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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Internal tank augers for air seeder hoppers
Rake with four-wheel stabilizing system
Algae high density bioreactor
Animal control arrangement
Snap N lap pet food dish holder
Modular bottom bouncer
Fishing pole with bite alert system
Insect trap
Anti-bird roosting device
Remote control interchangeable decoy
Dual adjustable strap apparatus and method
Magnetic tie clip
Necktie assembly
Athletic shoe with plate
Midsole for athletic shoe
Path lighting system integrated with a slipper
Ski boot
Handle for tooth cleaning member
Adjustable bed
Tiered planter for use with posts
Roll-about powerized toilet seat lift
Dry-type cleaning chassis and dry-type cleaning device
Quantitative sleep analysis system and method
Pelvic registration device for medical navigation
Image-monitoring method for electroporation treatment and as associated image-monitoring appliance
Method and device for surface scanning of a patient
Photon density wave based determination of physiological blood parameters
Measurement of an analyte on the skin using a hue angle
Automated macular pathology diagnosis in three-dimensional (3D) spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) images
Handle for hospital bed
Eye therapy system
Deposited conductive layers for leads of implantable electric stimulation systems and methods of making and using
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for cleaning pipes and pipe systems
Sheet working method, sheet working system, and various devices related to such system
Two-piece upper tool
Fuel injector remanufacturing method and remanufactured fuel injector
Method for producing metallic-sodium-filled engine valve
Power tool
High density welding subassembly machine
Fastening apparatus and system
Vehicle body assembly and sequencing method
Fastening device manufacturing fastening system
Method for installation of semiconductor fabrication tools
Piston pin puller adaptor tool
Latch disengagement tools
Apparatus and method for servicing dynamoelectric machine components in-situ
Razor assembly storage system
Multipurpose locking pliers
Cutter cassette and cutting device
Toolless blade holder for a reciprocating tool
System, method, and computer readable medium for a force-based wheelchair joystick
Power conversion device for electric vehicle
Method and device for managing a turning setpoint applied to at least one turning actuator for the rear wheels of an automobile
System for determining movement properties of a guided vehicle
Handlebar coupling and adjustment unit
Handicapped sporting platform and turntable
Mortar bomb retention apparatus
Wrapping device
Tablet packing apparatus
Medicine packing apparatus
Bag-making and packaging machine
Automatic pill dispenser
Braided eye splice and method
Jar opener
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Crystal structure of human JAK3 kinase domain complex and binding pockets thereof
Textiles; Paper
Composite coating for strings
Body structure for sewing machine
Fixed Constructions
Ski track maintenance system
Gravity operated mechanical flushing apparatus
Wall restoration system and method
Thermal management for a flight deck or other aviation surface
Device for securing the edge of a floor covering to a profile construction
Modular multi-configurable display system
System for reinforcing a building structural component
Swimming pool cover system incorporating gap eliminators
Door closer stopper
Shrapnel containment system and method for producing same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for controlling the final feedwater temperature of a regenerative rankine cycle
Timing advancement for exhaust valve in internal combustion engine
Electro-hydraulic engine valve actuation
Engine cover brace assembly
Deterioration detecting device for oxygen concentration sensor
Exhaust emission control system of internal combustion engine
NOx purification system and method for control of NOx purification system
Engine exhaust purification device
Method for operating a particle filter
Liquid-cooled, vertical shaft type combustion engine
Multi-functional valve for use in an exhaust breathing system
System for providing air flow to a sulfur recovery unit
Gas turbine having water injection unit
Control system for an internal combustion engine
Apparatus and process for recovering energy from bouyancy and gravitational forces
Systems and methods for energy storage and recovery using compressed gas
Assembly jig for radial cylinder roller bearing
Track link production method and track link produced by the same
Wave-powered generator device
Differential apparatus
Cooling apparatus and method for setting refrigerant sealing amount for the same
Ambient thermal energy recovery system
Kimchi storage facility
Air conditioning system
Method for producing steam generator tube walls consisting primarily of 9-12% martensitic chromium steels
Automatic trigger guard for firearms
Firearm barrel protective cover
Rimfire action platform conversion
Firearm lubrication system
MEMS safe arm device for microdetonation
Laser centering device
System and method for projecting a visible line on an athletic field surface
Apparatus and a method for calibration of an industrial robot
Level device
Coriolis mass-flow measuring device
Stress sensor
Micromechanical high-pressure sensor
Exhaust treatment apparatus
Fuel injection system diagnostic system
Method of measuring a displacement amount for an automobile suspension assembly
Pneumatic tire air pressure gauge assembly
Arrangement for passive gas sampling
Capillary condensation method and apparatus for determining porosity characteristics of a sample
Joint simulator testing machine
Method and apparatus for measuring dry density and water content of soil
Method and apparatus for detecting holes in plastic containers
Agglutination judgment method
Cantilever of scanning probe microscope and method for manufacturing the same, method for inspecting thermal assist type magnetic head device and its apparatus
System and method for a TCP mapper
Communication network management system, method and program, and management computer
Low temperature pressure chamber unit, magnetic resonance device with a low temperature pressure chamber unit, and an attachment method to attach at least one add-on unit to an external housing of a low temperature pressure chamber unit
Fluxgate sensor and electronic compass making use thereof
Random sampling for geophysical acquisitions
Method for enhanced subsurface electromagnetic sensitivity
Ignition device in particular for an internal combustion engine, and method for manufacturing same
Compact light shield for flash photography
Image processing apparatus capable of using replacement component, image forming apparatus capable of using replacement component, and method of administrating replacement component
Image recording device, image recording method, and computer program product that adds a fluorescent-whitening-agent onto a recording sheet
Image forming apparatus and control method therefor
Fixing device, fixing device control method, and image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a primary transfer unit, a secondary transfer unit, and a direct transfer unit
Image heating device
Apparatus for electrographic printing or copying
System and method for judging success or failure of work of robot
Documentation roadmaps and community networking for developers on large projects
Mobile target system
Cooling system, a cooler and a method for controlling a compressor
Active element machine computation
Apparatus with a local timing circuit that generates a multi-phase timing signal for a digital signal processing circuit
Parallel processing computer systems with reduced power consumption and methods for providing the same
Apparatus and method for masking a clock signal
Support tray for server
Mounting apparatus for PCI card
Communication apparatus, power supply control method, display apparatus, communication method, and computer program product
Decrementing settings for a range of power caps when a power cap is exceeded
Method, system and program for securing redundancy in parallel computing system
Transitional replacement of operations performed by a central hub
Restarting event and alert analysis after a shutdown in a distributed processing system
Memory device and method for repairing a semiconductor memory
Methods and systems for automatically identifying a logical circuit failure in a data network
Fast and compact circuit for bus inversion
Circuitry testing module and circuitry testing device
Storage system, control method therefor, and program
System and method for conditionally sending a request for data to a home node
Point-in-time copies in a cascade using maps and fdisks
Methods and apparatus for address translation functions
Sub-LUN input/output profiling for SSD devices
Removable storage device and method for identifying drive letter of the removable storage device
Method for building taxonomy of topics and categorizing videos
Advanced CAPTCHA using images in sequence
Selected alert delivery in a distributed processing system
Processor and data transfer method
Transactional consistency scheme
Storage apparatus and method including page discard processing for primary and secondary volumes configured as a copy pair
Shared system to operationally connect logic nodes
Information processing apparatus and power supply controlling method
Adding co-users to user definable co-user lists
Heap/stack guard pages using a wakeup unit
Navigation system and navigation apparatus
Sending notification of event
Message value indicator
Method and system for scaling usage of a social based application on an online social network
Methods of establishing virtual circuits and of providing a virtual private network service through a shared network, and provider edge device for such network
System and method for reliable packet data transport in a computer network
Method and apparatus for establishing a media clip
Dynamic facsimile transcoding in a unified messaging platform
Method and system for using personal devices for authentication and service access at service outlets
Techniques for distributed storage aggregation
Providing a web page to a client
Method and apparatus for managing network traffic
Information distribution system, information distributing method, node, and recording medium
Data feed management
Monitoring apparatus for monitoring communication configurations of client devices
Systems and methods for facilitating communication with foundation fieldbus linking devices
Grid computing accounting and statistics management system
Fail-safe upgrading of portable electronic device software
Using rule induction to identify emerging trends in unstructured text streams
Systems and methods for parameter adaptation
Elementary network description for efficient link between neuronal models and neuromorphic systems
Automated dynamic differential data processing
Document layout method
Data output apparatus and data output method
Collaborative system for capture and reuse of software application knowledge and a method of realizing same
Apparatus and method for extracting cascading style sheet rules
Character input device and program for displaying next word candidates based on the candidates' usage history
Method and device for monitoring and analyzing signals
Optimizing federated and ETL'd databases with considerations of specialized data structures within an environment having multidimensional constraint
Computer product, information retrieval method, and information retrieval apparatus
Scoring records for sorting by user-specific weights based on relative importance
Deadline-driven parallel execution of queries
System and method for organizing, processing and presenting information
Video editing apparatus
Peer to peer (P2P) missing fields and field valuation feedback
Data management tool
Processing abstract derived entities defined in a data abstraction model
Synthesizing VHDL multiple wait FSMS into RT level FSMS by preprocessing
Methods and systems to reduce a number of simulations in a timing analysis
Method for designing sunlight-reflection and heat-radiation multilayer film
Managing aging of silicon in an integrated circuit device
Preventative traffic congestion social networking improvement system within a community
Navigation device, navigation method, and navigation program
Ascertaining presentation format based on device primary control determination
End-of-session authentication
Protecting a gaming machine from rogue code
Detecting patterns of abuse in a virtual environment
Indexing, relating and managing information about entities
Non-disruptive configuration of a virtualization controller in a data storage system
Multi-bank queuing architecture for higher bandwidth on-chip memory buffer
Reusing data in user run book automation
Transferring data by touch between touch-screen devices
Automated user interface adjustment
Navigational cube for matching vendor offerings to service provider requirements
System and method for providing dynamic navigation through a property to a selected destination
Storage device performance alignment notification
Image display device and method of changing first EDID with second EDID wherein the second EDID information is compatible with image display device
Server system and method for discovering digital assets in enterprise information systems
Method and system for checking citations
Modular authoring and visualization of rules using trees
Method and apparatus for representing sensory effects and computer readable recording medium storing user sensory preference metadata
Integrated monitoring in problem management in service desk
Method and system for automatically hiding irrelevant parts of hierarchical structures in computer user interfaces
Preserving and handling native data in hybrid object trees
Emergent information database management system
Apparatus and method for information processing, program, and recording medium
Systems and methods for a signed magnitude adder in one's complement logic
Methods, devices and computer program products providing for establishing a model for emulating a physical quantity which depends on at least one input parameter, and use thereof
Cache memory control device, semiconductor integrated circuit, and cache memory control method
Assigning runtime artifacts to software components
Build process management system
System, method and program product for guiding correction of semantic errors in code using collaboration records
Monitoring heap in real-time by a mobile agent to assess performance of virtual machine
Monitoring heap in real-time by a mobile agent to assess performance of virtual machine
Managing breakpoints in a multi-threaded environment
Peer-to-peer method of deploying and managing executable code and associated plug-ins
Apparatus, system, and method for non-interruptively updating firmware on a redundant hardware controller
Discovery, analysis, and visualization of dependencies
Generating compiled code that indicates register liveness
Vectorization of program code
Avoiding conflict in update in distributed environment employing multiple clients
Method and apparatus for using virtual machine technology for managing parallel communicating applications
Method and system for delivering and executing virtual container on logical partition of target computing device
Managing job execution
Electronic device, information processing method, and storage medium
Storage apparatus and storage apparatus management method performing data I/O processing using a plurality of microprocessors
Dynamic association and disassociation of threads to device functions based on requestor identification
Scaleable status tracking of multiple assist hardware threads
Providing policy-based operating system services in an operating system on a computing system
System and method of verification of analog circuits
Method of modified facies proportions upon history matching of a geological model
IR(voltage) drop analysis in integrated circuit timing
Depth estimation apparatus and method
Millimeter wave imaging method and system to detect concealed objects
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Real-time virtual endoscopy
Device and method for generating soft tissue contrast images
Method of processing data and display apparatus for performing the method
Method and apparatus for analysis of histopathology images and its application to cancer diagnosis and grading
Method of creating animatable digital clone from multi-view images
Collating device, collating method, and program
Method for detecting directions of regularity in a two-dimensional image
Subpixel-based image down-sampling
Image processing system and method
Image-processing method and program, and image-processing apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
High-accuracy centered fractional fourier transform matrix for optical imaging and other applications
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
System and method for optimizing teams
System of providing an internet web site that assists medical professionals draft a letter of medical necessity or other documentation for transmission to a third party payer on behalf of a patient and method of use
Systems and methods for economic retirement analysis
Computerized apparatus for identifying industries for potential transfer of a job function
Highly specialized application protocol for email and SMS and message notification handling and display
Web-based royalty system and user interface
Method and apparatus for a cryptographically assisted commercial network system designed to facilitate buyer-driven conditional purchase offers
Dynamic web page construction based on determination of client device location
Method for distributing advertisements to client devices using an obscured ad monitoring function
System for providing access to playable media
Sending targeted product offerings based on personal information
Apparatus and method for categorizing services using canonical service descriptions
Stock analysis method, computer program product, and computer-readable recording medium
Systems, computer programs, and methods for controlling costs of a healthcare practice
Multi-user remote health monitoring system with biometrics support
Systems and methods for documenting medical findings of a physical examination
System and method for dynamic quality-of-service-based billing in a peer-to-peer network
Transaction finance processing system and approach
Method for facilitating assessment of a coursework answer and moderating the assessment
Display end unit structure
Tabbed notes and flags
Automated difference recognition between speaking sounds and music
Optical disc drive having a tray for loading a disc using supporting portions
Recording device, recording method, and program
Video recording and playing apparatus and its control method
Method of making a data storage device having an actuator with a rail
Adhesive structure of optical device, adhesion method, and optical pickup device
Integrated disk driving module including a stepping motor integrally formed with a base unit
Method of controlling mechanical mechanisms of optical storage apparatus for peak power/current reduction, and related optical storage apparatus and machine-readable medium
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Memory device having collaborative filtering to reduce noise
Programming method of non-volatile memory device
Data storage apparatus, memory control apparatus and method for controlling flash memories
Controller interface providing improved data reliability
Semiconductor device including multi-chip
Method and apparatus for manipulating a sample
Tranverse in-core probe monitoring and calibration device for nuclear power plants, and method thereof
Reactor core of liquid metal cooled reactor
Cooling structure and cooling method for control rod drive mechanism and nuclear reactor
Combined imaging and radiation therapy
Conductor for transmitting electrical power
Method for terminating a conductor of a superconducting cable
Thermally efficient busway
Reducing voltage stress in a flyback converter design
Electronic dispersion compensation within optical communications using reconstruction
Receiver with feedback continuous-time delta-sigma modulator with current-mode input
Method for generating codewords
LO generation with deskewed input oscillator signal
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal in a communication system
Data center with free-space optical communications
Power management implementation in an optical link
Optical receiver and optical transfer apparatus
Sonic fast-sync system and method for bluetooth
Cognitive radio cooperative spectrum sensing method and fusion center performing cognitive radio cooperative spectrum sensing
Method for determining a corrected variance representative of the condition of reception of signals representative of symbols
Radio communication devices, information providers, methods for controlling a radio communication device and methods for controlling an information provider
Method and system for remotely testing a wireless device
Wireless device with extendable antenna
Spread spectrum communication system and transmission power control method therefor
Satellite communication network
Mobile terminal based on W-CDMA system having receive diversity function and system thereof
Integrated multi-sat LNB and frequency translation module
Method and apparatus for networked modems
Mode detection for DVB receiver
Reframing circuitry with virtual container drop and insert functionality to support circuit emulation protocols
Method and apparatus for error correction in MBMS receipt system
Asynchronous line interface rate adaptation to the physical layer with synchronous lines at the connection layer
OFDM control signaling in the presence of timing asynchronization in a peer-to-peer network
System and method for data reconfiguration in an optical communication network
Packet bundling at the PDCP layer
System for encrypting and decrypting a plaintext message with authentication
Data encoding and decoding apparatus and method thereof for verifying data integrity
Tomlinson Harashima precoding with additional receiver processing in a multi-user multiple-input multiple-output wireless transmission system
Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data
Switch redundancy in systems with dual-star backplanes
Synthesized interoperable communications
Personal IP toll-free number
Method for resource allocation in a wireless communication network, method for error-free transmission of information, node and wireless communication network
Call admission control method and system
Protocol delay measuring device and protocol delay measuring method
Systems and methods for adaptive error thresholds or adaptive modulation schemes based on atmospheric conditions
System, method and apparatus for pausing multi-channel broadcasts
Message transfer apparatus, output method, and computer program product
Method and system for weighted fair queuing
Output queued switch with a parallel shared memory, and method of operating same
Method of transmitting data using spatial multiplexing
Device in a system operating with CAN-protocol and in a control and/or supervision system
Method and system for controlled media sharing in a network
Method for restricting the use of an application program, system for authenticating the user of a measuring apparatus, authentication server, client apparatus and storage medium
Authentication for social networking messages
Attribute information providing system
Systems, methods, and media for firewall control via remote system information
Data-conditioned encryption method
Content protection apparatus and content encryption and decryption apparatus using white-box encryption table
System for implementing dynamic pseudorandom keyboard remapping
Method for implementing dynamic pseudorandom keyboard remapping
Communication device
System and method for seamlessly increasing download throughput
Secure service for enabling communication for calling party when communication service for called party is suspended
Soliciting first party in communication session to maintain call when degradation of connection to second party is anticipated
Selective facsimile denial
Methods and systems for aggregating and graphically representing information associated with a telecommunications circuit
Phone messaging using audio streams
Visual physician office systems and methods
Distortion estimation for quantized data
Moving picture decoding device and moving picture decoding method
Authoring method, authoring device and program
Video reproducing apparatus and video reproducing method
Device and method for unified codes
Apparatus and method for adapted deblocking filtering strength
Key management policies for cryptographic keys
Interactive program guide systems and processes
Creation and use of test cases for automated testing of media-based applications
System and method of error reporting in a video distribution network
Recording apparatus, recording method, reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, program, and recording/producing apparatus
Audio signal clip detection
System and method of improving audio signals for the hearing impaired
Method for determining the local position of at least one mobile radio communication device based on predetermined local positions of adjacent radio communication devices, associated radio communication device and radio communication system
Method, base station and system for adjusting cell wireless configuration parameter
Mobile communication device and method for providing positioning information
System and method of creating and providing SMS http tagging
Method for dynamic multi-level pricing for wireless communications according to quality of service
Systems and methods for dynamically modifying subcriber service profile stored in home location register while roaming in wireless telecommunication networks
Telecommunications system and method
Method and apparatus for coordinating hopping of resources in wireless communication systems
System and method for receiving MBMS broadcasting service
Method and system for efficient DRX operation during handover in LTE
Group control method for machine type communication and mobile communication system using the method
Base station apparatus and method for use in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for over-the-air activation of neighborhood cordless-type services
Method of electrically and mechanically connecting electronic devices to one another
Mechanical and moisture protection apparatus for electronic devices
Maintenance guidance display device, maintenance guidance display method, and maintenance guidance display program
Electronic device and printed circuit board
Robot control device
Connector with shielding device and method for manufacturing connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Pacemaker system with simplified atrial capture detection based on QT interval
Handheld patient programmer for implantable human tissue stimulator
Low voltage stimulation to elicit stochastic response patterns that enhance the effectiveness of a cochlear implant
Distributed network system for use with implantable medical devices
Electrotherapy system
Apparatus and method for percutaneous implant of a paddle style lead
Fluted channel construction for a multi-conductor catheter lead
Endocardial defibrillation lead with multi-lumen body and axially mounted distal electrode
Method and apparatus for managing the thermal activity of a microwave oven
Programmable logical controller
Adaptive control process and system
Apparatus and method for automatically positioning a biopsy needle
Virtual design module
Method and apparatus for optimizing work distribution
Printing and finishing documents
Liquid medication dispenser apparatus
Method for tracking joints and edges for welding operations
Applications and methods for voltage instability predictor (VIP)
Device mounted in vehicle
Arrangement for detecting and evaluating yawing movements
Method of controlling brake pipe pressure
Hybrid vehicle and process for operating a hybrid vehicle
Intelligent public transit system using dual-mode vehicles
Method of controlling at least one station display and a central control station
Method and apparatus for responding to failure of a load
Method and apparatus for customizing and limiting operation of machine subsystems
Active suspension system for a vehicle
Keep out zone incursion fast sensing mode for airbag deployment systems
Vehicle occupant protection system and method utilizing Z-axis central safing
Method for the manipulation-proof configuration of a vehicle control unit, and a control unit
Window characteristic mapping for object detection
Automatic engine retarder and transmission control in off highway earth moving equipment
Neutral position determination method for speed change gear shaft of electrically operated speed change gear
Vehicle state estimation method and vehicular auxiliary brake control apparatus using the method
Method and device for controlling a braking system in open loop
Vehicle parking brake system
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling vehicular velocity
Operating vehicular processor-based systems
Communications navigation system, and navigation base apparatus and vehicle navigation apparatus both used in the navigation system
Apparatus for supporting the preparation of travel routes
Method and system for providing a preview of a route calculated with a navigation system
Method and apparatus of detecting a position of a movable body
Motorcycle with navigation system carried thereon
Gravity vector compensation system
Automated seismic isochron analysis
Investigation and/or manipulation device
Apparatus and method for determining a flow rate of a fluid substance discharged from a reserving device
Method and apparatus for separation of impulsive and non-impulsive components in a signal
Phase detector
Method of measuring gonio-spectral reflectance factor
Vibrating conduit parameter sensors, operating methods and computer program productors utilizing real normal modal decomposition
Sensor signal conditioner with calibration
Device for determining the rotational speed
Apparatus and method for event correlation and problem reporting
Hybrid flow control
System for detecting voice activity
Apparatus and method for coding speech signals by making use of voice/unvoiced characteristics of the speech signals
Communication apparatus using speech vector comparison and recognition
Apparatus for gain adjustment during speech reference enrollment
Assigning and processing states and arcs of a speech recognition model in parallel processors
Method for separation of data into narrowband and broadband time series components
Speech recognition apparatus and method
System and method for retrieving and presenting speech information
System and method for extracting data from audio messages
Real-time down-sampling system for digital audio waveform data
Portable information terminal surrounding formulation of an optimum plan
Strategic capability networks
Method, system and program product for evaluating the business requirements of an enterprise for generating business solution deliverables
Method and system of financial spreading and forecasting
Information providing system
Systems and methods wherein a buyer purchases a product at a first price and acquires the product from a merchant that offers the product for sale at a second price
Electronic commerce with shopping list builder
Method for owning, managing, automatically replenishing, and invoicing inventory items
Method for mortgage and closed end loan portfolio management
Methodology for proper weighting of photolithography in the cost of semiconductor products
System and method for remote postage metering
Integrated electronic scale, and a system and method which uses the scale automatically to compute postal/carrier rates
Adaptive fuzzy feature mapping
Control system for controlling object using pseudo-emotions and pseudo-personality generated in the object
Method and apparatus for machine learning
System and method for reducing file name length and for retrieving the reduced file name entitled files
Method and apparatus for efficiently executing built-in functions
System and method for searching and processing databases comprising named annotated text strings
Method for predicting ratings
Data-conversion method
Method and apparatus for transmitting images and other objects over a computer network system
Structure for a database
Method of calculating time-sensitive work algorithms using inputs with different variable effective intervals
Relational database management system and method of operation
Summary table management in a computer system
On-line dynamic file shrink facility
Mostly concurrent compaction in a garbage collection system
Providing descriptions of documents through document description files
Personalizing the display of changes to records in an on-line repository
Real-time technique for reducing the settling time of a high pass filter
Interpolating filter banks in arbitrary dimensions
Method, apparatus and computer system for directly transferring and translating data between an integer processing unit and a floating point processing unit
Selective carry boundary
Apparatus and accompanying method for assigning session requests in a multi-server sysplex environment
Load balancing
Method, system, and computer program product for allocating physical memory in a distributed shared memory network
Method and apparatus for executing code during method invocation
Computer network read-ahead caching method
Method and system for filtering unauthorized electronic mail messages
Apparatus and method for providing information about two-way computer communication services
Method and apparatus for performing enterprise email management
Wireless delivery of message using combination of text and voice
Automated and interactive telecommunications system
Method and system for implementing an internet radio device for receiving and/or transmitting media information
Method of establishing a session between terminals on a network, remote terminal and recording medium
Interactive system support using a system management asic
Automated method of and apparatus for internet address management
Method and apparatus for identifying devices on a network
Method and apparatus for building subscriber service profile based on subscriber related data
NBR pool for SIMA network
Data-update monitoring in communications network
Network transport driver interfacing
Method for flow controlling ATM traffic
Internet protocol (IP) work group routing
Network object frameworks
Remote procedure call method
System for bus master changeover with a dummy cycle on a data bus
Magnetic data storage fixed hard disk drive using stationary microhead array chips in place of flying-heads and rotary voice-coil actuators
Universal serial bus interface system and method
System and method for media status notification
Method for transferring data associated with a read/write command between a processor and a reader circuit using a plurality of clock lines
Method for the hot swap of a mass storage adapter on a system including a statically loaded adapter driver
Communication bus system with reliable determination of command execution
Method and apparatus for distributing interrupts in a scalable symmetric multiprocessor system without changing the bus width or bus protocol
High speed RAID cache controller using accelerated graphics port
Computer system bus termination for an intel slot 2 bus
Dual bus processing apparatus wherein second control means request access of first data bus from first control means while occupying second data bus
System for expanding PCI bus loading capacity
System for converting print instruction into image data or print data based on whether a rasterization level is of a first level or a second level
Method and apparatus for providing remote processing of a task over a network
Memory with plurality of blocks each accessed selectively with either one of two operational modes to reduce current dissipation using values of register bits set by an instruction signal
Physical medium information in file system header
Color palette RAM and D/A converter
Multi-bank ESDRAM with cross-coupled SRAM cache registers
Integrated circuit memory device and method incorporating flash and ferroelectric random access memory arrays
Apparatus and method for processing data in a RAID system
Store instruction having horizontal memory hierarchy control bits
Identifying, processing and caching object fragments in a web environment
Method for supporting cache control instructions within a coherency granule
Distributed data dependency stall mechanism
Computer system with synchronous memory arbiter that permits asynchronous memory requests
Memory writing device for an electronic device
"Fail-Safe" updating of redundant data in multiple data storage libraries
Semiconductor memory device and method for copying data stored therein
Computer system having non-blocking cache and pipelined bus interface unit
Method for heap management of fixed sized objects using pages
GART and PTES defined by configuration registers
Data reading method and apparatus for a disk drive storage device
Arbiter system for central processing unit having dual dominoed encoders for four instruction issue per machine cycle
RISC microprocessor architecture implementing multiple typed register sets
Apparatus using a multiple instruction register logarithm based processor
Information processing apparatus having a CPU and an auxiliary arithmetic unit for achieving high-speed operation
IC with wait state registers
System with wait state registers
Instruction fetch unit aligner for a non-power of two size VLIW instruction
Dependency table for reducing dependency checking hardware
Host device equipped with means for starting a process in response to detecting insertion of a storage media
Removable medium processing apparatus and recording and reproducing apparatus
Systems and methods for a user to access digital data provided by an on-line server over a data network
Encrypting file system and method
Method for transferring sensitive information using initially unsecured communication
Method and system for embedded, automated, component-level control of computer systems and other complex systems
Integrated circuit card, secure application module, system comprising a secure application module and a terminal and a method for controlling service actions to be carried out by the secure application module on the integrated circuit card
Data hiding method and data extraction method using statistical examination
System and method for using a second resource to store a data element from a first resource in a first-in last-out stack
Method and apparatus for increasing security against unauthorized write access to a protected memory
Method of and apparatus for providing secure distributed directory services and public key infrastructure
Information processing device
Interface circuit using plurality of synchronizers for synchronizing respective control signals over a multi-clock environment
Frequency jittering control for varying the switching frequency of a power supply
Method and apparatus for recovering data for a file in a plurality of equipments
Data storage system
Root filesystem failover in a single system image environment
Method and apparatus for exhaustively testing interactions among multiple processors
Method for enabling and servicing critical interrupts while running an interrupt based debug monitor
Methods and systems for automated software testing
System and method for monitoring domain controllers
Apparatus and method for searching for defective addresses of a recording medium
Method for managing environmental conditions of a distributed processor system
Computer system and computer implemented process for performing user-defined tests of a client-server system with run time compilation of test results
Apparatus and method for predicting failure of a disk drive
Information recording medium, and method and apparatus for managing defect thereof
Method and structure for testing embedded memories
Detecting head readback response degradation in a disc drive
High speed test pattern evaluation apparatus
Circuit structure for testing microprocessors and test method thereof
Method and structure for testing embedded cores based system-on-a-chip
Method for determining a need to retransmit a message in a communication system
Coding apparatus and decoding apparatus for transmission/ storage of information
Error-tolerant sync detection for DVD optical disks using programmable sequence of sync marks
Process for sizing of components
Method and system for reliability analysis of CMOS VLSI circuits based on stage partitioning and node activities
System and method for detecting pass FETs
Method of designing an LSI pattern to be formed on a specimen with a bent portion
Memory characterization system
Design hierarchy-based placement
Method and apparatus for generating and maintaining electrical modeling data for a deep sub-micron integrated circuit design
Method and apparatus for submicron IC design using edge fragment tagging to correct edge placement distortion
Computerized accounting system implemented in an object-oriented programming environment
Adaptive method and system to minimize the effect of long table walks
Method system and article of manufacture for debugging a computer program by encoding user specified breakpoint types at multiple locations in the computer program
System and method for representing graphical font data and for converting the font data to font instructions
User configurable operating system
Apparatus and method for incrementally update static single assignment form for cloned variable name definitions
Optimizing compiler for generating store instructions having memory hierarchy control bits
Method and apparatus for determining most recently used methods
Aircraft data management system
Simulating two way connectivity for one way data streams for multiple parties including the use of proxy
Human Necessities
Method for uptake of a substance into a seed
Assembly having a mowing finger and a holding-down element
Suspension for a mowing unit
Flail head for a vegetation cutter
Device for removal of aquatic vegetation
Rotary hayraking implement for uneven terrains
Vegetation strip
Rotary blade pruning machine
Animal rope chew
Universal joint of leash for dogs
Automated livestock feeding apparatus
Method and apparatus for resuscitation of aquatic animals
Methods and apparatus for alerting and/or repelling birds and other animals
Preventive device against nuisance from birds
Cattle stunning gun improvement
Super-quick freezing method and apparatus therefor
Textile support for reinforcing a shirt collar or similar piece
Glove of rubber or the like
Garment cuff with a thumb opening
Making items of jewelry and apparatus therefor
Expandable chain construction
Automatic hair washer
Sampler device having a reinforced compartment and method of packing sample material
Abrasive filaments of plasticized polyamides
Anti-roll off mattress construction
Single and double sided ingredient holding system
Tea brewing apparatus
Apparatus for a heat treatment of a particular food product
High efficiency carousel infrared oven
Spit rod assembly
Barbecue assembly with laterally movable spit arm
Toaster having carriage-lift mechanism
Device for moving the basket of a fryer
Shower door bar with recessed grip
Passive deodorization device
Sequential actuation skirt and brush floor scrubber
Dust pan for collecting a mixture of materials
Pump having sealless shaft
Apparatus and method for removing fine particles
Method of making a disposable non-latex tourniquet
Method for manufacturing an expandable stent
Adjustable head rest for a patient support
Method and apparatus for real time gas analysis
Method and apparatus for assembling and packaging medical devices
Methods for making small-diameter iridium electrodes
Method and apparatus for locating the strongest point on a golf club shaft
Baseball gloves
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for controlling and measuring steam quality
Brewer filter support
Process for separation of multicomponent fluids using a multizone distallation column
Self-latching mechanism for a safety cabinet
Duct-cleaning unit
Method for using tree crops as pollutant control
Plate rolling mill
Method for producing iron-base dispersion-strengthened alloy tube
Apparatus for rotatably supporting the neck of a roll in a rolling mill
Method for molding metal using high fluid pressure
Method and apparatus for reshaping a container body
Cam apparatus
Apparatus and method for re-shaping brake cores
Apparatus for detecting a defect in container end manufacture
Method of making a robust gosper fin heat exchanger
Steel pipe bending apparatus and method
Nonwoven metal fabric and method of making same
Method, apparatus and rack for making power transmission member
Press deflection controller and method of controlling press deflection
Forging die and upset forging method
Tool for grooving and parting and method of manufacturing same
Collet crimping head
Shearing assembly for cropping machines
Orbital reciprocating saw
Structure body and hollow shape extruded frame member
Automatic assembling method and apparatus for differential gear
Positioning process and system
Movable fence for a machine tool
Apparatus for machining a workpiece
Control system for eyeglass tracer
Socket assembly for ultrasound-controlled screwing device
Hand tool having a fast replaceable blade
Screwdriver with an impact device
Ratchet tool having various tool members
Apparatus and method for fastening woodworking materials
Tapered handle remover
Method of using a pulling tool
Removal tool for internal and external retaining rings
Striking tool
Robot construction
Thinning razor
Strap removal device and method
Blade support device for a knife
Ultrasonic vibration cutting method and apparatus
Rotary die cutter
Hand planer
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions
Apparatus and method for removing bead wires from vehicle tires
Methods of making a motor vehicle steering wheel
Braided structure with elastic bias strands
Diaphragm presses
Thermal lithographic printing plate precursor with excellent shelf life
Powder sprayer
Blanket tube removal device
Print unit
Book marker
Shopping aid
Structure of a pencil sharpener
System for applying embossed patterns on textured ceilings
Glazing element
Process for assisting the mounting of a tire-wheel assembly onto an axle
Method and system for tire/wheel disturbance compensation
Trailer construction method
Air conditioning systems
Air conditioning system and compressor
Front door weather strip and manufacturing method therefor
Light weight vehicle window construction
Slideway for a motor vehicle door and method for fitting it particularly by differential bending
Device for opening and closing an opening in a wall
Method for producing carbon/plastic bricks for use in an evaporative control system
Partition system including pocket door with light seals
Rain sensor mount for use in a vehicle
Windscreen wiper arm
Air wiper
Operating device for motor vehicles with integrated position detection
Brake booster
Apparatus and method for reducing inductive coupling between levitation and drive coils within a magnetic propulsion system
Connection between two vehicle parts of an articulated vehicle
Slidable cover assembly for gondola railroad car
Running gear for a rail vehicle
Apparatus and method for operating track tensioning assembly of a hydraulic excavator
Cruise control for a motorcycle
Boat hull system
M-shaped boat hull
Arrangement for turning a turret on a ship
Supporting frame for a sailing rig
Water craft having ventilated propeller
Housing for a disk propulsion system and a method of using the same
Mainstay rig
Dual expansion energy recovery (DEER) air cycle system with mid pressure water separation
Parachute canopy release
System and method for generating aircraft flight data using a flush-mounted air data system
Rotatable pintle arm assembly for supporting a machine gun
Sponson tow-plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Compact universal ejection/rail launching system
Method and device for applying wrapping sheets on pulp bales
Packing band, packing method and packing apparatus, of little parts, and mounting method of electronic parts
Longitudinal seam sealer for polyethylene material
Method of reinforcing a plastic pallet
Wing-end wood-cleated corrugated paperboard container and method
Removable display surface
Temperature control assembly and method for temperature control
Anti-wrinkle system for a web offset press
Filament spool or doff handling system
Can opener
Soda drink selling machine
Semiconductor physical quantity sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of controlling an extrusion of glass to make an optical fiber
Lining material for glass melting furnaces, glass melting furnaces, process for producing glass products, and process for purifying the lining material
Glass-making method
Dark bronze glass nitrate free manufacturing process
Method for laying floor coverings on grounds
Multi-ignition controllable solid-propellant gas generator
Method and apparatus for heat transfer
Method and product for improved fossil fuel combustion
Method of continuously producing vitreous blast furnace slag
Heat-dissipating aluminum silicon carbide composite manufacturing method
Laser bar transport method
Vacuum processing apparatus and vacuum processing method
Method for assembling portions of a pulling chamber
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for removing foreign material from a fiber processing line
Method of producing improved knit fabrics from blended fibers
Method and device for warping using a cone sectional warping machine
Method for creating knitted garments and patterns therefor
Structure for adjusting gap between an anchor seat and a needle drum seat of a circular knitting machine
Warp knitted fabric and a method for producing a warp knitted fabric
Roller for guiding knitwear produced on a knitting machine and device constructed therewith
Device for positioning and joining at an angle the edges of two sheets to be stitched in a sewing machine, particularly for forming a mattress case
Embroidered fabric support and method
Washing machine having a device for applying a magnetic field to water supplied into a detergent container
Fluid supply device for an iron
Fixed Constructions
Bridge of shock-absorbing construction
Prestressed concrete structure, reinforcing member used for the prestressed concrete molded articles, and sheet member used for the reinforcing member
Retractable snow plow wing assembly
Block for retaining wall and method for the construction of retaining wall using the same
Linkage connector for excavator bucket
Trencher assembly utilizing a direct drive motor
Grid drain
Modular bidet spout assembly
Hold down bracket
Extendible shed
Temporary or semi-permanent shelter
Prefabricated furniture system
Connector arrangement for adjacent panels
Vertical and horizontal forming members for poured concrete walls
Panel wall construction
Manufacture of trusses
Double slope beam in two halves
Additional metal and wood composite framing members for residential and light commercial construction
Sound control system for steel roof decks
Membrane plate
Modular system for the creation or cladding of wall, ceiling and/or floor surfaces and the construction of functional surfaces and functional walls
Temporary bracing system for insulated concrete form walls and method
Assembleable columbarium tower
Mortise lock
Hinge structure for electronic apparatus
Hinge cup with cut-away
Compact door coordinator
Multi-sheet glazing unit having a single spacer frame and method of making same
Spacing profile for double-glazing unit
Solid core vinyl screen door
Louver assembly with multi-position louver adjusting control rod having clamping connecting arms
Subsea power module
Determining fluid bubble point pressure using an adjustable choke
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine with arrangement for adjusting the compression ratio
Hydraulic piston filling
Dual piston cylinder configuration for internal combustion engine
Axial piston machines
Gas turbine installation
Compressor system and methods for reducing cooling airflow
Gas turbine inlet air integrated water saturation and supersaturation system and related process
Engine cycle and fuels for same
Cam chain guide attachment structure
4-cycle engine
Arrangement for supporting a rocker shaft in an engine
Rolling element phaser
Variable valve timing with actuator locking for internal combustion engine
Variable valve timing mechanism for engine
Decompression device of a four-stroke-cycle internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine having an increased lubricating oil capacity and/or increased gradiability
Engine muffler
Exhaust system of an internal-combustion engine having a storage volume
Saddle-type vehicle including an exhaust secondary air valve
Internal combustion engine suction system utilizing resonance
Turbo-charged internal combustion engine
Method of operationally testing an exhaust gas turbocharger having a variable turbine geometry
Device for feeding natural compressed gas to a diesel engine
Gas turbine combustion system and combustor ignition method therefor
Combustor with dilution bypass system and venturi jet deflector
Thrust bump system for fuel controls
Fuel staging apparatus and methods for gas turbine nozzles
Bi-fuel control system and assembly for reciprocating diesel engine powered electric generators
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus and method of internal combustion engine
Method and device for correcting tolerances in a transmitter wheel
Mobile modular intermodal cogeneration system
Fabrication of a rocket engine with a transition structure between the combustion chamber and the injector
Starting and driving unit for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Ion thruster with ion-extraction grids having compound contour shapes
Positioning arrangement for retaining a handle of a floor pump
Compressor, in particular for a vehicle air conditioning system
Oil and refrigerant pump for centrifugal chiller
Oil and refrigerant pump for centrifugal chiller
Provisional linking and pyrotechnic separation device for two nonmetallic assemblies
Hydraulic control device
Throttle device for hydraulic adjustment devices in motor vehicles
Pull cable system
Cable length adjustment device
Power transmission system with a gearwheel and a toothed rack
Eccentric mechanism with adjustable stroke
Load directing trunnion mount for linear actuator
Variable-ratio gear transmission having two partial transmissions each having a powershift clutch
Hydromechanical traveling mechanism
Hydraulic continuously variable transmission for use on vehicle
Silk hat flexible engagement gear device
Gear change for a commercial vehicle
Furniture arrangement configured to support overhead utilities and lighting
Method for starting up a once-through heat recovery steam generator and apparatus for carrying out the method
Method for operating a once-through steam generator and once-through steam generator for carrying out the method
Multi-zoned waste processing reactor system with bulk processing unit
Combustor rear facing step hot side contour method and apparatus
Fuel nozzle centering device and method for gas turbine combustors
Low-humidity working apparatus
Efficient structure cooling system
Refrigerating device
Hot water condenser for multi-stage absorption system
Dual heat source high-temperature regenerator
Condenser and air conditioning refrigeration system and using same
High efficiency refrigeration system
Apparatus and method for evaporator defrosting
Method for generating a cold gas
Actuator and method for controlling temperatures in a multiple compartment device
Dual multi-component refrigeration cycles for liquefaction of natural gas
Liquefaction apparatus
Particulate drying system
Method and apparatus for transporting articles
Method and apparatus for cooling a product using a condensed gas
Support frame for an ice-storing tank for an air conditioner with an ice-storing mode
Firearm safety plug
Multipurpose weapon
Shock absorbing mount for adjustable barrel
Gun brace
Performance explosive-formed projectile
Non-lethal ammunition with incapacitating effect
Compression shotgun cartridge
High resolution ultrasonic thickness gauge
Rule assembly with protective film
Distance measuring device
Waviness measurement
Levelling apparatus for a laser level
Dual-mass micromachined vibratory rate gyroscope
Angular rate sensor
Monolithic vibrating beam angular velocity sensor
Electrolytic tilt sensor having a metallic envelope
Removable radio frequency sensor assembly for a turbine flow meter
Sensor employing heating element with low density at the center and high density at the end thereof
Method and apparatus for monitoring an aspirating and dispensing system
Oil and gas metering and measuring device
Continuous, non-metallic, media sensors for corrosive environments
Fluid flow meter incorporating magnetic detector
Ultrasonic sensor
Web tension transducer apparatus
Measurement of fluid pressure within a tube
Method and device for balancing rotors
Molten glass viscosity and/or level meter
Device and method for analyzing starch-containing product
Apparatus for determining the dew-point and/or the content of vapor in the air
Method for measuring the rate of a fouling reaction induced by heat transfer using a piezoelectric microbalance
Sensor arrangement
Method and apparatus for determining gasoline characteristics by using ultrasonic wave
Characterization of objects by means of ultrasonic waves
EMATS for spot weld examination
Ultrasonic photoresist process monitor and method
Simulated dovetail testing
Method for detecting venting of a combustion appliance within an improper space
Process and device for measuring moisture in powders and grains as well as in the dry matter of liquids
Apparatus for the continuous treatment of sheet material under reduced pressure
Rotary driven poster
Apparatus for turning over individual boards assembled as a stack, preferably for leafing the program boards of a music box (juke box)
Channel bar assembly for modular display systems
Multi-sided display device
Visually symmetric removable low protrusion tensioned sign display system
Safety signaling apparatus for personal water craft
Blacklight special effect fixture
Advertising floor mat
Recyclable plastic enclosure with an integrally-molded card holder
Moving virtual display apparatus
Combination spherical whistle
Method for processing an integrated lead suspension
Hard disk burnishing head
Method of mapping a surface using a probe for stylus nanoprofilometry having a non-circular cross-section
High temperature wire construction
Flow-through heater for heating water
Multiple-cell source of uniform plasma
Automatic semiconductor wafer applying apparatus
Scanning device
Temperature self-regulated integrated circuits and devices
Electrode for alkaline storage battery, method for making the same, and alkaline storage battery
Method of forming a circular electrical connector
System and method for coupling conductive pellets to a component of an integrated circuit
Tool for manipulating an electrical connector and method of use
Method and apparatus for manufacturing AC-generator's stator for vehicle
Method of producing a rotor
Imaging system having external drum and method for producing drum
Process for manufacturing a multi-layer circuit board with supporting layers of different materials
Method for manufacturing a printed circuit board
Wedgelock installation device
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