reduction methods
Audio signal processing apparatus and audio signal processing method
Disk drive having a sheet metal clamp with a stamped annular protruding disk contact feature
Combined soft detection/soft decoding in tape drive storage channels
Write delay to de-skew data in read while write function for tape storage devices
Magnetic head, magnetic head assembly, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Method to fabricate tunneling magnetic recording heads with extended pinned layer
Recording medium, a data storage apparatus and a method of preparing a recording medium
Semiconductor storage device and data processing method
Low voltage embedded memory having cationic-based conductive oxide element
Phase change memory thermal management with electrocaloric effect materials
Nonvolatile memory device changing a period of an internal clock
Systems and methods of storing data
Overvoltage protection for a fine grained negative wordline scheme
Conductive fabric
Corrosion resistant, environmentally sealing, electrically conducting, cable connector
Reactor, converter, and power converter apparatus
Antenna coil comprising plurality of coil portions
Folded conical inductor
Fabrication of nano-structure electrodes for ultra-capacitor
High temperature supercapacitor
Switchgear and opening and closing method thereof
Driving rod for medium voltage switching element gear
Organic light emitting display apparatus, method of manufacturing the same, and mask used in the method
LED device manufacturing method and fluorescent material-dispersed solution used in same
Production method for active element substrate, active element substrate, and display device
Nanowires formed by employing solder nanodots
Doped electrode for DRAM capacitor stack
3D atomic layer gate or junction extender
Enhancing transistor performance by reducing exposure to oxygen plasma in a dual stress liner approach
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Radical-enhanced atomic layer deposition using CF.sub.4 to enhance oxygen radical generation
Formation of carbon-rich contact liner material
Stacked semiconductor chips including test circuitry
Methods of forming conductive contact structures for a semiconductor device with a larger metal silicide contact area and the resulting devices
Methods of forming substantially self-aligned isolation regions on FinFET semiconductor devices and the resulting devices
Method for producing a photovoltaic module
Semiconductor device
Copper based nitride liner passivation layers for conductive copper structures
Leadless package type power semiconductor module
Power module package and method for manufacturing the same
Reverse blocking transistor device
Floating body storage device employing a charge storage trench
Method to form SOI fins on a bulk substrate with suspended anchoring
Method for producing photosensitive infrared detectors
SiC--Si3N4 nanolaminates as a semiconductor for MSM snapback selector devices
Gate pad and gate feed breakdown voltage enhancement
Nanowire device with improved epitaxy
MOS field effect transistor
Dielectric liner for a self-aligned contact via structure
U-shaped semiconductor structure
Forming wrap-around silicide contact on finFET
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor having a wide band gap emitter/collector which are epitaxially grown
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof for protecting metal-gate from oxidation
CMOS structures and methods for improving yield
Fin-type PIN diode array
Solar cell with improved conversion efficiency
Device isolation for III-V substrates
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Thermogenerator comprising phase-change materials
Self-limited crack etch to prevent device shorting
Methods of forming a magnetic random access memory etch spacer and structures formed thereby
Resistive memory cell having a reduced conductive path area
Terminal-attached plate, plate assembly, and battery module
Polymer electrode for lithium secondary battery including the polymer and lithium second battery employing the electrode
Positive active material for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Apparatus for reconfiguring an integrated waveguide
Shielding a connector to reduce interference
Power connector and power contact thereof with improved support member for supporting engaging arm
Connector housing
Connector assembly with chamber block and contact position assurance
Connector and manufacturing method thereof
Electric connector and terminal included in the same
Mechanical hub
Surge arrester
Method of assembling a sealed type motor-driven compressor
Linear motor
Brushless motor, disk drive apparatus and brushless motor manufacturing method
Slab inductor device providing efficient on-chip supply voltage conversion and regulation
Dimming control for a switching power supply
Drive circuit for a pre-phase AC motor
Methods and systems for down-converting a signal
Amplifying apparatus
Bass enhancement
Clock divider
Buzzer circuit
Integrated circuit failure prediction using clock duty cycle recording and analysis
Parallel decoder for multiple wireless standards
Systems, methods, and devices for identifying Wi-Fi signals for spatial reuse
Distributing multiplexing logic to remove multiplexor latency on the output path for variable clock cycle, delayed signals
Wireless transceiver with circulator and active cancellation and methods for use therewith
Method and device for optically transmitting data
Method and apparatus for inter-carrier interference mitigation in phase noise limited wirelss communiction systems
Base station and method of controlling transmission power
Injecting active periods into scheduled inactive periods
Method for receiving reference signal and user equipment, and method for transmitting reference signal and base station
Helicopter satellite communication system, helicopter-mounted communication apparatus, terrestrial station communication apparatus, communication method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing computer program
Method of performing direct communication between terminals, method of supporting same, and apparatus for same
High quality detection in FM stereo radio signal
Orthogonally-combining interleaving filter multiplexer and systems and methods using same
Method in which a terminal connected to a cellular network measures a wireless LAN and receives information for measurement in a wireless access system, and terminal or base station device for same
Simplified multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication schemes for interchip and intrachip communications
Packet switched communication precedence at a multi-mode communication device
Communication system
Operation delay monitoring method, operation management apparatus, and operation management program
Wireless communication system with rate selection mechanism and method of operation thereof
System, method, and computer program for automatically generating personalized offers for a consumer in a telecommunication consumer network
System and method for data packet transceiver testing after signal calibration and power settling to minimize test time
Communication terminal that performs network packet communication using sip servers, control method for the communication terminal, and storage medium
Method, devices and system for local collision avoidance for random access in relay networks
Q-in-Q Ethernet rings
Optical line terminal (OLT) system
Communication exchanges and methods of use thereof
Apparatus and method for controlling congestion in a communication network
Optimised packet delivery across a transport network
Network storage device and method for data transmission via a single serial network link
Modifying an assignment of nodes to roles in a computing environment
Managing software deployment
Encrypting communications
Device ownership security on a network
Storage management in a multi-tiered storage architecture
Storage managment in a multi-tiered storage architecture
Method for transmitting control information by a base station in a wireless communication system, and device therefor
System and method for windowing in full-duplex communications
Portable electronic device
Optimization of cell tower functionality on high capacity sites
Location based services in communications networks
Systems and methods for prioritizing multiple callers
Methods and apparatus for providing expanded telecommunications service
Dynamic provisioning of a switch with custom ringback media
Image inspecting device, image forming system, and computer program product
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
Document scanning method, system, and device having sets of parallel lines as background
Electronic device and corresponding method for displaying a stereoscopic image
Systems and methods for differentiating between dominant and weak eyes in 3D display technology
Moving image encoding apparatus, control method therefor, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
Dynamic slice resizing while encoding video
Apparatus, method and program for image conversion
Adjustable shoulder pad
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and computer program product
Increasing dynamic range using multisampling
Video data reproducing apparatus, video data generating apparatus and recording medium
Method and apparatus for decoding video according to individual parsing or decoding in data unit level, and method and apparatus for encoding video for individual parsing or decoding in data unit level
Moving image encoding apparatus
Method and apparatus for decoding video according to individual parsing or decoding in data unit level, and method and apparatus for encoding video for individual parsing or decoding in data unit level
Method and apparatus for decoding video according to individual parsing or decoding in data unit level, and method and apparatus for encoding video for individual parsing or decoding in data unit level
Method and apparatus for decoding video according to individual parsing or decoding in data unit level, and method and apparatus for encoding video for individual parsing or decoding in data unit level
Automatic un-muting of a telephone call
Object identifying apparatus, moving body control apparatus, and information providing apparatus
Image projection apparatus, image projection method, and storage medium of program
Apparatus and method for editing TS program information and TS recording device using the same
Overhead reduction in Ethernet passive optical network (EPON)
Electronic apparatus, and method of providing of sound
MEMS microphone packaging structure
Automatic identification of receiver type in hearing aid devices
Method and apparatus for security configuration and verification of wireless devices in a fixed/mobile convergence environment
Transmission and reception of a wideband signal with narrowband interference
Method and terminal for measuring interference in heterogeneous network having co-existing macro cell and small-scale cell
Method and apparatus for managing carrier measurements
Communication control apparatus, mobile station, and communication control method
Load distribution in an EPC network of a mobile communication system
Node, communication method, and communication system
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for facilitating a circuit switched connection
Method for efficient channel use
Communication setting method, wireless base station, and mobile station
Method and apparatus for handling call degradation during call setup
Methods and apparatus for parameter selection and conflict resolution for multiple radio access technologies
Interference mitigation techniques for air to ground systems
Method, arrangement and detector for detecting hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledgement information
Method for receiving downlink signal by station in wireless communication system
Wireless transmission device and connecting device
Method and apparatus for transmitting a MAC control message in wireless access system
Network access point detection and use
Resolving identification code ambiguities in wireless access networks
Method of controlling mobile information terminal and mobile information terminal
Apparatus, system and method of estimating a location of a mobile device
Method for efficiently transmitting broadcasting message in broadband wireless access system
Mobile station and radio base station for "always-on" method
Systems and methods for special subframe configuration for carrier aggregation
Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for coordinating communications between network nodes
Resolving spectral allocation conflicts in mobile networks
Adaptive load prediction for interference suppression receivers
System and method for improving PDP context activation latency
Method for providing an M2M service, and method and apparatus for M2M communication
Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system and radio communication method
Lighting device and luminaire using the same
Optoelectronic semiconductor chip, display comprising a semiconductor chip of this type, and use of a semiconductor chip of this type or of a display
Color temperature adjusting method of solid state light emitting device and solid state light emitting device using the method
Data generating system and lighting device
Lighting device and illumination apparatus including same
Illumination device and LED dimming circuit thereof
Multi-string dimmable LED driver
Alternating current rectifying circuit and alternating current rectifying method for driving LED module
Induction heating wire insulation heating and removal
Method of manufacturing a component-embedded substrate
Ceramic substrate composite and method for manufacturing ceramic substrate composite
Contact pin and power module package having the same
Electronic device and connecting unit thereof
Management of exterior temperatures encountered by user of a portable electronic device in response to an inferred user contact with the portable electronic device
Shielded system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for preparing agricultural ground for planting
Drive wheel roller
Soil working apparatus
Hitch system with synchronized cylinders
Rear mounted attachment with single acting cylinder
Riding mower
Twine cutting assembly for bale processor
Automatic feller/buncher clamp control
Device and method for milking animals, and a contamination meter
Livestock cooling system
Cat litter scoop holder and scoop
Animal litter composition containing silica gel and methods thereof
Absorbent mat for excreta treatment
Cellulose insulation with pest control protection
System and an apparatus for confining a pet within a preselected area
Small animal and rodent exercise device
Sound generating pet toy
Remotely operated release device
Bird perch apparatus
Bird feeding
Fluid dripper for birds
Game animal feeder
Mussel cultivation device
Submergible tire structure
Preservation method of aquatic animals
Fly fishing reel with a positioning unit
Method and bobbin holder for manufacturing a fishing fly
Food injection device
Apparatus for form-frying snack food product
Machine for opening pistachios
Smoking article with non-combustible wrapper, combustible fuel source and aerosol generator
Apparatus for making and inspecting multi-component wrapped article
Pouch for smoking accessories
Glove cartridge and method of donning a disposable glove
Process for manufacturing unibody shirts with sleeves
Method and apparatus for placing a holding apparatus atop a person's shoe and installing a golf ball marker thereto
Anti-counterfeiting system and method for authenticating manufactured articles
Multicompartment thermoplastic bag with raised center lip
Strap-like apparel having lighted studs
Lighted bead necklace
Portable laptop workstation
Folding portfolio organizer
Removable belt clip
System and corresponding automatic machine for assembling and shaping circular brushes
Rotative cleaning and sanitizing device
Method and device for producing brush products
Tufting oral brushes
Work surface storage system with removable containers
Non-swiveling height adjustable podium with pin
Keyboard support platform
Securable toolchest with visual-surround workbench
Economical desktop bookcase
Slider tray storage apparatus
Stacking toolbox
Universal sliding rail assembly for rack mounting computers
Adjustable chair and method of use
Seat back for a vehicle
Securing device for positioning a seat post of office chairs
Adaptable seat
Adjustable armrest cushion
Ventilation seat
Gardening working vehicle structure
Seat and climbing aid for tree stand
Collapsible structure
Highchair tray with removable inserts
Chewing gum stick dispenser
Display case having a mullion with recessed light fixtures
Rack comprising adjustable slide rails
Furniture accessory kit for portable computers and the like
Paint chip display system
Combination hat rack structure
Positioning and locking hanging system
Wind and insect resistant picnic system
Flex grip mimpi apparatus
Electrical beverage making apparatus
Continuous mixer or stir fry cooker
Electronic frying pan systems and methods
Continuous roll towel dispenser
Device for distributing paper segments
System for dispensing wipes
Message delivery apparatus and system for paper dispensers and similar devices
Floor surface treatment apparatus with dolly
Cleaning implements
Single chamber dishwashing machine
Dish washing machine having upper door and lower door with sealing member
Dishwasher with improved drying performance
Method of sequentially firing staples using springs and a rotary or linear shutter
Method and apparatus for relieving fluid build-up in the middle ear
Laparoscopic sealed access device
Systems and methods for preventing automatic identification of re-used single use devices
Computer-based 3D visual field test system and analysis
Objective system and method for evaluating ocular changes including assessment of macular integrity and function
Wavefront characterization of corneas
Calibration-free eye gaze tracking
Wavefront sensor for objective measurement of an optical system and associated methods
Blood pressure measuring apparatus
Needle with pre-loaded implant for snoring treatment
Eye masks to facilitate sleeping under certain conditions
Dual function wheelchair
Mobile rehabilitative walker
Vial gripping mechanism for automatic medicament dispensing machine
Drug delivery device and methods therefor
Method and apparatus for optimization of mechanical ventilation
Device for administering artificial respiration to a patient
Medical tube holder
Device for releasing a gas to a respirator
Urinary catheter package and lubricator therefor with combined gripping and sealing means
Method and apparatus using IDS.TM. for multi-agent therapy
Firefighting hood and face mask assembly
Rescue device with an adjustable arm length
Disabler and storage system for hazardous substances
Alarm valve system
Climber comfort and safety pads
Golf club support device
Personal mobility vehicle incorporating tilting and swiveling seat and method for use while playing golf
Device for recording and displaying a tennis score
Ice wheels
Board binding
Game with moveable play space
Kite altitude measuring apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mobile washer with fluid reclamation system
Broad-range large-load fast-oscillating high-performance reciprocating programmable laboratory shaker
Ultrasonic horn assembly
Method for the disintegration sewage sludge
Packing for mass transfer column
Product for treating contaminated fluids and method of making and using the same
Method and apparatus for sorting recyclable products
Drive unit for centrifuge rotor of a centrifugal separator
Dispenser and method for discharging media
Pump which can be actuated by means of a hand lever for spraying liquids
Water sheeting manifold
Article comprising a diffuser with flow control features
Rotary atomizer with bell element
Single valve ready to use hose end sprayer
Low pressure spray nozzle
Thin wall package for use within a reusable cartridge
Dispensing assembly
Printing or coating method and printing or coating device
Ultrasonic transducer for a bonding apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Pre-screening element for pneumatic particle transport systems
Method for correcting articles of mail and article of mail produced thereby
Methods and apparatus employing multi-spectral imaging for the remote identification and sorting of objects
Unified strip/cleaning apparatus
Processing apparatus with horizontally movable enclosing element
Deflection method and deflection device for a strip, especially a metal strip
Tube joint with connecting member and guide member configured to be prevented from disengagement
Ceramic core and method of making
Injection device for low melting point metallic material
Core cast manifold assembly
Filtering molten metal injector system and method
Machining process for hydrodynamic bearing
Metal-cutting tool
Multi-purpose insert and toolholder assembly
Tool component
Cutter body with cutting inserts and methods for assembling same
Inside diameter machining method
Tool head
Device for connecting a tool head to a clamping shank
Machine tool and workpiece chuck
Connecting rod breaking and dividing device
Collapsible portable saw stand
Method for power saw having cut line indicator
Method and apparatus for separating dross floating on solder
Bearing ring
Braking device of linear guide
Guide and support device for small machine tools, in particular for rotating-mass balancing machines
Saw fence and work feed apparatus
Pneumatic ratchet drive wrench
Remote bolt installation tool
Clamping tool, especially a clamping clip, clamping rod or clamping bench
Vise lock tool
Nail hammering guide mechanism in nailing machine
Nail guide device for a power nailer
Spring loaded nail remover
Percussion rotary hand-held power tool with a rotatable guide tube
Throttle valve
Creeper with adjustable pad positions
Substrate holder and substrate transfer apparatus using the same
Robotic containerization and palletizing system
Apparatus for fixing a cable guidance hose
Sheet-processing machine
Air breathable bulk materials container
Wood lathe with an output shaft and an output shaft-driving source that are disposed respectively on two ends of a table
Blade guard assembly
Apparatus for debarking logs with movable debarking surface for varying rate of debarking
Concrete wall and rib form
Discharge chute control system
Wafer sawing apparatus
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions
Mold for producing fuel cell separator
Meltblown die tip with capillaries for each counterbore
Method for thoroughly mixing a melt flow made of plastic
Apparatus and method for thermoplastic extrusion
Apparatus for the internal depressurization of plastic containers thermoformed by means of blowing and intended for sterile filling
Apparatus for cleaning clips on web transport device
Device for embossing and laminating web material consisting of two or more plies
Laminating apparatus
Article and method for use in preparing a lithographic printing plate by imaging in a printer engine
Equipment for driving plate cylinders of a printing machine
Method of operating a web-fed rotary printing machine
Device for transporting a sheet for a rotary printing machine
Device for assembly of tubular carrier elements
Printing plate lock-up assemblies having jaw assembly and registration pin assembly
Method and device for operating a rotary printing press
Electrostatic arrangement for rotogravure and flexographic printing unit
Printer including microwave dryer
Thermal printer
Apparatus for guiding a printing head
System for ink short protection
Inkjet recording method and apparatus and ink therefor
Liquid crystal sensing of thermal ink jet head temperature
Liquid discharging method, liquid discharge head and recording apparatus using liquid discharge head
Continuous inkjet printer with actuatable valves for controlling the direction of delivered ink
Ink jet printing head and ink jet printing device enabling stable high-frequency ink drop ejection and high-speed printing
Inkjet recording head, piezoelectric vibration element unit used for the recording head, and method of manufacturing the piezoelectric vibration element unit
Substrate for use of an ink jet recording head, a method for manufacturing such substrate, an ink jet recording head, and an ink jet recording apparatus
Line head and image recording method
Movable ink drop detector pick up for a drop-on-demand printer
Ink drying prevention apparatus, ink-jet recording head storage container, ink-jet recording apparatus and ink drying prevention method
Ink jet recording apparatus and recovery method thereof
Ink jet recording device and method of driving and controlling the same
Printer for printing by discharging ink droplets from a plurality of nozzles, and whose ink discharge surface can be easily recovered
Ink jet printer
Ink container, ink jet head having ink container, ink jet apparatus having ink container, and manufacturing method for ink container
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Printing techniques to hide swath boundary banding
Image-recording device recording image on sheet in recording mode that is appropriate to type of sheet
Stencil printing machine and printing drum thereof
Variable volume container
Print product on demand
Ink jet printing method
Sheet collecting apparatus with integrated staple mechanism
Photo album
Filing device
Magic slate capture and display device
Drive axle control system
Filled pneumatic tires having controlled expansion joints and methods of manufacturing such
Pneumatic radial tire having six block rows
Heavy duty pneumatic radial tire having radius of curvature at side regions and radius of curvature at central portion
Multi-fit hitch assembly
Shock absorber for automobile
Vehicle suspension control system
Vehicle air conditioner with front air passage and rear air passage
Heating and/or air-conditioning apparatus, particularly for a motor vehicle
Convertible vehicle
Portable vehicle shade
Sun visor having a corrugated core
Plug and method of use therefor
Convertible vehicle
Deployment mechanism for tarping system
Mounting for a fuel tank on a motor vehicle
Fuel tank vent system with liquid fuel filter
Driveline angle reducer
Electronically-controlled coupling for all-wheel drive system
Method of regulating and controlling an internal combustion engine
Hybrid vehicle
Integrated retarder and accessory device
Vehicle occupant position sensor utilizing image focus attributes
Vehicle seat
Vehicle seat having a seat proper of adjustable height
Seat module electrification system
Seat slide apparatus
Seat elevation adjuster and an actuator mechanism for use in the same
Seat reclining device
Fixing device for a removable armrest, and a seat device including such a fixing device
Platform and platform support system
Beverage holder
Shape-modifiable transition chute for trailer tipper
All wheel drive power buggy
Bi-directional autonomous truck
Flexible and removably detachable tie-out and system of same
Electric motorcycle lift for motor homes
Multi-ocular light
Vehicular headlamp and vehicle provided with same
Vehicular lamp system for automotive vehicle
Vehicle headlamp system
Chameleon signal lens
Spotlight, in particular a reading light in cabins of vehicles and craft
Exterior rearview mirror for vehicles, preferably motor vehicles
Mat for a motor vehicle cargo compartment
Vehicle occupant weight detection system with occupant position compensation
Vehicle occupant weight classification system
Structure for the absorption of impact energy
Inflatable system for protection of lower extremities
Seat provided with air bag module
Air bag apparatus
Automotive vehicle occupant protection system
Seat belt tension sensor
Acceleration sensor
Seat belt retractor with load absorbing mechanism
Start/drive system for a vehicle
Portable safety ladder assembly for a truck trailer
String pull-in device
Assembly of brake disk and hub
Brake system and method
Vehicle brake by wire actuator
Solenoid valve
Hydraulic brake apparatus for a vehicle
Propulsion/braking apparatus for a guided vehicle
Coil stop for rail road coil car
Rail lubrication system
Modular point detector for railroad track signal
Steering wheel
Snap-on steering column shroud
Vehicle steering column including a pyrotechnic charge
Variable end-of-travel stop
Sensor array for detecting rotation angle and/or torque
Vehicle, in particular passenger vehicle, with impact absorbing structure avoiding overlap
Front end panel
Hood opening and closing apparatus for forklift truck
Vehicle roof structure
Supporting structure of unitized body
Wall joint configuration
Automotive steering rack-stroke adjusting device
Pre-assembled wall unit for a vehicle cab
Vehicle sleeper compartment bunk bed ladder
Snow removal machine
Dual draw key arrangement for steer axle kingpin
Rod for motor vehicles
Stabilizing plate for use with spring-mounted seats or saddles
Motorcycle rider multi-position body support system
Collapsible control lever
Reciprocating type driving mechanism
Shock isolated workspace
Articulated, collapsible boat boarding apparatus
Pneumatic signaling device for divers
Mooring whip mounting base for selective movement of mooring whip between positive stops determining mooring and retracted positions
Small watercraft hull and engine arrangement
Aft hung hydrofoil for reduction of water resistance of partially immersed sailing vessels
Sailing boat
Airlifting surface division
Method and apparatus for fiber strap termination
Liquid dropping apparatus for helicopter
Passenger orientation arrangement in a passenger cabin
Apparatus and method for verifying the dynamic stiffness capability of hydraulic servo actuators
Thrust reverser blocker door access platform
Item handler for sorting and packing
Conveyor for combining two-component items
Method and device for labeling or printing stackable flowerpots
Multi-chamber tube with twisted internal partition
Container lid with a plurality of aroma vent holes in a center portion of a container lid cover
Watertight tube closure
Clip for holding carton flaps open and method of use
Carton with an improved dispensing feature
Container lid with finger-receiving scoop
Flexible sealing cover with seal break indicator
Connector for use in packaging aerosol containers
Packing box for a lashing rope winch
Self-standing bag container equipped with vacuum and flow rate control functions
Photo mailer
Pressure activated self-opening cartridge nozzle
Dosing device for bulk goods
Container liner
Dog feces collection bag dispenser and receptacle
Payment accepting trash receptacle
Belts and belt modules for spiral conveyors
Low profile rod clamp
Remotely adjustable railing support posts for conveyor lines and method of operation thereof
Releasable conveyor belt system
Article sorting system and method
Rotary orienting feeder
Safety arrangement in a package turning device
Roll changer for an apparatus for producing hygienic products
Accumulator and dispensing system for a cutting tape
Cleaning apparatus for rollers used in feeding systems
Paper sheet processor and method of processing paper sheet
Method and apparatus for conveying printed products
Sheet conveying apparatus
Collator for printer
Method and device for removing flat packages from a pile
Methods and apparatus for moving media along a media path
Device for processing bank note-like objects
Sheet feeder
Washing hose storing device
Converter arrangement for modular motor
Driving apparatus for elevator
Elevator information and advertising delivery system
Concrete elevator rail and guidance system
Articulated lifting devices for lifting objects under overhangs
Forged trench plate connector
Pivoted arm for lowering under a slab
Portable hoist assembly
Crane testing apparatus and associated load testing method
Antioverlap apparatus and method for winching devices
Wire rope equalizer system for hoist mechanisms
Overload-preventing device for winch
Device for limiting the upper rotation speed of a balancing hoist
Hydraulic valve
Camera crane
Shock elimination for filling system
Ball valve with slot for continuous flow
Water cooler support device
Method and apparatus for vending a containerized liquid product utilizing an automatic self-service refill system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for disintegrating sewage sludge
Apparatus and method for roll bending heated glass sheets
Electrothermal ignition device and method for producing the device
Ignitor apparatus
Pyrotechnic smoke screen units for producing an aerosol impenetrable in the visible, infrared and millimetric wave range
Fluid-tight pipe union
Modular device of tubular plasma source
Film formation apparatus comprising movable gas introduction members
Metal salt solution for use as a reacting solution and method for using same
Article exhibiting increased resistance to galvanic corrosion
Surface layer forming a cylinder barrel surface, a spraying powder suitable therefor and a method of creating such a surface layer
Textiles; Paper
Fringe knot tying machine
Embroidery sewing machine with lower thread winding device
Arrangement for feeding black liquor into a recovery boiler
Calender with adjustable roll supports
Fixed Constructions
Dowel bar inserter kit having chain feeder
Highway crash attenuator frame
Traffic warning device and method of use
Reflective pavement marker and method of making
Revetment block
Side-dumping loader
Apparatus to connect an implement to the arm of a vehicle
Handrail system
Snow grabber
Carriage for a construction panel
Concrete flat work form
Fence post repair stakes and methods
Hinged folding framework
Latch assembly adapted to be mounted on a recessed door of a cabinet for closing the same
Mortise lock with automatic deadbolt
Bell crank assembly and kit
Overhead garage door
Window guard with quick release latching system
Structure protecting ladder stabilizer
Step signal
Sealing structure for a rock drill bit
Method and apparatus for air can vent systems
Swing mounted fill-up and circulating tool
Method and arrangement for reducing dust-related problems in rock drilling
Method and system for storing gas for use in offshore drilling and production operations
Well logging tool
Drillable inflatable packer & methods of use
Apparatus and methods for expanding tubulars in a wellbore
Lining removal method, system and components thereof
Drillable bridge plug
Method of monitoring pumping operations of a service vehicle at a well site
Horizontal directional drilling in wells
Mining machine having stabilizing apparatus and stabilizing apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Displacement machine based on the spiral principle
Spherical positive-displacement rotary machine
Methods and apparatus for limiting fluid flow between adjacent rotor blades
Utilization of pyrometer data to detect oxidation
Retainer nut
Turbine bucket
Selective step turbine nozzle
Cam shaft positioning structure of engine
Valve-deactivating lifter
Variable valve operating system of internal combustion engine enabling variation of valve-lift characteristic
Rotary valve for piston engine
Actuator assembly for electrohydraulic operation of cylinder valves
Internal-combustion engine, in particular for motorcycles
Sensor mount assembly
Thermostat housing
Method and apparatus for fuel injection in an internal combustion engine, and internal combustion engine
High speed carburetion system for compressed air assisted injection
Methane gas control system
Gas injection system, particularly of methane, for internal combustion engines, and pressure regulating valve comprised in said system
Motor intake chamber
Controlled homogeneous-charge, compression-ignition engine
Carburetor arrangement
Control method
Wide range control method for a fuel vapor purge valve
Device for detecting the reverse rotation of a rotating part of an internal combustion engine
Histogram-based enrichment delay
Method for controlling an engine idle speed
Fuel injection control for internal combustion engine
Common-rail system comprising a controlled high-pressure pump as a second pressure regulator
Power supply control system for heater used in gas sensor
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Device and method for controlling an electromagnet controlling a metering valve of an internal combustion engine fuel injector
Spark-ignition internal combustion engine with direct injection
Fuel vaporizing and mixing system and method
Welded intake device for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injector
High pressure collecting chamber with integrated pressure multiplication element
Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Fuel injection arrangement
Fuel injection valve
Swash plate-type, variable displacement compressor
Variable speed control of multiple compressors
Rotary valve and piston pump assembly and tank dispenser therefor
Impeller and housing assembly with reduced noise and improved airflow
Hot swap fan tray with fan guard
Blade for a cooling fan
High efficiency, inflow-adapted, axial-flow fan
Active micromechanical air valve for pressure control and method for making same
Expansion anchor
Nut assembly for fastening an element to a member having an inaccessible back part
Electromagnetic clutch and a compressor provided with electromagnetic clutch
Gripper mounting bracket
Coupling/fastening device for squarely arranged square bars
Antifriction bearing
Connecting rod for knuckle joint device and knuckle joint device comprising said rod
Minimum lateral play architecture servo arm
Axial setting device
Pressure plate assembly for a friction clutch
Ultra-low stiction torque transfer device
Clutch actuator
Rear drive module for all-wheel drive vehicle
Spline cushion clutch driver for an electromagnetic clutch
Driving force transmission device
Compressor for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Actuator drive and display mechanism
Active control of a hydra-mechanical traction control device
Shim attachment
Splash shield with vanes for disc brake rotor cooling
Cross elastomer mount
Telescopic buffer device
Compact vibration isolation system for an inertial sensor assembly
Air damper used in glove box of automobile
Seal for ball screw and ball screw installing the same
Power-splitting transmission
Shift rod support assembly for transmission gear shift mechanism
Gear shifting control device for synchromesh transmission
Gasket assembly for sealing mating surfaces
Dynamic seal for a drive shaft
Sealing configuration, in particular for a rotary machine
Gas isolation box
Valve having an inner washing structure
Valve device
Modular vacuum and low pressure valve assembly
Corrugated pipe structure
Wedgethread pipe connection
Plumbing connection and disconnection system and method
Pipe construction kit
Swivel apparatus
Method of forming a branching to a pipe, and junction in a pipe
Line connector, in particular for fuel lines
Microphone holder instrument, and support plate for supporting at least a pair of microphone holder instruments
Mounting system for body mounted camera equipment and connector assemblies therefor
Light source arrangement
Apparatus and method for dissipating heat sensitive components in lighting fixtures by dissipating heat therefrom
Bulb cooling
Lighting device
Floating candle holder
Method of designing reflective surface of reflector in vehicle lamp
Tubular lamp luminaire with convex and concave reflector sides
Pumpkin decorating kit and method using light guiding pegs
Spread illuminating apparatus with irregular interval of grooves of light reflection pattern
Intra-lens color and dimming apparatus
Gas-fired humidifier
Method of reducing CO and NOx emissions in a heating appliance and a respective appliance
Burner and combustion method for the production of flame jet sheets in industrial furnaces
Apparatus and method for feeding air to a water heater
Stabilized-flame aerogas/oxygas burner and quarl block fitted with such a burner
Regulating device for gas burners
Fire pit grill with a vertically foldable bracket on a rotatable sleeve
Control or regulating device for a stove and method for control
Application of heat pipe science to heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems
Thermostat incorporating a carbon dioxide sensor suitable for reading using potentiostat techniques, and environmental control system incorporating such thermostat
Gas appliance with flash suppressor
Process and fuel burner with exhaust-gas recirculation
Illumination body for refrigeration devices
Pattern with ribbed vortex generator
Liquid cooled heat exchanger with enhanced flow
Radial-venting baffled muzzle brake
Recoil mitigation device
Automatic machine gun
High efficiency paintball marker bolt and bolt head
Air or gas-powered guns
Rudder blade mounting arrangement for a missile
Externally accessible thermal ground plane for tactical missiles
Pyrotechnic initiator with a narrowed sleeve retaining a pyrotechnic charge and methods of making same
Safety device for a pyrotechnic impact fuse of a ballistic high explosive shell
Pyrotechnic initiation delay means
Survey marker
Multi-axis micro gyro structure
Chemically inert flow control with non-contaminating body
Fuel system
Sight glass
Filling level sensor
Thermochromic method and device for use relative to a product container
Tensile testing sensor for measuring mechanical jamming deformations on first installation and automatic calibrating based on said jamming
Method and device for measuring donning properties of hosiery
Physical quantity measuring device
Capacitive ceramic relative-pressure sensor
Pressure sensor having semiconductor sensor chip
Sheet vinyl flooring sampling method
Sample bag
Method and apparatus for determining bulk material properties of elastomeric materials
Massively parallel inspection and imaging system
Hand-held variable angle membrane (VAM) ultrasonic scanning head for the noninvasive detection of corrosion, MIC and foreign objects in pipes
Ultrasonic detection of flaws in tubular members
Service life indicator for highly stressed light-weight structures
Acceleration sensor, acceleration sensor device, and method of fabricating an acceleration sensor
Micromachined apparatus for improved reflection of light
Device for generating a quadrangular illuminating field and use of such device in an optical device comprising a surface to be illuminated having a predetermined shape
Arrangement for cutting off radiation in projectors and/or illumination devices
Tool for angled cleaving of optical fibers or the like
Optical connector ferrule having a multiple-angled pedestal
Fiber optic receptacle
Optical fiber coupler and an optical fiber coupler incorporated within a transceiver module
Back light assembly for use with back-to-back flat-panel displays
Self-illuminating concave video screen system
Intraoral dental radiographic film packet with thermoplastic comfort enhancing integrated frame
Internet clock
Decorative hourglass with light reflecting base
Methods and systems for jet engine overthrust protection
Variable gravity bias control system for a guided missile
Liquid pressure regulator
Solenoid valve, in particular, a pressure control valve
Rotary indexing apparatus and related methods
Computer monitor bezel
Circuit board indicator
Data structure for an optical reader
Method and device for selecting a reconfigurable communications protocol between and IC card and a terminal
Low cost bar code reader
Optical scanning system and integrated optics module therefor
Method and apparatus for pressure sensing
Method and system for the automated exchange of merchandise
Method for issuance of satellite credit and debit cards
Polyvalent franking machine
Method and an apparatus for promoting a product or brand
Coin escrow mechanism
Cassette for storing and feeding discrete objects
Protected coin tray for use with a gaming device
Check cashing at automated teller machines
Taut wire sensor
Paper holder
Product label
Padlock with lockable shackle
Self-locking wire seal
Point-like lamp with anode chimney
Treatment solution supply apparatus and treatment solution supply method
Apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor wafer
Chuck assembly for use in a spin, rinse, and dry module and methods for making and implementing the same
Polymer collar for solder bumps
Magnetic latch transport loader
SMIF pod storage, delivery and retrieval system
Apparatus and methods for handling semiconductor wafers
Conveyor apparatus for dies and small components
Cart for mounting/demounting wafer transfer robot
Acoustic detection of dechucking and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for removing heat from a plate
Pillar connections for semiconductor chips and method of manufacture
Method of controlling manufacturing process of photoelectric conversion apparatus
Optical device for an optical element and apparatus employing the device
Miniature retractable cord reel
Modular linear motor tracks and methods of fabricating same
Automatic document feeding apparatus having separation mechanism
Image projection system having an extra optical system for at least partly re-illuminating the image display system
Four-fiber ring optical cross connect system using 4.times.4 switch matrices
Mounting assembly for mounting a device in a barrier
Accoustic chamber integrated with vehicle door
Speaker enclosure venturi expander
Speaker apparatus
Socket device and switch device with luminescent device
Modular mounting arrangement and method for light emitting diodes
Multi-function latch device for a module unit
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