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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize variety X00C175
Soybean cultivar CL0911444
Soybean cultivar CL1013675
Multifunctional packaging container and methods of use thereof
Rotatable tree stand
Method for the treatment, alleviation of symptoms of, relieving, improving and preventing a cognitive disease, disorder or condition
Synergistic fungicidal interactions of 5-fluorocytosine and other fungicides
Bio-pesticide and method for pest control
Probiotic Bifidobacterium strains
Cooking oven with energy saving mode and method
Use of a high-oleic and high-tocol diet in combination with a non-tocol antioxidant for improving animal meat quality
Method and apparatus for accessing coconut water
Bag that distributes weight over the back of a person
Golf club cleaner with detachable brush
Combination cabinet
Holder devices and methods of making and using the same
Chair device for accommodating a user's stomach, neck, and body
Vehicle seat
Golf bag stool
Supporting apparatus
Support arm positioning tab
Articulated surgical instrument for performing minimally invasive surgery with enhanced dexterity and sensitivity
Suture anchor, guide for locating a hole in a bone, and suture anchor delivery tool
Puncture hole sealing device
Explanting implantable devices
Mounting for a bone drill and bone drill mounting system
Directed current for hair removal
Device utilizing data of a user's context or activity to determine the user's caloric consumption or expenditure
Monitoring device, method and system
Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and method of displaying ultrasound image
Ultrasonic imaging apparatus
Validation embedded segmentation method for vascular ultrasound images
Wound dressing with a discontinuous contact layer surface
Ultrathin fluid-absorbent cores
Tourniquet with disposable absorbent element
Para-xylylene based microfilm elution devices
Suturing an expanding, contracting graft tube in artery segment previously occluded
Stent delivery system having stent securement apparatus
Bifurcated endoluminal prosthesis
Bioabsorbable scaffold with particles providing delayed acceleration of degradation
Stent with preferential coating
Cellular scaffold
Apparatus and method for securing ocular tissue
Folding walker
Use of beta-adrenoceptor antagonists for the manufacture of a medicament of the treatment of disorders of the outer retina
Pharmaceutical compositions of entacapone, levodopa and carbidopa with improved bioavailability
Haloalky -substituted amides as insecticides and acaricides
Pharmaceutical and diagnostic compositions for use in the treatment and diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases or amyloid diseases
Salts and polymorphs of desazadesferrithiocin polyether analogues as metal chelation agents
Dihydronaphthyridinyl(organo)methanone analogs as positive allosteric mGluR5 modulators
Anti-infective derivatives, method for the production thereof, pharmaceutical compositions containing same and uses of said derivatives in treatment
Pyridylphenyl compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Opioid-ketamine and norketamine codrug combinations for pain management
Opioid-nornicotine codrugs combinations for pain management
Piperazinedione compounds
Pharmaceutical powder compositions
Antisense modulation of C-reactive protein expression
Method of using nutritional compounds dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) and arabinogalactan in combination with dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) to reduce and control cardiometabolic risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome and hypercholesterolemia
Pharmaceutical treatment process using chitosan or derivative thereof
Intracoronary device and method of use thereof
Cancer vaccines containing epitopes of oncofetal antigen
Factor IXa crystals, related complexes and methods
Substituted bicyclic HCV inhibitors
Peptide vectors
Method for eliciting an immune response to human telomerase reverse transcriptase
Human and mouse targeting peptides identified by phage display
Methods of enhancing diabetes resolution
PEGylated, extended insulins
Clostridium chauvoei polypeptide, DNA encoding the polypeptide and a vaccine comprising the polypeptide
Compositions of PD-1 antagonists and methods of use
Nucleotide sequence coding for variable regions of .beta. chains of human T lymphocyte receptors, corresponding peptide segments and the diagnostic and therapeutic uses
Pharmaceutical combination of pazopanib and topotecan to treat neuroblastoma, osteosarcoma, and rhabdomyosarcoma in a human
Bioactive agent-loaded heart-targeting nanoparticles
Modified and stabilized GDF propeptides and uses thereof
Method of making and using an alpha-glucanase composition to reduce or remove biofilm
Liquid-filled protein-phosphatidic acid capsule dispersions
Cationic polymers for antimicrobial applications and delivery of bioactive materials
Method of targeting hydrophobic drugs to vascular lesions
Liposomes with improved drug retention for treatment of cancer
Adhering composition and method of applying the same
Emulsions containing arylboronic acids and medical articles made therefrom
Compositions of quaternary ammonium compounds containing bioavailability enhancers
Pharmaceutical dosage form
Methods and device for synergistic mitigation of reperfusion injury after an ischemic event
Implantable coupling device
Self-contained power-assisted syringe
Article to be inserted in a body cavity having biologically inhibiting surfaces and use and preparation of the article
Treatment of diabetes with milk protein hydrolysate
Hair care composition
Dynamic resistance training machine
Abdominal exercise equipment
Assisted-resistance-control, free-form, exercise apparatus and method
Resistance chair with wheels
Low lift golf ball
Low lift golf ball
Soccer training apparatus
Golf putter apparatus
Reconfigurable snowboard/downhill skis
Parlay poker
Device to automatically change award parameters for a gaming machine
Modified blackjack game method
Game machine
Game machine
Controlled access switch
Game controller with locating device having guider tracks and displacement sensor with touch sensor switch
Wagering game machine cabinet memory
Whirlpool toy
Child's activity toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tubular electro-acoustic aggregation device
Carbon dioxide capture system and methods of capturing carbon dioxide
Identification of biomarkers in biological samples and methods of using same
Electrodeionization device with protected electrodes
Separation membrane elements, separation membrane module, and process for producing separation membrane element
Venturi tube for shower head
Process for preventing polymerization of cracked volatile products during pyrolysis and gasification
Process for producing a carbon-comprising support
Chemically resistant membranes, coatings and films and methods for their preparation
Spray attachment with a separable holding part and spray head
Tank sprayer assembly including tank component and sprayer package subassembly
Method for using a super-slippery thin layer characterized by the method for making same
Liquid composite compositions using non-volatile liquids and nanoparticles and uses thereof
Grape processing apparatus
Material sorter
Device and method for filtering particles from a liquid in a dishwasher
Methods and apparatus for ultrasonic cleaning
Driving tool
Arrangement for controlling the flow out of a tundish
Method of and apparatus for laser drilling holes with improved taper
Insulating film attaching jig and battery cell manufactured by using the same
Method and apparatus for grinding a continuously casting product
Air blast blowdown silencer system for blast pot
Lower damper for demolition hammer
Apparatus and method for separating dunnage from a pallet
Router chip guard
Formwork release composition and use thereof
Mold for nanoimprinting, its production process, and processes for producing molded resin having fine concavo-convex structure on its surface and wire-grid polarizer
Repair method
Method and device for extracting vapors in an injection molding machine
Electrical conduit containing a fire-resisting thermoplastic composition
Method and apparatus for belling plastic pipe
Method of making electronic component and heat conductive member and method of mounting heat conductive member for electronic component
Resin composition, prepreg, resin sheet, metal-clad laminate, printed wiring board, multilayer printed wiring board and semiconductor device
Packaging article
MCrAlY alloy, methods to produce a MCrAlY layer and a honeycomb seal
Thermal pressure welding apparatus and thermal pressure welding method for waists of incontinent pants and training pants
Composite aircraft floor system
Method for printing on a shiny surface by a UV inkjet printer with transparency and high color density
Method of manufacturing substrate for liquid discharge head
Damper apparatus, damper tube assembly, and ink jet printer
Ink jet multi-color printing system
Patterned birefringent product
Wheel bearing for a utility vehicle
Interface fitting for a cycle wheel and a cycle wheel comprising a rim, a tire, and such fitting
Toe or camber adjustment mechanism
Active material enabled pressure release valves and methods of use
Automobile comprising an electric engine powered by a power supply module
Vehicle seat
Extendable support device utilized with a cargo bed
Method and apparatus for reducing and controlling highway congestion to save on fuel costs
Inertial braking system for a trailer
Cooling system for electric vehicle
Modulated vehicle retardation system and method
Multi-section vehicle chassis access and inspection platform
Portable transfer apparatus for moving items
Wheeled structure for handling and fitting panels or plates
Arrangement for controlling a track tension wheel of tracked vehicle
Bicycle outrigger support assembly
Structure for transport and offshore installation of at least one wind turbine or underwater generator, and methods for transport and offshore installation of at least one wind turbine or underwater generator
Electrical wire pulling guide and method of pulling wire into an electrical panel
Micro-unmanned aerial vehicle deployment system
Adjustable parachute cargo harness
Quick access closure apparatus and methods of use
Method and container lid to manipulate a container opening liner
Container system and method
Recording medium supply device and recording apparatus
Gambrel device
E-Zee push
Device to facilitate moving an electrical cable of an electric vehicle charging station and method of providing the same
Dispenser with lockout device
Bifurcated alcoholic beverage dispenser and associated use thereof
Modular platen assembly for inductor pump
Quantum dot template for fast and simultaneous detection of different infectious agents
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing higher hydridosilanes
Molecular hydrogen stores and hydrogen transfer reagents for hydrogenation reactions
Fresh water recovery system
Patterned electrical pulse microorganism aggregation
Method and apparatus for producing high volumes of clean water by electro coagulation
Method and system for purifying liquid using waste heat
Coloured glass particles, method for the production thereof and use thereof
Method for the hydrolysis of substituted formylamines into substituted amines
Process for preparing MDA via the stage of the aminal
Hydrogenolysis of ethyl acetate in alcohol separation processes
Weak acid recovery system for ethanol separation processes
Organic semiconductor compound, semiconductor device, solar cell and producing method of organic semiconductor compound
Process for making diethyl ether from acetic acid
Method for isomerisation of hop alpha-acids using heterogeneous alkaline earth metal based catalysts
Vanilloid receptor ligands and use thereof for the production of pharmaceutical preparations
Heterocyclic compounds as CCR2B antagonists
5-phenyl-pentanoic acid derivatives as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors for the treatment of asthma and other diseases
Process for preparation of Efavirenz
Pyrazole kinase modulators and methods of use
5-HT.sub.3 receptor modulators, methods of making, and use thereof
5-HT.sub.3 receptor modulators, methods of making, and use thereof
Method of using N-thio compounds for oligonucleotide synthesis
Inhibition of HRP-3 using modified oligonucleotides
Transcription factor
Treatment of influenza
Pyrrolidine derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same, and methods of using the same
High pressure refolding of protein aggregates and inclusion bodies
Cellulose derivative and hydrogel thereof
Onium salt-containing polymer
Contact lens material
Non-aqueous solution process for the preparation of cross-linked polymers
Biaxially oriented hydrolysis-stable polyester film comprising epoxidized fatty acid derivatives and a chain extender, and process for production thereof and use thereof
Functionalized main chain polymers
Flame-retardant polyamide composition
(Meth)acrylic resin composition, imidized (meth)acrylic resin composition, and film obtained by molding them
Blended block copolymer composition
Thin, platelet-shaped iron pigments, production thereof and use thereof
Method for gluing components, forming a temperature-resistant adhesive layer
Non-phosphorus-based gellant for hydrocarbon fluids
Fragrance compounds
Biological analysis arrangement and approach therefor
Probiotic enriched and low organic acid food products
Clusterin antisense therapy for treatment of cancer
Heat stable variants of plant adenosine diphosphate glucose pyrophosphorylase small subunit
Materials and methods for synthesis of a flavor and aroma volatile in plants
Polypeptides having beta-glucosidase activity and beta-xylosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Preparation of isomerically pure substituted cyclohexanols
Recombinant vectors for use in position-independent transgene expression within chromatin
Process for the production of alcohol
Methods for predicting cardiac toxicity
Soybean sequences associated with the FAP3 locus
Method for making an abrasion-resistant steel plate and plate obtained
Thermal management of film deposition processes
Method for forming a film
Instantaneous electrodeposition of metal nanostructures on carbon nanotubes
Method and apparatus for efficient gas production
Methods for manufacturing monocrystalline or near-monocrystalline cast materials
Microfludic protein crystallography techniques
Textiles; Paper
Hybrid fiber constructions to mitigate creep in composites
Mixture, especially spinning solution
Dye-ascorbic acid derivatives
Polyimide short fibers and heat-resistant paper comprising same
Fixed Constructions
Rail-guided climbing system
Riser installation from offshore floating production unit
Dual path subsea control system
Gas recovery component heating system
Method for producing a face opening using automated systems
Rock bolt with mechanical anchor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vane pump for pumping hydraulic fluid
Method and device for injecting fuel into the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
Horizontal axis wind turbine with ball-and-socket hub
Fixing device for fan
Stable wind power turbine
Vertical axis wind turbines
Apparatus for generating electrical energy from rocking activated energy
Structure for coupling rotary shafts and pump device of rotary type
Fan structure having a first impeller and a second impeller
Airfoil for a compressor blade
Device for a horizontally split turbomachine housing, guide vane ring segment and guide vane carrier for a horizontally split turbomachine housing
Panel member locking device
Motor vehicle, particularly commercial vehicle, and joint arrangement
Half bearing
Adjustable tree stand frame
Electric power tool
Drive unit, particularly rear drive unit, for an all-wheel drive of a motor vehicle
Multifunction networkable controller plug and methods of operation thereof
Supports for tanks
Luminaire with thermally isolated compartments
Lighting apparatus having rechargeable battery, charger and LED bulb
Portable device for hands-free illumination
Rotatable lighting apparatus
Reconfigurable lighting fixture
Light module and optical lens for the light module
Backlight module with heat dissipation structure
Laser protection polymeric materials
Lighter assembly
Control of a system with a large thermal capacity
Support member, rotation device comprising such a support and rolling bearing assembly including such a detection device
Optical coherence tomography with multiple sample arms
Delay interferometer using magneto-optic effect of a variable faraday rotator
Apparatus and method for weighing an item of mail during transport through a sorting installation and having an anti-vibration device
Methods and devices for detecting and measuring environmental conditions in high performance device packages
Leak detection apparatus for aircraft bleed air systems
Ionization device, mass spectrometer including the ionization device, and image generation system including the ionization device
Submersible remote smoke sensor
Single-wavelength correction method for luminescent homogeneous biological assay
Nanotube electrochemistry
Self-correcting amplifier system
Polypeptide microparticles
NMR, instrumentation, and flow meter/controller continuously detecting MR signals, from continuously flowing sample material
Passive translational velocity measurement from optical information
Electromagnetic probe for measuring properties of a subsurface formation
Shipping container explosives and contraband detection system using nuclear quadrupole resonance
Electronic time stamping apparatus for use with an inground transmitter
Stereoscopic display
Pressing mold for optical lenses and method for manufacturing glass optical lenses
Laser protection polymeric materials
Polarized film apparatus with bands of alternating orientation
Magnetic levitation motor used in lens module
Focus information generating device and focus information generating method
Fluid filled lenses and mechanisms of inflation thereof
Adjustable focus eyeglasses with eye-by-eye actuation
Protection circuit, substrate for electro-optical device, electro-optical device, electrophoretic display device, electronic apparatus, and manufacturing method of electro-optical device
System for thermally controlling displays
Process for producing liquid crystal element, and liquid crystal element
Strobe device
Camera module and method of manufacturing same
Display apparatus for vehicle and display method
Fluid handling structure, a lithographic apparatus and a device manufacturing method
Method and system for determining a suppression factor of a suppression system and a lithographic apparatus
Method of manufacturing toner
Fingerprinting apparatus, system, and method
Temperature detecting apparatus
Circuit arrangement and method for operating a circuit arrangement
Memory controller including a hardware compression and decompression engine for managing system memory and graphical operations
Switching device and electronic apparatus using the same
Image forming apparatus and warming up method thereof
Image processing apparatus, image printing apparatus and printing data generation method
Information processing apparatus, including updating of program and program information, and method of updating program of the information processing apparatus
System and method for parallel video processing in multicore devices
Optical navigation device with image sensor and inner housing
Pointing device, display apparatus and pointing system, and location data generation method and display method using the same
Organic elelectroluminescent display
Information display device and program storing medium
Touch-sensitive device and communication device
Display systems with touch screens
Optical input device
Scanning of a touch screen
Image forming apparatus to automatically select a communication condition
Automatically selecting a paper with increased dimensions than originally desired for printing and adding advertisement content to the increased dimensional area of the paper
Image forming apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium for generating screen information
Print processing method, print relay server, control method, and storage medium to reserve print data
Image forming apparatus, control method of image forming apparatus, and storage medium
Automated transaction machine
Method and apparatuses for solving weighted planar graphs
Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic graph view of multiply connected objects
Method and system for generating and displaying an interactive dynamic selective view of multiply connected objects
Animation control apparatus, animation control method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
Visual model importation
Method and system for dust prevention in a coin handling machine
Vending machine
Monitoring system
Method for detecting motion of an electrical device or apparatus
Visibility radio cap and network
Containers having radio frequency identification tags and method of applying radio frequency identification tags to containers
Ice data collection system
Non-visual presentation of information on an electronic wireless device
Notification systems and methods that consider traffic flow predicament data
Reception circuit and signal reception method
Method for driving electrophoretic display device, electrophoretic display device, and electronic device
Backlight assembly, method for driving backlight assembly, and liquid crystal display having the same
Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Position detection device, pointing device and input device
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Display unit and display method
Image browsing device, computer control method and information recording medium
Reuse of static image data from prior image frames to reduce rasterization requirements
Tone enhancement bracket
Rotating device
Disk drive
Stacked magnetoresistance device responsive to a magnetic field generally perpendicular to a side face running along a channel of the device
Magnetic recording medium, information storage device, and method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Technique for manufacturing bit patterned media
Specimen preparation device, and control method in specimen preparation device
Scanning transmission electron microscope and axial adjustment method thereof
Dye sensitised solar cell
Electrode material and use thereof for production of electrochemical cells
Metal colloidal particles, metal colloid and use of metal colloid
Dielectric insulation medium
Multiple angle bend for high-voltage lines
Horizontal cable manager
Sulfonated amorphous carbon, process for producing the same and use thereof
Reliability fire pressure switch
LED lamp including heat dissipator
Charged-particle beam lens
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor and method for manufacturing display device
Woven mesh substrate with semiconductor elements, and method and device for manufacturing the same
Method for production of a thermoelectric apparatus
Organic dual-gate memory and method for producing same
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and device for same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structure configured for reduced harmonics and method of forming the structure
Method for producing semiconductor substrate, semiconductor substrate, method for manufacturing electronic device, and reaction apparatus
Method for the synthesis of an array of metal nanowire capable of supporting localized plasmon resonances and photonic device comprising said array
Method for forming pattern
Semiconductor device having a multilevel interconnect structure and method for fabricating the same
Stacked type semiconductor memory device and chip selection circuit
Measuring current and resistance using combined diodes/resistor structure to monitor integrated circuit manufacturing process variations
Improving alignment target contrast in a lithographic double patterning process
Semiconductor element-embedded wiring substrate
Electronic package with fluid flow barriers
Light-reflective anisotropic conductive paste and light-emitting device
Organic electroluminescence element
Multi-level integrated circuit, device and method for modeling multi-level integrated circuits
Methods for selective reverse mask planarization and interconnect structures formed thereby
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Nanowire structured photodiode with a surrounding epitaxially grown P or N layer
Semiconductor device
Isolated SCR ESD device
Bipolar transistor with diffused layer between deep trench sidewall and collector diffused layer
Semiconductor device
Photoelectric conversion device
Dye-sensitized solar cell, dye-sensitized solar cell module, and coating liquid for forming electrolyte layer
Photoelectric conversion module
Solar cell using polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
Volume compensation within a photovoltaic device
Compositions and processes for forming photovoltaic devices
Method of fabricating CIGS by selenization at high temperature
Intrinsic absorber layer for photovoltaic cells
Light emitting element, method for manufacturing the light emitting element, optical element and method for manufacturing the optical element
Light-emitting device package structure
Multicolored light converting LED with minimal absorption
Light-emitting diode package and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Luminescent nanosheets, and fluorescent illuminators, solar cells and color displays utilizing the same as well as nanosheet paints
Organic metal complex and its use in organic electroluminescent device
Systems and/or methods for using air/wind power to charge/re-charge vehicle batteries
Rechargeable battery
Energy storage device package
Conductor-mixed active electrode material, electrode structure, rechargeable battery, and manufacturing method of conductor-mixed active electrode material
Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
Quaternary chalcogenide wafers
Lithium secondary battery anode member and method for manufacturing the same
Cathode material for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery using it
Metal-doped oxide, method of preparing the same, and solid oxide electrolyte using the metal-doped oxide
Active metal fuel cells
Fuel cell module, manufacturing method thereof and unit containing several of the latter
High-order harmonic device of cavity filter
Downhole telemetry system
Case of electronic device having antenna pattern embedded therein and mold and method for manufacturing the same
Mobile communication device
Antenna device and wireless communication apparatus
Printed circuit board including electromagnetic bandgap structure
Damage resistant antenna
Motherboard with edge connector
Electrical connector assembly having independent loading mechanism facilitating interconnections for both CPU and cable
Electric connection box
Card connector
Electrical connector having shield with soldered terminal portions
Electrical connector and method of assembling the same
RJ connector transmitting electrical and optical signals
System and method for passing PLC signals from a first electrical line to a second electrical line
Power or voltage oscillation damping in a power transmission system
Solar powered charging shelter and system and method thereof
Air driven alternators for battery powered vehicles
Electrical converter with variable capacitor
Charging seat having cleaning member
Electric vehicle charging station parking meter systems
Motor device and method of manufacturing the same
Off-line converter with digital control
Vehicle window opening and closing control device
Oscillation circuit
Low power voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)
Piezoelectric device and fabricating method thereof
Variable delay line for delay locked loop
Stepped delay control of integrated switches
Dynamically reconfigurable systolic array accelorators
Inverter, NAND gate, and NOR gate
Power supply input voltage detection circuit
Resistor-2 resistor (R-2R) digital-to-analog converter with resistor network reversal
Sparse data compression
Providing a feedback loop in a low latency serial interconnect architecture
Solid-state image sensing device and control method of solid-state image sensing device
Method of and apparatus for image denoising
Estimating optical characteristics of a camera component using sharpness sweep data
Image processing apparatus, control method for the same, and storage medium
Method for assembling a camera module, and camera module
Sealed, waterproof digital electronic camera system and method of fabricating same
Image stabilization
Focusing apparatus that effectively sets a focus area of an image when a focusing mode is changed
Advertising apparatus
Aspect ratio enhancement
Output device, source apparatus, television set, system, output method, program, and recording medium
LCD television set capable of external connection with application processor
Method and apparatus for communications
Signal processor and signal processing method
Visually tracking an object in real world using 2D appearance and multicue depth estimations
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program to create a composite image from color image data and monochrome image data
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Lighting control device and lighting control method
Control device with adjusting pulse width modulation function and the backlight module thereof
Active constant power supply apparatus
Tray for microwave cooking and folding of a food product
System to route airflow through dynamically changing ducts
Expired Patents Due To Time
Controlled-drift apparatus for detecting energy and point of incidence of electromagnetic radiations or ionizing particles
Microlens formed of negative photoresist
LOCOS mask for suppression of narrow space field oxide thinning and oxide punch through effect
Stepper alignment mark formation with dual field oxide process
Integrated circuitry fuse forming methods, integrated circuitry programming methods, and related integrated circuitry
Method and structure for a semiconductor fuse
Integrated inductive components and method of fabricating such components
Semiconductor device having a high-dielectric capacitor
IC chip package with directly connected leads
Member for lead
Resin-sealed type semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
Opaque metallization to cover flip chip die surface for light sensitive semiconductor devices
Tented plated through-holes and method for fabrication thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing and mounting thereof, and circuit board mounted with the semiconductor device
Ball array layout
Polymer stud grid array
Ceramic package type electronic part which is high in connection strength to electrode
Encapsulated transfer molding of a semiconductor die with attached heat sink
Composite bump flip chip bonding
Substrate on chip (SOC) multiple-chip module (MCM) with chip-size-package (CSP) ready configuration
Chip package and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory device with a stacked capacitance structure
Self-encapsulated copper metallization
Low resistance interconnect for a semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Hydrodynamic energy conversion apparatus
Wind driven generator having counter-rotating armature and rotor
Wind power device
Multiplexed cabling system for a vehicle
Security arrangement
Method and apparatus of pseudogrounding
Battery cell bypass with frangible actuator
Magneto-striction microactuator
Electromagnetic actuator with two mobile parts in phase opposition
Stepping motor
Method and sensor arrangement for the determination of the radial position of a permanent magnetic rotor
Motor connecting plug, in particular for a variable-speed commutator motor, having slots for contact tracks
Output regulation of internal combustion engine alternator by mechanical means
Rotating assembly and support therefor
Rotor drive motor with u-shaped stator cores
Motor laminated core, method of manufacturing same, motor and ink jet recording device
Device including a micromechanical resonator having an operating frequency and method of extending same
Piezoelectric resonator using sacrificial layer and method of tuning same
Surface micro-machined acoustic transducers
Conducting polymer actuator
Arc tube, mounting member and electric lamp assembly
Microwave-excited discharge lamp
Fluorescent lamp with spacers and locally reduced luminescent material layer thickness
Field emission electron source, method of producing the same, and use of the same
Low chromium ferritic stainless steel studs for cathode ray tubes
Electrode plate having transparent type or reflective type multi-layered conductive film and method for manufacturing the same
Electric field emission display (FED) and method of manufacturing spacer thereof
Electroluminescence display panel and production method of the same
Organic electroluminescent device with a high-resistance inorganic hole injecting and transporting layer
High-pressure discharge lamp including a limited amount of carbon remaining on an electrode surface
Method for driving a plasma display panel
Three-dimensional lattice structure based led array for illumination
Intelligent electrical device comprising microchip
Electrodeless fluorescent lamp with spread induction coil
Selectable audio controlled parameters for multiparameter lights
Dimmable lighting apparatus using a discharge lamp
Drive mechanism employing electromechanical transducer, photographing lens with the drive mechanism, and its drive circuit
Method and apparatus for determining the rotor position of synchronous motors
Polyphase motor driving apparatus, polyphase motor driving apparatus driving method and polyphase motor system
Apparatus and method for determining commutation time of sensorless brushless direct current (BLDC) motor
Optimum motor speed control system
Wiper control apparatus and method capable of variably adjusting wiper blade motion
Silent phase commutation in a three-phase brushless DC motor
Drive circuit and method for an electric actuator with spring return
Start-up procedure for brushless DC motors having position sensors with angular resolution lower than the resolution of the driving system
Method of controlling a multi-axis machine tool
Electric motor and driver system
Cutout start switch heating
System and method for detecting performance components of a battery pack
Apparatus and method for maintaining a threshold value in a battery
Method of charging a battery in a mobile charger
Unified constant-frequency integration control of active power filters
Heat transfer from active high drop regulator
Circuit configuration for generating a stabilized power supply voltage
Dual drive buck regulator
Voltage regulating circuit for a capacitive load
Hand held sensor and display
Electronic component continuity inspection method and apparatus
Method of controlling brightness and contrast in a raster scan digital oscilloscope
Driving unit of cross-coil type indicating instrument
Device for monitoring and calibrating oxide charge measurement equipment and method therefor
Target wheel sensor
Rotating electromagnetic field defect detection system for tubular goods
Modular timemasking sequence programming for imaging system
RF body coil
Electrical voltages and resistances measured to inspect metallic cased wells and pipelines
Automated determination of the size of a gap in an article of manufacture during assembly of the article of manufacture
Electronic battery tester with internal battery
Test system for detecting defective batteries
Capacity detecting circuit for a battery
Method and circuit for checking lead defects in a two-wire bus system
Automated microwave test system with improved accuracy
Device for transmission measurement with the aid of microwaves
Shielded flat-plate proximity/dielectric properties sensor
Electronics package having a ball grid array which is electrically accessible
Inspection methods and apparatuses
Low-current probe card
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and testing method thereof
Method and apparatus for passive optical characterization of semiconductor substrates subjected to high energy (MEV) ion implantation using high-injection surface photovoltage
Bottom side C4 bumps for integrated circuits
Circuit and method for pulsed reliability testing
Method for testing leakage current caused self-aligned silicide
Lifetime measurement of an ultra-thin dielectric layer
Method of screening semiconductor laser device using temperature cycling and variable driving current
Enhanced glitch removal circuit
Dynamically terminated bus
Programmable logic array integrated circuit with distributed random access memory array
Methods for configuring FPGA's having variable grain components for providing time-shared access to interconnect resources
Level conversion circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device employing the level conversion circuit
MOS output buffer with overvoltage protection circuitry
Method and apparatus for high speed on-chip signal propagation
Low power variable base drive circuit
Apparatus and method for centralized generation of an enabled clock signal for a logic array block of a programmable logic device
Clock signal generator circuit
Inverter for outputting high voltage
Data storage control circuit
High slew rate input differential pair with common mode input to ground
Process of controlling a switch of a switched-capacitance device, and corresponding switched-capacitance device
Frequency correction circuit for a periodic source such as a crystal oscillator
Electric circuit
Synchronous frequency dividing circuit
Circuit arrangement for generating an output signal
Frequency control circuit having increased control bandwidth at lower device operating speed
Clock reproduction and identification apparatus
Method and device for generating a pulse signal with modulable-width pulses
Hysteresis circuit
Logic circuits
Delay circuit arrangement for use in a DAC/driver waveform generator with phase lock rise time control
Pipelined programmable digital pulse delay
Semiconductor integrated circuit, semiconductor device, and electronic equipment comprising the same
Clock pulse generator
Transistor output circuit
Logarithmic gain control circuit and method
Method and apparatus for galvanically isolating two integrated circuits from each other
Circuit for discharging a negative potential node to ground, including control of the discharge current
Temperature stabilizing circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device which shortens the transition time between operating and standby states
Self-biasing circuit
Ultra low voltage cascode current mirror
Method, circuit and/or architecture for reducing gate oxide stress in low-voltage regulated devices
High-speed output circuit device with a switch circuit
Direct digital synthesis in a QAM demodulator
Phase noise and additive noise estimation in a QAM demodulator
Differential-mode charge transfer amplifier
Class D amplifier with bandwidth independent of load impedance
High-efficiency amplifying device
Rail-to-rail input stage
Method of speeding power-up of an amplifier, and amplifier
High-frequency power amplifier circuit and high-frequency power amplifier module
Monolithic CRT video power amplifier system
Error-suppressing phase comparator
Frequency synthesizer accomplished by using multiphase reference signal source
Differential oscillator
Monolithic integrated circuit oscillators, complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) voltage-controlled oscillators, integrated circuit oscillators, oscillator-forming methods, and oscillation methods
Clock injection system
Termination impedance independent system for impedance matching in high speed input-output chip interfacing
Composite filter comprising LC and saw filters and radio communication apparatus using the filter
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and transceiver having circular and polygonal electrode openings
Resonator for uniformly varying inductance or impedance in longitudinal direction of conductor line
Circuit interrupter providing improved securement of an electrical terminal within the housing
Magnetic actuator
Quick magnetizing and demagnetizing device for screwdrivers
Combination of magnets for generating a uniform external magnetic field
Fly back transformer
Inductance element
Wire-wound chip inductor
Apparatus and method for continuous magnetic core winding of electrical transformers and inductors
Surface mount inductor with flux gap and related fabrication methods
Laminated ferrite chip inductor array
Surface-mount air-core coil, electronic component having the same, and communication apparatus having the same
Chip inductance
Switch structure having a current overloading protection mechanism
Switch having an insulating support
Temperature-dependent switch having a current transfer member
Universal electronic identification tag
Method for transmitting information over an alternating current power line through a plurality of frequency orthogonal subchannels
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, navigation apparatus, program storage device and computer data signal embodied in carrier wave
Method for shutting down a vehicle
Vehicle security system including adaptor for data communications bus and related methods
Method for retrieving vehicular collateral
Vented remote radar detector
Severe braking warning system for vehicles
Detected information display system in fire detecting system
Emergency detector door illumination escape system
Method and apparatus for generating color based alerting signals
Modular alarm system
Latch integrated, tamper resistant, electro-magnetic alarm switch
Auxiliary alert process and system thereof for alarm system
Network printer document interface using electronic tags
RFID integrated in electronic assets
Vehicle occupant protection device and system having an anti-theft, anti-tamper feature
Electronic article security system employing variable time shifts
Ground fault location system and ground fault detector therefor
Radio paging receiver with message displaying function and method of controlling the same
Inter-vehicular communication method
Vehicle parking system
Position detector
Sampling frequency conversion apparatus and fractional frequency dividing apparatus for sampling frequency
Low power seismic device interface and system for capturing seismic signals
System and method for bandpass shaping in an oversampling converter
Sigma-delta modulator and method for suppressing a quantization error in a sigma-delta modulator
Potentiometric DAC having improved ratiometric output voltage stability
Switched-capacitor circuitry with reduced loading upon reference voltages
Marine vessel traffic system
High-frequency transmitter-receiver apparatus for such an application as vehicle-onboard radar system
Radar apparatus for use on vehicle
Apparatus for the determination of the fill state of material in a container
GPS and cellular system interworking
Location sensor having a satellite receiver for position determination
Beam antenna direction measuring method, direction measuring device and antenna direction controller
Radio wave visualizing method and apparatus
Active array antenna system
Adaptive variable directional antenna
Hardware-efficient demodulator for CDMA adaptive antenna array systems
Wireless location using multiple location estimators
Mobile radiotelephone determination using time of arrival of GPS and pilot signals
Flat panel antenna
Antenna assembly, and associated method, having parasitic element for altering antenna pattern characteristics
Radiation shielding and range extending antenna assembly
Switched, dual helical, retractable, dual band antenna for cellular communications
Transponder arrangement
Downhole magnetic dipole antenna
T-top antenna for omni-directional horizontally-polarized operation
Polymer, composite, direction-finding antenna
Switchable antenna for radio communication devices
Article-information display system using electronically controlled tags
Surface discharge type plasma display panel with intersecting barrier ribs
Intraframe time-division multiplexing type display device and a method of displaying gray-scales in an intraframe time-division multiplexing type display device
Fluorescent display device and process for manufacturing same
Display apparatus having heat dissipation
Image display apparatus
Analog pixel drive circuit for an electro-optical material-based display device
Liquid crystal display device, drive circuit for liquid crystal display device, and method for driving liquid crystal display device
Retroreflective electrophoretic displays and materials for making the same
Image processing method and device
Method of and device for displaying characters with a border
Computer input device with inclination sensors
Portable information gathering apparatus and information gathering method performed thereby
Pen-inputted personal information terminal device
Finger-mounted stylus for computer touch screen
Modular dynamic dialogue animated display device
Data line drive device
Media composition system with enhanced user interface features
On-demand presentation graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for matching registered profiles
Using OCR to enter graphics as text into a clipboard
Directional navigation system in layout managers
Computer assisted mark-up and parameterization for scene analysis
Memory efficient surface normal compression
Method of modeling a closed surface geometry
Multi thread display controller
Multi-purpose high resolution distortion correction
Object oriented zooming graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for managing internet transactions
Technique for controlling a presentation of a computer generated object having a plurality of movable components
Virtual world animation using status and response for interference and time schedule
3D graphics in a single logical sreen display using multiple computer systems
Exposure apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Process for continuously printing a plastic film, device for carrying out the process and printed plastic film obtained by the process
Signal processing device for correcting pixel density in an electrocoagulation printing apparatus
System for printhead pixel heat compensation
Method and apparatus for positioning a writing assembly of an image processing apparatus
Sublimation type color printer
Thermal printing
Recording device
Image forming apparatus and image forming method for forming color images by gray-level image forming technique
Color image forming apparatus
Multi-beam drawing method using partially damaged light emitting devices and including spiral correction
Image forming apparatus using plural beam scanning
Method of controlling peak power of a radiant energy emitting system
Picture codec and teleconference terminal equipment
Discrete surveillance camera devices
Lens assembly with incorporated memory module
Video camera having deviating means for improving resolution
Electronic still-video camera, and playback apparatus therefor being capable of storing image data when the storage capacity of memory card is exceeded
Solid-state imaging apparatus having a solid-state imaging device and a signal processing circuit and method for driving the solid-state imaging device
Strategy for pictorial digital image processing
Method and system for creating a temporary group of images on a digital camera
Automatic exposure control apparatus
Video coding/decoding arrangement and method therefor
Method and apparatus for finding a correct synchronization point within a data stream
System and method for displaying major and minor channel numbers
Device and method for correcting color distortion on TV receiver
TV receiver, method of setting reception channel, and picture display method
White balance control
Transmission processing apparatus, television conference system, transmission processing method and memory medium
Having a pattern for improving voltage difference between different pixel electrodes in which semiconductive or signal line portion is larger for a more remote pixel
Active matrix type LCD in which a pixel electrodes width along a scanning line is three times its data line side width
Electrooptical panel and electronic appliances
Liquid crystal display device having red, green, and blue fluorescent lamps having a particular phosphor composition or a double tube lamp
Assembling and sealing large, hermetic and semi-hermetic H-tile flat panel display
Display device and manufacturing method
Methods for forming an orientation layer on LCD panels
Bistable nematic liquid crystal device
Liquid crystal display panel
Image forming apparatus
Photo-mask and method of exposing and projection-exposing apparatus
Projection exposure system
Alignment mechanism and process for light exposure
Laser survey instrument
Method and apparatus for detecting and preventing counterfeiting
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Imaging and analyzing parameters of small moving objects such as cells
Method and apparatus for handling and testing wafers
Wavelength reference standard using multiple gases
Method and apparatus for sedimentation and optical examination of particles suspended in a fluid, further a cuvette for accomplishing said method
Monolithic spectrophotometer
Method and system for high speed measuring of microscopic targets
Integrated spectrometer assembly and methods
Microscope generating a three-dimensional representation of an object
Interferometer and methods for compensation of dispersion or increase in spectral resolution of such an interferometer
Grazing incidence interferometer and method
Lateral shearing interferometer system with masked interference pattern
Image editing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and method
System providing hybrid halftone
Communication terminal device
System and apparatus for tonal reproduction curve adjustment in a hybrid error diffusion process
Method of scanning photographic film images using selectively determined system response gain calibration
Information input device
Image scanning device and method
Image processing apparatus and method
Image read apparatus, information processing apparatus, and image read system constituted therewith
Optical communication method, optical linking device and optical communication system
Optical wave-guide wavelength multiplexer and demultiplexer
WDM optical communication systems with wavelength-stabilized optical selectors
Outboard support for cantilevered air bearing stationary shaft
Optical apparatus
Light source module for optical scanner
Coupled electrochromic compounds with photostable dication oxidation states
Display device
Wavelength converter
Fluorescent conversion filter and color display device using the same
Semiconductor optical amplifier with adjustable gain
Wide field of view infrared zoom lens assembly having a constant F/number
Optical element for traffic signs, display panels or the like
Projection screen
Portable screen assembly
Mirror and projection type display apparatus
Optical beam power controller using a tiltable birefringent plate
Image-blur correcting optical system for a viewing optical apparatus
Illuminating method and illuminating device
Illumination optical system and projection exposure apparatus using same
Image taking optical system
Detection and correction of skew between a writing laser beam and lenticules in lenticular material
Laser irradiation apparatus
Non-adjustable helmet mounted optical systems
Stable enhanced contrast optical system for high resolution displays
Eyepiece lens system
Variable focal-length lens system
Magnifying insert for a binder
Image-forming optical system
Head instability detection method and apparatus
Disk drive having a write condition detector for suspending write operations while a transducer flying height deviates from its operating flying height
Method and apparatus for providing amplitude instability data recovery for AMR/GMR heads
Data recovery system particularly for systems utilizing partial response maximum likelihood detection
Magnetic media having partitioned and presaturated data tracks
Device for reading and writing data on magnetic recording layer of photo film
Class of fixed partial response targets in a PRML sampled data detection channel
Methods and systems for self-servowriting including maintaining a reference level within a useable dynamic range
Radiation apparatus of hard disk drive
Belt-driven data cartridge with yoke mechanism
Magnetic head slider
Magnetic hard disk drive and process for producing the same
Head gimbal assembly with a flexible printed circuit having a serpentine substrate
Magnetic head including magnetoresistive element
Magnetoresistive sensor with a soft adjacent layer having high magnetization, high resistivity, low intrinsic anisotropy and near zero magnetostriction
Magnetoresistive device having a tantalum layer connected to a shielding layer via a layer of a body-centered cubic structure
Notebook computer and method of carrying out data transmission in any direction via a mobile infrared sensing device
Protection of a vertical MOS transistor associated with measurement cells
ESD protection circuit without overstress gate-driven effect
Over-voltage protection circuit and method for preventing system shutdown in a power system employing multiple power supplies
Junction box with over-current protection
Semiconductor ESD protection circuit
Displacement current trigger SCR
Surge protector and method for preventing damage from line surges
Grounding device for voltage surge protection of telecommunications equipment
Electrical circuit for producing a substantially constant pulsed magnetic field for repelling rodents
System for control of an electromagnetic actuator
Control circuit for an electromagnet associated with an electric starter motor for an internal combustion engine
Method of arranging several relay functions and a multiple relay arrangement configured in accordance with the method
Electrostatic actuation control system
Capacitor module for car audio system
Electrolytic capacitor and multi-anodic attachment
Monolayer capacitor element and solid electrolytic multilayer capacitor
Wiring structure for instrument panel of vehicle
Portable computer having a sealed hinge clutch
Wearable computer packaging configurations
Method and apparatus for mounting a component and heat sink
PCT bracket mounted on drive instead of PCBA
Support for a data storage device
Desktop item
Vibration dampening system for removable hard disk drive carriers
Heat-dissipating device for integrated circuit package
Surface mounted conduction heat sink
Thermally efficient motor controller assembly
Wire heat sink assembly and method of assembling
Heat sink with offset fin profile
Electrical device having a plug outlet
Millimeter wave multilayer assembly
Contact arrangement for detachably attaching an electric component, especially an integrated circuit to a printed circuit board
Support frame for electronic plug-in units
Structure for mounting two printed circuit boards to one case
Nine-phase transformer
Offset resonant ZVS forward converter
Booster including charge pumping circuit with its electric power consumption reduced and method of operating the same
Cascadable, high efficiency charge pump circuit and related methods
System and method for determining output current and converter employing the same
Electronic power device and electronic power assembly comprising such a device
Hierarchical encoder including timing and data detection devices for a content addressable memory
Semiconductor memory with built-in cache
Data line connections with twisting scheme technical field
Semiconductor device having offset twisted bit lines
Voltage controlled spintronic devices for logic applications
Split-gate flash cell for virtual ground architecture
Multi-step pulse generating circuit for flash memory
Secured EEPROM memory comprising means for the detection of erasure by ultraviolet radiation
Nonvolatile memory device and inspection method therefor
Switching circuit for transference of multiple negative voltages
Circuit and method for equalizing erase rate of non-volatile memory cells
Dynamic flash memory cells with ultrathin tunnel oxides
Flash memory device with a status read operation
Data output circuit that can drive output data speedily and semiconductor memory device including such a data output circuit
Address latch enable signal control circuit for electronic memories
Block redundancy in ultra low power memory circuits
Redundancy programming using addressable scan paths to reduce the number of required fuses
Row redundancy scheme
Row redundancy in a content addressable memory
Semiconductor memory device with switching element for isolating bit lines during testing
Sense amplifier with local sense drivers and local read amplifiers
Bi-directional differential low power sense amp and memory system
Fast full signal differential output path circuit for high-speed memory
Semiconductor memory device with antifuse
Power down system for regulated internal voltage supply in DRAM
Semiconductor memory device for multi-bit or multi-bank architectures
Method for designing a tiled memory
Semiconductor memory device suitable for mounting mixed with logic circuit, having short cycle time in reading operation
Semiconductor memory device
Address input circuit and semiconductor memory using the same
Semiconductor memory device
Fully synchronous pipelined ram
Semiconductor memory device
Synchronous memory
Semiconductor memory device having a circuit for latching data from a data line of a data output path and a related data latching method
Synchronous memory with programmable read latency
Bit serial mechanical adder
Linear time display
Wrist instrument and electronic apparatus
System and method for keeping time
Information recording-reproducing method utilizing domain wall displacement, and magneto optical medium
Magneto-optical recording/reproducing method and apparatus
Magneto-optical head having dual magnetic field generators
Method and arrangement for controlling the data stream in a vibration-resistant playback device
Recording or replay device and method for recognition of a focussing status
Disk type determining apparatus, optical disk reproducing apparatus and tracking error signal generating apparatus
Stepping motor control method and disk drive apparatus
Optical storage apparatus
Seek control method in optical storage device
Tilt detecting method in recorded information reproducing apparatus
Optical disc drive and method of discriminating optical discs
Disk loading system for a magneto-optical disk drive
Recording apparatus with resilient displacement member and limiter mechanism
Optical recording head
Method of and apparatus for recording/reproducing an information signal, recording/reproducing head device, memory medium, and head element
Anti-vibration mechanism and disk drive device using the same
Disk drive motor
Medium attaching device and disk drive apparatus
Information storage systems utilizing media with optically-differentiated data sites
Disc-shaped information recording medium having offset address information data
Optical device with protective cover
Signal protection system for bi-direction ring network
Apparatus for controlling cell transmission timing
Data transmission system and its control method and multiplexing method
Managing inter-satellite connections in a constellation with overlapping orbital planes
Satellite direct radio broadcast system
Multiple access control method for guaranteeing QOS requirement
Wireless network gateway and method for providing same
Apparatus for supporting a variety of transmission rates in spread spectrum CDMA system
TDMA single antenna co-channel interference cancellation
Flow based circuit steering in ATM networks
High-performance non-blocking switch with multiple channel ordering constraints
Method and apparatus for creating a port vector
Path merging type communication apparatus, method thereof, and storage medium thereof
Router for which a logical network address which is not unique to the gateway address in default routing table entries
Cell buffer memory for a large capacity and high throughput ATM switch
Method of and apparatus for inserting and/or deleting escape characters into and from data packets and datagrams therefor on high speed data stream networking lines
Versatile time division multiple access slot assignment unit
Communication access chassis with general purpose computing platform
Network switch providing per virtual channel queuing for segmentation and reassembly
Telecommunications apparatus, system, and method with an enhanced signal transfer point
Network bandwidth control
Universal voice/fax/modem line over compressed media
Interactive chargeable communication system with billing system therefor
Pattern generator
Nitride semiconductor laser device
Gas laser oscillator
Method and apparatus for single longitudinal mode operation of pulsed laser oscillators using efficient self-seeding
Cooling device with panels for electric arc furnace
System and method for narrowing the range of frequency uncertainty of a doppler shifted signal
Method and system for shifting frequency subsets to avoid base station interference in a frequency hopping cordless telephone system
Apparatus for removing shared waves
Multipath processing for GPS receivers
Protocol for transceiver initialization
System and method for high-speed decoding and ISI compensation in a multi-pair transceiver system
Video compression decompression and transmission
Adaptive entropy coding in adaptive quantization framework for video signal coding systems and processes
Methods and apparatus for decoding high definition and standard definition digital video images using a single decoder apparatus
Motion vector processing
Down conversion system using a pre-decimation filter
Motion vector estimating apparatus with high speed and method of estimating motion vector
Video playback method and system for reducing access delay
Audio frequency recovery--DC restorer circuit for cordless phone applications
Device and method for detecting information
Power based digital automatic gain control circuit
Low jitter digital extraction of data from serial bitstreams
Dynamic thresholding for input receivers
Apparatus and method for performing timing recovery
Method for transmitting digital data impulses
Digital frequency phase locked loop (FPLL) for vestigial sideband (VSB) modulation transmission system
PLL circuit and noise reduction means for PLL circuit
Combination containment cooling and residual heat removal condenser system for nuclear reactors
Method and system for implementing a digit counter optimized for flash memory
X-ray detector array maintained in isothermal condition
Method and system for body composition analysis using x-ray attenuation
Fractional monitor unit radiation delivery control using dose rate modulation
Apparatus for x-ray analysis
X-ray back scatter imaging system for undercarriage inspection
Process for improving a signal/noise ratio of the image of a moving object
X-ray tube having increased cooling capabilities
System and method for recording and storing telephone call information
Telemanagement system with modular features and database synchronization
Transaction control application part (TCAP) call detail record generation in a communications network
Method of time-to-talk calculation
Anti-stuffing device
Telephony security system
Telephone directory information system with call placement capability
Method and system for selectively performing call information query
Interactive electronic ordering for telecommunications products and services
Apparatus, method and system for personal telecommunication speed calling utilizing an affinity database
Upgradable customer bridge
Spectrum-based adaptive canceller of acoustic echoes arising in hands-free audio
Apparatus for and method of overhead reduction in a block cipher
On-line signal processing method
Method for indicating enciphering of data transmission between a mobile communication network and a mobile station
Publicly verifiable key recovery
Slot microphone
Hearing aid to be worn completely in the auditory canal and individualized by a cast body
Method and apparatus for authentication of documents by using the intensity profile of moire patterns
Device for passive friend-or-foe discrimination
Method for automatically locating image pattern in digital images
Method and apparatus for control of robotic grip or for activating contrast-based navigation
Multi-resolution neutral color detection
Optical specimen analysis system and method
Autosegmentation/autocontouring system and method
Iterative reconstruction for EPI
Method of locating saturated pixels in the display of a radiographic image
Method of correcting mask pattern and mask, method of exposure, apparatus thereof, and photomask and semiconductor device using the same
Solder testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting tool trouble in machine tool
System and method for generation of a three-dimensional solid model
Method for determining color of illuminant and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for determining a reference point of an object profile within an image
Efficient search for a gray-level pattern in an image
Method for determining boundaries of words in text
Key character extraction and lexicon reduction for cursive text recognition
Method and system for gesture category recognition and training using a feature vector
Similar-image retrieving apparatus, similar-image retrieving method and program storage medium
Template matching image processor utilizing sub image pixel sums and sum of squares thresholding
Apparatus and method for processing images
Apparatus and method for coding a picture and apparatus and method for decoding a picture
Method and apparatus for compressing and expanding digital data
Device and method for image coding
Mosaic generation and sprite-based coding with automatic foreground and background separation
Video compression and decompression using dynamic quantization and/or encoding
Scanner for reading color images from film
Combining digital images based on three-dimensional relationships between source image data sets
Video encounter having an integrated scaling mechanism
Circuit architecture and method for switching sensor resolution
Optical isolator
Reconfigurable branching unit for a submarine communications system
Optical fiber interface for integrated circuit test system
Architecture for large optical fiber array using standard 1.times.2 couplers
Temperature stabilized broadband optical source and method of using same
Method and apparatus for forming a Bragg grating with high intensity light
Fiberoptic devices with a joined optical fiber subassembly
Multimode fiber optical power monitoring tap for optical transmission systems
Arrangement for self-aligning optical fibers to an array of surface emitting lasers
Fiber optic cable units
Robust fiber optic cables
Apparatus and method for delivery of dispersion-compensated ultrashort optical pulses with high peak power
Method and apparatus for cutting solid core fiber optic cable
Fiber optic splice closure including end pivoting slack storage holder and associated methods
Fiber optic splice closure including side pivoting slack storage holder and associated methods
Fiber optic cable coiling tray
Universal fiber optic splice holder
High density fusion splice holder
Holding configuration and method for producing a holding configuration for at least one sheathed optical fiber conductor
Photocurable low refractive index coatings
Digital information recording-reproducing apparatus
System and method for rapidly decoding sub-pictures in a DVD player
Recording medium, recording and/or reproducing apparatus and recording and/or reproducing method
Extended play radio vision cassette recorder system and method of operating same
Image sensing apparatus having photoelectric elements in a two-dimensional offset arrangement
Electronic filing system capable of recording image reproduced from developed film
Potpourri kettle that is adapted for use in a vehicle
Reusable photographic film package for a camera
Compensation for thermal degradation of the optical performance in a digital imaging system
Camera flash circuit with optical data recording circuit
Apparatus having a film-cartridge-ID confirming function
Single-lens reflex camera
Camera for electronic photographing and photographing using films
Lens-fitted photo film unit and method of producing photographic print
Image recording device having a ground connector
Refillable all-in-one print cartridge/toner bottle strategy
Ink delivery system of liquid electrophotographic color printer and ink refilling method thereof
Image forming apparatus that reduces test toner cleaning
One-way heat fixing device for fixing developers on a recording medium and a method therefor
Image forming apparatus capable of independently processing multiple jobs
Toner cartridge with conductive drive hub
Imaging cartridge for use in an image forming apparatus including detachable electrode member
Device for supporting an image carrier included in an image forming apparatus
Device for adjusting photoreceptor belt tension in printing apparatus
Color image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus having two rotors for agitating and conveying developer
Image forming apparatus cleaner with rotating paddle for conveying toner to a collector
Print path identifiers to identify print medium paths
Conditioner rolls end seals
Radio pager having directory structure with user-defined notification of message receipt
Diversity wireless communication method and its wireless communication apparatus
Signal combining device and method for radio communication
Aesthetic enclosure for a wireless network access point
Portable telephone
Universal transmitter
Emergency disablement of termination restrictions
Method and apparatus for network paging
System and method for call optimization between mobile terminals in a satellite network
Apparatus and method for delivering key information of a channel request message from a user terminal to a network
Communication unit and method for performing neighbor site measurements in a communication system
Telecommunications system, location method and mobile station for such a system
Radio transmitter location finding in CDMA wireless communication systems
Method and apparatus for packet data call re-establishment in a telecommunications system
Apparatus and method for estimating speed in mobile communication
Forward link power control of multiple data streams transmitted to a mobile station using a common power control channel
Wireless telephone with an ergonomic grip or handle
Low power fractional pulse generation in frequency tracking multi-band fractional-N phase lock loop
Internal circuit for adaptive mode selection of multi-mode RF integrated circuit
Dual mode mobile phone using a multiplex type filter
Antenna electrical coupling configurations
Portable radio information terminal apparatus, screen operating method, storage medium, and information processing apparatus
Portable information equipment system
Chronic chamber microdrive
Method for diagnosis and management of osteoporosis
Method and apparatus for cardiac analysis using four-dimensional connectivity and image dilation
Method for peripheral MR angiography
Patient movement during image guided surgery
Method and apparatus for increasing the low frequency dynamic range of a digital ECG measuring system
Electrogastrograph and method for analyzing data obtained by the electrogastrograph
Infared radiation therapy device
Cardioverter and method for cardioverting an atrial tachyarrhythmia in the presence of atrial pacing
Defibrillator with improved hemodynamic response and enhanced myocardial stability
Implantable device with automatic sensing adjustment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Recording apparatus with self-standing recording unit and sheet supplying apparatus
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