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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Suppression of specific classes of soybean seed protein genes
Endothelin antagonists
Chewing gum containing physiological cooling agents and method of preparing
Article of furniture
Multi-functional medical catheter and methods of use
Vessel sealing system
Measuring system for the determination of the concentration of propofol (2,6-diisopropylphenol) in the respiratory flow
Controlled morphologies in polymer drug for release of drugs from polymer films
Absorbent article having a dehydration indicator
Gastric band suture tab extender
Back support panel with convex surfaces for muscle support
Warming device
Derivatives of succinic and glutaric acids and analogs thereof useful as inhibitors of PHEX
Indazole-derivatives as factor Xa inhibitors
Photocrosslinked-polysaccharide composition and production process of the same
Methods for treatment of tumors and metastases using a combination of anti-angiogenic and immuno therapies
Peptides antagonistic to an anti-angiogenic antibody and uses therefor
RSV proteins, antibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Dye compositions comprising at least one hydrophobic direct dye and at least one acid
Dyeing composition for keratinous fibres comprising an associative polymer and a polymer with acrylamide units, dialkyldiallylammonium halide, and vinylic carboxylic acid
Preparations for the application of anti-infective and/or anti-inflammatory agents
Blends of poly(ester amide) polymers
Bioarray chip reaction apparatus and its manufacture
Filtration systems and methods
Method and apparatus for intra-aortic substance delivery to a branch vessel
Systems and methods for detecting tissue contact and needle penetration depth
Exercise apparatus with zero clearance roller seat carriage
Golf ball
Golf putter head
Lacrosse pocket having runners with pre-sewn apertures
Adjustment assembly for exercise device
Apparatus and method for facilitating team play of slot machines
Gaming machine environment having controlled audio and visual media presentation
Method and apparatus for player stimulation
Gaming device having an offer/acceptance game with multi-offer symbol
Methods and apparatus for enhancing inflatable devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas/liquid separation utilizing bunched mesh materials
Integrated system for on-site cell acquisition, processing, and delivery
Air cleaner assembly
Method and apparatus for ionization via interaction with metastable species
CPAP apparatus
Manufacturing apparatus and method for carbon nanotube
Catalyst for purifying methane-containing waste gas and method of purifying methane-containing waste gas
Method of making an inkjet recording sheet having pigment-binder gradient in the ink-receiving layer
Rinsing processes and equipment
Device for assembling the casing and the body of a hydraulic rock-breaker
Drilling tool
Thermally coupling an integrated heat spreader to a heat sink base
Wafer double-side polishing apparatus and double-side polishing method
On-line grinding method for work roll
Method of making retroreflective sheeting and slot die apparatus
Container for an electronic component
Ceramic compositions useful in thermal barrier coatings having reduced thermal conductivity
Biaxially oriented polyester film with adhesion-promoting coating
Method and apparatus for manufacturing friction plate
Highly-opaque layered sheet and the production method thereof
Latent carbon dioxide generating material
Easy-opening high barrier plastic closure and method therefor
Liquid drop jet head, ink cartridge and ink jet recording apparatus
Continuous ink jet apparatus with integrated drop action devices and control circuitry
Inkjet recording apparatus
Liquid ejection head
Ink-jet printer with air-discharge-flow assuring means
Ink jet recording apparatus and ink jet recording method
Printing apparatus
Vehicle headlight system with variable beam shape
Vehicle proximity alerting system and method
Airbag, airbag apparatus, and vehicle
Igniter for air bag system
Ventilation device for a vehicle
Control apparatus and method for opening and closing tailgate using angular sensor
Apparatus for use in turning steerable vehicle wheels
Jet-propelled watercraft
Apparatus and process for filling a medicament into a container
Dispensing tool
Airless accumulation conveyor
Fluidising apparatus
Sheet feeding device
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Sheet combining device and a method for combining sheets
Sheet finishing apparatus
Data processing apparatus
Plug system in a dispenser that dispenses material from a roll of absorbent material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of hydrogen peroxide
Process for converting nickel to nickel sulfate
Raw material powder for molding oxide ion conductor, and method for manufacturing the same
Process for the preparation of gabapentin
Processes for producing branched compounds via condensation and hydrogenation
Process for the purification of gabapentin
Amino-substituted tricyclic derivatives and methods of use
Process for the production of chiral propionic acid derivatives
Organosilicon compound, organosilicon resin having diol, and processes for producing these
Process for preparing 4-aminotetrahydropyran compound and an acid salt thereof, synthetic intermediate thereof and process for preparing the same
Process for the preparation of cyclic carbonates
Cycloalkyl-substituted amino acid derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as pharmaceuticals
Inhibitors of p38
Nucleic acid molecules encoding enzymes from wheat which are involved in starch synthesis
Process for preparing guggulsterones
Screening method for genes of brewing yeast
Anti-VEGF antibodies
Polypeptide variants
Biologically active peptide and agent containing the same
Compositions for dark-field polymerization and method of using the same for imprint lithography processes
Polymerisation catalyst
Morphology controlled olefin polymerization process
Fluoroelastomer composition
Equipment cleaning in the manufacture of polycarbonates
Rubber composition for tire tread comprising a piezoelectric material
Flameproof styrenic resin composition
Pigmented ink-jet inks with improved print quality and reliability
Pigment preparation in granulate form
Optical component, orientation layer, and layerable polymerisable mixture
Method for producing a hydroxylation catalyst and the use thereof
Integration of at least two processes to re-use acid
DNA probe array
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection and polymerase chain reactions
Method of identifying target cell using target cell-specific virus
Method of purifying alkaline-earth and alkali-earth halides for crystal growth
Textiles; Paper
Method of producing twisted, curly fibers
Fixed Constructions
Vehicle lock controlled by a shape memory alloy actuator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Scroll fluid machine having an adjustment member with a deformable element
Piston assembly for rotary hydraulic machines
Fan impeller and fan motor
Reciprocating compressor with enlarged valve seat area
Turbomachine with fluid removal
Magnetorheological fan coupling
Oil pump drive assembly
Flashlight with pivotal legs
Vehicle lamp
Systems for providing backlight module with stacked light source
Open/shut structure for street lamp with plasma lighting system
Light redirecting films including non-interlockable optical elements
Density detection using real time discrete photon counting for fast moving targets
Output impedance varying circuit
Scanning fluorescent microscope
Method and device for the contactless determination of the body temperature
Method for determining location of infrared-cut filter on substrate
Method of detecting a printable surface
Electromagnetic radiation sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for obtaining a temperature measurement using an InGaAs detector
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Optical sensor device to be installed on board a motor-vehicle for aid in driving and/or for automatic activation of systems provided on the motor-vehicle
Method and system for measuring the thermal diffusivity
Apparatus to receive signals from electromagnetic coupler
Method of diagnosing, monitoring, staging, imaging and treating prostate cancer
Method and apparatus of voltage measurement using flying capacitor and switching circuits
Test probe and tester, method for manufacturing the test probe
Display device and method of testing sensing unit thereof
Integrated circuit testing module including data generator
Passively shielded inductive sensor system for personnel screening
Method and apparatus for MR image acquisition wherein operating parameter sets are displayed with an image element indicative of an acquisition result
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
Image inspection system for correcting focal position in autofocusing
Optical structures
Light redirecting films pattern of variable optical elements
Optical receptacle and optical module with optical receptacle
Circuit board assembly having a guide insert
Method of designing progressive power lens group
Method and system for a beam projector having data manipulation capabilities
Projector control
Multiple image projection system and method for projecting multiple selected images adjacent each other
Light source lamp and projector
Dual damascene process
Functional polymer
Heater assembly including housing with strain relief features
Time measurement device and method
System for directing moving object
RFID tag device, tag identification device and radio communication system
Motor spindle control system and method
Methods and systems for automatically controlling aircraft takeoff rolls
Tip having active circuitry
State retention within a data processing system
Power supply circuit
Voltage generating circuit
Portable scanner module
IC card with built-in coprocessor for auxiliary arithmetic, and control method thereof
Radio frequency identification tag
Backlight unit
Apparatus and method for reproducing voice in synchronism with music piece
Musical performance data creating apparatus with visual zooming assistance
Electronic musical apparatus for transposing musical piece
Tape cartridge
Testing apparatus using charged particles and device manufacturing method using the testing apparatus
Solid material for magnet
Buffer assembly for a pressure sensitive switch
Switching device combination for capacitive loads connected to direct voltage
Pivot point reset lockout mechanism for a ground fault circuit interrupter
White light emitting diode with first and second LED elements
Methods and systems for measuring a characteristic of a substrate or preparing a substrate for analysis
Method for providing barrier fields at the entrance and exit end of a mass spectrometer
Alignment of mass spectrometry data
Layered lens structures and methods of production in which radius of curvature of the upper lens can be varied
Patterned substrate, electro-optical device, and method for manufacturing an electro-optical device
Semiconductor device package
Silicon phosphor electroluminescence device with nanotip electrode
CMOS image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor package
Method for creating electrical pathways for semiconductor device structures using laser machining processes
Active matrix display device
Methods of fabricating patterned layers on a substrate
Additive printed mask process and structures produced thereby
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having super junction construction
Selective etch for patterning a semiconductor film deposited non-selectively
Semiconductor device fabrication methods
Method for interconnecting semiconductor components with substrates and contact means
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Methods of forming metal oxide and semimetal oxide
Common word line edge contact phase-change memory
Catalytic nucleation monolayer for metal seed layers
CMOS on hybrid substrate with different crystal orientations using silicon-to-silicon direct wafer bonding
C.sub.xH.sub.y sacrificial layer for cu/low-k interconnects
Interconnect structures and methods of making thereof
Carbon nanotube interconnects in porous diamond interlayer dielectrics
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor package and substrate having multi-level vias fabrication method
Reticle fabrication using a removable hard mask
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device
Method for forming a buried digit line with self aligning spacing layer and contact plugs during the formation of a semiconductor device, semiconductor devices, and systems including same
Semiconductor packages and methods for making and using same
Heat radiation structure of semiconductor element and heat sink
Semiconductor device, semiconductor package for use therein, and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with semiconductor components connected to one another
Semiconductor device fabricating apparatus and semiconductor device fabricating method
Component packaging apparatus, systems, and methods
Semiconductor device
Process for fabricating thin film transistors
Strain inducing multi-layer cap
Reduced power distribution mesh resistance using a modified swiss-cheese slotting pattern
Semiconductor structure having a metallic buffer layer and method for forming
Surface-emitting type wafer and method for manufacturing the same, and burn-in method for surface-emitting type wafers
Sensor semiconductor device with sensor chip
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Organic-framework zeolite interlayer dielectrics
Semiconductor memory having charge trapping memory cells and fabrication method thereof
Structure and method to form semiconductor-on-pores (SOP) for high device performance and low manufacturing cost
Embedded trap direct tunnel non-volatile memory
LDMOS transistor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing thereof
Light emitting diode package with direct leadframe heat dissipation
Photoelectric conversion device, method for manufacturing the same and image pickup system
Nitride semiconductor device
Driving system for vibrating type actuator and method of driving vibrating type actuator
Methods and systems for supporting acoustical transducers
Programmable resistance memory element and method for making same
Multi-voltage power supply system and method for operating same
Method of preserving fuel cell membrane electrode assembly
Electronic device housing
Integration area, system and method for providing interconnections among components
Shuttered electrical connector socket
Lever-type connector with reinforcing metallic plates
Electrical docking connector
Card edge connector with durable key
Crimp connector for connecting a conductor cable and electrode of an implantable cardiac electrotherapy lead
Low profile circuit board connector
Connector including circular bladder constriction and associated methods
Direct attachment of coaxial cables
Power converter
Universal battery charger
Internal cooling fan with a non-repeating blade configuration
Motor housing for small form factor drives
Positioning apparatus and charged-particle-beam exposure apparatus
Brushless DC motor with molded resin housing
Motor having multiple independent armature winding sets
Hall Effect sensor temperature compensator
Motor driving device, motor driving method, and motor apparatus
Vehicle-generator output voltage control apparatus
Push compensation in an oscillator
Method of determining resonant frequency
Glitch-free controllable RF power amplifier
Amplifier for amplifying a signal
Programmable logic circuit
Semiconductor device with pump circuit
Slew-rate control apparatus and methods for a power transistor to reduce voltage transients during inductive flyback
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
Contention-free keeper circuit and a method for contention elimination
Bootstrapped charge pump driver in a phase-lock loop
Heater assembly for dryer
Electrodeless discharge lamp lighting device and luminaire
High voltage input apparatus for magnetron
Electronic circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Portion of a shoe outsole
Toeless sock
Portion of a footwear sole
Footwear sole
Footwear sole
Neck and chest warmer
Slider for a slide fastener
Multipurpose band
Jewelry mount
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Bat caddy
Combined radio and case
Pull cart and container
Travel bag with wheels
Mesh drawer
Electronic device holder
Underarm padding
Astronaut electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrush
Powered toothbrush bristle pattern
Collapsible table
Billiard table frame
Cloverleaf coffee table
Floor supported shoe rack
Long arm gun holder
Merchandising system
CD rack
Audio/video storage unit with curved face
Sideboard component
Stand base
Work surface support assembly
Disc player stand
Claw foot column
Storage rack for pot lids
Bed frame headboard corner
Gift pillow
Inflatable lumbar pillow
Air pillow
Portable cooler
Oval barbecue grill in a cart
Tool stand
Roaster oven
Pressure cooker
Outdoor kitchen grill
5-pronged pene pasta fork
Steam iron
Curved lever cork extractor
Apertured blade for a hand pruner
Vegetation trimmer with curved neck
Pneumatic drill
Reverse lever for portable air drill
Tile cutter
Utility knife
Truss/joist hand held power saw guide with clamping means
Tire demounting tool
Tool kit for bicycles
Clamping pliers
Off shelf bracket
Shark shaped carabiner with bottle opener
Pneumatic tool
Retraction reel
Wrench extender
Accessory bracket receiver bar
Chisel handle
Palm rest for a carpet stair tool
Golf equipment organizer
Link for a security chain
Spray for liquid media
Container for cosmetics
Combined container and cap
Top portion of a liquid dispenser
Container for body care products
Package for bolts, screws and drill bits
Combined container and cap
Candy bag
Container application surface
Cap for draft beer tap or bottle
Bottle cap
Trash can receptacle
Trash can receptacle
Ventilated waste can with frusto-conical lid
Waste bin
Garbage can
Waste basket assembly
Garbage can
Time clock
Pill case with timer
Insulation resistance tester
Personal weighing scale, particularly a body fat scale
Device for overflow testing
Bath scale
Sensor for internal mounting in a cylinder
Bath scale
Wearable recorder
Tape measure
Light bar
Fire detector casing
Precious stone
Precious stone design
Double-sided jewelry setting
Lighted waterfall picture with wooden frame
Photovoltaic sculpture
Christmas tree top ornament
Offset swivel jack
Racing boat
Skeg protector
Vehicle body
Model vehicle
Surface configuration of a motorcycle and toy
Sun powered aircraft
Sports board for supporting a rider
Snow sled
Tread of a tire
Wheel ornament
Extending trailer tongue
Floor mat
Steering column-mounted cooler
Vehicle wheel
Dashboard display mount
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Front facia for an automobile
Floor mat
Wheel for motor vehicle
Floor mat
Stator of vehicle alternator
Rechargeable battery pack with vibrator and speaker for handheld electronic games
Semiconductor device
Automotive electronics enclosure with three outlets
Housing of voltage controller for electronic equipment
Enclosure system
Speaker box
Speaker box
MP3 player
Subwoofer speaker
Combined video tape recorder and digital video disk player
Speaker box
Computer generated image for a display panel or screen
Server enclosure
Liquid crystal display
Video display console
Display for computer
LCD display
Hand-held device
LCD monitor
Personal digital assistant
Game pad
Personal digital assistant
Pedestal computer docking station
Contoured housing
Basketball court mousepad
Housing for a communications device or similar articles
Antenna ornament
Cellular phone
Function key and key matrix area for a handset
Keypad for a handset
Key button arrangement for a handset
Servo amplifier
Key buttons for a handset
Radio receiver
Front cover for a handset
Front cover for a handset
Recordable car stereo
Optical pickup
Optical pickup
Autonomous vehicle
Storage bin for a riding lawnmower
Sprocket part for bulldozer
Tile and stone cutting machine
Combined binoculars and digital camera
Combined binoculars and digital camera
Combined binoculars and digital camera
Video camera
Combined binoculars and digital camera
Video projector
Wire frame for spectacles
Mechanical clock drive with transparent cover for telescope
Pair of eyeglasses
Case for ergonomic hand held device
Strap for musical instrument
Combined clip and calculator
Point-of-sale terminal mounting adapter
Ink tank holder with printing head for printer
Tape dispenser having a transparent casing
Tape dispenser having a non-transparent casing
Document tray
Millennium calendar
Writing instrument
Grip for a writing instrument
Clip for a writing instrument
Multipoint marker
Keyboard training device
Address number
Label with grips
Compact disk display
Golf course sign holder
Combination label holder
Craft kit construction component--amorphous form
Craft kit construction component--asymmetric fin form with surface decoration
Remote control toy
Housing for a hand-held terminal
Game apparatus
String-enclosing tubes for a sports racquet
Golf club head cover
Scoreline pattern for a golf club head
Inflatable towable vehicle
Weightlifting plate
Abdominal exercise device
Remote control ball ejector
Hand-launchable flying object with spinnable disc and braided trailing tail
Fire truck slide
Checkered pattern on a gun stock
Checkered pattern on a gun stock
Knife sheath
Cover for mosquito reduction machine
Faucet set
Faucet handle
Shower control
Toilet tank and lid
Tooth brush stand
Lavatory sink
Fixation seat of racks on a wall
Portable fire container
Electric heater grill face
Portable outdoor fireplace
Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
Ceiling fan blade iron
Damper for round duct
Combined ceiling fan motor housing, support arms and light fixture unit
Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
Combination ceiling fan housing and light fixture unit
Tourniquet pressure control apparatus
Pump cassette
Sterilizing container
Medical needle assembly
Medical needle assembly
Medical needle assembly
Dental appliance
Animal shaped bandage
Two seat spa alcove system with spa alcove
Portion of a labial pad
Pre-teen menstrual pad
Building structure facade
Building wall face
Illumination device
Lighting device
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Vehicular tail light
Front combination lamp for an automobile
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Night light
Lighting fixture with a circular gimbal ring
Desk lamp
Part of fluorescent lamp
Track mounting assembly for a luminaire
Gas lighter
Skin remover
Callus remover
Cosmetic case
Brush for a hair dryer
Electric nose hair shaver or cutter
Disposable mouthpiece
Wrestler headgear pad
Animal cage water bottle
Wild game feeder
Fan for a milk frother
Mailbox assembly
Human Necessities
Edge cutting apparatus
Front end loader multiple tool attachment apparatus
Germinating unit, germinating tape and a method of producing germinating units or germinating tapes, as well as an assembly for carrying out said method
Bush cutting machine
Pivoting gearbox for rotary mower
Adjustable row crop enclosure system
Method and apparatus for raising vine plants
Hydroponic growing enclosure and method for the fabrication of animal feed grass from seed
Method of covering a flower pot
Hibiscus plant named `Torchy`
Geranium plant named `Duevidared`
Dianthus plant named `Valda Judith`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI ONE MIS`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yonatasha`
Dianthus plant named `Valda Isolde`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI ONE CEL`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yojeanette`
Spiraea plant named `Flowering Choice`
Chrysanthemum plant named `GEDI ONE SOR`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaimon`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Cen`
Chrysanthemum named `Yellow Reagan Mundo`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Gedi One Ylcel`
Clingstone peach tree named `Goodwin`
Poinsettia plant named `Winrose`
Chrysanthemum named `Vygold`
Bracteantha plant named `Copper`
Spillage control safety floor matting
Fishing lure
Illuminated fishing rod
All purpose ATV carrying rack
Wick-based liquid emanation system with child-resistant overcap
Mole trap choke
Device for removing grease from the surface of a food item
Gutting knife
Weight reduction method for dogs and other pets
Continuous flow quick-chilling apparatus and method for mass production of precooked foods
Transformable throw and jacket
Disposable glove
Shoe sole
Adjustable heel assembly and shoe including the same
Shoe wear indicator
Side entry footwear
Belt buckle
String core-free invisible zipper structure
Hexagonal brilliant cut diamond
Luggage handle
Toroidal shaped bed construction
Leg spacer pillow
Stackable bedding foundation
Mattress assembly
Cushion and method for accommodating multiple body positions
Sport beds
Combination co-sleeper and changing table
Refrigeration apparatus and associated methods
Apparatus and method for displaying objects
Framing system with three dimensional shims for displaying three-dimensional objects
Combined small object-assist device
Two-part cooking vessel grip, particularly suitable for use as a lid grip
Portable waste collection device
Tubs for bathing infants and toddlers
Process of cleaning carpets and the like
Upright-type vacuum cleaner having a cyclone dust collecting apparatus
Method and packaging system for packaging a sterilized item
Non-invasive method and apparatus for diagnosing and monitoring aortic valve abnormalities, such as aortic regurgitation
Surgery stretcher
Mattress overlay for operating room table
Patient assistive device and lift system
Return jet fitting for pools and spas
Adhesive sealant composition
Apparatus and method for measuring spherical article
Performing Operations; Transporting
Automated in-line filter changing apparatus
Pad for use in a critical environment
Nozzle design for generating fluid streams useful in the manufacture of microelectronic devices
Pipe end preparation tool
Applicator for inside cleaning of pipe and hose
Internal high pressure forming method for a workpiece
Single-die modularized, reconfigurable honeycomb core forming tool
Trimming apparatus for a drawn part
Auto body crimping tool
Hemming machine
Device for adjusting the height of a plurality of tool carriers for a bending press
Air tool for sectioning a length of tubing
Pierce nut installation head
Method of hot peeling for removing a blade leading edge cap
Vehicle window support tool
Tool bit drive adaptor
Disassembling device
Foldable multi-tool
Paver alignment and scribing guide tool and method of use
Saddle protractor
Movable comb advancing system for hair trimmers
Safety utility razor knife
Knife with recesses in blade
Cutter blade for producing helical vegetable strips
Cryogenic cooling of extruded and compression molded materials
Dual windup extensional rheometer
Apparatus and method for marking multiple colors on a contoured surface having a complex topography
Method of making a print head
Paper binding fastener
Building board and manufacturing method thereof
Ice fishing hole simulator system
Hitch lock
Automotive vehicle HVAC rainhat
Mobile air conditioning system and control mechanisms therefor
Method of manufacturing a wire harness
Seat lock-out assembly
Master cylinder
Method and arrangement for hydraulic steering
Vehicle chassis inverter
Device for evaporation of liquefied natural gas
Device for tightening strapping bands
Apparatus for charging tubular canisters with a stack of flat, disk-shaped items, particularly potato chips
Method for producing a packaging container with a binding having an auxiliary packaging component
Removable display surface
Low profile latchable tie
Appliance package and method therefor
Apparatus for depositing sliver in a flat coiler can and method
Hole center detecting apparatus, straightness measuring apparatus, and residual torsion measuring apparatus
Container opening tool
Bag clamp
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fine glass particle containing embedded oxide and process for producing the same
Frame for supporting glass plate during tempering
Arrangement in a glass bending oven
Synthetic quartz glass for optical use, heat treatment method and heat treatment apparatus for the same
Method of fabrication of rare earth doped preforms for optical fibers
Plunger mechanism for I.S. machine
Process and installation for recovery and purification of ethylene produced by pyrolysis of hydrocarbons, and gases obtained by this process
Textiles; Paper
Device for cleaning the guides of travelling flats in a flat carding machine
Direct-winding sample warper
Knitting method for disposing unused yarn edge
Anti-pilling machine
Top loading washing machine
Low-speed prebalancing for washing machines
Clothes dryer vent adapter
Small piece feed basket assembly
Accelerated mulching paper degradation process and mulching paper for implementing the process
Fixed Constructions
Reinforced concrete deck structure for bridges and method of making same
Device for anchoring one end of a stay to a base
Snowblower controls
Integrated precast footings
Skid steer attachment, sub-attachment system having extended reach
Dredge cutterhead
Hydraulically driven type working machine
Suction excavator
Butt joint of frame components
House with structural water vapor barrier
Foundation seal
Constructional brick
Metal wall framework and clip
Wall structure of building
Anchoring device for fixing a structural cable to a building element
Shingle for optically simulating a tiled roof
Roof valley air intake vent
Window with a reduced risk of condensation
Roof edge system
Hand-held device for removing joint fillers
Construction layout block
Vertically stacked condominium units
Sectional tower with intermediate legs
Columbarium and niche unit therefor
Barrier cable end bracket assembly
Swimming pool skimmer closure assembly
Universal inside-outside door handle
Washer and dryer coin box guard
Security cover for padlock
Portable computer security device
Removable cylindrical lock core
Link for a security chain
Link for a security chain
Four bar hinge for vehicle rear deck lid
Fastening plate to fasten a hinge arm of a furniture hinge
Sliding door closer
Attic scuttle
Rotatable cutting bit
Regulating device for hydraulic working tools
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air-cooled gas turbine exhaust casing
Methods and apparatus for determining engine cavity leakage
Combined cycle power plant
Engine oil degradation judging method and apparatus
Gas turbine electric power generation equipment and air humidifier
Methods and apparatus for supplying cooling air to turbine engines
Hydromechanical system for limiting excess engine speed
Disposable cylinder head bolt torque sequence template
Mechanical resonator and method for thermoacoustic systems
Stirling engine
Bloom mixer for a turbofan engine
Apparatus and method for controlling variable displacement compressor
APU core compressor providing cooler air supply
Brake caliper cover for an automobile
Energy guiding chain
Process for assembling belt for continuously variable transmission
Motion stop control for vehicle
Method and system for supplying vaporized gas on consumer demand
Hinge mechanism for outdoor lighting assembly
Rate of change detector for refrigerant floodback
Method and apparatus for refrigeration system control having electronic evaporator pressure regulators
Liquid nitrogen cooling system
Process and installation for separation of a gas mixture containing methane by distillation
Recovery of hydrogen and carbon monoxide from mixtures including methane and hydrocarbons heavier than methane
Receiver dryer mounting bracket for a condenser system
Lock accessory for lever action rifles
Rest for a weapon with a stock and barrel
Firearm safety device
Apparatus and method for actuating a weapon accessory by a laser sighting beam
Firearm sighting device
Prodder with force feedback
Two-dimensional beam deflector
Unit type linear scale
Magnetic compass
Position transducer
Split-flow-type flowmeter
Limit-level sensor and method of determining the undershooting or overshooting of an intended level of liquid in a container
Method and apparatus for analyzing a drivetrain assembly
Loadwheel drive assembly and method
System for leak testing industrial components
Testing fluid-containing systems
Method and device for determining the threshold of heavy fraction deposit contained in a liquid hydrocarbon fluid
Gas seep detection
Method for constructing a membrane probe using a depression
Sub-harness and a sub-harness manufacturing apparatus
Grating assisted coupler devices
Logic synthesis method and semiconductor integrated circuit
Sign assembly
Method for constructing a sign frame assembly
Bi-directional visual display assembly
Vehicle mounted figure display
Magnetic frame
Semi-automated media rework tool
Method of manufacturing a thin film magnetic head
Resistive cantilever spring for probe microscopy
Damascene fabrication of nonplanar microcoils
Transformer and inductor modules having directly bonded terminals and heat-sink fins
Substrate cooling system and method
Heat transfer material for an improved die edge contacting socket
Vapochromic LED
Process for operating a PEM fuel cell installation
Method for assembling a multi-deck power supply device
Embeddable mounting device
Apparatus for laminating segmented core for electric machine
Method of fabrication of an induction motor driven seal-less pump
Method and circuit for detecting a fault in a clock signal for microprocessor electronic devices including memory elements
Two-channel stereo speaker
Part-mounting system comprising a plurality of part mounting devices and method of part mounting
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew