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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Continuous baler with surge bin
Shaped carbide tips, carbide-tipped teeth, and tools with same
Elevated animal perch assembly
Small oligonucleotides with anti-tumor activity
LPS-responsive chs1/beige-like anchor gene and therapeutic applications thereof
Method and composition for treating burned skin
Portable oral hygiene system
Portable privacy shield for an automobile
Oven for heat-treating food pieces
Apparatus and method for wound diagnosis
Method and apparatus for electrically forcing cardiac output in an arrhythmia patient
Method and device for measurement of electrical bioimpedance
Article for assisting in toilet training
Methods and devices for deployment into a lumen
Partially erodable systems for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
Sulfonamide derivatives for the treatment of diabetes
Therapeutical agent useful for the treatment of plasma cell neoplasias
Prodrugs built as multiple self-elimination-release spacers
Method for treating sleep apnea
Methods and compounds for producing dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitors and intermediates thereof
Acrylonitrile derivatives for inflammation and immune-related uses
Inhibitors of ion channels
Substituted pyrroline kinase inhibitors
Use of canthin-6-one, plant extracts containing same and derivatives thereof in the treatment of trypanosomiases
Compounds for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
Use of minoxidil sulfate as an anti-tumor drug
Substituted diazabicyclo derivatives and their use as monoamine neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitors
Treatment of inflammatory bowel disease with 2-methylene-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Solid oral dosage form containing an enhancer
Macrolide compounds endowed with antiinflammatory activity
Method for the treatment and/or prevention of urinary disorders
Modafinil compound and cyclodextrin mixtures
Phage displayed cell binding peptides
IL-18 receptors
Reversible inhibition of pyramidal gap junction activity
TFIIS and GDOWN1 as targets for cancer therapy
Sterilization device for a stethoscope and associated apparatus
Guide wire insertion and re-insertion tools and methods of use
Medical or veterinary digestive tract utilization systems and methods
Heart wall ablation/mapping catheter and method
Ophthalmic treatment stimulation method for inhibiting death of retinal cells
Internal defibrillator operable with one hand
Benzazepine derivatives and methods of prophylaxis or treatment of 5ht2c receptor associated diseases
Quick stop encasement for malfunctioning fire sprinkler head
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for turning a brake disc on a vehicle
Apparatus for slicing food products
Saw drive arrangement
Heating apparatus and implemented body manufacturing method
Rail guide mounting assembly for mandrel trip apparatus
Ink jet composition
Thermal displacement-based radiation detector of high sensitivity
Image forming apparatus with an image exposure unit light emission control feature
Apparatus for forming latent image using line head and control method for such apparatus
Light emitting array with improved characteristics, optical writing unit, and image forming apparatus
Light shielding member, a line head and an image forming apparatus using the line head
Method and apparatus for receiving signals from a sensor into a tire pressure monitoring system
Anti-skid device for a tire of a vehicle wheel
Speed stabilizer for automatically turning conventional cruise controls on/off in dense low speed traffic to save fuel
Self-steering device for railway vehicle
Method of making a convertible push-bicycle
Modular floating bar with optional canopy mounts
Weapon with recoil and braking device, damping this recoil
Strapping machine and method of operating same
Label manufacturing device and label printer
Postal weighing platform with integrated feeding and deskewing functions
Industrial truck having increased static or quasi-static tipping stability
Combined corked bottle opener and fluid aerator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus for manufacturing solar concentrators using glass process
Method and apparatus for pressure control of glass-making thickness-control zone
Glass-melting furnace, process for producing molten glass, apparatus for producing glass products and process for producing glass products
Alkylated and polymeric macromolecular antioxidants and methods of making and using the same
Process for the preparation of saturated or unsaturated primary fatty amines
Benzamidoacetonitriles and their use as antiparasitics
Hydrofluoroalkyl phenols having anesthetic properties
Method of making an aromatic polyether composition using phosphazenium salt phase transfer catalysts
Anti-hypercholesterolemic compounds
Indolium compounds and optical recording materials
Protein kinase modulators and methods of use
Method for producing optically active cyclopropanecarboxylate compound
Alcohol oxidation catalyst and its preparation process
Process for the preparation of a metal-organic compound comprising a spectator ligand
Production method of trihydrocarbylborane
DNAs encoding TNF receptor family members
HDM2 Polypeptides
Compositions for controlling hair growth
Methods for treating diabetes using fibroblast growth factor-like polypeptides
IL-1-like cytokine
Replikin peptides in rapid replication of glioma cells and in influenza epidemics
Compositions and methods useful for treating circulatory and hypovolemic shock
Crosslinked polycyclooctene
Polymerisation process
Method for producing polymer organic electronic material, polymer organic electronic material, and organic electroluminescent device
Polyurethane/urea containing pendant alkoxysilane groups
Block copolyetherester elastomer and preparation thereof
Non-gelled curable compositions containing imide functional compounds
Nanoporous organosilicas as pre-concentration materials for sensors
Polyarylene sulfide resin composition
Stabilized polyolefin compositions
Rubber composition for steel cord and steel cord coated thereby
Rubber mixtures
Granulate for use in a cleaning product and process for its manufacture
Composition comprising an organosilicone/diol lipophilic fluid for treating or cleaning fabrics
Hepatitis C virus variants
Combinatorial processing chamber having electrical contacts
Plasma processing apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Methods and multi-purpose apparatus for dispensing and circulating fluid in wellbore casing
Process for consolidating sand
Closed loop energy production from geothermal reservoirs
Producing gas and liquid from below a permanent packer in a hydrocarbon well
Double string pump for hydrocarbon wells
Method and system for using wireline configurable wellbore instruments with a wired pipe string
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stirling engine instability detection and prevention
Valve train of a combustion piston engine
Lost-motion variable valve actuation system with valve deactivation
Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
Control system for internal combustion engine
Control device and control method for engine, engine starting device, and vehicle
Laser device and method for operating same
Solenoid valve and oil pressure control device
Removable manifold for an air compressor
Apparatus and methods to dispense fluid from a bank of containers and to refill same
System for increasing the efficiency of a water meter
Pipe grapple
Tracking solar panel mount
Non-tracking solar collector device
Percussion and magazine revolving device of toy grenade launcher
V-shaped blast shield for protection against IEDs
Sampling of optical signals
Navigation device and route guide method
Locating ferromagnetic objects in a single pass
Composite materials and calibration assemblies using the same
Method for correcting a spectral image for optical aberrations using software
Temperature sensing indicator and temperature sensing indicator device
Drug delivery device and method
Pressure measuring syringe
Sensor system having a magnetoelastic deformation element
Management system for moving machine
Sampling and monitoring of particulate suspension material
Portable reactor for real-time nucleic acid amplification and detection comprising a reaction chamber formed from a flexible printed circuit board
Device and method for estimating frictional condition of ground surface with which vehicle is in contact
Optical interrogation system and method for increasing a read-out speed of a spectrometer
Fluorescence correlation microscopy with real-time alignment readout
Microsensors and nanosensors for chemical and biological species with surface plasmons
Method and apparatus for measuring long bone density of small-animals
Sensor device for conductivity measurement and method for its operation
Sensor has combined in-plane and parallel-plane configuration
Sound wave testing device and method for testing solar panel
Method for anonymously registering, storing and using body material and/or information derived therefrom
Probe used for surface enhanced vibrational spectroscopic analysis and method of manufacturing the same
Apparatuses and methods for nondestructive microwave measurement of dry and wet film thickness
Sensor device, and portable communication terminal and electronic device using the sensor device
End-system dynamic rate limiting of background traffic
Method and apparatus for routing data in an inter-nodal communications lattice of a massively parallel computer system by employing bandwidth shells at areas of overutilization
Non-contact cable state testing
Circuit testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for routing efficient built-in self test for on-chip circuit blocks
Method of providing celestial information and a mobile terminal having a function of providing the celestial information
Radar image processor and method of radar image processing
Histogram for ambiguity visualization and evaluation (HAVE)
Device and method for measuring the energy and position of an incident ionising particle in a detector
Earthquakes and sun disturbances
Laser light irradiation apparatus and laser light irradiation method
Tube attachment for microscopes
Direct-view, compact short wave infra red (SWIR) viewer
MEMS device and interconnects for same
Display medium and method of manufacturing display medium
Optical scanning apparatus, illuminant apparatus and image forming apparatus
Scanning module of image scanner
Lens array, exposure device, image forming apparatus and LED head
Collimating microlens array
Attenuator for high-power unpolarized laser beams
Multiple quantum dot waveguides
Copolymer and polymerizable composition
Telecommunication optical cable for gas pipeline applications having built-in leakage detecting device
Shelf-card assembly for optic fiber connection
Methods and devices for moving optical beams
Voice coil type lens drive assembly
Lens driving device
Optical interference display cell and method of making the same
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display and test method thereof
Stereoscopic display system
Planar light-emitting device and display apparatus having the same
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display panel
Method of manufacturing an array substrate for use in a LCD device
Portable remote camera control device
Mobile communication terminal device
Electronic imaging apparatus having optical/electronic finder mechanisms switchable in accordance with imaging condition
Digital camera
Exposure apparatus
Multi-Dimensional look-up table generation via adaptive node selection based upon color characteristics of an input image
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image recording device having a charge producing section upstream of a transfer receiving body
Image forming apparatus including phase difference correction with a single drive unit
Image forming apparatus with an openable section at an upper face side or a front face side
Hybrid printing system
Apparatus and process to reclaim toner from a toner/carrier mixture
Apparatus and methods for loading a donor roll utilizing a slow speed trim roll
Mechanism for transfix member with idle movement
Serial backplane for medium voltage motor drive system
Method for controlling parallel kinematic mechanism machine and control apparatus therefor
Wafer position teaching method and teaching jig
Digital power supply control
Circuit arrangement and method for adjusting the power consumption of a load that can be operated by a direct-voltage system
Standby regulator
Parking brake
Power supply unit for an electronic device such as an electronic device having a tuner
Switching mode power supply
System and method for minimized power consumption for frame and cell data transmission systems
Embedded systems debugging
Method, apparatus and program storage device for protecting data writes in a data storage device
Timeout request scheduling using grouping and nonsynchronized processing to enhance performance
Write-side calibration for data interface
Verifying the validity of data saved at power down by comparing the time of save to time of power-off upon start up
Address translation performance in virtualized environments
System and method for re-ordering memory references for access to memory
Non-snoop read/write operations in a system supporting snooping
Storage system and controller for controlling remote copying
Method for managing storage area in a portable radio communication equipment
SRAM cache and flash micro-controller with differential packet interface
Method and system for automatically updating the version of a set of files stored on content servers
Metasearching a client's request for displaying different order books on the client
Detecting when to prefetch data and then prefetching data in parallel
Object-based storage device with low process load and control method thereof
System for creating and tracking unique identifications of electronic components
WWN table management system and method
Memory control device
Methods and systems for an identifier-based memory section
USB isochronous data transfer for a host based laser printer
Bus interconnect switching mechanism
Image forming system
Synchronization in a distributed system
Data package with recovery data
Method for transmitting a data stream from a producer to a plurality of viewers
System and method for propagating data
Information processing apparatus and method
Information delivery system and information delivery method
Automatic grouping of electronic mail
Credit-based peer-to-peer storage
System, method, and service for interactively presenting a summary of a web site
Interfacing between a command line interface-based application program and a remote network device
Networked system for interactive communication and remote monitoring of individuals
Using local networks for location information and image tagging
Workflow systems and methods for project management and information management
Remote configuration and management via electronic mail
Network system, internal server, terminal device, storage medium and packet relay method
Automatic mail rejection feature
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and recording medium
Manual start learning process and manual start process for use with an automated system
Real-time predictive computer program, model, and method
System and method for verifying and restoring the consistency of inode to pathname mappings in a filesystem
Automated work-flow management and document generation system and method
Specific type content manager in an electronic document
Coloring support system, coloring support program, and storage medium as well as coloring support method
Hashing byte streams into elements of the Shafarevich-Tate group of an abelian variety
System and method for molecular diagnosis of depression based on boosting classification
Method for generating presentation oriented XML schemas through a graphical user interface
Multilingual translation memory, translation method, and translation program
Predicting parts needed for an onsite repair using expected waste derived from repair history
Method and device for clustering categorical data and identifying anomalies, outliers, and exemplars
Automatic exchange of information in an ad-hoc computing environment
Method and system for integrated management computer setting access rights, calculates requested storage capacity of multiple logical storage apparatus for migration
Method and system for data retrieval from heterogeneous data sources
Document processing
Simulation method, simulation apparatus, and computer readable medium storing simulation program
Layout architecture having high-performance and high-density design
Stitched IC chip layout design structure
Techniques for grouping circuit elements into logic blocks
Method to optimize pipe load limits on a turbine casing
Method and device for identifying molecular species
Alternator tester
EGR control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
Method for controlling a set torque to be applied to wheels of an automatic transmission for a motor vehicle and corresponding device
Method for positioning a wafer
Personal identification number recovery method
Methods, systems, and storage mediums for optimizing a device
Dynamic tabs for a graphical user interface
System for setting print end notification either when data transmission ends or when printing ends based on print check ability of printing devices
DMA controller executing multiple transactions at non-contiguous system locations
Data transferring device for transferring data sent from one communication device to another communication device
Photonic touch screen apparatus and method of use
Touch panel device
Systems and methods for displaying meta-data
Linking information
Searchable registers
Extensible system for color management
Apparatus and method for locating a target item in a list
Method and devices for encoding/decoding structured documents, particularly XML documents
Method and apparatus for searching and displaying structured document
Software-type platform dedicated to internet site referencing
System for, and method of, proving the transmission, receipt and content of a reply to an electronic message
Creation and usage of mutually exclusive messages
Apparatus and method for reporting operation state of digital rights management
Programmable logic device having logic elements with dedicated hardware to configure look up tables as registers
Implementing a data flow block diagram having a control flow node on a programmable hardware element
Adjusting depiction of user interface based upon state
Data processing system, processor and method of data processing having improved branch target address cache
Analyzing software performance without requiring hardware
Managing code when communicating using heirarchically-structured data
Synchronicity in software development
Method and system for autonomically prioritizing software defects
Interactive debugging system with debug data base system
Generating and tuning an allocation of transportation resources
Integration of audio or video program with application program
Analysis of errors within computer code
Architecture for a computer-based development environment with self-contained components and a threading model
Software development infrastructure
Software distribution systems and methods using one or more channels
Compiler optimization
Multiple device scan chain emulation/debugging
Method of and apparatus for managing task, and computer product
Method and system for application profiling for purposes of defining resource requirements
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program
Printing apparatus and storage medium for printing apparatus
Pick and place machine with workpiece motion inspection
Method and apparatus for visual inspection
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer readable storage medium
Obstacle detection system and method therefor
Remote distance-measurement between any two arbitrary points using laser assisted optics
Method for creation of an overview of medical data sets
Analysis of a multi-dimensional structure
Method for detecting a boundary of a monetary banknote within an image
Verification method for determining areas within an image corresponding to monetary banknotes
Real-time structure suppression in ultrasonically scanned volumes
Generating a three-dimensional model from a standard model and multiple two-dimensional images
Information processing method and information processing device
Image processing device, image processing method thereof, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Magnetic watermark for text documents
Methods and systems for image scaling
Method for performing high-speed error diffusion and plasma display panel driving apparatus using the same
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
Apparatus and method for reducing noise in an image
Method for reducing blocking artifacts
Method and an apparatus to divide image blocks
User preference techniques for support vector machines in content based image retrieval
Thompson strategy based online reinforcement learning system for action selection
Method to input and store data for a clinical study
Computer implemented program, system and method for medical inventory management
Asymmetrical escrow system for use in non-cooperative bargaining relationships
System and method for identity protected secured purchasing
Method and arrangement for distributing information and services through a network
System and method for rating lenders
Mail piece verification system having forensic accounting capability
Secure product packaging
Smart card receiver and system for pulsed RF fields
Active body ventilation system
Method and system for agricultural data collection and management
Method and apparatus for data logging of physiological and environmental variables for domestic and feral animals
Apparatus and method for sensing and responding to environmental conditions of a computer system at non-uniform polling intervals
Transmission device
Navigation systems, methods, and programs
Closest points of approach determination for unmanned aerial vehicle ground-based sense-and-avoid display system
Driving apparatus for plasma display panel and image processing method thereof
Plasma display apparatus and driving method of plasma display apparatus
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Electro-optical device, signal processing circuit thereof, signal processing method thereof and electronic apparatus
Image display unit
Display device
Image display apparatus and image pickup apparatus using the same
Full scale video with overlaid graphical user interface and scaled image
Portable travel guitar
Training wideband acoustic models in the cepstral domain using mixed-bandwidth training data for speech recognition
Disk-loading roller
Apparatus for detecting a pre-pit signal
Magnetic disk drive with head retraction control
Storage device and servo information writing method
Information recording/reproduction apparatus
Recording method and apparatus for optical disk drive
Rotating disk storage device having a carriage formed with non-binding pads
Hard disk drive, suspension assembly of actuator of hard disk drive, and method of operation of hard disk drive
Information recording/reproducing apparatus
Recording medium having different areas recorded with different modulation methods, recording apparatus, reproducing apparatus, recording method, and reproducing method
Optical disc apparatus
Optical disk, signal generation method, clock signal generation method, and optical disk device
Method and apparatus for reproducing optical information
Information recording media and playback power determining method for signal playback
High density optical disc having small track pitch
Large capacity one-time programmable memory cell using metal oxides
Storage device
Memory macro composed of a plurality of memory cells
Integrated circuit, cell arrangement, method for manufacturing an integrated circuit and for reading a memory cell status, memory module
Phase change memory
Three dimensional magnetic memory and/or recording device
Static memory cell having independent data holding voltage
Ferroelectric passive memory cell, device and method of manufacture thereof
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device capable of driving non-selected word lines to a variable negative potential based on a bank access operation
Security protection device and method
Varistor and light-emitting apparatus
Capacitive device
Rotary control device
Display panel, display module for mobile using display panel, and electronic apparatus
Tapered light emitting structure and light emitting device having a columnar light extraction layer
Plasma display device
X-ray system for irradiating material used in transfusions
Charged particle beam processing apparatus
Tungsten-halogen quartz lamp
Solid-state image pickup device and driving method of solid-state image pickup device
Sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and fuse blowout method
Semiconductor package with low and high-speed signal paths
Lighting device and light emitting module for the same
Surface-mount type optical semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Three dimensional multi layer memory and control logic integrated circuit structure
Capacitor interconnection
Lead frame structure of light emitting diode
Radiation detector with extended dynamic range
Image forming apparatus with impact applying unit and detecting unit for detecting sheet information corresponding to impact force
Integrated circuitry for semiconductor memory
Nonvolatile semicondutor memory with metallic silicide film electrically connected to a control gate electrode layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin-film transistor display devices having composite electrodes
Solid state imaging device
Thin film transistor with channel region in recess
Trench type MOSFET and method of fabricating the same
Photodetector arrangement having a semiconductor body with plural layers and transistors, measurement arrangement with a photodetector arrangement and process for operating a measurement arrangement
Photovoltaic device
Amplification-type solid-state image sensing device
Acoustic backing composition, ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Driving device
Adjustable sound panel with electroactive actuators
Drive unit
SC cut crystal resonator
Inflected magnetoresistive structures and memory cells having inflected magnetoresistive structures
Porous semiconductor-based evaporator having porous and non-porous regions, the porous regions having through-holes
Barrier layer for an organic electronic device
Composite via structures and filters in multilayer printed circuit boards
Serpentine guard trace for reducing crosstalk of micro-strip line on printed circuit board
Multi-band antenna
Antenna mounting method
Microstrip array antenna
Antenna patch arrays integrally formed with a network thereof
Wireless communication apparatus for determining direction of arrival information to form a three-dimensional beam used by a transceiver
Built-up printed circuit board with stack type via-holes
Littrow external oscillator semiconductor laser optical axis deviation correction method and device
Ion generating element, ion generator and neutralizer
Compact superconducting current limiting component in coil configuration with low inductance
Over-voltage indicator and related circuit and method
Systems and methods involving balancing currents for thyristors
Switching power supply unit and disk array system
Charging control semiconductor integrated circuit and secondary battery charging apparatus using the same
Charger structure with normal and boosting charge modes
Main element for an electrical machine
Electric motor
Embedded magnet type motor
Switching flap device
Device for maintaining the position of a rotatably or displaceably mounted shaft
Inverter device
DC-DC converter for low voltage power source
Resonant converter with synchronous rectification drive circuit
Thermal to electricity conversion using thermal magnetic properties
Circuit for converting a voltage range of a logic signal
Digital tuning circuit of GM-C filter
Digital ring oscillator
Carrier phase ambiguity correction
Inductor sharing in radio frequency communications
Systems and methods for protection of audio amplifier circuits
Dynamic volume control
Auto-mute command stream by voice-activated remote control
Sound signal processing apparatus and sound signal processing method
Backflow preventing circuit capable of preventing reverse current efficiently
Fault tolerant integrated circuit architecture
System and method for effectively implementing an IQ generator
Threshold correction circuit, integrated circuit with threshold correction function, and circuit board with threshold correction function
Apparatus and method of searching for known sequences
Signal converting apparatus with built-in self test
A-D convert apparatus
Generation of a digital controlled precise analog sine function
Checksum calculation
System and method for providing optimized receiver architectures for combined pilot and data signal tracking
Method and system for a programmable biasing mechanism for a mobile digital television environment
Input device with user balanced performance and power consumption
Jog dial and mobile terminal incorporating jog dial
Data transfer control device, electronic instrument, and data transfer control method
Reversible diffusion-based compression
Processor for entangled complex signals
Optical DQPSK receiver apparatus
Remote control system and receiver
Optical module and processing method
Transmission device having optical fiberhigh definition digital audio-video data interface
Noise suppression apparatus and method
Communications module for wireless communications with an electronic device to enable remote access
Diversity switching
Digital sub-carrier signal recovery based on pilot zero-crossing
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving MBMS packet data and control information
Method and subscriber unit for performing power control
Method and subscriber unit for performing an access procedure
Broadcast system and method for cellular networks
Methods and systems for selecting modulation in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
Monitoring quality of experience on a per subscriber, per session basis
Multicarrier receiver and method for time-delay compensation in a multi-user uplink
Data communication network using optical power averaged multiplexing
Downlink coordinated transmission in OFDMA systems
Wireless communication system for switching different wireless communication networks
Systems and methods for implementing routing protocols and algorithms for quantum cryptographic key transport
Method of guaranteeing users' anonymity and wireless local area network (LAN) system therefor
System and method for channel estimation
System and method for beamforming using rate-dependent feedback in a wireless network
Decentralized and dynamic route selection in cooperative relay networks
Link property setting method, route calculating method and system using the same
Adaptive gain adjustment control
RF channel switching in broadcast OFDM systems
Heavy load packet-switched routing
Method for providing topology awareness information within an IP network
Method and system for managing a network having multiple domains
Method for implementing redundant structure of ATCA (advanced telecom computing architecture) system via base interface and the ATCA system for use in the same
System and method for communicating with mobile stations over an extended range in a wireless local area network
Dynamic priority based message transmitting apparatus, priority adjusting apparatus using the same, and dynamic priority message processing method
Session initiation and maintenance while roaming
Data processing apparatus and method, and digital broadcasting receiver
Systems and methods for voice and data communications including a network drop and insert interface for an external data routing resource
Voice review of privacy policy in a mobile environment
Lower complexity layered modulation signal processor
Compensation of I/Q mismatch in a communication system using I/Q modulation
Iterative channel prediction
Digital transmitter
Method and apparatus of source separation
Algorithm for multiple-symbol differential detection
Multicarrier transmitter for multiple-input multiple-output communication systems and methods for puncturing bits for pilot tones
System and method for selecting a communication band
Key information processing method, device thereof, and program
Recognizer of content of digital signals
Encryption of voice and data in a single data stream in a deployable, secure communication system
Key transformation unit for a tamper resistant module
Information management apparatus
Systems and methods for protecting private information in a mobile environment
Signal line routing to reduce crosstalk effects
Unified dual-mode GSM/UMTS clock
Mobile handset including alert mechanism
Method of providing caller identification for calls placed over an internet
Keyboard for blind people
Network infrastructure for ringbacks
Method and system for providing a product or service using a mobile communication device
Scanner device and image forming apparatus
Pitch to pitch online gray balance calibration with dynamic highlight and shadow controls
Data processing method, printing apparatus, host apparatus, and printing system
Information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, program, and display device
Image and video motion stabilization system
Pull-down signal detection apparatus, pull-down signal detection method and progressive-scan conversion apparatus
Photographic device for obtaining a plurality of images at a time by rolling shutter method
Image sensing apparatus and control method thereof and program for implementing the method
Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system
Correction of distortions in digital images
Image pickup apparatus including photosensitive cells each having photosensitive regions partitioned
System and method for dynamically scheduling quasi on-demand programming in a broadcast television network
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Image processing apparatus and method
Apparatus, method, and program product for recording and reproducing contents
Recording apparatus and method, reproducing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Method and apparatus for filtering video data using a programmable graphics processor
Noise reduction apparatus and noise reduction method
Display device, system, display method, and storage medium storing its program
Telecommunication device and method of multimedia data processing via the telecommunication device having at least two processors
Encryption/decryption device and method
Recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, data processing apparatus, recording and reproduction apparatus and data transmission apparatus and corresponding methods
Auto white balance apparatus and white balance adjusting method
Information-processing apparatus, wireless communication system and wireless communication method
Mobile wireless communications device with slidable configuration providing hearing aid compatibility features and related methods
Electret condenser
Communication system receiver and method for concurrent receiving of multiple channels
Reduced wireless context caching apparatus, systems, and methods
System, apparatus and method of hand over in wireless communication system
Intelligent customer care support
Provision of group services in a telecommunications network
Techniques to manage roaming
Buoyant grounding terminal electrode apparatus for lightning protection
Wireless X-ray fluoroscopic imaging system, inter-unit synchronization method of the same, and computer program
Plasma display device and its method of manufacture
Expired Patents Due To Time
Method of manufacture of a Lorenz diaphragm electromagnetic ink jet printer
RF plasma reactor with hybrid conductor and multi-radius dome ceiling
Apparatus and method for electrostatically shielding an inductively coupled RF plasma source and facilitating ignition of a plasma
Method of fabricating sub-micron metal lines
Hexagonal ferrite magnets
Piezoelectric ceramic composition and piezoelectric ceramic device using the same
Centrifugal compression refrigerant composition
Lubricating oil composition for refrigerators and method for lubrication with the composition
Portable heat source
Oxygen absorbent
Optically active monomer, liquid crystal polymer, and optical element
Liquid-crystal compounds having fluorinated alkyl groups, liquid-crystal composition, and liquid-crystal display element
Electroluminescent phosphor and electroluminescent element using the same
Carbon-reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and articles made from same
Electrochromic layer and devices comprising same
Neutral coloring photochromic 2H-naphtho[1,2-b] pyrans and heterocyclic pyrans
Clean generation of a fluoroaryl grignard reagent
Method of making lens with colored portion
Method for manufacturing fibril system fiber
Process of making microparticles of a thermally-gelled polysaccharide
Process for manufacturing a brake lining
Method for repairing a damaged shed portion of a composite insulator
Method of making an insert for use in a mold for molding roof covering products
Multilayer synthetic stopper
Spinning cell and method for dry spinning spandex
Method of manufacturing a catamenial/tampon device
Process for synthesizing composite material components with curved surfaces
Fasteners and methods of making fasteners
Continuous extrusion process and device for rods made of a plastic raw material and provided with a spiral inner channel
Compression moulding method
Method and apparatus for encapsulating a ring-shaped member
Method of manufacturing a respirator cartridge seal
Compression apparatus for molding, injection compression molding machine, and injection compression molding method using the compression device
Method of heat treating a workpiece by a heat transfer liquid
Method for re-using expanded styrene
Process for preparing particles covered with a layer of water glass and articles comprising such covered particles
Preparation of organic pieces of optical quality and especially organic lenses
Method of making a functionally graded material
Corrective tempering apparatus for rolling elements
Rotating mechanism with arm
Co-injection molding process for manufacturing complex and lightweight parts
Functionally gradient material and method for producing the same
Process for producing sputtering targets
Overlay welding alloy and engine valve overlayed therewith
Trayliner for sterilization process and method of sterilizing an article
Self contained diagnostic test unit
Pipette with improved pipette tip and mounting shaft combination
Disposable beaker sheath
FCC reactor arrangement for sequential disengagement and progressive temperature reduction
FCC unit catalyst stripper
Open system sulfurous acid generator
Diesel particle oxidizer
Process for treating ore having recoverable metal values including arsenic containing components
Process for treating red mud to recover metal values therefrom
Method of producing cubic boron nitride
Scintigraphic imaging agents
Boron heterocycle steroid mimics and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Cascade polymer complexes, process for their production and pharmaceutical agents containing said complexes
Compositions and treatment for alleviation of symptoms associated with menopause
Methods of using norastemizole in combination with leukotriene inhibitors to treat or prevent asthma
Gums containing antimicrobial agents
Anti-tartar dental product and method
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising bisresorcinyltriazine and benzoazolyl/benzodiazolyl
Cosmetic compositions
Hair cosmetic preparations containing cationic biopolymers
Hair dye composition having a particular buffer capacity and containing an alkylene carbonate
Hair styling shampoos containing organic oil
Hair styling compositions containing non-silicone and silicone grafted polymers and low level of a volatile hydration solvent
Styling shampoo compositions with improved styling polymer deposition
Method for treating hypercholesterolemia with unsubstituted polydiallylamine polymers
Method for increasing hematopoietic progenitor cells by stem cell factor polypeptides
HSV strain lacking functional ICP27 and ICP34.5 genes
Encapsulation of microparticles in teardrop shaped polymer capsules of cellular size
Attenuated vaccine for Blastomyces dermatitidis
Dietary supplementation with and methods for preparation of yeast-derived chromium salts
Bacterial phage associated lysing enzymes for treating dermatological infections
Glutathione s-transferase
Regulation of osteoclast formation by inhibition of osteoblastic stem cell factor
Modulation of endothelial cell surface receptor activity in the regulation of angiogenesis
HIV-1 virus isolates of a subtype and its differential diagnostics, a vaccine against HIV-1 virus infections of this subtype and method of producing same, use of the HIV-1 virus isolates
Parasitic helminth cuticlin nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Immunogenic compositions against helicobacter infection, polypeptides for use in the compositions, and nucleic acid sequences encoding said polypeptides
Treponema pallidum fused antigen and assay for anti-treponema pallidum antibodies using the same fused antigen
Targeted immunostimulation with bispecific reagents
Isolated nucleic acid sequence of equine herpesvirus type 1 glycoprotein D (EHV-1 gD)
Process for preparing conjugate vaccines including free protein and the conjugate vaccines, immunogens, and immunogenic reagents produced by this process
Stabilized oral pharmaceutical composition containing iodide and iodate and method
Cosmetic make-up compositions
Starchy cleaning and cosmetic care preparations
Fragrant body lotion and cream
Skin care and protection composition and a method for preparation thereof
Method of treating topical angiogenesis-related disorders
Antibiotic high-pressure laminates
Therapeutic antimicrobial compositions
Composite and its use
Prolonged anesthesia in joints and body spaces
Chewing gum and production of the same
Calcium assimilation accelerator and calcium-supplementing diet comprising and a method for accelerating calcium assimilation
Incorporating poly-N-vinly amide in a transdermal system
Dissolution liquid for drug in iontophoresis
External formulation containing loxoprofen
Human PEA3 is a tumor suppressor for cancer cells
Compositions containing lipid compounds derived from sphingoid bases, their process of preparation
Reconstitution of purified membrane proteins into preformed liposomes
Capsule system
Pharmaceutical composition containing an acid-labile omeprazole and process for its preparation
Immunotherapeutic anti-cancer pharmaceutical compositions
Solid pharmaceutical preparation with improved buccal disintegrability and/or dissolubility
Bioadhesive progressive hydration tablets and methods of making and using the same
Multi-tablet oxybutynin system for treating incontinence
Complexes to improve oral absorption of poorly absorbable antibiotics
Water-soluble folic acid compositions
Large intestinal delivery composite
Solid carriers for improved delivery of active ingredients in pharmaceutical compositions
Encapsulation process and encapsulated products
Use of complement inhibitors for the preparation of a pharmaceutical for the prophylaxis and therapy of inflammatory intestinal and skin disorders as well as purpura
Liquid colostrum for dairy products
Bovine excretion extracts having anticancer and anti-inflammatory activity and process for preparing the same
Use of magnesium based products for the treatment or prophylaxis of autoimmune diseases
Water treatment process
Skin treatment and methods
Metal/thiol biocides
Bioactive rice flour extract useful for treatment of haemophilus influenzae infections
Enzymatic modification of psyllium
Stabilized food additive
Diabetic nutritionals and method of using
Calcium enrichment composition and method for producing the same
Food selection system and method for animals
Enhanced food products
Puffed cereal cakes
Package having a dual-film lid comprising a gas-impermeable film and a delaminatable, gas-permeable film
Method of reconstituting meat from trims
Process for reducing the patulin concentration in fruit juices
Agent for improving water binding capacity of meat and method of making
Method for forming a spherical dough body
Method for cutting and shaping food products
Process for producing hard caramels and tablets
Psyllium enriched baked snack foods
Edible laminated dough and edible lamination dispersion therefor
Method for the preparation of a cream substitute
Fiber-water--water containing soluble fiber
Bright white film coatings and film coating compositions therefor
Method for manufacturing a fiber-reinforced bioactive ceramic implant
Flame retardant EMI shielding materials and method of manufacture
Process for fabricating device comprising lead zirconate titanate
Mechanical texturing of glass and glass-ceramic substrates
Asphalt compositions
Method of depositing a silicon oxide coating on glass and the coated glass
Coater having a controllable pressurized process chamber for semiconductor processing
Industrial vapor conveyance and deposition
Vapor phase diamond synthesis method
Process for treating a metallic body with vapor-deposited treatment layer(s) and adhesion-promoting layer
Method for treating wood by impregnation
Environmental wipe solvent processes
Process for paper reclamation
Material containing polyreaction products for the coating layer of planar structures
Light-sensitive material and coating apparatus thereof
Method for applying a coating medium onto a moving surface
Method for simultaneously curing powder underlayer coating and PVD deposition of thin film layer
Method for manufacturing antistatic integrated circuit trays of polymer materials using ion implantation
Electro-optical liquid-crystal display
Decorative rock product
Luster resin moldings and method of manufacturing the same
Thermoplastic-resin parisons and related manufacturing process
Unitary stack of repositional paper sheets
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions having improved water and solvent resistance
Highly oriented magnetic thin films, recording media, transducers, devices made therefrom and methods of making
Needled near netshape carbon preforms having polar woven substrates and methods of producing same
Polyester product and process for producing the same
Laminated hook fastener
Method of producing a mineral fiber-insulating web, a plant for producing a mineral fiber-insulating web, and a mineral fiber-insulated plate
Ceramic honeycomb structure and extrusion die
Shadow sculpted thin films
Acoustical and structural microporous sheet
Method and apparatus for indicating degree of manufacture of an article
Construction paper for constructing a three-dimensional shape from a printable foldable surface
Adhesive label
Adhesive for electroless plating, raw material composition for preparing adhesive for electroless plating and printed wiring board
Metallized recess in a substrate
Lactic acid-based polymer laminated product and molded product
Coating composition for optical parts thin film layer made of it and optical part comprising
Ink jet recording sheet
Low emissivity, high reflectivity insulation
Composite body comprising a hard metal, cermet or ceramic substrate body and method of producing same
Heat transfer release finish
Color exhibition structure
Magnetic recording medium containing non-magnetic hematite particles as an undercoat layer
Method for preparing a paper label
Magneto-optical recording medium and reproducing method for information recorder on the medium
Method for obtaining a floor covering and product obtained
Method for enhancing the three-dimensional effect of a raised plastic surface using in-mold labeling and the label used therewith
Easy opening hermetically sealed film
Process for the preparation of flexible carbon yarn and carbon products therefrom
Water-retentive cellulose fiber, method of manufacturing the same, and water-retentive sheet comprising cellulose fiber of high water retentivity
Composite filament yarn and process and spinneret for manufacturing the same
Non-halogenated flame-retarded covered wire
Cutting elements and methods of manufacture thereof
Anti-reflection film
Flexible printed substrate having a conductive pattern formed thereon
High adhesion of a variety of rubber compounds to fabric using a single resorcinol-formaldehyde latex composition
Leather surround for decorative articles
Soldered integrated circuit connections
High strength aluminum alloy
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation and semiconductor device
Alloy-plated sheet steel cured with a thin layer of insulating polymer material forming an electrically nonconductive breachable metal substrate
Surface-treated steel plate having low contact resistance and connection terminal member made of the steel plate
Copolymers based on vinyl units and use thereof in electroluminescent devices
Organic electroluminescent device with improved long-term stability
Semiconductor structure having a crystalline alkaline earth metal oxide interface with silicon
Organic fuel cell methods and apparatus
Electric power generating system
Method and apparatus for thermal management of a fuel cell assembly
Metal-air cathode can and electrochemical cell made therewith
Air-managing system for metal-air battery using resealable septum
Complex oxide ceramic sintered body and solid-electrolyte fuel cell comprising the same
Gas separator for a fuel cell, and fuel cell using the same gas separator for a fuel cell
Composite bipolar plate for electrochemical cells
Fuel electrode containing pre-sintered nickel/zirconia for a solid oxide fuel cell
Composite solid polymer electrolyte membranes
Pressure sensitive ciruit breaker
Methods of forming thin-profile battery electrode connection members
Electrochemical cell formed with can having walls extending radially inward
Composite cover for a battery
Composite electrode for secondary battery and production method thereof
Nickel-hydrogen secondary battery
Metal air cathode and electrochemical cells made therewith
Cathode intercalation compositions, production methods and rechargeable lithium batteries containing the same
Secondary battery
High temperature polymer electrolytes
Overcharge protection systems for rechargeable batteries
Ink, color filter, liquid crystal panel, and computer, and process for producing color filter
Paper base transmission display material
Hybrid alignment marks for optimal alignment of three-dimensional layers
Method for controlling a process for patterning a feature in a photoresist
Method of detecting aberrations of an optical imaging system
Extensions and improvements of method of producing an optical wave with a predetermined function
Image formation method using color toners
Electrophotographic photosensitive body, intermediate transfer medium, and electrophotographic apparatus
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Toner for electrostatic image development
Method for electrostatographically producing master images for decoration of ceramic objects
Toner for non-magnetic single component development
Toner for developing an electrostatic image and a production method thereof, and an image forming method
Electrostatic image developer
Method of replenishing developer in a hybrid scavengeless development system
Light-sensitive and heat-sensitive recording material
Photosensitive resin composition
(Meth)acrylate, polymer, photoresist composition, and pattern forming process making use of the composition
Composition for anti-reflective coating material
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive film and process for preparing fluorescent pattern using the same
Developer solvent for photopolymer printing plates and method
Method for making positive working printing plates from a heat mode sensitive imaging element
Method for manufacturing fiber-reinforced parts utilizing stereolithography tooling
Method for producing a predetermined resist pattern
Aqueous developing solutions for reduced developer residue
Composite silver halide grains with improved reciprocity and process for their preparation
Manufacturing a circuit element
Maskless photoresist exposure system using mems devices
Motion picture intermediate film with process surviving antistatic backing layer
Photographic reversal composition and method of use
Thermally processable photosensitive material, image forming method and antifoggant
Anticytomegalovirus monoclonal antibodies and processes for the in vitro diagnosis of infections by human cytomegaloviruses and a protein-kinase inducible by cytomegaloviruses and recognizable by aforesaid monoclonal antibodies
Methods for measuring viral infectivity
Methods for the early detection of HIV infection
Single domain ligands, receptors comprising said ligands methods for their production, and use of said ligands and receptors
Decorin binding protein compositions and methods of use
Method for detecting point mutations in DNA utilizing fluorescence energy transfer
Detection of fermentation-related microorganisms
Nucleic acid molecules encoding nuclear hormone receptor coactivators and uses thereof
Amplification and other enzymatic reactions performed on nucleic acid arrays
Reduction of cross-contaminations in nucleic acid amplifications
Mammalian tumor susceptibility genes and their uses
Disease association by locus stratification
Method for identifying essential or functional genes
Labeled primer for use in and detection of target nucleic acids
Method of detecting risk of type II diabetes based on mutations found in carboxypeptidase E
Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders
Method of chemically assembling nano-scale devices
Method for eliminating specific sequences when constructing DNA libraries
Trans-platinum compound, and diagnostic kit
Creba isoform
Gene diagnosis of diseases wherein TNF-.alpha. promotors participate
Method for determining the detection value of a target RNA
Method for isolation of RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue specimens
Bacillus thuringiensis CryET33 and CryET34 compositions and uses thereof
Use of the combing process for the identification of DNA origins of replication
Immunologically active PC proteins from Borrelia burgdorferi
Porous semiconductor-based optical interferometric sensor
Combinatorial synthesis and analysis of organometallic compounds and homogeneous catalysts
Screening under nutrient limited conditions
Optoelectronic sensor
Compositions and methods for screening antimicrobials
Method of measuring bone resorption rate
Assay of denatured lipoproteins
Assay of IGFBP complex
Reagent cocktail preparation for the rapid production of serum
Thrombosis prophylaxis for factor Vleiden carriers
Methods of modulating muscle contraction
Assays for protein kinases using fluorescent protein substrates
Helicobacter aliphatic amidase AmiE polypeptides, and DNA sequences encoding those polypeptides
Enzyme-based assay for determining effects of exogenous and endogenous factors on cellular energy production
Enzyme method for detecting lysophospholipids and phospholipids and for detecting and correlating conditions associated with altered levels of lysophospholipids
DNA sequence coding for a BMP receptor
Genetic alterations related to familial alzheimer's disease
Sequence and method for genetic engineering of proteins with cell membrane translocating activity
Gene encoding human tau-protein kinase I and use thereof
Analogs of macrophage stimulating protein
UCP3 genes
Chimeric proteins comprising borrelia polypeptides and uses therefor
Chlamydia trachomatis serotype D genes
Mutant MHC class I molecules
Immunization with plasmid encoding immunogenic proteins and intracellular targeting sequences
Glucan having cyclic structure and method for producing the same
Template-specific termination in a polymerase chain reaction
Propargylethoxyamino nucleotide primer extensions
Method for introducing unidirectional nested deletions
Procedures for the extraction and isolation of bacterial capsular polysaccharides for use as vaccines or linked to proteins as conjugate vaccines
Method of producing dihydroxypyrimidine derivatives
Production of taxol from taxus plant cell culture adding silver nitrate
Optically active 1-phenyl-2-substituted propane derivatives and methods of producing the same
Polypeptides selectively reactive with antibodies against human immunodeficiency virus and vaccines comprising the polypeptides
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having L-amino acid oxidase activity
Histidinol dehydrogenase
Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase
Infectious clone for human parainfluenza virus type 3
Streptomyces avermitilis gene directing the ratio of B2:B1 avermectins
Process for the biodegradation of dinitrotoluene
Mycobacteria functional screening and/or expression vectors
Gene deleted recombinant FeLV proviral DNA for production of vaccines against FeLV
Chromosomally-encoded membrane protein of borrelia burgdorferi
Transcription coactivators
Compositions for preserving haptenized tumor cells for use in vaccines
Antisense modulation of PKA catalytic subunit C-alpha expression
Method for promoting mesenchymal stem and lineage-specific cell proliferation
Medium for preserving biological materials
Recombinant hepatitis C virus RNA replicase
Method and apparatus for flow cytometry
Method for in vitro evaluation of safety of injectable herbal extracts
Method for measuring lead concentrations in blood
Handwipe disclosing method for the presence of lead
Kinesin-like motor protein
Method of measuring a nitrification rate for liquids
Liposome-enhanced immunoassay and test device
Microparticle enhanced light scattering agglutination assay
Immunoassay that provides for both collection of saliva and assay of saliva for one or more analytes with visual readout
Top-surface-metallurgy plate-up bonding and rewiring for multilayer devices
Led in substrate with back side monitoring
Fix the glassivation layer's micro crack point precisely by using electroplating method
Method and apparatus for automated rework within run-to-run control semiconductor manufacturing
Method of measuring dielectric layer thickness using SIMS
Method for design and development of a semiconductor laser device
Method of growing thin film electroluminescent structures
Method of manufacturing semiconductor chips for display
Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
Manufacturing method of a gallium nitride-based blue light emitting diode (LED) ohmic electrodes
Integrated semiconductor device comprising a chemoresistive gas microsensor and manufacturing process thereof
Vibrating beam accelerometer and method for manufacturing the same
LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Method for making a substrate for an integrated circuit package
Flip-chip package with optimized encapsulant adhesion and method
Wiring patterned film and production thereof
Method for suppressing parasitic effects in a junction-isolation integrated circuit
Method of fabrication of dual gate oxides for CMOS devices
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a field effect-controlled semiconductor component
Method of growing high-quality crystalline silicon quantum wells for RTD structures
Fabrication method for ultra short channel device comprising self-aligned landing pad
Method for manufacturing embedded memory with different spacer widths
Method for forming a dram stacked capacitor of zig-zag configuration
Manufacturing method of cylindrical-capacitor lower electrode
Floating back gate electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM)
Method for protecting gate edges from charge gain/loss in semiconductor device
Method of fabricating an ONO dielectric by nitridation for MNOS memory cells
Process for fabricating a flash memory device
Process for forming an integrated circuit comprising non-volatile memory cells and side transistors and corresponding IC
Method for forming a v-shaped floating gate
Method of forming gate electrode with polycide structure in semiconductor device
Process for making and programming and operating a dual-bit multi-level ballistic MONOS memory
Field-effect transistor and fabrication method thereof and image display apparatus
Process for fabricating a bit-line in a monos device using a dual layer hard mask
Method for forming contact holes of semiconductor memory device
Process for manufacturing MOS Transistors having elevated source and drain regions
Enhancements to polysilicon gate
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit and transistor
Method for forming capacitor of semiconductor device using high temperature oxidation
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation
SIMOX using controlled water vapor for oxygen implants
Method of fabricating a self-aligned contact
Method of fabricating shallow trench isolation structure
Semiconductor device having buried-type element isolation structure and method of manufacturing the same
Discrete wafer array process
Fabrication of integrated circuits on both sides of a semiconductor wafer
Method of breaking and separating a wafer into die using a multi-radii dome
Controlled cleavage process and device for patterned films using patterned implants
Self-aligned BJT emitter contact
Low cost method of fabricating transient voltage suppressor semiconductor devices or the like
Method of manufacture of a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing gate structure
Method for forming self-aligned contact
Method of fabricating a surface shape recognition sensor
Metal-jacketed lead manufacturing process using resist layers
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming submicron-dimensioned metal patterns
Method for forming an interconnect structure
Method for forming metallic plug
Method for monitoring bubble formation and abnormal via defects in a spin-on-glass planarization, etchback process
Method of improving gap filling characteristics of dielectric layer by implantation
Electrical data distribution system
Method of forming a contact
Delamination improvement between Cu and dielectrics for damascene process
Process of manufacturing a semiconductor device including a buried channel field effect transistor
Chemical mechanical polishing method using double polishing stop layer
Dendritic material sacrificial layer micro-scale gap formation method
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of wet processing
Semiconductor processing apparatuses, and methods of forming antireflective coating materials over substrates
Method of producing a semiconductor device in a heating furnace having a reaction tube with a temperature-equalizing zone
Hydrogen thermal annealing method for stabilizing microelectronic devices
Method of aligning nanowires
Fabrication of field effect transistors having dual gates with gate dielectrics of high dielectric constant using lowered temperatures
Bullet resistant fabric and method of manufacture
Ceramic fiber composite material and process for making the composite material
Low expansion glass-ceramics
Low temperature sealing glass
Low temperature burnout screen printing frit vehicles and pastes
Ceramic cutting tool
Incorporation of zeolites into hybrid polymer matrices
Process for the regeneration of used silica gel
Zeolite-containing oxidation catalyst and method of use
Organic/inorganic complex porous materials
Process for presulfurizing a desulfurization catalyst used in a hydrodesulfurization unit of petroleum refinery and presulfurization promoter
Catalyst composition containing oxygen storage components
Self-regenerating diesel exhaust particulate filter and material
Oxygen absorber
Method of making mesoporous carbon
Erasable image forming material
Herbicidal compositions of tetrazolinone herbicides and antidotes therefor
Plant growth regulator compositions
Herbicidal compositions
7-forming, superconducting filaments through bicomponent dry spinning
Composition and method for a dual-function soil-grouting excavating or boring fluid
Synergistic mineral blends for control of filtration and rheology in silicate drilling fluids
Gelling system for hydrocarbon fluids
Carboxylate-based well bore treatment fluids
Aqueous metal coating composition and process with reduced staining and corrosion
Dispersant and dispersant viscosity index improvers from selectively hydrogenated aryl-substituted olefin containing diene copolymers
Extruded soap and/or detergent bar compositions comprising encapsulated benefit agent
Compositions for cleaning organic and plasma etched residues for semiconductors devices
Stable perfumed bleaching compositions
Enzyme granulate for washing and cleaning
Method for producing sodium percarbonate
Paste-form detergent containing a mixture of ethoxylated alcohols
Process for making a detergent composition by adding co-surfactants
Fabric treatment with polysaccharides containing UV absorbing groups
Method of treating wet paint spray booth
Urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor
Cell adhesion inhibitors
Methods of inhibiting binding and treating Ig-mediated responses with IL-13 receptor
Method of treating a urokinase-type plasminogen activator-mediated disorder
Peptide, a method for its preparation and a pharmaceutical composition containing the peptide
Tartrate salt of a substituted dipeptide as growth hormone secretagogue
Lesion-directed dry dosage forms of antibacterial agents for the treatment of acute mucosal infections of the oral cavity
Tricyclic 3-keto derivatives of 6-O-methylerthromycin
Method for gene therapy using nucleic acid loaded polymeric microparticles
Method of using mouse model for evaluation of HIV vaccines
Medicament comprising HGF gene
Method for treatment of inflammatory disease
Antisense oligonucleotide compositions targeted to angiotensin converting enzyme MRNA and methods of use
Combinations and methods for promoting in vivo liver cell proliferation and enhancing in vivo liver-directed gene transduction
Method of peritoneal dialysis using glucose polymer solutions
Selective and non-invasive visualization or treatment of vasculature
Phosphatidylcholine compositions and methods for lowering intestinal absorption and plasma levels of cholesterol
Combination of an ADP-receptor blocking antiplatelet drug and antihypertensive drug and a method for preventing a cerebral infarction employing such combination
Enhancing the toxicity of warfarin in rodents
Stabilized aspirin compositions and method of preparation for oral & topical use
Ophthalmological composition comprising activated vitamin D
Method for limiting the growth of microorganisms using metal-containing compounds
Use of photodynamic therapy for prevention of secondary cataracts
Ophthalmic compositions comprising combinations of a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor and a .beta.-adrenergic antagonist
4-oxo-1,4-dihydro-3-quinolinecarboxamides as antiviral agents
1-phenyl-3-dimethylaminopropane compounds with a pharmacological effects
Isoquinolines as urokinase inhibitors
Quinolinecarboxamides as antiviral agents
Condensed pyridazine derivatives, their production and use
Method of using (2-imidazolin-2-ylamino) quinoxalines in treating ocular neural injury
Uses of indolo-(2,3b)-quinoxalines
Butadiene derivatives and process for preparing thereof
Method for the treatment of pain, including chronic and female specific pain
Pharmaceutical combination comprising a COX-2 inhibitor and a iNOS inhibitor
3-(arylalkyl) xanthines
5-(heterocyclic alkyl)-6-aryl-dihydropyrimidines
Crop protection products
Use of inhibitors of the activity of retinoic acid for treating sensit ive skin and/or acute damage induced by UV radiation
9-hydroxyamino tetrahydroacridine and related compounds
Inhibition of hair growth
Azabicyclooctane compositions and methods for enhancing chemotherapy
Bicyclic compounds
Substituted isoquinoline derivatives and their use as anticonvulsants
Pyrrolidine modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Inhibitors of farnesyl-protein transferase
3-(Pyrrolidin-3-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2(3H)-one derivatives and their use as 5-HT4 ligands
Pharmaceutical antacid
Method for treatment of light-injured retinal degeneration disease
Tablet giving rapid release of nicotine for transmucosal administration
Pesticidal compositions
Composition for treating skin conditions
Furans, benzofurans, and thiophenes useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Imidazole derivatives as histamine receptor H3 (ANT) agonists
Tricyclic compounds, their production and use
Formulation of sulfonamides for treatment of endothelin-mediated disorders
Benzimidazole derivatives and pharmacologically acceptable salts thereof
Phenyl-triazole compounds for PDE-IV inhibition
Benzimidazoles having antithrombotic activity
Formulations for hydrophobic pharmaceutical agents
Indoloylguanidine derivatives
Cyclopentane heptan(ene)oic acid, 2-heteroarylalk(en)yl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Method for treating hyper-excited sensory nerve functions in humans
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfonamides useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Anti-first-pass effect compounds
Remedies for peripheral circulation disturbances
Anticholestatic effect of luteolin
External preparations for treating dermatoses
Compounds for the treatment of estrogen-dependent illnesses and methods for making and using the same
Compounds useful in the treatment of conditions mediated by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR)
Method of treating viral diseases
Cyclopentane 1-hydroxy alkyl or alkenyl-2-one or 2-hydroxy derivatives as therapeutic agents
Infant formula and methods of improving infant stool patterns
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Use of sulphonanilide derivatives to obtain a medicine for treating retrograde ejaculation or aspermia
Guanylhydrazones and their use to treat inflammatory conditions
Therapeutic method with capsaicin and capasicin analogs
Administration of ketamine to manage pain and to reduce drug dependency
Treatment of inflammation with 2,4,6-trihydroxy-alpha-rho-methoxyphenylacetophenone, or its pharmaceutically acceptable derivatives
Stimulating the differentiation of preadipocytic cells and therapies based thereon
Use of carboxylate alkyl polyglycoside surfactant to increase the foam of other anionic surfactants
Contaminant dispersants useful in recycling of treated containers
Integrated process for converting hydrocarbon gas to liquids
Process of preparing a mixture of dimethyl ether and methanol from carbon dioxide
Method for production of mixed alcohols from synthesis gas
Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of contaminants from ion exchange resins
Anion-exchange resins including ion-exchange groups with at least two nitrogen groups, and methods of making and using same
Material containing expandable microspheres and process for the production thereof
Methods for sterilizing cyanoacrylate compositions
Tertiary amine-containing active methylene compounds for improving the dimensional stability of polyurethane foam
Isocyanate compositions for blown polyurethane foams
Radiation-curable resin compositions
Ultraviolet and or/ visible light curable inks with photoinitiators for game balls, golf balls and the like
Ink-jet printing ink compositions having magnetic properties and specific core/shell binder
Antifouling paint
Method for the preparation of core-shell morphologies from polybutadiene-polystyrene graft copolymers
Process for preparing surface-treated carbon black and rubber composition
Ultrafiltration process for the recovery of polymeric latices from whitewater
Waterborne dispersions of epoxidized polydiene block copolymers and amino resins
Bioactive surface coating
Method of treating lignocellulosic material or an expanded mineral to form a finished product
Vinyl based cellulose reinforced composite
Resin composition
Dry bond film laminate employing acrylic emulsion adhesives with improved crosslinker
Thermoplastic polymer composition containing dye compositions
Infrared absorber and agricultural film
Polythiophene-based conductive polymer liquid composition of high conductivity and transparency
Thermosetting water-borne coating composition, method of forming a coating film using same, and method of forming a multilayer coating film
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet comprising the same
Flame retardant for mesh sheets and flameproof mesh sheet comprising the same
Composite product
Solvents for amorphous fluoropolymers
Translucent high-temperature powder coatings
Gels derived from extending grafted centipede polymers and polypropylene
Emulsion copolymers from terminally unsaturated acrylic acid oligomers
Centipede polymers and preparation and application in rubber compositions
Paint of high weather resistance
Polymers of propene
Polyolefin resin composition
High strength polyethylene film
Crosslinked blends of amorphous and crystalline polymers and their applications
Fibers and fabrics prepared with propylene impact copolymers
Thermoplastic elastomer composition
Polypropylene/polystyrene polymer blend, improved fibers produced from the blend and method of manufacturing
Amphiphilic graft polymers based on graft bases containing n--vinylcarboxylic acid units, process for their preparation and their use
Process for preparing polyolefin diblock copolymers involving borane chain transfer reaction in transition metal-mediated olefin polymerization
Chain entanglement crosslinked proppants and related uses
Mercapto-containing block copolymers having polymethacrylic acid and polyalkylene oxide repeating groups
Process to produce a composition
Elastomer treatment process to decrease peroxide levels
Synthetic polymer matrices including pre-organized chelation sites for the selective and reversible binding of metals
Powder coatings based on branched oligoesters and triazole blocked polyisocyanates
Method of partitioning blood using polyesters
Polymerization catalyst systems comprising substituted hafnocenes
Polymerizable compositions comprising organoborane amine complexes
Copolymer resin, preparation thereof, and photoresist using the same
Optically active phosphine derivative having at least two vinyl groups, polymer produced using the same as monomer, and transition metal complexes of these
Precipitation polymerization process for producing an oil adsorbent polymer capable of entrapping solid particles and liquids and the product thereof
Film and stretch packaging film
Fabrics fabricated from elastic fibers
Germanosiloxane materials and optical components comprising the same
Method of preparing liquid state non-solvent silicone resin and resin formed thereby
Modified epoxysiloxane condensate, process for producing the same and its use as low-stress casting resins in the electronic and electrotechnical industry
Method of making silicone-in-water emulsions
One-shot polyurethane elastomers with very low compression sets
Aromatic polycarbodiimide and polycarbodiimide sheet
Method for conducting solid state polymerization of polycarbonates
Polycarbonates suitable for use in optical article
Functionalized poly(alkylene carbonate), and use thereof
Manufacture of branched polyamides
Hydroxy-terminated polyhydroxyalkanoates
Phoh homolog
Compounds and methods and modulating tissue permeability
Compounds useful for the synthesis of dolastatin analogs
Hypusine reagent for peptide synthesis
Trabecular meshwork induced glucocorticoid response (TIGR) fusion protein
Phragmoplastin and methods of examining cell plate development
Troponin I forms and use of the same
Unsymmetrical complexing agents and targeting immunoreagents useful in therapeutic and diagnostic compositions and methods
Reactive dyes containing piperazine
Parasitic nematode transglutaminase, nucleic acid molecules, and uses thereof
Hypertonia gene
DNA molecules encoding bacterial lysine 2,3-aminomutase
Neuronal MORT1 isoforms
Glyphosate-tolerant 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthases
Solid phase synthesis of organic compounds via phosphitylating reagents
Nucleoside analogs
Polyanhydride crosslinked fibrous cellulosic products and process for their preparation
Nonionic cellulose ether with improve thickening properties
Intermediates and process for the production of 3-vinyl cephalosporins
Preparation of (s)-2-amino-6,6-dimethoxyhexanoic acid methyl ester via novel dioxolanes
Methods of purifying lithium salts
Extended rhodamine compounds useful as fluorescent labels
Borane-trialkylamine hydroboration agents
Heterocyclic oxonol infrared rediation sensitive compounds
Process for preparing bis-alkoxy-triazinyl-amino-containing stilbene disulphonic acids or their derivatives
Process for the preparation of terazosin hydrochloride dihydrate
Process for converting an alcohol to the corresponding fluoride
Naphthalimide diester fluorescent tracers having improved solubility and fluorescence
Synthesis of acridine derivative multidrug-resistant inhibitors
Process for preparing arylpyridines
Non-heterocyclic oxonol infrared radiation sensitive compounds
Fungicides for the control of take-all disease of plants
Benzofuroxan compound, method of preparation, pharmaceutical composition and method of treatment using the same
Process for the preparation of dithiazolyl disulfides
Process for producing isoxazolidinedione compound
Transesterification catalysts fixed to solid support materials
Process for preparing alkoxytriazolinones
Heterocyclic vinyl ethers
Process for the production of N-methyl pyrrolidone
Process for the preparation of methyl (2s)-2-[(3r)-3-(n-{tert-butyloxycarbonyl 9-amino)-2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl]propionate
Fluorescence dyes and their applications for whole-cell fluorescence screening assays for caspases, peptidases, proteases and other enzymes and the use thereof
Acyl derivatives of glycosyl-L-ascorbic acid
Process for the production of tetrahydrofuran, gammabutyrolactone and butanediol
Process for the preparation of a paclitaxel C-4 methyl carbonate analog
Triglyceride and composition comprising the same
Process for extracting oil from oil-bearing naturally occurring organic materials
Process and composition for refining oils using metal-substituted silica xerogels
Organometallic compounds
Catalysts for olefin selective epoxidation with atmospheric oxygen
Metalloid salt catalyst/activators
Method of producing reactive silicon group-containing polyether oligomers
Macromolecular structures for boron neutron-capture therapy
Process for the preparation of 2-hydroxybenzonitrile
Optically active binaphthyl compound and method for producing an optically active cyanohydrin compound employing the binaphthyl compound
Process for the preparation of farnesyltransferase inhibitors
Preparation process for esters and resist materials
Process for manufacturing 3-hydroxy-3-Methylbutanoic acid
Process for the production of fluorocarboxylic acid anhydrides
Process for reacting an organic compound in the presence of a supported ruthenium catalyst
Selective reductive amination of nitriles
Recovery of hexamethylenediamine (HMD) with low polarographically reducible impurities (PRI) from mixtures of HMD, aminocapronitirle and PRI
Stabilized cyclobutanone compositions
Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition precursors
Rubber process oil and production process thereof
Fluorine-modified perfluorinated ion-exchange microcomposite catalysts
Membrane process for the recovery of halides from hydrocarbon-containing streams
Self-adhesive ready-made bandage for restricting stretching or bending of the metacarpophalangeal joint and of the wrist
Cellular basis of vascular-graft stenosis
Gene trap vectors
Reversible nuclear genetic system for male sterility in transgenic plants
Sugarbeet storage-root-tissue-specific regulon
Transcription factor and method for regulation of seed development, quality and stress-tolerance
Animal feed compositions containing phytase derived from transgenic alfalfa and methods of use thereof
Corn plants and products with improved oil composition
Synthetic corn hybrid P67
Inbred corn plant 17DHD16 and seeds thereof
Strings for musical instruments
Keyboard musical instrument having dummy hammer with well-regulated center of gravity for producing piano-like key touch without acoustic sound
Apparatus for switching picture items of different types by suitable transition modes
Music information transmitting apparatus, music information receiving apparatus, music information transmitting-receiving apparatus and storage medium
Multimedia content delivery system and method
Transducer for musical instruments
Solar cell module and method of producing the same
Method of manufacturing a solar cell receiver plate of a concentrator photovoltaic array
Solar array augmented electrostatic discharge for spacecraft in geosynchronous earth orbit
Dielectric decal for a substrate of an integrated circuit package
Wiring protection dress for automotive electrical wiring extending between a splash shield and tubular conduits
Segmented end seal for a closure such as a splice case
Multi-pair data cable with configurable core filling and pair separation
Electrical cables having low resistance and methods of making the same
Insulated electrical equipment
Printed-circuit board reinforcing member and a system board device having the printed-circuit board reinforcing member
Resistivity control of CIC material
Substrate with die area having same CTE as IC
Ceramics substrate with electronic circuit and its manufacturing method
Wave solder application for ball grid array modules and solder plug
Electrically conductive projections of the same material as their substrate
Bale-density measuring system for baler
Thick film on metal encoder element
Methods and apparatus for rolling contactor tips upon closure
Lever switch and method of operating the same
IC testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for assaying seeds used in medical applications
Vacuum circuit breaker, and vacuum bulb and vacuum bulb electrode used therefor
ARC chute for a molded case circuit breaker
Circuit breaker with parallel connected pole compartments
Plasma cutting method, device and gas supply system for plasma cutting torch
Laser marking method for semiconductor wafer
Method and apparatus for laser treatment of a golf ball
Welding machine with automatic parameter setting
Method of controlling arc welding processes and welder using same
Welding torch attachment
Heater comprising temperature sensing element positioned on electrode
Hair curling roller heating system with resistive heating plate and halogen bulb emitting heat and light
Ion sensor glow plug assembly
Sealed food container and method of ensuring delivery of the container in a heated state
Cooking sink
Heater control apparatus with variable input voltage rectification
Method and apparatus for joining metal pieces
Apparatus and method for the disinfection of medical waste in a continuous manner
Preferential heating of materials by use of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation
Microwave system for heating, and controlling the temperature of a heat bath
Conventional and confocal multi-spot scanning optical microscope
Tilt detecting device
Radiation imaging device with an array of image cells
Sequential correlated double sampling technique for CMOS area array sensors
High gain photoconductive semiconductor switch having tailored doping profile zones
Steering angle sensor
Method and apparatus for determining angular displacement, surface translation, and twist
Confocal microscopic equipment
Single-scan transmission of documents to multiple heterogeneous receivers
Method of analyzing substances existing in gas
Plasma ion source mass spectrometer
Assembly for coupling an ion source to a mass analyzer
Scanning probe microscope
Infrared imager using room temperature capacitance sensor
Bolometric focal plane array
Imaging attenuation correction method employing multiple energy scan masks and windows
Inorganic crystal based composite material high dose dosimeter and method of using same
Infrared radiation filament and method of manufacture
Electromagnetic field shielding device
Non-contact distance measuring apparatus
Code reader having replaceable optics assemblies supporting multiple illuminators
Random number generator
Dielectric-based anti-fuse cell with polysilicon contact plug and method for its manufacture
Thin film transistor array with light shield layer
Light emitting semiconductor device using gallium nitride group compound
Microwave-millimeter wave circuit device and method for manufacturing the same
Hydrogen barrier encapsulation techniques for the control of hydrogen induced degradation of ferroelectric capacitors in conjunction with multilevel metal processing for non-volatile integrated circuit memory devices
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Integrated circuit capacitor including tapered plug
Highly reliable trench capacitor type memory cell
Fabrication method to approach the conducting structure of a DRAM cell with straightforward bit line
Container capacitor with increased surface area and method for making same
DEAPROM and transistor with gallium nitride or gallium aluminum nitride gate
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Trench flash memory with nitride spacers for electron trapping
Gated semiconductor device
Power module with repositioned positive and reduced inductance and capacitance
Using epitaxially grown wells for reducing junction capacitances
MOS Transistor with a buried oxide film containing fluorine
Partially depleted SOI device having a dedicated single body bias means
Operable floating gate contact for SOI with high Vt well
Device method for enhanced avalanche SOI CMOS
BI-CMOS integrated circuit
High gain lateral PNP and NPN bipolar transistor and process compatible with CMOS for making BiCMOS circuits
Semiconductor device having patterned metal layer over a polysilicon line and method of fabrication thereof
Process for fabricating a crack resistant resin encapsulated semiconductor chip package
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